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    r HE OMAHA
Polltifcd Predictions aa to the Eesult in
Nov ? York State.
The Gallant Kl | lu to h < > "Undo To-iluy
ly Mnhono to llrcuk the Solid
6ou th A Frco Hal lot
Cleans a Victory. *
UattloH to hn Fought To-day.
Nicvv YO K , Nov. 2. [ Spi-clal to the llEi.J
To-morrow Imporlunt battles are to bo
fought in New Yoik , Pennsylvania , Virginia ,
nml Iowa. In all the states named , except
I'cniiHylvivnia , governoiH and btalo leglslu.
tuies nro to be ( ileeted. In Now York , Vir
ginia , nnd Iowa the lesult will bo looked for
with more than special inteiest because of
the circumstances which enter Into the light.
Last year New York- gave Its eleetoial vote
to the democratic candidate hy n very small
majority. This year the republicans hope to
elect the entire state ticket and a majority of
the legislature. If theiu Is any help In
power , thu demociats have thu advantage.
The presldenl , secretary of the treasury ,
eeretiiry of the navy , and numerous other
impottant federal olUcIals , with a largo
jpationago at command , are New Yorkers.
In addition to this the state and city govern
ments , with their immense power , are in
democratic hands , but in spile of all this
tlie republicans claim , with thu retuin of the
independent vote and hceunxi of discord and
qnanels in thif democratic party , they will
come out the victors.
The Icailcis of both parties are wide apart
In tlelr ( guesses. Tlie following predictions
have been made public to day :
( overiior Hill' & majority will juobably bo
larger in tills city than was Cleveland's'last
Sear. This might lo IIIMIIO his election.
Joseph Pnllt/er , editor ol the Woild.
The lepnblieaii state coniinllleo consider
that n bedrock calculation USMIIC.S them at
least 15,000 majority. The Ttibnnu holds
Bbotit the wimu opinion. Nicholson , Tiiu-
line.Thn completion of our canvass of this slate
Instilled us in the piedlcliuu that thu republi
cans of thu couiihy will be gratincd witli the
result to-mouow. The republican paiiy is
n unit for success. - Chester S. Cole , chair
man New \orksl.ite committee.
In Vliglniathe contest is one In which all
the K'pnbllcaiis ' aie Interested. There It Is a
last , de.spirahistiusglofora fico ballot and
falreount in the smith. On one side are ar
rayed a gleat majority of lepublicans. In
cluding colored voters , together witli thoil-
Iamis of old confedeiate soldiers who hn\o
followed Mahone , and humhedsof younger
men who have giown tiled ot thcinluof the
old aiistociailu otllce-holdlng crowd. On the
other side uie the old elements refeired to
nbovc , with the "bloo.Iy shiit" confederates
led by Fitp.hugh Lee , wlio has thioughoiil tlie
convass apiiealed to tliu of thu
confedeiate clement that believes that the
"lost cause" Is u ligliteotts cause , and that
lojally to it should still be tlio open sesame
to office holding and social position. Tills
i-lile will leave nothing undone to succeed.
If Mahone and his t'olloweis succeed there
will be no inoio solid south. If they are de
feated thuie can be little hope of a fair vote
nnd an honest count In that bcction lor years
to come.
Nuvv YOHK , Nov. 2. To-morrow , election
day , beluga legal holiday in this state , all
thu exchanges and banks will be closed.
Estimates on New York.
Nnw YOHK , Nov. 2. The campaign in the
fituto may now be said to be closed. The
Times S.IJB , senlontlouslj : "We have no
doubt of the result. " Tlio Sun Kays : "The
demoera'tlc committee look for KO.OOO plurality
for Hill and estimates that the prohibition
v > te will almost equal Hill's plurality.1
Editorially neither tin : Tiibune nor World
ventuio on a prediction further than that the
result will IK ) close. Thu coiicspoudents ,
however , of the two journals are widely apart.
Tlio former's claim an easy victory tor Daven
port and the hitter's a victory for Hill. Tlio
llerald prints two tables of the probable
majorities by counties , both made up by the
republicans , one of which gives Davenport
8,0 majority and the oilier 11,000 majoiity.
"nutting continues,1' says the Tribune , "at
5100 to SbO or $75 on Davenpoit , but thu deino-
ciats me shy nt these rates. "
The AmundmonUi Carried.
Coi.ujuiUB , Ohio , Nov. 2. The official vote
on the constitutional amendments at the
election held October lit was canvassed to
day. The total vote was ItM.-tVj. Tlie amend
ment to abolish Octobir elections carried by
about 6:17,000 : , and llm amendment to ehan o
the terms of town otlicets fiom one to three
years received-lo'.l.OOO ' votes. Tlio governor
lias issued a proclamation declining the
tuucndmui'.s cunlcd.
ttomovnl of u Fifty Pound Tiuno-
Frotn'n. AVonmn.
Nr.w YottK , Nov. 2. [ Special to tlio Run. )
A female patient who lias been afflicted
with a.slow development of u tumor for the
lust few years , was admitted to Ml. Sinai hos
pital about three weeks ago. She was mar
ried and lived In Norwalk , Conn. In the
early stages of the case local phybicUns were
unable to diagnose It couuetly. Time dis
pelled tlie opinion that the woman was with
n child and the trouble was corieetly diag
nosed as ovarian tumor. Tlio usual icmcdies
for reduction of tills kind of tumor were
V itliout result. The surgeon's knife was em-
ploj ed , but It Increased in Mxc , thu growth
being rapid in the last lew months. ' 1 ho tu
mor filled the entir > abdominal cavily and
seriously Interlcrcd with all lunutions
of the other vital organs and
life. Ivcame u mlwry , even the act of
breathing lulnglngu sense of suffocation.
At tii'i hospital elm was pieparcd by n special
comso of treatment to undergo u gieat strain
Which would Do plated upon her system.
After pielimlnary reinforcements of energy
film was deemed in n lair condition lo oper
ate upon. Yestetdayan Incision six inches
long wus made about two inches below tno
umbilicus through tliu abdomen. The tumor
van then exposed and came bulging thromh
the ojtenlng. The surgeon eaiefully inserted
bis hand into the abdominal cavity and
i Kissed it all aiound the tumor without meetIng -
Ing any obstruction which could nut IHJ re
moved with safety. The tumor wu.i oval In
shape , about eighteen Inches long and tvvelvo
Inches thick through tlie largest pint. The
( nunnoiis bl/u of the tumor pievenled it
being lemovcd thiotigh tlio opening ot the
abdominal wall in its entirety. Ily c.aietnl
manipulation It vvas tinned MI that the thin
rcctionof the sac vvas exposed : then un in-
chion vvas made iluonuli the luvihy poition
ot the tumor , nnd n stieam ot light-colored
liquid was discharged. Thu discharge eon-
tinned seveial minute" , and tlio amount ot
lluld Is estimated at uve gallons. It had a
iien'epllblo though not disigieeablu odor ,
Thu tumor vvaswoiki-d entirely tico in a
shmttlme with the exception of the jiroper
rnnncctlou at tlie bate to an Internal organ.
This was ( illicitly hovered with a scissor , and
the large , mtly-looklug mas'i taken uvvuy from
the body. Considerable hcmnnlingo followed
the laceration of thu ovaiian uiteiy , hut tlni
bleeding points were skillfully picked up
nnd the ligatures applied. Alter the bleed
ing had been slopi > cd. and the abdominal
cavity deancd with vvaim sponges , another
tumor was found , This was small , and
inu tumor's w ighl vvu > lilt >
. The jiaticnt was doing extrcmuly
veil last night , and U Is said ut thu hospital
thnt there was bcuitdy any doubt tiial tin
Would recover ,
Victim of the I'xplosion.
DrmtoiT , Nov. 3.- Frank Furtah , wheels
man died this momintr , makhu ; the hJth vlo
tun ot ycstciviay uioriuuu's diuisler.
-tr -
Iho Local PolltlonlPlRht-Tho City's
fiorlnl Nowc.
TOUK , N'cb , Nov.4. . - [ Special to the UKB. ]
Dcmoemtiand prohibitionists are working
Aether on coiinly superintendent , tryiiij } to
ut In A. It. Wlghtman over Ji. S. Franklin ,
the lepubllcan candidate. The eastern pait
) fthocjiinlj Is largely In sympnthy with the
nove. Tin,1 irreal light , howc\ , Is on county
reasurer. The democnt1' , npi 'allujf-'ron ly
to the German element , It respective of p.trty ,
seek to elect C. } , . Mecistier , in-tead of P. M.
I'cigiiHOn , lepublican. The Hrnd- > haw ( .la
yette ( Ferguson's town paporj comes out
a-'aln t the latter. Vet , In spite of all , the
probability is that the solid republican ticket
will bo elected.
80C1AT. MA Tints
liavo received considerable attention In the
last week.
Sheiitf Hamilton wius surprised by n largo
number of fill-nils who called to spend un
evening and coititnitulate him and his wile
on the twentieth anniveisary of thuit wed-
dim ; day.
Mr * , llnwcr , one of the oldest sottleM of
the eouut.v , gave a party to her old lady
friends in celclii.ttlon ol her Ti'tli ' birthday.
Tlie oldest lady present wasWund the young
est M ) .
Mrs. Kate Hairlson pave a party Saturday
night to the 1. C. nnd P. E. O. secret society.
I ) . K. .Su.vie , cashier of the Commercial
State bank , uave a birthday party this evenIng -
Ing tou few ol his ti lends , the first gather
ing In Ill's new sio , x ) hou e.
Piof. Woriev , oi the college. Is to have a
birthday paitv to-momnv night.
Last the ( ollrco chai > el was tilled to
give a taiewell icceiitlon to Aiehlhot W. A.
Ik-ll , wlio leaves WciiileMluj tor his now
homo in Calttoruia.
Thursday u reception Is to be given bv the
Methodist I'.Diseojial chinch to llev. L. F.
IJrltt , the new iiiesi-Jing elder ol Yoik.
The treasuter has mad'1 out his | | q | < ) and
Voi k county stands us follows : Tola ! valua
tion , S'AtVii , itf ) . Toial tax , qdni , < -7i.'tt , which
Is divided as follows : btate , S'iO.l.'il.i : ? ;
county , .c-' ; district school. f M'J.-M ) ;
labor , . ' 37V.-J ( ; Yoik ineelnot , Sl : city
ot Voik , St,'i ' ; New Yoik , Sf.V.W.11 ; Waco ,
Si25.ll ; townships { rIA7iy.7 : > .
A Swindling Coiisulnr Agenl.
WAIHIXCTOV , Nov. ' - ' . [ Spwial to the
Ilni : . ] A piivato letter iceeived Sunday
from Minister I.athrop , at St. Pelcrsbuig ,
contains clwigcs alfectiii ! } the integrity of
K. G. Vuuripur , United States consul at Mos
cow , which , It Is said , will result lu the sus
pension ot that olllelal by tPto/inph. Ii\tlirop
says the etnoiiire camu about through a suit
iccently biought in the Ilusslan courts by C.
( i. Hoffman , a icsidcntof the Uniled States ,
tn recover his shato of 1 o piolits wliieh , he
alleges , had icsultcu froir. their joint dealing
In medal * obtained at the New Orleans expo
sition. It seems that -.uieempnt was made
to thiselfect : Hoffman was to go to New
Oilcans and obtain , by hook orbyeiook ,
medals in tavorut Moscow meichants who had
llitough Vanilper sunt goods to New Or
leans. The medals were r.ent to Vunriper ,
who was to levy largo sums tor them on the
merchants , the piocceds to be emully div ided
lictween the two. "The rogues , " to quote Mr.
Lathrop , "fell out and hence the suit. " The
suit biought out Vamiper's letteis to lloll-
iniin , which l.athioi ] sajs weie submitted lor
Ids perusal. "Thu letter ! ) . " he continues ,
"me undoubtedly genuine , being written on
paper with the consulate heading and In the
same hnndvvrltini ; as Vnniijier eovrespnuds
with the legation. " Vanuper luvs been in
tlio consular seivice about tlneo years and
was appointed from New Yoik.
The Printers nnd tlio Tribune.
Nr.w Youic , Nov. 12 [ Special to tlio Uic. : ]
Saturday a committee representing Ty
pographical Union No. 0 , presented Held of
the TiHume a paper officially signed , under
which the union agreed to raise the Join ;
boycott against the Tribune and icsclnd cer
tain abusive resolutions against tlie Tribune
and Held , the Tribune composing room to
remain under control of the Tribune , not the
union , and tlio present man to remain unmo
lested , but the rule against -employment
of union men was to bo withdrawn and the
rates raised to-10 cents per thousand , union
latcs. The Tribune ugieed to the proposi
tion and later Held taiscd the price to 47 cents ,
one cent nioie. Sunday the union i ejected
the agicement of its otlfeeis utter three hours'
bitter debate and divlaicd it would only be
content witli an unconditional suncuder of
tlio Tribune.
Pugilistic Invents.
POIITI. VNi ) , Nov. 2. A hard glovu fight ,
Queensbiiry rules , between .lack Dempsey , of
Now Yoik , and Dan Campbell , the Oiegon
champion , occmred to-day. It was won in
the third round b ) Demp.iey , who knocked
Campbell out. This was the only knock
down In the light. A large crowd witnessed
the contest and sKO.OOO changed hands. Fol
lowing tills contest came "a baie kmicklo
tight to iinlsh , London pn/.e- ling , butvveuii
I.nrrv Sullivan , of Sjcninton , Pa. , nnd Tom
W.ird.of Ahtona. It w.w a hlomly all ray of
seventy-two louuds , when Sullivan thro w up
the sponge. Time , 1 : JO.
Cowardly Crime of n Doctor.
Nr.w YOHK , Nov. 12. [ Special to the Hir. : . ]
The New York Herald's Paris cabin says :
Dr. Krt.ichy , chevulicr of the Legion of Hon
or , and an important political wiio puller in
the department of Van Oltfe , haslx-wi loiind
guilty , with extenuating etreumsti'.necs , of
hiivlut : attempted to jtolsnn a rival piacti-
rtoiler. Iliisuut us a pic-sent tdx edible black
birds , containing utropliie. Ado/en of such
bhds would have siillicud to poison several
persons. The prisoner was ttuutuiivud to
eight years penal servitude.
No lvuovvlidjrt ol' the "Ilooinorn. "
WASIIIKOTON , Nov. 2. Nothing Is known
at the interior department with icfeieneo to
the reported movement of "hoomeiV into
Indian territory further than the inloimatlon
contained In the telegram fiomCommissionei
Atkins , now at Fort Iteno , to tti elfii-t that
a viiry latgo nuiiiber ot jwoplu who ] note.s to
bu gnuiug catUu aie now upon Oklahoma
Thn llcformcrs.
NnwYoim , Nov.'J [ Special to the nir. : |
The Tribune toys this morning : Tlio civil
service reformers proposn to InvostlgiiUs lli
statements made In Its recent Washington
correspondcneo by a prominent reformer as
to Eaton's connection with the alleged at tempi
to force ( i. H. Sterling Into the custom hou- .
Cattle Killed.
CI.IVII.AN , Ohio , Nov. 2. A spwla !
from Lancaster says two eases of ttibeicn-
losls havi ) iK'cn discovciud nniong cattle at
that place. Tim itatu vctciinai'.ui ha- , order
ed Ihu animals killed and uiopur piecautlons
taJvCii to prevent thu spread ot thu disease.
Dfldtaated the Gilt.
Ci.Kvnt.Ni ) , Ohio , Nov. 2. Spear library ,
ut Oboilin college , was dedicated to-day witli
iniiHibliiL ' , ceremonies. Kuv. C. V. Spear , of
Pitt.slleld , Mass. , who gave Sri.O , ) ! fur tint
building , mad" an addtvxs , and was tollowrd
by PiofessoiB Kills , Fiost , Wiitslitaiul Cnrriet
The Flro Hecord.
Sr. Louis , Nov. 3. Tlio SjiUV. county
poor houstj ai Marshall , Jlo. , wa-i burned to
thu ground this morning , and an insane In-
ni'itu peilshed In thu lluines. I ho origin of
thuiueisMiikowu , but'U is supposed an lu-
baiiu mauttlrcd the building. Loss not stated.
A Suit I'm-
NKW Yonn , Nov. 2 , The Fanners' Loan
and Trust i-ompan ) has beun a suit against
the ! Vt il Telejrnimi company tor torcuoMiro
of a mortt'iie'c ot S
The Mortal Eemalns of Gsn , ilcOlelkn
Quietly Laid at Host.
With No Outward Display the Warrior
IJcnd Is ) Curried to the Totulj
Services nt the * Church
nml Cemetery.
Gcu. IcClcllniid'H Fuuernl.
Jfuw YOHK , Nov. U. At 10 oVIook this
morning the body of ( Jen. Ckorgo 1J. Me-
Clcllan was removed from the house of W.
C. Prime In Knst Twenty-third street , to the
Madison Square Presbyterian cluireh , where
the last funeral tcrvlces were pci formed by
the pastor , llcv. Dr. Chailes 11. P.irkhnrst.
Although the morning broke dailc and
? loomy with occasional bursts of rain , yet
tiundrcdd of people gatheted In the neighbor
hood of the church and Mr. Pi lino's house.
Squads of police olllcers began to anlvo
early , and were placed In position to prvservo
older. Two hundred and ilfty men were do-
[ ilojed In lines from Mr. Prime's houao to
ilie church , two blocks away , while other ofll-
eers guarded the chinch door mid
| ia sages leading to them. No one
was addmllted within the doois of the Prime
mansion , and only the pall-bcaiers and Im
mediate family weiepiesent when , reveicntly
and with tender hands , the blaek , eloth-eov-
eiedrasket.upon which rested a sheaf of
wheat and u few immortelles , was lifted and
slowly home to the street. On either hand
weie the pall-bearers , consisting of Hen.
Hancock. Cicn. Porter , Gen. W. H. Franklin ,
( Sen. J. U. Johnston , ( Sen. Anson O. Mc-
Cook , ( Sen. McMahon , S. L. Harlow , lion.
W. C. Kelsey , Col. K < l\\aid H. Wilitht , That
cher W. Adams , W. ( \ Prime , lion. A. S.
Hewitt , J. L. Aguew and W. I , . Al-on. lie-
hind tlie pall-bwueis followed the family and
lamlly .servants. In this older the college
[ It the house , and was met outside by the
state eommandcry ot the Loyal Legion of the
United States and tlio iej > re eiitatlves of
Meaghcr's liisli brigade , which served under
( Jen. Meridian.
Moth these organl/atloiiR preceded the body
down MadiMin avenue , wheie , between open
ranks , the luncrnl cortege passed into the
church and up the aWe where stood the olH-
eiatiiig clergymen. The church was without
dceoiatious or emblems of mourning , exeept
a lew flowers at the ritar. The servicis
were of tlie simple-it ( leseiijtion , not occtt-
| tjiug hall an hour. "Jesus Lover of My
Soul , and "Mother Dear Jet usalem. " two of
the hymns General McClellan best liked wcie
hiingand Dr. P.ukhuibt olfeied jnayerand
\Vhittaker read the l.'ilh chapter of Cor
inthians. Tne iinal lites weio alsoconduuted
in the simplest manner. When the service
was ended thocollin was placed on tlio slioul-
leis of the uiidertukeis' assistants who
inaiched slowly down the aisle to the door.
1'he eoii'jregatiiui ' lemained Mnndttr ; till tin1
lull bcaieis and member'- the burvnvod
iamily liad left the building.
OnMde the eliiueh the street was lined
witli people. The police maintained good
tider. The family , a delegation ot neigh-
> ors trom Orange , au < l the committee of the
Lo\al Legion took eairiages and wcie driven
to tlie Pennsylvania railroad d'vput ' , wiiere a
special tiaiu stood waiting to leecivo the
party. The tialn steamed out ot the depot
lor Trenton wheic the biulal will lake place.
As the luneral procession moved from the
church to the depot it w.\s iceeivcd
with respect by tlio pconlo who
hurried along the sidewalk. Hats
weio lifted and many a tear tell from the
eyes of veteians who served under the dead
general whose body wa ; onvay ! ! : : to its last
lestlng plane. Tlie simplicity of the jiroees-
sion was noticeable. There was nothing
nbout it that gave any indication whatever ol
the dead heio. There weie no soldiers in
litre , no bands ot music , no draped colors.
The far as any outwaid disjilay
was concerned , might be tlrat of any well-to-
do citizen.
* TniNTOK : , N. J. , Nov. 2. The train con
veying the remains of General McClellnn ar
rived In tliis city at 1:80 : p. in. It was met by
the mayor and membeis of thocoimnon coun
cil. Tlieie were about titty e.auliges in
waiting. The casket vyas placed in the
heaise bja committee of Hayard Post , No. H.
The pioeession then foimed and moved
ihiongh tin ! principal stieets to the cemetery ,
in tlu ; lower pait ot the city. Cilj bells weio
tolled and a salvo of guns lired at the state
arsenal. The streets weio lined with people ,
and on many houses tings floated at half
mast. The casket was placed in a brick-
lined and cemented grave , and lloweis weie
scattered about in prolusion. .Several elul > -
orate Moral devices Miuounded the tomb.
The last rites v.erc brief and Folemn. Jtev.
W. A. Maikland , of Tiultlmoie , u-ad the
biiiial seivice ot the Piesb > chinch ,
and llcv. John Hall , ol' ' Tienton , oll'ercd
prayer. There was a large concourse In the
When the lemains arrived at Jersey City
they weie placed in tlie fonvaul ear of the
MH'cial twin which was to convey them to
'licnlon. All tliu nail beaters : ucompauk-d
Hie remains , and lev. ! NV. F. WhltUikur , ot
Oranuc Piesbytcrian church , ot whicli ( Jen.
MiClellan was an elder. Tim pall bcareis
occupied the second ear. The widow , sun
ami daughter and Dr. Met'lellan , witli u ftivv
intimate lilends. ( K-cnpied the ear with this
icm.iins. A J.ugeciawd was in tlie depot and
n'u-ientJy took their lials oil'an the casket
WHS ronveyeil irom the licaiso to the tiuln , It
was followed by twenty-eight members ot the
Loval Lcaion.
J'liu.AiiiCM'iiiA. Nov. a. The old htato
house tcl ! over Indepenceiiee hall WHS tolled
to il.iy . ( iniins ; the 1 tmenil eeu < monies over tlio
lumalns ol Gen. McClellan.
MoN'u.d.Mrnv , Ala. . Nov. ARatributeof
resjiect to Gen. McClellan , the Montgomery
artillery t'uwl it national s.Uuto at suiibct.
the Ttnilrnails.
lloNioN , Nov. 'J. The bt.Ucmeul of the
Union Pacific Hallway company for Septem
ber t hews a deei case In net cnrnlni'H n't SCi'/ , .
l.VJ. eompaied with f-eptciuber , nw. The
btatcment tor the. hut nine months oi the
picsvut jear Is as tollown : Gross earnings ,
SlHaTS7Tfr ; iucieaseovei List jtar , 3U > Jr/'i ;
expenses , SMH-sjii7 : : IncicaK1 , h7iX)7l ) ) ; HUI-
' , . .
. . ' Nov.Tim
PIMI.AIIM.IA. | | - - - iMiard ol dl-
leeliiisot tlu : IVmisvlv.miu railroad com
pany met today and dcchueda hoini-.innual
dividend ot 'J jM'rcenl.
MoMiii.M. : , Nov. ' . ' . It is stated that a
IIMII lias lnvn flU'ch-il with Hiuiug liiotheis
hy the C.madi.ui I'.iciiu ! nillnud. liarlng
liiiitlirr , being linauciiil agents of the Grand
Tiuiih i-oinpaii } , it would RIHII.IS | It the surtv
ties ol the two loads vveiu getting into their
hands. Many minors ; im in this city
about the two i-ump.mius and in.irlic.U aiual-
gumatiou is tieely talked of ,
I'utul Trnl u Collision.
WISONA , Nov.Two Ireiuht tiains col
lided at Whitman , a sm.ill stntlnn on the Chl-
eago , MilvvaitkeoiV St. p.ud load , ten mllori
xbove Wliiona , at 1 o'clock ibis morning.
and Uniiuviv ; Scvciaiue of Mlnneupullb was
ficnsiiiloual Ktopninnnt.
Duni.i.v , Nov. 2. A billllant banister of
Minister has c.lopcd with the wife of u wealthy
mcmlieriif the hoiibU of eommnnu. She Is
the dmuchtcr ot a tory p'T Hnd ( ho moluer ol
fne children. It Is believed the comilo Jia.e
talit-d lor Anu'ik-n.
A Vote I'or 1(111 ,
WACHISOTON. Nov. 2. 'llm president left
Wushlnpton at 7l.s : this morning' for Hnffalo ,
accompanied by W. S. UtdxiM. tit" tnht ; .ty.
Ho wllliftnrn to Washington Wfuneiday
I.i.i TI K Itocu , Ark. , Nov. 3. Wt'stern. the
CJioctiw wtlu uuintt rer , was exi cutcd Intliaii
fashion .it the reservation Uda } ( Uie body
riddlud wiU buUvt *
The Ilulunrluit Huin'unn Develops Into
a lloportctl FlRht. , NoV. 3. The archives of
the government ha\o bceri sent to Solla. M.
Stransky , provisional sovernor of Kastcrn
Uoiimelln , will pro b'obly be appointed min
ister ot the Interior. Seventy thousand
tioops have been mobilized. They are well
otlleered and equipped for n winter cam
LONDON , Nov. & A dispatch from Sofia
pays neither the Hulgnrlnns nor Itotnuellnns
will submit ton renewal or the statute quo
mile without lighting , even If the Balkan
conference so decides.
LONDON , Nov. 2. Lord Salisbury was
present at the foreign olllco to-d.iy. and had a
lengthy Interview with Huron da Slael , Ilus-
sian ambassador. Count Kiluoty. Austrian
ambassador , and Count Nigra , Itnlinn um-
bas.s.idor , icspeetlnuthe Ualknn question.
llii , < JHAii : , Nov. vIt Is nunored the Hul-
paiiatis attacked the Scivlnni at TsaiibnMl ,
and that the Servl.itw ivtuvxtcd , but iilter-
wards crowed the Kulgatian flontlci.
The Htenil
LOKUON , Nov. 8. Further hearing of the
evidence in the of Mr. Stead and other
defendants In the Armstrong abduction ease
was resumed today. Mr < . Jarrett was again
put on the witness stand , but she refused to
make any further revelations In the case.
Mis. Josephine llutler and Piofessor Stuart
testified for the defendants. Mr. Stead then
took the witness stand and testified that Mis ,
liutlcr told him Im tnl''lit implicitly trust
Mis. Jarrett anil ho had no reason to suspect
her of abduction or of getting tlio gill by false
pietensc" > . His testimony was In substance
the same as that given in his statement at
the magistrate's examinaUoil.
Spnrseon Defend * Himself.
LONDON , Nov. 2. Hev. Spurgeon has writ
ten a letter for publication , In which he re
futes ( he-fclntemfint of the orators , who speak
In defense of the established church , Imputed
to him. Hu says that while he wishes the
church well , and that It will make the best
argument it can , ho considers the union of
chinch and state unwriptural. fraught with
evils mid injustice towaid dissenters , and
therefore ought to bo discontinued. In con
clusion , lie sav > : "I am not disposed to han
dle the question with bittoine s , and cannot
legret the impending change. "
Kiiuhhcd hy thu Shah.
LOXDON.NOV. a The shah of Persia re
fused to allow an cscoi tot the Kii'tlish Iron-
tier commission to travcive tlie Persian ter
A Ilnynl "Wcdillnii lit Prosjiect.
PAHIS Nov. U. La Llhcrtc says the oldest
daughter of Comtc dc Paris is betrothed to
the brother of the c ir.
Tim Clibleru lu Spain.
3i.\nnm , Nov. 'A The ravases of cholera
in Uilbo.i . are terrible. ( The authorities try to
supplies the icpoit.s of the progicss ol the
1'iague. ' _ _ . _ _ _
A Stcnm Dredjjo Kxtilodos , Killing Allen
on Itourd.
Nmv LONIION. Conn. . Nov. 2. A terrible
calamity hy which six lives were lost occuned
in the race on Sunday night , caused by the
explosion of the boiler of steam dredge No.
1 , of the Atlantic Dredging company , ol
The dtcdge left Providence for 3STevv York
at 0:15 : Sunday momlpg' In tow of the tug C.
E. Waite , Capt. TwcAy. In order to keep
the bilge clear the , -alcana pumps on tlio
dredge weio kept at work. Just before mid-
nigiii , when ncaiilig the lacti JOCK light ,
( 'apt. Tweedy , who was at the ste.rn
ol the tifu' , milked a ihoviug lighten
on tlio diedgu and heard a voice
but could not - ' distinguish the words.
A minute later ho heard the explosion on the
( hedge , and saw me , smoke and steam. The
( hedge sank immediately , and the stern of
tlie tug was drawn under water beiore the
hawhcis could bo cleat cd.
TlioVaite was at once put about , but no
trace of the ditdge or her cievv couid bo
loiind. Alter searching In the vicinity tor
halt , an hour , the tug headed tor thu harbor ,
airiving in the teeth of an easteily gale that
pievailed. As soon as the storm subsi'led.
the Waite went out a/aln to the race , but
nothingcouid be found , not even a tloaiing
piece ot the < li ke. The tug returned to the
port this evening.
Tlie names of the men on the ill-fated craft
are not tully known. As tar as can he
learned they weie Capt , Uobcit Kent , M.ite
.Strobs , and his brother , the fctevvaid , ot Prov
idence , a ( Kvk hand known as Sandy , the
urenian , ami a Piovidence man who was
working his pa Mgu to Hrooklyn.
The tollow ing are the mimes of those on the
Atlantic company's dicdge : Capt. Hubert II.
Kert , Mate Andievv Stt.tub , hU\vard Her
man Stnuib. Thomas I'itzialik'k , Fiank
Kinnigan and one unknovvn.
A Horrible Humim Itutohcry.
Nr.w YIIUK , Nov. i Chong Ong , u china
man who had lived r > lnco boyhood in Cuba ,
and who was known by the name of Antonio
Saloa , came heie sometime ago and cstal > -
llshed a restaurant. To-lny his body was
found in ills placi ; of business horribly man
gled. The assassin Used a butcher's
cleaver. The dead man's body was
trashed bv nine lie.ivy blows , nnvcring live of
Ids ribs , cleaving the heart , kidneys nml in
testines , and his wau crushed I ito an
nurccogniznbie nulp by blow on blow.
Eighty pieces ol bin skull weie counted by
the coroner. Several Cubans have been ai-
icsted , hut the police authoiiUes believe
Chinamen did It for thu purpose of
lobbery. The body had been robbed and thu
till rilled. Hlood .stains on the wal sand lur-
nliuiebelravedu dci > pcmtu utim.'glo lor lite.
Itlood-bttuned luuulb wciu washed in the wa h
A Supreme Court
WASHING. TON , Nov. S. The United
biipieme conit to-day rendered u decision in
iJie case of Peter C. A. Van Wcct , of Nether
lands , vs. Frederick H. Winston. The alle
gation Is that Winston , an luesidcnl ol the
Chicago .fc . Southwestern ladway eomiiany ,
peiM | > iiafed fraud In conneeiion with tlio
issue of a bond transaction of the company.
The sum cine com t bof opinion tlut U'
committed no fraud In the matter ; that the
appellant has shov/n no right to icllef , and
that th action of the circuit eomt dlMmlt'sln ' , '
the bill is therefuro upmovcd. Winston hi
tlie iccently appointed minister to Pcrbiu.
lilt ; < i'iDfl Jniillt-a ) ' < l.
Nrw YOIJK , Nov. 3-Jt , Is rumored heiv
to-day that Mayor < lijico mid several oilier
piomincnt Individuals nro to Im arrested tor
alleged complicity In ( heMarinebank fiauds.
1'nlted StateVDIstriet AtUmioy Dorslieimer ,
when questioned about the matter , said : "It
is true that hevcial prominent individuals
weie implicated In fioso frauds on thoMailun
bank , but they havbttot been arrested as yet. "
It Is ii'pnited that Warrants have been Issued ,
but nothing de'i.nUo hlis yet been ascertained.
Thu WulUlit Cnso.
KMrnttiA , Kan. , Nov. S. This rooming
the V/'niiiun can was ( ijicned by Judge
Grooves liihtnioti , , . ' . . > jury. The Instiuo-
tlons aiv said to IM wry Impartial , ifs-vlng
all to the good jiiil'iiicnt of thu jury. Mr.
Storey , counsel for thu prosecution , occuuh d
nil tlit ! morning in addicnslng Ihu jury. He
wjUsfiik Hlwtit an hour thin afternoon , and
will be foUowed by the couiibcl lor the do-
Crooked I < hit | ir T . . - < ,
NOV. " , CltbiullIS ofot-J'3
charge that four or rtvo leading Mlwhsalo
liquor and wlno lirmB have IM-PII giwlty of
hiineplHloiiily wUhdrawInglhpmi fiomeaks
In lumdcd narvmn- fop wnrni vears junt.
One nn. It Is said , hai . .whuliid . ilio uuvem-
meiit out of ( lutlp : * amoitntnw to - - < 7U.OU , and
tbe total ouiuunt ol Uu sv , Inulc IB tuld to bu
The President Issues Ilia Tirst
ing Proclamation.
Few Dopni'ttuout Clerks Going Itoino
to Help Mich1'nrty The
tcrnwster's Kn Ki'st
Capital Noteii.
Thanksgiving Proo.liiiniK Ion.
WAsmxiiio.v , Nov. a The following
liiuclaiuation was Issued to-day :
Hy the Pie.sidenl of tlio United Slates -A
Proclamation :
The Aiueilcan people Imvo always abund
ant cause to ho thankful to Almighty Coil ,
whose watchful cuio and guiding hand have
been manifested In every stage of Uu > Ir na
tional lite , uuarding nml eoiiertliu : them In
tlmeol peill. audsafel.v leading them In the
lumr ol darkness and danger , It Is lilting
and proper that a nation t.ius favored sho.ild
on one day in every year , lor that eipivmiiv
appointed , imblU'iy acknowledge tin1 good
ness of Uod , and lelitrn thanks to Him lor
Ills gracious idl'ls. Thenforo 1. Uiover
Cluveiand , president of the United Stales ol
America , do hereby designate and set apart
Thilisday , thoU'lth day or N ivcinlier , instant ,
us u day of pn lie thanksgiving and prayer :
ami do invoke obscivuiiccol ilio same by all
people ot the land. On that day let all < wu-
nil business bo abandoned , and let the people
as-iciiilile in their usual p a-e.-t of worship anil
with ptuycr and song ot praise devoutly tes--
tlfy tliclr gratitude to the giver of every food
and perfect gift ; for all that heluudunofor
us in tin ; that has passed ; lor our preser
vation as a untied nation and our deliverance
fiiiin the shocks and dangers of
political convulsion ; for the blessings ot
peace and for our wifely and i | iut , while \\ar
and rumors of war li.ivo agitated and nllllcted
other nntlons ol lh eailh ; lor our
secuilty against ( ho sowrgo of pcsti-
lanee , wnich In other lands has
claimed its dead by thousands and filled
street.swith mounters ; tor plenteous eiops
which rewaul the labors of the husbandman
and increase our nalion's wealth , and for ( ho
eonteittineiit throughout our boidei which
follows in the tiain of prospeiity and
abaudaiiee. And let theio nNo be on the day
thus et apart , a reunion of families saueti-
lleil and cnrisieiieil by tender memories and
associations , and let the social inteicouisc of
Irii'iids witli pleasant leminiscenses lenew
the tieol all'eetion and Mit'iiiitlientlioboniN
of kindly let-ling. A ml let us hy no means
forget wliile we nlvo thanks and enjoy the
eomfoits wliicli have cfuvvncd our lives ,
truly grateful hoait.s me Inelined lo deeds of
charity , and that a kind and thoughtful ic-
meiubianco of the prior \\ill don.ile the
pleasures of our condition and render our
praise and thanksgiving 111010 acceptable in
tte sight of Uod.
Dnuo at tlie city of Washington. this 2d day
of Nnvci.iber , OnnTlums.ind 1-Vight Hundied
and Eighty-live , and of the Independence of
the United Slates , the Olio Hundiedurid
Tenth. Cnovvit Oi r.vii.AM : > .
Hy the President , T. F. MAYAII : > , Secretary
of b'tatc.
_ _ _ _ _
Konrth-Glnss Pontinnsieis Appointed.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 2. The postmaster
general to day appointed the following
font til-class postmasters :
Iowa AtTinro , too. ! Patten ; St. Charles ,
S. S. Swif/.er ; Gopher , Chas.V. . West ;
Ocheyedan. A. V. Randall : Iain ! ey , John H.
Motiscl : Irvlnirton , Kinsley Cm lei ; Hamil
ton. U. F. Stoiit ; Flaw-is. Oeo. H. Nail ; Sallf ,
I' " . M. Corr' Oakland Mills llobeit O. I'mson ;
Annicville , Adolpii SellJlo ; ICellerton ,
F. - C. Smith ; tKiuiirar. Joseph -11.
Adams ; Hingsted , Paul P. Bogh ;
Cicamery. Cornelius II. Iluss-ell ; Cambria. E.
M. Uatcllff rLivenmire , W. 31. Urackett ; Nail-
coma , \Vllliain Johnston ; East Elknort , Con-
lad Sclmept ; Pilot ( iiove , W. D. .laekman ;
Grand Junction , Stephen C. Maynurd ; Hor-
tou , O. Ilariineton , C ( dar Hlnlfs , J. ( J. Fink ;
Iowa Centic , Minnie L. Sheldon ; Wellsburir ,
George , Wells ; louie , John Kuien ; Lumcl , J.
C. Hnlwer.
Nebrosk.v-At Hasklns , J. W. Powell ;
M 'iiliii'-ljui } . ' , Jno. K. Scliult/ .
IJakota AtElkaheth , Mlw Nellie Crager.
Cloi-kn Not Goiii Home to Vote.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 2. There haH been no
marked increase in the number of applicants
lor leave of absence to indicate that eletks
had gone home to'vote. . The oldest employes
say there never has bnsn a year w'thin their
memory when so few have gone home on
election day. The greatest Interest In taken
In the contests in New York and Virginia ,
and republican clerks have thought It pru
dent to lomain at their desks. As yet theio
aiv comparatively few diiinociats in the de
partments. Oemociata having \otes in Mary
land , Virginia and New \oric havngeneialiy
gone home. Quito a.number ol coloieJ voteis
are said to have cone Into Virginia to-dav.
The Star najs the pieacliers in homocoloicd
churches announced yesterday that tickets
could bo had to take voter * into VliglnU to
vote , and they weru urged to vote "tor 31a-
hone's candidates.
VJncrnl Scelcln < * Viiidication.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 2. [ Special to the
Uii3. : ] Hy advice of his friend , Congressman
Springer , < Fudi : < ) Vincent has decided not to
make a statement eoneernlng his Mtupension
Irom fiom the biiini'mo court of New Mexico
until .Springer can reach hero and talk the
mutter over with the picsldcnt and attorney
general. Vincent left for New Yoik to-d.iy
but will return in lime to see Upiingcr on hi- ;
anival. lie is going to nght liaid lor Undi-
cation , and Mi > Hlhat Dooey's appointment
is the only tiling brought against him. Ho
does not expect to get a reappoliitmcin as
the president inery determined In the posi
tion ho has taken.
Presidential I'o
WASHINGTON , Nov. a. Tim president to
day appointed the iohowing jiresldential
] ) ostniislers ! : Thomas \V. \ Canoll , at Hunker
Illll , 111. , vice T. Y. Iledley , suspended ; Pat
iic ! { ( JibboiH , Keokuk , Iowa , vice H. M.
Clark , suspended ; M. 11. Mould , Harahoo ,
Wis. , vice 1) . K. Weleh. siHiiomled ; O. F-
Hlakeloy , T. W , Ov
Inline , hiinpendid ; Alvln S. .Maihh , ICtd
Cloud , Neb. , vice M. H. McNilt , lesluiu.l ;
J. K. livaiH , St , .Joseph , Mo. , vice Frank M.
Tracy , commission i-spiieil ; T. S. Hiol.nn ,
Mount Vernon , loalco 11. liowiiutn ,
eomuiinblun expiied.
Tlio Quurtrriiin'iiPr'B fiHjK < 'HtloriH.
WAMiiiNO'ioN , Nov. 2. The ipmrtermabter
geni' , in his annual report , ' -TJ.S the neces.
elty of tiHscmbllng tioops in linger and moid
inrmanent posts near the Indian u-hcrvalioiis
and In proxlmllv tothegieat slnilgetli ! points
of tlic country adjacent to its public nfccna-
tionc , harbors aim poit-i , becomes dally inert !
and mom apparent , lie m-ies the tioopi itiir-
rl-oned In en.v'meiitrd toils b" kept in b.ii-
nicks ouisldo tlie euseinciilb in t line of peace
tor sanitary icaf-oiis. Ho siyn Uic baua-k
bhould bo built ut once.
\VitHlihiKloii AValf.J.
WAsmxr.TON , N iv. li. The president to
day appointed U\\en T. Klco to I HI United
Slates attorney foi the territory of Aii/iina.
The pic.-ddont to-day appouited Owen T.
KOIU' ' * oi Mihnomi , lo be United btates attor
ney lor .Vit : ' '
Thtiiiblle debiJ *
lie decrease ot tJ
, . .
Harold Marsh Sewall , of Hath , Me. , r" to
day iiiipolnted by tin * pio.Idcnt vii-uund < tt'p"
uly toiiKul ut i.herpx > l.
CJi'ectlns Orovor.
Wu.KUSiiAitJtK. 1'a. , Nov. 'J. Prcj > l lcii1
ricve'and ' arrived licio this afternoon ovei
the Leliigh Valley nulnmd. About n thom
and pvrs'ins ' neioat UiedeiKit to gicct him
A Her shaking hands with a number of piom
Lu kit ioiui' < nu.u.
mi : chUA
Otnnlm St.vtcentli In ( ho Iilst. of
ln.4 CUIe- . .
HO TON % > ta . , Nov. aThe following
table compiled from speelnl dlspatelie.s to the
lioston Post from the mmiapers of the lead
ing clearing boues of the I'nlted States ,
shows the gross baiikevelmngos at each point
for the w eek ending Saturday , October 31 , as
eomparedvllh tlie corresponding full week
In 1WI :
Itcvicw of Ktiftllsli Trade.
LONDON , Nov. ! 2. The Mai k LanoHxpiess.
In Its review of IJrltlsh trade for thu past
week , Hiys : Uuinf'nll hasseiiously retarded
wheat sowiii'r. Theeonditlon of most grains
thus far maiketed has beiiii ludilfeient
and It is dilllciilt to elfecl sales. Sales of
English wheat dining Ilie week were ( VVOKi
( puuteis at ! HsId , against 03.77J : nt ! WsM ;
dmiiig the eoiiespouding week hist year.
I'lour lus bi-ou ficjlyolfered , and piices ar. '
weaker. Sound lots are lirnii Tim loieign mail ; -t isdeptessed and appaieutlv in
u hoK'les ] > condition. Piices aio Cxi lower.
l-'uieign ilour Is st.iirnanl. Two cargoes ol
wheat arrived. Kour eiii oes weio sold , live
weie withdrawn and tluee leiuaiiied. I rail e
lorwaul is -gleetcd. . To-d iv wheat wa- . in
animate , and List Monday's p ices dilllciilt to
icali/e. Klonr was in poor icqiiest and ( id
lower. Corn was lalhcidealer. . IJeans , Is
dealer. Peas ud cheaper.
Graln.hi Right and Store.
CHICAGO , Nov. ' . ' . The following figures ,
taken fiom the olllelal statement of thu board
of hade , to be posted on "Change to-monow ,
shows the amount of grain in sisht in the
United Stales and Canada , Saturday , Octo
ber ill , and the amount of Ineieabo or de
crease over the preceding week :
Wheat . fil.itfVI nci ease . C.OKirii
Coin . IIMU.J ; Dccie.isc . ; j.i ! , : ' O
, ii..l'0 Decie.ise . -1-10,111
"d.lll Divrease . 4V-Kir :
TfioanfotintDf piain in store In Chicago
on troilato-uamedis : , . . - >
Wheat. : . .7 . inl77.r,7t
Corn . ' . . tvJ-liio
OatS . . ci-r ) > 7
Itye . . > .
IJarley h
A Cas < s that lias Outlived the riiilii-
tifT , and Still Not Sullied.
Dis : MOINIS , Iowa , Nov. U. [ Special to the
lien. JThe J present term of the United States
circuit couit In this city brings up a icmaika-
blecasc of piotinctcd litigation , which has
already killed off the plaintiff , Ills wife , and
other poisons originally intcie&tcd , and the
end Is not yet.
Ten years ago u ease was commenced by
John M. O'Neil in thu disliict com tat Clin
ton against the Chicago is Noithwestern
railway. The plaintiff asked for ? l. . , < iOO
damancs for injuries teceived. The plaintiff
\\a-t in theemp'loy of thu railnuid company ,
and when the accident occnned was standing -
ing on a ladder against the side ol ; v height
cai lie was lep.uiing. In his petition ho al
leged he had tinned the svviU-he- both
ends of the track on which the ear was Maud-
ing , and also raised the danger -ignals al
the switches to keep the tiainsoif that track
while ho was at woik. Neu-ithelens an on-
glneer backed a train against the car , and ho
was throw neil the ladder and diagued by a
wheel until ids arms were broken , u shoulder
dislocatul , several libs bioken , and n
leg fiactuicd. The jurj ifiidered
u verdict in his favor , and the
company weiCMicct'sslul in a motion for a
new dial. Then the defense secured a tiaiis-
Icr to the IT nlted States distiict couit ut Du-
biuiiie. The cin-e was tiled there and the
jmy dlKaga-ed. The second tiial resulted In
a verdict for the plaintiff In the sum of
S-SW ( , and Judge Love set the vcidiet
aside because of enors in his
own liihhuetlons. Another resulted in
a verdict tor 5ii.50J lor the plaintiff , and it
was aiso set aside. Thelhild tii.d was Im-
foiu Judge Shims and lliujiiry gave a ver
dict for fiVOUO lor Ihu plulntllf , and Judge
Sliuus lelused to set the veidiet aside , and
the companv took the ease to the supreme
court on a wiit of enor , which in
volved lush notions to the jury and
Ihe conMilntinnalily of tlie Iowa law fixing
tlie limit ol damages to employes ol lailway
( oiiip.iniiM when iiijincd in their ocenp.ition.
Thi > appeal was made about four years ago ,
mid nevei b.-en nadicd on the calendar
In cause the laiho.ut company lui.l U bettor
oial iii-gument ,
Two jeais ( , go the plalulllTsvifo died.
Two niiiiithri ago ( lie plaintiff died , and
rather MuLaughlin was appointed ndmlnls-
tiatur foi the estate , and so a substitute tor
thepUlntilf. It K believed that it will eonm
up lor heating in the eoiidug winter tcimof
tlieeiijiiemc court in Des Muiucs.
She Must Pay llciKouded Dclit.
IMllA ATOMS , Ind. , Nov. 'J. This ufier-
noon Judge Wood , of the t'edetal court , in a
tilling on the Kvuusvillo bond cases , Involv
ing. w'llh accrued inteiest , about kl.KOO.OOO ,
decided altogetlier against the city , except
that in a minor suit ho sustained this city's
rUht to ISMID ledemption bunds. I'ayini-nt
wusicsisled on thegiomid that the i ail way ,
loaidvvhiih thu bonds went giaiitcd , was a
toieigii eorpoi.ition ; that it did not touch
ICvansvlllc. and that the sub'-cuption was not
made npon the petition of icshloni liee-
hoideih. The effect of thu decHioii is thai
K\.in-villu must iiuy HID inleiest on hci
bonds and the bonds themse-hcn ,
'J'ho \ \ ' call ice.
WASIII.VOION , Nov. 2. Thu Indications ; foi
to-day aie :
lIpHrMlssl-sIppl | ! Valley Slightly warmer ,
fall weather , followed by loud laius
sonihcily winds and falling naioiiretcr ,
Mlssouil Valley Fair weather to-day , foi
lowed dining the nlidit by local mills :
warmer southeily winds , followed duiiiu
W ( diii'hda.v hy winds bhilting to t < ) ighllj
colder north westerly.
Thn Mnh Co
iT"To > , Nov. S , Tlio boeieht Avlnd am
rain blort.i Cr.'vrlcnw'd In many yettrs pie
vailed lioiotoduy : il .along .shun- . Tin
haibor was tossed into blllovvs
Numerous \cssvls lying al the piers ' " " i.J (
their inchi-H | ml bovirul of them wen
Imdl ) damaged b > being dashed tiiueilu r d
tipimsi the docks. Asiurab cuu bo a- cut
Uilui.d nu llvx'-j wciu lusU
Dakota's Proap rous Oomllticm os Told to
Secretary Lamar ,
Her ItiMttnrhiiMe litere-uio In Vopuliv *
tlou Slueo t.'IMO AdtulBsioti tn
the SiHtct'hond of Ktittcx
Siiongty lhcil. .
UnUota'w I'rt - CondltiOit.
) peiiis
W.vsin.viuoN. Nov. J. Ohmol ( Jllbert A
Pierce , govetnor of Dakota , has madu hifl an ix-poit to the sccietaty of the Interior ,
showing the mateihil progress ot th.vt tetrl *
tor > dining the past .vear. A largo proportion
tion of his le port ! ) devoted to iiuotntlond
utid comparison ot facts exhibited by the io
tmns of tenitmial census taken last sum
mer. The population ol the tutiitoiy Is now
imXXi. as against lil'i/isu when Ihu fedeial
census was taken In lt < si.
The goveinor savs the year has been n very
puispeioiis one lor llu < teniloij. Notomy
liave the ciops been excellent , bin the price ? )
( oium.iiided luue been very much In mlvunio
of tlio o leali/.ed a .vcai go. ' 1'no result U i
biio.vauey ( it teeiing on thV part of the people
ple and most encouraging and reassuring
On the whole , tai. tiers weio never BO pioi-
pcious av at plenum. \ \ 1th the slnglo eveeiv-
lion ol wheat , the u-rsiregate yield of small
gtams tor Jss > Islaigel.v In e\ee. < toi that ol. The leductloit In ucieaga
ol was caused by I ho low price for Ihu
Maple In ISM. ,
huivcys tor n number of nulinns ot
raiho.uN li.ivo been mnde during thJ (
year , and the governor bellcvotJ
another twehc mouths will sS * *
maiij nevventeipiiKesof tldschaiiicterunde\
headway. The teinlory has duvolopod
number of maiiulactiiuug establlshmonUl
witiiin the past te\v jeais , cnilii , icing wooleu
mills , flour mills , rpiaiues , breweuea , mochlnti
.shops1 , etc.
Leleieucc is made to the constitutional
convention held this lull , tuiil ttie. govcruof
bespeaks a kindly healing by congie-s.s of the
appt il lor admission to the union made by
tlie people ot thu leiiitm-.v , and a long
mem is made in support of theapplication. .
Attention Is dltcctcii to the necessity of pro *
teeting the scl.ool lands of Dakota iron * '
Mjn.iiters. and it is lecommeiidcil that , tha
tcriitoiial government be authorized to tak6
pu : < si > vUiit < ii and control them. Tlio exist/ *
cuco of vast Indian icsctvatUms Is suld to 1)0 )
a souice ol tioiilile and vexation , and the
govei nor suggests ( hat these icsutvntlons bo
cut up and the lauds given to llm Indians la
seveialty. The hope is ev , ; esjqd that tha
govciuiucnt will iciuihur-c tlmviiettlers who
went upon the old Cmu I'teeK io < 0rvallou iu
goinl tailh. and weieoidcieil oil I > V UiOiircil-
dent's pioeJ.unalion. . , { , f.
The teiiiloiial lii.xKvj for all purpos&5. ln
clnding Intciol on Ihctmhlic dent , WiW bilk
tlnce mills dm ulg the iticseui .veur , and tlio
nnaiicial condition ol the tcmtoiy is Bald to
be a cait-e lor c-niiuiatulatuui. Immigration
to the teirilory has liccn veiy largo during
the year , and colonies of co'nsldcrablo slzo
tiom I'enus.vlvaniii : ind other ea tern ulrttefl
have puichased tiact.s ol laud. The diath
i ale wns.'i.i'i to tlie thousand , which Is said
to be among the smallest iu tlio United
Js t a ten.
_ _
Third Iay' ) SOMHUIH of thQ WOIIIUU'B
uiico Uiiinii. < '
Nov , 2. A&'tho tli/rrf- /
day's session of the Woman'js CViffsllah
peranco Union , theoxiXiuilvecSinrtt
jKirled papcr In troutilQ
' 'and could la'nought for SltA afic rccAtt-
mciutell It be purehaso.l und tlrn.U8fbimc4
Into a ( icrinan tompcianco piiVcr. ; The report -
port was accepted but no other action taktn.
The swieiary , alter some , discussion ; was In-
sl meted to east thu vote ofthu eon vontfoa
lor Miss Kiances Ii. A\ \ ill ird , ol' Illinois , 4or
piesident. '
At the afternoon Wiston reports' from varN
one ilcp.u-tments vveiv n'ceived. Tllb folihvv-
ingolliceis wein ie-elected : CorrcspondriiK
secietary. MrCaiollne n. Hell , of Connecti
cut : leconlmg secietary , Mis. Mary A. WM ( d-
bridge. ot ( Jlno ; ushi'Uant lecomlng secro-
tuiy , Mrs. L. M. N. .Stevens , of Maine ; treas
urer , Miss IJsthcr Piigh , ol OhirC-
Anthony Comstock then addressed the con
vention concerning iK'inkiouIlioratuiii. . A
le.solution reallirming the St. Louis resolu
tion , cndoisinr the naiional1 prohibition
party , was adopted after a heated dlmaisslort ,
the opponents ot the icsolullou talcing thQ
gioiiml that it was unwise lo pledge the aid
and iutluenceot ! the union to 'any politico *
The Canadian Chain plou' . Sohomo
Win the lIanlau-Tcouier Cou < t-fit.
PriTsiH'ito , Nov. a. In legaru to the AA.
soeiat ( d jiress dispatches from Toronto tldo
al'tcrniKin stating that Hanlan had published
Tccmer's eoirospondenee , In which the latter
otlered to sell out In the lecent race , Teoiner ,
who was found at McKecsimrt to-night , oaldt
( t (
"I wrote the letters because Haulan would " -
not row mo unless I gave a gmirauteo that ho
should beat me " When he was negotiating
with Hanlan that oarsman mude the rorjulroi
ment sx > impcnttivu that ho ( Tecmt-r ) j
almost gave tlio pioposcd inutcw ' '
up for hopclesis and vrlicn b
came home ho was still partly impressed
witli the tact that Hanlan was stubborn la
thisdeieimiuation and would ? not row him
nnles-i Home siti-h guaratiUiO was fflveA , 'A
Alter the match was made. Toemur'snld that *
llau Ian went to Wallace Hess , hla trainer ,
M-veial times to have him persuade Teeuiel
to lose tint nice and let Hanlan win It.
Mr. Volk , Teemer'N backer , was scon laMrt
He said he knew nothing ot the corruwponct-
ence. Tcemer had madu the 'propositions to
Haulan without his knovvlcdgo. nnd Ije
wanted ever.v thing condiieted on the cmium ,
Ho was of Ilie opinion that a certain 1'Ht.v
bnigand MelCeespoit clliiue wanted to run
Teenier , and that it wa < fill a schema t6
fleece him. Volk also said that Haitian lira
never approached him to buy the raco. and t < j >
tint bent ( d Ids knovvlcdgu luui QViji' w >
preached Tcemer. f '
The ( icnovii T'lre.
CMVIT.ANI ; > , Nov. ' . - Thuftotal IOHBCS $ y
the ihc. last night at ( ienevaliio ) , la about
' , on which thcie is lsWD luuuiance
One Square Piano for Hunt.
Aurora Watche.s nro the Best RaUroadl
Watch in thu world. Sold only l > y
The Omaha Stuam Dye Works , 121J&
Douglas St. Stills-faction Kiiumnleed.
Tliii Hon .Mai oho opunod totflay , 1510
loil < jo street , Mrs. (1. H. Maulers , pro-
iirietor Oriental gomN , eoiiiprisliiQ ;
Ctibhiunro , Hunarcs , .Moradnlnitl , Dollii
und A rii ware , n imv-iU > colleotioa ner-
Minully bulccteil. MFD two rurq ciinoni-
tius , nn Ainerieiut newspaperAJ ( ) ( .veara
old , nnd a camel'H ; Hiiavvl onu't ) tlifl
property of the Into Klr of Delhi. C'omfc
nnd iiiHjiect for
IVoplu'wThcutri , ' , Uncle 'J'ornSj Cabifi.
Oinnhn Art Ivvpos-illon ,
Tliofitninont Frrneh artlM of Worldta
I-iiir fame. Now OrJeuns. auil ulao of ' 4Jx-
liusition Univur-siile , I'iirU , 1878 , I jiovy
JCiviiii { free imhllu i-Nhlbitions in oi
imlntinif at ISitt Donglau atruct. Luttleit
imrtiuulurly invited.
When yon buy inriiitnro basui'oyi
yrii-es at Clmuihurlnin Howe
, & auu--
Hliajf - , Tlu y buy from the betil inuna *
faetnrers , nnn ffUiinuilen to uiulrotlio vary
luvtctt jincca , Oj > p. ij lconor jOciuylfts ?