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free from Opiates , Emetics and Poison.
AT nnvomsTs i
H le rr rtl riu
Pianos and Organs
Chartered by thcSt teof III ) .
noiafor thcc.tprcisfiurpoto
Rail chronic , urinary and prl-
Ivata dUcasen. Qonorrhcea ,
tGIcctnndSyr hills in all their
'complicated forms , also sit
dbcanca of the Skin and
Blood promptly rclicvedand
permanently cured by reme-
i dies.testedinn I'urtuVrar *
\SlittialI'racticr. bemlnal
Weakness , Night Loscesby Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLost Manhood , Jioitttveti/ctit etl. 111 era
into cri > friiir llnil. The appropriate remedy
13 at once used In each case. Consultations , per-
tonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icines sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
rocVaje to indicate contents or sender. Addreta
Is nnUiio's own icmcOy , mmlo from toots
KiUlicifd from lorqstsot Umwlu. Tlio nboxo
cut rcpictciils tlio mctlioil ot Us niiimifiictiuu
twenty 7CIUSUKO , 'I'tioiloniiinil lias been Brad-
luilly IncionsInK until a SUW.UOO Inlirntory N ow
ncct'h'iiirv lo Mip | > ly tlio tinilo. This icut VCB-
otnlilo lllooil I'ntllh'f cuios cniiicr , cntnrrli ,
i-riornln , ecvuimi , nlcor , iliuuniHtisin uml blooa
tulnl.liuiL'dltury orotheittNu , wltliuut the Hie
K. Y. 15TV. . SJil sf. Drawer .I , Atlnutit ,
Is your child peevish and fretful ? If o , ns-
L'l'itaiu if ItMlooil l-i aiich > < II should bo. Oltcn ,
tliuujrli thu mother Ims a tu llcicnt quantity , u
iimpcr lnve tinnllon will snow that it Is tittorly
lUL'kinir in iiiuillly. The nso of KiilKc's Food is
Invaliniblo as an iilt'Jinato niuiil lor the cliilds
and the mother cnn often uilfu the ftnndaiil liy
adopting Ilidgu's 1'ood 3 iltiuvtcU for invalids.
Mailed Fi-ee.
icaol Ohlldronnr Adult * . ' . !
Dtiuntrr . Crlpmff. Bilious Oollc. . ; . .21
l , Vomillng . 'Jt !
tbolrr ; Iprbu
'oillm. t'olil , lironchit . 9.
IVrliriliiU , Toolh rUe. l' ce ehe 91
lleadachr * . blclt Ued oh . Ytrtl o .aI
or irot poitptlil on - receipt of
HIT N ( . 'b rlo Mt.N.I.onUMo.
A rriuUr | r Jail ef two M 4lc l Catlcn , In I fin l Dn
vLit J la theipt'allr ' tni Btor CMSUVIC , NOTOD * . Hci *
ted III.OOD Dmiiu < h > B ujr gtktrrhfileltiiUEt. Load.
( i * Hr f pri ibov ao . 11 oU rttldtnit toow.
Nenout ProitrMlon , Debility. Menial and
Physical Weakness : Mercurial and other Artec-
tlons ol Throat. Skin or lonet ; Blood Poisoning , (
. old Sores anil Ulcers , tr trntt * wiu oop.tiiicuii
tuccnt , > n utcit i l > aillc ptlucliln | , HiMt , rrlntdr.
, Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess ,
bxposur orliUuli nci. hi ii
rtlUwloi iffieui mti um M d btiu
o . .cl.iyor rtm le , e I4w > , ttt.t
r n < Ur > n UlaTtUgv Impitmtr
MTUMwndrcore ruDpmit9Vr | > c
In itil 4 Qr lope , freolo nj tdjre.i.
' * T "U tm. In. II. a u a mid I ,
* Positive Written Guarantee iu
t KU ( > T < t ; li < tt \ > } mil
seq PAOES. FIITH TLATBS , tiecut ei th .ni , ut
Hnjll . cildfor6Oo. lu I'j.lmcr jurrcmr. Orer Oflr
m > iultrul | i a iilotutei , trua lo III. | irllclii on tb. rollonlnr
xbjieui > banirniirrr , W > i > t. liilii > iikoM , voaiia.
. . i > > U > lfM < ri Vt iialMUfc * r"ii4Mwii ikVt.- , . .
iliTi > rrfir jae ( [ . aJ .
| | a. many ia r Thwit raarrlej or
iiUleiaf > 3'l ' C l rrl | < lu > ul4 re II , l prlir r1loa !
PWNa < t > ickcrr. JNIIlHlM'
Bnnlr l > r inall. HF.AI.KII rRl'K
Magnolia Balm
Is * ( a senct aid to beauty.
Many a lady owes her fresh
ness to it , who would rather
not tell ; and you can't tell.
What Democratic Aspirants' for the Post-
office at Beatrice are Doing.
Ilie Land Office right Tbanksglvltie
Olworvnnoc Klcctrlo Iilcbt ,
Street Hallway and Otlicr
IJuslncss Improve-
UI.VTIUCK : , Nov. 27. [ To the Editor. ]
The opening of Hie postofficc light
against Mr. Drum , the present incum
bent , ha ? resulted in opening up the old
ant ! bond feeling hero. Mr Drum , it
will be remembered , was appointed six
3'cars ago as a reward for his services to
the old ring on a rctnvning board that
Mirovotitone precinct in this county ,
and declared the pro | > osUioti of $00,000
Union I'ucific bpnds. carried , nnd which
the supreme court subsequently reversed.
It was currently reported at the lime
that $10,000 of the bonds were lo go into
the pockets of the parties who worked
up the scheme.
Mr. G. L' . Marvin , editor of the Demo
crat , is unquestionably the strongest can
didate for the place and hence Mr.
Drum's friends aic leayiug no stone un
turned to encompass his dcteat. Marvin
istl't most active democrat inthecounty ,
n piomitient member ot the state demo
cratic committee for two years past , was
a delegate to the national convcntion.and
was one of the "Glorious Nine" so
elaborately lauded by the Omaha Herald
larft year as voting for G rover Cleveland
in that convention. His opponent ,
though a good business man , lias no
standing in the partv. His principal
support comes trom Mr. Drum and Ids
Paddock friends. This has naturally
thrown to Marvin many Van Wyck re
publicans and he has thu solid support oV
the rank and tile of the democrats , and
there seems to be no doubt as to the re
suit among those best informed and not
bia cd in the Paddock interest
The land oilicc light has assumed a pe
culiar pha < e. The rccunj appointee for
receiver has been unable to raise the
reqnistc bond and the same element that
is trying to let Mr. Drum down easily arc
pushing Mr , Fogg for the position. There
seems to be but little opposition to Mr.
Fogg nl present.
Thanksgh ing day was generally ob
served hero yesterday , union services
being held at the now Lutheran church ,
A general gloom pervaded the communi
ty , however , over the news of the sudden
death of Vice President Heudricks , Most
of the Hags of thu city were placed at
half mast in honor of the distinguished
The track of the new street railway
was completed this week. . The running
equipment has all been purchased , neces-
sarv employes engaged and ears will
commence running next week.
The recent comiiletion of works is
received very favorably by the communi
ty and the company is worked lo its ut
most to supply the demand for fixtures ,
etc. The light gives the utmost satisfac
tion and is nialerially interfering with
the electric light plant that baa been in
operation here for : i year past. Mnny
merchants are substituting gas for the
unsatisfactory elee.tric light.
The prospect for two new railroads for
this city i.s tlattcrmg , namely , the Wyan-
dottc , Nebraska & Northwestern , and
the extension of the Fremont & Elkhorn
from Lincoln.
During the past sca = on the city has en
joyed the most extensive buihling boom
of its history. Three magnificent new
churches have been erected The line
new Peoples' bank bank building , one of
the finest stone structures in the west.
has been completed. The First National
bank building' is now about completed
and is conceded to bo one of the best
buildings in the state both as architec
tural beauty and completeness of detail.
Numerous other buildings , inclusive of
the Yuto block on Fifth , tne Clancoy
block at the corner of Fourth and Court
Streets and Davis it Urumback's largo
new elevator on First street , arc among
the year's evidences of Beatrice enter
. Aim vou seTFcniNO FIIOM
i. cold , ustlima , bronchitis , in * any of tlm
vnrimn ii.ilmomuy tioublu3 , tluil so oltutieiul
In consumption ? If so , u3o"W"illicr's I'ure Cold
1. 1IT Oil nnd I.irnc. " u sale uml sum irtni'dy.
This Is no quack nrupanitlon , but Is regularly
cd by tlm nu'dlml luoiity. Miunifne
lun'Jonlv by II. A. WiLBOn , Chumlst. lloston.
.Sold by nil druggists.
The Slio nnd Viiiiio ol' California's
1\\K \ Ones.
Virginia City Enterprise : In the win
ter ot Ml ) iho Writer ot this saw and hand
led the largest piece of gold that had
ever been louiiil in California. I weighed
22 pounds and 1) ) ounces , ami was esti
mated , by carefully weighing in water
and otherwise , to contain about five
pounds of quart/ , the rest , being pure
gold. The Jindcr sold it for $5,000 , and
it was .subsequently sold in Sanlrancisco
for $10,000. , It was found at Sonora ,
Ihcn known as the Sonorian camp , in
TnolnmneOcounty on the headquarters
of Wood's creek , by a lazy old
Mexican "greaser" who was rooting or
"coyoting" about in holes or pits that the
whites and others had dug out and aban
doned in the outskirts of the town. AH
soon as he found it he waslrcd it oft' , too *
it to the nearest "monlc" bank and lost
i)00 on it as soon as he could conven
ient. Naturally , when the game got such
a good hold on the "chunk , " they did
not let go , bul kept the old fellow drunk
for a. day or two , or till they owned it in
full , allowing him $ " , OUO for it. He had
lots of time in a short space of time tor
his if.'i.OOO-iiiiggnt. In this connection the
( irass Valley Union of October 10th
prints the following information :
Louis Hlandlng says that Iho-gonorally
accepted statement , that the largest nug
get over found in California was worth
$ ' , ' 1,000 is an erroneous ono. Ho says lhat
J. , J. Finnoy , "Old Virginia. " found a
piece of gold , about six * miles from DOWJI-
lovillo , Sierra county , on the twenty-
llrst day of August , 1R77 , that weighed
5,000 ounces. The gold of that vicinity
was worth $18 an ounce which would
itmko'tlie vnlnu of the nugget soniO'UO-
000. TliM would niako the rinnoy iiugicut
theJargcst piece of pure gold over dis
covered , BO tar as accounts go. Heretofore
the Australian nugget , found in the Hal- '
larat gold fields has been considered the
largest. Jt was valued at $60,000. Fin-
ncy , "Old Virginia , " as ho was familiar
ly called In thoio dav.s afterwards went
to Waslioe , when the great silver discov
eries wcro lir t made Ihoro , and trom
him the town of Virginia took its namo.
The man whodi covere < ( the largest nug
get in the California mines andgavo lu.s
name lo the richest mining camp in Iho
world died in cMreme poverty.
.Aflrretx in'oatlis Imn nnstrd , tlmiioiloil ot
dentition Hill n-qiilru' to liu os-pi-ciiiily'looUul
nHcr. Ittdyu'g rood posst < ii iif rlniits In no
othurm-omuatlon , llio liono-fornimsr elements.
lllsrfcUlu nllmmtiuiltli , niilion , ric. , mid is a
porlvclly fenfndju for nil ula. cs conditionsIt !
ull dliwtlnim tiio fnllcv.voil. I'nt ill ) 111 tin ,
four size * tile. , KM. , us suid iJ.i.j.
I-'osxil .Shark l-'oitnd hi Vulos Oonuty ,
S. Ilartwright in the Punn Yan Chronicle -
iclo : The remains of a fussit shark , con-
slsllns of a porliou of a defensive Jin
splnu , were found in the drift in a culti
vated iicld in the town cf Itenton , in thh
county , by Mr. Davfd ( 'roarer n few day.s
ago The specimen was partly ino.isoil
in u Mock ot coniforo s limosstono from mos' of the limn ImdheoudU ,
s il > cd nut , leaving theluual llinly liorns
: vi i ' i a laypruf clmllr , The portion
found was two ami three tenths jnclus
long , and the cntite spine nnK have
been at lcnl nine Inches long. The ex
tinct shark to which it belonged is known
in paleontology as Maclucrcanlhius
major of New-berry , and is often found in
Ohio. This is supposed to be
the firt time this _ species
has been found in New-York
Stale. The fin spines of this genus
of shark were formidable weapons ot de
fense , being shaped like a double bay
onet , and anclpital or two-edged , but
curved like a tusk , and fixed tit the base
into the cartilaginous skull , and hcnco
were nol movable , as arc the little I'm
spines of the cattish. The sidles of the
spines are concave on each side of the
rat ed angular ridge running the wliolo
length through the middle of each side ,
andarc thus like two bayonets applied
together by Iheir Hal sides , giving great
slrength , They occurred in twos , and
were rights n'nd lefts. Those ancient
sharks had no real bones , and their
framework or skeletons \ \ ere of cartilage ,
except the spine , which was bony ami
covered with smooth enamel For Ibis
reason it is rare lo find fossils of Ihe
oilier parls of these sharks , the soft pa 'ts
of the skeletons gem-rally decomposing
before pctrilacltou could take place.
James J. Mitchell , Sitpt. Stone Dept.
New Capitol at Albany , tf. Y. , writes
"nn Lark Street , Juno 'W , 1831 , I have
been using Allcock's Porous Plasters on
my own person and in my family for
the last thirty years. I deem it a mailer
of duty to bear public testimoni to their
exceeding usefulness a- nil internal rein
ody. Placed upon the pit of Hie tomaeh ,
they warm and tone the digestive organs
, On the small of the back , they give \ igor
to the nervous system , anil act as a won
derful diuretic. I think fullcifes of
dyspepsia they > hould be worn both on
the luck nnd ou the pit of the stomach.
In this way they art as a stimulus to the
\ \ lirile system. "
isecor'M lOlecli'k' Yai'lit thu Liilest
Nautical .Sensation.
Crofutt's New York Letter- The
launching of Sccor's electric yacht is
the nautical event ol to-day I went
over Saturday and saw this "Eureka'1
sleeping on her ways ready for a dive
into the East river. She is a schooner ,
rigged , and looks like an ordinary
schooner , except that close inspection reveals -
veals two protuberances on Iho hull be
low the water lino. I'he-o arc of iron
and are funnel shaped n.otiths project
ing into the water , one opening to the
front and the other to the rear. Above
thc'C "blow pipes" is a steel globe about-
two feel in diameter , into which air is
compressed by air-pumps. Into this
globe a thin stream of crude petroleum
is forced , and here an electric spark tires
it , generating a tremendous ga , which ,
combining with the eompiv-ed air ,
rushes through Hie bleu pipes , and
presses the boat backward or torward by
contact , with the water. It is su ; < l the-e ,
will exert a thrusting force of thirty
tons at each explosion , and there is about
ono explosion a second. The iinentor
boldly announces that this is losuncr-edo
steam , with all of its engines and boilers ,
paddles1 and screws. The. date of ( he
trial trip is not yet announced. We shall
see what wo shall sco.
A luxury is said to be .something which
you don't want until you se < . somebody
elsowithit. In that ease St. Jacob ,
Oil is not , a luxury. You want it , not be
cause someboih-else has it. but becan = o
you know it will do you good.
Facts About London.
The London city press publishes some
interesting tacts and iigurcs of London.
Jn the metropolis there ate lot hospitals ,
in widen one and a quarter millions of
people are relieved , and which dispense
outdoor relief to four millions annually.
Twenty-live per 1,000 of the population
are paupers' , and are relieved at the cost
of over 2,000,000. Jt al-o seems that
there are many more lunatic wompn than
men. Cabs have increased during the
last ten years from 10,000 to over lU.OOO ;
11,478 children were lost in London last
year. Grealer London contains an area
of 41SW ! } acres. The population for this
year is given as 5,1,1CI ! ) ! ) ( , of whom ( KU'.Y.J
are foreigners , -1,551 ! ) Scotch. 80,778 Irish ,
S.'JM ' blind , and 1 , ! ? J deaf and dumb. In
1881 there were 11,70 ! ) licensed public
and beer houses , and 15,51 ! ) males and
0,018 females charged with drunkenness.
In the same year there wcro 205 persons
killed and ! t'i)2 ! ) maimed by street acci
dents , and 85-1 suicides. There wcro
20ii7 ( ( articles lost in public conveyances ,
of which 11,218 , were restored. There are
107 newspapers published in London.
There Shall ho no Alis. |
W hen Napoleon talked of invading
Italy one of bis ollicors said : " 15iit. sire ,
remember the Alps. " To an ordinary
man Iheso would have seemed simply in
surmountable , but Napoleon responded
eagerly : "There shall be no Alps. " So
the famous Simplon ] jiss : was made.
Disease , like a mountain , stands in the
way of fame , fortune and honor to many
who by Dr. Pierco's "Golden Medical
Discovery" might bo healed and so the
mountain would disappear. Jt is specific
for all blood , chronic lung and liver dis
eases , such as consumption ( which is
scrofula of Iho lungs ) , pimples , blotches ,
eruptions , tumors' , swellings , fever-sores
and kindred complaints.
A Story of Head ricks' Father.
Cleveland Loader : The Vieo Prcsi
dent's father was a good business man ,
but his mother was a better ono. About
a.year ago , in talking of Iho elder Hen-
dricks , tlio old pioneer id : " 1 think
John Hondrioks was the bc t man I huvo
over known. His example would make
any son a great and good man. Ho was
very prominent in the Ohio community
in which ho lived ; waa a captain of the
militia , a surveyor of considerable ro-
puto. an elder of iho L'robsyterian church ,
and for years the church's chief support.
I bccamu well acquainted with him , and1
wo wcro morn like brothers than friends.
, lloas kind-hearted anil conscientious ,
but would not nhow himself to be impos
ed upon , I remcmbor once , when u cus
tomer came in and bought a single hide.
When John'b back was turned lie took
another and wrapped it up in the one ho
had bargained for. John suspected > omo-
thing was wrong from the si/.o of the
bundle , and soon discovered the cause.
Not desiring to oxpoio the fellow and
create a disturbance in the community ,
at the same tlmo not wanting an iinjiHt
advantage taken of himself , ho quietly
nmdo out a bill for two hides , and hand
ed it to Ihu fellow for payment , Tt is un
necessary lo &ay that the bill was not dis
Purify your blood , tone up the system
and regulate the digestive organs bv
taking Hood's iSaroupurilla. Sold by ail
druggists ,
In I he Ilor o Car.
f ran forgive the careless mini
Who heads upon my bunion.
Lint his great fault 1 can't comtono
Whose breath smells loud of onion
[ Hoston Uiulgct.
„ ,
Tin : iiorsi : iyr. I.IVK IK , ( iv OTHEU
words , our bodies ) are held on repairing
leases , Wo must strengthen and renew
thorn when they exhibit' signs of wfcak-
ness and decay , In pr. ' Richmond' Sa
maritan Nervine the Debilitated , the JJil-
ions , the UUcumalic , and the .Dyspeptic ,
will llml the mo t genial Tonio anilllo-
storntive over offered to the siuTuriiu ; in
valid. 31 , W ,
A Disckirgetl Solcher's Experience With
Ju gc Lynchi
The ScH atloim of Hanging llo\v He
V\"n llcvlrrdnclVifiiiutlun nncl
HnVl } ' Man Inge.
St Paul Pioiu-cr L'i"I < know what
it is to die , for /have MifVored all the
agonies of clcallf,7 * .ahl a .jolly proprietor
of ii St. Paul uMnlilfclmioul. " 1 ilon't
care about ItnviHg my nnnii1 mentioned
in connection with the tilValr. W th tlm
understanding that no names or place-s
arc published , I don't mind telling tlio
to me never to be forgotten accident.
Well , to begin my story , I will say that
in the spring of 1801 , 1 was at home on'
my father's farm in central IllitinN. t
was still attending M-liool , although 1 ! )
years of tige. I. had l.iKcn but little in *
lore-t in tin1 war , attending closely to my
stndie , pi c-paring 1113 * oll" for college. I
was on my way home Irom H'hool one day
when , in pa mgi : croud of men , I heard
that another call hud been i ued for
li'oopUefore ( vpaehcd home I had
made up my mind to unllM , and
told m\ parents of my intention on en
tering the house. Al > mothur cricil and
my futhci1 Uatly refused to listen to it ,
( liiniiii : that" 1 was too young and in-
uxpcrienc'wl to willnlautl ( lie hardaliips
ot'Avar. . 'Let him uo. ' said grandtathur ,
ti veteran ot the Me\ican war. 'Ho is
young and henity. and will mak good
soldier. ISe-ide. allhoitgh ho has heretofore -
fore been a good (103 ( , lie nmU sooner or
later i-ttw his wild oal-i. and the war is as
good a plaoi as any for that purpose. '
That night m\ , lather and mother did not
retire until alter midnight , and I knew
they were debating whether lo let mo
go or nol. The lu-Ni morning 1 wa- , told
Unit 1 eould enlist Iwillpa-s < ner tlio
tearful ] > artln& with p.irenls , friends and
selioolniastci1 , and simply say that
I served two years without ac
cident. His hardly uocusMiry to 8:13- :
that 1 did sow my wild oats. From a
mode t , upright ho , } , in company with
men of low natures and many vices , 1
sooli became a v rj bad man. L remem
ber my twimty-lh'it birthday was passed
in thu'giinrd-hou-e for drunkenness. On
receiving my discharge and pay J went
to Cairo , 111. , and there had a long and
protracted prei > . I did not fully awake
to my utter li : < ; k ofili respect until my
last jicmiisas roue , and a now Miit of
clothes was e\ch. lilted for a poor one
and a lew dollars. Without a cent in
inv pocket atidragged clothe * on my
back , but determined to reform , I Murlfil
on my tramp back to my father's farm.
On the night of my third day out from
Cairo , I entered a .sawmill that 1 noticed
on one side of the load.
TIII : m u DIM ! ox nun.
"The lire unHei Jhu boiler had not ye
gone out , ami as the night was chilly , L
put some snvdpnl and small pieces ot
w'ood upon the lire , and then prepared a
place to go to sleep. 1 .soon dropped to
sleep , notwithstanding an cmpltorn -
ach.Vhen \ 1 awoxc the llanusvcio all
around me and 1 fras nearly sutlucated
.with smoke. Lni bed out us quickly as
my conl'iiicd sjenpi54 w'oiild allou. 1 was
no sooner out of the burning building
than I was suited by a howling mob ot
infuriated mill hand' , who Miupo-od that
I had sot the mill ion lire. One of them
shouted , 'Hang the wretch:1 : which was
taken up by the ro-l. Some one started
for a building a short distance uwaj to
bring a rope. Jn vain did 1 plead with
them , It llmg them that I had only sought
shelter for the night , and that I could
prove my innocence of any intention to
Jii" > the building it they would give mo
time. J'Ficy would not listen to me ,
and my tears and threats were
alike in vain. A rope was soon se
cured and one cud was thrown over the
limb of a tree , while the other was made
into a. noose and put around my neck. I
was then told that two minutes would be
allowed mi ! in which to say my prayers.
1 sank down upon my knees , but did not
pray. My thoughts were of home , fath
er , mother and iricmls.of the happy day ;
Iliad npunt with tlio companion.- m\
childhood ; of the wa.\ ward path in which
my feet had trodden since leavinghome.
J know that mother would look stint look
for her only child , and never know the
reason why ] did not return. .All this ,
and more , passed through my distracted
brain in those two minutes. I was com
pelled to htaud up. and the signal was
given to pull , ' \ \ ilh a sudden .jerk I was
raNcd oil my feet into eternity , as 1 sup
posed. Words could not lull the sum-r
ing I endured for the ( ii'st twii .seconds ,
alter which a iingiug. > cn-ation was felt
in my head , and the pain began to dimin
ish. "Then evei\\ihing \ was still ; I could
hear nothing ; I was out of mi-cry , and it
seemed as though 1 WHS lloaling away ,
away I knew | tel where.
KfXr.UMXi. I ONM 101 * M. - ' .
"The sun was shining through the half
open shutters of ti co/.y little bedroom ,
and bending over me was u lovely young
girl of about Itcars ! . of age , when L
opened my eyes the ne\l day. Of course
it was natural , alter the. experience of
the night before to think that I had
passed into another world , but this idea
WHS soon dispelled when J attempted to
risu on my elbow bj tlio .young lady say
ing : Voii must be as .still as ti mouse ,
and try to .sleep some moiv. To-morrow
the doctor will be here again , and then
perhaps he will allow you to tit up and
talk ; but for the pre.-ent you must no
questions. | inctiLl.y obeyed , and before
making an efVorl to sleep I put my hand
to my tliroaMhinking perhaps thu dread
ful occurrence of tlm night before hail
been but a terrible dream , but no , si great
well had been loriued completely
around my neck lo the rojic The mor
row came , and with it came more
strength. I Was Allowed In con
verse with' those who camu into
my room. Tci initkn a long story
short , I | f > oouIJMiovrtX'd ( that I
was in the Ifujb&f-uC tlm owner of th
mill which iMfM miliiU'iilioniillj ' de.-
Mroyc.d. He Mijwj ab.out a mile from
[ ho mill , , and nt'lu i-cclug the tire had
jumped iiUti.Bfajj | ) > euid ) 1:01110 : with all
po-siblobpeeiiK-K scene , arriving .just
in time to c.'in rfpU' < > ] ) r , letting mo fall
acro-s thu lim'-TOn frout.'of him , and
taking mu in tin- position fo the nearest
] ihy.sician , tlmrr.bViNti.ving my life. I ni-
mained a motrttiih Ills lioii&u and helped
them build ; nu'/U//'iuill. / ( / ( 1 was treated
with the gniUi' ! ( i khidiii"js li.v the men
who souglit toiituk Miiy life. 'U'o war a
crowd ol duin jiiVrtialics.'expInlm.'d 0110
of Uicin , 'and''Jf/ii' ' / | ought lo hoiner.s .
onn of us arrtUtet'.1 ' Aly ilepsirturo was
apparently rcgivlfed by maiij of fhi'iu ' ,
and one cspecJHvmadi [ ! ( mo | > roiuisothai
1 would rctnnijumng the suininc which
jn-omii-o , I am gliul to Miy , I I.epl. There
is the triio story of an incident in my
life of which I do not feel proud. "
"Hut what becanui of thu young lady
who nursed you * " was asked by an at
tentive listener.
"She is in St. Paul now ; and , 1 am
happy to inform , you , i.s Ihu kind mother
of my five children. "
Honit : Interesting ( j < i8sli | About llto
Veteran Pathfinder. '
Crotlntt , writing from New York , savsi
On Monday [ rdttd in the leading demo-
cratie uuwspapu1 of the couiili'i , paragraph -
graph hctlingrtidh that 'Mohn ( J , Fro-
inoul , the tii-t ivpublican candidate for
the pre-idt'iicy , is now 7' ' yearn old , and
m u Malt < if eAtrcmo povcrli llu is
s'ek ' , sii'l ' | . siin'crinji from want , ami
would seem to bt < tan obji tot .sympathy
and substantial aid. "
I copy this for the purple of | ' ajing
that the multitude of friend * of 1 irmont
throughout the conntrv need nol yet got
ready cither the contribution box or tlio
amtnilaiico. Tor that very evening , a I
was sheltering myself from the wind in
the iiostolllcc corridor , waiting for a
street car , n familiar ligure wung by on
the sidewalk , evidently walking up town
It was that of n smallish man of M ,
uuiybo , with face aglow with health , and
with vigorous and clntic strp A snck
coat of j-ough gtod' ) < buttoned up
to the throat , anil an uniiMial "xr.icc and
freedom of carriage encouraged the lllu
sion Ilia ! the man was in middle life It
was Gen. John ( . ' Fremont , and Hi an
other m jnlli he will be Ti ? yi'ars old His
wife , "Jessie IJunlon , " wboie distin
guishcd name has always been justly
coupled with the general's is ( juile us ro
bust and vigorous as he , and as tin ir
habits have always been simple and reg
ular and hi accordance with the taws of
health there seems no rea ou why the
twain should not livolo be 100. There are
men in business in New York not turned
IB who are physically much older than
( .Jen. Krcmont. I luve heard that ho
everyday bathos all over in cold water ,
summer ami winter That is a luxury I
deny myself. I am very temperate In
these matters.
N'ow probably this worthy couple don't
like tobogo sipc'l about , but to a cot tain
extent they belong to the public , and I
cannot forbcRr saying that the Fremonts
are not in a slate of poverty and don't
need " .substantial mil. " Ju-t now , in
transition to a new home , thev are living
at a favorite hotel , but they will shortly
be. as comlortabjy settled as un.vboilj
need bo.
It is _ probably not generally known
that Fremont was ; offered the democratic
nomination ot Vid and declined it before
becoming the republican candidali Yes ,
prominent southerners labored with him ,
asking only that he should agree to en-
force'tlij'fugitive slave law anil not try
to get it repealed. " 1 am opposed to it ,
'gentlemen , " he said ; and. ns he persist
eil , it ended the conference
There are a great imiu\ , people who
believe that Fremont and Mcflollnn
ought to have been put on the re
tired list of the army with their old rank
and pay , because both remaned at the
command of tlm country to accept iiom
inntious to the presidency. Isnl Fre
mont is pre-cminciUly entitled to such
honorable recognition , because to bis
boldness and enterprise is due Ihe dis-
cloiiiro of the great n'orlhwe.-l to clvill/n
So Don't You Bo the Kirsltu Tell.
Translated from Do > ! ovedades , N.
Y. , October 10. The wlmlu ticket No.
777 in tin- Original "l/ittlo Havana"
( Gould & Go's ) decided by Itoysil Havana
Lottery , October 3d inst. , created a oom-
inntion in this city in the neighborhood
of the Stock K.xehahge and at the Man
hattan Club , by reason of said ticket be-
injj sold among the brokers , and though
being the sumo number as tlm one en
titled to 100.0W ) pe os ( Spanish Hank
Hills ) , in the Uoyal Havana drawing the
sum of $15,000. which amount was paid ,
on presentation of the ticket on the 8th
inst. , in three ( ' ] ) checks on the Brooklyn
baukr > rooklyn , X. Y.eaeh representing
payment ot a fractional part of the
a'moitnl .slated , towitOOD : : , $4.u ( ) ( ) and
! } ! ) . 000 respectively. If von don't believe
it , ask the members of Kvehange or club
and yon will find that all know Ihe bottom
tom facts while some of them "got tin1
boodle- "
We have heard , in bo.hiiod'hour . , the
cry of "Wolf , Wolf , whnn there was no
Wolf , " but , in this in-laneo there was
one , who siji'tis hini = Hl
JJcltl ( isfolhics :
Coupon No' I , ill > It. Wor.rr , Jlsiu-
Rattan Club , 15lh St. it Oth A\ ' .
Coupons ! i , " > and 4 , ( 'IIAKU.S A i M 10 ,
of AssBNfto & Co.s > in , 18 lv\-clian ' 1'lace.
Coupon No. 5. .loii.s SIMONI , Uflmoni-
co's restaurant. All X. Y. C'ih .
CAPITAL PRIZE , $150,000.
" \Voilo lieii'liy i erlifv that > > e supervise tU
: m Jnj-'c munis ) ov nil theMoiulilv and Srnil-An-
niuil ilr.nvhitr ol llu' l.oiii-l.uia Slate l.ottory
t'ompaiiy.and in pti oti miuuiKe nnd ( nnlrol
th-draninps tlioin elve" , anil that the viimeam
I'Onduc'ted ullli liiini'-l.v , fnlriK'S- and in KOCK !
lalth toward all psiitie , and \t uiithoii/o thu
ciiiiipnnr lo n = n llil rci IfnVato. wltli fac-liHll.-i
< > l'jursijfnntniC5.attaeh'iI in its inlvcitlsmvncs
We. lln > uinleislj.'ued hanks ami laiil ) > cis , will
1 > iiy all | iii/rsilnn > niii the l.oitNlnim ytatc Lot-
lories hleh nmy bopiet-enlul at our eonnlers
,1. II. OOl.KSr.Y ,
Pres , Louisiana National Bank.
sA-MUKi. ii , KK.\MDV : ,
Pres. State National Bank.
A. it.u.mriN ,
Pres. New Orleans National Bank.
UNPRECEDENTED , i vMii.i.Ki.s Ui-uuiii rm
Incorporittcd in 18flS forll JI-MIN liylliH ctrls
laturclor KOucallonnl ami Chuiluhln pur/io-is /
with ueupitul ol tlWiXHIliMtliich ( ( ( a ictervo
liind of over $ .Viilnuil hnr. slncn ln > en addeil ,
] Iy an ovorwhclniliiK popular vote IrancliiMi
WIIH made a p.ul ot the inosi'iil e-lalc rouMiitlon
nilopteil Oeeemlit'r''d , A , I ) . b7' ' .
ItMpraml iliiRlo niimlier'lUBI tnUr pliicu
mom Mr.
It ne or cHli-ii or IMI-I ponw.
I.ooU. at tlm lolliinlntr dUlrlbiltlon :
187th Grand Monthly
mRAORDinmiY simmi mm
In thu Ai'iiili'inj ( if.\r.ii > ii' , Ni > \ \ flilc'iiiis
'I'licscUy , HKconilict ltli , Ib-vj-
IJiiiJerilu1 | iei > oniliiH'rI.MU : | ) Mini mititK : : < ' '
inenl ofUiT. ; ( ! . Ii : u II : < .AII > , ul Lou-
Niaiiii , .iiul O.i v. , | UAI ; , , \ , KAIIA : , of Vlr-
( 'iniit.
Notice-Tickets are SIO only. Halves , $5 ,
Fifths , $2. Tenths , SI-
1.11 o
I CUTIAI. 1'iii/Kii
i'Ki/i. or
. ' . -
-1 I.UiCil. J'lll/KH II * flJUM . I.M.IXK )
L'H I'KI/KSOI I.W I. . ' .11,1101) )
ryi 'joo. . : f > , tx i
it/i / i " .no . m.oo )
. - mi 'Jt l. 10.000
M > " Jim. . . iio.uuo
tfJtl " W. WUOU ,
AI'I'IKIMM'IIO \ I'll l/l > .
"Km Apiro\liiiniraiitiil/i ' | < kor ? * ' ( ) )
. ii.V/XXl
A'pplltation for rates to iliil.ilmnlil Iminuda
only lo tlm olllcu ot the compnny in NoivOn
vranls t our fxncnse ) uililrc * o jl ,
M. A. [ Mi 1 HIN ,
OrM , A. DAUPHIN. NvwDrluau * , TA.
1 Wut hlngloil , I ) . C ,
Make P. O. JJonoy Oivlcrs pabablo nn < l ftlili'5i ( (
, ( .0.
New Orleans , fa.
ISow Oi loans. La.
Kovr Orlfiiiis , I * .
Made In Every Style nnd Variety Known to Modern ,
Cooking and Hooting Steve and Range Construction
PRICES FROM $10 to $75.
The above Trade Mark is a Guarantee that Erfry Article bearng H
/s ihc Finest and Best "that can e made for the price asked.
Beware of Imitations. If your Dealer will not
" " direct to
furnish you with a "Garland" write
The Michigan Stove Company ,
One ofHtv Kcst nnd Largest Stocks in tftc ( T. S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
GUO. lintKC , Mnmisror ,
Itr.llIltCNCES : Merchants nnil raimuvs * llnnk , Dnvicl fily , Xt-b. : Kearney Katlnunl tl.uiklvo\r
noy , Kcb. : C'olutulint > Stutu Hiinl : , Columbus , Nob. ; McDonald's ll.uik , Noilli I'lattc , Neb. Oumha
Kntioiuil Hank , Oninlin , N' < ; ) > ,
Will pay customers' draft wllli lll ! of ladlcg ottnclicd , for t\vo-tliinls vnliio of slock.
Ordinary Kubbcr Boots
BlwiTi wear out flrat on
the ball. The C'AXnKK
Boots are dcitble thicken
on the ball , and glvi
Host economical Rnbbrr
Boot In the iccrkcr.
L § U longer tbnn any
other boot and the
Call and ex
mine tbe
ffj/asms , Convul-
clona , Falltnfl
Dance , Alcohol'
ism , Opium Eal-
Scrofnla , Ktngt
NERVE I.W , Ugly Blooa
Diseases , Dysptp'
ita , Kervousoegs ,
"Sick fftadactie ,
_ * Rlieumatl in ,
JVVnows Wtaltru , llralu Worry , Jllooil Kortt ,
Billousnciis , C'osili-atet * , Nervouiil'rojtration
Infitlllblu remedy h ill liuu\7 : \ Tlio ailllcted
\UIHlnil 11 (11 ( lin a constitutional Hpocllli ; , niiil
a foimtuln or vitality und vjgor. at ) lefrctliine
and e.xhili-itlnr ! ; ; ostu-ol. KU"litiifrflprlni ! o (
\viI ! ( > i'Uitliuii.ucUciluul I.unUu.U'ivelti' ( In
Ihetl.'sfit . , To ilt.cllim
f ! -Corie jmnU nc 'l'r Bljr
Ihe Pr , S. t. lilCMNOSDKEtinSB W. , St. Joseph , Ho.
Solil liy all DiucsUU. pc-r lulllf , or four bottlcj for $5.XX (
'I'lie UriKinnl nnd Only ( Jcnuiiic.
Ft'tf tuliilTaji n < fil * . I Tarpnf vr rtlitrft Iif Itatlon * .
iwli.tiblt lo LADIES. 4 > 'i ] " " ' llruiialit ' . '
' rbtrkrtlrr'i r.ntTl.k'- - l l-lg w > mber.or ii.cio * : <
Aiuri'Mo u < for i'i Icu1&r fn Itttir Itr rrluri , mull.
NAME PAPER. bl * c.ti-r 'hrml : i.l ' . . ,
US IB MuJliuuquarc , riill J . , I'u.
M UriifiMl. 'Iro.ln rut i ii I'ullrr A. 1'iillc/
I'o. fVa. \ . III. _
Commission Merchant ,
Amivliol ' ' lf IKalciIn
Produce Fruits Batter Etc
Country , , , Eggs , ,
320 N , 16th St. , Omaha , Neb ,
, liy r < H'iul-SJon 1'ii't \.illiiniil
Bunt , JjiU'-pK ; V. c. ( liirr < ( ( > ) > . ( .1 ' < ' < ! - Inn
Natlona ! lluiilc , ; knit Oil } ; IOHU Vi' M in : .
1)05 > I < J Ua ; II. HKlllR"Mtlll , , \ < - ' t I'll I'll 'til'
I'll 4' Ni'loii'il tijiii1 , ( lit , v o.
Railway Time Table
T to iollnwltur Is the limo of itrnval nnd do- 1
ml'ol tialns by. Cent ml Stamliird time ut
1 Ini-iil depu M. Tialnaof the C. , St. I1. , JI.-
O. nrrni ) Mini iloiurl | tiom their iltipot. eoniur
ot 1 llh nnd Wt'UMrrnttruls ; tiiilns on the It. A ;
M. , C. , II. & Q. . uml K. U. , Ht. J. \ C. 11. fiom tlio
II. & M. ilupot ; nil others Ii 0111 thu I'nloii rnclllu
iiKincr THAINP.
rrlilrfi1 In 1 is wnl h'uvo ' . I' , 'lepot ixl 0tl : i-
llv iVfiOH : i:0j'a:00 : : 4OU : ri.iW3M"Il6 :
,10-7:30--ll:10p. : in.
Lcnvolrii stir I or Omaha nt"l" 11 Sstfi-OiSU
9:13-Ji : lOsSi-IOtiiT- : a. jihs ll | L'i- :
ll.v ; p. m.
Anhnl nnil ilomtrtnio ot titilns lioin llio
tran-torilopot Rl Council lllutls :
niii'Aiir. Aiimvi : ,
CIIIC.AGO ft : ' ) iirinvi. Ti.itx.
flll.'i v. M . Mull iinil Ilviu-ess. . . ' .OOl' . M
13 111' . M . Aw i ) liniod Itlon . . . . t'J ! ) I' . > t
o0 ; i' . M . . Kx r 9 . . . UI5 : A. M
nl5 : < . M . .Mall anil Hxpioss. . 7CO : p. M
7.1'iv. M . . . Accominoiltitlon . r > : ! W p. M
u0 : : i' . .M Kxprt'ss ' .1:15 : A.M
ciiu AI.O , : iiiw.MiKii : ; ; . M- . i'1,1,1 , .
! lli\ ) . M . . . .Mull uml IXiii'L'fs. , . 7-.IXIP..M
C..U r. M K.\proB ! I1JA. ; Jt
< 'IIU'AiO. ( llflll.t.MlllIN A IJI'IM'V.
DsS'iA. ii . . .Mill ! mill Ii\pri > S4. llsiKIl' . M
Gslir. M . . . Express 0:1 : % A. M
WAII.\-llhT. I.OUIh & I'ACIKK. .
2l."i : P. M. I/or ixl M. l.ouN I'.Yiircss
tJilMi'.ii.TrmiHfcrSt. I.onls > ti-r ilu'IOi-.M
K \ssn cn v , si , .1111 , i. coii.M n , minus.
10:0n : A. M . . .Muilnnil K\pross. " : " " ) I'.M
H:5jp. : M , . . .IJvpross . . ( i"i A. M
blOIJX ( ' 111 V I'AI'II'II .
7-iAJt. : ( | . .Sioux ntyM II. . 7:1)11 : ) P. U
7Vir. : M . . . .Ht. 1'anl U.xpre s
Deniirt. WlWTWAItl ) . Ai'l'lvo _
I A. M. . P. M ?
. , . . | 0ta :
De-putt. KOUrmVAHl ) . AlI'lVO.
* .M.I P.M. iMihSoinri I'ACii H , M. I P , II ,
0iCin' : : ' ' Our Kxprets. . . .
" ' " 'i . . .Nlglit K\pii'fs. .
I K. ( . ' . , ST. J. Si C. II.
i .VI.i J'latlaniontli
pini't. | NOltrilWAHl ) . Arrive.
A. M , I 1Si , | ( ! . S'1'7 1' , . M. .V 07 M. ' p. u.
HKIH : Slou.v Cltj l\H'C ) | = -i
. . . . . . . CMCIoOiiMmiU Anoiiiiioil'n _ )
llopnil. KAB'JWAItl ) . An-ivo.
A.M. 1 P.M. I ( ; . . ii .Co.
.Yin lat Kinoiilli.
Will leave U. 1' . dopot. thinilin.iil KM f-:0. : *
10:15 10 Kin. 111. ! ' 'sl'lH.'fillMp. : . in.
I nv Stock-t' ! n4 liirOinnliti nt 7M'-10 : : 'i a
in. ; 1S.OI- I : ; i-llo ! :07 : 0.iip.m. :
N'oTiA triln ilully ; y i-\ pt Biliulay ;
C. ilnlly t\copt ! atur.niyj J ) , ilinly eACt-pt Mon-
"A Ktnnilaul U'otlc for VOMIII ; utid
. "illy 551 liy mail ,
, Rxh.iiuted VltulUp. t.Vrvv1" " " 'I ' I'littlnil I > , il.IMr |
1 rciii.itiiifi ! ) * ' < IH.O hi MnitKruii ul ioulhniid thn
untold nil i'h"t niiltlnie iroin hKllnlrrllori mid cv
t'-Ku . A tiuiK for < i\rry | iun. J Jiuij. . inMillnmjieil
nnUiiht. Itiiintnim I 'ipitKiiliUloii * A f : ll | unite nncl
ilimiil < dl > v.ier. riicliiino / uhtrli Ii Inialimlilc. HII
loiiiid by tliMnulh'jr whokii tii | < rl ! > iun Jor " > yimtu
( ti--liH > | > rnli.itilf narrr Uciore fell l.illin lot of Hiir
iil jUlnpi.JOiinx'M. Ixiuuil In LKIUIIIUI rrrtuli iiiiit
lliipui ! < i > srpJcorin < , rullullt. uiMiaiiii'iatiiloailnur
woiklnovrryK-nxo nienmnliwl. lltpmrr niul prn01
ilon l-th.iiiiir.irc.ilir ( ; work In till * < oiintr > fnr
01 thcMuriiiey ( Ullltvii'funil lnu\i'i ) luitumo. l'rln
milII hy mull , pontiulil. llluitiAli J uiRiMe ; Mt
H'ml niiir. CoM nieilnl airnrdnl the n Jlhur I'r ilir Nu-
ItoiialJlealMl. UsiH'UUon , to the vllii.ti u ( nhluAlii
1 Th7r > lofeo { LlfeilioulJ torc-acl thnxounK/Xir
IrftruvllnnnnU t > > ttmnnilcU'iJ funfllei. lliiUIUopo-
llnill.-l.on-lnii Lancet. >
'J'l.fio U tin ipf mlier of 0f Iffty 1 1 n liotu lan Sclouc *
( f l.iro will not biiunofnl , wholricryiiKti , | i70lt ; "
( ! JiLliiStrutloi-or clergy m n. Ar.'iiiiinu
AiliiipmthH IV.iti < Kl > Mixlunl iiulliiily. orDrW.II.
l.'uUiT Nv. I UiilllliirH sticir. llo'tcm Kt" . , t.-ljo nmy
' r i < mu'ic't on , < tl ill-c3SM icdiil Irs Alll uml iKpcil-
i ! ' ! ' , Cliniiilc mill iiliilliialo di-ciii-fis inui luivu
I ! ! ! > 1 III. Kill ol n > l other pbjbl 1/WflW
I * ir , : t H | > t < | tilty , Midi lienu I Wv It
iici > fniijtiiii < iii ( mi in-ii iir
iMllllU't. .MfUllfU III ! IT.01 , .