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General Manager Oallaway Details the Union
Pacific's Condition ,
I'ollovvcrt In Must In-
llnlrl MIMI Intvi \ \ \ \
Trouble Various Cnp *
[ rnoM mi. iitc" * u.vroi/ir neiiEAu.1
The following report \vii : received by
the board of railway coitimls ioncM from
fionurnl Manager ' ] < ivvH $ , of the Union
I'ncilic to-ilii
, - )
OMAHA , Dm. fi. O. II. CiKtti : , Knq. ,
Srerofnrj ) r Sir -I \H \ > U to ne-
ktiowli-tlj.'o ret-clpl of your favoi of le- )
ci-nibi-r - i ) . 1'p to tin to tin- ' following
disposition lius lici-ii ' made of .your
recomiiirinl\tioiis : \ HO far its Improvc-iiii'iiU '
arc coiicuriicil.
Waterloo All reroinnicmlntioiH
fjrnnk'il ns nncM-mry tuitl ililntbl , and
litoiiH drawn for " .111110.
Valley -IMiini of a new dcj ot With
nili < iiiaio | phitforiili hnVo boon made.
Clonr Crook * Nanio Of Stillion chiiiigctl
to Yntaii.
U'itlioo Nt'W depot , ndditional ciili'-
track , and othur improvements planned
\Vcslon - - Iteconiniemlullont. . carried
Valparaiso- depot and extciHlvo
diiti"rfl : arranged for.
HolmcsvilkI'ho clianpc of Irnok
i-ros'uir } appro.ieli to luid o lia- < been
planiiud , but a * . the change involves a
'liaiif5o of line for a long ilistancoand
heavy work it cannot bu undertaken this
Ueatrien The company has made 11
I' plan for general impiovc-
ment at tld&tallon. .
David City I'roMing has boon put in.
llenlon The minus ramiot convenient
ly , , bu changed .to "Kiclilaml" o win ; * to
llio fact of tlutro belnsj ty elation of that
name on the Kansas division of tlii road.
Tlio matter of the enlar oinenl of Ihu
.stock yards at tliis point lilt's been investi
gated and phin . drawn up.
Columbus -Tho improvements recom
mended at thi" > point are HOW tinder con-
. -duration ( , and plans for tlio same are
bc'niK made.
IMatto Center- All right of way fencing
asked for in this vicinity and other portions
tions of the state have been furnished ,
and of llril iiialily. |
Scotia A large new depot has been
North I.otip The vroijo ed extension
of the road to Old will relievis thi- station
Jiiatorially , and render enlargement nn-
Shelton Cro > shg ) and walk recom
mended have been constructed.
Ivoarney CiossiiiK iccomincndcd at
Hiirlinglon avenue Iw * been put in.
Udc&saSide track has been moved sea
a % to glvw room for a depot , grounds
filled , and location given U > r elevator
and coal . hcd.
CJothonburg Stock yauls are built and
oUeiibion ofide track in hand.
The improvements pliinned out in the
foregoinp , tinil other- , recommended by
yon , will bo earned out as quickly as the
resources of the- company will admit.
Tlio operating expenses up to the end of
last year show an increase of nearly
$ " 00,000. indicating that the couipanj is
doing all that it can bo icjisonably ex
pected to do in improving the phjtical
condition of its property.
In rcgiiitl to our train service : As rec-
ommumlcd by thb board , a first class
passenger train , running between Lin
coln and Stronisburg , was put on No
vember 1j. ( Grain ! Maud and North
I.otip trains will bo changed to run to
Is' jith Loup at uightaml return to Grand
Kland in the "morning as soon as the
road is extended to Old and Loup City
in tlio.ipiiiig. To do so before would
neccseitato Hie building of 'engine houses
at North Lotip tmd Howard , vyhich would
become n = eless after the line is extended.
Tlio followingelmngcs have been made
in the taritli. referred to by you :
Itisings On September X'l the rates
nn cut Mono from llolmesville to David
City wore uquali/ed by malting botli 7 }
fonts ncrlOii pounds.
.Shelby The fourth class rate from
Omaha to this station has been reduced
Jiom ill to HO cents per 1UO pound * .
1'latio Cuntor You wore incorrectly
informed as to this company's tales on
coal at this point and Fremont. Wo de
liver Hock Springs oonl at tlio same car
load rate to 1'latte Center as to Fremont.
Silver Creek Grain rates from this
station and Oscoln have been made the
Clnrks The rales on stone to this
point have been satisfactorily adjusted.
In respect to the charge that our local
grain and MOCK rates to Omaha are
equal , and in many instances in excess
ot ho through rates to ( Jhieagii'I would
state thatlhcre i no truth whatever in
tlio charge. Our local rates to the Mis-
.somi river are the oami } a ? our piopor-
tlou of the through rales to Chicago.
This is ul-o true in i expect to freight
Irom the Missouri river to points in Ne
In regard to the complaint made in
western portions of the state that
wo charge the same price there
for our HOOK Springs coal as
is charged fmther east , wo think
our position tenable. Taking in
to consideration the cost of mining the
oul , tlio banl over 4UO milea of mount-
tuitions road , the cost of switching and
hauling , the pricu ot fC.OOIn western No
Imifekii allows , little or no margin , Ap
preciating aa we do the Importance of
nettling up and developing the Mate , by
making no additional charge for the dis
tribution of coal hmulred.s of miles fur
ther cast , we tail to face where grounds
for reasonable ) complaint can bo loiind.
In regard to * thu general Mibject of
ratea in KebnisUa this company de&iros
to bring mime facts to the notice of your
honorable body which it trusts may bo of
Her * ice in your frequent discussions with
tlio people of this xt.itc.
The company now operates -1.-I0.1 miles
of rend , and either controls or has largo
proprietary Intel u tin l.iU'i miles , mak
ing a total of : > , HOI. In thu operation of
IhiM system thorn are employed nearly
L'0,000 men to whom ate paid over ? ! . ' , -
000.000 annually.
Having for its eastern termini llvn of
the most impoitaut of the Missouri river
i-ltlus , this mileagii U spread over the
fitatej anil territories of Nebraska , Kan *
Kttf , Wyoming , . Colorado. Montana ,
Utah , Idaho , Nevada and Oregon. Ac
cording to the latest returns thu popula
tion of these uino .states and territories
vrsn but little more than ono-h.ilf thu
population of either the otato of New
York or Pennsylvania.
In comparing the oo t of transporta
tion cast and west of the Missouri rivuv
it would seem but seasonable that this
great disparity in the to.sources and pop
ulation of the two sections should bo
fully considered. It need * no argument
to lUmionMratii that vijudb situated like
tlio Nrnv York Centrul and Lake Shore
& Michigan Southern , which carry the
products of thu trans Missouri conn-
trv to the lidti water , in addition to the
enormous trailio of the intervening
Mates , and thu valuable local business of
the * latea ihiougli nhlch they urn , can
work much clicatier per passenger , tind
] ior ton iH < r mile than van a linu like
the Union i'licitio running thtoiigh a
Epnrsely wittU'd country , m'urli ot which
is dail > traversed by its trains tor linn-
dreds of miles without supplving a sin
gle | > asN > j > ger or a car of freight.
Notwithstanding tbeso o cuptlonai
conditions , this company' * rates havu
been gradually reduccil until to-day the
earningprr ton per mile upon llio
Union division of the I'tiion Tactile rail-
wavMone half of which lies n the Mate
of Nebraska ) are very little in i-xwo of
the rate eat tied upon the trunk llne 'a t
of ( liieago , and art k-s.s than the r tc wr
I6n fi'-r ' mile enrncil by the r.silro.uN of
* neli old nnd p ( pulnns ( rlllllfri * B ( iret : (
Itrilnin. Krlgiifin , France and ( Jrrmany ,
fi will be ei'ii Iij * a ( icritnl of th6 follow-
iiig tatiMicsv e
. lvartintr ! < ? per Ion per mile , tnion di-
\ision Union Prtcilic railvay , 18an to
Veni. Mills Year. Mill' .
isii-i . Vjsj | ; . . . . . .Id
] < ro . t | ss . ID
1S1 . 4IIS1I . IT
Js7J . 'J4 I SI . 13
1ST ? ! . . , . 'Jilssi . IS
JS74 . llttte. . IT
1H75 . . . , . . . .Wfls l . IP ,
1510 . ' .lltsM . 14
Statistics for 1839 ( the latest obtainable )
give the average earnings per ton per
mi In , In France , 1 ? mills ; Hilgium , 11 ;
Germany , IT ; Great Itritain , 15.
llnd ( lie trans-Missouri rates of
been as high as has been so frequently
, the fielghl earnings ot tlie sys
tem would have ; ipi > ro.\imatcd lift.\ mil
lions of Tlipy were but little
over .sixteen millions. "In t * < T5 the earn
ings per mile if rend olier.'ited by the
Union L'wilio compnnv were over * ! - ' , -
OiM ) . iii IbSI thc.v WITP eon-iderably le-ss
than half this sum As is well known
the earnings of the cormianv have the
past few year * bcon tapiifly decreasing ;
indicating that it is alieady sharing very
largclv the ill ctlectsof the existing com
mercial depression.
Tlie.strviigof | the public" with relative
fairness upon a lineot such magnitude ii
one of tin * most porjilexing and dilllcnlt
questions with which the eonipan.v's olll-
cers have to deal , the mi rchauts of each
locality. and each individual shimmr nat
urally desiring to cnjn > rates winch ili -
criminate in iK or his. favor. In the
making of r.itcs it Is the endeavor of the
company to so regulate tlmni ftom time
to time as to deal justly and djslributu
fairly the benefits nnd bindons jncident
to its occupation , alwajj'.aking into con-
-idcration the diverse and conlllcting in-
teivstsof it niimeroiis jiatron5 ; , scattered
as they are over thousand" ot mile * of
territory. 1 amvlth , reflect , your
obedient ccrvanl.
S. 1 > . CM.IAWAV ,
General Manager.
s-ri.Nr roi : nnvvv i > Ajivm > .
Jcfl'Olass , one of the proprietors of
the Windsor hotel , lia. brought * \i\l \ \
against hisjiartncr , Nat lirovvn , in the
district couit. to recover s2."i)00 ( ) damages
for pcr-onal injuries received in an as
sault committed last week by the de
fendant. Glass and IStown hav e had some
trouble of late about their business rela
tions , which culminated last week in a
passage at anus , during which ( \\iis \ was
knocked down and .seriously hurt. He
has been confined to his bed ever since
sti tiering with a lame back , hemmorrhago
of the.Kidueya , and other internal com
At the ball to be. given by Mtrgcr.ild
Hose company at Temple hall , Christ
awarded. The lirst will be a gold-headed
cnno to thu most popular attorney ; second
end , a china toilet set , to the most popu
lar lireman ; tlfird' two silver cups , to the
be t lady apd gentleman waltxers. Music
v\ill bo furnished by the full opera house
CAI'lTOl , rilll'ji
Slntc Treasurer Willard hiis his semi
annual report nearly ready for = ubmis-
sion to the governor.
Secretary Itoggen has returned from
his otlieial vi-it to the oa-tcrn salt fields ,
but has nothing of intciest to communi
cate as yet.
The school money * available for ap
portionment this veur amount to
: > Hi , ' , ' 15.87.
There are ! ! o5 ! patiunts in the hospital
for the insane. The total amount
charired to countica for their care is
$12.4'J.S. Douglas county heads the list
with thirty-live inmates and Lancaster
is second with twenty-seven.
I' I' , Lanigan , treasurer of Grecley
county , was in Auditor Uabcock's yester
day getting > 4,0K ( ) worth of court'house
bonds registered.
Henry Lizicli was run in by Marshal
.Smith ye terday for writing scandalous
letters about his brother's wife.
Martin Poulick , a blackhearted wretch
who has enlivened his spare hours by
turning his feeble wife out of the house.
was hauled up by the police yesterday ,
nml a promise ot belter behavior in ifie
future extracted.
Clerk Slyer , of the districl courl , is at
work again after a short but annoi'Iug
The report of the city treasurer will be
ready for publication .January 8.
V. Fletcher , Crete ; Fiank L' . Lawrence ,
Utica , Joseph Tighe , BraiUhaw ; P. S.
Heacook , 1'alls City ; Jnjncs A. Wood
man , Omaha ; W. Meyers , Aurora : J.
Maealitm , Unndilla ; L. 1) . Vo-.c , Fre.
moutV ; , I1. Miicmaugh , Omaha ; M. A.
Dun' , Syracuse ; W. G. Miller , Utica : W.
G. Hue. Dawson Collins , It. II. Miller ,
Nebraska City ; ( J. Thompson , O. A.
Pierce , Ashland , P. J. Nichols Omaha ;
Z. F. Broth , York , Gov. Furnas , lirown-
ville , Thomas Abbott , IMoomington ; Dr.
Wells , Aurora ; Dr. Knapp , ( Jeorgc Hop
kins , York.
Death Decree * Divorce.
Among the eil'ecU found in tlio trunk
of ( lie nun who died mysteriously in tlio
city jail. Saiurday night was a summons
to appear in the circuit court of St. Louis ,
Mo. , on this date ( Dec. 7. ) and answer
wherefore divorce should not bo granted
his wife upon her petition. In the docu
ment the deceased's namu is given as as
Fredora E , Mack , and the petition
er , his wife , signs her-ell Kato
Mack. The petition alleges that
the plaintiff married the defendant on
June 10 , 1833 , in the city of St. Lpuis and
that her life was rendered miserable by
his drunkenness nnd failtiro to support
up to September IS , lb'S3 , when ho dis
appeared altogether The paper was
found last night and Mr. Drexel at once
telegraphed the tidings of thr defend
ant's death. The coroner will hold the
body a day or two awaiting the order of
friends if such thcro are who care tulll-
ciently to sec to its disposition.
Over Uio Uiver.
Hilly Trosller , the suspicion * character
who has been it frequenter of the city juil
for the pa l few days , was released yes
terday afternoon. Hilly promicd faith
fully to leave Omaha and never return ,
nmUi policeman was detailed to escort
him to the depot und .see him safely
acre s the river.
A Mire cure lor Ulitnl nicinlliitr , Itching
nnd L' fi'i-atcd Piles hua been ilNeovervil liy
Dr. \Villlnius \ , ( mi IndUn remedy ) , called Dr.
\ \ Illlanis * liulliiii Pile Ointment. A. hinslii
box has cutetl the worst clnoiilc cases ot W or
Ucar5Bt.inalnB. ) No one nc a biilfer live
iiiinutes after iijiiilylns tlsivvomlerful booth
iiifiiuaiclnc. . Lotions nml InstninieiiUdu
iiiora haun than Koutl. Wllliania' Indian
Pile Ointment nbsoitistlio tumors , allays the
inteiiso Itihin ? , ( | > aitlculailj at alula after
petllna VV8IU1 in bed ) , nets as a poultice , irlves
Justaiit lellef , anil is iuji ixi1 only for Piles ,
Itchlii , : of private parts , mid foi nothing else.
Dr. Fiazler's. ituslc Ointment cures as by
niftiilo , PhiiiilM , Jlhick Heads cr ( JruK
JMoiehes and hi iijiUons on the face , leav Ing
tlie skin rleai and heaatiful Also < viuvsltch.
j'i1/,11.1"/ ' ; ° , to NIl'i'fi. ' ' ! Bore U | > s , ami
OKI Obstinate Ulcois.
Sola by drii Uls , or malted oa icceint or
Iti-tallfd b > - Kiilin .t Co. , anil Schroder &
lloelit. At wholesale by 0. 1 * , UooUnun ,
Fulconer will sell dress good * Monday
cheaper than they can l c nuwufaetua-d.
President Egan Gives 'A&suranco of Its
Faithfnl Fulfiillrtent.
The Idcn of n J'nctlonnl CiiithcrlhK
nnit IrUti-Ainerlcnn Dl'srnslon
Itelinkcil A llmljjct of
Slntc Spcclnls.
TJir Vl ll > f rnrncll.
LncOLN' , Xcl > . , Dec. T. ( Special to the
lHt.J : Tlio attention of PatrU-t Lean , pit-si-
dent of the IiMi Natldiial Lcazuc , vvas
i-alled b > .Miur cdir " ' | > oinliliil , llil.n uvetilnif ,
tn the HKK'S j > oclnl from New York , vlilch
aniiounciHl tint Pnrnell vvoatil not ntlcad the
Nntioiinl conventinn In tildcticn and lull-
Hinting , ( lint considerable bail feellntr v\ould
prolmbly Imoxprt'ssrd at that tlimv lu ie ) > ly
to IntcrroiratiiMi" a to his aitvlsOs on ilic
mnttcr , Jli Kcaa Mid ;
" 'lite jtiiteiiii'iit that 31r. Pnrnell will not
mint1 over K t uni sure , uieic ixmjwtnre.
lie ban promt'cd to come. 1 Know he Is
nn\icm < to come , ami I believe helll come ,
liiniivmio Hire1 df the very U t men or
the party v\lll ccitnlnly Iw i'nt otcr. The
statement that the lord major-eltvtipf Dublin ,
T. I ) . Sullivan. Mr. Hi-aly or Mi. T. P.
O'Coililoi c'Mild not coinu on ( lofiiittit
of each of these gentlemen he
lm : oleeti-il for two ciiiistllneiieles
Isnlis'ird. The new parliament v\lll meet
about the second Thursday In IVbinai v. nml
whoever eoiiu-s over \vlll have ample tune to
m-ttuok by thiil time. With ix-pinl to the
leporti'il fartloiitsm , 1 hnveouly to . .iy thai
Iheie are sniiiPiiiiTerriH-i's iiiiionic t tlieliNli-
. \uitMlriii > , jiHt as Iheie nre In vnrfous
Anii'iiiMii patlv otpanl7ati ! > iis. but , tortit-
niitely , they nre cnnuueil almost en-
tiiely to New York. Taking the Irish.
AmerliMii element as n whole It
Is united on lids It Mi national
question as It has ncvei helot u been , mid I
haveeveri leasoii to expect tlml the tiiioneh- |
iup convention at Chicago will he ascvciy
otlici convention sluretliecominencciiieiit of
this movement has been a model ol older ,
M-lf re < icct , luinnony anil ] iittiotlc devotion
to the cause or Ireland. "
Hi'iiifj iiie | tloiied In lecraid to the icsiili of
the Unulisii elections , Mr. Kau ) lepllnl that
lie felt nssiucd of tlio MICLCSS of PnriK'U's
plans. Continiilni : , he said :
"Kven should iln Gladstone haven small
majoiltv. which now seems highly hnim > l > -
able , the Irish party , bcliic all vvotkers and
men \\liu will ' t.'ij eonstautl } by tlie house of
coiinnuns , cntild worry his govciiiiiionl nml
absolutely dictate their own terms. 1 consider
that the lesult of the present election practi
cally proclaim * the 'termination ot Knirllsli
itile la Ireland tlirotig-h the medium ot an
parliament. ' '
Geneva Havinu a Itoom ,
(5rsiv.v. ( : Xeb. , Dec 7. [ Special to thu
UnK.J ( traders on the railroad Hue fiom
Fairmont to ( Jeiieva commenced wotk at the
Geneva end of the Hue thb moinhij : , and
they have been at work on the Fairmont cud
for scvcial days. 1'vcrythin ; In ( Jeueva is
boimiit < raiid om prospeeta sre immense.
Pealiod ) , Scott tv Co. started their elevator
one week nu'o to-day , and another huver com-
ml'iiced work S.itmday , so competition is
Thrown from u Train.
Xnmivsif.vCtrv , Xet > . . Dec. T. [ Special
* o the Uir.l : James MeAIcer , a iiroiuiiient
Brain merchant of Unadllla , > 'cl > . , while tiy-
1m ; to pet on thoeasthoiiiid tialu from Lin ,
coin this afternoon at P.ilmvi.i , while in nio-
tion , was thrown -.iulently ' to the giuiuul
striking Ills face on the track , making quite a
severe thouch not setiott.s v.ouiid. The train
was stopped and the wounded man lakeu on
board and left at his home.
A Horse Tail Bobber.
Xi.itnASK.x CITY , Xeb , , Dee 7. [ Special
to theIJii.J : : At Tecumseh Clunley Urown
was yesteiday bound over to appear at the
district court of Johnson couutj in the sum
ofil.OOi' ) to answer to the charge of bobbing
the tails of two fine horses , the piopcrtv ot
the Uev. Mr. Wood , of that city.
I'rnlrio Vires Hcportcd.
Li.VfOi.v , Neb. , Dec. 7. [ Special to ( he
IJnn.J It Is repoitcd here that n destiuctlvc
prairie fire Is now rasing in the westeni part
ol the state in the vicinity of Logan. Xo
particulars obtainahle-here at present.
A Failure at Hastings1.
HASTINGS Xcb. , Dec 7. [ Special to the
linn. ] A. N'oolinan , hoots aiid siun-s , as.
signed to tlie sheriff this inorniiig lor the
benefit of his creditor" . Condition ijf busi
ness unknown.
A. Urcvvery Burned.
\Vu.DUJ ! , Neb. , Dee. 7. [ Special to th0
UEK.J The bicvveiy of M. B. Hokufl here
hunied last niirht. The loss is complete , es
tlmated at 5'0,0i . insurance , unknown.
iMinnic Dcslincr anil bor Strange C6n-
ilitlou A 1'liysiclan's'icw or
the Case.
A reporter for the IKC ! met lr. Ell-
wood , of North ISend , in tlio 1'axton ro
tunda last night , and in the course of a
conversation with him gained onic in
teresting points about the Columbus won
der , Minnie Dcshner. The young lady ,
the public will doubtless remember , lias
for more than a month lam in a sort of
trance , neither speaking or moving
about. Dr. I'llwood has just arrived
from Columbus , and while in that place
made a careful examination of the giil'f.
' Yes " ho eaid when
, , questioned by
the reporter , "I managed to i-tio the
young lady , though' 1 had some difliculty
in procuring entrance to the house. The
papers have made &omo falr-o and ridicu
lous statcmenti about the cafe , the
doctor * have become over pressing in
their attention , and the people. In
overpowering curiosity , paiutully obtin-
sivo. So the old gentleman hah con
cluded to bar out ropoitero , doctors and
the public , nnd none Ihtt the intimate
friends ol the. family arc allowed to .see
the joiing woman. Audi don't blaiiio
the old gentleman tor bolng mad. Ono
of.lho piiperc , for instance , .stated thai
the house vvhiiro the Dcshncr family liv'ed
was a dirty Dutch hovel , and that the girl
had lain in a lilthy condition , without a
change of clothes for four weeks. When
1 met Mr. Deshner , nnd told him what I
wanted , ho wnR Inclined to bo crabbed
and savage. The first thing ho said to mo
vvas , 'Well , I suppose jon have coimi to
teethed dirty Dutch hole , phf I
pacilied him the best I uould and then
went in to take a look at Ids daughter.
' ' 1 want to say here that ncarli every
thing that has been written about the
case is rroneous. The gem raj Impress
sions entertained are in the main
decidedly wrong. In thu first
lilace the girl is not asleep any moro you aio at the present , ( line , It is
true that she has her hours of .sleeping ,
but most of the lime she is in a stale of
what tin family call waking. In this
hitter condition slio hrcathoa regularly
and her cye.s twitch noLTuusly all the
time. Mio requires food , the anio us
you or I do , but enls as often as every
three IIOUH. She sits up and Mvalluns
mill ; leiuonado ami scraped npplc , etc ,
without aiii difliculty. Once in a while
she will icfuso a certain variety
of food us though it did not
pleasu her , When eho drops oil' lo slwp ,
she vvill 4nnro regularly , and her every in-
Mention will bo that of a person In Uio
rcposuof blumlxir , She lies in u loom oft'
the Kitting room , U hen ruin enters thU
apartment and t > ros the young lady lying
on tlm bed in thu far cor nor , his lira liu-
prej ion is that thobodyisa corpse. . Hut
tht. idea iii teen dUjicircd upon closer in
vestigation. " :
"How do you necoimt for the rcmark.i-
Me condiliotK of thi * Anting woman * '
"Hi my opinion , "he i ? suflering with R
case of hysterlc-ratnlepsy a hy tpric liter
or catalepsy. Tliests fftsc arc imitc com.
fnon and are generally curaolc The
patient ought to have careful medical
treatment , and in the event that he
does the recovery U cenerally hastened ,
( Jenorall.v , however , the afflicted person
come * out all right in lime -the period of
Ihc trance extending in , ome caocs to
mnnv months Oco.iMonallv a Violent
.shook , such as that of a battery , or Uio
application of hot vvater lodill'erentparts
of the body , vvill bring the patient to Jiis
seizes by suddenly arousing htm. Yes ,
the .voting woman in question appears to
be in a. state of absolute insensibility to
pain. You can iiriek he Ilcsh violently
with a pin or a sharp instrument and die
will never wince , nor will any move
ment indicate that she feel * the pain "
i "You think she will recover in time ,
then ? "
I "Ye * ; I am confident that she will-
that ! If her condition is maintained us
i at present She appears lo be in a per-
I feetly healthy condition. Since the mo-
[ incut she first lati ed into the trance
tale , forty-three days airo. she has not
lost a single pound Her llesh is not
I marble-like , as ha4 been stated , nor is ii
I llabbyor spongy , but U normally linn
I and moist. When I examined the gitl
her pulse was regular and sound at SO ,
with temperature USHitnl respiration ! * < .
| The action of the heart is regular. Hie
I are healthy and the bowels
I move regularly. In fact , as I have al
ready said , I could lint discover a s-injlo
al'iioinial symptom Thc c featured
of the Vase inspire in nit )
the eonlideiice that the young lady will
pull out all righl in time. 1 think when
she does recover that hei faculties will
resttiuo their wonted condition that she
will be as bright and liealtliv and active
as ever. Medical attendance * No , shu
has no regular alteudant physician I
think thai if her father would turn the
patient over to some * competent practi
tioner , relief would come much sooner.
IJut as it is Mr. Deshucr refuses to allow
any phvsician to ns < nituo control of the
. "
case. _ _ t
The ( incst ' tin colored .Tujian Tea in
Omaha. ( ! rauil Union Tea Co. Sign
Hig bteam Tea Kettle.
You can buy furniture cheaper of A
L. Fitch ACo. . , 12th St. , bet. Farnam and
Douglas , than any other place in the city.
Bargains , Bargains Bargains in Cloth
ing at B. XUVVMAX & Co' * .
A s-pecial inducement will be given at
Klgutter's mammoutli clothing house iiu-
til December ' . ' .Mli. '
Every person vvill bo able to wear El-
gulterV line clothing. A special reduc
tion until December 23th. 1001 Farnam
street , corner Tenth.
Stylish Portland and swell body cut
ters at low prices , at Novelty Carriage
Works , corner 10th and Chicago.
S UMiicious Strangers On tvvitt oil by Mr.
C. McDonald uiulllis Imly Clurkn.
For several weeks back a gang of
suspicious individuals have been making
almost daily visits to the store of Cha > .
McDonald , opposite the Paxton. From
the windows of. tlie latter place they
have watched the store , nml generally
visited it when Mr. McDonald was away ,
.sometimes goiiiglhero at 7 o'clock in the
morning wneti tlie store was opened by
the boy. They have never made any
purchases , although they examined
about every .suit and cloak in tlie assort
ment , always giving as a reason that the
party they wanted the garment for iva
out of town , or was commie into town , or
some oilier transparent tale. Latterly
they introduced a female confederate ,
who with Them carried out tlie umu
scheme of trickcr.v , in which she vvas
discovered by Mr. McDonald and his lady
eleiks. A "week or more ago Mi
McDonald informed the police , and the
hitter tried to catch the fellows but
failed. In the meantime Mr. McDon
ald's clerks and him-olf were wailing
and watching for auother visit of tlio
suspected people , establishing an under
standing with the police headqiiartere
that a certain telephone , mcssags
couched in modiste language should
be sent to the latter place in case
of their appearance Yesterday morn
ing the gang , three in number , appeared
early. The ladies and Mr. McDonald
were piepared for them. The former
engaged them in conversation and Mr
McDonald sent a telephone to the jail to
the effect , "Your dress is ready ; coiuo
and get it. " Some minutes elapsed , the
police did not come r.nd tlio gang wont
out. They were followed to the .door by
one of the ladies , who , noticing Ofliceis
Whalen and Mat/.a coming , beckoned to
them lo hurry , and then pointed to the
crowd going into the Paxton. A chase
took pluck. A fellow going bv the name
of Barren was arrested in the ollicc , and
one named Maher was found in a dry
goods box in the alley. The ( bird es
caped. BHITOII vvas hero nt tlit > Ilnnrj-
Fell pri/o light and sailed uniter the
name of Jim Morgan. He is a slick and
hard looking customer
Last evening Judge Stenberg released
lho.meu , with instructions lo leitvo the
city at once. _
Prepared with njjecl lri ! ril tt > lieil * .
Nu Ammunta. . IJonor Alum
l , Close-fitting andOraceFul *
_ iHo orture. Easy av
first , and afna/s snug anJhandsome ,
_ Th6Wtebraieti "J. _ T , Cousins' New
York-Shots."olallkinds and matenalsjn
14 m'dUisand fOsfapt3 o foes and heels.
They witi not rip ; mllnot slip at tfie'fesff
will not wrTnTiJg , 'andjare the perfection
of achieremelii TiTtiie sfiotmatcer'3 art.
Look on Solsi ( or Kun * nd Addrttt ol
wnw YORK ,
Railroad Connections Improving Their Traffl
An 1'xccllent U'nto.r Works Sjstcni
1'iojccicil 1'nokliiR House Tlio
Political FiKlit nitiltlie Itcsitlt
A Ijaily lo tiijltrc' < .
HI.AIK , Neb. , Dee 7. [ To the IMitor. ]
It has been tome tiflie since our last
visit to this place. While there ha" not
been a rapid grow th , the litlle city still
shows steady advancement and perma
nent improvement. Business is active
considering the fact that farmers are
still busj in the corn Held * . Crops in
this county are reported evei llent Much
stock will bo fed aud fattened here this
The powerful arm of the Chicago o >
Northwestern rail way company is plainly
seen nnd felt hero 'in railroad matters.
Instead of one mived train each way a
day , as of yore , there is n cmi'taut
nimble of pacing irains. many of which
are loaded with cattle Irom the While
15'iver eotinlrv. and with the lmmen > > o
trallic of the Klkhorn valley , both roads
now have first class i n etiljcr scrv ice.
'Hie old Sioux City A : I'acitie and the
Klkhorn Valley lines now \riin elegniil
sleepers daily to Chadioii. nearly live
hundred miles northwest fiom here.
Among the improvements worthy of
notice Is the Danish Kvnnirelieal
Lutheran college , which has been lo-
caled herand ! is-said to be the lii'st of
that denomination in the United States ,
The first building quite a line and im
posing structure located on an elevation
northwest of the citj ! < > approaching
The city i moving in the right direc
tion in establishing a firM-ela' " . system of
water works. Fairbanks iVCo' , of St.
Louis , me tin. contractors , and have llio
work nearly completed The test vvill
probably IK > made some day this week ,
i'liere will be about four and one-half
miles of water mains to stall with , to
which more vvill be added next year.
The supply vvill bo from twenty-four gal-
Viunzua pipe wells driven 100 foot deej ) .
The < vatcr is clear as crystal and it is
thotiglil that lite supply will be inex
haustible. It will be forced to two res
ervoirs on the top ot the south hint ! ' ,
which is about 200 feet above the main
portion of the city
1 learn that parties here , of which Mr.
II. B. Dexter and a Mr. Wilkin-on are
the principal movers , are about to estab
lish a packing house of considerable ca
pacity. This is a much needed institu
tion here , and Hie farms of this county
can readily .supply the stock.
Among the new" institutions here is the
Blair Saving" : bank , recently started , and
now in full operation , with a capital of
! ? 100)00. ( ) Heavy capitalists both hero
and abroad , are among the incorporator- '
and stockholders.
There was an adjourned let m nf the
district court held here bj Jud o W.ikely
in November , and we heard a citi/.on re
mark that it was a term for the relief of
siifi'u'ing humanity , a.s no les than six
divorce ca es were tried in one da.v.
We learn that the recent political con
test in thi county was as usual , some
what spirited , and resulted , as has been
reported , in a complete republican vic
tory , the niajorilies on the state ticket
being about ti.'O , and on the county ticket
rangingfrom a. " > 0 to Tx''i. This K .said to
have been Ihe lii'st timi for many years
that the entire republican county ticket
lias been elected. This is aid to be due
to the fact that the unsavory Frank Hil-
( on bolted the convention and withdrew
amid storms of applause , and with his
area I personal influence and hi * wife's
Pilot supported the democratic ticket.
The joiing Indv recently appointed
po'tmlstress a Miss Clark has been
duly installed and everj thing about the
ollicc looks tidy and comfortable.
A little-change in Ihe management of
Iheliotels hero would not injure the iep-
ntation of the place. So.ioi'iiVr.K.
The Greatest Medical Triumph of the Age !
Ijonsufuppciitc , Uo reacoKl1'ainln
the licnil , nlili n dull en'i tlon In Ili
back pnir , 1'alo unr tbo ehouldrr-
blailr , L'ullncafl after eJllnir , with adU-
Inellnatlonlo exertion of bodr orralnd ,
Irritability of temper , I.OTV spirit v , vrltti
n fccliatol UnTliiff ucelcclcil eoruo duty ,
VV > * rlurM , Dirtiness , Fluttoiinirnt the
I'.onru ltotItofurotho crca , llcadachv
over Ilm right ore , RoitlnsnBMa , with
fllfal drciiino , Hljhly colored [ ! rlaracd
TCIT'S FiljtiB ar cspeciallr atlnyitml
to such cases , ono dnsa olTotts Hiiuti it
Tb T Increase t lie Ai > peUr , nacau clb
bodr < o Tnlte oi J'loli.thin th tyrtcm Is
nonilslicrl.ana liyllielrTnjiln Action oa
the lMuntlveOrsmn.Itti : l' > rHtoolsaro
yj. 1'rlcoartc. i-t
Hon'jvatc-i ibe body , makei ) t > altliy Dot > .
strengthens , tli vrrok , repairs the vciMn of
VtiesjfK-ni irlth pure Mmnt unJ hard mu clc ;
1/oae.t the m-rt'Oiu Kjstein , InriKoruteE tlm
brain , and Imparts the \ijor vl tnnnhooU.
81. K < , I.I hrdritirKbiH
OV.VICK 4 i .Uiirrn ) hi , . New Vork.
Two Years
The "CAMPIS" ItcEEir. Co. fire tiiii < .r nb.
Mr tlian be ouulned elcenkcre fcr tbo
aioner. with their preat liaproTcmtnt of the
UOltniJ : THICK 1UIX. Tn i eilra IliUL-iifig ol
rubberrijrhtuuliflueUt : _ < lElrM J 3Ull.i ! : H K1H.
A > l to ttf tie "CASDEE" DaaUe Thlcfe I3all
tlaUt > c In liootB , Arulii , OTfr = liuc ? , AlJSLai , Jzc.
A Common Sense
AiJXT ( ! ,
Omaha ,
Proporals for R il fttte ,
Sealixl | nt > po n.sMll1 lo n--cnu-l by Ilm
tliT lgm > U until i o i lock p. in. , ilunJ-iy Ubi'
bo--l-t l > s"i , rnr the loliowln tUsuriLeil \
ii-tnti'flt JKt ( l fin I oil. 1' . l or. , or l > oilu mlit
Kit i-ntli Hin | r-ochy of Onmlirt. and knonii
nn Uio Dodtf ht. Mlnxil rroport ) until loui : uii
I | i | i-k I , I , Tito Hoard iui-en-0 * iLo il lit In ro-
jul uny-ml ) III U. llj o Uerol tlm I uuid of ' i CNOVtiitiixrelry
OT di'N *
_ _
Life Insurance.
C. T. TAY 1.011 ,
General A pent
Tor N > lirn kn , Colorado nntl Wj-omlmr.
Onilt ! . c-oriKT Ulli nnd Ihitli'lns. *
Ifue the liopulnr Tontine | > olirlC3. Af ct
ovr $ ( v X' ' .
Fire Insurance.
211 South Tlilt-terntli Mtwt. Ti'loilioiie ) No : < K\ \
Noitlirni AMiinnm < ( V , lnil'in , Rnelnnd.
iirlont ln uiiintoro. . llnntonl. i nnn.
t'nlon Insiirnnoc * Co , Siin rratifi'coj'nl.
Nnllnnnl fin > lii uriuici'Co. . llnrlfoni.ronn
I'iit ninn'f t'unil lil IV . S i
x n. Htn\'nnii ,
Provident Savings Life Assurance Co
of Ntm Voik.
107 South Vourti-i'i Ih Slrri't.Omalia.
C1irnn-it | Instintiicp ever nllrrn.1 ! > r nn"ol '
line' tonipany. .Vrtuiil morn n jpirli it >
durlnr tluienlonil-tfyiux tH , I * * ! ntid lnt > , : it
HP 10 , lor Sl'i.ftnj ' , ni.s
, f. c. ixi\vou : > .
Dry Goods ,
The rlt'Kmit InioK eornorMore.i'M nnfl Ciinij
Intr * tn et . lini j l him opened ltli a BCiienil
slock or clnpli1 nnrt 1iutc.v ilry iriKiiU. IJIMII , | IO -
lint1cnps. . elino . vrorkinv ilotliontid n full
line nf iitiilnx'lolliliiR. Tin- l > ot ituallty nnd llio
lo it prlCP' " . lull unit FOC.
Milliner ,
At H/ON lOlli < t. , isilolnir n thriving IniMm's * tn
millinery nml liini'.v iroixl > , anil nlm kwpsn mini
tier it cmiilou p liu voa Im1lr * ull mnl
drof-sinnkinjr. rnMiln'inible mill M > lisi | cti lie hud lit Mrp. Klclil lei neij - , low
A tilulonlut sntbllfs nil unit nt'iiu-s pntiiHint'r.
MilS.M. . 31. K1XO ,
Millinery Goods ,
Tor nn > thitijr In lite mllllnpr.v nnd faney jror l <
linojuii i-nnnot ilo botti-rtlinn lo pnlronlre > lr < .
JI.M. Kin /'lll Cumins Pt. Tlio Idlest ft > lo .ltio
tnoet lii'iuitlfnlurk und tliucry lo t-l in
Is tlio plnoe fortlio veoploof JCoithweM Oinnlin
totr.iilo lirx'utlsi' it is central ! ) located , : il llio
eotm-ror t'uinlnir nnd Pnundcrs s | . Tin ? stot'lc
is thu best nnd tlio pilcw us chunp in nny.
\viixr.iiT : ,
Grocers ,
Tlil-fliin enriles n eholco fre'h Mock nnd
n liu-Ine < on tlio smallest profit * , anil li
It ha" a MB trade , liny join procciles near
home and not n mile or two mt ay. No 17 0 Cum-
11KXI5Y 1KLLN ) % CO. ,
Stapled Fancy Groceries
rit-ldand fJnrdon SooiU. Southwest corner
ICIli atul CallfoinU sti-vcts.
S ,
Groceries , Fruit , Feed.
liil denier In poultry nnd nil Kinds of pi rue
Ojse-r | In sinson. ( iOOK di'Uvt'iO'l frto at nil
hourfc. . Uold-tcln , " 111 So. 1'Jihtioet. .
fancy Groceries , Flour , Eecd , Etc.
J'nulm , Vrc-k Ilntior and KBffs n epocinlty
This i , inin \ * loni , ' lieen nntcd us llio lending one
in tliolr line tot tlio tlitnl ward Inulc. Alu-iiys en
teipilslnirnnil iii ] to the timelth plenty ul ov-
IT } thine Hint N ( rood kept constantly In stoik.
Hooi 10th nnd Ioil3t' Slicct.
I' . 51. BACK & CO. Store.
Thisiion'oJnrnlilicsjoin Roods ncnr hemp ,
Ifjon llvoln Ponlh Ornnha , s-o ilnit wl.on } ou
RCI n HIOIIB si/.o In , i lump chimney 01 n Mrmig
) > oniutol butltr , Jon wont 1 3 forttd to wnlk n
mlle nnil ( jot nin oicr 1 > \ tlit'i-nri. to tret it c.x-
clinnseil. 1120 II''nnd Hit S Tthtl.
L. C. KNKV\'OLD. \
At the Ilrnd of PJ. Mm 3 s AVPIIUO , Is
hiich u ilvolj linslnc's In
Dry G-oods , G-roceries
Menu , nnd Hnnlu art ) , thut tic is about to tinlld
nnothor ! r.t of rinrclo nei.uniinotl.ito ItU rnplhl
lylnvrcflMnqr trnd' Wlint nf id sonvi Is tlirroln
u man uoliiK 11 mile nwny fnnn MhPro ho llvch to
buy , uhfii inuioMirviutiit'lound iniieh ohuupor
KotKls tnn bo buiight light nt lHiiiie''Tlicii-
iiono ; honuu tlioiols iciiton foi Jr. !
House Furnishing Store
Cot ICthund noiiitiisieot. { (
.M.iItlCIIKXIiniiG , 1'iojiilctor.
Hn Just received a now MO'jk or KtiKlNli iluco-
lutednreto ! > e sold nt llio liillovvhu pi tees
Winner betN , ISOptecoa , f 11.23
Ten fulls , M plui-e , $ " > li'i
Tollut ft'tt . 10 nloci3 , $1
ItniRllhnny I.ITIIIB : | , liom fW up
IliiiMiflull l.iiinps , liom jj 5i' , niul n number of
null In lit \crj low
Books and Stationery ,
II * K. Mill Rtr ( > t ,
Itellajoii' liooVs a tjwlalljr.
Corner ttorc. Musoulu Hull.
Ci > r. Dwlo'diiiul Iv'lh .Sttcols ,
Drugs , Medicines and Chemicals
Fancy "ml tolloi nrtleloi , Hpiinico , lliuilien ,
ririiniiory. etc. I'lijfiul.inprtM riptu > iisc.irn-
lully conipiniudid , mid urdcra uuBiterint nllli
inro und dlj | > atoli. Our Mock ul miullclnu \
cuinelflo , lyiirifttitect uonulno nurt or the ) H t
quullt .
llty.W. . J. WHITEHOUSE ,
ICth AND VVKflSTlitt &T3.
Druri" , rnlnt , OiU tmd Siationbry , KnioiH l'iln
Uliitriicnt uuro * uvury time. J'Jco tu tenle. U -
trv loV naituJ.
5 > . A. CO1.MXS.
Livery Stable ,
No. 2IOCVinlnr lrtct The Icmlinir fctiirr < > (
tliHrAit'llont stnblii i ft < lui-ry. but iifinxln.
department In whlrh irrpnt winl l clvrn | the
liin'riHnpfit lior c . A Mwk of lior * * for oilo
or ( ! iclianit > NA III l > o krpt nn linnd lh > n't forsct
Iho I'lnoo , nnulni. sttvpt , Xo aiw.
_ _ _
lH-Uor III
Wines , Liquors & Cigars ,
Wt Sjutli inth St.
K * NT In nttrmliinfe.
Choice Family Liquors ,
Vorcholoo ( nmlly ll < iuor nnd wlnw for rook
( iikr pin po-i , Ninr Mn'li VVIii > kt vinr.vlnnd II ) i > ,
I'lno liiimittcd llrnndlro. Ale nml l'oilrrvl lt or
si-ndtoA. II. bniin-ilpnXot ! S. 11th St , Omntm
J. C. VAl'OK ,
Merchant Tailor ,
JsKti-oiith Sttwt.
Fine Suits to Order ,
KtiKli-h unit I'li'iii'li siillln-j pnnls pMttirn < ,
fcllit - , the 1'INI.sT , J.IO AMI I I'\V Mills ! HATIkl'VI
TIIIMII . \T\TI.III IN KV I 11V < V < l UllUI't Mll-
ohnntTiillorincc tiilill luiunt Hinili of runinni
t. JH illircivnt p.utpni" in uoods to
litini. Cnll nnd \nmm' ! floods.
Ill-nil ) done. 3W S. Htli
, lf > HX KKIJVAX vV CO. .
Merchant Tailors ,
. Piiltsfroni3)lip Ili-st uoods to wU ot from.
A 111 nlHn.VhKiiuninttiil VVo inul.o n iieelitltv
ol jriHid iliniib'o linsJni'SS nlt . llit t lilnnnlnir
iiinl tli t flu- " < irU llcpiililntr ni-nlly dono.
1tn < c < tiililUlu > d lu-r < > ! ounnl ilit-s < inakln > r pile-
lor * In tint n n hnlMln > r ( HX'Uiu luif llinS. VV.
corner of St. Mint' nvtnnd 1tb nt ,
lindn IniwMixpFrk'npo ' In tlio dns ninkinirdo-
] iurtlni > ntsiir the mosi fiiininiiniinuriptiuf IH
In .Ve \ ork i U ) , mid nslnjj > . T TavIor'Rveiy
superior .jti ni of cuttliiL' . clu > fn-U ublo to
Ktinintilt.'C 'iitl'.fiictlon The best of rofrrenccx.
l.udlfs air invited to mil.
Hnsn Uiifopxprriencoiis n pmfosslonal drc * -
mnki-r. sattsliictlon Is Khoii to all , l > oth In
) irer ! > ntul uoikniunMilp , rail nnd luivo n fe ,
nilnulc * talk fov that oo t nothing , nnd yon
inn ) nvtMiiml ( hum nnd have betlci work by
Midoln . No 111 N slrcot , east sldo , Itot.
CMpltol A\i > and Uodcostu-et * .
Dressmaker ,
Ha' a IMVJ.-CMUHI Inuicn-ln lupines ; in dii'Fs-
iimKInt' . Viilt Inir nml 111 HiiL' . ttelnv cl ! Known
ain siiiu iloi anil lapeilimced mnl.i t ol liulloV
MI Iti' , nn utiundniuooriiUfliieos i-nsllysi-oiirt-il -
dill or address ns Hliovn nnd the most prompt.
mtiMilipn will bo Hironled.
MKS. L. J.
Fashionable Dressmaker'
No. 1000 P.iveiiport Sheet. South .Ship , He-
Ivvet'ii KUli niul 17th.
ORlntr to my Iniirely lnrica lnjr liiiMnes" , I
huvo linen obliged lo iiuiku ilii" clmnpo of resi-
d nce , an I am piepnii'd lo meet lill my old cii1-
toiiicis and us many new ones as may come. I
tfuarantee peilct lit nml entire satisfaction.
n. riTiissix's : :
\Vnti anted the host cnp of eoffeo In the elly
Meaieannot hcen.iiaU ! < d Hoard liyllic neelc 91 ;
( hurli-menlS.- jH'dplf dally In atlemlai-ee ,
not srithet reel.
! l'.l NICth Mi eet. near Ilnrt ,
Restaurant , Cigars
Axn COM-I.C noM.nv.
Mcnlslooidur , A laiffep.Uitmxo liom icsnlar
btunler4loentadnenr : tintfient - inlhond ( .lioji *
Hint tlio NToit fMoindopot. lloonih ciin lie t e-
cuii'il In this ] ) iut of town elu-ajicr than hi any
ether lespectabli-1 ( .itlon in Omaha.
The American Cafe ,
Ladles' nml ( lenllomru's
Meals well cookc'd , well ieasoned nud well
Hull suppers n specl-ilty.
llocird nml UckeU , $1 licit cupor coITee
In the oily.
J , W , Jones ,
Ha anill fnrulshod , ucll kept , tidy
muse nt Xo ITI'i Ciimlmr * . , tiniU all who L'lvo
ilm tx trial nlll Inirornlitri-uMmnL-is HodOM
its own cooklnv and hU \ \ Ifo atli-ndn to tlio rue-
taurant , licnrotherr Is Ilr-t cla s fine unU eio-
us H BlioiiM IJP. ,
CHAS. n. WEBSTER. Prop ,
Tlm nf ntoM ami lies ! romlnrted c-iiNIno hi tue
northcin parlol IOHII. TO us for out M < vk.
Ho. irr ; JOth nearriilean til.
The Morris Restaurant
s llio veiy l > osl patln' ' house In the city , Try It
mil ) ou " 111 bo KUIsllril ,
Tlikct * for SI monls n..j.
lluuul liy tlio tveoK . ! UJ. McaU , - , o ooch.
16lh Bet. Douglas and Dodge Sis
MltS.J. P..IJ1M.UPS ,
Hns Just taken tlm IMIXK mid < > ommnUiou res ,
uiu.ini , Itn.itU at Nn. trias IMi hi , , Hiulnwj
llteil it up with a tlno ronlLt liuiiurj htnml in Ilm
rout , ulillit tlio i Ulicliui i und illnlyi , ' room H
nest comiiU'tcly ruinKliod. Tlio rnlcs are
: 'Ui < jiur ui-li Jur ilar honnl ,
Union Restaurant ,
YilJVo und l.nuuh roiim , J . ' 17 Jlnnicy tl. , lict L'lli
mil lltlihlb. liiiiit ) : lln.i.or K\ :
II AT Al.t , MDKI1H. . Dny llUHld ft M I.IKl J | per
tc k. ilrn , Wnllor , I'rojirlotuM - .
Restaurant ,
ill „ Ktli street.
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