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Nr.w YoiiKOiru R.IIoou lirn.tii !
WAMIISOTO * Uriitr. No. * > l.'l Poutir.i.Mii
1'nMMml i-wr morning. ' SM-titPundftr' Tl
only Hominy immiinx pnpur ] iulillslic < l In 11
One Yrnr tinfoTlir Months . J2
HUJIonlln. r..m One Month . I ,
lin.Vi M.KI.Y HP.K. I'tililMifl Kvrry
One V nr. * llh prr mlmn . f2.
Omnr. . wlllinnt tiifiiilnrn . 1 ,
Ht MuNtln , wliliout ( ii-i-mliim .
Om- Month , on trial .
F. :
/I I rr muminknlloiii tclntlnr to n w nml ' ' .
tnrlnl irtnllr-i * Mioiilil bo ml/1 r ' , - 101 1 tnthoKu
All ln > ilti'- * t'i1ti'r < > iitulfrrilllniKf'
n < llrr" < il to 'Lin : lUt. I'riiMxiiisu (
OHAIU. Draft * . < liul > mill tie liilII < - nr < lc-
In be rnnil" prijiitik-totlii-onli-r of tinoriimii |
A l.i. IH imlot at Sail l.ako. After all tl
principal ngony on tin1 Mormon ( mosliu
Mjcms t be in Washington.
SNOW in llin gutter * moans water i
Hie celling when tlii ! January thaw bogii
to get in its moist unpleasant work.
Now that ( hi ! thermometer has risr
tin ; "oldest inhabitant" is thawing out h
romlnlHccncca. The State Historical solely <
ololy loads this way.
So r\U three. representatives in coi have failed lo introduce a bill at tli
pi o.sout session. They are still confine
' sioknu.-is
to'lhelr rooms by -
MAVOU Bovn propo-ios to wail nut ;
the 1st of April. If the mayor expects
.now council wiio will siiee/.o when h
take.s Htmll' , ho may find himself an Apt-
Tin : I h rnld informs us that .Mr. Clar
has returned , and intimates that h
stands ready topush the Omaha t\i Nortl
-ni. \Vliy doesn't he do It then ? Wh
i.H holding him back ?
A I.AIWH ; batch of presidential noinlii
ntions have parsed muster in oxoeuliv
Hc.sslou The senators who howled si
loudly abotiL preventing coiilirmation
seem to have been left out in the cold.
Snvr.itAi. ncwly-upiiointed Ncbrask :
postmasters now road their title clear
having been conlirmed by the semite
but wo fail to observe tin ; name of .1. C
Morgan , of Kuarnoy , among the luck ;
MA VIM ; disposed of this gas qucstiot
the pitmhcrft and ice moil Hhotild now hi
niadu to lee HID chalk mark. An agita
lion against the charges of these puhlii
benefactors IK as hufo IIP ti raid on tin
I'l.omiu is groaning over the ooh
wuvo which has ruined her orange crop
k and Delaware predicts a pimch famim
ue.\t hummer. California ban not yd
been heard from. The editor to tin
nounci ! front In that section of "God' ' .
own country" would be lynched by an ex
cited community.
Tin ; great powers are urging ; Greece ,
Servia , BuljTaria and Turkey to demobil
ix.e their armies.Vith the great power. '
watching the first ohanco to s'oi/.o iiioi | !
their territory , the smaller powers are toe.
shrewd to accept the Invitation. Dis
mcmhcrmont ami demobilisation in Ku
rope go hand in hand.
Nivv : YOUK Is now at fever heal ovei
thu ( pie.slion of high , and clergy'
men , brewers , editors and distiller.s an
all taking a hand in the controversy
NobniHka Heltled the question several
yearn ago to the satisfaction of her citi-
/.OILS and h.i.s no dehire to change it foi
cither low liecnso or i > rohibition , whioli
means no license.
( Jus. LOISAN ! H proparinir for the groat-
Obt ell'ort of his life in the hpecch to bo delivered
livered against the Kit/ John Porter bill ,
Jt Is to bo hoped tliat ho will give dtu :
proinineneo to fJen. ( Jrant's pi-r.-onal let-
torn which the general tiddrc.shcd to Lo <
gun aflor his careful revision of the per
jured tCfttimony upon which a bravo ami
gallant olllcer was crushed in disgrace
uftor saving John 1'opo's army from do-
Ktruction on August : ! 0 , 18 ( ! ' . > .
\vi\wltcp\tblieun \ \ \ will turn to the Hr.u
of Monday , January -1th , U will find that
btory , "Cleaned out the House , " etc. ,
which il reprints and credits to the Chey
enne Sun. The Sun stole the iirticlu
from the ! : : and put a date to it : "Lan
der , Wyoming , Jim. 4th. " This enter-
l > ri/.o on the part of thu llcpublictin is
nqual to Its recent publication of a patent
plato article on a "A Novel Jail , " which
originated in the Council liluflH pngo of
thu Hr.r. soyeral months ago.
I''ouit thousand bills luxve already boon
lntroduce < l into congress , of whlcli ! l , ( > 00
am private bills. Sonio of those days will see the folly of lumbering
up the calendar with this class of pro
jected legislation ami will provide n
proper tribunal to dispose of such mat
ters. As things now go ninety-nine one
liumlrcdtlis of the private bills on the
t calendar never sou the daylight of debate ,
Piui.ADr.i.HUA wholesalers think they
liuvu invented a scheme for keeping
U-iiok of their drummers. The Merchant
Travelers' Protective society will probably -
ably lake action on the subject tit their
next meeting , The Illght of a drummer
on his tour is as unrestricted as that of a
jay bird in the spring , and the profession
will indignantly resent suuh tin invasion
by their employers upon their inherent
Tin : bids for the South Omaha viaduct
ulimv u dill'orenee between the various
bidders ranging from $5,000 , to $10,000.
Whether this illlVoreneo represents the
ability of any one company to do the
work bettor and more biibatiiiitiully than
another \yo do not know , We suppose
there must be a considerable divergence
in the plans , Thu lowest bidders appear
to bo the Missouri Valley Urhlgo and
litm company. The diHeronoo between
their bids on Tenth ami Eleventh streets
iti | 5,05i on a twenty-foot viaduct and
* 8U03 on a thirty-foot viaduct. This is u
trilling dllVeronco compared with the
dlflbroncu to bo derived from the location
* if the viaduct on Tenth street , with the
tttteudunt advantages of a union depot ,
* ufu cros.-lngs and the pre -nation of
btreet us a tuor > iyhf ri'
Mr. ( Sill's lntr-rc > ting review of Inn
lordi'in in Amoric-n , pnljIMicd in t
Mirth Atiirrirint Hirkir for January ,
attracting widf pieHd ntteiition. T
author wai 'nt n n pfcial roinm
sioticr by that tnnpn/.ino \ inxc-tign
the land comlilions in nn < ' of the we
crn s-latei anil terriloni"- , and pro ni
the re ult of hh in < | uirie in a Minima
uhich cannot fit ! ) tu qui'-kcn the atixie
nnd alarm of our people over the rap
ab-orption of our natioiinl domain ai
its coii'olidation into the ownership
the few. .Mr. ( Sill oborvoi that
is hard to . ay which Is the mo
urprl. iiifr , the rapid growth
laiidlordNm in this country or the i
norance or iiidiflerrnco of its citi/ens i
this f-ubjeet. TlnTf ! is a popular beli
that tin ; agriculture of the country
carried on by the farmers who own tin
lands. How great is this delusion is ' ct
by an appeal to Matislics. The census
IKW was the first to take note of this s-.i
jeet. It showed 1,0.1,001 farms rented I
t'-nanls. Jn the live years which ha1
elap-ed it is a moderate and well co
ftldcred eetimali ! that the number has i
creased twenty-live per cent. In oth <
words there are more tenant farme
paying rent to landlords in the Unite
States than in the entire United Kin ;
dom. In the state of Illinois there ti
more tenant farmers than in Scotlati
At the Ramo ratio of increase tl
next census will see us wii
a tenant tanner population of fully
million and u half. The tendency
noted toward tenancy , even in tho'-o wl
now own their little farms , and tl
chief cause is said to be debt. Of tl
7,070,411 ! ) persons returned by the CCIIM
as being engaged in agriculture , ! > , ! )8I ) , ! ! (
were registered as nominal owners i
their holdings. Hut thousands and thoi
sands of these small farms are plastcrc
with mortgages. When the farmers wli
actually cultivate their own lands ai
deducted from II.e farmers whoM ! boh
lugs are mortgaged nearly to their vain
and from the capitalists who own farn
of 1,000 acres or over , the extent of lam
lordism is more strongly revealed.
Capitalists have always looked will
greedy eyes upon real estate investment' '
The growth of land monopoly is stcadil
advancing as ( he public domain dimii
islie.s. In lHIL'5,57i,0iO ! , ( ( acres of govcn
incut land capable of cultivation an
open to settlement was reported. Tw
thirds of this vast area has already bee
gobbled up , largely by syndicates an
their tools. The generosity of the go\
eminent to ils citixens has been abuse
in tins interests of land speculators an
monopolists. It was the much-abuse
Land Commissioner Sparks who was th
first to give the country ollicial warniii ;
of the enormous extent to which the pill
lie domain had been plundered. It ha
jecn his earnest work in attempting ti
lose the doors upon the thieve
IhaL brought down upon him th
'ury of the laud rings and the !
) rgans. The time is rapidly' aj ;
iroachiiig when every acre of tilhtbl
; overnmeiit land will bo exhausted
I'lii ) outlets for the over-crowded cast wile
> o gono. Land will necessarily ciihanci
in value and free homes for the million
ivill bo no longer the cry to turn west
ward the old lime stream of immigra
ion. Then the land question will bo pro
icnted to America for its solution just a
t is now forced into prominence in Kng
and and Ireland , nnd the war agaius
he landlords will rage with as much fur ;
n the United Stales as it now does acros-
Iho water.
Tlio AHyliim Head Tnv.
When anything allectsOmaha unfavor
ibly some people and a good inaiij
liipers in this state caniiol repress thcii
oy. It was so in the matter of the enter
iriso of the attorney general when lit
iroiight suit to compel Douglas count }
0 pay the delinquent head tax for the in
auo asylum. In the eyes of those peoplt
ho attorney general had achieved a mon
; lorions triumph than if he had recoverei
10,000 acres of stolen lands or $2,000,001
if back taxes from the railroads.
Js'ow that the list of the counties whiel
ire in thu same boat as Douglas county
itis been published , these smart scoller.-
t Omaha are beginning tt
Hugh on the other side ol
heir mouths. The sum total , whicl
mder ho decision of the majority ot tin.
uprenio court will have to be collected
u special and needless ( axes , was $1(17 ( ,
70.88 in I88J. H is safe to say that it b
iver ip'00,000 at this date. Of ( Iris amount
) ouglas county will pay ti fraction ovoi
fni.OOO . and the remainder will bt
queey.ed out of the tax-pnyor.s of tin
tate. Thus , Lancaster county will bavt
> ver $1J,000 to pay , Hichardfiim over
; l',000 , Dodge about $11,000 , Sauiulur *
icarly $8,000 , Cass over $ (1,000 ( , Sarpy , Sa-
ino , Platte , Otoo , Johnson and Clay over
1,000 eauh und other counties all along
lie line in proportion. Thu poor frontier
ouuties will sillier even worse compara-
ivoly than the wealthier and older conn-
io.s. For instance , Cheyenne county has
vor $1,000 to pay on this tax ami Holt
icarly $1,800.
The ( | iicstloii arises , what is to bo done
, 'Ith this money when it is collected ? The
eneral levy for last year has fully eov-
red all the expenses of running the asy-
im , and the 'joard may levy the same
Ins year if they see lit , as they have al-
rays done , to exhaust the appropriation
lade by the legislature. If the $ > . > 00OOU
re paid In this year by special tax levy ,
ver $100,000 will lie dead in the state
x-asury until 1887. That will bo very
rolitablu to the banks and bankers who
| ) ooulato on the Mate's money , but it
1 mi Imposition and an outrage on the
ix payers. It is a question , however ,
bother much would bo left of the $ ' . ' 00 ,
DO by the end of the year , Once let the
oard have the money at its disposal ami
10 Hood gates of extravagance .tro wide
pen , Another question that presses
.self into prominence- what has bo
urne of the $1811,000 which was collected
uuler Ibis head lax law during the last
.Volvo . years and which the supreme
mirt has boon unable to trace. The
gislaturo at every session made liberal
iiproprlations to cover every dollar of
10 estimates and the full amounts has
Iwaya been levied and paid In. In the
inguago of the classic Mikado , "Here's
how-de-do. "
pretty - -
The Mayor anil Council.
Mayor lloyil , in an interview , ailiulU
uit ho sent for Councilman ( Joodmaii ,
'hom ho he thought to bo a fair mananil
led to convince him before the council
ml voted on the Cummhigs charges ,
tat the marshal had been bribed and
lould be kicked out. Mr. Itoyd had
taken w much intere t in this cn c tl
lie employed liis own .stenographer
takedown the evidence. This was v (
kind In the mayor nnd how * that
wanted to enlighten members ofthat jr
with regard to ( liu necessity of a clian
in the ninr.-hahlilp Had the mayor p
sited thurunt ; tactics if Cummiiigs h
been on trial before a di trict court ji
the judge might limn told him some t
pleasant truths about lining improl
iuntieiice on jurors. Ivverybo
knows that the mayor is very anxious
get rid of Cuinmings. and there is a w
of dopoiing him if he U incompetent
guilty of malfeasance in olliee. lint
fair man cannot approve the attempt
put an tmjii-l stigma upon an ollk-cr ,
matter how much he is disliked , or cvi
if he is a numbskull as the may
Mayor 15oyd justifies his course by s.i
ing that he believes Cuniiiiing-t w
bribed because he showed such an tun !
interest. Will the mayor plea e evpla
why it was necessary to bribe Cummin
when thi ) judge had i sued nn order f
Travis' release ? If the friends of Trav
\ \ ereo stupiil as to .squander money i
the martial when ( he police judge w
the man who had to issue the order f
the release of Travis they must have al
bribed Jerome I'ont/.ol to keep him fro
making a record of the case. How do
the mayor reconcile the failure of Pent/
to keep his rerord with his hr > nosty if tl
theory of bribery holds good ? And i
Pent/.ol was brought fonvnrd with h
blank record to convict Ciimmiiigs. 1)
the marshal IK the judge and era-e tl
records made by his clerk ?
Thu whole thing ! > preposterous. Tl
cn-e had no bottom in the lir > t phtc
In his anxiety to get Cummin ;
out , the mayor has led himself
commit gross improprieties ,
eall them ] > y the mildest nam
The mayor says that the HII : ; is "a d-
lool" lor suggesting that ho should su
peud Cummiiigs if he had any got
grounds for so doing. He says there a :
at least six men against him in the cot :
cil and that therefore ho must wait ti
next April. This is imputing dishonesi
to at least one-half the entire legislath
branch of the city government. If a go
cruor should indulge in such an imputi
tiou against a logislatuie ho might gi
himself into very serious trouble. It
the mayor's privilege to suspend tl
marnlial or any otherolliccr if ho believi
him to bo guilty of a misdemeanor or ii
subordination. Upon the council tliu
must rest the rospoti-iibility ol dotormii
ing the justice of the charges. If tin
perversely countenance and give sui
port to disreputable or corrupt ' eondiii
in an olliccr they take tl'ie odium upu
themselves. The mayor has no right t
assume that the council will take an
such an indefensible position any mot
than the council could assume in ai
vanee that every man appointed by tli
mayor is di.shouest and incompetent.
A Standing Injustice.
The case of Kmerson Ktheridge of Tei
neoe , which was debated at length i
Iho senate at Washington a week ag <
liriugs once more to public notice Ih
! ? real injustice which is often done by th
failure of the statute of limitations to o ]
L'rate in the ea = o of bond-men of govcn
inent officials. The bill under debat
ivas for the relief of Mr. Ktheridge ,
itirety , who is sued by the govern muii
for $10,000 , fourteen years after the deal
jf the principal on the bond. The sui
for which the government seek
! o recover was expended in sti
: ioncry , printing and clerk biro b
Secretary Carter of Ari/.ona , now di
- ea'-ed. There is no question tiat th
government received the benefit of over
lollar expended , but the items were di ;
dlowed as "unaiithori/ed , " and year
ifter Mr. Carter's death were chargci
igaiust his estate , which was insolvent
I'he government now sues his boiulMiioii
mil one of these having no property
Mr. Ktheridge , the remaining bondsman
vill bo compelled to boar the entire loss
U Mr. I'thoridgo is old , infirm ami ii
ery moderate circumstances , congres
s appealed to for relief. The chief poin
uvolved is the failure of the govern
uent to notify the bondsmen as sooi
is the deficiency was discovered
vhich was in 1871. At that tinn
) otli the boniNiuon were ii
loudition to meet the loss with littli
lardship. Uut theollieials filed away tin
nipers and loft Mr. Kthoridgo entirely
gnoraut that any deficiency had boot
ound in Carter's accounts until in Apr !
list , when suit was entered. Souatoi
ilanderson made a strong speech in sup
lort of the measure , in which he referrei
o two eases of a similar nature whicl
lad occurred in Nebraska. In eacheasi
'cars elapsed after the deficiency wai
liscovered before the bondsmen wen
lotilled nnd the of the -
, negligeneo go\- '
rnmnnt was set up a.s a defense UUMIU
ossfully in both instances.
The statute of limitations runs in tin
use of postiminters but with no othei
lass of government officials. Then
* no reason or equity in the exceptions
iravo injustleo In done by the failure ol
lie accounting ollicers of the treasury tr ;
ettlo accounts more rapidly , and still
raver by their neglect to notify the re-
ponsiblo parlies whore deficiencies an :
iscovoretl. Senator Manderson Intro-
need in the last congress a bill to remedy
Ins condition of ulmirs , Ho has Intro-
need it in the present session , and il
tight lo become n law. It provides foi
rompt notification of principal and
iirctlea whenever any deficiency shall bu
mind in the accounts of any disbursing
Ulcer and makes a live year limitation
s to bonds after the adjustment of no-
ounts by the treasury. Senator Man-
orson very properly intimated thai eon-
ress and the senate , by reason of their
motion , must bear their share of the
diuin attaching to such cases of hard-
In ) ) mid injustice us that In which Mr.
Ithridgo is at present the sullerer.
( Jen. HiagKof Wisconsin says a I'llJohn
'oiler restoration bill will be passed by thu
0110 by a In rue inajoilty.
Soiuo ot Ihe mugwump imjieis coniiin | | ; |
lat Iho deinoenits In eeiiKiess ifnvu no
aders to suit the euniplaliiunts.
Ceiit'rossitien Hlnhlneeker , UUcoelc , Lu
gvie , .Spiiuger , UIUIOWK , t'obli anil llllss
> o among thu hntiilsuiiiu men of the cuun-
y , iiccuullni ; to a Washington tipechd.
> lr. Lawler , says the Clilrogo TiiiioH , Is not
11 many of the committees. II Isbelleu-d ,
ideeil , that liU duties In the cummlltee-
> eins will not lequliu even Iliu number of
uiirs tlait ho liuhls bhould always eoiiutltittu
legal day's worl : ,
JJr. William Monlsou , famillatly kuuwii
as Horizontal Kill , Is snkl lo be alwaj s "ic.i
tovtaiul or fall by his convictions. " Tl
nntlciintion of calamity n-cotmts lor I
Krot-efultiPss wltlnUildi'thc Hon. .Mr. Mi
rlson bite * the dtit evrj olire In iMhilo. .
A cotHjre mrm complains that he nx-elv
LOW letters from eonstltueuU , nearly all
which lelnted toofuVp.iinl liad lo 1 * nns\si
wl. His this sort of thing tlmt n > l eupfl
% < x-atcs for Senator llniniitnn' * bill innkii
U unlawful foi coagiessmeii to sollrit p
Congressman Mn.\ bury , of Mlchieati. h
Introduced a bill settltiK aside the SI. Clr
Hals as a national * liootlnsanil tishluic
The piesldent's lone -"lay In the north woo <
lust summer Is an assurance , i eriiaps. that
b'llsoplea liij , ' toilieiKjrtsmaii | need stni
In no fear of a Veto.
( 'onxrexsiiian Scott , of Krle , Pa. , takes t
shine oil c\erjtldii ! { on thu Washing ! )
di ives ith S'lOiJ of . Both
v a - , - < span horses. a
sixteen and n half ImniU IdKh , one by Han
MIII Chief , il.ini by the Indian Chief , nud t !
other by Kline William , son of John Dlllnr
dam by Washington Denmark. Of eotir-
beiiif ; Kenttieklaiis. they aie food dciiiixTal
I'lieasy lies the eoiiicipsslonnl head th
re ts on the < .hoiiliei-s | of a democrat the
ilajs. IfhN district Is maile ui > , as it usual
is , of several comities , each county has
half do/en men who want to till his shoe.- < . .
he has to choose In his lecommciiilatlou fi
postmasters In his dlsti let Ix-t ween it dozi
applicants for e\eiy olllce. he makes elevt
men mail when ho pleases one. The elevt
at once nlliieh theuiH'Ues to the eau > -e i
some tine of his rivals and iKttln to nmke tl
district led hot in the lutcrcit tit the new ci ;
dlitate. Objeetor llolman Is just now c
countering n cyclone of this natiue in h
Siilllvan'H llellluerenuy.
I'tlMiiny 1'iHttnttttM ( inztllr.
. John I. . Stillhnn must think that .Mllehe
Isanew-boy. lie wants to lliht ; him e\ei
da > In the \\L-ek.
Nothing Mean About Tliein.
J iiiturllle Coin Iti-J < ninittl.
The I ii nil-crabbers would uilllnuly ch
Secietary I.amarsix feel of theii eaith If li
\\otild only die.
Anylxiily Can Kim a NewMpaper.
Uinrluslim Aeu * .
A Hi body eall run a newspaper. Ot conn
thej can. It Is linht , easy , eoii eiiial en
plo.Miietil. to be successful inhleh nelthi
iMpital , business e\iKrlcnve ! nor bialiH
absolutely essential.
1'lcasaiitry tlint I < ' | | WH Uie IUI//.iii'i
Ctitrniiu lnlti--Ucfaii ,
Xow that a hll/.iaid has swept tlnoiii !
Io\\a , Kansas and Nebraska , it will bo jui
sumably lollowedby the choerliil aiiecdot
about \\eatlut , ' dusters and fatlitritiKil
Mowers thiit bloom in the bli/y.anl.
The Dehatc OiiKlit lo Close.
.SI. A < f/ ! < li Ilfiivbllean.
Two men lobbeil the bank at Clintoi
las * . . Uneof them , an oulliuiry bank pie-
lilent , is now in Camilla. The other , a bri
lliiulyoiuif ; stiidetil ol Harvard university
Is lu jail. The debate over the companitlv
advantages of practical .and theoretical eilt
e.ition ( iiiijht now to close.
JMV or Christian.
A'ciw Yuri , Sun.
We think we may claim to know sometliin
about the meiehauts ol' Xew York , ami w
aver that among llu > Jewish meiehauts wh
lesiile lieie , theieare men of hl'-'h charaett
and of principle supei lor toany term of clieal
lug. Jn tmth , the Jews me no more dishon
e > t than Chiislltms , n'or ' Is the ] ) ropoitioii o
niscals among them any gi cater than It i
Church II < we8 * Itetircitient.
Clitctiyit i\Vit .
The Omaha Uii : : imnonnees that the lion
Chinch Howe , of Nebraska , has jellied lion
politics. This strikes us as being lathe
stale ueu.s. Unless we me grievously uiKta
ken , Mr. Howe ictiieil very pwmaiietitl :
liimi polities about eighteen months aijij
when lie went down south with the iuteii
tlon and the money to carry the old sl.ivi
states lor.Hm Hlidne. As wo distinctly 10
member , Mr. llowelell into a big hole jus
about Unit time , anil It was icporied at tin
time that he pulled the hole in alter him.
The National Silvorltes1 View.
Cf/icfmiii/f / I'ommctital.
An able correspoiidiiiit wauls to knov
what , in brief , is our position on the sllvei
question. It Is that silver Is a money metal
nnd that we have coined enough ot it-
miough , at least , for Imniedlalu use and tha
congress should have sense enough to stoj
the lorced juoiliictlun of silver dollai.- , . Tin
only object in going on with the coinage ol
silver , as the case stands , is to depreciati
Mir money standiiid and confuse our com *
meielal lelattous. This is not desiiable. II
would degrade us lioni our position asa litit
L-lass nation to lower thestaiulaid.
Omulia UN a I'ort of ICntry.
CliiC < W > A'cuw.
iSenntoi Mandeison has stuceeded in gel
ling Omaha lecogni/ed as a jiottof entry.
I'll Is we think eminently piopur. Omaha H
iinimestlonahly the eastern gateway to a
nighty leiillory a veritable paradise ot
muderoiis cowboys , marauding aborigines ,
> mib cactuses , tbieing Indian agents , and
'oiibulenceless land sliaiks an inlinite ex-
iMinse ol sand and biilTalo chips , coyotes and
irahle dogs , cyclones and bll//ards. Yes ,
ive can see why Omaha should have been
iieatcd a poll ot cntiy ; but ho who passes
ter should leave all hopa behind.
The Bovine Arlnt"Oi-niy ,
r/ilriii/D / IlrmM.
In the cattle glowing Industry of the west
ill attempt Is making to build up a novino
iilstociuey by making the owuero of less
him liO.OOo head Ineligible to seats In Iho an-
mid convention at Denver. Although there
s more or less objection to ( be arrangement
in the pat t of small -macis , they are not left
iilhely without losoiuce , Thowestein cat-
le ndser with a bunch of a luuulied liuevos ,
ilio cannot llgtuo oat that theiewlll bo
0,000 ot them by thu time ho can Iravel fioni
ilsi.meh to DenvOr , is'a ' veiypoor stock-
alser lor that pint of tile1 country.
Acillvo anil i\iiei-leiiciHl Iilai-H ,
The acllve and expvriuncml llais employed
y Ihe bind lhloctstottaek ( \ and mlsiejiro-
flit Laud ComnilssIimiTtJpailcstlnough the
oltimns of the .New , YOI k Trlbiino unit other
rgansol the ring ate striving to dosoivo
lie lull measure ot yciirool'ailmlnlMered to
liulr class by the president In his letter to
Ir. Keppler. .Mere 'pirtUiin ' lying wearies
lioso who practice' ' It , , In time , and gives
hieetotlio less tollJoimS policy of plain , or-
Inaiytiiilh telling.1 Jtljt selMnteiestod ly-
ig has no end , and Is Incessant. The falsl-
cation of which Mi. Spaiks Is the victim
i III be kept up until Iho eminent laud
ilevcs whoso ptolUablo business ho has so
I'lighly Inteifeied with have foisaken the
ablle domain , and enteicxl upon equally
iitigeuial eiueeis In rallio.ul wrecking or
milted" mine swindling.
UNH Cleveland I'oslllvoly Handsome.
lI'iuMiiufoii l' < tirc > i inilfncc CMrauu Keirt.
It Is encouraging to htato , in the nililst of
Inoiny forebodings , that Miss Cleveland Is
niuiiwtlonably Imndsome. Tills may not
ave Its line value in the opinion of outsld-
is , but with a clouil that contains a silver
iilng ami a cyclone , too , with Iho tarln and
to civil service nnd a diueii oilier pesllfer-
us things bothering Iho nUmlnlstratlon , the
) iiscloiiune s that a good-looking woman
resides u ( the white hoii e Is full of tulin.
he always had an excellent lace , tnnd now
that she has eschew oil Miort hair and we ;
' three puffs and two citrN Mie Jo posltlvi
handwjme. It has puzzled ccrlaln able Inl
lect.s In Iwlh parties how MUsClevela
nianaceil to arranie thccharmtng superstn
lure on the top of her bead. Nothing esi l
Did jou ever notice how eeiitlcnieii In I
minstrel biitincwho personate Icmale ch
aeters fasten a blonde vvlg on' ' They coi
hair up stralphl to the crow n of the head a
then tie it. That ches a good bold for t
lest. Now. that's the \va > Miss Clevela :
does nnd the effect l < rematkalily
Mj inn to n I'lumlicr.
Amnlran Anylri .
Sweet man , soeool. * o calm. * o biliht ? ,
Owner nl isirtliaml kI I
1 lear It'sgoliiif to irectc lu-iilitht
lts ] inyoin eje.
Thai glllter. Hint enrlinntin.eienni ,
ilespeaks jonrown sweel tiu t ,
And pipes forwnter , gn- < and steam
I know will Im-t.
( Jreatman ! Some font ( feu days ago
Mj sink p1H | > siiaiik | aleak :
i on came and looked ami toiiliil II so
And In a week
} on scut two men to look atralu
They came and -aw and Went ,
A ml came attain , nnd Mopped , and then
They stopped the vent.
Your bill thoiefore. L'reat man , is here ,
] ! v siM-clal | H > - ! it e.ime.
And I ieili ! i wh.i'e'eiwas mine
To p.iy the same.
How could the vvoild move oil ils way
Of join ur.-at ( { ia p beiett' '
ie know , however cold the dav ,
Yoifte never left.
The boiler hou e of the Kreinoiit foun
ry was de-troyeil by fire Tile-day.
Several Di\nn county farmer.- will e
pciimcut with tobacco nextseu-on.
The Citizens' bank of Plattsmouth h :
inerea-ud its capital stock to $100,000.
A store building ami j > cu-ral re.sidenci
were destroyed by lire in Uothcnbui
last Saturday.
An old man named Dickmnn , livin
near Scribner. blow his brains out with
shotgun hist week.
The tore department of the H. & A
at Platt-mouth Inuidloil $2,000,000 worl
of material lat year.
Foil i teen engines were wrecked whi
bucking snow drifts on the liurlingtoti
Missouri .since the blix/.ard.
The Plattsmouth shops of the Hurliiif
toil iN : MisMtiri liave received an order t
build four pony engines and ten wa
Work has been resumed at Trinity eo
lego at Blair. The foiir-slorv brie
structure is owned by the Danish Lnthe :
an society , and is the only one of its kin
in America.
A lightning jerker at Hastings recentl
skipped out of town with a marrle
woman. The deserted husband is no' '
camping on their trail , and a bloody co
1'iMon may be looked for.
Two locomotives anil n plow took
drive at a snow bank near Fairbury la1
week. When quiet was restored hot
ongi til-- were in the dilch. The eoniluctt
and lircman were injured severely.
A party by the name of Smith ran for
of Jack Donovan's shot gun at u nine
ton miles north of Sidney last Salurdav
Jack chiiiiH that Smith insulted a lad
friend ol his and was justified in lilliu
his lungs with lead. Smith died easil
and Donovan surrendered to the ollicer-
Kdward Anderson , a stage drivoi
turned up his toes ai Ihe notorious ho ,
ranch of Oetavia Kecvos , in Siou
uounty , recently. The dive is the head
jnartcis of the wort gang of tough
nlive. There was a general fiMhide d
i mis wlieu Amlerson dropped , and tli
murderer cannot be apprehended.
Three Platt.-moiith snorts Marled out t
search for b'ar on the Iowa bottom-
fucsday. K. McKcn/.ic , an exjiert cai
: > poner. headed the procession , witli Dai
O'Hourkc , the Kerry warbler , anil Dai
Jolleo , an express messenger , trailiu ;
cautiously in the rear. Suddenly a erasl
ivas heard ami McKcn/io and his gin
ivere cares-ing n slippery cake of ice
The concussion discharged the weapon
mil sixteen grains of .shot plowed fur
ows in Collee'.s lejrs. Ho will bo laid nj
'or two week- , and Iowa b'ar will get i
A sensational scandal struck Nortl
Send within the lust few day.whiel
iromi.-os to keep the tongue of gossii
; reascd for the winter. Two veais age
i young man struck the town with onlv
i good suit of clothes and a veneerei
ongue to recommend him. He hung ou
us shingle as a lawyer and plunged ink
ho social vortex , like a veteran. He be-
ainothe chief spouterand leaderinall re-
orm movements , as well as the dofeudei
if the town's interests. A few wcek.s ag (
ic was married to one of the belles of
he town and started for the east on : i
iridal tour. Ho had scarcely crossed th i
iIisM > uri before an Indiana sherill'ar -
ivcd in North Bend with a warrant tot
hoariest of W. H. Claire , the identical
eadcr of society and recently wedded
nvvyer. Claire's career in Hoosicrdom
hen cropped out. He peed as a minis-
or in Richmond in that state , and bor-
owed n team and buggy with which he
raveled overland to Nebraska and finally
old the outfit in North Bend. Tins
rilling episode served to keep bis mom-
ry green in Richmond , and shook the
onlidenuo of several prominent Benders ,
no of whom starlod in pursuit of the
ridul party. They were overhauled in
own. The bride returned to her home ,
ml Claire settled with his pursuer.
Iowa ItcniN.
A proposition is on foot at Indianola lo
stablish monthly live stock sales on an
xtensive scale ,
During December Manehns-tor shipped
3.-HO uound of butter , 100,200 poultry mid
,050 , ilo/.cn eggs.
The clock factory which was looking
II over lovva for a location has finally
nchorcd at Koek Island , 111
The shot tower at Dubiiquo is closed ,
ml the proprietors will remove to
malm , which is a hollar point for man-
The Scraiilon Journal defines a bli/-
ird as "a very thick wind , moving with
real , velocity , which finds all sides of a
'Milling ' simultaneously. "
The state railroad commissioners wore
: Diibuqiio last week for the purpose of
ilecting a location for the union depot
uit is to bo built there this year.
As an instance of the carelessness of
edar Itnpids merchants , in the report of
10 merchant police for the your 1885 just
iiblishcd , il is stated Unit -110 doors' and
indowri and twelve safes were found
lien , and ! ? 7U. ' ) worth of goods wore loft
itsido of the stores.
Andrew Benedict , at 12-year old boy at
L'ltlnrH , Monday morning while working
jout the barn was kicked in the fuco by
horse. The lower jaw hone was broken
i badly that ti portion of it hud to be ro-
ovcd , and all his teeth were knocked
it. Besides a severe out in Ihe lower
w , the cheeks are cut open from the
oulli back to the ear on both sides of the
cu , The lior.-o had bill recently been
iarp shod. If thu bov lives he will
obably bo maimed for life.
The Improvements in Huron hist year
nounti-u lo f.'OJ , < )80.
The packing house at Sioux Falls kills
lout 7DO hogs a week.
When thu blix/.ard struck Deadwood
st Thursday the mercury tumbled -10Q
twenty-four hours.
The Black Hills Mining company has
irchused 100 acres of land near Bufialo
ip for $10,000 , which will be laid out in
ly lots ,
A number of persons huvo been cutting
wooil on trie Indian resorv ation m
( . 'mining Last week the Indians madi
raid nnd drove off about twcntvfi
teams , capturing ten learns and drive
who were lurned over to the milili :
authoritie- .
O/T Withered ltrnnche ol
Utent Kvll , Willie the Hoot
.Sireul unit l-'liuil-lrih.
True statesmanship will -erm-h lir-l I
tin- real cnlise of eviN. ami then will * e
to apply a remedy equal lo the remov
of the cause Accepting symptoms f
di ea e < i , treating ell'eets instead
cau-es , is as ilisa trou in polities a * it
in plivicand ; the and medic
charlatan can bo classed together n ali
Ignorant of sound piinoiplos and ban
ful In-te.ul of helpful to the disorders th
would euro , Legislation noon the Irai
pollution iiicMioii | lo Ihe ] ire < enl limr > i
culiarly' illutrntes this kind of superllei
trealment. The hist act in the legi-lati
drama in Nebraska oilers a eae in poll
By it n p eudo commission vvacsta
I'hed having pow. r to investigate coi
plaints- and make iee < > mmend.ition
This is the limit of its authority. U- , „
lion under this authority has come to 1
u laughable faioo , witli no serious aspe
whatever save the one nf i-o-t to t'no } > c
jile. couled ) ) with regiel that any eilb
by a sovereign state , even though an u
I'on-titutional one , should be tittei
barren of result , -o entirely powerles-
re.ieh the real evillor which it was pi
iio-ed as a remedy. What ale th . evil
If any man supposeihey are embraei
in a trilling CNCC * of charge to A over I
or a greater or h , ine piality of rates i
the long or short haul or anj temporal
inadequacy of conveniences at ;
lions or terminal pointhe has sad'
faded lo comprehend ihe-ituation. The :
nuiv indeed be evils which require corn1
lion some of them evils which are fa
reaching and injurious. But if thei
were no more deep-sealed and thrcatei
ing di-ea > c in the tran-portaliu
s.\-tom than is indicated by the-e sjni |
tornthe universal dis-atisfactioi
with tl-atsy-tem would have no existent :
which would be threatening or sorioii
The great di-easo of Ihe radio-ill s slei
upon which public opinion has fixed ii
attention tile di-easc for which state ;
man-hip must find a cure , or stand cot
fronted with a leniedyles- and fatal ma
ady may be di-tiiiguishcd by the Lvy
leading uhartieteristies of modern rai
road building. Tim III M. of the-e is th
constantly increasing volume of stock
and bonds , the second i- the prcdomina
ing inlluenco of railroad builders in on
legislatures and our courts. The secoii
ot these is ihc corollary of the lirni
Klimiualo the tir > t evil , and the si-con
will eliminate it-elf. Jn their comprc
hetision of facts the. coumioit j > et
nle are in advance of the -talesmen
They have reali/.ed the primary faets o
the ea'-e. and have swiftly maue Ihe cot
reel deduction. The primary-facts ar
that this enormous and eyer-incrcasin ;
volume ot watered securities constitute
a national debt in every essential leu
lure , as surely as does Ihe United State
bonds ; and that this debt is just as sure
ly a tax upou _ the productive labor of th
country , as impossible lo c-eape as Ih
indirect tarill upon the necessaries o
life , or the direct lax for the. support o
public schools. The people see a nationa
debt of four thousand millions of dollar
loaded upon the producers and coiistim
ors of the nation. They see tlio syslen
under which this was accomplished-
under which one dollar in cash is pu
down , and ihree in stocks and bond
taken up going forward with con-tanll ;
accelerated speed. They see the pro
lectors and owners of railroads loadin ;
themselves out of Ihe pockcls of the pee
pie , with inexhaustible siiDjilics of tin
imimmition u-ed lo hunt legislatures ant
judges ; and they see as a logical rcsul
unorinous accumulations of wealth in tin
Imnds of the few , and a eorre-poiidnif
ineiea-e of poverty for Ihc many , at tin
time time that the power ol our execu
Lives are being transferred into the hand :
} f an oligarchy of money , and out
judiciary into a machine for intetpretiu
mil recording its edicts. The common
) coplc have fairly reached the eminence
rom which they can not only plainly
liscern all till- , but can faintly catch ti of the illimitable beyond , when
ill equality will have ceased , ami
lie principles of republicanism Imvi
icen lramjled ) under Ihe iron heel of the
neanest aristocracy ever known on earth
wealth. The statesman who proposes
0 alleviate their di.-eonlenl or stop their
igitation by filling up stagnant water
mols , impioving platform facilities , or
idjiisting trlllini ; inequalities lietwecn
luppers , is rivalling the folly of Canute ,
vho sat his chair of slate by the oeean
: iid proposed to stop its billows by a
vn vo of Ids kingly hand.
Under Ibis system of building railroads
m credit , for the sake of their nominal
iwnership and their actual debts , which
lave a prospective value far above the
cal cost of the roads when constructed ;
ebt and interest are constantly in ad-
mice of business , Consequently man
gers of railroads , who are not often the
> rojoctor.s , are dominated by imperative
eeessilies , They must prevent bank-
uptoy and ward oil'receiverships. . Of
very dollar of annual gross earnings
( irly cents goes to pay "interest But
. 'ith this enormous disproportion of in-
irost to gross receipts , the average rate
f interest actually reali/.ed is only Her
or cent , showing a capitalisation of
bout nine dollars to every dollar of an-
mil gross roc-oipls. Thus dominated l > y
icir nece-sities , no fair and fixed basis
> r freight rates IB possible for managers ,
'hey ' have been compelled to adopt the
tile of "what the trallio will bear , " in-
load of a fair compensation for service
3 tillered , and by the same token a clussi.
cation , based upon commercial value
lone , instead of upon weight and cubic
imisuro. Says Mr. Albert Fink , the
rent pool commissioner :
"But while this knowledge of the cost
f each service is desirable , it in of little
radical use in regulating railroad
Inirgca. * * The charges are regu-
iteil by other considerations than the
) .sl of the work to the railroads. They
ro regulated by the value of the service
1 the parties for which it is performed
' any article is to bo moved between
vo points , the difi'erenee between thu
vo points is all that can bo charged. "
ice Mr. Kink's testimony before tlio Ctil-
in Com , , p. 10. ]
I eould pronounce this n robber system.
ut I inn not now indulging in denuncla-
on. I tun only considering pltiin'liicts ,
ml the plain tact is that the managers
o compelled to adopt tins rule , each
itid for itself , overloaded with watered
icurlties ; is compelled to wring from its
tillie "all it will bear" without annilnla-
m , in a vain dibit to lloal those securi-
us to a respectable figure on the stock
mrds of the country. Under this rule
) uniform principle for Iho establish-
out of a just basis can bo adopted. By
hurent defects of human nature railroad
anagcrs' are prevented from seeing Iho
ojiriety of tlio law providing a proper
isis for them , and uro compelled to use
1 their enorn.ous powers to nrevenl it
urn so doing , notwithstanding such a
w would be n boon to them and a bless-
g to the people.
Now , the remedy needed is the estab-
limunt of a basin for freight charges
muled on honesty , not on fraud. This
mody will never Lie applied from within .
lore is only one power thai can appl. )
-that Is the power that created the cor-
iration and shared with them its mlier-
t right of eminent domain thu power
the stain and nation The basis must
a fair compensation for service run-
red , whieh would comprise a fair in *
rest at the actual cash cost of all roads ,
it uo cent of return or fictitious securi
ties Will yon bankrupt Ihc rends * a ks
one Not any honest road. But what d i
we do with counterfeit money ? 1 n k
and with the counterfeiter * Wo tlestrov
lheinone > wherever found , wjthoul an f
regard for Iho bankruptcy or right of in
noeent holders , nnd wo imprison l'i '
counterfeiter. And I affirm that w.iteil
.stocks are on nn exact equality with ooiM
lerfeit money. enl > that the former ] ni
of fraud
josses concentrated es-otiee
over the latter , inasmuch as thoj pi > s5 ( > .
the power of eonlinuiiiga perpetual drain
upon the people.
Now , 1'iis ' is the demand of the pmp !
ami they will take nothing lo $ . Mam
gor * . politician * and parties will do w-i.
to take he-'d of il. J 1U it : : < > \ \ <
, N'eb , , .I
Till : IMMu
The Ailitltiiui to the School < * om
itletcilA ( it-cut Convenience.
Piiti : . Neb . Jan. 12 [ Correspondence
of Ihe Bu. . | The erection of the new
wing to the Normal -ehool adds much lo
Ihe appearance and beauty of the build
ing and should be highly appreciated by
the students , us it does aw ay with going
up and dow n stnir * + o much. The school
is sy arranged that once Iho scholar * are
in their le-jpeelivc places ran remain on
the same floor during school hours A"
it was before they had to go from the
biiM-nienl to the ehupol in the tinI I
story to recite their dill'erent lessons Ti ,
new wing H .V5xl > 5 feet , ivvo stories uud
ba-einent , nnd contains 1 1 rooms The
lir-l lloor eontaiiis in addition to the pnii
oipal's private deparlment. thelabratoi
10x28 , a number of elo et.s and sma I
rooms Used for seietiiilic apjiaratus
and ehemieal.s , a elass room CO\V )
feet , an I a hall 8 feel wide. The
hibrntiii is richly furni-hed and lilted
up with table- , counters , sinks , wash-
stall Is and small closet. * with shelves.
'flic tables are u eit for chemicals and ap- in dail.v use by the students As
1'rof. ( has a place for everything
and everj thing in its place , the stud 'its
seem to take pride in keeping pverj 'iig '
in older. He has quite a number o : - > n
mills an 1 birdne.ill.v . mounted , tli it
ter being displuved in upright show . s
making hisihool room as attrae -
] ) ossilie | The sci oud lloor eoiil.i i.
chapel .VjxtJO fe.'t , 2 class rooms ; io\ I
21xJO : respectively. The heating c
room b.v steam jiroved a success i , j
the recent storms. The olas MUUI. I
halls were poi foully comfortable.
'fhe water works aic situated b.i , .
rods east of the building with an n
ant Mipply of water , but the mac !
being too weak to accomplish the , .
the contractor concluded to pu. i
steam pump which is on the groin i . , !
will be put in working order as su
the weather will permit. This vvil
ply the building and doimilorv >
water. t
l.oril ul' the Isles ,
Ciiicupit ItcntM.
W. K. Vanderbilr.s purchase < i
island on the Georgia coast , pro-t
for his own use in winter , is a mm
which nmy have far-reaching r
The laud is nine miles long ami tw o
wide and is sullicientiy feilile to >
lain a large population. With null
means at Ins commune ! and a ilispo
more pronounced than that of his a
: ors lo relieve him-ell ot bu-mess i
mil branch out into society ami pe-
jiolitic's ' , the jn-esent lieml ol ll.e 1
'nay conclude lo establish an ii
; ingdom , tributary to but not m i
ily under the iron heel of the ivj-
Jhius Sprcckles , ( In ; Pacific coast
ciiig , is the nraelieal ownerof the
, vieh Islands , and a rich ami i
NewVork editor
ingui-lied owns a
he summer lives and reigns o
sland in the sound. Jay ( iould's ni
clircmcnl from bnsincs- hits been
owed bj' another vachting tour ai
he isles to the southeast of Florida
> f which he i.s liable to buy : it an.v t
mil still other rich men are in po-sc
if islanus adjacent to the New Kugi
: oa-t , on which they bold their ei
luring a portion of each year.
Although this whim ot the multi-it
unaires suggests a de-ire on t.
iart to be rather exclusive , the Amerii
icojle ) may have one very soothii
ellection concerning it. When the su
cct of fortifying the sea coast comes ui ,
ur serious attention , the insular kings ,
uindful of the i > ossiblo ell'eets of a 100-
on rille on their ) ) rovinces , vvill bo pro-
Hired to subscriho liberally for defense ,
ml in the event of war they could not do
ss than fit out a vessel or two each for
icir own protection. In this way the
.hind-buying fever promises to promote
ic general welfare.
1'ontollioe Changes.
Postollieo changes in Nebraska and
) wn during Iho week ending Jan. Dili ,
380 , furnished by William Van Vleck , of
ic postollice department :
Established Cooleylon , Lotii ) county ,
shlcy B. Cooley. postmaster ; Longhorn ,
avves county , Thomas i ) . Brown ; Luce ,
nll'alo county , John Luce ; Imperial ,
base county , Thomas Mereior ; Mossier ,
lieridan county , Mrs. Kmma Mor.-o.
Name Changed Wheathuul , Websler
unity , to Saint Ann.
Postmasters Appointed Dauby , York
unity , Miss Horn Troutniau ; Door
rook , iMadiboii county , Jacob White ;
unson , Madison oounty , J. W , Davis ;
leasant Valley , Dodge county , John
inanuel ; Purple Cane , Dodge county ,
rs. Jane Avery Saint Ann , Webster
iiinty , Jean B. Laporto ; Siirlnullold ,
irpy county , Henry C. Lillor ; Stelta ,
ielmrdson county , Kdward S- Malone ;
union , Hiclmrdson county , Austin 11.
Postmasters Appointed-Dean , Appa-
lose county , Ilardiii ( iiiiiin ; Delhi ,
Dlaware county , Am/.i I ) . Barnes ;
trlville , Delaware county , U. H. Van
agenur ; Forestville , Dnlawaro county ,
illiam Wall ; Jewell , Hamilton county ,
iorge II. Willell ; Lawler , Chiokasaw
iiintv , VillIanl J , ( 'lavMediapolis ; ,
s Aloines county , Henry T Hunted ,
iltou , Van Bureii County , W. K. Kd-
DIISOII ; Norwalk , \Vnrren county ,
mrles N. Miller ; Richmond , Washing-
u county , Michael Suiilh , Siolamvillu ,
ilk county , John T. Harder.Scranton ;
ty. ( Jrcene county , Isaac Ii Jones ;
ellman , Washington counly. V. B ,
ury ; Wcvor , Leo county , K. W. ( Ireen ;
illianstown , Chicku-aw county , Sarah
wllli j > eclal rcKkrd toNe
No AmmoiiU , I.lweor Aluta.