Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 14, 1885, Page 8, Image 8

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t Gold and Qnitt Sunday With lew Im-
I IVtv Small AeH.lentB AVotlc for tlie
IMuuiliom Tlio HerItopprtfl'
Contrnilon OHirr Inter-
A Httildrn Call.
Mr I'rojlian , mother of .John A Krry-
Inn , Ilio Douglas street wholesale liquor
dc ilir , diopptd dead : il llio cm HIT of
Kcwntodith Bluet and St Mary j mo-
nuo ht evening nbout b o'clock.
i\li" \ 1 rc > liui ! , accompanied l > i her son ,
hud left their home on 1'leimnl street u
f w niomiints jircviou ly , intending to
CJll on some friends They walked quite
rapidly on iioeoiiiil of thu cold , comers-
In-x onariuiis Biibjtcts. htiddenlj , with
out a moment's \\ai miitf , Mis tritium
fell to the sidewalk Mild expired At IIIt
Mr liijhitit supposed his mother li'id
[ Minted and Mimnioniut * ; assiit.iueo ear-
rit d hei into : * . Moic near by. lr Oscar
llollman was si-tit for , but before he ar
rhed itviis dibcoyt led that the woman
IA.IH deadVlien the dot tor
Biimo Im pioiiouiieed life extinct
and the cnu o of deivlh to
bu apoplexy. I in oner Drcvl was
nolilii'd of the sad oecurreiieo and the
body was taken to h < r late home It
was determined that an iixiiie-t was mi-
necescniy , as thu causu ol death ysas
iMi-H Fievhan iiliout fid ji-.irs old
nnd residt dith her son , John A I're.y
han nl r > i.'t Pleasant stu ot. Tin )
Hi'ivm-i will be held from that pi , ice on
Tuetdsij altui noon at J ! o'clock.
Anleep In tlie Sticet.
A ni ui biug in tin- snow on St Man's
nveiiuciia discovered by S KittUh last
c\enin ; about 7 o'clock peacefully sleep-
In ; : . Mr Kalish i cceedcd in rousing
him Millieienlh tosupport him ton strict
car and bronjiht him down town. At
I'iftcunth and rain.un an ollicur was
Miniiuiiiiid and Ilie ni.iii taken to the city
jail. > vl re lie tr.ue the name of Jack
Cody He was under the intluenci ! of
liiiior | , and bun ; * thinlv clothed would
undoubtully h iye ( | Uicklv succuinbud to
tli . > ld but for Mr Kalish'M timub dis
covery _
ft cut1 II IH Koot.
An 5nlo\icat ( il ni.iii wandeied into the
ivorkti of thi ) .Speiry elcetiic light > m
punj about li o clock jc'steuHy 11101 mn < r
Hiid naked to be allowed to w.uni him-
sulf HIM request was planted , but as lie
was \i > r > drunk and soon became a nuis
mice , the patrol w.igou was sent foi and
ho man was taken to jail Then- was
li u > vered that otic "t Inn feet was fear
fully fro/en. Dr L itciuinir , tin * citv
physician , was siimiooticd , and oideied
the man scut lo St Joseph's hospital for
treatment lie will piobaldy losu two ol
hid toes , if not his whole font.
Ills Hand.
James Wilson , a Union Picific brake
man , had his baud badly in ishcd Satur.
day while couplmjje tr- > . the bones in two
of thu lingers. being erushul Dr.
bi lith , the attending Miiiri on , thinks
how\cr. that he i-ansavi the hand en
tire ile roninud the pieces ot the
crushed bone and dusbod the wound ,
and hopes that it will heal iusitch ; i nun-
nor as to bn of usu to the untoi tiinate
man in thu fiiiun : liolh liuge'ra , how
ever , will bo still' .
A Clone Call.
Satin day running Mi T. Trnelcsen
and family , hung near Thirty * i\tli and
Ilaiiioy Ktucts , wcro rti cered by
nuiAhborsncailyasphy bj cseai > ing
coal gab , > md a pliynieian was at once
Hummoned I'n h air and moper ticat
mint completely rcMoicd the alllictcd
pcihoiiri , but it was a naiiow eseiiie.
Irnui death. 1 lie family is composed ot
Mr Truelcson , his witu and live children
lllcw Out ( lie Can ,
A.C Sheely , of Not tun , Kansns , is lying -
ing nt thu M cti opoht. ui hotel aullVTinjj
fiom the cll'ecta of ehcapiny jras , which
nc ih caui-ed his death the other ui < rht
Mr hheely waH dihcovi tud in his mom
at the hotel in an uncousciouH condition ,
and it was c'\eial hoitifl befoic he < mild
bo it fiuseitated lie is now on the loid
to rt'covi'ry , but will bo confined to his
bed for eomii time.
O\cr an
The two btaltious haiuesst d to Pcjcl.e
Bros 'B heavy delivery wagon , while
standing Hi tlut rear of the Lmon Paeihc
depot biituida > , pitclud into each
other witli teuth and hoofb , and
in the li ht went over a In li
ciiibanknipiit. The w'ason W.IB
broken to fragments , but the horses woie
fortunately uninjured.
A Itimuutiy Hlcl h.
A hoise hitched to an old horse sloi h
nud diiyeu by three boys , took fright
Satmduy on Dod e sticet and lau
ixwav 'Turning the corner of Sixteenth
thu boyn VNcre pitched out , and the hoi-o
continued muthwaid colliiliug witn
( lyerjtbjng in the load until it disap
peared up htreet.
A Tull A Iliokcn I K.
A locksmith named Ihiuling , employed
in the Union I'ncilic hhops , hud the mis
fortune to fall cstciday moining on the
icy imvmiient bteak his hi ; The
fracture in a vur > bad unu , his l < < ' lieiu
HO twisted uiuli i him in the fall as to
bleak both bones Hauling was icmoved
to liifi homo and Dr Calbralth was sum
moned and i educed the tractmc.
lion KeoperH Itciiit ,
Thu eighth annual mci ting of the No-
brnukii blalo lieu Kcupcia' association
will hold its ncAt Hcssion at Lincoln ,
Wudiu'bday , Thursday nd Friday. Jaiiu-
nry 13 , M uud ir > , 18SU , the lirat meeting
of thu fccsbldii beginning at ! l ! ) I p. in. , on
thu IHUi Notices will ho posted at tliti
Lincoln depots diicctiug vou to thu hall
in which thu meeting will be held.
The olllceis ate pioud in being able testate
state that notwithstanding thu great loss
of bees the imst winter , jet thcapuuan
intoieatti of Nubuifka are kctiping pace
with thu other miiteiial iutcicM.s of thu
btatu. Wo are hearing fiom man } * points
ot thu ttatii whcie heietofoic noiopoits
\Vlo ) ruceivetl , tuul thu liiohpcct.s are
ftmmiblo for a largu gathering of thu
prominent hcu keepere of the btalu.
Kvcr llnng po-hihlii is being donu to
nuikd thu meutingrt of our association
second to none held in any state ot the
Thu meeting of this uh nulatoii ! in the
place w licit ) the bcglnm r in thin moit
pleasant and prolit.ible. biiMiii'so hliould
lo Mire to attend , for heiu.sou will meet
thu men and women of thu slate ( and
also of thu w cM ) who are away up thu
ladder in all the. now am ) best ideas , and
methods of apiculluio , anil 3011 surely
Fliould not negli ct biieh an uppoi 11111113 -
cveoonuut liberty to ask an > ipie tion ,
and tome one iead > at all timed to an-
BW or.
Hy new arrangements mathiwith thu
Uurliugton iV Missouii ami I'nion I'.icilie
railway Ctmipaniert all who wish to at
tend the association must call for anil
obtain a cci i cato of Iho ticki t ag > nt at
tliuir rckpvttivu duuutti , and pay lull laiu
to Lincoln Whllu nt the meeting , miy
time during the c sion , prt'ent uch
c rtificat to mi. ii ml I willortlfj l tun
ntno , which will entitle nil who holt !
Mich crrtificat i to return ticket at one-
( , I * T * . * . * . ! il . . . . < . .
ilil t iilt > * > / i. A.klli ' ll y.
cittcs to nfpociation wneii purcnu niK
tickut to Lincoln.W .
W F Wmi.tlT Pec. ,
Nib S'afj K. A ,
Johnson , Ni hamu Co , Nib.
'Jin : i ii'snuis' : HARVEST.
Ijnr o Niiinbrti of I'rozon "Water
I'ijics lo ho Carptl Pur.
There was a Kfcn' ' ctiango in the
weather in thu \ o uarly morning jes-
teiday ami the thermometrr took a sud
den and decided fill From 8C abovu
zcioatll o'clock in thu tvening it do
scuided tob3 below nt il o'clock in the
moining Large numbers of peoplu
were caught , napping by thu uni xpecled
chungc , ami thu result was
that Water pipes , ill 11 great
many instances , were fro/en and burst ,
tlms'depming m.mfamilies of their
water Mipplj on Stind ly 'I he plumbing
shops weic eloti , I iluiing tin tla , but a
gre it ru h of woik is expected to day re
pairing the damage
'I lit ! w tier win fro/en only in pipes
situated m houses , as the ( old has not
been suihcicnth intense to rcat h tlm
mains So fai tms-ca-on the 10 uplaiuts
to the watir eomp.iny of fren pipes
have linen \et v fiw , but it will not lie
long il the picseut weallier continues be
fore they will begin to pour in by thu
Tlio Alli'Keil Iiiuc-Jt C'nto lmcRtlji\fetl
bat uriliij 's loclopiiiuntH. .
fm ) of the * idd < st cases of misery unit
hiifleiiiig ever brought to light in this city
was investigated In a reporter for
tlic Hi , : : . L-ilt Saturday afternoon information
mation was lodgetl with the police ot an
alleged hoirible case of nicest which hail
just developed in North Omaha , wherein
a girl named Lillie DeWitl was
Mid to have accused her father
of the palelnity of her aboitetl
cliiltl. Thu case was mentioned in the
l > i r.alltletails however being suppressed
for fuither investigation.
In company with a police oflieer spec
ially de'ailctl It ) investigate the cast , a
reportei weiitouthatuitla to the home of
the DeWitt family , at H..i Noitll Iwcu-
tit thslieet ' 1 helioii cisa little U llpailltcd
struct i iv , weathi i-bcaten and tlil.ipi-
tlatt tl , betweiMiMii im in and Clark sti cut.
The knock at thu dooi was answcicd by
a little giil , evidently oiih iMghloi nine
oatt of age , vvlwu l.icc , bill tor a cert -
t mi hardened e\pris-ion , v\hichmi ei >
ami pox city alone can give , would have
bicn beautiful When aski d it her oldest
sister Lillie w , is in , the gal iciilit il that
she wa nek anil h id bei u nn ible to see
an > one lor seveial da , ) " . Yielding to
the olheei 's request she consented to lead
tin' w.o to the kitchen wlii-ru her Mster
was The young woman , Lillie , was
found sitting ly tlm utove engaged in
some kind of fancy woik She was a
rathet comely guldu \ > ) ntu the lact that
hei faie U.LS pinthetl and pale
with siilleiing Wlitn questioned by
the olbcer she b ml that
she was conlinctl on Tuesday , without
aid 01 attendance horn iu > ol the neigii-
br > rs ami had given bnth to an aboittd
child 'I'lti ! stoiy , that li.itl becngivtn
w iilu cmioney , to the elicit that her
fithei w is lesfiousiblo lor hei condition ,
she si outetl , saving bu was us good a man
as evel lived.
Yielding to fuither questioning , the
uufoi tuiiatc creature s nil that slit ; hail
bceii a \ntuoii3giil up to about May last.
when she nut a . > ouug man named
Shcrm ! ) raimiiigtou at a sitipiise juity
given . ' the house of one ot the neigh-
bois. T us man , bhe said , aeeompli-hed
her mm under pumiNc ot uiaiii.igc
Hukept company witli her up to a lew
mouths ago , when he deseitid her. "I
told him ot m\ condition two or tiucc
months ago , " she s.utl , "but he icliisul
to tit ) anything foi me I have hot M-HII
bun for six weeks , ami then i was
ashamed to speak to him "
Out ; ot the sail Kbt features of the ease
is that on TUUM ! iv last , Hie d.ii of her
LOiilmcment , the jouug woman was
absolutelj aloui1 , save foi the prc-eiice of
her two younger sifters , 'J and IT years
ol : i c Moth of tin1 bitter cluldicn ran
alloveithe iicighboi'iood tiiiug to linil
"oino woman w ho won hi take pity on their
i Idcr s tcr s condition , ami come to bei
assistance Hut all the iieighbois turned
a deal ear to the chtldien s lequcst , it !
ply in" that tliey wanted nothing to do
withtlie No pliysiuaii loultl be
.si t uit il because , as the miloi tun itu girl
Mid , tlicie was no money to p.ij for mctl-
iiil services
Dew ill is a man about forty-livo years
ot aire , ami for thu past seven or eight
yt .UN has been woikmt ! in the Union
1'aeilic Hnops He is at ] ) iesent out with
the wiccking train on thu 10 id , and is ab
> i'L unawaie of the condition ol bis
ilaughter. The mothei has been dead
seven jcars. It i piobalile that the in-
vCjStigation will lest here , a-i tiu | ) olici
niitlitritiiis ) aiesitislied that thu gill is
telling the truth.
IKUU : ; ObcflVltlci' , I'rosltlenl ol' the
ilclnovv Oruuiu/.Ulon , ( 'anctl.
A uutewoitlo iiieidunttx'cui led several
days ago at the ball of thu llcbuw
Iteiicvoluit society , it bciug thu pu scuta-
linn ut a gold lieiult il cane to Air I.
Ohcifcldcr , oiiu ot thu piincipal mein-
bi n of that body The e\i tcneo of a
pcim.iuent JovMsh itligioiis botl > , ac
well as thu building ol the temple , mm
owned by the Jewish lougregation , is
m iml.v tine to the uilicliiMiig Taboiri of
that geiith man Ilia clingy and / , as
well as his i aincstncss , bus made the
coiigitgalion to tlaj out ) ol the leading
bodies H tli it denomination in the west
Mr ObtjiTi'ldir. upon rect iv ing this token
ot appieciatlon tiom the commilteu , le-
pliett in n tew well-chosen
Small uudiences witnessed the Satur
day matinee and evening performance
of "Hot Water , " by Ahco Ilanihon and
her company. An honest criticism of
the production and itn presentation will
not rull'-ct creditably upon either. Thu
play IH a win thlcsj.s patchwork in which
a cm runt vein of vulgiuity la doubled in
ollunsivciiebs by the act * ot Miss ll.uri-
son. Them tiru some hr&t class people in
the east , nnd they are out of ( dace.
' 1'heie aru also u kw tunny situations ,
but they aiti Mvampcil by u slop of
ancient ga > ; s ami u bugivash of long ami
inane dialogued ,
HAMi'Kiinn HV iinn TAIM : .
IMarcloiisly Consti uctuil Vctcilnnry
IJ VVH > l. ( icith , Jr. , Tulkn ,
If J. ( icrth , Jr , the btatu veterinarian ,
is to bn bulicu'd and hu doubtless ought
to be , thu Hvu btouk sanitary lawsoi the
htittu are bm kiul , gagtttul , tied haiitl and
foot and rc.ndcicd aa'l.oioughlv inopera-
tivu u un cmlUs ; , biiing of 'ted tapt ) .
wiappuil , bound , and tied In u h.ud
knot , can makti them.
Mr ( iiit'i ' iias bei n in thu city for thu
past few duyli.ivlng t onio hither for
thu purpoM of bti .lightening out a small
piutioii ol thi ! taught ! akoiu thu legisl i-
line ovoht'tl at its l.ibt scshlon Mr ,
( itith if aerv clever } ouug gtiitlemun
ami si-ems to bo thoioughl > cduc.itid to
h's ' UiMiass Hu mil sued eoui'ih of
sliul both in A UK iiua uud iu
tnkinp ; advantage of the best ir
on belli continent * He has mn ttrcd
the .situation in Nebraska nnd in nn in-
tcniowwilh n reporter forthe BEr.rriiHy
evening , nnde a complete nunlj&i- the
_ t - " - _ i _ .1
i here am live points of live stock entry -
try in the state , nt each of winch
n special yet rinitiian il Matiouid
In c-j-iiu'ne ' all animah in ship
menl These arc nt I'oUugton. where
the t'Si P M A : O CI-OS-H-K llu-mer. al
Hlair , where lho S.oux . Ciiy ft Pacific
toiuu o\cr at Omaha , reached from the
east 113 tin' Union I'.icilie , at Plaits-
nioiitli , thiough tin * It i\j M , nml ut Falls
Cit > , by Hie Missouri Piicllic At this
last place n yeteriiuiuan has neycr lit en
iippofiiletl , anil it was ehiellv to rentctly
llus discrtpincv : thnt I f.iuic hi re I
met Mr daitetl , lho western agetil of
tlm Missouii 1'aciliu , lo day , antl i cached
ns.itisf.K too until rst.mdiiig wild him
u hen by Ins road will at ouci * come un
der the law.
"lit re lies one of Hie grievances of the
neu enacluient I \eltriniry otlicer
ul all points uf MMstock entry is an ap
pointee anil employe of the railroad comp -
p my tiatis tiling lue business there.
Ibis condition is iind'-siuible ii ) o i it <
face , as the ollicial is forced to won , in a
measure contrary to the interests of the
company How closely a man , under
stu h citcumM met s , w , ll mish inspection
is a matter ot tpic.itinu I hold that all
. .oc.ilctct maransnliouldlu st.ileollie'ers.
As I am held responsible for ln aelioiis.
1 think that , in all fairness , im should
conic under llic si ite sen ice
"Ilie gieati'st obcelion | to the Inw
is found in the unwieldy
mi tliotl of pioecedurc it prcscrihis In
tile in-d plueo CUT. ) thing must be douu
uudi r tie immediate Mipi ri i iou and
b the recommendation of the htato
Vcteiinariiiu Now it is impossible for mete
to hi * iu one hundred dtiteiciit parts of
tilt * state al onuc and one man is not , ade
quate lo the task. 1 luiM' ulrcad.y IU ap
plications on lilo , _ something 'like thu
ducket , of the Lllited Matt s bllprclile
court. Then when 1 urn cull , d to a ea c
of disease ami condemn the subject ,
nothing can be done until tin * eom'mis-
tinners are .summoned , Thcnc olli-
cials livu ut Lodge Pole. Ciclo
anil \ \ eepingatcr \ , antl it
takt s t\vo at least to make an act ng ma-
| ont\ I or inst.iuue , I ha\etoantl a ease
ot glandi is m Omaha , at the conn r ol
Sixteenth ami Nifliolas , ami li.ue eon-
di nun d the horse to death Now , by
law , 1 must _ summon the commission
here to appraise the horse \ on can see
how ne.nlv ridiculous hiieh u icouire-
incut s. ' 1 he xalueof a glanilt retl horse
is be\ontl estimate , it is woith less than
nothing , but to settle the in liter
toruey general has decided that ! is
enough tor iiglandcretl horse 'J lux thing
ol Hotting the commissioners about the
state isirj e'\pcnsi\e , and 1 .ilviii Htry
to prc\ail upon the owner ot d eascd
stock to kill it , in his own mterct
" 1 he legisl iture tin theriuore made no
provisions lor my salar.y. Itinacted that
1 shoultl be i > .ml > Jiii ) .mil e\peiiseti per
annum , but neglcetttl to make an appio
] ) tiatioil A uimibei of h\e tel k men ,
lio.u'xer , deposited a note lot * . - , iiHinpon
wfiich 1 ( ould thaw , .mil tht * will tloubt-
less tlo so lor the < timing jeir Should
the legisl.ituic tail at its ne\t session to
pass an appiopiiatiou foi ny past . . > ,
these gentlemen will be out > , " ( KM
Again , m on atiug the * lue slot k intlem-
ml llliid , w Inch is a fe.itme ol tilt * ut-w
law the piovisiou is made th it one-tenth
ol a mill out ol the general luiid shall go
to deli.i > expenses ' 1 his allow.nice w ill
this year amount to aboat § 1,010 ,
a nieagie ttiiiu out of which to paj the
p.ilaucs of the commission , nil our ex
penses , and the uppiaiM mcnt awaiilsou
all condemned aiinn ils. It will just
about spie.ul around thib j ' .ir and notli-
imr moic
' It is sinccrcli to be honed thnt the
next legislature w ill stilighten out the
law and submit it to iiiin moie operatiye
foim. "
Me , Diuian n f-foij Uonletl.
Jlisiit'ss Cath.uiiiu L. Dam an bcnu first
ilnlj swum , depnsfs and th it slui is will
acijuaiiitid with Kobe-it D Duncan ami his
wife l.ottic.l. Dime-nil , ami that she * Is not ic-
1 iti'd to clthi'i ol the ahine iiaiuetl panics ,
and liuthci a > s Unit stie was called on the
nmlilot Tluusd.i } , Dce'cmhcr 'id , 11-10 p. in. ,
to tro to the liousf ul the ahosciiainid | i.iitie > .
ItM Damimiit stictt. mil that she icni.iiiictl
time until tlie followliu 'riuusilay and tlnr-
iiiK that time nttciuleil the atnres.iitl Lottie ,1.
DnuiMii , ami that all the biulscs slit * saw up
on the bndj ot the s ml Lottie J. DIIIK.III was
one upon the lleslij jMif ot the lifrlit ami ami
: i slight scratch inidci the rlKht e-c , staicelv
noticialilc , and that iltiiuu , ' that tiinc there
was plentj lo eat m the IIOUM * . ami tli it I'm sdi -
diDie. . sh ( the still litilieit J. Duiu-an
In oiulit to Ins siltl \\iti me it , hie id. pc.irs ,
cake , nud cave ht'l iu cash two ( i ) dollais ,
and tint dmin _ ' the ] > ic > cncof the deponent
III the1 house * the said Lottie .J. Dtiiiiau was
ness , lini.iole. cille'd the dciioiicut bid
nnmcs mid made it so dlsa.'ree.ib'i- the
s id di'poiiciit wns ( oinjicllid tolcnethe
hoiist1 , and that the * -aitl Lottie , ) . Duncan all Uiut slu-net d-lo in.iko hei cointorta-
blc nud lurthei dciioiicut snith not.
Subsciibi'd In in > piebciieeandhwoiii to be-
fine me tins nth il ij ol DoteinbiT , ls.v' >
[ > i \i..j O 1' . Si.w Mm , Notarj Public.
J'obi'it D. DuiH'in beiiiK Iirst duly sworn ,
deposes ami s s tlm he Is the luisliiud ot
Lott uj. Dimcaii. ami thnt the ) have resitlcd
at liit/J Dniciiioit ) sticet ; ami deponent tur-
thci sivstlui on 'I Inn -ila ) cvciinu Diifin-
bti 'M , the said Luttle .1. IJinu-in so abiisrd
him , bv woxl tit nioiitli , that he attcmptcil to
leave tin house , ami th it on In i aid iiijinnc
toittalu him bv I nice hedliovcil hi'i liom
him iu oidci to eel lice , and Hi it hu i oiimiit-
tcd uoothci assnult upon lici. and thnt in the
piescmeot witlHSM'K the slid depiiiii ut h is
Rim e olfi'icd lier a n'ii-onablc aiiKMint tot her
support , ami has Kivcu hei loud ami money
ami tli.itsafd deponent tully believes his
s.Utl wiio Is not Iu hcrihht mind and tlut
slio Is not nicoinitiihlo foi the stoilest licula-
tcd nbnnt him , and fiiltlicr slid tb puiieut
salth not. Koui in D. ) MN. > .
SnlisfiilKil in niv iHeseniru nud sum n to
bcioie me tills Uth day ot Dt'cciuhci , lsv > .
[ sr\i.l O. I1. > i w MII > ,
_ Notat ) Public.
Mrs. Kate M rieinlns beim ; tirst tluly
swoiii ilt'ptiscs ami sa\s tli.U sheiesldes in
the DII k | nlt ot tlu > himc. pit ) ' ) lln < i iiiinit
stiict the liout put ol whli h Is occupied by
Knbiit I ) . Diiiuan niitl Lottie , ) DIIIU m bis
wife , and th U she isell noiiiinlutetlith the
ntoiCNiiil pnitlcs. th it on tlm evening of
'I hiii'il iDec. . Stl slio Ill-aid no noise as of
iiuv omUiciiik' b.-.ilcn. but xlichcnid the voice
ot the H ild Lottie. I. Daman i.iiscd to a hiu'h
pitch mid did not hcai thu voice of tlinKild
Kolu'it D. iDiuican ; thnt on Tliur lnv tnc-
ltiK , Dec. IHth , at vNhldi time thu siutl Lot
tie . I. Dmiian sa > s thnt her nnld Imshaiid
Hubert I ) . Duncan entered the house and
beat her so thnt blood tlowcd from her mouth ,
Him w. is railed Into the limit pnitnf the house
niitl remarked to tlm bald Lolllo .1 , Duncan
"it looks as though ) ou had been iilcklm ;
vonrtietli itnd it had bhd u little , " nnd that
sliu lienul no uoKu of ail ) assault nnd does
not bullinomi ) wns ( omiuittcd ; iiml fmtlicr
said ilcpoaeiit sal ill not.
SiibvrllMMl In my pro-tiiico and sworn to
Lcltiio inu this l.'tli da > of D''c. , IKV > ,
( c , . . i U. P hi wnn ,
' 6iai < J '
Koturj 1'ublie.
JnckGnlllcnn'N PounilUng A Cuno of
Infant Dcsciiloti.
Frulay night about ten o'clock , a violent
jerk at thu bull summoned the servant
gill nt Assistant Tire Chief Galllgan's
residence to the front door Thu gul
opem d the doorpiepnrntory tn mimitliiig
visitors , but naught but thu vacancy ot
( hu snowy sticcts and the moan of the
wild answered 1'iu ' challenge "Who's
Ihe.u , plu.u-u" ' U'ho servant then
in bomu tredidation glanced out , and as
sbo did so her even fell upon a basket
lying upon the stoop , bhu picked it up ,
and bunging it into tiiu light of the hall
way , screamed as shu discovered its con
tents , ' O , heiu'b a baby. " Mis , CJalligan
hastened irom her room , nml thotlouglity
liiemau so lai conqucicil his iliuiimut sin
us to 1'yllouu ; .1 lucli hobblu. It
baby sure enough , but fooold nnd nearly
frozen that it was impossible to tell
yv.iethor or not it lived. Itc-tora lives
were at once applied , the blood in its
Illtlo Imdy rubbed lo moTintj nnd horll.y
is u ncaltny noy nuout one week old and
seems lo nave been born among peoidc
of good citcuin tanci" . In Ilie ua kcl
were also found se\t rat line jirlielts of
baby which thu niMtk < < showed to
ha vi' bicn bought at I'.ileoner's
Inquirv at tluil Mure reveals thnt
a , haiidsnme nud well < ltes ed wonnn
yesterday purchased lho articles , but
notliiug is known of her identify or her
whei fallouts' Mr ( JiUliguu s.ijs he will
keep the infant for a few da > s antl if not
claimed will dinpose of it lo tonic found-
lingiiisiitiition or to p.irtits desiring to
adopt children.
Court Note * .
Jiul 'o Neville granted Saturday a
mandamus to M T Puiick , compelling
the Omaha Sti oil 11 dlway company' to
opei ale Iheir cars Hi rough nis addition
This litigation has been printing for omo
months past , ami this action of
Judge Neville's will probably settle
it foi ever. Mr. Patiick ceded
to the Mrcct car company as
IK- claims , n certain tract of land in his
addition , and right of way , pi milled
the company would operate the Cain in
the addition 1-or a tnnethc cot potation
kept its word , as Mr PatncU claims , and
Im.illy t-ca-n-d running cars altogether ,
exct pi at vcr.v. long mtciviils Judge
Nevillc'n oitler of mandamus provides
llmt the ttioet carioiupiny shall operate
its ears in this addition exactly us it
does m other purls of the city
Noah 1) . Lawrence bigau suit in the
disti let coin t Saturday agamst , ) lin 1 it/-
gciald , of Lincoln , lo compel him to pay
an alleged balance- $ li'i..H. ) " ) , with in
tticr-t winch il is claimed is due the
\\estiin Sit am Heating company for
labor tlonu
\\jllluni 12 Join"btgan suil agaiti'-t
H L' I'lencli , administnitor of the e-.tatf
of .1. H 1'ieiieh , lorn balauco ol * -itM ) ,
insuiatice nionc on the htock Vnnls
hotel vvhich was liurned down
on the night of November . ' !
Mr J U Pu-ncli. it is claimetl , took a
mortgage on the pi opcity , tosecure : i
cell.un amount ot indebtedness , it ml had
thi hou-e iustiii d 'I he iiisui.mcc money
is now claimed by the Trench estate ,
while Mr Jones , who built tne hotel and
owned the lot , thinks that it should bo
paid him , nficr the amount of Ins indcbl-
ulncss to Mr Trench is deducted there-
Judge MeCulloeh , of the county court ,
lendeicd decision Saturti ij in the L C.
Johnson estate suit Mr John-on lett lo
Ins mother an insunnccof 'jlt.OOl ) . held
on Ins liltbj the D.mish brotherhood
He owed some debts and his eieditors
claimed the moiic.y Judge MeCulloeh
decidi'd , liowcvei , thai Ihc money could
not duelled fiom the u e for which it
was originnlU intended
' 1 he jnri S.ituitliy icturneil a ver
dict toi the citv in thu case ol Turner \ $
the citv of Omaha
Tlio I
About SOU peoplu assembh tl Sntnulny
uvoning at Cuuningliam's hall in re
sponse to a call lor the foiming of a
blanch of tin- Irish National League. It
was cxptctcd that lion. Patrick hg.m
and John I'lt/goi.ild , of Lincoln , would
be present and address tlie meeting , but
both ol the gt ntlemcu wcro unable to at
toad. A dispatch fiom Mr. Kgan ex
pressed his resru Is it bis inability to at
tend and olleted woids of encourage-
mcnt A number ot ott'er speakers were ,
bowcvur , on hand , ami tlclivereil excel-
h ut athlicNsei lion John A McSlmnc
picsidctl , while Dr. M. J. O Hourkuauted
as secretary.
Alter Intoning to inspiiitiug nddressos
b > Hon. John itnsli , county Measurer ,
ami lion T It. , the league
VVIIR or 5ani7cd with about lift } membeiri.
The following ollice's were then elected.
Hon. John A. MuShauc , president ; Hon.
John Rush , lir&t vice ptesitleul.lloii.T. B.
Minahiin , fli-cond viee-piesident , Jlr. Ktl-
w.ud Bieiinan , tbiid v icu-president. Dr.
M. J O'Uourkc , s iretary ; Mr. Peter
O'Mallc.v , treasurer.
A couimittie on munbership nnd also
lo repoit on the b liws was elected ,
con listing of Maor ] McMahon , J. K.
Moiianty ami Mr. Mclinnu
'Iho trciiHiiry was tiubuiscd to the
extent ot $15 by those who joined Satur
day night After other ailtlicsses bv .1"
P Maloney ami Mr McKittuiick , of lliir-
liugtoii , Iowa , the iiuetiiig adjouined to
meet , again in one weik
leaner antl tlm Nail AVoilc.i ,
The dhectors of tlie Omaha , Nailwoiks
held a meeting Frulaj afternoon to
consider chielly the slice ssion to tlie BU-
liciiutundenc } vaeatt d by Jno.\V. Lauur ,
lesigneil. H was de < idcd to place Mi-
James Ciuightou at the head of the
management and to conduct alliiua as
they are now. Mr L liter's former as-
istant iu the ollicu and the boss nailer ,
nporvised from time lo limu by Mr
Crcigliton , can inn the mills without H
s-upci iuteiulcnt and the ipie.-tioii of a suc
cessor to Lauer is lor the pichout
Some several dujs igo the Ur.i : stated
that L.IIICI was icportcd to be some Vlill )
debtor lo tlm nulworks through over-
ill aw ings This tlevt lops lo bo partially
true. .Nlr Lauer docs owe lho eoneein
somcllimg like tIIO ) , and hail c in led this
debt for a year or moiu , but it w-.nj cou-
ti.iclt > il by Lauer as a plain loan , itogo-
ti itod fiom tint coinp uiy and d > es not in
tlie least rollout upon h.s integrity His
iiecoiints with the uaduorks balanced to
n cent , ami hail his iiiivatu cliaraett r
In en as sound us his Inisiiifss method ? , ,
hu would in all jnob tbility still be al the
head ot the Om ih.i u.utwoi ks and not
languishing in the Dougl is county jail
char t tl with the nun di r ot hi w iff.
finenk Thlovi nt Work.
A slick robbery wn rupoit'd at police
hcadqunitciH Saturday. The victims
wcioU M. Hunter , J I' , rit/.gerahl and
T. U hilkmoith , tlnvo young men works
ing in thn Union Pai iliu Iieadqmu tors.
It apcars | ) that their room on the northwest -
west corner of Sixtt onth and Da\onpoit
blicet.s was unit reil by une.ik thieveh
early hi thu mornmgi and a contidcrablo
lot of jowoliy was carrii d olf. Among
the artlclcN NO f.u du-coveicd missing aru
Iwo gold watolies , and one
silver one , n gold neck chain , two
diamond pins and a purse containing t'l '
in mouuy It scorns thnt the tiio did not
get in until late m the nigl.t ami left the
dooi open for a fourth rooui-matu Hu
did not come , ami the door lomaincd
open all night There is no trace of the
thieves , _
Will ltd urn Homo.
Hilly Tiupatriek is n typical
Now York gamin , w ho has been loanng
about thu police court and juil for the
last week or two. He wns arraigned be-
foruJudgo Stcnborg Satuidny for the
second tlmu on n ctmrgo of vngnmoy
Hilly , who is n filuewd d.'ied up , III-
lie rascal , with u taco h uiilunlly dm k
from dnt , was sent on from Now Yoik
fcomu two or tureu JIMIS iijo ; , byomo (
cluiiiliibly incliiii-d go nis , who found
him a home with a l.nii ! r living mar
Columbus , Neb. Abo.a a mouth ago ho
ran awai and canto to Omaha Hi ? his
been loihiit ; iiiouud iio'uoyej ' siiicu His
moll or woiks iu the \ \ ii'l orhotil Nt u
\olk , wits iiolilied of hei MIII s en i lition
and IniDluriVuidDd li.m . ; . i > a
for lho transportation of the boy to Iho
metropolis. Hilly is packing tip his
thlntrn ami bidding his friinds good b o
proparitor , } to starling for NC-VT York lo
( lay.
A NViMliltui of ! ill * jo.
Mr Hay S Hold , of Hudson , \Vls , is in
the city , stopping nt the Pntton hotel
Mr Hood is n modest , nflnblc gcntlcmnn ,
who did not expect to be interviewed ,
but yielded a few i omurks readily enough
when the reporter nppro ichod him. H
must bo remembered tint although Hud-
con is n small town it boars the distinc
tion of lion William Njes citizenship
Some three j ears ago , after surrendering
the editoiship of tlie Uoomoratig nnd re
turning the portfolio of postmaster nt
Larimic , which events he has himself so
graphically recorded , William lomovvd
to Hudson and there established hi"
country ent. From thnl jioinl he has
disseminated , so lo speak , Ids best ctVoi Is ,
and it wns there nlso 113 oar ago last
spimir n iJ clone overtook him in thu
woods communing with nature and broke
bis leg
Mr Heed give some interc liiip facts
nevir before published eoneotnini : Ilie
groit liter item ' * prn ate life and habits
"Aio yon iioqmimtod vvilh Mr. Niuf"
Was asked of Mr Uoid
Acquainted' ' Well , I dhould sny so
Kvorybodj in Hudson nntl roundabouls
known him intim.itolj \\yMr \ Nye is
a bigirer man in lho coiumunitv Ihuu the
mayor of the town " Mr Koid
continued and brought out .some vciy in-
tt n 'ting points
" \ es. indeed , I hsuo fronuently SOPH
him w lite He oft -n got s down to the
cot not grocer , ) to pen a line and when
lie reads it oyer to the gang 1 1 103 laugh
lilj they Rliaku the stoiu dt or
oil' ils hinges and raltlo down
the preset vn jaia from the
lop shelves. U'c think he is the funniest
man on earth No , lie has never at-
tcmptt tl to eiiler politics in Uiscousm ,
1101 as far as I know , h is he courled oxr-
cut iv o favors. Yis , ho has loot mod
aionnd some but his health , which is
none of the best , will not pel mil him to
ti.ivcl aiound much Hu has a ( oinlor-
table homo nnd coms to bo unking a
good livelihood out of his writings Ho
is n spl. n lid fellow and has a line family ,
both ot whit h ensiiio the eternal respect
anil oed tooling of his nelghbois where-
over ho goes "
The rcpoiteron letirlug sucgi sted to
Mr Held Unit ho call on Dr Diait , who
lives hero , antl take fiom the woithy
physician some woid of cheer ami com
fort to the humorist The reporter nKo
hinted that \ \ illuun's father , Mr Fred-
crick Nye , of the licpuhlican , might like
to send someiilloolionatu giocting to Ids
fuiinv boy up noith.
Ktninu Nevnilu.
Emma Nevada's speci il cnr came in
Satitrtlay on the Union P.icilie "over
land , " and was ti.iusfcucd lo the Mil
waukee to continue it- * join noy to St
Pant The ' 'Song bird of the Siorris"
was iu the bestot gootl humor and dwelt
iapturousl3 upon her gioat reception in
Calitoinia. At S.iu Ktaiiciseo ho opened
tbo Alci/ir. n new tlieiter built bv Mike
DoYoiing the editor ot the ( Jiioiiio'o '
Miss Nevada piononncos I the hand
somest play house in the world , tltlioiigh
ol infciioi s/i | Fiom Si Paul sh < tikes
m the l.iigei cities tt the \oilhvvi it , ie-
tni mug to Um.ili i on Chi hlmas o\e.
Shogivi'H conceits nltogotlior and has
spleudiil supoit. | She deol neb a voiy
waim tooling toi Omaha , and promises
be ectioiis ot her best songs.
A. Brutal Act.
Otic of thi ) haidcst looking couples ev
er seen in police court wno Sadie Mo.
Bride and HomyVatbaiim , w ho posed
befoic Judge Stuiborg Satuid.iv.
Hoth of lho wonmn'ri 03 os
wore almost closed and her luce looked
as tnough it had been pounded to a jelly
Wilbaiim hail gone to her house on Kiev-
enth ritioet e.uly that moiuiiig ami lie.
c.imo involved in a row with lier. Hu
locked the dooi and then knocked the
woman down and pounded hei must cru-
cllv. He was lecomiiiitted to j ill to
await a fuither examination The police
sav that Walbaiim beais n hard char 10
tei and has tiived two 3eaid in the peni-
A Tree I-Msl.t.
The jail was uiowded 3esterdi3' with
prisoneis Inoiiglit in Sutuidny night for
various olVcnfecs. The biggest haul made
by the olhcers was a crovMl of eighteen
people fiom the United States hotel ,
w here a free light had been iu progress.
The bar loom of the hotel was full of
( icimans about 11 o'clock when John
Shannon and ( Joorgo Ho le enti red the
place The men became involved inn
dispute in some manner , and the wholu
crowd joined in thu light. Shannon was
struck over the bond vvith n "bung stait-
or , " nud was b'idly cut , besides
having n billiiml cue bioke.n over his
back. HojlovMis sti nek with a heavy
chair in the lace , his nose being biokon
and was otherwise injuicd Poliio
whistles wcie blown nnd Ollicers Iloiri-
g in , Hrady , Donovan ttud Duupucy im
mediately icsixmdod and | iut all the pat-
tu ipantsiiniler .uicst 1 he pitiol wa on
was summoned and took two loads ot
piisoncis lo the citv juil wheiothey wtiu
ciinlnied for the night. Twelve ol thu nn n
wcio released vt sti rduy moiiilug on bail ,
but the otherh failed to pioducu any so-
cmily ami wcio obliged to await in
conimenient. A doctor visititl the jail
dm lug thu night md dn.L d Uoylu and
Shannon 8 wounds The bioken cue ,
thcsm.isiietl i'Ii iiriiud tin "Ining staitcr '
are also at police hcadipmilcis to ho
usL d as witnebscs agiiust thu nssailanta.
V. . ! . O. A.
Young mcn'u meeting on Thursday
evening , commuiicing at 8 o'eloi k.
Subjici"A 1'oung Alan Diessoil in New
Clothcb. "
The association will keo'J ojiun housu
on Nuw Year's , as it ! m lor eovuriil
ycuih past , and nro already beginning to
prepare /or it , as it is expected that tbiH
wilt bu the largest iccojniou uvur held.
The woik ol canvassing lor thu building -
ing fund goiN on steadily , and the ( om-
milteo feel gratilud at thu piogrefts it is
stroncr t Katnral I'nilt Fla-.OMl
Vnnllln , U-mnii , Onmre. Alinoiid. Itiwe etc |
liaior us delicately anil luturally &s tlie Iruit.
* * \v IT * * E\ o rt rb f
Mr3v tr ? ElhrO
lra i Una I \ Akraf I V XX
An in peolon ! by connolsseim or ollicis coiib'iiiplnling purchn pj will coinlncnittfB ) thej can PIIVO fiom 10 toiil pel rent. b > iimkim ; their jitmh'vsosdlrixt fiom ItnportCtB
IN sides Imv Ing (13 ( fni theUreost ind ! incs | sforK in Hie West tosil'-t fioin.
Dm diiecl ImpoititioiHof FKHNTII ( 'LOOKS. HUN/5is ( ) ; , SH'SIC HOXK3 , OV > RnA
(1LAKSKS ( , Lie , ami AH T GOODS from PAULS , \ UN\\A : , and other leadlm ? iiiiukdf , ex
ceed lho combined stocks of nil olhor Otimh.i Jewelers.
Our stock of W\'l'lirsJiWiLin ; : , SlLViinVAUK : , Ule , slniuH wilhoutn rival-n
this oily in point ot oli-Kamo and vnilitj , and nil .tt
ALL HOOD'S ' \11KKD IN Pt UN lTt ( HKS lc ! sure to cotioUlt join imYKSU >
pcttliiK out slock heloie piiuh.isin .
An I'.arl.v liisiutiiiii ] luvitul.
Jlall nml Itienapliie Uideis Will 1 Seed to Piompt Atteullon
Cor. IliJi and Farnntn Sts. , Ownlnt. NcM.
Douglas Connly Tonclicirt.
A meeting of the Dougl is County
Te ichors' associ itioii was held Sntuitl.13
nfti rnoon in .Stiperiulcndi ul l > ruiui's
olhie About twenty ti idlers le-
] ) oited ' 1 he mctting was cxelii
stvili tor tcacheis outside of the citv and
was an decision for pioht-
able interchange ot ideas Thesu meet
ings occur qiiaiteily.
I'ollcu Court DooKot.
The following c iM'3 wuro disposetl of
in police coiiit Satiirtlay :
( icoigo K. Wilson , John Leon , John
Molt is1 , William Smith , thunk anil disor-
tit 1)3 ) , dischaiiTt d
( icoige H C.ildwell , diuiik , ? , l and
Hnlph Van Nc-s ? and "Sleciy" Hewitt ,
\agiauey , ten da sou bread and water
I'h.nles Smith , petit laieeio , twent3
tla s on blend and water.
Omatia t , o.i 11 nml Tmnt.
Articles of iueorpoi itiouof the Omaha
Lo in and Trust comp my w 01 e Hied S itur
tla3' in thu 00111113 clci k's ollicu. Tintoi -
It i wing geullenicn .tie the in oipotatnis
n/rn Alillaiil , U'm A Paxton , Itolieit
( .ululis , W. J Maul ami 11 T Claiko
The institution avows its mnposc to loin
11101113 upon Om ilia leal t state sccuiity .
to negotiate city ami county bunds nml
to do n gem i.U loan business
United StiileH Coutt.
The usual S iturii 13 holid iv- was enjoyed -
joyed bvthe ollicers mdbirot the United
Mates com l ami but httlo business was
1101113Itiehaitlt ) of Auburn pleaded
guilt3 to sullmg m ill liquor without
license and \ \ . < .s. uneil > ji ) ami eo-ls.
The jude excilsi d a number of the
jutois until next
lit eilics. .
Is i.ic Ken ie i a suspicious charnctci
coutmed in the city jail. Ho was amst.-
etl 3cbteiday moining
A ( lunnun n unetl August I'ikcr : was
ai rested vestudi3 moining gloi 1011)3 )
drunk. \ \ hen civ trelit d Hit t uloi took jim polled to be a watch
and chain , bul while the thiiuwas all
light lliu "watch ' was sjijjit oil. An
attempt to thaw it tiom the u hit case
which c-jvcictl it disclosed 011)3 ) a glass
dooi knob Hut it kt pt up appi ai.'iu es ,
and thai is niob loly all Mr 1 ! ker
wanted ilthoilgli the it * il ai licit ) would
come lather hand lor a Hue.
Alice Han isou antl hoi company left
last evening on thu overland tram for
A team of horses attached to n double
sleigh ran nwii3 last evoningon Sixteenth
sticet ami cioiUd coiisith i.ible oxcile
muni. Thodiivcr was tin own out and
slightly injured , while the sleigh was
completely demolished ' 1 he ng was the
piopeil3' ot Attvvood Fox , lho Jivci3-
Paddy H3an iniinlgcd ini little pu ilis
tie exhibition at Kt S-.K i 's hall l.isl even
ing , anil as n toiiscqui nee was capltilcil
b3 ( Jlbcei Kle3 ) and taken to | ioltce
hcadipi irtcrs Some of I'aild.y i fiuud-i
thought to icsciiu him tiom thu ( tobcu
man , but thu appearance ot Roundsman
A ! it/.i foiled their plan. Paddy is im
Om ilin piotluitioii , and not the gieat
man be.n ing that iinmo now a icsuluut
ot Uncago.
_ _
I't-rsoiinl 1'niagiapliH.
John H. Ilommel , of Lincoln , is at thu
Hon. Church Howe , of Auburn , is at
the Paxtoii.
Cli irlc-i H H ikor. of Huatrict ) , is tjuar
leietl at lliu .Millard
W.T I ! ivv sou , ol Nebraska Cil3 , is n at the I'fiUon.
Mis. K J Deb inoy. of St. Louis , is in
Omaha visiting Itiends.
Miss Miiiuie Suiion , of Omaha , is in
Minneapolis viMtim ; ti lends.
H L Ctosby , Hnlo , ami H 1) . Jones ,
Hod Cloud , are at thu Paxtou ,
H. L Toll and 1C D Liiisel. of Hoi-
ditgu , aru rcgisUiulattho Paxton.
Low Hobcitcon an I wile of 1'xtlcr ,
wt iu gut sts al the Millaid yosieid ly.
W T Hui M itlgo and M D Seaman ,
of Noilh Platlo , aiu stopping at the
MiT. . ( ' . HiuiuiLr i elm nod Fiitlay
f i om a week's visit to hur hiisbaud in
Ch tpuian , Noli.
Mis M Oannci. . D'an Millspaiigli's
sister , le ives this i veiling tor her moth
er'h homo in .Nlinuesota.
Huv W. K Copeland lectiiicsin F.xetci
nc\t Wednestlav , on thu subject , "Thn
Hiblein Public School * . . "
W. Hcccher , Columbus. J S Hitter ,
NoitliHend , H U Snaw nml wife , 1 ul-
lei ton , U llliain J'ntcliard , Sjialdmg , tire
at thu Canliiild
J. H. Mindeilaml , foi moi ly connected
with lliu Union Paeiliu bag tgo buivice ,
ban hi in appointed Img ugn master at
( iiaiid Island , und lull tor point this
nioiuiug '
( nn Cou and his son Fiank iiiurned
I'lidav tiom tlu > west ( nil < oo has
not 31 1 Iu (3 ( i < COM r < d tiom tlm gun
Miol wound iccoivod mat Soldier. Hut
t\ In i U lo lemain tn Oinalin a lew dis ,
ntui ivlneli hu vvdl visit trlumU in Ne-
bi.isKa City
A l/'iio Titiln ,
' 1 ho Union Paiinc ' ovt rlaiul'Mnii lioin
at i "la m , Satiuda.y , tin1 not aii > vu mi
ld i v citing , when it ciiiuo in us > co-
lion No J on irain 1 The di I .y _ wns
( Miikisl by n snow bh > kadu- \\3ouiiu. \ ! .
The irnins 3ustndi3 wiru nunrb allen
on lime , something whlih hu nut oe-
uurred lor thu labt Imu da h.
J I rnnk Allen i the father of n health v ,
lively lioj wuo put m an api'i iiaiiti at
Ills housu 1 nda.v nl ht
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