Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 17, 1885, Page 4, Image 4

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NKU YoiiKOfru'i : , UOOM O
Ml trcrr mornliKf.otcopt SunilAy. Tif !
only Monday ninrtilmc I > npr ( iviblljlioil In tlio
fttnu * .
TITMS 11V M\lf , '
Ono Yrnr. . . . . tloi rriir Mnntlii . * ! M
PU Motitli * . 6.WiOno : Mouth . LOT
Tin : Wi EKI.T llf i1 , I'ub1l tip < l HVCTJsytdtiu'dnr -
tl.HMS , l-OSTIMIl * .
Ono Vrer , wllli prr-tnlum . tJWJ
One Vi-nr. without t're"ilum . I. ' " '
Hit Mi . .His , williom I'trinitnu ' . '
Ono Mi-iitli , on trial . 10
All njirimnni < 'ntlniinn > lutliiit < > iirnsnnili ! l'
ItirU.liiintti-M houl < l lo adJmssfil lo the I.ut-
aonor-rnt ; HP.K.
HP.K.r.ff iNr s :
Al ! tniflncep U tti-n nml roinlttnnc < "i sliouM bo
niliJi > rl to Tin * It I'imi.isiiiNO COMI-VNV ,
OMAMA. Draft * . cliiTU * nml imMolllui onlern
to lie in iuli' poj alile to thu orilfr of tbc cntnpuny.
i : . nosnw.TUIC. . BI
Tnr weather elerk is belmving himself
very well and is tuniinir out some futilt-
lean wimple * of weather these days.
* i " -
CAV the board of trade galvani/.e Mr.
McShano'.s proposition ? Home
thing ought to be done at once to nuikuit
show some ngns of life.
TIM ; fetatoMii-nt is made that the total
number ot ptij sieians in the world i.s esti
mated at 1IMMKK ) . This evidently docs
not Include the miacks , of who'm there
urn million" .
WAK in lluiniah has begun and English
fltcnm launehis have captured King
Thcrbaw't ) war vessel. The Hurmo > e
navy now consists of nuat-hont and one
four oared barge
l''i\Nft ( i him ! ( ,100 saloons. At
Nebraska high license rates the annual
revenue would be something over three
million dollars. Under the ordinances of
that city the revenue is $ . ' 08,000.
TIIK New York Musical union is "boy
cotting" an oboe player in Theodore
Thomas'orchestra. The great need of
tlib rural regions just at present is a per-
polual "boycott" of the bass drum.
MONTUKAI , has lost 2,500 lives from
Binnll pox Blnco the beginning of the
present epidemic , a number equal to the
natural mortality of tin cnliro yc.u' . Ig
norance always pays a fearful price
for experience.
A.vv day In tlio week is good enough
for politicians to erect their lightning
rods , but Sunday is the chosen day for
telegraph companies lo erect their poles
in the streets without fear of interfering
lavvyors or enjoining courts.
SAINT , of Indiana-who was ap
pointed peiiHiun agent a few montliHago ,
has just been convicted of taking an Ille
gal fee while acting as n pension
attorney. He will bo given a chance to
relied and reform behind tint burs.
Br.N HOOAN , the reformed pugilist ,
travels in company with ancli men as
John V. Firwol ) and Jlr. Hemingway ,
flecrotary of the Chicago Y. M. C. A. If
wo judge a man by the company ho
keeps , Mr. llogan is doing quite well.
Tuosr commissions for the big federal
olVices in Nebraska are still Hide-tracked ,
nml the candidates are .still on the anx
ious Heat. Patience is one of the greatest
virtues , and the Grout I'athcr nt Wash
ington evidently wants liu Nebraska
children lo learn that patience never
ccascb to bu n virtue.
CONNECTICUT Inus long been considered
the banner Etato for old people , but the
recent showing made by lowjt makcH the
jr state take second place. This
H eenenn in Iowa , which fiaa just
completed , shows that there arc
vvcnty centenarians in that stale , the
oldest person being ll ! ) years of age.
HANK clearings continue heavy out-
uldo of the great commercial centers.
Thlii IH a hopeful sign In Ui business nil-
Unllon as indicating an inenmse in the
volume of luglrim Ue ( rude tmnsiiotion- * .
In the Inrge cities , especially in Now
York , I'hiladelphia , Boston and Chicago ,
a part of the improvement In doubtless
duo to Increasing slock and grain specu
lation. Thin argument cannot be used in
thp case of the smaller cities , which are
homing gains of 15 per cent and up-
witrtlfl In the amount of hualnc-ss trans
acted. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
- * , Sr.OKirrAiiv ESIHCOTT bus ordered thfi
' , ia pcotor general to inaUe iv thorougli ;
1 iuvosll ition of the oireumslmioes eon-
f > cU'd with the riieeiit.ooiirt m.irtln ! pro- .
OrcdmgH at Fort Ale.yer. As ( jen. Ilazen
- ' . payti he wunt.4 It , tluire is no reiuon why'
] italiouhl not bo both snarehing and roin-j
'J ploUi. Fort Meyer has long beau u storm :
center , iind Ila/.en in bulieved lo have
boon largely responsible fur the scandal
ous disturbances in the digital bcrvicu at-
ntosphoro. He is bL'coming u national
Uuisatiuo and ought to IMI ubnted.
Tin * council shonl I nut full to p.xtcnd
tht > iirn limits at once. There nro too
many rookorle.s aud lire traps going up
atul endangering the u.ifety of thu city.
1o lesson of tialveston in which fifty-
two Mocks of fnimeu were swept iivvuy
iu H few hours .should not I HI lost on
Oiuuhii. Wu , too , urn likely lo have a ) hero which will fun u spurk into a
eoaflagrntton and do Irreparable ilntnugu
to tlie city , It Is the munlfcjit duty of
the city council to provide against
oonlingenoy by prntcntlng the
portion of our city with walla ul solid
liriet , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 nr.t'iciKNOv of $0,7i'irtiirt , : is reported
from ( ho postollice department as the reef -
of Its operation * during the lust ( is-
enr. A heavy dollcienoy VIM ox-
'il on account of the reduction in
letter postage nml on Beixmil-ehiHs mail
uuler , while additional until fHcllities
ktivo assisted In increasing thu exciwa of
loiiilItiiriiHover rec < ilpt.s. The publio
V M not IMI Inclined , however , to grieve
tuuoh over the khowlii ! ; , U hud gained
tfuddixi advantages in the ctiHit , unit aru
tvUJIng to overlo < ik a dolicluncy which
ItH/itist-ntHonly / soiuueh money expended
tint their porw.mal pro'llum !
'Jlif 'I'elephone Monopoly.
Th" li lephonc hearing which Js iitnv in
progr * - > in Wushlngion bcforo Sctrctary
Latnar is altr.-u'lllig nniuTsn.1 attention.
The plainti""i" " i"\u \ nro bringing
strong : rgini cnls lo ti-ove tlmt tlie Hell
patent was o. < > . . .neil ! > / fr.-iuds in the
patent iillice and aru supporting ; their as
seition by an iinim in : irray of allldav-itH
and testimony. I'iof. < ir.iy owear.s that
ho filed his caveat for n telephone on
February U , l < * ? t ; . and that on the simo
day ProfMl \ pni hi his application for
an iinjirovcmont in "mulliple telegra
phy. " It was not until llell'a patent had
been granted that Prof. ( Jray aseortanied
that Hell made any claim to having in
vented a telephone , : uul the professor
avers that he belated fnllv In the him.
esly of Hell's discovery until li < < learned
snlisc'iuenlly that ho had been given ac
cess to his ( ( Jray'.i ) invention and Was
allowed through olHcial connivance to
steal it and claim il as his own. This is
a reinark-ible uilidavit and fully warrant *
the im o.sligution now in progress. The
singularity of the case is increased by
the admilted fact that one olllcialiu the
( latent ollice gave f'ra.y the priority of
invention , while another gave Hell the
preference by two hours.
The inletc l of the publio in the ca e is
enhanced h.v llio knowludgo that if the
Hell patents aie declared illegalthe yivat
telephmm monopoly will bo broken
and llio tichl thrown open lor
competition. The ext ut and value
of the telephone business has been
carefully concealed from the public. It
remained for the Chicago Tribnnr to
publish the roinllsonnvestigilitiis uudo
by its representatives in the Ihirt.v-three
largest cities in the United Stales rela
tive to the management and tarlll'of
local lolephonoeAclumges. From the- table
prepared , it appeals that the entire num
ber of instruments in use , in tlie terri
tory covered by the reporters , is U'U7 ! '
with charges ranging from ; t,1 to $75 i\
year in New Haven , to ? 100 to $111) ) in
Chicago. The prices vary , siipposahly , in
: icoordouco with the distance traversed
by the wires ; but the wide
In rates for service .show that the com
pany liiw everywhere charged as much
as the public will pay. The extent of
this great monopoly ii scarcely shown by
this exhibit. The ! IH37 ! telephones re
ported in the great cities with an average -
ago rate of § ,1J a year , would realign for
the company the .stupendous income/of
SJ.niS.O.'O. This vast .sum is easily
doubled by receipts from hundreds of
local exchanges and thousands of pri
vate licensed lines No other monopoly
in the land reaps pueh marvellous re
turns on so small an investment. What
wonder is it that the stol'k has been
watered again and again to make its in
terest returns seem more reasonable lo
a complainim ; public or that its alleged
inventor is a millionaire with one of tlio
Unost and costliest establishments in
Previous investigations into the va
lidity ot the Hull patents Inivo linen
warded oil' by jug-handled suits and pur
chase of rights for the use of the tele
phone company. The present ease is
being argued on its merits , and 1'iof. '
Hell will be forced to establish the va-
lidityof his patent , or the government
will bring anil lo vacate it as a fraud.
Servia neil
The war between Hervia and Hnlgaria ,
which is now in progrcs-i , invite * men
tion to the geography of these two conn-
tries , which me raised lo an undue im
portance by the clients which their dis
pute may liavo upon the map of Huropo.
The Halkan mountains form the .southern
boundary of both countries , and thu river
Dannlio Hoparatcs them on the north
from Austrian Hungary and .southeastern
Russia. Until 1873 Scrvla was n Turkish
principality , although anciently it was
one of tlm moit powerful kingdoms
formed out of the wreck of the Hy/.antino
empire , i'.y the treaty of Herlin it be
came an independent kingdom , wilh its
own ruler. Servin lias , nn area of 10,817
square miles , and contains a population
of I.-'O.OOD. It is a mountainous and
wooded country , with a people who have
been at war with the Turks since ( he
fifteenth century , and who are noted for
their br.ivory and military urovvcss. Its ,
army on a war footiugamountB to 210.000
men , well nrmed tind equipped. ! > nl-
garia , which ml joins Servia on theeiist , Is
n principality paying tribute to Turkey ,
but protected in its political independence
by tiio treaty of Horlin. It is a larger
country thiin Sorviu , couUiining 28,000
flfjimro miles of territory , and 2,23l,000 )
population. The peopleare largely of
' 1 urklsh extraction , and do not compare
in valor or daring with the hardy Servian
mountrtimvirs. One of its chief cities is
Sophia , long since eltiiined by Sorvia as
its iinclonl piHiosolon , but confirmed in
1878 by treaty to I'ulgada. The Serbs
havu invuded Hulgaria to nx'apluio
Sophia , nnd are now lighting tor it. To
Kuropo nt large both Sorviu and Hut-
garia liavo been for yearn past ehlctly in-
terenting Uhthe border land between the
Turk nnd the Slav , upon which many
memorable battles have been fought , for
and against Mum. To preserve their
autonomy nnd to protect the countrles
from inva.sinn and uonqiieat by either
Tin key or her adversaries baa been the
aim and end of continental diplomacy ,
which luis HUOII In their destruction Ihu
removal ot the last hairier to the in
evitable conlliet for tliodisinuiubornionl
of the Turkish empire.
TIIK administration Is to bo com
mended for Its olVortn to gather facts for
nn intelligent dltont > tihii of the silver
question at the coming congress. Mr.
Marble' * Kni'oponn missiun and the re
ports of several of our foreign minUlors
and coiiHiih will bu valuable as supple-
mentlng the treasury report * of the past
ILscal year In hhowln. ; jun what function
ailver \ performing under present con-
dltloii8 , both nt home mid abroad , There
id u general feeling that In Ihu interests
of bcith pro Incur aud consumer the con
tinued coinage of the silver dollar must
bu suspended nn'Jl uu international
ngrcuiuont h arrived nt which will force
England and ( iermany to coin their own
silver and not to dupead : w tlmy now do
ilium our own country nnd l-'rance for
their subsidiary coin , Aside from the
of thu d iinx'laton ! of the silver
ilolhir.tinil lU ccitain decline hi pin chas
ing power , if the volume of eight.v cent
dollars Is Increased , ovcry iiit-lHg.-nt M-
im taliht iniisl . ee the neer lty of stop
ping the coinage under present condi-
olons if wo are to hope for : vMable duuble
Rtiimliird in the future. A canvass of the
next hoitsi ! of representatives shovya that
opinions will be very evenly divided and
that n hard battle will bo fought , before
the question is disposed of . listiiuntv *
give ) republicans ami I democrats as
favoring Mtsnonsion of the coinage , Hi
republicans and W democrats its
opposing suspension and IS repub
licans and O democrats a * noneommiUil-
llntotiliiK a Storm.
If the saloon keepers in Oninlin who
are trying to prove that they aroMtpc rior
to the law nre wl e , they will stop at once
Ihelr obstruction to the enfou-euient of
the midnight ordinance. Their present is H rousing n sentiment in llu *
community with wicK they will Iind il
dangerous to como into conlliet. They
nro causing a demand for a strict en
forcement of the high license ordinance ,
not only as it aflccts inidnlgni elo-iiug ,
lint in all its .section" . Their .short
sighted persistency in Haunting their c
pcatod violationaof the law in the face
of a law-abiding commtmit.s , will cer-
tninly react to their own dlsulvnntagi.
Niiu'-tenths of the suloon keepers of
Omaha appreciate this fact. They
are complying with the mid
night ordinance themselves ami will
not support the men who are doing their
lu'it to damage the'bitslncss of the entire
yaloon interest in this city. The whole
trouble has been inspired and main
tained by fhv or six parlies who violate
the high license ordinance in order to
bolster up their violation of the law
which forbids the running of gambling
houses in Omaha.
\Vheu the question of high license was brought up the Hir. : vvti oiieuf its
earliest advocates , It supported the
Slocumb bill because It believed it to bo
a practical method of dealing wilh the
iqnor question. It warned the saloon
keepers at that time that their
attempted opposition was un
wise be'causo it. was an opposition
to their own best interests. . Our predic
tions were reuli/.ed. The passage of the
high license law look prohibition at once
out of Nebraska politics. The opctalion
of the high license ordinance * wherever
it has been enforced has proved satisfae-
ry to all concerned. The liquor .selling
interests are now ready to admit this.
The question now being raised is whether
the law shall be .sustained in Omaha or
declared a failure. Da the saloon Keep
ers wish lo place a club in the hands of
( heir enemies to beat their own brains
out withy Am Ihej prepared , by bold
faced opposition to the enforcement of
tlio midnight ordinance , to draw down
on thoirhuailsahtrii'lciifoiceinuntof both
the letter and the spirit of the Sloeiimblaw
which has boon Mrotehod so tar for thoii
hciteliu Are I he men who are daily violating
lating the gambling ordinance and vvhos-e-
occupation continues only by public suf-
era nco ready to foice thatqucstion lo an
Omaha is practically a unit in support
ing Marshal Ciimmings and hi.s force in
maintaining law and order in this com
munity. The law abiding element care.-i
nothing for the threats of the law break
ers or the technicalities of police court
juries. In Ihu cml il knows that it holds
the remedy in its own hand' ' , The ques
tion is whether foolish violators of the
midnight ordinance will insist upon its
Tin : latent method of dispersing a cor
poration meeting is for some inquisitive
.stockholder to put a , question concerning
the Management. The hist Western
Union annual mceling was dispersed in
tins' manner and the Manhattan Klovatcd
railway wnt horvo.l last wvok with the
same dish. The New Vork Tiuict , com
menting ; on the event , say.s :
The .Manhattan udlw.i } cllinm seems to bo
in even crealer ihoail ul iiiii'stions tlnin tlio
Western Union telegraph clli'iio. la fact ,
they won't listen to them ut all or give any
impertinent Hto'khuldur outside oC the
Cioiilil-l-'icld coaihimitieti a chance to ask
them. At the meeting ycsteiday the mere
pie-siMieo of n pornon stisptvtud to be ( ended
wlthqiiivsthiiiiKsulti-d In the siqiiire.s-,1,11 of
Mr. Klcld'h coiiKr.itniattiry speeoh , the dis.ip-
penrniico of a pieparod set of resolutions ,
uad a hast ) itiljoiniuiieat In so netliliu ; llku a
panic. An Interrogation p'l.nt SUJIIH to bj
as dreadful an ulijeut to Cu-ild , t'ield an.I
their accwnplliujs us Alnid oth'a nir-iliiiwn
Tilt' favorable weather will enable ua
to c < miploU ) a good many buildings now
under WHV. The trouble now is that
there I.s u { .careily of brick. Our brick
makers are living on a hand to mouth
policy of meeting the wants of contract- ,
iirs and any extraordinary demand
throws them ut. once on their beam ends.
As it in now , llio yards nro almost empty
and when spring oponn we shall proba
bly liml ourselves again delayed for want
of building material. Thoru ii no rea
son why , in H oily of Omaha's si/.o , this
Ptato of nllalrs should continue. Our
brick makers ohonld lay up a supply of
several million brick tliit , winter to be
readiness for the curllan demands of
next spring.
ACCOIIUIVO to the Mirgeon general of
thu army , during the past year , ( ! . ' ; ! :
of wounds , accidents and injuries vvero
reported from thn army in n mean
8trenglh of 1,001) ) ofliuorii nnd men.
'J'huhO ligures exceed the ciifltinltleH of or
dinary war/arc. Thu beer Ixiltlc and
broncho nru evidently moru deadly than
thu bullet.
Is hard at work slinginglnk
In criticism of ( Sen. 0runt's expose of his
failure at Chattanooga. Thu only inter
est the public has in Rosucraiis Is nn
earnest desire to learn ( hut lie Is attend *
ing to his dntied us rcgiitor of tlm trim-
bury with more olliuienoy tlmn he did to
his duties as commander of the unny of
thu Uiunborlnnd.
Mit. TALMAOK Ina been striking eomo
very Inird blowd from the pulpit Ht I'rof ,
John h. Sullivan. Mr. Siilliviin , hoiv <
ever , is &U1 ! In the ring , nnd oan draw u
bigger crowd than the pulpit pounder.
Ittiitillnr : .Inspection.
Tlu crention of till * tilHeo of budding
itispi-rtor. ns urgeil'at ' Ihe lasr board of
Irade meeting , should lie prompllj m-ule
by < it.v ordinancivThe neco' lty of this
a'-llon hn been urged for the pa M three
yonr.s in Ilivso folumiiri. and I he sentiment
of our business lnlere.-its now voices the
demand through Us trade organi/ntion.
The new office can bo comlncted without
additional expcn e lo the city treasury
through a system of guuluatod fees to bo
paid by the constructors of new build-
ngs. Kvcry proposed building should
bn laved according to il ? cost. Tor
strneture.s whoso csHiu.iled Value is lessi
than 500 u n'gis'ration fee of lifty
cents ami an inspection fee of a
dollar could he charged. For
buildings costing not more than $1,000
the fee ? could bo increased to ifl.fiOi over
? 1.000 and less than fi.OOO the fees
should advance proportionately to t- > ;
while the limit of $10 .should bo reached
in structures above the lust mimed
amount. Iji all buildings' valued at over
$ lIXKt , plans and .specilications altonld be
required to "be placed on lilo and ap
proved hy the inspector , the width of
foundations examined , the strength of
walls and joists tested and the position of
dues invcstiguli'd. A proper building or-
dmanee ngiilating snch matters should
be drawn up and passed by the council ,
and architects and contractors should be
forced to comply rigidly with ils
lequircments under proper penalties tor
infractions of the law. The. salary of the
inspector .should come out of his fees.
No licenses can be issued under ( hat
name , hi'cauxc under the constitutional
provision all license money must be
passed to the credit of the school fund.
Hut the emoluments of the oflleo as
"fees" c\n ! legally go lo the inspector
jn t as much as the fees of a city weigher ,
or of u clerk of court , make up the salary
ot these ollicials.
Omaha needs a bureau of building pur-
mit.s which will exi reisc a proper super
vision of building construction in this
city. Afa matters are now there is noth
ing to prevent a false economy and
greed from erecting shells and danger
ous structures on our best streets , provi
ded they are Unilt of brick , iron or stone.
In addition , wo have no reliable KlalisliM
of the value of out-private improvement ,
except Mich neccs-iarily incomplete re.
porlb as newspaper enterprise collects al
the clo.e ; of each year.
Muniil fill' OIHce.
Kaiiias t'ity Jotil'iiali This mania for
ollice is not. only' ' , injurious to the in di
vidual , sacrijicingj hi.s. ) money and manhood -
hood in making a mendicant of him , but
it is harmiul lo tin ; peyplc.
. Milliner ! ly 'Correct.
Chicago Herald A j ciod deal of money
is involved in thuxlispnto as to who in
vented the telephoiiohiid ; in their eager
ness toM'curo it tlnj various claimants
ficum to forgel Hint thfcro are men in tins
country who would like to interview ( he
guilty party with shotgun as soon as
the verdict is rendered.
How Uic Hey ! I'roaolier Slriili's }
Milwaukee I'veulii'i Journal : Ml.
lliiriisoti drawH n Hillary of S10 > ) a week
during hi.s slay in Milwaukee , ami boards
: i ( the I'iankinlon house : il the c.xpcn-c
of the chmvh people , llo sells the hymn
hook * used in the services , and pockets
the prolit.s. He alwi sells his own pho
tographs , the procoeil < r of which go to
his own pin-fee.
A i'lesitlential itee ii : tlie Jionnet.
Chicago Tribune : A Cincinnati woman
is suHering greal agony from a bug
which has crawled into her ear. A
woman can or liiuvrily endure more than
A man ; but there an * , a number of men of
some prominence in Ohio each of whom
has had a bee iu his head for a long lime
and never vvhimpuied.
Mail DeinocrnlB.
Chicago Tribune : Ijin. > cr.iN are mad
enough already over thu order which
keeps them from unking Ihu president
personally for 1'lao.c , mid what will they
not sij iu xt week when at raw i.s laid in
the slr > . -I in 1'ro'il of the white lions. ! that
the no'sj ' of pa-i-un'j ' ; vehicles may not
break the Mow of thought while thei'r one
time ii'ol is engaged upon his message ,
AVbyTlioy Will filvo ThanUM.
Chicago Herald : On being asked why
he left Ilia name of ( iod out of his
Thanksgiving proclamation ( lovernor
Iloadly said that hu had no right to com
mand pcoplo ( o give thanks to ( ! nd for
an,1) ) thing , and that all his proclamations
were purposely so word -d us lo Include
.lew and ( ienlili ) , Christian nnd infidel.
Nevertheless , n good many people are
thanking ( io I tlmt Mr. Iloadly is about
to retire In private life.
IJojroon. "
Denver Tributio-Hepuhlicftni Tlm word
"boycott" vva coined during llio 1/ind
league troubles in Ireland in Ihu year
IfrW. Captain Hoycolt was the agent of
an' Kngllsh landlord , ami forborne reason
ho beeanui very obnoxious to the labor.
ing classes in the vicinity of llio estate of
wnicli ho was in charge They combined
In ruliisiny to assist him in harvesting
hih crop , and th' < HIICCCSS wnioli attended
this fichenii' made it a popular method of
bringing obJHotfnjiabJo andlords to
terms It was. rtjjopijml In other casns ,
and the name of tuy. IM/IJI against vv horn
Ihi.t kind ( if war uvs oi'i''inally made fol
lowed the in'.iuticKand Llum becamu in
corporated into tlTfi
Hvniigollst Mo iI3 rttSnotmcM chinch fain
; IH an iihoiimmtiun ll'itle-H ' ) ho thinks one
ojsler Is not vnnu fi for a stew ,
Dohaoiilco bus Ujjtui jn soup after Jenny
June. It Is BiiiidU'd | ) ui he inailu ol spnnj , '
bonnels and iicsh i-A'lcu' articles.
illss Anna lllckln on n rapidly iwnveiln ; ;
fioni a burhnm lllna-Sofseveralniunlhs. hho
ha weiiuinol Iinloi.iafilu . energy nml jinwei ;
Ccn. Hlioridun Iss'/ : / ! ; lo contemplate wilt-
liiK a hook this winter. It will proliibly
piove 113 iHijiular its ( lie | > i > eni " .SlicilJiin'H
ilis. Kale Clinfcu Sprauo In living In one
of tint most elegant msiilunces In 1'arls ,
wheru Mio Is i > lvlu a series i
dinner i
i Tiulli nilvlsus Mr. M\ples ! < ) 'i lo re-
Ids roimiiis.sioii ot llciitonnnt colonel of
thuTmvur U.iniH'tw volnm ix Mw \ juluiiLU
to reslitu In the United tititle.s.
Kdlter Puliui-r , orthu Now VurkVoild ,
busy fur W > HIO vviH'Us precedlmc thu
eleeiliin , bo iid | nut tci-t three
( iltC ! | > a day. This accounts tor the
Air. IJrain Stnker prnpow to lectuiu In
I.niuloii un hu knu ysiiu.iut A luiriuuns
und lids rounlry. II is MI liitlu. however ,
that thu tmuuuuccuumt taultca llttlo in-
the Ilolguts of Braiiia nuil Uoodle
bj a Sweep of a Pen.
Two Tltoiisimil Vcnrrt ol * Trlitl Pall *
l'i Itrlntf Attniit Ihu Millennium
MtiKKP'lintm to the Mlllloi
JIITB | of tlin ( 'OHM try.
ivrimr.x Fou TUT. mi : : . '
The v lews of some congressmen recent
ly expressed in favor of putting the
Indians vii lamN set apart for them sep
arately , teaching them Ihe. process of
farming and compelling them to cam
their own living , or btarvc , brings up
thu land tenure question again. Your
correspondent , " \V.'and the writer had
some discussion ot that question some
weeks ago. 1 did not I him reply to hi *
last communication , as my thoughts
were turned in a dlfl'i're.ul channel , but
laid it aside for future reference
Our friend "W. , ' ' whoever he may be ,
thinks he has the true lemcdy lor all the
evils which prey unpim human kind , and
thai remedy Is the ownership of laud In
common , or rather , Ihe ownership of all
the lauds by the slate , nnd the hitler
leasing them to the individual occupants ,
livery one vv ho sets out as a reformer has
his hobby , in which he believes - > much
a- > does thu inventor believe in his di.s-
co\ory , who claims to have solved the
problem t perpetual motion if he can
only remove one little obstruction. They
havij loiind what the wise of all the ages
have failed to iindand their only sur
prise is that people are so stupid that
they cannot appreciate Ihe remedies and
inventions which thev oiler to the public
There are qmu-ks in medicine , there aie
janaties in religion , and there are cranks
in reform. Now , I do not mean lobe
understood as placing "W" among cither
of those olasw , fur his ciimmtinieations
were couched iu a courteous tone and
tolerant spirit and they invite respectful
consideration. His idea seems to be that
all ellorts lo improve the condition of tlie
human race are barren of results , that
povcilv and misery cannot bu lessened
or removed till we overturn and root out
tlie sole caueo of all the poverty and
wretchedness which exist , and that is ,
the present .system of opening land in
several ts.
"W" w rote this in his last letter : " \Vo
believe the stale should own all the land
within its bounds , and that tlie citi/cns
thereof should pay a certain rent tor
.such lands as they use , " also ; "the land
tenure retoim-rs are laboring to n-euro
such a change in the use and holding of
land , as they believe will go very tar to
wards ameliorating the condition of
society. Tlui believe that , the adoption
of the measures they advocate would
banish poverty , de-troy sellishness , en
throne the beatitudes in the heattsof mn ,
cnoble and elevate mankind and intro
duce the millennial day upon Ihe earth. "
Tlnift will bo achieved that which
( lie wisdom of Most- * and thu prophets ,
of I'av id , ami Solomon , mid Isaiah , and
all the siyt-s ; and teachers of the olden
times that which the sublime doctrines
of ( he sermon on the mount , and ( he in
spiring te'icliings of Him who came to
proclaim the everlasting gospel , could
not accomplish. 1'ily this imuvclniH
discovery could not luive been made two
thousand years ago. Then , the cross
nei dnot have been erected on Cn I vary
Hill ; tie-snit'enng. ? of the Saviour , Unit
the race might not perish , need not have
been endured , for that , which would
Usher m Ihe millennial time , had been
discovered , and all misery would cease
toatlliet Uic human tatuily. Hut my faith
does not enable mo to grasp this"ques -
tie i with the coniideiK'o which my fr end
" \V" pusse-M's. I have little hope of be
holding the millennium on earth till the
puritying inilnence of ( iod Almighty's
grace vliall ronovati" all hearts nnd make
all men and women puru , as He is pure.
Ownership in coalman doi-s not seem
to have been a success where it has been
tried. Committees founded upon this
principle have generally broken up as
unsuccessful and unsatisfactory. Adam
anil Kvo managed to get into trouble in
the very beginning of their starting out
jn life , by attempting to Irive everything
in common on which they could lay their
hands , Inking fruit which had been for
bidden to them , and misery has been a
portion ol'Uiu lot of tlio human family
ever .sineo.
Hut how is the remedy of hind tenure
ly Ihu state to bu ( nought about ? Thu
number of the population of thi.s conn-
try is fast approaching .sixty millions , it
not already that. The lands of all these
stales are pwiicd by individuals. They
hold their titles midertlie laws of thirty-
eight ditl'eivnt states and of thu United
States. How are those titles to be ex
tinguished , or cancel led rVhat com-
pcnsat.on i.s to be made lo the holders
of the lands taken from them , or is there
to be none ? la this change to bo made
against the consent of the owners ? I.s
tne legislature ot a stale by one sweeping
act lo wipe out titles by which billions
of property arc now held ? If lands aru
to bo owned by thu state , why mil every
other species of property , cattle , horses ,
sheep , and all purnonal property'/ Are
neoplo to be compelled by law to trans-
tor their property to the state ? The
United .Stales , and nil .state c.onstitnlloiis. *
declare that thu rights of property shall
be held sacred , and contracts shall not
be impaired. lint under this proposed ,
reform , all f\ir > ling ownership of prop
erly is overlirowii ! , and is vested In the
Mate.V" \ kindly tells us "biiuh a pol
iey respecting land need not iniurieru
wilh the osistmgr rdor of things further
than to abolish land speculation and
monopoly , The citi/.en who has his
home , thu farmer who cultivates his
l.-irm , Ihe inerch'int who own * his ware
house , and Ihu manufacturer who linn
his own shop , will not be iiijudiou.sly at
fccteil , but ultimately "reatlvln'iiehlled. "
Ami Ih'o millennial day will then have
been ushered in' ' And this vast
change , in rcgiud to which , nnd its
coiiHeipieni'c.s , the human mind js
lost in Ihe contemplation of immciislt.v.ix
lo be brought about aseisily nnd quietly
as a man moves Inn family from the
old liousu Into the new one ho hits bnild-
cd. How nice things look on paper , and
how easily relormscan bu acconipliahed
them. Onu hus'unl.v to say il , and the
thing is done , and ( hen the retormersaiu
nimr/cd at the stupidity ot mauliind be
cause they cannot ace things an thuy bco
If attempt * should bn imide to o licet
this radical and univei.sal change n to
thu ownership of land , I should predict
social and political uitrt'iiniakos and tor-
undue. * , upheavals mid convulsions ot so
ciety and government , such na the world
luus never witnessed , iiphunvnli and con
vulsions ( hat would hiirpasrt the horrors
of Ihu French revolution of VJ-'i/y / , when
reason was ovel thrown mid men becamu
demons. Overturn society , repeal thu
laws which hnvu protected property , and
it u'em * but natural that chaos should
follow Then we nitty evpecl to sue Ihu
ling of the commune , as the world .saw it
InT'aris in'tfJ-V.1 and In 'TN' ? . ' . Then
will bu thu Imrvcol ( line for the llerr
Mo-ttH , the Schwnbi , and the othei pe.stif-
eions crunk. * , who , tor BOIIIU insernla-
bio reason , aru p emitted to intest
( lie land. Krurj good cili/.en , every lov
er of peace and order , cannot lee strong
ly sot himself against any tendency to
ivuriltt eumiuuitutu , buululum , or
nttisni , In anvjf < > rm In my hnmhle
nieuK snUi a icmedy , or .in > allenipls to
c.slablish the common ownetviiip of prop
prly , would rpMilt in nnsi tiling the f-mn
itntioiH of social order , and would en
Imnee the evils that cOst a ( hoiionid
fold. Attempt to take away men's prop
erty to put it in n ronnnon l 'i > l , or turn
it OUM to the ( , ami Ihe.i will It hl
for it , law or no law , and vrho Would
IlnvliiK writ ten thn nin"h atfaiinl com
munism and a i animism , I join " \V. ' in
asserting tluit m > iioti < t e\il do exist ,
which ought to be removed , but he dee <
not propose a practical remedy , and I
shall not umlcrlnkit to , only saying tin' '
power of n united public opinion can < l < :
much toward * removing thpin. To me ,
one of the most icriou.i .si < ( nt * of the time- '
is the aggregation of vast wealth in the
hands ol : few individuals , making
them thirty , lifly. n huidrcd ,
or two hundred titne.s mil
lionaiies. A half do/.cn moneyed men
men in New Vork can be named , who. if
M > disposed , might embarrass the lltuin-
cial all'airs ol the governmenl , and erip
pie the Inistni' s ot llveeonntry. Another
evil sign of the time * Is the rapid ac
cumulations of immense foilnnes , mak-
the owners ten. tweiily , Ilihly or eighty
timcs.millionanes in ten or nfleeii ye.M-s
Whose was that enormous wcnltn be
fore , ami how came it that it changed
lintuli M > suddenly , and is Vtmccnt rated
in the hands ul so few ? There is a vast
disparity of wealth which ought not to
be. These be serious signs They give
coloring of ground for the communists to
.stand upon. The \etv rich alhud Hit-
very means to tin1 socialists tor their
agitations. There are Miikos in m.iny
parks of the country. The ( cndeiieie's
towards conflicts between capilol and
labor do not diminish , more than once in
the lust year or two have millinnuirr.-i
Miuglil a place to sleep oilier than in
I heir own houses for fear the excited
croud might call lor them. There are
splendid palaces in Oth Avenue , and
rickelv dwellings of gnant puvery ,
misery and crime , lilteen iniu-
utet" wall : away \Vnll street should
be christened , Gambling avenue , for it H
one \ asstein | ' of svt indling , operatoti
there laavvake nights , concoi'ting
schemes hy which they can sweep out
from under their victims ,
all , on the morrow ; they deliberalely
plan to wreck and ruin their assoi-iutoi ,
ami may hi- scud Ihtm to the madhouse.
Christ thrust the money changers out of
the temple ; would tlint there was a
Christ on earth now who would kick the
money changers out ofVali \ sirivt.
Money kings and corporations had best
lake heed. There m.iy come n conllict
between capital ami labor which they
will dread to face. They can do mucii
to prevent it Thine who are blest with
millions should give millions away. Let
them eslablish reformatory schools ,
homes for the fricndles * . hospitals , and
charjtable institutions ; gather up the
gamins of the streets , the dwellers in
the sjunis , future candidates for the pen
itentiaries. school them , send them west ,
ami give them lands to cultivate. There
are Imndiidn of wavs _ in which llieso
many times millionaires can nnike a
noble use of their extraordinary gains
They can help to elevate their race and
make men and women better. Senator
Palim-r lias lately completed a $ IO'i.O"t
mansion in Washington ; now let him
build a > IOO,00'l ' charitable institution at
some point in Michigan where it is need
ed. and endow it with enough to sin-
tain it.
Another evil sign of the timc'j is the
tendency to e\tr.tvaiuiee ; , to the vain
display and pomp of wealth , and women
come in for their sh.ire ot censure. Many
of them cannot find anything in this
country good enough for them to wear ,
but they must send aerim the sea to
Worth's lor their wardrobe. Maguili-
cant onteil. liuments must bo given * , al
though there will be those who will
&hiwr with col. ! this coming winter , and
their stomachs will cr.ive food. I
dipped the tollowing in the suminei :
When Mis. ( Jcoiue M. Pullman It-It Chii-a-
p > for Loin ; I'.iiiiKh , her siu'ei.d tiiiin was
ilrivvniip almost at the lent ot her l.iwn.
With IUT weie hei childieii and nliont olclit
atlenilants. Her huutlnlr cai was he.uiilinlly
( leonr.iteil with ox-eyeil il.iNles , yenmlmas ,
hellelioiie , paiiilcs and ntlicr lavnrile hleoins
t.ikeu fioia hei own llmvci lieils ami the lilts
nl I'aiislitn diapi'ih's , v .iter colors , pi hits ,
peilodleaN anil new hoot.s uhoiit IIu > < - < i u Ii
Kaveit a lioiaehl.e yet elegant aspect. One
\sasile\oled to her ami naotliLi t < >
the'J.nihiitesof hi'tselt i-ail childieii.
How did I'ullman make the fortune
that enables him to meet such expendi
tures how but by extortionate charge- !
for what he has to sell ? While thousands
of railroad men are idle for want ot
work , and thousands more are working
on half time , such a display was un-
And another : ' 'The sapphires worn
l j Mr-i iMack.iy at the last Marlbor < nig'.i
house lull i elipsi'd anything of the kind
evei he-lorn M-UII in Knghind. "
In some of the dimiy hack streets of
New York , emaoiated women are making
shirl , ' . al two and one half cents npiece.
In agony they repeat the song of the
shirt :
"Wink , work , \vnilc ,
Till the 'jiiiin lit-tfln * to swim. "
It. is stitch , stitch , stitch , till they stitch
themselves Into early graves.
Yes , there are evils which should bo
removed. The very lieh should scan the
signs of the times , these are muttering
warnings , f am no alarmist , hut 1 can
not fail to observe those slgn.s. The
Knight * of Labor lire being recruited
with wonderful rapidity. Their organi
sations are now rainilied Into every city
and comity in the land. What means it
ally There will bo a vast arni.v of Knights
mid the cry with many may bo , money or
bread. Let no one pooh hooh at the
warnmgtho nfnlliet may come men
niny be shot- blood nniy Him buildings
may be burned the clash will be slmrt ,
but terrible law and oulervvill triumph
- but no well wisher waiit.s it to come ,
The very riehan prevent it. Charles
Crocker , vice president of the Southern
I'niiilie company , him donated tflll , OHO to
the bojs1 and girls' nid aoeiety
of San Francisco , for the con-
trMiciion of their building
( iood so far , that is most equal to most
People in Nebraska giving live dollars.
Let him duplicate it ten , twenty mid
Ihlily times Let other great capitalists
throughout tlio country do likewise let
the large emplo.\er.s look out more lor
the welfare of HIM employed seek to pro
mote their well-being , narrow the gulf
bet WITH them , make the employed feel
that I heir employers urn their 'iriemN.
and there will be less strikes , iiud Ihu
Knights of Latior will be out of hm-hn sn
Let mil the li'KMin of the conlbet ol 'Hi bo
forgotten. It may occur ngiiin. A united ,
powerful public opinion , tightly direct
ed , will do much to avert it ,
GltAKIl I.SI.ANII , NOV. tilth ,
Work ! UK I be Detective
"That's a detective l.tlking to u New
York Herald reporter , " remarked . ,
ileaaiinl-faced man to David Ke nulds , . (
Newark painter , liillniViinH ) > l\iiniiiiuil-
way depot .it Jersey ( Jily.
"Yon don't wiy so , " 'ejann luted Key-
mlds , eageily , " ( Jiiessl'll watch Imii.
llo' got his eye on some New Yori ;
niuco-Kleerer. no doubt. They s.iy these
loi'soy City diteetlves ale chain light
ilng on skaloH. I'll keep myocli awake
mil Hen how it's done. "
The Newark painter watched the de
eotive like u hawk. 1'romtnlly he turned
o sprnk to the Htrauger , hut the man
wan gonn. Ten minules later Ki-jtiolds
liscovered thai Ids watch wits munlng ,
ie Niioke to the detective about It
" ' eh.ip yon were tnlkiiig with
must have picked your pockets , " replied
thu pleasant-f.iced ollicer Then chunk ) *
of nld'fashlniied New .lei'sey dnvlllil
burst in upon the Nevv.rrk miiid , and its
owner took the lirst trum fur hume.
was born In him , nml he
conldn'l help U. Ho drifted into n promt-
neiit town In the Pouth soon after
Johnston's surrender , nml hoforo any-
body's timper hud cooled down , lie
was aflor cotton , and ho lot thn f.tcl bo
known , lie was from Connecticut , nml
he did not try to conceal it. He hadn't
been in the town two hours befoio an
"nnfcgi uprated" pulled his 1100.
"Ah - \ $ ' ' . , the man from Ton-
nei tii ul "Was that accidental' '
"N < > , sirl No , .sirl" WHS the lloiro rc.
"Did it a purpose , cht" rAn r
"Of c. > ur e 1 did"1
"Well I shouldn't n-tlioughlll of yon !
I'll * it . of
pas over a.s u case temporary
An hour later , ns ho sut In ( hn hotel , a
tile eater approached him Mid pit on
III- * hoots and stood and glared nt him.
"You must liavo \vobblo to yoiu-
tongue ifoti . can't pit strnitrhtcr thau
thai , "said the man from Uonnecliuut.
" 1 meant so , sir meant so1"
"Wanted to jji-t me mad , ch " A
"Yes "if ! Yes. sir' "
"Yon shouldn't do so. When I'm
roused I 'ni a hard man , to handle. lil ;
excuse this on the grounds that you don't
know me "
In the afternoon he was given tv hint
tluil lie Ii. id belter leave town nt onco.
and v hen In * demurred n lawyer sent
him a i liallemre.
" \\li.if-i it - " "
- tinasked the Yankee as
he lead Ihu missive.
"Yon insulted him , iind IIR demsnds
; itislai lion , " explained thu nu-Hii-nji.-r.
"C.iu'l 1 arg.v. the case with him : "
"No , f-'n " '
"S'pose'n I give him five dollar. * to
"Hi wants to light yon , .sir. And you
must eith.-r light or he will horsewhip
"Warm me up with n rawhide , ehJ"
"Ho will'1
"Shoo- but who'd a thought 111 Sny , I'll
gin bun ten dollai-t. "
"Sir ! \ on Itkew ise Insult mel"
"I'o. ' eli ! I swan 1 didn't mean tel
Then I vegot to light ? "
" ' "
"You have'
"Ma.\ gel killed , or kill the other fcl
"Kxaetly 'I
"Well , I'm kinder -sorry. T never had
lint one tight in m. > lite , and then I Lot
licked. I don't want lo be hurt , umt' [
don't want to injure anybody clSo ,
and "
"You'll wait lobe horsewhipped I"
" 1 i u.v ther guess not. I guess I'll light.
I'll choose riiios at twenty paee.s , ami
.vou km pick out your own ground , Iist
let me know when it's to como oil' , aud
I'll tr.\ and be thar' . "
It came of ne\t morning Ho was
Ihar" . 'J'hey oirered hem an opportunity
lo apologi'/o , but ho wouldn't touch ty.
lie stood up as still'us a new barn oiwir
and boied a bullet through his man's
shoulder , and came oil' without a scratch
him -elf.
"Hciii' as I'm "tit here now , nn < l bcin1
as Miiiel > o l.\ else may want to lunswhip
me tiiinorrer , wouldn't this be a good
lime tin- him to show up and save lime ? "
he asked , ai > he leaned on his ritlo and.
lookcd-atoiind him
No one showed up. The Yankee liked
the town and sent _ for his The
people liked the Yankee ami made hilu > .
I'ostiirsster , and he .stuck there until tivo
yearn aao.
< JiU'MlliniM Aimvvereil ! til
A si ; ( lie most eminent physician
Ol iiuy school , Is tin1 best Ililn-r In llui
wmlilfiii ullaviiii ; all lull'.illon ul the nerves
mid ttnliiK all foinis ol ncivnus cniiinl.iliitH ,
( thlini nuluial , thililllLu lelreshlu sleep al-
wajs ?
And tlu-j will toll you nnhcslt.UliijIy
"Seine loiai ol IIej > - > ! ll"
I'll A.I-TKIU.
Asl ; any 01 all ol the most eminent physi
cians :
"Wliat is the only remedy Hint can bo relied -
lied on to fine all thsc.iscs of the klilneys anil > niwitis ; Itilifhis dlse.ises , ilhilx-tes.
letentloii , 01 inahllity lo ri'laln urine , nail nil
the ihsi < : ises and uiluieats peculiar to
' 1
" \iul they will tell von ex'plicitly and e.m
pliiitieall.v "Uin'luiHl"
Ask the 3,11111 * plijsii-luns
"U'h it is the uii'st u-llahle nail surest earn
tot all liver diseases or djspcpslft , constlpii-
tiun , imlip'slioii. hilliiiisiii-ss , inaluini , I over ,
iiiiuc , iVe. , " ami the > will tell vuu
M.iiHlnikel 01 D.unMlon l ! [ |
llniifo. ulien UID-O reiut < llia arc couililnoi ]
vtllli nllii.'r-ieiiiilly ( ) vn.linilili. ' ,
Anil euaipmiiiiliM line Hup Hitlers , cucli n
\ioiiileiliil ninl iiijsiorl'inscnrnllvi- Is it" * .
\vloiu | < l , wliiuli ii MI vnrloil In IIK ( ii'1nillH | < ' ' > C
Hint ne ihsra-o or Illlicallli rue possibly exlHt' ,
in it-Mist ilimuer. | nml } nt II Is
Iliu mk' " liirllio limit mill ivoiimn , wcttkest
iurilU ; ui oiillil lo line.
"Almost or iicnrly cl > IIIIT" i
Tnr ycins , uiul fjiven up by piiyslclims. ot
ISrluht'ninnl other khliieydlsiMscs , llvi-rcom ,
plaints. M'veit * coughs , called coiiiuiiii > tlen
nave liet-ii ciircil. J" "
U'oinou ( jeiie nearly crrt ylllll
rioiii siKiiny ol nciiralirln , iH'rvoiisneit11 ' , ami various disei e > pvciilUr
to women.
I'lopluiluiwu oil I of fliiig > ! < fnnii ext-r'iitalnir ;
IIIIII H of rluMiimiilsni , iiii'iiiniiiiiiury ' uau
L'lllOlllU. lirbllUlTllIK Il-Olll tiCIOllllll , ,
I.ryhljxiliiu !
"Milli hciini , bloinl | i ( Uonlmr , ilyppopsln , InitN
gO'tuHi , niul. In liiwl. iilinosl nil ( ) l < ( 'ii"Oj Irull"
hlllllll- llClf 10 \
HIIVII liocn 1'iirixl liy Hop lliltiT' , proof of
which lid loinitl In eveiy nt'UliUorUooJ lu
thu known VviuliJ.
I'roseouli * ( lit ) Hivlmllur ! ! '
If wliui you cull lor 1 1 up lliii ( r r
rliiU'i'iil Iliipn on llio ivlmu label )
ImiMlHoiil iiuy ollinr fluir citllnil C. I ) . Wni'uor'
( ieiniiui Hup Hllleisor wllli ollmr 'Hop" huiiit
ri-lusoll uiiiiHliiin iliul ilriixKlil IIH ) ini woiUa | | ,
viper. Hiul If lit ) IIIIH tiikue ynur inonuy for llio
Mult Imllcl lihu lor tlio InvuU tinJ mo liliu'fi
hnilniiiu oB for HiUHWlmllouiiU wu
on liberally lor thoixiiivlolluii
roM iAblKU , MIO > ri * CHILDRKM.
Oun rnonucTiONO RcriicscNTTHC'
fn.'tcTioN or SHOE. MAKING ,
IN nci > r-M oc SMOGS i ntMoveo.
oun ooooa WHCcicvtn INTHOOUCCO
Avoioro : T CV A MC coMfoni i.c
We MAHC19 BlZtSl IU1WiniMlt
/ ttifer fur A' < j " ' * " ' I1- '
Si T
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