Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 16, 1885, Page 7, Image 7

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    THE OAIAfTA DATTA BEE , WlflDNNbDAY1 , DUJUMlMBEll 10 , 1885.
frrp Protn Opiate ? , Emetics anil Poison.
noli forUee > tprei pjrpo e
erglvinglmmcdUle rellelln
ll chronic , urmirx nd ptl >
v to dlttaio. Oonorrliocn ,
OlcetandSxphitl * In nil their
campllcaud farms , alto all
diseostB of the Skin nd
Dlovd promptly relieved and
permanentlycured bjrrcme-
_ _ . , \Hpimal \ 1'rartlrr , Semln l
liplit Ix txiby Dreams , Plmplei on
tlie Tace , L < t Manhood , j.Mf'nvli/ctirrrt. JTirra
itnotfitfirinimllnn , Tlio appropriate remedy
u at once used In each cate , Consultatljna , per-
onai or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icine * gent by Mall and ExpreM. No marki on
package to Indicate contents or sender. Address
OR. MMES.No. 204Washngton ! SI.ChicagoIIL
Bio t Uiiii'i * Ii n iny otb r Ph ilelaa luS
kl rltr pfcpM haw KttiA II oM r .l Jpal , iliftw
Nervous I'rattration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Altec.
lion j ol Throit , Ski nor Uonos , Blood Poisoning ,
old Sorts nnd Ulcers , > re ttovi wiiii oDrtn > i ! i i n on ltt * t trl.nttas ptirirlulcrf H fl , PrlT llj.
Dlscnacs Arising Irom Inillscrcilon , Excels ,
Exposure Or InilulgenCO , wb > e * . | roju lorn * at till
rallunli f rti cti iittfoutDtii , debltltj dliunen or light
kDdritrr- I rpRitu > r7 , ptm | toi on ta f'e lirl-l < lcif
.vertlontpttn ivrlrtfnr rfmalc * . onitfuitot or IdeM , ( Ie ,
rendering Mnrrlaeo impropoi' or unhappy , f *
r'rmsut'tH ) rti1 1'umptilvt tG ( jtgtji on th * nbftrc I9nt
Innftl l enT 'oi ' rr fto nf addi M Ooniu itleablof *
Ocpor I j mnll f > r < > InTUelniidll l nj f arlilcoll l
A Poslllvo Written Guarantee cir u rr .
Sflo rAaR3 , yiuK PLATOA , ifisat cloth mi ? \ \ \
bloilli i. , irftleil f .r BOfln \ ) --i aor oi r ui r. Orer fUlr
tfo'iJeiri.1 pin i tiinrcv.tiu * t life , rtleU4ontharollawtaif
ubjceli wl 0 innv Htm rj * "lunot , wtiy manhool , valuta-
loud | bflWul ( Icf f f BffU orellnt j ADleXCft * ! ! tllf phj { .
lol * per rfpro J ' "n * D 1 rotrtf m if * rit < * i tnirrlcl of
C r fbd Utit K "i < t 1 rn.ilt P-P\ _ * fltto0 !
Nebraska National Bank
PAID UP rXvnAi . . . s.r > iooo,0)
hlill'l I'M , .Mfiv 1. lNS- . . . 3rOW.OJ
H. W YAIF. * , frc iilnnt.
A 1'j 'lorv.Aiiv , Vii'c I'rcsklint.
\V. II S Iluoni > , C-ishici' .
' " T °
W V. MOIWE , JOHN S ror.uv : ?
UV Y\n * , Lr.wi-jS.Ui.Ki > ,
, A K TOI'/MIV ' ,
> Co. I-lli utiJ Kurimtn Streets.
Oonarnl JIinkliiK lluslnu&t Truniiicloil.
A UNI : IJKK oi-
The OrlKJnnl nnd Only Genuine.
Pif anlftlvd/i lull * * . ) * Il.v roorw ( rhlf-M Iinluilonl
lujl.i.n , . ! . ! . u LADIE3. A.U . "it Uruaul't 1
* t'ulehrwlrr r HictUn * fll tlk ) atlr ur lou > ct 4
( ( m | , | tw oi r r fkrltrdUn in Iftttr bf rrftirn M ll.
NAME PAPER. ClilchrMrr thrml < - l Co. .
\UilUunNqllnrr , I'lillailn. . ! * . 1 rude "ifllM br rulltr .t fullrl
Co. . ( Jhli-nro. III.
I llaro a poaltlvo reino It fur lln sbor * 4U ( > * Bt , b III
/ vie tinaiRnlA o t r e i of Ilia nnt kind AM of lone
tMbdluHtioTob ncurrd Itiiloo 1-nmuneli rorfillh
Inltifinictrr tlmt I ol 1 iimilTMO KlfTILKi fuitn.
loettUor it lib B VA I.IU III IITKK 4TI92 ou lull dlltu *
t 4iy aff r r CIl a < xpr f nit I' O ddr n
> B T. A SJ.OOUU lll- . il l N.ifVrJ
Tiir.Asmv nt :
Orriop OKI > iiTiioi 11 n of nih t uiiui'r\
\ \ -HIM a is , Ducnmhcr 1U , 1M.
Wlinitl'AS by i > ttlifiictory ovldonto pro-
Hontnl to Iho has broil
tnadiMonp a rthut ThnOinahii Nut'onul ' Ihuilc ,
in Ihodiy 01 Oninhn In tliofonnty of Douelns ,
iinilHlntooi Nuhniihit. has compiled with nil iho
or t nt ) art of uoriirri'Mi to onahln Nil-
niiii | | Ilnikliu' As-inc'iatlont lo uitoml tholr
I tf'jfpnciiu * I'xhtcnui nml lor ntlmr pnrposea ,
ipiirovodltily lath , li-ic .
Now , tlicirroru , I , Hiitur W. t'niinon , comp-
trolhtrot thooiirrrncy.ilo liorchy rorllfy thai
rlbo Oninhn Nntlonnl Ilank , In tliolty of
D nnliH. In tliotiinnty ot IOII ) | HP , nnd stntoot
Kiibni' i. ) H niitliorkiHl lo Iin\omius4toii for
tln > poilod spcciliixl In Its I'liHinilcd nrtlvlosof
MMwIntlon , imiiii ly , until cm u of bualno on
In toHtltuoii ) uln'uof wllnoai mr hand nnil sciil
, " i of olllco this liitli ilHt ot lUvniuber ,
J NFAl , . J Itttf. U W , ( A > NI\ ,
1 . Poinptrolliu- the Uurrmcr ,
No. Itp.11.
, * Or Uii-il.liiiior ilnbil , 1'ixilitrlj
i'iir < > il Ity AiliiilnlHlrriii I r.
ltiiln ( > ' Uolilrn SpccUlr.
It CRII ln-KlvPn In a cup of ion > our leu wllljont
tbBknnwIi'.lgcof thBin-rson t UlriltlHaljiiuliiU'ly |
j iiunnllw , nml will pffe .l a permanent ttnd spcody
1 ciirH , wliPilitr lh patlont U a inodomto drinker or
kn nlculiulUi wri'fkIi li i broil sUcn In lliou.
iniiili of < mi i , and In f Vary ImUncf a poriYtt euro
liHifi > luwi-it | n nrrnr full * . 'Itin nyHti > mniro
iiiiiri | > simtpi | with tiie Hpeolnc , It hccomc * an ullcr
liiUKivflLllity ( or lliu liquor apputllo loc'ilil
roii bvi.i ; nv POM.UWINH nuuaoisTS :
KHUN V CO. , Tor. l.tlli nnil Doualai. . nnd
ISIIi iV C.'umliiK MN | , Oninliu , .NeU. <
A. O. VUMTKll A ! 1IHO. .
Connrll ItlatPi , lotrn.
Cntlnrnrllf for pumiililoi ronli\lnlriK lunulrnla
of tfxtlniuidil9 IronilhKbiut * vuuien anil uirufroiu
All ( injunt llinrounuy.
General Insurance Agent
l honlx liu urnico ) Co , Ixjii.lon . , Cruli
Asnt t . , f
\Tuicli 4t rN V.Amots
Oloim KiUU , Assotw . . . .
I.Irani 1'iru , riilliuk-lplils , Assou . U ,
iNtw llaniiulilre Ciuh Art > < -l . I.UIU.OOJ
Magnolia Balm
Is a setrot aid to beauty.
Many a ladj'owes herfresh-
I- , Ilipss to itwho would rather
'not ' tell , and jwcan't tell ,
Interesting De criplion of tha Costliest
Beaictanoe in America ,
Thp'Cotnl Cost , Incttullng Kiiriiittiro ,
Is Snlil to Hnvn Hccn Tlirco
Million * .
riie hniMmjfof n Inuse oomtnensurato
tvilh liis wealth was , sayi the 5lcw York
World , one of iho projects of Mr. Van-
li'rhllt'4 Intnr life. The block nn the
west sldi * of Fifth 'ivcnuo , between Fifty.
lir t nnil Fifty < onnJ slroot" , wa * so-
cutcil , : uiJ tlitrp for ni'.irly three yom :
Imndroih of artisans wcro busy putting
up ii double mansion. Ono portion of
tli Ritvit liov-llko stnictnruvm intctuiod
ni IIH icsiilciiro , while the northern jnrt :
was given to his hvo tlanglilors. Mi *
Sloan and Mrs Shcpiud , : H a reaiileucu
Hit1 honm is n simple of th ( Sreck re-
nniss.inrt * , in blown stone. The south
section , occupied by Mr Vautlorbilt , is
84xllii feet and four stones in liolglit
There is a wen 1th of t'arvlnj ; at vaiioits
points. Tins house ii onteied through a
central corridor , with floor of mosaic
nnil walls of ninrblo The doors to tlm
riylit and left aru bron/.e copies of the
( Jhiberti K.ites at I'loiuncp and cost $ i ( ) .
OUO Thiee liron/o doors open from the
vestibule of the V.inderbilt hoiiju proper
two into reception room , one into the *
mum Itall.
The ball e\tends the full length of the
house Eight red marble piil.u.s with
with broncd canilds support p-ilk'tics on
each llooi whicii lead to ( lie
rooms It it lighted by ninu l.irge windows
dews Tlm n.ill" are w.iinsuoteil with
enrvpil Lujrlitli oak , twelve feet higli ,
and opposite the rnlrancu is n mantel-
jiieee of led matblc and bron/e It
re-iclies to the tit-si gallery , and on
o.ieh Mido two hfo-si/e female ligniesin
high u'hef Tin * iloor to tlio east of tlm
lull opi us on the drawing room 'I ho
w.illi are co\er d with can-i'd wood-
woik inlaid with mother of-pearl , and
the panels are hung * , vilh pale-red velvet.
on winch nioeuibroideiiosot flowers and
iolingo. At tin side of o.tdi dour ure eel
ninns of oujx with bron/e capital- , , bearing -
ing vases ol stained { 'hiss and ( .histuis of
ligiits In the corneis .110 otliei clu ti rs ,
upheld by tnnvtlo figures of solid piher
The ei ilmg IT of blue and gold , but will
eventually be covered by paintings l > i
( talhuul 'Ihu dimensions of the mom
aroi"i\H ! ! feet CJilded and car\ed sluimg
doors drapid with rieh curtains give ao-
< < > < " ) on the ninth to tlio library , and on
the .south to tliii Japanese puvlor In the
liurary thr book ca us , mantels , and
doois are of rosewood , inlaid with moth-
or-of peail and brn > s Tlic ceiling is set
with panels containing small srpiuio mir
rors The ( liinen.sions ot the library lire
ITv'fi feet A door on the west opens on
Mi Yntnloi hilt's pn\ate rocoptton-toom
where the walls are wainscoted will
mating in v , and abo\e that covered will
atMiiiped leatliei
In the Japanese pallor the ceiling ! oi
biniboo , pncKed out with red , green am'
yellow lacquer work A low toned In
pcitry of Japane ie uncut velvet in cmi
oils dosunis cover * the wall- , and the fin
iiituru. The lower uait of the walls ur-
Inden by a fantastic minuet , with iiinu
morable pigeon holes , shelvorf and oni )
boaids At various point * are biou/.o
panels , picked out in gold mid Mhoi
The dimeiibioiifa are the biuno as Hie li
To the west is the dining room , 28 feet
wide bv i7 ! teet long It is wainscoted
in English oak , and above , supported or
brackets , aio filass faced cases holding
the silver , poicclam and glass. Tin ,
gilded panel * of the arched ceilings art
tilled with carvings of frnit anil foliage
and the spaces with paintings of hunting
fipono3 by Luminais , of P.ina The fur
niture Is of English oak with brass oina
menls , and covered with stumped leather.
I'liR gteat picture gillur , ) is to the
wcsi of the main hall , and oouiipic * the
entire rear of the building. Tlu dinien-
sioiiH uiii 'Ufent by < I8 The ceiliug is ! 13
feet high and is ehielly formed ot a sky
light in opal'-sonnt and tinted glais ,
leaded in quaint dodigns. A nioiiummita
mantlepiece of led Alncan maile ) , with
eono of blaelc mosaio work , occupies the
western wall. The woodwork of the
loom is blaok oak , with San Domingo
mahogany for the uaryntidur , and pilas
ters. The iloor is inlaid with the sanui
mahogany , and boidered with a mosaic
ot Sienna and black marble in the ; Pom
peimn style The walls above the w lins
noting are covered witha dark-led tapes
try , to feet oil' the piotuics Over the
doors on the north , cast , and south sides
are balconies conneptmg with the ru'uom
htory of the house The oneon th
south opens into the conservatory The
gallery has n separate from
rifty-lirf > t street , and the vestibule is en
tirely -Iloor , walls and ceilings of mar
ble mosaic work made in Venice North
of the gallery is the aquarelle loom
This i linished in Circassian walnut ,
Mnrrlsh style , touched here and there
with bright colors.
To the right us one enters the main
hall is the wldn stairca < o with nron/.e
banisters The liml landing opuus on a
u gallery which ruin around the aqua-
lollu room , On the second floor , the
room in the northeast corner is the fam
ily narlor It Is finished in ebony , inlaid
with iv > ry The walls aio covoied with
a dark blue silk brocade , and the coiling
is divided in small panels , with paint
ings ot ehildron at play. The noU room
on Fifth avenue is Airs. Vandorbilt's
bed-room , furnished by Alaid , of Paris.
The walls nro of white mtirlde hung
with silk , mid the ooillng is covered with
the paintinir , "Awakening of Aurora , "
by Lefobv re The fiio/o is of io-ewood ,
and mahogany The loom is twenty siv
feutsqnaie. Mr Vandorbill's room , ad
joining , is llniHhed with rosewood , inlnid
with Mtinwood. His dressing room Is
wainscoted eight feet feet high in pins ?
opalescent tiles of blue , gold and ttilvor
tints , and gihled on the backs , Tim
bath tubs and basins aru of mahogany
and silver , and mo concealed by sliding
njute-ghiss minors The largo room on
Filty-lirst street Is a library , mtod UP in
mahogany and Mampcd leather The
bddioom intended lor Mi > s Lelia , now
Mis. Webb , is titled with rosewood , in
laid with mother of pearl The mirrors
are painted with an imitation of lace
work through which chlldion'b heads
peep ,
Uetwccn six bundled and . seven
hundred men were employed tor n jour
and a half on the inteiior decorations
bixty ocnlptors were brought hero from
Europe and kept at work tor two years.
The total cost , including the furniture , is
sahl to have been . . .
The mansion was tin own open ( o a
housuwarming in January , 188i , and it
was Hindu the oeoiit-iou ot the first public
leceptio-j of Mr ami Mrs Snwaul Webb ,
who were but recently married and had
just returned from their wedding trip
The famous pictures owned by Mr.
Vanderbilt aggregate about 11,500,000 in
value , and form probably the most com
plete collection of works representing
the modern ait of Franco in thn worhF
Millet ia mprcisentod by five pnini ings ;
Coiothy several ! Diaz by"blindman's
butlV "The bathers , " and one Oiicntal
bocnoiiTiili's Duprc l y two works.a wooil-
land and n river view ; Tryon by three
cattle pieces , Houssean by several landscapes -
scapes ; Danblgny by a line river view ,
/.elm , clnys , and Fromentln tire
well represented llongunreau has a
notable work , "Tho Goou Sister , " from
the Johnston collection ; Ueromo , "The
.Sword Jnnoe ; ' Vlborl , " 1'orblddon
Hookn ; " Juliu * rsitoa ( "A IVssant
Kdnnn" ! Pr < re
or , luvn i-ttcli nlmrnpU'H'Hf1aninln'i ,
Atinn I'ndrma hn a classie seoun. The
Entrance of the I'linatto , " Jlidr 7o. "A
Ma q eradi Hill " U tiillo , econo in thr-
Franco-Prussian vvnv. Villeffis , "A Uoyal
Christening ; " roUun.v. "A Dance of
Arabs , ' Van Mareke , a cattle piece , L
Mnllcr. "Orii ntil M-ukot , " l.eloir ,
' ( { ame of ( "ht'ss'1 and 'An Arti t Studio
die , ' Mtis-ouli-r , a portnit of Mr Van-
dei bill , ami > cral other nMimiile * ,
Snmacoi" , "The King' ! rn\onfi % . " I5o .i
lionlitur , "A Hunting Scene , " Munkuc-
sv. nn intrrini with figuie" , Kn in , "A
Village Fete , " Dclacrois a battle piep i
A ' MailmntiV ' IjORiu-y. | i
The Herald'fl.re1 e\cl umod u inmi
in the homel > garb of a meclianic to
Kichelieu , prime ininister of Fraeo , as he
was entering his pulire. "feire. 1 Inve
" madu a Uncovciry which shall make
" rich md gictt the nation which shall
" develop it "sire , will jou give me an
' audience'
Kiehcheu , constantly impoituned
finally ordered the "madman" imprU
oned Even in jail he did not desist from
declaring his "delusion , " which one day
attracted ! he attention of a P.ritish noble
man , who heard Je t'nusostory , and
developed Ins discovery of stenni power'
All great disoovoiiei ro at first iloii-
Seven years n o a limn yet under aj o ,
AMI idled by a business which covered the
continent , found himself suddenly
stricken down When hi * physician"
s ud recovery was impossible , lie used anew
now discovery , which , like all udvtinee *
in si ienee , had been opposed bittcilv by
the schoolmen ls'o.verlliolo-s , it cmed
him , ind out of gratitude theiefor he
consecrated a part of his wealth to
the spieading of Ms inenU before
the world .Such in brief i.s the history ol
Warner's safe curn , which has won , ao
cording In the testimony of eminent pet-
sons , the most deserved imputation over
aecoided to any known compound , and
which is linaliy winning on its int-nU
alone the approval of the most conserva
tive practitioners Its fame now belt- the
globe , _
1'lie Diamond 7ttnrU > l.
Chicago News"No one will siilVer
vci.v much for want of diamonds in any
condition of ti ulo , but pool l- > who would
like to get in on a low nun M t have not
much tune to spare , " said John Spirks.
Sparks h.i- > ; v habit ot walking mound
town will' ? iOOi ) ( ) woith ot dinniomU on
his pet son all the time. He i * in the bus-
incru , and a good deal of his slock lie
carries in a big Iculher poitfolio , the
diamond- , being wiapped up in little pin-
eels , which aio not unlike in appcaramc
the white wrapping of a seidlit/ powder
" \\lutwillpioduuolhisrisu \ in values
that yon anticipate1" ' a Daily News reporter -
porter asked him
' In the In,1 place , thn time has come
foi a reaction , which will follow natural
ly upon the appeal ancn ol good tunes
iigain Diamonds have been down long
enough , and it is time for them to go up
again There is anotlur lea-on , which
is that this market is about lolieved ot a
vciy laige qnantiy of stone- , that Wie (
unloaded upon it by people who bought
in Europe lor specul ition , but lonnd
when thej arrived heie tint they would
have to let then good" go for what they
would bring Foi : i lon time the pi ices
of diamonds have been kept down heio
bjr such operations , but the o who in- ,
dulgud in them seem to have giown tired
of a losing- job , and puces aio gradually
working back to vvheie they should be '
"How is ( he holiday trade in th'iso
.stones1' "
"It lus opened tip very faiilv and I
believe it will 1 e. bettei th in it Iris been
for some vcais. Tim boy * h W ! made
some money during the fall , and a shaic
of it i" going into u.amonds
"Is Chicago a good market1- '
"Thero isn't any hotter in the country ,
quautity and quality oonsiderod. Theie
aio pioiiably IIH itiniij fine stones owned
in this oity as in any place in the United
States ( iciieially the trade heio is ex
acting , but it , pays to cultivate it , as buy
ers , while ttioy want genu to brag on ,
aieilhng to | ) iit up the 11101113 for
them '
"Isn't it difficult to identify even a
veiy valuable stone after it has been
stolen and removed tioiu the f-oltmg * "
"Not at all To nn oxcil | overv diamond
mend lias H * marked an individuality a >
every man or woman has , and like men
and women , no two stones aie exactly
alike , nor will anv two weigii jiifat the
same , as a rule No stoni * wiM ever out
without having some points about it that ,
it thuy arc closely studied , will seivoto
identity it under any ciiciimst.ince.s
Why , alter I have made the acquaint
ance of u stone I could go on the stand
and sweai to it with as much certainty
n- : 1 nould the idnntiry ot my nnaiest
ft lend It is beeausi ) of this iiioaiih of
identifying stones that it is a woik of
eompaiative case to liaoo any line din
inond when it is stolen. However it- netting
ting nin : , be changed , its individual po-
culiaiitics cannotue altered "
"Does the supply from the diamond
mines keep pnoo with the demand ? "
"Tho supply ran uhca'lof tlicdomand
for awlnh ) after the discoveiy ot the
African fields , hut thine has not recently
boon an excess production , The simply
isceitain to full short in u few jours ,
The African fluids thai mo really pio-
dnetivo arc not moie than eight acios in
extent , and they uro pretty well exhaust
ed. It is true that the deiqior the mines
are sunk the liner stones they find , but
the quantity has fallen greatly is
not furnishing more than $ > 00COJ worth
ot stones 3carl > , and wo scaicoly evm
get anything tiom India anymore. Jt
will 1)0 with tin ) diamond mines as it was
with the Nevada gold and silver mines-
bottom will drop out of thchi lOine linn
morning , and the visible supply will de
crease so rapidly as to take 3 our breath
away. "
"Yon don't ' believe they- will give out
lor sonio j-i'iirfi j' t , ilo jouv"
" 'J'hoyaro near their end , but how near
1 would not say T.ike my word foi it ,
diamonds would bo less common in tint
next live years than they have during
the lust live. There is more money in
tliom , to buy them to hold , this ininulu
than tlioio is inujal estate "
\Vortli Knowing.
Tlntl Alloouk'M aru Hut only gonuioii *
porous piaster * )
That all other so-palled porous plasters
nro imitations
That tliuiriiiakiira only got them up lo
poll on the uiputation of AllcookV ) .
That all to called improvements nml
now Ingiodionts are humbug : ) .
That no ono hub over m.ulo an im
provement on Allcook's 1'orous Plasters.
That wlion ton buy AllcockS Porous
plaMors yon obt.tiu the best plaster *
Calarrli ii a conMltutionnl dlsoucs.
llood'n S.n .iparilla is u constitutional
ivini'dy. It cured catarrh , ( iivo it a
Iiociil Intolllui'iioo ,
A vounpj lawyer who had recently boon
admitted to the bar at San Antonio , came
to.Jnilgo Noonan for advico.
"I want to ask your advieo judge , about
a very Important muttur. "
" \Vell , what la it , Timothy ? "
"Lawyer Howl Iras boon tolling every
body that I am u donkey. Don't 3011 think
1 Plight to light him , or eue him for iLiui-
agi si"
"i'on say ho called you a donkey ? "
"Vcs "
"Then light him by all moans. If you
sue him ho will prove it on you. "
JAMIOfi PVhlJ'S J'KAUMNH ha * be
come rui-okjiii/.ttl as the U t wa-sliing
itlon over invuntwl. It has ivllcml wush
lay of the old wear nnd tear , nnil c
the dUilnt tnlirlc without injuiluj ; it ,
An Uvporlrnp'oOTPI - to be Tor-
fifirdnn Cunimiiig and in.iny other ele
phant hunters havu given acconnLs of the
manner in wliiuh an enraged elephant
makes u charge , hud to judge from the
numerous natratlves , the expeiiencois
one never to bo forgotten A graphic
dc.sciiption of .4u ineulunt during a liunt
in an Indian jimijlu sho\vs that even the
female elephant is not lo be hitlod with.
"The moment of danger . hunting a
danguiou is when it charges the
hunttr , at vvhuli time nothing bnltlie
hunter's steadiness nml presencn of mind
can save Ins lifo Jt is enough to make
: uiv man shuddif and turn pale to see an
infill mtod bear , bison , tiger oi wild ele
phant rushing down upon him to tear
mm in pieces or crush him to n jolly
Then the ritle must not ni ! s lire , nor the
bullet fail to do its work in time. The
charge must bo stopped , or the hunter
goes do'vn ' It is n verydifllcult matter
to kill nn elephant in the net
charging , but a Well planted shot
will turn him aside and
luiiko him glad lo run away On that
purtioulai day * mv gang ami I trumped
about live horns tiiiongli a drilling r iin ,
ami linall.v oveitook a herd of elephants ,
which wo found to our disappointment
oonl uned no tuskers at all , only females
Mild young mules Ono of thn females ,
howoyei , find a euto little calf by her
ide , in which I soon boo-une deeply in
terested Ho wns n cunning little ras
cal , only about three foot high , us do-
muirt and coinoi > ueiuinl as any pigmy
could TV oil bo , and hiding safely behind
a huge tree , 1 watched his movements
for some lime Ho wandered all around
his colossi old mother , who caio-vicd
liini oociusiotitilly with her trunk , tvinl oc
casionally ho stood diioctly under hoi
body , swinging his llttlo tail and trunk
from rmlo to side just as naturally as Iho
older clephanls. A wild elephant is never
still a 11101110111 when avvuku , swini ; ! ! ) " ;
hi si one foot and then anothei , and Coin
tinnk and tail almost constantly.
" 1 never saw a more demure and cute
looking animal thin this absurd little
elenhaut , and I fairly ached to stual up
and grab hold of Ins trunk and have a
tu--iuI with him 1 knew vcrv well , like
most wild animils , the femilo elephant
is very Mispioioiw and dangerous when
slio has u Doling oni ) to piotoct lint in
w atoning that little calf for n good half
hour , al a d stance of only lortv paces , 1
mii'-t have grown rather careless 'I he
held was huddled together in a thick
clump ol small tit > s , and my men woie
hiding neni me waiting pationtlv tor the
Sahib to see all he w in ted lo see At
length Iho little bauy i'l. . pliant wandi i cd
oil lo the other side ot the held fiom me ,
and I determined to work around to that
sidt * also mucdiatclv around t e clump
of trees winch sheltered the elephants ,
IliRgiouiid was level nnd the covwverv
thin indeed. I saw ti > reach the.
olliei < ido ot the h rd I would hnvo to
eioss a hinall patch ol open ground , but
I thought the elephant would not , notice
mo if I oionelu'il low and wont \eiy
slovvlv Mov lira ; buck a tew n.iees I stall
ed to make the n unit Crouching al-
moillo Uicgiuuud , but keeping a eaie-
tul e.\c upon liiu herd , just as I
leached the t middle ot the open
space I heard a piofnuud iiistling
among the I luck branches that
scicomd the held ; in another instant Iho
blanches patted suddenly and a huge old
loitmlo came rushing down upon me She
had Hullioionl dijtance to get under full
headway , and although my breath
stopped and ho n-t stood still with sheer
liight , I yet inili/i-d that she was the
graudosl object I nvei saw , and the most
tuiribhi. Her head wni hold high and
hot ttiink curled under her mouth , to bo
uncoiled when within rtvioh of mo , I sup
pose , hu-uars sooniod to stand .straigfit
out tiom her hoad. with the tips cut lud
forwiud , and the strides of _ her niasiivo
legs were iMiormous Luckily shn came
up in dead silence , or 1 should have been
liighlonod out of 1113- wits ; an it was , 1
loll ii- , if f was going to bo inn over by a
locomotive I knew it was usolcs * folly
lo i mi , for in a few sludes she would
have been upon mo. When I saw
her coming I stood up quickly and
faced her , tluew my gun to my
shoulder and tired both bin rels
at the base of her ooilod-up trunk in the
direction of the In ain Hftc was within
fifteen paces of uie when 1 firnd , but the
flmndoimg report , the smoke , and tv > o
/inc ball" crashed into Inir skull close to
her brain , stopped her ohaigii lir she
shenied oil suddeiilv' and rushed into the
fore- t , tiumputiiig sin illy once or twice.
Soon tht re was a grand cra h and a rush
in the thicket , as the herd bioke away
and started oil , and that was. the lust wo
saw or cued to see of it. Then I had
time to idled upon whal it might hnvo
been had my caps tailed lo explode , or
my powder been damp Once when on
n nnlway track in a snow storm 1 was
very niMif.v i nn over by a locomotive
coming down a gi ule in mulllcd silence ,
and my sensations ilion were piooisoly
thosamoas when that old lemnlo ele
phant c'lino charging down that gias > y
slope Tim appurtch of the pnwoilul
maclimn nnd the living monster seemed
ciigorl } alike "
Ji InVcll to lifKln the Now Vi-ni-
The wheel ol foituno turns on foievei.
'J'ue-il.\v , N'oveinltor loth , at New Orleans.
La , at iho 1-mii ( Moiiihly Drawing nt
the LiMiisltilla .S inn Lnlteu , ( tUill's C. T.
Iteauiex-nd , of l/i , nml < A. Ivnly , ol
Vn. , had tlm follow in. ; iijjtiilf : Nn. W.TIM
drew ilie llrst I'aiiitul prue ol * " "i,0ii ) ) , olil In
llfthsat SI eieli , ono to M. J5. A'cNun , job
nrlntei at No. 7ii street , Itosiiin ,
Mass ; one to , Iosih ] 1'ohl , Trivci-i * City.
JVlleli. , ( ollooe | < l llniiiih ) ; the First National
Jiiinknf 'I'r.iverhrt , ilich. : ono to h. 11. Uel-
IVK , .Ml. Olivet , K ) . pild to Kouliiul ; > Nn-
tioiiul Hunk ol Liiiusville , Kv. ; and nnopaid
to'ell Kur o \ , Co s haul , ( if San Kumciseo ,
Old , No. fi'US ( luiw tlm SCL-OIK ! ol
SA' ,000 , sold In nfiiis also : two-iifths to Ar-
inaiid I'roau , No I'H'-f ' I'sp'anado bt New
Orlo.nih , La , tvvo-ntths pdlil to WellFario
iVCo's Hink San Frillieised , ( ' d , otr. , ete
Tiekot No , : i-is dniw third capital ol 6IU.OU ) ,
buld i n lit His ; ono pi ul to F. ( ! ros it Co , , .San
Antonio , Texiib , oiu1 to II. lioiinlei ) 'siinil >
of ( ialvi'iton , IVx.i- , , for John Hiiuitoii , a
i-olioii scrowiniii tlii'ie , ami to W. P , r.mip
licit A-Co , b.inlor ] , rioreiico. Aid. All In-
lornidlon ol thpinevt ( tlm HMIi ) ( ii.ind
jMoiillil > Drawing on Tiio-iliv , .laimaij Uth ,
IMSII , c.111 ho liait-iiii applle ition to M , A. l > , iu-
| ) hln , jNnvv OilLaus-1,1. Jt Is iifll to Im/iii
tltoXuo riar&Tlylh-
The 'Million ' * in n Ja .
ChioagoNews John I Ithiir , of Blairs-
vllle , N , J , i one of the mo-,1 uunarka-
blo of the guiuli of the ( ir.uul Pacllio ho
tel at piosontr * 'Jllbiigh Kft years of age ,
his boarlngisipoi/octly erect , and ho is
iiioio attivo than many young follows of
MJycais. 'l'l\\j \ e-uy ( own was founded
by him and n nned in his honor , but he is
known in tho.vvifst as one of the most extensive -
tensivo iailrojt | liiuldors in the country
He is n man or v < ly large wealth and of
very original uuilUuds Many 3'oars ago ,
it i told of him , jie was a paitner of .Ino
n Allen , nnotho'1 mlllionairo. They * dis
agreed and separated Some time after-
wind Allen sued him for something like
two and a half millions When the trial
day cnnin Mr Dlair was not ready for
some reason and ho wanted n postpone
ment. There wa a battalion of Jawverb
in the raso and a great deal of quibbling
ensued The court finally decided to
grant the motion , but stipulated that a
bond of double the amount of the alleged
claim should be filed.
"The bond leqnlrod will bo $ ' 5,000,000 , ,
I understand ) " ' said Mr lilair , when that
point mid been readied
The opposing counsel vvoro quick to as
sure him thai fie had not overstated the
"I expected ( hero would bn something
of the kind necessary , " siiid Mr. Ulnlr
quietly , "and so I brought this along. "
"This" proved to bo u black b g , which
ho hud laid down on the Iloor nimr hh
chair wlitm he rume into couit. lie
opntifl H , and stopping up t' " > the-
took from it and spread before the jndgo
f.'i.OfW.UOO lu government bonds.
"These wiUanswer , I suppose' he in
After the judge recovered from his
ama/ement IIP ild ho believed thov
would ' But , ' ho continued , I will
make you custodian of them with the
distinct undcrst iiitling tint none of them
shall bo used while it is n part of the
bond "
"Yom honor need have no frar on
that aeoro , " Mr lUair responded , reas-
suimglj " 1 only brought in a few tins
moining for tlii purpose These are
some tint I will h. vo no use for while
this mailer is pending "
It was some lime alter the millionaire
had left tlm court loom before the wit
nesses of the scene recovered from Iho
stupor pioduoed bv thn display of such
princely wealth in such a matter ol-fact
fashion _
A > to l Oo1untr nnil lT n r l
HOLIDAY IR SHNT is bojond doubt ,
a present consisting of that exquisite , re
freshing and invigorating IVilnino uni
versally known ns Mnna.v V Lanmau's
Florida Wiiler , n 1'loral prepuiation
winch udnuiiibly combines both the
iiirilUlos of Handkerchief Kxtract tind
those of a loilel coimctic , such ns "IJ.iu
do t'ologno" to which it is intinitely sn-
lieiior in fragraiieesoftness and intensity
of aroma Such a present unites do
ganeo and lolincim nt to good sense and
good taste Foi sale by nil drugiristrt ,
Perfumers ami 1'anoy Goods Dealers
Bliss rtpvcliiiip"t4 Wcntth White
House KucHt I'l'oinlnont nnd
I'retly DoUutautoa.
Washington Letter in Now York Tele-
gtam Miss t'loveland has quite iccov
cicd from the indisjiositlon which com
pelled tier to lot ego Ihe plo'isuro of en
tertaining hci h lends at the White
House last wed ; . She has received a
few of those whom shn mot last spring
and will soon onlingo. the list , so Unit all
who may desire toseo her will have fro
qiienl opportunities ot doing o. Mrs
llo.vt will rot inn to tlao White House in a
fowd.iji bhe will assist her sistci at
tlio iiitertaiiimunU lo be given at the
executive iiiuniiin duiingtlio winlci It
is nndnistood that airangements me bo-
inir made lot the legnl.n New Yoai's re-
iL-ption The president's household will
be ineieasi d foi that important social oo-
c'lsion. In addition to the Ins sisteis ,
Mr.s. ami MisKolsom and seveial other
hulks f i om New York will bo invited to
sissHt This has levived Iho story thai
the jnosidont's susci'iitibilities urn un-
usiiailvtumlei in Miss Tolsom'sdirection.
She is ivrlaml * , a most welcome guest at
the White HOII--O , but there doc.s not ap
pear lo be anv giounds fnilher than that
the prciidcnt hai designs ujion hei heart
and hand.
'J'ho loaders of soclotv hero nronll in a
flutter over the pionnnouco of the young
ladies who will make their dobnU hen *
this winter. The list compiises no le--
than the daughters of tineo cabinet olli-
cor . The 111 .1 of these is Miss 1 loienee
lS.iy.ird , who i. . a tall , h mdsomc bin-
neUo , the second MHS Kndiooll , and the
third Mios Laiiuir Theio isomo doubt
about JIiss Lamar eutci ing society this
winter , although her father hopes to per
suade nor to spend Iho winter with him.
Shu is in motnning. and , it is said , is dc
cidedjy averse to tiic project. Another
prominent debutiuito will be the thud
daughter of Minister We t
How Women I'Hfer from ftU-ii ,
At least tin or men on the ayciage jury
aio bound to disagree with thn rest just
to show that they've got mindri ol their
own , but there ibjio tfisagreemont among
the vvoni'-n as to tliomeutsof Dr.Piorco's
'J'nvoritc J'rc i npllon " They nro all
unanimous in piououncing it the loost
remodj in th" woild for all those nhtoii-
iodLseasci , woaknos.-ies and coniplaiuta
peculiar to their sexIt tianstoims the
pile , haggutd , dispirited woman into ono
of sparkling Innlth , and the ringing
laugli again "loigns supreme" in the
lumpy household
A Karil Time for tlio hover , \Vln Js
Alvvnti Under Hlsplonaj-e.
One pities the Cuban youap man who
is in love He cannot see her alone , and
cannot emuo regularly ; to the house until
a fall * understanding of his intention ? i- >
arrived at. And when , al la1ho ! has
attained the felicity of being d'lily ox
peeled , ho must do all his coin ting in the
jircsenei * oJ iho family and utter lii
sweetness ucrosiho ciilioal oarot his
future mothei-in law Until they have
been to chinch they two mo never left
alone. The whole iannly takn sly turns
in watching them Tliuro is a regular
detail made , 1 think , fiom the older sor-
v.iuts of ( ho house to keep an tye upon
15ut their nature everywhoic
oven in Cuba , and the two are alwav-
getting oil' lo n window seat or n cllst'inl
p\ir ot chair' , , though , with equil ; coi
tainlys.iudody ) slides on" it that direct
ion and mount-.guard The smitten pair
do not walk together in the evening Ho.
does not accompany her to the theater or
to mass Tnoy enjoy all the blis * lhc\
can under great dilhculty , and with all
mankind looking on.
The indiieet losull of all _ this
espionage , of com so , nobody in this Iniid
of custom has cvei obsorveii There arc
H great 11111113" small mtiigiies and 'lino
cent undeavnrn to drcuinvt'iit the de
teet5vi s There urn olocinnnr glances ,
siirnals , fan talk and the inleieh.ingi
ol notes Then the iron guarded win
dow , instead of bung u pioUiction , be
comes n great convoninnr'o. It in more
than thn front gain is with She
knows when ho will pass by , and stands
inside with a Mir hand clasping the bars
of her cage , and waits for him The , * ,
stand Iheio wilh the iion between them
and talk Hvory day it is so , and it
mamma wishcn to stop it shr must conic
and stand in the window also.
Theie aie oilier respects in whu.Ii the
3'oung man has a hard time Hi < must
come evoi y day. He must , and she holds
him to the sti Tot letter of the law. Ho is
hound to show , by every means in hi- ,
jowor , lhat hit holds nil other women in
contempt and detestation Ho must not
dance with any olhoi , and had bolter not
bo caught holding on to any' other win
( low bars in any-other street Holollsall
Ins ft lends about it , ami she all In r-t , nnd
tlio matter is dillignntly duoutsod If lu
should lull to come nroijnd icgiilnrly
every duv ho is to t < 11 a satisf.ietoty story
1 have known hoi to send her lirotliia'
after him Ho lakes Ids rovengn nftei
marriiige JTrom " ( . 'ubim Ski'tcln ' s by
Jnmes W. Stcelo.
TKOM TIIK Mii. fsi' Aiuirsi oi 'iiih
STOMon to the deadliest opidi mie fov er ,
Dr Kldimoud's bamantan Niivmo is
conqueiiug maladieti which have defied
the lacuHy , while D > speisia ] , ( iont ,
Ithuunutism , Urinuo Comnlaints , Hil
iiiubiiess , Nervous Disabilities , and ull
disorders not organic. , are obliterated by
this matchless nerve louie and allora-
tivu. Who cares lor the doetoro' sn era
when this intalliblo it ini'ily ib at hand ?
The alllicted will I nd it to bo a constitu
tional specific and a fountain of vitality
nnd vigor , aa nilrnahiiig and oxliilerating
as a cool , giislinig spiing ot water lo the
puichud und iumting traveler in thu
ueseit 1.00 at druggists.
T. J. Stcmler leaves thia oveiiing for his
old home , Wuupaii , Wis , aftora rc.sidenco
of live years in Council Itlnll's Ho ox-
pectH ( osjiend the winter in the old Hadgnr
suite , pint of Ihu timii in huiiling Iho dcor
in Iho 1101 them counthw. Ho intfud * ( o
let urn here in the sprniff.
I f
O 8 V *
One of the ttest and Largest Stocks in the IT.8.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
OKI ) IimiKl ! ,
PrNIUATW-Morchnnls mid I'nntii'M' lUnk , Duvhi TltT , Nol > : KonnipNittlonM
m-y. Neb : rolumhtnSliito Hunk , Columbus , Neb * , MolKinulJ-i lliink , Norlh ll\llo , Nob.
NnllcMidl Hunk , llinnhs , Nil > . , ,
Will pnr cusuiiimr * ' ilrnll Tilth bill or ItUlQff tt clux.l , for twttiluU ratlin of tt > oi.
"Wmlo In'roliy cprltl ) * tlu\t < vo mipor > is ( * th
HrrniiHOincnls l"i nil lun Monlhlv iind . i n crlr
ilrtiwnitf ol tlio l/ouNliuin stmo Iioltciy
t ( iiiipiny , mi 1 I'l pnrson iinnuso niul ronlnil
tliiilin liiitthiMusolvoi , iiml Mint I Inimnonr
coniliuttyt with ll ( < iipsty , tunnes * anil In irnoJ
iHitli KIWIU J nil purlieu , ninl no nirlioil/u I lu
pninimny In inr * UHi'frMllplti * wllh Iiic-'iinll ] ,
ol our sUiiniuii'i attnoliuJ lu Its iidvurtUuit'UUj
\\o tliaunltM K icil ti iVi n'i 1 linnlif will
PIIJ- nil pi I/ s ili.nv , i In Ino I ouls niirt Mule Lot-
lUi i " n liii Ii tuny no pioM'iii il nl om iii
.1. II. Ot.l.KSHV ,
1'res. ' Louisiana national Bant
SAMl'ii : , II. KIXiT.'l'DV ,
Pres , Stale Rational BanK.
Pres. New Orleans national Bank ,
InoniporitoJ In W for'i'i jo fs by th i lorls
Intino tor IMiicntlonnl nnd rhmltnliln pin point
with ncnpltal of fI.OJil.lWJ lo nhlcli uiosci-vo
fund of nvor F.ViUUXI IIHS Mnro boon nildod
llyan o\ev wliohulnif ] iopnlnrvoli ( iHf ] inohliw
wp.s nmd < > n part of tlio in "ii'iit Hluto iuntuttuii
tuloptril DocnmliorSil , .V II H73
'llioonly lottuty mir votud on und endorsed
b ; the people ot liny ct tu.
iMlmCI HCllOiOl VOMpOIII * * .
liHirnindsinttlouiimbur ilianinftj tnko pluce
inouthlj , iind tno n\trnnulluuiy < ) iuulu d roKii-
lar | ) moryllirto monlhi liKliwd ol hoinl-nnnu-
nlly tuliuroloforo , uoniiinliiB Mi\'oli , issil
A Si'i.i'-iDiuOrroincNii * . TO WIMA KOUTDNK
lut ( Irnrni Driiwln.i , Class A , In thn Aendomy of
.Mush' , Now OrlonnH , 'J'uosJuy , .Inn. Uth , LiM
Monthly Di-uwlnc- .
PRIZE $75,000
100"WTiaoW t 1 Ivo JJolliu-a Kaoh. L'laut Ioii3 ,
in I'iltbi , In Proportion ,
i.isr OF rnt/iw :
1 do do . . ,
1 do do 10,01
"rill/SUS OL' . . . . . JO/KJ ) l..IJtK )
ri do 2X)0 ( ) 10,001) )
la do 1,000 lO.IWl )
do fiOO
UK ) do
do 100
roa do 100.V
1WXJ do
0 Apliroxlinutlon I'll/os of $ "WI
U do do 500 4,1 K )
3 do ( Jo " "jO
1917 Pi Iwi. nmountijiR- f
Apphoation tdr niton to club * ihould bi >
only to tlio otiice or the oompnny In ixevr Or
For fnitlior infonnatlnn wnto olonily ,
I'Osl'Ab NOl'liS , RxpriHH .Moniiy
, or Now Vurk ICxiJiiuitfO in oidlniuy liit-
Ici , cnricnuj by ipin"H ( all minis of 65 and up-
Tuirdsj ut our c.inomc ) uddroascd ,
o T. 0 Mono ) Oiduiu pnynblo and
cr * M ! U Itcis to
Now OrlcaiiK , Ll.
Or Jl OTTKNS * CO. , nut Kmimui st , Omaha
Onllnary Itulibcr Heels
Dinars mnrout flratoa
I ) nta Hrrdi'Mt thicken
on tlm ball , and glvo
ifott teonon-ual llubbcr
Hoot la Iho market.
Lints lonjc-r tliau my
ouier boot unij thu
rmtK.\oiiiu lien.
Call t > nd cc *
enilno tbt
roit SALI : ur
A.KNT ( ,
DOLGLAH sntnirr.
II Iniibeon und ttlll Ii tin chum ot Iho mimu-
facliiri'i3 ' and has thoi > nit < ir ( infill ol tliupnb
Ilo that Kid o R I'ood ir , tint ino t ndmblo lood
in Ihu in Id lor IntiuiH and U.ddrim Ju-om-
lunos ail Iho nhniK nts lor intilua itrowili us in
nootboi 11I8U Tint i lull ni'-n ' clilliJiiin IIHIO
bi'on HI iil and hiit ( . ( ilul ) > iiurul bj llu
1'uod ( ban b } idl tin ollici luoitt coiiibfnod
t- ' " .
Man and Beast.
Mustang Liniment is older th.n
most men , and used more and
more every year ,
Dauco , Meofict-
, Opium I'.At-
Scrolul , Jflngt
! / ; " ; Ugly lood
19 E ft V E Diseases , Dyspep
sia , Ni'rvonsuew,1 ,
ill \ > oiry , jjiw ou/ii ,
lUHousiiess , CiwIi'ViiMt , Kcrrousriostrutlou , '
jnfii < V jT u Wf < ! ' * lrrtgul < i > itiM.
Who CM i" ? f or tlio tl icloi H * mcirs when thtt
tiir\lliMu jcmnly Is nt 1ml. 1 . * 1 ho anhcUJ
\\lllllnd IIlo ImaconstituU.'ir.l spuclllo.nnil
( i fountain \ltalily refrcihlint
* * * : sprhiR of
nnd cxhlhialinir n \uiplcinnlii ,
w.itcrtotlioi'.uclipdaiul t.iinllntt tmcler lii
ti'ndeicrl , joilor-lliw tiKlii1 ; a iiiroit inrdy
v linn skk is tocmirt snili' inn and Initr * ilciith
JSr * Ci > ir pondoneo fru ly HUSH end.fiJI
Iho Dr. S. A. miJlONPMWttB CO. , St. Jo < .fi ? > , H * .
Sold by nU pr bottle , or lour hot tic-i for S.\oo.
Oil bKlN CANC15K.
I'or \oiMoni 11 MiTmcd with n uin n on
lu > liu'ii U al ii.iiii hs H T ' n li en I in
i online n .id ilio iitln ol S > Ifi Sp t 111 > ii d 1 do
toimlnid u iniiKb un I'lhni ' lo > ji > 1110 It , In this
1 uin Hiu DC mini aim In ( inn ( IN nao 'lln > inlln
once of the modi Mno nt Hist uni to Miinenhnl
n rnv.ili * the "oio. but soon thu inlhimntlon
u us.dlu ) LT ! nnd I bc nn to imp ov < - nllor thu
llrut low boltk'.s ilj Kin Till hi l li liiisBiciillj
JiiipioM < d. I n'li JjlioiiLror , nnil nbln todo liny
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