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? H ITV/f \ TT A. 1 1 A TT T ?
To-morrow Dawns ft Day of Victory for
Iowa BoptiblScanSi
Tlio 1'olttlcnl Aorolmt Olvcii to llio
Country by the Hiiwkoyo 8l to
\Vliltlne'a Clint-ch Ta.t Ucvoi-il-
Otir Iowa
1 n Olorlnnn Campaign.
) ) KS MotNK * , Iowa , Nov. 1. [ .Special to the
BBB.J Thu lowu campaign of 1 * > 5 Is practi
cally closed. AJ1 that remain.- ) now is to get
the votcn out. The arguments are all in , tlio
case.luw been given to llio Jury , und the ver
dict will be returned on Tuesday. It is doubt
ful If there lion ever been a campaign waged
With inoitj vigor in an "off year , " especially
In u year succeeding the pro Identlal election.
As a rule these years have shown n reaction
from the excitement of the picsl-
lientlal contest , and republicans es
pecially Imvo stayed at homo and let
politics tuku care of Itself. DemoeraLs
never stay at home thai Is when they can get
a chance to vole. Here , In Iowa , they aie
generally s.itls.icd with \olingonce , provided
republicans don't vote at all. But this year
of will be relatively
the number slay-ut-lmmeri
tively Hinull. Heri'toloie , for sixteen years ,
the republican shrinkage in corresponding
yearn lias averaged SI per cent of the republi
can vote the > previous , while the demo
cratic from ntnv-at-homi's has
shrinkage - - aver
aged but ! jier cent , lioth sides are fully
awaku lo the importance of gelling out the
full vole , and If Hie d iv Is fair there Will be
a large poll. It is amusing to see
how InteiiM ! in one's own cause tin-
lits one to judge ol Its meiits and ils pros
pects. Tim old stijlng , lhat a physician
tiboitld never treat hluiHMf when sick might
he paraphrased that a eiindidate should never
conduct lii-i own eamp.iign or itltemiit to
inuki ! estimates on the resiuts. Judge Kinne ,
who has twice been an unsuccessful dcmn-
cmtie candidate for governor , has managed
liis own campaign asehaliman of thu state
central committee , and the result , shows the
wisdom of his plan. This year .Mr. Whiting ,
the democratic candidate , while not directing
the campaign , seems lo think hluiM-lf im-iti-
lied to pass upon its merits and to decide
upon its probable results. He ' , a > s. In pri
vate convcrsalion , lhat he believes he is going
to be elected and t lie rest of the ticket with
him , while there isn't a democrat of any
political sagucitv In the slalu lhal will con
firm or endorse his view. It simply shows
that a candidate Isn't the most reliable man
to eoiiMiit on the probable returns. In this
respect Whiting Is not , unlike the late lov- !
crnor llondly , of Ohio. He labored under n
Himllar deiiision a few weeks Mncu.
Speaking of Ohio , all of Its stiong republi
can speakers have not pine to Virginia , ( .ion.
W.V. . ( Jlbson , of the mickoyo staus Is now
in Benton county , Iowa , "making several
X BpcechcH for the republican county commit
tee , wlio are lighting a rattling cuT > ipnhii.
They expect to cany the county and
gain one member of the legislature
there. If the republicans carry all
the doubtful districts , for which they
have an cimul chance with the democrats ,
they are going lo have at least sixty of the
One hundred members of the next house , and
probably more.
Then ) has never before been a campaign in
this state when one party felt so much Ixnio-
litteil by the canvass of the other that it was
willing tu biroUie candidates of the opposi
tion to remain in the neld. But that is the
case this > wir. Coppeih-ad Whiting , with
his malodorous record of disloyally during
tlie war , and his manifest lack of ability and for the ollico of governor , hurls his
own cause so much wherever lie appears , that
the republicans .aro anxious to have him in
every county in the .state. Ho spoke In Llnu
county a few-weeks ago , and did the republi
cans so much good that Ihoy have offered the
demoeiats one hundred dollars if they would
let him come back and speak 1'iere ' again.
The offer was not accepted. No Intelligent
democrat expects to carry the slate ticket.
Mut many intelligent and unintelligent dem
ocrats arc working with mlijht am ) main to
carry thu legislature. They want , ilrst of all.
to repeal tlie prohibitory law , und thus carry
out their contract with the saloons. Then
they want the prestige of beating the republi
cans In Iowa , which would be something lo
Bhoiit about. Then , thlid , they want to gel a
start toward the election of a United States
senator two years irom this winter. All
senators elected this tall will vote lor
u duccessor to James F. Wilson in the
Un.ted States senate. The man who seems
to be the moat familiar with this fact Is James
13. Weavi r , the chameleon of American
polllles. He was an eurnest and intlucntlal
republican , but he left Hie party in IKTU be
cause he couldn't get the ofleu ] lie wauled.
lie lived with the prohibitionists and sup
ported their candidate for the appalling lime
of one week. He then hlos.sontcd out as a
Rrcenbacker , audiaii for the presidency and
tx campaign tundin isw ) . Since then he has
ueen a Hessian whose peiviecu weie always
"to let. " This year he is leased by the dem
ocrats , and although he liasiilwaysheietoforo
been one of thu lomlot prohibitionists in thu
elate , ho has gone completely over the bav ,
ftUd he howls himself hoarse nightly in behalf
'of tlie compulsory saloon plank of the thiiu-
.oeratle party.
Hut the inspiring motiveforthlssomersault
'Is ' h.fl ambition lor the sent in the United
States senate , now held by Senator \Vlh-on.
lie is making this campaign with lhat end in
view , and lor lhal only. Although
lilicd by the democrats , hu denes tliolr control
and speaks only where he think * lie will do
'himself the most good. That Is Wcaveribm
every time , and now that he has become a
f nil Hedged member of their parly , the dem
ocrats see It to llielr sorrow. Wlillo noising
thu greenback party ho is also the acknowl
edged ring-master of the democrats , and they
\vntho under the lash , hut they are helpless.
One of the most prominent demiKjrats of thu
fUitOBald iccentfy that Ihe hardest work Ins
party would have for the next ten years
would ho to get rid of Weaver. Like thu "old
man of tin ) sea , " he has got bs ! arms around
thu neck of the demo'-nUic p.irty , and ho will
' not let go till they give him what ho du-
iiiiind : ) .
One of the influences which IR working
, ngainsl .Mr. Whiting with tremendous ! power ,
is his record on thu subject of church taxa
tion , Hu has always advocated taxing
chui'chcc ) jnil the same as business huus.-.s ,
mid when in llio senate two years ago , ho
voted for a bill to tax churches , parsonages ,
and church schools , and persisted in voting
for It against the rcmonatraneo of hundreds
of prlcwlrj and thousands of catholics whoso
interests weii ) most alfected by Ihe proposed
bill. Hu attempted at the outset of this cam
paign an evasive denial of his record , anil
upo.ogy for his eourbe. But It wasn't -atl.s-
factory , and now the catholics themselves
ro circulating appeals to their biethren to
Vote ugiuiist him , and they are working for
bis defeat. Ills opponent. Mr Larnibce ,
Voted opposite to him every time , and against
thu hill which as ptoiiocd was unjust and
likely to do great Injustice. So when the
voUtlif Tuwday is counted , Mr. Whiting' s
friends can cliar o a pait of his defeat to hi s
narrow-minded opposition to religious
DA democratic plot has been discovered
which was intended to win hcveial members
of the leglblutuu1. A dcmoeiatle ptliitlini
house h\ \ this city has been pilmtng several
thousand bogus republican tickets , straight
republican liiotcry particular , except In the
candidate for the legislature. For this place
n dcmocrathj name Is given. Votcn. who
only Kmncu at the head of their ticket , and
IIMI it headed "Kepuhtleau State 'ticket , "
with Lnn-.ibeo'fl name lollowli * ? , would thus
bo deceived Into voting for a democratic
member of thu Icglslatuie. Tim circulating
of Mich tickets , rcpioentlng them to Ixno-
publican , Is made a itonaluilcnsc by the Iowa
code , piintaliahle with itoiluino and Imprison
ment. Hut the democrats aie so desperate
{ ills year that they mu run tlm ilsk
of it wnltentiary roMdeneo in order to carry
thu Huicklturu of Iowa. Hoodie and Imgns
tickets urn itffw their main reliance. Hut tlm
lepulillruni are start , ud will ch ckmatu
them lit every same.
\VltluIra\va I'Voni the
Bnr.NAMioAii , Iowa , Nov. 1.- | bi > eelaUf
tlio IUr. : . ] It U authoritatively announced In
this city to-day that Major A. 1L Audcnuu , ol
Sidney , has withdrawn from the senatorial
contest hi this , the Mvcnlli fcnatorhil dis
trict. The announcement Is a surprise to all ,
as hh chanreqof success were considered as
cood. This limits the contest to Lome Hen
derson , democrat , and Tail I' ' . O'arke ' , repub
lican , with theclunccs In favor of the latter.
All voiti of H'ports are nlloat as to the cause
of Major Anderson's withdrawal , but none
reliable. No statement from Major Anderson
bus yet Ixjen given to the public. The dcmo-
ciats are hopeful of clcoilng Henderson , as
many republicans have expressed their inten
tion of voting for him In preference to
Jumped ( ho Trnok nllh Filial Kcsults.
Di.sMoiM'.i , la. , Nov. 1. Kridny niuht
about 12 o'clock , n wild stock train on the
Iliirllngton , CrJar Itapldb & Neithcni , was
thrown from the track near Northwood ,
Worth enmity. The engineer , Merrill IMcc ,
and Drak'Mimn Michael Coiinors , buth of C -
ilar It.'iplds , wuie Instantly killed. Kiioman
.liiiiHN , of What Cheer , was badly fccolded.
I uo iiwidcnt Is supposed to have been caused
by spreading of the rails. Twenty-eight
head of cattle Monglng to the Pioneer Cattle
company , of M.jntana , weie killed.
TWO AiniY DimUi ) .
The I'uli Must Apologize IVir n IH-
Ntilt , or Kliht a guru-Shot , 'IVum.
Ei. I'.vso. Tex. , Nov. 1. [ Special to the
Ilui : . ] A disgraceful HCCIIC , implicating two
well-known army oflict'is , touk plnco In the
Methodist churchot this city afewnlghtsugo ,
and is causing a sensation In church and circles. On the night In queUlon ,
Lieutenants Day and Birmingham of the reg
ular army , accompanied two young ladles to
church to iioar the eminent Kentitrkv divine ,
Hev. Ur. Oitiler. The four seemed to have
attended church purely as a matter of diver
sion , for they laughed and conducted themselves -
selves in such a manner as to cause i > er.sons
In the Immediate vicinity to move their scats
and avoid iliem. la his sermon DiUlcr
touched upon the evils of dancing and skat
ing rinks , whereupon Lieutenant Hirming-
ham and his companion got up and left the
church. Their dcpaitmo caused Dr. Ditzler
to request th.i congregation to remain seated
and not be leaving the services. It seems the
belli , t of the minister was construed by Day
as an Insult to llirmingham , tor immediately
uflcr the clo eof the services both the gallant
officers returned to the church and openly
charged the aged divine with liiMilth.g them.
Dr. Hither Indignantly denied such Inten
tions , anil In the heat of the controversy
charged Itiriningham with untruthiulncbs.
Itirmiiigham immedlutely drew himself up
In a hostile attitude , as thoimh about tostrike
the old preacher. Intense excitement pie-
valled , and M. Si. Irower ! , a prominent mem
ber of the church , came forwuid to the idiot'
of the aged pastor , courteously look the quar
rel oil' his hands , and ordered both ollicers to
leave the eluuh , ut the same time giving
them Ills addrcssand statimr that he expected
them both to call on him , and intimating
they weie cowaids if they did not. Both
ollicers are placed In unenviable positions.
They must either apologize , or light Hiower ,
or lesign their commissions liver , one an
ticipates a big light over the matter , as
llrower is a tynlcal Texan , game clear
through , and will laugh them out of the
army unless they light. Lieut. Day is lirst
lie-uk'iiant of the Filth cavalry , and has just
returned from a live mouths ludian cam
< >
$ olil Attempt 3Iailo to Steal n Ruby
HOSTOJ , lifovTl.Special [ to the BKK. ]
Mrs. O. J. 1'ape , wifeofU'a ' book-keeper llv-
ug at Chester Park , went to a provision
store In Trcmout street Friday forenoon
accompanied by her little boy , who blood in
an open door while the mother madu pur
chases. Two rough appearing men came
along and bribed the little fellow to go with
.hem up Tremont street. When Mrs. Pape
earned this she hastily started in pursuit
laking a street car. She kept a watch for
the men , and at Jtoxlmry crossing caught up
with them. The mother got off" the ear and
made a run for the.m. The men saw her
coming and seizing the boy who struggled
uud yelled , they carried him into a hoiiM ) near
; it hand , Mrs. Pape rushed after them und
was just about to enter when her son came
nuininp outcrying and Hew dlieclly into her
arms. One of the men came out after him
ready to sci/.c and carry him back. He jno-
tendcd the boy was lost and that he and a
companion picked him up. "You ouuht to
uive us a reward for llnding him , " said he. .
The fellow then slunk back Into the hou < e.
Mrs. Pape was so overjoyed at recovering her
lost treasure she did not think to inform the
police of the affair. The purpose of the men
undoubtedly was to kidnap the boy and keep
him a few day and then demand a rew ard.
The attempt was one of the boldest that has
occurred lieie for some lime , the whole thing
being done In broad daylight , on a crowded
thoroughfare uud almost under the eyes ot
the mother.
A TUB Blown Sky High nnil Four Men
DHTUOIT , Mich. , Nov. t. The tug Frank
Muff-alt , bound down with four barges ,
rounded to early this morning because of
thick weather at the wharf in Sombra , op
posite Marine City. A line was taken ashore
mil slio was about to bj fast wliun the
boiler of the tu ; $ explode ; ! without a sign of
warning , with a terrilic report. The cause is
not yet known , but it is supposed to be a lack
of water. The explosion carried away the
upper works and a lance portion of the
deck and planking besides shuttering the
hull from Htcm to stern.
At the time John Waul , first engineer , of
Detroit , William Miller , second engineer , of
Port Huron. James Wvllc , homo unknown ,
and Walter Fisher of Port Huron , iircmcn ,
weie killed. Captain Thomas Cnirey had a
leg broken and was otherwise bruised ,
Frank Furlah. wheelman , was badly isculdcd ,
and Andrew Heed , deckhand , was also Indly
scalded. Maud Bennett , cook , who was in
the after cablnat the time of tlm explosion ,
was blown into the river from which she
rcNMied uninjured. ltolx > rl ( Joodwln. mate ,
who was a hoie handling the line , was blown
over a woodpile and had his side Injured.
The bodies sunk In the river and have not
been recovered. The scalded men are at
Sombra under the care of a physician Irom
Port Huron.
The tug Frank Moffnl was built at Port
Union In lAUnnd was valued at 87,000 , with
S5.UOO Insurance. The insurance was
divided In tire und marine companies.
Demand Their Wages.
CLIVIIANH : : , Ohio , Nov. 1. A special
from Nllco , Ohio , savs that fleorge Summers ,
senior proprietor of the Hussia sheet lion
mill at that place , made an assignment yes
terday for the benefit of his creditors. Sum
mers lcis-d ; the mill about one year ngo when
It was Ivlng Idle. The assignment was precip
itated by a slrlko which was ordered by
the Amalgamated association , because Sum
mers would not accede to the demands of the
workmen In a certain branch of the mill.
Tlm principal creditors are the employes. ; JOO
In number. They weie to have icceived their
month's pay , which amounts to r'.oiit
SM7.000 , t < nlay. When It IwvaiiHi
known that an assignment had heen
made , and that no money could be
had , the men Hurnnuidrd the oflicn and re
fused to let Summers leave it. The scene
around the works at 0 o'clock p. HI , was ex
citing , Men and women were demandini :
money or hiead for their little ones , and It
would ha\o taken hutllttln liming to Induce
thorn to commit violence. A htor dispatch
liays. however , that the crowd disported and
permitted Summers to go home
The Klrp
CniCAno , } fov , 1. The two upper Hours of
I * D. Pollard's machinery establishment * on
Canal street , near WashinKton , wcro gutted
by lire about 1 o'clock Saturday morning.
The value of theconU-nU Is unknown and
an approximation of Uiu lota U therefor not
obttumibiO tu-iilgUU
The Campaign Woxea Warm with the Lih-
eral Factious righting.
The ItnlkntiConl'orcui'o ntul theAnulo-
Titrklnh Convention ParticH's I'o
lltlenl 1'owcr Aiming the
Irish l-'oreljin Matters.
A Glimpse ut KiiKllflh Politico.
NKW YOIIK , Nov. 1. ( Special to the Hun. ]
Tin1 cominp elections continue to occupy
almost the entire attention of England. The
dissolution of parliament Is at last announced
for Xo\ ember in , and the elections begin the
following week. Tlw chief contest on the
platforms Is still not between tlm lories and
liberals , but between the two sections of the
liberal party. Little has been done toward
composing the quarrel between the radicals
and moderate llbeials. Sir Charles Dltke on
Wednesday renewed his attack on Goschun
Chamliciliiin on the same day Issued a cur
electoral address. Faying in substance , " 1 am
Chamberlain , vote tor me , " but he found
room in ( his bile ! document for a direct allu
sion to Goschen as having made an unsuc
cessful icsistaiico to the extension of popular
liberties , and as now trying the stereotyped
liberal creed so as to pievent further reforms.
Sir Charles Dllko , however , Insists that the
agreement among the llbeial leaders respectIng -
Ing the Immediate piouramme is complete.
His rceiuphasis Is on the "immediate. " He
himself contributed something to It by
minimizing thu radical demands for the com
pulsory power of mttnieipallliiis loucouirc
lands for allotment among laborers. This
ronci'Mlon Is nppaienlly due to Lord
Htiriington's expier-s declaration that
Gladstone dlsipi'.oved of the allotment
scheme In ls ! radical original form. That Is
Lord IlaiUuuton's one explicit contribution
to the discussion. He conilnes himself on
other points lo saying he Is not prepaid ! to
follow the radical leader at present. The
liberals continue to exercise the almost un
checked leadership of public opinion , If not
in the councils ol tlio parly. One result is
that so good a as Kdward Dicey
publishes nn elaborate article in the Nine
teenth Centmy for XovemlKT , advising
moderate liberals lo "plump'1 for lory can
didates. The advice is bad , nut if the signs
multiply many will follow it , especially the
middle class voters In borough" . The tory
canvass is conducted with utmost languor.
Utter iliseourau'ement seized on cv. ryhoily
except Lord U-indolph Churchill , who e
speeches at Hirminghain abound in point ,
vigor and freshness , albeit his contest for
that seat is hopeless.
The Irish question is blinked on all sides ,
The lories refuse to set am' limits to the pos
sibilities of concessions. The radicals dra xv
a line at separating , but avoid discussion.
Uoycottim : thrives and icnts continue un
paid. Lord Spencer , in ano\pressives ] > eeeli ,
expresses the beliel that intimidation now
excels unythlnir previously known. The
papers are idled with detailed narratives by
Theie is little , If any , change In the posi
tion of affairs in the Balkans. The eonier-
euce has began work at Constantinople. The
Servians are ordered to keep tiuiet and obey.
Everything points to an uiidcratunding on
the wbolo question between the three em
perors. Lotd Salisbury lias appaicntly
thrown over the treaty oc JSeilin for nothin
and will have to look out while Bulgaria Is
aualr divided. It is believed he has per
suaded France and Italy to ac.t with England.
All three arc expected to withdraw from the
conference unless some compromise is ac
cepted by Ilussla , whose present ascendency
is complete. Vienna dispatches represent
tliu Greeks as exciU'd and warlike , hut nobodv
supposes hostilities will occur anywhere
while the conference Is sitting. .
Thu TlmcH published a summary of the
Anglo-Turkish convention respecting Kgvpt
that Is undoubtedly authentic Turkey Im
plicitly sanctions Eiulish occupation of
F.gypt , and England recognizes Turkish
Muerainty. Two eommbsioners , Turkish
and Kiiiillsh , have been appointed , with pow
ers which amount to a ireueral right of .super
vision of the khcdive's administration. En
glish occupation is to continue till these com
missioners agree to order the restoration of
the khedlve s authority and tlio indicated
frontier Is detined. It is doubted in
Cairo whether the sultan will ever appoint a
commissioner to execute the convention's
orden. but Sir Dnimmond Wolff's diplomatic
success is conceded.
Unity Ainoiif ; tlio 1'nriicIIItcfl.
LONDON , Nov. 1. The home rule party has
now held one-half of Its county conventions
in Ireland. In every one of these Parnell's
dominance has not been even contested. The
result has therefore been that thirty-eight
Parnullite candidates for parliamentary scats
have been nominated to receive the homo
rule vote , ami In every case the nomination
was made without a single division. Twenty
of these nominees are men who have ne\er
' " en members of the IIOIM : of commons. In
England the Irish cause is bcginnim ; to
attract n great dejtl of respectful attention
from persons who not Ion ; : ago ntte.ily Ig
nored It as nnwoithy of consideration.
Prominent Irishmen In London have com
bined to establish lu the metropolis an Irish
club on a basis equally Found and respectable
with that enjoyed by thu best of the other
ureat , political clubs. This enterprise has
already made considerable advance. Suitable
premises near the parliament buildings und
business centres have already been Beciired ,
but a great number of solid subset-leers must
yet bo obtained licfoie the lilsh can bo as
sured of permanent success.
in PolillcH.
LONDON , Nov. 1. The aicliblshops of Can-
terlmry and York Invo Issued an address lo
English electors. They say the men chosen
in the coming election will ba likely to gov
ern the empire fora miiuV'r of yean. Th' )
archbishops consider the ' hurcli question of
thu highest liupoi lance. The address , thotuh
compulsory intone , a\ olds direct party dis
cussions. It Is regarded as a direct thrust at
the radical caucuses.
Tins OUI 3iun TiunitH tlio Torlen.
LONDON , Nov. 1. Gladstone has written a
highly Important letter on church dlsestab-
tablMuncnt , Hn taunt : : 'ho torlcs with
thrusting the question forward as a political
dodire. He inportfi that tlm project belongs
to the dim distant future ; that I no public
mind Is not piepmvd for the scheme. In
conclusion he s-iyu : "Tho subject Is for others
and not for me to deal with. "
Klots on tlio Caspian Const.
ST. Pi'.TUKsnuiu , Nov. 1. Bloody fightIng -
Ing Is repotted at B.iiku , on the Caspian
sea , between Mosl.-ms and Itusslaiis. Th i
military had to be called out to restore nnlci.
In the liu'liting > p\ernl Itussiaiis were killed
and a large numlx'r wounded.
The llalkmi > ! n sf ) .
Fniuri'orous , Nov. l. The Kusslan op
position to the lonnlon of eastern Koiimelia
and liulgarla Is cau iiig ficnh agitation
against restoring the status quo ante. If this
Is attempted Macedonia voluutcm will join
the Bulgtuiuns.
Do Froj clm-l'i ; Annuitant.
I'AIIIS , Nov. 1. Phybiciaiis have declared
Mattel , thu would-bo fe-assln of Sccietarv
Do Fre > clnct , to bo Insane.
Thu Forihcoinhi ? ;
Xiw ; VOUK , Nov. 1. A Washington ills-
patch to the World , icferriiiK ( o.pio forthcom
ing presidential mesKaite , says ; The admin
istration will take very posit ivoproumiH upon
the nnaiichil question. Jordan lUidMiuutliuj
will recommend In their ropoita thubuanen
slim of the ullvcr coinage and Uio yieeluvnt
will endorse their vlowu.
The Rtnto ConRrcffntloiml
Notes I'Yom Bcatrioo.
llCATniCK , Neb. , Nov. L ( Siipctftl lo the
UF.E. ] The state ficuurat nssoclatlon of the
Congregational church U holJIug nn annual
session here this week with a largo attend.-
unco and lively Interest. The opening ser
mon was prcachoil by llov. Willard , of
iteports rrom Dosne collese , Crclr , and
Franklin Academy , showed that both these
Institutions were nourishing and growing
The association Is composed of eomoof the
leading ministers of the state , and among the
dclogalcn a number of thu leading business
men of Nebraska may be fouud. Itovcrcnds
W. R Shorrell , Willord Scott , George 1C.
Albrccht , .1. L. Male and Hon. Leavitt
Btirnham , of Omaha , Hev. Gregory , Lin
coln , and Hev. J. S. Brown , Crete , nruaiuoiu
the members present. Hev. A ° hman , of Syra
cuse , Is moderator. The association was con
tinued over to-day.
Ciiancellor L J. Minatt. of the state
university , Lincoln , Is In attendance
and Fndny nUht delivered an ad
dress on "Economy In Christian Educa
tion. "He said we should have more academics
and tilting schools and fewer colleges , and
that all r-chools. should bo kcjit up to a hluh
moral level. The chancellor remained over a
day und addressed the public schools.
STiiLirrs ror.N ur.
Our streets are torn up and a large foreo of
men ore at work nutting down gas pips- and
laying track lor the street railway. The gas
company will bo ready to llitlu this week ,
and street cars will be running by December
1 , if the company Is let alom ; . A few parties
on Lower Comt sire t beiween Third and
Fourth streets , whose buildings nre a fool erse
so undergrade , have enjoined llio comiiany
and stopped the work beiween Third and
Fourth sticcts because the company saw lit
to place Us track up to the grade , thus mak
ing it a lew iiiehi.'S higher thiin the slice ! .
They will no doubt , compromise the matter ,
however , and let the wori ; go on.
Gage county has live district tickets In the
Held this fail and several candidates rutinlnij
independently. Should the disappointed
candidates leave the county after election we
fear we could no longer lay claim on being
the third county in the slat. ; in population.
Wo expect to have a , lively election , tor be
sides the numerous tickets In the held , town
ship organisation and the question of votinc
Suu.ouoln courthouse boiKls.'comes up.
ixsTiTtm : rot : TIII : KKKIIU : MtNnr.n.
The stale Iriard of public lauds and buildIngs -
Ings wcro heio yesterday looking afier the
work on the feeble miuiL'd institution. Some
evil minded pci-hou had reported that the
work was not being carried on aecordimrto
contract , but thu board foundon examination
that the report was untiiie.
Cracksmen at Work.
NKHKASKA CITY , Nov. 1. [ Special to the
lliu. ] C. 15. Chapman & Son's general Blore
.was burglarized yeati-rday morning to the
extant of nearly ? 200. An [ entrance was
effected fliroffgh the back door. Tluce money
drawers wcro bnxkcn into , b it fortuiialelv
tliey contained-but some smafljihauge , and a
few small notes. Tire stolen goods consists
of nine waMics , several revolvers , and a lot
of pocket knives. No elue 'li&s as yet been
obtained of the thieves , but if found it would
go liaid with thcifi. as oufcity at the present
time Is overrun with ciookw.
A Crushcil Cranium.
HivKiiToN , Neb. , Nov. 1. [ Special to thu
IJr.i5.l- . II. Leblnne left Hivcrloir last
evening ofy load of lumlwr. Hous 'found
some hnurv. Jatcr lylug'jlondjn theWad'wIth
his skull crushed , tbL'w& , jon having passed
over his head. _ * \ ' " * . "
A New Vorlt Paper of that Nnrao Sited
For Ijibel.
TKOY , Nov. l.-rSiiccial to the Bnn.J A
few days ago J. W. McKnight , of CasUeton ,
began a suit against the New York World tor
libel. That paper had confounded him with
another Mclviilght. Joseph Pulitzer's an
swer was served to day , and he swears em
phatically that he Is neither editor , proprie
tor nor publiahcrof the World : that he is
only an editor and denies that he has information
mation sullicienl to form belief as to the cir
culation of the World , lie declares that ho
caused a retraction to be made to save the
plaintiff from Injury and to save the proprie
tors ol the World from payimj damages.
Nuw YOIIK , Nov. t.-jfSpeeial lo the IlKK.l
The World says that the slock of the Woild
Publishing company is owned exclusively by
Joseph Pulit/er but does not extiuttthwfiv 1h
document referred to in the Herald's Troy
dispatch Satuiday stated otherwise. It is re-
poited that the document was written by an
assistant in the ollico of Puiil/er's coun-'el ,
but , had not been sworn to. When sworn lo
it Is bald it will read very differently.
John McCuIIottKh Iiniirovlnjj.
Piui.Mii.i ) : > niA , Nov. 1. ( Special to the
U.E. : ] "Getting along nicely , " was thu llrst
answer McCuUough bad given to a question
for several weeks , when ho responded to tlm
nurse's query as to how he was feeling ye -
terday. The second question was "Do you
feel any pain'.1" and the answer was , "No
pain. " Dr. Kngle relates Hie Ineldnl with
much pleasure , and said : "I am almost eon-
lidenl he will again be u well man mentally
and physically. A portion ot his brain is
weakl'iom want of nourl.-hment and I am
aiming to prevent its hilling down , and
should I succeed then ; is everj assurance ho
will recover. Jf it sho.ild fall down
then his last hope Is gone. , but 1 don't antici
pate such u tiling. "
- HC * -
Mexican 1'olltlcnl Incitement.
CITV or MIOXICO , Nov. 1. Thuro was a
tumultuous scone at Friday's congress. Five opposition deputies piesented suned
proposlttonu In which peellic urtiele.s of Im
peachment , of ex-President ( loiizalos for mis
use of public funds worn drawn up. Demlty
Dnret handed the pi : | > or to the piesldcntof
the chamber , and huppt.tted the proposition
with a hp.'ccli. Ho was intenupted In his
remarks oy members of the chamber while
the spectators In the galleries wildly ap-
planned. Senior Dnretaid ho wanted the
( .wo sent to Uie national grand jury. Thu
house was declared adjourned. There-
Is much excitement in political elides over
the affair.
DcHtructivn '
biowx , W. Va. , Nov. 1. Yes
terday about it o'clock the Kanawha river
bt-gaii rising very w pi illy. With the rise
about fifty barge.loid : < ; Cl with coal owned by
various collieries abovit were swept
away. A largo llct't of loaded barges lying
along the bank of lliti rUer here shared the
hiunc fate. About OOO.OfVlbushels of coal weio
lost. .Many barges lie at the bottom of ( ho
river. It is dllliuiilt to ascertain the actual
| OK , as a number of plan's up the river among
IhecollJeileshave novbotm heard liom , The
destruction be near SI. 0OIH > .
The river is lliiiieenU'etand rising a foot an
A Victory for tlio PrlntorH.
NKW YOIIKNov. . l , [ Special to the Br.K. ]
The Boycotter , the organ of Tjpograph-
leal Union No. 0 says : "As we go to pre&s
wo learn from the president of the union that
a setilement hatt' been made between the
Tribune Hint Typographical Union No. 0.
The scale of prices picvalllng In New York
will henceforward be paid in the Tribune
office , and thu prohibition against union men
wnrklns ; in Uiatentablisiiiiieiit will ho with
drawn. The btrike has been on jusv two
AttcinpteU HIM r/lt'o.
Pr.onrx , HI. , Nov.llon. . John 0. Yatn ,
ii prominent membt-r of tlm Pnorla b r , and
for sixteen ycas anility Judifii , atttinpttJ to
eonnultiui'ldntSiiiirilay ! : ; by taking Undnmiiii ,
Thu dlfeovi'o ' WHS m.i'.lo In tliii. ) lu save his
life , Finairial fiijb rrxi.'uieut la th > jujht to
ha\ebrun thu cause.
Ferdinand Ward Treated to tlio Tall Pen
alty of the Law ,
The tTmlRO Sovoi-oly LnHhe.s the Un
repentant Thldf llurrleil on * li >
Ills Canvtnt Cell The Criminals
Apparent Coinjiusiiti-c.
Coin Ten Vears.
Nnw YOKK , Nov. 1. Ferdinand Wan ! was
sentenced by Judge Ilairclt Saturday to states
I'il < on for ten years.
Ferdinand Ward , smiling and perfectly
self-possessed , came info the ciowdcd court
room this morning to receive tlm sentence
of law for the crime of larceny , of which ho
had been convicted. The sheilff and warden
of Ludlow street jail accompanied him.
He threw off his overcoat with an easy air ,
and shook hands with his counsel.
As ho looked around the room ho
saw a few familiar fares. The Jury by which
Ward was found guilty was not pre > ent In a
body but a number of jurymen occupied seats
in tlie court room. The box , however , was
not empty. It was occupied by court at
taches and oUieis who had dropped in to hear
the sentence pronounced. The court , cleik
was promptly on hand with an assistant.
The judge , however , was late and did not ar
rive until twenty minutes alter the appointed
jlme. When the machinery of the law was set
in motion , a persistent Uv\er aroM ) and
asked for a stay of proceedings in u euso of
assault. Judge. Barrett tiied to pcistmdc the
lawjer to wait until later In the day ,
but ho was s.o persistent that the
Judge was obliged to hear
him then and thcic mid granted a stav of
proceedlngy. When the latter had IHH'U ills-
posed of tlm district astorney arose and said :
"Ferdinand Ward , prisoner at the bar , has
been found guilt v of the cilme with which he.
was charged. The counsel at the last , ses
sion of this court gave notice that at this
time a motion lor new trial would bo made.
J move thai the motion be made at this time. "
( ieii. Tracy , Ward's eonnsel.uiose and said :
"Defendant , Ferdinand Ward , moves this
court that judgment in tliisactlon be arrested
First , on thu ground that the facts
staled in the recond count of the
indictment did not constitute a crime ;
second , on the ground that the defendant ,
being the director ot a national bank and the
evidence charges him with procuring an un
lawful certiiicatiou of his own cheek by that
national bank , this court has not jurisdiction
oiilbo indictment. "
The bill of fiM'eptions upon which the de
fendant asks for a new trial reads as follows :
Firnt , in charging the Jury that there was
sufficient lo convict ; second , in charging the
jury the several propositions to which , niion
the trial , exceptions are taken and noted on
behalf of the defendant as appears upon the
minutes of the trial ; thlid , in refit-dmr to
charge thu jury on tlio several matters ie
qiiesied by the defendant , to which refusal
exceptions were then and there taken and
noted ; fourth , lu refusing to advise the jury
to acquit thu defendant and to which relusal
the defendant duly look exceptions ;
ntth. In refusing to direct ! He yury to acquit
( lie defendant and to which relusal the de
fendant duly excepted ; sixth , in ret using to
dirc-cl the jury to acquit the defendant on the
ground of variance between the proof and the
Uirtlcttaontaiid to which exception was taken.
Ai'tttrthe1 bill of inceptions 'Was read'thu
district utttmiey made a Inottim that Fcrdl-
niinil'War'd be bPiitenced by tho'touit.
- Ward arose anil stood in front of t0 ) | bar by
the side of his counsel. Ills faeo was pale
but , Urm. Hp did not flinch as'Judgu Barrett
prohminccd the sentence , but stood unmoved
While , the court pronounced condemnation.
Thueomtroom wa's hnslied and an impres
sive silence fell upon the crowd , who watch
ed the prisoner with eagerness. "Ward , you
have been convicted by an intelligent and
conscientious jury1 began the Judire :
"You hnvo certainly had a fair and
an Impartial trial. The jurors were most
carefully selected and came to the trial of
your ca u with apparently unprejudiced
minds. The court guarded all your rlu'hls
and privileges from infringement to the best
of Ins ability. Yon wens convicted bc-caure
you had no defence to thu tacts. Hisonly a
matter for conjecture why so intelligint a
jury should have talt.'ii wo long lo decide
your case. If your case had been that
of a person wholly unknown the jury need
not lo have Ictt their seats. On the contrary ,
your case has had the beiiciit of moie than
careful consideration. You have been most
ably defended by your counsel , and his ud-
ilress as brilliuiit and scholarly us any ever
"ItehriVin thhi court 'room , and made in your
defense. You were not convicted on popular
clamor. Thu jury piobably de.a ul
In UK judgment because ! they were afraid that
in some way they might be accused ot' beinit
influenced by popular clamor , which tended
lo make the conviction doubtful. 1 havu
nothing to say to you In the way of homily ,
because i think it would be wholly uselens.
Von have shown yourself to ho
wholly indifferent throughout this
trial of the charges which haw been
biought against you. You seem to e\p Tlence
no remorsu whatever over the ruin and nor-
low which you have brought to hundreds of
people in this country. You have done morn
to unsettle public eoiiiidcucu In moneyed in-
stitullons than any other man of this
government. And yet through this whoie
u ill you have .shown yourself to be wholly
unrepentant lor the sins you have committed.
This being thu fact , I IIIIIB. simply content
myself with pronouncing the senUiiieu of the
court , which is that you shall be eon-
iined In the. states prison at hard
labor for a perlod'of ten years. "
Not a musuloof llin pnsoiiar'8 faeo clmng d
while the Jtulgu was speaking , llo bowed ills
head , hut did not tiemble or show any K | HS
of feeling. War.1 was quickly surioiinded by
his friends. He put on his overcoat , took
ids Dei by hat und left the court room accom
panied by ids keepers.
Ward was taken from the court room to the
bhcrilf's ofllce , whllher District Attorney .Mar
tin followed. Laterhohadaeonversiition with
iSheriff Davidson , and it wits agieed Ibitl
Ward should b taken to Sim ; .Sing by the
flint train Hum IhcUrand Centr , ; . depot. Too
time for Us dejiailuri ! was . ' . ' 'id. During thu
thiiu Intervening ( nearly three hours ) Wind's
movements woio kept secret , but It was
understood that bo was awarded the privilege
of attending to some private affairs. He was
not returned to the Tombs and they turned
over his effects , contained in two nuti'liuls , lo
a friend , who came In with an order irom
Ward was taken to Sing Sing prison on the
2 : . ; ) p. ni. tiain to-day from the ( irand Cen
tral depot. He was accompanied by Shot ill
Davidson and Warden Kieinuii.
AVnril'H Ai'ooniplltX ! on Trial.
NKW YOIIK , Nov. ] . In the cauu of
William S. Warner , charged with con
spiring with Fenliiiand Ward to defraiu
the depositors of tue Marino bank. William
H. Vanderbllt was called , but failed to ap
pear. An offer by the commissioner to issm
an attachment tor him was not accepted
lr , S. ( Irani , jr. , thru told the story ol tht
receipt by ins father ( licit , ( iiant ) of tin
Jjl.VOiK ) ) irom Yandeibilt on May -I. Ihhl.
The witness did not Know whether the so
called goveinm nl eonlnuts worn direct with
government olllcials or with uutldci.s.
To ! io Laid lu I5est To-day.
Nnw YOIIK , Nov. 1. Affompanicd ' ' ! ' ' ' ' "
family , ( Jon. W. L. MuMahon and WUIlan
C. Prime , the body of the late ( Jen. ( Jeorgo I ) .
> ; arrived this evening at the Bar
clay sheet depot In this city. A hcaisi
was In waiting , and the patty as namei
entered a ran luge behind it alter the led ; >
had been jcmovcd. and so with no dKphij
the lemains wore driven to the IIOUM ) ot Mr
Plimu. There all callers are denied , only tin
nuaivtit triciids being willi the remains
which will Iw intei red to-morrow.
The Kiel Cane.
TOHONTO , Oct. ill. In releicnce to the dis
patch from London giving the teply of the
queen to a memorial of the Peace society ii
the Itlcl cnno , the ( Jlobo sajii ; "The govci
nur general cannot oxerclw the pardon I ni
power except on Uio advlco of his ministers , '
Correspoiulenco in Connection With
COOII'H HoniKiiatlon.
WAfiiixoTox , Nov. 1. Charlcfl K Coon ,
ofBistant secretary of the tivosurjN In his Int
er of resignation , while thanking Secretary
Manning for assurances of Fatlsfnctlon with
its oflli ! nl condui t , sajs with refcienoo lo
Manning's statement that tlm reasons no1
ircessary to explain required Coon's ivslgna-
Ion :
I can only infer from this that Iheso rea-
oiiMire political ; in other words that lam
oretire from theolllce to which I wn ? a | -
lolntcd some eighteen months ago because I
uu not in political accord with my superiors.
I beg to remind you that early In .March last ,
in the supposition that there must be a feei
ng of this kind , I frankly Informed the
iiesldent and yourself that while 1 bad livn
mmiotcd to theoulec of assistant seciemry
ittprnH'nieeof Dearly twenty > t < ars In the
rc.isury without Inteiventiou or solicitation
if a single politician. 1 had alwa > - been ami
still was a republican. That while 1 did not
leem it consistent with cither the circum
stances of my appointment or the spirit of
eform In civil service to which the adminH-
rntlon was pledged , to abandon my ofllce be-
auseof political preferences , > et I was n-aily
odosoal any moment If desired by jou.
o this you replied that you desired me to le-
iialn and assist you for the iiresi'iit at least ,
ihit while solely Intent upon giving you
oval suppoit In all mailers appertaining lo
iiiblic btHlneKs , 1 hitvu not fail-Mi to ob > or\e
hat my continuance In ollico bus not been
urcptable to a considerable portion of the
arty press and very many politicians. The
'requent clilicisms showeied upon \nu In this
onmrtion , made it plain to me
hat imblle srnliment , as concerns om ; pitt\ ;
it least , is not yet. snllicleiilly advanced to
neoui-aw or approve the retention of subor-
linato ofilneis for reasons other than pollt-
cal. 1 Inter that this is also the conclusion
earhed by you.
The following Is Secretary Manning's letter
omimmK-atlnir tlm president's ucirptanco of
Coon's resignation :
TuBAMWiiY Diji'AiiTMKJJT.OrrirnoK Snr-
ir.TAiiv , WASIII.NOTO.N , Oct. ill , i ; \ lion.
'ii.\ : 1C. COON , Assistant Secielarv , etc.
-Sin By direction of the | irosideiit t have
he honor to inform you that your resignation
if ( lie ollico ol assistant secietary of the trea
sury is accepted , to take effect upon the qitali-
icailon of vour suecc.sMir.
Verv resiHjett'ully yours ,
DAXir.i. MAKNIMI , Secretary.
A Unil Showing for ( > in. Ilazcn.
WASIIINOTOX , Nov. 1. The morn that Is
known of the scandal at the signal school the
worse it looks for Ocn. Il.uen. It appears
that the ollicer whose hinguigi ! was com-
lilained of by the ejidcts acknowledged that
lie had bi'cn guilty of using it , and offered to
apologize to them , but Cion. Ha/.en would not.
ticrmlt him to do so , on the ground lhat it
was unbecoming nn ollicer to apologize
for a wrong of which lie con
fessed himself gulltv , as such an act
would humble him in tfic eyes of the soldiern
and Impair the discipline'of the corps. In
fact , the commandant of Foil Meyer , the
signal school , was reprimanded by G ueral
Il.T/.on forjulvising Lieut , ( liceiie , the ollicer
in question , to makuan apology , ticn. llaxen
admits lhat the complaint of the cadets was
trained in respectful language , and ays that
Lhi'.v aiv not being court-martialed 'for the
language they used , hut they all joined dm
nclilioii. If they had written Individual
letters they would not have been guilty
of an offense , but to combine in a simile
communication Is equivalent lo mutiny. Re
garding the proponed apology Gen. Hazen
snys that the Idea was thoroughly unmUitary.
Yutt-cnn shoot an officer , hut you cannot per
mit him to humblQ himself before his' Buoor-
ncys , apiwirlng for.the defense , because they
had abused him ' personally. anil
criticized his management ' of the'
signal corps. "No man who criticize * *
me can ho present at any proceedings over
which 1 have control. " said Gen. lluzcn. Air.
Ciaructt .said yesteiday : " 1 am prepared and
ready to prove thu exact truth of everything
I uttered concerning him and his bmcait , and
much more and worse , at anytime or place ,
or in any niinucr that he cares to meet the is
sue , and as f have every reason to believe he
will skulk the issit" , it will be m ulu for him
in away that 1m cannot avoid before many
months are over. "
The AVar on Silver.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 1. [ Special ( o the
Bnr. . ] It is understood that the president Is
sued the order secluding himself from olllcir
Seekers for the purpose of giving himself
lime lo prepare his annual message. He does
noX.Ajspect w.hun-.iMnKw s-H in session To
deny himself to senators and members , and
hopes by n month of Mk-hr-iioii to gel ready
for the winter woik. The administration
will take very positive ground on the finan
cial question. Jordan and .Manning will rec
ommend In their reports the Mispenslon of
silver coinage. The president win endorse
their views. Jordan will bn able to show that
S4.VK)0. ) < )00 ) has already b'eii lost In the ufc-
tempi to force silver into circulation. H Is
understood the policy of the tieasury depart
ment will be against further calling otbouds.
The nonnocil
WAPITIN'OTOX , Nov. 1. [ Special to the
But : . ] Ex-Chief Justice Vincent , of New-
Mexico , was among Ihe callers on the presi
dent ynstodtiy. It Is undcistood that Judge
Vincent iccelvcd lltlle satisfaction from the
president. Hn had an Interview with the
attorney general , which Is undcrs'food to have
been of equally unsatisfactory character
Vincent does not to glvn up the
claim that he bus unfairly dealt with ,
and Dial the defeiuiu which he laid hefoie the
picsident and the attorney-general to-day
piovcs it to bo beyond doubt.
Going Homo lo Vote.
WASHINGTON , Nov I. Secretary Manning
lelt Washington yesterday for Albany , N
Y. , for the purpose of voting. Colonel Lament -
mont Kays the president will leave Washing.
Inuton to-morrow morning ami proceed il | .
reel to BulTa'o and that after casting hhi vote-
he will return direct to Washington.
A ItclonHo From tin : Htiiinp.
WAMJINOTON , Nov. 8J. Senator Sher
man returned fiom RIHminod , Vii , , tliin
morning , and lell for Ohio to-night.
A Village lu
CIXVKI.A.ND , Ohio , Nov. l.-To-nlghtafiro
broke ortt In Holder's bakery In ( , a
town on the Lake Shore road fifty miles easi
of this city. Thu flames spread all along one
side of tlie main thoroughfare , tlncatcnlng to
consume tlm entire east side of tlm village
Geneva's one steamer and one hook and lad
der company wcro unequal to thitKl/.o of tin
me and a steamer was sent , from Cleveland ii
H'HpoiikH to a cull for help. Thu lo s will no
be less than tt..O.OOO.
Tbi ! Weather.
WASHINGTON , Nov , L The indications for
to-day are :
Upper Mlsslsntaslpp ] Valley Fair weather
stationary followed by slowly rising temicra |
lure , westerly winds becoming vaiiable.
.Missouri valley Fair weather , winds gen
rally ' hitting to wanner houllieaaterly , gen
vrally lower barometer.
The Vownrlc MoutloivH Wrook.
Now YOIIK , Nov. 1. Thooroner'sjnry in
quest nn the victims of the nrciit , collision oi
the Pennsylvania railroad. which occnncd 01
theN wark .Meadows leiuinily , rendeii'd i
vcidlel ci'iisiiriiii ; the road and hofdint ,
l''lagman ' Howard Ithimde.s , ut theeml ran
train , and Otierator Pratt , rcK | iiihiblo lor tin
accident. Hhoades and Pratt wcic lucked up
on the clmrgo of manslaughter ,
. .
llrnUil Anwaull ,
TIIOT , N. Y. , Nov. 1. Thomas Fletcher
ngcd 40 , WHS arrested at Oohoes Friday
for assault on Ids twr.he j ear-old wan
llnttlo ICIIIfi. Uteut excitement picvails uvei
he unfair.
. - . . . . . . „ . . . . . . . . . . - _ . . .
The Speonlntlvo Frenry Currying Friooa
Above tlio Prudent 1'oint.
Fljtnrc * Mnnt. Ailvnuoe , Hut. It Muu *
ho n Nnttiriil luureaso nuil Not th * ' .
\Yoi-k of Ktoolc OainlitorsTho
Clcnrnnuu Btntomout.
The X w York Mnnny BInrlccf.
Niw : YOIIK , Nov. L [ Special to the BKR.J I
At tlm beginning of the wrote the mas.iof
brokers and speculators talked and noted ns
though they were convinced thai , a denldcfl i
reaction in tlm i.lock mir : ! < ct was at hnniL
It was universally admitted that the spocu-i
latlvo freiuy of a week bufout hud earileil
prices beyond whore it wa safe or pnulcnt to
havet'.em ' go. It was bMloved that I ho comr
blnation whleli engineered the rlso has ni\ .
loaded , and would only como in again fet
anuther upwiml move after the market had
shown a reasonable- decline The ttrst days
of the pieseul week the tcmlonoy of the niiu
ket was toward a justification of turse vlQWA
and speculation drugged. Tr.uiKaoltona fill
otT , mid there weie nljjns that It needed "n
little life lo start general unloading. ,
it seems , however , there has boon a mint-
her of operators left in Ihe market who lw < 3
not MIC.'ceded In ( ipplu ; out their holdings
rpillc soon enough , Tiiey staiUui another
loom on their own account , which was ipiltxj
easy toaccomdlsh. ) Bear operator * keep ol
sthiately out. of thu maikel. and dcellno 't * v '
sell It short to any extent , wJillo miiidltir w\ '
operators , w'hoaicilocklng to W.\llstrcet ana'
again throng Ihe brokers' olUecs. are alwnyn
ready for an upward move. , and furnish * R
strontjundereurreiit when It Is needed. I'rloca ;
have "accordingly IM'CII run up to n porlloutf
hciu-ht in llio past few days , ciumlnatlng.ln
what a good many Wall Mivct men think - absolute
solute death to prices. In fact , the advance
has been so rapid that the small fry secin'.td
have been left behind. The necessity of a re < \
action is only increased by a spurt , and Whllo
of course under Ihe political eoiulHio'us tfo )
hulls can go on putting prh > en up ,
the severity of the full will , Wi
only ] iroiortlonately | increased. Stouktl
must Ultimately advance , but llm advance
must be natural and In obedience to faefcL
not artineial and on thu manipulation of
stock gamblers.
One of the gieulel helps to thu bull movement -
ment Is showing signs of falllntc Uiehv
Tliere is a further Increase of over Sanoo.00l ( * , .
surplus bank levenue this week. .A 10 * . '
weeks ago money was plenty on caU loilis al. TI
i per cent. Durins 111. ' present vrfx.'kj JiO\V ' H
ever , rates have been put up lo : { tp < ir'cent a | ' 4 ? ?
times , and there are inr.tancos wherobelixtc4r\ .
bonowersliad to pay higher rflteo. Tlii . ' {
points ttF-thwiirrji'til of a stage iiHho mon yi. 4
market at-ilo distanl d-iy when Utl 'fcost tM } ? i
cairyiiiK stocks wilkiut ) n veto njion.tho unrj .
diieexeiclseof muuipulalivoiutliiohocsin tli
stock imuket. . '
Koreign exchange Is quietbut'thoro/nc0ifl / ;
to b"a geiieral f eling among the bankfci * .
that it will go lower In a stunt time. " The.
.viva ! in Wall street has brought anv quant
of railroad piojeelor-i back into the fctr < ! _ .
The\ are merely listened to nB vef. , I'crhaft't
later tbuj may succeed in catchlng u. ' " "jy ?
south and west , and t
themselves i
improved i. . . . . . .
stocks of forge-pig Iron otiil
riety- constitutes the Jjulk , Uinfc Js. _ .
fotinilry purposes thu BlRnlilpanco or In
scarcity is easy to , percuiyo , utitl llitjro.liaa.yciL , ft
been no advance * in prlcuii.Nnilt { aiq vijry , '
hcarcc , with an advance o51.uu per kegoVcx , ; '
llio nominal rate , which Is abtiut.5W.5U. , YBU *
could hardly und ' . ' 0. ) Icegs outHiUe of'curruuvl . ,
conti-actij. j >
CHICAGO , > iov. 1. A
amount of S-noo : ) were eomiifenccrt Ji < } r * '
Saturday aialiist ; limber , Jla.itman & Cp/j
n dry iroods house on State Btrent. The fiLeri
ill' levied UJKIII the stoc.k of the urm. . - '
J'riihiy aiiernoon aituclnuent suits to the
amount of s'.MiM ( ) weto betrnn u uin t I ha
urm by .lohn V. 1'arwell & ( Jo. These wCn )
wrviif yesterday while buflitiuso wan > i , and the place was closed by Ui4
hlierill' . Since then sixteen oiliur aUaclnuculM
have poiucd in , inaklnc the liabilities so fat
about 601.000. Alt but one or' theciodlt { < r
aie Chicago lirmn. The assulHarusald to bs
eqiiahlO Uie Jiabilltie. . The /inij conunL'h'eyfl
business two > earn a o on a Minull umount of
capital , but ban bornu uu uxccllyiit icpUlQc
'J'lic Clearing llotvso
Nov. 1. Leading cltutinj ; liousoa
of the United States 'report total clearances
for the week undine Saturday , October 21 ,
&KVtUKl,4iM , an increase or 40.7 per cent cdu >
paied wltli the corresponding wisok lust yciu
llnnk Miutcmont. | -
Niw : VOIIK , Nov. 1. Tim weekly banll
hlatement uliows : Keservo ilocroano , ? J3,0JO ( ,
0'K , ) . The ImiikH now hold c'J8,000oao lu OXCJJSB
oflegiil re < iuiicmcnts.
' *
0 -
A filernly ContcHted Bfnloll.
SAN KitA.NfiKco , Nov. 1. An InlerpfltlVig
mounted nword contest tonk pla-.e thin ; M'lor-
noon at Woodwanl gardens , between Duncua
C. ItosH , the well-known athlete , and Captain
1C. N. Jennings , late of thu eighth royal
hussars , at present instructor lu uw. > rtlyindn
bhlpof theOyniileehib ! | of this city. In a
previous contest itt ; Ajirll HO.SH was PO serV
ously wounded that the content t-Uippcxl ,
The match tonlay was bitUirly contented ,
both men beiiiK evenly malclud. On tbi
tsvcntleth attack Jennings dealt n trenion-
deus b.ow which dlnlocated HOBS * elbovf.
The latter Kiiaslud hm teelli" und c
the sword in his left , advanced on
with such vi or und addresn as for u few 1110-
niciils nun plnsM'd the hussar. Thu contest
cuntimicd ilurin three nioro iiHsaullH , wjiun
, lciiiiln's ; \viia deulared thu vlclor by oup
Appointed to
.N , Noy. 1. II ron Niirdenfjyeht lin *
been appoinleil liurn.a i eoiifiiil at Chlcat'.o.
Catarrh Cured !
Catarrh Is a very prevalent dlsciiso , wltti
distressing ami uflciiHlvo nvmpUmis. ] 100110
flarsaparllla gives ready rcllul and speedy
cure , from tlm fact It acts through tlio. blooCL
and lima reaches every part of the cyutcra ,
" 1 suffered w Illi catarrh fifteen yciwp. Took
Hood's Harsapai Ilia and I am not ttuulilod any
with catarrh , ami my general health is much
belter. " 1. W. , Postal Clerk'Cfllcaga
& .St. I.ouls Jtallruad. ,
" J HiiffercdwIlhcntariliGorB years 5 'trie ' *
many wonilerful cures , Inhalers , etc. , epejid.
linearly one huiiilicil dollars without benefit.
I tried Hood's ' firirsaparllla , anti waa < ; ieatlB '
liujirovcd. " M. A. Amir.v , Worcester , MOM ,
Homl Barhaimrllla U characterized * f
tlire. < > i eciilbritles i 1st , the combination ot '
remedial agents j Erf , the proportionSdth .s i
3 occij tf feciirhiK the active niedlulnaj
qnalliii's. The result Is a meillclno of unusual
FtrcuttJi , t'ffcctinj ; cures l.lilicrto uulniowii.
Bend for b ( ok conlaliiliiB artdltlonal cvlUcnco ,
" llo < nl's 8 irs-ii arllla tones up my nyhteir
I'linticH luy I lut'd. feli'u'i ens mv 2itt--th ( ] , inu
to m-ii | mo < ver. " J. V.
JligUter if , Di-cild , Lowell , Maw.
Hooc3rs GarsaparUIa
Bolil liy all ilmn'lsls. ft j six for as ,
only by 0 , 1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , M
EGO Dooos Ono Dollar .