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Thieving Sharlcs that Prey on the Public
Domain the Gramblers.
Tlio VlRlit on Commissioner Sparks
Number of Honso Hills Gen.
Crook to Kctiini Ills Command
Malm In Hrccdlng Stiots.
The Tmiul Orntjhpr's rnciny.
WAsni.vnro.v , Jan. 10.-.Special [ Tel
egram , ] Ltnd Commissioner Sparks says
llial thrio h abs ilutcly no opposition to thu
suspension of Ihe Issuance of land pitonls In
the prescribed atea from honest sotllcrs. The
honest scltlci is on his homestead , and no ono
can take It away fiom him. lie can transfer
It afler he lias made pioof of Ihc fulfillment
of the conditions piu cribed by law. Ho can
moitga < ; o it If ho deshcs. 'thousands of
claims lave descended from lathei to son
without n patent ever having been obtained.
Thousands havu died on claims without ever
having applied for one. Thousands will not
apply for them , because they nny thus escape
local taxes. Thu ofllce is In lecclpt of bushels
ot lutteis fiom setllers and not ono has , so
far , been iPeeived complaining of injustice ,
allhuugh soiiiu have boon iccehcd wliich ,
upon investigation , have been proved lo
emana'.cl'iom a turn ol land shall ; lawyeis In
this elty.
To show how a fraudulent entry of public
lands Injures "honoit bclllcrV' It Is only
nccessaiy to lead some of the lelteis received
by ( Sen. Sparks. Unu woman wiltes to film
saying lliat .she Ihanics lilm lei his effort lo
oust tliu speculators fiom fiaudulcnt home
stead claims She Males that It is live miles
from hei c ibln to that uf her ncaicst neigh
bor , and yet within a ladlus uf live lulled
which cnveis-lOJ quaitpr sections of ICO acres
raeh , theio is not ono subject to entry , livery
homestead Is pie-empted by some spcculatoi
who Is holding it tu sell to some ' 'hunest set-
l.ei" at " > , 510 or SJ'J pui acic. I'.veiy entry
of llio-fOOisfiaudulent. "Iflho'-e fiaudulent
claims could he letnrned to the public do
main , and ncvei allowed tube taken from
it , except by an honest scttlei , " says the
wilter , "l&vvonid not have to live in this
lonely way. I would have somu nelghboia to
help and sympathl/o with me In our hard
sjruggle fin a home. Theie would bu a school
and a chinch and a sloic. "
Thl' ' Is not a solitaiy ease. It is one of
limits oils. Mi. llolmtn to'd ( iun. Spaiks
that he had driven tlihty miles at a .sticlch In
Dakota O\PI line land without seeing a single
hou n 01 human being , and yet upon inquhy
ho was Infoimed tint eveiy auo ol it was
"taken up" undei various homestead , tlmbci
cnltniuand inp-cmpllon laws.
Ccn. Spaiks did in the land olllce whit It
became necesiary lo do in the pension ofllic ,
vlhe : stopped tliu macticc of making case- ,
"special" at the bolicltition ol inlliienllal
men. Iledcteiinlne.l that evciyiasu should
take Us tmn , and ono little ordci ut that
kind bioku up thu gicat linns ol lawyers
soliciting pensions. The oidci in the land
ofileelms dlsoiganUcd and tlncalens lo de
stroy the business of turns heio who have
innda Iiom $10,000 lo 5'0,000 pei vc.u In ob
taining pUent-s foi syndicates otlandgiab-
beis. 'llio howl of the pension thieves piovcd
the dcstiucllon of Pension Coiiiin'siioiiei
Bcnlluy , hut his successor ncvei had the
courage , even if he had the duhe , lo letuin
to tlio old sy.stcm. No man will evci hive
the coinage to ret inn to.lhe old system In the
land olllce.
The "honest sctflci" will not be Injuied by
tlie determination ol Ihc commissioner lo
take eases up in their tmn. The pilnclpal
Intelcsts affected by the nillngs of the com-
mlssloncraiutho > u of Iho tallioad com
panies , but this fact Is not as piominciit as it
ought to be. The lailiu.ul companies and
thulr at toi nu\s in tills city , who aio men ot
gicat ability and unlimited icsonicc" , seeing
that Commissioner Spiiks' action relative to
individual settleis on public lands ovei n
wide extent of tenitory is extiemely unpopu
lar , liavo taken up the cause of the disgrun
tled setUers , and are pushing the opposition
against 1dm In tlie picss and in congress with
all their muht.
vv in tti : i itr. MASS OK nn.i.s ao.
r Knnuxh bills have already been Introduced
In the house ofiepiesentatives to keep that
body haul at woik until the do days of
August. Yet only about ono fouitli of tlio
bills that will bo Intioiiuced have been pic-
Edited. Dniiiirf the lliat fifty years ol con
gress tf , 777 bills vvue inlioduced in the house.
In the 1'oity-clglith congiess there weio S.cW ) .
The piescnt congiess piomises tobumoio
prollllu than last. Aheaily ! ! .000 bills have
been piesentcd. The great nu s ut these go
to two commlttcps ono on w,11 claims and
the other on claims. Thefoimci has chaigo
of all claims that giew out ofthowaisln
which llm United Stales bus been engaged ,
and the lattei of all the other claims. As It
Is nt present conicss pays voiy little atlon-
tlon to Ihem , and nut one In a hundred Is
cnnsldeicd. Legitimate claimants havu no
redress , but tchc'iucisaio ' moio liable to faio
It has been fipqueiitly suzgested that con
giess bo iclloved of the wink uf coiisldciing
thcsu claims , and that they bo lefericd ton
couit of claims. Springei , who Is nt tliu
head of thu committee on claims , sii goatcd
to the committee ycstculay thai n bill bo pie
sentcd to the house cieallng a com t of claims
in which claimants hcioattcr could go foi
relief Instead of bringing their claims to the
attention of congress. JleKcnna , who Is a
member ot thu committee , also bpoko In
nvor of this plan , and It is likely such a bill
will bo presented at an early date.
Gon. Sheridan has succeeded , by Ids stout
defense of lien. Ciook , In seeming his leten-
tion for the picsent in command of the de
partment of ArUona. It was Gen. Shcildan
who had ( 'rook made a brigadier-general
years ago through Ids Influence ) with ( Jon.
Urant , and ho stands by him In spite of all
opposition or ciiticUm , but If the. Indian out
rages continue In Ailronn for another month
It is said that Crook w 111 hav o to go In epltu
of the lieutenant-general , and Gen , Miles
will piobably boglven a clmneo to see what
ho can accomplish there , Shetldan dislikes
Miles as much as ho likes Ciook , and natu
rally the president does not Ilko togosijimiely
against his judgment.
To day's Herald of this city says : Itepro
tentatlvo Hepburn of Iowa , savs that several
winters residence In Washington has thoi-
ouglily convinced him thai the unhealthy
Dlacus here are the saloons. Ho Bays ho be
lieved voty few people who leave the saloons
alonu gut the malaria to any considerable ex
tent , He says that when ho arrives heio lie
Is usually fc'ellng very badly from having his
stomach upset by the rough roads 1m pusses
over In coming here , but after a few days lie
begins to Teel lint rate and enjoy s the climate
Very much.
"I heard a rather quaint , and It struck mo
tn accurate , description of the committee on
coinage weights and measuies , " said Repre
sentative Itandall to a reporter last evening.
"One f the members of the committee per-
petraieo' the JoVp , declaring Iho committee as
at present constituted was a silver head with
a gold tall , Or It mlcht he reversed and des
ignated a geld tall and sliver head. I'.lthcr
way suits the ca e. It seems to be the gen
eral impression on the democratic side of the
chamber that the present committee will rec
ommend legislation against silver , no matter
what the views of Iho chairman may be , "
Titr sr.\Ti's : vvoitu.
The spnale has atrevly accomplished n
gieat deal In the way of lohhliou. Upsides
a number ot important mMS'ire ' * , It has
pissed the succession bill and the Morrion
b II , 'j ho next Important bill that comes up
for consideration willlw lion's hill estab
lish a uniform sy clem of b inkruptcv thioagh-
out the United States. It stands third on the
calendar and will probibly bu i cached this
rnvnitr.sstoN u. Kom.cvsf.
WAsimnros , Jan. 10. [ 1'reis.J In the
house of ipinesenlatlve.3 lo morrow the lir t
business will be theic' nlarcillof s ( UPS fur
the Introduction of bills. A < > the pa-it week
has been prmcpally devoted to ihis business ,
and thu nipiiibms have lor the most nut te-
llovcd Iheh desks from thu bills wlilch had
accumulated. It is not likely tint tu-moi low's
call will consume much time. The next busi
ness is HIP call of rommitle s lor lepotts ; but ,
in view uf tlieh 'veiy iccent appointment ,
theio is lltllu expected of tlipra liming the
next few diys. 'Iho piesldentlal sue-
lusslon bill may , however , bo
ippoilod lo Ihu house fiom HIP committee on
that subject by Tuesday 01 Wednesday. In
this event , the discussion will piobably con
sume thu icmaindci ol llio week , as many
iiieiiibeis have already expiesscd to the
speakei their deslu- bo tuco 'Hired to ape ik
upon the subject. ' 1 he committee on coinage ,
weight * and measures will not organi/o until
Iho middle of the week , and ns this commit
tee is supposed tu DC about uvenly divided on
the siivui iptcstiun , It Is nut thought that any
incasino iplating lo thu coinage of silver ,
eltliei In the line of suspension or of tree
coinage , urof a comiiromisubjtwcru the rad
ically opposite views , will ho bionght hefoie
the hunse until thucummlllee sh ill h-iveeaie-
Inllv consldpred all thu various piopositlons.
The jndtcinl salaiv bill lomains the un-
nnlsheil business in the sen ite. Thn electoral
count bill and tnnkiuptcy bill aru to be
brought un for ciiisldei.itfun If an nppor-
tunlty Is found , and the Diknta bill may bo
piesspd towatd the end ot llio week It the
printing of Iheaccommnying icpoit is then
completed. Under oulluaiy plreunislanccs
any tinuol tlicsu mcaanes would fuinlsh ma-
lull d lei a week's debate , b it as the subjects
weio all very fully discussed dining tlie last
congiess , comlne debates may hu somewhat
shmtcncdand several speeches un the silver
question await an opportunity for dcllvciy ,
and benator MaiulerMin has given noticu
that he will addioss the senate tu-moiruw
upon thu hill to piomot * tlio infantry blanch
oftlioaimv. The executive eilendai is un-
dcistuod to have only about fifty nomi
nations upon U , and tlieso com-
pilso not moio than OIIP or tvvn over
which a contusl is deemed piobiblc , but il is
undeistood that a consideiablc number of
nominations Imvu been acted upon tavoiably
by the committees , and aio leady tu be 10-
joi ted baek as soon as oppnitunity Is
alfouled , Senaluisexpic s thu wisli tu begin
active work upon the nomlii itions as soon as
possible , and il is probable lint much ot the
week will be devoted tu this duty.
A Conference of Irishmen In Chlcnj ; "
on January 20.
CittrAoo , Jan. 10. [ Special Tulczram. ]
A juintntpc'llng uf thu 1'atncll commltluc
and Ihc council of thu Itish Na
tional league was held last evening ; , John V.
rinncity jn eliding. Timothy Ciean ex
plained the objectof the incellng.
as Cuntial Mnsle had been icntedfoi Janmiy
SO , nnd us thu national convention had baun
postponed , it was pioposed to aiiangu foi a
demonstration foi that dale. It was decided
that thu demonstialmn should bu ol national
charactei , enibiacingaconfeiencc dining the
afternoon and unturtainmunt In tliu
uve.iing , A committcu was ap
pointed to aiiange a piogiammc
foi tlio o'-ctsion. It was voted to invite the
follow IIIK gpiitlpinun to deliver addicssps on
that date : Ituv. Charles O'Ueilly , national
Ucasiuur ; 1'aliiek Hgan of Nubiasku , piesl-
dent league ; Hon. M. V. Cannon ,
D.uenpoit , Iowa ; Col. M. lioland , Nuw
Vuik ; Hon. .1. G. Donnelly , Mtlwau\eo ; John
P. Suttun , Quebec : Hon. J. F. Aiiustrnng ,
Geoighi : Hon. James W. Kit/geiald , Cincin
nati. lluv. Mi. O'llullly will bu Ihe piinci-
pal bpuakci. Iho otheis will be limited to
IHtcon minutes each. Tliu lest of the pio-
giammu will consisl uf iccltations , ninslcaiul
singing. The committcu appointed will huld
a moetlng Monday cvcMilng.
The AVnr of Kntos Hctvvceii tlie K. & O.
anil I'umisylv unfit.
Xnvv YOIIK , Jan. 10. The HaUimeio.t
Olilu lalhoid announces lliat , commencing
to-moiiow , througli tickets will bo sold from
Now Yoik to all wi'stem points at rates less
than the fates leeently adopted by tliu other
trunk lines. 'J'he leason assigned by the
Ilaltimoic ,1 Ohio Is that the fares fiom 15al-
Uimno and WashiiiRton weio put by the
1'minsyhaiila laiho.ul compiiu .S itnulay. imoiii : . Jan. 10 'I lieI'onnsy Iva'ila
lallioad on 1'ilday put into ellPt ! a new
sdiedulo ol nassengei iate < , u'duelng Iho
piico ol tlckels Iiom lt.iltlmou > and Wasliln -
iontuall points west lo a level with the
lialtlmoiu > v. Ohio's cut iatp , which wuie on
a basis ul tl'l In Chicago 'lo moiruw the
ISaltiinnuuv , Ohio will unnonneu n cut fiom
.New Voik , which will eminll/o with llio i.ilo
Iiom here. 'I hu IVniisylvanla will he unable
lo meet till * cut without violating the lei nif ,
uf tliu tinnk llnu puolln ; aiiangimcnt.
lialtimoiu > V Ohio pissengeis will be obliged
to como tiom castein jioluts UVPI
thn I'eniisvlvanla railway , but tickelsaie tu
bu placed on r-alo In Xevv Yotk ami plsewheio
at sntllclently luwei figuipslo make tliem at-
tiaellvp to tiavi lets , and Ihu cut will bu mado.
Iiom this point , as tlie Daltlmoic.V Ohio will
have to pay ugiilai i.ite-i Iiom No.v Voik ,
The Ilalllniuiu A Ohio anuuiimes Its dctei-
mlimtlun to pn < ii the liu-ht tualnst the tinnk
line pool , and hope tu heuh'u ' by its courbu tu
comiiel ipco-'nltlon by its tivab of Its clilms
fur dilletuntial rates.
The Detroit ( Jhniuli Trouhles.
Di.inon , Jan. ' . ) . K.itliui Kukisliiski , llio
dcpuiPd 1'oll-ili Cathullu pile- , ! , has with thu
assistance uf lilsattointiy pi cpaicd an appeal
tu thu ecclesiastical aulhoilty at Koine. It
bets Until thu cliaut's madn agahisl ICulas-
ItihKl and dunlin IliPlr tiutlilulliipss. It pie-
bents allldav its tu show lliat thu accusations
aie ttilM ) and thuiesiilt of a lonsphacy 01-
tu wink thu oveitlnuw ul 1'ather
Kulaslnskl by chaigcn biippoiteil by falsu uvl-
' ' " - ' " " '
oj ) to snijienil thu talhurduiln , ; an investiga
tion , but claims Unit hu violated canon lawt >
In deposing him pcimanontly without Mich
tilal. The document will at unco bo fui-
waulcd to Itumu and a speedy disposal uf it
is iiniy ed for.
A Peculiar 1'ot.tnlliuG A flair.
Lorisviu.r , Ky. , Jan. P. Vesteuiay
United Stales .Marshal raulknei and Deputy
Vest aiilvcd in tliu city with J. 0. Teuton ,
postmaster at High drove , Xelton county ,
who was held as a pilsoncr tor ictusingto
give up thu olllco to A , D , Mc-
Cormaclr , vvhu luesidcnt Cleveland
appointed us his successor two
weekbago. When thu parties were brought
he foi o tliu United Stales cummlssluner , 1 on
ion announced that the case had been com
promised , and ho was willing to uivo up the
otllee. 'Ihu case was accordingly dlaiuUsed.
The ulfalrwus peculiar.
I'luguc AIIIOUK Stouk.
BI.OOMIXQTON , III , Jan. 0. A fatal dis
ease has made its appearance among the
milch cows In many of the counties In cen
tral Illinois , which ia attributed to the eating
of mouldy and rotten corn , which farmers
left in their fields. The anlnmU worst at
tacked are tel/ed with dizziness and fall
dow n , many of them dv Ing. A disease simi
lar to thu epl/ootlu has broken out among the
horses , a number hav ing died from that dln-
How Evarts Was Transformed Into an An < i-
Ooimgo Advocate.
niTorts to 1'Incc Sttijnr and Salt on
tlie Free Ijlst CoiiKrcssmoii AVor-
rlcil hy Pension Anpllcnnts
The Hi\er.s nnd Harbors.
Senatop Kxarts' Clnnso orIlnd.
WAsittxfiTov , Jan. 10. , Si c'al. ] 1'co-
) ilo me al a loss hctc to know whctlict Sena
tor Kvarts , of Now Voik , will speak on the
sll\cr cpicsllon. It was announced n foil-
n' ' htngo thit he w mid speak to'acontln-
tinn * o ot cJlnage. Members of the Now
Yoik boatd of liado Immeai tte'y ot togethei
and dettr.ninc-d to ) utestacainsUMr. Hearts'
proposed actions. The > wcic opposed tea
continuance of slher coinage , and did not
want his Influence tliiown to the contiaiy.
The result was that within thice or four davs
Senatot Kvails was flooded with letleis and
( ilcaMins piotesthu against his bpeaking
for blher coinage. Jitters came by llio
bushel. It was frightful. The boauls of
tiado tluonghout New York put their friends
attet the senator , nnd it Is estimated Hint
they w tote thousands of Ictleis e\cij day.
I'inalli he lied to New Yoi k nnd Instiuctcd
his clerk not to forward to him any mall.
Then tlio atinounc'iuent was made thai Sen
ator JUarlb would not speak on the subject
of slhet coinage. It is not known hero
whether this Is true.
Senator 1'vaits wasdtawn into a committal
to speak foi coinage by peculiar tactics. A
prominentsll\crstate senatoi , lemembeiing
thai Mr. llvaits , when ho was a member ot
thu slim committee > cai.s ago , had made a
\cry stioni : speech in favor of sll' er , hnnlcd
upthodocumcnls , rcau It o\cr , and then
went to the famous New Yotk lawjer and
told him he would like lo have him make a
speech in f.ivoi of slltcr coinage , lenuiklng
that if Ins would do as well ashe did some j cats
ago he would bo very much pleased , as ho had
just lead the spcecii , audit was a magnlllccnt
aignmenl. Atler bomo diplomacy on llio
pirtot the wcstem bcnatot , Mr. K\aits : , in a
lit of good humor , bald that he would make a
speech ; that If lie could not do any bettci ho
would ie\loc his old speech and delhei thai.
Then It was announced that Senatoiarts ] ]
would speak on slher colm e , and thus was
hu pushed Into it.
post vt , TKLion.\ri UUMAMIEU.
Senaloi Kdmnnds is quoted as saying lliat
thetc is little doubt about t'ae go\cinment
controlling a complete bstem ol telegraph
lines within \eiy tow jeiis ; that ho be-
lle\eslnspiopoiitinn to establish postal tele-
giaphy has grown in popnlauly , the juitness
ot It and the constitutional authoilty being
moie clear as it is looked into , benatoi I'd-
niunds docs not consider tint the establish
ment of a sjstem of cheap tclegiaph commu
nication lot llio people at this time a imne-
anj faithci in ud\.ince ol gcneial imple
ments than olliei advantages the people pos
sess In mail facilities , compatt'd to those of
thht } jcats ago. lie wondei- , why we have
not ah only eitablished postal lelegiaphy.
The people can undcistand souu'thing of the
advant.igcs pioi > oscd bv tliel lmunds billon
this subject when they are Informed that lor
fifteen 01 twentj cms they can send by tele
graph twentj wouls in the day 01 night time ,
and hive it piomptly dcliveied at any
joint in tiie United States not
ovei .r)03 miles distant , and for longer dis
tances pionoitionntely lowiatcs ; that theio
will he no Mich thing asihal hues minimi
to get these low latcs ; that the fanner In the
l.u west can get just as low lales al his iillle
raihoad sl.itlon as the banker in populous
New Knglaiul. This is wlieiotho ad
vantage will como in. Undei the picscnt
bjslem a man in New Voik pajs less tor a
messigo lo Chicago or St. Louis 01 Kansas
City than the man In the countty , whJio
theie is no opposition tele iaph line , pa > s lor
ame-sigo M-nt but ten miles distant. The itlon ol chaiges piopo-ed b , > the gov
ernment lines ii wliit the common people
feel a& much as tl'c icductlon ol chaiges. 11:11 : or DI i v.
A stienuonsciloitwlil lo made dining Ibis
sebiion ot congie s lo have .su ai and sail
placed on tlio lieu IKt. A heady bills anne
a number ol llicm havobcc'ii iniioduccd on
llils subject. Tlio common people in botli
pjillc'ii modem Hiding this. Tliey aio putl-
tloniug congic'-- ) and selling foith that these
ni tides aio In ton gcneial nso by poor people ,
and the pioductlon In thiscountiesi ] < dally
ul stigai , too fat below the consumption lo
wanant fiuther customs dues. It Is Mid
that the leison A brain S. Hewitt of Ne\v
Voik so much dc < iicd his old | ) lacoontho
house committee on way j and nic.ins was to
work toi jut hiich inopoiitlons as lice
sugar , salt , Inmbei , coal , etc. , and that ho is
to become the champion of what is lieio
known as "populai taiill icioini" meaning
an eii'auement of the fieo list by specific
bills , which will place at tides one at a turn )
on the fteo list and not try to icvlso Iho
whole fault llil al one lime.
mi'on i rsA 11. i-i.ssiONi.ns.
"It t iKis jiistalmutono-hall ot my llino , "
said Itcpicsenlatlve Onlhwallo of Ohio to
da > , "ouNldo of cnngiess to look afler pen
sion mattus lor mj constituents.
numbers heie , too , who gho nji mine than
halt ot thch llniu to pension mattcis for con
stituents Wo blmplj hceomu jiension uttoi-
nejb , withoul any addltlunal pay , of couis-c.
The work In FOIIIO lesjiects is very pciple.c-
Ing. We h.uo to go to the pension olllic , call
thu cases up , and in many instances lookom
the papcis to see what Is needed to make the
cases complete. The coitcspondence is very
bulky. Then , oftentimes , after a congiuss-
man has done all within his pnwei to get a
e.e-e through and it falls , tlio claimant thinks
the congiCbbinan has not dona fahly
by him or the claim would have
been allowed. Too much sticss Is put upon the
pu'Mimcd Influoncu ut a congiessnian in pen-
bion matters. Many supposu thai a case need
not bo vuiy complete it a congiessinan will
only demand its allowance. That Isaml-
lakc. 'Ihoadvantage , and thu only luhau-
lago a coiigiessinan can have in the matter ,
ib to gut a case taken up sooner than It might
otheiwlsebd cnnaldeied. lint thotases miiat
bo just as pcifcct as If a congiessman had
nothing tu do with them beloie they aio
allowed. A congiessman could not get an
impel feet case through , and should not If ho
could. All skould bo tieatcd alike , and I
bollevo Ihey me. Congu'ssmen are always
glad when they get a pension lor a con
stituent , and they are disappointed when
they encounter falluie. "
"It is my Impression , " tald a Pacific slope
senator to-day , "that there will be a very
liberal ri > er and hurboi bill passed by this
oongrcas. The work begun In many localities
four years ago was suspended eighteen or
twenty months since on account of there
being no appropriation bill passed by the last
congress , and It will not only be necessary to
appropriate enough to bring up the work to
where it shoutU have been , but a good deal
has been lost by a suspension of the impiov-
ments ; that is , the work begun once and
allowed to remain idle a couple of years
retrogrades so rapidly that in mnni Instances
half of the work and money expended Is
thrown away. "
Di ArrotNTnn ,
As usual , a great deal of dissatisfaction Is
shown In the organisation ottho house com
mittees. The time that tins Intervened since
they were announced has only served to In
flame the troubled fecllnps of disappointed
members. It Is always UIQ case that the men
who Imagine they should have prominent
positions and do not cet them ate mad. Un
der Speaker Kclfcr , In the roity-scvenlh con-
KICIS , a lot of members in both parlies
"pouted" for w ceks and w ceks after the com
mittees wcicannounced. Take it all in all ,
however , the committees were invariably as
stromr as could have been undo. Speaker
Caillslo , however , has not given that falls-
faction that he did twoycars ago.
Legislators Asacmulln ; ; for the town
Htatc Congress.
DnsMoiM.s , Iowa , Jan. 10. [ Special Tel-
esram.J The day has brought Httlo change
In the legislative sltnalton. Attain came
through fiom Hie noilh late last night , bilng-
Inc ; s-evcial belated members , amons them
tlio three candidates for speaker Weaver ,
Benson and Thompson. The last named has
not made \eiyactlvorauvass foi the posi
tion. bill is the choice of nnny men in his
own , the lifth , congressional district. Some
of the fiiends of Captain Iteald ol Jefferson
aie tty ing to push him as an anti-monopolist
candidate , claiming that Weaver Is a lall-
tend man , bat not much Ishcingmade In this
line. Weav cr Is still holding the lead. Story
of Adalr county Is developing more stienglh
for speaker than was anticipated , nnd as a
icprcsentallvo ot the younger clement Is
being pushed vlgoiously. There Is just about
n ( inoi urn of tlie leglslatmo hero lo-nlght , and
inanymoio nic expected in the morning ,
Accoidlng to law the general assembly w 111
convene lo moiiow at noon , and effect a tem
porary organi/allon. If most of Iho mem
bers ate hcio by that time , Ihc party caucuses
for nominating olllccrs will bo held in tlio
afternoon. ( , o\ciiun Larrabce has not yet
arrived , but is expected at any Iiom.
Thawing ; Out.
LIXCOI.X , Neb. , Jan. 10. [ Special Tcle-
gram.l The Burlington tucks west of heio
vv cio denied to day , andtiMn No. 1 , which
airivcd fiom Omaha about 1:20 : , was stalled
wcatw.ud ot 7 o'clock. This Is the first train
dispatched fiom Lincoln tow aid Denver
since Sunday of last week , with tlio excep
tion of one Wednesday , which was compelled
toiolurn. The first train from tlio Iho west ,
No. ! . ' . of Mend iy last , which has been laid
up at Harvaid is expected at this wiillngi"/ )
p. m. ) lo reach Lincoln al midnight. Theio
has been no tialn east this afternoon , and
theie will be none until No. 2 gets here. Tlio is open but the olliei Uui-
lington system loads , as well as the Union
1'acilic , ate still closed. T'H ' ; snow plows aie
atwoik and the blockade will ptobably be ef
fectually lalscd to moriow. Lincoln has
been praclieally shut oft fiom communication
with the outside- win Id for a week , and her
peonlo aio looking anxiously toi llio lime
when ti.ilns will run on schedule time , and
the JJii : : come to h ind regulaily.
Three VIutiiiiH ol' the Bli/ziml.
Dis MOIM > , Iowa , Jan. in. [ Special
Telegram. ] Several caes of dcatli from
freeIng dining Iho recent stoim have been
William Cook , a fanner , 5o yeais ot age ,
was found fio/cn slid near Orlmes , a few
miles from this clly. He had been to DCS
Molncs , and icturniiiK in the stoini Thurs
day night , lost ills way and diovo into a
pond. He and both hoiscs were found dead.
He was but foity mils from a house and ten
lods lioni a Iwystiek when oveicome by
cold , but in tlie blinding storm could not sco
llenii Tpil , a Icamsler In Creston , was
ovcicomu by cold Kiiday night while de
livering coal and died yesteiday.
John Shipley was fio7cn to death in
lliuisday's stoim near Gravity , Tayloi
county. His team i.m away , tin owing him
into the snow , and hu was unable to find his
w ay. _
The Complaint of Xo Avail.
SIDMY : , Neb , Jan. 10. [ Special Tulc-
giain.J The following letter has been ic
celvcd fiom 1 { . C Drum , adjutant geneial
United Slates ai my :
Hnvi > o.rtitiuis or run Auvtv , Ann-
TAM ( iiM.nvi's Orrif r , WSIIIN . ION ,
Dec. 'JO. I'-Si-.I. W. Nonvi.u , , LAttui ( | - Law bldnc } , Nib : In icjly ) toynni
comniunic ition ot the bth ot Oclohci jasl ,
setting foith the cnmpliint of Ihe s.iloon-
kci'peisol .Sidney , Neb. , asalnst a saloon es
tablished by the o ilk eis at Koi t Sidney , 1 am
diluted by thu > > ecietaiy of warlointoim
yon that the nntlci has neon thoionnhlv in-
visligalcd ; th it tin1 sale of llglit vviius , ale
and bcei at uimy posls is not in violalionof
outers issued iiom llio war dopiitment , and
thatcoiiseiiueiitly tlieie is no impiojiiiety in
tlio manner of conducting tlio amusement
loom at I'oi t .Sidney.
lam , hli , icspCLtlully , your obedient ser
vant , It. C. Dii M ,
'Must 1'fiy Her Itihann Tn\ .
Lixroi.v , Neb , , Jan , 1) ) . [ Special Telu-
giam.J The suiiiemo ( ouit to day giantcd a
wilt ol m mdiimus In the case oC tlie state ex
icl Attoiney ( 'eiieial Lcesa vs. Iho commis
sioner of Douglas county , ouleiing the com-
missioneis to luvy a tax to
pay the S-O.OfX ) claimed by the
Mate for keeping insane paupers fiom
Douglas county. Thu couil holds Hut the
law Is constitutional , nnd all ( axes uiidci it
must bo lev led. The Issinnce of Iho wilt is
withheld In order to allow an nmlcablo ai-
langumcnt loba made foi giadual payment
Coal Chutes Consigned ,
HIM.I : : I'I.AI.M : Iowa , Jrn.'io. [ Special. ]
The Noithweatern coal chutes binned yes
teiday moinlng. They were built new last
summer. They contained 600 Ions ot coal
and 700 loided flat cais , The loss Is vatlously
estimated nt fiom S10.00J it ? 20,000. A tialn
of empty carr. standing alongside llio chutes
j aitially binned.
NOUTII PiATrn , Neb. , Jan. 10. [ Special
Telegram. ] Jciemlah Donovan , n fanner
rcaldlng fonrtucn miles south of this 1 1 ice ,
sunendc'iid himself to Hie ghciin ycsteu'ay
afternoon , saving ho had phot ono of his
neighbor ? , Krnest Smith , with bn kiliot ,
Donovan claimed that thu shooting was dune
In self-defense. Ills biippo ed that Smith's
wound will piovo fatal ,
Diovvnnl In the Missouri.
NioiuiAUA , Neb. , Jan. b. [ Sjiecial. ] A
cap and medlclno case bulonglng to Dr , 0. L.
Qulnton , was found on the ice on the Mlssou-
li this moinlng. The doctoi Is supposed to
have stepped Into an air hole in the Ice while
ciobslng the river , and drowned.
Fire Hells Fnllml to Find.
OAIJIO. HI. , Jan. 10. Tlio lire bells were
rung talllng.the cilUens together to instltuto
a search from house to lioitso for Annie
McKeon , who disappeared mybtciiously fiom
school at the convent hero last Thuibday.
The search proved fruitless , no trace of tlio
gill being found.
A Itioh Man Satis Hence.
CIIAIII.KBIOV , S. C..Jaii. 10. Jay ( Sould's
yacht Atlanta bailed hence lo-tlay for Nassau.
TLo Liberal LoauVa Plan nt the Coining
Session of Parliament ,
Homo Rule IjicHciiicni Slniiiicriiij ;
llouu The Go\oiitmenl to St.uul
or rnll With Their Pro-
Krninine-Thc rroiich Sit- '
A Glimpse at I'liqllsti Politics.
LONDON , .Ian. 10. [ Special Cablegram. ]
The lulciosl uf the Kuglish public In home
rule lias showed a milked lUollun dnrinclhc
week. The papcis , especially tlio Times , ( on-
tliuio to publish nun } letters on the subject ,
but the Icadeis of both parties ni.ilntnln com-
plclo silence. The public peiccives that noth
ing Is likely to bo s.Ud or tlono bufoie thu
meeting of pnillmnont. All iccent attempts
to draw Gladstone out has failed. Hercseivus
him elf for the inccttuc of liberal leadeis
summoned for .Monday , nnd to be followed
by u meeling ol the whole partv on Wednes
day. Thu Hist meeting will endeavor
to .uiee on tactics lor the opening of the ses
sion. Gladstone will make .1 statement to
the second meellng , Intended to scenic the
co-operation lit the whole pat ty , but thn pro
gramme is not expected t j disclose a definite
Irish policy. Among thu nnny mumis the
iiiostpiobablo one Is thai Gladstone will
adopt the Fabian strategy mo\o no amend-
incut to iho address , abstain iiom all attempts
to the government , and endcavoi to
force both hold Sallsbiuy and I'.uncll to
show thph hands. A negative policy is ,
In fact , the only policy on which Iho onto
united libci a ! p.ut } is now able to agree.
The conservatives , aftei a slurp conlllft In
the cabinet , h.uo icsolved to oppose every
demand foi an Iilsh parliament. Lord Han-
dolph Chuichill stood out for n fiesh ulliaiico
with the I'.irnellltcs , but obtained slight sup-
port. Ho was obliged to admit it was im
possible to unite Ihetoiies in support of homo
rule , but It Is nndei stood he hoped to detach
enough radicals to construct : i loiy-r.ulical-
Parnullltecoilition , wilh.xwoiklngniajoilty.
Ho abandoned this pretty plan when lie
found the majority of his colleagues wcto
icady to icsign lather than submit ,
The RIM eminent adheies to Its Intention to
propose a laige measuio of local government ,
conceding to lieland in principle e\ery priv-
lego giantcd England and Scotland. 1'arnoll
will decline this otTci , and renew his appeal
to dladstone , who will leply that only mln
Islois In powci can piopose a substantiate
scheme. A week ago Gladstone took a dil-
feient v lew and intended to load an attack on
the gocinmi'iit on the giound that the libei-
als would otheiwisc 1)3 obliged elthei to sup-
poit or opposu 1'ainell'b aniendnient , but in
dications to day are that Gladstone will stick
to gciieialities , will piononnce Loul Salis-
bmy'sschume inadequate , but Mill icfrain
tiom proposing an alternative. Keep the
toiics in olllco toi tin' present Is still the gen
eral libcial feclinc. The minialiy will neither
challenge or c\ado n vole of conlldcnce.
They will announce tlieh policy , hiing In
their mea .iuosaiul stand , or fall w ith them.
A. r.itchcd Up Cabinet.
Xnw Yor.i ; , Jan. 10. [ Special Telegiam. ]
Thn Sun's London cablegram says : On the
other side of the channel the polttlcil atmos-
phcie is somewhat cleaici than it was a week
ago. Shiewdobseivcif-aio noto\ei sanguine ,
howe\er , tnat the political --eicnlty will be of
longcontimiaiicc. Thoielnttanceof Dorioy-
einel to as unie tlie iclnsof go\crnment did
not picdKposo the pub'Ie to expect a stiong
ministiyoi a vigoious policy. In the lust
pirticulai it has not been disappointed , and
the piospects aie that no disappointment
awaits It on the otliei scene. The 1'ailslan
papcis aie disposed to make the best ol Iho
mlnisteis , but thej voleu Ihu izcneial feeling
call It "cabinet . "
when they a ot conciliation.
In less dignhlod phiaseohyy that means a
"patched ti ] ) cabinet. " It Is generally be-
lie\ed that upon all disputed questions ( he
aim of the cabinet w ill bo to propose a policy
to which neithei lepublicaiib 1101 ladlcals can
Orocco AVnnts to right the 1'ortc.
LOVIION , Jan. 10. The Greek gov eminent
has made overtutcs to the govemment ol , looKlmr to tlio founation of an
alliance , Lboth ofTcnsha and defensive
agalnbt the poitc 'Ihe king of Gic'ccu will
leave his capllil shoitlyfoi the Thussilian
fiontlor to inspect the iiiiny. It Is supposed
that this vv ill Lo n > pieludo to a beginnim :
of hostilities. The Gieek government lias
leeched from I'linco Bism.uck a reply to
fieii uliculai note sent leecntly to the gieat
jiow eis concciu ng the Hall an question nnd
the attitude ol GICCOJ in connection theio-
with. The ihmcellor wains Giccco thut if
shoengagis In war with Tnikey him will do
bonthciown risk ; that she can expect no
asslstamu iiom any ol thn gieat povveis , all
ol which will hold themselves alool from the
The loyalists'
DUIIUN , Jan. 10. The liisli 1'atilotie
union Intends to lay bofoie Loul Sallsbmy
an extensive lejioit upan the method In
which Kent elections in Iicland weio con
ducted. Tim icpoi twill aliped I hat intimida
tion andclcihal inllucnco wein used in fa\oi
ot tliu nation ilists. It is stated upon good
authoilty that seveial .Scotch and lilsh ppois ,
both consul \.itlvu and llbeial , will Mippoil
a motion ot thn earl of Kilmoie. In tiuur ot
HIP abolition of the oniuo of loid lieutenant
ot lieland ,
Govcriuiient Powers.
Di'W.iN , .Jan. 10. The board of gnaidinns
of KilmallocK , county Limerick , at a meet
ing lichljeatciilny , wlilch was presided ovoi
by rather bliechy , adopted a lesolutlon to
< n > ct cottages for the poor without going olllclal toimiilities , and to
giant imtdoot lelicl without asking thu
sanction ot the local guvcimnent au'huiitles.
Thu buaul oxpies-ed Its willhuness to HD'lit
the authuiities with eveiy means In its
In the Cabinet on Conditions.
JlADitii ) , Jan. 10. Gen. Domlnguci , who
was recently tendi'itd the Spanish nnibassa-
doishlpat 1'aiis , has accepted ndlro nndei
these conditions : 1 That ho bh.ill lumaln
chief of the d > na&tic lett. 2 That the cabi
net will engage to btipport thhttwo candi
dates named by the dynastic left. 'ilmCar-
libts ha\e decided to abandon their picpara-
tioiiB lor a ilslng and to take part In the
The Kulaur Jncllsposeil.
UrjiLi.v , Jan. 10. Alaimlng reports weio
cunent jcitciday concerning the condition
of Emperor William , who was faald to bo
seriously 111 , The rumors probably tholr
origin In the fact that the cmpoior was
Biitiering fiom an unusually bO\t'ro attack of
iheinnatlsm.aiidaUolionuolil , His majesty ,
howuser , in i > plto of his Indisposition , gaNO
an uuUionto jfatciday to be > eial ot thu min-
isterd. _
Dicit a Defaulter.
DUIIMN , Jan , 10. A report has been circu
lating In tills city to the effect that Hobert
Karnuharbon , who was manager ot the Mun-
bter bank , which failed a few months ago ,
and who absconded , ImUng committed do-
lalcatlons to a largo amount , lias died at lur-
tulona , bpalu ,
TIII ; nun iucoui : ) .
niaro AiruMTfT lci-sry Jackets
niitl Yiu'legntcil Ho leiy.
rntiAUKtrtUA , 1'a. , Jan. 10. The exlon-
sUomlll bulIJincr In ICcintnslon , known as
Atrol's mills and Health's mill1' , occnp ) Ing
two blocks , bounded by Kmer.xld , Letterly ,
Tajlor and Coral sheet * , and scpirated by
Adams stioet , woio destnned oy ilio tills
morning , linohing a loss estimated at
{ l.OOJ.OiX ) . 'Iho buildings weie occupied by
about a do/en linns cngagod In the m inufftc-
line of hosiery , cotton ami woolen jams
uphohlerj goods , JCIM\\S , mill machinery ,
etc. , all of whom lose hca\llj on thc-ir mi-
chlnery andstoi'ks. Alltheiirms had hr o
Mor\s ( if nnnuractnied goods on hind ,
which had ah i ad.\ been < < olil to dealers to bo
dt'llu'ted on rtbiuaij 1. Kb ing Sunday , It
isdllllcnlt to obtiiif InilMilttil losses , the
membeisof the dilTerent limis u > sidlng In
\ailous pails of the elty lemoto fiom the
scene of the Hie , and the books Iiom which
liguies could ho obtiinod being In the safes
wlilch aie In the uiiiH.
Dnstrtu-tlxo 1'lro In Cincinnati.
CINTIN.VAI i , Jan. ft Aliio luoko out this
moinlngat 0:50 : a. m. In Jewett t Adams'
mannfactoiy , t > l to bValcr stieot. liuitig In
adangcionslocalltj , the entile lire depart
ment was called out. On account of the ex-
tremclv cold weather the lliomcn woikcd
with gieit dlfllculty , but .uceeeded in
confining the llio to the building
in wlilch It started. 'Iho lois nt Jewett t
Adams will learh fioni fc.ri.CKX ) to SM'J ; In-
suiance , i40OoO ; Mellen , Hi own it Co. , deal-
eis In poannts , los-t ? . ' 0OJO , tull.v Instiled ; V ,
C. Cilheit iV , Co. , dealeiri in pe mills ,
loss J7,000. fnll > Insmed ; J.Mlci
ite Co. , also dealciIn peanuts , lo > s
SM.OOO. tnlh co\utvd. The danmco to the
buildlmr , which bcloncs lo the Wiggins es
tate , is $20iiOJ lo SSO.OtO and is lull } co\eied
b } Insinancc.
At Aahtnhnlii llarhor , Olilo.
Cuvr.i.\vi > , Jan 10. A llio bioko out
this morning in the bilck block owned by
D.u id Mitchell on li ! Idgo stieet , Ashtubula
Haibor , Ohio , and nine small buildings were
desttojcuHiefoio the ( lames weio gotten un-
dercontiol. The losses areas follows : I ) .
W. Staikej. diy goods and gio-
ccrles , S4,0')0 ) : A. J. Heck with.
it Co . di\ goods and Rioeetles , S4OOJ ; Hose
Cahlll , mllllneiy , WOO ; .Mi = . Jojec , bo-uding
house , & 1.000 ; Huuell to Williams , meat
nuiket , Sl,000 ; C. i : . blic < mnn. law olllce ,
S500 ; Geoigo Field , tug ouko. M.OCO. Olhi-i
small losses w ill ag iegato Sl.iVJO more. The
looses weio pirtly covered by insmancc.
Deep snow ami the lack of wntei made the
ellorts ot the hieiuen tntile.
Ilnduarc Honso Smoked Out. 5
CI.IMI.AM : ) , Ohio , Jan. 10. The Ino
which bioke out at a late Iiom last night at
New aik , Ohio , destroj od a large stoio build
ing on the squiie , occupied by the lliunner&
Mi-Cue company , togethei with the
contents. Thclo son tlio slock N feT.'i.OOO ,
and on the building S-Ti.LOX The amount ol
insui.tnce cannot bo leauied.
A Keg of IVmtlor Helps the
At nrsTA , Ga. , Jan. 10. A hie at Alken ,
S. C. , ( Ids moinlng , dcstiojcd the --totes and
blocks of M. J. Jtosclej , U. 31. Mo ele } , J. U.
Iletcoit and V. It. Ilondctbon. Loss , SHO,000 ;
Insuiance , tuOOt/0. / A keg ol powder ex
ploded dining tlie lire , cilotibl } injuiing two
ncgiocs and a while boy.
Away OIT in
I'omi. VM > , Oiegon , Jan. 10. The Oregon
Kullwaj .fcXasigatlon comuany's laigo hotel
nnd depot at Wallula Junction buined Hits
imnning. I.obsS 10,000 ; insnml lot S O.COJ.
The fninitnro ami Mtlooti was owned by A.
I > . Hotallng vt Co. , ot this city. L.OSS , ib.
_ _
" *
StriiKuHnsr Out of Her Depth
ol'Snoxv and fjato Trains.
Cine voo , Jan. 10. Since midnight yester
day the tempDratuie hcie has giudiutly
fallen , toiichhi ) ; Vi" below /cio at 10 o'clock
to night. Vetj little snow has fallen during
the last twenty-foui houis , tliongli repoits
from outside tno clt > show that the hll//aid is
still in loice. Wheip tialns are not detained
by snow they aie dchjed in some cases sev-
eial hours by the be\ciity ot the tcinpetaturc.
Tills moining tialns on the dilfeieut loadb
were dclajcd Irom thieo to nine liours ,
the last to aiiho being the New Yotlc
limited. Thefuiyot the stoini having : ii-
iiarently exlnusted itself , no luilber impeit-
inient to ralhoad tii\el is antlcipttid , except
liomcold. At midnight hero the wind has
fallen to a .slight biee/.e. and the night Is
The Uli//.u-d VIsitH Texas.
GAIhsrov , TuxJan. . J. The cold wave
extends ou'i ,1101 aiul will lesnlt in
Immcnsod imago to btock of all Kinds. All
telcgiaphlc coinmunlcatlon Is gie.itly Im
peded. Austin tcpoitsa tempeiatnio ten de-
giccsabo\e7Cio. Hundieds ot watei pipes
aiulio/cn. At Laiedo the temneiatme is
eiglit de0'ii''s ( below the lice/ing point.
At J'alustlnu thu meiciiiy touched /eio , the
coldest wcathci oxpencnced tlieio in lorty
\eais Tim water woiks btiectpliiL'S weio .ill
ho/en and cracked. At Corpus Chi I ll the
niiMcmy fell ( it = In twentj-lour houi- , .
.Man ) of those points ici'Oit cattle bitllciln , '
Iiom the inlensf cold. Thehcids driltalm-
Icssh about seeking lei shelter. Many cattle
must peiisli , but It is jet tooeaily to estimate
thu extent ot tlio damage 01 loss.
Gnlo on the Atlantic Const.
I'IIOVJIH.NCI : , Mass. , Jan. 10. The gale has
continued with great be\cilty all day fiom
the notthwcsl , and It is citlmated moiu dam
age has been ( lone dm Ing the pi .t foily-clglit
houiNthan lot thu ] nstt < meais on the coast.
iight ; vessels hii\o been ashoio at 'J'linoand
I'lovlncetown in thlsstoim , bnlnolivusweiu
lost. _
At I'CDI-lll. III.
I'joiit , 111. , Jan , 10. The cold wa\o
abated somewhat dining the da > , and the
nieicui ) ioto to , cio , but Is lapldl } tailing
again to-nlglit , and indications 1110 it will
leach Iho lowest point tonchnl nUht ,
whlcliwas SI * . I'huii ) lus buuii no sei iuns
intoiiuplions to i.tllioad tiailluon thu toads
Aiming the Ornntfc < JnneH.
JACKSONVII.I i. , Kla , , Jan. 10 , The wcath
ci lb cleat and cold , On Satinday night the
thcimomctei K'loulcd lu at the blgnal olllce.
Oianucsit'inalnliuon thu tiecs 1110 lio/on ,
and llieli loss will piobtbly bo complete , but
the decs so not much Injuied. It is
slightly waimei to-night.
IndlcntluiiH I "or To-dny.
MJSSOIIIII YAI.I.K.V 1'alr weather , in
sontliein portion ; Incicasliix clondlneaS and
local snows1 , in noithern poitionarlablo
winds , gcncially bliilting to boutheasteily ;
waimei weathet ,
Havtinn.ih , ( Ji. :
SAVAVXAII , Ga. Jan , 10. 'Iho meicury
was down to 11" tills moinlng , which Is lower
than it has been foi fifteen jeais. The > ego-
tixblu Intoit'sts ot this section ot ( lie btato will
bullei hea\lly.
WASIIINOTO.V , Jan , 10. The cold weather
continues , Thin moinlng at 7 o'clock the
nic'icury stood at 10' above , and at 7 o'clock
this evening l "abo\u mo.
PIttsburg leDorls the weather unprece
dented , and all tialns from out ) to lltleen
houis lato. Catllo aiudlng Iiom uxposutu
at the East Mbeity block jauls.
Cincinnati letrOtU luv bolowand rallioad
tratllobctloubly Intel ir.rcd with.
The Westetn Marland roa'l In the HIuo
KIdgo mountains is blockaded lo , i dt-jilh uf
fifteen feet. Tour passc-ngtr tialns aio btuck
in the drills.
You can buy turmturo cheaper o ( A
L. Fitch & Co. , 12th st. , but , Fainuin anil
Douglas , thun liny other plucu in thu city.
llopofulncss Almost Universal , butDovol *
opincuta Antngoiiiitic ,
Condition oT the Stnto of
l'\chixnBe Jny ( iiinlil MnHier of
Wall Stieot- ho 1'orplex-
Inj ; Silver truest Ion.
The ) ItimlnrsR Outlook.
SXivv : Youit , Jan. 10. [ Special Telcciam.J
Tito week has been without altciatlon In
the condition of gpneiat liado Interests.
Hopefulness Is still llio inle , and In most de
partments of business U Is dllllciilt In find
anv oilier sentiment prevailing. Al tlipiime
time developments me not altogether In line
with an Immediate ) bnotu In our Ineliistilcs.
One of the stock niginupiits upon vvhleh pre
dictions of n greatly Impiovcd tiadc have
been based was lnciei ed activity In the lion
business and ccitaln expectations that lion
pi lees would havu un immediate advance.
Tills piedleled punpcilly in the lion and
bteel Industiy was lo communicate Its effects
to the coil tiade , nnd so on through tlie entire
line of allied and liUci-dependenl Industries.
A few weeks ago appcai.inccsdhl favor an
eatly advance In thu pilcoof pig lion , and
the iiuii masters wciu nlmusl unanimous In
Iheh expectation" . Indeed , so sum weio the
indications consldeird thai speculators wore
known to be1 piep.uing for huge deals on the
bull side of the maikct. The fuels , however ,
aie not coming out In the way they weic ex
pected. The first blow w as the acceptance by
one of the laigcsl anthiacltu Iron con-
ceins of laigu oideis at thu old price ,
SIS , Instead ot making their figures 51P ,
which ! ! they weio eonlidcnlly expected to
do. Other concerns liavu followed suit , and
instead of the expected advance of SI per
Ion , the otlio foi Xo. 1 anthiacltu icinnlni
stallonaiy. The elfcct of lids him bceii
maikcd. lion spccuhilois have abandoned
all hope of the good things Ihuy saw before
Ihpin. The dpal In pig lion Is off foi Iho
lime being.
Thu week has not passed without some rc-
cmtcnco of tlio dangeious symptoms In llio
state ol exchange. This lime theio docs not
seem to beany manipulations ol the maikct ,
but the scat city ot commercial bills in llio
eaily p.ut ot the wi'ek led to thu mh.inelng
ol i.itcs to tliu minimum gold shipping point
by some of Ihu loading diawem. At llio
same time llio movement was not gcneial ,
omc bankcis whose diafls aiu cousldcicd
piiiue keeping n little below Ihu exliemo
anle. Thisaccotdlngly negatived the Iminc-
dhle shipment uf gold , and Iho Incicaso of
gialn and cotton shipments noted dining the
weekliought laics down below tlie gold
shipping point. It must not bo thought ,
however , that llio diuigci ot gold shipments
hasaltogcthei disjpiicaiud. It must bo re-
membcud that 1'ngllsh cotton and gialn
consiinipis me nlie.uly overstocked. lt
should not hi1 said theio is loom lei appie-
liensions. bill watchfulness is nrcdcd.
The stock maikut has been disappointing.
Them was no change. In the intoiu&t later ,
and loans wciu quoted as luw as lui sumo
lime back. At the same time Ihu siliintiou
cieatcd an Indisposition to cntei into specu
lation to any extent. It would scorn that the
effect of Jay Gould's complete ascendancy In
the sheet Is becoming distinct , nnd cicates a
feeling of unusual caution. .Manipulation of
thn maiket dining tliu week points mulls-
gnisudly to Its complete mastciy by Gould.
His stocks have been flic chiul iiointa ol In
tel cst , and their movements exliemely sng-
geslive. It seems to hu scilicet lliat the
alleged reliicment of tlie gentleman in epics-
lion was pniuly in a Pickwickian sense.
There teems also lo be an adveiso Influence
alwuik , such as heavy storms in tliu west ,
which may ailed railway eainings , and n
suspicion tint Januaiy eainings may be
light , any way , bcciuso nipichants cast and
west took advantage of thu luw i.iteswrllo
thpy pievailcd K > accumulate goods , huas not
tnbeloiced to pay the exti.i chaises uf the
laihoads In tliu beginning of thu year. In
deed , It is feaud winlci iPcelptsloi this ica-
son w III bu less than expu ted.
Then theto Is the sllvci ( jiiPstion wlilch Is
causing anxiety. H has taken piucdenco
ovci allothei cjuesllons. 11 < angles. ) would
only act piomptly wo would know what to
expect , but iinloitunalely ( 'xpeditlon to 10-
liuvu business anxiety can nevei he expected
ut an Ainciican Icgislatuie. Two opinions
aie held as lu Ihu elfccl ol tlio blojipngo uf
sllvui coinage , in tliu east Ihu bullet is , uni
versal that it would icmuveall unccilalntyiiu
to the Inline , and help the business ul Ihu
countiy. In Ihu west and south , however ,
thu feeling is that the in leu ol wilvci dollars
would chop fiom lifteun to twenty points , erIn
In other welds , that the puuhaslng pcnvci u {
guld would be enhanced. 'J his would amount
to a heavy fall in all pikes wheie measured
by gold. This lasl may not be u c oncet view ,
but It Is held veiy gonpially In the wibt and
south , and [ undent eastein Invest OH would
do well lo keep this point in mind , lei west-
cm buy PI s have been gteat siippoiteis ut thle
iinikul , and if thuy should bee o mo sullen
wlietliei thulr theoiies weio light ur wiong ,
it would allpct pnccs ai
Hnrnoil lo Dniitli.
V.x , 111. , Jan. 8. 'llm farm house
ft Luon.ud Duollltlc , In iho town ul Avon ,
twelve miles west of heio , was binned yes-
teid.iy. 'Ihc family euapcd lium Iliubnlld-
inn- , but Mi. Doolltllo vventhatk Into tliu
huiue , hojiiiig lo bcc.uio some papin , and
was KinToi.ileil , hU body falling Into the
iiilns , Hu was about sixty veaisold , and a
piomlncnl and Influuntial citl/cn.
* vYo doubt It tlicro K or cm be , a , spcclfl *
remedy for rlicuin UUm ; Inil thousands who
li.tvc suffered Its jnlns have been IIIMII > lien ,
cfltccl by Jlouifs B.irsipai 111.1 , JI you lava
failed to find relief , ny this great uiiiccly.
"I was uniktcd v.iiu rheumatism twenty
years. 1'icvloua to IBSJ I found no relief , but
nrcvv wouo , and at one time wai nlniast lit 1 | > -
less. Hood's fiarsiiurlll i did inu mrro n m (
than all tlio ctlicr incillcliia I ev r had. "
II. T. IUI COM , Will Icy Village , Jlass.
"I had rheumatism tlirco yc-ns.nml cotiio
relief till 1 took Hood's Hiuaparllli. Jl liaa
ilonu great llilngs for me. I icconmii ml ft to
others. " LEWIS JJuiiiUMc , WilUcfoie ) , lie. - ,
Hood A Kawjiarllla la ibaractcrlzrcl ty
three ] feudalities t ut , thu combination of
rcincdl'd upcuts ; 2c | , tlio j > ri > i > ortluiiJO , tlio
process of bccurhfy the mtivo ineeJItlnal
qualities. ' 1 ho result Is a inedldiio of ummial
fetrcnglh , rffcctln ( ; cuus lillhtito iinkiioivn.
bend for bock contalnlii ) ; ailelltfiiiul i vhte nco.
"llnoil'H hirs iiailll.i tone's up my yjMem ,
liinlfita my fitoeel , th irju'iia my .nipi Hie , .ind
he i mi ID mil , ] ) mis over. " .1. r'Inojii BOK ,
UegUtci of IJccefj , I.ovvcll , Misi. :
"Hood's Sircapirllh boats sll others and
/Hvvorlhllswe-iKlitlup / Id. " I. JUnniMjroM ,
J30 lUuk fatact , Ntvv Voik City.
Hood's Sar-saparilia 1
Bold by all ilrutr lsts. $1 ; s\t \ for $5. Made
only by C. 1. IIPOU ft CO. , lxme > ll , Masj. '
BOO Poses Ono Dollar.