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Til ] ! ) . \JLY
'H'LsDAY MOKNLNG , DK < \ i.
* *
OrriCE : Wo. 18 rcarl Street.
Ilflhninl lij enn.t-r in nny pait of tliocity til
tvriil ) tent * fifr wc-iJ > .
H. \ \ . 'lii.iox , - - -
ni'Ilcr ' , Ilio tailoi' , for winter Rood" .
'I'lio Knights and l.atlin * of Honor liave
n liop ( o ni lit at tlio Aicatitiin hall.
AVintcr hats at I'Nitlj iviltit'cil IIHCCS
to floM- them out nt Airs. ( ) . A. Itogcr * .
Tlii'i'otiricll Intl no qtiorum last evening -
ing- Another attempt \\ill lie matlo at
: ( ) thi aflornoon.
jl'arMes have bni'ii looking over the cil.v
williin Hit' ' pat few tlay s with n view of
Htartmuncw j n-t works horo. Tliu.vworn
fa\oraltli lnipiv. * r < l with the preliinin-
iiry Httrxc.v.
A ttain Ix-lonniny toVillinm Martin ,
anil attai-hcil to anpn' < ! wugon , look-
it run near llni transfi-r. The team ramp
to asiiilileii halt by one of Ilium falling
down and breaking his nei-k.
Stipurvisor . .lonesliu was in attend-
mice at the hoard merlin ; ; .yesterday , re
ports a fa t htf-kinp ; on Ins farm. Thf *
man got away with lo'i lii ) liels in nine
hours and thirty-night minim" * .
The police matlo 1"i ! .irrrsN in Xovem-
ber. 'I'lio ' rash receipts paid into the
treasury was sfyo , a little more than fifty
cents ai > iure. It pays Ijeller to run In
cattle or eolleel license on dog * .
Mr. and Mr.s. ICddy , of ( 'ontiei-tiettt ,
nro in the city , the gui-Ms of Mr. and
Airs. Olmsled. Tlit'j arc on their wed
ding trip , and are going as far west as
len\er. Mis. Eddy is a cousin of Mr
Four team1 , and about eight men are
being employed in general work on tiie
Htrcot.s. No hpucialstreel improvente.nts
are now being made , the work liuing
patching up "hail places and making
nee.eary repairs.
J'rof IJarthoiomew's wonderful horses
continue to delight largr andionees at
tlte opera house. Thc. e animals are
certainly man els of training and intelli
gence. The nelly and excellence of
the entertainment on MI re great crowds
at all times and places ,
1M AVright , the well known .steno
grapher and Jjpn writer , ha' severed his
connection with Van Hrnnt , Thompbon
iVr < 'o to accept a position with the Coun
cil Hlnll's Insurance compiinv. He is one
of the lj--l ( in his line in the west.
Not mueli attention is paid to the ordi
nance reiiuiring the taking out of build
ing pei'nnts. IJut one permit lias been
granted , or even nkcd > for , that s-olitary
niManci' leing ) an alderman , who wanted
to ha\c his record -trajjjhi m every de
The Young Men's Christian Assoeia-
tion has arranged for a rare musical
t roat for the people of Council Itlnfl's , in
the form of a concert by Mine. Try's con
cert company , The date lived upon is
December lo , ami the place the opera
Da\id Dunklo has bought out I lie sa
loon \ \ \\hichliasgamed unenviable rep
utation umler the management of Fred
die ( icrstenberg , and proposes to make a
decent place ot it , in comparison to what
it lets been.
There have been very few placet in Ilio
city , public or private , which have been
decorated with mourning goods in con-
Requeued of tlio death of Vice I'residenl
Ilentlr'u'.k.s. The " -orrow is doubtless
just as great , but the absence of the us
ual tokens is noticeable.
The Milkmaid's rnt < vtainincnt in Ma-
f-onie hall evening promises to
ho a novel one. It will be I he opening of
the fair to lie given by the ladies of the
Congregational church. Friday evening
another cnlcrlainmont , entirely dilVerenl ,
will be given.
The mayor : ind a number of aldermen
of .Nobra-kaCilv ai rived in this city last
evening , and called in a body atlhc IJr.i :
ollice. They u ill this morning insjiect
the water work- , paving and oilier ini-
| ) ro emonts bore iinder the guidance of
the mayor of the city.
If the patrol wagon , nhich lies idle ,
could be traded oil' tor improvements in
the tire alarm -.vstum , it would bo better
tor the city. The $ ( ! 00 put into the patrol
wagon to "ratify \\liim of the mayor
is needed in a good many places , but in
none more than in tiie tire alarm
Fred Cierntonberg now promises to
leave the city for the city's good , lie
says the HKI : has t-aid so many mean
things about him that ho don't want to
slay hero any longer. The 15ii : : lias only
confined itself to chronicling tlio facts
in which Freddy has been prominent.
In some now Hold ho may bo more of a
Tom Deorwe'lor , who sells canary
birds , was arrested Monday night for
pairing counterfeit money. It was
claimed he got a man to change a half
dollar for him , and the half being bait ho
rolncd to takoilback. As no one ap
peared yoMorday to prosecute him ho
was discharged.
The county board mot yesterday , and
made estimates on the woi k done on the
court hou e. The bill for piling was al
lowed at * . ' 5l , ( lii.08. The work seems to
Jnno beun done to Iho cnliro satisfaction
of the boaid , and much confidence is expressed -
pressed that the now building will have a
ioundalion which will bland tor years to
The organi/ation for the helping of
boys is not dead. Tlio olllcord of the as
sociation havosomo money in the treasu
ry , and will ? , olieil fresh contributions as
fast as ( hero is need. The purpose is to
llml good homes for boy.- , who Jiuvo none ,
L ! I tl < t has been done during Ilio Mimmer ,
but as cold weather advances , the de
mands for such an organisation natural
ly increase.
L , M. O irom , a farmer in I'leasant
township , has become insane , and yester
day was taken to the asylum at Ml. Pleas
ant. His molhcrdicrl in an asylum , so that
.h < I rouble FceiiH hereditary. Lii&l winter
e fell on the ice , hurting himself riuito
i.ulb.and this injury teems to have
i ii'"ht ' out the lurking mental disease ,
ir ! n 'o then he has been growing worse
: u I wor ,
I' s I'ntler , of Mt. Pleasant , together
JnhoMii-esMerkoI , of this oily , arc
11 v.i a concert in the operix * house ou
) i'i > mbcr II. .This will lion rich musi.
i'llreat The Misses Morkel are great
ui'.tcs hero , and arc always gladly
i 't'lintl ( o. MU Fuller is a songstress
iv > hem loualitiH cause to take special
jrlilc She expects soon to further her
wNeal ctiltnro in Kuropo. With such
lovva artists the houboshould bo crowded ,
, City Clevk Dulrymplo still holds in his
possession fUUl ) of city warrants , subieet
to the orders of the powers that bo. The
warrants wern paid into court fortnloon
licenses and lines , but the council 1mb
ordered the clerk not to receive them or
give the parties credit for them. Ho
Simply holds them , therefor , as a custo-
dittn , until the court and the council
coinu to some agreement as to what
hall be done. The judge holds that the
city should recolvo its pay in the same
kind of stun" with which it pays its bills.
' The council take n ditleront view , and
such a olicy would drain the treasury
make warrants u drug in the
market. _
* Chrlsdnas presents at Homer's ,
for Iho best ami cheapest oysters call
, . -Chicago Lunch Counter , -101 Uroad-
wsiy , Oyster soup all ilav , only 10 cents.
rOLND AND " MADIi A Mlb ) 01
A Sensational Breaking Upofs Dressmak
ing Establishment ,
A llcmaikalily Health } City Tin
Cilj riimiiijcs Oilier GlcanliiKS
of Ncvvs 1'crsonal I'nru-
A Scimntlonal Partner.
A few months ago a bright looking ,
rather attractive young woman "nrrivci
in this city , claiming to lie from the oa t
She opened trc ! ni j king room on L'ear
-trcel , near Vital avenue. Her skill as a
dressmaker did not seem to bo wonder
ful , and them were numorott * complaints
among her hul patron4 as to her work
Among a few it was whimpered that slit
was not so much interested in dressmak
ing as m other less respectable but more
profitable use of her powers. There was
no open talk about her , hovrovcr , ami no
general suspicion , but llml the little
woman Was just what she pretended to
be. She did not make a great success at
dressmaking , and business being dull
with her , she concluded to get a partner.
for her. Her renrcscntations were so
smooth and plauMblc that she
induced a Anting woman to take
a half interest in the business. The now
partner belongs to a most highly re-
speeled family , and during her long rc i-
deuce here ha1- borne a --pollens reputa
tion. Hue is also looked upon as being
thoroughly ; poMed and very skillful in
drt s-mak'ing. This partner had not
been in tlio concern very long before her
Mi pieions were aroused , and she found
that there were Mime gos-ip concerning
the liltle woman from the caM. Jsho pro
ceeded to Investigate , and as a result of
her watchfulness a Martling revelation
was made. The little woman from the
east was in tlio habit of .sleeping in the
( " tablishmont. In order to lind out just
what was going on after the business of
the day was over , the new partner re
sorted to slrategom. She got one of the
girls in the sliop to return , just after
till had left the place , and make
an excuse for stepping out into
the back yard a minute , The girl
asked the little woman from the cast to
go out with her. as .she was afraid , it
being dark. While they were thus "onu
the partner slipped into a hiding place
behind a partition. She awaited the re
sults. The girl soon left the shop for
home , and the dressmaker .supposed she
was alone , never dreaming that her part
ner was hidden there. The partner had
further prepared herself by having her
three brothers stationed outbido the build
ing , ready to respond to the first signal
for help. Time \voro on. It was nervous
waiting for the plucky partner. Four
hours passed , and then her waiting
proved not in vain. A young man en
tered. From her liidini ; place she rec
ognized him as a young business man of
this city. The young merchant and the
droisinaker sat and chatted in a very
fond and familiar way. Finally they re
tired to another room , and the investiga
tion Inning proceeded lar enough to sat
isfy the hidden partner , she could bear
the excitement no longer. She gave a
wild screech , and ran for the door. Her
three brothers entered , two from the
front and one from the rear. The amor
ous couple were found under circum-
stancoa which were decidedly unpleas
ant for them. Of course there was
a scene. Tlio worthy young woman
who had been duped into forming
a partnership with the dressmaker
could not stand to have her reputation
jeopardized by such scandalous proceeding
ing- ' , and Iho business of the linn hud to
be. once to a stand-still. The
dressmaker naturally consented , to selling
out her intorusl , and this settlement was
reached niter a good deal of trouble.
The wayward woman stopped out , and
the partner will continue the dressmak
ing business alone. Her many triends
and patrons sympathi/o with her in the
queer posit ion in which she iiau been
placed by no fault of her own , and by
nor being duped sO badly in becoming
associated in business withsueha woman.
The dressmaker from the cast left , the
city yesterday to start in business else
where. _ _
Ladies and gents get u ticket to Iho
grand drawing on January 1 , with every
T ) cents worth of goods purchased o'f
Arthur J.efkovitz. Mi ) Broadway. The
choicest candies , California fruits , nuts ,
cigars , etc. , always othand. .
For hardware and house lurnislungs
get prices of Cooper & McGec , Noit
Main street , _
CliriHtinn Conference.
The meetings at the Uaptist church
continue to bo intcrosling and donblloss
profitable to all who attend. To-day is
the closing one and the following is the
programme arranged :
Morning Meeting led by Uov. Oilman
I'arker , of Kmerson , Iowa. Subject.
"Seek ( Joel With the Whole Heart. "
Afternoon Meeting led by Hov. John
Harr , of Villisca , Iowa. Sermon by Kov.
( Jeorgo W. Hofoy , of Malvorn , Iowa.
Subject , "Prevailing Power With God. "
Evening General confeionco meeting ,
led by Hov. G. 1J Coo Icy , 1) ) . J ) . , of Coun
cil Mills ,
Try ilohn Tompleton'.s "Koto" cigar.
Finest display ot meersliaum and
ninokors' goods for holiday gifts. T. I ) .
King it Co. , Cigars and Tobaccos , CIS
Every onobuying 5 oont-5 worth of T
1) . King & Co , , lias a chance , free , in the
great drawing , December 21.
The very finest fnnge , h'no .silk
plushes , line upholstering of ovury de
scription , foot rests , ottomans- , cornice
poles , window shades and all kinds of
interior drapings the very cheapest woH
of Chicago. Call on E. Stoekert & Co. ,
No. ! 500 firoadway. Council mull's.
City Income.
City Clerk Ualrymplo has made up the
following showing of the receipts of his
ollico for the past month :
llnrial puimits , . S K.MJ
Lii-ciisus . , . . . 1 A 13.1)0
City criminals , . , , , . , . w.'M
St.ito criminals . , . . . . ' -.oo
t'lvll causes , . . . , , .
Xntuia/.uUiti ! ! ( papers . , , Itl.oo
nd impiuvemcnt jxuinlU. , rU
Total , , . SJ.WOAO
Substantial abstracts of title and real
cstalo loans. J. W , , & E. L. Squire , 101
Pearl street.
Coltago ranges Garland Mines , Ha-
limit Homes and Hub heaters of I lie very
latest pat I cms at bed rock prices , at
Cooper & MuGeo's. No. U Alain street.
Lamps cheap at Homer's , 'J3 Alain St
A Healthy City ,
Council Hluu's appear ? by the records
to be ono of the healthiest cities in the
west , ' In October there were only nine
interments here , and of the o three died
elsewhere and were shipped here for
burial Another committed suicide.
In November thcro hayo been twenty
burial permits ihsued. Tlio causes of
ile.ith were varied Thine diedofoan-
tcr ; , two of old age , two of softening of
tin brain , and one each of
marasmus , heart di'eas , . , membraneous
croup , lack of vitality , liver complaint ,
epiico tion of brain , pneumonia , paial.v-
isof the liesirl , titi-rie fevur , hemmorhngc ,
overdone of morphine. One was suit
here for burial , having died cKe-
Such a record for n city of W.OOO ( o
80,000 inhabitants shows this to lie a
rcmarkablj healthy plaeo of residence.
Having put in a complete new slock of
clothing , furni.sliing goods hat , caps ,
etc. , Fox > vi Hughes , > , o. 015 Main street ,
invito.tho public to give them a trial.
Their expenses are small , and they can
aHlrd to 'ell cheap.
Gents'line shirts , underwear , hosiery ,
gloves , etc. , at John Hone & Co.'s.
Ho sure and ask your grocer for the
bread made at Smith iV-Loerke's bakery ,
No. G'5 ; Main street. It is the very best
nut etc. Try it and bo convinced.
I'crfionnt I'nrntfi'aplis.
It. F. Niv , of Hamburg , was at the
Pacillc yesterday.
W. J ) . Cromie , n prominent grain man
of Woodbine , was in the citi yesterday.
Goo. Mu.sgrave , editor of the Harrison
County Courier , of Logan , was in the
city yesterday.
II. ( J. Myers , editor of the Modalc de
partment of the Harrison County News ,
was in the city yesterday.
J. C. Schimmerhorn , of the Nonpareil
force of tvpos , has gone to Nebraska , to
look up his landed estates.
Mrn. O. A. Iloeers , the. milliner , has re
turned from Chicago , where she has been
making purchases of midwinter mil
Kd W. Hart , of flic Water Workr com
pany , has gone east for a month's vaca
tion , during which he will visit his old
home in New 1 ted ford , Ma * .
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Clapp and their
son , D. O. Clapj ) , of Chicago , who have
been in the city vi itin j their daughter
and sister , Mrs. S. P. MaeConnell , have
returned to their homo so much pleased
with Council Hlull's that they expect
shortly to return and make this their
Drs. Jmld & Smith's Klcetro-Magnctio
nsolcs. Only fifty cents. No. : > 0 1-ourth
tit. , Council lilull's , Iowa. Agents
wanted I
For everything in the grocery line give
the new firm of Klutz & Kleeb , 103
Hroadway , a trial. Every thing new and
fresh. Fancy groceries a specialty.
Correct Abstracts of Title and Heal Es
tate Loans at MeMahon tfc Co' < , No. 4
Pearl street.
The remains of David Knlins , who was
killed at the transfer Saturday evening ,
brought hero from Omaha last evening ,
and Coroner Council proceeded to hold
an inquest. The object of the inquiry
was to deeido whether the company had
made itself liable by furnishing their
employes with sticks to use in coupling.
The iifce of the stick has been partially
abandoned by the men since the acci
_ _ _
The electric belt of Judd * Smith , ! ! 0
Fourth street , Council Hlull's , positively
cures rheumatism , neuralgia , dyspepsia ,
piles , paralysis , indigestion , lit" , cold
lect , ncrvoiiMK'ss , headache , kidney and
liver complaints , loss of vitality , lead
poisoning , lack of nerve force and vigor ,
wasting weakness of those diseases of a
personal nature in inale and female.
Picot Ribb ns in the latest color a
Mrs. Rogers.
Great Closing Out Salt ;
Of the large retail dry goods and carpel
store of E. Dowling. Having determined
to retire from the dry goods business wo
will oiler our immense .slock of carpels ,
comprising the choicest coloring and the
newest imikcs of W. J. Sloane and K. S.
Iliggins , and other Icadingmannfaetnrc.s.
We will oiler our immense stock of silks ,
including a full line of Giremand Bros. ,
in all colors and black , for which wo
have been the exclusive agents for Coun
cil Bin If and Omaha for the past fifteen
years. Wo will offer our immense stock
of velvets , plushes , brocades , dress good" ,
llannols , linens , towels , nankins hoMe.ry ,
notions , broehc and imitation Indian
shawls , cloaks and all manner of outside
wraps at prices that will close them out
in the quickest possible tini" .
these goods arc not bought ai the major
ity ot merchants buy goods but were
bought for cash from the leading manu
facturers and importers , and omy goods
suited for the finest city retail trade.
He was a kinpr in spiiitand In tiiith
Xolile by natine as he was by With ,
And them was valor In his loyal youth
Sweeter by tnr than all the gilts ol eaith.
For when the nlattao ran riot in his land
And piled Mntlrid with dylnt ; and with
deait ,
Then went he fortli with succor in his hand
And southed his people while his cour
tiers Hud.
foil ! rest his sent hcpl.ayeil a kingl.v pait
And deeds like his u'ccivo reiitille above ;
Dut comtoit then , dear Lord , the widowed
heal t
That slimcd lib kingdom and his gentle
"J'is not for Spain nor couit beioavcd wo
W J pray for her whoso young and loyal
Weeps in the presence of Its dead lo-iliy -
God the queen ( Sod ble.s.s Alfonso's
wile I
A sum euro for Ullnd , JJlecdln J tolling
nml Ulcerated 1'ilea has been diseovoiod by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Dr.
Williams' Indian 1'ilo Ointment , A Mltijjlo
box has cm wl tlio wmst chronic oases ot li'i or
IX ) years standing. No ono need .suffer llvo
minutes alter apiilylfig thlrf vvaiidurlnl .south
Injj medicine. Lotions nnd Instruments do
iiidio luum th.ui good.Villinins1 Indian
I'ilit Ointment ahsoihslho tnmoiH , allay * the
intense itching , ( paitietilaily nt nluht after
Kcttlnjr win m In bed ) , acts as a jmiilllee , uivos
Instant loliof , and Is prepaid ! only lor I'iles ,
Itehiti ! ; ol nilvatn nans , and tor nothing else.
Ur. I'Y.i/lf-i'ri MaulcUIntinont euros as by
) iin'lc : , I'lmtile.s , lllack Heads or Uinlis ,
Jihiti'lics and Kntitlons ] on thu face , leaving
the skin clearanii heaiittt'nl. Also euros Itch.
Halt itheinn , Horn Nipples , Soio Lips , and
Old Obstinuto Ulcois.
Sold by drugglbts , or mailed oniecelpt of
fiO I'DlltS.
Iteialled Iiy Kuliii & Co. , nnd Schroeter &
Heclit. At v.lmlcsalo by 0.11' . Uoodtimn.
Gone With Another GUI.
Thoovesmay bp.ukle , the lips may smile ,
And mlsmy men Intent folirnj
The tongnu may , and all tliorlillo
The huait feel a bitter pain.
And so It h with tnu maid to-night
Tim maiden fair and vouni ; ;
Her OVOH ant bright and her laughter light ,
And the jest Is on hcrton iiu.
But , O , the maiden's heart makes moan ,
And her liuin ) is hi a whirl ;
For her bean to the sl ; Uut : link has gone
To-night v\ith another gliJ.
IJJoston Courier.
For Sale or Rent !
A noiuly now now and tlia only hotel In the
vldo-iui nko IOMII of
Tt'n tied in ins , vim I parlor , ollico. ( luuvlriir
oomnnd i-IIur , i nd t-tiinplo o in- . \V 11 sol or
KIK I II IVIti-O .llllll tl-rilll , U llllMlf I'.l IIIIIUII ,
todiliio. ( o. 1'i'opics1 Nmv , Coiinull llluiU , ur
Metcalf Bros.
342 and 344 BROADWAY
Mcns Fall & Winter Wear
Men1nml TlojHiiMneef Sii
Moils' nml Itoj.V ] ) H i Hull * .
( 'lillilUMis' i\rrv : llnv iunl lic SiuM.
Ovcn-onto for Mi-n , Hoj mid I UtUlton.
Mcic-lmiit 'I'nllnr Suits.
Mcitlmiit Tullur UvvtcOKtS.
Mcvolinnl Tnlllior vouion.
liniml to the csTto order ,
At linlftliu pi lee
rut.Meins' Knits mid Orcroonlc.
J.onn Men1 * ' Stilts mid Overcortts.
1'Ht Mt-ns' Tiowsns
Scnniloss Shirts ntid Trowwrs In Hi-ott-li wooli > i
Mtdlcntcd Scailuts , Kxtm Itcnvv UntlirlfTRitiis ,
rnncy Coloiod Wools and mixed iiunlttics , tiom
25c each to $4.50.
ron THU TAM. or IES-I
ur tiTisiiiisrcs000:03 :
G-loves ,
Neckwear ,
Suspenders ,
Handkerchiefs ,
And Cuffs ,
OTDrst class qualities nml ictieoimblo pi Ices.
42 runl 344 Bioadwuv , Con neil llluir , loirn.
Corner Pearl Street aud Fifth Avenue ,
Hlnk for icnt for thcatilcal pci-farmanccB
bulls , pan let , etc.
AH kinds of lolioflmiouts mid n ntr.c i.t'liNC
ovciy inoriiliit , ' .
P. T. Mvv.vr. A S. H
P. T. Mill/lie & Co ,
Real Estate Exchange
N ) . 101 l'i'in-1 Stii-ot , Council HhilU , lo\in.
Dealers in lonn , I\iinsit& ami Xuliriiskn r.and
Kcal Khtnte Ijoujjhf anilold. .
Miiiint'mtinciaol all H
for Hiinninir ,
Tnbuliir and Locomotive Hoilor- .
Xuvv Arussillon Thn'snM'.s. ]
Cmvy ami Wooillniry lfor. c I'owore.
Porl.iblo and f' ' raetion Engines ,
SA\V 3I1LLS , JJ'(5. ] (
Factorv Mn.-billon , 0. Hranuh HOIISP
Bl'O Tourl St. . Coinifil
1'ower furnlbhi'd fiom liy.lrnnl ) iirM > inofor
ill IvIiiK nil Kinds nf IlKlit maclilni-ry. Hn' | < 'l l
iittfiilloiiKlvi-n to i-huH'l' Oicim I'limliiK. ' W
inn lulntiiiir proses , mem .nu'i'is | ) | , ICOI-H-UIII
ln.T/.ors , luiilblilnx lullii'- , Fi'nlni ; nmrlniii" * , ute ,
Tim ln'-t clicnprsl inotnilimdo. . Bi'iul for clr-
uiilurKUiiiir lull | iurtli-uluif. A Imviirrs of this
motor In Cuiiiicll lllnOH ; llfcojoti oltiru juliit-
Intr | ircBsi 1'iu-ii & Holulitdti mu-uirti inac-lilnu ;
CuiuiiKO Muut Muikut , Houi > H n inucliliui ; Lif-i-
iidorlur'u Mfiit MmUi-l , .hHiisnKii mucliiiuii
Hinllli A : .Muyfl'H Fnloon , lUlllllnflr trtiin Cuuiu-ll
] ) | iiirsT'loiioiH | | ) Co. , iiiiiiilnk Kfiienilor ; Knit/
It Kli'iOi. Kioi'iTH , running toBi'u irliul > r ; Itoli-
i > rt .Mnlllf , luiuiliipr cotlon urlndi-r ; H. li W1IN
Inina , i umiinjr Ei' IIIK in
i. i. . vv
! ! , IOHII.
Main Ht , , Connuil Jihills.
Near thn ( ' . , I ) . Je ( } . ; ( ' . , M. it St , P. , and
D , , H. I. A-r , uiltvviiy ik'p < iti. . Strct't rara
u iloor. Kvviythlng new and liiht
Ooeni'd Dec. 1st.
Piojirletor anil Munugt-r.
Justice of tbe Peace , j
Offlco Ortr American Kiproe * , i
Coiujuiny. /
, ? seri < I : . Special advitl < cincnl. , such ft' '
Ivosl , 1'ouiiil , To Iionn , 1'or Palo , To Kent , Wnnti
ItofiKlIng , do , , nill IIP lusoi ted In this column m
Hit tow rule of 'I UN rilXTS 1M3II MNUforttu
1 flM Insoitlonnim I'lVC CUNTS PKU MNB foi
1 nnch subsequent 1ii < ortlon. I ave advortlso
j incuts fit our office , So. U 1'varl street , nem
\\rAX1K1i 'fo I.-ij . all Ilic flrst-cla sei-ond
T luiiM iioii-rhoM irootls Hint nro oHY-ii-d lot
ac , MICU a fitrnltinc , vnrpcls. MIUI , etc
1'mons not Imvlnir TiiirriY fliNlD < uooili
will siu < ( line iiy not niipljlw , All ollirm wil
rofi > l\epiuinpt iitu-iitlon mid Hill lie pnld UK
lilglieM iniiikrt pik-cs Iiy A. .1. MnndH , ! U'
Itrondiviij.ilriili-i- tii-iv nml Mrictlj lU-it--l < . !
- fmnlluuetc. . , oc.
IP OK SA1 L'-lIeiiitr desk-am of tnnvltif ; tc
( Imahn.oii net-oiintofiiiy bii'lne , 1 otfei
for snta in ) lesldcneo , eovner rmi.-ih tivonnr
anil Nlutli stieit. Inquire on premlH' . A. i' .
Ili-ahuml. .
01 SlIs'llllllinXT- MoMnlmn \ CVs ,
No. i Penil street.
1 roi : SAI.K , roit nr.Nf 01 : i\DitANon. :
HO. M-Vor e.iloorieiil.oneiy llheiid ferine
I'lio Council Hinds Paper Mill , complete , vtltl
I tbolnrKO hoarding hoiiso and Unco auros ol
No. SO A business property In Cherokee
jiicioKoo : county , Ion n , will tuulufoLwcstcrr
iRtiils. Value- , about ? < , ( )00. )
No.ft1) ) A hctiutirnl homo In tlm town of Hint
Injrs , Mills county , lu a , lot Nebraska land
Viijue. f : j..V 0.
No. 11 A ( rood business piopert ) nnd nl o n
Rood icMdcncn ptopcity In the town of Chrnvo
McLean count j , 111.low down for i-us-h or wll
cM-hiiiiKO for w oMtMti lands ,
.No. 1VJ A splendid Inim , well Improved , fitt
aeies In Dickinson eoiinty , lonn , julnhiK tin
timtiof Sphit Lako. 1'iieo , for a Mioit tlino ,
f ! ITi per iici e.
No. 184 to 187 Ave four Inproved farms In
Phillips countv. Kiuisii , cm-h with a sinnll In-
cilliibiancu. The eqiiltns 111 he oxc-liaiiticil foi
uiilnctinibeKdwIld liiiul In Nehrakii. .
No. 1I 4HO ncies In Holt l-nuiity , Neb. , imitly
impioved , at H bljr Ijiiignln , M'lints to e\iiianit
No. M A line two story brick ro'ldenee , oni
of the best locations in Council Illufls will ti-.idt
for treed inilncitiiliered Kansiid or Ni-biaskn
land" . Value. fiiUUU. ]
No. f nnd II An two other beautiful homej
In Coiiiu-ll llluffi" , w lilt-h wish paj inenis vIII buy
at n Inn ( in In.
No. fit ) A beautiful cilbinlian locution In town
City , lowu , nlll oAolunigo for wcstfin lauds.
Viiluo. -1,1100. .
Thcnliovu arc only a few of our sprciiU bnr >
Will" ? . II jou'voKot anjthliiK : to tntdonr .sell ,
or want lo M'tl iinj'ii-al citato or ini'iclnuidl-c ,
write Us. VV'o have seveialjroodtotUs of need
( ottadufor liimU SWAN & WAI.KIIU ,
Council ] 'lulls , Iowa.
J , L. De BEYOISE , Agent ,
No. TOT llnjiulwar. Council Hliilts.
Railway Time Table.
cot'xcn , m.riTs.
The follow luff li the tlino of arrival and
depart IHO ol luilns by centrut > tundnid llmo , til
thu local depots. Trains leave liaiisler depot ten
inliiutcs cuillcr and arrive ten inlnuti's later :
S:2S : A. v Mail and 13\pic s rtrn : , p.t. .
12:101' : . M . . . . Aeeoniniodatlon. . l.VIi ; > . M.
:40r. M i\-pie--s. : Uo : . A. M.
0:2.i : A.M . . . -Mall and i\pie : s . . . . O : . " ! ! ' . it.
7:15.4. : Mceoniinodallou . . . . rcl.'i p. ji ,
5:30i'.M : r.\picss UWi v..M.
CI1ICVGO , MM.WAI'KI'h Sr. I'U'I , .
dOTA.M : ilail nnd Kxproso. . . . ( i : , * > 01M. .
tillO I' . M llvpicts. . . . . . . ,8OjA. : M.
cinfAcio. nrni.iMiro.v & QI-INCV.
'JMflA. M . . .Mall nml U.\pr < s . . 7:10 : P.M.
UUOI'.M Ktplc'-S. . . Sol ; ) \ . M.
. . . ' * .
wviusii , ST. i.num.i PAI'IIU
2r. : ( . 51 l.oenl St. I.ouls lUiness Local.
" : jl > r. M.Tran = ler St. l.ouls Uv. TriuiKli'i-'I O I' . M
KA.Ns S CITV , ST. .Illi : & ( .OI'M II , 111,1 I I S
10:104. : M. . . .Jliillniul r.\pio . 11:101' . Ji.
U:05i'.M i\piesi. . . i25A.v.
Sioux criv s. I'Afn ir.
7:15 : A. M . . . .Sioux nty Jltill fi : : li . M.
SiOJr.M. . . . HI. Paul r\pies-b : ljo : \.u.
I0i.\.M ; : ) Tinouuh n.\piepi -liini.M.
2:1IJ : v. M. .Lincoln Pus' , . Oni. & II. V .2:0.'i : I' . M.
7:50i' : . 11 Overland Kxnref-s. . . 8:15A.M. :
Leave Conned Illutls 7:0 : , " > aus 'Ji0-10nO : ! :
II :0 : a. in. ; lyo-2 : : : l-aaO-i:3J : 5'n-0w- : : :
11:45 : p. m. Suiidiijb-7.m : iU : ; llriJO- . in ;
2 IJ ! ) . : a-ri5-0ij-ll:4"i ) : : : ; ! p.m. Leave Uiiiiihn
liSIV-7:3"i : 8.VJ : 10:00 : 11CO : a. in : 1.00 2:00- :
. . . .W-lDO-5.0J- ) : : : l.- > -lllo : p. m.
6:50-11:00 : H. in.:2lX : : ) - : : OJ-S:00 : I
Fancy and Staple Groceries.
No. 162 - Broadway.
Opposite Ogden House ,
Council Bluffs. - - la.
This lion-u Iti'ms n now one ,
niu'tillj ' evrryJhintfJn Htoi k is uuw : md
rric. ; ; as jvasontiblti as any oilier gro
eery in tlio wost.
One trhtl lt > all wo ask.
I Tailoi !
HO , 7 and 9 MAIN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
Mrs. D. A. Benedict's ,
No. U17 llroiulnuy , Council Jllull > ,
Hair G-oods Hair G-oods
Of nil Ulmts made to Ofovc-rj htjlo imdjr
order. made.
Hair G-oods Hair Goods
In Council llluffi bavins
Fire Esoap ©
And nil moaerii Improvements , call bells , Urn
ularin l > t-IU , etc. , Ib tlio ,
, No'IS , 217 and'IV , Muln iiticci ,
MAX MO1IN , Pie pil cti
We Propose to Go Out of the
Retail Dry Goods Business
And shall commence the sale
of closing out from date of
our entire stock of Dry
Goods , fixtures , etc. , in part
or parcel.
Will find it to their interest
to attend this sale.
Council Bluffs , la.
, .
Boots , Shoes &Riibber Goods
No. 413 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Our intoim > is not I hihcnelit of the I-\K ) use thus nvt'tl Sciul for price liil <
. .
llijcV. Uiillillnpfs of any bind rniifil or moved . and atlslaction uniiranlooil. 1'iatne
on Mtllo Olmit tiucks-tlic IJCSL in tlio woiM.
SOS Eighlh AviMinc ami Eij-lith Sln.-ul.
No. 29 Main street , Council Bluffs.
S-uttter Hotel
OH.A.S StTTTEJR/ etnagGl"
KspeelBlly adapted lor the traveling wililiu
JtiL'ht In tlio IWBlneiJS center. Hates 1 WJaday
Hii clubs nninplo loom.
( GEO , W , SCHINDLLE & CO. , )
No. 540 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
All work gimrniiiDul equal lo Troy I.iimnli >
unit , VVoik u.illcd for uuU flelfu-iml J'JIEK.
.Alliroods by inullornxpicEsrcculvo promjit tit-
SpecialtiesClcmillncss mid ] iiiiiiiiliiu-n. | Tel
f | > tionoNol5J.
B. BICE , M. D.
, ,
- mmm l nlilmut
rSUPPRQ " ' othfi- Illinois
thni/EiIiu UK , kuifi ) or ill uv > Injr of blood.
Over ilility jcaiV pinctloiil i-ipuilunco , OlUoj
No. II I'vuil t-urct , I'omicll Illull * .
In Klati iind I'Vdoial Couits.
Jtouni-i 7 uml s , iSiui uit Ulock , liciui ,
unoa. omen : . w. n. u ,
Northwestern Hotel.
Nuvvly flttcil and fin nlhhcil. Om | JJiu.ulv
Diiiiuny Depot. SI.W ) jH-riliij.
h. 11 , ItKKSHUV , Manager.
Dress Making Falors.
Ot'.Ven V in I. ( 'Hi- .
: tOT Itroailxvay , Oi | | > . I't-nplr-N Si n %
i Hprtlul iiilueii. Ciilliiu : < ind lltllii1 T- > Ilk
HVtloini.uliolo mil , t'i I'M i | icii'id iu I u ; j
I glXO ; Kiiir or lalliii-iiuuli dii t f > lu ' '
ri l-elata' '