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    T 7 EE.
Dloiso Bctnsy Win tlo Military Movement
to thu Mormon Country.
Tlio Mormon Question A. "Western
Count Miiati on iho HllvciQues -
tlon Mm tor. ? In Washington
l c poi-tod for tlic Bee.
A Very SonMlile HitRliniul.
WAMIISIIIDNDie. . u.-.sp | clal to the
UKK. ] An ur.ny oni-cr obsiT\c < In ale al
newsptpirt' ; > daj thu iniivcinunt of the
troops from Toil Omaha , Ix liinins ; with Ihu
ihlpinenior the IlKht battery , l-'ltth artillery ,
west December 5 , was thu most secretl } hept
Dl anjlhlii > r that Inus tnuv plred there for
Ivvi nlj yeaiH. Uoii. HrueU , adjutant K > ' cral'
look Iheurder In iivisoii to the foil , four
nnlesdlstant Irom the. uriny hend < inarters ,
Instead of tele rapliliu- or bpndini ; II by
MI orduily. Thi'irdohtlnation was unknown
to the officers and men when they boarded
Hit- special on which they went wust. Tliev
were Informed toco lo I'ort Sleekwlieic
fiuthrroidi'r.s would be nlveii tlieiu. Tim
ln'ise\eilii | { repditurs wer 1 lolled and every
one was In Icnoiaiice. Oneol thu repoiters'
iiioto Inquisitive than the rest , bnally Intel-
Mewed thu Wllo ot one. of the clalf oflUrrs
boaiilingat the I'a. toil holel In hopr of get-
tiiiirthe destination of Ihn tioopibnt was tin-
btii'ccssfiil.'buliiK answeied. " > fy hnshaiid has
not told nitanj Ihini ; al all , pieMiiniiii , ' , no
iloul-t , If I didn't know that I could not
KKcanj bceiel.s away. " The ieneial ; prc-
Htmptinn was that the ll ht battery would w
to 1'oit Douglas , and that .some tumble with
the . Mm luons at halt l.uko City was appre
unui ) wont : nv TIII : N-itiitAstt.s. : IUOA-
i ION.
rii'dlt hinriny ( Miclu.s Is u'lven to Senator
Jil'indeison and Kepiefenlative Dorscy lor
M-iirini ; Hie leiciuion nt Knit Kobin.soti as a
nulltai ) jiost. They went over Iho iiound ;
and saw the n e sity ol ki i-jilni ; up the tort
ithiiKe. n--er-
tv it military jii-sl bouleiins on ,
vatioii of Slnux Indians , titter which Mr.
Doinry rnimt loVashin ton anil lurelxula
jiinmlsn In , in Ceil. Mnildali tint the post
shnntd not Im abandoned , bill Hint It would ,
as MIUII as possible , be en larked. In his anneal -
neal ivpnil ( icii. llowaid n-eoinmciided Iho
al'.uuhntnicnt of tins PONI , v. hi-h leeom-
nu iidat.i'ii , howe\er , liu
IIIEV Divinr.n 'iiti :
A v.anv.nt wa.i to-day is-.ii ' .I by ono A. T.
Ilisi > i euuiiinc ! l./i.i A. Caiman , late ills-
I in sing c''eik oi the a. r uliinat depr.ilmeiH.
Mid I. if. Mi/now / , ol tlie Sunday i. ii/ tie ol
II is eit ) , ith con : . | > , lacy to denaud the
I Mnl..s Kov-'iiniieiit out ot MM ) lor
i - hue. Misol.ts loruie.i ) an empln.NO
df lln' iS'iinliiy ( in/cite , and wa- . known as
M : . X. One uav. during tin. col < brali d con-
tin0etit tuiid ln\\-ti > ; aion : ol the tieasurv
tli pail.nenl. it Is eh.tKcd that Moimw bii-
( i icd lilssci'h appointm"iil to a < 'leikslnp In
tl.e arriciilliiial d"iiariment ; that he per-
li.jmi'd no Mrvicci. but ( aiinan , as eh'u-f
oloik , iipoiied him uon-.iantlj on duly , and tlie thicii nun diMiled Ihu halaiy. A
M usath n ol tu irfiiltudo is pumii-cd ,
iiiit lliiialons to open up nianj simi ar In-
slaiici ul e.insiiiaev ] am ! nltue brnl.or.ijfi1.
I III' . A.OIIMOS < il l.sllll.V ,
A desneiate elloit is lieiiu undo bv the
in l.pnm'-tsol I lal aid ihe uni\cits to the
luliiolMonnoniMii in cleate sympalb. . in
( i > nyli.s-ion.iie lele.-- . Tins H itu ill.1 mnpostj
oi tliv.artliiK ilie intLiition ol ineinlieis ot tn pas. , an antl-i.oljiramUt law
\\lni-li will UUn out evcij ve.staxo of the crime.
01 poljvftmy. The iidiiinnds law has pioveii
Mlice lul 1 i a > > iv laii m-asmeand theut
nrenlew we.ikiu"--es in it wiiieli ilisn. | p i- -tl
hhail be rcniedii d. A del.'rmtnalion is ciucr-
tainid on Ihe p.ut of all lepublican sen.itor.s
mid 101 rcntatiu's , and a tcwdeniociailc , tote
to ainiiiil the l.du u Is law Hint evi n tim
sninllL-st of the n-.lie& i.innut iol tlnoiigh Ilie
net.Tho tactics employed by thu Mormons nf
Utah to defeat luiihcr legislation on iho nib-
Jcj-t of poIjKmny is noihiiiK more nor less
than a Kcncial lobby movement. They ate
addreMiinn lolleis to all the statesmen hcie
they can ruich , and aie pouiiii loith jilteous
tales ol woe and deniis inn on aceount of
the o.xeenlion ol the picseiit laws. As lbu
juess ilispat < 'hi n have totaled during the ]
week , tlie.\ claim that Iho ledeial ollleeis < o
f.u be.MUid the oiiilnies of Ihe law and o\or-
iiach Us bpiiit lo piosecnte ihe .Mormons.
They claim that the ) are willing to obey the
law as It leiates to jioljm'amv , but that Moi-
inonlsni l.slheir leiinioun laiih.ind that they
IIUM ) as lunch Inheit nt il .lit to possess It as
followers ot oilier ieliiou.s ! bellels have to
cllii to their icli ioli. Anti-iiolv miiislrt ,
howe\or , wnlo hero that the Mutinous aie
banded together as the ) weie vears aio when
they committed acts ot desperation , and that
they all wink at tlie covering no ot polypi-
innns piactlces , mid assist each other In main
taining plmal wnes btatcsiiien who have
u\pit/s--od ojilnions upon Ihe disturbances in
Utah fay that tljey liuor suillcient additional
legislation to put an end lo all such seeniM of
soi lal dtatu'&a as aio beln.j enacted HILT.I at
iim wi-.nT WANTS TIII : Rii.vnn noi.t.Aii.
It i.s altogether imptobab e , as uiltlcin lied
In these dispa'che.s ' seveial limes. Huit tlie do-
hlroof the luesidenlaiid his iiiblnet to .sus
pend the coinage ot the Hilvi r doliar will pie-
vail. Mince ilr. Cle\ehind' messann has
been fully di e-tcd them I.s coiisiilcniblo
Ircodom ol exmessioii npun this one point in
It. fhi'io bus been uioiu inditteienee. shown
In explesslon upon silver eoina o llnin an\-
HilliK else ciuineited w nil Iho mchMiKO. Tlie
nclion ot HieXew Vntk financial oicani/.i-
thins In endorsing the piesldi nt s senliment
on the suhjccl seems lo have brought lliu
inembci's oi the lovvci liou-e ot consies very
eloselv loni lliei In opposition to it , A west-
i.'in ileiiiociiitle nieiiiiier icluiilnt ; la thl.-t
point today said :
"Tin * men ! lact that \Vall btrcet wants the
coluaue ul thiisllvei doll if Htipcndcil oiiu'ht
to bi < sulllcient toc.dl fmth HipatnoliMii ) of
fioulliern nnd Westein slulcsiuon , The east
ban no sympathy lor us , anil it Is enoiuh to
luotiM' MIHJHC.IOII that New Vork should cmiii ;
so readily nnd as loielblv In suppoit ot iho
vrcNhiont In the piopositlon to suspend sil
ver coinage. 1 think Hieio are twenty or
thirl ) vouts moie. for lliu eontinnancu of Iho
Mhrr coinage than theio weit ) befoiotho
inualdcnt'H inessauo was received , liii'ry
( la ) dllver Is uttihliu new converts. It'thls
BroiTth of sentniient In Us laxer contlniie.s
ul thi ) in esc ill rate , nnd uolc Is not rccclu'd
It until HUM spiintf , sliver will receive
n \io-thlids majmity ut least , and may bo a
thict'-toin tlm majoilty. I do not Hiinl ; that
the iiroposlllon to sii peml coinage can uo
tliiongli thu senate either. This Is olio biib-
eevt w hlch eomes lo Hut pc-opln so closely that
iiirnibfiti ot both patties will net with the
inivatc&t of fieedoin , and will overlook what
ever of politics theie may l > d In It. I be
lieve thm the silver dollar will rontlnno to
IKS coined , nnd that silver ooitlncates In
ilciioiulnatioiiH of tl , JfJ mid 4 > will IH > is-
Micd. It mil ) bo thu coin will tecelvo mom
vclnht so us to make It worth n dol'ai at bill
lion rates. Of course , It we continue the
coinage us al prc-scnt and authmiru Hut Issn-
nni'u ot nlUer ceitiiieate.N etloit.s will IK )
inndeby Wall stnvtto depiielatu the nllver
dollar and pliuxi [ t in dlslavor mid drive It
tiom clu'ukitloii ; hut 1 volco the sentiment
ot n inajoiity n ! the hiiUMi when 1 say I am
willing to let HID Kovoininent pit itself
ntrultibt the money niaiket nf Now York and
tiy n bull nnd Uar movennmt a while "
OI'I'OXITION | , l INCIi\si ! : ; OK TIIK .VAVV ,
No ono Neoniri to believe that siiL-ijiv-iloii
pf the ) ot war anil ( ion. blioritlan
thut the ui my shall bo enlarged will ha\uuny
NM'iuht upon oonmt'ss. TJieruis moie OIHH | |
s'lthni Uiwivids an cnlnr ciiient tif Hut ex-
jx-nscsol tliuitrni ) thmi almo-t anythluiccK'
within the L'ovcinmenl. Only the statesmen
vrho euuie from'tioiis where Iheiv aio
Indiau doubles and bunlor dl.stuibanee.s
teem to have liny npi-i-clition | | ; nf the iiiniy ,
A inorfinetit to ie < | iu\ the aimy In ninnlH-r
nnd tocuilall H.s ONH'SCwould | | | probably
lia\e uiojvsliow for success. The bM nf
In wuriuru uu\v M.-CIUJ to lo lo-
tlm navy. To the plpf'iresruio ' nnd ro-
iniintlc e ) and the untutored nnd unso-
phl"tlcated mind of the avenine statesman
larno ntnl line Hctt of men-of-war and an
Inimrnsi.1 phidanx of sailors eni1 to he nliout
th.'iiroHjr | Ihini : , whether they ha\tlanyUilng
to do or not
< ! rneial Miown of Indlatri will Introduce
ft the earliest po'siblp dav a bill covering the
siicKi'siinns ol Hie lepublican caucus. It is
fitibstniitlally as follows :
1 It Brants n IM'I | | OII lo nil soldiers and
Kailoisut Uio Mexican war wno served four-
trend iis in M-'xIeo , or on iti fmntl'T. or
en i-niite to Mi-ilpo.iir participated li a battle ,
provided such soldier oi sailor Is CO yeirs old ,
or Is di'ifiidont on bis dally labor fir the con-
tribalioiin of liiends for a ll\ltiK , or who ,
without his fault , has a disability which , had
Itbisjii Inenired in the sen Ice. would liavo
IHVII pi'iision iblu. 1'ersoin under thu disa
bilities imposed by the loiirteeiiili amend-
nient arc cv huhil troni the hcncnts of thu
act. The rate of penilon ntnler this f-ectlon
is lixnl at 3"1 p r month.
2 It pensions all honorably dKcharaed
soldiers and .sailots of the United States army
wlw-crNod In Hie war of the rebellion three
tnonths , wlio are or ntav become disabled , not
Hie losiill of their own gross earel-s- ss or
bad conduct orie.ous bahits , and who are
dependent upon theii ditliv labor forMipport.
The pt'tislon under thin tlon to be rated ne-
coiduiu' to the decree of disability , but in no
ease toexeeod ' JI ner inonlh.
: i-lt Increases tlie jietision of wldov/s and
minor elilliiieu fiom H to W per month.
t Htci\es the widow and minor children
of a deceased pensioner an oi initial pension
In their own liuhl wltlmut nrool thai the
pensioner's lealh was thu result of disease In-
euired in the sen lee.
5 It continues iho iwnsloiH granted
minor childien without limit as lo aie when
Mich minors me of niisiniud mind or piisi-
tally helpless.
n In Ilie case of dependent parents it pro-
vldisthal U shallhesulllcientpioof of depen
dency to show that Niich patent I.s without
other means of support than his or her man ual
10 Whore It appears that an applicant was
ic ularly enlisted and miMcied it shall be
piosiimcd piima facia that ho was sound at
11 Kepeats the limitation ot Iho arrearage
act.Tlds is In ninny respects Ihe same as lhal
passed by the spiwti' at the last session , and
known as the Mexican war pension bill with
.senate amendments.
When the apptoprialion bill contaiiiint-
provision tor Hie support ot the Interior de
partment , with its general land olllco ,
lien-ion luneaii , etc. . comes tip in
the lintisp , it is piedieted that a veiy
slilT tiu'bt will be minlo a < raln < < t the policy of
( icnetal Sparks , tlie hind commissionei. A
Hood of lomoiistiances in oeiy possib'e
shape have bcon leceued by meinU'fs ' of
both pailies in eoiifrress fiom the people of
the prairie sate ( > a 'idnst the endorsement ot
various otders issued bj the head of the land
ollice. An a\ahi < iehe ol dls.iipio\al | seems
to I o pouring in. The warfare which will ha
w.u'ed upon this ollieo. by not only tin1 mi
nority , but many majority members of the
house , will be in Hie lorm ol cutting elf the
appropriation to carry out the policies he has
promulgated. Then there will be olloits
imuloto insert in-littcthins to the land com-
misMoncr in thoaiipropnati'in ' bill , iieloie
tlie tumble is over il i.s ImlU veil thu new or
der of things will be repudiated.
sr.M'.v's SI-MIAT civil , .snuvicn.
The nist oppoiunity ( the cominu week
Kepic-cnt.itlv , ' t-oney of Ohio will intio-
diicc his I.Ill . icpca'iiiL' ' the civil MM vice law.
In an interlew to-ni lit Senev was asked in
reirard to the b II , and slid : ' 'It will beery
shoit. It don't take many words to r.Miial
tne law. It would not b > half a do/en lines
In lenjrtli. It w ill simply say : He ilenaeled.
Thai an act entitled an net , olc. , b. : and the
same is lu-rcbv icpealed. "
"Tben this is not a compromise bill. "
"In no on c. It is an ab olnte iciical. T
do not believe in the law in any ot its lea-
tines. I am cotnim-ed it is iiiiec.nsti-
tnlioiinl. It ceitainly takes away
Die power that by the constitution
is vested in the piosMcnt. Thepresidonl has
Ihe li lit to appoint any one to oflieo h may
see lit. but here Is an aliened law which slops
In and says ho can't appoint any one except
one ot lour pcr.-ons. 1 am .satisfied not 0110-
loinlh ol the members of coimress could
pas.s the oulinary examinatiotib that aie held
WASIIIXIIIONDoc.II. [ Associated Press ]
Four bundled and seventy bills and nine
joint rc'oliitions have been introduced in
the s"ii.tte , but only two eommlttee.s have
\et hi-ld their lust meeting ; and no inoasines
h.iM1 hi en rcpoiled back to the senate and no
calendar has then-line been made. Beyond
the piobablo discussion and possible passa u
ol the siiciession bill to bo te-
poitcd on M inda ) , and the adoption ot Mr.
r'lyo's resolution umboihlnir Ihe code ol
joint rules , no programme tor legislative
business dining the week can be Indicated.
Four bundled and nlty-six nominations
have been sent to the senate , and many of
them will piubably be teporied al the m t ex-
eentivo session. A eonsideiable poition of
ot the latter half of the week is iikelv to
ho spent with elosed doors. Although
the committee on rules of the hoiiso has com
pleted its labor of tormiilatnn ; a new code of
rules I'or the uovornmont of the hou e , and
will submit Its report to-morrow , it Is not
thought piobable thai iho discussion will then
bo beijun. It is i'\jM > that the debate will
bo postponed until Tuesday m order that Hut
members will have an opiioiunity ( to see the
proposed revision In pi Int. There Is a desire
on the part oi many memni'rs to have n call
of states on Monday for Hie Intioductlon of
bills for re I ere nee to tboappiopiiato com
mittee and when appointed , and In di-fereneo
to this desire it was Inform illy iv'ieod by the
members ot theeommltleoon inieson yester
day to make no opposition to
ciich call. Theio aio , however ,
members of the hoti-.ii who o\piess
an intention lo oppose tlie intiodurtinii ol
bills until Iho lu > irc shall have nnally deter
mined by vote on the Morrs ! > in code , Ihe in-
iNdietlon ot vaiious coiumitU'os , and wno
hold that II would bit useless to iniind.ito the
speakers t iblit with a Hood of hills , till some
iiioper outlet is piovided lor them. As the
hoiso , Is not ko\ernud at present by any
deanilu sysU'iu of inlo- . , those nnmibeis con
tend Hud It will iciniliu unanimous eon-en t
to eider a call , and assert Hint this cannot bo
Discussions of the rules will ronsunio the
leinallldi r of the ' .viol ; , mid tin * roll-
test u\cr the scheme to disinhut > HID la
bor ol the aiipiopibition committees to beshaip and inteiestin . Thoio
is talk of an adjournment lei the holiday
leeois before the end ot Ihe week , but no
delimit ) plans have been anan it'll , and It Is
piobablo that adjoiiinment will not bo
.eaclied until the week ( ollowlllr. )
Tnu hKNA'ious COXMI > JU : un : ritorosnu
riiAXfjr.s IMVIM : .
ThOFi'natoisaio watchiiiKdevelopmentsln
Hut tioiistt with remird to the ptoposed change
ot inlos wilh miteli Intoiost , andpMieially le-
Kaiil Hie ( imposition to distiitmte the appro-
pi latlou bills amont ; the seveial coiiinutlces
ot the house us an o.xtromely nnwlso bteji and
will likely lead lo gieat e\truvaLaiicu ; , Tlio
meiiibeihof thu senate commlueo on rules ,
all of whom aie oxxrlenccd | ! paili.unentail-
ans. and scvoiiil of whom had their training
in the house of representatives , .110 uiuini-
moiis In this opinion. Tlm rcMjlutinn em
bodying tlm pioposed code ot joint rules will
piobahly tie leportod to the senate on Mon
day and will be ( usecd without much delay
and "cut to HIM houso. They cmlKidy three
chief pioM.sltionn. | ) which , it adopted u > the
house , would , In the opinion of the senate
eoimnltleo and senators L-enoially , iclluvo Uio
house ot thu mosl ol Its diiiienlties.
The nist Is the leiiulremont that thu speak-
erV tablu shall Im oleaiod e\ery day by teler-
liiK all measures nnd communications on It
to the proper committees , and thus gotlln , ?
them Into thu channels of legislation at thu
catllcst iiiomeiit. The second prohibits
"lidoit- " upon m'lieral appropiiatlun hillx ,
and the thud iiujnlios thai dm Inn the last ten
days of iwh s. > .v.ion piolotencu shall be given
In eaeh In uo to meastire.s which havoalioady
passed theothei hoiiho. roiniliemenu
me aln'.idy lollowod by thu M'liale.
Second Comptroller Mnynard has u'ivcn nn
opinion that penslonvih who live In thu
United Stales cannot Klvttother | tcrsinis a
power of attorney lo receive1' and receipt for
JK'nslon moiioy.'aiid that HK'cnts aie ieciilni | |
in draw choi-kj * payable to each iioiisloiior
and lorwmd them dlrtvtly tooaoh pensioner.
In I'jv-o iH'iialunt'rs llvo In foiei n t-ountries
hu says they aio required to oxeonte voiieherH
In pie.M'iieoot a in.ixlslratv. but the chcvk
may IK * drawn pax able lo the | > oiisinncr on
thenider nf an allotney , who cut ) then re-
CL'ive uud receipt ( ur tue
The Qncition of Irish legislation Ptiramonnt
In English Politics.
I'arncll , ftrrveqlirtt liy His Hlcctoi-nl
Victories , 1'eaooCiilly AualtliiK > ltti
Turn of Incuts Gcncrnl News
rrotu Hcyontl I lie Sen.
'Uio nrillohl'olltlrnl Situation.
I.ONDO.V , Dee. 13. ISixvial lo the Uii : : . ]
It is ubtortalm.d the liberals will be In a
inlnoiily of from two to four. Many rumors
are current respecting Hie probable cowi'uf
evenls. 'J ho only tiling certain is that Lord
Salisbury will uot resign belote the meellng
ot parliament. There will be a cabinel coun
cil un Monday. Se\eral ministers ( .liongly
urged Immediate icslmtatloii , but If Salis
bury nnd Lord Kandelph Churchill aiioe ; to
stay In Ihe rest must abide by their decision" .
The liberals are v Idol ) divided as to Hie jiol-
Icy the party ought to pursue. It is much re
marked that Hie conleionces neld at llewar-
den this week ha\u Included no ladical.
Lord ( iranUllo , Lord Spencer and l.oul
Ko'eborry base been summoned to ndvi-c
with ( Hailstone , Lord ( Jraiivlllo pi owed ! in ;
thenee lo Chatsworth to compare nines wild
l.oid llailiiiL'lon. Neltheir Chamberlain
nor Sir Charier Dilko weie invited.
The Until istladstoni ) hlniseit is now the
most advanced nt tne liberals on the
Jrisli ipaeMion. Dining tlie caoinet discussion
ast Mav liladstone supnorlod Chanibeiluitrs
Irish niopo'-als , national counoil included ,
which i'ainell was then lead ) to accept as a
tinal setllement , but which a majonl ) of the
cabinet Mited down. When the lesuil ot tbo
piosont election became known ( ilndstotio
seems to I in vo losolved at once to come to
terms with I'nrnell and accept a scheme ( or
home inle. eellatnly ombodyiin ; Kiiaranlees
for the intevMiiyol tlie ompiie and ino.i.ihlv
saving Hut piopcii ) riKhls ot the Irish land
lord. His colleagues heard with dismay
their leader was prepared to enter Into an al
liance with Tamed , puhliily toaivepllns
support lo turn mil the tmy government by
Ins help , and then to suiunil to parliament
what hotel ins a coiistilnilon lor lie. and.
They lemoiistiatcd Mr mglv , and reminded
him ho had loiinil it iuiiossiblo | hist summer
lo induce the linoial parly to H ist.ini a miieli
moil ! mudciate scheme. The oxprcs-od be
lief I.s that a smiiMider lo 1'arnell now would
dmdc the lihcia.s in the now house , shook
the eountrv , and piobabiy fail , the tosult
bein ; the dissonilion ot pailiamont , a Iresh
del lion and a laiuo ma.ioiil ) against Hie
new ooalnion. ( ilad-tone has yielded to
these lopie enlation : , and the prospect has
boon shohed lor tlie present.
Iladieal leaders , I believe , concur with the
inodeiatos in le atdini ; the M > heino as pie-
matuie and duuuious. and show no dls | > o-
sition to side wilh lilaiUtnlio.
beilain nor Sir ( buries JtilUo w ish to icsuine
otliee at the beginning ot the session nor to
supm-ii a ministry in whuli the modciatcs
wilfbe sine lo lo iiln the uscoiidcncv. liolh
pielor an indepeiidiiit position. Tliev oll'er
the wannest suppoit lo the pio'ent uovi rn-
ment In Its attempc to d al witli the local
government question , which miy easily bo
made lo include Iho lilsb iinostuui. This is
understood tosi nit > that the ladical Icadcis
have Intended to sit bdOiV the tiii'way , to
lenouiicu allegiance to Hie libtr.iif , and to
jiose as paliiols lather than as paitisans.
I'arnell in the nieaniime is putting out
fceleis to disiover how n.n h luuiie tulohe
can succeed In extoilini ; iiom Hit ) niosont
) > ailiamont. Justin McC'aithy says lieland
will be ooiitont with legislative novverscipiiv-
alent to those of an Auieiiean state. O'Con
nor urges thai Canada is Iho tine precedent
to lollow and Insist.-i that it is the minimum
I'arnell w ill accept. I'.nnell is loported to
bo content to wait for the tnin of events.
aw me ot the danger that the moderates of
both parlies may combine against him if the
Irish question DO prebicd or obsUuciion bo
be iin.
There are animated dlseiiftsions on the re
sults of the election in the newspapers and
elsewheii * . Many liberals Insisl iheiewasa
.substantial victory tor them. Sir William
llarcoint puts this view more iin'ciiunislv
than anybody oli-o , maintaining Hioio Is no
toiy reaction and a genii no liberal maloiltv
L'loaterthan evei'ln KiiKkinil , Scotland and
Wales. .Imliuloits liberals , like the Sncctator
lore.xample , generally rebuke him lor ever
slating ills case. Tint ireiieiiil tooling of the
liberals is that the country di ellned to express
a decided pteleienco for either paity. 'Ihe
libfials liave in lact nanowly escaped hope-
les- . disaster and it I.s not yet eoiiain that
the p.uly will hold toirether during tlm com-
Iin ; se.ssion.
The Times announces prob. b'v by anthori-
tv , tli.u Ihe oa" TII dimeiill ) lias virtually
In en settled aid that tliethice empires will
nbindon the tkiiiat d for restoration of the
status iiioantu | In o..s ern Koumclla , This ,
it accutate , is a conspicuous triumph for
Salisbtny , who alone Iiom the bcgiiinini ; has
stood out for iivotrnltion ot the Ilnluuiian
union and allowed the conteieiiiO at Con
stantinople to collapse rather t an tccedc.
lie has Inclined ' 'very reproach tor linking a
general war and nnally eaiiies his point ,
sccutes IMJICO , eains the gratitude ot linlgaiia
and the respect of Kuropo.
( Jen.I'ri'iidcgast's mililary succi B 'esln 15ur-
malitlo not save him tiom slmip entielsin lor
his mistakes In adn.i . iistratlon. Thu ICnu'IInh
iiress Is inclined to mot -st against letnrning
J'liobaw's vvo bt nilnisiors as agcnls of the
Dntislig vcinmcnt. Lord Unll'erin's nuival
Is anxiously expected.
The Soudan news Is threatening. Jtein-
forci in 'ills have been ordoiod. Ti n > o icgl-
nients have It-It Knglaml. 'l'h - cio k rs jiri- !
dlct anoihcr cosily expedition lo lose-no the
end.ingoied posts.
NKW VOIIK , Dee. 12. ( Special to the Hii : : , ]
The Sun1 ! ) London eablo savs : Xow that
( he elections am ever and pailiainenlary ties
crlptlvu lists about completed , thu tones
have dlscovoied new grievances. It i.s based
upon the humble oiU-in mid piehlun calliuirs
otmohtof Iho I'ainellltes olecled to sit in
the no.xt hon o. The toiles feel that evil
davs bine fallen upon thu land. Tliev doplmo
the fact Halt Hint .vise system of payment ot
mouthers which lias NO loutr kept the poor
men out ot parliament has been broken
down. Ofcouise. the loiies i-.iy , they could
expect nothing bettor Irom the Iiish In
Ameiiea , butol thcso Americans who pio-
moled or iialioiii/.ed the Innd they speak In
terms both of sorrow and anwr.
Tlio tlnlmulan ntillonlty.
Sr. I'Kniitsninio , Doc. IS. Kussla lias
ninde overtures to 1'rlnco Alexander , ottering
o as-iifit to a jK-isonal nnlon of Hulgarla anil
Koumella , on condition that thu policy of
Bulgaria bo HUboidlnated lo Kusshui policy ,
Ktisblan agents arc actively Intilgttlng at
Delgindo to dethrone Milan in favor of Kara-
liii.oiiAii : : , Deo. in , A telegram from the
front states that a long nnd bloody engage
ment took place theio yesterday between the
Seivlans and Bulgarians. The town ot
Vt-llkl-lsoor was wrested Iiom the ( Mis-i-sslon
of two battalions heioinin < to the nrst divi
sion ot the Bulgarian aimy , who attacked the
Servians. Upon uniting themselves ouiiunn-
boied the BnlgaiiaiiK niiidii i.l ns that they
wished to Mil lender. The .Servians , who
weio mostly elderly men , belongiin ; to HID
Mvond lesorve , shouted In reply : "Vou liavo
alioailv deluded our children ( ineaiiliiL' Hit :
joiiths o ! ' the lirst losenttj In that inslilon ,
but yon will not decoiyo us. " Theioiipon
they charged thu Biilgaiians with Hit ) bayo
net. .scattering them In ever ) direction. Tno
Bulgarians Icit ininy dead and wounded nn
the neld. The Servians claim a brilliant vie-
tnrv. Much enthusiasm Is manifested in
Belgrade over the hiiccofis of the Servians.
Alt'Diiso'H Uciilciii. ( )
MADIIIII , Deo. W. Tlio fnuet-al Bcrvlces
over the remain * of the late Kin , ' Alfonso
ttxk place yesterday at the chinch of St.
Fiiinels. The great edlllce was crowded with
tllsilinrulshed peopli1. All the sovereign
heads of KuroiH ) were represented and mem
ber ! ! of thu diplomatlo corps weie piosont.
Thi ) civil and military pageant was an Im-
pnslngspectjiolti and was vvitnessixl by an
Imnieiisu tlnoug.
Tlie New York SUII'M ICrTorts to Scouro
Ills Defeat n > r Ue-elcctloti.
Nnw VOIIK. Ucc. 12.Sjirelal [ tothellf-K , ]
The Sun Is r n\lmu to see Senator Slier
man fnil of re-election , and this morning It
devotes considerable spu-e to an Attack on
him by J. W. Schuckers. The attnrlt is con-
lineil to what tlic Sun calls John Sherman's
uddon abandonment In isos of lil lirsl bill
for funding Hi" national debt. Mr. Sdinck-
crs jnys Sherman aband ined Ihe bill when
an unsigned pamphlet was laid on Ihe desk
of the senator , on January 10 , 1SK That
ivunphtet , bo wys wys wrilten by Joseph
1'aticisoii , then president nf the Westoin
National bank of Philadelphia. In the pain-
uhlet It was chariT'il thai the bill piovitlod bv
an nndcihand wav lor Hie itiyment of bonds
woilli1KW.OOJ ( in gild. I'or convening
J-50iW,000 United Stales bonds fiom one
Im m Into another , chuel.ers s.ivs : "It Hu >
b II ha 1 bocdiiu' a law , and had b'-on ' eirried
out accord ng to it- intent , and the bonus of
S-I'Varui inold had been converted into
gn cnhnclii at the pievailltit ; ineminin above.
! U pel cent , tno prouis ot tbo favored biokeis
mid money dealers , with othet poisons Intel-
ested in the bill , would have been as follows :
"Kirst-I'ronl.s on the conversion of bonds
In the United Statis. Ml.iMj.noa
> ei end Pronto on the eonveisloiis In Lit-
rojie. Sls'JlFbl. : !
' Third The piciniiiiii on gold , about 3t- !
UVUKX ) : total. sriiiNit. : "
Ho adds that on the Appearance of the
pamphlet. Shot man had the bill loeoiiimillcd
to Ins nuance committee ami then picpaicd
a new inonMiie.
Ni.wOIIK , Dec. 1' ) . [ Special to the IH.K.J
Iteleiiing to Iho Sun's attack on him. Shei-
man said to a U'tuld Was-lilnulon 001 respondent
pendent : "An ) one who knew the facts In
the ease could see light through this com
munication. The provisions ol iho tiinding
bhl weiOMibstantiall } Ilio provisions nt evt-ry
bill ol a similai mitiiiu passed toryears. I'ay-
inont not to t'M'oeil 1 percent tor plielng
bonds was iiulliorued by the act ol Kobuiaiy
± * i , iMi. , ami continued in elfeit down to Hie
passage of this hill , when that clan-c was
stilcken out and the placing of the hoiuls
given over li < the sivietaiv of Ihe treasury.
In intiodiiehii ; that clanI , siuiily | loinlio-
duced what had appi'ari'i ; in every bill ol a
similar nature. In thit lundimr bill , how
ever , which did not piss lot two oi thiee
yeais , this clause was stiicken out. By ( his
nil ! we saved the government eventually
j-"iooO.X ( ) ) ) . Tbeslatement is iieolloction ol
11 : ine.s and tacts strange to people and
Intended to mislead. "
Tlio Stltu.tfol Makes SlimviiiK of a
( iooil Si/.oil lloll.
N"ivv : VOIIK , Dee. 13. [ Special to the
B : t : . ] J. K. Kmmiilt , Ihe actor , who has re
peatedly disgraced himself and disappointed
audiences by drnnkenniss , visited ( hoiiilts
of the Moro.intilo Saft ! Deposit company at
Xo. 13 ; B load way yesterday , with Ills wife ,
ami in the pusenoo of sevoial witnesses
handed tier httoen SliKK ( , ( ) per cunt United
States bonds maturing in ll'J" ' . ICmmetl said
that repoils that he had lett or would leave
bis laiiulv in destitute ciicnmstaiices Weiu
vvltho'il the.sli.'idi-sttruth. A'miil a vvvok
a-o he deeded In his \uhi his property in
Allianv , l.nov.n as 'Tnt/'s Villa,1' valued at
.IM.III ) ) , and lulcr bo hnd given her . - > o.oOii.
Alter tiaiis.iotin this little business aifair
Mr. and Mrs. lanmett stalled for liichmond
to nil an oniircimii' , theie. l umctt ap-
le.uedlo have untitelv lecovered Iiom his
ivic'nt diunken deb.iurbos. lie said jester-
day : "Whenever 1 taut ) a notion 1 go on a
spice. 11 Miinotlmo.suwJlii uiu thousanils of
dollais , but 1 ean ail'onLthe loss. "
Sure SljcnH of I'rosperlly.
riiii.Ain.riiiA , Dec. I'J Thegeneial man
ager of the American Iron nnd Steel Associ
atlon makes Iho follow int : liiijioitatit stalo-
nu'iit : "A icratifyini ; indication of Impinvc-
ment of business of this country Is found In
the lad that steel lail eoiiiianie.s. ) which it
will beieim-mdcrod made a cmnpael to limit
the out put to what tlien seemed likely to the
full wants of the rallroids tor ISsi ) , b.ive al-
ic.idv , beloie. the beginning of the voar ,
nearly sold the vvho'e e-dlmated total. They
have now Ineieased the stinulated output by
iiJ. ' , OOi ( tons , mailing the nresent limit lor 'M
one million ions. A number ot niann-
lactmors have sold up or beyond the allot
ment tor the out te year before action was
taken , being unwilling fiat any appearance
of iinioadiness or tnabi itv to meet any legit-
iinate demand should evlst. Theru Is , thoiu-
loie , not tlii ) least roas ni to tear that any
bn.verot' rails who oan satisfy railinakors of
his ability to piv for Ids pnrena-os will be
unable to supply his wants at prices un
allotted by lestrietion. "
A Short Sofiiion of the ITouso.
\VA-3iiiNuro.v , DJ. ' . 1. . The sui-aker laid
hetoio the house a large number of executive
communications , including the anniril ro
poll of the attoiney general , secretary of the
tieasury , and comptroller ot the curruiiey ,
and Ihey were laid on the table for thu
Mr. Itead , of Mnine , offered a resolution
for piintmg the compilation of the revisions
of the riih3 of the hou-.c In the Tliirly-si\th
and I'oily-sixtli coiuiossos , slating tbev
would lie nndoriJIsi-iissinn iiiion ( lie | iiopo-oil
cliango In the rules. Thii reso.iuion was
Mr. Buck , of Conneetlcut , piesented a HS-
oluilon ot the Connecticut legislature asking
that a suitable hrv b.-pa-i-d lor the ascer
tain uont and cnuntliuoi the oleJtoral volu
Laid on Ihe table.
Atl-U : > thu house adjourned until Mon
Ttio OMalioin.i Country.
LAWiiKNfi : , Kas. , Dee. 1. . In answer to
an Inquiry , Captain Couch , the Oklahoma
boomer , who has just letinned trom the Indi"
an toriilory , said tlm cattlemen an ) not all
driven elf the Cheyenne anil Arap.ihoe reser
vations by any means. There are thousands
ol cat I lo In the Oklahoma country , and i-ena
totii aie bo.sleilig ) the depaitmcnl to ul.ow
the cattlemen ( o remain with their herds , ow-
liif lo the mid inconveniences in mov
ing at this season ot Hie. year. Thecaltlemen
In obedience to the pic-.idcnt ° H proehumiiion
mid older , obood to Ills oMont the ) le-
moved from the reseiva-iitn their cattle and
and -hipped them to Hut 'u.uiu't. Their young
cattle and cows still remain there.
A Political Decision.
Coi.trjinub , Ohio , Dot. ' . 14 The wiprcmo
couit this niornlugaiiniiuiicMl Us decision on
the Hamilton county uontesied elccilon
cases , reversing tlm ditclulon of the circuit
court of that countyand , , Ki\lnu' the eertlii-
oates ol election lo thu democratic candidate
for senators and rcprt- i ntutives. No decision
was anno'ineed ' in tbo mandamus piix-ecd
Ings brought by Hits governor and Mviotary
of stale to compel Cleik Dallon to make it -
tninsot the eliH'tion in Hamilton county lo
Uut secretary of state.
Tlio ProHiiloiuial HUIOSHOII | Jllll ,
M'ASiitNiiro.v , Dec. 1Tliu MMiato coin-
mltteo on privileges mid elu-Hons held u
second meeting thin molding , and instructed
Chairman Heir to icnori on Monday thn
1'io.shlential sncce.-slon bill. A number of
verbal clmnt'cs have been madu In thi'hill ,
but In all Important features this ineaMiiis
similar to that which passed the last con-
gloss , known as the Hoar bill , It witlniob-
ahh IMS taken up ear v In Hut week , and wi.l
L-ivo rise to onus d-'rvble disoiission , and will
likely bj passed during thu vvotsk.
The Coke1 IliiNlncBH ,
PriTsiiuitu , Doc p. . Ten JH.T cent addi
tional ot thu stulcitn | coke ovens In thu
Connesvlllu roirioii b is been llicd up. making
1 ) INTivnt of iho tnu niMih.'i mnv in bhist ,
against 5J cents a lew months -a0'o.
Itiillion In Hank.
Niw : VIIKK , Dr. r.1. Tlm bink rcvmnti
has Ineioa-ed i. . : ; ! .IV ) . Tint baiiKsno-v
hold rjj.ivio"U : in I'itvri uf liv'-il ro.pmo-
Till1 ll'PT ir /\\T tit Iff OTIll l T
The Rude Shook Micted on the Mnrkot by
Vnuderbilt's Death.
The Only TIiln That Stood
Goillil anil Al soliio ( Coiitful
Gone Ldvoly Times
Ilcvlew of the Stootc Mni-ket.
Ni\v : VnttK , Dec , ] . < . [ .Spuohiltu thu llii : % ]
In features Hie trade situation shows Ittilo
change friini the pioeedlng week. There Is
some slight iinre.iso In oomuicrciil move
ments In the leading distributiiu center" ,
and with few exceptions lotail demand shows
a -pli it. This Is in line witu e\pivtailons of
an iiicivaslng business In the renewals of
stocks by retailers alter tint lit.of ! the vear.
It Is accordingly to Hut pinluil th.Uu.uMru
centers are looking forwaul wilh an In.
eieased leelliijofeoniidenee. Gild weather
and the holidays have sti iiulated the eastern
dry goods tradu to a slight u\leit : and I'M
tone ot tliu nuiriiut Is laiily linn.
Money Is gelling ba.-k . to lliu same overstocked -
stocked eoildltiotl that prevailed so lone.
Interior points show indications ot a ikvldi d
divrouso In thdemaiid tor funds , and this
tendency , aided ny a di-croasu in siecul ] tlivo
activity and otu-r causes , IIICHMSOI | tne
tivailaido lunds In the Now \ou ; banks.
Loans aie IMS ) and : i per LOIII has been aumit
the utmost limit lei money on too MOCK ex
change this week.
The stool ; niuket has had a rude shock.
I'lii ! b'u' bulls had gotten it inio a nil e snape
and weio preiai | 111,4 to let It Slew in its own
juice , allow ing a irood sluut inleie t to lorm
piepai.itoiy to anoilior iipwanl boom alter
Januai ) 1 , when Vandeimlt's --nddeu de.iiti
llpH't oven tbi ni { and made new comb. na , lees
and calculations neccs ar ) all alou the line.
It there was any danger ol n panie ,
or even a bad break , the lead-
el. s ol the market , as In dutv
bound , stopped It at tno ur-l elf , and people
soon pcueivvd Yandoiodt's di cease was
nut likely to pioduce any immediai.ttimli.e. .
Il is , however , dawning upon Wall stuvt ,
lhat in its liidliect ellecl it is likely to lead tea
a gioat many eiianges. The blirgest SIIKIO
individual in the in. irki t lias Ijoon taken out.
oi It , and vvmlo it iheioby ma.miios tin- im
portance oi a number ot opciauiis ol eompii-
atiM-ly lessor m.U'ililude , sueli as Annoiir ,
Wmte , KoekalollerVieisholler \ , Neweomo ,
and other.s , its great slgnmcanco is tnu a
p nees ihi'Mcjitei in the bands nl .lay ( mind.
who is now nn iiiisi.onably .siipiemo ever me
maiUot Mlt'siinieIt was always felt tnai
wnile Vandeibilt lived lie only 'opeiated in
one diiivlion , and that -,3ii,0).Joii ( ) minlii
at any moment liave been tlnown into luo
balance on Hie "bull" side , tloiiid , on the
oilier hand , il s lliu maruots alw.ijs , and is
as likely to tie on the "neai ' side as me
"bull. " Viiu Icibllt's millions wote as a cum
constantly lie-id over Inui by policemen , and
no doubt olten ehecktd ; his activity ; but now
the eluli is liioki'ii and the policemen aio
t.iiton Irom tneir beat. In the bands ol bis
liens the IMIVVIT ol Vandorliilt's money can
never be the same as when It was one mass
sui-iic. to thocontiol ol one man , and me
on y tning which stood hcfwicn ( iouul and
absolute conuol is one , nnle s as is very un-
liKeiy , a stanlecoiiimnalioll ol all the oluer
Icaileis til tint in.iiliCL would he lormed
against him. AH il i he alioady seems to lu
gr iving Wall street a labto of his ( iiiaiiiy.
r rlciw , partlculaily ot tno ( lould wnnliwest-
e.rns. aie going down like lead , nnd many
people Hunk tiould is doiin ; it. Al.ogetnor.
it looks like lively limes In Wad stieet , and a
good deal ot ebaiuln ab'iut betoiu an eipii-
libiiiim isestnblishcd.
Tne mot phitisablu theory Is that the ad
vance eiigineenii , ' on the strength ot the
trunk line sottlomi-nt was started without
Gould's conciironeo or knowledge. Aecoid-
Ing to the theoiy that ( ionld had given up
hopes of a settlement -inionc the iiuni ; line- , ,
us his own ell'orts In that dliectlon were a
' .illuie , and hail sold out a largo block ol hN
dltlerent lioldings , cccting | to buy them
back lower and poekot the dlfferenoc. The
N'andoibllts , Koberll'teiiojiont , and Moigan ,
however , iiNcd the nuUtiT up among tbi-m-
selves nnd an advance was slatted , wlilen
( ionld siiieohascomb.itied and is nnvvKolng
to undo as rapidly as possible until he recov
ers Ins holdings. Whether the above Is the
ti lie theory or not , ItMuvv niler is uolng to
givu Wall .sheet a good deal to ponder on.
AVisdoin of VnndorhiH'H Will.
Nivv : Yonic , Je& ) ii. : [ Special lo the
Br.i : . | In an Inleivlew in the Tiihune
Cbniiney M. Depcw says : "The will of Vanderbilt -
derbilt is in my judgement a very wise and
\eryjustilistributionol His estate. The lact
that all the family are satisiied and gnitefiij
demniiKtriites his knowledge of his children
an. I the wisdom ol his miinllicent disposition
and division of his estate to accomplish
one purpo-o that was always mastering
with him to have his family harmonious
and hound together by stionger ties. Coi-
noliiis and W. K. are , so tar as moio piopeit )
isconceineil , piohabl ) better oijuippod than
Hi the death ot tnucommo-
doie in continue the succe-slul administia-
tion ot the gical 5) items , and
hold Its eonliol. They aio both
conservative , experienced and able.
There soonm to be a ilispo-Itlon in
Wall street and Into London e\pu-ss surprise
and disappo ntinent that the stocks oi the
mads In ihe \ andoiblll system weio not Hod
up in li lists so thai the ) could not be disposed
ot by one of the iiuiilly. I'leeisely the same
smpiisit was expressed at the time ol the
commodore's death. The lesiilt doinonstialod
the old gentleman's wisdom and sagacity.
William 11. discovered , alter a tliiuoiiili
dial to iniiirii ' su > cos-dully tliiigieiitrulway
pionoiHos winch ar > ! so Intimately connected
wild the public and aio semi-public In their
chmactor. that it was much wiser not to own
them. When hu dlwoveied this he > old thu
gloat hulk of his Central stock , but It became
ono ol the most widely distributed in our
American cecmlilcM. "
Itiunoreil Union of AVenltli.
Niw : VOIIK , Dee. M. ( .Special to the HIK : , ]
A lather staitling rumor \MisclicnIated last
evening to lliu ellecl thai a paitnership waste
to be ton n oil by W. 1C. Yundoihllt with
Washington K. Connor and ( ieoigu Could.
The lacts in the matter mo haul to get and
loliuhlo foundation lor HID icpoit bus not
yet been traced. Nalnially the statement Is.
moio or less geneiully discredited. Thoiu
uiu a number of ciicnmstances , lio\Yover ,
which an ; pointed to us lending an air of
probability to tliu nssoitloiis that the subject
contains statements of a dcx-ldc.dly substan
tial character ; It Is thu unexpected which
happens , unit William K. Vandeibilt's vvoak- for a certain theatilcal show ol Inde
pendence' Irom family contiol Is well known.
A move ol this I.Ind ut the picM-nt ciitical
jiinctnio IscMictly to captiviilo William K. ,
who is a sjtccnlato ; ' in m Hut crown ot his
bond to the soloof lu > lout. Wlu-tliei1 the
wily Connor and > lay ( iould's fchewd scion
havoroall ) caplured the Vandeihilt inlant-
Unlhlols Hiitiine.sHon iiHii ] ) which may de
pend clfects ol Hiouist ma-Miltnde In Wall
sliect. Tlio oiitcomoin being watched with
keen anxiety. Theio is a positive statement
being circulated , but voiy likely finm bear
.souicoH , that Ihu ininvvilf commcniubiisincd.s
Hie urstoi' the ) ear.
Itlnl'N funeral.
WiNMi'KO , Dec. 1'i. The funeral of Uio
took pla-o this morning at St. Bonltacu
ohuich. Thu funeral cortege Jolt his mother's
boii-u on Ited river , about two miles Iiom
bore , at U o'clock , aeoo.npanied by a large
nnmlH-r of lolatlvcs and halfbntid symjii-
Hikers. Arriving "t St. Uonhiieo , reiinem |
mass was ox'lolir.ited bv l-'alh-r Duogas , us-
slstod by Aichhishop I' lohe , who iH-eiipled
Hut tlnoiio. Alter mass lliu l-o ly icmailli'd
In the cathedral. II is \pevtfd U will l > e
burk-d ibis alteiuouu.
Tlio 1'hnnlrr ol1 n Pcinnto Shop Iillter
and Her 1)1.try ) ,
BOSTOV , MiK" . . Deo. 1J. ( SiKVIal to the
Hii.J : : Cnlef Wnilo's office In tinCommon -
\\tMllti building , was illicit Fiidayitli n
ptimiio asMiitiiiciit of stolen property taken
fruui n tiiU'f. A tloteollvo jcstord.iy lnouiht
from tlip I'veictt two wauon loads of goods
taken fiom n room recently occupied by Juno
I * . Wohlon.n nnt"ilous New Yorkshot-Iifter. |
Shu also seived H tenn lor shop-llltlm : In
lso. ; This woman vvus cuiii'lit steallm ? In
bliopard it Noiwoll's stoiu un XovcinbvrU ,
and was sent lo the lma < e of correction for
sK months. She came to Boston last spring
mill liuaicdlatcly Illicit n IIMIII at the ( 'li.uli's-
town , l.utcrshe moved to the llvorolt. HIT
anost was unknown to the p.-oplo where she
lodged , and a few daysapi they weio obllced
to move and not liearini ; fioni their tenant
turned the properly of her ro.nn . over to the
sl.ito police. It was a ri'iiurkabli1 assortment
of goods in nil tlu follow-In. : HUM. Jewelry ,
liicludiiu a doAMi diamonds ; luhy , atiicthst
and other ilnns ; iroltl chain * ) , lockets , pins
M't with precious stones ; pursehrliiding
one rontainiui ; * " > > , tunillior wlni ? 'ii. nnoilu'r
wltha-ii ; i.iro t'oins ; a rotion u wllhS.'it ; n with * -0 ; hunts and shoos , loitv or iitt >
pairs ot nil dt'sciiiitions ; ipianlity of
cut ijlas-i and chinaw > nd ornaiiionis , ( hit
In an Immense vu , v : diugnlsls' goods ,
liiini a blr bundle ot Ihmien and a lot
ot perfumery to u line collection of
surgeons' knives : diy iromK Ineuidin. ? a
law and raluablc collection ol | | ; , vel
vets , satins , ilitMs goodIn entlro | iicci-s as
taken Hum the oountoi ; mi immense vailety
of l > iitm ! ( < : a i.'rcal ipianiliv ol haidwaic. In
cluding hab'hcis , clotheslines , nitv or mnio
tin plates , abmil JOidimi-ki'ts , tin-pans taliey
goods , and kiiiekiui Us in iniunti ! varieiy ,
1 mm tea-scopes to Noah's arks. The collet'-
lion compri-i'K thousands nl arlleles , asmall
hull ; In evciv llm-iil li tile , ami the whole
roughly vahud at &i.U.ji . In addition to
those aidh - - . \veietoundh.iiik ) books ,
shares ol railroad Mucksa'ld ' inner sinoties
ol eoiisuli'i.ilile value , In her name1. Hut the
gioati'it c'liiosity ' ol all was a woman s d.uiy
wiiitiiion -lips loin dii ly fiom a poi-Hcal
calendar , nnd giving a < pieor hi-t mot her
expoi ionciM since October , IsSI. Much ol' II
Is mint lor publication. The entries invaria
bly boitin with a statement ot thu wealher
and the lime slm got up. and then ovei.v ox-
peiicnoeol the dav Is ichtleil in Ilio minutest
detail. Kveivthmg she stole Is set down
with Iho name ol llu % p ace wheic she not it.
HIM dcscilplKIIIS ol how she dodged dotco-
tiv's me linilhng. Slie frequently boastof -
having beaten bet ear l.tie or her dinner , and
tells once how her own pocket picked.
Mm was u IHMII e.iti-i- Neailv every
( I iv is a mcmiM.uidiini : "Warim d my IHMIIS
nil Mis. MJ.S'l sto\l . ' Sc.ttteii'il Itlloil ll lllU
il.uiy me iininlclli iole UM. iciices to ttivln iio son lo "li\.i. " It ilieliuh1 d.urj
c mid liu piililished it wuu i | iiiaKu Uu : biggest
M.'li ttioil Hoatoner had.
lion. 1 $ . < JritKr : in Dies at His St.
IlOtliH llolllC.
ST. l.oi'ts , Dec. 1.1. Hon. II. ( Iinl/ l mwn
died at hi > K'iiiilctK'O ' in Kiikwooil. , \ sulinrb
of this city , this niornin of pneumonia ,
complicated witii hcait di > ease , a ed.Jl !
Mi. Uiown was a piomaicnt ii.uru ; in thu
politic * of ( his ftato for a iiimibur of jfai > ,
and alto caitied a national lepnt.ition. Ho
made Uic inst enianciialion | spiecli CMT do-
liveiod In tlic Missonii li'ibl.ituie. and In
cunnection with I'rank II. ll\ir ! : bfcamu an
active ptoniotoroV that cause. Ho entered the
union service til Iho onlltiv.ilr of the war , rind
after tlioclocof that con lust jut nrd .is
Known at that time ; \h the liberal movement
in this ot.itelili'1 ! ivsultcd in lii.s electimi as
ir"'i nor ol the. Mate and iv-cnlianelii-eiiKMit
uf it'bels. SntiseqniMillv Hi ) v\.is ilc-'teil
lot tliiili-il States senate "and hcjvul one
irim. and Liter was nominated lor vice picsi-
il'-iit of the I'niled St itcs on tin * ( Jiecluy
tieKi t. Ho iniikcd hUh as n man of ability ,
\\a. iihiiosoiihicnl in his temlci ness , and was
ic..iiilcil as a pnifonnil think-r.
Itioxvn had been ailiii only .iboul a wnelc.
On I'Yiday last liu camn in tMs city to lie
plCMMitat the side of ( liehi. linii > ,
iV Keokuk ntilwav. with wlilch Uvally
connecteil , and it is supposed he incii
toukadditional cold , which icstiltcd in a MO-
lent and rapid attack of piicumonu. He
Kitidnallv t > unk Irom midni bi last ni hl till
T o'clocf ; this moiiilii , when lie iinctly |
passed away , .suiioiindcil by .ill the mcmbcih
ot hislaiuilv and .itteiiilin pbysici.ins. Tlio
time ot the fnnei.ft ha- nut jet'boon lixed.
CAUS1XO -O.Vri3ST. .
Tim Pi'uhlliKliininis uf Allniita FIiul
'J'hcic Victory Ije ally i iuc lioiu'il.
ATLANTA , ( ta.i Dec. l.i.YicnUv in the
United Stutesconit , .ir nuu-oi bi iinin
thiu'ontust o\oi'thu Into ptnliihiliuu elccuon
In this county. Thu o.i- > \\.ts In Hie hh.ipu . of
a bill tor an injunction tn loslrun fie o'di-
nary ol Uu'oontily tiom d 'iariiu : ! thu ic nlt
ol theeleciiun. .1 tcMiiporaiy icstiainhu or
der having b'.cn granted t o \ \ > 'ck ; uu.
TheiMMiWill oicui > \ ' two il.ns. A Hint II.
Cos , repie-i'iitiiitf tint li'iuor ilualcr-- . oiicni.-d
thi. case , lleaixucd thouncoiitHlulion.dily of
the lull in it alln\\- > the .talent ( icm i.i
made wine , and piohilnts Urn sale of wine
imidc in othei tite.s ; wai nncunsUtii- inulor lliu ( icouia coii i.Lutiiin. . in
that it a.'Jowrf ' olectious in - wcl"omities ,
and docs not nlhiw elcct'ons In "diy
couulics , thus not oiieratin aliue lhi n'nout
mo hl.itc ; and thai the piocci din M uiiilcr
liiobnl wen ; Illegal. Aliid.iMts weie intio-
ilili < .rd in Mii'jmit of these lads alleged ate
the leilllj in the metlKiiN ol Ilie eleotiuil.
Tliu iuniimint : will buiuMimcd .Monday.
Movc-i to ICrni.'L u Monument
ment in HIM .Memory.
N Ucc. inAt u nicuthiK ot
reprusenlati\i ! citi/cns held heio yei-tcrduy
an as.sociation to be known as the Hendilcks
Moninueiit iisMK'lalion w.i.'i nixani/.ed , thu
olijeet of which Is explained lo ! ! > title. A
riiimnitlL'Uoi o\ci . "inOieiti/.eiis lepicm ntllij ;
i.scjy ( ounty and town In the ntate , was ap
pointed. and the woiii ol cin\assin4 lor Milt- \\ill 1 6 iinmediati'ly be iin. Tlio
c.isli siib-ciipthiiis at todav'.s mic.tin ! a ; -
guvatcd about -rl.iKXJ.
Tlie committal ! Having In ilia'.X'o tint inon-
mm nt Hind issued an appeal to-da > . invithii :
Hut "coopciatlon of every lover ol iiei-iiual
and olllelal iirobit > , of every aciUiuntanie. |
admiler anil Inend ol the ilUMilous dead.
Contributions may bo MMU to 1'iancis M.
C'hiiiclniian , lii.iMiier , at Hidiiuiajujlin , and
leceipti thereat will Im promptly aeknowl-
lulled throiiKh the Indianapolis nt-w > > iMpcia
as well ) mail.
Han < | iieuMl .11 llu : Hub.
lioiro.N , Dec. i : > . .M thu I'ailier hoiiRnlast
nl 'ht il coinpliinentao b.iivjuet w.ts tcndcicd
bj the Mrxaaolinsi'tta ! lorm cuili to Hit' Hon. li. Kiton ; , L'nlt.d .States ci\il tuivict :
eomiiiih.sloner. About l.W quests weio In at-
teiiilam e. 'I he hpecolien wi in inadn
l > \ Iviii.n mid ,1 . K. l.oweil , ilie l.mcr waimly
thu administration ot
rmvnns On a ilannt.
Ni\v : Oii : IANS : Decl l . A parti' or cx
cui > iiiiisis ) from lowaanlved hejctiiis ni'iin.
In . It iiiflnd.'H a niimb ol piominent
Kcnlli'inen.aiiioiu whom nio ( invfinor hli r-
inaa nnd T. ! - > . I'urvlii. past Krand master
and 'rand Mccreiarj 01 the .MiiMinie order In
tne United ht.ili's , wiio will lay Iho coiner
t'tmi'Mif tlie jinil incut me nociai aich to im
ejivlul in llu1 si.ej ; ; ulioiuil to lOAa on the
In lrlainrH ,
Or.tiAi : li.-.i'iD.i , Iowa , Deo. t : ) . Kirn Sat
urday alk'ii.jun destroyed Urn millinery
btmll of ( i. U' . llowull .t Co. l.osh fWWI ) .
Devendnrf tV Mann , dealers In dry minds.
341,00) ) . itoto weie m h liiMlicd , Tno
d l-i.vOJ ; iiioiued.
Iowa Justly Frond of thn ProGcicnoy of Her
The nr | > ul > llrntit ) of lc Molnc1) ) Or *
Krtul/.itti ; Prrniaitrnt I'ollttcnt
Clubs The ( Jovornor'rt KtintjMt *
\VltIi Autlitof
To Tills They Point With VrMe.
Dts : Moixtts , Iowa , OOP. IS. [ Special to
the llui.-.J The peoploof IOVTR lm ; J ln\d \ lust
ii'.isnn for prldii In Hie erecllenen of their
VnWir school system. It Wdidd bo hard lo
tlnd a eltuon ol the state who IMI'I ptepaml
to tell n ilrnnjjer Hint low.'i'n juMeentdgoot
Illiti'i-itcy I1 * the lowest of ntiy Htato In the
union. That Is one of the tli lutes Hint an
Iowa man nexer linnet" , althonili ; hi ? may
fall to lemember the slu of the irpubllonii
nmjoillic.s siiK'o Hui tciiiloiy IMTHUIC it flute ,
or may Nlumblr a littlu In the unortnons > ! cltl
of the coin erop. The eenstu report for 1W1
pl.xoe.1 the nnmher of pet < ons OUT ten jears
ot ago who can neither tend or wiitostdj
low ft than heietolore , and lenv w Iowa atll *
In Hie lead in this ic.sjiect of nil thoslMor
The leportof the plate suporlntendont of
t'rni.ic' iNfli nrcTio.v
Iw jujl been in ule public and II nfTordi r-Vj'e
wiy Interesthi ) ; leading whloli explains In u
tneasui Hui leason of JOWK'H piido In tier
public school sy.stein. That iltsthinl.'Kctl ! ;
educator of Massachtisett.s , Horace Mann- called to Jo\\a \ to orianl/v' . 'f
lalhei period Hie organlnttlon 01' the
tteu school Hjtdem of the Blntc-
A bill piopoM'd by him wa.s adopted h > the
IcKtslatnre in isvs , and but'ninu Iho basis of
thopieM'iit I'M'cllenl M'lntol sybtcin. There
la a peimaiicnl tiniil tor the tMippuil ot the
schools obtained in Iho lollowini ; manner :
(1. ( ) I'tuin * > per cent ot the nut piopcedsof
public lands within HID slate. ( ' ! . ) 'J'liejno.
cents ot the wiles ol uiilH10 ) , ( nciu-s Kmiituil iho
Mate by the goiu'inl ) jo\einiiientln is-ij. ( ! ) . (
' 1'he pioceeds ol c.schealcd estatcn.I.J ( Thu
piofeeds ot sali-h ot the sKteenth n'ltion In
each tow nsliin or ol lands toleited in lion
theieof. Tills fund in lv\'l amounled to
niuiu than frloooK ( ) . J\siile t'd.s ' there Is a
temporaiy Imiil deilvi tl annually lioiu n
number ot MIIIICCS ol reventii ) which c.ilita
KiU'cly to the entire aiuount. In Isl0tho
total exiiendlluies lor school puipo'i's weio
bat lli.i. ) . In IN1 * ! the total amonn ! was
* , . * Jl.str' , with a balance ol o\-r tu'.UOf'JO" .
In Isls Hieie WOIM l./o scnool IIDIM-I in the
htate , and they weio niosi y | or ; hoi.-i'H \\h (
MI aM'ra t ; \ un ot I . "i. Tin so
.no now about K > , uiO uhuol IICUM'.S
with an en.ire.duation of about
5 11 , 000,0,10. , ' 1 Im slate siipeilntehdcnt has
picpuied a mai ; ol tlie blale b > eoiinnw ] , Mli
a dot wiide euri .schonl house stands. Jt
ninUesneiy inteieslin si htand ISHIICI liloil
luo a vt rj ajiii ivated iviso ol iho meas'is. '
TIIIMC aie neau.5 . I.IMI children In tiiepiiblio
s.-niioi.s and iK > , nyi ) teacheis ) . Tlio a\ei.ijo ; ;
lOiupeiisation lor hid > ( eaehurs ImM incioaM'il
il'iiin ' the last biaiinfiim tio.n ' - ' ? . Hi 10 3-U )
| iur monih , and lor male. teiuhur.s truin'S > ' .VJO
toS > 7.t < ) . The state siiperlntendenl recoin-
meiiil.s that thu h : lslaiinu provido.lor. fiuo
text hooUs in Iho niilnii : sehOOi.s , Icttlflf Cilc1l
disirh I uiinihli to il8 pupils tiei ! ol e.harKU
tlie liuolcH that aie lo he n-cd , jiibtaslt now1
luniihhes t.'iem inups , globes and other uppa-
latus necih'il. It is ipule piobabli ! that the
le islaluie will take MIIIIC action on this .sub-
ji tt this winter , and Ihcro i.s a htiont ! tooling
in lauii nf adojitin the .sni > eiinU'iidcnt'ij
TIII : nrri'ni.irANH.
of this city me picjianiiK ti.i LliMiL'ani7.nton ) !
ol permancnl pnlunal ell b'l lo increasu I bo
inU-iL-st ol iciiiihlicans and to sticiiKthun
their oi aiii/aiiun. The design isl/i lia\o the
clubs ol a M'ini sm inl ar.l,01111 political clmr-
aetei. tiin'i ' sol moms ma to be tented and
liniiished in an elegant and attnu'tlvo man
ner , which uill be open to nutiubeid nt nil
liuie" . Attak'd inlenaln ) iiiblie miiutin .s of
the club will he held , with deliate.s and ,
> peL'hus on iKilitical lojiies of cm runt Inter
est. A leading loom wilh political jtapaiH
and other political lileiatini ) will he oni ) of
its te.iluies. A iiception loom \\licrenieui-
heih can uiiet distinguished lepiibllcans nho
man be tempoiaiily in the oily , will also bu
ouo ol the atiianHinis. Tin 10 will probably
be one cential or .iii at.on tor the/ entire
city , lib iinluhlnai IM ndie in I'Jast mid
\\'i"-t \ DCS Molnes. UN Ilie thi r di\ ides tbo
ciu into paith that aie ' oclMlly and eiinniir-
1 1 ally , In many respects wholh , IndciK'iidctit
01 eai bulbil. 'I le it publicans ol tile west
side lia\e nij.anl7ed tlicirclnh , with .Major Miciinaii. a prominent man of
Iliecitj. and biotbei to den. W. T. Kbeiniuii
and heualiu .Icilm Hhelinau , as pie.sidcnt. U
is exjie-'ti d that these clubs w III piovo a per
manent Hoineo ol Micii'tli | to icjiuhlleans ,
and become ot ImniciiMi neiUee In ca trying
on Ihee llu ti\c woik ol campaigns , i'or the
lirst limu in nevcial jcars IJit , .Moiins has
has liiul
r.oot ) si.riciiis'c
the spcnnd wcjk In li"eml ) > ir. ! The flno
dii\c.s ot the citv ate beiiiK nionopoli/od by
the last sti i.p"is , and ( neijbody seems lo tie
enjoying "The llcaiitlml. " It ! )
oi jirri.i iif.Moiiii : >
in political cacle.s that ( in\i rnor Sl'onnnn. '
inti nils Minn to put a limil twist on the Audi
tor Blown mailer , by dcclarinr Hie oflluii of
auditor \.icant , and Ihcn appolnUni ; ilr.
Cntlcll , tiie pie-ent audiloi pie loin , who bun
been seivint , ' sloi-o liiown was 10-
moved last Match. It ho does
it will 'jliilo seiiously compllc.ito
mattci.s , foiMiiixernor J.airatino , who will bo
inauiaiiatcd within a mouth , would then
have tin ; ease on IIIN hands In a shaito
than now. II Shiiuian Klionld lr < tuo Iho
eominlsslon to I mlell and dichno Itiown out
lor ha\ 1 111 , ' > alied In ule In.- , bond , it would ho
I'tt'ltx haul 10 pu"cnt Caltell lioiu l | ) |
the otliie it he cbosilo do so. It IH lepiiiieil
that ( HIM iimr.Sh-i limn sayi. that Itiown will
nc. . 'i n 1) tell lo the andltur'H otce. ) | TheiO
lsnlhcl > tinieahi-ad lor mmclwdy.
- -ir- -
Weullier 1'or To-Dny.
Mi sofjn V M.I.I.Fair weather , winds
Kineiallyhittiiu Miulheily , slowly ilblng
tenipeiatnie , lower baiomeler.
XVo lntiM If llu 10 h. or can ho , a
remcily for rhcuiiutluni ; but thousands who
hare gulIiTcd In pains have lice n prcatly hen-
ciitvil by Howl's Sirsjpnrlll.i. Jf > ou have
Jailed to Iliul relit f , try tlih tre.U rcuii'dy. '
"I was nflll'-trtl v\IMi rheuinntlMii tvicnty
> cnii ; . Previous tu I fiimiil no relief , hut
Wen vvoisp , and at oiui t'mo ' was iihnost lieljv
Icfis. Hiiiiil's KariapirllU did mo moio jjnoil
than ; ill Hia other incilldin I ctcr had. "
JI. T. ItAix-OM , Kidrloy Vlllacp , Mass.
" I lud ilicinnatlsiii thrcii jcnr.-i. and jot ; no
relief till 1 look Hood's H-imjinrilli , Jt Jia-i
dnno prtat thhiu.s for me. I icci > : miicnil It ti >
i , liUacfurd.Mc. ;
IIiiDtl fi irn-ii.irllla | h fhar.iilt-rUfil by
thriti i fflili nlllea : HI , Hm cotnltlii'itit.n of
M-nu-illal - HKtiils ; I'd , Ilio ] , n > imrtlvin 3J , lllh
jinuM uf M-cuih.g Ibo it llvo nicilh-ltial
ijiiallllcs. 'i he n sull I . a mi dlchin of IIIIUKIKI !
ttreiijlh , cffectinf ; cinis I llheilo iiiiknnwn.
Kciut fur ti < iik roiit.duln ; : ndiliunil ! | : cvldi'iico ,
"Ilontj'i H-irsiiailll.i t ii-cs up my pyaieii. , : i . . , i tv ; i' ithe.i.nil
M'cnis to inUo inn i v . " .f. r. Tiiiyiil'SiiX ,
Ui-RhUTl.f . IKcuo , I.-\.ill , ll-ij.
"II'ii'd'8 ' fl-riitnrlI-i ! l -.ts i II otliPiH. uui |
I'vviiriiisi.fmi 1 1 1 1 ' " I l ; > ia.iMjpro.v ,
ijt lUuk Mictt , Kv\i Vu.l ; C./ .
HeM by all ilrurrM.-i. SI i sl fur 91. Madl
0-ilyhyO. J. HIH'I ) 6 CO. , l/ ' * ll , Mans.
IO6 Dosou Ono DoMar.