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    ri * T.
A llotallo Gntuerinjj na Been by on Observ
ant Eye at tlio Paxton.
A llcprclicnslble Arrest A Sinter's
Court nml 1'ollco Nowa
. Gciiernl Local.
A Motley Crowd at tlio T nxton.
The rotunda of tlio 1'tixLon hotel hist
evening presented very animated scene.
There was not only : i hit-Re gathering
of men , but among the crowd were many
distinguished in journalism , polities ,
statesmanship , literature , art , llnanou ,
commence , ami MI 6n. Men of all shapes
JVnd'eln'-s were there , among them being
flcvcral who arc noted for traveling on
their shape. There were men dressed in
thdlnVost fashion , ami some the shabby
K9iilwJ ( who were 11 year or more behind
the filylos. This latter class was largely
composed of oniee-settkers , who wore n
sort , of hopo-doferred-maketh-tlio-heart-
MoMoolo Here and there the inevitable
dude , faultlessly arrayed , was observed ,
Ba'fAHvieh'cd in uniimg men of sense , and
innKing hiin"clf botlt numerous and eon-
npi'cttoiis. The talkative man \vas there ,
aiidjmjulu himself heard in every group.
Opposite to him was the observing man ,
with' his' oycs and. ears open , and his
mouth shut. To a representative of thollnn
Uio'to-ott'i'ogonoou.s. ' assemblage present-
cd an inloiv.sting spectacle , as itnodntibt others who wore mere lookers-on.
"soanning the motley scene that varied
round , "
I'ru'm a political point of observation it
was u decidedly mixed crowd. There
wMrei groups of republicans , anti-monop-
oljsts , aiid two kinds of democrats tlio
Miller-Hoyd element and the Morton-
BrdWn faction. The great and dignified
editor , Dr. Miller , who has achieved a
national reputation as the e.vcaiididnto
for tbu poslntaslcr-gcncralbliip and the
staunch advocate of the catalpa. tree ,
was narrymg on an animated and earn
est ffpiiyersation with United States Sen-
at6r Van Wyck , while ( Jencral Jlolman ,
Charles II Brown and tlio iiroprcssiblo
horny-listed neil of toil , Church Howe ,
made Hip a notable trio near the cigar-
stand. Captain Stieke ) , thcdistinguiblicd
nhti-moiiopolist , was seen talking in a
friendly way with several monopoly ad
vocates , apparently without any fear of
" boliiLp led astray. Surveyor-General
Gardner , with his lieutenant , Kx-Statu
Senator liirkhaii&or , shook hands with
quite a number of eminent democratic
ollicc-feekcra who envied theirgood luck ,
and wondered how they "got there"
without the endorsement of Dr. Miller.
The genial , congressman elect
fi'om the tliiul district , made himself
pleasant and agreeable to everyone.
Ifotl. ( Jr.V. . Post , the collector of internal
revenue , circulated among the throng
jtist thoHame as if ho baa a four-year
mortgage on his ollieo. The same
was true of Lnmbcrtson , the dis-
tinVurshi'd United States dis-
trintQattornoy , and Bierbower , the
hamlfomc United Mates marshal. Col.
Frnnk Iieland lookeil as if he would like
to step into Bicrbower's brogans. Mr.
Tower WIH observed talking coulideii-
tidily to leauing anti-JMillerites from
- . various sections of the state. The Hon.
Til'iV-Newcomer , from Blue Hill , who is
dnn'-of - the old-timers bf Nebraska , was
NO.UuM circulating around the hotel in
comjtapy with other members of the
legislature. The military wa well
ilcpresehted by Gen. Dandy , Col. Terrell ,
nnd'o'thor well-known ollicors. Hou.T. C.
IJr'unncr was another notable whose .states
manlike appearance attracted a great
deal of attention from the .strangers. The
cattle-king . A. ) 'a\ton , was quietly
talking to a party of business men about
Eomo big deal. The Knights of Labor
were represented by a delegation who
came to bee Senator Van \Vyck about
dnliyfsring an address for tlie benelit ot
the order. In addition to our state people
tljijii'o were numerous strangers , comniL-r-
ojal travelers , and other guests , all mak-
iilg.ii ] ) a cosmopolitan throng , it was
siuiply : t chance gathering , and certainly
a. mOat. notable one.
. Kiimin. Novmln.
( i M
The transfer from yesterday morning's
Hock Island train broughtover the bridge
a handsome Worcester drawing-room
coach and sidetracked it at the cast end
of the depot. The varnished hides of the
oar were labeled witli the magic title
"Nevada , " and upon the fencing of the
platform was raised a floral horscshoo
wrought in with the pansy legend ,
"Emma Nevada. "
The coach contained passengers no less
distinguished than Kmma Nevada , her
husband , Dr. Palmer , her manager. M.
Chizzola , and hit * wife , and Dr. Wixom ,
Mine. Nevada's father , and as well ,
let it not bo forgotten , live ser
vants. Thts Biu : reporter , ewer
promptly on hand , followed his
card Into the wheeled palace and met
for thi ) hc'cond time in his lucky career
the gijeat Amoiicjin songstress , the night-
Jngale-of the bierra.s , the I'ncilio coast
sky-lark or whatever is cured to select
from the lady's many glorifying titles.
The siinin little hands , as hist spring ,
grasped the reporter's rough digits ami
tlio same sweet voice cooed a .similar
"llow/d'vo" as was still ringing in his
cars hinco Maplcsou'b visit MIIUO nine or
ten moiitlis agone. But not the same
dinonuriged angel of every susceptible
etiy , for by her shin stands Dr. Palmer ,
ili jl'lie.r'maiiuger. but now performing
thh | formalities of introduction with the
guardian right of spouse.
< 'Oh. yc's ' , maip'sclle pardon , nmd-
nine , " lllurtcd the reporter uttering his
Jirst thought , "wo all heard of the grand
coronionio. The papers were actually
JlllcHwitli it and never , surely , was there
n nuptial event of such worl renown
within , * ' tins century. " The reporter
miglif have rattled oil' his memori/.ed
" " " but the
Bpue/6h"lill / "kingdom come ,
swo > t child of the mining camp inter-
/delighted , to bo sure. It was
n memori bTu event in my life at least.
] hit , a l -r all tint pleasure ) and splendor
the 'Old ' World ' 'no land
of , turner sun-
whine is no dear to me as America , and 1
htuJ as many reprcs ntativo Americans at
itry foreign wedding as would yield to in
vitation , "
Thoiparty was preparing for a stroll
up town when the reporter arrived , and ,
as in the hasU ) of his errand he couhl not
indulge in the gentle faces of the ladies
und gentlemen , Mr. Chb.zola and hodpcd
up town. The manager assumed the du
ties of furnishing all practical Informa
tion. The company is on a jump from
Cleveland to rrancisco. A tour of
Mdnm , Nevada's state will bo made , and
thcnc.0. a jump back to Chicago , after
whielL'through Minneapolis ! and St. Paul ,
the company reaches hero , nnd on
Ohrldtnuu eve will give a grand concert.
Madamo'Nuvada and her troupe , litteim
JiHiumlx'r. are doing no opera this sea-
eon but aljord nnblio delight in song oon-
V'd't , . hlono. ' 1 ho selections are ojieratlc ,
cluasiciil. grand and studied , with a
pleasantly diverting intermingling of
iiomoiku ) melodies. The reporter cravoy
panlon tliat ho forgot to axk tlm dlvii
whether the * sang "Homo , Sv.ot Homo , ' *
"Jsuwiiueo Hiver , " "l.abt K.-N nf
" "PcoklMK " of Ihoso
mcr , - - ) , or any
Old-tlino sontimentAJ favorites wlNi which
prima-ilomi.innswer tin * third recall It is
all the same , however , us the "Mmo" is
hotter Capable of entprtalniiig an audi-
niro with her dlviiiply-onimwrd lnn'R {
and lips than any olher"glrl on both con
tinents , It makes no diflerencu wluitbhe
choo.'cs to ing.
M Chi//ola , by tlio by , ii an Itnllnn
goiitliMnan , and the only one of his na
tionality wl i has miido sncci'ss and for
tune in the theatrical management
abroad. lie has managed lliston , Sal-
vinl , a long list of notable * , bringing
them to this country and touring them
all over Kurope and elsewhere. He
would have brought Nevada hero last
year but was euitsigcd with Histnri and
therefore fient "his brother-in-law , Dr.
I'almor. And that's the way Novadagot
a good husband and the clever English
plnfl'eian gained a splnnd d wife ,
Chiw.ola is also mamiging Salvlnl this
year and will briii { ; the great Italian
tragedian to Omaha in tlio early spring.
" \Ve h'avc at 7 o'clock this evening , "
said Mr. Chix/ola , as he parted with the
reporter. "It only cost mo s200 ! ? for
tickets tor my people to San t'raneUeo
raid return. Good day. "
Arrested nml llotcaRcil ,
Mr Joseph Meinrath , the well known
Fourteenth street merchandise broker ,
wasarrested yesterday and taken up to po
lice court , under very peculiar cireuin-
htances. Itsceui3 that for some time
past fiomo person or persons have been
dumping ashes in the nlloy between
Douglas and Farnam and Thirteenth .ind
Fourteenth streets. The police have been
on tlio lookout for the offenders for
Eonie time , but have beeii unsuccessful in
making the detection. This morning
Oflieer Martin Shields saw Mr. Meinratn
go out and dump some refuse , as lie
thought , in the alley , and at once placed
him under arrest and pie < .ccdcd to hustle
him oil'to jail. Mr. Meinrath protested
vigorously at being treated in this bum-
nuiry manner , and wauled to give an
explanation. litiL no , the ollicer would
listen to no btatemeiit. "You've got
logo with mo and you needn't make
any fuss about it , " he replied. He jerked
Mr. Meinrath by the arm and almost ran
him through the s'tivets. When ho was
taken into Judge Steiiberg's room , that
ollicial after hearing tlio circumstances
of tlio case , at once decided to release
him. Mr. Mcinralh was Very indignant
at the way he had been treated
and talks of suing the responsible
parties. On this point , however , he is
notyet decided. Hesays thatlie was not
placing any ashes or other garbnge in
the alley when the policeman arrested
him , but simply Mowmgaway some old
and useless sample eases in a box in the
alley especially provided for the pur
After Judge Stenborg had released
Meinrath , Marshal Cummings , who was
standing on the sidewalk bccamn wrathy
about the matter , "You had no business
to release that man in that stvle , " ho
Miid to the judge. "Just because ho wears
good clothes and looks like a gentleman
\oureleaseliim. If 1 w ro to bring a
poor man tip here for the same oUeiice ,
5'ou would line him ? 10 and costs. "
"Don't you talk to me in that style , "
re plii'd the judge. "I wont have it.1'
' That's all right , " lutmU-it thu m i-
shal , walking away , "as long as I am on
this sidewalk ami out of your court room
I am my own master and shall talk as 1
pleafce. "
The Paul He Telcjjrapli Company's
AVIres in This City.
The wires of the Pacific Telegraph
company arrived in the city
yesterday morning , entering by
the .south over the Bellevuc
road , and ascending Thirteenth
street Line men have been busy at the
lower end of the street , and poles for
prompt ( -reetion "have been laid along
the thoroughfare. An ol.'ice lias been
selected on Thirteenth street , near Far
nam , and the company will be ready to
do business in a few days.
A reporter asked an official of the
Western Union what the company
thought of the now competition hero.
"It will not effect llio Western Union , "
said he , "to any appreciable degree. The
enterprise will not make money ;
no competitive concern lias yet made
expenses. All they can succeed in do
ing is to liarrass us witli occasional cut
rates and various opposition schemes. "
Ill coming hero from Kiui.-as City , the
Paeilie wires have kept away from the
railways and Western Union telegraph
lines , tollowing altogether the wagon
roads. In the transmission to the east ,
all messages will lir tgo to Kansas City ,
thence to St. Louis , Mo. , ami from there
over the United lines to all points reached
in the system.
U is a tribute to the advancing im
portance of Omaha that the Pucilio com
pany has moved to share the business of
the city.
lie Had to Go to .Tail ,
There was rather an affecting sccno in
the police court room yesterday when
William Nugent , a brother of the locally
renowned Jack , was arraigned before
Judge Stenborg for being drunk and ills-
orderly. The boy is but 1 ! ! or M years
of age , but measuring by thcwjekndness
crammed away in his little brain he must
bo something over ( X. Ho was lined by
the judge $5 and costs , and was told to
go to his seat.
"Judge , " said a young girl \ \ ho was
sitting on a bench near the railing , "I ,
am a sister of this boy an > l 1 want to , iy
a word for him. This is the first time ho
has been before jou and ] wish you
would spare him this ouco. His mother
is at home dying. "
"Ho is a bad boy ami running around
nil hours of the night , in bad company. "
returned the judge , " and I think it would
do him good to send him up to the
county jail. "
"Yes. 1 know ho is out all night , "
quoth Mary Nugent warmly. "Bui , do
you know why ho is ? Well , I'll lull you.
It's because your policemen make him
do it , Two of them that I know of , llor-
rigan and Kennedv , send him around to
diilerent places to .spy out people , go that
they can bo arrested. Several times , my
mother has received warning in letters
that Willie was being iihcd as a spy by
tno police , and that it'wo did not keep
him home ho would bo .sent to uom < i
day witli a bullet in his heart. That's
the reason he I'H out nil night. "
The judge declined to answer thin
clincher and the sister of tlm prisoner
left the court room with tears in her
eyes , remarking , "Of conrso I don't ex
pect to get justice in this place. " She
told her bi other , : m slio left , that ho
would have to go to ju ! | , an ghq luul
scraped up every cent .she could find ill
the lioiiso , $ : i.ll ) , and that was not nearly
enouuli tl' IKIV his line. Shu is said to be
a hard-working , respectable girl who
uses every ineaus in her iiower to heeji
her brothers out of trouble. The judge ,
however , refused to remit the line ,
thinking that it \\I\H boat that Nugent
should go to jail.
Tlio Sincere Horror.
Mrs. Sincere was buried yesterday
afternoon at Pleasant Hill cemotefyi
Rabbi IK-n.son oW/cuttlng both at the
residence and ut4 the grave.
Dr. Hoflii ft wns nfked jcstcrday
for a tnt out o { ti,0 , jfttai Qaust attend-
i K < " Vnt > lvo sUh burns. Ho sU cd that
' " rfc. Jiienta where the llobh was merely
icoi . I ' " 1 results ramn auout Imme
diately through congestion of the liow.-h
or lungs caused by the extreme proslra-
tinn. In the case of Mrs. Sincere , death
resulted directly from the burning. She
inhaled tlie tlnmcs and emokc , impairing
the lung tl iii' nml the shock of thn in
jury throw her into a st.iU ) of collapsa
from which she never rallied.
Mrs. Sincere VIM an heroic womnn and
ptnisrgled bnrd ngaln t IHT terrible fnti- .
She would not at liret allow that she was
bmlly hurtmnl when the reporter reached
the scene at the tlrst alarm of lire , before
a physician had arrived , slio wan stand
ing at a wash basin bathing her blistered
face nnd hands. Her e.othing was .acorcln-d
and her hair burned shockingly , while
the skin hanging from her face and arms
exposed the bare and blistered llrsh.
Miss Lottn , tlio daughter who shared
the calamity , was not EO badly burned
and is fast mending.
Tlio Opening of tlio Season Intorcst-
IIIR I'\tcta nml Figures.
A reporter for the Bnn who visited
Boyd'a packing hou ° u , on the river front ,
yesterday found the machinery In full
blast , the hog pacidng season having
commenced on Monday. The squealing
porkers wore being hauled into the es
tablishment at a lively rate , and the cries
of the aforesaid porcine victims were
drowned by the uoiso of preparations
which were being made to convert them
into the merchantable products of trade.
J. F. Sheely & Co. have already com
menced , as have Hammond & Co. , at the
stock yards.
By far the largest part of the packing
is done in the Boyd establishment. He
is now packing about 1,000 per day , while
Shoely is packing about 200 and Hammond
mend J.00. ' There has been very little
summer packing going on this year.
The winter season , however , opens up
briskly and will continue until April.
Last season there were packed i i
in Omaha about 141,000 hogs , of which
number Mr. Boyd handled about K'0,000.
The coming wason promises to bo a
lively one , and probably moro will be
done tlmn hist.
"How does Omaha rank in the INfc of
pork packing cities ? " asked ti reporter
of Mr. Boyd yesterday.
"Last Benson's figures make it ninth in
the list. Certainly 1 can give you tlio
figures for the winter packing seasons of
1SS1-5. Here they are : Chicago , ! 34i8- , (
01)0 ) ; Kansas City , (100,000 ( ; St. Loui ,
142,000 , ; Cincinnati , ild-j.OOOj . Milwaukee ,
y0,000 ; ! ; Indianapolis , 81C..OOO . ; Cediir
Uapids , 411,000 ; Louisville , 10I.OJJ ;
Omaha , 111,000 ; St. Joseph , 110,000. "
"Is there much pork-packing done in
Nebraska outside of Omaha ? "
"Very little. Most of tliati0 done in
Nebraska City. "
"Where do most of the hogs packed
in Omaha come from ? "
"From Nobr.ifikrt and western Iowa.
Yes there has been a good deal of hog
cholera in Nebraska this year , but it ap
pears to bo abating. It is my opinion
that if ( hero had been no hog cholera , in
our state this year , the farmers would
have made a big pile of money with
their porkers ami their corn. "
Settling a Family Fijiht.
There was a little family gathering in
Judge Stcnberg's court yesterday after
noon , composed of Albert Bcda , his \ \ ife
and three children. Beda is a Bohemian
living on Seventeenth street , and had
been arrested on complaint of his wife
for abusing her. Neither .ho nor his wife
could speak English distinctly , nnd the
children came to court to explain the
case to his honor. The lady that Bcda is
living with now is his second wife , and
her marriage to Beda was the third
time that she had venture.d on the tea of
matrimony. Each of them had three
children by their former marriages , and
since they have been living together
they have not agreed very wel | .
Olio of the children present , with tears
rolling down her cheeks , told how her
mother had put too much salt in the cab-
bige ; , and when the children wanted to
eat bread , she took it away from them
and made them eat the salty cabbngo un
til it was all gone.
"Ami 1 wanted Foino brond awful bad , "
sobbed the girl , "and I told my father
and he told my mother to give me some ,
and she paid she would poison him. "
By this time the whole family wan in
tears , and botli husband and wife seemed
to have relented.
"Does your father over abuse your
mother ? " suskod the judge.
i'No he don't , but she is all the time
blowing him , " said the. child.
At this the whole family began an ani
mated conversation in their native
tousjuo which continued for a few min
utes , when tlio little girl said tlie mother
would withdraw the complaint.
"Tell them to kiss and make up , " said
the judge.
Tlie child obeyed , and Afre. Bcda im
mediately advanced to Judge Stenberg ,
and before his honor couhl recover from
his astonishment had imprinted a kiss on
his hand. The family then wlthdn w ,
but as tin ; old mah passed out the door
he was KOOU to quietly conceal his money
( ifUOj where his wife would not find it.
Hi ; Took a Call.
Something ought to bo done to sup
press the rapacious cab drivers that be
set unwary voyagers alighting in the
city. The late = t ontrngo occurred last
niglu , and caps a long series of atroci
ties. A young genlle.inan from the coun
try , accompanied by a little woman , evi
dently from tlio same regions , and un
questionably his bride of a day , eamu
in on the evening train. They
wore Auburn folks , and had jaunted up
to the city on a genteel bridal tour. The
young man was a strapping ! ) ! < ; follow ,
and was wrestling with a bundle of lug
gage while he. held his wife's arm. Tlio
oil cloth grip'in Ins left baud was his
own item ot baggage , and n , ho steered
forth down tlie platform the "cabbies"
dashed al him. "Hack ! cab ! coime1 'bus ! "
they howled In chorus as a linlt-do/.cii of
the number leaped at him and twice as
many muscnhir hands grasped and tug
ged at his valibit. The poor fellow was
disconcerted and on the rnggedcst possi-
bio edge for n moment , when a moro vigo
rous yank burst the fastenings of his
satchel nnd tumbled the contents to the
platform. Among the ofleots , fallins ; at
the very feet of hit , bride , was a bottle of
golden liquid whieh as the glass crashed
and broke upon the planks , lloated to the
brco/o a mellow sour-madi savor. With
a short cry of alarm the young follow
swiftly Btull'ed his goods baok into the
bag and . ei/ing hid half-paralyzed bride
' her inty the nearest cab. Aq lie
followed her in with a leap ho howled to
the cabman , "drive anywhere , but drive
lik oh I , " and the driver whipped away
followed by the yells of the other demon
A Sharper Caught.
A telegram received in this city yesterday
brings information thatI. M. Stewart ,
tllO enterprising amateur "Smith" of
Scribiier , hns been caught In Keokuk ,
Iowa , by a Council BUill's detective , and
will nt once bo brought back to this city.
Ho Uas been traced for some days , the
limit having commenced while his trail
was btill warm. Ho was at length ap
prehended at a hotel In Keokuk.
Stewartplaved a very linogamo In try
ing to sueak his stock out of Scribnor.
llo eont cur loads of rags to dincreiit
points in the cast , which contained valu
able merchandise. From each of these
points the goods were rcohljipcd to Ger-
nrd , lllinoK whero-thry have ucen prized
by the detectives , Stewart's liabilities
arc about .f-V'W , but It is believed Mint
the value of the stock found in Oiranl ,
and that ri'iimitniiirln Scnbncr will moro
than cover his indebteducs.
Tlio Civil Ioukut < Work ofthoGrnml
Jndgo Dundy nnd the pollt jury wrro
occupied yesterday morning with two
civil cnses.
The nuit for d.amngos brought by Mor
ris Kelley against the Union Pacific was
settled on private terms. Kelley was in
jured in the company's lumberyard hereby
by falling lumber some months ago and
demanded satisfaction from the1 road.
The matter must have been compro
Col. Chase appeared for the Wilson
sowing machine company to hold a cer
tain Mr. Sellenberger to his surety on
the bond of an ombellng agent. As
the defendant made no showing the full
amount of the claim , $1,000 , was allowed
The grand jury took up Its cloistered
labors. Hubbard , the negro acemod of
iimluvzling the contents oi a registered
letter from his employers , the Omaha
Medical Institute , was discharged , as the
evidence agiiitmt him was lame. Indict
ments were found against Silas Condron
for robbing the Omaha mall wagon , also
against ( Jeorgo Crawford and Charles F.
( lordon for counterfeiting. Other matters
of great importance were brought to the
secret attention of the grand jury.
Invitations have been received in this
city to a grand reception , which is to bo
given on Friday evening , November 1 ! } ,
by Col. and Mrs. Morrow , of Fort Sidney
to the following distinguished guests :
Hon. Ch.ts. F. At uulersou , U. S. senator ,
and .Mis. Mamlfi&uii , Oinaaa ; General deo.
IS. Dandv , U. S. annv , and .Mis. D.uidy ,
Oinnha ; Hon. .lames Uiird , M. C. , Hustings ;
Him. .1. Soott , and Mr * . Scott , Lincoln ; Hon.
Ceo.VK. . Doisey , M. C. , Fremont ; Hen. A.
V. Cole , Deimilmeiitiin iiuunlLT , and Mis.
C'ole , Juniutii : S. J. Shirlev , A. A. ( Sen. uad
Mis. Shirley. .Imilata : C.ipU A. Alh-e , B. A ;
IJ. K. U. , and Mrs. Alice , and niece , Omaha ;
lieu. A. K. Palmer , 1'astl ) . C.aud Mis I'.il-
nier , Pliitt-numth ; Major T. K. ClaiKsoii , mid
( kuiglili'r. S-'huyler ; Hon. K. I' . Uo-jinm , SA-
H'taiy of State , and Mr * . Uneven , Lincoln ;
C'.ijil. .J. II. ( 'inveraiiil Mis. rulvcr ; Cxiit. : N.
( . . Franklin and Mm. FniiiKlliiCol. ; Unul. I' .
Conk and MIK. Conk , Linen n ; Caul ,
S. .1. Alexander ; dipt. .1. C. MclJriile. 1'ost-
iimstcr nnd Mrs.MfUiitle : Lincoln ; ( .apt. ( i.
M. Molmes nml Mrs. Homies , Be.Uih'c ; ( ' 'apt.
C. K. liurmolster , Omalia ; dipt. A. S. Cole
and Mis. Cole , Nebiasku Citv ; ( 'apt , S. II.
Moimon ; Capt. S. 11. .loni's U. 1' . It. If , anil
Mrs. Jones , Omnlia : Capt. H. F. Smith and
Mis. Smith : Major J. B. llawles V. S. A. ami
Mis. liawles , Foil Oinalui ; Capt. II. A. Mar-
lev anil Mis. Mailey ; ( 'apt , S. Smith and
Mis. Smith , Beatrice ; Dr. M. W. Stone and
Mrs. Stone , Wahoo ; JItijnr William Cham
bers , Omaha ; dipt. Gi JI. Humphrey 'awncc
Cit.i ; ( ! cii , A. II. Bimvn and Mis. Bow en ,
Hustings ; Capt. B CowdryandMrs. Cowdry ,
( Jen. Amasa Colib , cliiel Justice of Xebiiiskn.
Llneoln ; Uun. C. .1. Dilwurth nml Mrs. Dil
The A. n. T.
The oflice of the American District
Telegraph company , on Doughus street ,
has been considerably altered in the past
few days , greatly to the convenience of
arrangements. The manager's desk and
ollieo have been removed to the front
part of the room\while the apartment
occupied by the „ . apparatus and the
young brass-buttoned Mercuries is immc-
diatolyin-thcrcar. To iiRcribo3-estenIny
Mr. Hheem , the manager , said that the
business of the company has increased
beyond the most .sanguine expectations.
Orders for I1,1 , " ) new boxes have been re
ceived within the pa t few months , and
100 of them arrived today and will bo
at once put in place. A new reg' storing
machine is also to bo added to the ap
paratus. The lire call lias been abolished
and in its place a cab call substituted.
A light delivery wiigon call lias also been
Ono More Unfortunate.
George Harris is a pilgrim from
Brady's Island , who seems to have
learned nothing by the recent experience
ot'W. U. Smith nor tlie long record of
similar unfortunates before him. He ar
rived on tlie Union Pacific train from the
west yesterday , squealing because he
had been robbed of $10 by sonio one
on the train. Harris occupied a day
coach , and as the ear grew crowded oh
Hearing Omaha , was forced to sliivre his
seat with a stranger lu the gray of the
early morning he grow confidential and
informed his new acquaintance that ho
had played in hard luck , lost all his
money and hail but forty cases left
tueko'd away in his vest pocket. He then
do/ed on" and on awakening was horrified
to discover that his money was not
tucked away and that his acquaintance
was elsewhere.
A finllnnf I'crfiH'nmticp.
A team of largo horsjs harnessed to a
heavy furniture wagon took fright on
Fnrnam street last evening and dashed
oft' down Thirteenth street. Noono was
in tin ) wagon and the animals embol
dened by their liberty ran at their best
speed , The downward gnido of the
thoroughfare accelerated their speed and
they sped by Howard street at fearful
strides. Just at this point two young
men. Messrs. .1 no. Harinau and George
( iriswold , ran into the crowded street
and from both sides dashed at I ho bits of
the Hying horses. A struggle between
the men and the beasts followed , the
voting fellows hanging to the reins re
lentlessly while the impedpd horses reared
and plunged In" fury , At lal several
men came to the : ins < stanc of the gallant
young men anil cll'ectually quieted the
Mollrn'Mornn , thodnsiuio girl wlio has
been for some tiinu-nonfnied in the coun
ty jail , has been -taken homo by her
mother for treatment. The board of in
sanity , after giving , the ease a. hearing ,
agreed to let the mother try the experi
ment of liome-ciiuc. If , after a week's
time , the unfortunate woman is found to
be unmanageable , ho will bo placed in
lima * } him ul Lincoln * Since tlm llr-t
week she has m.idirno moro attempts at
biiieido by strangulation ,
"Will tie lutorreil in fi'iltlmoro.
The body of the dead actress , Mrs.
Morysten , hns been embalmed , and will
bo buried in Haltimuro. Tlio manager of
the "White Slave" company has received
a telegram from her brother , the Haiti-
moro niiuker , nnd tlio remains were for
warded evening.
JJrs. JIoryHon'a pnrt as "Martha , " the
black slave , was assumed by
Miss Lyon , who had understudied the
part , and played it to good satisfaction
An Actrcsn Leaves Town.
Miss Kdna Courtney , the sprightly and
vivacious quondam star of the Craig
Comio Opera company , is no longer in
Oinalui. She had some littlu trouble
over an affair of the heart , and loft iho
city Tuesday to return to Chicago. Her
plnco is Uiken by AIUsMmnio t'ustlo , who
doe.s much batter even than Mb I'ourt-
ncy hcrcclf , arid U giving unlimited sat-
isfm-iion to tl > p.-tro.n t , { thIV pli-'s
Slilo of tlio Story What
Powell Rnj-R.
The latest phase of the Powell shooting
affair at Florence is given in the state
ment of a citiyrn of that plnco who
claims to know all about it.
Ho says that the statements made hith
erto concerning the M Hair have been
one-sided and incorrect. "Those
who have known Powell for
years , " ho says in n com
munication , "know him as one
who loves to meddle with the affairs of
others. In the words of an acquaintance
of Powell's , "ho Is a lortib. an ignorant
slanderer and a meddlesome body"gen-
orally doing evil , thinking evil and try
ing to see evil in the doings of others ,
and whether he Iliuls evil or n it is at
tempting to make the world think some
shameful thing has been done. Helms
frequently put pieces In the imper , the
main object of w Inch was to injure inno
cent persons and destroy or tarnish their
good reputation , thus bringing those
people on a vulgar level with himself.
"Powell , to satiate his liondish desires ,
has frequently , in company witli a lot of
roughs , gone to Pries lake and there ,
with their boisterous revelry , have
.shamed or frightened away -pectable
people gathered I hen1. His vile nature
loiind relief in slandering thu virtuous
character of Leslie's sMer and mother
women whose characters are above re
proach. Leslie , with Becoming courairo
and manhood , tvented these insults.
On tlie unfortunate Sunday Leslie drank
some and that evening went to church
and there found Powell. After the ser
vices were- over and the people had just
gone from the church some person said
to Powell that Leslie wished to see him.
Shortly afterwards Leslie approached
Powell and told him that he must now
take back what he said about his people
or light. Powell , a largo and powerful
man. able to whip two or three Leslies ,
went back to the church , as he says , to
take his mother out of danger. She wag
overheard to say , "Lnf , if lie goes for
you , shoot him. " Laf soon returned
with a revolver which it is < supposed he
borrowed of a man who hud business
away ne\t day and has not yet returned.
"Powell came back and then and there ,
beeausojie was -ked to correct the in
jury which he had done to take back
his vile and false statements deserving of
punishment shot down a youiiir man
who stood by his mother and sisters and
whose duty "it was to guard theirgood
name from blander and inult. "
A reporter for the Hr.t ; called to-day
upon Powell , who is still incarcerated in
the county jail , and asked him what
truth there was in the above statements.
"Tho whole story , " he said in reply , "is
a tissue of falsehoods. So longns 1 have
known him or his family I have never
said one word against his mother or sis
ters never Imve tried to defame their
characters. That part of the "Florence
citi/.en s > " story is an unmitigated
lie from beginning to end.
lie says that 1 went back into
the church to take my mother out of
danger ; that she remarked to me : 'Lafe ,
if you go back they will shoot you , '
Now that is not o. My mother didn't
know at that MHO that I was about to
get into trouble , nor did she until they
rushed at me and attacked mo. I had
reason to believe thai Leslie was partial
ly mto\ie.Ued , and would shool mo
miles ; , J "got the drop" on him , which
1 did. 1 shot him purely in self defense. "
The date of INmellV trial has not yet
been fixed , and will not bo determined
upon until Leslie bus recovered sullici-
isntly to appear in court against him. It
was thought at first that tno injured man
would die , but he is now slowly recover
ing and it i.s believed by his physicians
that ho will pull through all right.
An Attempted Kouliery ,
Tuccday was pay day at the Union Pa
cific depot , and during tlio afternoon
John Croft , an employe at the freight de
partment , received his month's wages.
It was dark by the time he was ready to
go to his homo on South Sixteenth street ,
and lie started to walk up the railroad
track to shorten the distance. lie no
ticed a man following him , and as the
road became darker and lonelier he
thought of his money and the chance of
being robbed. As the man came nearer
him he concluded to be prepared in case
it was a robber , and seeing a coupling
pjn lying on the track he stooped and
picked it up. Crott had only walked a
few feet further , when the man following
him called to him lo hall. lie stopped and
waited for the robber to approach , and
when the order came for him to throw
ii ) ) his hands , he threw them up. lint
his right hand suddenly came down
again with the coupling pin in it , strik
ing the robber on the arm. Neither of
the men wailed for any further develop
ments , but both of them ran in opposite
The ProcceilH Divided.
Judge Anderson decided yesterday nf-
ternoon that Marshal CiiinmiugK would
have to turn over to ex-Policeman Dona-
hoe Ins $18 share in the proceeds of tlie
policeman's ball. The money was not ,
however , turned over. Instead , it was
divided up among the mei.ibers of the
force with the understanding that each
man should buy his own clothes. The
marshal never 'had th < ' mone.y to turn
over to Donahoi ! , and as it is now all
divided up , he cannot secure Doniihoe's
share. What the ox-policeman will do
now remains to bo seen.
Turner Onltiera.
At the recent convention of the Mis
souri Valley Turner association held at
Topeka , Kas. , which Judge Andres and
Professor Kununerow attended as dele
gates from here , Omaha was selected as
the feat of the executive committee for
the district. At a meeting held in ( Jor-
mania hall upon the return ot the dele
gates , the following comin'ttee was
elected : Phillip Andres , presii o t , Krusl
( ii'iibe , corresponding H'orutar , ) , George
Anthes. llnaiieial ' secretary ; George
Heimrod , treasurer ; II. Kuminorow.
tumor warden ; Louis Heimrod and Kmii
TIII : GAi.i.nv SMVE.
A small audience witnessed tlie per
formance of "Thu Galley Slavo" at
Hoyd's opera house last evening. The
attendance , however , was as good as the
the play deserved , as it was very lamely
presented , particularly so in the leading
parts , "Tho Gallev Slave" when well
rendered is an entertaining play , and it
is a pity to have it butchered as it was
hist night.
Telephone Connect loud.
The Nebraska Telephone company has
just completed KOUIO important e\teir
&IOIIH. A hard-drawn copper wire ( tnc
first wed in Nebraska ) has been stretched
from Fremont to Columbus and new ex
changes have been put in at Sehuer )
and North Bend , thus connecting all
three places with Omaha. The company
statea that the business of its lines is
thriving and that the wires are constant
ly prciied with work.
t llandH. s
Mr. W. S. . Hnlldtilf who hns been in
business at Froinont. Nebraska , for n
number of > ' ' * . ll113 purchased M.
Wnhhcrs & Co 'a restaurant oa Sixteenth
and Capitol avenue , and promises , to
show up a very tine establishment Thu
grand opening will bo announced in sou *
A Hnimtotl Honso.
"I wnnt a policeman to hunt for
ghosts , " exclaimed an excited Individual ,
as he rushed into police headquarters at
n Into hour hist night. As the words fell
on the ear of Jailor Brady his hair stood
on end and ho excitedly exclaimed :
"Where urn the ghosts ? they nint
around here , are thcyr"
The man's answer instantly calmed
tlio fears of the jailor. "No , they are not
here , but up to my house , and 1
want n policemen to go with mo and
eateh thorn. "
As there arc no ghost ofllcer.s on the
force , tlio man could not be accommo
dated , and he stood around uncertain
what to do. Ho is a tesldetit of South
Twenty-ninth street , and says that his
house hns been haunlod for some time.
The ghosts appear at the windows nnd
glide noiselessly through tlie house. They
open doors by some unearthly means ,
and in the ilead of night disturb tlm
.slumbers of the family by uttering hide
ous and blood-curdling sounds.
"It is dreadful , and if It continues it
will drive mo mad , " said Iho man before
leaving. "Can't you poaibly send mo
nn ollieer ? "
"I'll consult the captain , " said the
jailor. And the occupant of Iho haunted
house loft the jail witli a shudder.
The T.nlio < < Muslualc.
Tliotwonty-llfth of the series of Ladies
M usicales was held 5'estcrday afternoon In
Meyer's Hall , there being a good attend
ance. The programme :
Kniitnsie , K minor , op. H . Chopin.
Mrs. S. A. MeWhorter.
Mnruuerlle'.s tlueo IJoiwuets . Ilraaa.
( With violin obllcnlo by Mr. 0. F. Saucr. )
.Mrs. Squires.
Illpoh'tlo . Vertll-Lixxt.
O , lU-st 1 1 thoLouKtroni Kllah ) .
. Mendelssohn.
Miss AiiimMciKcl.
Grand v.ilsc. . . . . . Chopin
Miss Hello Stall.
Vocal , "Pouts Cm aer" . , . Tour.s
Miss Illanvhe Oliver.
n. Fnntnsloimpiomptu. op. IW . Clmpln
h. L'esplegle , Valse biilliinte . Kail'
Miss May.
All members of the Bricklayers' Union
are requested to bo preeent at their hall
at ono o'clock Thursday afternoon to at
tend the funeral of their late president ,
Hon. Win. Turtle. By order of the sec
retary. _ "
All members of the Stone Cutters' asso
ciation art ) requested- meet at their
hall at 1 o'clock , to attend the Mineral of
Win. Turtle , late president of tlie Brick
layers' Union. By order of Iho secre
A Tre pa * ! inK Iliickmnn.
J. W. Bouquet , a hackmnn , was arrested -
rested last evening at the instance of .do-
pot ollieial * for encroaching on ground
whe.rc ho had no right. lie was taken to
police headquarters and looked up for a
short time , but was released upon fur
nishing bail for his appearance.
On Trial for Hantardy.
Before Jndgo Neville in the district
court yesterday begun the ease of
Bessie Wood against Charles Mason for
bastardy. The jury was imnnnollcd and
sonic ( cstimon.v was taken before court
adjourned for the dav. The case will Lo
continued this morning.
n.tmu os Awurtlcil.
The appraisers a ppoiuted by the county
court to appraise the dam 'igos on prop
erty condemned by the Omaha Bolt rail
way for right of w ly. submitted their rs-
port on two pieces of property yesterday.
To the Omuh.i Driving P.irl : association
they allowed $ lvV50 and to A. B. Kendall
Civil Case * .
The hearing of the damage suit of
Miller vs. the B. & M. was completed before -
fore Judge Wakeley yesterday , and de
cision has been reserved. The civil
case of Troughton vs. Driscoll , a suit on
a labor contract , was tried during the af
ternoon , the jury bringing in a verdict in
favor of the plaintiff for ua.To.
Regan , who is one of tlie mcii charged
with robbing a cowboy of § 75 , was ac
quitted in the district court yesterday
morning , District Attorney Lee Kstello
declining to speak against him. In the
case of his alleged accomplice , Thomp
sou , the suit was dismissed and both men
are free.
Attachment on Hit ! Cummin : ; Stock.
All the attachments on tlm dimming
stock have been placed and the store , it
is expected , will shortly reopen. The
latest attachments in Judge Weiss' court
are those of D. M. Steele for $137.71 and
Clark Bros. & Co for $171.
ArrcHteil Anln.
Al Morris , this South Omaha pugilist ,
who shot his iinjrcr off Sunday at the
stock vards , was re-arrested by Deputy
Sheriff Orowcll voslorday , and was tried
in Justice Weiss' court yesterday
afternoon ,
Edwin Davis commenced a suit in the
district court yesterday against Belinda
and John F. Pniro to regain possession
of a lot in BoyiP.s addition and to
recover sjifiOO in rout alleged lo bo duo
from the defendants.
Justice Wright has been unable for the
past few days , on account of illness , to
attend to his court duties.
William Nightingale , an ex-policeman ,
was in the city jail last itvouinir , having
been aiTcnlod by Ollienr Shields while in
a beastly state of into.xieation.
Saturday will be sentence day in the
dutrict eo'urt , and the ten prisoners who
have been convicted M > far Ibis form will
be arraigned and receive their sentence. .
Grand concert with a select programme
will lie given by the Swedish-Norwegian
Singing club nt Central hull , Saturday , All lovers of good singing are
invited ,
Lou Kennedy , proprietress of a house
of ill fame , was lined $100 and costs yes
terday in pollen court. She had been
selling liquor MI her house. Mrs. Louisa
Smith was lined a similar amount ,
The uniforms of the police will bo
ready al > out the 3nth or Wtfi. The scarci
ty of tailors lias delayed the work so that
the new suits will nol be ready for their
owners until later than anticipated.
The body of little Gladys Patleo , the
child of J. M. P.ittee , was oxhiimed yes
terday trom Prospect H.ll cemetery , and
Bent to St. Louis for interment.
The remains were found to bo in a gooil
state of preservation.
"Yes ; I shall break the enicagemen.t , "
she said , folding her arms and looking
doliant ; "It is really too much trouble lo
converse witli him , he'n as deaf as a post ,
and talks lil.o hi > had a , mouthful of mush.
Besides , the way he hawks and spits is dis
gusting. " "Don't bieak tluj engagement
for that , tell him to lake Dr. .Sage's Ca-
larrh Hemedv. It will euro him com
pletely. " " \Vell. I'll tell him. 1 U halo
to break it oil' , for in all oth > r n-spv MH
lo too oharming. " Uf co. r-.e , ii
is catarrh.
| > r r Ul if writ to heahb.
No Ammorlft , l.lnio or Alum.
Personal Paragraph ) ) .
A. J. Cornish , of Lincoln , in in the
C. J. Martin , of Clay Center , is at the
J. P. Anderson , of Ilentrieo , in nt tlio
Paxton. _
T. K. Whltt. , of Crelghton. h registered
nt ttio Paxton.
II. II. Dorsey , of Wahoo , Is quartered
nt the Paxtou.
Hov. W. J. Ilarsha rolurucd last night
from Denver.
J. P. Smith , of Schuylor , spent yesterday -
day in Omaha.
J. H. Stickel , of Hebron , IB quartered
nt the PiiNton.
H. It. Taylor , of Wayne , Is in the city ,
slopping at the PiiNtou.
W. M. liobertson and W. L. Hnuisoy ,
of Madison , are at the Millanl.
D. A. Holmes and H. C. Hrown , of
Norfolk , are guests at the Paxton ,
H. P. llaines , of Weeping Wntor , IB m
the city , quartered at the Millurd.
Hon. A. S. Paddock , of Heiitrico , Uo-
eoniianiod ] bv his wife , is at the W il
ia ril.
J. A. Jury , of Ashland , spent last evening tc
ing in the oily with bis brother , E. J c *
Senator Vim Wvck , of Nollranlm City ,
nrived in tlie city last evening and it ) at
the Paxton.
John haPache , who has been ro-e.lootedi
clerk of Colfa\ county by over 1,000 wuv-
jority , is in the city.
Hon. David Htillor , of Pawnco , nnd
Hobert Peroivnl , of Council Hlully , are in
the city attending Unilod States court.
W. H. Thompson , Grand Island ; T. M.
Franco , Point ; W. G. Swan , To-
cuniM'h : J. Pall , Sterling , and C. C. Albright -
bright , Liberty , ere at the ( Jatiliehl.
I'ev. J. A. Smith , edilor of tlie Chicago
Standard , and wife , lull yesterday lor
Kansas City , after a few days' plons.uit '
visit in Omaha , the guchtof Mr. J. L.
Col. A , II. Neidig , a prominent. o'ti.ew
of Norfolk , has completed his arrange
ments for locating penijaiui/itly in
Omaha. Ho willenpig ) in the land bua-
ines's on a l.irjro' file and will handle ,
among others , the Allautio & Pacttlo
Nasal Catarrh , Throat , nnd Ear , sna-
ce t'iilly treated. Chup. Impey. M. D. , .
cor lijtn and llarney , Withnell lilook.
She Shontcil "KIre" nml "Murdci''t
Detroit Free Press ; A woman ran out
01 a house on Boaubien street ( lie other
dav crying "lire" as loud as pho couM
yell. A pedestrian who was passing ; by
sprang up the Mi pi and into the ball , '
and being unable to sen or Hine.ll snioko
ho turned to tne gasping and excited
ivoman and asked :
"Where is the lircf I can't eco any
signs of one. " ' '
"I I didn't mean fire ! 1 Imoantmur-
dcr ! , ' she replied.
"Is there a man in the IIOUHC ? "
"No , bir. "
' 'Who tried to murder you ? "
"On , I don't mean murder , Iguces ; '
but the awfulesl , biggest rat you ever ot'
eyes on chased our cat noross the kitellpn
nnd then ttond and glared at mo like a *
tiger thirsting for blood ! Oh ! sir. you'd
belter turn in a lire alarm and let 'cm
kick in all the doors and break in all the
windows ai.d Hood the house. That rat
must be killed before he commits t > onio
terrible deed "
Tills | ) Wi1r never rnrloi. A miirrnl of pilrt
ly , MrniixiU mnl ulMiIrsn iifi"H > * Moio oroiiomi
eiiitlmn Ihoonllimrj kfinH , B ill eimpiol. Ijo xolJ
In < oMiMlltlnii | ) wnh iliu inn tluiilo or low teat ,
short wolBlH , ilium or phriip " 'K' ' l'nluir ' ) . Mold
duly In CUIIH. lioyiil lliiluiur 1'uwUur Oo ,
WiulHtruol.N. V
't iiWil LilO brnlltb Uk.nn.LLC > .
OVER 400,000 rtTwv IN USE. '
FaMmt ItlillDK Tebtthi mnrfn. Hldn u
! llii < neiinHj'j tHu , 'J'hu ( TlMiin Irag'ut i
liorfen according to tbo o'i ' t lh yt rrj. Ii < | u > U
wrll nilaplrd lo r ii h country roMil * nnj
Novcniwr Sotli , a larce party of excursion
ists will leave O.iulu fit 1'ullnun l'Uruo ; :
.Sleepin cnrx In ) I.CH Anodes , California.
" ' ets tor the round trip , yuotl 1 months.
J''lmt elus.s ix'oplo , ( iifet I'lass Uc
liit > t class ncciiinmoiliitloiis on tlil'itrip.
Sir > emigrant lam , \\enUaul. but nUo.
boiiml N now i'.V.W ) , uiul H Is piopmcd to
riiUo H lo S'A ' wl.ieh wilt muUu the civU of
eiuUi.uit llclet.- > iaoi-t > tlmti little p < vial Unit
cli ; s jou nil tint utes All tmtiunint pawc/v-
jjen , r.rerarrieu on expicss trains nn < J any
one ran nn any day at emigrant r.ite.s. ll ro-
foir If you whU ton-turn K" * ' * h " 'is ' llnrt
cl.e-si KI uision. Full paitleularn tegnrinng
( U' . r * .A.-t. U. I' .