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A Repotted Gate of Infanticide Investigate *
By the Ooroner ,
Tlic Hotly ronniUiitlieCcllniUnimri
ly Huts Ii-ntli Caused by
lixlintisl Inn Not it
A Voiinu OltTfi Hliaine.
In Saturday's Iliu : me.ntion was ninilt
of Iho cafe of Llllio Dcwitl , the yomif
womnn resident at 13M North Twenticll
street , who was suppo-rd to Ii.ivc beei
the victim of incest. A.s stated then thi
young Rirl explained to n reporter tint
, slip had had a miseaniaKo on Tucsdaj
ft-flj last , and thai the child wit' '
born dead. She furthermore f-tatei
thai ( ho responsibility for her unforlun
atocondition rested not with neriather.a1
neighborhood reports had it. but with r
young man named Sliorni Mcl'arining
Vi".ti'vdava voting ivm appeared at po
lleo headquarters and informoi
Marshal CutninhiKts that the deat
boily of tint infant lir.d beer
placed in the cellar , anil that to al
appearances the infant had been bon :
alive. He furthcvmore Mated that tju
circumstances of the ias : > o were Mtspic
iously these of infanticide. Capt
Cormick and Ollicer Mostyr
went out to thu lioust
early in the afternoon , anil found
tlio young-woman Lillic then , uhmo savi
for tln company of her 17-year-old sister
To Hit1 inijiiiries of the olllcer , the lattei
replied , hesitatingly , tliat the ehild been
burn id ml. and had been buried in Hit
baek yard. '
"You're siiro of that , are you ? " nues-
tionedC'npt. ( Jormiek.
"Yes , I'm sure of it , " replied the girl
"You're not tolling me the truth. ( ! i
down cellar ami get that basket with tin
dead child in it. "
The girl without , saying another word
immediately opened a trap dour ami
Jlshed ill ) the icmains of tlic dead in-
fnnt. They wen ; found to be in a o
markably good slate of preservationami
the ehilu , to all appearanees was born
alive and fully developed.
Coroner Dre.icl , District Atloruo. }
Kstello and Dr. Crowcll late in the
afternoon , went out to the Dewilt re.-i-
denee t make further investigation.
At the hoine they wore met by Maggii
Di'Witt , a younger sisterwho | led thu wuj
to a baek room and produced the infant
corpse. It was a horriblu looking sight ,
rats having gnawed tlio body in a fright
ful manner. Dr. Crowcll performed a morlem examination , and HID coroner -
, , ner summoned a jury and held an in-
ri ipieit.
Mary Johnson , Ifi years old , sworn ami
' t tiMillodi I eamo to the DoU'ill house on
Tnosihiy at the request of the little girl ,
who said her sister was s > iek. Didn't
know for certain that she was going to
be eonlined. Was in the house for several
hours. I.iillio said she did not waul any
body with her. The baby was born while 1
was there , but I did not know it. 1 came
baek in Iho evening , and Maggie t-a.d
that Lilliu had had a baby , and that it
was born dead. The baby was then ly
ing in the kitchen , and I saw it. Magg.o
a * K uil mo to help her bury it , but f
didn't want to , and shu put it into a bas
ket She told me not to tell anybody
about it. ' There was no one in the'room
with I.ill/o wlien tlio baby was born.
Maggie ii/itl I sat in tlui silling room , ami
the I'oor into thu ledroom ; was clo-ed.
Llllio groaned while I was there , and
after 1 had gouo Maggie wo-il in and
found ( lie baby in the bed. Lillie said it
had beun born about an hour whun it was
was taken from Iho bed.
Dr. Crowell slated that lie had exam
ined ( he baby's lungs ami found th m in
flated , which indiualed that the child had
breathed after being born. The body
had been badjy mutilated by rats. Only
one of the lungs was fully intlatcd , thu
other being only paitly so. An indenta
tion wad found around thu nock , which
might liavo been caused by the cord be
coming drawn light and the circulation
slopped. In his judgment , Dr. Cm well
liuhuvL'd i tlio uhild to have been born
alive , butit probably li\cdbut a short
time. As to the length of t.ine the cliild
lived he could not nay. The body is fully
developed and will probably weigh ten
Frank Gardner , who reiides near the
DoWill hoti.'o , was next sworn and ti'sti-
lied- called on Iho DeWitt girls Tuesday
afternoon , nndjstayed about a quarter of
"n hour. Mary Johnson was Ihoro , hut I
did nol sow hillie. I was told that Llllio
was Mck , but they did not know what the
matter was. I talked moiily to Mary
Johnson , but did not say nn.\ thing about
Lillio's .sickness. 1 thought he was going
to be eonlined , but did not expect it so
quickly. I did nol hear any nose : in tlio
bud room wliore Lilliu was. Frank Shan
non , a bartender for Hill , used to eomu to
t-oo Lilllo. llo canio to see her about two
weeks ago while 1 was there.Vo drank a
bottle ot wine together and then I went
away. Shannon has kept company with
Llllio lately , and Tom Hayes , a gambler ,
CHIHU to feoo Maggio. J only came to seu
the girls to pasa tlio limo away.
Maggio'DoU'ill testified ; 1 ami ? years
old and Ijjllie is II ) . Lilliu was slijk on
Tuesday anil the baby was born ahc ( 2
o'clock. 11 went in and shu whispered tome
mo that the baby was horn , but nut to tell
Mary Jo-hnson. 1 went out again and
finally Mary went home and then 1 went
in and saw thu baby in thu bed. The
father of the eliihl is Sherman Mol'arm-
ington. Ho had been going with Lillie
since last winter , Shu became- acquainted
witli him al a party. MoFarmington is
now moving houses , llo used lo bo a
brakeninn on Jihu Northwestern road , but
was dischargi * ! , Father wan home Tues
day , but went away about 11 o'clock , and
( ho baby was born about 2 o'clock. Lilliu
had a child once before- , about three years
ago , when Mio was 10 years old. Shu was
very biok at the tnnu , and a midwife at
tended hur. Thu baby lived for nearly
eight months and ( him died in a
wnih ) cutting teeth. When 1 .saw this last
baby it was dead , and Iho cord MU'ined to
bo around its neck. We talked about it ,
and said it was too bad it was dead. Lil
liu is tender-hearted and would never kill
: i baby , j
Ktllu Io\VilJ , the little sister , testified :
I am 10 years old. I was in the houe
whim Viry .lohiiMm ami Frank ( ni.Jner
were there , but 1 did nut know that Lilliu
was sick ,
Lilllo DeWitt , the mother of the child ,
was called and testllied Mibstantlullv as
had her younger sister , Maggiu.
This closed tlio cvidem-ii and the jury
retired. After u few moments delibera
tion they brought in a verdict to the ef
fect that the babe had died from ti.xhans-
lion caused bygrosi neglect , but without
felonious intent on the part of the moth
er. Tlio p.st1 , therefore , will bo dropped
The bouy of Iho dead baby was taken
to Divxi'l > V Maul's uiiih'rtakingci-tahhsh-
nient , whnru it will ho hehT until Mr.
DoWitt , the girl's father , returns homo.
llo is now at Valley , but will probably
uomu to Oitmha Saturday. Ho lm\v that
the child . and \vu- dead , but hi *
( Uuighler told him that hu had buried it
in the baej < yard. Ho will probably give
it u dfct'nt burial. II.s daughter o.x <
proses j | determination to hi realtor lead
w virtuous lift ) ,
Dr. Mi'KpjtiKV has been called In to at
tend thu two days' old cliild of 11. Smith ,
l-llI ( Ircnustrcej , which waa born with u
broken arm.
Abortion I'ractlccilrllh I'roliahl ;
1'ntnl Jlo tiltH.
A womnn , whom 11.11110 is for tin
lirotPMt U'i'liVifl'l finii' tip lii jinlioi
iieadfjuarti-rs MouJnj night and lodgci
information of a < " 'cr of nbortinn wind
hud been practiced upon a young girl
Lillie llaj" , who has been livinir a
1)12 ) Capitol avenue. According to tin
story this.young girl in distress had up
plii'd to a certain phyMchm of this cit
for relief , and ho performed nnopira
tion which it is feared will ivsull fatally
Thegirl was removed to .St. Joseph' ;
hospital on Saturday , where she is now
in charge of H eomnetenl physician. Shi
is very low. however , and it is fcarei
that sbf ! will not recover. She has brer
sick for sonifl wi'i'ks on account of tin
operation said to have be"n performed
by the physician.
The name of this latter individual i
withheld for tin ; present at the reque t o
the authorities , Those who attended thi
girl are positive that the dangerous am
criminal operation was performed bj
him , though this is denied by his frn > nda
who lay thi ! blame to thu girl ht-rM-lf
Should tin ; cuse result seriously it will In
investigated further , and some interest
ing developments will no doubt follow
The girl Lillie Hayes Is about 111 years ol
age , comely , and of respectable cunucu
A Sail Cn t ! .
Mrs. Lottie J. Duncan , Iho wife of llo
bcrt I ) . I.mean , is still very sick. Mrs
Pugsluy , the matron of the Woman' !
Christian association , was called out U
her home Monday and found the nnfor
tunate woman Mill'cringtcrriblu pain. A
peculiar feature of her illuuss is that she
spits blooi. frequently , which Is caused ,
site says , by the injuries she received al
th hands of her husband. Mrs. Dun * un
is living at the house UJO * ) Daveniiorl
street , attended only bv her little daugh
ter. She declines to be taken lo the hos
pitiil , fearing , as she says , that her hus
band will cuter the housuTn her ubscnei
and take oil' the furniture , /.n ell'ort wil !
he inadu to have tiie unfortunate womar
placed in charge of a competent nurse.
Last evening Mr. Duncan WM met in
front of the. jiol en court room by Mrs
Pug.sley , who told him that his wile wa >
in u wretched condition and needed as
si-taiiee. " 1 am afraut that s.ho . will dit
if he doesn't get help before long , " re
marked tlie lady. ' 'She la lying there
without in the house to eat. "
"I don't earn if shu does die , " retorted
Mr Duncan Ilippantly , "nothing wouhl
suit me better than to sec her lying in hci
collin. "
A Oold King Fake.
Two well-dressed men entered Max
Meyer & linn. ' jewelry i-stablisliinenl
la t evening about 0 o'clock , : ind asked
lo hu .shown soinu plain irohl ring s. Mr ,
Mandelberg responded "to their demand
and f-el out a number of the articles
asked for. In doing this lie casually no
ticed thai one of the men wore a plain
ring on his linger , which hu removed to
make trial of the stock. After a. few
minutes' inspection of the assortment ,
announced licit his lastes were not
pleased , and making a feint to restore ilia
own ring , .started i vet. Mr , Mamlulberg
was too alert for the stranger , however ,
and sei/.cd his coat as ho retreated from
thu counter. "Come , give up that ring , "
ordered Mr. M. , and with a mild remon
strance tlio man obeyed. "I'll keep
yours too , just lo see. what it is made ol ,
and if it were not for the crowd in the
store , I'd have you in the clutches of a
policeman. Call and get vour ring to
morrow. " Tim two men ut once made
rapid exit , and liavu not since shown
their features. They had attempted to
Ilim-IIam thu store by substituting : i
worthless but clever imitation for : i solid
ring , i I
The Millett Uivono Case.
The divorce suit brought by Mrs. Mary
U. Millutt against Byron Millett , former
residents of Omaha , is still dragging
along in the Denver courts. On the
point of Mrs. Millctt's demand for ali
mony , she testified that she was now
working : is u servant for $1G a month
pay , and Mr. Milled testilicd that his in
come for the jiast six months was only an
average of ? . " ) ! pur month.
The judge , in rendering his decision ,
said thai it appeared to bun that Ihu two ,
plaintiu" and defendant , were about
equally lixeuso far as nuances wore con
cerned. Tlie object of jirocecdjngs of
alimony of this kind , the judge said , \yas
to phu'u the wift ) on an equal footing
witn thu husband in pressing a suit in
court. Adding thu usi > ami rents of the
Millett house to the wife's .share would
maku her us well li.ved linanelally as the
husband. Theruloru thu judg < ! refused
for the present to make any order granting -
ing alimony , and for thu same reason ho
refused to appoint a receiver to lake
charge of the house. The linal hearing
of the ca > o was set tor February 8.
Ills Kunuwiiy Wife.
DMarslial Cummings received yesterday
tlie following letter from Clias. F. Gen-
sheen , of St. Joseph , concerning his run
away wife who deserted him hut month :
Marshal Ciiiiiinlntjs Dear Sir : A. woman
with -six small children , mm a girl about ! >
yearn old and live boys , the oldest 10 years
mid the youngest n bal > o of only n months ,
caino to your city about the I'Jtli ol November
hist. Int'oiiii'itiou ' ot this fact reach > il mo
tliroIi a citizen of St. Joseph who Imp-
iieiifil to ho In your eity and hl spoken to
both the woman ami chililicii. They \\irj
tlii'ii at u place failed the Lewis hotel on Cap
ital avemin anil thu woman went by thu miiuu
ol' Mollie Williams , which Is her maiden
iiiiuie. I am thu husband of this woman aiul
\\\t\\ \ \ lo ascertain her present situation and
moilu ot'llfe , so as to K'VO ' mo some Idea of
what is best to do for my children ,
CIIAS. K. < ! i.Nsnr.K.v. :
The pollen have investigated the case
and to all outward appearances is lead
ing a rcspcctublu life.
That I'ollco Wagon.
"I declined to sign thai warrant for
the patrol wagon , " said President Points
of thu board of udtication , to a reporter
yesterday , "simply because it was illegal.
The hoard has no right to expend mutiny
for such purposes. "
Secretary Conoyor yesterday said
dial lie did not think that the payment of
* -IOO by the school board wouhl bo u legal
measure but declared thai if thu matter
was tested by law Mr. Points would in
the end probably have to sign tlie war
Judge Neville has not yet issued the
order of mandamus , but will do so in a
day or so. As Mr. Points proposes to
contest tlio case there will in all proba
bility bo bomn interesting developments.
1'ollco Court Docket.
Judge Stenborg disposed of the follow
ing cases in police court yi'.storday :
George Anderson and W. ( ' . Dickson ,
drunk and disorderly. & " > and costs.
Sum Lewis , vagrant , twenty days in
county jail.
L'd H ! iidei > hott , Miispieioiis character ,
discharged with instruction to leave thu
John Cumiu'ings , lighting , fiand costs ,
John Smith and John ( iilfcathur , tight-
ing , $10 and costs.
George W. Vates , petit larceny , twenty
days in county jail.
lliully Iti iUse.1.
A young nmu named Charles Carter
appeared before Judge Stenborg late
yeterday and swore out n warrant
tor thu arrest of u Tulrteenth street
butcher. Joseph Colby , who had knocked
linn down with heavy mallet- .
A Sbort and Unexciliug Meeting Mine
Business Iransacled.
Ifiiiiillrrn at tlto Union Pnulfli
Depot Jlsutlhlletl XolcH I-'rom
the Courts Other Im
portant Newc.
The Council
Tin ; regular meeting of the oily counci
was held ItiM evening , President Heche
in the chair and present Councilmei
Hailey , Hohm.Dailey Vd , Fnray , Good
man , Goodr'u-h , Lee , I.ecder , Sehroedc
and 'J'hrane. The usual crowd of spec
tators was absent , and altogether tin
meeting was a slmrt and tame one , tin
biiMiios trausi'clcd being put througl
with a rtHi.
From the mavor , approving an orili
nanco declaring 'the necessity of appro certain properly for openitif.
Nicholas street from Twenty-third tc
Sannders. Filed ,
From the iiinyor , uppninliiig W. J
Hroaleh , Thomas A. Creigh and W. T
Patrick appraisers to u.s s daniiiges In
tlie eoiistruclion of n viaduct on Tcntl
and lileveiuh trcets. Conlirmed.
I'rom tin- city treasurer , recommending
that the tax on the Eimiliiblu Life As ur-
ance MH'ii'ly bo eaiieeled , as tlio companj
is u mutual ono and tlio tax cannot In
roll-clod. Referred.
From tht ! Union Pacific railroad com
pany , aj-king that certain lax
on a piece of property bo remitted , lie-
f erred.
From a 'es.or.s appointed to ! i e < s
damages by tiio ehangu of grade of Ham
ilt'in ami James .streets , reporting that
none of the property would bo damaged
by Mich change. Approved
From I'clcr ( ! oos , complaining of cor
Jain acts of Marshal Cummings in delay
ing payment for meals I'unii.-licd lo citj
prisoners and ollu.-r alleged irrqgulari
ties. Referred to the police committee.
From John Cliristianson , ottering tc
settle his ca > o against the city for dam
ages by the change of grade of Harnej
.si reel , for ( ho sum of .t'OO. ' Kef erred to
tlio city attorney.
From John II. lliitlor , submitting an
ordinance providing for the inspection ol
boilers similar to the one in Chicago
By Sehroedcr Thai assessments on lot
owned bv Louis Bradford be reduced from
. * iH ) lo $100. Adopted.
IJy ( Joodrieh Thai the city engineer
bo instructed to report tlic names of par
ties now occupying unlawfully the strip
of land belonging to tin ; city east of anil
tuljoiniug the Creighton college grounds
anil Sweeny's addition. Adopted ;
IJy Lceder That the committee on lire
and water works cause engine house. Ko.
5 , and also the now engine house on
Cinning and Saunders streets , \yith their
contents to bo insured forthwith.
By Ualloy--That forlhc purpose of as
certaining llic probable cost of lighting
certain portions of the city with oil or
gasoline , thai proposals be invited , such
proposals to slate the price per each light ,
including the crcct'on of suitable posts
and ever.\ tiling necessary pertaining1
thereto. Said bids nol lo bo for less than
100 lights. Referred.
Tliu resolution called up considerable
ilN'-i.-sion. Some of the coiincilmen du
el r 1 themselves in favor of the electric
Jiym , and sonic denounced the gas com
pany. Mr. IJehm defended the gas com
pany , and asked the council to give more
lime to have the gas improved.
By Thrane That the committee for the
appraisement of real estate bo requested
to appraise the several pieces of real
estate along Sixth street recently vacated
by ordinance , and report such appraise
ment to the council at as early a clay as
possible. Adopted.
Hy Fumy That the city engineer be
instructed to prepare proliles and ordi
nance establishing the grade in alleys in
Ncl-'on's ' addition. Adopted.
By Dailey That the c'ty engineer bo
directed lo prepare a plan and estimate
tlio cost ot sanitary sewerage to cover
that jiart of the city north of Nichols , west
of 1'iltecnth and ea-t of Eighteenth
streets ; also that imrt ot the city north of
Cuming , west of Eighteenth anil east of
Saunders btreot ; aNo thai part of the city
north of Cumiiig , west of Saunders and
east of James streets , such districts to run
as far norlhas may bo deemed advisable.
Finance and Claims Recommending
licit $77-1.77 , due contractor for grading
Eighteenth street be paid him , and that
tlio board of education ho requested to
repay its share of Iho cost , if7i.5.70.
Same Announcing licit the expenses
of the engineering department of the
city wid bo reduced about the middlu of
next month by2l ! * ) per month. Adopted.
( iradcs and ( iradmg Recommending
the allowance of damages as appraised
on tlic widening of Harnoy Mroot , from
Ninole.cnlh to Twcntielh , the amount bo-
ins ? 5.00. ! } Also recommending for
further consideration the amount as ap-
praiceil on Ninoteen'h ' street , from Far-
nam to Hartley. Adopted.
Fire and Water Works Uecomincnd-
ing the pnrchnso of four horses for the
use of thu tire department. Adopted.
Same Recommending iho pa-ngo of
the ordinance extending the city lire
limits. Adopted.
( jus and electric lights Reporting that
the eandlo power of the street lamps has
been according to oontract ; in relation to
gas consumed through meters the qualify
has hecn of such a miluro that llicrc is
good calico for complaint , and recom
mend that the city attorney cause an in
vestigation ol thu matter in order to keep
the company to tliuir contract. Adopted.
Pa > mg , curling and guttering Recom
mending reference lo the city attorney of
the mutter of issuing bonds to cover Iho
10 percent reserve to the Harbor Asphalt
Paving company , as iho committee- did
not hulievo in the propriety of such action -
tion , Adopted.
Declaring the necesity of con trnctiug
n viaduct along s\teontli : street , over iho
tracks of the Union Paeillo and Burling
ton & Mis.-ciiri railroads , and requiring
the olty engineer lo prepare plans and
speoiliealions thereof , together with the
cMinnttcd coitof bticli work. Passed.
The passage of tlio ordinance wub fol
lowed by a resolution by Sehrocder , in
structing thu board of public works to ad-
vorlieo lor bid ; , for the erection of thu via
duct , to bo of wood and forty-nix feet
wide , thirty feet of which shall bo road
way. Adopted.
Providing for the in.'puction of steam
boilers und'lho examination of engineers
in charge of ( hum. Referred.
Kxtonding the lire limits of Iho city of
Omaha to the blocks Mirroiindiiig the
court hoiiso square. Pitted.
Tlic council then adjourned.
Troulilo in ilio U. l > . KrclRht House A
Knights ol' Ijalnn- Committee ,
For a tlay oreo there have been rumors
of trouble among thu U P. freight house
employes , on account of the action of
Mr. Ouster in laying oil' some of the
older employes. Kvory year at about
tills season there is a blackness of work ,
and one or moreof the Buts of men uro
laid oil'or discharged , Last week some
of thu men -many of whom had been iu
the employ of the company for ycars-
worc laid off. Some of the men wer
allowed to remain atwork , though the ;
Iind not been in the employ of Ihu com
pany for more than trro or three- weeks
nr pnplinji * n 1(1 ( f In lm > ? l\
A reporter who wbnl down to Ihi
freight house to investigate tin
matter ycstmlay talked with !
number of tlic employes , clerk
ami truckmen. No little dis.atis
faction exists among ! hctn on account o
the treatment of the c old and truslct
employes who have been compelled ti
stop work to make way for new men
The Knights of Labor' have taken tin
matter up. and Mondny sent a com
ml t tec of three to wail on Mr. Otislor. n
order to influence that ollieor , if possible
to reinstate the men who had been cu
oil' . The result of the conference , whicl
was n secret one , is not vet known. H i :
understood , however , thai tlie mcollnj !
was fruitless.
"This thing may create trouble'said
one of tin- freight men to the reporter
"though 1 don't think there will bo :
strike. No one will deny that the busi
ness of Hie company is lessal the preseni
limn tlu'ii it iias been through the -mm
HUT and early fall , and coiisequcnlly tht
number of m'en him to be reduced. Hu
what we are kicking against Is that tht
company , instead of laying on" or ills
charging their new ini-ii , has cut olVthi
employes who have served faithfully am
well for years. " '
District Cotti't.
Judge Wakoley was occupied yester
day calling the equity docket. At !
o'clock lie announced himself ready tc
begin the hearing of Rhodes vs. IJ&ta
Judge Neville also had liltlo busim > < ! . <
in the morning. A jury was impanollei
for Bartlett vs. MeCloskuy , but after tlu
paii'1 ! was made theattorneysannouncei
( hat the ease had been compromised.
J. 11. Lonp of Chicago entered suit it
attachment against Henry Ilickman It
recover 5130.7rion account. The plain
tin" al the same limn issues proccs1
against Iho Omaha National bank , Jen
mo A. Forsyth , Thomas Martin , Tribum
Printing company , Tct't , Wcllcr > & Co.
and Charity F. Ilickman , who , ho avers
hold assets of the defendant.
The tli.strict attorney filed information !
against Powell , Iho Florence shooli.-l , foi
murder in the lifsl degree , and against
John Carroll , the man whose bullet was
slopped by his victim's thick skull , foi
assault with intent lo hill.
In two suits uirainst the city by Messrs
Hamilton and liogers for damages bj
the opening and widening of Leaven
worth Mreel a compromise was att'eelci
and the suits settled. The former gentle
man was given $1)00 ) and the latter if I.SOO
The trial of Powell and Latter for murder
dor will not come up until llic next Icrti !
of court.
County Court.
Judge MeCiillooh was busied all morn
ing trying There vs. Ditzen , a suit on a
Lucifer match bill of $7J.
Michael O'llern entered suit against
thu Union Paeilic for $4i > 5 damages. The
petitioner states that on June 5 last he
was working on the Marysvillo & Ultio
River branch of the Union Pacific. On
that day while helping a crew pull up a
whittle post l/y fastening one end of a
rope to the po l and the other to a loco-
molivo , he was struck on the leg by a Hy
ing post and pormanontl.y crippled.
Marriage license was'issueil to Amos
Ciotiuun and Wilhclmi&ti Schmiti' .
United Suites Court.
Tlio jury in the cac of Ihe Xorl'iwit- '
urn Kk-ctric Light company vs. Iho Stale
Insurance company returned tl verdict
for tiio defendant last evening.
Judge Dundy commenced yesterday
the trial of tlio four Denver land
fraud men held heroin custody. .
Tlio TkomaiifEo Mnrriaifc of the Niece
of mi Omulia Man.
Mr. T. N" . Bray , the well known resi
dent of this city lias received a letter
from his niece , now Mrs. Dr. ( Jraham ,
who with her husband is at Aintab , Tur
key , as missionary for Ilio American
Tlio romantic marriage of Miss Klin
Bray to Dr. Graham , brief mention of
which has already appeared in the Iclo-
graph columns of iho HKE look
place last month. The circumstance , as
related by Mr. Bray , arc as follows :
Early last summer Dr. ( Iraham , an es
timable young man and a graduate of
tlio University of Michigan , otic-red his
services to Iho American hoard of mis
sions as a teacher and physician to go to
Theollieois of the Amoiica board were
very glad to gain so valuable a recruit ,
but the young man was unmarried. It
is an inflexible rule of tlio American
board not lo .send .single men lo Ihe mis
sion field * , but tlio services of unmarried
young women arc readily accepted. Dr.
( iruham was urged to proviuo himself
with a wife before tlio timu of sailing ,
Oct.'J. The young man ha In't thought
seriously ot matrimony. lie cor-
tttiiily ' had no speeilio plans
made. Ho did , however , nrnko
an earnest search for a wife during the
few week's inlorim. The details of his
search no one knows but himself. At all
events , Ihe time for his departure came
and ho was still wifeless. The American
board declined to employ him , and he
decided to go at Ins own expense. lie
selected Aintab , Turkey , as his Held of
labor He sailed from New York with
thu rest of the party. Among his fellow
missionaries was Miss Lfla Bray ,
a young woman of 'ilt years , of
great attraction of mini ! and pcisor. . ,
who for -oinc time had brcn a loachtir in
Mounl llohoHc seminary. She was as-
eigncd lo Adana , Turkey. A mutual
ait.iclnmmt sprang up between Dr. lira-
hum and Miss Bray in the course of Iho
voyage. The romance culminated in ihu
marriage of the couple ut.ConstantinopIc
on the inst. Dr. ( iraham has been
formally commissioned by the American
In thoktlor rccoivod l y Mr. Bray from
his niccu , she nays that slio is in good
good health and spirits , her marriage
seemingly having turned out as happy as
it was roi'nantio. Mrs. < ! raliain says that
the vessel on which sliu and Dr. tiraham
mailed made the \oyago t-afely , tliougji
thu next ship , which c.ontai'n'l ' all their
household goodn and Dr. ( lYaham'N in
struments , went down in a storm. Both
hlio and her husband ave now al Ainiah ,
Turkey. Trpxnv.
Oinalia Mtliograplilng Comjxiny IJn-
dcr > loft/iij ; < ' ( Jarrubrunt Vt Cole.
The Omaha Lithographing and Sta
tionary company yesterday gave n
ohattel mortgage to Richard S. Hall to
secure him upon his endorseinenl of
their note to the Merchants' National
bank for $1,500. The company consists
of J J. Cummgs and Eilward Huvmaitor ,
and is located on Fourteenth .street be
tween Douglas and Dodgo. It seems
that the ail'airs of the cituccrn havu been
in bad sliapo for a few weeks past and
tlio proprietors have been unable to pay
olV their men. Lasl Saturday Iho two
engravers ami tlio steam pressman
knocked on"work. . Cumings and his
partner , thus compelled to do somthing
for salvation , have taken the steps
leading tu the above mortgage to-ucuro
funds ,
Ciarrnbrutit & Cole , Ilie wholciialo to-
sl-ul up Mwi l.i , > b > tl
444\ \ NOW 444\ \
We have received this week a One liue of Merchant Tailoring Clothing from
the leading merchant Hilnr.s throughout thr > country , As It hns been a dull season
with merchant tailors , it was a gold mine foi the
1119 Farnam Street ,
The mill season enabled u. to buy them regardless of price and wo w.1. .
them for less than what the raw material cost ,
1119 Farnam Street ,
Ofl'ors you the following inducements : Lsitost style ? and elegant garmnnls in SMI ?
and Satin Lined Suits ami Overcoats , rendering a most opportune chance to sooui'o
a bargain.
Suits. Overcoats.
SiiO custom made suit for S30.03 S0."i ctiitoni made overcoat for 11.0
S.'ii ) custom nmde suil for ? ; i' ' < 0 $50 custom made ovcriM it for S'fi 5)
S-n custom made overoj it for 3it. ) )
S40 custom uiailj ovoiejat for Sn.O
hoO custom made sull fur Stt.03 's i custom mult ) ovoroodt for SIJ.J )
t-UTi custom made suit for
iSO custom made suit for
S'lOeusUiia m.tdc ovcriiott for 3i" > .00
SoOaiislu.n itfjdcovurcoit for SiJ.O )
Pants. S20custom uule : OAorcoat for SIB. ) )
S-0 custom made overcoat for SU. )
S40 custom made nUturctlu SKO )
Slfi custom made pants for . 5 S.CU
SKI snstiini made ] iniils for . S T.UU SHO eustoni inailn ulsterelt.1 511.10
SlOunstom made pants tor . * . ' .no S33 custom niailu ulsti-reUi' SIO.J
SS custom made pnuts lor . S1.50 .H custom m.ule tilst-n'tto $ * . ) ' *
SO custom made pants tor . S : s. " > 0 Itccollect every gannoiU bejrj the naau oc
55 cuslom made I'ant.s for . $ 'i. 23 Iho tailor.
United States National bank on a ! ? IOOflO
mortgage , remaiuod elojod to-day. Air.
Ciarrabrant was _ approached to-day for
fjoino facts and figures on the situation
but ho declined to make any statements
until the exact facts were readied. Hu
said , however , that the linn was corresponding
pending with its creditors lo secure more
lime , and expressed tlic hope that the
present troubles could bo tided over.
The failure is due lo several small disas
ters to dealers in ( he country and the
general dilliculty to collect outstanding
A N'ewCiUtlo Konitfo for which Won-
tiers nrt : Claimed.
An English gentleman , Mr. lliggin-
bollom , who is well known among west
ern cattle men , 19 interesting himself in
a new live slock forage , for which ho
claims an excellence that no native grass
nor food plant can approach. It is the
Caucasian prickly comfrey ( symphitum
asperimum ) .
This forage plant , introduced into Eng
land several years hiiiee , is rapidly in
creasing in favor , proving a very valua
ble plant for giving a supply ot green
food in hot and dry seasons. The long
roots , which penetrate a great distance
into tlio ground , eiiablo "it to obtain
moisture beyond iho reach ol ordinary
planiK. It will succeed in almost any
soij , ljut ' ° ' especially valuable when cul
tivated on land of a dry and sandy na
ture , Itdoos well on loam. It is very
hardy , withstands frosts , gives an early
cutting , supplies a constant succession
of green food , timl when once planted is
U is much relished by all kinds of
stock , either cut up and mixed with I
chair or separately. For milch cows it is
most valuable- , greatly increasing thu
quantity of milk , and is also readjly con
sumed by domestic poultry. It is culti
vated bv dividing the roots , every parti
cle of wliicli will grow , and early spring
is the best sua n lor planting. It is very
important to keep the ground clean and
free from wceiN. When Iho leaves have
grown eighteen to twonty-four inches
they should bo out and given to the stock
in a fresh , green condition.
In about six weeks a pucnnd cutting
will be ready and n succession of cut
tings may bo obtained through llic sum
mer and autumn. It i.s cultivated for
ono or two heavy outlings. The .stums
should bo allowed to grow to the height
of four or live feet , and il may then bo
otil with an ordinary hook , lied up in
bundles and convoyed to the homestead
as required. Couilroy may bo depended
upon to give three cuttings a year , eacli
cutting varying from 1 1 to : . ' 0 tons to iho
acre , according to the season.
It is a remarkably valuable plant for
horses and young stock , and it will fat
ten pigs anil produce splendid pork
without any other food. It is a grand
plant to mix with other fodders for the
silo.Mr. . Higglnbottom will gladly give any
information needed as to procuring
plants , mode of planting , etc. , uy apply
ing to him at Omaha until the second
week in January , whun ho leaves fyr the
Kvqnts ,
All arrangements have been eomplolcd
for the six round soft glove mill between
1'al Mahoney of Io-ton ! and Mike Hitchlo
of Soulii Omaha , which lakes plueo at
the fekating rink Saturday night next.
Both men are in good condition and
training hard , and it i * probable that the
mceiingwill bo an inlurcating ono. On
thu same night and at the samu place ,
KO--S and llourihan will run u ton mile
Kqitee/nil liy tlioCurs.
A Union 1'acilio brakcman , named
Darnel ) , while coupling cars last evening -
ing , was caught between the bumpers
and badly Mpicizcd. His collarbone
Was broken and his chest badly brui.-t d
Hu was taken to M Jovph's hospital
and Dr. Galbruith M. annum .1 in ntu-nd
An inspection by connoisseurs or others contemplating purchases will convincetlicul
that they can save from 10 to i" ) j > er cent , by inaklntc their purchases direct fiom Import era
basides having by far the largest and iniest stock in the ' .Vest to select from.
Oiirdirpct imr-oitationsof FHEXC11 CLOCKS , UltUN'/KS , All'SlO BOXKS , Ol'KHA
GLASSKS , Ktc. , .mil ART ( lOODS trom I'AKIS , VIK.NXA , uml other leadliu ; marl.cto , ex
ceed the combined blocks of all Other Omaha jewelers.
Our stock of WATCHKS , .JEWKLin , .SlLVKJltt'AKK , Kto. , elands without a rival ! a
this city in point of clc aiK'c and \aiiety , and all at
ALL OOODS MAHKED IN PLAIN IfltillUKS. 15i > sam to consult your interest by
ul stock before imrclwin. , ' .
An Kurly Inspection Invited.
Slall and Telegraphic Orders Will Iteeelvo Prompt Attention.
Cor. .11 fit , find Farnam Sts , , , Neb.
anon. Darnell had been on the sick Hsl
for heveral week , and returning to work
last evening , within ten minutes ho mot
with the accident.
At a meeting held Monday night in ( lor-
mania hull the Omaha Turn Vcrein
elected Iho following oilicor.s for the
ensuing year :
( 'resident , Clm.s. 1C. Burnici-ilcr ; vice
president , Henry llaubons ; > ncretar.1i .
11 , firobo. second secretary , Itobi-rt
Klein ; treasurer , Chas. Met/ ; turn wir-
den , _ Iloht. Koicn/.wcigj t-ecoml turn
warden , Win. Schullx. ; eiig wiudon ,
Kmil Stein ; librarian , I1' . Itrandes.
Trustees Phillip Andres. C. C. Schaeffer -
fer , John Baunier , and O. I' . Spcltnan.
Ilroke HIM Arm ,
Valentino Cjcn/.lur , an old man living
in tlie family of Fred Schmidt , saloonisl
on south Tenth street , .slipped on the Icy
walk in front of Krug's hall Monday night
a nrt in falling broke his right arm near
reduced tinfrac -
tlio wrist. Dr. Darrow
luru whicli , owimr to the .sull'orer'e age ,
was very ] iainful.
The messenger boy * of the A. D. T.
Bur\loo , have been pro\ided with now
caps , of navy blue cloth , with Hal tops.
nu : 3 = = 2 T a-a. :
l'll'/l lllfToa Of TUB
Omaha Medical and Surgical
Chronic and Surgical DlGonooa.
Drfurnillli'K , IHoi-ai-cx nl' U'niilrii , I'rtvilr
Diiinsci * , I'llcB , Cil : ilrli , DikriiHt'H ol Ilio
I IIIIIJK , I.ivrr , l-ildnc\ , , I ludil , M.1.1 ,
Moiiiiifli , NrrvcH , l\i , > anil I .tr ,
rietid for Jlf ik upon nil < ll i-i free lluoni ? ami
lluiucl for 1 iillin H , ! ' !
f'H ' I'lilNifKl'ECUI. ! . lilld J > ' UMitH ] ) lrl > ( > . S tu
lii .1 W aLiivBo , KbcrnitUoiiUaHy : ! h It" . < i ' ' .
"irlctunar | . ocilr , Hiiduli J i - M-mr tlie I mi-
OIK ) H , > unj iiryunn. Cttci irmlcii I y inina-
liomlrnrr , ni | icrraiially. I'mill'lnitinl 5fidlrinv
rent by ma 1 1 1 ejin- | llliout iuurl > Iu
cuuiciita or renter.
llutlurlm , InliHlei-K , llrarrN , TMIBFCH , nntl
ill klnd-i i f J'cdkai ' ni.d h-ur lcul App lui c < r , muu-
ufaclurcd anil for vnle. AiMn-K nil letters tu
lr ) OMAHA Mriucii , A--II fimiM N-TITITR ,
lutb ' t , Cur. Cjiiitot Aveu v , oj--u. .11.1 , .
Prof. 1' . M Steinhanson , well and fav-
orbly known hi-ro as tlio director of the
grand orchestra at Iho Haenwn'fcKl four
years a ; o has been onijajjed liy .Mr. Jnlinn
.Nleyer lo take the leadership ol thu Musi
cal Union orcheitra. Tlic jirofcs.sor will
rcmovo here with his family at oiuu. :
Ah ? outoly ! Pure.
Tlila powilormirr > nrloi. A mnrvol fit i > uf
ly.ftrtimrtli uiiil Mlinlowiiiio < Mnro eeoiiom
uilUmii ili'HinlHino ' khiils , ' " ' nuimt lie < ) '
Inciiiiin-llllnii wllli iho mil 'il < irli of loir ton * .
Hiort wnmhi. uliini . .1iilin i'iniv ' pnwilnif. < ) ' *
imlv In euiH. It-jut lluktiiH 1'owJcr CO , 10
Wnlltr N V
OVE17 400,0003m. . IN USE.