Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 15, 1885, Page 6, Image 6

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: lo. 12 rearl Street.
1 1 r l lij rnii-ici i ! nit ) part of the oiljat
Intnt } eriit i > tr\uf J.
11.V TII.K. . : . , ainnact.
Kit i' hob 1 ha" a leleponc now.
U < itor , the tailor , for winter goods
D. . n t forpi-f the Incmen's ball in Ma-
Mtne hall to morrow evening.
'I In ti-imioiarv boilr-r that heals the
inn ( iniiitj jail burM Jcsteiday.
John NicboNon has bought the racing
IP-IXC 'Hcil lluck" who has a icconl of
1 H >
HA laipe tlilliout is expected Ihis even
ing at the citi/cns1 meeting in Masonic
ball.The left leg of C. A Larson , a Union
1'ucille switchman , has been fractured by
* fall
At fheoiiein IIOU P lie\l Filday even-
iiiL'the Hloomer seliool t-hlldien arc to
give nn entertainment.
A dciMon in the ease of Dr. Cio = s is
expected this term of the supreme court
now in f-cs-ion at DCS Monies.
'J'hc shoilfl'V , of the difleient counties
in Iowa are to hold a convention in Uur-
Jiugton on the ii''d and ad inst.
A A I'ai'ons , the St Paul harvester
agent in tin- city , claims to have discov
ered a new and sure euro foi hog cholera.
Since the cold weather has set in work
on Indian creek has progressed adniir-
abb The diit being fro/en is taken out
in chunks.
The Mains on nearly all the railroads
entering this city have been late on ur-
living lor n number of ihtjs past on ac
count of the weather.
g ? Mrs W. W LoomisaudMis S. Chuke
will entertain the mariied ladies pio-
grosJivo euchre club at llie residence of
W W Loomis on avenue to-morrow
( ! i i-rgc Parker who works w 1th the Con
solidated Tank Line company lias had his
light leg flucturcd by a Wabsi-h train
sinking a pipe and knocking it against
1'aiki i
The arrangements of the Council Hlufi's
paid tile depai tineul's masque ball to be
held in Temple hall to-morrow evening ,
me iiliout completed and Ihe bovs arc. as
snied of MICC.OM
In the dNtrlct eouit voMerday the trial
of the c.i-io Mary C. Walker vs. C. H 1.
it P railway was commenced. Thu
claim is fur damages can-nil by the explosion -
plosion of dvjiamito a few yeatsago.
Tinti am of hot-cs that Strayed from
J P Oleson on .Seventeenth avenue , on
Saturday night , were found jestirday
near \\e-ton \ in a field by a man who
knew the team , lie brought them home
to the city.
The special delivery syhtem docs not
pavvnv well licit1. Lust month the
tliun bu.vsvvho attend to the special de-
li\ei > only made § 15 between them , o
one of them lelt and now the work w > ll
bo attended to by the remaining two.
"Texas , " the colored man who baa
been arresttd , as was stated in llie Ui'.r.
yiMi'iday , for stabbing a man named
Fiiiley , wa brought un yestciday. His
case was postponed till to-moriow , and
1-iiiley , who vvas so frightened that he
w -ilked all the way to Omaha , has been
pent for to appear against "Te.xas. "
An impoit-int meeting of citizens is
called for to-morrow night in Ma'onic
hall The object is to make arrange
ments for meeting tlio committee expelled -
polled from the east , and talk over the
jiropoiod manufacturing boom Count il
llluth sliouhi arouse itself. If there is
not enough interest to have a lousing
meeting , with plenty of talk , which costs
nothing , theie purely can bo but little
encouragement towaid getting invest
ments 01 money.
Trj John Templeton's "Hose" cigar.
Ladles and gents get u ticket to the
grand drawing on January 1 , with every
iir > cents worth ot goods purchu-cd of
Arthur LoflumU , Wii Hroadvvay. The
choicest candies , Califoinia finiN , nuto ,
cigars , etc. , always on hand.
C 1) . Jacquemin & Co. , Xo 137 Main
ftrctl , take pleasure in Hnnouniing to
the public that their stock of article.- . , or
namental , stjlihh and utoful holida'
gootks , is complete in each and eveiy du-
] ) artmout , and cordially invite everybody
to vi.-il their store , inspect their goods
and ( .omparo prices. No trouble whiU-
cv or to show goods-
1" L Cutler of Modale was in the tily
Kov 15. P. McMonomy has gene on a
short \ isit to St , Louis.
Siinsin Kiseman has returned from St.
Louis where he has been purchasing holi
day goods.
Mr . John Stork , who has been con
fined to her homo with diphtheria , js
again able to be out.
Judge K. K. Aylesworlh. who has been
absi nt in New ork attending the funeral
of his sister , has letmnetl home.
Chillies D. Harmon went out on the
road iostcrduy to preach to the good
people the fact that his goods beat all
J J Vandcrvcer lefl ycstei day morn
ing for an extended trip weal in the in-
Iciest of his house , Messrs Van ISrunt ,
Thompson & Co.
Finloy Hurke , FOU of City Auditor
liurko , who has been attending the su
preme court In Dos Moincs , wan in this
city yesterday , and lust evening left lor
his homo In Orange City.
A. W. Stanbro. of Hnlfalo , N , Y. . is in
Ihoelli and luth been appointed city ro
poilcrfor the H. O. Dun it Co. morciin-
lilo ngeney here , of which his sou , O. S
Stanlno , has lately become nianugor.
Cttlafo ; r.uiges , ( iarlnnil sloves , Ha
diant Homes and Hub heateio of the very
latest patterns at bed rock juices , n't
Cooper ifc McJeoV. ( No.11 Main
Money W.tittvil.
At7jiercont iiiti--cst on county and
city bridge warrants .is collidcra ! " FCOU
ril V. JU MoNii & C'AMi'WKU. ,
Ovrr First National bank. Council
Thr ( Inest fiiugcs , foot rcsbs nnd fancy
ohonilk How ers for fane > work at Is.
Slockert A ; Co.'s , No 8tW lirontlwny.
Coirocl Abstracts of Title and Heal KB-
late. Loansat McMahon & Co'.s , No. 4
Tcarl ill eel
The olcctrio belt of Judd & Smith , uu
Fourth ttrcct , Council Hltiffs , positively
cuics ihcumatlsiii , neuralgia ; , , dyspepsia ,
piles , paralysis , indigc.stion , fits , cold
feet , ntirvousnebs , hcauache , kidney and
liver complaint ! ) , loss of vitality , lead
jiolsouing , lack of nerve force and vigor ,
wasting VTeakncts of those di-canes of a
peifonal iiaturtt in nude uml female.
All kinds of interior draping * , cornice
poles , shades , etc. , the very cheapest in
the west at K. Stockert it Co's.
I 'or Kale.
A largo Hall's tlio pioof safe , suilablu
for county purposi-h. ( jtoneweg tV
, hulcsulu irrotcrb. Council
Successfully 1'uuctnring a rdlo7-on ! feder
ate Who Threatens to Sqnenl.
Ion Illnotl ) HlKMilliiu Tin- Victim
at tlio 1'oltil of Dcntli DC-
mil * ol' tfic A train
'I iHooily Tia-'fMly of Yeilcnlay.
The frn pily nl ibc I'mon Avenue hotel
parly yesterday inoining was the theme
of inucli talk yi stprday The outlines of
HIP nllhir w-ns pivoti in yoMordny'- Bun ,
Ittt many additional < Io.iiN ( of inMcM ,
have slnee bc'Mi li-ariioil. MMII.\ visited
tlio hotel yeslerduv , ! in < l yet to UIP c.isunl
questioner there vvas lilllu now to be
given. The trouble seems to h-ne been
of a persona ! nature between the mem-
rang of confidence ini'ii. This
numb"ia sinnd is hpaded by tin *
man who did the shooting , lie is Known
as "The Major. " Hi' H about 40 juars of
ago , of rather pleasing munnprs , has a
smooth slinvi n lice : and is in thu habit
of carrying a cane These fellows have
been hanging about this part of
the country for 'onio limo work
ing Oinah-i , Lincoln , Siou\ City , and the
various railroads. They me Known to
thp police in i-.iph ol tlii'-u cities by sight
at least , and il M-PIUS otrungc some
cll'urt has not hem made to rid tin conn-
trj of tlu-iii cie this. "Thp Major" has
various aliasi - , among them heingJonos > ,
Williams and Kcnton. On Monday of
lust week he aiTi-strd in Om.ihii on
u charge of v.-igi.nicj and being a stispl-
clousliaiiiLkr. ( . HP his niuno
as Walter Bentuii .lusticc Frainev , who
has been his attorney , went over to
Omaha , and ' erured his dNehar u. It
has been the-li.iliit ol tliis gang to vWt
this city } , - a few da > s
and then disappearing. Thu police , at
least some of llie loree ,
KNOW < > NI. or i HUM m sifiHT.
and had ica-ou to believe them to be
crooked , but they were not pulled in , for
they made fair promU'-s not to do any
woik here. A spottino ; 111,111 , however ,
who is up in suc'i niattcin , told the Hu :
mini vestciday : " 1 hej 've been working
light along here I know it , and could
jjivejon tins f.u-ts dead ( o ' 'ifjhts , if it
w iisn'l tor gettinp : mjself into a serape. "
"Wh.v haven't iln-.f bi-en run in then ,
and why haven't homo of the victims
i oared * "
"You're u fresh one. Why , don't von
know that thousands ot dollars are lost
here every month by jjaniblinfrMicl.ers ;
beiu ; taken in and done up , and jet only
once in a while there is any case vvliieli
yets in the iaperTlieyalwaj ) sdo up siu-K-
ers whom the } keep from roaring , or yi t
them out of town before the. ) have a
chance to roar. 1 telljon these lei lows
have been catching lol.sof suckers right
aiound here. "
It teems I\lajor \ Williams , as he is
perhaps the best known , was engaged in
a bad scrape in bioux City a Mioit time
ago. A cattle man with a big roll vvas
the victim. He was filled upindnoLbeinK :
able to get his money in any other way
the gang concluded to taku it by force.
\ \ bile in a drunki u condition he was be
guiled by some pretext into going to a
sei'huk-d iiarl ol the railway . \ards , and
then "Tho Mujor" vvitli homo of
his companions knocked him down
and got the money. In the seullle
Williams got his foot eanglit in a fiog
and in his liasto to get away.jerked itout ,
and in this wav hint his foot. This ac
counts lor the limp which liis been no
ticeable of late in hi.s walk. The man ,
Hughes , v.ho vvas tlio victim of the
tragedy yesterday morning , w us not in
the paity who Knocked down and lob
bed the ealtle man , but ho claimed
he the one who "steered" the cattle
man into thu trap &et for him. Ho vvas
the one who po = tnj the major , and had
it not been for his stai ting the .scheme ,
the plunder could have been -ccnrcil.
Koi tin-so services ho claimed a pan of
the proceeds of the lobbeiy. This was
refused him , whineiinon hi ! threatened
to give the whole thing away This led
to the fatal shoolinp : The plan to either
aocnis to have been coolly premeditated
The plan appear * , to liave been to e\eile
Hughes into a qunircl and then Mioot
him , the oh'inc--s > being in favor o/ gel
tin ; oil'on the ground of self dcf < me
"Tlio Major" vvah stopping at licclitelu's
hotel bmidat evening , wlnln Hughes was
slopping at tlio Union Avenno hotel
"Tlio Major" .sent for a doctor to cln-ts
hi.s vvouiuled foot , and this part ot the
iifl'air hus bee. , kept M'iy ouiel , the cause
of llio wound being of such a nature that
he of course was anxious to kee ] ) oven
the fact ot havingKieh a wound a M-cret.
Ho vvasery : in.\ious that SOUK-surgeon
mi ht bo 'iticurod who could diets the
wound well , 'Tor , " lie said , " ] have got
to bo in sliupo to do a big amount of
walking to-night. "
I'rpm this it nppear.s flint no had then
in liis mind the intention of bhooting
Hughes , and tlio piobability thai lie
might hayo hard work to escape. With
two of his companions ho went to the
Union avenno hotel and theie hid : n
stormy talk with Hughes. He cabled
Hu.rhis . everything that ho could find in
\oluininouti vocabulary of obscenity
and iirolnnity. Ho bccmcd anxious for
lliiKlieH to .stiilco him or to iennt the in-
sulu , so us lo give him an excuse for
shooting , but Hughes took creiything
( juielly and declared Unit ho did not
want any tumble with him , JIafor'ill -
iams and bib companions finally left the
hotel and went about fotvn , drinKinir at
various places. They wens in ( ho Fhii--
nittnong other plmts , and them took
a hncK to go down Hioadw.iy. As they
got in the hack Willianm vvr ) heaid to
lemark that they would "do the d-d
& n of a bh up nnyway. " They again
visited the hotel where Hughes was
nnd rcmnveJ the < | uancl , or trlul
to. Then they went over to
the Metropolitan house -ml < ? vii , across
the Htreot. ( Jeorgo ( lerHpaeher , one of
the brothers running thu Union Avenue
hotel , saw them in their , and onoof them
rcmaiKcd to him that limy were going
over to Omaha on the dummy He. told
them the dummy tinin was just readv ton
n\ \ ill , and they hud to hurry Then they
admitted lhat they wcrn not intending to
o over thu river A Mioit llmo aft -r
this they came uguiu Into tin- hotel olllco ,
and this tim ' " 1 he Al.ijor" Insisted that
vshen tliey left the hotel before Hughes
had followed them oulvrith the Intention
of assaulting him.
Thin thno woiils lan hot and , the
iiatty having been filling upilh uioio
firowauir. Hughes vvasery iiuUit in
coinp.irhon with the others , mid .said
nothing back , but took thu epithets as
they came , lie went into the vvachroom
onre to avoid further aillieiillY , but an thu
storm of iilniM ! did not lessen ho came
out just as the Major WHS making some
tin cat as to what he could do with him.
To IhU Hughes inudo an ob-erue irply ,
and "The Major , " puljlng a icvolver ,
commenced shooting. Therti vras a lively
K-atteriiig of ull in the room. Tin en
nliots went fired in quick Miccchsion , The
night clerk , JumenO'Ncill , hardly waited
to Iho liixt one befoiti ho was bound
ing up Ihe stairway calling for help It
wan all over in less time than it Inke.s to
t II t Crorgu ( ii-rspachergrabbeil"ThM
Major. " but nas ipilt-KI ihn l utide ,
und received ouo ball in bin liiind. the
little linger of which wan bndl. ) injured
and the bone livitred , Ilii hes hul :
( alien to the lluor und wus blut-ding tm- .
ribly As "The Major" and one of his
after the shooting the other finpaiiion
trif d to get ( Hit tiiroujji the \Mislllnoin ,
but was grahbed by ti r pachcr , who
thought to hold him until help could
come , but lie had to let the fellow go , the
threr making good their escape.
Theic eeni'lilt'e ' dunlit but that the
other two weie as knowing to the plot as
"Tho Major himself \ \ hen thcv. en
tered the hole ! for the last time , and
"Thu Major'1 bejrnn abusing Hughes
again , ( Jei-pncluT tried to induce one of
"The Major' * " companions to get him to
lop such talk , but the fellow replied ,
"Let the old nvin talk. You needn t
worii about him. He will ti-kc care of
biniM-lf. '
roe M\NV nonou * .
The wounded man was placed on it
col in the olilce , and lr Macrae called
He loimd that Hughes h id been danger
ously wounded in two phues Out * hall
had cnti'ted his lung , and the other had
stiuck him under the honlder blade , and
lodged again-t the spinal column. He at
once pronounced the wounds fatal , and
thought it was needhss torture to probe
for the balls. He was given what treat
ment seemed necessary to make him
comfortable , and thcie he lajvisitml by
scores of curious lookei on , until yester
day forenoon , when he was taken up-
Ktaiid and placed in a private room. Soon
after the shooting , when it , seemed that
he must soon die. a prie-t was sent for.
and as he entcreil the loom , the vvoumled
man began at once his confession of sins ,
lumping them oil' with , "Holy Father ,
I've been guilty of everything
in tlin catalogue extcpt minder. "
Vcsteida.v moining lr ) liellinger ap
pealed on the scene. It was claimed
that some of the wounded man's friends
called hint in. The poor man thus had
the benefit , or the disadvantage , of hav
ing two dill'ercnt , courses ot treatment
given him at the same time. Dr. Hel-
linger believed in a more heroic method
than did Dr Maeiae. He was for cut
ting out the bullets at once lie reasoned
that the man could not live , if the bullets
stajed theie , and he might as well try
the espeiiment ttf gelling them out. Hu
called over Dr ( JaTbraith , Dr Spaulding
and Dr. duck-on , of Omaha , and , \ ester-
day afternoon proceeded to probe for the
balls , and try to cut them out. He cut
about live inches in the breast , got bold
of tue ball , and tried to pull it out , but
the man was bleeding so terribly that the
other doctors who had been against the
Use of ( lie kuite , piolested atrainst his
trying this method fuilher. They thought
tin- man would bleed to death The at
tempt was then abandom d. Dr. Itellmger
dcclating , however , that he Mould te-
siime Ihe attempt this morning , if the
man was still living.
Soon after these doctor0 had left the
place Dr. Maci'ie came in to see how his
patient was ( letting along lie was nnt-
ui all\ indignant on learning that other
nhvsieians had been probing for the
ImlN The evident ml-undcistiindlngas
to who e case it was did not appal ently
increa-c the chances of living , il lie had
anj chance , and last evening he vvas
lying in a djing condition.
woiiUb on 111 ; DUNO M\V.
He vvas aroused enough to answer some
questions. He still declared that his
name vvas James Hughes and that he
had two brothers , Frank and Joe , who
lived in Cairo. They have been informed
bv leleirraph. When asked by Marshal
duatiella who shot him , lie said Major
Jones. lie said he thought that was the
man's name , and denied having known
him befoie Sunday. He said he did not
know either of the two other men , and
did not seem inclined to betray any
Coioner Connell claims to hare got n
little more definite statement from him ,
to the effect that the quariel was about
some partnership matters , and the divi
sion ot spoils.
Hest coal and wood in the city at Clea- !
sonIVarl ( ! street.
Clnislmas presents at Homer's.
Substantial abstiacts of title and leal
estate loans. J. W , , & K. L. Squire , 101
J'cail stieet.
Children Cry Kor II.
Yesterday a boy and girl appealed at
the county clerk's office , and with the
greatest nonchalance asked for a mar-
ri.igt1 hccn-e. The appearance of the
couple was such that it nearly took away
i he bicnth of Clerk Shea. The boy
claimed to have reached the age of 17
yeais , and the girl went him one better
and said she was 18. They were dics ed
in the plainest clothing , by no means
tidy , and they looked as far oil'in dress as
the'y did in age for candidates fcr matri
mony. The boy gave his ago as Mowry
and the girl said her name was Hoover
anil she lived with her aunt. Her father
iiiui mother were dead and she could
not very well gel their consent She
could get the consent of her aunt , though ,
The boy said his father was dead , but nis
mother would give her consent They
weio'cut away with a icquest to bring
Ihe necessary permits and this vvas
thought to end the matter , but brick
llicj came , smiling and blooming , the boy
liav'ing a note purporting to be signed by
his mother , and the girl a like note sign
ed bj her aunt. The eleik vvas hard
heaited , and still could not , ee his wav
clear to grant mariiago licenses to chil
dren. Hu leftibcd thih time perempto
rily , and the girl tocsed her head con
temptuously , while the boy wanted to
know why the clerk tlnia stood between
them mid bliss. He was infoinied that
tonic ichpoiibible and disintereBU.d parti
must first come to the ofjicu and file the
necessary proofs mid affidavits The Ind
and lassie went away < iut at heart Su
pervisor Hardin , who stood watching the
young couple as they detuned , strength
ened the position of llie clerk by ex
plaining thai he knew the boy andthu
family. He "aid that the mother was
now u dependant en the county , and
lhat three others of his relations wcie
alike unfoitunate , and hit thought it
veiy wise not to allow the crop to ii [
lU'easi' to any very great extent. Ho uu-
di istiidd that the boy lind lalely secured
, t lucrative position of $8 n mouth , and
ibis enormous salary had doubtless turn
cd liis head towaid matmuony.
For everything in tlio uiocory line give
tlio new firm of HintV Klceh , Hlj
Idoiidway , a trial , J'\H\\thine , new and
fix-all. Fancj gioceiie i u sjieclaltj.
lie sum and ask your grocer for the
bread made at Smith iV Locrico'n bakery ,
No 5-J Mam stieet. It is the very best
in.tdu. Tn H and bo convinced.
Tins Kvci > iii ' , ' Owcrrt ,
This evening the Mine. 1'ry eoueuiL
company appear at thu opera house , and
from prcsfi notices received it is more
than likely that the hoii'o will be
Manager Dohauc ) assures the public.
Unit tint opera house this evening will bo
well heated und all will be comfortable
The Y M. O A. , untlri whoso aucpicea
the concert is given , guarantee to refund
ttio moue. > to anjone who , at the dom ;
of thu eonct-rt , is dissatisfied ,
Thu following is what thu pr&ss hn.i to
tay about thcnr
( iood luck and n pprrdy return IB thu
ui ft of all who hcaid them..HoBtou ( .
JollllKll ,
The variety made possible in the com
pany's programme by the many abilities
of its ineinbiirs has undoubtedly insured
its mcci-ss. [ ItoHton Ht-rald
They weie oneorcd to the echo. [ liar-
risburg ( I'-O Patriot
I lenity a musical banquet. [ Kemiebeo
( Me. ) Journiil.
I1 is seldom our eltl/ens are io highly
favored | Jancsvillu ( WiB ) Itcconler
U Mieiusi unfair to pr i e onu toleution
more thnn nnnthrr all vvero c rMI. Ny
good [ Dailj lit ptn , ,1.1,1 , Dovir IN 11
'Ibis company can be hipldy I > IOM
mended , bnt not toi > highly - ilimiiil
'IraveiMM'Mioh 1 Herald.
livery nieinbi r of the company is an
artist. [ Jamsvllle ( Wif ) Keconlcr.
I'or haidw.ire nml lion o IniiiH
get ; prices of Cooper iV : Mctii-p , No. 41
illllll Stll'l t ,
li . Judd Vj Smith's Kk-eli o-Mugnclle
mole * . Only lifly cents. No ! JO I otirtli
St. , Council Hiuffs Iowa. Agents
Ail Uniiily l'i tenner Sim : .
Thete arc in the county jail snmo very
unruly | > ri om-rs , and Jailor Shout/ bus
his patience sorely tiied.Vheli lie
chance * to be nwny from the building lite
wife is fit quentlyinsulted in the grossest
manner bv some of the prteoneis , and
they improve cvorj opnoitunit of imiK-
ing life hard to bear for all connected
with the jail. One surly ivgro. Henry
Jones , went a little too far tlio other
night. He refused | 0 enter his cell w ficn
locking up lime camp Not content w ith
being balky he b-gan abusing the jailor ,
and linullv the jailor threatened to shoot
him if ho did not behave himself. Jones
swoio at him worse than before and
dared linn to shoot , calling him all sorts
of obscene names. Shouts at last in des
iteration fired his revolver to scare the
fellow into submission , but as the ball
went far fiom him he laughed and re-
umed lite insulting remarks , timed him
to hoot again , mid Mill refused to sub
mit to the i tiles .Shout/ then shot again ,
this time bonding a bullet through his
foot , inflicting a rather painful but not
sol ions wound. J'he fellow did not stop
on the order of his going but went Now
older jjrev ails again in the jail , the pris
oners finding out that Shout/ ill sl.oot
Hav ing put in a complete new stock of
clothing , lurnishitig oods , hats , caps ,
etc , Fox vV : Hughes , No DlfiMnin streit ,
itivitothc public to give them a trial.
Their expenses arc small , and the can
and do sell cheap.
Meeting ol'tlio rnllicr" .
The council last night spent one hour
reading tip the back minutes. They not
us far as October 1 , iss- , . 'J'lu council
lUeusscd the adv isability of creating the
olliee of boaid of public works. It vjas
icterredloa committee. A resolution
was adopted for the appointment of a
committee of tinee aldermen and tlnce
eiti/.ous to devise wa.vs and means for
establishing a city hospital. The com
mittee appointed wt ic Aldermen M Mis
ter , Heniielt audCioi'-eanil Messr.- Henry
Ki cman , Charles Heiitrie anil 'Ihomat
Ollicer. The petition of business
men , n king the city to iccog-
ni/.o C. H. Anderson as chief
of a merchants' police foiec was
favorably received by the council and
referred to the ma.vor. The claim of
Mr. Dohaney tor damages to his opera
liouso was compromised by granting him
a free license to Dcceinbefl , 1887.
The protest of home owners of corner
lots against being a ? i.sscd for ) ) av mjr on
both streets vvas reported adverselv by
the city attoiney. 1 ho rejtoit vvas con-
cuircd in by the council.
An ordinance was passed exempting
f lorn taxation for live voar.s all mannfae
turin enterpri'-es which shall locate in
this city and invest a capital ot not less
than .f 10,000.
'J'he council thn ailjoiirned.
For first class Mis.Muni wooil call on
Gloafcon at his coal olliee , i-'G 1'earl street.
Ijieciihps Granted.
The county clerk yesloi day granted the
following maiTiaue licenses
Chris N'os , of iSlim ola , and Maggie K
Ilnn-en , of Ncola.
Thomas Lafay and Anna Allen , both of
Council Hlulfs.
( ! . A Moflalt , of Xeola , and Maggie T ,
Hausun , of Xorwalk.
William Moiey , of Winona. M inn. , and
Annie AKtoit , of Madison , III.
Frank Lor-m/er and Minnie Doiri = ,
both of C'onneil Itlulls.
Mnuufacturoreof all fckcs of
EsiCfiallj nesigncd for Jtunnlnj ,
Tubular nnd LocnniolJv Boilers.
New Masbillun T InoshcrH.
Carey and Woodbuvy Horse Powcrd.
Portublu nnd Tniction Engines ,
Pactoiy Mns"illon , 0. Bnuuli Hoti'-o
filO Pearl St. , Council UluiR.
Tai of !
HO , 7 and 9 MAIN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
lu Counol lllufft Uttflnj
Fire E3soa,5pe
And nil minirrn liuimivtuitnl * , cull IK lit , Ure
klurin Ixllfflu. . , ulliu
Kot . U1D , Sn mnU'11 , Main Bticet ,
MAX JI ili.N , ] 'ioi > rlolor
Justice of the Peace.
OOlco Ortr Amurlotui Kxpiei ! ,
Corner Pearl Btre t ( xnd Fifth Avenue ,
council , ui.urrH.
Illnk for rout fur tbt'MiUsal | > crformnur s
Lull * , imrvii's , tie.
rorrtIiiaent and a rilEt
evt-i ) inomlric.
In Slat unJ l-Vtloral CourU.
Kuuiua 7 auJ I , ijuu urt UIIKK. JJcuo.
NOTlrn. Special ( ilrrrtlsoment * , fueh *
I.OM , Vounil , To Toii. Tor fn\t \ > , To Kent , Want *
Ik'.inlliiF , UP , to ill l > t inserted In this column nt
tiu low mio of IT..X CIINTS pun LINK for th
flrMlii 'it'oiifitvl I'lVK CENTO PKII LINK for
< pli sul > p iiiPMt ln crtion. IAMVO ndrerttao-
mints at our oSlcc , No.S \ ro.irl Street , near
OH nr.XP-A mu-lj lurnl licd tiout room ,
.No . ' 1 MllOEtlCOI.
II I\T- < v iilxly ItiinMioil ttont room ,
. * wlih or without to ml. I'no
luifctreil. X ( tiC 11it MOIIUO.
J7AHM roil P\lr.-Atn Iidivnlii ir oM 'onn
1 Iftirt-ifM , ( l < t milts douthwrst o [ Oinnliii fl
ronm II < III PI < \ [ client vull mid ci lorn , l > iii-\ \ ,
OIIP fur i ( jilt hoivos , nno for V ) POrt . lii'i ) . 1"nl
anil niuniu Iiuii4p > > , 11U nrit > 4 In tlinolln iXi Mi
fort tiics. ( utti n wo < xll lacl , wulmit , n-li and
liinplc ; in mil nnliniil , upi'los ' rhin'iv. ' i-'um '
jtnit : | 1111. 1 Mimll iriiltN. N'evtr inllliiR roi-k
Malt i. 11. t' uiiitKH , 6W Uruiulnnt , Cuuiull
llluffo , limn.
\\TAN1K1) T.i liny nil Ilic ( IrM-pla'K.MV-nii'l
i ' linnil lioii'plinM irnoU Hint nnoilViod to <
fnV , Mirh no furniture , em pots , stovrs , cto
I'cr-ons nut ImUnir RTHirri.t lli-.t-iln-n tronli
nlllHivptlmoliv not npplylnir. All otlunvuM
ii oi'lviprompt ntli > ntli > n unu "III li | inl < l the
liliiliiM iiimkel piloc-s by A. .1. Moiulcl , Hi !
] lrmi < lnuirnli ! > r In new mid strictly ni-t-t'las1'
linnd tnrnltiiip , i-te , OP.
' : roil UlINT-At MuMiilion A. Cos.
No. 4 1'tml street.
roa IAI.K , rnit iusr : on I\CIIAMII : .
HO. 13 1'nr MiliMrlPiitonpiy llbpinl H-riiii
'I IIP I mine II lllullH I'npui .Mlll.i-omplplv , with
tlio lariru bourdluir huuso and thrcu notes of
Nn. yn A Imslnrsq piopi-rly In ,
Oipuikcp coiiiitj. Inwn. > ill 1 1 mlo lur ni-stwn
lllllils.illmi. . iilimit * | , UW.
No. , N A liciiutlCul linnic In tin- town of 11-ut-
Inp : . Mill * lomity , lown , lei Ncliru&lin liuul
Viilup , fc.lVK ) .
No if \ peed | iu"liu-sq propnty nnil nl o i
peed n' lilpntp piopi rtj In tlip town ot Clipimi
Mcl.cmi count ) , 111 . low down lor i.iihnr will
eu'liiuiM1 lei vu'ifin hmK
No. 17'J ' \ pplriullil fiuui , * Pll Improved. 61(1 (
ai-iii In DUkiiiMin count ) , Iowa , joining tln >
tf.wnof . Spliii I.uko. 1'rku , lor a.hoit tluio ,
ff > poi in i o.
No. 1M to IWro four Inprovpd fauns In
1'lillllp count } , Knii'ii * , pncli wltli it ( iiiiall in-
cninbi'inc'd. 'I lioeiiuiin1 ; will bo pvi'lwnifi'il lur
iliilnniiubindwlld Innd In NVbriiskn.
Nn. Ilii CHI m > it"n HoUioiinljNeb. . , pattly
. nt 11if \ \ bai . .iln.Vunt8 to cicunnso
No M A lluelv\o Ftorj brick rc'lilrttep , one
ot the lirii IneatlDiis In ( cium-il IllulTs. will tr.idti
lor rood iniiiicuiilipitd Kansas or Nelnii kn
liind" Viilne. Slii.lKK ) .
No. to and U Ate Uvo oilier licnnllfnl ltnim-
in ( ( .iini-ll lllutTs , which piuli imjini-nis will buy
nt n liMi'unln.
J o. M A lipniitlfvil locution In lo vu
( 'in , Iowa , nil ! tALlmnvu lor v t-tttru luiids.
Viilne , { Ci.lxW.
Tinaliovo nro only n few or our tpiclnl lur-
vnliH. | | > on'vprit iin > llii"K' lo tiiuliMii- hell ,
iiiMMint 1o si II uny estntp or tniu'mn < ll e ,
> vj | | ( > uu.'o luive teveral L-ood stoek" ol Koods
lolrudofoi Unas. bW VN > V WAI hi U.
Council llluirs , Iowa.
J. L. Do BEYOISE , Agent.
No. W)7 ) llrondirav. Council llluils.
HOS. oincnn. w. . it. ri'sur.
R. BICE , M. D.
or other turn > ri mmovi'il wlchoul
tiiuitniruurtii'ivviuiror blood.
Ovcrthlily JJ-UIH" jiruct rnl exiierleneu. OlUoo
No. 11 1'cnil MI cot , t , ouu' U i
northwestern Hotel ,
( Tttcil .iiHl fin nlslu-il. Opp Iboadvvay
Dummy Depot. Sf.50 pci day.
L. H. BEIISIIAW. Mnuagor.
01 iE < VKioiiN
I'owi i-f in nlplit-d iron ) liy 1ranf pr-i. iiro Toi
ililvlai ? ull luiiils ot lUlit inoc-h nn Sj > c < ; .il
iiltt'lillon t'Urn to < luiu'li oi Jim liloninr VN < >
i un priming | iu'"H-j , meal choppcm Uc cream
trtworpolisUliDf ! liitlii-n , sew Int , ' nni U.iii" , olc- .
Tlio liet c-lic-npeM iiuiloi iiiinln. Fi-ml lor cli- In i so In Council Illulla by
Ut'tl JollOIIKHI.
J'luio & Pfliin.dt nn'/it market.
I JiUitKO Mint. Mniki-1.
L li-lzomini/IT'h / Mint Mniliet.
hiuilli X Mi ycr .
Km Iz \ Kli rli , c ofTeo uniuter.
Kobert Mullli , f ( I < - < > irrtiiilcr.
Solllnir-Axent , IB Mnlni , CouiiuH Ulutl ,
Ill ] l-'uiiuui bt. U.nalia.
No. 2U , Main Street , Couiu-il HlulTs.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Wliolrsiilo nuil relnll Lumber , Lntli ,
Eucli , DuorE and lllinds. Fulo RKtmtfi lorllio
cclLlirnlfd ilniblcliruil Canei > iitntU < il VVhlto
nit- , H , j' . 31 UXONM f i. ,
ISliiin St. , Council HlullH.
Ni-arthu C. , 15. , t y. ; C. , .M. & St. I' . , ami
( ' . , Ii. I. Af. . iallv\ay di-jiotH. Stn-t-t car
jiashtho dour. Kvcitliliig nuw and nit ,
L-lass , Oiit-iitd Uw. M.
M.I'HII , MKItJiX ( : ,
V. T. 31 VIVE. A. 8 H i
< CCo ,
Real Estate Exchange
JI > . U31'u ul SUret , rouuu-ll lllilRs , low * .
Ilcalcra In lowu , Kansas nnd Xtbmka LnnJi
Itcal Kiitnto bought mid sold.
No. 337 Broadway , Council Blurts.
to Go Out of the
And slaall commence the sale
of closing out from date of
our entire stock of Dry
Goods , fixtures , etc. , in part
or parcel.
i <
Will find it to their interest
to attend tliis sale.
f 3 ' i TT a"V * TJ"
Council Bluits , la.
ir nnr klml r-iH" ! or inoroU . nnd satlsCALtloa gitnrxnif" 1 lYamelu.u-Ob nio\-
on Little Qiaat tnulis itio liest lu tlio vrotlJ.
SOS Eighth Avenue and Eiglilii S
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy G-oods.
We malco the celebrated Ilardutan l'Ian < n , nuu the NOVA ! Whlliioy or an ? , a spcolalt )
. ,
Kvery Instrument v\arniuteil , .Send foi eittalotnioi
KLLKlt MUSIC CO. , Coimi-ilJM :
If you buy any wliere except at Me teal
Bros , They are selling' their Clothing at
Cost , and guarantee prices on hats , caps'
underwear , hosiery , neckwear , silk hand
kerchiefs , trunks , bag-4 , etc , , etc
METCALF BROS , 344 Broadway , Council