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J. Milton Hoffman of Lincoln Demands
Heavy Damages from the Bee.
The Gotcrnor'n Private Hccrrtnry
Tnkcs i\coptloii : to the Chnrfo of
UciDR n llorsrtlilc'f- Papers
Korvcd Yesterday.
Tlic HOP Knod CorlilhH.
Ll.NToi v , Neb. , Jan. 11. ( Special Tele
gram. ] Mr. JMwnid Ito'ovvator , cilitor of
the Ur.t. , nrilved liero this morning on ti
business 01 rant ! . 1/itu this afternoon ho was
turvcil with u summons to make answer tea
a milt bionsht by J. .Milton Hoffman , In
which the latter seeks to lecovei S-0,0000
damages for nn alleged 11 be I published In tliu
Ur.r. during the se'Mon of tlio lclshituiohi t
winter. 'I he article appo-uod timing the ex
citement attend mt upon the attcinlitotl rob-
bpiy ol the stale tip.isuij , nnil Intlin.iteil thai
Hoffman , the governor's pilvato secretary ,
might IIP in collusion \\Ilh thu gang , as hu
Imd once IIPPII uricsted for hoiso Moating.
AVliy the m lions \ deliycd until this late
bonds not known. .Mr. Uo ew itei lias been
in Lincoln u do/pn UIIKM tdnco thu alleged
libel vvua ( Hinted , always leglstcred
nt the leading hotels , and could
easily have been summoned to answer at any
time , eithoi then01 In Oinnha.
ImmcdlaVly after the papers were served
today , Mr. Koscw.tlci engaged M.ison V
Whculon ol this city tod"fond thn ease , tin 1
will press It to III il lit once , HP bays ho pub
lished the ai tide in good faith , vv Ithout inalico
toward Iloiriinin , nnd had good ipisnn Cot bu-
Hcvlng His chaigps UUP. About six weeks
ago Mr. lll.u'Umin , of the Union 1'acllie ,
c.vlk'd on .Ml. Kospvvatei at the 111 I. ollice in
Omaha ns the Hlresent.Utvoof | Mr. Hoffman ,
nnd sought l < > hi ing about in In ton lew be
tween tin in with H \ lew to elfert a reconcilia
tion and' ecnrc a statement to the public of
Mr. IIofinun'H side of the case. Mi. Uoo -
\vatcrthcnsadlio \ li.ul nothing against Mr.
Hoirmun ppi omilly and was iridy to meet
him , and that the columns of the l > u : weio
nt his sen Ire foi anj statement he de- < lied to
iiiakp. .Mi. Illarkbum was at tlitisimo tlmo
plainly told that Mi. Itnspw.iter had no ro-
tinctlon to make , and was given in conh-
deuce all the putienlars of thu ease. Mi.
Hoffman novel erne Im thu inh M leu , ami
the next hend lioiu him was through the
bummuiis to div ,
Thli ty-slx Moms in the Dilfts.
( iitVM ) 1st VM > , Jim. 11. ISpeilal. ] 'Ihe
Iastlii.rsiiil ] } : ( ( Jiatjd Hand passengei tialn
which lull Hastings ) ' 1 hinsd ly mottling , Jan-
uaij 7 , inn Into a snow dilft between Hast
ings nnd Hanson , vvheto ( hey lemalned until
Satnidiy morning bifoio the nei css.u y help
could he obtained to loleasu them fiom the
FIIOVV In vvhldi the ( lain was neaily bulled.
'Ihe supplv of baid coal foi the Uakei heatpts
In the coiclics inn out , and the pisscir.cis ;
anil ti.un eievv had totuko np theii qiwitois
In Ihe oiiiokln , ; car ami ba- age caiheio
liiosweiekcpl upby caiiyin. ; from the
engine. Thulaimetbln Iho vicinity ol the
BIIOW bound tialn looked allci the eomfoits
of the passengers and tialn men , so that they
finlTeicd not for good f.iic. ( Jeoigo Locke ,
the bi a cman , hail both leet badly lie en
\\blh ) shotcling snow Otbei lso the crew
! > nnd p iHscnscis miluil hero in Kood shape
4- after theli slcso in the snow.
Two ISiiulnoH DeiiiolKliciI.
OAKLAND , Neb. , Jan , 11. While twoen-
Kines , coupled togctlierlth : i caboo'-o at
tached , ueio coining fiom Sioux City with
JIKMI loassist In clearing the load between
jieioand Craig last e\enlns , on acnr\oone
mile noith of Oakland they stiuclc u brolten
rail and jumped the hack. Ikith engines
were ditched anil badly demolishoil. Sam.
Allenhicinan on thclnslcnulnf.vns thio\\n
headlong in the snow , the only man tnjmed
nnd not seriously. The llrst train hinco last
Wedne.s < ! aj rtiino into OaKlnnd this aftoi-
noon fiom SIonC'lty and ictiirned. The
road between hero and Omaha \\ill ho
cleatcd by tonionow nl ht.
Opening Up tlio St. .loo Itond.
OIIAMI JsiAM ) , Jan. 11. [ Special. ] A
Inrgd foicoof nu'ii loll hero jc lc'iday mom-
Inn \\llh a snow plow and two engines to
open up the St. Joe & ( ! rand Island lalhond ,
which has been blocked with MIO\\ drifts
since Jaiin.uv U. No tlnougb trains
have inlUI'd here Irom St. Joe for the past
wok and It Is hoped the present fouo out
will boon clciir the load.
Mr. Niiiiino SpoakH Out on the Slor-
iiiun tjueHtlon.
Nr.w YOIIK , Jan. 11. [ Special Telegram. ]
Jn an Inters low with the Tiibnno Wash
ington coue.sondcnt ] ) , Joseph Nlinmo , c\-
chlof of the bmc.uiof btutlitlfs , bjicaUlnu of
the KdinuinN bill , s.ijs : "I rcgaid that bill
us nttoily Inadcqnato to the exigencies of the
case. It is miilnly dhectcd to the euro of a
eochil c\il and fails to punldemeanstoi sup
pression of u much imno political
exll ; besides It renders tlio pic-sent In ongin
ous co\crnment more Invohed. Sections 21
and-i iiro\Ido lei a bert of double beaded
goNeriuueiit. Tnonty-lUo jears beloio our
foicfatlierscro culled upon to proclaim lib-
eilylhoy eradicated the evil of union bo-
t\\LCII church and btate , but foi the hist furtv
ycais theiuhas existed In Utah an tceleilas-
tlcal iiilo more 11 want than nnj thlnj ; Jc'lFoi-
BOHns called upon to consider. The icmu-
dy Is to plnco Utah under control ot a coin-
mission \\ltb leKlHlutho powers. There aio
abundant pieeedcnts for this. I icfertotho
cum of the noi thu est torrltoilcsnnd the ca es
of I.onlhianit , Floilda and Michigan. The
piCbldent recommended that expedient In
thocnso of Loulslanit und 1'lorlda for the
reason that tlio iieoplo \ > cio not prcpaied for
elt-go\i'niiiiciu. "
But Will Settle by Arbitration If Sat-
ufnctory ,
Naw YonKi Jnn , H. [ Special Telegram.J
The Tribune bays ; Tne olgar makers lm\o
about Hindu up their minds that manufac
turers \\lll not lorco matters byoideiln ; ; n
lockout until the Intcinatlonal Union lias
had a clmnco to Fay \ \ hether or not there U
toboabtilko. The fact that the etiikoln
Kaufman liios' . shop Is now four days old
and the nuuiufuctmoiK huvo as > etmndo no
aggressho sign leads to this conclusion. Tint
tenement house woikers alfocted by the now
tcale , eome 2,000 in number , Inu o made up
their minds toutiike against thu reduction of
pay , audit Is said n majority will slopwork
tonlay. Thu manufacturers ha\o Invited dU-
tatlslird ciuplojes to confer with them ut thu
Grand Union hotel this afternoon , and the
probability is that some deftulla conclusion
will be reached In regard to the matter at
George Friable Hoar for President
KKW YOBK , Jan 11. [ Special Tulegrain.J
f-Tlio 8un' WashlnKton correspondent
My * there w eomo milut Ulk auiOutf New
England men there about bringing out Ueo.
JfrlOdo llow a * a candidate for pntiilent iu
,6tss , upevUUIy since \arU' unfcrtuuatu
o te & if mlt ou Uie silver question.
llio Clearance Itccortl of 'I lilt tj Onc
r.cadliiK Cities.
HOSTO.V > tft i .Hn tl ' 1 ho follow injjta'tlp ,
compiled from spcolnl dlspitehoi to the 1'nH
from the leadini ; cleirin ? hoiw ? of "the
UnltcdStatei , chr the gross clearances for
the week piiilltiit , Iantiar > ! ' , lth percent-
atp ot increase and deeiea'o computed
with the coirespondln week of llrt :
Noil. Minneapolis , Denver , Omahi and
Cialvcstou not Included in totals.
The Visible St.itoniont ,
Cmrvdo , Januuy H. The following lift-
urps , takpn fiom HIP olllelal statpiiient of the
bo.ud ot tiado , to be posted on 'Chaiigo to-
inoiiow moining , hovv In bushels tlio
amount of giain In bight In the United Slates
and Canada on Satuiday , Janiuiy ' . ' , and the
amount of decieaso over thu piecccdlng
vv < ek :
Wheat. f.7,7SOno nT2G7l , )
Com 7,7s.nj , : Decioass IDs , MO
Oat- < ' „ ' , W.iJsrj Decieaso 'Jsfl.lIi'J
liyo , Decieaso S0,0ii ! :
liailey . 'JOIV.O'i Deeie.aso 173 , IJJ
The proimitlon ol the above contained in
Clileigouluvatuison thodito named was :
W heat . ] - -lfi07,7-
Corn . J.TO , < I1' >
Oats . 'J7'i.'J5
I.'yp . : 0,7l ( )
IJailey . 'JIVU
Jtrltlsli Tratlo Itovicvv.
LONDOV , Jan. 11. Tlio Mark Lane Kx-
press. in its ruview of the IJiltlsh giain tiado
foi the past week , bays : Kiiglibh vvheat has
been fieely olfeied. Tiado icpoits show Iho
hai vest vvasmiuh In excess of the estim lies ,
and that considerable nil intitlos ot old wheat
H'liilin in fatock. bales ot English wheat
dtiilngtlm week , ! ) ' ) , UOO quaiteiat i.'Oa'JOd ,
against 51'HO at , > Js 7d the eouesponding
iH'iiod last year. Countiv Mom li ia weikei
tendency. Poieign wlieat is stagnant. Five
c it ( TOPS ot vv he it ai rived tw o WPIO sold , ono
vvlthdi.ivvn , tlneu remained. At todnv's
maiket vvheat was nnlmpioved ; liom dull ;
coin steadj ; oatd , builoy and boms bleady ,
but Inactive. _
BITS OF Till ! UM//AlID.
rourvlctlmsot irce iiig to death are re
ported liom Texas.
Joseph Weir was do/oil btifT in bed al Joplin -
lin , Mo. , Satuid ly nigliU
Oalveston repoilseontiniious i.avv and cold
vveathei Huoiyliout Texas.
Mobile. Ala. , Is e\peilenclng tlio coldest
weathei In its history 13' above.
The St. Lavvienco is Hooding the city ol
Montieal nnd causing serious damage.
Sioux City lump : about the /eio point nil
day. Tlie Illinois is bttil blocked.
Chattanooga , Tumi , , ippjrts 7 ° below
/pro yesteiday. Cold genoial tliioiighoul
the stato.
All the raihoads entoiintj Kansas City
vveio moving ti.iins yesteiday without sc.i-
Ions delay.
Ton below at nooiM esterd ly at Marshall-
town , low a. Thoialaoadb are digging out
of thodiilts.
Advices from SI. Paul btato the vvoather is
modeialing tlnoiighout the noithvvest. No
damage will occui to winter wheat.
Intense cold prevails at JlaiUmotc. Ship
jiing Is retauled on ac'ount ot ice ( lowing
Into thu bay fiom ilveis emptying into it.
KAnotlur bc-vero snow htoim piovalls In
Kansas. SVestcin trains liom Kansas City
mo expected to buflcr detention again to
Prod I5oy dot Gaidy , Jaeob Kocnlngham
of ( iaiday , Kiinsot Voltaire , and a boy
named llaiuer troai Vollaiie , aio icpoili'd
tro/en to death at Wallace , Kansas. Several
otlici poisons aie inlbslng who aio ptobably
fiozeu. _
IndlcntloiiH 1'or To-Day.
Hissoir.i VA I.I.EV Pair , bliu'htly waimci
weather ; variable winds , gcnorally houlh-
erly ; tailing baromctei , and lollowed dining
Wednesday by local snows.
A Chilly Inaugural.
Coi.uvinus , Ohio , Jan. 11. The ccicmo-
nles inciilcnt to the inauguration of Cover-
noi-elect Porakcr took place to-day. The
boveio vvcatliei of vostciilay and last night
diminished the attendance of mllit.aiy and
political oig.inl/atlons. The Kjiccial tialn ,
beailng Ihu govotnoi'a ptity fiuiii Cincin
nati , was an hour late , which delayed thu
piogiammo , Theio vvcie. about .Y-'OJ ot mill-
i.iry anil m-'inbcis of clubs who pailhipated
In thu iiiocubblon and made a billliant dis
play. Thugoveinoi'.s nuty was met at thu
depot and oscoited to tliu state house , whoio
tlio inaiiginal iixercibe.s proper occtiiied In
thu lotnnda of thu uipitol. Uovemor Hoadly ,
In delivering the commission tnldsbuccossoi ,
gave oxprebslon lo his own personal good
will and congratulations.
A It ear End Crash.
Pn rsnuno , Jan , 11. About 8:00 : this
morning the West Newton accommodation
on the JJaltlmoro & Ohio ralhoad ran Into
tlio tear Of the MeKeesport accommodation ,
standing at Salt Works station , seven miles
cast of this city. The West Newton train
was going at a high rate of speed and the
engine crashed tliiouuh the smoker ot the
MoKeesport accommodation , tilling It with
steam. Foi innately thu passengers in the
smoking car weiu notified ot their danger
before the trains came together , and by
jumping fiom the cat escaped i-eilous injiiiy.
A numbei , however , were slightly cut and
Would Trnnch on Free Speech.
SAN FIIANCISCO , Jan. 11. The order in
troduced In tliu city council on Monday last
by SupcuUor Fimvell , piohlbltiug sand lot
ineetlngb , camn npfor dual action to night.
It was defeatid by' n vote of b to 4 on thu
ground It was in coiitiavonslon of thu con
stitution of the United States to trench oil
tlie rights of free speech.
- *
Ono Man of Eight Saved.
BAI.TIMOIIE , Jan. 11. U was learned to
day the schooner Crlsslo Wright , Captain
Clark , which sailed fiom Haltlmoro for Sa
vannah on Deccmbci Bo last , was lost at sen
off lieautort , N. O. , on Sunday. Only one
man of her crew of eight was saved. The
captain's body was recovered.
Ailiore Near Gape Lookout.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 11. The signal corps
station at Fort Macon , N. 0. , reports the
schooner Livonia Ttiouia * reported ashotu
on a rough point near 0 pe Lookout , lioats
have gone to gain particulars. It la reported
tume men aiu lost.
New Bill for Admission Eoportccl Prom the
Committee on Territories.
Pacts nnd Picnics Cited to Show Her
Jllplit to Statehood Double the
Itcqitlicd Nninhcfof Le nl
D.tkotn's CAUSO.
Jan. 11. ( Special Tole-
giam. ] bmiatoi Haiilson lenorted fiointhu
comtultteo on territories to day a now bill
piiivlding for HIP admission of the teultnrv
of Dakot i Into the union and for the organl *
/allon of HIP leirllorv of Noith Dakota. Ac-
compinyhm' Ihe bill isa lengthy icport pie-
paied by Seuatoi Hauison , who has madeu
close study ol the subject. The imln piopo-
sitlon of the bill , the lepoit states Is that the
pioepcdlius taken by the p-ojiloof tliat pait
of the iiicsent leiritoiy of Dakota lying
soulh of Ihe foils-sisth juiallel of noith lat-
Itmlo , wlilch lesiilted In the adoption of u
state constitution by n populai vole
on Novembei : i , iss'i , shall lu
nccpptcd and ratified by congioss nnd Iho
state of Dakota bo admitted to ( Mo union on
an equal footing with HIP othui slates
'Ihe history ot the movement foi statehood
Is H'citcd by Hie lepoit , showing tliat oveiy-
thlng had been conducted in oulci nnd with
piopiielv , going so ful us to icceiveiill the
authoilly Iho legishituio of that toiiitory
had , and its full legal sanction. Thciepoit
concludestliat the k'-jNatuie had authoilly
to authoii7c an election of delegates to n eon- coiivention , and calls attention lo
llio fact that Iowa , Mlchijaii und Oiegun
proceeded in n like maiimr. The olllclal
letuins of the elections selecting delegates to
tlio convention and lallfying the consti
tution accompany tins lepoit , Senator
Harilson bays that it is cleat
Hint an oveivvhelmingmajoiily of thu people
of South Dakota appiovo the constitution
and desliopiesenl admission inlo tlio union
of states mulct It. The constitution framed
by Dakota is Updated lo bo lepubllcan in
lorm and spiill , and gives lull recognition to
Hiobiipiumaey ot the constitution and laws
of the Unitol btates , establishes absolute 10-
llgloiis toloiation , tlnovvs about the lilo and
assets of the clti/.en a silcguaid of law , and
pioviuos In the most way lei a pu-
maiienlsyblem Df public schools. The uin-
btitutlon was flamed by HIP people who are
to live undei it in thu exeioiso of Iho Ameil-
can piinciplo ot po.mlar goveininent. It
meets theli wishes and , the icpoit believes
their wants.
"It is not IhcpiovincpoCcongiPss , ' ' states
Senatoi Hamsun in the icpoit , "to frame
constitutions for the now btales. In some
cases cougiess h.ib authoii/ed the piPshlent
to announce by proclamation the admission
of a state If ho found the constitution adopted
to bo lepubllcan in fonn and to contain cer
tain uitides ot compact stipulated in the
enabling act. In biich cases ot cotiiso , thu
slate constitution was nevei laid beioio con
giess. As eailv as Junuaiy , IbTl , a incmoilal
waa unanimously adopted by the teril-
toiy and letilblaliiio playing cougicss
to divide Dakota fiom the foity-slxth
lul , and to oru.uilro two tciritoilal govern
ments for the people , The political conven
tions ot both of the great political paitles
havu lepeatedly dcdaicd in favoi ol division ,
and some of them in laver of tlie admission
of tlie south half as a state. The newspapoi
piess ot the tenltoiy has voiy guneially
voiced the bamo desire. Demociats as we.ll
as icpublicans have taken pait In all ol
the movements ol the people lo which wo
havpioteiied. "
A compiehciisivo abstiact oC the
several tuatles of the United Status
by which cessions of teirltoiy have been
acqulieil ahd some tcirltoilos admitted to thu
union is given in the icpoit. showing the
legal light of Dakota foi admission into the
union. Then follows a long line of piece-
dents , fonnlng a foimldablo line of aigu-
mc'iit. The soiithoin demoeiats in the sen
ate who have so bitteily opposed thu division
of Dakota nnd ndmlsslon ot a half of It to
blatehuod aio lemlnded by the lepoit that
theii states weiu admilted in every instance
with less claims and In a less legal way than
Dakota has and it Is proposed she shall
come Into the union. The aigument , so f.u
as law nnd pieeedont are coneeined , is
veiy exhaustive. The opinions ol
piesldonts fiom Washington down
to late yeai- , bearing on the biibject of ad
mitting tetiltoiies to btatehood , sue quoted ,
all linnlbhlii ! ! the strongest piool in behalf
ot Dakota , Hiniy Clay , dining the coinsu
ot a icport made liom thu omiroiniso com-
mitteuot thliteen in iclation to the ndmls
slon ot Califoinia , said : "Theic are \aiIons
instances pilot lo the case of Callloinia ol
the admission of now states into the union
without any pievions authoil/.atlon by eon-
gie s , The solu condition icqulied by thu
United blatcs In icspcct to the udmlbslon ot
a new state Is that its constitution bhall bo
republican In foi in.
The tcriltoilcs which have been
admitted Into tlie union of states
dining the past decade or two , it Ib
observed , weiu admitted by n piellminaiy
action almost Identical with tliat alKMily
taken by Dakota. When Oicgon was ad
mitted into thu union , on Fcbruiuy U , IbS'J ,
theio was qnlto a piotracted debate In the
ho u so upon thu bill. The debate , howevci ,
tinned ehlelly upon the question ot popula
Hon. Theio bccmed to no no otlioi point at
Issue. It was conceded on both bides that
the possession ot a population equal to thu
latio of ropicbcntatlon In thohousuof icpie-
bontatives was all that could bu demanded
ot n terrltoiv applying lei admission.
Under tlio oidlnanco of 1767 only
00,000 Inhabitants could bo insisted
upon as a requisite foi the ad
mission of n state , and these who combatted
the piopusltlon to admit territories twenty or
thiityyeais ago simply Insisted that tticio
bhouldbe the unit of population , which was
'J.1-1 0 , to entltlo n teirltoiy to representation
In congiess. Now concessional lopiesonta-
tlon In the Htatu is based upon a lepiesunta-
tlvo lor uveiy 151,011 , inhabitants iiiidci the
census of IbW ) .
"Hut wo do not need to Insist upon that ,
hovvevei , In the case ot Dakota , " btates the
icport , lefeiiingtothe population. "Whero
a largei population has been Insisted upon in
iiiyumciit by tlie opponents of the ndmlsslon
of a new btatu , they have not gone fuither
than to claim that thu toirltoiy should have a
" a population equal to thu unit of representa-
"tion in the house ol repiesentatives. In fact ,
tluee states , Florida , Oiegon and Nevada ,
were admitted when their population was
less than the existing ratio of representation.
In the case of Kansas , congress in terms de
clared lu view of the contingency of the
question of the rejection of thu Lo Compton
constitution , that In that event the people of
bald territory are hereby authorised und em
powered to form for themselves a constitu
tion and state government by tha name of
the slate of Kansas , according to the federal
constitution , and may elect delegates lor
that purpose whenever , but not before
it la ascertained by a census duly and legally
taken , that a portion of sihl territory pqnals
or excels the latlo of representation roiulrcd
for a representative to congress ,
President Utichanaii Is quoted in tlio re-
poit as bavins aid , referring to the admis
sion of Kansas : "This excellent provision
which congiess applied to Kansas ought
to be extended and tendered applicable to nil
torrltorles which may hereafter bcok ndmls
slon Inlo the union. " When Oregon was
admitted she had a population of H.G30 ,
wlillo the existlnijiatloof representation was
In repaid to the population of Dakota the
rcpoitsajs : "U'cnre not left toconjecttno
or calculation of the population of south
Dakota. I'nder the provisions of section 22
of the act of Match .1,18711 , a census was taken
as of the date of Juno last , nnd Iho retnuis
thereof dulj cpitllied to the ecietaiy of the
Interior. In ie < ponsp ton no lest lor Information
mation , HIP ceietaiy of thu inleilor has ie-
plied with n tabular Btateuient showing thu
population , number of fauns manufacturing
establishments , etc. , In Dakota , ns the ( .ensii"
of Juno 1 last shows The population of
smith Dakota the p < 'ictary states was then
JffiU'V'j ' and that of not tli Dakota 1W.KU mak
ing : i total of 41VVM. 'Iho pic'sent basis of
icprcspiitatlon In the house of ippiosenla-
lives beinc r > l. ll , thatlortion of the tcril-
toiy pioposcu for admission vvotildbe entitled
to two eongipssioiml representatives. Nest
st itoever otiinl7eil fiom the public domain
had al the time of admission iinvllilng like
the piesent pouulatlon of south Dakota. "
Fiom statistics piu enled in Hie icpoit It
Is been tliat the pmposed stale of D ikotu
would bo thu eighth state In atea ; only ( . .ill-
fornla , Coloiado , Kansas , Minnesota , NPV.I-
da , Oipgon and Texas haviiiL' a larger aiea ,
vvhilo the teinloiy ol l.lniuln , whleh Is uo-
ntod out of the otliei S'oitlun ' "F Dakota ,
would bo oulv excelled in aiea by ono state ,
Nebiaska. The inopo'cd btalo vvouhl
bu more ( Inn twice ns laigu
as Indiana , ' . ' 0,000 sqnaio miles
largei than Illinois , ' .M.OOO squaie miles largei
than Arkansas S.OUO.sqiiaiu miles laigurthan
Wisconsin , and moip than two and a half than boulh Catolina.
ritoji nuvoNi ) TMI : SKA.
The Qnt-cii or Italy Cntri Down I For
Allow unco of StnivvhiM'i-lps' .
NKW YOIIK , Jan. 11 [ Special Telegram ]
The Sun's London cable bays : The Nevvb'
ootiespoiiUent at Itoino says that he h ts been
Informed by high couit ofllclals of a ctiiloiis
domestip sceiiu at Iho Quliiiial palace. Kim ;
Huiubeitwasiccciitly taken with an econom
ical lit , hav ing became alarmed nt the enoiiu-
ous expenses of the loyal household. Kvl-
dencesoflho mo-it extiavagant luuiy vvoiu
found on all sides Tlie King was paitlcu-
huly shocked nt discovoiim ; that Ills consoit-
Queeii Maighetlta , insisted on having a heap
ing plate ot btiawbenles cvoiy day in the
je.u , although the fi nit can only bo obtained
in winter at cxoibitant cost. The king
stoimodat the queen and she letoited by
chaiglng him with many-neediest acts of cx-
tiav.u.'anee. At length the queen offcicd to
eompiomise by eating stravvbciiies two days
only Inepchvvcck if Iho king would eider
hlscasl oirelothing to bo Fold hoiealtor , in
bload of becoming the i > erquistes | ot his lack
eys The king agiccd'to tills and also
ordeicd that not moiuthan 7 fintios per bottle
tle shall be heieafter be paid foi champagne ,
which Is the usual dilnka | , the loyal table.
National Contiol of Liquor Tr.-ifllc. , Jan. 11. The ciupcioi hashlgncd
the bpirits bill and submitted it to thu liun-
desioth. The bill propo es to compensate
tlioso depilvid of a livelihood thiough its
operation on the basis of two cars mote to
eaeli poison ten years in the trade , the tiallic
to be contiolled by a monopoly of thu minis-
tiy , which will appoint agents to do whole-
bale vending of lehned spiilts , Hie ledeial
states toappoint ictailors. liestatnanteuis by
special lavot will bo allowed lo boll bpints
obtained liom the monopoly without le aid
to the piocess enacted by the state retaileis.
Possession ol iiraiintvveln by pilvato pet-
sons , abovoa speciiied minimum , will be a
penal otlense , al-o the iuioil.itiuii ] ) ot law 01
lelincd spiiits. Communes will bu empow
ered to add 60 per | cent to Hi'1 umnomdv
belliuu pn > e. 'I'hc bill , if p isscd , wilt go into
opeiation in August , IbbS.
Germany Gets Onto Kiunou.
LOMJOX , Jan. 11. Intilligoncu h is been
leceived hoio that ( ! eimany has bcl/ed tlio
Island of Samoa In the Pacific ocean. 'J he
king and his elileta wcro insulted and linally
lied. A toi c-of maiines vveio landed fiom
tlio Gci man warship Albitioss. 'IliuCei-
man consul then hauled down thu Sainoi
Hag and uin up ( ii.'iman colois in its hte.ul.
ThoSomoaiis Uneaten to make wai on the
( ieiiiiuis. The American and Hiltlsh con
suls piotost against the i.etion lot the ( ier-
nians. _
Cutting Down Ihe ArnilcR.
LOMION , Jan. 11. The Telegraph bays the
povveis havu demanded tliat tlieecu , Seivia
ami Bulgaila ( Icmoboll/e their nimles The
Times.savs Kngland also inojioses that Tin-
kev hhall alsodcmobnli/ahei army.
'Ihu Spanish government has lofused to
giant Jnghiud : a toaling station on one ol
tliu Caiolmo Islands.
AVII1 Continue thu
DUIII.IX , Jan. 11. The Painelllto conlpr-
OIKU to day icsolvcd to continuo with tin mi-
altci.iblo detuimliiation their stiugglu to
secmuthu riglitbof lieland. Coiisideiatlon
ol the leading qucsllous u' anliiij ; Iiisli
allalrswns poitiiouod until the tutival ol
Mi. Painoll.
_ _ _
A Iiiokon
I.oxitov , Jan. 11. The Jeiscy bank has
biisnended. ' 1'hu liabilities aio said not to bo
heavy , as the bank was lepoiled as doing
only a small bust ness.
The Htnerciild Sululde.
KANSAS On \ , Mo , Jan. 11. Thoioisqnllo
a general disposition hcie to take the view
that Jaidinu'b death was accidental and not
buleldal. llu had been fur boiuu time ad
dicted to the chloroform habit.
Si , Louis , Jan. 11. Funeral bervlces vveio
held thib evening at Trinity chinch over the
remains of Hpiuy Jardine , who .suicided
yesteiday , and the body wnu then conveyed
to thu deput and placed on 4 train lor Kaiibas
TKtaccat.u'ii NOTKS.
Kejmits of cattle losseiflii Colorado by the
bll//aid aiu claimed to bu gieatly u.xaggui-
ated. _ _ _
Thu bclioonei Doreil * Kabn , of Uicenpoit ,
Conn. , Is missing. It Is supposed bhu was
lost In the stoim Flicay ) night.
( iladstono held a motion at Carleton u last evening. All Uio liberal leaduis
vvero conspicuous by tUulr absence.
Three hundred Chlnamcii were discharged
froindllfcient manufactoiics In .Saciamento
yesterday. Whltu men will taku their places.
Allen O. Thurman was yc.-tciday nomi
nated by the dumocratlo caucus as tfiph can
didate for United Stales senator from Ohio.
A. M. Digelow & Co. , wholesale leather
dealers. Boston , railed yesterday lei 5200,000.
The collapsu druw with It tlie turn of J , A. &
U. F. Koberts. Their liabilities are unknown.
Honner'0 Caid.
Great , Krotit i eduction in all kinds ol
Household { roods during holiday. Full
lines of Furniture , Crockery , UawjMig
Lumps , Sloven and. Holiday 1'renentn.
Everybody inviletl. A'o cards , .
1316 Douglas St. JAMKS HONNKH.
Great clearing salu of line clothing
commences December Jth at Kls'tittor'a '
niainmonth clothiii'j house , 10011-arium
street , corner Tenth.
1 ILituu / ul lllu lUJalll/iVL I ILi
Hungrj-Monthcd Oandidatos A\vaitiug the
Parcelling Process.
And Those \Vlio An\louslj Aspltc to
These linnoftant Positions Tlie
Iowa IiOKlslntittc Coit\cues-
Other Ilnnkojo Nows.
ln < ; Out or the Drift * .
Una MOIM : , Iowa , Jan. 11. [ Special. ]
The snow blockido ptomlsed at onetime
time to bo n "blircjor man" than the
Beneial assembly , and many members
found theiiisehes lodged In snow binks
In dlfloient parts of the stato. For this
icason thej ham been \erj b.ukwaid in
comlinjfotwaid. Thocaiididates foi the \.ul-
ons ulllces In the cirt of the le lsl itnro ha\o
come to the fiont ready lo iiabe\erj member
ns ho landed. It seems as 1C theioweroan
unusually lar o number oCeandldates for the
minor positions , and thej aio nuking lltn
miserable1 forcveii prominent man nbout the
eapltol. It Is possible- that In soif-piotectlon
thule lslatuio ma > > et bu obliged to pass
ohil service iiik-s to ieinlato the stale ollk-e- ' ,
In oidei losavo themselves fiojn being talked
to death. T.veiy man with any possible
inlluence , is bcslo od bj a cio\vd of e\i > eet-
ants , and In most cases woithj ollice seekere.
Many of tlio candidates for miuoi
positions , such ns engiossliiK eleilc , post
mistress , papei toldeis , aio ladles , and theli
pleas are haul ID leslst. borne ol them aio
dausiliteisot men killed or cilpplcd In the
war , otheis ol men who once hehl high posi
tions In tlio state but have been icduced to
jo\eit ) > and thoii chlldien compelled to e.un
thc.r own Hunt , ' . Theio aio inanj pitiful
tales ponied into the eats t oveiy s.vmpa-
thetlo Ihtenci , nnd It the niembciseoiild enl >
vote tor all thoj would geneiallj bo glad to
do so. Ono blight little fellow who wants
to be a page in the sunnlo , wiltcs to ono of
thebenatoisaskiii hlsholp , and concluding ,
"Jtemembei that m.v latliei Is dead and mj
niothei is pool. " It will bo pieltj haul lo
lorget tlio touching eloqnoneo of that appeal ,
and oveijbodj will liopo tliat the little 1-
\eu old whoso tathei Is do id and who lias to
he ! ] ) bis niothei will succeed.
The contest over Iho speakeiship is lather
w.uiii , with half a do/en candidates though
most ot them aio simply "s ii ing" for good
comndtteeshlps , hoping to develop enough
stiengtli lei the foimer imsltion to bo en
titled to good places in the lattei. Kepio-
scntativo U'e.ivu , ot llaidln conntj , boems
to have the lead and will piobably bo elected
speaker. KvCongiesbinan Thompson , ot
Cedar Ifapids , is a loimldaule opponent , and
Ciptain Ujtibun , of Kianklln connij , also is
pushing him closely. 'J ho held will bo di
vided between IJntlei ol 1'age , fatoii of
Ad.ui , Ljon ot Giithiie , and Head ol Ciieene.
'llioieisa voij spliiled contest ovei the
state piinteiship. Finaieiall ; > ills the best
ollico in the stale , pajiut : aei > nice income ,
and usually is given toi tlnee teims at lu.i'-t.
The piesent inciiuilent , Clcoigo K. Kolieit-- ,
of Koit Dodge , has had Iho ollico two terms
and is a candidate lei ic election. His
fi lends claim that helms on the Hist billet
enoilgll mumlicra to-cloU.
His pilncipal oponcnt ] ) is Mr. Uagsdalo ol
the I.oMnrs Sentinel. Ho Is picking up sticnglh he can as a gcneifil opiosilion ]
candidate , gutting the disgruntled mombeis
ot the pail ) as an anti-ling 01 antl-bometlnng
candidate. Ho w III get left.
Mi. Chailu } Jniikin ot the rairlicld Ledger
is also u candidate , and Is malting maiij
fiicnds. He is picpaiing tlie way lei two
jcais hence , and would lathci see Jlobcils
lo-olei'tej than have Ua sdalc or any othei
now man get the position.
Capt. Wilkinson , iinblishei of tlio Gland
Army Advocate , and a prominent mem
bei of the U. A. J { . , will piobably be
elected secretaiv ol the senate , while theio Is
u movement setting In to put back Sidney
Kostei ot Maisiialltown in his old place as
eblol cleikof the house , although he has so
I.u reliiRed to bo a candidate.
'J he sudden hi caking down of Judge Leon-
: nd Smllli , who was taken to the insane
hospital at Mt. Pleasant a few days ago , is a
pecnllaily sad case. Ho has been ono ot the
stioiiKost hiw\eis in the city , nnd twenty
jcats ago was one of the leadois of the bai in
this pint of Iowa. Hovvasa gical fiiciul ol
Kasson , and through the latter obtained an
appointment us jiibtko ot Iho .supiemo
couit ot Dakota. But Cleveland icmoved
him a few weeks ago , not foi
"offensive pai ( Kinship , " as in so
many ca es , but on t lumped up ehaigi-s ol
taking oxeessho fees , physical lncaptcit >
foi the vvoiIf , etc. , ch.uges which , though ut
terly giumuilebs , hint Smith's bensltho
initmo veij keenly , and the stiain ol the
lieavj woik theie , and tills el ailn and mor-
tihc.itlon to Ills leelliia'b cuiseil his mind to
give way , and he came b , c > to Dos Molnuj n
lew days ago In n shatlci condition.
Mr. Kasson , bj the wa > , ls expictcd hero
fiom Washington in a lew dnjs. It isre-
poitcd that bib vvoikon "Diplomaci" will
bliortl > bo issued , llohasbeni piej-ailng It
with gieateaio , having had aocess to the olli-
eiul aic-liives of Ureat Uiitian and othei
KiiiopcancountilPb. It Is understood tli it
it vv Id give special attention to the diplomatic
matichlstoij ol this countilnilni ) . : the wai ,
and all who know iowa'b auompllshcd
dijiloinal will inleistand that u will bo a
linished and authuiitivo woik.
'llioattlvo woik ot the city and countj
olllclals In closing Ihe saloons indicates that
tills will bo a dry Uglblatiiii' ,
The Fjejlhatiir ! < > OOIIVCIIOH.
] ) Ks MOINI b , Iowa , Jan. 11. [ Special Tel-
erain. ] Tlio twpntj-nibt assemblj
of louaconvenud ato'eloek to-daj. Tlio
recent BIIOVV blockade has del.ijud many
members , botliat but tbiitj-four out of liliy
senators ipspouded to the toll call , and but
bovcnty out of 100 mombeis of the linu e ,
The senate was blngulaily destitute of
proper pcibons to call It to oidei , MeiiteiiiiuL
( ioveinorMannlni ; having iPiuoved trom the
htatc some months ago , nnd the last presi
dent pro tern ot tlio bcnato having aUo left
Ibo state. The last bi-cietary had been
elected sccietiuy of state , two assistants had
been elected to other positions , so there was
not ono ot the oid oIllecrH on hand. Accord
ingly , Donnan , of Jiiichanan county , called
the senate to older and nominated Senator
Whaley of Untler , benlor membci ot th leKif > -
latnie , for tempoiaiy piesldent ,
Dr. Hntchlns , formerly HEsistant
bccretary , was elected scciclary pro tern.
'Iho roll call showed lltteon abiPiitccs , most
of them detained by the snow blockade.
Without attempting to perfoim more than
temporaiy organisation thoseimte theiefore
adjorned till 10 o'clock Tuesday morning.
In the houbelWcslo ) Itedhead , .senior mem-
bur from this ( Polk ) oimnty , called to order ,
and Kopiesentatlvi ! Mitchell , of JeJitrson
county , w as elected speaker pro tctn. 'J he
foi inrV chief clerk , bediioy Foster , of Mar-
phatliown , was elected temporary clerk.
The roll call showed thiity absentees , about
equally divided between republicans and
democrats. Otto t temporary olllier.s vvem
eelectpd , and adjournment taken till 10
o'clock to-morrow.
Itepubllcan caucuses to iiomlnHte for the
various lecislntiveposltlonR will lo held to
morrow aftei thpip tnhr spsslonsof thp sen-
all1 and hnn-e. The chief Intersto to-night Is
felt in the peaketshlp. Itepicsentatlvo
Woavei Is clenilj In the lead , Ids friends
olalmlii ! ; t till tU v otts for him. Hepic enta-
the llcail Is pcond , claiming thlily vote- .
Stoiv'sstreiiKth will probnbh go to Head and
llutler' < i toices toeaver. . If this is done
Weaver will bo phvted without dinicnlty.
( Jovernor I/innbpe and wife ai rived this
morning , and have tal en looms for the win-
tei at the Kitkwool. lie Im se'eoted ' Prof.
llossfehlt , of I'avelte countj , as his pilvato
Tltnu t > > the I'oiploc'k.
, Iowa , Jan. -Special [ ] 'Ihe
piohlbltlontsts have taken time b ) the loicj
lock and called a state convention , to meet
In thisell.v on tho'Jlst hist. I'lils convention
w 111 detei mine what Is ncwssaij to make the
prohlbltotv law muioulUvilvo , and biing all
jiosslble iiiihieni'cB to beat to Induce tlio le ts-
laluio to adopt Ihcli suggestion * . A stioin ;
license lobb > will also bo at woik , nnd what
the lesnlt ma.v bo Is liatd to conjecture. It
will depend n gieat deal on the position
tiken b.v Iho leading pail.v oican1 * . ' 1 lie eltj
authoiltles have tinned OVPI a HIM leaf In DIP
past few dajs , and aio i.ildlin ; tlio siloons on
evciv hand. A laigo quantity ot contraband
goods has been condemned , and the end is
not jet. _
Yestoidiij'H AVorkln Nominal IOIIH nnd
ConllrinallonM ,
WASIIINOIOV , Jan. 11. The piesident to
day ent the following numlnations of post-
masteis to the senate : 'I' . A. Cailisle nt Mis-
souil Valley , Iowa ; Tiank D. Tnuls , llold-
icdge , Neb. ; llenn O. ( Joodrieh , Jeiseyville ,
Ilk ; ChailesT. llaskell. Viin'inia , 111 , ; l-.A. -
Tioiisduli' , Mehopolls Citj , 111. ; J. S. It.
biovltle , MoiilM , 111.
The senate to dij inexoeuthe session eon-
hrnud the following nominations : Hen.
! ' Jones of lAiushnia , to bo collectoi ot
eiiitoms at Now Uile.uis ; Alfied I' . J.dgn-
ton ol 1'oit U'.ivne , Ind. , Win , L. Tienliolm
of Chaileston , b. C. , and Doimaii It. Katon
of New Voik , to bo civil bonlcocommls-
Tin1 pusident has wlthdiawn the nomlim-
tiouolni.II.McAidle ol Mississippi , lo
bo ( ousiil al ban Juan del Noite , ho having
declined the appointment.
\ ( ttriii D KOI : ins ni prune \MSM.
In the exeeullvo session ol the senate to-
div , when the nomination ol Doiman H.
Laton came up , bonatot l.o an MI ido a iiolnt
that ho ( Katun ) was a " .nngwiimp , " and that
the spint ol the civil --eiviee I iw leipiiied
thai 0110 ol the eoiiimlssloneis be a lepubli-
caii. benatois J vaits. Hoai , nnd ono 01
two otheis vouched lei his lepnblleinlsm ,
Jlieie me said to hive IKOII loin loon votes
cast against baton's coninmation , one-halt
ol wlncli vveio bj lepiiblkaiis.
yV n.Mii ) : > mi MI. vseii : : .
The housoiommllteeon Iciiiloiles to-d.ij
took up the honato bill to legiilizo tlie elec
tion ot the legislatuio ot Wjoiu-
iiiw' , and aiiieuded it bv stiikltn ; out the pro-
vbiiin a.ithoii/in the legislatuio to anjioi-
tion the teiiitotj intoconneil and lepicsen-
tativodisinets and inseitin a chuiM' consti
tuting the novel noi , veciet.uj ol tlio temtoij
and the jnesident ol tlie council a bo ml ol ap-
poitlniimont. 'lliej aio dnectcd lo meet
in bcptembei next and K'.ippoil'on the iiiem-
bcisoi thu council and hou o ol lepiesent.i-
tivcson a biiisot the voting pojudation.
'llic measiiiesas amended will bo lepoiled
to the lioii o when the committee is allowed
lo icpoit. In the couit ol claims to ilaj
judgment was lendcud in fa
vor ot John M. Langston in
his Milt against the goveinnipiit to ieeo\er
the ilineiuiioo betvvepii his salary as minister
to Hajti , as" " < i\e > rbyiRSv5'itlfrt > flWnmount
paid him tinder the iippiopilutions b > con-
giess. Tha amount claimed In Ibis case
wiis57flo" , and judgment was givoii foi the
lull amount.
Theippoitot thecommittio on tenilotoiles
: ieiumj > iii.thu . bill lei admission ol tlio state
ol Dakota into the L'nion and the oigani/a-
tlon ot the tcnitoiy of Lincoln , was icpoitcd
by Senator Hainson todiy. It cov < rs moro
than one bundled p iges ot maniisciipt In ad
dition to its voluminous minted appendices.
It sijb the main piopobiifon of the bill is Hint
the pioiceding taken bv
part ot the pit sent terntoiyof Dakota lying
nouth ol the toitv-sixth paiallcl ol noilli l.ill-
itiule.whicbiesiilted In the adoption ot a con
stitution by a populai vote on the 'lit day ot
Nov. , l s/i , bliall be incepted and ratified by
eongle'ss and thoslatii ol Dakota be admitted
into the Union on equal tooting with the lest
ot the states. 'Iho icpoit gives thoblstoiy ol
Iho movement for tlie oig.ini/atlon ot the
now state , foi the pass.i o ol the act ol the
teiiitonal Itvilslntnio aiithoil/lng the Sioux
Kalis convention to the picsent time.
It has not been claimed , the icport savs ,
that tills act ot the leAislatuio a neces-
baiy preliminary to iioldlng a constitutional
convention , and It it woio admitted tliat it
hail no legal loico vvhaleveiand the piooeed-
Ings which lollowed aio to bo tu.ited as
pmcly pojml.u , still it g.ivo the people the
macliineiy necvss.ny for the expiessinn ol
the iiojuilai will in an oiderly and ello'tivo
way. The conventions which liaimd the
constitutions ol Iowa. Michigan , Florida ,
Oregon , and peilups otliei bt.Ues , the icioit ]
says , vveio held inidoi acts of the tenitoilal
legislature. The journal ol tlio pioceedlngs
ol the convention Is alluded to as giving ovi-
deiuo ot n high de uo ol Intollirienco , public
spirit and mdusli > . The submission of the
constitution , In accoidancc with the oidl-
n.tuco ol thu convention , to avoto ol tht > elec
tors Isdiv.cilbcd , losiilting in the adoption of
( ho constitution bv a majoritv ot l.b. < U lo i > 01 ,
making it cleat , In tlie opinion ot the bcnato
committee , that an ovci whelming majoilty
ol Iho people olsouth Dakota appiovo the
( onstlliitliin and desho the present admibslon
Into the union ol slate's undei U.
ClliSb ; OIIA.Ml'IONS.
A ContPst I5 j/nn / Tor the World's
Ni.w YOIIK , Jan. 11. A chpss match foi
the championship ot thowoild began today
at No. to Fillh avPime. Chailei J , ISuek of
Now Ol leans is lel'eiec and holdei of dm
54,000 hl.ikes , and Thorn is Fioyio a < ted as
iimphu lot Hen Williclm Steinitol Now
Voik , wlulo Adolpli Wohlu acted toi Di.
Xulcplloit , the Huu.'ailui , Tnu attend-
iinio was uiiexpeetedly huge.
Moves weio duplicated on a gigantic boml
and watched with utmost easiness. A
special coile of Miles to govern thu contist
luts been diawn up und hlgned by Iho < on-
leataiit.s. It provides that tliu malilies hlmll
be di elded by ollhei play or vvlnnliiirlliu games
duwgaiiiPs not to LID counted , 'JJiu contest
Is to bu divided into loin gallics
to bo playtd in Nuw Yoik , all
tobuvvon by ono playei , thieo Kamos : in
St. Louis , and thicu pimis In New Oilcans.
Thiity moves must bu madu dining the in it
two liuinsot eiichgamo undlllleen move.san
bom thcrcatiui. Tin in games a week are lo
bo played vvitli Intel v.ds ot one day between
' .icli Kami' .
Doth ( untestants appealed in excellent
condition , and at 'i o'clock thlt > ailMiioon
tossid up a coin to decide who .should have thu
tlibt move. It was won by Di. Xnkoftoit ,
who clioso thu white pieces , and opened pj.vy
by moving a pawn to tliu queen's1 louith.
' 1 his Is known as HIP ' nuccn'n gambit , " but it
wai declined by Heir StclulU , who icspomj-
oil with a pawn to thu qiucn'h ilouith. 'lliu
houis fur pliy having been Jived
at liom S to 0 in the tifternoon ,
and b to 12 at night. and
an i ) o'clock had aiilvcd when Di , Xukblloit
had made lilbtiility-Jiiil move , play u as sus
pended 101 buppei , thu situation at that mo
ment being decidedly lavoiablu to Hen
'Ihe evening cami' was , as ctpetted , in
' ' ' "
favoi ot Hen
A Out In Itatcs.
NKW VoiiK.Jan. 11. AH a teult of the
cut of 60 In vvost bDiind pat > - > t'ngn latcs ,
niadn by the Daltlmoio A Ohio mad , its
ticket offices In thl * city havi < bum riowded
all thu morning. ' 1 la ellect ol thn iPdiiction
upon tlie business ot othir tiunk lines had
not a-s yet been made fully ajipaient.
Mujic ut vvholcsalu price at
Measures Iiitrodured in tlio House by Town
onic-o Auk-
Ing Aullioiltv lo Iho
Mlssuiu I CJoneial
Injiton NIMVI.
15IIN liv Invvn ?
\V \ \ iti\iiov. Jnn II. [ Special Telo-
giam.l Uepiisenlotlvp Conger of town In-
tiodmed In tliuhou-e lodiv u bill lo amend
an act cntil o I "an ait Im HIP establishment
or a bill can of animal Industiv. to pi event
tlippNpoitatlon of ( list ised cuttle , and \iro- \
v Ide mi ans foi the blip ) i.ssion and cxllipa-
lion of pluno piuiimoniii nnd other conta-
ploiis iliM a-- ( -i iiinoiiK domestic animals ap
proved May ' , li lv > l. " AIM ) , bills fin the tu-
lie ! of Mis. II. 1 ! , liehkopf , and ineieasliiK
the pensions ol suldieis nnd sallois who have
lost the healing of both ens- .
Other Iowa membcis Introduced bills as
follow * :
Hj Mr. Mnrphj 1'ot the icllef of C. 11.
Stllmll , Wiley M. Jones , 'lho < . Tagan.
ity Mt , llemieisi n I'loMilIni ; that all pen
sions whiih mnyhavo been 01 may heicifter
Wo gi nn ted by sppelal aet of congiess shall bo
placed upon Iho same looting in eveiyro-
spool as pensions nndet the geneial law , o\-
cent In such eases wheip congiess shall ! !
the late , commencemenl and dilution oC
such penslonp. Also , u bill lot Iho icllof oC
Maiy Ilnlcom.
Uy Mi. rullir-1'oi the relief of llliam lj.
Wait and lleniy S.
Uy Mr. Holmes lipieallng the llmllntlon
of arie.usoC pensions and dellnlng the pay-
inenl ol the same.
My Mr. Weavei I'oi the lellef ol Samuel
Hanson , James C. Hogan and Cap ) . S. C ,
Claw lord.
lly Mi. Sliublo-Poi the lellef of James If.
JJaeon , JoM'ph I ! . Itenjamin , W. W. Nonls
anil blduoy blieiwood.
Tin : niiii.i : > or
] I appeals that thedcmociats aic no morcln
favoi of elvll seivlco lefoim vvlien ItalTects
membeis ot their ownp.uty than v\hcn It
atleclsthe lepublloans. ljulto a number ot
demoeiats who held positions in the dep.ul-
nieiits hoie undei leputiliean inlo have been
dismissed. Undei the of the
house of lepipseiitalives Iho gieat bulk oC
employes li.ivi been tinned out although they
weioall demopiats. Them is HIP H.UIIP gieed
toi otllco w lieu it comes nt the eojt of demo-
( rats , as when II Is piid hi by lepubllcans
Keaicely adcimuiat has been lelaliud under
the leer ani/allon ot the house. The men
bccm to think that the othccis ought to lotalo
and tint new men should be put into the
olhcps as of Ion as possible. Ol all the thiity-
live page boys In the house only ( hreo 01 four ,
10 a halt do/en havu been id. lined.
roMiiti SSIONAL 01 ru i : IIUOM.II uir.
" 1 shall vote lei Hint ( imposition , " said i\
lepiosentalive1 to join coiie--poiileiil ( to day ,
handing him a < iiculai tiom a civ II sci vice as
sociation asking liim to suppoit n bill maUiiiK
it a penal ollenco foi a niembei ol congicss
to solicit aiipointments in the ( Vdctal .scivlec.
" 1 think that bill bliould pass , " continued
the iiicmboi , "and 1 luvu no doubt LiuLthat
it will. "
"i'es , * ' suggested Iho coiiesjiondent.
"membeis of congiess .UP geneially in laver
of unloading theli vv oik , and of coiuso the
ehil seivice law will be amended as you sii ;
gest. "
"It is not bpceiallv to unload mj duties as
a congressman that 1 would vote for this bill ,
but lo break up Is being indicted
tilon ) the count i y. This thing of national
law-makeis liylng their hinds1 foi the pur
pose ol seoui in , ; positions foi tnclr con
stituents tends lo impede legislation and
make bad laws. It hns eomo lo piss that a
cabinet otlloer through the dlstiibutlon of hl.s
palionagecaii defeat almost any tiling before
congress , and bccuio tlio pissagool iilmost
anything. " ca
' 10 nittnni : 1111 : tun Munttv.
Soiiiiloi Snoouor today inliodiiced a bll
aiithori/ing the constimtloii and nialnle-
ninco of n biidgc by the Dakota Contiul
Hallway company acioss the Missomi river
at PIOIIP , Dakota , and als-oto lay on and over
thubildgoa , ami aiilhoil/lng
Initliei that the compiny may constiiiet and
maintain ways foi winons , c.uil.igis and
foot pissengeis , chaining. ind iciclvlng Midi
leasonnble tolls Ilieioloi as may be appioved
Irom time to time by the botretaiy ot war.
The biidgo must bo built so as lo not Inter-
fcio with navigation. It Is soifnith that an
agieement with the .Sioux Indians was ob
tained on June 12 , ISM ) , by which thn right
foi use lei lallioad nnd tiaiihpoitation pur
poses ot one Hcetlon ol land on the western
iiaiik of the Misfcouil at 01 ne-ii Foil Picric ,
in consldciatlon ot 'j'i ' pr-i nuo , was secured ,
and the bll conhims the liansai lion and belt
asldo the land which h is been beleeted lo the
i all way company.
vuiimrr III.D TM K I > II.AY.
Senator Allison In the .senate , and Repre
sentative K. \ \ ' . Diinhain In the house , to
day Intiodiiced bills alike in cliaiacler , pro-
Iioslngto amend the statutes lelatlui to the
iinmcill.ite liaiispoi tatlon of dutlablo goods ,
MI that meichandlsc , pa'-sciigcin and baggagu
ai liv Ing fiom foiplgn coiinlilesnuiy bo tiaus-
polled to Inland points by i.iiho.ids and ex-
juess ( ompanles Vi Ithout iho red tupo nnd
dchiv whli h the laws now Impose. ' 1 ho proposed - .
posed legislation Is In the intoiestof ulljieo *
] ilo iivsiiy fitim the heaboaid , und docs not in-
tcili 10 vvitli tlio ilghlboi Intel osts of seaboard.
.Scnaloi U il on ot Jovva , to duy Inliodncrd
a bill < lliectlng the secictary of the lieasury
to pay Leslie ! , hda jostmastor nt
Iticlimond , low u , J > H. ' , ( lie amount loiw.udcd
liy him to tlio designated dcposltoiy. In pay-
incut ol a balancu duo thu United .States top
the thlid qiiailci ot tlmyear IKS. : , nnd which
being inclosed In a reglsteied letter wan
stolen liom the nulls vvhllo In toiii&o oil
tianslt ,
Itotnins lo tlio
Pun Aiiri.rniA , Jan. 11Tho Blmre <
'lohlciH ' of the Phlladolplila \ . Id ailing mill
load company held tholi annual meeting
lieiutoday. The imctlng was icniaikublo
lor the lustoiatlon of ( ix-l'iesldcnt i'liinklli )
1) ) . downii , who two yeaibagoietliedfiom Iltj
management. The dowun ticket was the
only ono voted on , William W. Jl.ukneHa
and William H. J I ink ness , who vveio choscri
brcietuiy unit tieasuici , aio In ('s In-
Iciest , and suciccd mi n vvliohavf been In the
service of thu eomuany many ycais. ' '
Yon can buy iurnitnnt cheaper of A
L Fitch & Co , , I'Jlh st , bet. and.
Douglas1 , tliun any other placoin tliu city ,
Kvery peison will bo ublo to vvcavKI-
gutter's hnu clothing. A bpcdal icduo-
lion until December i.'oth. 1001 IViuum
bticut , coiner Tunth.
When you bnv fiiinilmo bn Hiiro TOI )
get puces ut lfowc , Kcir k Maibhall's.
Ihuy luiy fiom thu best inaiuifaetureiaj
andIjii.ii.uiteo lo mal ; the veiy lowusf
plie'es Opposite rtilconer's , Dou Jujj i f