Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 09, 1885, Image 2

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In1 rolnrd bv tho'r ' ro prctUc eov-
" , and Hint em-li a lm < < nlivnily Ix-en
foln . n id Inclrcnlntion shall Iw n-dcemp , !
In gain ' > ' the country ( if Its coinage. The
r foil tothid rxiHilidiit ! > > runtimes
innjVtll nrrr t tlm nttcnlioii of lhosx who
* iipD-td tlut unrein siiwt < l without shock
01 injury In Hit1 ttllciupt to circulate upon Its
tnurlfd nil tlie silver vvn may ruin under the
provlMons ot our silver coma < art. 'Iliu
condition In which unr treasury may
IHJ plnml by n iivrMMriwe In our pros-
cut tour-o Is n malti-r ot concern
to every patrli.llr citizen who docs not desire
h's ' irovcinmcnt In pny Inliver suoh of Its
objivtlons"a fthouM 'lie i ald In Hold , Nor
should ourci ndltli n be mioh as to oblige us
Inn pnident'eiiii-nt of our affair * to
dlM'ontlnufl the calling in und payment of in-
teiiHlH' \ T UK iibljiTKtlons which we Iiavo thu
right now toiliHchariru , and thus avoid thu
pnvinintof Innlicr InleifM' tin icon. The
MM-i.l'od illmorcln'H , for whose boucllt the
conunut d compulsory coinage of silver Is in-
MMed upon , HIV. not dNhn est bcciiusn tlmv
me in debt , and tliev should not be < uspec.tnil
nf a duHiiotn jcopiuill/o the nn.inrlal
uf tlm country In tinier tint they ninycanrel
their present debts by pn.vliu the same In de-
tin.-rlntt'il.'iliillnris Nor should It ltd for.'otle.n
thai It Is not the rich nor ( he I'loiicy-IemU-r
iiloimtlfnt unfit tmbmll to such a it-adjust-
inclil i-ntorced by tlm government aud tneir
debtors. Thu pittance of thu widow
nnd orphan and tlm Incomes of helpless
I-ni'ticlarles ) of all kinds would IHI
difuMiously reduced. Tlm depositors
in foiv < iu"i bunks and other In-
( dilutions whl-jli hold In trust the savings
of the poor when thulr little accumulations
a re sealed down to meet tliu nuw order of
things , w , uld In their distress painfully real
ise thu delusion of tlm promise made to them
that plentiful money would Improve their
conditions. We Iiavo now on hum ! all the
nllvcr dollars tu-eessary to wiphly tlm present
niM'd of Ihn ( n-oplu and lo natlsiy those who
tjoiuHiiitimcht wlfli to see them in ciicnla-
lion , and If their colnairo is HUHtended ] they
ran IK ) icwllly oblnlned by these who desire
them. If tlm need of mine Is at any Hum up-
j-Bient thnlr coinage nniv bu lesiimed. That
dlsHstcr has not ahe.uly oveilakeil ns fur
nishes no proot that daimer diH-s nut wait
uMn | ) u I'lHilinuatiim of tlm nreseut silver
liy the inost.rarel til ni.inir uiiirnti
J .pi-dlnntH liy u coiiibinallon of I in luimtc
( .oiidllioiiH , and liv n eoiiililont expectation
that thmxmimoieoof the novel niiiont In re
gard toiillver colnaue , would lie Mireillly |
changed l y notion ol riiiiuie-f * . i'roiperily
LiwItaliiH upon our thie.shold bi-eau e ol dan-
per.snnil llnel'ltnllltle > l MlllllllldllUlllNlnl | s-
tion. ( 'apltiil timidly f-luliik.s fioin trade ,
and InveHlorn ate unwilling to take the
chance of tliu querillonahle Hiapo Inlilch
HIM r iiuincy will IHI ii'tiimi'd to them , while
enterprise lnlll.s ut a lUIc a ahint which
cniti ami MXtcjim. iiiiina oinent do not
liiulecl. AH a inwwMir ; > cnnseiilU'llee. lahof
Ifldis iinploynuiit ; ) und siillVrinii nnil olstieHS
are vlcittil uiion "a portion of our Iclloxv eili-
eiM' | < July ; eiitllleil lo the eaieful eonsid
enillon'uf those ehaiwd with Iliu duties of
legislation. No iuteu > , s | appeals to us so
{ .tiongly lor a s\fo : and stahlo cnu-incy us the
viistiiunyofthuunemployed. I iccimimund
the suspension of commisoiynlnairo : of Ml-
v ver dollars dlicclcd by thu law passed In
JMuuaiy , 187S.
Various Itiireuus.
The steamboat inspection service ou the
; Xth ) day ul June , lbS " > , was compo-e.l of 140
Bisons , including ollicei.s. clerks and me.s-
.Hungers. Thoo\pensc.s of Jhu MM vice over thu
receipts \vpre $ l , KSi-7 , ! dining thullseal
year. ThuHix-clal inspection of foicign steam
vessels orKunlved under tlm law passed in
l&tt ! , was maintained dining the year at an
expense of } ? ! iii.41t ! ' ! J. Since thu clo.suof the
fiscal year reductions have been made In the
foieu employed which will result in a saving
dining thu ciiiieut yeurot Mt.OJO without
aU'ecting tlm enlcienev ot the sei vice.
Tin ; HUi-KiiviHi.Vd sur.ui'.ox mNiitAi : ; ,
reports that during tlm iis il .vear 11,711 pa
tients have received nllef thiougb tliemirlne
liuspltal service , of whom IJ.biM were treated
in hospitals , and ttS..Hlat dispensaries. Ac
tive and oltcctlvo oltoits have been undo
through the medium of this service to pio.eet
tlie country against an invasion of i-iiiuer.i ,
which has inevailcd ill Spain and Fiance ,
nnd thu small pox , which recently broke out
In Canada.
, 4 THE wri-sA.viNo : SKRVICK.
The jnohtKratltylng leMilts have attended
: fiho'iperatfons ot'thu Jitusiivli'i , ' servjev dit-
rill ) , ' thu past lifieal > uar. Tim obeivancu ; of
the iiovi.siou of law re.ijiiiilng theappoint-
uicntof tlio foice emjiloyed in theM-r leu to
'beiiiadu "Solely with i-eferenco to theirut- , mid vflllmut ret'eience to their political
pr rally atllliatlons , " has secured the lesult
which may conailenliy bu expected In any
branch of public' employment whciu such a
Mile is applied. As a coiisuijiicncu lids
service ia composed of'men well ijualliied Jor
the performance or their dangciou *
und e.\cciiliHialy ) | impoitaut duties. Thu
iiumhcr ( It .stations lu commission at tlm close
of Iliu j'ear was o : ! . Thu number of disas
ters to ve.Hi-elaand ciatts of all kind within
theli ileldot action was : rri. Tlio number of
' 'juirMuiH cndatigeicil In such diMisters was
' ,2.4'jy , f whom. iVJ'Js weie saved , aud only
eveu lost. Oilier Ihcs whlch were iuiH ) > r-
lltil , though nnt-lry dlsasteis to slilppiug ,
. wcio also ics < 5uid and a largo amount of pi-op-
jprtyUos avcd throiigli thu aid of this ser
vice. Tho. cost of Its mainteinincj during
thu year was twiStl74f4j. :
The work ol the coast and geodetic survey
\viis during thu last liseal year carried on
r. , within theboundailobiuid elf thu coasts of
Uilily-lwo Hlatcr ! , two territories and thu dis
trict of Columbia. In July last ceiialn ineg-
' 'ularitieH ' weie louiid to exist in the manage
ment of this bureau , which led to u prompt In-
vi situation-of its methods. The abuses which
M'ere brought to light by this examination
und nwklerxs dlsregaul ol duty and the inler-
j'.Htsot tbe > v.iiveriuifeiit developed on tlm part
tOf'smnuOf tllorfe'-couiiceled with the sei vice
. . < juadu achaii o'oDs.uiieilntuntluney and a few
vi f Itsothwolllceiij uuvu.ssiiry. Sfncathubu-
reau has buen in new hands an Introduction
of economics and the appllcition of
l > uslucss methods have produced an im-
] > oitiint .Having to tliu government and
> < pioiolM. of ni'iro useliil results.
111'iiln bt-rviooUms never been regulated by any-
; 'tiling Jt > ut thu must Indefinite legal on ; t-
jucniH and tlio most uusatlslaclory rules. It
was many roars iigoMuielloiiedapiiarenlly
fora puiiHivi ivguixlcd as tempomrv , nnd
ruliiU-d to'a Mil vey of .our coast , Jlavlng
, v . iiincd'a ( place it-Uiuanprupilatlnns made bv
' ' ' tfougregy , ; It Jtts gradually taken to itself
"jniweni'aiHl objects not contempiaU'il In ils
. 'cuyuiou. nnd exteinleU iUojH-ratlons until it
'L.v aiUy litcdn Ji'Klsliitl ve. altuntlon. JSo far as a
lit * . ( .further survey f our const Is wmi-erncd ,
thtuii SCCJUK ID bi ) piopriety in triinsleiring
o ; tuat work totbciuvydeixntieent. 'I'heother
duties chuigo of thin establishment ,
il they cannot Upioiitably attacjied
to some uxMIng depaitmeut or other bin can ,
should bo prosecuted uuder u Jaw oxaclly du-
ilnliiL'.thcJr > co ] > u and purpose , and with a
w tMeful ( lltejlminutloii between tlm hcientllic
Inquiries whldi may prnjierly bu assumed by
llm iroverumeut. and those which Hlionhl be
snulwlnkt'ii by thu btatn authorities or liy in
dividual t-ntcrprlsc. JUs hoped that thu
rujxirlof Uiecougiv-sbloniUcoinmlltce hereto-
loreappoliitcxl to luventlgatu tills and other
, Jke matteiM , will aid in thu acuouipliahment
of pivjaT kKlbJatlon on this vubjixtU
, U'lie rjMJil tif ilia hccielary of war Is licjxj-
wlth snbmUlwI. 'J'liu attention of
t ? b liiviU.'d to thu detailed uecouut which it con
tains of thu administration of his dppaituicnt
nud tils mumimcndutlon.s und suggestions
for the linjinivement of thu service. The
uimy coimlstcd , at thu tlate of the last con-
'ft4 tjoihinted returns , of 3,151 officers und Ji.TD.'i
vnlibU'd men. TheitxjHiiisc.s of the depart-
Jiit-nts Jor tlio lisc.-il yt irendlug JuuelUi , lhN' .
' including blfUiil.wLw for public vvoiksauil
river mid liaaiwr improveiiicnts , were
. Aiuf A.HI . r.t '
. . , -
u- T > W.\I.-H \ ,
. " Ik-sides the troops which ivcro dispatched
'tH 'in ] Ui uit of the ffiuall band nf
Indians 'who lett tlielr re.sei vatlon
In Aritona aud' ' conuaitttdmurdirs aud
' outniT.i ) two ifgiini'iitsi of cavalry and one of
, \ n Infantry Mere bent laKt July to tliu Jiullan
' territory to i > ' 'evoiit an outbreak which
c'eeouud Imminent Theyrcmalnt-d to aid If
KocosMury in the xpulxlon of intruders upon
„ thfl icjwTviiUon , who have c.iusod the dboon-
itmt ainouitlm Indinns. but the executive
i iKtclumatftiii waruiiis them to remove was
* * 3 > MipliHt with yyitliout Intcitereiice. Troops
writi tilsoTjent lo ItockSprings , In Wyoming
. erriUirj' , after tlie luassacru of Chinese there ,
Ciilt luwvont ttirtlwr ilixturlMnoos , nnd after-
Ua vrnrds ta&eatUe , in Wasldutton territory , to
avert n n-ftttiifd Attack upon Chinese labor-
uvi and < toiur tlc vloJcnce tli re. In both
„ : uists the iiH-ru ) WMMICO of tlm troops had'the
' ltirfd olfivt. Jt tipears ) that tlio tiumber of
, > 'nionijl \ < ! illiiinlBlii.diut tlmt durini :
J tlio hint I'Mtalcar ' thev uiimben-d stti7 , nuil
> n < si Inrtnuesiriven [ by the lleutunaut-vun-
Wjilorewxili-vrtiOti ! ! by < lm h.-vme it-cniit. I
niiuoinlncsi that Ibis iinmU'i-dt df.stfilons
* aii Js-mucbillminlolus : ! by better dlsi-lpllue
ctind ttoatmi-ut. but the punishment ahouui
. " tni liicrrnMd for repc-ated utlnures Titcao
8. ! i t-MfitloUb ulfht alsotmn'ducal bylesit-uiUK
the term ol first onlUtnifnt , Him nllovrlne n
dNcontonJod nvrult tooontc'iipbte n nearer
< llciiir ; o nml Iliu nrmy u pro.itJilile riddance
titter onn term of service. A ro-t > iill'tiuent
woihl be rjirt'apt to ss'iirp n contented rc > -
emit nnd U'xi.l soldier. Tli tarttiujn I e ad
vocate lumuial reports tluil , the nilinlKM' of
trials by u'eneral comt martini during
the year was 3,8 and that ll.Vil
trials took j > laro bi'foiu irsirrljon andre
ro imntal cmrt nnitlnl. Tiic su.'ia's-
lion thnt priilnidy m-iiotlnn linlf the nrinv
h.ue bi-en ttied for olT.mses reat and .small
In ono i ear may well arn-it Attention. Of
i-oiirm1 many of IliCiiu 1 rials iMiiore artlhon
and le lmentaleoiirts mntlal were for of-
fen -es almost trlvn'oiii ami thf-ro * > tmilil , I
think. IKJII way dovlstsl tndlspinnof the ilu
n moie sum nary nud le < s iiiMtivenlont
manner than by eourt If somti of
tlm pror < H-ilinis of edtiif-t nnrthil which I
have hail occashm to ovamlno , prennl
the ideas of justice whii-li ceiietally pu-v.ill
In these tribunals , Iain i atlsiied Oial Ihov
ulionld be much reformed , If tin ; honor and
thehonrsty of the unity nnd navy arn by
their ln > tiumuntallty lo \iiidtcaU-datid
rut : im.vjsii oN-HoimnrATiox
nc other defenses app.ilnt.-d in u.irsu.utco of
Iliu provNIons uf tlie act of ijoiiitioss ni- |
proved luroli d , IW , will in a short time
pie ent tueirreiioituiid it Is liopo.l that tills
may uinatly aid tlm legislation so necessary
t lomedy tliu pros'-iit defenseless condition
of otirjieacoa-it.
iiir. HHI AI. 8i : vicn.
Thu win Ic ot the Unal service has been
prosecuted ilurlnit thu last year with rusulLs
of Incic.islm : beneat to the eounliy. Tlm
Held of iiiHlnicllOn has beun enlarged with n
view of mldiiuto ; Its i'he limn-
Iwr or Ht.itlous in operation. .Innu MO , lis- * > ,
was Irjii. ' Tulcxrniililc reports uru reeeive.l
daily from -UJ htalions. Itepiirls are also iu-
ecived from 75 Canadian tit.itlons , i\t \ > voliiu-
Iner observers , fij aiiiiy miwons at milltaiy
po.sls , and iil foielyn stations. Thu uxiH-n e
ot Hie siiivice dmiiif , ' tbi ] year , alter
drduutini ; the receiitU fioin military telegraph
llne.-i , was STUr.r/J-J.Or. In view of the fact ID-
lcne.d to bvthn .secretary of war , .that the
work of this service ordinarily is of a scleu-
tine iiiittirj. ami tlie further fact that It is us-
Hiimlim luruer proportions constantly , und
becoming more nnd more ( insulted to tlie
il\ed inles which must uovern the aimy , I inn
Incliiii d tq tu'ix-u with him in the opinion that
It cotillion hcpaialcly estibllslied. If this is
done the scope and extent of its operations
should us nuirivas possible lie definitely pre
set ihcd by law and ul ways capable of exact
. r.UiMIIil.TAIV : ) ACAtlP.MV
of West 1'olnl is icpmted as helm ; In n high
state ol ellliiieney and well eipiinped tortu"
Hatlsfaotory uecjimiplislimciitol tlm purposes
ot its miilntenanee. Tliu 1 act that the class
which graduates ne\t year Is an u'nisu.illy
laiLje one , has constrained mi ) to decline to
make appointments to second liciitunancies
In Urn army ( torn civil life , so Hint .such va-
caneiesitMjxIst in thee places m.iy bu 10-
herved lor sucli uradnalcs , nnd yet It is not
probable that Iheiu will bu enoiiLrh vacanbicH
lo piovlilc io.sitious ( orthiiin all when they
leave the military t-chonl. ITinier tlm pievail-
in law ami usa c not thus assigned
to duty never actually enter the military .ser
vice. U 1 sUL-pt.-tteil that the law on this
subject bu chunked so thai .such of
thosu yuiin men us ore not
at once assigned to duly after
Ifraduatton may hcictaincd usMccondlieuten-
sintsin theaimvit fiey desire it , subject to
iiviluniuejit vshon an opportunity occurs ,
iimlcr piojicr inle.s as to piioiilvof seleelion.
'i'lie expeiidituriK bn aecouill of tliu militaiy
iie-idemy tor thu lift JIM/II / ! year , exclusive of
tins .sum taken tor its jmrp-i en Hum the up-
proprhillolis tor the suppoit of thu army ,
' ' , .
The act approved Jfarch 8 , 1SS.1 ; , desii nod
to eoiiiien ) ate ollieers and enlisted men for
losso ! pnvatu piopuityhilu in tliu service
of the United btates , is .so itiduJnlto in Its
tei ms siiiil auiuioiitly admits .si many cliiiiH ,
thu adjii-tment of which could not have been
contemplated , that if it istoreiualn on the stat
ute boot ; it no.-ils aim.-iidmenK Theiu should
lie a general law of eimijiess prohihitlnir the
constinclion of hi lilies over navigable
wateis in .such manner as to
obstruct navigation , with provisions for
jiicvi-ntin tlie same. It stumis that nn-
dur existing .statutes the Kenniient cannot
intervene to prevent Mich a construction
when entered upon without its consent.
thotiiih when such consent is asked and
granted upon condition that authority to in
sist upon Mich condition is clear. Thuslt Is
repicscnlcd .that while thu ofliccrs of the- ;
Hint me with gieat caie icuardin : ;
. the obstructions of nnvisaiion by a
bridge ncniss the Mississippi river ut tit.
I'.iul a laiye ( iiur tor a bridge has been
built just below tills place diiectly in thu
navigable channel ol the river. If hitch
tlilius are to bu permitteil u stioni ; artrumcnt
is ] ire entcil against the aiproprlatlon ] of
Inrje sinus of money to improve the naviga
tion of th > and other impoitauc highways
of commeice.
Tlio Navy.
"itlSTOltY OP Tllf VKAIL
The reptirt of tlie bceietnry of the navy
phe * a bistory of thu operations of his de
partment and tlie pitsent condition ot tlm
work committed to his chance. He details in
iJill tlie couise iiur.sued bv him lo piotect thu
luhts ot tliu government In icspect ot cer
tain \es els tiniinishcd at the time of his ac
cession to oflice. und also coneeruiiiK the dis
patch boat Dolphin , claimed to Iu com
pleted and waiting tliO'tictvptance ' ol the do-
paitmcnt. No one can fail to we trom tlie
lecital contained lu his jeiiort , tlmt only the
application ! ' business principles has been
Insisted tipbn In tlm treatment of these sub
jects , and that whatever controversy has
arisen was caused by tlie exaction on the pail
of the dcpaitmcnt of contract obliga
tions as they weio legally construed. In
the ot the Dolphin , wltn enliie
itistnens to tlm contractor , an a rujinant lias
been entered into provldini ; lor thu ascer
tainment by a judicial inquiry of thu com
plete ot- partial compliance with thu
contract In her coiii > tiuction , and
fin HUT providing lor the assess
ment of any damages to which the Kovcrn-
ment-may be entitled on account of a partial
litlliin * to perform hiieh contract , or the pay
ment ot the Bum still remuinlnn unpaid upon
JUT price in easu .a hill perloiumneo \ ml-
judged. , llwcoiitrai'tor , .by leason of his
lailut-tt In bunitng < , bein uiiablo to eomplete
tlm other tluvo vessels , iheyerutakenpos -
session of by the Koveriimunt In tlielr uniin-
Uhed condition under u clause in tlio con
tract perindtluK .such a wiurse and mxi now
in iiroi-jess vt t-ompletion iu thu yard
of thu contrai-tur , but ; under the
supervision of the navy depaitment.
CoiiKrus.s in its last t < c t > lon atitliori ud the
coiihUitctlon of two additional new cruisers
and two Kiiu-bonts at a cost , not exceeding In
tlunisr i'o ate , Si.H.n.OJJ. The aiiproiirlatlon
tor tins purpose having becomu uvatiablo on
the 1st d.iy ot .July last , sU'ps were at once
taken for the ptnonieiiifiii ot biicli plans for
the construction of these vessels us would bu
likely to liisuio their usefulness when com
pleted. Theio are of the utmost importance ,
considering the constant udvancu in thu ait
of building ve.-ibeU ot this character , nnd thu
time is not lost which Is spent In their caietnl
consideration and selection. All must admit
ihoimpuitaimeoUmi'tfecUvoimvv to a na
tion Jifcu ours , h.tvilif ; such an extended sea-
const to nrotteU Vet we hu\e not a tiiiigle
vessel of war
iirrft-cla > s ven-Htl of nny important
. tjuen a condition oiiKht not longer to
Konllnui' . The nation that cannot resist UK-
I'jc.ssion Is constantly exposed to It JUt tor-
t'ijfii luiliey Is of necehrtityUMkiiud ltsnei > -
tiatlous tire conducted with dlbudvanta'robu-
c.rttise It is not in condition to otilorus tlm
terms dlctutiil by IU .seiibu of light nnd Jus
tice , inspired s 1 am by the hope slmied by
nil patriotic citizens that thu day is not far
distant when our navy will bu sucluis Inuils
our .simiilin iimon tlie nations of tliu until
and rejoiced at eveiyslep tliat leads in thu
UiiLH-tionof tiuch n i-oiibtinimutluii , 1 tiujiu
it my duty to especially direct thu ntu-ntlon
of congu-ss to tliucloeof theiejiott of the
sccietaiy ot the navy , in which the liinnliiat-
Im : features oi the jiroMMit oriani/.ation of
this ilcmu linen t Is exhibited , and tliestait-
JliiK .abuses , und wnstes of bis present
metl.KKl are wcpoMvl. TJm conviction
is lorcisl upon us w ith the certainty ot mathu ;
mutlcal UciiioiiBliation that btlorovu jno- '
ci-iul tun her in tlm restoration of a navy , we
needn thorough m rn-nnlml navy dcjiart-
meiit. The fftet that wJUdn Ku\entiK > n > ears
luoro than sevcuty-liye million dollars have
tkton spcut in the coiiblructlon , repair , etpilp-
meiitaud nrmamontof VJ-SSI-IH , nnd the further .
ther faei that instead of an elfectlvc and
crediuble rlcpt. % vu luro'only tlio discontent
aud aiipn-liiiiislon of a nutlon undefended by
wnrYessels , added to the di.srlobtitcs nm/
made , do not penult us to doubt thnt every
attempt to. re yi v ow navy haslhus far , for
the mort i rt. been inlsdiicctod and all our
effort * fn tli t direction JM.TO been'
llttlo better , tlun blind .ifrojiliigs
und expeuilvo uuI ( aimless follitti.
Uiiijuesttounblyif we are cuiitcut witli tliu
iiiKlntcnaiiueat a navy depart muut simply as
nn onumeiit thojjorerniueut , A constant
wntcbtnliiess may pivvnut wmn ofjtho bean-
dal und abtwe wJileli have found jndr way
into our present orxnulzaUnu , and lu lucurn-
li ! > waste uiavbj induced lo the uiluluiuui ,
but Ifve dciiro to build Mfs for jimteut uw ) , of navi' r > nln IrN of the thys thit
nreii.i' < \uunutt t hua a dppnrtiiipnl nrenn-
l7cil foi tlio worn , middled with all the
talent nlul lita'niulfy : our cfittnlry
affords , i > rop.ired to take advantage of
the oxp. rfentn ot ntlir natlnii * ,
Bystoiuiti ed so t hut all offolt sliull iinlli ) and
InoiiMllr'Otldii. nnd fully Imbued with
the conviction that vess nr. < now n < e-
less unless tlmy combinn all tint tinItuonti *
Ity of man liai up to this dav iirou lit forth
tvlfiilui ; tn their construction , I uurni'ytly
ronmii'iid the portion of tlio secret iry'a re-
jwrtUevotel tothls subject to the notion of
{ 'oiijrw" , in tlio hope that thu suir ostlons
toucliliu the reoiXiinl7atloti of Ills depart
ment miy b ale it'll as tin ilrsl step tovvanl
the leeonstiuctlon ot our navj.
The 1'ostul Datinrtmont.
( irniiATioNs roil TIII : YI\II.
Tlm nITaiM of tliu ii ( U. l s'rvlcj IIM exhibi
ted by the report or tlm postmaster uuiiural ,
whleliyill be laid bafoio you. The postal
levenue whoiu rates of i/aln upon tlm lislnif
ami K'O . tliu
pio-iperlly uf I4iJ , nut.slrjppcd
inc.reaslnifexnuntiu of our urowlni ; burvico
was chwlved by lim reduclhm in tlio r.Ueot
leltei iioitaw. whloli limkelleet with thebe-
L'lnnliw of 'Oiilolur hi tuo Inttur yuir , and it
diminished during the two past , in tliu proiioi lion of SW.fiMI"
1MI to3' illJ3in ) IsS ) . The natural icumlli
utiil dijvelopmenl Irxye iinantiiiu increased
tlm eip.indituro rodiiUliiL ' , in a deuclcucy In
thu nu'imuo ii > the expanses of the
department of live nnd n quarter
in liion diillars for I IK- year issi , nnd ul lit
and one-third millions in tlm last liscalyuar.
The anticipited and natural revival of the
levenue has buen oppressed and retarded liy
the unfavorablu Ihislness condition of the
country , of which the postal service is a
faithful Indicator. Tlio { cratirylnu fast In
shown , however , by the report that our to-
tuiniiu nnn 'erity ' IB marked byiifum of
$ : :5U.iiJii : ) ! tlmievenim of , tim latter Inlf of
the Just year over tlm coi rospjiullng iierlod of
tliu pracoillni ; > ear. Tlie eliango in the
weluht of miller , whicii uuy bu
caniod for a sln.'le rat j of pista'u lio.n a
half ounce to un ounce , and the reduction by
one-half of the rate of newspaper postage ,
which , under lecent legislation , beu'iin with
thu eiiriont > ear. wlll.op.u-atu to restialn thu
iiiuinehtatlon of lecelpts which otherwise
mth'lit have been expected to such n
decree tlmt tliu > > calo of e\ninse |
may naln upon thu ruvunue ami c.u e un Increased -
creased deiiciency to bj hhown at its clo > o ;
yet after no loui ; pciio.l of n ) iwakened pros
perity , by proiur economy it Is con.ideully
niitlciimfcd that even the present low lates.
no w as favorable as any country afords , will
bo adeipiateto sustain tlm cnl of the service.
Tim ojierntlon of the po.slolllcedeiiailiiicnl IH
for tlie convenience ami of thu people
ple , and the mi-thud by which tuey nay thu
Iliu clunres of tills itsjlul nnil of tnelr pahlic
service , so that It bu just an , I imp irtlal , Is of
less liiiimit'.iuce t ) them than tlm economical
evpundittiieof the means HUM provide for
its maintenance , and tliu HIM improve
ment of its agencies , so that tln-y
may enjoy Its highest ujiuuliuss.
A piopcr attention has brcn directed
to the pittvention of wastoor extravagance ,
nnd KOOI ! results appear from tlm report to
hau already been accomplished. I appioso
the iccommendatlon of tne postmaster gene
ral lo reduce HID chains on domes.lie money
urders ot " > and less irom eight to nvc cent" ,
This change will materially aid Iliosj of our
jieople who mo-st of all 'avail ' thumsulvos i > t
this instiumentallty , Imtlo svhom tluclciuuiit
ot eheaimu'ss Is of the } fi'i te' < t iuipoitauee.
With tills icdiiction tliq system would .still
remain self-suppoiliti . Tin ? tioe deliveiy
system has been extended to nineteen addi
tional cities during tliu year , nud Ki now en
joy its convenienees. Kxpjrieiico has commended -
mended it to who enjoy Its beneilts , and
tin ther enlargement > t ' jls laciiitics in
dim to oilier comiuunitics to which
it is iidopled. In the cities where it Is estab
lished , taken to. 'ether , the postage uv-
ceeds Its maintenance by 'nearly SlrlW.OJ. ) .
The limit to which tuis system is now eon-
lined by law has been nearly reacavd , and the
reasonsgiven justitv u.s extension , whicii is
proposed. It was decided with ipy uppioba-
lion , after a siilllcient i-.xamiuation , to be in-
exedlent ) fur tlm postolllcu department to
contract lor carrying our foreign mails under
tlm uddltloiial mitliority given by thu last
congress. Tliu amount limited was inade-
ipi.ue tu pay all within the purview of the
law , the mil rate ol'5J cents per mile , aud it
would havu been unjust ; and unwise
to have given It to. .spmo nnd de
nied it to .others ; ' nor could
contracts have lxcti ; let umlcr'thu Jaw to all .
ut n rate to have bioiuht tlm aggregate witldn
thu appropriation witnout sncii practical jire-
arrair'emenlof terms as would iiavo violated
It. Tliu ratu of sea and inland postage , which
was protlered under another statute , clearly
appears to be a lair compensation for ( he du
nned bcivlce , beinir three times tlio price
necessary to sjeure transportation by other
vessels upon nny route , nnd much beyond
thu charges made to piiviitu persons lor
services not less bunleiisome. So.uu of tlio
steamship companies , upon the refusal of the
postmaster general to attempt by thu me.ins
provided thodlslrlbution of tuu Mini appro
priated us an extra compensation , withdrew
tliu fiervlces of their ves-els , and thereby
occasioned slight inconvenience , no
considerable Injury. Tap mails have" been
dispatched by oilier means.Vhatoer may
be thought of thu policy of subsidizing unv
line of public coineynncu or travel , 1 am sut-
i.sued that it should not bo done undercover
of an expenditure incident to tlm administra
tion of n department , nor should there bu
any uncertainty as to the lecipicntsofthu
btiosidy or any discretion lett to an exec-utivu
ollicer as to its distribution. It such gittsof
public money are to bn mmle for the purpose
ol aiding any enterprise in tlm supposed in
terest ol the public. 1 cannot but tulnk that
the amount to be paid and thu beneiiclary
iiiUht better be iletcunined by cofigre s than
any other way.
Tlm inter-national congress of dcle/atos
fiom the pjstat union countikH "convened in
Lisbon , in J'ortugal , 'in 1'ctiruary last , and
after a session of some weuks , urn delegates
signed a convention amendatory of the pies-
< : nt postal union convention , in some parti ;
c. liars designed to ailvan'cu its purposes.
Tliis additional act has had my approval und
will bu laid before you with tuu departmen
tal repoit.
I lyiprovo the recommendation of tlio post-
inasr r.gvnerat that anutjienisilstaiit bj jno-
vided for his departuiunt. 1 invjto. your con-
Hlderation to tuu bevx-ral other rucojuuion-
dutlous contained in bis report.
The Judiciary.
The report ortlio uttorimy geimrul contains
u history of the conduct of the depai tment of
justice during the last year and a number of
valuablo'Hiiggestlons as to needed legislation ,
and I Invite your cftfeful attention to' the
sa mo. Tuo > condition of business In the
courts of the United States is sucli that tlieio
seems'to be an imperative necessity lor reme
dial legislation on thu subject. .Some of these
courts tire HO overburdened with pending
causes thatlhu delays on determining litiga
tion amount olien to a denial of justice.
Among the plans tmgcsicd for relief Is one
Hiilimltted by thu attorney general. Its main
tcutines tire the transfer of all thu original
juiiiilletioa of the clrouit courts to the dUtriet
courts , and an increase of Judges for th < > '
latter where noeeosary ; un addition of judges
to the ciicuit courts und constituting them
exclusively comts of appeal , and reasonably
limiting iipH.-als | thereto , further restrictions
of tlie il'ht tu remove causes trom thu stale
to tudenil courts , permlttiiii , ' appeals to the
supreme com Utroin tlm courts ol thu Distiiut
ut Columbia and fioin the territories only lu
the same cuses as they mo allotted from state
conns , and guarding ngainst an uunec SMrv
number of ajipcals trom tlm ciiuult courts. I
nppiovo thu plan thus outlined and recom
mend the legislation nncessary for its
-cntioii to our f udielal Bystem.
The Inillans ,
I recommend thu ) > .iss < i-'o of a taw author-
u.iiu'the uppjiointment of Mix commission
ers , three 01 whom shall bu detailed trom tlio
army , to bd charged with tliu duty ot n caro-
. Jill Juapactloii titmi tipm to time of alt Uio In-
diaiiK upon our re-servutions , 6r subject to thu
card and control of tlm government with u
, < vicw of discoveriug their exact c.onditJon
uud needs anri dHcrmlnlHg what stops hhall
bo taken on behalf ot the government lo im
prove their situation in the diiet'tion of Ibolr
-fcolf Ui > porl aud complete iilUatiou ; Uiat
Uiey ascrinin Xrom miuli iubpection what If
i any of the nervations muy ho reduced In
rc.i , aud In wueh nines wluii part Is not need-
id loriatliaii occupation uiuy bo piirc.liH d
by tliu goruruuient-iroin tUo uidlaun and dls-
fur thulr benwit.
f . . . , ,
The niRAsaga rooouiin utt4 te repeal aud
inodiiicatlon of certain of .the laud Jaw * aud
di-mxiuteitlirt falllugtif largo tracts into the
bauds of vyndlcutes lor euoculatluu.
The prt-ildeut nrgc.s that the tnitu-ttoutl-
iieutiUiuxdslHheUl to fitrtct OuCouutabillty
In the matter uf thelrgrants.
The uiiMsauu cites ilutt in July. 1883 , there
were ai'j.lii j raons lionie upon am iwiiKlou
rolls uu lucicase duriuif 'ten vears of J Ki.OOJ
Utt ivoomiuwidilliatcare bftaluia
too'cinsj thctolh from any fraudulwit j > cr-
snnn.ges. fc , ( '
The tnessdju' lays : in the territory of
I'tali thu lawpl-thi ! United Stales ILHSLM ! for
tne suppression of po.vinmy Ins been uncr-
getitfliiy nnrt'lnUhfully executed durltig the
r past year , wlltt liAMSUrably irood results. A
number of convictions havot eoit sTctired for
nnlawi'ul rolnbiirUnin , and 111 Stiini ) ensus
plc.itorgnill.yjkv'Je been entered nnd sdght
punishment Imposed upon the promise by the
accused that ; tlirvf would not again oifend
aKilnsttlm livviiirftihlse.coimselnidorabet ( ;
in a ly way IH Violation by Others. The Utah
e.u.ninlaiionpMoxiiM'ss ; opinions based upitii
such Inforuuttim ns they ulu able to obtain ,
that but few polygamous mairlagc.s Iiavo
taken place In , Um territory during the last
jear. They flu ther report , while
there cannot Uo found upon llu reglMra-
tratlon list of voters the name of a man
annallVKullUiif polygamy , find while none
of class ate holding oillce. . yet at the last
election In the tOriitory all thu ollieers
elected , u.xeept In our county , were mutt Vi\i \ .
tho.igh not actually living in Ihu iir.ictlco of
polygamy , stibVrtbVto tlm doctrine of
polyga.noiifl m.iirliiirc at n divine revelation
anil a law unto all , higher and nioni binding
iiioii | thu conscience tliAti any human law ,
local or national , Thus Is the strange specta
cle piesened ( m ncoiliiiiunlty piotouted by it
leiiiiblicun form of L-pvernmonttn which they
owe allegiance , sustaining by their suffrage a
principle anil n bjllef which sets at nau.'ht
that uhlkatlou ol absolute obedience IK the
law of the land which lies B * the Inundation
of lupiihilcnn Institutions. Tliesticiigth , the
perpetuity , and tlm destiny of the nation
upon our home , established by Hie law of
( iod , guarded by pnienlal care , regulated liy
parental authority Und winetliled by puiiinl ! (
love. These are ; not tin : homes of polygamy.
Thu mothers of our land , who rule the nation
as they would tlm characters and guide Iliu
iu'tlons of their sjous , live aivoiding to ( iijil's
holy ordinance , aim each , pine and happy lu
the inclusive love of Jim father of her chil
dren , sheds the warm light of trim woman-
homl , nnpcrvuitcd and unpolluted , upon nil
within her pine aud who C.-MMIIO family ulrrlu.
These aio not the cheerless , crushed and mi-
woni.iuly mothiMS of polygamy. The fathers
of our families are the best citi/.cns
of the republic , wife and c'llldrou
are Hit ; sources of patriotism , and conjugal
and parental affection bv'get devotion lo
counlry. Tlm man who. nmle.iled with pliii-al
marriage , is Hiliioiiuiled in Ills single liomu
With Ids wile and children , ha < a stake in thu
counlrv vvhlch liisphes him with lespccl for
its laws aiid courage for Its defense.
lire not thu fathers ol polygamous families.
There is no featurn'of this practice , or thu
sy.siem which sanctions II , which is not op
posed to all that is ot value in our Institu
tion * . Tlieio shouldbu , no relaxation In Iliu
lirm but just uxemitluii of the law now In operation -
oration , mid I should b ) glad to
approve HUU'I further discieet legislation
as will rid tills eouiitivof this blot upmi. Us
fame. Since the pcbple In our torrllorUv * aio
iclnforccd bv immigration from oilier lands
I ice miniend a law b > passed to prevent
the impoitatlon oC.Moimons into this coun
try. "
THI : Aniiict'i.TriiAt , IXTHIIININ
of tlio country , tins message says. d'Miinnd '
iii trecogiiliiuu and liberal encouragement.
& sustains win ceitainiy and uniailluv :
strength our nationalpro | ierity and beats its
full siiaio of ( hi1 burden ot taxation without
complaint. Out of our total annual repot Is
mine than tluw-fomths aielhe products of
agriculture , and of rtlir total population near
ly one-half are e\clushvly engaged in Unit
occupation. Thu leenium'-'iids ' tlmt
especial altcijljnp bo paid to this department.
Iteferiinir trv-prmiihitory laws adopted by
.several countries afenidlng th1 impoitatlon
of our nnliual'niriinliulrpioiliiclv ' , the message
suggests the imporfcinva of such pivciuthms
for the piotecljim of our stock of all kinds
against disease riv ; will disarm suspi
cion of din -1-.uiiil cause tlie
ol stuh injuipiif ; [ jiiohibition. Thu president
dent reci > niim'm'ds.iulditloiml legislation on
this subject ii'jucew arv , ami iwommciids to
the consideration of congrcs- ! the suggestions
contained -tliuit-port ol the commissioner
of agrjeultuie. , n
Theclosingiiorl liin of tlm messig' ) Is devoted
tu the civil mvfeiu iuesthiu. The pieshlejit
says : " 1 am frVcllin'd ' lo think that there Is no
sentiment mola'ul neial ill the minds ol the
paoiileof our country than the convlellon ot
the eoriectiiijaVIoMthe piineiplc ujioii whicii
tiio law ontorcing civil neivice lel'orm Is
based. " "JlujrrltMru' < his lormer exploded
views ou.tlie.lujJRt ) ( , und Knys : "I ventnrftto
hope that we n a'shafl ' aain bu remitted to
tliesvMem wliieh distributes public positions
purely as a lowunl'ifoK partisan service.
.Doubts may well bj euteitainc.l whether
our government could survive the stiain
ot u continuance ot this sysUtm which upon
every change of administration inspires an
ImiuL'iiso'army of claimants lorollic" to lay
siegu to the patroni o of the govciiiiuenl ,
engrossing thu time' of iiubllu ollieers , nnd
their Importunities spremiing abroail the con
tagion of their disappointment , and lilllii' '
Uiealr with thu tumult of their discontent. "
Tltl' I'llliSMNiNTIAli SITr'CI > .SIO.V.
Tiio message concludes as follows : ' -The
present condition of Ihe law relating to suc
cession to the presidency in event of the death ,
disability or removal pf both president and
vice president is such ns to remiiro fminedlatu
amendment. The siiblect has repeatedly
been considered by congress , but no result
has been readied. The recent himeutnblu
death of the vk'e pifHdcnt and the vacancies
at the. name time in all other olliecs , the in-
einnheiits ot whicii might inimedliitely exer-
ercisu tlie functions of ilie presidential otllc ,
has caused jmblic. anxiety and a lust deimiud
tliatarecurreiicuof such a condition of at-
lairs should not ho permitted. "
In conclusion , I co.nmuiiil to-lhu wlno carp
nnd thoughtful , attention of congress the
needs and welfmo of nil intelligent na
tion. To suboidinKtu these to nuriow
ndvantag'es of partisanship or tiiu
nccnmplishmunt of fcchish nims If to
violate thu'pi'oplo's trust and lL-tray tlm pso-
p ! < i's inu-resls. Hut an Individual st-nso of
lespoiislhlllly on the part of each of ns and a
stern determination tu perform our duty
well must give us peace among tlm-u who
have added In their day and generation lo
the glorv ami prosperity of our beloved
land. ( Signed ) ( 'IIOVKII CUVII.ANU. :
Washington , le.p. 8 ,
Jfousekocpcr Can I'lirchaso
lu tlio Liuutil .Marts I'rlees
aud'Varieties. ,
IN TUB vifjirAui.i : : i.ixc
Onions-areAellinH at - . * ) ' ) "cunts a peck.
Heels uro worth " 3 cunts a peek. Now
turnips uro worth 20 cunts a peck. Cab-
bajjo is brin in Ul to l i cunts a lieiid
Potatoes , bostyariuties , wo worth 05 to
(5.1. ( .Salt Lake potatoes are romiu in ,
gulling for B , " cents a" " bushel .Sweet po
tatoes , liomoKniwii ind Jurioy svvcot ,
( Jl eents a pound ,
llubbiird ilnd Marblolicad ermashcs
sell tor U ) to 25 cunts aplecu , , .
Carrots are worth 2 > oonts a pc-uk.
Oybtur | ) laut sells lbuuchu.s , t'oraquar-
Parsley is Bfllil atfi''cnnts ' a Imndlo ,
1'arhiiips at 1 uut3 a pjuli. YauUjn
pumpkins uro worth from Jl ) to 23 cunts
each ; Nvvootiip)4vfinipkinH ) thubumu.
Celorv suIWit'ffJ'undO'Joiintsa ' down.
Now hot-lioutut.J ( Uutand " r.idl < ; lius S
cents a bunqnvsd | j
. UtUITlJ.
The markcta are not will stocked in
Iliu line ot InJli.lSlatavvbaK''ijes ' ' 7.cents
to ij-1,03 pur Iwwliol. U'os huedliniJKi'ajH'S
n-lail at lafjemlls M ponml. ( Jalifor-
niii K l" " * 'fP'i'LS ' ' 8l'MJi ' at u "t r
cunts a ponifgi VJualn a Crapes tell at 3'J
cents n p'ojYint , IVr-sian dates 15
cents n pound. 1'ijis from -0 to iiU vents a
iiound. iiu * ing i > > ( ) centfl a do en.
i/'ranberries TiViv orHi 15 cunts a quart.
Lemons 20 tV3itrtetrls. ( Florida oranges
are now in nr niiirket milllny 'I5t < S5
ceut.s per dozcjiu 'uarc ; , diirernntCaUfor-
uia varieties , Iii cents : i pound. i
Choice cooking mid uatiuu applet , 35
to 40 ccuts u pccK' JJ.OO to ? J.5U pur bar
rel. -
In thoJiim-.of fresh-wator < i h , vrhito
Ilsli , ( rout aifd bis : retail ut 13 vents per
pound ; jiiekerol is bellinij at lij
cunts ; croppiti-uud Jiprch cuu be had for
12 ] cents ; caUisli sell forlGccnUujiouiiiU
Frubli Columbia river sulmon uro worth
35 cents a pound. "Jvfesh vela suil for 20
cunts a pound. >
.Salt irattr fifb ; are ajrain in the
market ut the folidwlnjj prices : 1-Ypsh
halibut 23 oonts u pound. Codllali uud
haddock , 15 couts a pound. Mackerel.
15 ixiuU i-jwh. lxb t rs urovvorlb -3
oenuu pound.Bhriutps are soiling lor
40ouuUu pound. Oyter , Nun * Vork
counts , iO ; suloets , 40 ; wtulldnrd , 40 ouuti
Uodlisli tongues and Bcollops are u
rarity uud oua bu Uad through thu bal-
nnco of the wlntnr. CVtilfl h tongues soil
H ( 'JO cunts 41 pound , Scollop * , OJ eciiLs n
I'rairlo clilckein nro vcrysenreo nnitro *
tail nt10 cents c-aHi. DIR-KS nro si-llln :
tonl. 'JO oontsj Mallard , il'i nonts. Quail
nro just beginning to como in , and sell lit
The best citU ( if sirloin soil for 15 cents-
rumps und upper part of round steak ut
1 , ' ] , Itoastlnir ribs , linn and juicy , onn
bo bought from 10 lo UJ oonts. Veal is
ovtromiily searco und comes liltfli , from
Ifi to it ) c-onts , ucpordlilg to the olioicenoss
of the pilrt. Swi-el breads can bu pur-
ulniseil ul 15 cunts n pair. Corn buuf IB
Hulling at from ft to 10 emits , according to
euts. Prime lei ; of mutton oin : be hud fur
1. } cent.s ; mutton ehojis I J } to lo nonts
Hum is worth 1'J ciiiiLs in bulk , 'JO cunts
sllecd. I'ork , 10 to 1U1 fonts1. Sansatje ,
10 to 191 cunts. Spring lamb is sol HUT
for $1 for fore quarter und .tl.a.'i for hind
miarturs. Sitrliii'oliiokciisuro worth from
lit ) lo < IO minis : | ) ( ! .
Tliu Hospital Oouoert.
The following ) ire ramuio has been
prepared for the oonmirt ivhk-li fa to take
phu'o nt thu opuru house on Wcdnesilny
urunn ! < r , December 0 , tlio proeumls of
which uru to bo ilimute.d tn St. Josuph'n
( iDspital :
Address 1'rof. \Valther
Septette , for tuo pianos liocthoicn
Mlssui 1'lossle Cotner. .M tmle ( Jieen , Adaline
Wiith ami Kinlly Doin.
Duo Oh 1 Hante , ( 'rlmsoii Moinlnc :
Luela dl I/aaimermoor
JIlss II jll Ouwlnnor an IV. I \ . Snnder-i ,
Ocean , Thou Mighty Monster..C. M. Weber
Miss Kaniiin Arnold.
Violin Solo Coneurto K , Jllnor
I'lol. A. Jennings , Mr. M. Calm ,
I.I tu JI , A limils Dciira
Mrs. W. W. Klmdcs.
March Hohemienni ! . for two pianos By
U'eber. A trail neil by Moiidelsson and
UVVaiKo Vision Verdi
I ( ( Seher/o Meiidelssohii
j li Impromtti , A Hat , , . . Chopin
I r Campunella \Vallcnhiupl \ :
Valso Song Sullivan
Miss F.innlo Ainohl.
J.ct All Obey Leach
Mr. Kovel I'Vanee. '
l.e.s Hois Ciiassu ( limiting in tlm woods )
i 'nuleii t
/ ) Inqtiletude Al. Drey.schock
1'iof. A. Walther.
Thou Fairest \ Ision ofilv Dream..Lasscn
Mrs.V. . \V. Uhodus.
The Woiitlinr.
The "bcuntitul snow" IIUH continned to
fall since Monday night , unil nt
-1 o'clock this morning lid ; ( renehuil n
depth of about six inches' . The festive
cutter was out in gr.wt nnmburs ,
an'il tlio tinkle of the morrv slufeh bulls
was hcuird on all sides. At 7 o'clock
yi'stenlny morning thu thermometer
indicated a tumpuratiiro of 11 ° , and at
4 o'clock .yesterday afternoon tlm
mercury had climbed to a point ao
above /.uro.
Aeeonlinj' to tlio liiirlin lon it Mis
souri bpecial reports , the weather at the
noints Ijii'iiw ' is as follows : I'latt.snionth.
Lrele , IS0 , snow ; lir.ind IslatuI , Ji > ° ,
cloudy ; Kearnoj , 14 ° , snowing ; Me-
Con ! ; , 'o0 , sno\viig \ ) ; Denyor , i ! lc , cloudy.
Tlio river at this point is Mninninir ] \
clear of ice. At Sioux City il is roportud
A. H. Carl , ot Lincoln , is at the Mil-
lard. ' '
O.r. . Hice , of Croighton , is at the Mil-
II. W. Curtis and wife , of Ashlund , are
1'aton guests.
C. C. Valentino , of Lincoln , is quar
tered at the l'a\lon.
( J. J. Itailshnch , of Ashland , is regis
tered nt the Millard ,
II. II. Uorsjy ii'itl 1) . McLennan , of
Wtilioo , uru at the I'axton.
Karl Hussull unil ( J. llalfour , of I/on-
don , are at t.iis L'.ivto.i liotjl.
.Phil. p. Miller , of thu Live Stock Indicator -
cater , Kansas City , is at tiu : Millnnl.
lion. Ocorgo A. Hrooks , of Uaxilc
Mills , is in .this oily , a guysl al--tlio Mil-
Jumes IJoJl , of Divid City , uceomiin-
Tiled by his son , is' slopping ut the Mil-
George \V , Uest , of Poyoko IJros , , has
roturno'd from an extensive .Uip in the
far west.
L , M. 15'jnnet ' , the superintendent of
tliu local I'ullmun oillco , left lor thu cast
A. J. Uunlaii'l , Mks W. P. IliHnmU
an < l Miss M. Douglierty , of Norfolk , are
ut the 1'aMon.
Miss , li.'lle Wwndisll , of PJattsmouth.
and'Misses.J. Palmer an 1 C. Gr.ivcs , of
Lincoln , am at < ho Paxton.
W. D. Thorn Fremont ; J. L. Ritlor ,
Norl'i ' ISend : J. R. Porter. Haider ; G.-1I.
IClk Creek ; J. S. Tuwksbury ,
\Vntor , are at tUu Canliuld.
Charllo Gorlium , who has been repre
senting the Hosk Island r.iilrond ut the
-Union floek yards for sum j months past.
und who has ilonti mtioh to maki ) his
road popular umongstnukrnunjms bouii
appointed traveling stoek u unt. 1'u
will start on iiis lirst trip to-day in' No-
< Vhu police havn benn informud that
Patsv-O'Donnell , thu l.Vyear-old ton of
'J'liomus O'Donnell ' , left tils homii Mon
day night nnd has not since returned
His parents are very anxious about him
and Imvu instructed thu poliuu to maku a
strict. Hcurcli for the wanderer ,
Mrs. N.orton , who ' was cut by her hus
band so luiljy 'Sunday night , sudilcnly
jnovcd frofu. hur home on Fourteenth
nt rout yeslorduv , having weld her household -
hold goods. Wliero HUO hs ; ( moved tu is
un Known.
Atturnoy N , J. Uurnhain" is preparing
another \vriL \ of habmw corpus to sneijro
Ilie ruluasuof Pat JJ.innon , the uuspio-
ious character 'Uowotmh'ned ' in thu city
Another of tlm cases against Mrs. Mann
foe selling beer in a house of prostitution
has boon sut for trial tills afternoon in
tlm police court.
Judge McCull > ah uallod tlio dockut in
tlm founty court yesterday. There
wi-ro forty-two cases rucordod for trial
tiii s tuna
! I'JM:81
A suru euro for Jillnd , Klcodlng , Jtchiug
and Uleer.ituil Piles has been dibcoveied by
] ) r. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called J > r.
\Villlanis' Indian IMu Ointment. A Klnglo
ibu.x Jias called tlm wiist cluonie iust-3 of y > or
'M years btandinj , ' . No < mo neott tutfcr tivo
mlnute.s ulterajiiilyiug this wuiutertul sooth
ing luedlciue , J < otlou8 iind insttuuientudo
motu harm than good. William * ' Indian
1'ile OIntnient.ab.soib. > > the Illinois , allays tlie
intense itching , dartlcularly at niclit attcr
cettlng Miirjii in bed ) , acts as a poulttuu. ulvei
liutantixiliej' , und id pivuuicd only for J'jUw ,
itdiili- private parfd. and for nothing ke.
.SU1.S JI8I2AS1SH CUlti | : > .
Dr. Frailer' s Magic UJntinent cures AS Ity
inu ie , PJiiuilus , liluck JUads : or Grubs ,
Uloichas and JCriiptioiis un the f Me , leaving
ttiu skin clear aud iKuuitlful. Also < mu Itch.
Unit JUienia , Huro NipplM , Sore Ups , aud
Old Obstlnuto Ul - .
tiold by ilrii BliaB , or mulled ou receipt of
& Co. ,
At v/hvJi-Mle by C. F. Uoodmau.
Tlie only Oriclnal liusUm IJrowu Hrnait
Frwli < luly ( nt A'KW ENGLAND liAK-
KKV. Alojo lluiuo intide filiiiwi Metautl
Mliico Piti.
Dirs Forebodings of a Uotntor Sqneeza
in Year Oora ,
.Striken the AVIiunt Tit ,
l''oroliir ' | thu 1'rJeo Up n Cent
tilvc Sltiek , Hiimn ami
Kut-rlKii Hcports.
CHICAUO , Dec. S. iSpueml to the UKI : . |
Conx Tlie uihance of u\cr l3o ? in year corn
was the thing on ( ttu Door that ovei > hul
owed everything else at tile opjiilng. This
opium In thirty nilniil > 9K > Iil up to l cand
Rhoweil cveiy Indication ot lieeping on up.
The jiar deal lnKcttini ; tu-nritKcrLsl atuviMy-
body knims if theio U u large slim lago tlm
cilsls Will bo with the shorts , and if theio Is
no great amount of shoilagu then the cn-
irhiL-ui-i of the deal w (11 ( teen uud It col a.i'lng.
I'tnf , 1' In temperature : mid tl0 |
of pio\V | \ is just uhat these jieop.oanlod. . It
will check r.-ceipts und alfuct tne grading mi-
lavoiaiily , Lester \ \ : Co. , It is app.uent , have
sod out the bull ; of their Irildtius , mid now
wimtever theru Is to the deal Is In the bauds
ot McUoriimck , Kent As Co. Their piiiieipals
ans at Xuw York. They nio tlc ) bi'steoiiuuis-
s , ( Mi men lu this pi ; , and the OIK'S ' who ran
the most smvosiul eofncr u\ur en-
glneeu-d. Tlm bull clhuiu must bulge this
corn nil to about 53 ? or lose inonc..1 ; oilier
wse Ihov cannot sell out at a . If
they had to jll now tlm niarkci wuuiil go to
pieces , tiooil management \\ouhl maKc a
gieat success out of tnu sipisc/.c. Jtecelpts ,
of course , will be large if the pilco is uil-
vanced and slloits aiv allowed to n.uig olf. It
will take a slprp sipu.-e/u to tiiijhten the
shorts. The advance to iD con tiading in
"year" did not exceed lWh ( j bushels. I'he
weather frightened a good many.
Wn HAT Wheat aiousi-dltsell from its liil1
lethargic spell and stretched picpar.itory t < i
awakening. Itiinnlng thiougu tliennndsoT
u huge majoiltyol trail r < was Ihe hope that
nceumulatloiis would soon begin to Mop , and
that when that was once n lat. . the long list
ol InuiiMsi's would be lolloped by a ducH'a-u ,
nud In their minds they saw May beyond th
dollar mailc. lu actual fact thev bouv'lit
wheat ou susplelon , fur nothing iu
tlm piosenl outlooic warrank'd even a giu-ss
that wheat was going to bo less penty than
it Is now. HoweuT , tlie action ot a few men
was contagious , unil blore ( buy know it they
wuio all bu.Nlngheat , foicingthe price up
justonecent. I'he leacllon came , as it al
ways does und cairicd pi ices bad ; until half
thu advance was wiped out. Wheat trading
was of u very dull chin-after , jet the
was tutotably linn , ut , tunes almost strong.
Dining the last half hour January hung
quite steadily around bSo , and May aioiiud
t > IJ < ( ! OI'tlie latter having pievlously sold
atU'ic. The i-lose 01 the morning .session
was steady ut the veiy slight ehangj noted
fiom yesteulay.
I'mivisioX' : Thu crowd boomed to have
an ulfectlun lorye.iteid.iylUiues of S'.i..C ' ' ,
and arouail theio for January pork , and 'i.tu '
for hud , and clung lo them pretty
inii'-h all day. The market was quiet
and entiiely ieatuiele > s.
CiiicAii ( ) , Dec. S. [ Special to the HI
CA.TTi.K-Tr.idu was lather slow and prices
h.irely as Htiong as on Momhiy. llud tialns
arrived on time with : vli fie cattle duo for tin-
day juices would have ruled lower. Low
grades and common native steers range be
tween & : i.roC't'.S" ! > , medium 5 l.-iVg ! . " > , good to
choice fat cattle SVUO < sV > 0 , and prime lirst
class natives fc.'i.iW ybO. A load of fancy
Christinas steeis bold at0.59 { last week.
Stueker.s averaging MO to i < 03 may bo quoted
at SS.a.X J.SO ; avcr.iges of 70) ) to WJJ , S'.MM. <
: Wi. recdOrs iiM'-ragliifr t > l.WJ niiiv
be ( itiitti'd ut SU.iO M.n. ! lixpoit entile trade
continues to show signs of revival durin , ' tin-
pist ill U-L-II or twenty da > s. The shipments
noiii tills side lo lintish maikeis have jiaid
but a small instead of a large loss as ycaror cig.iteeii mont is. S'llp- '
pi ng steers , 13V ) lo 15J.I pounds , c.ri. n .S.'M ) ;
I'iW to iW : ) pounds. S4.W.UA.V ) ; .Wl to 1'JOO
' "
s Tneiy is little or no'change in
prices , and tor tlm pist week values have
ruled steady , conshlei ing tlm laet
io-eipts Iiavo rivcragcd about -J1,0J ) a day.
The market to-day op-ned st-a ly , and so
ruled until near the close , when salesmen
reported they weiu nimble tj get as good
pilco-s-as at thu opening , \et thu demand
was slrcm r from nust to last , and elo.-ed
ftteuiv The best lujavy sold at . . ( Wc l.iN ) .
and tlie mixed .packing sorts at * ! . " ) )
! l.v. ! A lew loads of pa iking suits sold ill ) to
"Ho40J Jbs. .
New York , lec. -MoNKV Dull and
easv atUJZJJa percent.
PKIMI : VI Kin1 vvru.K PAPKIS If ? ) percent.
Koiti'.iox KxqifA.NOK Uu.i. > < Quiet and
linn at Jrt(5 ( * ; d 'iiaiul , 5' ' . !
( JoviiVMixr.s : : Activu ami strong.
S rouK Stoi-ku weio iiin uallv irresrular
and in early dealing feverish. In the
halt hour them wax a decided decline in Van-
dei hilts. Western Union , Li > ulsvlllo ( VN'ash -
ville aud Union I'.icliic , but the losses were
generally rojoveicd bdfoio noon. J iU-r deal
ings were ai-eomimniod b\.a moie steady
tone , moderate advances uml. on jy slight re
actions , clo-sing htiimg .within a-smill trac
tion of the Itttnt ligure.s of the duy.Tlm death
ot VnniJe.i bill was not known in Wall stieel
till an hour nlU-r the elo.s.t : MI ! thu < ; w.hane.
Most of tliOf leaUljijc brokers had lelt tlm
strc-ei beloieeven the rumor jeyiullng the
matU'r was s4JirJil. ( and the olftvt upmi to-
nioridiw'ei slocks a 01 alter of eon-
Jed me amoug tliu belated brokers und ollice
clerks ,
.IVceiitbunUs. . . lll'.j ) > ; . tVN. W . H
l/Ts. - iK's.ll'JJi pinforre.1. . .
New/s . J'ilJJi.V. V. g . 10
PiicilicO'ftof 'HJ. W > H Oregon Trail. . .
Ccntial 1'ucltic. ; Wj Kieliie M ill .
C. &A . W7J4 P. . W. i\5 \ K .
prefeired. . . , ist ) . , P.P.C .
C. , ft. ArO . iao/Uook iHlaiw. . . . 1'JJ4J
! > „ L. i W . .W4J4 t.'L , .Vs j. F. . . . 4J
J ) . < tU , ( ; . "JO pieleinsd. . . 47a
rlo . : . . ! ftJ C.M.&St. P. . . a- .
' prel cried. . . . Kl L urel'iirrud. . 117
niliiohtlJ < . VJT USt. P.A0 .
J. . JI. iV : W . 24' ' < "p/elerrrtd. . .
Kiinsiu , iVTu : , is. 'l-t Tcxiis P.iulilc. . . lil
LakoShoic . . S ' . Uulou . P.piiiic. . . Ki } (
r UiU ; ) cporl4 , nunu ronirleil ) ; jtpwt ! v'f < $ /e
hUlier but very < iuiiUijitjoiis ; opv'tiuJ weak ,
declined ' /fitfei1. Jater rnliiit htronger , ad-
vaiu-fld IGfi i ; elo. > lng trlrauy : mier.ide'l aid ,
BUt < iWe ; No. 2 red , U7e alloat ; Jauuary closing
at ( WA'C.
Coin J ? pot. active ; options
opened . 'iWJ ' c lijfchor.ater | Jell back toWMr ,
closing .Ktcudv" leoniptu , 1UJ.UJJ ; < > xM | > its ,
none ; UIIIIUI | < M | , Jv < r-ie ; Xo , Ji , ftlj iiiisin
oleiator , &i ® ' > J > ( u ; Junuury closlui ;
Ont -'Sliade b ( ? aud very , < jul t ; ro-
coi | > ts , liJ.OOUj exHjrts | , none tvpo lied ; mixed
western , "ivjiJJc ; w.i > t ru , No a jiuxed , Ultig
JVtioloum Steady ; united cj < ) yxlat ;
y. and .demand moilerate ; re.-
fliiuUCiJ pacuef s ; ovteni , J > jUc.
Pork ( inlet und very steady ; iuew , * tW
. ' .
Lard Le4s active ; weMernsk'am spot ,
S'UU ' : Jnmmry. fiJ.4Tisn.4aw.
UutterUuict und , llnu ; v Ujrn , SWJOcj
JCltfin areuniery. " > lv. , , . . , , ,
ChuetMt bn'ady and botter-dcumnd ; west
ern Hat , 7 ( < jJ'.4c.
- . . Wliest-TnsfttloJj
caoh , Sfjic : January , T icj Mar , W/ie / ,
Corn HU-ady ; .Nu , y , 4i > fc.
OaU Hteady : Ko. S.-lWe ,
, lf-
'Sifi * ! . ' , , ,
j uietw > } orl . .cash , old ,
; now , . .
Dec. . Wheat - Aftlvii and
. , -
Corn-Kasli-r ; No. A
Oats-Dull ; * fn.Mlud.U : : ( ! .
UyKa > derj So. , W wjttr ,
Uarley Fair duiuuud aai4 Uu4y ; oitraNo : ,
. . .
i'orlcOulfct ' at KlU.'il.
1arrlFirmer nt . JMf. } .
' LO .
Wbiaky-itciuly'at |
pti.iiurd :
lukw , "
cousin , _ .
WheatKirn , advanced 'nc , and later
cased oil under l lr > oftcil ijts ; no sj > oc-
ial demand ! Jluclimlt-d wlfiiln small lunge
nii | | closed steady , about the .saint1 as ) ester-
day ; Hfiko lor December ! bSj.-tNi'io ' for
j.iniiiry : M 4 for May , .
Corn M mi doing ; ruled llrmcr and higher
nil arm lit ; hearfutuics advanced lot B'o
and closed f to'S \ ' lilahcr : vn K'lor
Du'cmliOi ; itt'tut V lor January ; ds > 3 s lor
IVhruarv : UV 4 for Atav.
OAts-I lading light In cash and future's ;
steadv'He ; foi cash' : ! \ < iJA ) for December ;
UsJje foi January ; : ! t f JTl' ; - for May.
live-Dull and Ih'.ivy at llc ) cash.
n.ulevDullaUiV ! .
Tlmothv rirm aud easier at
for vilnie.
Klaxsevl-\Veak ; No. 1,81.1:1. :
Potk l/i rm 5 tiillj higher ; S .PO.i0.0) for
ev'i ' ; "s.uj . . . ( s.s.iii for December ; $ s.l > . i
Ijiuil lair demand nud a shad' higher
nnd eln < ; od Btealv ; Sl.OJ'itrtUH lor easli ;
Sit.uotiM.ui' ' < lor IKvember : SsUttttl.U ! , tor
January ; " ? i.I7fc ( tfj'-'O ' tor l-V'iriur.v.
Hulk Mjils-aliiuihrs ! , tH.r.irHn : short
clear , jVU > 8 .1.1 ; slim I ribs S I.SJ.'f ' ! . . " ,
Huttor Klrmjerwmcrr niedlmuio Juncy ,
fi1 ; tlnlfv fnlr | o due. Uf ) iflt-e.
iic'sQ ( Jiilel ; fuU'erenm cjieddin. I'tjCtf '
; ilats b'viJIO'fc ' ' ; youiiij AmeriiMs Mjj
it1 ! skims , fiji
Hfdcslie.ivy green s.illeil fully cuied ,
f'yc ' ; IIMit , IDC ; dauuue.l , Sc ; bull hides ,
0'4c ; dry nailed , li 'o ; dty Hint , U'xjjillo ;
e.i'fskIns. i'.ti .
Tallow Uuch mi ged ; No. 1 count ly ,
IteceluH. bnljuiHints
I'lour. bbl : ) 11,0) ) , ) v I
Wheat , bu 10 .0 > l 17.UOO
I'oiu.Dii lHitOJ , > It.UUO
Oats , tm inoui ; ) IM.IXH )
UxiMll It.OJJ 7.1KX )
JJaih' W.OJJ t-i.M (
SlIiiueaiiDlls , li'c.S.VliMt \ riitn ; No-
1 haid , casn , Hie ; lpepiiler | ! 'l ' $ ; . Janunrji
. . . . . . . . iialents , ; bal.uH. S i.5.UW. ( (
Ji ( > i < oliU-\VhiMt."c | > . . ( ) ; ( lour , 1U" .
.Shipments Wheat , H.OtM ; Hour , l."i .
Toledo. Doe. 8. WliLMt ip
cash , Ui.yji.Vf ' .
Coin ; cash nnd yi-ar , 4'Jo ' ,
Oats-Dulle.ish ; , : ilc
l.iverpoul , DciJ. 8. Wealhw frosty.
Wheat-SI advund f.iirilimiand ; olVeiinvs
nioilerale ; spring and winter , Is id nfs 11 ;
( . ' .illloinia , I'M II < 7s M ; clu i , 7s 'Jl ( , s hi.
I'oin-Stioiigait.l in i.iiriL'.ain.l ; I1,1'jd. ' .
ICuu is City , D.'f. 7.Vliml \ 'i ' llet ;
No. ! l.-il. easli , , h ) bid , 7f | ilskl ; .1,111 MIT ,
7V bid ; Keiiiii.iry , 7 c Itld , Mnslt d ; May ,
b'J'sC bid , bli-asked.
Cmii sitrongcr ! e\sh , 'JT'j'e ; j7'o j
bid'JiV as.te.1 ; I'eliruiw , Ji'i ' < - bi l , : & } &
asked ; Mij.Mle bidi'5'-asUed. : : ' '
U4U-.NO. - ' , cadi. 0o bid.
Rbloaso , Dec. S. DroyoM' Journal
icpoiis :
Cattle-Uwelpts , 9,0.1) ) ; dull and 10- lower ;
shijiping tei-rs , Si/.fcO : ) ( ) ) ; siijpk is and
fec.l'is ' , S' ' . ' " > ) , I..Vjco.vs ; , bulla'id \ mlM'd ,
sLlMrtLOJibiiLt , 5i.sOi Wi ; Texius .7r > M
! ! .7 ° i.
Hogs KecelptsS3.013slow ; ; and Tie , lower ;
roiuh anil inUi'il , S'l.lMil.O'i ; pnkiu ; anil
shipping. S.rJjiM , ) ; > 3lUit ; ! , ; i.liiWJ ) ! skips ,
Sheep lt"cepts ! 0,0) ) ) ; vveikanl a slridii
lower : intivij < , jiOji j.s } ; w.-stjin , SJ.O > jJ
: i.oOTuansf..UJ ; I.'JJ , lanus o'U 'il.7 .
UaiiHu.s Olty , Dje. s.-Jatlle-KiOjlpH ( !
2.4UJ ; suipm mis , 7JJ ; slmv. weak and a
shade lower : expoiters. S'l.DJ.nXA ) ; common
to choice shipping , jf r V'.J.lK ) : stocUeisaud
lePdeiN . ' > Jr l.n ; cows , SJ.OJ Wt ; glass
lau r > - steer- ) , -.lijoi 1.1 > .
Hogs-Kccplpls , itJl ) , ; shl-ments , fi.OOO :
ste.ulv ; goo I loe.ioiee , > l. . " > > . ; ' ! . " > : litht and
nilM'il , Wiif liJ ; eimimou , . ? : i.tUiii"i. ! ) !
Sheep H " - . .elpisJJ ) ; shipneuU , none ;
queteuiu.nou ! ; ion'ooj5l. . . " > JiiI.U ) . R' '
St. LouM , Di3. s. ( ; iiUt3-IA'i ! > luK 0) ;
shipiueiim , 4JJ ; ste.idy ; ) , ' * ! ! ; } : steers"
S.i' : ! > i'ji.i ; nutive bulelicr steers , feil.O , )
l/i'i ; eows an I holfeis , Siiio'VJJ.stockeis :
and fci'der > , J..VJ.iJi.7'5.
Shl-np-U'cclplS TiJO ; .shlp-ll-illtx. 203 ;
ipiictco ; rmoii locholceuiiitlou ? , j ? . .QJttt.5f \
ln\u\uf \ \ ! . 'i'tjSi.'ii ) . /
O31AJ1.V l IV/3 / STOOK.
Tuesilav liyeulug , Dec. 8.
Tlieie was very little activity tin the cattle
market to-day. Tlm hog-juaikeL was lairly
active and lejjipls liberal ,
niri2ii'rs. :
Tattle . - 400
llo.-s t S.tOj
.Sheep i.i. . . U JO
rmrn'j. _ _
Poor to | Xiood to
J.ttM lljsnnd over . . .
-1 OJat ) ,4 , 40 4 00
l-00u1l-J50 Jl > s 0 75 4J5
J-eodeis 1 IU 3 50
( JmssToxaiis : - 73 , f n : oo
\\'e.slern Jim cr. > smsKi av , ow @ ! oa
KativeCows . .i j 6U. ; J 74 , s as
U'esteiu Covv.s J.O- ) t U ! B
Hulls a 10
a .a |
Heavy . i'9. '
hight : ; i W ,
u no
IIANHK lif .
. . for roii'h
TliPflxlrontir.iiifo ; or sprites | 11/1 jt'.i it
inKcil , picking iii ili shippin ; ami light
woUhthofs for six divs is siunvu bulovy :
Itiiu , il r Uwivy " "fl T.T-fTit
Date. Mixeil.J. Packi.i.U.jWejBhts |
Tuesday. . . . ' ] ? > ) JT I..M d us ® 1.10
Wi'd nsilay
* J''i iday . . ,
.Salind'iy. '
MotiiUy. .
'J'lioiiJ.iy. .
coiix rijj. HTKKlifl. '
Xo. Av. Pi' ' No. ' " AV. Pr.
717. ! . . S1.40 , & 7.Wtl ) 0f )
17. . rai-'iV :
No. Av. Pr.cowri. f.t AY. Pr.
'M. . .101)5 )
nous. '
No. Av. Pr. 'NO.- Av ; Pr.
Ii7. . Pr.viu 111 ! . . l'JJO'
liU. . : viu " 77'
( VJ , . u.ii ) MTU ; i.rj
fiS. . JHfj < ; o , . . . aw' ' .
fil. . il.4" tat. . . JJ.Si
fl . . i-r. ! M. , . . a. oo
57 .
nloiiKsr A.vj ) r.owiisr.
. .Showing MID Klglutst and.Jo\ ( irRcs paid
on , this market lmr hogs imin | ; "lie jiast
bc'ven davs iVudior'tho cuir poudlu ; time
Jjst month :
Tiiesd y. ,
Kiidu.v Mi.l'1
.Satmduy . . . . . . . .
Mopilay , , a.oo
'J'uuvluv. . . . . . . .
Aoto All nales of stock In tlils market
inude per owl. ' 'livo woiglil , unless otherwise !
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