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TUP mill ? \m TUP iVttliV
Extract From the Yellowstone Eeuort
HU luiliuu Interview Vi'il'u Lieul. Ck
Constnlilo IVIaci on't Adrrntni
President Points' .Mnndiunuu
flcncra ! Court and Police
Yellowstone Pn.tlc.
First lieutenant Dan Kinsman , nnj
cer in charge of tliu improvement of
Yellowstone National Park , lias
completed hit report to tin ; chief en ;
01 r of tin1 army of lliu operations in :
Ills direction from tins close of the w
ing mason ( if 19JJI to tin ; prc en ti
The dotuitncnt iv quite voluminous nn
illustrated by pholograplM taken at
scene of operations. Tlio total aim
expi tided for improvements lias li
$ l-l.t ! ( ! ; n uiul Lieutenant Klngmnn
cmilldtint that tlio money liai been c <
omlenlly used.
Tlio work \vlncli caused the oxpc
itnvo of tliu larger share
- iliis inonuy was on tliu re
from Manunotli Hot Sprit
Wyoming , to ( tardiniT , Montanato ; ?
er with a brMgo over tlm ( iibbon ri
anil tlir West ( iardinor ruiiil. The la
IH forty-live mile * , anil its total cost
been $1 t.DDO.iiii. It was commenced
Sept. , iHftl , but the work has b
Mopn | > cl si'veial times aint tliu ad
time used in its construction was <
Msvi'ii monthOvcrli.imu cubic1 y.\ \
ol Militl rock were removed , boMidi
very largo amount of rock in a cms
and broken condition. To rcmovi ;
rock poundof explosives \ \
UM'tl > enc hall being dynaniiti1) ) and 1
nhots in drilled holei were tired. .
work \vas > ateunipli.-lied ! throughout v
out accident or injnr.v to any one. '
bonolits ret-nlting tnnii tln.s work
marked ibe distance to pointof into
in the mirk being materially
and dinieulties experienced by toi
reaching the place * lu-ing overcome ,
lunnber of other roads were also opei
and bridges hiiill which are fully
scribed. Work \ya * abandoned in
park Oct. i-'O. and it is Imped to renew
early in May. An e-tiiuite : of the cos
completing the improvements is unuli
$1110. WO.
During Iho past season , says the
port , life game , I'1 ' growing timber > >
the. object * of curiosity and interest
this park have been bettor protected tl
ever before. Tlio nnniher of
itor.s incro-.iHo fioin year
year , and whilu there are many ci
plaints of bad roads , poor :
inadcipiatc hotel accommodations :
high prices , I talked with iinno aim
the thoilKinds who visited it who did
appreciate the wisdom that dcdiea
tlio National park lo its present iiics.
is not too much to say it will beconu1
time a health and pleasure resort i
viinallcd in the whole world.
The report also denounces tlio plan
the ( lardiner A : t'ool ; I'ity railroad to
curt' right of wav through the park tr
the government. Lieut. Kingnian
lluvcs tlr.vt thi ! road would be a great
jury to the government properly and t
Its construction is entirely unncecssn
Hi ) recommends that action in tliu 11
tor bo deterred lor a year or tw
await further examination.
\ How Undo Sam Provider tlio I nil I
J ivltli
Lieul. Chase , aide-de-camp to ( J
Howard , returned yesterday 1'roii
vj.slt to Flaiulroaii , Dakota , where
visited the settlement of Santco Sii
for the purpose of inspecting the issn
of annuity goods. These Indians loll
Santee Agency some years ago of tl
own accord , and took up lands in cast
Dakota , for tlio purpose of farming
Etoek raising. Some of them , it maj
remembered , were engaged in the U
bio Minnesota m i.ssacro of Itiii',1. T
now number vV > ( ) , including men , won
and children , and are a healthy , hai
stay-at-home , pcacablo lot ol' Indians
"Homo of Indians , " said Li
Cliat-e , in reply to the ipx slioning n
reporter , "are very thrifty , and h
comfortable homos , farms and herd.-
cattle in fact ari'imito well oil' , I'ron :
Jndian standpoint , lint most of tl
are lazy and shiftless , and have to
foreed to work for a living. Scho *
Yes ; they have ono taught by a >
agent appointed by the government , \
is paid i UO a year for Ins .services. I \ \
into tlio school and was astonished
note the progress the children are in
ing. Nimoof them are extremely bri ;
They are learning to read , write i
figure , and in fact are acipiirlng
( Moments of a good education. Tui , m
ber of children attending school. I
lievo. is about thirty. 1 noticed when
annuity goods worn Issued that neii
nil the Indians were able to sign tl
names to the receipts. "
"What class of annuity goods di"
distribute. ? "
"I'lothing. The Indians who are s
tered aliing the river for a distanc
about twenty miles were gathered
nether and tlicn the distribution beg
To each male wo gave a pair of pant
coat and vest , a pair of souks , a thu
( shirt , a pair of boots ami a hat. 1C
Mjuaw receives a pair of nhocs , a pah
hose , u hklrl , a piece of calico 1:1 :
enough to make a dress , about so
yards of brown .shooting , four yanb
yiii'iham and fourteen yards of brc
calico , besides a good i-hawl. A boy
dor 10 receives a jaokol , pants , cap i
n pair of .shot's and stockings. 1 !
over 10 voars of ago are given a ei
vest ami pair of punts , boots and soi
The girls are given a dross , and n pai
whoes and stockings. This supply t
will have to make last until next yi
when the distribution will again t
place. "
"No , " concluded Lieutenant ( "h
. 'these Indians are not at all warl
nut on the contrary are inclined to . <
at homo and mind their own busin
Htill I can't HIIV that they are mak
very rapid utr'nlcs towards eivili/.atk
A l OlSONii : > IIOUSKUOIJ ) .
U'ho Family of > uln Peters Taku
Jo i ! ol'Vlilto Load.
Nels 1'eters , a Swede employed by
Union 1'aellic and living on Konrtei
btroet , about a block bonth of the tr.i
went lo work Sunday morning on
Sunday half .shift. Within an hour
was taken with violent illness ami
foreman scut him homo in charge of
workmen , ono of whom was nai
Yon . \ \ lien IVtcra1 house was ivntc
a most MirprKsing state of ailairs du
oped. The fcwi'de1 * family consists
wife , three children ami a maidun bU
Kvury one of these , except the youn
child , n im-ru babe , was sitllering Jan J
1'uiora1 trm
an attack Mmilar to
'J'hey lay all over the house , groan
retching and vomiting. Young loll
other man in fiiargo and lied up ti
lor a doctor and meeting Ur hpah
Iu tlie street took him Uiuh. ; Thu pi
ohm nt surmised that the family
had been pol'oni-il and at oncejnail *
a uraml collective do-o of einotiu. 1
fallowed by copious dratij
the snlVei
f crcnm brougliljelicMo _
itml \ Mrd' v HI ! inn ! lii < ii > ni iii. ! >
oovered. Meanwhile the doctor push
invo.stiK tions fora common sonrc
lioisouhig disrovored on ft shelf in
hardened white li
Kiteh'U a | iol of
Hencath it sut the family tlonr barrel :
the coiiflnsioii at oneo obtaincil t
a portion of the uhito 1
mn t have found its way into the 1U
Is may have boi-n that onn of tlm e
dren "knocki-d down Iho pot , and
knowing of tin ; danger replaced
without s\yins : anything about the
cnrreiiei ! . The family is safe from
The CliarRo 1'rcR'rroil Asaln-tt C <
Htixll1M cert on.
Arrangonients wore made yesterda ;
hold the trial of Constable 0. W. Kilj
ton , charged by Mollic ( Jibson with i'n
imprisonment , on Thursday uu\t in
police court.
The cnsi ! is quite a curious one. Kilt
ton's story is aa follows : M.K.Mai
owned the lioiite on Ninth streetami I
nitnro therein , overwlneh Mollie Uib
presided a.s landlady. .Smne time ;
Martin sold out ton Mrs. Kight. adn
maker on Sixteenth street. Mollic (
-on refused , It \H \ alleged , to pay J
Right anything for the rent , and MI t
luh ; took out papers in hnlge Hartlc
cou'rt to replevin this furniture :
house , and tins dispossesses Miss Mol
The papers were ubteed for servici
the hands of Constable Kdgor
and that olHcial went to
( liliMon hoitsii on Saturday :
told her to "git. " She declined to ih
however. Kdgerton locked the doors :
inforuiod the ladies that he proposed
iircMikt as lord over thn oastle. Mo
( ilbson declined to leave , and sent
Attorney i'arke. ( iotlwin , She inform
him ( falsely , a.s Kdgerton claims ) that
was being" imprisoned in the hou-e r
that the constitute refnsud to hit < : d all
uiiliviitif.s lor release. Mr. ( ioilx
at once went tin to police court and ti
a complaint against Kdgerton , cliarg
him with false imprisonment. 'I'll" hit
appeared in court ami gave bond in
sum of j ; 0 i for appearance at the tr
lie claims that he had all the noces- ;
papers for the ejectment of the ( Jib'
woman , and that his act fn
justiciable. Further he claims that
did not lock the woman in , but on
contrary was decidedly anxious to h :
her leave.
T. > mo-it of tliesi ? statements Mo
Gibson enters a llat denial. Shu savs tl
she was imprisoned againM her will , : i
that her lawyer wns not allowed to en
the ho'i-e ' , and that she was obliged
communicate with him through ono
the windows. Even a notary public v
not allowed to enter the honso , and
was obliged to take her deposition
"long range. "
Constable Kdgorton informed a
porter today that the ( Jibuon woman I
tried to ge't away with some of M
Kight's property and that her trunk ui
laining sjl.'iil worth of silverware a
valuables which had been taken fr
the house was today found and sei/.ed.
, Cliliiunuui in Court.
Ah S am , a. dudo-looking Chinani
faced Judge Stonborg in police cot
yesterday to answer to a charge
disturbance of the peace. His aueim
were l.saao ( ioldweiss , a tailor living
Twelfth street between Farnam a
Ilarnev , and bis two little daughters ,
appears that Ah Sam has been rumiin
laundry in a portion of the. ( iohhvo
ro-idcnci ! , leaving it in charge of anotl
Cele.stial. The Celestials were in i
hiibit of smoking "hop"opiumaiid ( ) r ;
ing a dislurb.ince generally , and Una
they were ordered to leave the pre.mi.-i
In ' getting ready to leave tl
tore down a wooden partiti
between tlu'ir rooms and tl
occupied by the ( ioldwoiss family. Tl
as the witness against Ah Sam testili
was objected to by Mrs. tJohlwoiss ;
she t 1d him to leave the partition ale
The Celestial then became angry i
drew a revolver on the woman and t
her to leave the room. At another ti
later , as Mrs. ( Joldweiss tcitilied ,
Chinaman became incensedtaml raise
hatchet to strike Mrs. ( Joldweiss , '
was prevented by an expressman pr
cut who caught Ins tiplittcd arm.
Aftar hearing both sides of the ei
Judge Stenberg discharged the Chi
man with instructions to behave him :
in the future.
A Dosertcr Nnlitieil.
( Jen. Howard has received a tolcgr
from Constable O'llourko
I'lattsmonth , eonveying infori
lion that ho had captured
deserter named Solomon Hen Hart , \ \
left the United States army about twe
ycar-i ago. Nothing further ot the e
is known.
( Jen. Howard hn * given instruction'
O'llourko to hold the deserter until
can communicate with the secretary
war on thu subject.
It is generally thought that who
man has boon a deserter for over SIM
years ho can not be arrested ami tri
Anthor'tieson ' this point ditl'er , howox
some agreeing that a deserter can bo
rested and courtmartialod at anv ti
for tlio crime. The reply of the \Vi \ ;
mgton authorities on thu point will
awaited with eon.sidcrablo interest. U ;
thiit reply is received Hart will be
taincd in custody.
Iliirroii in Omaha.
Walter Uarron , Iho who did
shooting at Council HliiIVs yesteri
morning' is we.l . known throughout
\vostorncountvvas a blackleg , garni
tuul all around crook of the worst
scrlption. Ho has frequently made
headquarters in Omalia. A week or
days ago the police arrested him in ci
nany with two other men beoauso ho v
hanging around McDonald' * oloak stc
supposedly with the intention of i
liing the establishment. The gan < j w
taken before Jndgo Stenborg. Tl
were defended by 1'at O'Hawcssoi
qnently that the jti'lgo released ill
with instructions to leave town wit
two hours. Since then Itarron and
pals have been In the iiluil's.
A Confidence Man.
Isaac Keiv/io , a suspicious charaei
was sentenced to twenty d.iys on hn.
ami water in police court yesterday ,
was a very slick , talkative follow , :
plead eloquently for his reletno. Uut
was "no go " The judjjo rel'ttseil to
'love ' him , Aceonling to the utory of
oflicer who made the arrest , Kon/.io
bum who has boon in tlio town for sevt
weeks , living on free drinks and J
lunches , llo has represented himself
various times as advance agent for H
inson'a circus , government Interpn
for thu Crow Indians , and a promin
( J. A. K. man , and on the latter pretc
has tiucurod to himself many favors.
Territorial Convicts.
Deputy Sheriff MeUoniglo , o ! I.arai
county Wyoming , passed through ;
tenlay with seven convicts sent fi
the tciTltorU. ) courts to penal servit
in Jolle-l. They were tit companions
tlio sl\ lunatics another ollleor had fi
thu bamo tv'rritory. The prisoners w
P. Zolonback horse stealing , five years ; ;
William Whiting , larcpny as bailee ,
years mil n halts Thomas 1'ryar. repp
tng etolen good ? , eighteen mon ths ; CI
( lainliell , forgery , two years ; Atij
/ Minieki'iihorir lorirery , two Je
James Silz , horse stealing , four yca'rs
I'olicc Court Docket.
Jmlgo StoiiOi'rg ibsjio ed ol tin1 folk
ing canes in police court yesterday :
John WeMman , suspicious charact
Charles Rutherford , larceny of ov
coat , hold for sentence.
AngiHt B.ikor , Jack Cody , John 1)
John Drown and J. O. Honnor. dn :
and disorderly , dis'ihar ed.
Chas Pillren , drunk and disorderly ,
and costs.
Paddv llyan , ligliting , $10 and costs ,
h. Mcl-'adJcn and Adolph Sols mi
lighting , $ . " > and costs.
Ah Sam , disorderly conduct , ii
A Mj-Ntcrloim Khootttiff.
Three shots in quick succession fit
corner of Tenth fit reels brought a la
crowd and throe policemen lo that
cality about 7 o'clock hist evening ,
one seemed to know the cause of
shooting , but linally a man was foi
\sho said lie hud witnessed the alb
Two men \\ere standing on the eon
when one of them pulled a revolver :
tired three times at his companion. K <
of the shots , however , took eil'ect. ap | '
ently , lor both men ran , entering
frontdoor ot t htot's .saloon and p :
inir out through the rear. A. long f-ea
by the police in the ncighljt.ihiMHi pro' '
friiille.s.s , and it is s-till a nyMeri who
men ucrc or the cuiibc of the shooti
A Small Steal.
( } . W. Yates , a well known charai1
! ilout town , was arrested last even
by Captain Cormiek , of the police for
for larceny. Vats > had entered H
Hros. ' store , on Dodge street , and pick
up a small lady's work box s-lippei
under his coat. The action was notii
by one of Iho emnloyo.s ot the .store , n
as Yules started lo leave ho was detail
and the police informed. The .sto
article wns found in his possession ,
was taken lo the city jail , where he v
lucked up for the night ,
Stole His Watch.
Jake Meyers , an employe of the CI
stables , reported at the police head ( p
tor * yesterday that a thief had ontoi
his room , on tiic corner of Sixteenth a
Capitol avenue , hist Highland had sto
a gold watch belonging to him. ' 1
trick was undoubtedly the work of I
gang which has been operating into
for a month past.
( one to tlio Pen.
Sheriff Spearm in , of Sarpy county ,
uompanied by his successor-cle el , .
Campbell , came to iliis city ycstcnl
, uid took into ctisto ly fro-n the Dong
onnty jail the thr o prisoners , 11,1-
Dike and MoVoy , sentenced from t
Sarpy court. They loft at once for Li
, 'oln. whore the culprits will scr
terms in the pcnitiiiiiiarv.
Stolean Overcoat.
Charles Rutherford , a printer , was a
raigned before Judge Stenberg ycsterd
m the. charge of stealing an ovi
joat. llo owiied up that he. hail stolen
but -aid he did it while drunk. Ho vt
w 5 discharged with a reprimand.
Judge StonhpTg received a letter y
terday morning from some illtlerii
iiddros.M'd as follows : Slmeberg , I'o Lit
Judge , Omahaw.
JY .Alaniao'H l i lit With a
Vcstorday 'Moi'iiiii j.
The sherit'f of Albany county , Wy
uamo in yesterday with six cra/.y m
in custody , bound for tlio insane asylu
lit Jacksonville , llj. The patients wr
manacled and chained together in a lii
The rear ono of these was a big , stu
fellow , whoso dementia ran in a fu
making lino. As the train stopped , t
shorhl'started to tileont with Ins piitien
when , in passing a seat occupied by
drowsy ijas-cnger , the funny luna
slapped him on ilie back , shouting , wi
laugh , "Wake nn and nay for your beil
The sleeper awoke witn a start , and i
seining the rude treatment , struck 1
era/.y man in the face. A light at on
ensued amid the most , tremendous ro
The lunatic fought touth and nail , a
the olner individual , discovering t
character of Hie assailant , attempted
getaway , and failing i'l ' this howled li
tily for help. The remainder of t
cra/.v men took up the excitement ai
shrieked , whooped and danced abu
until they got the chains tuistod up a
fell to tlio lloor In falling tlio patiei
pulled tin ! lighting crank down wi
them , and the other individual , m
thoroughly frightened , made good I
escape. At hist , by tlio aid of the tni
crew , the crazy crowd was taken fn
the i ar. Tlio one that had fought was
a frightful condition , the cxcitcnu
having induced a lit and he had to
taken to the county jail , whore heimiet
down , L-.Uo in the day the sherilV to
him in ch irgo again , and witli the otl
live lunatics weiit over to make the trai
for at Council IJlun's.
JHnmomlH and Itioh .Jewelry.
Wo lay claim to having the larg <
stock and oU'ering the lowest prices
the city. A visit to our store will et
vince the most skeptical of the truth
this statement. MAX Mivtu : & lie !
Hallway Xoten.
A llntto City paper recently printed
article which the western press is eo |
ing to the clVoct that two conductors
the Utah & Northern had been disuhurj ;
for permitting a sputter in the guise o
blind man to ride. The screed in ipi
lion concludes. "The rnoe of tliohp
tcr' had been succus.-vful. He had ;
complishcd liis purpose , anil his ropi
to hcadijiuirlcrs was .sulliuicn
satisfactory to cause the il
charge of two Itonorablu a
capable conductors whoso only trai
gresiion was prompted by feelings
common humanity , and only r
ompense for what they considered an ;
of Christian charily Is tlio loss of their |
bilious " The tiliccting narrative u
Hiibmitlcil to lienural Superlntendi
.Smith this morning , who at once p
miunccd it a falsehood , and explain
that the conductors had been discharg
for general irrcgul.iritins. Xo emph :
of the road would be con.Mtrcd In sncl
CIIMJ , and could with safety report I
mutter at once. Uiind men and eliildt
are not put oil on tlu- plains
Messrs. Kimball , Shulby , , Sti
l > ins and Mr. Frudunck Chissolin wi
on tlie Utah A : Northern train which \ \
wrecked laal'J'hursitay. They occupi
n special coach on the roar of the tra
and a.s the eonnling fortunately brol
were loft safely -landing on the trai
The party had been up to Unite Ci
whi'i'o they attended a mining mille
UHM'ting , and looked up Iho matter
railway tarilV on salt. They have in
guno on to San Franei.sco to attend t
tvans < : ontinental meeting.
T. W. liluckbiivn reluriKid ycstenl
from the ion t whilher he went in chat
of an t-NCHi'slun party ihice weeks ago
1' . N. Fo\ , freight agent for X. K. P
banks & Co. . wltu hoadnuurterri at C
cago. is in Iho city.
A 11. bwan and u party of Cln < y 'n
cattlemi n are at ti.e MJiurd , on th
way toLlilc.ijjo.
A IMon to llnro the Htnipttiro I/oojil
on KlevcntlrStreet.
To the Cditor : The undersigned ,
representing iiis own and n ( front mr
other property interests on Tenth a
Eleventh ftrentfi in the viaduct matt
vunlribulus Iiis imlo to the discussion ,
that the city council miiy virtually un
their own solemn net , which , we m
pre ume , was intelligently tlone , or tl
that honorable body may intolligon
sustain what they have heretofore del
eratolj done in the location. Time a
space do not allow a full discussion
our side of the qucation. but wo refer
the article published iu the Omaha 11
aid of December 11 , ISM , which , brie
cited , tolls Hi of the change of trade
Eleventh wired , when the olevai
was built between Kleventh and Th
teeiitb Mroet.s , and the promises bas
Upon ( hi ! act of a nti.xod city council a
peoples' committee , in appealing to n
remonstrating with the ( "nion 1'acilic
rectors , as then rcpron'ntod in Omul
This oviixlvc promise then made , withe
being n direct pledge , haw slept and
seems without a break in its t-lumb
unless we now make it. Hut Iho abrn
rise on Eleventh .street , from Lcavi
worth to Marcy .streets , is a monnini
of the treaty I hen made , whether t
treaty lie binding or not. Tlio citi/.c
all felt then , and should do so now , tli
the rights then jeopardised should
oared lor now , or else the further obi
aneo would form a license for further 1
Another phase of the Eleventh strc
viaduct is to be round in the petition
r'red Drexel and forty-eight others , vvhi
was tiled with Iho city council , and , alt
action , was referred to the viaduct coi
nijttce , as late as October ii : , IKCi.i i
this uommitte Charles K. ( ioodiuan , o
ward representative , was then , and
now. chairman. Slumbering sweetly
hi * pocket since then , wo cannot to
only by guesses , what the fate at I
hands may bo. The requisite action
the city council should bo taken in t
spirit 01 estimation , as to why this
U'ho petition of DroM.- ! and others ca
attention to the fact of a ehitn
being sought in the location of t. .
Klovcnth .street viaduct , and says wl
this should not bo done , as follows :
The street ( Eleventh street ) is short
from hill to hill , involving less cost ,
[ oiinlriiclion ( than Tenth street locnlioi
That there are no permanent local *
improvement * on Klovonih street wlm
tho. viaduct location there would da mag
while largo and very valuable improv
incuts c.vist already on Tenth street i
.In : shape of retail business honsr
ivilli facilities for tile same , all
i\liicli a viaduct , if located on Ten
it reel , would render completely wort
oss. From this expensive litigation at
icavy damages must follow.
For t'.ieso and many other reasons tl
indiTsigned prop"rt.\ \ owners on the lii
) f improvements E.event h street viadiie
iml in the immediate neighborhood asku
ho city lo m.iinlain Ihe locatio
> f the viaduct on Eleventh street , :
ilready established , and to let the cot
racl lor the building' of the same at a
surly day.
Appended to this were the names c
'rod Drexel , Dewey Oc Stone , E/.ra Mi
aril. Max Meier , Adolph Meyer , Josep
iarncau , Jr. , for this liarncan Crack *
'innpany , Hen ( iullaghor , George I
'otorson , W. II. Mclingh , A. McGavoei
I. X. Cnltalmn , Ernest bpccht , L. F. No
on , Henry C. Hobble , L. I ) . Mercor. I1
! . Chapman & Co. , M ilollnian , J. Gai
liner Haines , James A. Haincs , Ii
CountMnrnliv and Murker. Samuel f
Jogers , H. 15. ' Wood , F. W. Gray , J. 1.
h-r , Storz it Her , Chapman <
lor , Lee , Fr e I iV Co. , Tooth
ilanl i\ : Co , Rood , Jones >
'o. , 1'arrottc Bros. , E. Linton by Joh
lamltn , attorney in fact. James Crcigl
on. \\T. T. Soiinmn , John Rush , J. fc
'ollinw , Lewis Hoed. Charles I' , Itirkct !
, Iary A. Uirltott , 'i'hos. ' C i'illo. II. 'I
Uar'ke , A. J. Hanseom , Jno.V. . Bell , / \
5. Hnhcrinann , Stiiblicndorf & Xostoi
'red. Sttibbendorf , Henry Livesey , ! !
I. Mortman , II. W. Yates.
There is a good deal of documentor ;
vidence , not yet printed , but it is th
.1111 . of this article to show that the pot1
ion which the undersigned and other
ake on this dropping ol Eleventh btrcol
.nd taking up the Tenth street locatio :
ur the first built viaduct , should prcyni
ii honor and honesty , and that goo <
ail h. as well as the beneliits cited , de
iitind tlio Elovcutli street viaduct.
OMAHA , Dec. 12.
A.NOTIIKI : vir.iv.
Editor of the BUK : The geographica
, nd commercial relation , ab well as genii
al convenience to the largest nnrnbei
coins to clearly indicate Kleventh an *
: \topiith streets as proper locations fo
ho viaduct. From careful observalioi
t seems to me equal ! v true that mor
irivato property will be liMiinlitted ain
Hitch less dohti notion of values , boti
inlilic and private , by UIPSO location
ban any other. Instance , remove th
imposed Eleventh street viaduct t
. 'enth street , and the full frontage of a
east four blocks now fairly develops
.s valuable bushies" property , paved
airbed and RiHteren , would bo damagoi
it least ? . i per cent. It id questionabl
vhether prpcrtyon Tenth north of land
ng of bridgii , would be bimelitted to ex
ocil 0 per cent , all t certainly lowe
'arnam could not bo materially ofl'eete
iv one location moro than tlio othci
Sillier location bonotits it some.
On Eleventh street , undertho propose
ladnut , there is no paving , very littl
nisinoss and no claim for heavy ilamag
lould bo sustained. On the contrary i
coins reasonable to export , if built o
Tenth street , that ondlc-s litigation wile
) o entailed , enormous judg-inents ol
aincd and tlio public trens'iry dojil"to <
s it public jiolicyH Is it wisn legislation
s it integrity of purpose on tlio part f
nilividnals in oilleial position to act , t
> lunge us into sneh controversies an
ixpiMiso to gratify n more canneeV I'ul
ic justice emphatically answers , no.
It is urged that railroad money is to pa
Host of construction cixpoiiHos , therefon
ho managers must be satiHlicd. True , w
; nn\v , however , from thn most roliahl
mthority that the Union 1'acilio conipan
nis g'ven ' up tlio Tenth street locatio
md that within the past ten days tin ) '
uive not only reaffirmed willliignosstod
helriiartin construction on Elevont
md Sixteenth street but niquesUul tha
ho work go on. If any ono question
his assertion lot them read the ollh-i :
elter from General Manager Callawa
f recent date , now public property i
mssosMon of thn mayor.
In view of sill this" can 'tiny ' ono to
vliy the location is still nnrottiPilK Pel
laps to know who i-uggcslod Iho mum
f appraisers appointed hiti week won !
suable a clear mind to read "A rin
without a ring" and fnrnisn a clue the t
ho aiibwer. Uespeettully ,
Drench Mnrlilo antl nrottzn Clouki
Our slock thi * year exceeds our in
lortations of any previous season , an
mr prices are such as have KKVKU bee
( iiowii to Omalia peoiilo , I'ay us a vis
md convince yourself of our low price
MAV MKVKU & nuo.
I'ultcd Statci Court.
Judge Diindy comniJiicjd thn lioarin
roiterday of the "as- of the Nortl
iVcfctcrn Electri.- hl i'-Jiui.iny \s. tl
jtato Iioiur.uiui' Com ii > . Th > > cai
A'lis given to the jury Ivito in thu .tfto
This inuii-i ij 1) s , i AH'Hia
i i I a
- . V ' .
' '
WP Imvo recolvud this wc'-k a tine tine of MTchntit 'JVNiri'ig Clothing from
the leading ni"rohant tn'lor ' throughout the cmtntry. A < it ha bvcn a dull
with incrclmnt tailors , it was iigolil mine for the
1119 Favnam , Street ,
of - . and we will a\\ \
The anil season enabled us to buy them regardless pri'Tand
them for less , than what the raw material cost.
1119 Farnam Sir set ,
OM'era von the following inducennsnts : Latent stvlos nnd elegant gnrnmtiU in 811k
and Satin Lined Suits and Ovorconta , roiideritig ti most , opportune chance to suounj
u bargain.
Suits. Overcoats.
ECO custom made suit for ! } Tt eusloin made overcoat for . * < > O.U3
Sr-.U oiistma iiiude salt fur f'tl eustoin ai.ule ovoroiwit for . ? f > " . " ' )
) % vuMoin made sail for Jf4 oiHti 'n for . JJI.03
HO custom iiiaile biiiL 1'nr ilit..V 15.00 ) SW oustotn m-ulc ovoronai tor . ? l\o
. HindiMilt for
t"i : uistom !
SSUeiiMtom iiiiido suit for Sl-\01 SMoustoin mvlij tor . S10.0J
S25 custom made suit for * SI'J-VJ SiiO iMisto'.n m.i.le for
S"0 custom made suit for Sl'J.Oft ' S'iO piistoin mule overo > .il for
S.Veiistoiii ) ui ul.1 ovoiv.ut for
S'JJcustOiii niiiloou'roont for . tl5.0J
. $ JO eustoin ni.iilu over.-oat tor . Ifli. . '
SiOousloia uiiiltf uNtfivtto . " 5H.O' )
Sift custom maile jtaiits for . . 3 . . SM : ) iMistinn iaul ; , > ulsl retto . SIl.Oo
tiasastmii inade jiant- , lor S > i
J-10 rasinm inaili1 jiants tor . ? > " > . )0 ) ? * J ciistotn iiuidrt nNtoivtto . fcUt.QO
p.s ouMiiin made pants fur . S I. VI ' .
{ : ( ' custom mailo limits for . 6 a.o < I'eoollivt UM-ry t'unii"iif bears Iho nuaieo
ft& eustoia made pants uir . S V'i ! ' I the tailor.
1IJ9 I
Liunbertson will proceed to thi
trial of the four JJenvu
swindlers who are here in jail. Tin
individuals are Frank Dorman , Sylveste
Yiinilt , llugli Ityan Hint Krank llur-t
They are indicted on three counts foi
conspiracy , and Mr. Lam bonbon nddoi
anotlier information this morning on tin
same ground.
Deimty Marshal Allen left viStirda\ !
for Long Pine to sell a stock of good'
in tlie case of J. J. lirown vs. Ednumi ]
x Meyer < St Ilro ,
Are offering . .S'f'1"VtVcs ' ' this month ii
Diamonds , Kino Jewelry and Silverware
Itaforo purchasing elsewhere cxamim
jiriees and stock at M.v.\ Miviiti HKU'S.
The next attraction to appear at Hoyd's
Opera house will be SalsbnryTroabonrs ,
an every whom popular combination , am
the originators of tlie musical comedy
entertainments so popular nowadays
They will present "My Chum" on Weil
nesrtay evening , and their new pioei
"Tom , Dick and Harry , " Thursday
night. The box olliou opens to-morrow
morning for the sale of reserved scats
The Carleton opera company , from tin
Casino , New York , will appear at lloyd' . '
Opera house , Monday and Tuesday
nights. Dec. 21 aiul ,1 , in "iN'aaou" ami
"The Mikado. "
Tur.APtTHV Dr.l'AHT.MKNT , " |
Orriou ov Cotrruoj.i-Kii OK THI : I
WASHINGTOK , Uccembcr 10 , 1883. J
Whereas , by .satisfactory evidence
presented to the undersigned , il has boon
made to appear that Tin' Onmjin .fiitmnin
Hunk , in the city of Omalia , in the coun
ty of Douglas , and state of Nebraska ,
has complied with all the provisions ol
the act of congress to enable Nalinmil
hanking associations to extend their cor
porate. existence and for other purposes ,
approved .Inly 1'Hh. IHM- > .
Now , therefore , I , Henry W. Cannon ,
comptroller of the currency , do hcivb\
certify that ' /'Ac Omitlia Xittiunttt linnk ,
iu the city of Omi'.ha , in tlie county ol
Douglas , and state of Nebraska , is author
. ' for the perio *
i/.ed to have succi.-'sion
specified in its amended articles of as
Bociation , namely until close of bn.sinos'
on December l th , r. > O.Y
In tefitimony whereof witness my ham !
, and real of olllon this 10th daj
of Dncenibor ,
Comptroller of thu Currency.
Ko. WM.
A landHiiuiR Suit.
W. J. Connell , in his capacity of oit.i
attorney , commenced mandamus pro
ceedingsin tlie district court yesterday u
compel J , J. 1'oInU , president of tin
school board , to sign tliu warrant fo
100 In favor of .Meadimber. Thii
amount is claimed by the latter for ; nak
ing tlio patrol wagon , the oont of whicl
the school board agreed to pay.
lUInd Iloone , tlio I'lnnlst.
This wonderful blind pianist , who i
creating fcucli a profound boiiMitioi
among musicians and receiving moil Hal
terlng lestimonials from musical critic
all over tlio country , purelia.-ed lafetwe.o !
through his manaiicr , Mr. John Lunge
a magnilicent "Chickuriui ; " grand jiian
coiling $ bCO. from MCS-.I-J. Max Meyer *
llro. . the general we-iiem agents fo
thct ! world fannd inntrumcnU. Thi
piano N\ill be Used oxtlnscly by Mi
llouno at ids coiifuiu ai.d rccitalb au
he coiisidi-rs it the Miet > t toned instn
mcnt becM-r placed uiion lie is to b
Ins & c
coii"rutid'iU-d upon lictpu&itiun
6UfU A lli
An Inspection by roiinfis ! eurs or cithers contemplating purchases will convince
that they can save from 10 to ii.i IKT cent , by inakiiiK their pin chases direct "rein
besides liavlng by tar Iho Iwgwt and linest stork In the West to select from.
Our tilled iiimortuttoim of KHKN'CH CLOCICS , HliONJCKS. MUSIO BOXES , OPK1W
GLASSKS , Ktc. , ami .VI ! I' < 5OO1)S from 1'A IUS'IUXXA , nud otla-r It-aJliiB markets , ox-
cecil 1lie couibini'd niocks of all other Omulia Jewelers.
Onr toi'k of WATCH K.S. . .IKn'KLKSILVEUWAIIH , EU- . . -.liiiidR without ; i ilval In
this city In point of durance and variety , and all at
AM. CiOOn.S MAUKUI ) IN PLAIN' ridl'RKS. ' JJo t. . > consult yuur liil * > rest by
ecting out stork hefoie imroha.sim ; .
An Ivarly Inspection Invited.
Mall nnd Telegraphic Orders Will Ucctlvc Piompt Attrntlon.
Cor. JJ-tli and Farnaiu 8ts.t Omaha , Neb.
Onrralirant t Cole Closed hy the
United States National Uniitc.
The iirm of U.irral rant ( Jc Cole , whole.-
bale cigari' mid tobacco , eh/s.-d
yiwtorihiy morning under a chatti 1
mortgaKo for $10,78 , ' , held l > >
the United Slates Nation. il
bank. The ni ws created great surprise
in business cirelias the concern w.
consldi-red ol Iirm standing. The con
cern hiicms to havu buoii running for
months past with funds obtained on
notes chielly from tlio United Stales Na
tional bank , and the prohimt diilictilly of
collecting made it impossible to meet
the-ii obligations. It is umlerntood ilia' ' .
the lii m will make ollbrts to recover and
hopes to succeed within the eight days
limit allowed by law.
J. E King , retail grocer at the corner
of Hamilton and baundor.-i stioots , gave
his creditors this morning a bill ol
on his ttot-k amounting to $
won : ? ' "l-"i , '
The clcarlngf ) yc.-iterday
Thorn wore more in police court
ycuterdiiy than for inanv weeks p-isi
TR'TnlETO-l t-r THK
Omaha Medical and
18TH bT. AM I'AI'JTUI , AI.M i
TBBAT * All.
Chronic nnii Surgical Dlooanuo.
lrr < irtnltli- , li oui'-t ( \Viiuiri ) , Pil !
ltl : < ru.r , I'llfi. , ( ' .ttHfrlt , l ln "r nf lli
' UUK" , i.hrr , Klilnn ; * , ' lonil , Mkl'i ,
Ntuuiarli , N TH-I , f y and I nr.
fur Jlwk un a ail ill < w fru I'uuii , '
ll"-i d fur r ln n : Wr.u- f r
n I'tnvATf ' , Hrrcul. mill ? ' rvntii IH-i1"- " , Si-n'
i I Vn-ukiiMi. , hitiii.rto Hy lull' . O' '
: .ituri , Vcrii'.r-1 . u > J nil I 1-rSK1" "I llif I f l.
> Ji'J K'ltnl nivci.t. < ' ( tritlnl j'Y f' " " '
' t l-r iV' ) i r Mirite | r.lllK'Bt iu r t lo inu.y
> 1.1 - or viiiu r
. llrnrm , TIUI- > .
i . .Ht-rlfH. Jiilialr :
1 M' .J"tilli. ! kin. ' ur i' . , * n > i"ir - -
, - td i.u.1 f r t ' A i-tf < o'1 iu-r iu
UR. Mer-EHArnY ,
" I -I. ' - 1 >
I Ht ' < L > I
| w . . > > V , Wtff VjMflt.f. * \ . MMV , U.Mi * .J. . .
11. \Vooldridge 1 , the street car driver
who shot the highwayman , Jlncko ) ,
turned up smiling alter a pleasant visit
in the east , lie will rn-enicr Iho employ
01 the nit col car i
. A mnrvtl oft- " " '
ly.mroiiifih ' ' l ' ) " ' * ' Mororcoiuiiiii-
c l tUita ih' " . ' .mr > ki.i i I "unnol hu 'il <
iiii-omii ii- ' ' ' "ll ( "f ' ' > lf " 'v ;
' " ilu . < R' " | i''Wilurt. ' " " 'I
tliori vrn'/ ' i .1
. ll. - 1'orrJi.r Co , 10
( inly In CIIIH. > rtj i
\\allKti-fbi M. V
wmciro :
tlie mtt 01 'Iriuli u.o ii. 'iuj-o ' or los
AiianlsSolubleMeilicalad Bougies
. . ' . . , . ur oil
No inn kuiiou * ilus-j- . 'if i.b.I. -
t-uU'lu woiiJ tlml uiu emu i 'U IJOUUKO 0 * 1 > JI'
B'li l > ) d" u 'jl'4 ' , t . " < i'4'ln * i ! 'ho Hriiil''i ' '
i'l iDii.VI [ UiH I' , n'l ilUk'i'U'H or intnlcu < " '
. . I1" ' 1 . " " ' " "i" > ai. ! ! ' ' H1 . uu
" * mi t VWi
H-IDI'IUI 1'iltf. | f" I * ii -
foi circular l'Uli > il < l. iTTDu'
ac. . .x.r. T otUilD / ,
U Jotni.l Ni u Vuik