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Tl'ESlUY MOUMN" , 1 > KC. g.
OrriCEi Xo. 12 rerl Street .
ltl\crc ) ) l liy ran icr 5i > any | iart of Iliocily nt
' ' K.
InMity trills r'ir'w
H , W , TII.TON ,
Keller , Ilio tnllor , for winter gooiK t
Woallicr slrip olV. . U' . Clinpinturs.
Tlin ojicrn IIOIIM linrbcr ihop will
yliorlly linvo Imtti room's.
I'rof. H\rtlioloinn\v : nml Ills womlnrful
, lioi > i-j ; ajipi-iir in Kt-oktik lliisv iik.
Tliu lualc eoinini-iipcd yoslcrdny nt
Hie romily tri'iistircr's ollicc. ami
\ \ viiltc.iiiicd \ \ ,
Sivi : ! ltn-1 nml oxolmlo < 1" 1 > ,
wuatliiT "trips for doors iitiilviinlows of
Chnpinnn ,
The llr t mini to appour on I Inwlrcnts
in n cutter this puaaon was I red IJivis : , ol
Jnris & hnml , .ycslcrtlny.
IVrmil tovril MOJ honii K'IVCI ; loV11 -
llnmS. V n Kiik , of Silv.-r Cily. ntl
Alary Haroiitt , of tliis nil j.
Sloi 'lis niipcnriiil for Ilio llrst tiinis this
( K'ason on Ilia strncls yesterday. It was
iMHirsk'iltting , bul the. llr."t and bust to bo
There lins been Hltlc lii-anl latnly of
tin ) new stri'et oar c-ompny whicli was
llmllieniDof sifow daysHiilk sonic tlmt ?
Tlio finioral of ( lie lilllu bubo of Frank
Jlalliday was liuld Sunday afternoon. A
large number of tlio frlondi of Ilio bu-
rcavcd ones wuns in allimdance.
The oitv Is to luivt ! homo rare miHiual
Ircnts. Tlic Fitlior-Moi'ki'l conoertontho
31th and this concert of thu Fry com
pany on Ilio loth are two of them , ihey
are both worthy of crowded IIOUMSS.
One of tin ? spiritualist , mediums of this
oily makes the prediction that there will
bo'n Viri ( lulu .spring nd flusb on the
M reels in April next Those that duliyhl
in prophecies will sllt'k u pin hero.
. Mr. Ooojior , n painter , i.s showing to
his friends n vciy inp-nions bit of wliit-
tling donu by him. Tliuri ) are .scventi'en
distinct pairs of piiu-crs. ent from onu
liiouo ol wood , nnd all so nii'ely con
nected and lilted that they all fold into
the original block ,
Tlio Chicago , Uurlinston& Quitipy was
laic ; ye. lcnlav morning , and in making
up tune n remarkable run was made
from FauiHf.Jimutioii lo this city. Hie
di.t4inu ( ! in sixteen miles lo the local de-
jiot , and this was niuilii in a fraction in
side of twenty minnti's.
The police are waking tip. They have
lately been trying to .stop the potty
thieving bv running in suspicious cliar-
rioters. Unfortunately they seem thus
far to irct hold of tliuvronp ] ) iirtns ! , ( ir
else fail to got the needed evidence. It is
oncouruging to see tho' try made , bow-
Thecily eoiincil in proposing to make-
< he saloon licenses $2tf a niontli in cash ,
or $50 in warrants , seems to hold that
cily warrants are worth only fifty cents
on'a dollar. The oily fathers will hardly
bo willing lo admit ( his , and yet such
scorns the mferenou of the proposal.
Tlio district court was to have opened
ypstisrday , lint .Judge Loofbottrow was
'detained nl.lcilcr.3on. Orcen county. The
trial of three men , charged with the
murder of a miner in the recent strike at
Angus , is in progress there. It is expect
ed that tlio court , will open hero on Wed
nesday moiniug.
The Gcrslenbcrg cases have been con-
tinned until ne.\t Friday. It is trying to
the patience of the taxpayers and law-
abiding citizens to have this family con
tinually before thu courts , with their
troubles , and never gtUlmg fairly settled.
The charge of vagrancy i.s now put
against them , and un eil'ort will be made
to get tlio Gcrstenbergs to move out of
tlio city.
For home time ( lie tire department lias
been in thu habit of hitching up at noon
when the ; licll taps , .just as if ( hero was u
lire to go to. This has boon a part of the
practice and drill of thu department. It
is said to hiivo been abandoned lately.
There arc few llrcs in the lilnfl's , hut the
discipline should not bo allowed to become -
come lax on that account.
* i -
Ladies and gents got a ticket lo the
grand drawing on January ] , with every
2.T cents world of goods purchased of
Arthur Lofkovilx. 5-jJ : Broadway. Tlio
choicest candies , California fruits , nutd ,
cigars , etc. , always on hand.
For hardware and house lurnishuige
get prices of Cooper & JleUuo , No. 41
Blaiu street ,
_ _
Try John Temploton's "Ho , o" cigar.
I'crsonul 1'uruurapliH.
J. A. Hamilton , of Nuola , is in tlio city.
A. W. Cofi'man , of Avoca , is in the city.
Louis linsen , of JJcg Creek , is ill with
Fremont Uunjamln , of Avot-a , is lioro
to attend court.
Wiley Mlddlelon , of Missouri Valley ,
was in thn city yesterday.
1) . A. Williams , of Atlantic , is in the
city , ft guest of the Ogdcn house.
John I3o , 8 , of Missouri Valley , is visit
ing liis > brother , Hugh ( Joss of this city.
C. E. lUuhaardd , tlio attorney of Ucd
Oak , is in HID city to attend the district
8. 1. King , of Logan , arrived in thu
oily yesterday , to look after some legal
Judge Aylosworth , of the superior
court , is expected to arrive homo from
( ho cml some iluy this week.
Itoburt Hunter , of Tabor , who has
lately resigned tliu principals ] ! ! ) ) of thu
imblie Hi'hools thtro , is in tlio city. Mr.
Hunter is thinking of entering tno jour-
nnlistlo Held.
Miss Lou Carson , daughter of lion ,
George Carson , was taken suddenly ill in
the school room yesterday afternoon ,
ml had ( o bo removed in a oarriago to
lior homo. Thu trouble proved not to beef
of a very eonuus nature.
Frank A. Sliepard , who came from
North 1'ltUte some' time ago , and has
been lying ill at the residence of his
brother , C. 1 * . Shepard , on First avenue ,
yer since , seems to bu slowly recover
ing. JIo had boun unconscious for two
' weeks.
W. M. llushnull , H. Hope and sister
Nelliu and daughter Dcrtio , of St. Paul ,
arc visiting with the family of Mr J. T.
tiliver , on L'ark avcnuo. Mr. llnshnell is
on his way to southern California for his
bftalth , nud will remain u few days here ,
which will give an opportunity for his
old friends hero to meet him. un oppor
tunity whicli they will gladly improve.
J. W. Mills , an attorney located in
Colorado , is in tliu city , and under the
escort of Mr. Jacob Sims , the well Known
member of thu bar here , is taking a note
of the growth and prosperity of the
Bluffs. Kir. Mills , as well .es Mr. Sims , is
a Badger , and a graduate of a Wisconsin
college. Ho kuvos today for his west
ern homo. _
Substantial abstracts of title nnd real
efctati ) loans , J. W. , & K. L. Squire , 101
1'earl utreet.
. .
For the twst and cheapest oy lors cal
at Chicago Lunch Counter , 401 Hroad
way. Oytior uoup nil day , only 10 cents
Tim warmest garmenttlio latest cra'/u
for men the Jersey jacket at Bono's.
The Little Mayor Finds the Tree List Sus
pended About the Shows.
< Jitnritai1 On a HOI-HC
' ' ' ' Union
Hiirns-'I'lio I'rlnHri : *
rointn I'orsonnl nnd
ltiior ontl.
l'i'C < - Knnponilctl.
Mr. IMisliloi' , the niiinnypr of I'rof.
Hnrtholomuw's Miintnu Paradox , docs
not ffulvtjry khully over the niiittur of
his arrest for not luulnfe paid a JICPUMI
for liis . lio\v in HID opersi liotf-c. As iw
generally conuudoil it \ the place of lite
owtior of ( lie opera horne to lik : out
such HOPIIM ; , If any liucnso is ncrdi-d.
Thnt inttltRr hnu\r jicndlng before thn
council. Mr. JUslili-r's sliit monl of the
nn ir is to the eflVct tlmt the mayor had
a personal reason for trying to niaUe him
trouble. He say. ' * that while he was at
the door , at the Saturday matinee , FOIIIC
hoys presented : i note to him from Ilio
mayor , asking for .some complimentaries.
HtniinR that the mayor would be pleaFetl
lo reciprocate by giving the show a
"pun' " in an ad verlising sheet which he
win gulni ; to yet out .Sunday morning.
Tlic manager had. about all the advertis
ing he wanted , and respectfully declined
lo put out any more.complimentaries.
Soon Ihd mcj-senger rcturiieu anilshoxvctl
tin1 letlcr to Mr. Mishlcr again , remark
ing that lie probably had not noticed the
heading , lie admitted that ho had not
paid .sprchil attention to it , but for ac
commodation would do M ) . He ac
cordingly glanced over ( he printed
heading , announcing that the may
or had been elected twice lo
olb'ee , that the city was a tremendously
big ono , clc. Tlio manager said thn
heading did not parnly/.p him , and ho
would not be tartled by it into changing
iiis decision to re.l'usc the desired cotupli-
mcnlnrio . Ne\l came n police olliccr ,
ho thinks tin1 chief , accompanied by
those who had originally brought the
order for compiimentarics. Ho verbally
asked the manager to let the party in ,
as they were connected with Ihe mayor.
Hi-still refused to put tlio gates ajar for
their five adn Ksion , and genially pointed
out the strait and ami narrow way
which led to this ticket olllec. They de
parted in sorrow , bordering on wrath.
Tlio next I in know an ofllpcr eame with a ,
warrant for hN arrest fornot having taken
out a license Such is the story of Ills
treatment , ab lie tolls it. It Feoms strange
that the owner of tlio opera house does
not arrange to show tlio mayor sucli
courtesies as the prominence of the
position merits , but some way Mr.
Dohnny does not seem disposed to keep
a box awaiting the free use of his honor
ami his friends. Strange ! -
Correct Abstracts of Title and Real Es
tate Loans at MoMahon it Co's , No. 4
Pearl street. _
The eleelric belt of Jtuld & Smith , .10
Foitrlh street , Council Bluffs , positively
cures rheumatism , neuralgia , dyspepsia ,
piles , paralysis , indigestion , Jits , cold
feet , nervousness , headache , kidney and
liver complaints , loss of vitality , lead
poUoning , hick of nerve force and vigor ,
wasting weakness of those diseases of a
personal nature in male and female.
The Merchants' Police.
There has been a good deal of talk
about organizing a merchants' police
force here , similar to thu organizations
in other cities. The talk now seems to
bo ripening into action. AH lias already
been announced , William Ladd , who was
formerly a member of No. 4 hose com
pany , is securing a list of subscribers and
is meeting with considerable encourage
ment. James T. Anderson has also
started out with a list , and has secured
quite a number of subscribers. In order
to have the arrangement permanent and
successful , there' should bo some ono
head to the organization. Tlio cily should
take some action to define the duties of
this police force , -jivethem the needed
authority to regulate and protect the
organization. It looks now as if there
would bo several attempts to organize a
force , and tlio enterprise being divided
into several weak forces will amount to
little. A merchants' police force , if
properly organized , will provo a great
help to the city. The purpose of such an
organization is not to do tlio duties of
( lie regular police. These men arc e.x-
pocted to pay special attention to pro
tecting from iiro and thieves the properly
of those who subscribe. Many stores
and business places are not simicicntly
largo , and do not need a special watch
man exclusively , but by join
ing with others , they can bo
protected nt a small expense. Many
hero seem to have little idea of tlio purposes -
poses of a merchants' police force. Some
say that the city should employ what
police force is necessary , but these
.special police are expected to answer in
many respects a different purpose from
tlio regular police. Thny are lo those on
their beat what a special watchman is to
u large warehouse or factory. They are
expected to look after any doors that
limy bu cnrelcbsly left open , to watch for
lires , to care for goods which may bo left
exposed , to prevent burglars from getting
any chance to work and to guard the
special property put under their euro.
'I hey are expected lo work in conjunc
tion feomuwlmt with tliu regular police
and by affording a special protection to
their bubseribers they naturally afford
hotter protection to tlio city as a whole.
It is to bo hoped that thu council will
take such steps as are necessary to help
some such oganization into it permanent
and well working fornf.
Having put m ti complete now slock of
clolhiug , furnishing goods , huts , caps ,
etc. , Fox & Hughes , No. 015 Main street ,
invite the public to givn them a trial.
Their expenses are small , and they can
utford to Bell cheap ,
Winter hit tu at greatly reduced price
to close thorn out at Mrs , O A. Rogers
"Their blood be upon your heads. "
Dr. Thomas Jolfcrles , ( of Council Bluils ,
lu. ) Diphtheria and euro. Ten years
trial has proven it to bo infallible. If
you will use it in ovcry case of sore
throat , it will protect your family from
thu ravages of tiiu dread destroyer. No
doctor required. 1'rico $ ' , ' , Send for jt ,
A Queer Her e Truile.
Among the cases which tlio grand jury
will bu called on to Investigate h one
from Carson , the outline of which is
learned to bu us follows ;
Chas. Maynu owns a llyery stable in
Macedonia , and ( ieo , Coll'man possessed
eighty acres of land in Nebra.ska. Coif-
man coveted a valuable horsu iuMuyno's '
possession , and offered to trade him thu
land in question for the animal ,
which was agreed to and H war
ranty deed made out for the land
and given to Mayn't , and the
latter in turn transferred his right , title
and interest in a certain piece of horse
llesh then in his stable to Colmian , und
JKIVO him an order for tliu horco who was
then in Ills brother e keeping at Macedo
nia. As tlio story goes , ( 'oilman went
sifter tlio animal , but Jo anil behold , when
ho got there , ( lie line'autmul had
been spirited away nml an old rrowbail
left in its Stead. Inain did Cofl'man
call for the valuable horce flp. h it was
crowbait or nothing , lie then com
menced suit against Mayne for procuring
the land under false pretenses , A pre
liminary hearing wn-j had before Justice
Packard , at Avoca , which resulted in
Maync being lield in the .sum of
The latest midwinter styles in clothing
nt Hono's.
Men's jersey jackets at llono's.
Kor every thing in the grocery line give
the now linn of Kinlz Ar Kleob , 1CJ
Hron'dway , a trial. Everything new and
frc h. Fancy groceries a specialty ,
The Council Ijnsl Muht.
There has been considerable complaint
hero about the manner in which the
street car line has been operated. The
c-ity council has threatened from time to
time to revoke the charter unless thn
linrs wens extended nnd the conditions
of the charter were .strictly complied
with. Last night the matter came up
again in the council meeting. Three of
life aldermen voted in favor of revoking
the charter nnd three were in favor of
granting the company u little more time.
A committee was appointed to inquire
into the running of the dummy trains , it
being complained that the Union Pacific
i.s not keeping the promises It made when
the city gave the company the right of
way over Union avenue.
U he mayor presented a report insist
ing on thn opera house paying a license ,
nnd defending himself ngaitibt the
charge of personal spite in the matter.
The owner of the o orn house desires
the council to allow him free license for
ten years as n compromise for damages
claimed by him against the ctiy. The
council rejected this proposition , hut in
timated their willingness to grant free
licctiM ! for u shorter period.
The Kansas City railway company sig
nified its acceptance of the proposition
of llioc'lty in regard to the removal of
il.s ice IIOUM ; .
Ho uro ami ask your grocer for the
bread made at Smith & Loorko's bakery ,
No. 5'J ! Main street. It i.s the very best
martc. Try it and bo convinced.
Please call and see the beauties wo
have in the shape of holiday slippers for
you. Z. T. Lindsey & Co.
The Typos' Union.
The Blutr City Typographical union
has elected the following olliccrs for the
ensuing year :
President James Ktlinger
Vice President W. IJ. fisher.
Treasurer J. C. Schcrmerhorn.
Secretary J. It. Dietrich.
Sergeant at Arms A. D. J. Knhn.
Executive Committee John Gagnon ,
George Irwin , Hurt Warfcl , II. G. Oliver
and C. S. Fisher.
The boys arc preparing to give n grand
masquerade ball on Christmas night.
They have secured the Havarian band ,
nnd are making.such oilier arrangements
il.s will make the affair one of the princi
pal events of the holidays.
HPf Boys'
Hoots. Hoots , Shoes , Shoo ? , cheap , chcapi
nil styles. / . T. Lindsoy & Co.
If yon wish lo pnrchtiM ! anything for
ladies' or men's wear , bo sure to sec
Heiio's stock and prices first , i'on won't
bo disappointed.
Latest styles hats and caps at Hcno's.
C. B. Jacquemln & Co. , No , 87 Main
street , take pleasure in announcing to
the public that their slock of articles , or
namental , stylish nnd useful holiday
goods , is complete in each and every de
partment , and cordially invite everybody
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ever to show goods.
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chenille flowers for fancy work at L.
Slacken & Co.'s , No. ! J09 Hroadway.
Arrested War Forgery.
E. Smith , a hack driver , was arrested
last night for forging the name of Mr.
Cole , the livery man , to an order for a
suit of clothes on Heno & Co.
All kinds of interior draplngu , cornice
poles , shades , etc. , the very cheapest in
the west at E. Stookert & Co's.
Cottage ranges. Garland stoves , Ka-
dhmt Homes and Hub heaters of the. very
latest patterns t bed rock prices , at
Cooper & McGco's. No.11 Main street.
Christmas presents at Homer's.
The Fire Record.
Yesterday morning there was a little
blaze at the residence of W. II. Goff ,
caused by a child playing with matches.
The loss vrns nominal and covered with
insurance in the German American , of
New York , : n Odoll & Day's agency. The
loss was at once adjusted.
The loss on the building occupied 1)3' S.
Theodore , No. ! i03 Fifth nyenuo , and
owned by Mrs. E , S. Plainer , was ad
justed yesterday by Mr. Frank Dale , the
.special agent of the Phnmix of Hartford.
Without doubt \vo can show you as
nieonlincof gentlemen's holiday ( dip
pers as over was in the west. 55. T. Lind
sey it Co.
Drs , Judd & Smith's Eleotro-MagnqUc
nsolos. Only fifty cents. No. HO Fourth
St.v Council liluJl's , Iowa. Agents
want ed I _ _
Finest display ot meorslmnm nnd
smokers' goods for holiday gifts. T. I ) .
King & Co. , Cigars nud Tobaccos , C13
Hroadwny. _ _
Every ono buying ' 35 cents worth of T
I ) . King & Co. , has a chance , free , 'in the
great drawing , December 34.
Call and see our now Block of dress
bhoc3. 'A. T. Lindsey &Co
The Now Vast.
The newly organized Usburnu post ( > .
A , U. , has elected the followng ofll-
cors : L. S. Russell , commander ; S. II
Foster , S , V. C. ; John Trox , J. V. O. ; T ,
Clark , Q. M. ; H. W. Hight , chaplain ; J.
C. Hhodabcck , O. 1) . ; O. S. Hnbbard ,
O. G.
.For all nucnscd of thu
Llvei- , Kidneys , Htomnch and Bnlccn.
Tills purely vbgotunlu iircpuratlon ,
now ho ct'lfliiutcil ns a I'mully Mrcllclnu ,
iirlgliiulcj In tlioioutli In li- * . Hindu
gmitly on the Unveln nud LMuey uiul cor
rects ilia notion of tliu Iher , mid id ,
theicfiii-o , the boat incpimitory iniill-
cine , whatever thu Hclmi s intiy iiruvo
to bo. In nil common ilUo.iees it will , ua-
by any other minikin ? , filed it
ly cure ,
TinIlegulator li siifo to administer In any
condition of the tf stem , nnd uniltr no rlicum-
stances can It da harm. It will ln > Igoratu Ilkit n
glut ! ! ) of trim * , tnit It U no lutoxicr.tliiL' lievcrayn
lo Icml lo IntOMipcniiiLc ; will prtmuitu iiiillKt'a-
lli > ii , < l ! sfpnte hfiuluc'lic , mul gcuorully tone up
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Our Meek h now rhniploto In every depart
mentand contains oil the latest stvlesundefleels
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own parties.
Council -Bluffs Carpet Company
. 4O5 Broadivay.
Ch'ca o Water Ko'.or Co. ,
To wnv furnished from hydrant pressure for
driving nil ItindB of H lit machinery. Special
attention ulvon to chuich orinui nlowlnKr. We
run ntlntinjr proven , meat choppers , leo crenm
t'rcczeiB. polMiIng lather , gnwlngmiichmes , etc.
The best cheapest motor made. Bend lor cir
cular. In I i j in Council llluffs by
Htxi job oirioo.
1'nco iScliinMt.nicnt market.
Chicago Meat Marliot.
IiiKlzondorfcr's Meat Market.
hinlth Si MeyerH.
Kurtz & Kleob , coffee grinder.
BolllngAgent , 18 Jlii'n nt. Council lilutfii , Iowa.
* 1111 l-'urimm HI. , O.nalm.
B. BICE , M. D.
° r other tmii'irs removed without
the knife or drawing ; of blood.
CHRONIC DISEASES o ? < xll kinds a Bpoclalty.
Over thirty years' | ir ct cnl experience. OJlco
JJo. 11 IVurl blrret , Conn' 11 ItlutTs.
J , L. De BEY01SE , Agent ,
No. C07 Broadway. Council Bluff * .
Railway Time Table.
The following Is the time of nrrlrnl nncl
ilcpnitnro of triilns by central htHiuluril tinio , ut
the local depots. Trains leii\o trnnMordnpot ten
minutes earlier nncl arrive ten mlniitca Inter :
0:25 : A. H Mull < 1 K pu-s8 0:50 : p. it.
12IOv. : M Accommodation 4JOp. : ( M.
UUl' : , M Kxprcwi UU3i. M.
B:2."iA. I Mull uiul tixpiebg fliSlp.JI.
7:15 : A. M . .Acconiniodatlon 5:4."ip. : t.
0aUP. : M KxprecH ' . .Ban A. M.
0:20 A. M Mall and Kxpruao 6.jQp. : M.
Oitur. M KxpreM wu" : . A. u.
ciiiutoo. niniMMiroN & QUINCI' .
3 : CA. M Mall and Kxprtes : Mr. n.
UMUr. M ExpresH ! i:05A.M. :
3'fi : ' p. M. Ix > ciil St. Louis Kinross lx > cal
UW : ) p. M.TnmsltirHt. Louis Ux.Tr niiler.niO : : p. u
10:00 : A. M Mull nnd Hxpress U40r.ll. ;
ti-Mi'.u Kxprnns 6A.M. : .
7:15A.if : Sioux Cily Mull : iWp.M.
UMr.u. ; ) . . . ( jt.l'sul Kxprew 8:25A.M. :
lOsa-iA. M Tliiimirli Kxprors 0:45 : P. 1J.
itliP.M..Lincoln ! ! Ptiss , Dm. At It. V.2:05 : p. M.
7:60p. M Ovnrhind KzprusB 8:15 : A. M.
LeuvoCouncil BlulT47o5 : - . : . , > -9iM-iO:30- :
11.10 a. m. ; J:30-a : : ) - < lao-l:3 : : > -5:5-0U : ! )
Jl:4.r : > p. m. 8iimliiy7 10 ' .i.ll > 11 : ; > u. in ;
3 > i : . t-5.2j lli : l-ll:45l : , ) . in. I/ouvo Umiiha
-0i5-Ta-HSO-lO:00-ll : : : : : ! 0 n. m : 1IK ) MOU- :
J:00 : 4:00 : 5 0 : fljift-llilJ I ) , in. Sundnys < IG : :
8:50-11:110 : : n. ni.a:00-a:00-Ki:00 ; : : 8:05 : 11:10 : p.m
Corner Pearl Street and Fifth Aveuuo ,
Hlnk for rent for flieatilcal piTfornmnccs
balls , purtlca , tie. , j TO
A11 VImis of rcfri.'t.iVni ) > hts nnd u FIICD J.UIINC
every morning1. ' ,
Chicago Lumber Co.
tYbolosnlu mid rotnll Lninbcr , I.uth , rilii nglcs
8n6b , Doors and Illlnds. Bole ugonls Tor the
cclelirutod Mniblehoad Concontratud Wiiltu
iiuo , u , i > . MACCO.N.NKLI. ,
NOTlrr : . special mivriilfcmenl' , such M
l-rt , Pound , To Jxwi , Kor Snip. To llont , wnntu
Hoarding ote. , win bo Inserted In this column nt
Iholow'info of TEX CP.NTS 1'Elt I.JNK fortlio
first insertion and flVK CUNTS TKH UNI5 for
often pul > o < i cnt lns < illoii. Lcnvo aitveitlso.
inentsHt o poflcO ! , N'o. tl .1'corl street , near
WANTKU An uoflvo boy , tint yonnurr ttmn
foiirtpcn , for permanent piucoln olliuc.
< V , HKK nflicr , Council lltunj. _
\ \ TAN'IUKvrijltoily In Council llliiffs to
T know Hint Mr. und Mr . llrncliliry. the
chump ( ) < > > maki'mnn < l Cutters , IMVO jnit
nnh-fil.iiiHl for IrmliiVf will nit mill innVoj-'iir-
monts for half pilcf. Cull nt 10i ! NurtH hst.
| 7 AltM MlfsAl.K-Atirb ) Tiriilit If fot.l fiion"
1 IflOnrie * , flii inllcD snulli\vp-t of Uumliti. 0
room lioitf > onici < llrnt well nnd clfti'in , : : Imrnf.
ono for olght unrsoft , one- for an cows : lien , tool
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fern t trers , cotton wooil.bhirk wnlmit. ash niirt
mnploj rood orrUnrd , npplui , cherries plums
Riapoa und Mnnll fruit * . Ke\vi fulllnir eto K
water. II. I1. OKWUKII , 600 lltondirny , Council
, lown ,
WANTKU-To buy nil the lirfltlii- < > coti.l
hrttid household gooiln that mo otTrrril for
fn'.p. Filch ns furniture , cm pels , Moves etc.
1'ernon * not hnrltifr STHHTJ.V flrot-vhws KOO < ! B
trill pnvntlmoliy not npplyliir. All others will
ri-celvo prompt ntlontlon iintf will lin pnld thn
hlKheit miirkol prices by A. J. Mitiulcl , 8i
Itmatlwity , dealer In now and strictly nitt-cbw *
peciiixMinml furniture , etc. , uc.
TOK SALE IIHnir ileslroug of moving to
JL UniHlm , on nccountof my luialiici" , 1 offer
for Halo my rrsldcnce , corner Kou.'tli iivcnuo
ftiiUNItittiRtrcvt. Imiulru on iirumlipg. A. I * .
No. 4 1'otirl street.
MJa } 7r"r snle or rp"t ° " vr'T liberal term * .
The Council muffs Paper Mlll.conipleto , with
ttut mrtco boarding house and tlireo acres of
No. 2H-A business property In Clierokro ,
Cherokee county , Iowa , will trade for western
lands. Value , about H.OOO.
No. : A beautiful home In tliti town of n t-
liiffi ! , MUM county , lonra , for Ncbrabkn IntuL
Valno. H.VX > .
No. 41 A Rood business propeity nnd also a
peed residence property In the town of Chenvo
Mul.enn county. III. , low down for or will
uichanxo for western lands.
No. 170 A gplondid farm , well improved , WO
acres In Dickinson county , Iowa , joining the
town of Spirit I.ako. I'rlco , for n bhOrt tlnio , '
f.V > per twro.
No : 1M to 187 Are four Inproved farmi In
Phillips county , Kansas , each with n Pinnll In-
cumbraneo. TheenultiiR will bo oxchang-cd for
unlncuinbered wild land In Nubraska.
No. 1 ! 4 ) acies In Holt county , Nob. ,
Improved , lit n biff Imi train. Wants to oxu
for merchandise.
No. M A line two Btory brick residence , ono
of the bent locutions In Council lllulfn , will trade
for treed unlncunbercd Kmieus or Ncbriihka
lands. Vftluu. $15UUO.
No. M and 11 Are two-other beautiful homes
In Council 11111(111 ( , which cash payments will buy
at n bargain.
No. 5ft A beautiful suburban location In lown
City , Iowa , will I'xchmige. for western hinds.
Value , $5,000.
The ubovo nro only n few of our special hat >
trains. If you'vo got anything to tiadoor sell ,
or want to * ell any real estate or merchandise ,
wrlto UP. Wo havu several wood stocks of goods
to tradu for lands. BWAN & WALKKII ,
Counuil llluffs , Iowa ,
( GEO , W. SCHINDLLE & CO. , )
Ho. 540 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
All work guaranteed equal to Troy Laundry
work. Work called for and dclivmod 1"HKK.
All Koods by mall or express receive prompt at
Specialties Cleanlinessuud promptness. Tel
epbono No 15J.
Nos. 1 and 2 , Masonic Temple.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Wo tviah to call the attention , of the
public to our fine line of Gents' Fur
nishing : Goods , nud would most respect
fully solicit a share of their patronage.
Below wo enumerate a partial list of
our goods and fool confident tha * an
inspection will prove profitable ;
Mats and Caps ,
Underwear. ,
White Dress & Fancy
Shirts ,
Unlaundried Shirts ,
Neckwear ,
Gloves and Mits ,
Hosiery ,
Collars and Cuffs ,
II wn dJce t 'chiefs ,
Suspenders ,
Mufflers ,
Ear Mufflers ,
Chest Protectors ,
Wristlets ,
Sleeve & Scarf Holders
Rubber Coats ,
Rubber Hat Covers ,
Umbrellas ,
Etc. . Etc. , Etc.
A. W. Patterson & Co.
Mos. 1 and 2 , Masonic Temple ,
Council Bluffs.
For Sale or Rent !
A n curly new ntw und tbo only bole ) In the
vldo-uwako town of
Ton bcut lo'iuxfrool pm lor , olllco , Urnwlnv
room mill cjlar , nil sntjipln to mi. W ' 11 < I or
eiil nu r i M tulilo ti'i-iii , U u 10 of tl cinun ,
ted n ( vo Co. , reel li > ' fcioni , I'ouiiull IIIUIIB , nr
A del rest
er 1C J
Musical Instruments ,
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy Goods.
Wu male thu celebiMlcil Haiilninii 1'iauos , nml tlu > KoynlVlittnoy \ ornns , a s
Kvcry insliiimoiil wnrinntcil. Soiul forcatnlngucs.
J1UULLKU ilKlsc ( H * . , Council H.uiT
Uric * lixilUHiwBOf any kind r.iUed or moved nud Bnllslactlon giiar.intcptl , Kmrac liouj-c mo'v *
on Lilt lo G hull trucks thu best In the world.
808 Eighth Avenue mul Eighth Slirct.
Metcalf Bros ,
- 342 and 344 BROADWAY.
Mens Fall & Winter Wear
Mens' nnd Hoys' Uuslnrsa Suits.
Mens' and Hoys' Ureas Suits.
Childreim' Kvury Unv and Itmf * Sulla.
OvercoatH for Men , Boys niid CuiMroil.
Merchant Tailor Suits.
Merchant Tailor Ovorcouts.
Merchant Tallbor rowsor ? .
E ual to the osTto orclor ,
At half the price
Fat Mens' Suits und Overcoats.
Lean Mono' Rultn nnd Overcoats.
Seamless Shirts and TrowECM in Scotch wools
Medicated Scarlets. Extra Heavy n.iUirigm io (
Fancy Colored Wools and mixed qualltivc , from
Mo each to $4.00.
Gloves ,
Neckwear ,
Suspenders ,
Handkerchiefs ,
And Cuffs ,
Of fliM class qualities and ro.isnnablo pricoi.
43und 3U OroadMrav. Cojncll Illulfo , loin.
Mediant Ta
MO , 7 and 9 MAIN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
No. ! W , Main Street , .Council llluHs.
Muin St. , Council lilitirc.
Ni-artliu ( ' . , 11. .V lC' \ . . , M. ik St. 1' . , nnd
P. , It. I. A1' , railway IICI > < IK. Stitot rain
hu ilnor. Kvi-rytliltiK new and ur t
1'roprivtur uiu
MnnuCucliiri'isor nil tl/csol
Especially ( le > l-rneil for Itunuinir ,
Tubular ami Louoiuotiro lloilciv.
Ne\vMn sUlMi ( T lirosliors.
Carey and XVitofllniry Horse Powers.
Portable ami Traolion Engines ,
Factory MiisaHlon , 0. Branch Moiisfc
510 Pearl St. , Coiuu-ii
Northwestern Hotel.
Xewly ( ItU'U uiul fmnishuil. Opp Irouh\itr ! :
Dummy Depot. $1.00 | > er day.
SAMlfKl. 'PATH , Vroi > ,
1 , . 11. KEKS11A W ,
PrarUces In Hint' nml OfuH/5. /
Jlooms 7 ends * . Snitwil IS.odc Jlono.
TllOfi. O1TJCCI- w. u. a. rutr.r.
184' . .
Iu Council illuffa havliitf
Fir ©
iiiiKicin Impi-ovi'iiiunU , will Ijctlj , Ore
aim in bcllf , tc. , Islho
Nos. 15 , 217 ftiKl ? > ' > , Main Si root ,
I'.T. MVV.NF A N Hir.70N
J' . T. Ma/ifiic ctCo ,
Real Estate Exchange
N > . Ill 1'JI ! S li-c''l , Count : ! ! Illulti , lo .
Dc'iilcre In ( own , Kmuiw uiid Notirft-Iiij I.eml
Estate boiiuld ami. .
NO , 33 ? Bro < ulwny , Oouuuit/Blufik
Justice of the Peace.
C'oiiipnii } .