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JAN 15.
OrriCEi Wo. 12 Pearl Strest.
I' < mricd1.yennifi in nny pnrt of thoelty nt
t nt ) ( tutfurwttk.
11 , W.'tti/io.v , - Jlanngor.
Ilusi.M:8SOinn. : , No. 4.1.
NUIIIT Iliinoii. NIL -l.
anxoit Mu
The city jail was emjity joslerday.
Pauls' lo order , from $ . * i up , al Ucitcr'-j
Coasting will bo "all the rage" in a
day or so.
At Ilarlan , to day , the attorneys will
argue lite ipie tionof admitting Dr. Cioss
to nail.
In Iho superior court Judge Aylcsworlh
01113"id ' one c.f-o jeiterday and thai
was dismissed.
Jaiiici I * , ( louldcn yuslordny filed hi.s
bond and contract for grading thai has
been awarded him.
P. V. Carey , mayor of DCS Moincs , lias
asked the city council to request him to
elo'-o Iho saloons in DCS Moine-i.
A pollllon to tin1 governor to pardon S.
A. Hioadwell , who now lie < in jail under
ficnlence of prihou , is being circulated.
Several ot the merchants wore yeilerj
day having the snowin front ot their
places of business hauled oil' and dumped
into Indian creek.
The lliormomclor yesterday registered
us high as ! 1 ° above /ero the highest It
has been since U'ed ncidaj' last The
lowest yesterday was ( J3 , at (1 ( o'clock In
the morning.
Carl Williams , who was nrnssti'd on
.suspicion of his being the one who rob
bed ex-Coroner Council's store last week ,
was yesterday released 113- Judge Ayle--
worth , tin ; evidence being insulliciont to
Tiie annual meeting of the First Map-
list church will bo held thi.s evening at
7 HO o'clock in Iho church parlor. The
officers and committees for the ensuing
jear will be elected. A full attendance
is dchircd.
W. C. James , John Lumlt and Capl.
Itusscll will ptobablygo to Dos Jloines
lo morrow OM-ning with lliu ma > or , lo
attend tlio majors' mccling , which con
venes at the Aborn house at 10 o'clock on
Thursday morning.
A K. jMerriolces has withdrawn from
the Itoston Tea company , and ( Jcoigo V.
Fulton , ! f Madison , Win. , has bought
into Iho lirm. l\lr \ Fulton is a brother-in-
law lo ono of the Messrs. Kichmond , who
compose the company.
The hired earn on Iho Hroadway line
yesterday ran belwecn the Ogden house
and Hie diinmiv depot. And to-day it is
thought the Alain street line wi'll 1)0
opened up a.s far as the Chicago , 15ur-
lington iV : Quinc3' depot.
Tlio secrolar3' of tlie public library re
ports three vacancies instead of two of
the directors , as lias been previously
published. They are Horace Kvorett ,
president , Dr. Lawrence and J. D. Fd-
niuml'-oii. As Mr A. W. Street has re-
nioxcd fiom the cit3f , his resignation is
expected shortly.
For hardware ami house furnishing got
prices of Cooper A : MeGee , No. 41 Main
ftlnnoy to loan on chattels , by For res
Smith , l.'iO Main stroel.
I'er.soiml I'arnKi-nphfl.
Will L. Lukcns , the -ulvanco roircsen-
tivo of Miss Alcolt's "Dark Days'1 ' com
pany , was In Iho city yesterday arrang
ing for the appearance of Iho company
hero on Thnrsdas' and Friday evenings.
Mr. J. M. Matthews , e\-eonnly super
intendent of schools , ( 'timcil liliifls , tele
graphed yobtorday : " 1 am a candidate
lr .second assistant secretary of the sen-
ate. Stuck in a snow drift. " Dc Moincs
L. Krischit , jr. , was among Iho snow
bound at Dos Moincs. Ho lias returned
to this ci(3 ( %
Col. I. S. Toner left last evening for
Now Orleans.
( ico. Forrest , of N. Y. , was a guest at
tlio Og > Ion yesterday.
J. M. ISrced , of Cincinnati , took his
meals at the Ogden 3'eslorday.
1) . W. Archer , of Columbus , Ohio , was
in the city yesterday , and sto ) > pod at tlio
A. II. Wolf and L. Brown wcro in tlio
IJluH's yesterday and pailook of the hos
pitality of the Ogilon.
Mrs. L. Mossier is receiving a visit
from her mother , Mrs. , of Chicago
cage , who is hero witli her son.
Cottage ranges. Garland stoves Ra
diant Homes and Hub Heaters of the
vnr.y latest patterns at bed rock prices ,
at Cooper & MeGco's , No. 41 Main street.
Short-hand lessons at college Tuesday
and Tlinrnday evenings at 7 o'clock.
Tlielr Mliuln.
" 1 see some of the traveling mon have
boon tolling yon about our being snow
liound up at the Valley , " said a gonllo-
man to a ltii : ; man yesterday , "lie
didn't toll you about the throe follows
who wore in such terrible hurry to got
down to Iho Blnfl's thai they almost made
u start to drive , did ho ? Ono of the Ihrco
was from Chio.igo , another from Michi
gan , while the third' was from SI. Louis.
They all went out and bought now-
woolen caps and scarfs , ami an oil stove
lo keep their foot warm , and engaged a
sleigh with a driver to bring them down.
Itlookihom a day and a half lo got
reai (3- ( , but one 113- ono thov backed out ,
They remained at the Valley and came
down with us Saturday. "
" hat will become of the stove and
things tho3' bought for Iho Jonrnoylf"
suggested the Hr.u man.
' 'Oh , expenses will bo charged with
them , " ho replied witli a wink of his 03-0.
Having put in a complete now stock of
clothing , furnishing goods , hats , caps ,
, etc. , Fox Si Hughes , No. 015 Main street ,
\ < invite tlio public to give them a trial.
r. Their expenses are small and tho3r can
[ ; and do sell cheap ,
For first class Missouri wood call on
Gleason , at his coal ollico , 20 Pearl street.
Mlllau Oloott.
The lady above mentioned lias a great
11111113- admirers , as was plainly demon
strated 1)3 * Iho packed house which greeted
her lasl evening , She is most fortunate
in posscc-tlng certain natural gifts that
peculiarly lit her for the stage. She is
very talented , has a line liguro , unusual
personal beauty , and a strong and melo
dious voice. Her support , costumes and
magnificent scouory goo.s to make a most
pleasing performance. [ Musio and
Drama , Now York.
To appear at Dohany's opera house
Thursday and Friday , January 1 1 and 15.
For everything in the grocery line give
the now lirm of Klutz & Ivleeb , 102 Uroad-
way , n trial Kvtirything new and fresh.
Fancy groceries a hpeciulty ,
Tliu lllockmlo liaised ,
All of Iho railroads terminating in this
cily w'-ro cither on time or a lilllo late
yesterday , and all trains wore reported
usj running , consequently the blockade
that has bi en the cai oot so much 11111103--
unco , e.\pi use and irregularity 911 tlio
part of evco road operating in thin sue-
tiuu of c.nniim U ut nn end.
, „
Looming Up for th <
Coming Election.
An lntor ! iMV With a Couple oOlor-
nion Ulili'M Trains A train
Itiimilni ; on Time
Minor Mention ,
at AVork.
As n Hr.K intin win l.ilklnj ; to ono ol
Hits linn in n Hrouhviy : boot nnil "hoc
storu ycsti'rthiy lie luarnoil tlint tlio t\u
men who wcru jnvt about to leave tin
More wore .Mormon i-Mers so tin1 Iii ! :
111:111 : hooked onto tlicin. note book li
in hand , nnil Icaniud their names as J
K. lVler . ( i ami K. A. H.i luy.
Mr. 1'uterson s.ilil he had boon arontu
here for this past seven mouths , Nhilc
Mr. Hurley has
" \Vu liavis bajitiM'd siiico 1 cauic hurp ,
in .Inne last , luonly-two porsons. " sail
Mr. l'eter on.
"Where did you baptist ) thuini' " quunut
tliu Hir : iiiiin ,
"In bi lako. "
"Ilavoou sent your converts to
"Ve.s ; tliuy K < > s soon as they } ; et
money to pay their fans. "
"Way ilon'L the Mormon church pay
their fare ? "
'Xo ; we. never pay their faro. "
"IIo\v do j'ou niananetoeonvertthuin ? "
' \Vo just preach what wu claim to be
the n'lMiel of tJeus Christ am ! they can
aceeiit il or not as they sec lit. "
" \ \ hero do you preach 1"
"I've been holding luct'tiiiRS on every
Sunday at No. I'Ol Lo an struut , at the
ro-idenee of Alva North. "
"lias lie a family living : tliero ? "
"No ; only one son. Wo hold our
meeting- ' , o'clock in Iho afternoon. "
"None durinptho week ? "
"Throuj.'h the week I tr.ivol in the
country "
"How do you do in the country ? "
"Wla-ncvei- can ji't : i chancp to use
a school liotM' or : i loom inoniu farm
hotist ! I ] > roach tliens. "
"Do you liud much oppo-ition ? "
"Voa great deal. Very generally we
lind n great deal of opposition , but
mostly on account ot what appears in
tliu newspapers. The ciders sent out
now me moro to keep down preju
dices. "
"Elders cover every bit of ground , I
"i'es , sir. "
"Dous the church funii.-li you funds1 ? "
"No , sir ; we furnish ourselves. Wo do
our traveling on foot , and wherever wo
preach wo expect them to keep us over
night and give us our meals. Wo travel
on half faro to our Held of labor. After
wo are released the church sends us tick
ets to return. "
"How long aic you kept away from
your homes ? "
"They usually keep us out from one to
two years in the United States goner-
ally. "
"How do you got along with your fam
ilies during your absence from home ? "
"The bishop of the ward we live in
takes care of our families , if wo are not
abie" "
When do you go homo again ? "
" 1 will go to conference in April. Mr.
liigluy will bo my companion until con-
Jcrenco , "
"How many attend your meetings on
Logan street ? "
"From fifteen to twenty-five. "
"Who are they ? "
"They belong to most all the different
denominations. "
' How about their sex ? "
"Thoy average about half male and fe
male ; but few children attend. "
"You take up collections ? "
"No , sir ! ( emphatically ) wo don't be
lieve in anything of that "kind. Wo .sim
ply derive our support from donations.
When wo need clothes we go to work in
[ ho Hold and earn them. I've been work
ing the past summer in ll.o harvest Held
mil lately have boon husking corn. "
Substantial abstracts of title and real
estate loans. J. W , , & K. L. Squire , 101
1'carl street.
Harkness Brothers are offering their
cntiro stock of ladies' winter underwear
.it cost.
Walking on ttnilwny Trades.
Several fatal accidents have occurred
n this vicinity to persons walking on
railway tracks. The railway commis
sioners of tlio btato have been examining
a case similar to the one which occurred
on Christmas day at Clreondale. The
joaril , after exonerating the railway em
ployes , makes the following rccommcn-
.lations :
The commissioners would take this oc
casion to cmphasi/.o the recommendation
made in their annual ropoit , yiTho :
enactment of a law making it a penal
otl'ense for any one , not connected wither
or in the employ of railway companies ,
to trespass on the track.
Wo have been at some pains to got the
: estimony of experienced engineers on
: liia matter , and ( ho universal testimony
. that it is ono ol continuous anno.yaneo
o trainmen and ot imminent danger to walking on the track. Kngmoer
cannot bo expected to .slow up their
.rains for every man they see ahead of
hem on the track. If they did tlio pub-
io would complain because tlmo and
commotions wcro not mado. It is taken
'or granted by engineers thnt Mich per
sons will slop aside in time to avoid bo
ng hit. Many seem , for tlio .sake of an-
loying an engineer , lo pretend not to
lear the coming train , and only ju t at
the last moment step oil' after the eng't-
icor bus been put to the trouble and
in.siety for their Mifoty , and often , as the
train would pass by them , they , with
homo motion of the head ami hand , would
; ivo the engineer to undei'&tand that they
purposely annoyed him. As a matpria'l
o.sult it is taken for granted that all Mich
respassors will taku care of ihcnibclvcs
ly avoiding in time tlio coming train.
Tlioro wcio D'O biilhh in Scott count
during IbS.yiU I man iugca and 010 death
Correct Abstracts of Title and Heal Ks-
: ate Loans at McMahon & Co's , No. 4
1'earl street.
the Word.
11. N. McUrow , the Donison insurance
rustler , enjoys getting a joke on others so
well that revenge is sweet. Those who
tavo M'tlbrcd from his ingenious and
witty sallies will appreciate a bct-b.iok
which he received the other day. On
entering a railway oar , as is his wont , ho
glanced about to see it there wcro any
particularly handsome young ladies on
uoard , any spying ono , of wonderfully
pretty face and wiiusomo form , ho hat
down on the oppositn side ot the aisle
and began to "imprest" her , ' 'Mao" is
not bad looking by any means , and ar
rayed in his best clothes , ho shines , lie
throw a winsome sinilu or two over to
the young lady , and at last attracted her
attention , Tlio smile was coyishly re
turned , as ho thought , and ho made a
more open one , Tno flirtation began , to
hit mind , to become quite promising.
The little lady slyly wrote on a little .slip
of paper a delicate note , and "Mac , "
watching operations , had hatd work to
keep lu.sncart from crowding his p.ilato
out of shape , Soon u pielty little hand ,
clad in a dainty glove , passed the note lo
him. lie took it eagerly , opened it and
' road , "Does this train go to VormllHont'
Ho pulled down his vest , put an
'extra ' twirl on his moiHtaelie , " nitt !
bolilly ro'o to afdpl this iuoik t open
ing of what ho hoped would bo a liappj
i acquaintance. Stepping across lo be
J ot t | niid bowing gracefully , he stnrtct
i in with his best oprano tones' ' No
I madam , this train docs not go to \ or
million. You will have to get oft'at . '
He stopped , for the pretty face lookul a
him bewildered , and the dainty ham
reached toward him a tablet and pcnci
on which he was to reply. It dawnei
through "MacV brain that the litth
lady was deaf and dumb. He retirei
hn tily from the sei-no. but was follow e. .
by two or three men who hai
been watching pioceediugs. and who en
joyed themselves at Irs e\pt'n c on reach
ing the smoking car.
Cloaks at less titan cost. Comforts am
blankets at discount. Opportunity for
bargains in every department of 0111
Tlio 1'npcr Collar Trade.
"Vou keep shirt collars' " asked a mat
with long gri//b black hair and a fill
beard , of a clerk in a store on Hroadwa
near Main street jcstcrday , just as a HKI
man had saluted tae clerk witli a " ( Jooi
morning , Sam. "
"Yes ; what kind , paper ? " respondci
the clerk.
"Vcs. "
"Whatsi/.o ? "
'Tom-teen and a half. "
"Tho customer wa - < > rved in abou
two minutes and had loft the store , when
the HKI : man said :
"S.mi , how'd 3 on know he wanted pa
per collars ? "
"Oh , sized him up , I gue s. "
"Do jou ha\o many calls for panel
collars ? "
"No , not many ; mighty few sold now-
a-ilavs. "
"Why do they prefer them to linen
goods1 '
"They're ' cheaper ; now this man that
was in fs a good specimen of tlio fellows
that wear paper , ile don't get any wash
ing done , and wears DUO probably a week
or two and then throws it away. "
"What do they cost a bo\ ? "
"All the way from ( ) to 17 cents per
bo\ ; each bo\ contains ten collars. These
fellows who still stick to iiapor collars
don't hn\o any washing done , I don't
.suppose , once in two months. They pin
a paper collar on to a colored shirt when
they go out , and tliink they are dressed
up. They're the kind ot people who
get a .shave and a hair-cut about once a
year , and then Ihey think they are 'doing
it up brown. ' "
Best coal and wood in the 01(3at ( CJlca-
ton'.s , 'M Pearl street.
locution lri\\s Ni
As election day , Avhieh is on March 1 ,
draws nigh , candidates for nomination
to the various" positions become moro
ninncrotis. The election will bo for mu
nicipal ollicci-b and ihere will be elected a
mayor , three aldermen ono from the
lirst ward , one from the second ward and
one at largo , judge of superior court , city
treasurer , city auditor , city attorney , city
marshal and eit ; > wcighmastcr.
For the mayoralty Ihe present mayor
told a BII : : man yesterday thai he was
not a candidate and would not run.
Tlie candidates for auditor are F. A.
Burke , the present incumbent ; T. A.
Kirkland , ex-county treasurer ; and Mr.
Ill-own , ex-county treasurer.
For city mar.shal Ihe piv-ent incumbent ,
F. II. Guanela } , is a candidate for re-nom
ination , while Tom Skinner , chief of
police ; Vic Keller and evSherin" Tlico.
tJnittar are , it is said , pooping Ihron/'h
the Jjars of the cily jail at the marshal's
Dr. Lawrence and D. C. Bloomer , re
publicans ; Win. A. Mynstcr and W. C.
.lames , democrats ; Colonel Tnlloys anil
Jacob Sims , prohibitionist'- being
talked of by their rcspeclivo friends for
the mayoralty.
Cliarlob Harlc and John Limit , ropub-
hcans ; J. J. Stewart anil Kob ( rt 1'ercival ,
democrats , arc being pushed to the front
for city attorney.
Others wishing nominations will be
kind enough to hand in their name ? bo-
lore it is too Into.
C. B. Jacquoniin AJ Co. , No. 27 Main
street , take pleasure in announcing to
Ihe public llint their slock of articles , or
namental , stilish and useful goods ,
is complete in eacli and every do-
pal lim-nt , and cordially invite everybody
\if-itlheir store , inspect their goods
and comjiare prices. No trouble what
ever to snow goods.
Be sure and ask your grocer for the
broad made at Smith & Locrke's bakery ,
No. iViy Main street. It is the very best
made. Try it and be convinced.
AVns Jt Huttcrinc ?
"Say , iio yon know what biitterine is
when jon t-eo itv" asked a man of family
ye.storday of si friend who was going up
Broadway in company with a Bii ; : roprc-
"Well , it's hard to answer. I've u'-ed
it , and the fact is I now have oinc at
homo that I bought on Saturday night ,
1 was told to brin .some butter home ,
and I hunted in live orix stores for
good butter,1 but they all fi.tid tlwv had
noiui that was very good , so 1 linalfy got
in ono store where , when 1 asked for two
pounds of good butter , the boss said , 'I've
omenieo creamery bill no country. ' So
said , 'Btitterine , eh1 and lie said , 'yes ,
it's colored nice and most people don't
know the diUcrcnco.1 So I thought I'd
take it homo , as my wife would not know
tin ) dillernnco. ' "
"llinvimteh a pound did j'ou pay for
it ? Was it like this ? " untying the flriiiL'
around Ihe package ho held in his hand ,
"Yes , ( ixaclly. It cost me 15 cents a
pound , I bought it at grocery. "
"Well , the snoo/.er. I bought this
there , too , and ho said it was 'creamery , '
and i paitl ' . ' 5 cent > . "
"Next tune yon buy any say you want
biitlenno , and 1 guess he'll only charge
you 1. ) cents. "
Avot'A , Iowa , Jan. 10. The all im-
lortant question "Who Is to bo our post-
nasler ? " is answered at lasl , and very
satisfactory , in tlio appointment of
A. P. Cramer , editor of the Avoca Herald ,
We know of no one better suited for the
position , and congratulations are now in
It is indeed an ill wind that blows needy -
> ody aii3'good. Haying reference to our
.hrco days of snow and blow , which while
t lasted was terrible , but consoled u& 03-
caving snow enough for sleighing , in
consequence of which Mr and Mrs , O. B ,
S'elson , Mr. and Mrs N. Hodgson , Mr.
uid Mrs , Dr. Xanton. Mr. and Mis , S , C ,
Harlow , Mr. K. D. Hoonos , Mrs. C. H ,
Norton. Mrs , 11. Hancock , Mrs. M. Card-
icr , Miss Lotta Hancock , Miss Clara
S'orton and Mr. W. II. Ncgloy comprised
i sleighing party who on Wednesday
evening visited W. II. I lard man and his
estimable lady of Hancock , who were
wholly unconscious of their impending
Fate. The jingle of the bolls and the
Familiar "Sweet Bye and Byo" was heard
as Iho merry party entered the litlle city
when , terrible to relate , upon turning
a corner the "Sweet B3'o and Byo'1
stopped bhort never to go again , each
one being busy picking him or herself
From out the wreck , the usual turn-over
liaving occurred when least expected.
No ono was Injuicd. but serious objec-
lionij wcro raised at being compelled to
perform dillicult feaU in such religious
quarters , all be ift I'irown out at the
elmrc-h door Afur Man ling Mr * CJ.mi
ner again on IKn foot and a sur uglier
she .still li\ed , and that Alice Hallow
(182 ( pounds ) d-d' ' nut f-'U on her , and
picking Mr * . Xanfen up , who lay pi'oiio
upon the ground wa tin/ / ; for no one
knows wLiil , unit-is fpr nlllljing objects
to pa * * . Mr Ni'g.-ly ne\t came under
observation. Now , while Mr. N is
known to MUeessfully evade closii
corners , the foico of argument was
brought to bear so forcibly Upon him
that lie was forced to .siiccunib , and only
arose niiou Mr-s. Hodgson , Lotta llaii-
cock and Clara Xmttii giving their con
sent. The driver narrow I v escaped a
sudden end by successfully dodging Si
llarlow as he turned a complete -omer-
aullo\er li'in Order being restored , it
was a very ouiet company that proceed ;
ed to Mr llardmaii's residence , and was
heal lily welcomed. The evening passed
in card playing and a general good time.
At 1' ' o'clock the four-lior-e sleigh was
ready and all took a ride , ai riving home
\V. \ H. Campbell ot Council Bluffs was
an Avoca usitor Wednesday , lie came
in the interest of the BII : . Trust Mieec s
may greet him , as the paper is worthy
and only wants reading lo be appreci
ated and pronounced the leading daily
wesi of Chicago.
This being the week of prayer the mar
ried ladies' progressive euchre club do
not entertain ,
Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. K. I ) .
Hoopes entertained twenty of their
friends in honor of Miss Lotta Hancock
of Davcniinrt. Iowa , who is visiting Ave
ca friends. Mr. C. N Voss and Mrs. A.
W. Ask with secured first pri/e. w title
Mr. O. B. Nelson and Mrs. Dr. Aanten
were happy "boobies. "
January of the new year brings many
changes. W. A. Travis accepts the dep
uty county clerkship , M. Cramer resign
ing. J. II. Lang , our deputy sheriff ,
tcps down and out. He has given good
satisfaction , and many regret Ins going.
The drug firm of Wiese As Tine ceased
to exist ; Connor As Dunham hold forth in
their stead.
The Avoca colored jubilee songsters
gave an entoitainment in Carson ,
Wednesday eve. Since their appearance
at home , December and 5 , their dona-
lions to the Home for Iho Friendless have
been forgotten. As wo understand
owing , ol course , to poor business.
A\oca mines on notwithsl.inding Un
distinguished personage known as "Lone
Wolf , " is no more. However , his mem
ory will ever be cherished 1)3' ) one or two
of his ( Aoca ) lady ( ? ) friends. So says-
dame rumor.
_ Wanted A chambermaid and laundry
girl to do plain washing and ironing.
1'Acino Housi : .
Thursday and Friday , Jan. 14th and 15th
Eiifftigcmcut ol tlioDIstinpulfrliG ] Tinfr-edicnno ,
ffliss Lillian Olcott ,
Supporto 1 byn Jli-tiopolltnn Company , In Hugh
C'on n > 's Latent unil Dost Suec-L's-cs ,
Co m puny OUT y carload of Spuiiiil Scenery
mid exceptional strong ca t.
I'j Ices , $1.00 T5c.
No Extra Charge for Reserved Seats.
In Council Illutra having ;
Fire Esoa/pe
And nil modern Improvements , call > "iis. lira
alarm bolls , etc. , It , tn
CREST ON j Uu tiE 1
Nos.15 , X'17 and .MO , MtUn Street ,
MAX ilOHN , 1'roprJutar.
I'.T. M tv.NE. A. S.
P. T.Mayne & Co ,
Real Estate ExcJiange
No. 1011'oirl Street .Coiinull Illuirs , low.i.
Dealers In lowu , Kansas mid Xcbiasku Umils
Jtcal Kstate bought and bold.
Justice of the Peace ,
OnicoOvcr Aincrlcnn Kipresa Company.
B. BIOS , M. D.
or other turn irs rnunvoil wlihout
tlio kiilR > or < liHwiiii/ > LilooJ.
CHRONIC DISEASES or mi ki , , i3 a .Peom r.
Over thirty jwiis' in irt uxporlonco. OlUuo
\'o. 11 IVnrl Mict'i , Conu'il
Kpllopsy ,
Dance ,
( sm , Opium Eol-
Scrofula , Klngt
NERVE , Ugly Blood
aecs ,
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Ferrous Wealtuu , Drain Worry , JHwl * < ; ,
Hllousnees , Coslitftiess , Ncn'ousTroEtrotlou ,
flJntu Troubles and Irietjularlttts.
Who cares for Iho doctors' fiueors Mlion thh
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fT Corrs | ioiicleuro freely ai BWorol.ttJ
he Dr. S. A. RICD J10.\DTm'INE CO. , SI. Joicpb , He.
Hold by nil I ruBRl tii.
gl.50 per bottle , or four bottles for $ s.oa
'JONALlS > Ta03Tontli Street , between I < arnam
nd Hurney , will , with Iho uld of BU rdl n
jiirilB , obtain for any ono a rluuco In the
iast and pruaunt , anil of t.ortum condition * in
iioluturo. Hoots mid dlioe made to order ,
'erf tct satlafttctiou ( ruaraulcoO.
mtvertlsomenM , uoh n
Ixist , Found , To t/ , Kor Sale , To Hcnt , Wants
Donrdliir , etc. . will lieImerted In tills column iU
tholoirrnto of THN CENTS I'Ell Lt.VE for the
flist Insertion snJ FIVK CKXT3 PP.Il MNK for
erch subsequent Insertion. Lcnvo nJvortUo.
inrnlsnt our otno , No. U 1'carl sttcct , no. r
llruiianriiy , Council Illuil * .
KIINI1 Thp three-story brick liu
hou o fonncilj occuiilo 1 by
. Kuijuliool i
VJVAV & WAI.KIIU. No. us Mflln stu-ft ,
> ' itnuli r Oli/oiiN II inki , ri-nl cstiitp iilia inpr-
clmmllc i.\c.mi w l > r. l r Our books nro full
ol < | iii'.nl ImiKiiln * . tmt It H liiii | > i > siblc < to pull-
Hill it ic'iubli' ' IM fioni tliu fmt til MI nmnj dully
I'luiiiircVluit wo k l < : If } otl until to vi-l |
ortimlc nn.Mlililt , ' In our line , wrllp IK mnlu
nlll fitil . \ on u pile of ImiviiliM to < cli-ut from.
Improved or uniinprou-il , dlj or tun n
| itoicily. | Mock * ni KOIXU of nnj kind In miy
pliifp. II such ) oil lituiMir suc-li jou mint li-t tu
lie irrrom joti. S mi , V Walker , I'ouiiull llliilli
\ VNTIJI ) Hood thl to do housunork ill (118 (
Ihuicrolt St.
\\'ANTii : ) Two iclinblo iiironl * for tlio
> t i : < inltiib1e Mutniil Ul'cillid r.iiilou incut Ol.
to work In loiincil lllnir * . A jiplj to Win. O.
Itiuulnll S.ipl. of Atrences , Orfdeu lloti < > o ,
IT'Oll ' UKNT-Viirt of 111 1'ciirl St. Hnlf of It In
J : oecupl ( d by iJU < M. (1. ( Jlcnton's dies *
nmkliiK t" < tiibllsliiioiit.
" 1POH Itr.NT A llnoly furnished front loom
JL1 > , - . JIM Mmsnoot. .
17AHM roil SAI.NAtn iiarirafiT ifpiTlinoon"
-L IIM iiercs " 't mlles soulhwc-l of Oiiinhii. 0
room house , oxc'olk'iit neil ixml elstoni. : ) burin ,
ono for elirht hor-o * . DUO lor I cows ; lion , tool
niiil naguuhoiiiui ; IUJ nous In tliuoili ) : iJj.oJO
lore l noes , cotton wood , black uiilnul , i\sh nnil
ninplui jrood oulnud , tipples ehoi r.oplum * .
Kiiipfs and small fruits. Nuvor fnlllnir slock
wiitcr. II. l' . omciii : , 500 lltoiulniiy , Council
lllutK lown. _
HOlWia : roil Jli.NT : At .McMnhoif &
No. 41'uail btleot
llniiiifncturcrsof iillsbcsof
Especially Dcslffiioil for Itiintilnir
Tubular and Locomotive Boilers.
New Mussillon Threshers.
Carey and Woodbury Ilore Powtn-s.
Portable and Traction Engines ,
Factory Massillon , 0. Branch IIou e
5JO Pearl St. , Council
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
Ourftock Is now complete In rvcry tlopiut
mont nntl contains all tliu latest si vies : uiilclloct3
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices.
BAMI'I/T.S liirnlshed ujion npjillcHlloii to down
town partlcfl ,
Carpel Compaoy
5 Jiroailivay.
E. R. Caclwell ,
Real Estate , Probate
So. 504 Broadway , : Council Bluffs
Ktlillillcned U ) .
kn.M'i'Acruiau AMI UBAI.I.U IN
No. 337 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
PAID UP CAPITAL , $20,000 $ , , AUTHORIZED CAPIIAL , $100,000.
Instruments ,
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy Goods.
We make the celebrated llanliiian I'lnno * , ami the Whitney oigaus , a specialty
Every instrument warranted. * Send for
MUKLLP.Il MUSIC CO , , Council UluITs.
. . .
llrlck li iillilltvfi of nny klml ml oil or mnx-cil nml satlst.ictlou puir.intco 1. Frnmo houses movoil
oiil.lttlcGlanttruckg-tlio best In tliu woild.
SOS EijjhUi Avenue and Eight li SI root , Council Ulnllg.
If you buy any where except at Metcalf
Bros , They are selling their Clothing at
Cost , and guarantee prices on hats , caps ,
underwear , hosiery , neckwear , silk hand
kerchiefs , trunks , bags , etc , , etc.
METCALF BEOS , , 344 Broadway , Council
Northwestern Hotel ,
Newly filled ( inil fin nlsliod. Opp. KmaiUvay
Dtiinnij Dt'iiut. SI.W ) per day.
SA.MUKL TA'l'K , 1'rop.
L. II. mitSHAUr ; , Slammer.
Chicago Lumber Co ,
Wliolcsiilu mnl Itutull l.uinliur , lUh ; , .Sliln 'lcs
Hnsli , Doois nnil Illltiili..yolo iiKUiils lor the
tululirutuil > ln i liloli ( Mil Concent nit oil Whllu
l.lnii ) . S. 1' , MACCUNNUI.I. , M
'rrloplioiiii No. ' - * .
No. 'il Miiin Stii'Ot , Council Illilirs.
Queensware & G-lass
At Homer's ,
.No. 2'J ' Main HI reef , Council Binds , Iu.
Council Illulla.
Wiiini looms and good board lit it'iisunublu
I'lactlci.'S In' mid I' Cotiits.
7 unit b , .Sinuait
Main SI , Council Hlntl's.
Near tlio ' . , H. AQ. ; t' . , M. k HI. J' . . nnil
0. , It. I , it 1 * . inlhuiv < li' | > ots .StU'i'l c.iih
. - , ! door. Kmj tiling nuw and
r and .M.ui.ii i < ; r.
T ' \
I ai on
HO. 7 and 9 MAIN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
J , L. Do BEYOISE , Agent.
No. COTIlioiKlvrftY. Council Hindu.
Railway Time Table.
'llio folloulni ; Is tliu tfinu ol nrilvnl and
tlcpmltiKiol liains by central Mimilmd tlnif , ut
tliu local ili'pots. 'i'r.UiM IC.UD liunsici'di'iioi tun
iiilinilchi'iuliur ami uirlvu ten inlniiiim Inlcr :
'J1A.M. : . , .Mini and IX | > ii' > H ( lMi : > , u.
lliMUr , M . . .Aiiommodiition. . . . iriUi > , u.u. .
CCiUi' : , M . Uxjiui-s . . . 'JiUiA. u.w. .
CHH..H1O * KOI K IM\.M > . w.M.
3:21 : A. M Aliillunil ; \ | > i t. . . .flini : . M.
7lriA. : M . Auuiiiiiinodatioii . liMli1. M.M. .
droi'.M . Uipii' h . 'Jctj : t , M.M. .
< ; HH\OO. MIIVAi'Kri : & vi M.v.
Ha : ) A. H . . . Mull nnil i\jnc-s : flVJi : > , v.
O-Ml'.M . Kvpll S UlU'iA. v.U. .
UHflA.M . Mull mid i\niiM : | . . . . tVi' : ) .
ti&Jl : > , N. . . . l.\llt".s . tiU3 ;
WAIIAhll.fil. I.IIIIIII& I' U I I'llJ.
2ir : > i' , M locnl hl.I.onls KXIIIIISS I.OIM ! . . . .
UIU : p , M.Truiihldrbt. lous | ! : . Ti : ) !
ICANHAH ( JDK li ( lirNCII , hl.HHS
10IUA.M ; Mall mid Jlvjuiiua , . fn./l l'
biou.v cnv v i-Acillc.
7ir : > A. . . .Sioux City Mail . MHOr M.
llUi'.M. : . . . hi. r.iul ivpi : ( , s . ; A M.
10:11.1 : A , n , . . . liiinvci ICxiimii . . 'I.IAP. .
: ! : ! . ] i' . M..l.liuoln I'ass.lni ( \ It. V. - ' u'i i > . M.
7Wl' : . M , . . uvi'iliinil Kirnn s . . .H&A.M. |
I.cavo liliuirt 7in : ' ) * u : : io .in
Jl.iXl u. in. ; l'iU ZfM , li'W 4.Ji ; .1 : n rti M
11:11 : 1 1. in. hiiniliijr , 7 05 u .1) II i ) it. in ;
: ji : i i.ii ! fi5 i < 'M ii.if > p. ni. l.oiuu Oniaiin
-U.ri ; T : T-bVl-IO00 ; ; I1 : < J H. JIK l.W : . ' .IJI- |
00-l-'i : . OJ ; tf1I.IU ; l . hiiinliiyn U .
S'Jll.ij ) u. 111. sUtOJ J.OJ i:0uUUi : : |
Chicago Water 69 ,
fil li : < VKUOUN STKKI2T.
J'imrr liirnlMicil from hydrant prcssme fo
ilnuiiir nil Kliiii-i nt limn imHimcry. ' ' \ { !
Hit ll'loilKl.lll tO l-lllllcll Oljfllll IjloWillK. > ' "
i mi ptlnt UK | iiei8 , eliopijcm , IKI CM' nil
lllC/Crn , | HllblllKllll KM ( ( UllWIIHU'llllH-i , < ( I- .
Tlio I cst ( licupi .t motor tiiudn. tvnd for cu-
inliir In HBO In Council Illulls by
l'iieo\b.hiii.dlniat inuiliet ,
( liidiKO Meal Mail.ct.
Iiixl/i'iidiirliii'h Ment MuiUet.
Mnllh \ Mi' ) cjr.
Knit/ HlcL.lp.
Atrt'iil IBluin hi . ( iiunollli UL'e , lent
lid llll 1 U1I1 Illl bt. , OimilU.