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UHAHA. Kent ! * , cJiocks nii'l ' r "l"nii-fi ordnrs
Ui lie inmlo pnlili'to tliininliTOf ( ho company.
. RiiiTon.
An Uttxxlrldr l > iicinnrnt.
It would bo unfair , pei-hap" , to say that
the leading feature in President Clove-
land's rnes Mgc is lt extreme length.
TJmtlt Jsmineoctmirlly long in the dii-
cpislon of subjects of comparatively
trifling imporlnnco , nnd nbbrovlatcd in
the treatment of topics of paramount In
terest most will agree. Column * nro de
voted to our foreign relations while the
tarn"ceipe.i ! xvilh ( lompnrativoly a foxv
xx-ords. The deoarlmeiit reports each
rccch'o nttontion in turn , nnd
tire reproduced In great part
xvith executive oii loriom nti of
their recommendations. In the Inter
minable repelilioimof the ( irslhalf of the
message , which deals with our foreign
relations , the principal points of interest
nro thoprc sdent'H remarks upon Inter-
oceanic canals and Ilio Chlnoso question ,
Mr. Cluvulitml declines in advance loon-
dorso any mcaiirn looking to control of
tlin isthmus by this irovornmont xvith the
attendant renpoiif-lblllty of guaranteeing
the Integrity of Iho neighboring South
American republics. Ho favors a canal
or u ship railway whoso neutrality shall
bo preserved by the joint guarantees of
( ho leading governments of Iho xvorld.
While denouncing the Kock Springs and
Washington territory Chinese troubles ,
Ilio president endorses the exclusion act.
and points to the laxVf ) of Ciuuida , xvhioh
arc moro rigid than our own In rcsttict-
Ing Celestial immigration. Mr. Cleveland
devotes very little spneoto the question
of the tariir , but his vicxvs w far us ex
pressed , xvill commend themselves to pub
lic attention , lie urgcH Iho necessity of a
reduction in the treasury surplus through
n reduction in the duties on the neces
sities of lifo , xvhich are consumed in
cx'ory homo. Ho rightly remarks that
the issue Is not that of protection or free
trade , but of needless taxation and mi
necessary expense in the cost of living.
In considering the silver question Iho
president fdlloxx-fi closely In the footsteps
of the soeretary of the trciisury , and ou
tJ ters into labored but intcreutmg argu
ment for the repeal of the coinage bill.
It I.s based chielly on the admitted depre
ciation In silver , Its accumulation in
Washington , and the failure of negotia
tions for Ilio rcnoxval of coinage by the
Latin union. Air. Cleveland denies that
it Is the province of the gox--
crnmcnt to furnish tx market
through the coinage for the product of
the mines , especially xvhcn by so doing it
depreciates the value of the circulating
medium of the country. Much space is
devoted to showing that cheap money
means poor money , and that the burden of
of a dcp'rccratcd coinage falls hiost heav
ily on the xvorklng classes through the
decline in the purchasifig power of the
dollar and1 the attendant rise In the t > rccs
of commodities. The | ) rcsidtitt"coicliide3 ; ) by
this part of thu mcSsfigo by urging the
repeat 0 * the coinage net of 1878. In
commenting upon the report of the secre
tary of War , Mr. Cleveland recommends
shorter terms of enlistments for privates
nud hdivler penalties for dcfeition ; the
punishment of minor ollcnses by superior
ollicers without court-martial proceed
ings ; u reform in ( ho liiidiugs of court-
martials , whieh show a low standard of
honor in some quarters. Ho uigcs a
rebuilding of the navy as demanded by
the country , but commends a thorough
reorganization of the department before
any largo expenditures are made. In
his treatment of Iho Utah problem Mr *
Cleveland sounds no uncertain note in one
declaring that polygamy mnit go and
that violators of the laws must be pun-
jsliud. Ho recommends further leuislti- of
tion to xvipo out thin "loul blot" from the tliu
tune of Uiu country , nnd rontlrioH his acre
cordial co-opjjmt'tni. The president and
coiniuw J * the recommendations of Lund
Commissioner Sparks regarding the sup- ries
n of speculation in public lands ,
the .allotment of portions 01 the Iho
reservation ) * in Hovuralty to the In
dians , unit concludes with an appeal
for the preservation of civil service , in detail of such a ponderous The
tjoumuojit Is hupructlcabl1) . Tntion aa it
| vhole , the mi-Siiage is HI c.xhauslijig as it The is
} s oxhaustivu. In incorporating in | u bank
Jjages the entire report of the hucrelary out
of btate , Mr. iVlovohiud has set a bad
precedent and ovorxyoighti'-d the doeir be
j uout. IliUf of ( hu lucsftigu could have I'oiiio
} > ccn profitably omitted and the remain. plo
( Jor could have b.ion : cut down u hulf
frith advantage ly the piiblin. MJIIIU least
Utrnlh or\V. U. Vnutlerlillt. its
The rlchctit irn n ( n America U dead. lore
This xvill be the tir t comment of the
V > \iblio \ in , pucuiviug the nuwa of Viuulor > come
fcllt'a tlcccaao , xvhich occurred yesterday over is
ifUiruoou In N w Vork City. The | io- two
sensor of a fortimo oi fc.'OO.OOO.WO , xyith
nn annual income of f . ' ( ' .WW.QOO , Ids 1m-
porlaiiuowiis.dutMintirtly to the power uxc
Of hU immense posiusalons. The dlreo- this
-tor of u gigantic system of railvoads , iiromi
liinnled dou'ii to him as the legatee ot Ids this. mi
father , hh wealth enabled him to add tory
largely to Ids po $ ivsklona without thy part
Bl" # xi'rcit > oof ( hat shrewdness and judgment
'hlch made Commodore Ynmlorbilt Qjiu
ftho Htronxvst chyvnvtci's in the mcmui-
tile circles of his tipiv. Mr. Vunderbitt
rau neitlutr brilliant nor able. A do en cinnati
peculators in Wall street xvoro his super- nous
Ions In Ihu-dio , Huiulreils of merchants voted
mid baukvr * In thti cauntry exceeded tion
| ilni In nil thu qualities which go to make that
lip a biii.'cc.vsfnl biihluert-s man , Ills ono been
nccow * IIIIN been Ids ability to maintain line
Ihu uiSlHuna 'wil MI bjiu by
his father. It would bo tintrtto to rty
that in Mr. Vnnderbitt the xvorld lows n
valuable citizen. He was selfish and
avaricious. All tlio offorU of his short
Career were dcvolcd lo ono end self-
nggrnndi/cment. HUnnmois not asso
ciated with miy great movement for the
nmelloratlon of hutninlty. His one hlMO-
rlc utterance concerning the public did
not tend lo allay the antagonism between
Iho rich and the poor. Wall street mny
shiver sympathetically through a tem
porary depression of the .stock list , but.
the country nt largo will remember him
only us it hereditary railroad king xxilh
nil tliearroxancc.all thograsplngnvurlop ,
.ind all the dUregnrd of public
xvhich i characteristic ! of that clnMs of
reigning monarchs.
Tttciiidign-itlon xvith xvhioh llm east
ern pro-H IH dorioiineing Ihc improve
ment of woitern rivers as projected
steals , it only equalled by ilio xvith
xxhich it i.s urging liberal expendi
tures /or nnMorn harbors , TliN dog In
Iho manger policy is not reciprocated
by Iho people of the xve t. They bcliox'o
in intcninl improvements. They hax'o
alxx ays given n hearty support to meat-
nrcx looking to an increase of facilities
for navigation in eastern streams nnd
harbors , upon the theory that xvhatcvor
tends lo Improve methods or facilities for
transportation or commerce in ono part
of ( ho conntryis n benefit lo every part
In demanding Ihc improvement of the
great inland xx'alerwnys of Iho xvest all
sections of the country ought to be
united. Kvery additional faculty furn
ished for the cheapening in Iho trans
portntlon of food products In the interior
moans the certain chcaponiiiff of the
price ol the products themselves1 on the
seaboard and in Iho foreign inarkcls of
the xvorld. The limited export market
for American grain Is now largely duo to
the o.xponsc of trnnspoilntioii lo the
Wnr.v ilio country has had time to recover -
cover from the efi'octs of the voluminous
messngo , criticisms xvill bo abundant.
Air. Clox'oland'a treatment oi the tarlft
question ( ssuperlieinl ami unsatisfactory.
His Ideas on bilver xvill meet with general
disapproval throughout the xvest , xvhilo
the remarks on civil scrvico reform xx'ill
bo denounced by Iho partisans on both
sides as hypocritical and perfunctory.
CAI-T. RA\vi.t3 ; and his buttery from
Omaha created a sensation in Bait Lake
City. "With lings Hying and magnill-
cent necontrcmoiils , " says n dispatch ,
from the city of saints , "tho battery
made a grand and plcasa'it sight. " That
is from a Gentile standpoint of viexv. It
xvas hardly a pleasant sight to tlio II
CAUUSLB'a face Is said to
hax-o xvorn n deadly pallor at the open ( , -
ing of congress. It wasn't a , circum
stance to the color xvhich it may expect
to assume xvhcn the tariff debate bear ly
gardi-u is in full blast later in the season. to
SmtKTAiir LAMA it recommends the
banishment of the Chiricahuas to some
island In the 1'noific ocean. This i.s 11
good idea , but judging from past ellbrls ,
the dilliculty xvill be lo catch the Ciiiricii- So
huas. > EXT CLEVELAND'S message ib - -
the longest on record. After twenty-
four years exclusion from oUicotho heart
the democratic si Kesman hccms to bo
full to over .otving. H.
THE erection of another eight room
school house has been determined upon
the board of education. Omaha xvill
soon lead the west in her tucilllies for
tree education. got
Wur.N it comes to writing a message
President Cleveland is not a man of 1'cw
xvoi d * .
Mil. Ci.Kvr.LANi > has boon pcrmitlcd lo jest
edit the 15EE for one day only.
GJIOVEH CLEVELAND has the floor.
New York Star. two
Dakota will soon bo knocking at the in
nates of the union. It bids fair lo be inch
of our richest stales. It cubily dlbom
vides itself into thyjiil4--cfimities the
, coxv
couulk'SiVwl northern Dakota , nnd three ,
xvhich were recently at fued. Hast of xx-as
Missouri river there Is scarcely an day
of land in the , Uate lliat is not fertile man
already Us stores of xvhoat have 1V
made il the most important of the grana-
of the world. Jt oxyes its. fertility in "
great measure * . to one similar "
cause. Although the Mate is "
watorfthed of rivers Ho wing into the "
Hudson liu.y and the " Unit'ot Mexico ,
Dakota U yej.nJc.Vi'l" that its treiuilS riar.
scarcely ! ; ifow whiqh xvay to run. Therp '
ivsiilu a natural system of Irrigation. "
Jiiinea or "Jim" river'is one of the sah
longest uiinavlgablo rivers in the xvorld. "
direct distance from source to mouth "
but 1(10 ( miles , but measured along its man
it is liHJ ( ( mjle.s long , and through I'/.o
the xvholo length boasts a valley of an' '
bin-prising l > oai'ty '
application foradmisalon that xvill in
inaue to thu prc.sent congrobs xvill an'as
from sguthorn Dakota. The pito- 1 nil
of that portion of the territory arc xxi.i
almost unanimous tor a division into two "
states. In the northern portion there U lied
opposition to division. It is tliu it nil
puiiuloiis iiaitof the territory , and hi'i
people fear that if southern Dakota is "
admitted now , it xvill bo a Ion : : time bo- an'
northern Dakota will have a hirgo bur
enough population to enable it to be
a state. Many people there , how- or
, are in favor of dyi- ! > ion , since there xvalked
little identity of : Ijutxvcen thu xvhern
portions " of the present territory. In a
account tliore U borne talk of a com
iromiso on North nnd South Dakota. \ _ _
hone congress xvill not consent to
. Thutirht state erected m ( ho terri
should bo named Dakota , and the trary
remaining a territory should bike out
another name.
A Domocrutlo Confession. ting
iiuxtun Jmtriuil. around
The commit too of ono hundred In Cin "
U composed of llfty leading clti- I'ho
of each political party , It has do- time ' '
considurable time to the Investiga
of Iho frauds In the lute election in trout
city , nnd ay the result one rascal hag
sent to j'lll for thirty duyn xvilh u
of $00 another far order
, ono year und a .Su
of f lQUv > , uud u Uilrd xvith a >
toim mid n hc-nvlrr fine , Other arrest *
have . . . . been made nnd other scoundrels
xvill * bn sent lo jail for committing the
regular crime of the democratic xvorkors
in t'itio * . Heeently the eoinmittee of om
hundred madcn permanent organi/otlon
and oflltitrfl wore oilmen for the year.
During the meeting Win. P. Anderson ,
one of the executive committee , mndo ( ho
following remarkable ? Mntomont :
Mr. ( . 'halrmnn : I tin Ire to preface n
remark I irn about to make xv th a few
personal rcmarkfii I hnvo xotod Iho
dcmocniH ticket for over txvonty years ,
liax-o nlxvnv. been n democrat , nnd tit the
last election voted n straight d > mx-rntio
( Ii'k't. ' With this lo'onl , after it tlo.-
ongh and iinparllal invcsllgi t on extend ,
ing ox or the jmst thn o xxeoks , made ns a
Ihi ) ( xeoutlvo commitleo of
this committee of ono hundred , I claim
J to J bo i able to innkon fi ! ' st.itoinefit as far
as rolalc.s , ( to the part taken by my party
in the frauds against the registration and
election lnxv , and olherotitrage.s preced
ing nnd following Ihc last election. The o
investlgiiltons .shoxvlhat the only organ
ixcd iraud n jalnst the registration
nnd election laxvi at the last elen-
tion has been uitlli the iloinocratin
paity ; that tlm only organization
shielding and protecting the porpetra-
tor.s of tlu-io frauds , and cndcitx'onug to
hinder and persecute thoMii engaged In
exposing , and bringing their perpt'tratrrs
to jiistioi' . is lo xxithin the domoeratio
iKirty. Still n democrat nnd diametricalIc
ly opposed to the prineiplosof Iho repub
lican parl.x ! this eommltlconnd the exec-
iilix-c eommltteo have my entire s-ympn-
thy and lienrty support.1
This slatemenl XVIIH mivln nearly a
xveek ngo. and ns.xot no doniocralie paper -
per or iii'tlvo demoerat In ( Jlnelnnali has
nt templed to refute lo dam'g'iiK : stale-
inent made against llm eonliolling do-
nienl of Iho porty by n man xvho has al-
xvnys been ami now is a democrat. His
testimony is of further \-aluo In Hint it is
r. . < < o n declaration that republicans did
not "csort to fraudulent measures in the
most , exciting of contests.
the Horews ,
_ York fivcntnu
. . On the 12th hist. Mr. Josodh Chamber
lain ' made a speech at Itirmingham in
support of thu liberal candidates for par
liament , in the course of xvhich he an
aly/cd the dogmas of "fair trade" xvhich
Lord Salisbury had expounded n. few
days before lo the South J/omlon con-
serx'atives. Incidentally ho let out si se
crot xvhich xvill excite some xx-oiider on
this side of the xvnter. Air. Chamberlain ,
during his business career , xvas a manu
facturer of scroxx-s. His success in this
line of trade xvns duo in largo part , ho
said , lo an American tmtciil. The scroxv-
making machines xvhieh ho used xvoro in
use also i in America and on the continent
of Europe , but ho xx'as able to export
screws lo all lho countries notxvithI
. . . o , notxv'1' . . .
standing the loxvor rates of xvagcs pal
1'Vanco. ( Je.iinany and Kussia. The cu-
cret , , xvhioh he casually dropped , was
this xvo ( junto from Iho Standard's re
port of the speech :
"At Hint time the Americans pat a duty of
100 per cent on KCICXVS , unit In jiite of that
his nun soul llioco articles to America In
liino ; iiunnlltiof. Tlio result xvns that the
Aiiieilcan iiumifiictUHTH eanin over here and \ ; . ! iiuikiii ! ; Ii jn.Ttunt on capital ;
you continue to send sciexvs te Ai.iei k-.i xve
shall , of coiitM' , Im olillKed to reduce our
privcs. ' 1'linl will shut xou out , but It xvill ro-
ilure our jir.ints . , uhicli xxlll not be ( iood lor
cither of ii" . Jet us tneretor. iiiuku a l ur-
-aIu : we will pnyou so iiniuh a to sit p
still , and not Mind a screw to America. ' U'ell ,
they did It , and this linn reeelxedahiiiiiNoiiio
Income loryems lioiirthc American miiiiii-
lat'lurcrs ' protected , as they xx-ere , by the lol of
niitlMupidlty of'iiiotefllonist'leiislatinn. . fi.
sit Still , anil not semi i-ciexxs to Aineiicn.1
bo Iho eat i.s out of Iho bag that is , ono
additional ! cat. An American company
has a patent monopoly for making
serexvs. ' Not satisliod xvith this , it gets a
duty of 10J ( per cent to keep out foreign-
mud -crews. The foreigner slill sends
screws to our market in spile of the duly.
Iho American company agree to ly
him a yearly bonus not lo bend serexvs
litre , but lo leave them in undisturbed
poisesaion - - of their spider's web , to xvork & . . .
their will upon all the carpcntcra and xx
house-buildera in the United Stales. The
bonus paid to Mr. Chamberlain by the
American Scrcxv company of Providence ,
H.I. , ol cours.0 comes out of tlio xvork-
men xvho paid lor these indispensiblo
tools of industry , and the net , result
xvat extolled < as "pror"otion to home la
bor. " Mr. Chamben.iin xvent on to say
that after flaying him this bonus for
homo yearn the American Screw compa of
became greedy , xvent to congressand
gott duty raised to a still higher ligtiro ,
, thus cll'cctually shutting h m out ,
they were enabled to discontinue the )
subsidy. Wo suppose that they xx-ere enabled
ablci to secure the increased duty by
electing anil inaihtaining n senator of
United I States , for il was a common
in i Washington some years ago that ing
New England Was represented in the
senate by ten senators , one print mill
one scroxv company. The cxisthur
duties on sercwfl are as follows : On nJl ! ! ?
screws ' txvo inches or over in length , 0 -
cents per pound ; ono inch and less than IU-O1
. inches in length , 8 cents per pound ;
! one-half inch and Joss than otic inch ship
length , in uuu < ri by
per pound ; one-half
i 'td less in length , rj cents i tst '
Bow or * Didn't Kneel. the
Detroit Free I'ress : A pcliceman xvho Was
going up Macomb street the olher fillOM
encountered n gray-hiired color , d is i ,
haiv , g around a street com 'rxviin those
club ' in hi.s hand. Tlio inultci looked
suspicious , and Uio police olliuor de Ollll
manded : bill
"What arc yoji up t < j noxv ? ' ' and
"Wailin' , sah. "
\Vniting for whaj.1 ? the
"Fur do oJii-.riTfn llowors to come out , man
hruo little coltgi : over form
. Intel
What nro you doing xvilh that club ? " Ia\v !
"Dis club am to u sist my was
" ised
"Aro x'ou Kolng to hit him ? " txvo
"O i o I'tir do fas' txvo y'ar.s de ole had
h. s Veen hhyidyrin' mo , He says , 11911 !
got tnrce xyix'es. Ho s.t.xs I7o a bilk thu
dead-beat iin' liar. Do time has now mous
arrove xvhun he's cot to take it all back to
a lump. He'll < p ne out pnrty < iuick. tion
soon ns ho turns ? do co'ner he'll
mo an' ills club , l'l ( rush at h m his
do npra'.s weepin * ai)1 ) shout : fatal
'Olo man , you has slandered nn' bo- cold
mo ! Uit down on yer knc s an' lake taut
back or I'll brain the top of yer no
d' .
"He'll nlaxv right doxvn fur dosidexx'alk of
beg forgiyiinness , sail , ah' he'll nub- to
dare Slander me no mo' . " fell
The olllcorvar.ned lini | lo bo careful ll toly
lie would get into trouble , and ( hen
around the and took post put
ho could see the performance. It
short ( iini | old Uoxx'ers caiint out. Ho good
picking his teeth uftcr u hearty gard
, and uidkcd like ono * well satisfied lied
himself. ' WHOII ho turned ( ho cor .
( lie xvnitintr assassin rushed upon him service
\vStiuiuliitCvl ffltll1A tllV speech ho tion
. . . _ . . . . ? \ \ . luiij J
„ I ! I. * V ? * t ,
iroparod advance , but somehow ohl
toxvers didn't full doxvn on his Icncoi us
predicted nnd expected. On the con himself
, tha xyaiehing ollicor saxv him shoot in an
xvitli his left , and the club-lilter look clearly
tumble into the ditch und laid thorp mutter
lo the other pussod on. lie xvns sit the
up as thu nilicer Arrived nnd xvalked
him and remarked : dealer
"Well , it didn't work , did It ? " trict
other looked up ut him n long
, und then diz/ily-ropliod ; of
'While man , go long ! When I Is at- article.
xvid doit ) laiiitin fits an * falls inde
it makes uio tired to bo talked lot" hurling
( irant
( iranl
Piirn blood Is nbaolutely necessary In time
to enjoy perfect health. Hood's
| > arila | puriliex { ho blood and ( rlcndi
strengthens ttie and
"Watch-Doj" Holrasn'ftnil n Lot of Eojna
Occn4ioncl t > y Inillnn Ont-
nttil IV
( if Clvllljliiij the Kim\wo.
ron run lir.r. . ]
II surprises 1116 flint fo ninny nows-
have been hkl by Ilio death of Ilio
xice president lo diseiiH the prc idontinl
.succession in case of Iho death of Mr.
Cleveland , in such a manner ns to create
excitement and lend ton foxerlsh condi
tion of the public mind. Tito prosg
helps in n powerful niannor to form and
lead pul lie opinion , mid it.s influence
.should bo against nny tendency to ex-
t'lteii out or apprehension. It - ' ' '
loud to iillny , instead of to orouto
1'or itflRiico , ono journal says : "Pres
ident. Uk'vulainl stands to dty : liohveon
HID nut o i tuid nnarohy. Sl.o.ild tlio bill-
Ic of sonio IHMV ( iititoiu ; find Us way to
the si'at of his Hfo , no ono can tell \vlnil
t5. would follow. " In otlior words ,
if I'ri'Mdpnt Clcvol : n I dicq be o the
s. n ito elects a jnvjiitu n' pro t mporo for
that body , nunreh.x iiii. . lolioxv. What
It mioiild bi > tl. pnijor of ever
fili/cn that A r ( 'li'Veland' " lifo
should bo spam I , Inil if it t-liin 1 1 bo
othrrwlsu duurt'ud , w.iatocoasioii isthi'ro
to four anarchy ? 'J i o gox'oiniiunl has
been in a tiimilur position bu-
torn.Vlicii ( inrhchl dlod , nnd
Arthur had lakon tliu onlli IIH pri'sidcnt ,
lliei Nva * then no president of the son-
tit o. 'J'lio caw * was precisely what it is
novx If Arthur had died the govern-
iiinnt would havu lived without nnarohy
till eonjiross met , when the senate dueled
a prenidiiiollieor in tlio i > erson of Mr.
Thiirman , who would huvo brcomo presi
den . Such cant about anarchy xvoakens
uonlidciiuo : in our Kovurnniontal .system.
There ' is a notahlu coineidonou connected -
noctod xvith this mailer. The univwbal
praotieo , till Arthur's lime , xva < j. us is
well knoxvn , lor the vii'o pre ident u day
or txyo I before tli close of the f-cnsion to
notify the ! enito : that ho will bo absent
for the romaindisrof the term , M > that It
imiy uleot n provident pro toinpnro , and
hut I llioro xvoiild bo an aotiii vieo-jires
idcn in eano of a vaeaney in lliatollico.
I beliox'o Arthur Xvas tlio lirst , nl least fern
n longtime . , to disregard that prnotieo ,
and . , . . heneo hn gax'o no opportunity for the
senate ! lo oleet a president pro tempnrn
and I ' ' no ono was chosen , ( iiirlleld died
on f nbotil the 'J.'inl of Sopiomber ,
in ill- Arthur pre.sident. The very con
tingency had then occurred to provide
for xvhich the Rcntilo had always pre
viously elected a president pro lemporo.
butte xvhich it had noxv failed
to do. The scnnto xvas- then
democratic , and the national ad
ministration xvas republican. If Arthur
had died , a democratic administration
under Thurmnii x\oullj ; have succeeded.
lliuidricks followedIlio , piecedciit set
by Arthur , and gave ft ho senate no op
portunity to elect n picsidcnt pro-tent-
port ; althe close of-last cssion ; therefore ,
precisely the same contingency has aris
en , xvhich arose in the case of Arthur- )
vice-president and no president of jne
senate , and in bolh cases this eond tion
. . things is Iho result'of not following
the hitherto i
settled practice of the senate.
mv ' , the political aspect of the case is
rsi'd there is n democratic national
administration , and thii senate is repub in
lican. If Clox-olnnd should die , there
xxoulij , therefore , bo a republican admin
istration. n
The KKK , a fexv days ago , very proper by
condemned the useless expendt ! ire of
the public moneys Under the head of soi-
entilic rescarehes , geological surveys ,
&ti. , . Let mo g XT an illustration of one
xvay , , by ineans of xrhicli appropriations
are secured for such purposes. Back
under Mr. '
( Arthur's adminislralion , a
part , connected xvith one ol these ing
miniorpus oxeresoncos xvhioh liave al in
most imperceptibly fastened upon the
treasury , iniiiired ] of a son of Congress
man Hotmail , otherwise knoxvn as Ob
jecti llolman , if ho would not like a
position , nn easy bC-rUt. in such a branch be
the treasury , ( i think it was the gee
logical survey , but am not curtain. ) Of lield
course , young Mr. llolman xvoiild be ex fact
ceedingly happy to receive such an ap dian
pointment , nothing
more agreeable to { .o
dm. He xvas informed he could Intti
have the position , but they needed an in
creased : appropriation ; "could not x'our
father help us out in that matter. ! ; c he- ored
on the committee of appropri a
lions " "Ot course hd C1in , J xvill sec "
him. " It is li be presumed he did see \ \ h
, fer iho
desired appropriation xvas bin
made / , and the son ot the lynx-eyed Wo
xvatch-dog of the
treasury secured the the
promised ] position. dian
Mi llolman succeeded to the objector-
of tlo house xvhon it was left vacant :
the retirement of Hon. K. li. Wash- by
from that body , and his transfer to m
Parli . Mr. ijolnnm conceives himself lo
. by I n sort of divine right , the especial
guardian of the treasury , nnd claiming
succession by direct descend 1rom lands
Washburn. A little incident will wtlves
hoxv much hypocrisv there 1
lying around " among urn
xvho consider themselves tiiom
about the only people : UlojU | On ( he
occasion. I Mr. llolman JuiTodnccd n if
for the relief of : i Constituent of his , work
mo\'cdJs"rcferenco to a proper com- /
iliiUcfi. Ascertaining into xvhoso hand ! ) the
bill 1 and papers had gone , Air. Hot- read
called upon the gcnlloman and in
formed him that he , llolman. full a deep xvitif
interest in having that bill become a
, for the party to be bcnelitted by it , band
a friend of his. The member prom
to give it attention. In Iho course of night
or three months the member xvho the
given , the case a thorough examlna- the
. and found it jus ) , reported it back to
hoiiftu , xvilh a favorable und 'unani
rejiorl of tlio < ; ( > i wiU'e ( , and moved xvliltt
take it up , and if there was no objec of
, to put il on iLsipasmigo , to do xvhieh man
unanimous consentvaV necessary. To and
nnm/oniL'iit' Holman pronounced Iho aces
xvords xvhicli-'llUd fo ofleu given a not
chill ' ' .
tomuny'u'loiijj.xvuiling expect-
, "I object. " The , member asked for seine *
explanation , but waited. Afoxvxveeks beat
afterxvanls , Mr. Ilotltmui desired to knoxy Will
the member if he , xvas noi about ready is not
report buck tlml-MII'in which ho , H. ,
so much inlerest. "Tho member po Put
infornii'd' him , lif ? ropurted ) it back
favorably some xvooksilgo > a'nd moved to ouough
it on its passage , but that them
appears to iho ( Writer that there is a see
deal of cant n ii"nslncnrliy { in re and
to the civil h-umic'6 u's' it is.exempli - starx'e
by Its'professed'iispousor.s. . Ooniiiin long
Il.Katon lobbied fpr tliejmhsago of thociyll 'limy
Iiixv , nnd then Secured the posi
of chief commissioner undent. Prof. called
M. Gregory yni \ i nitlo piu of the ng
und ho soun uistinguished ouUlhg
by gutting Ids son into nn PJlice xvlidu
irregular xyay ; the facts are not about
remembered at this time , but Iho
caused a good dpid of scandal i , | ing
time. Jiidgo Thuiuau , the other com- tluiy
piissipner. fgiuul to be a heax-y Indian
jn Indiana InuiUulenl school dis xvork
boiuls , though no uviikuico hits boon
adducml Mioxving | he find nny knoxvlvdgu couraged
tliu fraud , bul , he wua luu lling a bad ing
When William ( Scorgo Curtis xvaa while
h anathema" against ( Jen- been
and MA adminibtrutioii charging amount
xvith nepolU-JU , it xvas stated at the
und nnyiir oontradlcted , that their
Curtis had morn ruliKlvu-s mid lu < iuiB :
( n tlu | 'ew Vork ciutom hoiuo ui
i > 0 tollicu than any other person , 1
do not knoxr tlio fnots of my oxrn fcnoxr !
id po , hut ouch wan Iho report , I do
knoxv. hoxvtirer , of several who wen
Into thn reform mox'ompnt under Oreoloy
in 187 t : . ' , xvho had nialiy relatives In olllco
and one frenntor in parlLiular , xvho hnt
more famil connections in ollleo under
draiit'A adinluistrnlion tlmn nnyoMior
M-nator , nnd yet , that senator nnd lln ,
others refoned to xvoro , throughout thai
campaign coiistiintly charging Grunt
xvith iiepottim.
How tlp.vlhlo and rubber like Is Iho
L'onscioneo of the reformer xvhcii hl.s oxvn
inlercsl and that of hi * family ean bi
promoted. How innch duplicity nml
false profession are covered up under
that much abiisi > d and ml.saiiplied xvord ,
iiKKiit.xt , eternity alone can disclose.
M v obsorx'ation has shown mo that those
xvho make the loudest demonstration ol
goodtmrs , xvho broaden most lholrihy-
laclories , nro llm ones towards xvlioin
chno . f-oriitlny xvill not bo at all out of
place | ( , but xvill bo highly justifiable , as
\vcll as desirable ; all of which leads ono
to the conclusion that :
. The ' ' ductility of the modern reformer
Is remarkable.
Professional goodness nnaltonded xvilh
consistent uction is a very unreliable
A portion of my last letter on the
Indian < | , iOstioxvas : inadvertently
omitted from the morning edition of Hie
HKI : . I make poi tion n part
of this letter , as follows : Agent Meeker ,
of the Utes. and probahlv , a moro
humane , kind-hcarlcd and upright agon I
xvas never sent among Indians , xvas
cruely murdered by mmnbor.sof hl.slrlbo.
and his wife and daughters eaiilured anil
mad xictims , just after the ma < < > .acm of
Thurnburg and hi.s men , bill I heard
of no meeting called nnyxvhcro in iho
cnM to express the detestation Of the poo-
nit * al such wickedness of the Indians ,
but , being soon afterwards in a Noxv Eng
land town 1 did hear the
notice given out , that , on Iho no.UThurs-
thy oviMilnjr thorn xvoiild be a prayer
meeting in the brick school li 0110 over in
the Mills neighborhood , lor the beiiclll of
the poor Indians.
" One oeca-ionally sees mention of the
"Slaked Plains , " : i region in the south-
xvesl , bid probably fcxv at present , know
tlio origin of tlio name. Soon after Iho
Mexican xvar a small parly of emigrants
xvas passing through that region and xvas
captured by , 1 think , the Comanehe Indi
ans. All the males of the company xvero
at once put. to ikntli. There xvoro four
xx'omen , and they xvero rebel-veil foranolli *
or fate , in comparison xvith uhieh death
xvould have been a transfer to them lo
Klysmn fields. They xvero laid upon their
bucks upon Ihc ground , u rod or so apart.
their arms stretched out full lenirlh , and
stakes xvero driven doxvn , and each xvrist
XVIIH tied _ to a slake , and each ankle xva.s
bound in the wimo manner. Thus the
four pomvlofonsclcKS xvompn xvero staked
out upon tl 'j plains. Twenty-four buck
Indians xvero there. I need not go on.
It was a .eeno horrible enough lo have
caused the heavens to bo enx eloped as
xvitli a pall.
plains xvero properly nnined. I
suppose ourhiimanilaiinn friends offered
up prayers for the poor Comiiuches for
leaf xuiigeaneo might bo meted out lo
them for their axvlul und indescribable
We listen from year to year to the talcs
of injustice 'n licted upon Ihc Indians bv
the xvhlte race , i am not denying Unit
wrongs litix-o been inllicled by the
whiles but the xvro g < indicted upon
the white people by t o Iml'an ' race are
rar 1-mentioned. It is about time Iho
quc-uion xvas reversed somewhat. When
governor of Wyoming , 1 had occasion to ! o
give some attention lo this subject , and
the result was surprising. I cannot noxv
giyo the Inures \\-itn aeenraex' , but can
approximate them. It xvas found that ,
that territory , three or lour hundred
dollars'xvorth of horses mid untile had
been stolen from the settlers and nenrlv
hundred of the latter had been killed '
the Indians and not an Indian had or
ever been killed by the settlers sax-o one
and he was shot by an ollieer trying to '
arrest him , and no horses had beeii stolen !
from them. thai
The conviction that there nniM boa set 1
tlement of the Indian question upon some
ba-is i.s groxving , and the plan of break it
up tribal relations , giving them lands
sover.ilty , and tuaehingthcm farming , l
eoi-nis to be groxving also in general .he
favor. > o
The San Francisco flironicle says lie
Indians are i o. fame 's and never xvj { .
, and that it is ne.xt to impossiU } ? to
teach thorn farming ; that , o ri plowed
they are lost creature . I ei o the
tj-il most of U < . Indians in tne In
rrritoryVe civilized , n ul are
id n-mcr- / t one period diirin , " t o
Wir. ihI three ioimcnt.s of hi-is
IndiKiis n.s M 1 .iors n xvns a mixed
command. I h ( ! three regiments ol col
troons. m tl nine regiments of xvhilo
troops. The Indians did n it , by any
ip"ms : , eomo up to the standard ot the
to troops , as'the colored Soldiers did ,
, nevertheless , they were eivili/ed.
have used the Pawnees as hconts in
armx ; there are organizations of In
police at tlio northern g nie . and
Indians have for some time Deep hired
Hie.o crnmcnt tohaiil annuity/.o > iN
tl supplies from Fort Pierre to their
The Omaha Indian * decided
progress in civili/.ntivn they | mVc their
in sereralty , and are.p'roving them-
to bo reasonably good farmers.
liuy utimx'nte their IniiiU , raise crops ,
} bring them to market , as I havf- wen
do. Why can not other tribes learn
art of farming , and Remade to vvprtc.
they are made to feel that I her must
or starve xvhy can tliuy riot lie civ-
ili/udy Have they not learned som of
xvays of civjlhrfliony I hax'o recentlv
the foJlowmg In some of the papers :
"TlieOrowchiet. I'retty En lo , eloiied
the wife of Hull-in
- Iho-Wnter. In
roYi'i'ge ' the brother pf the xyvongcd husTJito
ran oil with the hoises of the iray lrtJir' !
Lothario and cached '
Ihein. Tim sain. . )
the Piogaus , came idong nhd slolo flu'rt (
hordes , and thore'is niournnganionir ! nnlr
Crows. "
Who xx ill now say the Indian is not
capable of learning civilisation ? A
* limn not long ago played a gaum
poker xvith an Indian. The xvhlte
laid doxvn three klnjjH aifd a lack
the Indian covered them xvith tour
, Who xvill noxv say the Indian can
V < ) eivili/edr At one ot thu agencies
recently un Indian got FOIIIO xvhsl | > y by
means , bec.ime hilariously drunk ,
his simiixv and well nigh killed her
an.v ono how claim that the Indian
Miseuptalili ! to a hij'li degree of the
refining Influences of civili/ationy
Die Indian' ! upon lauds in snvoralty
fetich thorn how tjo farm give them
of cattle and fiqi os sunjily
' till
themylih'farming \ implements let tliem
crops can bu niHuu With a little xv'ork ' ;
then , 11 they will not work let thiiiu
' ; tlmn , quit feeding them. As
as they urn fed , they ' * on 'I xvork
look upon labor as degrading.
Tlihty-oiio years ago last spring I
nf Peter VA. SarpyM traci
po t at' IlldlOVIK 1 I10tiem ( | _ ( ] ! ! VV9
'yopit iiiid piimting a little corn ,
the male Indians were silting
on Ihu bluffs In moody slieo. | | ) | or
lounging around the trading house , pull *
their Kinnikiiik. I a l-ed , himwlix
did not xvurk. ph. hed. : \ ! . thn male
is lord and master ; he looks upon
as buncuth him , H < maxv do thu
drudgery. And that idea Im * been en
by the government by lurnUh-
thcim xvith provisions' , and thus they
loimgiitl in idleiie s year uftur year ,
thu puoplo ot thin country Inivu To
taxvil millions of dollars t'ddkH1'
not re-meinborfdl t > v < iry jtmr lor inn to
. p n't , 'Iho pwplu work xvilh
Ininilh anil their lir.uns to raise thu
which ( tiiiiblit tid | rml men to baxk
sfiiild indoluncn < ) OIIN M
GJI.XND 19I. < VM > , Due , 4 , Ids , ' ' .
Ornilitallr Sttoonmbliic to tlio Weight
of Itl * XlnetjYonrs. .
Nolhinc , xvrilcfl n llurlin eorrespond-
cut , could moro forcibly illti.slrnto the
nnoorlainly growihg out of xrhut has
been actually tunned the armed peace ol
Kuropo than the feeling of iincnslncxs
that manifests iloelf xvnon the slightest
indispotlllon of Kmperorlllinin Is re-
porloil. A fiixv days ngo the nnw.s xvent
abroad ( hut his majesty was confined to
his room by a .soxcrc cold and liuincili-
ntely a pall of gloom Hoenuul to .settle
oytT the clly. Anxiety could be rend in
every face. The of IhH Is Iho fact
that everybody feels the peace of l.'nglatul
hangs upon the .slender thread of the
aged emperor's lifo. So long n thooin-
poior live * tlicro is little danger of a Ku-
ropoitn xvar. Ills majesty has so often
reiterated his determination to preserve
the pencil of Kurope during his remain
ing thiy.s that flic AultLilincnou * xvoll as the
love of Ids subjects i.s touch nl hv oxory
change of his henllft. When Iho nexv.s
xvas published thai his majesty xv.ns ii nin
able to transact litniiic ! " . , and that he
xvould probably resume hh drives In a
fexv tlnys , t'xeryonf ! felt relieved. Hut It
Is an open secret that Kmpei or William
Is failing fast Hi.s unequal light against
old age isgroxvlng more apparent every
day. When a couple of months' ago he
went lo attend the autumn manuuvcrs of
the army , ho had almost lo be carried
from place to place in Hie armof hid at
tendants. It was ( old that tears xx ore
teen lo roll doxx n tin- grim olieoksof many
of hi.s old odicers us they saxv ( heir for-
mcir chief , xvho a few yean before used to
ride so proudly al the head ot his stall'
helped like an invalid from his cushioned
carriage His creel bearing has given
xvay to a weighty dioop , and tln > prmgy
.step of a lexx .xears ago is uoxan uncer
tain lotlor. Whenever ho walks out ho is
preceded and followed by attendants lest
lie should full suddenly , mid cvuit hist.
summer , when iitCiiistein , n carriage
always within * lglit when ho wont on his
dally promenade. And ho is much
xvcakcr noxv than he xvas hen
Milt this is studiously concealed
trom him. Hi.s majcs , \ greatly di-.liKs-
any allusion lo his growing xvuakneM ,
and oven manifests a petulant imjm-
lleneo when the subject is mentioned. A
compllnientaiy remark on his xigor and
strength always elicits a smile nud a few
pleasant remarks from him. Ho will
then dismiss the.
future as conliik-ntly as
if no xvero yet a young man. For in
stance , when going I rom the i.slo of
Mniimii to ( lasleiu. n few months ngo , ho
was disciiusiug xvillt his meilicnl uUeiicl-
ant , Dr. liiilier , the route they should
tollow the ItiHenheim road or the Arl-
berg railway , xvhieh passes thrmili (
magnificent Alpine scenery. In the
midst of the conversation he turned and ,
looUlng in the doctor's face earnestly ,
asked , "How long do you gixe me lo live
doctor)1" ) "Oh. a few years jol , your
maio.sly , " replied Iho doctor. "Very
xvell , then , " nnsjxvercd his niajiNty. n the
greatest of good _ humor , "xvo xvill take
llie Itosdiihoun road tlii-t year , its usu.d ,
and xvo xvill go by tlio Arl berg next
year. "
The disappearance of so many of his
old scrx'aniH and ollicinls lioin around
him has latterly enst a cloud of sadness
over the aged monarch. Ho complains
that he see's iexv faces ox'ory day \vhero
the old familiar faces used to bo. For
instance , xvlion some foxv xveeks ago the
mny chief ol police was appointed by his
majesty ho did not hear about il till ho
xvas visited by the new functionary on i
olliclid business. He aftcrxvaul related
his attendants , xvith palhetie .siniplic-
ty , hoxv snrnrlecd he xvas on being con-
Trontcd not by his old servant , but by "a
strange young man scarcely 00 years of
On the Sd of .January noKt his majesty
xvill celebrate the twenty-fifth anniver
sary of his accession lo the throne of
'ni sia. He has iiilimnlalud his desire
tl.e entire nb-ence ot display on the
occasion , as the da.v i.s Jikcxvnc the tin-
nver.-nry of the death of his brother. fl
'iO lenck William IV. It xvas intjiidetl
a grand parade of the veterans of
11. IdJI , IStl't. ' and 18 0 sin n d take
tlaoo , bill the idea has beun abandoned notic
his majesty's command. Pr v ito con unU
gratulations xvill bu nc-ived , but no tie- liinnil
lulalions or public bodied , and Siimlax1 i.llj
day folloxviny ; the anniversisry , xvill , nuik lln.
u day of Ihaii 'sgiving throughout the
nipii" for ( he great things accomplished Duly 01
iV.ring his majesty's reign. -
l <
Absolutely Pure ,
( towilor iKivcr vnrlo * . Ajnnrvfl ofn
Mri ' > iirli ii'iil ' \fUii | | > o ID i" < lo'iitcii O'nl
linn 'liiMir.lninry idmH , n nl cirruit IIP oM
nn'i > It'01' ' ' w"li ' | IP urn ini'li * oriu v iei >
wnl'f'1 ' ! . il'liill ' 'i | . ii'n)9t'i' -
In ciins. U'vyjil UiiUtiUT
XVullHir"Oi N. V
in.v :
tfouViih i5iUnat3tlj 'w ri > f tc B fr > ,1 ) KIBJU | Ac
'll uilapK'il in ryoali euiiniry > I ' O II J
letK.iuu C'urrjju.'oiitil.otm. Hittl iJrnii , J IUS
OUT TION.l nml
M'lllll- ,
Vll'l l III
MV iv.N'llliiM'O'K : ( Of
Wcstm'nstn *
of Cost.
uuku forarjc | \ \ line ul " . \I < OIM
' lllul I ifib. IIIIU ; UlU.II ) ' . Il U4il | W'
IOK''l ' MO liumnr ( in I cn.i
i' . . b
| iti\ii
Iltlnil , lllcrdltiff niul ftntilnir , Pool *
tlvclr Cured by Ciitloiu-n.
AWAIIM tmili wifiCiill.ti n Sinp , n dentil
Itoxkln lioniillllt-r. ( nut t > nirlo nnillontlon
or run -urn. the Kro t * kl i mro , w.ll Jti.
Mnntlf- mint tlift Intrntn I o > inp nf ilu < in < > > t > - ,
Hiiiviitc-il cannof llohluiri'tlv.J. 'Mill trontmrn "
romlilm'il tvith mnnll do'.f * of I'liUcm u Kotul-
writ. Inn new Mutt I jmilllor , Ilircc times
ilny , in rcjfulnti ) n' < ii Mrriifitluui llm l otvcl ,
ovtuf innn ( Hiimlliinl n i ntid rrinnrn ttinontiio ,
HlllriiH'lillti.l , Ht'lM.iiK . ninl iK'hiitK | i'n | wliui
nil uilior itnuil ( Miinil r\cn | > liU > mn9 lull.
f r the llrU Iliiio lit mr Hfo with
Mind | > | | IM. o m-vt.rp . Ili4t t will I Imr.lly
mi infift. . 1 ii et | v.trlom it-medics fortliroo
r' 'J pllov ! , ' ninl "ntlui 'I - ' * < > tt'ok lliol'iitmof lt l
til. . front . I llv tulvlcu of nil
tried ( hi. . PtilltMun. <
ritloii r.-ilcn-c , ( l.f. . HH.IIIB . HIM I , , no . ilc ,
eilittl. I wIMi
in toll tlio ,
xvnr ,1 t
itit in uiiic nf
Ito In/ |
/ | the Mln-tir lliiil'iillt'uti
n.eoinii. . I ii of ua
nun nil uuiolMiiMl
iiinrpr. | |
Ciinuunt , N. II. 0. UKtimv.
llrunntlip u o nfrtiir Ciitlaitra
lt"inc 1l
< < H
tvlioii jon liist put t. . < itii oil Ilio niHi-ki't , mid
J.IIOMT of two oit ( is ot licliltiir pilot th < u Inun
linn ourtil liy tlio me , nt my miwM.un.of .
II > .o u'liiptlltvj. r. K. .M.tim. * .
Viiiuc.v , lit
1 lm\i trifil vuirCntlciirn Ilciind tjsntiit flud
IJii'in nil Hint ytii clnlin , niul tlio ( Jcmniiil for
them in tlihM'Ulun ISKITMI
ItiWion.U.i. .
r.ltliilrn . llinm'ilkn Imvr Mluin . . .
nplcnill.t < > ( !
fuu I in to llirmi of in.v L'.i t iiiuM wlio limu Inul
01 ( liKin to USD tliem.
' " * " ? ' lnUNN- w' '
niiuy , in. - . - -
! iiv 'llliMrnir.s
in . mo n pixltlvo Pine for
every Inrin ( if ricln nnil lilmvl 01wn , from ,
I'lniiM ' ' to > .oiorillii. Mil.l ( n.'l'yu licin. I'rlco-
I'utlpurn.iiHM Ki'iolvi'iit.iM.Oi ' ; Htmp.Ji'K ) . 1'to
ii'iroil li > llm I'omia DIIIKI A.M i iir.Miim , < ; o. ,
llo ton " , Muss , Honil lor'-llotvioOlicsltluUIs-
na o ,
lln ! iiMiOH , iilmpliH. MiieUiriiiK nml
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