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| rIFTEENTll YEAH , OMAHA , THURSDAY MOHNttf © , DEOEM.BEU 10 , 18S3. NUMB 13tt 140.
OLarming Half Hour Amid the Bullion Bags
Stored Away by "Undo Billy , "
1 lii Dnith of tlio Demi Money ICIng
1'aln 111 MDIO tin- 'MnrhctHAn
Ifitlnmti ? > of Ills
The Panilly anil Porliinc.
NnvvYoiiK , Dec. 0. Scward Wi-bb , Cor
nelius nnd William K. aio both
actively mpmnl In the management
of thefamllv milw.iy Intuests , and will so
continue. Coincllns Is chairman of the
boa id of directors ol Iho New Yoik Central
nnd Michigan Central Hvstems , and \Vllllain
K. the s-imu olllie In the Lake bliorcand
Nlekel'l'liiles ) stems. Pieilerlck K. W..vvho
is about thliltwo ) iin sold , Isdliecloi In all
the roods.
Yandcrhllt was , it Is thoilslit , ilchor than
any hlngle ineiubei of tlio Holhsclilld
faintly. 'Iho Duke of Westmin
ster Is sild ( n bo worth
fc'JOO.onO.tXK ) , but Vnnderbilt was ilcher IH--
IMIISC tinduko's money only pas him idmut
two I'oreent ' , being mainly in lands and
houses. YamlurhUl had a iiuteli laiger In-
V . come. Last ) ear he held W , IXHV . ) ol fem
per cent bonds , nnd later ho led need this
amount by iajUO < vx > J ot goveinmentujj pei
u-Mts. Ills government bonds weio
worth utmost SfMowXK ) ( ) . At one time ho
owned shaies of the Michigan
Central , iMO.OOThliartM of the Noiihwestein ,
and .10.000 shales of llie Lake hboie. Ho is
nahl to liavo sold considerable Lake Shine
lately. In addition he hud : : oooo in the Chi-
rngo .fc Hock Island , 'JO.MKlin the I Ma wan ; , fe
Lackawaiina. and about ) , ( KKslnues lu otlici , making In all nboiit N ! < ) , IK.KI Miaics
nt iiillvvnyotiick ; ulso $ 'lm\m wouli of
i-allio id bonds , M mooo ot state and city
bonds , and 9 ,000,000 In v.uions mannraetni-
ing stockH and mortgiiei. Ho valued his
house on Pilth avenue with Its ait tieasuies
id fr.lOo < MM. His liouseliold ex
penses weio MOO,000 a jear. In IWt he gave
u Inll that costs 10,000. Ho loved IIOIM-S , and
\vas a good judge of hoiscllesll. He 'sold
Maud . lei S-10,000. Mi. Vnndcibllt was
Although hlsloitunoshiank lastjeai mati--
rlally through the big decline in stocks and
thioiigh biiHlness depiession. the "bull"
movement of ( he past lew mouths bioiight It
up again. Ill- , Income was calculated as fol
lows : M)7'Jixx ) ) a ) ear fiom govcinment
bonds , SM > 1,000 fi 0111 ralhoad stocks 5-.71-
O' ( | fiom mlseellaiieous si > miuties ; total , over
M,0 ( ) < KtOJiivcai' ) , 01 Sis.OiW a day , tV-OJ an
hour , 01 31'.i.i. ' i u minute. He made no osk-n-
tutloiis display of Ids wealth and vvascli.ul-
tablenltlioiigh in this lie had to bo
quiet or ho would have been ovei-
inn vvltli Impostors. Ho was sluewder
In business than main supposed he was , lie
knew enough to sell ! ij0twi , ) shines ot New
Yoik Central slock live years ago at IH.'O and
buv Koveinmentsat pit.
Denew. to-nlglil , said : "At tlio funeral ot
A'tiniierblll , vvhleli will take pl.ui ) Piida ) ,
Hie lolloping gentlemen would act as pall-
beaieis ! Samuel K. Haigei , C. Jl. Depew ,
J. I'leiiepont M oigan , Chailes C. ,
Judge Kap illo , Judge J. 1 * . lii-ady , Willhim
luinbiill , William L Scott , U'illlam Hllss , n.
O. Mills , tlcoige.l. Mawe anils. \ \ . Caldwell.
Thetuneial will lie held In St. Hailholo-
iiicvv < lunch , and .idml.-.Mon vv ill bo by lickets
which will be issued lo inoitow. "
A nuinhci ol piouilnent rallioad and busi
ness men , who have been acquainted with
Vandciblll , called at Iho ic-idenco to d ly.
Amoni ; them weie J. 1' . Moigan , Hev. Di.
John Hull , Hev. Dr. C. P. Deems , .Samuel
Sloan , Aitliui LeaiCvrus W. Pield , Jobn
I ) . Hocklcllei , ( ieneral Mcieditli Heed and
Ito-coe Conkllug. Cable ilisji itches ol
iespe < t and condolence vvero icccived from
James IMeHeni ) iiudJ. S.Morgan , London ,
and Messis. Hinges and \Viiitlnop , I'IUH.
Lecn ( mid lolegiiims weio also icceived
Irom Hlsliop I'otter. John A. King , Samuel
1' . Cot | , o. b. .low in , Moiibignoi Capel , ! ' . D.
( lovveii and A. J. Diesel.
Judge Hapallo , it Is said , drew Iho will of
Vanderbllt , add Its contents will he made
Known Kiiday , after Iho luncral. William
K. aiid < ! oorgo Vandeibllt aru to-nlaht keej-
Ing vigil besldo the icmains of thek lalhei.
lifTcotou tlio Market.
Xuw YUIIK , Dec. 'J. [ Special to the HKI : . ]
Thoelfcct ot Vandeibllt's death has not
been aspresdng on the block exchange as
was anticipated. Tlio general feeling Is that
liiu Yandciblll he-unities aio good holdings
unilei any ciieumstaiice.s , and that the death
oC the picat mllllonalro cannot suilously
cITecl their value foi any length ol lime. In
the language of one ol the leading and most
conservative biokeis In Wall street , the
in ice ot .secuiities no longer depends upon
the solvency or in-olvcnc ) , 01 even upon the
lite or death of anv one man in tliu business
vvotld. Million. ihes can take nothing with
Hienioiitof the woild , and why then should
( heir death oiled the values ot good piopei-
ties In the niaikct. The stock nniiket today
opened lev 01 isb vvilhiv declining tendency ,
but boon iccoveicd.
Niivv Yonic , Dec. U. The Imnionso crowd
pic.sent at tlm Windsoi hotel last night
and this morning , far exceeded an ) thing w It-
ni-sseilhiiio this .season and was aoeepie * ! as
evidence ot ( lift vv hie spie-ad inteu-st taken by
Ihe public In the death ol Vandeibilt and a
deslio to asccitain what clfect U would
pio'iabiyhavoiipon ' HioniiiiKcl. Asfileud met
hlend , nil liuiuhles icl.itcd to
one subject the stock m.iikel ,
and nnxlOus llsteneis vvero lonstantly on the
alert lo catch a vvoid that might glvu anj in-
dlcsitlon us to what the day would In lug
foitb , Theabscuio of any settled opinion
was a conspicuous Icatuio of the talk eiuly In
the evening bill as llmo gave an ojipuitn-
nity for an Interclnngu of views the opinion
Ui came veiy inev.ilent that theio would bo a
bieak In Viui'icrMlt blocks at the opening.
not , how evei , to exceed Uin : i per cent , and
that any siippoit vvhlcli might bo lound nee-
CT-aiylo piovenimoiobeiiimsderllius would
promptly iiiako itsell iiianltest.
The Sun this morning has tlm lollowlng :
"It vv us generally undeisloud last nlglil , and
einetul inqiiiiy rather coiioboiatcd tliu us-
Kiimptlon , that n iiool had been loimed to
buv ' 'DO ( "OOshaics " of stock on tlio declining
scale. 'Ihopuiehiscsiue tobu imido both In
London and In the domcstlo maikcts. A
confeieiicu of capilalisls Inteiested In the
tinnk Hue deal was held In the otllces of
Diexel , Morgan & Co. us boon as Vandti-
blll's dciith was known , and kiotcd Into the
ovenlni , ' . 'Iho conteienco icsiilted In the
agreement leteircd to. "
"Could jon ulvu mo anestlmatoot Van-
dei hilt's wealthy" asked u jemirtor ol Jay
"No , I do not think I am able to glvu any
thing like a Inlr estimate , although 1 Imvo
Known him In n business way tor a lung
time. It IH mdto ceitain liowevei , thai ho
was by lur Uio wealthiest , man , not only in
Now voile but In the entlio country. Ho
nlwib : maintained a ictleeiuo upon the
v.dnii of his own ) iioprity. Ho.istlngln that
line was wholly beneath him. Inevei lieanl
him bo much as intimate tlio extent ot hi.s
foituiui. "
"What utrect will Ids death luvo on the
slock nun kct , and cs | > cclalv ! upon the stock
ot the New Yoik Ceiiluil nillvviuV"
"U will Ixi sale to bay his death will
have tlui ell'ect ot ih-piusslng the maikel , en-
iieclully In llioso stocks which ho hud l.ugo
noldlngs. Thesuaiulho Nev ; Yoik iVntial.
Lake Shoix- , Michigan Central , unil West
Shore lo.uU Vandeibllt held only $5.000-
OOJoiitol t'.K,000OOU ) of stock ot the New
Yoik Cenli-al. > lost of the block Is held by
capitalists In Knrope. You ean see that his
holdings of ibis stock wcru smaller than was
Mtppo'-ul by many , The death oi the iiinui-
clei will not , 1 urn ipiltu tei lain , have
other than a tunipoiary utfeet In
< luuu'i > slnjheso stocks. Tlio ju-oporty Is nil
Kooilund lellablo us InvostmenK If tliu
market value oi the Mocks tall oil u few points
to-moi row they will go to their ougliial
Mtliioln a few weeks. Should tliu Vandi'i-
btlt liuldlng , bu thiovvn ii | < ou the nmtke-ls ,
theiv mo plenty ol capitalists who would bo
glad to puivluiso them at a tail niruie. "
Cllir. vno , DeiiJ UM'i u. m. The death of
ViuulcibllL had no 4pivilabe | ! i-tfi-ct upon
tlio roursu of values In speenUilUe grain
| nidohcii\ May wheat , whiih i IOMI ! at
list evening , sold otf toUle and Is now ;
Com sold up tuM c , und Ie now 4 % , or
the sime ns la t night's doting. Other mar-
ki Is knew no change.
LoNiidN. Dee. i'-llic ' dc-alh of Vnmlcr-
but liashnd adejiresslitir effect on Ameilean
' ecurilieat the sto"kexeh iiue. At opening
the \iu > list sliowcd adi-ellneof Ito.l
permit , ns eompaiiil witli the cloiinir la t
evening. At 1J. . ) the Vevv YniK Central
wa limited at lot's , a dc-cllne of I"Irom
\e" tcidiy'si losing.
li : ) p. m.-American sccuiltlos me Im-
N'hvv YOIIK , Dio. a Wall stiect brokers
mid diteclois m rived at tlieirotllces at an tin-
usually i arlv hour this mornlni ; . Tin n * was
anxiety everywhere lo know what stocks
would do at the opening , butaconildc'tt ' lone
was otiM'ivablc In eveiv Instineo where
opinions wcio exploded mid London ipioia-
lions , which weie lieie hilf all huin before
the oiienlin ; of the stock exi-haiigo weio 10-
assuring. On bond adensaciov.d of luokeis
stood In the Like Mi'iie ' eoin-r ivv.iltlng tin-
fall of the ehaliman's uavel. When Itcaiuo
it was followed by wild excitement foi a tew
niiiiuli-sand a strtuglo between llioso who
had outers to elo u out their accounts at the
opening and other * who are
tlieio to suppoit the niuket or
buy upon llie assumption that Hie opening
liguies would bo the lowest. Ill othei paits
ot the town the ciowd was less pu ldng and
the excitement not L'roitor Hi in Is Usual at
the oMMiiiu. | Lake Shoieopened at sr > c , nil-
vmiced 'us latci to ' , e. Dculiius weie In
laigo lots. MJ to 1,0)0 ) sh ues. and lei a shoi t
time dllfeientpilees weie ruling at lliesamu
cllnes liom'iCeto lae. Lake Shme touched
s * > V' The excitement in the Like bhoio
ciowd soon subsided and the whole niuket
advanced ' e to 1'fc. 'I he nalns weio mostly
lost Inlei in tlu hour. Atll o'clock the mai-
kist was active and utliei licav.and gener
ally a little above the opening , with Hie heav
iest trading in Lake bhoio , SI. Paul and
Western Union.
'Iho vvlies both eastand west ale vvoiklng
tiadly , enltliuoll toi a time both selllinr and
sitppoitingoideis liom out ol town custo
mers ,
LONDON' , Dec. 0 2 p. m. Stocks In eailv
dealings weii- excited and there vwio wild
lluctiiatlons in American seem Hie 1. Since
the iccelpt of the opcnlnc prices In New
York llicie has been n general advance. Low
pi Iced slocks mo stionger.
Nr.vv } on if. Dee. ! . Stocks continue dull
and steady. It Is said the leading operators
have agiocd to sujijioit the maiket by giylng
largo oidcis to biiei-s.
Tlio Coroin'i-'rt Inquiry.
Niw : ionic , Dec. l ) . Coioner Messlmei
this mot nlng look the lollowlng statement
from PicMilunt Hobert ( lauett Jot Iho Haiti-
iiioio ifeOhloiailway on Vandeibilt's de.ith :
I icielied Vandeibllt's lestdetico about
ln. : Hoieeelved mo in his libi.ny. We
( onvei-ed lo ethcralioiit an hour , pot haps a
little loiiL'ei , when Vuideibllt's speech be
came Indistinct , and the next minute I no
ticed a twitching of th muscles about tlio
mouth and lace , and almost the same Instant
his faio was suddenly convulsed , lie was
sitting on tbo i dgo of the chaii. He full toi-
waid mid I teaclied him in time to thrust
mv ai in undci Ids sboiildci and piovent his
falling lu-av II ) to the Hoot. 1 pla cd a cush
ion wlilch was at hand undci Ids head and
Iiumediatelv summoned a sei and called
lor waler witli vvhleli I bathed his face until
thoaiiival ol Ids son d'eoigo Vandeibllt and
Di. Miller.Vodid not leili/o Iho tact of
his death until the aiiival of Di. McLean.
Dln-ctorles to Take Action.
Ni.w YOKIC , Dec. ft Cliauiieey M. Dcpovv
president ol the New YorkCeutial laiho.ul ]
said this luoiiilug that the boaul ot elliectois
\vlllprobibl ) hold a meotlnii toiuoirovv to
lake action on Iho death of Vandeibllt.
Meetings ot the follow lug companies , in the
dlieeloiies ol which he was inleicsteil , will
bo hold : Canada Soiilliein , New Yoik Sleep
ing Cai company , American Distuct Tele
graph couipmv , and \Vestein Union. Depovv
visited tlio Vandeibllt muision thin moinlni ;
and held a eonfetcnee with the members ot
tlm lamlly icgaidini ; tlio tuneial.
Tcll-Titlu fjiMtern Hovcnl tlio Clinic of
an Ijloplug Girl.
SYIUCUM : , N. Y. , Dec. 9. Sov eral days
ago Frank iloiulilon , a mairled man icsid-
Ing near Corlland , twenty miles south of thU
city , dis.ippeaied , and Miss Nettle Hobie , a
pretty nelghlmi , leaving town suddenly at
the same time , ju-oplo concluded that the
pah had olopcd. CiiciniHtances atlerwaid
occtnred which strcnglhened ( ho belief. It
secuib white Mrs. lloughlon's oldest
child , a gill of 10 > ears. was at play near one
of the barns belonging to the lium of their
former icsldfiiHo , sue discoveied a panel on
the Mono foundation , ami , peeping under the
wall , discoveied tvvent ) six letleis apparent-
I ) wiitten ( o Hougliton prior to the elope
ment. In one ot these tlio w liter sas :
"Kiank , jou aio the only ono that knows
lam a muuleie.s. " Suveial other expies-
sionsof a hlmllir charactei aio even moie
emphatic , but Mis. Hoiighton de-lies not to
h ive them undo public. Miss Hobie's motliei
died suddenly a shoit time ugo. It is allegt d
tint hei mother , who WHS a cilpplc , and who
had btrenuoiisly objected to hei daii0'htei's
many sultois , bail been thieatcned many
times by hei dauglitei , who made the old
lady's lilo a burden , which she was not will
ing to lay down. People now lee.ill the fact
that a physician was not called In to see Mis.
Koblo until a low hours beloio her deal i.
Houglitondescited a wife who Is a highly re
spected lady and two little gills , licmoit-
gaged Mis. Hougliton'ii pi opt it ) , sold all tlio
cows owned by her , and appiopilatcd the
money to his ow n use.
Kllloil Her SIstiT in a Fib of Jealousy
llAunnii , N. C. , Dec. . News comes
f 10111 S.uideiV Ciosslng , six miles west , oi a
shocking affair between two status named and Jane Itcedy , belonging to a ie-
spt-clablo family. Miuy , the elder , had been
coin ted by a man named Tiout , who trans-
fen cd his directions to Jane. Last Sunday
evening wlillo Jane and Tioutwoio sitting to-
gelhci , hied a shotgun thioiigh a win
dow at them. The dlsiiimgu stiuck both ,
kllllin : Jane and nioilally wounding Tiout.
The muuleiess then mounted a she had
.saddled and lode away , and has not
been lieu id fiom.
Tito fessngo autl Vanilerbllt's Jo-
Nlvv : Yonif , Dee. ' . ) . [ Special to ( ho Hin. : )
The Herald's London eablo sas : All pa
pers pay gieat attention to the president's
message ami to Vandeibllt's dealli. A ic-
bunmol Iho loimei occupies a lull tolnnin In
both the Telegiaph and ( lie Times , and these
two papers devote a I.ugo space to mi obltn-
my ol Vandeibllt , evidently piejuied tiom
personal knowledge ,
Miuilcrcil liy Moonrililnoi'H.
ST. Louis , Dee. . A Irom Chatta
nooga , Tenn. , to the Post-Dispatch , stale.s
thai Deputy United States Marshal W. I ) .
Kullet was wajkild and mmdcied last night
while on Ids way to Stall ) head , Ala. , to laid
mi Illicit dlstlllciy. It Is supposed ills mui-
dcicis weio moonshiners.
Tlio .Missouri CloNoU nt 1'lerie.
Si. I'.vui , Dee. U. A I'leuo , Dak. , special
to the I'ioneci Pi ess bas navlgiillun closed
to-diy , and teams will bo crossing the Mis-
bouil river on llie Ieo theio to-moriovv. The
niuicui ) is tailing last.
Tlio Cream Oitjr'H I'ress Clnli.
Mn.wAiKii ! : : , Dee. l . The iln > t annual on
toitainment of ( ho Mllwaukeu I'lVasclnbat
tliu new academy this evening dievv ono of
the liugest aiiilicnee'severseen In a Milwau
kee theat 10 Man ) nutablea took i > ai tin the
vaued pio0'rnnnic < .
Gun , Do Ctiuroy Iteoalleil.
J'\ii4 : , I > tH0. . ( ion. Do Coiucy has been
recalled from A imam. ( Jenvral M. N'u ricr
suriinds In comimind of the Pieurlilioops.
Do Coinev Is niviiscd of having In hlsieuoits
iiuignluou Iho situation In Aunaiu.
,1 , 1 LllULi rUiV 01 a IV Li 1 LuuULiO )
The Postal Savings Bank System to Lo
Urged This Session ,
Ilypcrot Ideal Lltorntoiirs Analyzing
Clovclnml's Me sn.p Van \V jolt's
lllll Cor Taxation of Unpatcnt-
oil llalltoail
Postal .SaxliiRt Dunk * ) .
WASiitNoio.v , Dee. I' ' . [ Special to the
liui : . ] Illinois to be a vigorous elloit to gel
this congress to adopt a sjMem nl savings
banks In coniicVtlun with the iKHtollleo de
partment. An olfort ( slicing made to show
congiessthulnaderiiiaeyof Hie present sav
ings buiK system of the United State' * , and
the lack of confidence In tlicni , by the \ery
pom Hslcm which was tutioiluceil. In ( lioat
Hitlaln Hie ) have been a meat success , ami
luxe now extended to Hcldum , Japin , Italy
and the Netherlands. At any postutlice sav
ings b ink deposits are received In uiij sum
not less than a shilling ( a.- , cents ) nor moiu
th.ui .C.W ( clWj. In oiio > oar , when Urn de
posits iiinount to JC1 (8 ( * > J , Intel cat Is allowed at
tlm late ot a1 pi1 ! cent per aiiiiuin. At
every postotllco blank lurius can be had lice
ot charge , upon width ' „ penny ( a rents )
postage stamps CMII bo aiilxcd , mill when the
KM in Is thus tilled It will be received
at mi ) postulllce s.iv Ings bank. Atn deposit
ot t\\eiit\-nve cents e\eiv deposltoi In .1 post-
otllce savings iccoives a deposit book ,
b ) tin * means otlik'li lie ean make fie-ih do-
posltsat 01 withdraw his nionev lioiu any
postollloo siv ings bank In .the united King
dom Tlmpopul.\iitv of llilssv stem is shown
by the fact deposits In these postal sav
ings binks now amount to home i-MO.ouJ.OJO ,
\\hllo the number of depositors Is ne.irly
: i.ouo,00ii. The real value ot this hj stem Is
shown by tlie ( wet that it seems to have actu
ally created all these sav lilt's , tin the business
ot private savings banks in thu countiy has
gone steadily on In the meantime.
llli : VVIUSin 1MKIII ST.
Your correspondent heaisooiisiderablc talk
going \etyipilelly regaidlng action din
ing the coming session ot congress in the. In-
teic-9t of the whisky distllleis. Tno lesultoC
the seven months ( which was In ic-allty nine
months extension , and was Intended by
those interested to be Indeilnltc ) has been ,
thecommissiouei ot internal ie\enne states ,
the cause ot n tailing oil in revenue ,
and no doubt this noticeable
decline In icoeipts eaiiscd a halt in the grant
ing ol fmtlier extension , asked tor by
.Jobn I ) . Thompson and . ) . T. McCibbon , botli
having laige uiteiests at stake , and who
made evoiv elloit to Impiesa Commissioner
.Millei in Ihcli tavoi. As Is politic with this
administration , the mattei ot turthci inten
sion will be icfeiied to coiigiosx , with a
recommendation rather lavoiablo to tindls -
tllleis. That the lobby will beieady to aid as
bl-foio Is not ilonbted , w Itb one pniso | , that
Is that the inteie-N tube aided and iepiie\e < l
shall put up money. Piomisosillnutaii -
swei.CLUVPI , vxn < ! r.ssVYov MAnitrAnr.
Lltcnuy cxpoits who ba\ecaieinlly exam
ined tbo piosideut's message have iifcntiiiotl
the anlhoislilp ot poitinus ot th it long and
Inteiestlng document. Thelnlroduetoi.v
giaphs weie Irom tlie president's own baud ,
aseie the aigmuenls in ta\or ol the sus
pension ol sihei coinage mid civil seivlce lei
loim. About one half .11 the message al-
thatiolatiiig to loiolgn atlairs is liy .secie-
taiy H.iard. Hut the most intcicsllng
discover } made by tlie-e literaiy experts is
the. fact that Miss P.ii/ehotli Hose Cleveland ,
the accomplished lad ) of the while house , Is
the author ot much ot the paragiaph against
polgamy. The toilowliigoNiiact , vvhoneoiu-
n.iieil with the puiiliai liteiaiy stJe that
eliataetoii/eil Miss rievi'lnmi's look , leaves
no doubt ot her authorship ot that poitlon ot
hei biothci's muss 140 , to-wlt :
"Thostieiigth.tlio jicipotuily and the des
tiny of the nation rest upon our home , est ill-
INied bj the law ol ( Soil , gu mled b ) puental
caie , uvtilatod by ] > aientat aiithoilty and
saiu lined bv puenlal love. The > e me not
the homes ol polvgamy. The motheis of om
land , who inle the nation as thej would the
iharacteis and guiile the actions ol their
son1- , living accoiding to ( iodS holy oidl-
naiiic. and eacli.iiuie anil happy in the exclusive -
clusivo love ot the fatbei ot net chlldien ,
sheds the vvaun light ot tine wo nanlioiid ,
uimt'ieiUd and unpolluted , IIIKIII . .illith -
In her pme and vviiolesome lamlly cliclc.
These aio not tbo cheeiless , eiusht'd and un
womanly motheis of polygamy. The fathcis
of our families aio tliobesi citl/ensot tliu ie-
public , wife and thlldien aie the BOUICCS of
jiatiiotlsiii. and oonjiu'.il : ind parental alTec-
tlon beget devotion to coitntiy. The man
who , undented with plural man iaie. is MII-
lomuted In his single home with his wile and
children , has a .stake In tlie countiy winch in-
sjilies him with lespcct lei IN laws and torn-
age lor its defc'i e. The-.o aie not the filth-
eis of polvgamous families 'iheie Is no
fealuioot this iii.ictice i , 01 the bj tcm which
faaintloiis it , whidi Is not , oppiisal to all that
Is ol value In out Institutions. "
( ieneial comment heie IIJIDII Ibis little cssiy
on the beneiieleiKO of maitiaue and the
family , Is that coming tiom an old batchcloi
and an old maid , It is veiy gouil ,
Hcpnrl ofilio Allorncy ficnnral.
WASHING ro.v , UOi. % 0. The annual icpoil
of Attorney ( ieneral Carland was issued to
day. Ho .suggests the advisability ot build.
ing jails In each pinto In the conntty wheie
Unlled States couils aic held. The necessity
of building a jjoveinment peiiltentlaiy vvheio
allpcisons convicted of United States ol-
lences could be conllned , Is stiongly uiged.
hiuch convicts , hosav.s , could bo employed In
the manulactuio ot suii | > lles exclusively toi
the government , which vvoik would assist In
making the Institution Veil sustaining.
Ho also biiggesti Urn proprlclv
of electing on the grounds ad-
lolni ; the derailment of justice u iiioper
building toi tlie acioiiimodation , in audition
to that depaitmcnt , of the biipionm < ouit and
othei jiioix'i cointsaniliomiiilbsloneis of the
United htates. The iciiort closes with n
Inlet statement of the Union I'adno lailway
litigation , and * a.vs that u motion will be
tiled b > the gov eminent In tlie biipiemo couit
In a tewdav.s toadvanco Hie appeals on the
docket o as to have n speedy deteinilnatlon
ot them. The attorney general cdils that tlm
motion will doubtless bo granted and the
mattei disposed ol at an eauy day.
Sctmtnr Van Wjck's ( Joutl Mennute.
WASH aio.v , Dee. 0 The bill Intro
duced In thb K'nate to-day by Senator Van
Wck , providing for tliu taxation ol mi-
patented l.iiuLs owned by lailioad eoni ] > anlest
imjtilrcs such companies to pa > the cost of
8iiive > lngand loeatlngtho land within hlxt >
days utter the passage ot this act , 01 ill
detault thereot , the lands hh til be subject to
entiy nndei the hoiiie > tead and pioemption
law a and liable to taxation.
Tlm Senfito CoiiiinlltceM.
WASIIIXOTON , Di-c. 0. The caucus com-
mlttco of ittpublkan senators having In
rbaige Ihoariangcnientsot tlm membership
of the committees , hold a meeting this alter
noun. It Is nndei Mood n decision vai
re.u lied to tendei to Si'iialor Sew ell the i hall-
man-hip of the joint lihraiy committee ,
vaialon by Senator blieinian , and to ( ien.
l.o-'an his old placu as < halriuan of the i inn-
iiiitteo on niiiltaiy nllaiis , held by ( ien.
Three I'ernoiiH Killed by n Tniln.
HitVAN , Texas , Dec. U. Late labt evening
at the closing ul tliu Texas Ceiural railway
about a mile lioin hftc , lev. ! II. T.VINun
and two d.uuhtent , letiiinlng home In a
wagon , vveiobtiiuk by an engine and all
Iliieo liisianlly Killed. The uia'lnvcr has
been aiu'stetl
KIIVV YUIIK , Dee. ' . , I'VjdinaiidVnul was
tiaiibteired to-day timn the htovo bhop In
Sing Sin , ; prison , vvheiu ho W.H employed tu
hi'lcct e.istlngt and carry them to the btovo
mounters , to tbo olliio in IVrrv ACo. . In the
prison , whcio hovas tct
Tlie He nll of I ho I'ni-llnincntiuy
IJIcutlons lu Crcat Dritnin.
Lovnov , Deo. a-JSpcclaMo the III i : . ]
The iitilsh of the election race all one way
There maj bc something liiiljw-late-t ivluins
Jo tell a different talc , but jwlcrdav's rustic
pollings gave uniform nnd ovx-rw helming lib
eral \lctorie * . Of 10 non-lrlsli division's jet
toote , the toilcs , at the most , hope only for
0. If the llbeials carry the 10 others , Ihey
\\Ill have O.J.1 member In any
e\cnt the house will be evenly
dlvlikut for all piacllc < U purposes.
xv lib the liberals on their side nnd tnotorles
and Irish on tlm oilier. 'I ho lories can hud-
ly lioue to be able Ion , ? to keep In wlthl'ai-
nell. Tiieyaro m.iklnif dcsperato elloits to
peisindo tliem-elves that the host of moder-
anllbunth arc icady to join them In retain
ing turner , but In their hearts they know bet-
tei. One of two tliinitsi > cems ele.u eltlu r
( JladMone will come to turns with 1'ainell
and concede homo rule , and ex
change n score or so of vvhlgn ,
lead by .Moshen and 1'ord. for
the Hi natlonalx , 01 | iaillament will
K-arcoly llveto si'e prlmio'csln Ajull. It Is
Hue that all this Is eountlilg without l.oul
lianilolph Chuichill , who lately has bum as
itlllasamotise. He may have a H-hemo by
\\Mt\\ \ the lories and Irish will get on to-
gethei ; It so. the secret Is magiililcenlly well
kept. Alieadv theronro ninny signs of the
iiiuiilllci-nceot the loiy leadeis to thoiural
poor , and tlioh sudden conversion to Ihe
theoi > of allotments of land Indicate that
they expect new elections MJOII.
I.DMIOV , Dec. U. Itelitnw up to n o clock
this allernoon show tlie election of ! Ut lib-
eials , HIS conservatives and 81 nationalists.
lll.osDOV , Dec. ' . > . beven pullameutary
brats remain to be divided. The llbeials
count upon oh I , lining three ot these scats.
which would ial o tlieit tolal to iMI , ng.ilnst
! S1 J conseivatlves and natioiiullsts.
A repoit which is bellevx'il In libeial clubs
Iseurient tollieellei'l that ( Hailstone has de
cided to sleze the inI chance to oust the con-
sci\atltcd. He Is said to bo eaget for olllee ,
proposing to conclude Ills public life with the
production of a homo rule mcasiiio for Iio-
' '
I.O'SDOX , Dec. f. The cabinet 111 meet on
.Momhy next. The Dally Cevvs .saj sit Ie mis
on high authority that tlio government does
notpioposo to conciliate with I'aruell , and
will endeavor by coalition to icslst him.
Unless ( iladstono moves n want of conil-
deiiccinthe government , the new pallia-
inent will adjouin until lebruaiy. ,
Tlie Servlo-Koumellnn AfTnlt1.
CONST VM I.NOPM : , Dec. I' ' . 1'ilnco Alexan-
dei telegianhed ( lie poito tint knowing of
tlieiiiocecdings of tlio eonforeme on the
1'alkan question , he Is tnnblo to decide on a
course ot action lespecting tlio Htilgaiio-
Koumclljn utl.ili without having the assist
ance of and the view sol the national asM-m-
bly icgaullng the situation , and ho piopoM'd
to ddei bcttlement ot the mattei until t'cb-
inaiy , ,
CONSTANT I.VOIT i' , Dee. D.i The sultan In-
foimcd Hen IfadowltCJeniian ambissador
here , that Turkish lumps tvllj jnv.ide Kastein
Itoumcli i should 1'iiiKH ) Alj'Nandei oppose
the Turkish coiumissinn. 1
VIUNNA , Dec. .i. I' nt'iotiatlons have
commenced in eainesl on aibasis ot the iter-
Binial union of liulgaui and ; I his nomination
ol I'lluce Alexandoi to be uoveinoiot Uoll-
nielia lor live jcais. 1
Itauk nxoliaiiKes at tlio Loading Cities
fop Last \Vook.
UosroNfass , Dec. 0. The following table
compiled Irom special dlhp'r'.ches Irom man-
aL'eisof the Icatling cleailn thouses of the
United States shows th giws Imik cxr
changes at each point for jilfa week endine
Dei ember 5 , lbj , vvJUi p ! > iccntagc of do'
ciease and incie.isc compircd with the coi"
's week of IbM.
A Tripartite Kick Against tlio AVa-
biirth Hoail.
CnicAno , Dee. 1) ) . iSpecial lo the ilni : . ]
A incetlngol the Wcsleiri Tiunk Llneabso-
clallon ( lilpailite coiiibinatlon ) , which was
held In this city ) csteiday lortho purpose ol
eonsldeiinutile demandoftlio Hock Island
and.MliwniikeaandSt. I'.uil loads to have
tlie percentage ot the Wab.ish leduccd be
cause that loadhasdioppcdsoiiio ot Its Coun
cil Hlulls lines sliuo I lie tilpaitlto contiact
was entered Into , has been pos'.poned until
two weeks tiom ) csteidiy toi the leasou Hint
Trallio Manager James hmltli of tliuVabash
Is piiivented liy sickness'tioiil attending tlm this lime , ( ieneial Managei A. A.
Talmageot tlio Wabash was In the city , but
claimed to be unable to coiisldu the subject
with the manageisof other ro ills wi bout hav
ing bis Irallle manager ( Smith ) present. Theiu
Is evlilcntl ) a dosiie. on iUe jiait ot the \\'a- \
baslitodetei coiisidciatlun pi this Inipoilant
Mihlcct us long us possible , thinking latei on
atlalis mlilit ; liavoihangol so us to have a
bellei iJiaiuolo picsent u bctld fiont toother
loads in tbo combination limn at picscnt.
TliuVabash \ does not feel ludiped to give np
bonutiling it lias uiuK'r tlm < tripailltu con-
tnut , but tlm Milwajikifiufc St. Paul mid
Hock Island loads seem , d { tei mined eithei
to compel the Wahash to.aeicjit smaller pei-
cenl.uuheiealter , 01 foron ii/out / ol the com
bination altogetlici. It Istluiguneial ojilnion
tlieio will boa big low befonMho mallei is
Closing a Unllrojul War.
ST. PALM. , Dec. 9. Appcnrancvs indleato
that tint lailioad ticket wur pill closu to da ) .
I'assengei ilepaitmcnts ol 'tbo ' Milwaukee )
Omaha and .St. Louis havoiuiyed a leturn lethe
the tarllf rates to morrow mornliu and they
hope that the Minn sola A. Northw'isteiii will
do tlm same. At ail ) rate ilnw other loads
will do so u-gaidless ol tlui I.ittei.
A conteiemo Isbeln held with Mr. btlck-
: iey. It is inulcistood hu wants u dillei-
entlal rate , and tint It lie. cannot bo argued
onto ! It somiMoiuesslon Iv III iKMiiade.
hr. 1'vi'i. , Dec. t > . Tho'Jdilwaukee , Omaha
nnd Hock Island trunk ; lines i < .stoied rates
tn-d.iy 'and haired t-eiilperH , roiiinilssIonH.
' 1 ho Minnesota A ; Noithwesteru c. aim they
will maintain ratenbui rvnotvcd not to go Into
tliu pool un it-ss the dilleunlial In colluded.
llie other trunk lines qliiini theygivea ) Hat
rate to Chli ago at 67 Unm ) . Tlie sealers n -
bolve'd to hoi on tliu oilier Chicago tunk |
lines in favor ot thu 'Minnesota , & Noith-
Western. f
Vju.i.KV-4'nlr wtMtlier , nort'i- '
erly winds , sll lit chaiiKe-s lu teiiip'Miilnre. '
Decisions Eentleml by tbo Iowa High
Juilicial Tribunal ,
AH Icmn ilnry l"llps I'etinlei tea
a Vi-rillct A Vnileiy of l Is
li.itchci l foiii Itco Coi-
.Supreme Court Decisions.
Dr.s M oiNrs , Iowa , Doc. il. ( Special to the
llni : . ] Tlio supiemo court toda > icmleieil
the follow Inn decisions :
Mike 1'atlersoii vs. Olc Anderson , foil , ap
pellants , Wlnucbaiio circuit court , lleveuol.
William Williams vs. Nallinn Collins and
others , appellants , M.uloti cliciiit couit
Modllled and alllnnul.
lleniy lliitchinsoii , appellant , \ . Walt
NVells , et al. , Delaware circuit couit , He-
Iowa Fulls it Sioux Cltj lailioad compnny ,
appellants , vs. John Heck ; same v . James
X. I'leld , admlnlstiator , elo. ; same vs.
Levant Wentworth , and otheis ; nine vs.
Slocuin N'ichol ; suno\s. Thomas J. Stone-
all appeals liom Wooilbmv distilctcoutt In
volving conllktlng claims toceitaln lands in
Woodlmiv count ) . Allliim-d.
Thos. ( ' . Huliee , assiijiiee of Mis , Magelo
Olson , iippellant , % s. It. J. Uumliton , shuiill
ol Cauollclicultcimit. lievei-sed.
'I'homasSnell , appellants Iowa Home
stead rompinv. lueui ! Vista ciix-ult court.
Aflhmcd. Opinliin b ) Judge Heck. In this
case the plaliiiill's attorne ) was sick lor ten
months utter the appeal , and this was a point
Involved. Tlm couit held that It Istheditt )
of the client not to obstruct and delay the
decision ot tlio cause bv failure to employ
counsel to take tlie place of the attorney who
beuimes sick. "Ol coutso , " said tliocouit ,
"we speak ol a case sm basilic one befoie us ,
wherein It Is not mane to appeal that another
could not conduit the case as well as the
disibled attoinej. "
Margaiet ( ! reen , appellant . the Incoi-
norated town ot Speiuer , Cki ) circuit court.
Sundry Sin IIIRH 1'roiti AVahoo.
WAHOO. Neb. , Dec. ' . . [ Special to the
I5if.J : Portlneedajs this place has been
shaken vv ilh a stiong not th vv Ijul , tilled w ith
sifting snow. Travel Is much impeded by
the driving , di it ting Hakes , and block of all
kinds , without shelter has bUffcied .sovciely.
Many small buildings and out-houses have
been unioofcd and oveituined.
Hon. John bobieski , thoeelebiated ti > mpcr-
ance talker his been dealing out piolilbltlon
sentiment to crow ded hou > cs foi tlneo suc-
( CssKe evenings. The leiiilt has been veiv
gr.ititing to the tempeiaiico peoiil.i ot
Wahoo. A treat number were Induced to
sign the pledge. Tcmpeianco woikeis ine
vcry enthusiastic ami leel conlnlent of tlie
oveitlnow ot the saloons at t lie coming spi ing
election. The saloon kcepeis report a gieal
tailing oil in iheir business and several have
asbcitcd iheiriiiteiilion ol ijulttliu tlie busi
ness as soon as theii p ilil up license expiies.
MeWade's Hip Van Winkle was not well
received b ) the tail audience with which he
was greeted list night. Ills suppoil Is pio-
nounced vei ) pool.
the .
Aver.iJif t
ns , Iowa , Dec. ! . [ Special to the
Hi rJ The vridict in tlie case of tlie state
vs. ChailcsIIempslcad , last week ntKhlora ,
will be one iJMfTecinlobltiojof lovvti legal
litciatuie. One of the members of the jiny ,
Mi. IIsi | > rodet , ot Steamboat Hock , it is al
leged , pioposcrt to settle the ipustlon ot n
veidict by Hipping pennies. A Quakei on
the jtliy stiongly objected , bill bcioming
sliejiy he 111:1 eed. Hcloio tliry pioeeded a
\n\vtv \ \ was diawn up which all the jurois
signed auieclng to u-ndei a veidict accoiding
to tlio icsiilt ot tlie Hip iin. Heads stood tor
the state and tails lei the deleiidint. Tlio
coin was tossed aud It ( amo down tall up , or
avcidictfor the detendaiit. Hut the jmors
were so sleepy they hid loigottcn who was
"head1' and who was "tail" and biouicht in a
veidict lor thestaie. The veidlctwould have
held good had 11 not been tor the luililF , who
lieaid the ltd ) tlhipiut : tlie pennies , and he
icpoitcd the iiiideiitandlng to Judge Hen-
deison , who thcieiipon set tlio veidict aside.
AVnntcil In Dnlcota.
GUAM ) ISLAND. Xcb. , Dec. 9. [ Special to
the linn. ] Charles A. Keelin , alias King ,
alias. lost Xotlinagle , a desperate cluuactei *
w. is ai rested here today b ) Detective H.iuy
Lacey , ol Sioux Palls , Dakota , where ho Is
wanted for foi gen. embcv/tlemenlandscveial
otbei kindled cniiges. Kechn has been
hcie for the pist week and was tiaccd heie
by detcdives thiou h letters aiilvlng heie
tiom ( Melghlon , Neb. , and othei jilacos. Ho
is a noloitoiis haul ease and will be Uken to
hlonx J'ulls , Dakota , to-moriovv b ) Detective
l.ntey and chlet ot pollco ot this city Van
\\\c. \
Tlio Olllulul Canvass.
Dis : 3Ioi.M > , Iowa , Dee. U. The official
canvass of tlm voles for all tlie Mate olliccn
except irovernor and lleulenaiitgoveinor was
completed by the slate boaid ot canvassers
today. Poi hupeiinteiidentol public Instiuc-
tlon , Akers. lepubllcan , has 177illi : ; Mome ,
tiisloniNt , liir.liT ; Aki-is' majoiily , lei ? ; .
Poi jiuUeot tbesupieme couit , Heck , ieiuli- |
llcan , has nil.tOi ; Itraiinaii , liisionlst ,
lnVAVJ ; Heck's majority , s > , ni ) . Judre
lEeliiiver , reimblican candidate for senaloi
liom Kloyd and Chlekasaw counties , Is elected
Guilty ol' 3lariHlaiichr < r.
Dr.s Moi\is : , Iowa , Dec. ! . [ Special to
thelli.r. ] The jiny In tlio district couit at
,1 elf el son to di ) , brought In a veidict of
guilty ol manslanghtei against Iliuli Me"
C.iull , oiiuot thostiiklng minors at Angus'
who was tiled toi shooting n non-union
inlnei Inthuilota jcai ago.
The Weather In Chicago.
CIHCAOO , Dec , 0. It rained heio nearly all
night , eauilng gieat dlseomloit among jio-
destilaiib and leaving Ihe sheets and hide.
walks lu u bid condition. It lias been giow-
Ingi'old since b o'clock this moinlng and the
si.'iial MMvliuliuiiMii piedlcts that the tem-
peiatnio will fall horn J * > to < ) dcgiess vvltli-
in the next thlitvtvvo horns. The telegiaph
sen It o ol tlio entile louuliv is vei ) Impel
led , with a pioipect that the vvlies will be
bin no down In many sections under thcli
load ol lio/cn sleet.
The Tie | SotiliiK ChiuiiloiiHhlp. |
Nivv : Yoiiit , Dee. i' ' . [ hpeelal to the Hii.J : :
A match has been aii.inged between Jo ,
Rcph McCiinn and W. C , Haines , ol this citj
for a t ) ] > o setting content to take pku o on the
1Mb ot the month. They aie two ot the most
i.ipld compositors In the eoiinliy , II not in
tlm world. The iititchlstoi . vxia sldoand
will lust fem hoins , thotpo ) being solid min
ion without p.uagiaphs.
A OiiHlied Itollor Mill.'h IMKI : , Dak. , Dee. H. Pivo thou
sand bushels of wheat i rushed Ihiougli the
third tloor Into the the cellai of the Devil's
l.aku mild nillla this moinlng. I.ons ,
C'IAW , besides the delay to biiiinev ; .
Cholnru in Itrlu.tny.
I'AIIIS Deo. ii. Tint ( iiilolb thalchol.
em has liccoinu an opldemlu hi Hiltl.ui ) anil
Iscoiiimlttlng tiUhtful nivage- , , the seouign
Ix-lng Audit ] no than It wasiit.Miu-
Oponine Her HlK Hotel ,
Sr , I'.viM , Dec. I' ' . Kiglitu-n hundred
tiom the noiihwe. t and east .no ban-
ijuetlnlonljit at tliu fuinul opunliiK ot
Hotel ft ) an.
roirr V-.N i \ ru COM ) n iss.
'Iho Monalo.
WASIIIVOTON . Deo. " . Among the Milt
Inliodueod and icfouvd weio the following :
Hy Mr. Sew ell To amend < ectlon 1001 of
the revved statuc ( < , makliiff an annual ap-
propilatlon topiovliloniinsnnd ainmiiiiltlon
15) Mi O ulloin Torelmbui oscvoralMatcs
foi inten-tt palilon vvai loan' .
P. ) Mi. U'llson Topiohlblt theinalllneof
newspapers containing lotlei ) adveithe-
ments and prcscilblug Iho penalty for violation
lation of tlie same. It piov hies that It shall bo
nnlawtul to camby mall , 01 deposit In an )
leceplaele foi mall mallei , an ) nevvspiporov
otliei publication couttinlnir any udveillie-
ineiit of n lottci ) , nnd piov Ides a penult ) ol
s.'O1) ) for each v iolnlion ot the 111 1.
Hy Mr. Nun Uvck To lax nnpfttenled
lands owned bv rallwav eoiniMiiie-t ; al-o , tor
Ihe tclief ot s , Hleis and piiii-luiM-ic of the
public doimiiti In Nebraska and Kansas.
H ) Mi. Culliim ronutliuil/o the Dlllluc-
tinni lav ! IMIIuuit , v ; Navlirallon compaii ) to
build budges In Washington teiiltory.
A luint u-soliitlon vvn Intiodu-ed b ) Mi.
Hlnli pioposlniriin amendment to tliecon tl-
tutlon ot the United Mates extending the
right of surname to vvonn-n. Iteloucd. Also ,
pioposlng an amendment to the constitution
in ickition to alcoholic liquids nnd othei
poisonous hovoiago- . . This , at Mi. mall's 10-
qnest , was tenijiiuaillv laid on the table.
Mi. Hale olieivd tlie lollowlng icsolution ,
vvhlcli wasauiecd to , dlieetlng tlicpostmastei
general to i mulsh a ll-t of ] ici > ons icmovi'd
01 appointed postmasters In Maine , the. .
pipers nl which cases b ive IK on endorsed by
onoS. S. lliown ol flint siti | . Tim losolu-
lion iccllcs tint Hiown his been wilting
applicants that he lus seemed their aiiolnt- ) )
ment , and adding : "It von leel like se-inllng
a small sum to delrav the expenses of attend
ing loom Miiliiu matteis von nmv do so. "
'Iho lollowliur lesolntion , oltetcd bv Mr.
Vest , was nirioid to : "That llie jiiesldeiit
bo n iUe'sted. | It not incomp itlblo w lib public
interest , to ti.iiisuiit to Iho senate the eoire-
spondence had by the government ol the
United States with Hie goveinments ol Italy
and AiMrlo-HuiiLMi ) in rekitlon to the ap
pointment b ) this government ol A.M. .
Koilo ) as envoy extraoidinai ) and mlnl'toi
tilenljuitentlai ) , Hist to tlie uoveiiiim-nt ol
llah and then to that of Au-tiio lltingaiy ;
and also anv other coucsiioiideiice 01 In-
tin mation vvliich may bo deemed b ) tliopiesl-
dent of Impoit.uieo and pertinent to the sub
ject mattei Ol tills lM ! > llltltl. ( ' '
A ic-olidlon ollcied b ) Mi. Meillll was
agicedto. icipiesting the president , II not In
compatible with public intcicst , to tiaiismit
to the senate an ) Inftnni Uiim 01 documents
leeched tiom om consul jjeueral at Pails , 01
fiom our special agent sent lo the linanclal
eenti'is of Uuiope , In rescct | lo the establish
ment ol such an iittci national latlo ol gold
and sllvei coinage as would permit ol the
coinage ot botn metals at the mints ot thc o
countries and out own.
A lesolntion olleted by Mr. Wilson ol
Iowa , was , it his leipiest tempotailly laid on
tlio table and onlcied pilnted , calling on the
bccict.uyot the Inteiloi lot a cop ) ol eaeh
u-poit made b ) the government dliecloisol
the Union I'aeiiie i.Ulwav Horn the date of
the in 4 appointment ot Mich dlmctois to the
ptesent. time.
Mr. Hiown piosenteil the petition of Alex
ander It. Liwton. ot deoisria , pi.uin to bo
lelicvcdot politicil disibililles. "If , " slid
Mr. Hiown , "llicie lie an ) political disabil
ities in UlsiMse. " I'efeiied.
Mi. Hlildlcbcu'-ei , a his own icqnest , was
icllovcd Horn s'lvico on the committee on
Mi. Maxo ) , lit his own rcfiwesf , was lollcved
fiom se-ivico on the committee on
all ill s. Mi. Wnllhil was ap ] > eluted In his
The senate then adjoin noil.
WAsinxnro,1 , Dec. 1) ) . Aftei the leading
and appioval ol liy | Jouiiml the .speaker
asked , and loceived peiiuls ion ol the house
to appoint a committee on nileaccounls and
en i oiled bills.
Mi. M.OUISOII of Illinois olleied , vvilli icf-
ereuce to the committee on lilies when ap
pointed continuing to enloico tlie i tiles ol
Poit-eightli coiigie s , ccilain niodllica-
tionauionc them being lei the distribution
of tlio win k ol the appiopiialion committee
among othei .standing committees oL tliu
Mr. Spilngei of Illinois piesontctl foi Im
mediate action a codeol inles piepaied b )
him , vvliich have aluiady been piibiislied.
Mi. lleibuit ot Alabama raised a jxilnt of
ordei against the pi opo-ition , but vvlthdievv
it to enable Mi. bpiingoi to explain his pio-
lLised code.
Mi. Hammond of Ccoigla offeieda ic-solu-
lion de'claring Hi it pending consideration
of the pioposou codeol the house , It shall be
L'oveincd by Ihe tuN's of pioccditio ol the
last hoii-u so tai as applicable , and by
Jelleison's manual.
Cimsidei-able ill-bale ensued as to wliethei
the IIDINC VMIS governed by the iiilesol the
pieccding congicss until the new ones weio
On motion ot Mr. Spiliigci , tliepiono od
lilies weie lei cued to tliecomiiiittce on lilies ,
as was al'-o the amendment olleied by Mi.
Jicid i emulating the method ot calling up
bills lei action mid i.ieilitating Hint action.
Hills weie Intiodiiccd :
H ) Mi. Heach ol New Yoik I'lovidinir
that all eulogies ol deceased nicmbcis shall
be deliveied o.i hiindiv , and toi tlioapiioiiit-
meiit ot a eoiuXtrco on constilutional
IJyMr. Andeison of Kansas Dpnj Ing the
pi iv Hedges ol tliuliooi lo ex-members.
Hy Ml. ot Texas Looking lo tlio
appointment ol committees in succeeding
congresses bv the house itself.
H ) Mr. Mills of Tuxas-Makhu H Inonlei
on an ) da ) allot the leading oi tliu jouinal
tomovo to MIS ) end tlie nijcs and pis bv a
niajoilty vote any bill leducin taxation Hill
maj have been lepoilcd b ) the commltteoon
w a v Mind mean" .
11) Mr. Dln.'le ) ol Maine dealing a com
mittee on navigation ami lishcilcs.
.Mi , Hammond ( hen amended his lesolntion the house shall bogovcine-d
by Dell'riMm manual as modiilcd b ) the
p.ull.iuienlai ) pi.vllceot the house ot icpio-
seiilallvcs , and as thin amended it was
Tlio spcakoi appointed Iho commltlooiis
follows : Mc'siis. C.ulisle , Handall , Monl-
soil , Held and lllseock , ,
Inoidci to give tlio rommltlee timotoron-
hldi'l tliu villious luoposllioiis leleiied lo it ,
on motion nt Mi , Monism the lieu o ad-
joiuncd until b
A ron.MOK ox < JA.v/ias. /
Kansas City's Oust \Vorkn Uxploilo
'J'li ( ! I'l.ico in O.ti kneHN ,
1Csvs City , Dec. ' . ' . An explosion oc-
cm led at thug is woiks neai the ( iiand Avo-
into depot oaily this moiiiing , totally
wiecklng tl.o building , Thcioeielonileen
or ntteen ( imploes ahotit Hie building at Iho
time , but the ) all liavo been aeconnted loi.
'J'lio englucei was seilously Injined , The
demand lor lamin today exliaiistdl (1m (
MoiKsof dealeis In the eilv and new sup-
piles weio oideud l > y tele'i.ipli , Kxiept
vvhcie theeliwIiieiUlit is used the oul ) ic-soit
Is the co il oil lamp 01 Iho tallow dip , and the
cit ) btrtels this evening inescnt the appeu-
iim oof gloomy daikness. 'Ihe pollco Invo
In en oblln'cd to laue iiniisii il piciaiilions 101
the pusc'ivallon ot lilo and piopeil ) , Tliu
gasiomiiaiiylui'l ' lioiiblu with sumo ( went )
sulking eiuploesse.veial weeks ago and It is
Mid that Ihieals have blnco been imulo
thcli piopeity.
A AVoiiiau I' oiuiil in a Cistern.
Ai'i' , WIs. , Dcc.'J.-Mis. Pied Hock-
btioli , vvllo ol a saloon keeper was lound
dead In Ihuclstein In hei ) aid , In two leet
of vvatt'i , .visieidii ) . The body was bruised
and had a mail , acioss the ioichcad. him was
sixty ) eais old , and herliiowas iiihiticd lor
t - . ' ( ) . > ( . 'I bo land ! ) mo in pour clniim-
Maiiccs. They say nlio got up at 4 ii'clix k In
Iliominnlng to maw watei lei the da > 'n
WiLshliig , A ( oionci jiny lound sliu i-.tmo
to bei death by accidentally tailing Into the
thtein ,
The I'ool Continues.
CHIP too , Dec , H. ThoCh ca < o and Ohio
Itlver poid was alii nifi tint ; m Its mciubeis
lieio to-day continued to Duiember : ! l , la-U ,
and theiealiei until thlit ) da\s wiltloii no-
tuo 01 ii'iminaiio i Im uhtii. Mi'i iMa -
lott , ItUhanlsiiii ul Hand vv ie up uinted a
tuiiimitK'i.- icvUo pvieuiiU ui.
The Dairymen of Nebuska Assomblcil at
rremont ,
DelegaCei In Attend-
rioin < 3tliev States-'I ho
ThoseI'rowont. .
State' Ilnlr > men's Convention ,
I'ltrvtosT , Xeb. , Dec. l'i ' i ivolal to the
P.I.K. ] The Hist anninl session of the
Nebtaska Daliv men's coinonUo-i wasopcnod
at the open house In this city with a'vurj
llalleiing iittundaiuA The convenlloii was
called In older b ) J. Dlxot ) , a re-ddont dele
gate , aftei sluglug and pi.ooi , follovvod a
duct bv MNsos I'.va Le-o and JCMSO Haldlng ,
Next eaiuo the iiddtossof wok-miio , which
was deliveied bv ( ieo. L Limmls , In ( ho ab
sence of Mavoi ( 'hilstoiisen. Mi. LoontU In
u lew well ihoveii 11 marks welcomed the
delegates lo tliu citv. Hcsponsos vveto inado
bvex-overnor ( ! H. W. Pumas , ol' llrnwiivlllo ,
Nebiask.t , anil L , 8. Collln , of PoitDodte ,
„ Mr. Colllubilellv rev lowed the history of
, 10 Noithwcstcin Dalt ) association , olaiinhiK
, tat the most piospcrous turmeis In the stall's
vif Illinois , Wisconsin. Minnesota and
Iowa weio tlio-e who had given up talslnir
[ 'lain nnd hud turned theli atti-iillon to the
il iliy business , lleeoiupliiuenUd tlm elty of
Piemont mid \lcinitv upon Ilielr m.iunlli-
cent cieiimciv. which Is located in Ihueltv.
Mi. Collln Is ecitiilnl ) u veiv emuest udvo-
cato of the daliy business , mid speak" , as he
avs. liom actual experience.
Miss Kdtlli Tuinei. l-'iomont'ri poimlar vo-
calls ) , tlion favoicd theconvonllon with HID
solo entitled "Tlio l > nir > iiiiiil. ; " Sbo was
loudlv eneoied , and icspondcd by singing
"Slut' , Sweet Mini..1
S. C. Htssett , of ( .Slbbon , Neb. , pn-sldent of
the association , then iiddicssed the eonvon
Holt , glvliiioi history nl the piOM-nt oiganl/
ntlon and dwelt at length upon tluidalty In-
toiestsol Nclu.iska , claiming that it would
In a tew ) oais lead all othei states in this In
Chic.igo's celebratedsoloM , Julius n. Lum-
bard , then sing "t Pe-.u no Poo. " Holng
loudlv I'lidiiedlm lespniided by sliiitlng lh-
bcaittiliil bcotch acieuade , "Aiieo Sleeping ,
W , D. Ilo.nd , editor of Hoaid's Dial ) man ,
ot Poit Atkinson , \ \ is. , was the next.speak
ei , who ( "Id the faun'-is some veiy plain
tinllis , samlwlli Idiu in SGIIIOet ) liinny
stoiles , vvhlcli kejit the audience in a contin
uous UplOII.
W. ( i. Wliilmoio of Douglas count ) , 1) . r.
Ashbuin ot ( iihhoti and Allen liootol Doug
las count ) then madoslioil
Comiiililees UIHIII legislation.dalt ) ntalls
tie-sand ieohitons { weie iioinlnatod , and K
linanee cummllleo then uiipointi d.
Altei anotliersolobv Julius ( ! . Luinbiid ,
the ( ( invention adjourned to meet to inoiiovv
at ! ioOu. : m.
Tne following is the list of delegates
piesonl : P. II. Paige , Lake Mills ; II.
L' . Pisli. Chicago ; D. H. Stcphensoil ,
Sliubcit , Ilk ; Kolieil W. Piiiuas , Hiown\llli\ ,
C. U. Pii/ell. Chicago ; L. S. Collln , Pt. Dodie ; ,
Iowa ; W. D. ilimid. Pt. Atkinson , Wis. ;
Phil D. Miller , Live .Slock Indlcatoi ,
Kansas Citv : J. ( ! . Chcuv. Itaplds ,
Iowa ; W. ( X Wlillinoie , Vallej : Mien Uoo
Omaha ; ah Allen , Oimilia ; S. C. Hasse
Cibhon ; I ) . P. Ashbnrii and wile , ( Slbboii ; 1
M.iHi , Omilia : J. 'I leitschko , Louis Sclnoi- ;
dei , Chillies llmlv U. M. ( jiiackoubos ,
Omaliii ; J. li. Lumhard , Cliloago ; ( ! . W.
Hull. Chicago ; ( ieo. H. Stein. Omaha : H. H.
Wing , Lincoln ; U' . P. . Klddell , lmaha ) ;
llemv Kike , Omaha ; Jus. . Muipliy , Omaha ;
W. T. Hausilell. Columbus : Davis Uicliard-
sou , Cluks ; P.V. . WelK , Pond ( In Lac ,
\vris. ; W. D. vVviiKoop. nullahi , N" . Y. ; ( IcA (
H. Peavy , IJulfnlH , N.Y. ; C. II. Vundiirk ,
SchulciV. ; . A. Caiionlui | , Sultoii.
cnusnroo TO DLA.TII. ;
The Rol' ( ISnuku ol'u Sewer Itury Kceft
JMen , Killing Four.
CI.I.VIH.A II , Dec. ! ' . At Aluon , Ohio , late
this afleinoon a f-ewer wlilch was being con
st meted caved In , bin j ing hevcn taborerB ,
fem ot whom weie crushed to death and
tlneo otheis inluied ho b. idly thai thej will
piobably die. ' 1 he cave occuued without a
moments wain ing. Thogiound , whleh had
been lio/en foi Iwooi llncodays , was bolt
encd by the thaw to-day. Tour ol the men
were standing on scallolding and lorn othei , s
at the bottom ot the sevvci , vvbicli had been
excavated to a depth ot twenty-two leel.
Siiddinly the timbers luvjan cr.u king and
the vv.itei soaked e.ulli lei u distanccol
twent > leet on cm li sideol tlm sevvei lolled
down upon tlm niiloitiuiato woikmen. Wil
liam .McClll , one ot the men on tin ; MMlToliT ,
escaped , but all the otlieis weio cauglit by Hie
mass of timbcinaiid taith.
A gieat ciowd ot people soon assembled ,
Thegioaiisol the men who weie but par-
ti.illj bulled weie lieaitiending. Theyealled
lor assistance , but lot MIIIIO tlimi no olio
would ventme ne.u the hole. Fin illy it laigo
loiceol meiivvasset to vvork with Hhovtils ,
ami in liall an lioiu two of tin- \ htlnirttrn
taken out. Tlie.v were vet alive , but in tcirl-
ble.igony. Anotlici horn ot digging bioiight.
them to the thlid mill , whose moans had
guldisl llui iisiHiiiM paily. Near him wa-s
ioiinil Iho bodv ol thelouith man dead. It
being apputciit at thai tiinii thai the others
wcio dead , was abandoned foi the
night ,
T lie list of killed and wounded H as fol
low s :
.Max Ilo-ciiwi-lgli , age'7 ! , single , dijail.
lleniy l''ie'eil. diTnl.
Unknown Itulinn , dead.
Unknown Italian , dead.
John \Vjckoll \ , a o ' > > , nuirlcd , ( best nnd
abdomin einslicd and legbiolkon , will die.
lleniy NV.diei , a'e ! ! 5 , mauled , logn
c rushed and N-alp wound , may iccover ,
Angn-tiis Kicbst , ago li" , believed to IK"
latallj InJiiKd. _
iDOHII lor ( lie ( Siinililf-tfl.
Lot'isv u.i i , Dee. ! ) . Tin-eases ot Iho Law
and Ordei i tub agalint the gamblers vvoro on
tiialintlie eh * ult couit today , and titty In
dlilmi'iiN aualnslelghleui Ioc.ll piofet-t-loiial
gambleis weie liideunltel.v c uniiiiiieil on mo
tion ol 1'ioH cuiiiu' Attoinoy Caintli. The
motion was madeoii the gambleis' ( onfcsslon
ot guilt mid Ilielr pioinlsorf never toengagu
In tliugiimhllng liiislnoss ag.iln. The liullct-
nioiits me Indeiinllely ( oiitinueil ovei them.
Pines to theiunovtof liliH ) ( ) wcio assessed
against the gambiem by tliu agiticment In tbo
above iiientioncd motion ,
Jlangcil lor Itur-rlnry.
CIIAIII.UI n : , X. ( ' . , Dec , U. Nelson
art and Aiidcixon Davis , coloied , uoir.lcted
ot binglai ) . weio hanged within tbo jail DII--
closiiio in this ( its thin alloinoon , Davis'
neck wasbmkc-n. .Stewaitdlcd liom htianun-
lation. Until men mouiili ( I tlio gallows with
steady steji and exhibitid no emotion , Kacli
bade those picseiit liuewell and hild they
weio goln f 10 heaven. Thej weioatliiiidid
b ) llev , Katlier ( iioss , Undei tlm .North
Cairilina Jaw niiiidi'i , ai on , rape and burg-
liny iiliuos ,
Forming u Wlil ky Pool.
LOIJIHVII.I.I : , Kj. , Dec , ! . About llflepi )
leading inembuis ot the Kentucky Slate Dls-
tllh'is iisMicl , ( Hun met heic to-night , | o ionn
theas cliition Into u close c < iiKiialun | | under
a i baiter tor limiting tint piodiicilon ol Ken-
tuck ) whisk ) in Iho ai Unit in ids ol loiitniiiii-
lion. Tbo siibjut was discussed at length
and Ilio oigaiil/ation will hit completed when
u icjiieM iiiiiilvu ( apaeii.v ot I i.OOO bauds
shall liavo bi nlncd u de lie to join the
( .oipoialUui. _
Nr.vv \ OIIK , Dee. -hpc-clal ( to the Hi-L'.J
James It. ( ) 'ltelnioMiH that tluinntlon.i
niiglio iilo | > n es to pli > II sliitnlKikliy ol Sl.-l
600 to I'ainell and the eight ) IliiiM national
ists nceiiil ) eltcird to jiailiaiiicnt. Iletayu :
" \ \ ihi'in in live Ilkti gentlemen nnc (
boentiii'l ) independent ol 1. upland 01 her
( .old. 1. as well as nianv olhcix , expect to
bland in iho MII ei > ol Dublin and fee with
u > v ortuivi \ an lii'li lurjijuicnl ti : livlau d %