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    8 THE OMAHA DAILtf BlfiJfl , TUKSDAY" , OVKAUUOR 17. 1885.
A Movcrneut on Foot to Organize a Citizen's
League- The HigginB Oasc.
Xlio , flolicinn to Ito Tried IT I'untls
Can 1)0 Kecored An luiortnnt |
Caic Decided- Other In-
Iinw and Order.
A number of iiilorestcd citrons -ind
othori gathered at the opera IIOIPU last
evening lo licten to the address of Mr
Andrew 1'iixloii , general agent of tins
Citi/ena' League for the suppression of
( aloof liqnor to minors , who is well
known throughout this west us an earnest
worker and a forcible speaker. His
especial Held is In Illinois whore ho has
been ougiiged to work by thu Citizens'
League of Chicago. HJ has been general
tig 'nt ' of the league wince its fortnulion
nnil isthtirimg'il.y tie i iliinte.d with nil Its
working ! ) . His work in the direction of
rrHtraiilinjr tlio Hqu > r tr i 11 h is ben at
tended by the mo-l astonishing ami grat
ifying recoil's
Scaled on tin ; platform with the sneaker
wore II. T. Clark , Dr. V. S. Wil-on , Rev.
J. S. Detweilcr , ( Joneral Ilowaul , Rev.
K. H. ( Jraliuin and Dr. P. S. Lci < onring.
Ulm latter gentleman acted as chairman ,
mid announced that the object of thu
mooting wii to form a Law and Order
league m Umah.i. Ho then introduced
Air. I'.M\ton , tiio Kjieakor ot _ thu evening.
Mr PHI ton , alter thawing the people
for their attendance , Haid that the ques
tion to bo dccjdtd ivus whether or not
lawless citizens should bu allowed to
rule the eity , whether or not fathers had
n right to protect their soi s , whether or
not inolhors cu.n guard their daughters
lie characterised tin ; rum as be
ing this great promoter ot lawlessness ,
and Hiiidtlmt the only way to gain the
upper hand of it wan for thu people to as
sert their rights. Kighttenths of the
nion of .Oinuliu . pretend to bu respectable ,
.11. d In Hid city there is strength and
manhood enough to o\ercomi ) the in-
l.uenoo of the lawless clement. "Hut , "
said the speaker , "look at the situation of
affairs. 'I ho good men of the eity oe-
oiipy the Imi'k Heats and mourn and weep
over the lawlcs-ness existing .The rabble
are jo HC | Irotit scutu ami hold the con
trol. ' Now if thu _ respectable element
would jw-ijorl their rights , they .voulil soon
eonio to thi ! liont. Tin : } should give
notice jo.tho ( rabble and order them to
vm-Mo' " '
The speaker said he had not come to
Omhlm With simply gu > h and words , but
with fuels whieh proved eonelu-
sively that good eouKl be ac
complished by the league. The lirst
Gill/ens' league for the enlorcom 'lit ol
laws regarding the liquor traltie was or
ganized in the city of Chicago on the 'Will
day of November 1 * 77. The specific ob
ject , of the association was , and is still ,
to suppress the sile of liquor to minors ,
and to save the joitth ol Chicago from
habits ot dissipation and vice. Its plan
of 01 oration was the combination ol all
goof ) citi/.oiis , h'ltvprethe ol party -illili-
at-jo'ns or'i'cligiiius cict ds , into a .strong
and ! ' vigorous organi/.atioii for the cu-
foreemenl ot the l.iws regulating the
liqijor trujlle. The -uee-'ssof the league
lias'ljoen ifot only but absolutely
wonderful.Vhun the Citi/.un-i1 league
of Chirano was organi'/ed , thingswere in
a most deplor.iblo condit'ou ; the liquor
trailio wim practioally imru lr.iiued ; the
laws were openly di.d pcrsisfi'iitlv violated
lated ; .juvonilo erinie was fearttill.y on
" , and good ciii/ons felt ilieni-
selves helpless ami hopeless. In Chicago ,
in 1H70,11,0'JS minors were arrested ; the
next year Iho numbers were ti.tflti , an in-
crciM > of 7iU ; and that was about the an
nual increase- the arrests of minors lie-
fore the league was formed. Out ol the
inobttwh'cli paraded the streets at that
time , onij-half were boys boy.s who were
under thi ) ' influence ot drink. The sta
tistics of'thij police courts showed a sad
condition among them. There they were
brought in by the score , uriested for
being drunk. Wo found there tluiti,0M : ( ) (
boys in Chicago wens being brought
up , in saloons. While the Christian
men were picking up one man from the
gnttor ahd lumping him to regain his lost
manhood'two1 ' me'n were being ( rained to
the gutters' i-They found that thu only
Way-to uiu the evil was to begin at the
root ! ilnd Hum cut oil' the .source of sup
ply.In / Ihu year 1.S7H , the lirst year of
the league's ' work , the numbers arrested
w > ro fi00 | , showing an actual decrease
of 1118 trom the year before. This gave
great encouragement and inspiration to
the friemlfi of the league. Since that
time thcnriwciucnt hati been a continual
fciiecOHS. Ipuring 18 $ ! the arrests of boys
nnd girls were 1,00,2 le s than the year
before. The sale of distilled liquor's or
Ixjor to spfiill boys across the bars in the
miloons fias heen wholly suppressed , and
thu saloito large boys and g rls has been
greatly reduced. The saloon keepers ,
Irom being insolent , arrogant and deli-
ant , have been humbled and subdued ,
and made to respect the law. Indeed ,
Hiich has been the iinprcon ! made upon
them that Ihey have , in their associa
tions , passed resolutions that they will
admit , no saloon keeper to membership
unless he will sign a pledge not to sell
liquor to minors or drunkards ,
lint thi ) most gralilying result of all
himbcoii'lho leoling ol eoulidctiee ami
bopefnliiess which has been iiiHiured in
thu iuinls of respectable eiti/.ens a feel
ing that-ljie liquor power is not invinc
ible ; that'll can bo controlled , and that
those engaged in It can , -md must bo ,
made to icspcct and obey the law.
Outside of Chicago , in numerous in.
Htaneos where cltl/cin' leagues have been
orgunimyd , success has been even more
rumarkblo. : | In Aurora thu number of
| Haloons was reduced from 3i to 17 ; the
* beergunh us Were cloxed up ; minor- , and
„ drunkards were driven from the saloons ,
I und ' ( ) iu saloons were all closed on Sun
day.In Joliet the license was raised to
$1,00 : ) , and the number of saloons re
duced fioni liJ ( to iSiii the Halo to minors
and drunkards and Sunday liquor Helling
have been almost entirely biipprcsscil ,
and thu press says that the whole
appearance of the town has been
changed ,
The , great quastlon to bo considered ,
continued the speaker. Is , can the sup
pression of thu sale of liquor to minors
bo accomplished in Omaha. That was
Uio question in Chicago before the
eitl/ens" " league was organized. Tlio not go to Ihu saloons on account
of the liquor to be had there. They no
for the Dailies , the good companionship ,
the bright lights. The speaker told
bow Iliikur * minis , a saloon keeper ,
And induced Iho boys on
their way hoiuu from -Sunday school to
enter his saloon and play pool. They
became drunk and were arrested. When
they were released they went to the Citi-
ZOII'N league and made a complaint
against the saloonkeeper. Hakcr Hums
was tried and bis conviction followed It
was the llrt.1 victory for thu league , and
nftorthd second conviction thu sulonn-
kuopera.wcro ready to tall at their fuel.
The Jaw/cuirbo / unforced if onugood man
will come to thu front ami demand that
bis right * nnd privileged bhall bu re-
"Thyy say , " : iid Mr , Paxton , "that
miilnt ! H a protly hafrf uluco , but I'vn
not found black as shu is { " ' '
But you nro bad enough n3'vo
* *
olwervnnco of iii'-rtru- , , . \.ua \ V : j
; pv in. , o- , , , , , violation ot tho"Taw'.J Hi'li '
* 6 , u < Uil ua stojipcd , and cau bu st
if good men will come to the front nnd
demand it. Men of Omiiha , rise in your
m ht and stand by your mayor and chief
of police and ceo that your law. " are en
forced. To-duy jour major told mo
wniM If.till M lii' t fTnt'q * In
fli-it lu > : ' > i n-
for * e laws to keep the bojs from destruc
tion Come to the front , men , retire the
rubble and see that the hiw is abided by.
H'H kle on the armorgo to work in earn
est and organi/u your league Appoint
your iigent and nave him made a police
man , open an ollice and hold bun ro-
spon iiblo for the violation of law exit
ing Then you will fee how the complaints -
plaints will come in from the mothers ,
the fathers , and it will onlv be a short ,
time before saloonkeepers Will ilntl that
they uiusioljey Hie law. "
At the clo t ! of Mr. PJIAton's remarks
Chairman Lei-louring said that he could
not close the mi cling ithout some steps
being taken looking to tin. lori.iation of
a league.
( jeu. Ilowaul Wits called for , and ex-
preyed hi-i hearty sympathy with the ob
ject of the meeting and pledged himself
to Mid such an organi/ation.
Mr J.S. RichariNon then introduced
the lolloping , which was unanimously
ratified by the meeting :
Whereas , Them has been a disposition
on the part of some of thu citizens of
Omaha to violulo the laws of our city ,
and -
Whereas , Our nnyor and city nmr hal
have been endeavoring to enforce the law
regarding thu closing' the saloons at
midnight and on Sunday and to rid the
eity of highway robbers and burglars ,
Resolved. That we , as a , body of citi
zens assembled this evening to consider
the inipoitancu uf the luwiiud the protec
tion ol the young , do hereby express our
sMiiputhy and co-operation with the
mu\or aiul marshal in their ellbrts to en
force order , ami wo stand ready to see
oud their ellbrts in the government of
our city.
On motion , the following were ap
pointed a committee to meet nnd arrange
lor the formation of a Citizens' league
H. T. Clarke , James Croighton , J. S.
Richardson , Dr. O. S. Woods , L. H. Wil
liams , William Fleming. J. 15 Rowley ,
JolmT. 1MI , P. C. lli.nobaiurh , Warren
Swil/.ler , Fred Drexel , P. F. M irphy , A.
1) ) . Jones , Dr. ( J. L. Millur , K. Rosewuter ,
C ! . K. Yost , John H Fumy , Murshul Cum-
tilings , James K. Hoyd , Herman Kount/.e
and K/.ra Millard. Seven wll constitute
a quorum ot the committee , and it is ex
pected that a meeting will bo held .some
time this week.
The meeting then adjourned , subject
to the call of Uio committee ,
The Hlfjsjlns Caso.
The trial of C. S. llig ins for keeping
his saloon open after midnight was
commenced in police' court yesterday
afternoon. The oily was represented by
Attorneys W. S. Shoemaker ami J. T.
Moriarity , while Parke < 5o Iwin and P.
O. Hawes acted as counsel for the do-
leiiil.-int. The trial w is before a jury ,
composed of the following gentlemen-
John Haiimer , John Rosicky , Chris
Wille , S. A. Orchard , .Stephen Robiiisoa
and ( Jeorge L. Dennis ,
A.s in the Hornborger CUKO , the counsel
for Mr. lliggins announced that they
would endeavor to show that there was
an understanding between the defen
dant and the marshal am ) the members
ol the police committee of the city coun
cil , whereby he wonhl be allowed to run
his saloon after midnight. Another point
which .they cxpeeted to _ prove was that
the pro-edition was incited by personal
spile on the p irt of the eity marshal , who
hud conspired with others to ruin Mr.
Two > oung men wore called as wit- for the pro ° ccution , who testified
to liuvin" purohas'ed both \\hisky and
beer at lliggins' saloon between i and 2
o'clock of October It ) . Hoth wen * sub
mitted to a ngid cross-examination by
Attorney ( loodwin , and in .spite of the
objections of the counsel for the oily ,
which were sustained by Judge Stenbnr'g ,
the information was elicited that they
were employed Roundsman Mutxu to
purchase theiliquor. . Mut/u. was then
culled us a witness and testified that on
tile night in question the saloon was run
ning alter midnight with open doors and
was full of men drinking at the bar.
Tin ; prosecution then rested.
Coun-el for the defense then moved
that an adjournment bo hud until Thurs
day morning , owing to the absence of a
material witness. The pro-ocntion ob
jected , and after a heated argument , P.
O. Hawes submitted an allidavit setting
forth that their witness wu : > unexpectedly
absent from the eity and could not be
.summoned before 'Ihuixlay. This affi
davit was overruled by the court. Mr.
lliggins then submitted an allidavit stat
ing that the witness wanted was Marshal
Cumming * , who is out of the city on u
hunting expedition. The allidavit also
asserted that the marshal waa a material
witness , and tluit this dotense expected to
prove by him thut the complaint made
y him against the defendant was for the
purpose of malicious persecution and
with the intent of driving him out of
A lively'time ensued between the op
posing ooiius.d in arguing tin motion ,
and hot words and interruptions were
tin ; order lor some time. The motion to
adioiirii'nntil Thursday was finally over
ruled hy Judge Stenburg. As it wits then
nfler.'i o'clock , with a prospect of a long
trial , court adjourned until this morning
at III o'clock , when the case will bo re
sumed. _
Tim School Itourd'H Steps Toward
Kl-oo Tp\t Hooks.
The board of education met last night
in its chambers in the Masonio block ,
Messrs Copland , Points , Connoyer , Co-
burn , ( libboii , Clark , Livesey and Long
present. City School Superintendent
James was also in attendance.
The board proceeded to the count
the votes on the question to expend ! ? 7H ,
000 for school houses ami sites , ( which
shall bo designated b ilovv by a ) , and
if ift.OOO for board rooms In the city hall
( which shall bo designated below byb ) .
t is to bo wagered that such a canvass
was never "enjoyed" before. In the
. "blamed " the unfortunate
place .some guy , us
tunate was unanimously lormed , bad * oiu
up the bo\ containing the vote
of thu Third ward on paving
bonds After Mr. Livo.-ey bad ox-
haiinted himself on the count the board
further exasperated him by laughing at
the "joke. " Then it wus discovered
the box front the Second precinct of
the Second ward would not open.
It was tossed into thu middle of thu ( lour
and kicked -ill over the chamber , until
Rev. Cupel.ind alighted on it with one
foot and knocked it into kindling wood.
At last the returns were made , and in
such shape that thu totals alonu could bu
obtained :
a. Yes , l,8.)0j no , fi7 ,
b. Yes , I,8IC ) ; no. W.
A petition signed by 150 girls of the
Central school asked for the privilege of
using the High school gvuniasium one
hour nor day , and waa curried.
Petitions to appoint Michael loR.iuic ) ?
and James Absher for the janilor.ship at
the school at Fifteenth and Custcllar
were referred to the committee on build-
legs and property
, A" ' " , ' . | 'firniiuii ironi Jumos Doh'&rty
tor the sumo job waa similarly re
Lillian A , LUtlelicM declared hurspl.f
by letter an applicant for principal of
the school TifBUditeunlb ami Cuateljar
Ri ferred.
l.lwlo H. PorJiinti , applicant for : i
Unt principal ofnn > school referred
James P. Crutg informed the board
that the high seliojl library was shot I of
the Inet 5ucs of Appleton's Kneyelo-
pcdin , nnd would Mipply them for ifloO.
V Tnljio , ] - , f < ir jiinitiir Ho-
Mi'iidcksolin & Fisher submitted a
ftiiivtncnt that § HlS.5t ! have bern al
ready evpended upon the "chool build
ing at the corner of Fainain and Twenty-
eighth flrc'-ts , thecontrant price of which
is * ilI7r ! , , . The last claimed expenditure
siisc l ! " % previous ftatcment , $ . ' , 1 ,
wn allowed. The building la nearly
completed ,
An advertisement for a night soil cremator
mater was referred.
I'lio comnilttcu on le\t books made Uio
following repoit.
Your hpecial coinmitlre , to whom was
referred .Mr. Coburu' * resolution for the
introduction of froc- text books after Jan-
nary I , 184J , have carefully attended to
their duties , and would report that they
recommend the adoption of free test
books at the beginning of the next school
year , provided the eity council order
a levy large cnou 'h to cover the i-vpon ; e.
W. i : COIT.LAND ,
K. 1C. LONO ,
W. A. L. Giuuo.V ,
Cn\s. C.
A llbcrnl amount of small lalk greeted
the rco.irt , but no " 'iitimentn cxeented
from the expediency of the project and it
wascarriod , with the \oice of Mr. Points
diesentiug Mr Points explained hiovote
by .stating that ho was so warmly in
tavor of the plan that he did not like the
attitude the board assumed in shifting
the responsibility upon tlio council.
Messrs. Coburn and Long , of this com
mittee , signed a report tnat it was advis
able that after December 1 all pencils ,
rubber , writing and drawing books re
quired in the schools be given the schol
ars free of charge. Mr. Copeland , in
presenting this matter , estimated the an
nual cost at $1,0 10 or iJl.'OO. After much
argument it was deemed inadvisable
that the. board incur further e.xpens
until it is a Ivist 1 of its li.unitl coali
tion anti-tile report referred to the
committee on supplies.
Mr. Copehmd repoited that Mr. Hu-
mann , thu superintendent of manual
training in the schools , desired to be ecu \ -
cu ed lor the last four days of the term.
Mr. liumann wants to go to St. Louis to
get points at the training school there ,
on turning lathes wilh a view of inUo-
ducing thoMj items of practical m.'c'iaii- '
ics hero. The board allowed the privi
lege by the narrow vote of 1 to ; J.
Mr. Conoj'or entered a resolution that
Friday after Thaiik < iiviug day bo made
a school holiday. This will give the
children four days'Thanksgiving , from
Wednesday until Mondav. It was uKo
suggested that the Thursday before
Christmas bo made a holiday. Hotb
were earned.
Hy Couoycr Resolved that the presi
dent is hereby authori/.cd to sign the pe
tition to enact u puing district , on West
Farnam street , out to Twenty-eighth
street Cariicd.
H > Clark -Rc ° olvcd thut a special com
mittee , coiiHist'mg of the president , vice
president and thivo members of the com-
mitt"c on building and property , be
authoii/.ed to examine and accept the
Farnam street "chool linHiod
according lo contract. Carried.
Hy Clark Resolved thai the janitor of
tlio'F.irnum street school building be in
structed to put fires in the Furnam street
building and that : i sidewalk bo put in
front ol the school building. Tamed.
Hy Long Resolved , that , the oily coun
cil bo requested to order the laying of
cross walks north and south ot tlio Fur
nam street seho il. Curried.
Hy Clark Resolved , that the commit
tee on buildings and property bo in
structed to obtain plans and bids lor thu
construction of a four room addition to
the Center street school. Carried.
Hy Long Rc.colveil , that the school
building at the corner of Klevonth and
Dodge be sold. Carried.
Hy CopehindResolved , that the
frame building at the corner of Thirtieth
and Douglas be moved to the school
property near Hanscom's park. Car
Mr. Conoyer moved that the. question of
the change of terms in the school year
from two to three be referred to thu
committee on teachers anil text books.
Mr. Coburn moved that a _ committee
bo appointed at once , consisting ot three
members and the oily superintendent , to
take preliminary slops for the introduc
tion of free text books. Carried.
The chair appointed Messrs. Copeland ,
Coburn and Long as such committee.
Superintendent James1 asked the board
for a minute's grace , and proceeded testate
state that ho was about to explain a mat
ter which bothered him. It had been
staled , Haid he , that ho hud been accused
of putting a certain teacher on Iho pay
roll at a scale of nay more than earned.
The row seems to liave occurred over a cer
tain Miss Lewis \vlio , Mr Long declared ,
was not celleduled for eighth grade pay.
Mr. James responded that if there was
anything wrong about the lady's allow
ance there wore others who , as well as he ,
passed upon the certificate * and hence
shared the blame if any such there were.
In the midst of a v , rangle which bad a
bitter savor , the board adjourned.
Decision oT .Iiistieo Miller In tlio
Itrluhton Hanoi ) Ca.-ie ,
About a year ago District Attorney
Lamberlson entered action in the United
States court against the Hrighlon Ranch
company , a largo cattle corporation , to
compel it to move lifly-seven miles of
barb wire fence , with which It enclosed
,7. , 0J ) ( acres of government land in Cus-
ter county. The pro.-ccution has been
fought with all the stubbornness which
gjant wealth makes po-sible. The isjiio
involved was thu control of nearly a half
million dollars , and the great corpora
tion held the boon wilh a determined grip.
Mr. Limbcrtson : represented ( ho govern
ment with a skill and persistency which
has at last crowned his ellbrts with suc
cess. The case has boon taken to the
supreme court , and vesterdaj noon the
decision ot Justiuo Miller in the great
case was roeeived , Tlio decree id in eon.
formalin , , uh the act of congress of Feb
ruary , 1831 , anil the recent e.xccnlivo or
der. U orders the removal of tcnces
already built and prohibits their further
erection in the future. Following is the
full text-
1 aia of the opinion tlmt tlio United Slates
Is entitled In its injunction niendiitoiy us to
.so iiiudi ol the lem-e coiailiinei | | ol or as ex-
IbU'il , aiul piohlbits as to ImildliiK ; my Inline
femes as tar as cither of these t-amu conies
within thi ! lullowliiprlnciplci :
r'lrst Theio exists no il-p ht in the defend
ants to build any Icuro on the Kinds of the
I , ' nit ml States.
Second All lauds am for this purpose ,
Innds ul the United States HO loin ; as iho
lesrul title miuins in < ho United Stales.
Third-It Is the iljjhl of thu United Stales
and Its duty to pievunt all such hind fiom
this inisii.H ! in c\si-s : \ where men have made
any Kind of entiles , whether of pio-eiiiiithm ,
hoiiieotead or pi halo entry , tlioii'h ' ; the ] mr-
cli.ise money may bu juld. MI tout ; us ; thu le al
tltlo leniiiius In the United Statco. In llie.-u
eisc.s It holds tlio title In trust , and can iiialn-
t.iln this bill to teinuvo the teucu or jiievunl
Its election. A dec-ivo bhould bo cnteu'd
upbn thete print-iplcs ,
ir : , V. Miijii ; : .
11 , A. M.
There will b'o n sjieeial oonvocrdlon of
Hcllovuo Chaitor ) No. ? , R , A , M. , this
Tniifadnv Gvening , November 17 , for work
in.M. M. degree. Sojourning coinpan-
iirt ) ) ! nvitc < l to attend.
Free social at Y. M. 0 , A , rooms to
ui ht- , Como ,
The Hi > nirino(1 lhftIM t Tnllts to n
< "t-owdc < l Honio nf tBc niu-kltiKhain
MIH-II Interest Mnhll'csted.
l'"n ' HngTi. the tiot"it ex'puglict rrvl
evangelist , eoiunieiiveil bis week's work
nt the Huekingham bomo last night ,
pleaching to a crowded house. Hepoke
only half an hour , the rest of the time
being taken by prayur itml song.
Mr. Hogjin's talk is earnest anil forci
ble , though rough : uid mipolirhed. His
great merit is his sincerity. Ho at once
gains the sympathy of his audience , and
is enabled to strike some telling blows
for I he gospel truth His mat iphars are
homely ami uncouth , oftentimes , but ul"
ways ait | and striking' , his methods , be
ing plain , are adantcd to the very class
of men which ho * eeks lo reach.
"Some men may declare thu go pel is a
snare and de.lnsion , " said the speaker af
ter he hud introduced hini'-elt and MS !
his a'.ms and pnrpo-io before his people ,
"but I don't believe il. I bad ratlier be
lieve that the e men haven't , got com
mon oenso that they : mad , If eight
years ago u. man had told me that I would
fctand here and pro.ieh the gospel
lo you , I would have laughed at
him. Hut here I am raised by the
gr.ieo of ted ! from the gambler , the
the drunkard and lighter that 1 \\IB : to
the position that I now occupy a place
in rcMpeel.iblo society. 1 don't euro bow
much inonev a man 'inuy have , if he lays
around these dtus of \ ice and wicked
ness , ami lives a lile of sin. ho is sure lo
become : i burdened wretch. He is in
continual 1'cnr of the bn\s of this world
and the next. And .so by-and-b\e he be
comes a very hell in himself , Hut JCMIS
Christ can t-.ivo him on then. 1 was
that kind of a man until I became , us yon
might cays , ; i maniac. Somoof.vm here
bine known God , but have strayed. If
thcfo are any Miuh , tinn back lo him.
" 1 knew nothing of God. Left home
when 1was 1 15 years old , and was raised
among the kings of crooks. The gospel
has made mo what [ am.
"Some of you here may be mad with
wickedness -you may disregard thu pray
ers of father and mother , and Ray ' 1
don ' ( _ cure.1 Oh , if there are any of jon
here in that sad condition. I pray of you
that you umy repent and turn to Cod. "
At the elo-o ol his remarks , Mr. Ilognn
iinited tliosi' who wished to bis prayed
lor to risSome twenty or thirty re
sponded to' the invitation , indicating by
.standing that they desired the praters of
the Christian people pre&ent. Some of
tlu-iii were hardened characters who had
pi.Miably never before felt the gospel in-
llueuee. .
Mr. Hogan will coiitine the meetings
through the v.eck.
I.a I cut ntul .Most Sensational Htoi'.v i.f
tin ; luitluroiiH Hotel Kumicr.
The arrest of Tom Hoyd at , the Union
Pacilio depot last Friday morning , proves
to be a peculiar , if' not a mysterious ,
ulf.iir. The first account given in the
Hut : on the evening of that day was
wired to the Denver jire-s and
printed vtiih the remaik
such u crime Inwl never been
heard of in Arapahou county. Other
papers in tliis city sulHcqueiitly printed
varying versions but these IM em no
nearer tin ; truth a the story is last re
luted. This , too , luis ith sliorleominus ,
as those who niirratu it do not know tiie
location of theoccurrences , iurthor
it is somewhere in .iVs trn ! Kansas , on
the K , I. ' , railway , ntJiin the Colorado line.
In the spring ol > I8.1./J'oin Hoytl was
cooking at a rtiuch in this region. The
ranch house was n temporary all'air ,
being merely two canvas tents , sullicient
"belter to last through the spring lound
up. There were a do/en berdoia in the
crowd and one of theac , James Rogers ,
was accompanied by his sister. As Hoyd
and the young woman were left alone to
gether during the day at camp , ho was
emboldened to make improper advances
to her. These she resented and at once in
formed her brother uuoii his return , and
he witli true fraternal indignation pro
ceeded , in the presence of the assembled
crowd , to administer : i sound thrashing
to the inbiilting cook. IJo.yd , smarting
with pain and crazed with rage , bided
his time and that night emptied three
chambers of his six-shooter into Rogers'
body as bo slept. The fehots awakened
the cowboys , but Hoyd Inul prepared one
ot the horses for ready mounting and the
Unto required in unpickcting and sad
dling the animals delayed pursuit. The
herders , however , gave clm-o. Hy day
light a hot ride of fitly miles brought
Hoyd to a large ranch when his jaded
horao fell under him. The pursuers wore
in sight behind and knowing that capture
in their hand ? meant death ho ran into
the barn , barred the doors and climbed
into the loft. As the cowboys dashed up
he saluted them with wiveral &lioU to let
them know he was there. AH no way pre
sented it.-oll of dislodging him , they sent
to tlio county seat lor I he sheriff and
camped on the trail to _ prevent Ho.vd's
escape. The official arrived shortly with
a largo pp Ru and by a stealthy move
ment gained a sheltered corner of the
barn where ho ordered Hoyd to sur
render. Hoyd shouted back that ho
would comb down if thu promise was
given that ho would not bo lynched.
Aller a parley the promi-e was given and
lloyd _ stepped down to the door , tos-od
out bis weapons and belt and surren
dered. A snowstorm hud set in and as
night approached , increased in violence.
When the sherilV'H puny started out lor
the town , about tun miles distant , a Mi/-
/tin ! was howlinir over the plains. In the
darkness and contusion of the tempest
and blinding snow Hoyd jumped Irom
his lior-u led between two ol his captors ,
and easily escaped. Alter n night ol ter
rible siili'eriug , wandering in thu snow
he reached the railroad and by carelul
work reached Kansas City and siibse-
quenll Omaha.
A special telegram from Denver to the
St. Louis of the 1 ith hist , is
slightly at vuriaiiceiwitli the foregoing ,
but gives udditionuldnlcsn.- ' ! the euo :
A dispatch from Omaha lust evening
announced that the tihi < ciil'ot Ibis county
had iirreated Tom lioyd ; a hotel i miner
of that city , for a muntt-r committed at
Deer Trail , lifly niil B east of here , re
cently. An Investigation last evening
failed to reveal anythm an < l Ihu shuritl
slates that ho knewtnotbing whatever "f
the cauo. To-ilayi' the my-tery was
solved. Hoyd was a cowboy and
his right name i-t Frank Kid-
ridge Ho was > employed on the
run-go in KIburt conul.v , where , in Feb
ruary , M l , he quacreledvJth another
cowboy named IVrhiiijon and shot him ,
the ball entering at'be ( wrist , traversing
tlio whole length ollhu rni , and lodging
In the back , where i'crkinsou still car
ries it. Kldridgo escaped at that time ,
but the ollicers had iit > c for him , and ho
was llmtlly run doun atOmahu bySherill
Londholm , ot Klbert county , and brought
here to-night ami jailed. A peculiar phuso
of the ca&o nun arisen trom tlio fact
that the pro-eeuting witness in this
cacu of .shooting with intent to kill , him
self rio on trial .it thu fcamo time. After
IVrkinson recovered from his wound , ho
renewed disown practice and last winter
ho shot and killed a runohmun named
Payne , near IKor Trull. Hu waa arrest
ed and brought hero for trial , but ho se
cured a cluingu of venue to Klbert.
county , where ho will bo tried for bis life
at the coming December term heforo this
court. He. VM 11 be the prosecuting wit
ness against Kldrid. . o , alias JJoyd , and
Iho defendant in t in case of thu state
against P < rkmuon for tb killing of
Unlil lie matlo cfliupnmons ; lie then found tlint the pnmo Qnrniciib , nimlo tipin Uio smie style , would coat lit in
just double the amount ho paid for tliennihTlie Only \'ialU ' , Clothing Pitrlors ; he now hwnitly end owes cvo.ry nltito
inont tluifc is uitulc by them , tind invites his Irionds to pay one visit and sea for HuMiiselvcs. Thci-u will ho foint.l
. ,
i A "TVTm A "S" * % , / wTVT fl TTTI VT
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And others which space will not , permit , n mimtion.Vo \ arc ab all Unity only lee lumpy to dhow you through our dp.
portmcnis ; our great attractions uio found N
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\Va.s made to order by a leading Merchant Tailor for
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touts , newmarlcots and King .Williams. As your selections run the price will prove according.
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And by paying ono Vi-ii you will find many more which are lee mum-roiis to mention , but biiiu'ce to suy any idoii you
may have can ho fully PtitNfied in u pair pantaloons , a suit or an overcoat
111 © ST. ,
It I-'nilcd lo Work.
Sunday afternoon an c\ wagon
stojpcd in front of the residence of Mrs.
Shirlook , at Sixth and Pacific Streets , and
the driver alighted , taking from the
wagon a largo package , IIo informed
the lady that the package was for her and
was whipped from New York by o.\pres ,
on which the charge * were ifil. Ajra.
Shirlock was not expecting anything
from Now York , but slm e\ani'mcd tiio
package , found it was directed to Ix-r ,
and had an c.\pivst. company ' .s Ne.w York
stamp on it. She , however , suspecting
that something might bo wioug , rutn-ud
to pay the charges and the driver took
the p'.iokago nwav , the lady informing
him that she would call for it at the ollico
next day. She accordingly visited the
express oflico yesterday and was in
formed that no pack : . go had boon received -
coivod for bur , and that the driver of the
express wagon must have been a fraud.
It would bo well for people to bo on the
lookout for the rascal.
Hulk apples by the bushel at It. Mc
Donald's commifsion house , ! ! 15 So I Uh
Como before the cold weather and get
MiK'it ' Have UeenVoine. .
Cab No. IS , driven by a youn'g man
named Drown , ran into a hydrant
on Park avenue last night. The occu-
pa it , a young man whoso name could
not bo learned , was pretty badly jolted
and Mihtained several .severe outs about
the head ami rihouldcr- . The driver was
thrown to the ground but e. cajied with
out injury. _ _
The Union Star Club will give their
ball and .sociable at thu Metropolitan
Hall Thursday evening , November 111.
Only those holding invitations will bo
admitted. ( Jrand March at 3'M ; .sharp.
Y , M. C. A. social this evening. Ho
Hiiro ami aticiid. , Kvi'i'i body is Invited ,
Kntraneo loU3 Kamam Mrcot.
In Trouble.
The Craig Comedy company has dis
banded hero and all the member * have
been given j'r ; o pnrmU-iion lo go
they will. Yoslciduy one ol the fair
actresses who plays as "Martha" in
"FoggM Kerry , " and is familiarly known
ns the "Dude's Delight" i.woro . out an
attachment in.liiFiieo IJ'iiilctt's couit on
a K.tlary claim of fril which she claims )
Manager Cr.iig owes her. Thu p.ipor .
wore turned over toConstablu Kdgerton-
who levied upon the wi-neri of thu com ,
jiany. It i.s underhtood that I'etor IJOOH
will'rtwcar out an attaehnunt forfcomo
good Mzcd board billn.
l'fuiarvd with iprc ! l rcsard
No Ammonl , l.lmotir Aluta.
Oinniiiin H and tlio SalooiiK.
To the Kditor ot tint MIU : : The ell'ortH
being ma'do by Marslnil CiimmifigM to
enforce the law in respect to closing
saloons at midnight should meet with
the endorsement ol all citizens of Omaha
who have an interest in the good name
of our city. This i.s a matter ot vital im
portance , especially at this time when s.o
much i.s being done to advc/lisc Omaha
and attract the attention of eastern busi
ness nion who are seeking new localities
Our undent liquor law eanni't very well
be improvcil upon and it would seem to
be to the interest of the liquor men them-
Helved to comply with s-o reasonable a re
quirement as the clo-iug of their estab
lishments at midnight Judging from
this neWKpaper publications the 'rotiisial
of half a do/ou of them to comply
with this provision of the law is
bii'c ' solely upon a license u.iven them
by certain members of the city council
to close at a later hour a which
they have no more right to give ihan
would have tin ; same number of private
individuals ; tliere can be , no argument
whatever on that proposition.
The indications are Hi it a. law and or
der league will bo orgtni/.cd in Omaha
this evening at the oper.i IIOIIHC , and in
that i'ase the lirst duty of that or ani/a-
tioli should be to furnish Marshal Cum-
iniugs with such a backing as will con
vince deliberate law breakers of the
tolly of their course. J. T. IJ ,
Nu : il Catarrh , Tin oat and Kar , hue-
cc.sstully treated. Chis. : Impoy , M. D. ,
cor 15th and llarneyVillmcll Hlock.
I'laiHccl the 1'ole.
Notwilhstamling the temporary iujuno
tinn order ihsiied by Judge U'akcloy , of
the district court , at the iiHtanco of the
First National bank , the I'aeilio Teleg
graph company ( ilauted its pole in front
of tlio bulling of that iiintUution yester
day , As Hut injunction had not
been argued and no decision or dih-olv-
big order had been made by Judge
Wakclcy , this in till , I'll to be a pi , tin viola
tion. Ills thought that the pole wn
planted on buuday in order to prevent
interference , 1'rcsident Kouut/.e ol the
1'irst National bank , when asked about
the mailer to-d.iy , said that he regarded
the action as a plain violation of the l.iw ,
but could not s y u hether the uiibo wonhl
be jiished ) in the courts or not.
Kurly Kuuday inoruiug the rosldennc
of J. L. Woods , No.blH I'.irk avenue , WHS
burglarixed. Thu thief pried open a aide
window and abstracted Mr. Woods'
clothing from which ho abstracted a
watch chain and - 10 In cash. Mr. Wuod.s
had fortunately placed his watch under
Ills pillow on retiring. The burglar
bfomcd MtiMicd with hib booty for ho lelt.
thu clothing in the ard. A peculiar cir
Manco of the all'air Is that . < ! r. Woods'
dwelling is the same which Mr. Will K.
Wood lormerly occupied , \\nen Iiiht
hepteinber burglars attempted to rob
Mrs , Wood ot her diamonds.
About the hiimo tlinu .Sunday morning
the family of A. W. Alice , No ! ! t Jit Ma-
ry'.s avenue , wore awakened by a noNe
at one of the windows. The burglars ,
for such the intruders evidently wi-ru , de
camped at the linn alarm.
An Ounce ol * l < ati < laiintn.
A woman purchahod an ounce ot land-
nnum at Kulin & C'o..s dm ; ; ttoro ,
Eighteenth and Cuming htrcuts .Sun
day nfttirnoon , She said she Kmnv how
to IIHO it , and ncc < lc < l it to allay the pain
BU lie red by aicl < ; innnito of li-i
Abuut uu hour Utter , u man \\itli liu huh
llyinir in the wind and his eyert
out on his chcek.s , rushed inl < )1l > o apotb
ecary shop and howled lor POIIIO nntnlot-u
'for one oiinco hunhtnum/ / The rem
edial drug was given him , and ho loio
out and up the htivet , moving < ) iilckly
out of i ight. As neither the man nor
the woman have reappeared , nor the cor
oner been "iimniuiieu in that locality , it ,
is supposed that the antidote worked ,
A Sunday ISow.
Angus ) Schiel and Charles Vainer were
arrested Monday and taken Ixjfoie Jndgo
Selden to answer to a chargij of asMau.l.
and buttery preterre * ! against them by
Charles Castor. 'J lie plaiMiil uliiimn
that he wa eet upon 1 tin ; two men
iilorcs.iid , wlio beat nun * itli Apadeo and
uliovcls , to i > ay nothing of tlmir ( intn and
Miindry large -si/cd Uoth defuiuit
ants deio tue charge
IKI. u'iiii or nioului | M > wivrH. u
( HUH. UuUililJ l'ovilcr Oo.lW
oi. N. V
& MAUL ,
f.-'uccf s-nrB to J. O , JnenlH , )
U NO E R TA ffJS It 8 >
At tlio on ) iiiuiKl Hu ; I'mmuM BU OnlwH Ijy
ll'll Kl'll'll ' ' Mllll'lluil Ullll ) llUIII | > lly UltOltUUll lU ,
'I'OllJJllKIIIU NO , Uj. !
UOUND Tltll' , $100.
N oiiiycr 'lh.nlaricoparty of excursion.
| H ! : > will Iruvu Oauli.x in I'nlhiuvn lUliice
Sleciiiu. ; caii lor I .on AligeleH , Ualrornln. |
'J'lcketrt fur the letniit tlip , oed Q month ! ) .
Siou , Klttil cliux lu'ople , nrht dlasn Uckr.U ) ,
lirst class ac'Mituaioiliitlimsou this trip.
t'l.'iiiiiitjjuiit fur < s wM ( ( unt , but rote nsl
bound Is now S.7J.50 , and It hi proposed to
raise H to Sivhlch will iiialio tlm wwt oK
( ilrkctimore tliun tlu''io uxfllul | that
i lass lonnd trlii nitcN. A'll eiulurant imnvn.
fLsarvivnliMlnU ( "cprcs,1 ! Irsilna and any
( inn i'm 1:11 any il.iy lit rates. The/o.
Inie il'yini wl .h to ri'tuin CO with till ! ) li
civ > . vurilou. 1'ull paitluulitrH re ar
till- . on amilluutinn to
( Jui. I'dis-Aut , U. i' . Jty.i Orn