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MIJDNKSDAY .M'iKNI.Vf ; , DIi < ' 10.
orncn : NO. iaroaristr t.
flditn < ! ! . } rniiKi n din ) .f . > n of til' . ! } .V.
finl" V1 rn I.
JI. tV. '
Ht ilor , Ilio tnilor , for w inter
'I lioin.'is Lcf > iiutl Anii't Allen , bulli of
lki.scIt.A , won1'niarrii'il IhU afloninoii by
Tlic4iiiMiiP : | bull of tin- Council I Huffs
Ilii- - ' take * , pliico this rvi-iiing
D Masiinic Iinll.
Miclmi'l N'nlan liiionlind tluvc Iclc-
juoiH's -ml in , one : i ( hi * lionsc ami emi
( i'iuli : ol hi * * 'i
11 l'i'tli\lri ) lp'iio\v Imi a tcli'iMinnc.
Ni ) 100. 'Sicli'll k I'rc-dnii Ins jll-t litul
trlcplioncNo. l.W put ill Ilicir inn ! .
lafili.'il Solli of NVolii was IIMIV yi'stcr-
ilii : with : i prNoni-r , fii'iir o Sluplicii' * .
who is lutlvtl { in jail on a churgu of
I'ho cil.ii . in roiiiniuiili'iition with par-
lll'S \\llO\Mllll \ to lllH UllC Of tllik''lllll'l'S
now hlii'f iillo ifi'icu llm wali-r works
I'l-nnil to wed \\n-t .M-stcrilaj ii'iintil (
to O. K. I'iiic'h anil Surah J2. Vance. Tin1
former is from U-i-cohi , lywi : , mid thu
Jatti'i' from M. Charles Iowa.
Coiuifil I'.lutl's linns could not allord lo
Keep out many tra\cllin-MiR'n if it ro-t
them $ l."iO to .did .1 HI-MI to lr Muinua lo
\\ork tint lown for a duor two.
Little Artie ( Jintli'-ld ' , one of the clul-
divn at tin1 Home of the I'lkMiijIi' s. who
lias boon ill for conn1 lime , died thorn
jMoiKhi ) ni Iit. The funeral will Im held
this aftei'iioiin at < * > o'clock in thu chapel.
liov. 15. V. Tliiek-tun , formerly pastor of
ih ( ! I .ipti-l clmirli hero , will preach.
Two dhoieewere triiid and rallied in
Ihudl-trlcl iMiint te-.ti-rday. Onuof tliein
was that oi Ijiiiii.i l-itl- a .iinst Win. M.
Fitts , on the jnniml of adultery. The
other \\as ( ielievi\e ( Clark a aillsl .lolm
I ) Cl.ii'k , on lliu numd dl cruel treat
About thirty huliu- . and jrenileiiieii ar
rived > e-.terday in this citj in or the
Northue-tern 'road in u I'ulluian ear
bound lor San Franci-eo on a ple.isiii'e
nxcnr-ion They loft over the Kanat
Cit. > roadlo Kansas City , whoru they will
lak'i ! the Alohj-on , 'J'opeka iV : Naiita 1'u
route to San Kranci-cn.
In the dis | riot court * .e-l' rday the csiic
of Alary \Valker \ a ain l the lock ! Nhunl
railway \\as still on trial This ii the first
trial ol any of the nmnrious suits brought
lo recover for damages eaiiM'd liy
the p pIosioll of u cur of dynamite on
the day of ( 'arlioldS fiuunal.
The colored pirl Ada .May JMonroe , who
was anc'-ted lor piowlin ahoul the
street late at night for no good purpoMi ,
uas jf * lonhiy sent lo Omaha , where her
folk.i proini-c to look after hor. She is
enl , * , 1 ! ! . \ear.i old , and K'om.s to lunu a
eraxo for running : i\\uy Iroin homo.
Tin ; move of the city council to secure
tlio ostablislimeiit of a city hospital is in
the ri hl diieclion. This city lias not a lit
place whore a t-lran rcr can be taken if
injured or taken ill. Tlio noisy hotels or
Iho dirlj jails nro this only pl.ieos , and
they are not do-irablo for hospital imr-
po > o .
The question , of having the people elect
ne.\t spring a superintendent or : i board
of public works , is boiug disetissvd souio-
what. Asoiiooftho aldermen has re
marked , "this city has gone at its public
improvements in _ n sort of pell moll way ,
and it is about time some .s.yMein and
.somq responsible supervision of work was
pro\itleil. "
There has boon a good deal of addition
al book-keeping nocossk.itpd by the spe -
ial iisspsiinent .systom of paying for im-
provcinenls. It has been thoii"lH : that
much of this should bo done by tlio eity
auditor , whose duties now are _ not very
arduous. Jn order to make this arrange
ment il is proposed to change the 01 di
mmer defining the duties of city olllcors.
The pupils of the Illoomer .school are to
give an enlcrtaimnent in the openi hou eon
on Friday evening. This will give an
opportunity for tlio public to _ too what
work is being done by the puhlio schools ,
and promises to bo tin interesting show
ing. The tickets are only 5 cents , with
no extra charge for reserved heats The
financial object is lir.-t lo pay ( \ | > enso.s ,
r' and whatever surplus there may he will
bo expended on the museum of natural
history already well started in the liloomer
The undertakers under the present law
arc required to present u physician's eu-
tillcate of death before they can secure
Iho ! > burial permit. Frequently
the undertaker lindh it dilieult to get mien
u ccrlllietito just when he needs it , uphysi-
ciaji sometimes being away and delay
' being thus caused. The iiuderlakcr.s
! * want thn law so changed that the
einni Miall bo obliged to fdo the eeitili-
catns with Iho eity clerk M > that when the
undei lakers neftd the burial permit they
can procure ono without delay.
The mayor yesterday afternoon drew ,
from the eity treasury Sl''fl for Iho ex-
poiihii of going to Ue.s Jloines to attend
the meeting ol mayors to bo held there
to-day. Tlio council appropriated ifloO ,
sind tlio mayor drew $ . ' . " > of it several days
r ago to hciid the local committco there for
some purpose , probably to helpmeet the
nxpons-0 of hiring it hall or n band of music.
The mayor promises to give tin account
of his expenses to the auditor on his ro-
Inrn , anil will pay back what is not spout
As the mayor doubtless travels on a , pass
ho will probably turn back into the city
treiiMiry .tlOO of the monoi he t.ikoi with
him ,
In making out special a ossments , mid
fixing them up against private property ,
the Martling discovery is made that seine
valuable pieces of property Inxvo esc.iped
taxation , they not being cntc'rcd on the
tux hooks It Is dillirull to determine
Iist how man } ' omlF ionshavi : boon made ,
ut several have boon .so far discovered.
Ono brick building noxl to the Nonpareil
otllco Is said to ha\e been loft on" the
books , The budding in which Wilson
has his saloon is also said to have been
omitted. Over hundred feet next to the
Catholic church nro reported in like condi
tion 'ihoro tJlC'uld be seine plops taken
to prevent such omissions , nnd > 0 ? ! . ' .mody
many other defects In the present nioileJ
Yesterday Iho Northwestern railway
broiiL'ht info this city the Worcester our
" 'Edwin Forrest" contalniiuj u number of
Wisconsin people , Among , tlioni , were
Mr. nnu MM. ! / . Lottrniiro , Mr. ami ? . ! ; ' ; ?
A. McHldownny. of Weal Salem , Wis. ,
Dr. and Mrs. Jl H. ( IIIKO of Siwrtu , Win. ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. L. Column , Mi and Mrs.
W. W. Crosby , Mr. and Mrs. J S. ( Jreon-
wood. C Jl. Greenwood , Mr and Mrs , A.
McMillan , Mrs. H. M. Moore , Mrs. David
AiiMin , Mlbs Hope Lottrldi ound Miss M.
Crosby of J.u Cro.sso. Wis , The jiarty
came over the Nortnwo lrn ! road to
Kotiotn Junction on thu Sioux City &
Pacific to this eity. They loft over Iho
bas City , St. Jou & Council Uhill's for
Kansas City ami from there they tuko the
Atehlson , Tonoka & Santa Fo to San
I'riinc.lbco. They were iiccompanled to
this city by Juint'-s Uib on , traveling
for the Northwcitern ,
Hughes , the victim of the Monday
morning shooting , still breathes , nnd yes-
torduy afternoon sccnml fur from being
in ( It-ins ; condition. Ho roused up nnd
litlked with some of his friends mid ae-
iinaintancej * , Hn said ho wtui fooling
prutty well. There nro not umny who
think iiocnn Hvo long , but otilf there
sceiua a cluiuco ,
Some Qnccti'mt llfliscl About Spfcial A-
foi Paving aucl
lollor.V ! ) ol' it Wlilow
liliiiii | * Dri-l-lnn for
AVnronilin Sfioot Car I.luc
Tineit. . } ootiin'il wa reuc-ntly tin-own
into n ! IP'I : | ' ( | ell-minion by thu rcqiu'st "f
tintrcel rsir i'ninuiy ] ) : to IIP K l > n I1'tr'
iniision to remove its turn til > Iu from in
front of the O ilen hon c to ittalilut on
lower Hrowhvtij . 'I'liorn wfrc tlirn ; of
tin- council ojip.'Mil lounntiiiK the --iin-
plircquot. . Alilernit-n ONf , Sciilcntopf ,
ami Mynsti-r fuMm'd il. I'.vi-ry motion
wn * . lo > ( by : i tip vote , wliili-thu < liMi--ion
of street car matters \vn\oil warmer nn < ]
wirniPi' . Tin1 original elinrtcr | iro\nleil
thai the eai > Mi'inlillie run up Kroa'Way '
to's : plaee , but tlicy have nexer
lieen run anv fartlirr than the ( ) ilen
house 'I'lic Cnion I'aeilic ra'l\v.y ' : . com-
iiany now eontroi-'ttie'.tveet eareoniiuny ,
lint Iheri- has not I . n lull coniplinnre.
'I'liei'laim is also tnmli )
with tin ; elmrl-r jiil .
that the promise nunle in recant to ollitr
matleiN have not ben kept J lie law ie-
iiuireil lhatthe jiatt of the pnvmg jo lie
tiss , vseil to the street car eotnp.uiy. should
all IIP p.iiil within ninety day after the
eoinpletmn of tlio work , while nrivnt- *
properly OWIIUIM are allowed a si-iies ol
V'arly mvim-iitfl. Thu city evaded this
law and irrantcd tin ; company tlio .sitne
time as private per ms. In consideration
ol the oily thn li'iiilinjx ils twin to tlio
eompanyovpnil promises were made ,
among thorn Loins U' ' layinc of a now
track , the I'MundiiiK "f H' ' ° .I1,111' " ' < ! ' '
Tlio new track has been laid , hut the
eompany has not kept iti promise to use
the old' iron for extendin ; ; the line np
Iifo.ulwav. Conferenees unit consulta
tions hau ! bcrn had , committees up-
iio'nted ' , reports nv.d.1 , threatoninj , ' J'u'-o-
liilions pi'ssed , notiees served , mil all in
vain. Three of thu aldermen therefore
havn wearied , and balk abotit trying any
inoio. They wcr for roikiiijjc the charter -
tor at onoe. ' At la t tliu throe other alder
men were appointed a coiumiUou to ceu
\\tiat they could do. .
This committee have interviewed Air.
I'.iirns. lie sjVs , the improvements will
be made a- , soon as practical. He asUs
for more lime on the K'"l ( l lllllt ll. ' °
companv has the bridge enterprise in
hand , which is taking much attention and
money. The a-s irance is given that the
company will at once extend the track
and operate the curs to the Uroadway
Methodist elmrch , and the oilier exten
sion will be considered a- , soon as pome
of the ollicials return from the east.
The intimation was i\en that the
Union I'.ieilie had under consideration
t-oinu mailers of rout importance to t Ins-
city which arc not ripe tor divnl-jcncc.
The council , like most of thnciti/ens pm
little hope to this inyr-tcrioifly whimpered
intimation of great things to be done for
Council Hhtfl's in the future. Such whis-
iicriiiK- ' have been mvcn from time to
time during the past live years but little
has yet appeared. When Union avenue
was "donated by the city , bneli an intima
tion was then used as a lever to move the
council to give this valuable piece ot
property to the Union I'aoilie. Still , the
city does not feel like making si war
against the street ear company or the
Union Pacific until further opportunity is
n-iven for the doing of these ; rpat things
for Council Blufl's. There is u strong op
position "rowing daily against thu grant
ing of any more favors until something w
done toward making good the promises
already given The .street ears are u dis
grace to any city , ami they run .simnlj us
a sort of cheap omnibus line to and from
the trains. ' 1 he company says that the
line will nol pay to improve , but the ex
periment of rnnninj' a ical .street car line
has never been tried hero. . .
The city council has deemed that it is
too small business to refuse the request of
the company for permission to change its
turn table , and has concluded to let the
change bo made. IL has also been de-
cidednot to make any move to revoke the
charter of the company at prcsvnt.
Alderman Seidentopf has voted against
even letting the turn table be moved , lie
still is on the war path , and declares that
if the council will take no action to make
the company comply \ \ .tit . the charter , he
and other citizens will join in an action
of mandamus and pay the expense out of
their own pockets He 1 A- > lo-t all
patience in the matt'-r , and Miys that
there are enough citizens ready to join
with him to make a strong light.
Dost co-il and wood in the city tit ( Rea
son's , " ( J Pearl street.
Christmas presents- llomer'fe.
Important Decision 1'or
The Iowa supreme court has just ren
dered a decision which is of special
interest to pharmacists , and of general
public interest as it touches upon the pro
hibition law. The casn is that uf the State
vs. V. Hissoll and I'M. Lelion , appealed
from Harrison county district court.
The question in issue is whether it was
necessary for a registered pharmacist to
obtain a permit before ho conhl fell
liquors for medical purposes. The clictrict
court hclil that Mich permit , was ) necessary ,
and this is allirmed in the decision given
by Justice Heck. The meat of the whole
decision in contained in the follovving :
Under thoomloapolherailes vveie t'oiliftWpn
to sell Intoxicating Ilinuir- * without a ill-unit.
Chapter 75ai'trt Kiplitet-nth m'tioial assembly ,
aniemlsor modules the pi idfdt.itute anil ex-
ceiits niMitliecnilfis Iroin the oxIMIni : piohltil-
Hon. Chapter HM ol lluuwts ot the Twentieth
Kcnoial assembly repeals tln piovlslmi ot the
eoiloprovidinsa pcnaltv for M'lltiiK Intoxl-
OHtiim llnuoiri vv linout a iienntt , ami ona.-U a
mohlbltlon In ixlmont the hwisuaijiJ of the
pi lor statute , providing an liKrcaseil penalty
ioi the violation ol' the It thiis.ipie.ns |
that a statute , to which hv sub i-eui'iit legisla
tion an exception was in.ule was reju-idod
and 10enni'leitvlthunt piovlillntt tor the ox-
coi it Ion. The last htal.itc Is inconsistent
with the one niakliu ; thn exception and re-
iie'ilslt by Ininlleatlon , The lust c.xpresslon
of the letilslftiivo will must prevail , That it
was the pnniose of the Keneral asspinbly not
; . ' pun the exception of the pharmacy
net , or , i.Totlior . un , ' . : Cl- > tll ( ( JnovlsUm
containing that exceiitlon , is CBtaMlslvM Co-
yoiid controversy hy the fnct that thfl last act
IB utteily Inconsistent with the prior phar
liincy Kutute. It ronlaliiH a jiruldhitfon
against ai ! poison thoplianuany act cxcepts
nHhi-c. | | le.s. U U tiio las' ' -tr.tuto and must
incrnll. Tlioc. conclusions nro haiC.1 rS"
lamiliar prfncijiles which will bo evctyvvlieio
lecoenl/ed without the citation ot niitiiorltle.s
In their Kiippnt. No quo.stlou ot thu con
struction of thu statute Is In the case , an
counsel of rtetciuInntH ticcm to think and
nigue. Thoeontiolllni ; iniestlon Involves the
fact of the of tlio piovtslon of thu
liharmney statute In question. We are to tro
no turlher than to neteimlno uhetlu-r that
iirovlslon U regaled by ttie later Htatnte , on
which wo find a general piohlbltlon In con
flict with that provision , lloth statutes can
not be upheld as to tlio eubject Involved In
this suit. The llrst miut give way to the sec
Substantial abstracts of title and real
estate loans , J. W , , & 12. L , Squire , 101
Pearl street.
Try John Tcropleton's "Hose" cigar.
Cliunccs Tor Improvement.
When Iho now county Jail finished
and llrst occupied , it was thought to bo
the most complete ono to bo had at any
price , All who examined iUi workings in
detail and carefully , united in such ex
The novelty of a revolving
jail attr. < ted much aUent'on , 1 > , t lik" all
ollirT now ungs the rejil t < .s ( conic < from
daily ti'c. Now thiil this mohing jail
lin been yut to n-e iniim-rou points have
bcvu fotiliil ill which improvement * arc
nenled. it line bcOn discovered I hat any
liri-onnr can prevent tin ? jntlor fn 'in re
volving the cylinder in which llu-or.1 ?
urclojatod. All that is needed is fora
mischievous or iigly prisoner to lip a bit
of almost sin.\ tiling between the bars n *
the cells revolve , and to slop the whole
machinery nt once. A boot heel vv ill thus
stop the cylinder from i evolving. It is
almost impossible to determine where
the stoppage is for the trick can be nlay-
cd from any cell , and before the jailor
can jnako the rounds' the obstacle c.m be
removed and another put in somewhere
Another chance for improvement ism
the location of the house If the jailer
should want to wet down a lot of unruly
piisonors he must enter the corridor ,
where I hey arc. The ira too cannot be
Ughlcd without culering the corridors'
Jt cannot be turned oil' , cither , ftom the
meter , without turning it oil throughout
the jail.
It is also disvov ered that anvlhing can
be passt-tt fiom OIK- cell to another , and
from one floor to ano'her The other
day tin overcoat wns sioh n from a eru/.y
man , confined there The coat has been along from one tloor to another ,
and from one cell to another , until it had
reached a cell on the top tloor , where ( lie
coat had been hidden in one of the beiU.
The jail Is aNo very hard to keep clean.
IVisonci's can throw an.v thing from their
cells onto the platform1' , or dovv n into the
con idol's below. There is no way of de
termining who are the guilty ones for in
revolving the cell they are seldom lolt
long in ono place.
'I here are several other chance' , for
improvement , and now ones arc being
discovered d.iily.
Ladies and gents get a ticket to the
grand drawing on .January I , vvitli every
OT cents worth of goods purchased of
Arthur Lelkovit/ ; ) Hroadway. The
choicest eandie- , California fruits , nuts ,
cigais , etc. , alvvavs on hand.
C. 15. .lacqucmin iV Co. , No. 'J * Main
street , take pleasure in announcing to
Iho public that their stock of articles , or
namental , st.vlish and useful holiday
goods , i.s complete in each and every de
partment , and cordisiUy invite everybody
to visit their store , inspect their goods
and compare prices. No trouble what
ever to show goody.
Itotiliinc a Willow.
NKOI.A , lovva , Dec. II There an
information tiled before K C. Clark , Ivsq. ,
to-day charging one fi'eorge J .Stephens
with stealing $ " > from one Sitsianna
Chatmun , of Pioomor township. .Stephens
has been employed on the farm of
( Icorgianna Clialman , with whom
Sitsianna Chatman was staying. The
money was taken from the sleeping room.
Stcuhcns vvas missing Friday , December
I , and went to Council HlnUs , spent the
money and came back Friday , December
11. He has since that time been Maying
on the farm. The information was tiled
by one Boyle , who talked with him and
claims to have heard him admit that he
took the money. The lady fiom whom
the 11101103 * was taken is a widow and has no
means ot support but by her own hand * .
The money1 stolen vvas for her support
during the winter. She has two small
children to care for and now without
funds she is- left to the merey of Un
P. S. Campbell , of the linn of Spnngler.
Campbell & Co. , of this place , utlomplcil
to board the cast hound train on the Chicago
cage , Uock Island i\i I'aeille railroad yes
terday morning after it had started and
was inrown between the cars and plat
form with bis legs' across the rail.
Luckily ho had presence of mind to
throw IMS' foot into the air. allowing the
coach to strike them and roll him on I ward.
John P. Organ , our only attorney hero ,
is attending court at Council BlntVs.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. C. 1) . Dillin a
girl ; to John C. Freschanf , a girl.
J. ( J. Brudlcy's youngest child has
been very sick for some tune past but i.s
improving at present.
Cotlago ranges. ( larland stoves , Ha-
diant 1 tomes and Hub heaters of Iho very
latest patterns ) at bed rock prices , at
Cooper & MeUee's. No. ! ! Alain street.
Monuy "Wanted.
At 7 per cent interest on county and
oily bridge warrants as collateral secu
rity. HA * > MOND & CA.Mi-mi.i. : ,
Over First National bank. Council
on I'jiNhonjjor Katc-H.
Treasurer Hilton , of the Kansas City
railway , has been hero a day or two on
some business in court. At the Ogden
house he stood figuring up some matter.
lie casually asked the clerk what the dis
tance vvas to St. Joseph , whore Mr. Hil
ton lives. The elork told him ltO ! miles.
Ho then asked what the faro was. The
prompt answer came $ :5.i : > 0. "No , thaf
can't be , "commented the railway ollicial ,
who was more familiar with riding on si
pass than on : i ticket. "No , thai can't
Ijo , "and he wont on to llgiire out thu
matter. He knew what the tare vvo.s to
Hamburg. Ho estimated the fare from
Hamburg to another .station with which
ho wa.s familiar , and then calcu
lated what the fare ought to bo for the
the rest of the way , and after covering
over a good portion of the register blot
ter with figures , gave up in despair , suit !
asked the clerk , "Ilovy in the world devon
von make out the faro to bo $ : i.Mv" ! )
There was u bland smije on the clerk's
faeo ns he .simply told him to multiply l0 ! !
miles by three cents a mile. "Oh1"
Then a sly chuckle from behind him at
tracted Irs attention. It was Conductor
Heminway , who had listened with delight -
light to the musings of the big railway
The finest fringes , foot icsls and fancy
chenille flowers for fancy work at Ji
Stockert & CO.'M , No. HOD Broadway.
The electric belt of Judd & Smith , 80
Fourth street , Council BlnHs , positively
cures rheumatism , neuralgia , dyspepsia ,
piles , paralysis , indigestion , Fits , cola
feet , nervousness , headache , kidney and
liver complaints , loss of vilalitv , lead
poisoning , lack of nerve force and vigor ,
.TZiliU-'JLlliU1 ? ? * ! ° ' those diseases of n
personal nature in male and female.
Who ( Shall l > nj for Sewer * ?
In assessing for sovvorajro tlioro ncom
in b juuin injustices which arise One
instance is cited as regards the Ogden
house. The house sewer on Broudvvsiy IB
the one which the hotel taps and uses ,
and that is all the hotel needs. A house
sewer has been laid along Park avenue
on the west sida of the Ogdcn house , and
it is expected to pay for its share of that
also , although it has no use for it. The
property owners sdong Pierce street and
above Uioro on Park avenue , however ,
need to have Iho sewer run ftlong there
in order to haru an outlet. It is claimed
that the Ogden house should not be taxed
for u i-cvver laid to accommodate these
property owners and the property owners
claim that , having paid for sewers in front
of their places , they should not be taxed
for sewers on the next block. Other sim
ilar cases are arising , and the city will be
obliged to make some equitable adjud-
merit. It is argued that if such in ad-
jnstmont is allowed on Howerago , then u
like adjustment would be demanded on
paving , wliITo parties claim that they
need paving only in front of their prop
erty and do not want it on the side street.
T/io / ( mud .1nr > ( Jrlsl.
Toe gi..nd jur.x \ . < .t < r < ia.v rctnrn'du
liatih'-f iiiihi tnidits ; ii'iong thrm l >
bills iignimt tin- follow ing :
! ' ft. Smith , for forging Mr. f'oVs
name to tin order for a Miit of clothes at
Hello's store .
V. Seolieldj for racing a pay chuck of
the KaiMisUty rsiinVrvC
W. F. Miller , for stealing a lot of hard
wsire from J. < t. Scott V s-toro.
Miles Mullen , for Mealing : her c.
I' . S. Hankie , for obtaining money
under fnNo pieloii .cv jlo i * * I'1 ' "f'olo-
rado cattleman" win tried \lclinn/.o
John Hi no.
\V. J. Hughes , for Inrcen * . from the
Colorado house
1. N.and A. K. TV-l'o , for assaulting
Engineer Dol/ind.
lame * Urady. for Mealing a coat from
lle.ilon'.s eoal otlioc.
No bills were found againM. thn follovv
ing , who vveiv consequently discharged-
I elm Tiller , for trjing to enter
Hoilon'bum. .
Turner and Dovvoy , the while man i-nd
the colored one , who had a stabbing
on Main sttret.
Mick- , Hawk , arrested for Mealingsomo
botlled beer.
Still Hates , arrested for stealing a hat at
Iceman's store.
Correct Abslraels of Title and Heal F s-
title l.oansut McMahoti & Co's , No.1
Pcail suvet.
All .kinds of interior drapinps cornier
poles , shades , etc. , Hits very cheapest in
the vvi-t at H. Stucki-rt As Co's.
. \ ,4si.ssliiiCornel1 ; Ijtits.
Under the present mode of assessment
for paving and like improvements the
ovv ners ot corner lots b.-iv e had an o\tra
bin don of taxation Such work is taxed
up to tlm abutting properly , and in case
of a cornel1 lot ills assessed for that part
of the pav ing , embing , etc , in trent of it ,
and then when the side street is im
proved. it has to pa\ for all tlio work
along the side. This m.ikcsa heavy drain
in some cases on the poekotbook of the
ovv nor of a corner lot Some of these
owners have protc-ted iigainM. such a
mode of tisse < sinent not equitable. Thc.\
claim that the paving of the do streets
not only benolils the corner lots , | ml adds
to the value of the other lot in the block
Tli03r have requested the council to take
some action by which the other lots may
be called on to bear part of the expense
City Attorney Holmes | IH ; been looking
uii the law ! and lie unhesitatingly de
clares that there is no chance for the cor
ner lot owners to be relieved as asked
for. Ho holds that corner lots arc more
valuable , and in justice should pay more
than the other lots.
1'orsonnl Pa
M. C Dally , of Dtinlup , visited this city
.loliu P. Organ , of Neoht , wa.s in the
.1 11. FoiilkH , of Malvern , was in the
Bluffs yesterday.
.1. 1J. .Snydor left ] a < t evening for a trip
to Chicago on biisim s .
Sum Filbert is proud over the arrival of
a little bi > 3 at his homo.
Charlie Cocko linds his home sill the
happier on account of the pre ? ( nee of a
little maiden , who caini into the home : i
few da. > s sigo.
Charles A. IJlairo , of fit. Joseph , the
ollicial Monographer of this JKauwi.s City
road , was in the city yl'sterdahaving
been called before the grand jury here to
testify in a forgery case.
N. N. St. John and wife left last even
ing over the Hock Island on ais.t to the
eastern part of this stale. Mr. S !
John has stuck clo tsjy to h s
duties as one ol the pioprietors of the
Hovcre hou e for fourteen months with
out a ilay's lay oil' . IIo has earned a
vacation. .
Kor Sale.
A largo Hall's ' lire proof safe , suitable
for county purposesC'ronovveg &
Sc.hocntgon , wholesale grocers , Council
Hln ( Vs.
Munuracturcrf or all sizes or
Especially Dcflpni'd for Itumiliii ; ,
Tubuhu * and Locomotive iioilora.
NtM\F Mnssilloii T lirchhors.
Ciu'oyauil7ooilbui7 \ Ilorso POWPVS.
Poriiible and Traction I'lngine ? ,
Faefory Massillon , 0. Branch Ifonse
510 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Tai or !
KO , 7 and 9 MAIN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
In Cimncl niuffblinrlrii ;
uumcrit linnrovuiiiujiti , call belli , flro
Alarm liulbi , Die. , iHtho
MAX M UiN , 1'ropilotcr '
Justice of flu Peace.
Office Over American Kx pros ) ,
Corner Pearl Street and Fifth Avenue ,
nink for lent tor tliculUcal pcrfounnncei
balls , pm-tlcs , t'to.
All Ivlnda of icfrc liiHt'iUs ana a riii'.E I.UKCH
Practices In Stat and Federal Courts.
Itooms 7 uuJb , buunirt Uioc < t ;
KOTIC'U. Spwinl nilVIMI.wiiMiK. sui'll ! \
I opj , Voitnil , To Irfmn. Tor alf. . To ! ( rnf , W null
Iiimrtlinp , tic. , will Infri'Mir , ! in
UIP low nlo Of TKS ( KNTS I'HIl I.IM ! for tlio
first iiucrtIon mi'l I'lVI ! nj.VrS I'IMl UNI3 for
oni'li tili < equriit tntrrtlon , Lonvo n < lvprti o.
niriilsat our olUco , Vo. L ! I'catJ strye ; , ucir :
llroitihvnj- .
AN rs.
% ; Avnl-i\.r.v : ) : Imtv In Council llllilU I. .
M mil nt ST. Ninth Mitln ttrri't. ' unit pit
win Hi nlntp t lc o patti'in free.
If ( Ml HKN P A llm ly nmiMieU fioilt JOOMI
JNo "I Vimslrci'l. .
J /ID It lit'vr A nlfi'l ) luiiiWieil trout mom ,
. ' wiili or nltlioul loni.l. Tno
pri-fi'tri'il. .No. S.O l'i | l
I/AKM loll SAI.i : At it ImwilMr-iM MMW
1 IfiUiU'H1 * . O'a mile * ixmlluu'st nl Onmlill. II
room liiHw.fxcpllctil | i and i-lMrrn. * . ' burn" ,
DUO lor I'ltfht linrsii , HUP tor a ) vow s : IIPII , tool
mill utijriin lmu i < : KM nrtcM In tltnnlli ) : IM.OO
Ton. " . ! trris c' ittiui UHxI.tiliii'kvuliiut , n li HIM !
iniiplf , jiuivl mi haul. nppUiM. rli cull" ! , pliiiux.
niil'is ' imil .uniiill friilK Never lulling Moi-k
Mtltll. II. I' . ( II HIM. II , HIM HtOnihUO , I'OUTKII
1IIUIM , limn. _ _ _ [ _ _ _
" \\AM1I > To liny nil llm Uri < i tlii Wio7iili" :
liuliil limitrholil Kooils Hint me otlcrril to
ciiie. Mich 111 lurnlturi ) , cuiprlii , Move * , ole.
lYi-Mins tint linvliid sfiiirtM llr l-clii - < r'KiiU
will Mixi > Himliv not iiiljlnir. | ) | All uilier * will
H'l'I'lMploinpl llttctllldll Illlll Will lie pllltl tilll
IMirlKM tntiiVfl pHi'i's by A. ,1. Mmiilt'l , , K't
Ilmiuhvii. , ilcali-i In now mid MiK'flj lli t-i'l.i > > < i
M'toniMmni ! Cm Dilute , Me. , ep. _
VW * 1TI ) ! HUNT-Al Mf.MilTwir \ I > * 7
No. H IViul Mti-pt.
inn MAI.K , roit IINT ou i\niA : Mir.r
NO. M Tor i\lo or ii'iil.on very trnni
Tin- Council llluns I'npi'i Mlll.iomplctf , * ? ltli
till1 l.i I ( ro lioiinllnic liouso mill tluuu urius of
( roniiil.
No. ' . ' ( ! A iiii < ltipsq property In < * h 'iiil pi ,
( "licioUi'o roium , Im n , will tn'ulu for no tcin
limiN , VnliiP , iilioiit Jl.ttHJ
No. : W A lirautlful hiuiio In It"1 town of Hint-
Injrr , MlllR county , Iowa , for Nftuiiskii Imiil.
Viiliip. W.VKI.
No. 41A peed liueliic-i proprrtj- unit nl o n
pooil H'Sldrni'i ) pioprrty In tln < icmn of Clirnxo
Mi'l.cnn county. 111 , low down for rn h or will
oxrlmimo forM < .i1nin Innds.
No. 17'J -ilcndiil ( farm , well Impiovcil , fin
nrrcs In DlcUiibon count } , town , jolnlni , ' tlio
low n of Spirit I.Eko. I'ik'c' , lor n Mioit tluio
( ilTipur a oi p.
No. 1M In 1W Arc four Intitnvptl farn\s \ in
I'lilllipsrounly , Kiiit iui , piipli with n niuill In *
ruinlinini'c. 'rlii' I'liultiiP will lie pM'Imnittil lor
iiiiliioitinlicrPil wild liuiil Incliui kn.
No. 111,1-lw ) Riieiin Hull oouiity , Nrb . partly
linprp pil. lit n lilR liniCTln. Wiuits to cxclmiiBo
tor nipii liiuiillsT.
No. "il A line two M'ory lirlrk te-Idfiii'i' , ono
of tlio lirsl locutlniK in Cotincil IlluKt" , will Irado
lor tiDoil unlnoiinlieird Kiinms or Nelim ka
liindi. Vnliio. 5l.-i.l i.
No iVtand 11 Ate twoolliiT lipautlful hottii'i
In Council llluiri. , Mhich cn ll pnjnifins will buy
at n liniKtiln.
No. rJlA hcntitlftil suliuiban location in limn
City , lown , will f.sclianifu lui wistc-tn liutils.
Val'ip. t. " > , m ) . > .
ThnnlHivo nro only n few or out1 special liar-
( tiiiiiH. If jou'vopot motldliR to tutduor wll ,
or mint tot-ell niiy real eMale or tiiprcliandNii ,
w rili ) us. We lm > o bf\eii\I Kood xlocks of irooils
to trade for lands. b\VAN A. WAI.ICI'.H.
Council lllullB.lou-a.
J. L. De BEYOISE , Agent.
No. TOT HroailwiT. Council lllufT" .
COIIXKI : UnvAxr AND YjxiSis
Wiitm looms and ifooil lioaul
llltC" .
lid" , ori'iecu. w. it. M. ruH
R. RICE , .
DDO or ollioi tuiiMtH leinovfd wiibout
DHO the kidle. or ill nwlntf of lilond.
CHROiltC DISEASES of all kinds * Aerially.
Over thirty 3 onrs1 jiraut eal exporlcnco. Oilioo
No. 11 f'cnrl bluet , Coiin > d IlluUti.
r' '
Northiestern Hotel.
Xc\\Iy ( Tllnl anil tuinlslicil. Opp Uroadway
Uiiniiny Jciot. ) ] 30 \ ] ior ilay.
SAMUEL TATJ5 , 1'iop.
L. 11. UKIIS11Ail.inan'ci. \ .
h'cap VafoI'.Qiw ; Co.
UN srr.isi-rr.
oa lioni liydniiit jiri'j--uio for
ilrlvini , ' nil Kinds til Ilifhl mar ! ) in r } . ( "pwl il
iitti'itllnn } rl\Di to c'liurcli unnin lilowlnir. V\o
riiiiliilMtliiKpn'tixL-H , muni choppers li'iiuioitm
Ircc/iiri' , polNhliu lullir < , SO IIIH' m.u'Iiiin.etc' .
Tin1 lic l chriipchl motor iniulo. J'cml for ulr-
ctilnr. In i < iii in Council III u Us by
lion job otlRV.
1'iu-ii Kcliinjll.mrut tuail.ot.
( lilrairo .Mi'Ul ' Mnrki't.
i-mltli .t Meyers.
EcllliiffKCiil IB Mnln hi , COUIH II Illulle , loua.
1111 I'miiuniM. O.nuh.1.
No. 23 , Mntu Slrccl , Council IMull'
Chicago Lumber Co.
Wholosnlo nuJ iC'tall ' Lumber , I.atli , Plilnfli-i
Saeb , Dooie niid niluels. Polo -ncnl lor Iho
cclobintod MurWolii'sui Conci nttaluil Wlillo
mo , H 1 > . M.ICCO.N.SKM. ,
I\J \ ; ln St. , Council Hinds.
< Mlt St. I1. , n\\l\ \ \ \
C. , I ( ( . ! i ( f " J.llll.uj " r- , - - " - Ktrrrt . car
lusstliu iloor , KvcijIliliiB nw . > n Rf5
1'roprlctor nnil Muna er ,
A B H iZl.l.T N
P. 'f. May no * Co ,
Real Estate Exchange
N ) . UJI'oarl Street .Council muffs , Ion * .
Dt'uKlF In lo\ui , Kuiisud and NolmuUu Lands
Ko\l : Kstalo bought nnd
MAMn'.tuTUiir.u ASH IIKALEH in
No. 337 Broadv/ay , Coimcll Ulufls.
* !
Ilrii-k ImlMlimof nav km < 1 r.-xi ol or ninnvt .in 1 isl WiicHnii cunt-am CM I Ki.iniMiou * ? } VIOT
< m l.ltlle 0 Unit IrucV j-thc best la llm world ,
SOS % M1i A mid Ki lith SlvopJ.
iMroun- : ! ! \M > DJ.AI i-i ! is
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy G-oods.
We make Ihecclebi.iled llaidinan l'l\no ! , .inii the U'hitiie.v organ" , a si > eelrtU >
Kvory InstiuniciHvau.inteil. . .Scud for catalogues.
MrKl.l.KH MIIHIO CO. , Comiril B.ulls
If you buy any where except at Metcai
Bros , They are soiling their Clothing at
Cost , and guarantee prices on hats ,
underwear , hosiery , neckwear , silk
kerchiefs , trunks , bagii , etc , , etc
MSTCALFBEOS , 344 Broadway , Council
Nos , 1 and 2 , Masonic Temple ,
Council Bhiffs. Iowa.
The coU wjatiiei1 lias finally put in an
appearance and finds many persons not
yet supplied with heavy underwear , con
sequently we wish to gently hint that wo
have a fine assortment of
We wish to call tpecial attention to our
Double front and back .Undershiits with
drawers to match ,
Far and Cloth Caps ,
Hits and G-loves.
Mufflers ,
Etc. , Etc , , Etc.
A. W. Patterson & Co.
Nos , 1 and 2 , Masonic Temple ,
Council Bluffs.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
OiirFtocfc ii no-r t-rimplclo < n nvrry ' " ilepnrt
ninnt nnd cnut'ilni nil tlio lati)1- )
U'JC. , ETC.
Lowest Prices.
ONLY iixci-uaivi : cAiu'irr ' iiooeu IN
BAMI'I.RR runiialieil UIHIU n-jpllcntlou (0 ( >
Council Bluffs Carpet Company