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j \
) They Are Subjected to a Tlno Coat of
' . Double-Distilled Whitewash ,
A New I'urkiiif ? llnuto Projeolotl A
In a IJanJc Ourl'm's
New I'iirk Oilier
tritovi TIH : nir.V : MXCOLN nrin : ic/I
Sure enough Drs. Mitclitll and Dayton
wcro nrrc.stetl on a charge of Unlawfully
disinterring niul duturbiiiK thedendami
their trial commenced In the enmity
court yesterday morning. 'J'lio llrst wit
ness examined was Dr. Mntlu-w-nti ,
.superintendent of the Stale in aiif a y.
luni. Ho stntnd thai Solomon I ) . Stnlcy
Jiml died ut the institution on November
"l , and Inul been buried the evening ot
Iliu Hinne day , in the ci'im-lery lUtaehod
' to the n ylmn. On the Friday preceding ?
linhnd learned that the grave had been
robbed. Nothing was done nbout lind-
itiy the body until it was discovered in
the eity in the im e'-lon of the doctors.
The body wastlieu taken baek , clothing
put on it , nnd buried.
J > r. Hay , of the asylniu , was lite next
witness , and his testimony was corrob
orative of Dr. lUathowson'.s1.
Dr. Itanchloy , tlie coroner , next tc-di-
lied how the body came into his possession -
sion , by bning turned over to him by the
police. He had given it to Dr. Hay , who
look it buek to the tt ylum.
Tins next witness waf the man Allen ,
who is a tenant over the livery Rtable
where the body was found. Ho .said
that a day or two prior to the rinding of
the body Drs. lUilchull and Dayton had
conic to him to rent the room. Dr.
Dayton told him that lie wanted to rent
the room for : i ' revet business. Ho had
told tins witness that he need not he sur
prised if liu heard nlrango noises in the
nijjht. He { the doctor ) mi ht move in
tins night time. The witness said that
be had been awakened nbout 1 o'clock in
the. night , nnd upon listening it seemed to
him as if persons were dragging some
object along the hull. Dr. Dayton had
put a new lock upon the door in the day
lime. The next morning witness climbed
np and upon looking over the transom
MIW the feel of the dead man sticking
out of the sack. He nolilicd Policeman
Smith of the fact. This was about all
the witness knew of the transaction.
I'oliccman Smith testified that Allen
had informed him that the body of an
unknown man lay in one of the rooms
over the stable. Witness in turn had
told Marshal Beach and they had laid the
plan to eateh the men who brought the
body there , with the result of linding
thai Drs. Mitchell ami Dayton were the
persons. Dr. Mitchell had told whiles
that ho had paid $4b for the body , but re
fused to sny to whom the money -had
been paid. flic body , when found , had
on an undershirt , drawers and a pair of
, soeks.
Marshal licach testified to substan
tially the same facts.
Mr. C. II. ( Jure , editor of the State
Journal , was put on the stand to tell
what he knew nbout the ea > o. lie said
lie had obtained his knowledge entirely
from the. Mr.n , which was the only paper
to publish tins 1'aeti. The two similar
editorials he had written for last Sun
day's Journal upholding the grave rob
bers did not , the witness said , entirely
t X voice his private .sentiments. This
witness did not know near
ly so much as lie would
have the people believe in his article
concerning an alleged conspiracy' on the
part of the police to work an injury to
tlic state university. Ho was let down
vorv easy considering this aspersions ho
maliciously cast upon those gentlemen
who were only acting their plain duty
under Iho law. At this point the court
The session was resumed at 1 o'clock
in the afternoon. When the court re
convened Dr. Mathewson stated that lie
had a couple of witnesses ho desired to
have examined. The , prosecution rested
its ei-e : : , and waited for the witnesses to
appear. Tins court sat uneasily on his
4H- bench , and finally said that he guessed
- that- lie did not can * to hoar the witno.sses
any way. ile did not believe the defen
dants guilty , so ho would dismiss life
eaic against them. The attorneys opened
their eyes real wide at this dictum , but
that is all the good it did them. His
honor handled no law books , he gave
utterance to no legal sophistry in vendor-
ing his decision , but just difainisSed thecae
ca-e because lie felt so disposed.
The whitewash bucket and brush were
invisible , but' they must have boon
hidden s-omewhero around the premises.
Thus endeth another body snatching
ease , and the luminous and electrical
machinery of the law's plain rule lias
done its work as in many former in
A Chicago party was in the city last
week looking over the stock yards in
West Lincoln , with a view to establish
ing a largo packing house at tiiat place.
Tim gentleman desired to liavo his name
withheld for the present. Ho left for
Chicago Monday. At a conference with
* thi > htockyardf people it was virtually de
cided that the company would erect
works upon plans nnd specifications to
bo furnished by the Chicago party , and
that ho would take a lease of the prom-
i.-'CS for ten year * , The ( dans compre
hend brick buildings , which will take
something over 1,01)0,000 , bnok to con-
ftruel , nnd wiil bo furnished with every
modern convenience. The work is to bo
completed by May 1,1SSI ! , when the lessee
is to take charge. The capacity of the
packing establishment will be 1,000 hogs
per day during ( hu guinmer months , and
J.OOO hi tlio'wintev months. The only ob-
Made in the way of 11 consummation of
Iho above arrangement , is favorable
rales from the railroads , and thesis the
manugurs of the yards hone will bo ob
CH.YNC.r. is iim mitr.erou.viK.
Kent K. Hayden , esq. . of Omaha , and
late liankexamiuur of Missorui , Kansas
nnd Nebraska , has bought an interest in
the Slate National bank of this eity , and
hereafter w'ill be eahior of thnt institu
tion. Tor the present , perhaps , Mr ,
Hayden will not move his family here ,
but it 1 * his intention shortly so to do ami
bccomis a resident of the capital city.
Air. Hayden has had a long experience
in the banking business. From a minor
position in the First National bank of
Omaha , ho arose to be acting assistant
cashier , and when the Nebraska National
bank was Incorporated he became cash
ier of that bnnk , and continued in that
.capacity until ho was appointed bank ex
aminer. Not liking that position ha re
igned , and as Mated , bought Into the
State Maional bank of Lincoln The di
rector. ) ' of the bank has boon reorganised ,
the Utohard Hrothers vclirlng. As at
and W K , Alexander ,
The Dnrfcts park at the southern bound
ary of the city him become a matter of
fact , Forty workmen arc lit present engaged -
gaged in building a dam which will help
to retain a body of water live acres in
< -stent , Tim lake will be filled from two
ni mlii Mrc-una MM'- ' ' ! " imply into it.
The ground around has bc-en plowed nnd
harrowed , and grass seed sown. Includ
ed in the forty ucrc3 wInch will comprise
the park there i a bcnutifnl grove of
trees which will be used for picnics and
other gatherings. Mr. Durfec has or
dered ten light rowing boat ? from a
Wtiukefrnn linn and they will be placed
on the lake for ( ho n e of visitors' . Danc
ing platforms , u hoii e and other features
will be eonstrt"tcd. ; so thai by May I
ne\l Lincoln will have wiiat it long lias
needed , a first-class park. The private
enterprise of the Messrs. Durfec in build
ing thi * resort cannot be too highly com
mended , for ( bete will be no profit in it
for them. II will be free to the public
and will add much to the value of sur
rounding properly.
ntv miiKi'3.
The supreme court i * engaged m hear
ing a few special ea cs not in the regular
call of district * .
Tin- Missouri Pat-Hie yesterday filed
with tin1 si rd.iry of state u map giving
us proposed route from thu city to
the .slock ianls. Tins was neces
sary under the law as ( ho Irack passes
over slate lands .11 gelling to the yards ! .
The U. it M. are laying ! wu side tracks
oul K street , while the Mi ouri Pacific
people are building rapidly towards the
stock yards.
Mr. and Mrs. ( \ M. I.eighton enter
tained a party of friends Monday night
at their homn"on ICast H street , the occas
ion being their silver wedding. A largo
number of handsome presents were made1
lo tin ; couple.
The I'kchange lm ( l al the Mock yards
has been opened for business.
KvPo.-Umnstcr ( ieneral < I. C. Mellrido
has been appointed state agenl of the
Corbin banking company nf New York. ,
and hai opened an ollic'e at No. KIM U
street. The general is sure to do a large as hh acquaintance over tlie
state is large and inituontial.
Several Hcatriceeoiinellmen have been
vUiling Lincoln for the past day or two
looking at the waterworks witli a view
of adopting them in their pretty lilt'e '
eilv.The district court of Lancaster county
having tlnlshi-il tt | ) its more important
hiisinc'ss , has adjourned until tlio lOlh
insl.The weather is once more bright and
beautiful in Lincoln and the Indies were
oul in lorcc yesterday.
The Hcndrick * memorial .service- ; were
held in Ihe United Slates court room last
evening at 8 o'clock. Appropriate and
touching remarks were made by Chancel
lor M.inatt , O. P. Mason , T.M. Mariptctt ,
Patrick Kgan , president of the irUh
National league , A. .1. Sawyer , L. W.
IWlingsloy , Albert Watkins and J. V.
feTATP. UltUVAl.S.
Philip Harper , David City ; J. D. Me-
Dowalu , Spencer ; A.M. Miller , Spencer ;
L. ( > . Johns , Seward ; .1. L. Fiskc , Court-
laud ; F. A. Scoville , Valparaiso ; N. S ,
Harding , Nebraska , City ; Mix C. Carpen
ter. York ; Oi'lando Tell'f , A\oci : : F. C.
Ayer , Omaha ; H.fiund antl wife , Wilbcr ;
A" . . ( . Uarrager , Friend ; II. Groshaus ,
Sultoii : N. W. McLood. Friend ; ( i. N.
Clayton , Omaha ; F. M. Thomas , Omaha ,
Tlio Trotililn in Jowa.
New York Nation : Ono of Ihe
most .significant and encouraging
features of Iho recent elections is
the demonstration that Iho independent
voter is becoming ft power in the
west. The result in Iowa affords con
clusive evidence that ; the mugwump is
now to be found beyond the Mississippi.
The republican canvass in that state was
conducted distinctly upon the lines of
Bhiinu bourbouism ; tlio bloody .shirt was
nihdu the party banner , and all "loyal"
citizens were implored to "vote as Ihey
sliol" against "the same old rebels. "
Moreover , llio opposition candidate
for governor was proved to
have been the most malignant sort of a.
"copperhead" during the war , so that the
issue was perfectly clear-cut. lie-tides ,
the fusion movement was so utterly
devoid of principle that it was not
calculated to win support on its merits.
Finally , Iowa is a Stale where Iho
republicans have always held control ,
and where party spirit has always run
high. Yet in the lace of all those ad
vantages , ior ; the republican bourboes ,
their candidate for governor came with
in about 5,000 votes of being beaten by
his "copperhead" opponent , and candid
observers say that the fiiaionistH
would have carried the day
if _ they had not made the
mistake of declaring fir low license
instead of high license , and thus repelled
votes which might otherwise have gene
lo them. Why a slale should only few
years ago could be counted upon for 50-
000 or 75,000 republican majority came so
near going against the party this year is
shown in the letter of a Des Moines cor
respondent elsewhere published. It was
largely because independent republicans
have grown so utterly sick of bourbon
leadership thnt they were ready to go al
most any lengths to make an cud of it.
The late election shovys that even lowy
can no longer be carried upon the blood'a
shirt issue.
Heal Katnto Transfers.
The following transfers wore filed Nov
3 , with the county dork , and reported
for the BIK : by Amos' Iloal Estate
Agency :
Itch's of ClmilesL. CIiulco to John V. F.ilr
lie. lot ( > , Clarke's add Oinnha , w il $ ! .OCO.
Henry Ambler and others to Nellie Ambler
Campbell , lots 7 , 8 null nine , Ambler's place ,
Onialia , w d 81,200.
Ulnistlno Anttton ( single ) toOeo. II. Hojrtjs
amlLe.w\V. Hill , undivided ; < of Stf ofd J3
M Sec K ! , 15. W , Duimlns Co. , w d-S.T.687.
loiisnh.I. Watt and who to Ann 1)0 ) Uolt ,
lot : i , block la. Omaha Yiow , w d-SLlXi.
Mary A. Ilojt and husband to Ann Iu-
Jlott ; It 44 , Nelson's add , Omaha ; w d
S 1 . .lOO.
Clias De IJott and wife ( o Ann Do tJott ;
nij ) of It 25 , Nelson's add , Omaha ; w
d &f > 00.
Low W. Hill ( single ) to Joseph Cavan ; It
21 . Kunslnzton , Douglas county ; \v d S" > 00.
State of Nebraska to 1'ctcr A. Ilol.ien ; nwM
ot mv.V sec 'W-liM'J , 40 ncies , Douglas Co ; w
d S r > 00.
( Icoigo II. Hoggs ami wife to Aujfiist
Scldpiiorelt. lots c nnd 7 , block 7 , Aibor I'Juco
Jixtension , Onutlm , w d SWO.
Lew W. Hill ( Single ) to Henry Wohleru , e
3foftiW' ' of n\v > , sec l-H-12 , Douglas
county , wd 3:2,000. :
John L. .Marshall and wife to John W.
3liisjiiill ! ) and Otto l.obeclr , n jj of nw 'i , see
15-in-i'j , bu acres , Douglas county , w d
( Uitton K. Mnyno nnd wife to William. ! .
Harmon , lot ti and e U feet of lot T. blork IU ,
Jssiwe & Selden's add , Omuhu , w d StT.COU.
lleh-s of .Tticrnen itohwur to C.u-ston
Iloluvor , undivided Jf of lots H , V , IS , 14 mt
l.i , block 21 , town ot Mllhifd , Donglad Co , , w
Anna Holllnt ; and husband lo Carstcn
Ilohwvr , undivided } * of lots S , P , 18 , u ami
IS , blouk li-.1 , town ot Millard , Douglas Co. , w
d 8150.
Anna llollln ? and husband to Cliilstinc
HollliiK , imdiviiled ' < ot svv } { of so , ' 4. and
sJj fee7-1 l-l' ' , 120 acres , Douglas Cu. ,
llehsof JiifiKon Ilohwerto Clnlstluu Hoi-
llmr.ftlnteicstcu'bw , ' { ot se } j , iimUJ oC
MVJ4 sec 7-1 l-ii : , ViO acies , Doughs Co. , w d-
iieiinard Down and vvlfo to John Kojjarlv.
S7K leet of lot il blk 11. Improvement Aiauci-
allun , add tu Onmli , w d STOO.
Luuls tJchroeder and wife to ( Icorgo II.
Hammond , lot a blk 200 , Omaha , w d Slo.oou.
William N. IJyers uud vvifo to J.eim Quick ,
lots 4 and 5 blk 131 tirnndvicw adil to Omuha ,
Wiliia'mT. Flndi ami wlfo to Lena Quick ,
lot 0 Wk WJ und lots is anu 19 blkUU , ( rratul-
vluw add to Omadj , w il J.W.
i Uulrk ami liu l.ind to Churles Cor-
belt , lot u blk 4-.t : lots Is and 1'J blk 4W , and
lots 4 and 5 blk-lr.1 ; < ! r.indvlo\vadd to Omu
ha. W d-S400.
\Vllllam K. as.11 and wife to Wllllaiii \ \
Cai-lln , lots I uu.l i blk 1 , Lake's add tit
Onnihuv d A-UCX ) .
Anxtistns ICnuntltaand wlt'e to Arthur 0.
\\nkelin , lot J'JblU ' lr . KuuuUo'3 Sd add to
lULMlLo ' llol
Spent iu Talking License , Qrailcs , Ordi
nances and Viaducts.
31 r. Kin-ay Shotv i Ills llanil n < n l aw
jitnl Onlcr Mnn Approtirlntluns
for NoTcinlicr.
A GrNt ofCootl Tilings.
Tlio regular weekly mooting of the
council was held la t niyht , Mr. Uecltpl
in Ilic chair. Prp.H'iit : Ilehui , Hailey ,
Dailoy , Fumy , ( loodniaii , Gooilrich.
Slivoi'tlor and Tlirane.
Iroin the nuiyor Approving
from the saino Uulurnltipvilhotit his
approval the ordinance providing for tlio
olllce of boiler inspector on thesroiiml
thai , In < > \ ] > euting the innnmhcnt to bo
holh boiler maker and ciiytnccr , no man
could be found In town who could satNfy
tht1 rcqitirunu.'iils ; also , Iho term of ollicc ,
three years , is too long.
Dal my wauled the veto rofi'i'red to the
chief of the llrq dopartment. Carried.
Satne Appointitjo ; ( teorgo 'I'hrinilili'
policeman anil driver of patrol wagon.
Same Appointitifj A. R. Soner , 11. S.
Clark and W. A. L. Gibbon to assess
damages caused by grading Hamilton
and Janice stn ts. Coiilirmed.
Same AiipointinCuorgo ( hiy , N.
W. Kutinard and , J. \\r. Hedfonl , to ap- damages by grade on Tenth. street.
From the marshal Showing that tliere
are 111 ! saloons and ill drug stores
suiting liquor * . Police.
I'roin the auditor Statement of money
in dlllercnl fmuI-4 , Special committee.
Same -Showing all tlm expenditures
by the M-hool board during November to
have been according to law and correct.
Same Betting forth tlm insurance poli
cies now held on eity buildings. Eire
and waterworks ami diiof engineer.
Same lleuomincnding a warrant for
V-1H.50 be made to H. Kotint/.c , in consid
eration of waver of damages to his prop-
ertv. ( trades and grading.
Hoard of public works Showing esti
mates of salaries for November of In
spcetors Calhihnn , Kcni'-lon and Haman ,
? uOO. Approved.
Same Kstimato of cost of slreotsweep-
ing for last four weeks , ? l,7J.2o. ( * Public
property and improvements.
From poundmaster Kstimato of fees
for November , f S'J.50. ' Police , with pow
er to act.
From Mary Hamilton ollering $328.83
for northwest corner lot 5 , block 18iJ. )
From M. C , Cnmjng oflorinK ? . "iSn.80 for
several lots comprising 0,7 0 square feet.
Public property and improvements.
From Marshal lintlcr recommending
the pnrohaso of four horses for lire de
partment and the sale of ono now dis
abled. Fire and waterworks.
From Win. A. Hays and others remon
strating against laying of walk on west
side of Sunndcrs street until the same
shall be graded. Sewers and bridges.
From Olson & Falconer , threatening to
put in an extra claim for grading unless
a house which stands in their way in
Hurt street is removed. Streets ami
alleys and eity attorney.
From Dr. Spaulding , asking for $ ' 20
per month to be cxpunduil for dispensary
at Tenth street mission. Judiciary.
Messrs. Ford and Uehm held that if
any money should bo appropriated to
hospitals that St. Joseph's bo selected.
From residents of California street , re
monstrating against the ears and engines
and other obstacles which obstruct the
eastern part of that street.
From Conrad Nuson , asking $ .1 per
month more as watchman on the dump.
( . ! ranted.
From water works company , notifying
city of the placing of certain' lire
hydrants. Fire marshal.
From Henry Gotscck , asking for $100
for damage to household goods .sustained
by Hood in South Omaha. Finance and
From James F. Merion and others ,
residents near Hansoom park , remon
strating against Sunday shooting in that
locality. City marshal , with authority to
act.From J. A. Harvey , .setting forth
$10,001) ) as damages sustained by tlie
breaking of two ribs on a defective walk
on Grace street. Delegation from Fifth
ward and cilv attorney.
HyGoodrieh Mill of Kd Walsh against
city , $ 'J,44I. ( Fire and waterworks.
Same Hill of ) . K. Urennaii against
city of .t 7.70. Allowed.
hame Mills for supplies of fire depart
ment , o. k.'d by Chief liutlur , amounting
to * ! )70. )
Mr. I'll ray .stated lie was willing to
recognl/o the "o. k. " of this lire marshal ,
but it. seemed to him that there was a
langto between the lire marshal and the
auditor , and ho wanted the tangle
straightened out by the auditor attaching
his o. k. to these billy.
Marshal Hntler said the gooils had
boon ordered by the council and unless
ho "o. k.'d" them the auditor would re
ject the bills.
The subject was referred to the au
By Dailoy- That two catch
placed by the board of ptiblui works on
Seventeenth street , near head of North
Omaha scwor. Adopted.
My Lee That the board of public
works be instructed to invite bids for
paving and grading of many streets be
fore the material for same shall bo decided -
cided upon by Iho property owners ,
Temporarily tabled.
My Behm fii-sli'iieting the board of
public works to advertise and construct
level Hag cross-walks on Farmim street
as far ti paved with granite. Paving ,
curbing and guttering.
My 'I hranc Instructing Ihe gas com
pany to erect a gas lamp on Nineteenth
mid Paul streets. Adopted.
My Shroedor Authorising llio appoint
ment of a committee of four , who , with
the committee on viaducts , shall call
upon both the UiirlingtoiuV ; Mi.siouri and
Union Paeilio roads to soltlu thu question
of street crossings at railroads. Adopted.
My Furay That meetings of commit
tees having business for consideration bu
on Friday nights , except in cases whom
adjournment has been taken for two
weeks. Adopted ,
My Furay Instructing committee on
pplico to report al next mooting the or
dinance introduced at the la&t meeting
amending the liquor ordinance of this
Mr. Furay said that it was a well known
fact that theru was no legal city ordi
nance in this city , for tlie &alo of liquor ,
and that but one individual had a lieonso
to sell liquors. Ho wanted the saloon
keepers to keep with in the law und de-
hired thn committee to report the ordi
nal i on in question and not let it din in
quiet , lie wanted the council to adopt
an ordinance b.v which they could stand
Lh'foro the people.
Mr. Ford said ho was going out of the
saloon business , yet he thought il was
well enough to lot well enough alone.
I'ho school board was now getting tliu
umiolil of $110,000 a year from this source.
Did Mr. Furay want lo deprive tlmt board
of the needed income )
Mr. Tliraim agreed with Mr. Ford and
claimed that thu ordinance referred to
was a fraud , and tlmt Mr. Furay , who
was an honored mom her of tliu Lutv and
Order League , with Ilie speaker had him
self \iolated the law lij treating.
The resolution was tabled.
or < mnm :
Claims --Setting foi Ih that the couneii
have no jurisdiction over the "salaries "
paid and expenditure * made by Library
Poliee-Heeommi'iiding payment ol
bills out of police fund. Adopted.
Public Property1'ccommending thai
Truman Mtiek be granted quit cl.iimdeeii
to a lot upon which he ha paid tttses for
inanj year. * . Granled.
Sewers -Upholding the manner In
u Inch ewer pipes have been run through
Mr. Duke's property , and opposing pay
ment of damages.
Sewers Hccommending the payment
of ? : i.0 to Omaha Coal Xr-Coke eompanj
out of sewer fund.
Same Heeommending thnl < ewer pipe
instead of boves be placed al head ol
North Omaha sewer , near SaundetN
SlreeH and Grades - Heeommending
the adoption of a compromise grade on
Leaveiiworth street. Adopted.
Mr. Goodman introduced a re-ulnl'ion
providing that , bids for a viaduct al
Tenth street be asked when thee of
Kloventh street are mhcrlised.
The appropriation ordinance for No
vember expenses , covering ! j'2iu ; ( ) ( as
Adjourned. _
A Oitrloim Cu o ol' iMNtiiken Identity.
New York Tribune : 'Talking nboni
New York police courts , " said a 'horl
man with a round , red f.ieo ami a huge
pair of sneclacles to a Tribune rciiorler ,
"I wai lite nnluipm victim of a curious
case of mistaken identity in one of them
a few weeks ago ; although 1 think at the
time t be a ( lair did not get into the pa
pers. " The speaker was a young ph\-i-
eian whom the reporter i\il : \ knoun i'n a
l'enu ilvania town , and the story he told
was as follows :
"I had been taking a little trip up the
Hudson \yith a friend of mine , and wo
were in New York for n _ few days before
going home. Wo had just visited Gen.
Grant's tomb in lllvcr-idc park , and
were walking along one of the avenues
in the upper part ol the eity. Suddenly
a policeman lapped me on the .shoulder.
'Somebody wauls to see you baek here , '
he said.
"I thought I had made a mistake in
paying for the lunch we had taken in a
restaurant a square or t\\o baek. Hut the
first tliimr I knew 1 was pushed into a
little fancy store , and an e\eited woman
came running forward crying : 'That's
the man , that's the man ; and the lame
man there' for my friend Inul a still
leg and limped 'that's ' the accomplice.
I know them both. '
'Then slm wont on to say that the lame
man had come into her tore nnd ollbred
a $10 bill to pay for home trille. that there
wasn't change enough in the drawer ,
and she had to open a desk where she
kept a roll of larger bills ; that in a little
tiinoLcame. in , and after looking at a
great many things tisked her to get a silk
handkerchief which was hanging in the
show window. Th'n it took her some
time to get , and five minutes after I left
the room she found the roll of bills was
' "When did this happen , madam , ' I
" 'Last Saturday morning. '
"Mut we wcrcn't'uear ' New York last
" 'Oil , you can't get oil' that way , ' she
cried. 'I'll swear to it. 1 know yon by
your face. I know you by your olothei.
1 know you by your voice. '
"And m two mltuitei we were walking
down town in charge of the policninan
with an admiring crowd of men and bovs
at our heels. At the police station tlm
woman told horfclory again and .sworo
to it. My friend ; of course , wai dis
missed , I was searched , my watch , sur
geon's case and money wore taken from
me , and I was nut into a dirty basement
cell , where the darkness was made
hideous by the ravings of n drunken
negro next door.
"Well , I suppose it was S o'clock in the
afternoon when 1 was taken to the police
court 1 had gotten back my wsiluh and
money , and fell pretty conlidont that f
could make out my ease. The judge wa.s
: v nice-looking man , whose name L found
out afterward was Dnfly. He listened
carefully while the woman told her
story and 1 told mine. When I was
through lie .said :
" 'Well , young man , you haven't con
tradicted yourself once. I think 1 know
a criminal when 1ee ( him , and you don't
look like ono. '
"Just then my friend , who had eomo
in , ] uislicd forward and attracted the at
tention of the court 'There's his accom
plice , ' said the woman , 'I can swear to
them both. '
" 'That is very serious , ' said the judge.
' "You told me pretty sleek story , '
broke in the clerk , 'and you might have
gottci ofl'if your blanked fool of an ac
complice hadn't eomo in , Mut no one
ever had a better chance of going up the
river than yon have now. ' And he was
about to make out a commitment to the
Tombs when tlie judge interposed.
' "Hold on , ' his said ; 'I'll ' give this
man another chance. Let him havu a
special hearing to-morrow morning '
"I fell pretty blue. There I was with
out an acquaintance in the city , my friend
i-'OU miles oil' , and unable to prove my
own identity. 1 was put for the night
into ono of the dirty cells of the adjoin
ing station house. 1 wanted to send
fiomo telegrams , to have my supper
brought in from the restaurant and to
havii my cell changed.
" 'No , ' said the keeper , it is against
the rules. '
"I got my telegrams sent at about 2. " >
cents a word ; my supper cost live times
the usual rates , and for $1 they gave me
a cleaner cell. [ did not sleep much , .
'lowover. ' The piwmct of ifoini > ' to lht >
tombs the next afteonoon wits too much
for me.
"About 0 o'clock on Sunday morning a
cab came thundering up to the .station
hoitso. A kick on the door anil ti volley
ofoathf * brought oat tlio keeper on a
run , and in a low minutes my brother
walked into the cell ,
"Ho had bison ( raveling all night and
brought with him papers ami loiters to
identify mo an l prove an alibi , At 10
f'elock I came up for a second hearing.
The woman stuck to her story as iuii-
itively as ever. My oas'i was good , of
course , and thu jndgo dismissed me.
" Tlds is an otUnige , " ho said. 'Mull
don't see that you have any remedy for
it. The woman1 isn't worth anything ,
and you can't gob damages. '
"Mut you had nn interesting experi
ence , " said the re'porter.
" 'Oil , yes , 'sai'd the doctor dolefully.
'It was lutorcBtliiffr Jint it cost mu fWl. ' "
What tlie Haiti Sliouc.
You can avouroMiy toll thu man who U
married , i
11 you'll notice how he nuts some rainy
" ' "
day ,
And obwMQ how o'er Ids lady friend U
The umbrella thnl should keep the rain
If you Jlnd the lady Is his sttoiiij arm gill"
pint ;
And Is walking \ery closely by hit , side ,
Avidia the water tson hUsliouldet dripping ,
1 on may laiow she Is a maiden urn biidc ,
If the drippings fall , however , on her bon
net ,
And ho walks about a foot or t > o tdicud ,
llicn t-ho's nothing but Ids wife , depend
niion It ,
And they've been for half a score of win
ters wed. _
Hence These Tear * .
0 onion ! though most odorous bulb !
Notlower'siierfuiuocan eitual thine
In pungency of Htreuitli to draw
Out IromuuwillliiK eyes thu Irai.s
Now ttlckllnt ; down this IIOSK of udno !
f Louisville Com | CT Journal ,
1'ritjticsm or tlic Aft til' 'I'ypevM Ulna -
An Applicant for INmltlon He-
liilcsi His lj\pcrcitcv ! <
There arc three or four thousand type
writers employed in the go\etnnunt de
partments at Washington Three y ars
ago thes-e machines were almost mi-
known , and men and \\onieu mote with
pens the preai ma i of manuscript daily
turned out in all the various olljct > .
The employment of so many typewriters
has gh en more than ordinary impoi tanee
lo the examination of candidates under
the civil sen ice law for clerkship * , and
special examination K made of < lenn
graphei'.s and typewriters. A friend w ho
was examined in those branches a ft w
days since , tints de-scribe * his experience
while undergoing the operation : _ "I en
tered a large room , about two-third'-
winch was taken up with scats and small
tables arranged in a manner similar to
that in which chairs aiuldck4arc placed
in school rooms , tlio remaining portion
being railed oil'o as to form a' kind of
olllee for the examining corps and con
taining several desk * , easy chairs
bookcases , a sofa , ami tile cases
for the dilVerenl _ papcrs used
in mnkimr examinations. A
large mirror on the mantelpiece in this
apartment gave the examiners the ndv an
Inge of ilonble-'iglttedne- n clock
fastened to Iho wall above this mirror
placidly indicated the llight of time. A
number of drawing boards used by
draughtsmen reclined tlie parti
tion railing , u telegraph instrument with
battery attached was iikicod upon a ( able
near , and other mateiials n cd jn the
practical tests made b.v the comniK lon
could bu seen here and there in out of
the way nooks and corners. Placing
my typewriter , which 1 hud brought with
me. upon of the tables ; 1 seated myself ,
and after arranging pens , ink and papers
to my satisfaction , proceeded to view the
situation. Myll o'clock , the appointed
lime , nearly all of tlm two doi scats
were occupied b. - the various contestant"
( he majority of whom were females neat
ly attired and very intelligent of
expression , whose ages apparently
ranged from lift ecu to forty years ;
( he male portion was nuiforml.s
composed of comparatively young
meii , most of whom -at nunonslyjwilcli-
ing their moustaches and awaiting the
coming ordeal. A large part of those as
sembled had like myself brought thoij *
own typewriters , and while the orlleurs
of tlii ! commission were procuring ma
chines for Ihe others , time was allbrded
for acitnaintiincc-making and conversa
tion all round , and long before tlio exam
iners opened the proceeding by forbid
ding further conversation between the
competitors a loud bun/ing of voices in
dicated the mutuality of feeling existing
among those , soon to be engaged in con-
lliet. This was soon hushed , and an
elderly gentleman stepped forward and
addressed us as to the bcl eo.urse of con
duct to pursue , and especially urging the
importance of restraining any nervous
feeling that might arise , assuring us that
in most of the tests we would be allowed
plenty of lime , although , of coin-so , due
credit would bo given for extraordinary
expedition. He then proceeded to read
an exercise , the object of which \\aslo
exhibit llio ordinary handwriting of the
applicants , the substance of the article
'read relating to the improvement m
the civil service of various Kuaopcan
governments , which have been reformed
in a manner similar lo that in which the
United Slates eh il service commission is
now proceeding ; \yhich exercise wa . of
cour e , written in long hand. The
limited and general examinations ,
obligatory to all who enter the public
service through the recommendation of
Iho commission , consumed the greater
portion of the time. Most of the appli
cants were pretty well prepared for the
problems in discount , partial payments
and partnership , and lo answer quest ions
in geography and grammer ; but a great
many were surprised when quosiiotts
were submitted which are Usually re
ferred only to constitutional lawyers ,
and when' asked to name the early
presidents ; of the United States in order ,
.state Iho I'Caidenee of each , etc. Nol the
least interesting feature of the occasion
was the manner in which , one by ono ,
several of the applicants dropped out of
the various tests. The noise made by
all the typewriters rendering it im
possible 'for one man's voice to be
heard all over the entire room ,
it was decided lo divide the
competitors into two equal squads , each
of which was dietaK-u to separately.
Many in the lii'st squad were dissatisfied
with what they had accomplished , se
cured new pun'or and essa\ed n .second
attempt with * the other division. Not
being one of this class , I thus had an
opportunity to observe llio proceedings.
About Iwo 'sentences had been dictated
when one of the ladies looked np appealingly -
ingly into the stern countenance of l-lic
examiner , who calmly proceeded , un
mindful of her reproachful look , and
her hands dropped irom tlic keyboard as
.she retired from the nice. A young man
with a toothpick in his mouth , who hail
been Ijii-ily engaged in the early part of
the morning in testing ( he rapidity of his
typewriter and oiling up its various
parts , was. the next to drop out , and a
nervous little lady discovered that she
had been printing on tlie : inie line two
or throe limes , .so with it hnlf-nudiblo ex
clamation she ihimiiKjil the carriage
down and try to look unconcerned ,
iu which attempt . -everal more
Joined her before the end of the dictation ,
L'he shorthand exercises do ; doped fiomo
queer methods of writing and transcrib
ing notes , an accidental ghmco at : i
neighbor'nole revealing the facts thai
ho wrote half in shorthand hieroglyphics
nnd the remainder in longhand abbrevia
tions , and some Inin.shiti'd ( heir hooks
and circles by writing them out in pencil
before copying on the typewriter. A lady ,
the only person tvlio had the foresight to
provide herself with an eraser , soon
found hetself e\ceedlnglv popular with
immediate neighbors. The examination
lasted two days and I nevi r before felt
so weary and jaded in my life u when 1
handed in my lust paper and received
the welcome intelligence ( hat all was
over and I could go home. "
Ti-lllcs Mclit Ax Air.
SiiPtiklmrof tilth's light as air ,
Which pcoplii Icll us not In mini ! .
Tlicie's none of them lldit as a hair ,
Or Imlf so dltlluiilt to iimt.
A hair upon your coat may be.
When she contrasts It with her own ,
A cause ol' nine and jealousy ,
The lire-tongs tliumpingon your crown.
And from tlm soup Its trcacJieroiib length
Or bo in Imttei'H peasy Mi'digUi ,
Ab 'silver threads iiiuoiu : tlio gold. "
Tlio .Milkman.
The milkman merrily \\imlcili Ids hum ,
And ho itrtlrthas into UN Ml ! , ,
As ho nllctli lib prills to ( be mimnnt morn
With Ids beautiful sky-blue milk.
Oh , what is the joy thai tUls Ids cup ,
And vi by doth ho dully eavoif. '
lir'cau-,0 tlio ptluo of thu llulil'f , p > no up
Hoiit a penny or two a miail.
In liiii'k.
No more do I look lone and fail ,
My hudlo Is IIKtt tinluily
\Vliat \ Is II makes me led so
i my uUtci out nl I
U'lansv Hie
VTli n J ! V naa NICI , vroava herCaitorla ,
When she was a CliiU , sbo rrieil fur ( 'aalorU ,
When b krcunt Mill , ilie clung lo failorU ,
Whou ili li d Children , th gar * thorn C * tori ,
' tipclnt icc.inl to
K > Amninnla , t.tmocr Mum.
Royal Havana Lottery
( A ( invi.nsMr.NT ivsTtirriox.i
Drawn at Havann , Cuba. re.rmberl9.
Tickets In m th . Wlioli-j , f V rmclloas in-o
NEBRASKA oiJ.u. . . .iliinj ii It 111,1 , IM I'nn mm. .
scmlni | | irtr.ll * mi I M.lin nil it h 'Mnl ' ! I ' > l ' ttni ' ' '
tul > \ -tul - \ in tti.i ho 'n Ii IIIIM ! Mi iihfin Ilin injKi .ui'l
nl. H. S. aiYilTH , Pu ! > . . Omatin , Net ) .
Nebraska National Bank
I'.un t'p CAi'iru s.Yi.iiHii
Si IIPM-S , Mnv l.Jss" ' j.'yi'd.oJ '
11. W. YATiO're : : < idcnt.
A. Ji. Torxu.tN , \ ice President.
\V. II. S. Ut 0111:3 : , ( . 'ashler.
. , . , . mm TOie : ,
U - . . Mousr. , .IOIIN s. ( „ oi.uxj ,
11. W. V.ns : , Lnwis S. llir.u : ,
A. U. To i-/.A UN ,
Co. 12tli ninl Fnrnnm Slrccli.
Oencinl llnnMiij ? lliif.iau 't'rmsnctt'il.
The Land of Oranges ,
Sunshine ,
and Tropical Scenery.
A lot 40ilOO foot , in Bilvot
LOOK I Sprlnjs Park , floilda , only $10
fur CO da\in \ o ly. livery nnn ,
woman and child uliuuia owa n lot. lllpli , thy ,
rolling land. Ko swamp1) , or inalnrln. IIou = cs ,
Btorc , liotcl.ilrcacly built. Sovcmltralnnilally.
Five-note oraiiso groTO tracts , $200 each. A
platof the town.HliowlnB&treet'itnliurch satr' .
depot , itc. , Ac. ; nlo lluo Oransn Grovolu clglil
brilliant colors , with elocant-18-liaKO < lcsorlp
live boo'cof onrtownand along prnlr | < lHt ol
over COO land pnrchaicra , All Sunf fret. Pop
ulation 75 , anil new artlrali wccklr IiErr.iv
ESCB. H'm. / / UaMru , 1'rca. National Cliizcm
Bank , Vfvr Yorlc. Address , for lull particular *
Brunch OMocut Chlcazo , III , Ollrrr Ri > rlnc Fin ,
aeo thouiatiosof catosol tltn wort Had nmlof fone
tAodlngtmTaLAcnrureil. Imloetl.huirrrn tsniv faith
lnll9 ldoucT. Dint twill nemlTVYO EOTJ'U.'S Mtr.S.
lOK'thor vrlllia VAI.UABI.2TIIB IVISi : an Jliclli
r9 HQ7 ulTorak. < jTeeaples | mil P O n &r 1- .
"U r A UlllOVt.llHt > ri" ' Xev Yat
Proposals for Bridge Uonntruction.
TIII1 ! Itounl of I'ulillo Wnikidt tun clt > of
OinaluiNob. , Invite proposiiK until - ' o'clock
p. in. , .lunuarv 1'tli. ' IShii , tor llio cnustriiL'tion ol'
iivliuluct on llth Mrcut , nvor tliu trnckit of tlio
I'nloii 1'iicillc sind lliirlijigton \ Jllaiourl Itivcr
uls mustlin Im'-cd upon the
ilons nnd ( iiitllno plans on fllo in the ollicu or iliu
liomil ol lilllillu works , copies of which ! ! ! tin
fimil.-lii' < i upon nppllcatlon.
liidsttro to botiucoinpiinlfd with dolnll dniw-
inx > and Ft rain slu'cl ? , mid linll t-iu'clly the fip i
ol sitpoistiuetiiio Inr a 'M foot loudvvuj and ; i
yjlui rondwuy. and shall hopurnto tlio sujici1-
slnietiiid houi tlio Ininnlatlon nork ,
Knuli bidder Mm II ilpo lt with Ills proposal a
corllllnl check , paj.ihlo to tlic onlor ol tlio
undoi-'l ui'd.ln ' thd siliu of ono thousand dollar *
to IIP forfeited lo Hit-city of Omtthii Intuit' ho
Hindi 1'nll lo execute a coutrnut and build slli : -
Inclon lo llio boaiil , within 'M days HlunMlio
notilicalioii til the nwatd , should hid proposal bo
Tlio board rocrvos tlio rlsht to reject nny or
nil liid * . 'I'm : llnim oi' I'UIIMO WOHK- ' .
_ J , K. HOIISK , ClK'.lrinnn. ocli-"t ! ! ) ' toj.\n K
for District Paving1 Bouds.
Cirv TiinAsuiinii's Orrini , )
Oinidia , Kolj. . Nov. fi , )8Sj. ) f
SKAl.TID piojosals ) will bo received nt tin's
ollicc until Nov. "Itli , IS-Ci , ul 1nnoii , fur tlio
pnic'linsci of JIIViOl ) of district imvlnshonds oC
tlioelly ol Oinnha , Hnid bonds are dated Dec.
1st , IBS.1 , and M-ill bo duo In ono , two.llirou , lour ,
nvo , n'.v , seven , olf-'lit nnd nlnu yoar.s tioin their
dutn , an e > | iial nnionnt 1 > C ( onilnit duo each year :
me In turns ol $ MU ) t.ieh. anil bear Interest 'from
their ilnlii Rt flip inle ol'civ per contuin per an-
iiiiiu. puynlili * iininmlly. 'L'lio principal and In-
li-ie-t in o both ( iiijablont thoolUco of Kountzo
llros In Kow York.
Said bonds MIC i ued under tlio cluirler power
ol Mini t hv. and ulll IIP dcllvcied to inirulmwrH ,
on puMiiunl ( lir rclnr nl the city treasury In
Ouuiliii , on Dee. Isi , loVi.
1IM * will In nddii" . i'd lo the nnderslfriied nnd
niarlveil'TiopoMN lei District I'u\Inf ( llouiU , "
iunliiui.-r Mute tlic lull iisinc nnd iiddre sof tlio
bidilor.llie ainoiiiil nl Kiid bonds dosheddui
otji'iil amount due I'mOi jour lioin ono to nlim
jciirh ) and the priic puipo-e'l to lie jinlil.
'I ho rljiht Is rc'oi vfd In nijrct iiuy mid ull olds ,
notCcUlt Tin M\.sli ! inC'lty Treasurer.
Notice to Avchltects.
"VTOTK 1 ! Is hnrt'hv Htvi'ii Hint iilaiH and 'peel
-L > ncalloii ! . uilt IKJ roelved at tlioollloeol llio
coniily iluik ut Votk coinil ) , Nnbia Iin , Torn
court hoiiiu to bo built on tlio public wiiiiuoin
the I'lly ol Voi U , In tdd founl.v nnd lnii > , iinlil
Uoeomber tlie i'.tli , ISSI.nt I' . ' in. t-nld buildliiK
to lie built of Ktorii' and Inlcik mid to bo iliu
proot , with n bnsement 6 < ilnilji | > JoraJull. Tlio
( O.Hol Milil buildlnn- mil In uvired the NIIIII of
Illty thousand dollars ? . ( > , MiO.O . llucli | > 'Iuu uud
Focill | ) < iiiuii Mibmiued in arcoinpauUid by
an I'tliiniilo of tlm eu t ol ileli hulldhiv ; ido to
Hive pilro nt' plans uud spi I'illenljons , Tlio
iiichiu ir Aihou | ) lui is iiduptol and u-oil hvilm
( omitjlolx p.ild n rt'tisiiniililc price Jur.iiitli
[ ilun. * All plans nnd prelllejllona biibnitttid
nnd rejrclcd l > > the loiinry lo IMI unuriiidto
lliniiru ] : nr purtli siilHiiimiif , ' ilio saino. ' 1'lnv
board i-f jt-rvcs I ho rlKlit in inject any nil plans.
II ) older or ilio county Injiudol biipoivhors
this ll'lh ' U.ij ol \ < .u ii.brr. .
JI. I-DVI.I i ( \ , County Work.
National Bank
st coi'iiiHr.irnatua'i'l ' t'Jlh b
Paid iii Onpitnl , $200,000
SurjjhiB I'nnd 50,000
ntAMv Ml'IIIMlV , M'I.n. Jl'JUUHS. ' I
T'le-ldi-m , VIci rresluonl. I
Cash or. ( .ashiur *
: ] , d nnd fiHim | > Utttmt'oit ' ( riven
to ad lnibiiii'3aonlru u < l in It.uiuo. .
1'ays J 1o i or con'mi Tlino Dcjioslta.
Man and Beast.
tritjj Liniment is older lhan t
most wen , ami used more and
inorc every year.
Special Ordinance Ho. 7S3 ,
ANOrilnnneole\.vlnr ( ( n < p ( ! ! tin niuin < < *
incut on nil lot * ftnd rent v.lnln llhln l' -
IIIR Iliitilcl N'o. 45. In the Citj of ( linnhn. to
fever the ) < t ot pin Init 1'Jtli biicct Srout How-
anl stieel to .laekson < tr ' 't.
\VIHIIHVM ; 11 litixluirlx nnnd licliiRliorchv
lulJiiiK-cil , determined nnd c-tMlilMicl Hint tlm
several lots ntid pieces of ( yttilc liprcltinMrr
veleued to hn\p each been peel ll > benetlltiil
to tlie lull nuiniint heirili Icved nnd ii > ' sed
iiK-Hn't t'lit-h of suld lol nnd pleco or von I
( "Into , ic'pedhf-ly , liy ieaon nt llio i > u\ln ref
of that | niiI ( if IJlliticct li-oin llounrif stit-et
TiiKiimmK , Jnr the purpose or vnjlujr the of siild puvlnir 12lh siort | !
lie It Ordained b. llio Cllj Council or the t'ltj ot
Section I. Thnt tec eo l of pavinirtliiil liar ! of
K'llisirort vtlthml'iivlng ItlMrlclNo. . 4V In Ihf
city of Onuilia , liom llouiird slrei t totiicX < nii
street , tuld ci'st bolmt the sum of JItVtT."W , lie
mill the ( .iinui Is hereby h'vlodiind io e e < il , in
pi "portion " to the loot front nlonir "alii p'i\lnc ,
iirnl ucmi-dliw to spc-clul tirtinllt * liy ronson of
s.iid pn > inp upon the ro1lowli.irilo orlbod loll
iinii trul o talo. IH litmit liy the Konorullv roe
opiioil limp of tlic city ot ilmtilm , t l. ) ltlio <
iiijilini mill iintili < hcd by ( ! oo. I' , llonili ! nld
COM lifi'iu MI lev led on iil'd ion anil trill ' '
( spot'iivcl ) . ns follows to-w It :
Cluirlo C. lloiiol , It 3 , tilK livs
W r. An < tie\t4 , I
( I A.JoHAhtt , MM , lilli li ST.-.rr
W A IliinVor. I
Snphl.l ilHU" > , It " . MkKi \ S7ii77
,1 It , I'olsoiu unit ( "tttiti1 of II. It , I'oUoiti ,
Itli , I Ik Kit STSt.
l.sintoof IVinl ; DoloiMiro. It Lull * I'1 '
Dm III on miui.o.'i It' . ' . hlk liH ,
.lolni Kilkenny , w. - " - ' 11 It'l > tlHM li' 11
.lolm Mel'mm. It T , blk KM Wftlll
'Ilic , Io eph llurncun CrnrKer Co. . It S ,
till : I MI MS VI
sVellouS , Tniil said iiipeliit tu\o < < lev leil nfoui
< n ! < l , on sal , | lot * u"pcct1vcty , Mml ! become do-
liiniiirnl us lolUtui : onotoiitli ol tlio lotiil
mnonnt levied on each ot SMII , lol * hnll lie-
coino delinquent In llll.v diij liom thii IUISHIKO
anil nppioMil ol tills ordinance , one ti'iith luono
year , one-tent It In two jcnf . OIKiriilli In thtei
.veins , one tenth In lour .VO.IK. om < tontli In dvo
> ours. olio-lentil In jvour | < . onc-li-nlh In MIX on
joar'.omi.tenlh in ojs.rld jeur * und one tenth in
iiliut yours tiller mld low , mid boinir 1'ioin Ihn
pissiitfouiid itiiitivnl | | < > t HIM nrilltmmi llui-h
i'tmid iticitilliii'Mits , o\oopl tin1 llis.shil | ( dimv
interest nl thn uiii-ol' M-ven | 'r rent per nn
n in limn Ihc nine id llii' lev.v aloii' ald , until
111 sumo shall III COIIII dclhlqniMlt. A pt > IMlj.\
ol llvo porio 'I ' , , toj'i thor \\lin Intciost nt tlm
We of niic IIIT i cut | > i'v ii ntlt. | mv nliln In ml-
Ml irn , shall hi' p il < l on curli ilfllniiu | > iit Inilnll.
Si'i-lloii. ! tiio i ntiii iniiiMiii' ' i > f tnso
lev ii'il nml ns i'"O I on nny nl iilil h > \ * niiiv ho
pii : ! | Ii ) I liu invni'rol nn.Int. . . oi llio mtho
< ilii.ilinor.ilii pi'opoilion ol sniil tnon nnv of
sili ; | lot" , tuny ho piild lij inn pcisntimi nnv purl
ol sui'l li > t rrlthin IHIJ il-tvs itmn snhl | ( > v v' . nnd
Ihcii'iipini < < ii'h lots or purls nl Int. , .th'ill lie
cM'inpl ' ( roni ii'iy Honor iMiiujfilluii'lor ,
Sei lion I. 'I lint tliHoiMlnnnee shall liiKo el'pot
nnil in' in tiMi'o tioin iiinl nlli'ri in | > a-.iyi. ' .
I'.issi'il N'ovcnihcr loth. IM'i.
W > i. I' . llicini. : : , | > i ( > Iilonl 'ily Council.
.1. II. Perm Vlin , Citj ( li'iK.
Apptoveil Novoinhcr liilh. | sVi.
.1 .1Mr.s 1 ! . Itovii MIHOI.
These ta\c < mo now dun timl pn.Mihli1 to Ihn
city Irt'iisiiH-r. ami v\lll lircomo ilollttiuicnt iia
shown In Section " .
nov.'iiiljt TitrJiA.v UITK. L'il.v Tioa nuir.
Special Ordinance No. 7GO ,
AV Oiilliiiincc lovyiiifrn pcciiil tnv ami n spis.
incut on nil lots ami ri"il i . | ito vrllhln
I'livliiK District Ixo. II in tlii'fitj oitinmhn , to 1-
oovi'r thn ooit of psivlm ; llth stiort tioin CHJI
llol avonno to liivoiiioitstiorl. |
WiiintKVS , It having lioi-n inn ) liolntrhi-ruhy
iiiljnilroil.ilt'turinlnoil und iMlalilhln-il Unit the
M'veinl lots ntnl iili'CCH of ical cstiiln hi'roln.iftor
loloncil to luiMtoni'li lioi'n ppi'inllj liiMiclllleil
to the full amount liurHn lovled nnd nss , * soil
UKiilnst ouch ot s.iiil loli , ind pii-cc-i ol ical
fslato. ) loii-nn .r tin ) i.ivlniror
thut pail ol' Illhsirout from Ciipilol uvonno to
] liivriiioit | street.
'I'ln.iir.roiu : , lor the purpo u of paving tlm
cost of said invinir llth stioet :
Ito it Onhilneil liy the City Council of the I'llj of
yccllon 1 , Tlmt the cost ol' pavlm ; llnit purl
of llth street vvltliln I'avlnif DNIrlci No. 11 ,
in the city of Oinnha , I rom Capitol incnnoto
ll.uonport Miopl , suld eo t liuinjr the sum of
Jo.s..ti-J ; , ho und the same is hereliy lev.od nml
n o sedlti proportion to the foot iront nlonir
saiil ] ) ; ivlni-r. and nceoullnpr to hpoeiid heiKilllH
liy ro'ison ol's-iild pHvInt' . upon thi lolloHlnn do-
oiorllied lotH und leiil eitnto , as MIOIMI hy the
enr > rilv ! ruco ni/.ed inup < if the eity ol Oinalui ,
| sKI , lltliovniphoil and published h.v ( Jeo. I * .
Itoinls ; said lost heinir sn lovled on Mild lot" mid
iculusttilii , rospocllvoly , us follows tn-wil :
, l..l.MoncII.Ir. , . - . ' , II : l , hlk 71. . $ | : tl rT
A. T. I.III-KO , , lr. , in. ' It a , hi ! ; Tl . lil : M
.I..I. Mtl ) , hllcTI I'll ' W
11ion I , hlU Tl liUftl
IX O. Uiicklcy , lir. . Mk Tl ri 09
C. A. Wrljrht , w. " , It ( i , Tl XMI JO
A.H. Wiitflit , c. < J Itl ! , IilkTI ail M
ii. iMuui.1. it. i. iiUvi.-i ! Mrei : ;
O. I ) . : , I ilk" ! . . . . -HUT. !
A..I. ropi' ' 7 , hlUT.'i -tltl 7.1
A. .1. Poppluton. It h , hlk ' , " > V(2 ( tl !
Sortion . Tlmt said .special ta\iM lovled
uloioald , on snlil Ir.ts rospoclh el\ . shall lioeomo
dolinqnent as fnlliir.i : one tenth nl the Intul
ainoiint i-o levied on oneh ofaid lots hh.dl lio-
comodolliKiucnt in llll.v ilujs i nun tlie pitssuijo
and iipprovnl ol this ordinain e.ono-tt'iilli In ono
yom , one-tenth In two jeai's , on tenth In three
yunnoiio-lcnlli In lotiryrnr * . onr-tonlli In llvo
yearsonu-tonth in btvyoni-.ii.ii lentil in M < VUII
. \OHIS , ono-tentli hi elyli ! , M-art , und one-tent Ii In
nlno joins illlurpiiid lov > , aiid Lolnir fiom the
pnS"iKO : und upinovul of t lite ordinance. of
said Installi-enm , nxuo | > t the Ilrsl , shall draw In-
leii-siat Iho ratu of sovou per cent pur uiinuin
lioin Iliu tlmo of tlio levy nloio.iuiif , until the
sumo shall het'oino ilcllnqiient. A penal ) v of IIru
per edit , tog-cllioiMvItli inteiu-t m the ruto of
one pot1 cent , pur month , pnyublo In ud\'iincu ,
'hall ' he paid on each dolinnuont iuslallment.
Section I ) . That the entire ninoiint ol tuvso
levied mid iH = L'-sed on uny of said lotw imiy ho
paid by the owner ot any lot. or tlm out lie equal
ino r.itii projioitlon of t-uid tin on iin.of . 8iid
lois. may bo paid by imv ] " 'i-on on nnv pnrt of
Mild loth within lltty dii.v- ' from f.ilil Ii vy. unit
thuroiiion | Kiich lotH or inuisul | ni ' .li'ill lui ox-
cmpl fiom nnv Hun orclinij , ' ! lltoii lor.
Hoc-lion I. Thattliloiiiiiiiiiicosiil | | ral.r i.'ffoot
und lie In foicolrom und iilli > - | : < : < -ipj. :
1'iisscd Novonilior loth , IbM.
W'jt. 1' . llKoiinrl'r.sldoiit City i.'ouncll.
,1. II. 8otmivm > , City Olurk.
Apiu-ovc-tl November liitli.lfS-i.
, ! AMIS ; K. llovn , Mayor.
Those tu.\osaro now duo und payahlu lo the
Clt ! > Troa urnr nnd will beronio dullnqiipnt as
bhowti in section two. TIIUM V.N MUCK ,
novVUdrit Cilv Tioutiiror.
Special Ordinance No. 751.
AN Oidlnuncoluvylnx iiepeeinl luxiindassoag-
muni on ull lot.s mid ic-nl oiiuievllhln puv >
iliif ilUti-lut .Vo.-I. , in liu clt.v of Onmhii. to
cover the cost of p.ninu l.'iili nticct liom
( 'iililtol iivLiinoto Dnvenpiiit "Ireut.
W'IIIIIIAS : : : It luivlmr lirm. und behm licrnhy
udjiiiluod , dotuimined and i MablWii."J tlml Mia
mvorul lots mid plooc-s ol ical c-slutis horoliiiillor
lofeiied to have ouch IK en .ppeemlly lionotlttod
to Iho lull iiinoiint hoieln lo\ led und ( if-ios ud
iittniii't oii''li of Mild lots und plocos of iiml obtute
ieipei tivoly , liy luiifon ol tlio piivliiK of thut
II.IIT of 15th htioct liom Ciipltol uvoiiuo to Duv-
onpnrl strc-ot.
TIIKUI.I < 'OIII : , foi-thopnrposo of paying the cost
ol said puvliiff IMIi atiiii-l :
He It ordained hy the City Council of the City of
Om.'iliii. "
* hccllon I. Tlml the cost of p.ivinirtlmt purt
of l.'lh fill cot. within piivinv U ! > tilit : No. 4 : ,
in I ho city of Oiituhu , liom Ciipltol iivennu Ut
luveii ) | > rt btroet , t-util cost : lii'inir the Mini of
SViM.i7 , bo und tliRBunmibhoiiiii ) l.ilc'iliuidiH- !
h-e > odiii propoitlon to the foot limit ulom ? salj
pn liii-.and nf.-rorrthito Npdcfiil.liunetlli' by icw-
son ni said puvhiKupon the l'nllotliiKili'sciibbd \
lolsainl re l ottatu , ua lioivn liv the tfi'iii'inlly
l'ciiniii-l imipof Iho ( 'lty of Onuilin , I > 'U , llth.
ii uiiiliint mid published liy ( Ico. 1' . Itonils ; suit !
cost iieniv o lovled on Hiild lots mill ical cMulo ,
rc-speuiH ely. us lollowi , , to-wll.
,1ii' o II. Oort , It II , blk V\ . JIW 81
I'lrni Itapilst Church , It t till ; 70. 911 71
A.J. I'eppluton , It n , IjIK i.i Ull 71
A. .1. roppkmm , 11 I ) , bll ; 7j 4UI M
I'ath. IVeiu-cr. Il LlilUli ! 1)1171
.lano A. Itennnlt It ' . ' hl ) , ; ii . . . . 4Uim
S. II. lirOHIIH7 Mum I04K4
S. II. llrown. It S ) , lill.-.ii . . . UllTii
8'Ctliiii' . ' . Thai sild - < pi. ud tav < - levied al'oio-
ml.l.uii Mild lotH luspctllv * lj . 'hull heiomodo-
liiniifiir | iii lollou'a : iiu-initli of Ihn total
jnuiuiil to levied on ciub df r.iid : liilsifliull lie-
L-'iin dollmincnt in llfodu.v . Iroiii the iiaHiiiKU
uud iiiipiovul ot this oril > iione . omliinlli In ono
) tu ( Miii-Unith In i\vo jourv , inn -lenlli In tluoo
.VIMI ' oii'Mcnth In four v.our4oiiu-li ilh In llvo
M'arsj ' , one-tenth In nix ycur3. oiuHrnlh In bovoii
\csi < . ono-tohlli In iditln yom-iund one-tentli In
nine JIMIS utter Diild liiry , Injr liom thou
| uiiro and upprovul of tills urilniiliuu. 13ich :
nfi.llil histalhuniti , o.\eopl Iliu HIM , shall ilruw
Inlficst ut tlio iitln nl buveti pinitlit , per un-
mini liom the limn ol thu liny iilounuiil , until
Ihuuimo bliuh Uri-iniio di-liiiniu < iil , A piiuulty
ullhopitr tent. , tug-ether w ill liiiuiunt ut llio
rate < d ono per edit , pur month , puyuhUi In ad-
tttiiuo , bhall bopuUI on ouuli ilvllniiiiviil Instiill.
nient ,
bcftlonU. Thut the ontlru uiuoiini nl lux MI
lovh d mul usiti > ul < m uny ol bind Jut * may ho
puid l-y the owner ol nny lot , or the entho oiitml
Pie nun proportion ol suld tux on unyolbiildlou
inn } l.o paid hy nny peiboit cm uny purl of uld
luls within HItydays from aiihl levy , und thorc-
iijioii hiii-li lolsor i in i is ol lotH.bhull U < exempt
hum any llun or clmrKO thurcitor.
Ho-'llun 1 , Thut thlbordluuiifoi.hii'ltuko ' oKuct
mid bo in torcu from and uftura \ | > 'is u'fo ,
tind ho In lori'O I rom nnd ufloi * ltd jiMS-ntfj.
1'ufneil Nuvc'iibor luih. IHSi.
W'.r , lliiini : : : , , l'ro ideut City Council.
J. II. Form tan , City cierl ; .
Appro * td November loili , Iftij.
J v > ir > JJ. HOYP , Jiuyor.
1 note iixc mra now dno mid jiaynblo to the
oil > ( ri nsiini- , und will l'i .vimn iltlluciucnt u
SllOHll 111 beC'liollX" . UlM M\N Illicit ,
| lIV' ! . ' ltl ( .IJ-'I'lCH'lllOl' .
Change ot 'I imei
( oinini ncln ; ; .Nincmlj.-i'tt : , llut'llniiion Itoiilo
C. , II. A'O. It. Uitr.iIiiforChicugiiuiidBt. Irf > uli
leaves ( iKfiha ik-ol | lliV M. II. II nit U p , m.
Through ftcer > ers , roadici nnft dhlUnr c-li' . No
liur.U- . . IIAJIUV I'UL'IU. ,
Ti lc : V-ftii , 1 "I 1'ii-imiii #