Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 27, 1885, Page 7, Image 7

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Uflrtn1ll < * prftn.Ur U Uitlr tx. h M t-y
Thh inw1lrln crmblnM Iron Kith piir rnrctiili't
Inriln. find U lnt ln l In tvt Dlm-mmi pe.-ulUr to
IViimrn. nn < t nil wh lf l f 'lftntarr UTI * It l ti *
rlrhr thn Illixul ,
Mi Apl'rlllr. MrrngtliriiH the niiixi It-M nJ
rr M In net. thorwifhlj Invloornlpn.
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It'liminut Markm th tMlh esuvi hMdicho , nt
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Bliui. I'lUAiimi luilil' , 74 F r"cll A . . Mll o.
tiff WH tv . under ililfinr IVo. Kth ISMt
1i T oi ( J nmwn'tlmn nillm tnrt U li * * !
DinrnlhinKilndor tn m * hulnn cnrrrf mom lln
R knnMldlM t'HTflln llf . Alximrrd uiwof MTJ
t rnA nnwtny crmploilnn K cl < > nj
( ncid n l > n Hrl l tn mr children"
'lioTstriidnni rli nd rn * > l rr 'line *
Tnhr nn nlhrr. Muriacnlr I'T '
VfjiMri ? HARD n o * nwfnlinH lltMllr eon.
\ntne \ ll'l of pritm ft * r lt M Infr.rtnffU'm hlnrtit
nfturtrpn AWAT b ; nil nmlArn In lusllrlnA. of
O17 SI. Clmrlc-sHL , s , 31o.
A tff i' ' f | f 4o l r two Ucdlcil Ctllf i i , l l. tn lont'f
Ml er < l lk lf . l ltf tl ntor Kimt.f. , Hkln
.ud tot * 9 DiKcttii ihjinftnr other I'hrtleltii liiSI. Loftli ,
uellr t > l ri baviodftll lirff.ldttlt kn *
Nertout Prottratlon , Dehlllly , Mental nnd
Physical Weaknest : Mercurial and other AUfC.
( Ions ol Throat. Skin or Bones , Blood Poisoning.
old Sores and Ulcers , ro tmtml viih ninnii uj
oof il , 113 t.u.l icI'Dlim r'lnf lple , Htfflf . Prl.iU Ij.
Dlieatos Arising from Indiscretion , Excess ,
Exposure or Indulgence , which projix nm or ihi
rollu lti ( cBt , t Dcnuu Dm , 4fMIJtr , dlmoen or ilibt
ntf dtrfrllretntmorj , plmplenon lh far , ftiTileftldeei/ ,
avcrlloo totho lv letjor rrmt 4 , eftoruiloa or IdrKl , eu. ,
rradtrlnfr MnrrU/ro Improper or unhappy , !
perrotneotij ur d. rnmphlcliSA pK 4i > n lt tt ive. tool
Iair tc4 ftare'opfl. fretlo ny aildrcit. Con'ttlUtloaftloN
ficurbf mill freOntluli < 1 itileMje iH1 ll l.
A Patltl'O Wrlllcn Cuaranlco cinu in nrre > .
rU > lft 0U * . Jtfedlclae Bt f rtrj wbtra l j null or eiprMi.
DflO PAOEI , PTNI1 VLATTS , circuit otolh .nj ( jlll
bloJI * f. riled fr OOo l | o.i . aorotirrendOrer ( irir
wondrrrol | opletonri , tr r ! IH { rtlelracntha followlo
i who m r uimrrf wiiuii t whv mDbao'1 , wom&o.
nriMlii"l * > b * i
Ctt * (300 *
A Case Resembling That of Gen. Grant.
Porno Ion yuan IIRO 1 Intd u Ncrofnloitx nero on
inyilnlit liiind ulilch KIIVU tno Lrionl trMflu
Mid under tlio old tlino ti uiitnuinl lioaled tip , but
'Uhmlonly ' lioon driven Into thuHyHlcni liy tlin
litxi of iHilnMi and iiiciciiry.und In March. 1K.-C , ' ,
It liroko lint It tiroku out in my tlirout , und ton-
ountntK'd In uhut toino of thu douiore cu iod
cniutir , oiling thtoiiKh my cheek di'stroyln
roof of my mouth und upper III ) , then attacklnx
my IOIIKIIO , palalo and lower lip , destroying the
{ > ulnlo and under lip untiluly and Indf my
oiiKiicuatltiKont to the top ol my lollohi'ouk
bonoiind up to tlio loll c > u. I con Id notoiitnny
ml Id lood , lint Mih-ii-leil on HijuldH. and mv
f toiif"o ( wiw M > fiirKi'iio ' 1 eonld not tulk. Sucli
tvna my wrutchiKl , liulplosK condition tlio of
laftOuioliur , ll.HMi. ivlifti my frlonilHcoiniiioiiecil
Riving me Swift's Bporlllc. In lotttthuna month
ti o cutliiK pliitHM Mopped anil limiting com-
' inoncod , nnd the fcnilii ) iipcrtino In tnyuhixH'h
him tict'ii cloved and llrmly liiilliwl tDKOtlior. A
jirtx-OKX of a now undur lip Is frrOKrawlntf Iliiolv.
and the IOIIKIIO vihloh was alinoxt de8ln > > odlt
tolnfr moovurod , unJ it i-euru-4 that niitnro in
rupplvlny u now IIIIIK-U I citn Inlk i-o that my
frlC'iidH can rvndlly imdurKlnml mo. and can nl-xi
pat vollil lood nuraln. If liny ono donliMho o
tiiolH. I would uilortlimn to lion , .lolm H.Truv-
lor.fltalci HCiiuUir of tliiM tllstrlct , und lo lr. T. a.
Ilnidlleld , of I.uCniiiKL' . ( in.
IjiGrungo. Gn , , Muy H , ln-r > .
rii.K bwui-UfKUiMu Co. . Uiuwor U. Atlanta ,
Oft , N. V. , Ii7 W.K , < l8t.
James Meal Institute
Chartered by thwStatcofllll-
nois for thcexprc&dp jrpouc
of givinelmmcaiatc rellelln
all chronic , uimary nnd pr | .
vatc diseases , Oonorrhcea ,
Gleet andSyphilik in all their
complicated forma , alto all
disease ! of the Skin and
Blood promptly relieved and
permanemlycurcd by reme *
. imuH'rafliif. Seminal
Wetkncm. rJiRlit Losses by Dreann. Plmplet on
Hie Face.Lojt Manhoodl > 'tiilivrlyri > rrtl.yiirre
tmnrriM-rlnirittliiii. The appropriate remedy
u at once used In each case. Conaultat'jna ' , per
sonal ot by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icine * pent by Mall and xpre . No marks on
package to Indicate contents or Bender. Address
DR.JAMES.No. 204Washnglon ! Gt.Cnlcagolll.
I'Tcmninr Pi'rlTii * ? fmin ormn or i ' . * '
| l Tuwe. < ll > f sr of Hie K l.lnrrMln < < .
r. D'.n I'ronlnic Cliind fll"J ! ' . ! > nllh.nK
ijyir * MHrstnn Kolui \ IM
i. iii mi t : n rrv-iwnni'iii'i' nniii < i''i'ii l
o 11 fi v n " - . n" "
A FINK LINK < > l <
Pianos and Org
i -AT-
Ihi > u4nn.i uf ca * . fi'l lli u , i t klii.l f Innr
ll .tln litT lv > iirii rj. In l > .l , oilii.iiu
tunomeirr.iiiiii i i n I T o horn M HI hi
< Hflll.r ll , , V ll.l'.UU. 11,1. dj..M ,
' * muj uff rvr l.lVHriirr | f mill I * II hdd' *
"H r t HU : tiu iiir ri'x h.-v-
Steam and Gas Fitters
Sl'KAM llEAl-l.Sd A 8ri.VI.TY. | | :
Kf < tinii | im fiirnl lnvl , or \\i\\ \ \ ( . , tll iiorwtinillr.
' ' " 4 * M" < " " " " - "l " " '
Special Attention Given to Diseases of Womca ,
l i r A u.
Omri : Horns
. c i r , M.
Cnn l > o Lxnuiillfd In Knit l h and ( iorinnn.
IliHiin. Ul'iOuiiM-b lllock.t > iui UUU6I uirnur t'uji.
AXcllUU llllll Mill I'lltll BIIUUU
f Men Think '
nil about Mustang Lin-
iaici1. ; . Fc r do , Not to laiow b
is'ol lo liavc.
Ci tlio Story of a Great Miners' Strike.
IIY KM1IK V,0t\ .
Tinmlutaltwin Utc ft-cnch.
uriiMAitv or i-itKt I'.ni.Mi rit.MTr.ns.
Anton I.nntlcr. n nicclmiilc , unnblu to find
rniplo.Miient nl his Hade In 1'nrls , drifts Into
the Imcrior of t'lnnrc ninl lnlnu'R upnttho
MniitKin real illinium n-jriitii. In cnrly sprliur.
Itt'lUH\\ithout luoiK'j he iradlly ncccpU work
In the Vulture mine and HMIII heroines an
c\Hrt | workman. The low wngrs of tliu mill *
cis , acouMant slniuirle iu.rntnst hunger , mid
thenil.M'iablecoiullthin of old and venn , ex *
cites In him n lively Interest und lie In'irlns
tlio study of methods t < M\illn \ ? tn nllevinto
their nnidltlon. ( > rildiiitlly lie Impails Ills
lilens tn ntbers und icaililscrures the SUJH
port nnd i'OHiH'iitiiiii | ! uf the poor , stiuKaliU'
\voiknieii , A saving fund Is started to which
carli miner rontrlbntrd , the niutiey thus ob
tained to be IIM d tn Hitnixnt the nieti in cnsa
ol tumble nitli the coal companies. Ily llio
1st of No\einlor the fund amounted to aeon-
slili'mlile Mini , nnil tlie mlncis , emboldened
" " " '
by this _ IniVl. ( determined ' to . resist n"'now
incthoil ot piijnicnt introduced by n in.iji r ty
of the companies , which was to ire Into of-
ltd on ( he lust of Dccemtier. The ji nn of
thecoinpaidcs lo divide tlie leu centimes
paid for curb cur of coal , one-half In K < >
lovtiild piliiL'-for : prol > nlii lu the drifts of
the mines , . 'lliu woiKiurn , to loitlly their
position In casiMif lyvolti worked iiftccn days
tiniltrr this new rfj.stciit nfi ! > ayiiicnt..ind found
that it NMisaii liiillrcol lull rifi-cllM ! method of
mlucini , ' their wn es. To Mrlko was tlio only
iiltciimll\c. Meet In s weie he'tl nnd n ilelo
( 'ntlon appointed to wait UJHIU the niiinuL-ln
illrrcloi ( n the mini sand ia\ before him tliu
demands of the men-the abolition nfthu now
Hjstcin ol pa.incut nml an Inciu.ise of nvo
centimes per car. A iiton s nhlllty and saga
city ninth- him at once the leader In IhostriKc.
The Intel view nf the miners with tlio maim-
tii-r WHS without tcsult. nnd the men , with
very little hope ot ultimate success. settled
down ton loiiiranil bitterMnisirle thinstluiK-
Kle of poverty against unlimited wculth.
Mr. Ilennejjeati had placed himself ut
the. Winduw of Hie ollicu to sco the ill1-
purlure of the carriage wliich was taking
lii.s wife to breaklitht at Murehieunes ,
after stopping at the Gregorys ami llio
Deneulins to take up the young ladies.
Ilo had watched Mtrgre.l lor an instant ,
on borstibiuik , tro.tting.licar the carriage
door , then he rclurnud ami quietly sealed
himself lit his desk. With neither his
wife nor his nephew to cheer him with
tliuir noisy bustle , the bcciuud
'Inwards 1) ) o'clock , notwithstanding
that he had received onlers to admit no
one , Hypolitu took t hi1 lilierty of announc
ing Daiisnurt , who said lu | brought HC-
rioim iiows It wtm only thi'ii ' the director
learned of the meeting held thu previous
ovuuing in thu. lorestof Vaudamu ; and
the details \vtcre so minute , that he lis
tened with a feeble , unconscious smile ,
thinking ot the amours of Airs. Peters ,
so well known that two or three anony
mous letters , every.vyeek denounced lo
him thu wanderings of the master ovur-
sccr. Conversation continued on the
strike ; that meeting in thu forest was as
yet but thu blustering of braggarts , no
horitius danger threatejifjd. In any cani )
thu alleys would not stir that day , be
cause ol the respectful four with which
they hail beun impressed by thu military
display this morning ,
Wlion Mr. IluunubeiiU found himself
alonu again , hu WHS , .nevertheless , on ( lie
point ol sending a dispatch to thu pro
feet. Thu lear of giving an unnecessary
sign of uneasiness restrained him. liu
had not yet forgiven himself for having
failed to scent it ; for h.iving Haiti iivury-
whore , for having oven written lo the
owners , that llio.striku woujd not last a
fortnight nt tin ; most. To his great sur
prise it had gene on for nearly two
months ; and ho was in despair about it ;
ho felt himself daily growing wo.tker ,
compromised , loreod to seek lor somu
brilliant stroke if hu wkshud to regain the
favor of the nianager.s Ho had just
asked for precise onlers in the event of u
dispute. The answer wa.s delayed ; bo
was expecting ib by the aftcrnooji cour
ier. And ho said to himself that it would
bo tiiuo enough then to issuu telegrams
for the military occupation of the m nes ,
if Mich should bo thu advice of those gen
tlemen. In his opinion , it would certain
ly In ; n battle unding in bloodshed and
death ; niul a. proportionate responsibility
troubled him , in spite of his habitual
This silence deepened his preoccupa
tion , ho felt himself chilled to thu heart
when an overseer , running at full spued ,
wan introduced and told him ol lliu
march of the mob upon Miron. Just as
ho was linishing his coll'cc a telugrum in
formed him that tin ; Maduliiino and Cre-
vcciiMir weru menaced in their turn.
Then his perplu.xily bucamo extromo. lie
expected ( he courier at two o'clock ;
ought hu to ask for troops immediately ?
Would il not bo better to wait a litllo
longer , so as not to take any action bo-
lore knowing thu orders of the mana
gers" Ilo relumed to his oll'iou ; ho
wished to read a notu wh oh ho had
charged Megrel to write for the perfect
the previous evening As ho could not
lied il liu thought.thu young man mijjlit
luivn lull it in his room , where ho often
wrote al night before going lo bed. Ami
without coining to any decision , thinking
only about this paper , hu wont up to thu
room above lo look for il.
'I he stroke of it bell in ll.c distance , at
this moment , made Mr llennebeaii
shiver. Ho reeogni/.cd it us the signal
given by his orders on the arrival ot the
"Monsieur , the courier nml M. Dan-
saert has also returned , and says Unit
they are killing cash other. "
"My ( jod1 I'm going down ! "
lielow , live mi HS ingur-s weru standing , ;
will out counting Diinsaert. Al ) brought
him tidings ol inisronsjiiggravity respect
ing thu march of the strikers around the
mines ; ami the master overseer related
to him at lunglli wl at had taken place at
Miron , wived uy the noblu conduct of oltl
( juandicn Ho listened , he shook his
Inal , but hu umli rslood nothing ; At lie dismissed them. Hu said bo was
goinjj lo take necessary measuiVH Wlion
hu loimd himself aloiiu again , suited before -
fore bin desk , hu appeared to do/.u , his
lirail botueun hi hands , Ills eyes hidden.
His courier wufl thuro , and liu decidctl lo
examine tliero llio c.\pecU'd ' letter , the
reply of Ihu ovvnurs thu lines of which
danced nt lirst Nevertheless , ho nt Jitat
umlerstood Unit th ( > o gentlemen wanted
a collii on. 'I run , they diil not ttdl him
to make in-liter * worsiii but they let it bo
seen that oulbriaka would hasten Hut end
of thu striked , by piovoklug encrgotio
Hu hesitated no longer , ho scut out dis
patches in all directions to the prefect of
Lille , to the corps of .troops at Douui , to
liu ) gendarmerieof Marchicnucs U was ;
n relief to him , he had to shut himself up
at homo , he oxen gave it out that hu ivns
sHlcrim : from gout. And all lliu after
noon he li Jl himself tit the back of his of-
lice , receiving no ono , contenting himself
with reading thu dispatches and lnltei.s
which continued lo ivdn in upon him.
Thus from afar , ho followed the mob
from thu Madeleine to Crevccienr In the
Victoiro , troin llio Victoiru to ( iastou-
Marie From another quarter , ho rucuiv-
oil information nf the tight of the gen
darmes and of the dragoons , wandering
nn llio road , always turning tliuir backs
mi Ihu attacked minus. They might
throUlo uat-li other and destroy every-
tiling : ho luul again put his bead down
between hiH hand" , his llngors over liin
c\c.s. he wa.s wrapped in the profound si.
lene.o of llio lioiisu , which notliiug broku
i-M'iipl the occasional rattle of thu sauce
pans in Hie kitchen by thu < t > nlc in vigo
rous action hcfunt Mm lii'o. preparing her
ilinner for liu- evening Twilight already 1
darkened the room ; it w.i.s live o'olooU , "
when a liuuillt made Mr. Heiuiclx-aii \ \ \ . ! p-r ( . hlx Hbow. Mill jn
Ids papi'iv He thought It -i > the lm > I 8 M
1 IJtit the luinuii lu. j V
crenspd ; n trrriblo cry nroso nt the mo-
imtiit ho was approaching tliu winilow ,
"Hrendlbrcudbreadl'p !
It was the striker.s who tvcro Invndjtyx
ing In an attack on tlui Vulture , galloped ;
with lliulr b.iok * turncil , to occupy tliat
'lliu women had appeared ; nc.nrly n
thotis.ii.d women , with streaming hnir ,
dlshevylcd by tlifs. race , in rags showing
UKJ bare akin , half-nlikcd wdmun lirc'd of
giving birth to children only lo sec them
die of hunger. 01110 held their little
onus in thuir arms ; raised them ; wavutl
them about like a Hug of mourning and
vungcanuo. Others , ytfunguf , wjtu the
swollen throats of warriors , bniuidlshod
sticks I ; while thu oltl ( intH , frightful lookIng -
Ing I , howled * o loud that the cords of
their I scraggy necks seemed to bu break-
Ing. I Then the men streamed along , two
thousand I fut-ious men , errand boys ,
miners I , ropalrer.s , a compact mass rolling
on I in a single serried column , crowded
together 1I 1 in such u maiint'r lljnt neither
the I failed breeches HoV tin'oil ! wori'.en
jackets could bu iliMingulslicd , all being
uniform In thu blacknesst > { dirt. Their
eyes \ . t . wcro * * burning . , tlui openingonly * of
tliuir I ilurk tiHMillus wt-ro si-i'ii , fiini'iii tliu
Miirsoilliiisiu , tliu VI-MCS bi'iiij ; Test in n
confined roar , npcoiiipiinicil by the oliit
ol tliuir mil oUon the
Overlho heads of UM people was" l ' ' '
on lilijh mi ntus the Httndard Of tin ;
lit'oplo , and in thu clear hcnvotifl thu
riharp blade shonu out lil < u ii- .
And in reality , ni i-'i lunitfur , thuso
of Niilleriiij ; anil until tnltnps
lie minus , had extended their
llkn beasts , eiillrely ehan inj ; llio
once plauid faeon uf tlui coiil < jn i of
RlonUon The sun \ \ > n < i ott-in'J-"ll ; it
rnyrt of u Honilire redilhnninetl the plain.
The mail heenietl tilled with blonil- mid contliHH'd Jo pacs ,
( l.yed Iiko InitcliL'i-H in ihu midst of shtiigli-
It was tliu red morn of iv revolution
which will iwrry all bofuru it in u liloody
niylit before llio end of I hts century. . , ! ' < ' ,
ono ( > vniiiii < ; Ihn people h-l loot.iluiibri -
died , will run thus on Ihu ro.ulsiuncl .spill
the blood of the cili/eus , .they Mvifl curry
their heads on poles and scalier tlie gold
fiom their safes. 'Ihu women will shrnJk ,
the men will havu their woll-liku jtins
open to bite. Visa , 'tllOro wlj.uhl bo tjio
same rags , the same thunder of heavy
siioes , the samu terrible crowd of iliriy
sk'iin and injected breaths , killing the
old people ; in thuir savage pushing ;
boiists would bu burned ; not it w'all of
thu cities would remain ; they would re
turn to the wild lite ol tlie woods after
great feasting ; w heir tluv'poor in the
night would beat down thu women ami
empty thu cellars of , the rich. There
would bo nothing loft nut n ounl of thu
great lortuiius ; it would lie like a new
laud. Yes , it was tliesu things which
passed on a road like a force ot nature ,
anil t icy received the tcrriblu truth in
their faces.
A great cry was heard abovij 'tho Mar-
bread ! bread : "
Mr. Henncbuau was standing at thu
window of his ollicu , when ll.ypoiite entered
tered anil closed thu shutters , lor lijar thu
window panes would bu broken by tliu
Mones. liu shut all thu windows of lliu
ground lloor ; then p.isscll 4 > .i llio lirsl
story above and ono by ono the shutters
wuiu heard lining together. Unhappily ,
thu kilelicn windows would not shut ,
and the lire anil bright sauce-pans shonu
out upon thu road.
Mr. lleiinubuati , who willed to sen , as
cended to t o top of the house ; tm ! en
tered I'miTrf room , and irom behind the
winilow blinds ho watched the croud.
Under lliu winilow thu yell * hud burst
out with increased violence.
"Hread ! bread ! bread ! "
"Fools ! " saitl Air. Ilunneboau , between
his teeth.
Ho heard them abusing him in reference -
once to his largo appo ntmunts. Thu
women had perceived thu kitchen and a
storm of imprecations followed for the
cook , who was among thu greasy
pans. . .
Hut the fihont.s still rang out :
"Hrcad ! bread ! bread "
Then ho becamee.\aspcratedrand cried
furiously in thu tioimi :
"Hrea'd , does that stillicu fools ? "
His entire1 life rose beloro him. He-
cause one bad bread is no sign that he
was happv. U'lio was tlu'idiot that s.nd
wealth brought happinensy Thoj-u revo
lutionist d realm rs could demolish so
ciety and build another. They could not
add to tlio joy a of humanity , they could
not lake away from man a _ sorrow , In-
cutting oil' for each one his slice ol breatj.
I'.vcn that would increase the unhappiness -
ness of the eartji.aml make the v-i-ry dogs
bowl in despair. No , the only good
thing war. not to be ; or if ouu did exist ,
Ihon to bo a tree , a stone , or better still ,
a grain of sand which i.annul .bleed . under
the heel ot the passer by.
And , in his anguishtears filled his eyes
nml then rolled down Ids ujieeks. Twi
light settled down on the road , when tliu
stones began to rain against tliu ll-ont of
llio house. Without augur now against
those furious ucoplo enr.iw.d only by tliu
sharp wound in Ins own heart , iiu con
tinued to murmur , amid his tear.- . :
"The fools , the fools' "
Hut the hungry cry still rang out , a
tempestuous yell , overpowering everything -
thing :
' bread ! briul ! bread ! "
[ 10 m :
mass ! ! rrijiiM
A sun ) cine for Illliul. Blpcdlm ; , Itcliiiv , '
nnd Ulcvialul Piles has been di.scovoied by
Dr. Williams , ( an Initial ) lemcd.v ) , cnlled Dr.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment , . A single
box bits eiued the worst clnonic cases ol > or :
; \caisslandln : : . No one need suffer live
minutes niter applying this wonderful soolli-
ini : incdiuinc. Lotions and lnsimiiiitsdo ( | (
more harm than K" < > d. Williams , ' Indian
Pile Ointment ahsoibs tlHvtiinimty alias the
Intense itching , ( particularly at niirht nftci
L'etliii waini In IHM | ) , arts as n poultice , ulvcs
Instant icliet , and Ispiupnud onlyloi Piles ,
Itchiiu- p.ut.s , nnd lur nnthln else.
Or. Fin/ler's Jlnjrlc Ointment CHIPS as by
unulc , I'inilih's , lilacl ; Ileuils or ( iiubs ,
Hliitchiis and KinptloiiH on the fU'y ; , leaving
the skin clcnrand beautiful. AlMu'inc/H Jteh ,
Halt Ulienni , Sore JSiiijiles , tiore l < ijis , and
Old Obstimito Uk-eis.
Kohl by diugijists , 01 inalli'd on receipt of
CO cents.
Ilctullcd by Kalin A Co. , nrtd Schioctcr &
Ilcclit. At by C' . F. ( ioothiui. |
Mpittciuint Krtilprlnk Schwatkn. hohllcr' .
Aictlc exploicr , nitist. doctor anrl l.iwycil ,
hns ulsii pioven his tlt'u Io Illemrr bonois.
He Is a stahv.ul , powcilid , loiixli-'oiil.inif
man , with n pleasant tare and n hnul an
My nsi walrus , and Isa biilliunt taker and
slorleller. .
THE innluil not to poutiiln a ulnslo | uir
tlclo of murenry ur any InJnrJonb tal >
btancc , but M i-uiiKt.r vruir : inr.K.
IT wn.i. c-inin AI.I , IIIBI : vstu o\tii--iu : nr
in.mMn.MKNror'niK I.IVKU , Kllv-
Ifjoiir llvoi M out ol' order , tlifln yunr
\vlnilo KjHloui H doninjrod , The liliMnl
linpniK , the In tilth orfnnslru , you lm\o
ln < uilaohu , fool liinunlil , ill ilrltcll und
illtlon. lid.o at ani-o hlmimmi
ItKdlll.Al'Olt. If you loud
llio. orbiillor irith K.IUNKV / - \ tiiuiiiniua Livur '
latui. Suio lu luliovo.
If ton liavo catmi nnytlilnsf liaiil of til-
( rcsllun , or lodl lioavy afior incnla or
Kh'i-plL'KS nt iilirht , take n do-xi and you
nlll Icol rcllUMxl and alixip plc < n > mitly.
U ) tiu iuv n mlxiriihlu Biilferer with
MKS. : M'ok lolinf nt emeu la Hlmiiioiij
l.lirr ItCKiilntor. Il dmu nut loiinlre
continniil iliMliiK , and it > aU but u 11 llio.
Il tvlll iniiojuu.
lrytiiM\nl.iMiiii | | lliq indrnliiK-HlUi a
liltii-r. tuiil liisln In > our mouth ,
TAKR Miniiioiii I.her Itexiiliitnr. It uirit-ctii
innu UK , HiiioiiK Hloiniii'li , SiuTtiiiu HID
Iliuiith. nnd C'lcnnvjs Ihu Kuricul Tiiuijue ( 'llii tliu
DIII-.N iilti-n Hi-nil como fnlo ( , 'iilliiuljo nnd Tonla
tiMivc-rl MiiiMiiiii'lilnv lc'kiii > . < . Sluiiiiuiiii l.linr
Ih-wuliiiui vHII it-lluvi ) Colic , IJi-mltu-lii > . HIcU
bionnit-li. ' IndUcMlon ' , DjM'iilury , and lliu ouiu-
- \ 10 childhood ,
Tlio SloTon Ills ItecnrcretL
Tlio HSK ycsterdny morning contained
tlio account of ] i l&rsonml buggy belong
ing to Bruy'n Ilviyy stnblo being lolun
from Broadway , where tlio liorso was
left hitched for a few minutes wltilo Ilin
young men who had hirpd it wcut in to
nisiku n call. i JLttetoriliiv morning whilu
ono of the IlKHif carrier boys named
Dougherty was'ifnking ' his rounds , lie no
tk'ctl a homo anu buggy standing near
where the street car line turns on llroad-
way. and u little later xvlnlo up near Mr.
1'uttibone's hwuf ( tlio samu howe tiamu
along nt a prctty gooil paitrilhoiit any
driver. Ho thought thu liorso must belong -
long to some doctor , who was making a
call at I lint early hour , tlio here
had broken tiway from thu post Hi )
captured the animal , anil taking it back
miule inquiries , from which it was
learned that the animal had been stand
ing i there for M > mo time , and Unit u low
minutes Ituforu I wo follows had vomu out
of 8omo plneo niwr by and had unhitched
the animal and turned him loose. lo'ugl > -
erty on making further Inquiry foiu.d
Unit it wa.s Mr. nray's stolen rig , and h"
turning it to thu stable wa.s duly reward
ed for tlui recovery of the property. U
appears that 6omu yoUug fellows \vlii
were out on a spree took thu notion of
riding instead of walking , anil seeing the
horse und bugiry stnnduig on Hroadwjy : ,
jumped in and drovu about , landing in
someidaco wliero they turuetl in lor the
rest of the night , and on uvuiking in thu
morning turned the horse louiu. It is
J thought that they will yet bi > brought to
thi ) trout to answer lor their rccUi-b * disregard -
regard for the property rights of others.-
Would Not llo Taken.
A Mick looking stranger made a little
purchase at Mr : Huntingtoii V store , : iul |
endeavored to pay for it. with a silver
dollar which Mr. Hnntlngtoii dihcovoivd
to bo coiiuterfe't. He refilled to lake it {
and informud the strangur , wlio on leilv-
iug into tins' ' nu\t store , and thuiv
called for a difl'erent article from the onu
ho tried to pureliasu of Mr. llimliiigtnn.
A.s Mr. Iluutingtou entered tin : .store
with the intention of uatehingand nab *
biiig this man , the fellow hurried out ,
without completing the puivlii'He , and
ran up the .street. Huntinglim chi : < -ed
him , and overtook and raptured Inn
near bponecr Smith s -idcncc. . The
fellow inssUdon ; being K I almie , saving
he lived nesvr there , \ \ Inch f-u-l his e.iplnr
was satislied wasuots , ln.t ho told niui
lie would go With him and see \\hero liu
lived. AH they went walking along to
gether. Mr. ifuntington having him by
tnc arm. and had iv.iehed a place near
Mr fiissidy's , tin- fellow suddenly broke
from him , and pulled a rcelver ,
he pointed at Air. Huntingdon , and
a rued him to li t him : < lone The cuplor
turned about to call some men to his as-
bNlunci' , and the fellow takimjadvanUigi )
ol thu moment , ( , ot > k to his legs ami ran
oll'up the hilK'tMi' ) out of iglit. The po-
lien have a full description ol tins fellow ,
and a tv on tlu < lookout for him , but ho
ha" probably b.v llns Inn put a nondly
distance between him-.ell and l.iii oily
The clcet'.on of I ) . V. Ueher as chief
of thu lire dtpiiitmcnt means the real
choice. of John To.nplulon , as lias boon
understood fgr ijylong time. Kichur , if
clted , would appoint Templeton a his
lirhl assistant , and would leave the man
agement of tliodop.niiH'iit : hugely in
'lempluton'H bauds. Aall Kiunv
T-mplttoii is one of thu olue t and most
experienced liremen , and In.rKuii top
by ftcp in service uniil ho was
niade ohiet , in which capac ty ho nerved
most ! icooptibl\ : tin : department and
to tin * ] iulliu ) , until by political coniplica-
tioiih the ambitions of others were grati-
liujl , anil he was snuecedcil by anotln r.
With Teniih ] ton as bin a.sni.slant , to take
command in ot lire , and to have a Mipcrvihion of all'air.s , I lie de
partment will lu soon in iine woikiii' '
order , and thu public may rest assured
thill they will have no cause to complain
ot the incllidoncy of this important
branch ol the c.t.v service.
1'orMinnl I'ui'ii rniitiH.
M r and MIH. iJeorgi ; liebbinglon lira
vis.ting Ineiuis in Kansux City.
Mrs. A. U. Iloughlon Icavi-s to-day for
a visit to Iriend.s in Sioux City.
( IPO. McFarland , who has been vi-iting
fi'icndd here , returned 1-u hid homo in
Lincoln jciterday.
Fred Loomis is buck from a long and
successful nip in Nebraska , in the inter
est of David Hr.ullc.v tVCo.
1) ) . A. Hi'iiedict IIMS returned from Kin-
coin , U'licni IID has been doing sonio
artistic work in Kign-vvritiiig.
Mrs. U.S. Kmulh-n , uifo of Olliccr
f-'mullcn , of I he police force , returned
yesterday from an extended usil to her
relatives in the cast.
J\li-H. \ Hnrr , wifu of c.\-'ongrcssman
Jlorr , of Jlichigan , who is to speak luins
mo.t Saturday fvening , is in the city
visiting her'brother , br. C. 11. I'inncy ,
: ml family.
\Vlicn IUh7 WM nick , we R TO bur Cwtflrts ,
When elm ITM n Oliilil , aim cnoil for ( u.tluria ,
Wlioa nlie Imrjuio.J.liMH. Him t lnu ; t
\fheu ho lull Uuildniu , alia K VO tlioui
With the liicoiiiing ol Inuiimv p
ter the cllicicnt ass slant , Mrimmcr ,
has hecn allowed to stop down and out ,
mid his pluco has bn n tilled by A.V. .
Heikmiin , of thu Citi/.cns1 bank , who has
before lilled the Rame position , und bonce
understands tin ; duties thoroughly. Keg-
islrv Clerk Gregory ban been Hiiplantcd |
by I' , OIkervluJiiHuUci | | hadexporlonce.
Rlr. Bowman sitcins determined tojnove
slowly and carefully , and while ho has
allowed two 6'fYi \ \ \ best men in the ofiici )
thus ictire'J'jiiHms ' been \vino 'iirrnak-
ing selection M"two as experienced and
capable men to hll tint places.
IH ponpnilly" i/ttvibuted / to winothlng
wrong ahout'tho oytis Hut before 3011
pav heavy fei ( 16 > an oculist , jubt see if
your system is not debilitated. Very
oltiui that UilUim. the eyeu and inakcu
vou think > ouT tjight ix fading. Von need
lirovui'H Iron IHtter.s , which in toning up
the system , will hell ) the onfeebbni eye- . .
J\lr A It Sherwooii , Hi-thel. Conn , Hiyn ,
I UKod l roi4X { \ * ' H'tturn with best
results , for indigi'.ntion and wcaknc&4
that alTuulod Jjiy/wud and dpinu. "
Thorough Instruction on the Piano
and Organ
aUn"u tfill | , k am pull "n or M
Prof B itHI |
, Ca , Upfsrt ith
, Jovra. '
"It 1ms become so common to bogln an
article , in nn elegant , Interesting style ,
"Ihen run it into.smno lulrortisoiucuit ,
Uint wctirojd ultatioH ,
"And simply call attention tothoinorns
f Hop Hitters 1n us plain , honest terms
a3 ) ossiblp ,
"J'o imlueo neoplo
"To giro them ono trinl , which BO
pmvrs thpir valiio that they will never
use anything clso. "
THK UcMnnr w > fimirntilr notlcod in nil the
| mKr ,
Hnlisiniis nnil fpctilnr , M
"llmltiR n laitro snlo , nml H supplaiillnff nil
other inctllcliUM.
"TlioioN no ilpnj Injr Ilio vlrtili'onf tlio Hop
plant , niui the | iniirl | ( > tora of Hop Illttori * luivo
frliiiwn Kit'iit ' t.lirewilno tinil nlillltr.
"In rtitiiKiini(1ltiu | n iniillclno wnoso vlituui
nro so jMilpiiblu to tn nry unu 8 otsorviitlou. "
1)1(1 ( .She Dlo ?
"No !
" .She lingered ami sullercd along , pin
ing nway all thu time for years. "
"The doctors doing her no good ; "
"And at last was cured bv this Hop
Hitlers the papers say sp much about. "
"Indeed ! Indeed1 !
"How thankful we should be for that
medicine. "
A Daughter's misery.
"Kloven years our UanghtersulTbred on
a bed of misers' .
"From n complication of kidney , liver ,
rheumatic trouble and nervous debility ,
"Under the care of the best physicians.
"Who gave her disease various names ,
"Hut no relief.
"And now she is restored to us in good
health by its .simple a remedy as Hop "It-
tetvs that We had shunned for years buiorc
it. " THE '
using I'AKKNTO.
I'roHCcnto tlio Slntllcr ! ! '
TfiTlinii joti cull for Hop llltteiKe ( < xrci'ii
cliMcr of Ho ] > Ken tliulilio liitioli
liiiinlnniinin > olhur Htull cilhvlC.I ) WiitacrH
Ooiitinn Hup Hitlers nrtilli ntlier 'Hop" iiitiini ,
r < iHi.-o It nm : Muni Unit Hi iiKXlx' usi ) i nuiilil n
viHT , | , iintl If ho h ' iitKtMi > iiur ninney lor the
fluff Imlk'l lilui lor tlio tiiuul IIIIL'tun him lur
lie ilnninu'1 for the xwlinllii niui u will ruu unl
( III Illieiullv lur the conviction
I > lt. JfAJR'8
Asthma Cure.
i TUN jiivnliiillilo spei'lllo ifiullly unit jiorniii
IH'llllj CIU1H III ! kllllK OfSllllllll. . I'llO IIIO I
iir > ! iniitn iitnl loni ; httiinlln c.i i'i jiold piiiinpt-
Ij ! to Itli unmtmCul curing' piiipcrtkH. It N
know tlifoivliout tlio vvoil'i ' lor Its uurlvaloil
Ulli.'iirv .
.1. lklAlit ! > \ \ nl..cll } of Lincoln. Nub. , nrrnm ,
.Inn ! ! . "i , tr > M Sliu-o uiln ; Ir llulrx AM II inn
rum , lor iiiiuu limn one , \ car. miloli IK liiion
t'litni'ly ! ll , ninl nut utun u i-yiiiptoin of tlui
lllfl'IIHI lilts llllplMlrCll
WII.UA.M lll.NM-riT. illclilimil , low.i , uilti'S ,
No\iil ; , INS.I : I linvn lii-i-n ulllioliultilli liny
I > > ( i unit AMlinm i-iiu'c ls > I IcillnvM'd jour
illlciMlon- * unit inn li.ippy to MI } linn I niivnr
xlc < | it In ilor In my Illi' I inn film ! Unit I inn
nininii- the iniiny ulii ) iii 1 1 Hjiutik bo finonibly of
A Miliiiiblu 'il ' piifio troiiINoonluliilininll.ii ] | !
pniul ironi oM'iy suiiu In HID I .s , C.timua unu
L > uiil Iliitaiii. " 1)1 ) If nuiiksl upon uilifiit | | Inn.
Any itnijriU'-t not Inivln ' it In MocK wlllpni
. j u. .
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
Onrflotik In row romp' 'o In orrry rtonnrt-
meiU nml ivjnuilua nil tli
LIU. urn
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices. '
rim ONI.V K.VCI.USIVJ : iiousi : IN
HAMI'I.IIH furnlsliod tijion iipillcitlnn | : to o
l tu n | uniuj
Carpet Compaoy
403 Broadway.
Justice of the Peace , J'l
OUictJ Over Amrrlc-nn Jxprc { ,
J'lONAI.ISI1 , oci'lenlh Slnot , liflwc'Oii I'urnuin
mil I liu iio > . Mill , ulili liiu it 111 of truunlmn
bnnli < .iiliui4iniit. fur tiny unu u pliiiitu In tlio
HM ami juu.Hcnt , uml ni ( ciiiihi iinidltloiM In
he Inline1. I loot * uml kluuui muvlu to uttlur.
1'tlU't.l HUtUlHCtlUU KUlU4lUHXl.
WWO JUPt'f ' I * Wi Bri rti MWWK2
One ofilte Jtcst and TMVCJCS ! Stocks in the ZTi S.
to tided from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator ,
A. TtJUtCX'K , r.ns. nnd . U. K N. BAUDMa Afl U Kncr.
H. W. DIAMOND , Awt. Poor.
Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Works.
iANirAOTuann.i ! AND ntmmtiK or
V/rotijJlit / Iron , Steal , HOWJ
'JniMAiuiil ronitilaatlnji
J * R J J > G / ? 8
Tor Idillromicl ftnil illKliK'niU
1 uni Tables , Draw Spans , Rock
Tasscs , Piers anrj Sub-
A M i.ourii , .v it.v. . wian
Airt'Hts. >
IMoneo oanil us worJ of till brldgo ork to lot Corrt'spotuloaw w.llolloit fi-oia
iriilso coininls loiitlra.
OKI ) . liritKtt. MmiHCor ,
Itrrr'TMT'S' > ' > "i"linn < n nil KmmniV Hunk. Duxlil fltv. Nob. : Koir-ioy Nivtloilil IluA
ppy. Ncl' ' : roluniliiH Stiito IlinilColiiinlias. . Ni-Ji. ; JlcDomiM's llutilc. North J'liutu , Nvb. O.IM.I.I
Wl'n'i'ny ' ' uustoiinys'Vniift wllli Mil of IinlliiKnttuclinl , lor t o-tlilnls v.iluo of Auicc. !
or rull Fcrt/cufcrs about free and Cheap Lands in Western Nebraska. AJdross
& WHITE , ( Seal Estate Agents , f.'orlh rL.Ho. Nebraska.
Growers of Iiive Stock anil
11 Is tlio tiost itnil ciifiDo'st food for toclcof any klul. Oiioponnl ! O'liml Io tliroi | K > nn1i nt
corn. Stock foil wit i liroiunl OiU'.iUo lit llio F.ill tin I Winuir , iiutoil of rilinili ) Uo n , witl In-
rrciipo In weight niui lie in ( rnoil maiKrlubln coiiJiilon In tlioppriirr. Dalrynioii ns ivoll its ntWl.
uliu t o it , c.111 tujtifj to 1W IIIOIK3. To itnna Judso for ydiirscilvin. IMco $ S per tiii. ( No
Lburt.L > lei bucks. AudioVOOUilAN l.lNdUIII ) Oil. WOUKS , OuiuliH. Nubr.UkX
j emi
rnescDKor olovutor to all floors. 121X1.120S nml 1210 Kiirnnm street
OMAHA. NhlJltAdK.\ .
. ' .oflKisuinspjcincnmivttv
ii/icmonnriiHCfntril | > ocillnn nnil clr rrlntlnn to
nil pi In lul | llnm : t MM ' v/fft ut Inlllnl un.l I.T.
initial mint * iTOi tlltilo Mm nun I lini-ii Ici.l inlij.
f nntllleill ll II.II. Ml t Hit t t. hi or Illlulluli | . | > r.
tntllin wlllfll I'IVI | > . < : II , | Ij.-UII l. linvilMlnl Ililllfi
lirlweiMirlllvHiir HID Atlnnflo i lul 1'ui'Jllf Ci/n-l / 1C
Ih aUii tliu mv"i Itn ftnil hi t loiitu loanit fit in r 'I'ito
l > ul llH Wu t. Niniln\u.i anil St'iithwfkl.
The Great Rock Island Route
GilirantiTB In palnnii Hint MMIHut i > priiiiii < l > t i | .
rill nir.ilil il li/ n n.lll. Iliiiimiflilr JmlliotiM limit.
In' I. nil > iilli tl irk * nr i-MiilfniiiiilM * . | f.f I ml ) Hiti lnii.
II tllr Imllt rnlviTtK ninl liiM r * IKIIIIII HIHI K HMII. ar
li-rrn-littt n * tnlini i 'kill inn iiwiLu It Or * - lpy |
uiHilliiiK'e * - r pit nt liiiiri-M. ) Iniritin wniiil nh btnk
unfj Hi il ei i illitr HU ' 11111110 iiltli It L-i > rltM Ilir nine.
tlrd u | > irAlli > iM > r rill Hi. linlnDlliiM * IMN lnlll > of
I Mis lutilrIII / ) 'I I il n.f'i , . nt nil 11 lillci tiMir ii.lllli. In
llnloii I ) . iinlninl MID nn iiii | H il cuinfuiti uml
luxiijf ! ur U. l-w t , , . , . , . , . | | | , ,
1li l' t ' ' iin. Tinln ltiri-rn riil".nrn nl
IVnrliil.'iiiini'll Illitllii. K.ln : i City I.TUIMUV HIi ni ,1
L'I" ' . ' " " . ' . " ' ' ' " " ' ' ' " "I11' * lliinillli'iiit l-iill'iiinn'Viil iii
I-it-i In ulili-lii'lilHiriUly iiinkeil liii'nVi. ' ' li'iTTi ' i.i'l/ir
. . .
nt"ii lli.i ri.Fiil-lili.ntr.tnnrl hi'lii-HBl-in ' mil Airlilrun
mi. film , inn lint I'lli-liiiilpil Iliilliilnif I Inill Cnm.
The Fain our. Albert Lea Route
[ V..KlJ.Ti.'ir" \ ' " " ' " " - ' . ,
I . \ , i , . . , . ! . . ! I"1"1- . ! ieoiinl
an. unn n > niiri-ti > n uifiiiuil
in Union Ipnt. I . rm I pnlntK In tinIrullorli > unil
llilll'li I'joviii'-iH. ( ) tl i mix H.nn I-'I.H . Ciintjit
Irilni HI uni In Id , unlvihrr iilnnrniniiii'i .
m'li.ilvt'iH ' ' i | > m li.-.llii.u mi I liiiiulnir ninl llHiinir
It'llllll . I IUU | ll | .Mlllf.ltll | | | II I IllMI till' IIM , , (
< | < lnl < liriiilai ln il.i . | liut niMiaiul puloial
laiilxir Inl''ilor ' lMi.,11 '
Mill nimlli r lllltKCf I.lVl1 TT | S nrcn Mi.l . Knn.
1.11.Ili.n li-vn op. nril tHtwnll < Inill | . .
. . . ' nii < | i iniiull Illiiir. . KnmiiKc < ilyl
Mlii' | < Mi | ill imiM | I'AIII uml Intrniiiillalii | ilnl
For lull it , ,
> o MIIIH 111,1 1 n. > i. i i-'l / . . l .Ur | . . ( , t nil inliulpil'lick. t
( ) ll-r ! < lu lliv LUIUi.l Ktatul un.l Caiuidi , bi liy uil-
R. n. CAHLE , E. r.T.
' ' ' *
I'ut't&UunM'rr ,
Fnnlfd liromisnltiuJll lie ruvulvc-i ) itt llio
ol tliii ( Illicit IIiiKlnctir , Union 1'iioillo iniliviiy ,
Oiniili : ! , iinlll WodiiUMitiy ( ivitnlntr , Ociolior . ,
lor tlio ( Jriullnir , MitMinry , Hrlilvlinr nnd Tiuc'li.
'n.v ii - < irilitiMiinlinlun | 4 Illuo Vnlli.y rnlltoiul ,
lie u ( liinlson to Minjmillo , K'uimiA , und iibo
iiliont I'lovou ill , tiillcuDl loud In Nohiasliii
I'lollloJ , | iiiu | ninl Mpuoillciillon cim IID Minn
mid luiiliiir Inloiiiiiitionolituliicil nt thoClnof
Knsrlnoor s olhco , Oiii-tliu.
J. Hl.ll'KC.NhllK'IKetl , 8. It. CAM. * VTA V ,
_ Cliloi Injmuur { 'juncniil MIIIIIIKO
lor yoiin hulliiH. IJullHhllnlly hltuulcd on
icorirulouii Hi < ltilR. | | l.nrto
Cliicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul
Tlie Short"ldne
and Best Houte
From Omalajo the East.
Uilc-ti o , Mlnnciiiiolln , Mllwniikcu ,
f-llunl , ( odiir lluplds , IlitviiiH | > rt ,
P1"0.11 I'ubtuitio , HcKklord
. ! i ,
liiii Ibltxnd , KiifiiMirt , .iniii'ivllln ,
; | lll. flHdl lll , I.l | CrObod ,
llnlolt , Wlnoiut.
And till oilier ltu | > rtnnl | > ont | Rust , .Vnrtliuast
t ofpco at UUI I'urnuin lrrut. < ln I'axton
Ilotfl . und t Union I'acliiu Dvi > ut.
I'iillnian' ' > l 0-Miiiid | ) Hi ( i I'liiutt Olnln'TCin
\Viiiiduiuiun on Hit * main linn , if tlio
\iii.Mii.v.u'Kt.krr ; , : I'.tlii. lUinVAv , nu , |
i'i ) ntti'iitlon Mjniiil to iMiMscujirtv tiy fuiiriic
It. Mii.i.i.ii.l
J. V. 'J'UIKIU : , Acilnlunl ( Juiirrnl > | HIIUKIM > . ,
A. V II.L'itcr..M > : it , licnuniliiiiiffr \ nu I
Jd-kcl Ani-nt.
Ci.ii , K. Jli.ArHimi. AneUUuit tniLr ! l
Ktr uuJ 'i'lvkut Ajjuut.
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago.
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