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OMAHA Urncc. No. Ml AKI flfl I'Ans-.vw ST.
tirvt YORK orricT ! , HOOK
riil > 1i hc < 1 dvrrr rnornln r. ' } Hnndny. Tlio
only Moi.ilRy meriting pnper publ&licd in tlio
nv iuf. !
One Vrnr . . tinin.Thrw . Months . . . . $2.M
Six Month * . . ti mono Month . I.V )
TIIH \ \ rt.M.v Ilr.B , l'ulill hisl lit cry Wudnos'tay.
Ono Vrar. wllb premium . tl& )
OIIP Vfiir , wlllKiut prruilinil . I.S *
HI * MMilli" , Kitlioiit pi fin In rn . . . 7" >
( ) nniUiiilli > ( iu triul . 10
All romtniinlcnliont t Inline to nrwanndrdl-
fortnl miilicr * should be iuUirc M.tJ to thu Km-
Alt b slnnw totter * rind roinlttnnrri ahonM ho
d III TIIR ItfcK rillll.l.tlll.NO ( 'lHPANV ) ,
Itraftn , clifok.1 ntid po tnnicu onlfri
| mj nbloto the order of tlio tompsny.
m ctt ruBiisHiiis mmi mmum
to the Ucrnkl this ilcino-
crnllo lickut Is sliong. So is raucul
J ( Justav Henrko ! fl likely to
prove u fiilsxl inistixku for tliu Dou la *
county tlcinocracy.
I'vr 1'oitu jirovud hinisctf bettor nl
l > ncl < htK : i coiivotitiun limn liu will ut lill-
in < ; lliu bnllul boxes.
Tin : I'C'giitrurM ' nro sittiiip to mnku tip
tlm lislfl for Hits coming tsluction. Kvtsry
voter Hliould iiursoiiullv sue to it that hid
iiniiU ! ! H on thu books.
IJoril paititis luivo plucuil thnif caiul- !
ilatui in thu liuhl : in < l thu cainpui u in
Dou lsw county is fairly oponcd. It is
likely to provo a warm onu.Vhilulliu
ropiiblican ticket i.s an otccllunt onu
Uioro i no room for over conliduncu or
Hani work will bo the
TUB consolidation of all the Vanderbilt -
bilt lines is now talked of. Thin would in
clude the N * w York Central , Lake Shore ,
West Shore and the Northwestern syn-
torn , making a continuous line from
Boston to St. Paul , The mileage woufd
bo by far the largest of any railroad sys
tem in the country.
A ruoMiNKNT citizen of the second
ward dcbires us to ask if it is thu proper
thing for tlio registrar of the second dis
trict of that ward to sit in a saloon , espe
cially in view of tin ; fact that ho had ad-
Torlibod to sit in a cigar store.Vo think
that a man should do as hu advertises ,
uiul furthermore that a saloon is not the
proper plaeo for a registrar to attend to
thu duliu.H of his position , as there are
juir.ioriB who object to entering such
GIJAND ISI.ANI > is jubilating over the
assurance that thu Grand Lsland &
Wyoming branch of the IJ. & M. , which
is to run into northwestern Nebraska
from that point , will be promptly con-
struolud. Kightof way is now being purchased -
( . - , chased , and it is believed that track laying -
' ing will bo begun in the spring. North-
tv'esUirn Nebraska promises .soon to be as
thoroughly supplied with railroad con-
flections as any other section of our state
TUB supplementary elections in France
are rather dispiriting to the foreign edi
tors of American newspapers who pre
dicted , as thu result of the first elections ,
( ho downfall of the French republic. The
republican majority is so largu ami secure
that President ( iruvy has announced him
self as a candidate for re-election , with
Btroug probabilities of securing thu ollice.
How iittlo the French people desire a re
turn f/f the monarchy was soon in the de
feat of the Due de liraglio for the assom-
bly. France i republican and s.ifoly re
publican for many years to come. The
surprises of the first balloting were simply -
, ply the protest of the people against the
blunders of the latu cabinet.
Tin : Cedar rapids delegation who so
recently visited Omaha have returned
liorau greatly impressed with the excel
lence of our system oF public improve-
Ijiont-s , and with the growth and pros
perity of the city. The change In Omaha
olnco our hint visit , writes one editor ,
" /annum / like an Aladdin's dream. " Public
ftnturprisoand a wise and conservative
expenditure of money has given Omaha
n advertisement throughout the country
M'hiuh will bo worth ten times the money
pxiendod. | Wo have got the worth of
lir money and more. Better still , the
croakfira and nuHsbacks have boon forced
tit n. back seat and silenced , while the
men with brains enough to see a few
ycara In mlvnnuo of the present have
juMHUiil their claims as prophets of the
fturo. | | _ „ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
fj'im fcnsus returns from Town are
generally disappointing to the people of
titHtato. | | ; Tim increase sliown in five
years , or since the eentmsof 1880 , is liltlo
pioru than 100,000 , or about three times
Jiat of Omaha alone. X'arlous reasons
qrn on'erod to account for this chock in
fhe rapid growth of one of the most
jH'ospi'rons and fertile of the wofetorn
SjntiiH. The absence of five lands and
pjrongcr inducements oHeivd by the west
jyid northwest are doubtless loading
ciitiwa. I5nt there seems to be no tmi-s-
Uou ( hat the prohibition legiUraion has
KBO | bud a powurl'ul ullcct hi retarding
jpio ( luvvoloinunt ) ) o ( oinneighbor. . Whilu
tie ( , lHW is jnvt-tically inojierativo in
many towi'/s and cities , Its harassinir
oflffc generally felt. The foreign ele-
inc tt has tijii-oially rescnteil what they
consider a tyiaiinical restrlelion on their
IKTsoiiiil liberty , and many have moved
\vcBl In other states. Thu uJVoet has been
( o thuok : immigration and at thu same
ilino to diminish the revenue * of ( lie
jitnto .svhlle the timonntof intempuranee
( iow-tiot iii'iir | ) ) to have been materially
( loproascd , This is the growing feeling
many who were formerly strong
of comiiilsory | toniperanee by
prohibition enactment. There is a
fet'ling in favor of high license
' " Ni'braskn's excrllontly
law. The people ot Jowa are
mid unturjiriiiing , und while
dlxjioscd to give prohibition n
Jalr IrW , they will in all probability reM -
M > upon its retention when
is proved to bo Inoperative and
of enforcement.
Tim MnndorKon Hill.
The army will wnlcli with much inter-
o < .t In the coming congress the t-fTort
uhidi will b , < made to past ) the bill of
Senator Mand'-rhon to improve the or
ganization of the infantry branch
of Iho service. Mr. Minder on's
inea iiro simply carries out Iho oft-
repented rceommemiatlons of Gone-
rnla Shcrmnn and Sheridan , In pro
viding for the increase of Iho infantry
reghiH'tUi to n battalion organization ,
with Incite companies instead of Uin , a
at present , und three majors In the
plnco of nnu. This organization is that
of the cnvalr > and artillery tis now con
stituted. 1th In thu line of thu bcU
thought of the best tacticians. Military
anthoiilics. both at home and abroad ,
agici- that the change would gruatlj' in-
cieaic the i-llioienoy of the army while it
would , at the saint * time , remove the in-
jiiMire of slow promotion from which
the infantry has been autl'erlng since the
close ol the war.
Th > ; Mandcison bill proposes to add
fifty conip-inli'j of Infantry to the army
organization ThU , on the present
basis of men allowed to infantry com
panies , Mould increase the army by
some tt.ouu privates. It would make
fifty new majors , and in oqtul number
of captains and lirst and ccond lieuten
ants Hy Its oi'fition | : lifty old
captains , none of whom have been less
than twenty veins in rank and
many of whom have served In the army
since the outbreak of the civil war ,
would at once receive the promotion for
which they have been waiting for years.
It H : i well known fact that the reorgani
sation of the army after the war bore
down most heavily on the infantry.
Much injustice was necessarily done in
on'ecting the great change of transferring
the establishment from a war to a peace
tooling. The Manderson bill , while in
creasing the ellieieney of the eervice in
changing the organization of the infan
try so that it can conform to
improved tactics , will also im
prove Us chancier by in
fusing new blood and giving
a prompt and well merited recognition
to old and meritorious veterans.
There has been a good deal of well
deserved complaint that the vast bulk of
legislation for the army has been in the
interests of the stall' , on behalf ol the
cushioned chairs rather than for the
benefit of the frontier quarters. The
oflicers who wear the faded shoulder
straps in dilapidated army posts have
boon placed at a great disadvantage in
pushing their claims , when compared
with the soft service brigade who dance
attendance on the congressional lobby at
the national capital. Like the scriptural
poor , Washington has the stall'with it
always , and every session of congress
shows its influence. Senator Mander
son * s bill is for the relief of the line. It
is a .short , concise and practical solution
of the problem of how to oll'cct an impor
tant and long needed change in the army
organi/.ation without detriment to the
service or injustice to the ortlcers. It
should be pushed for all it is worth at the
next session.
County Otllcera.
Voters throughout the entire state can
not be urged too strongly to examine
carefully the claims of the various candi
dates fpr county olliccs who will como up
for popular approval in the fall elections.
No ollice is so small that it is unimpor
tant. Homo indorsements are the lirst
steps towards stale prominence , and our
farmer and merchant friends in the in
terior should take great care as to whom
they advance politically in their own sec
tions. As a general rule , the men who
are moot anxious to gain olllee and care
very little by what means they se-
euro their ambition , are the ones who
should be given it wide berth. The great
trouble with Nebraska in year. . past has
been the inilill'erenco of her people to the
calibre of her olliccholders. This has
been chirlly responsible for the defect *
in her legislation and in the execution ol
the laws. A faithful performance ol
duty at home should bo the stepping
stone to higher political honors , and by a
careful selection of able and honest
county oflicials our people will be able to
greatly improve in the near future the
mental and moral standard of the incum
bents of our higher state ollices. Thu
county judges of to-day are likely to bo
the supreme judges of a few years hence.
The attorneys , clerks , treasurers and
commissioners , if .successful in securing
influence at homo in the discharge of
their present duties , will be found at no
distant day representing districts in the
senate and their own counties in the leg
islature. Kvcry local political prefer
ment , however slight , is ti promise ol the
For these nianons the Km : urges its
readers , on grounds which concern the
Mate , to take a hearty interest in the local
campaigns and to use their inlluence in
forwarding the claims of tJj best candi
dates. _ _
_ _ _
Tim BKB is not given to blowing its
own born. It may bo excused , however ,
for mentlc/iilng ( hut tlm live business mon
of Omnlm and Nebraska are malting it
work very hard , nowadays , in pivbunt-
ing their advertisement- , promptly , and
in proper shape to its patrons. The Sat
urday evening edition of the Kr.i : contain
ed more than thirty columns oi advertise
ments. K'yht columns of wants and oth
er special notices found their way into
our pages. None of them were free ; they
were all naid for at the ivgular rate and
advertisers do say they are well worth
the money. Omaha of course monopo
lized much of the space , but nearly every
western btatc and territory gave repre
sentative patrons to our columns. The
Ilia : in not printing many pictures these
days , but it is illustrating the ontcrpriatj
of its advertisurs In a manner which
shows that live business men know n
good thing when they see it.
We shall not , however , permit our read
ing KJWOU to bo entirely monopolized by
the Intorextlng business notices which are
crowding In on us. As often as may bo
found necessary the JUi : : will publish sup.
pIcmuntH which will giro nil the room
for Ilia requirements of both classes of
patrons. It has every facility for hand
ling it * rapid increase of circulation and
for taking care of thu Hood of advertise-
menu which U pouring in upon It Our
business mi'iican help us : v great ilnal if
thc-y will 8i < ml in their matter curlier In
the day , thus in niing iuvrlion oii'l giv
ing us more llmo for prepar ng addi
tional page.1 if nrcwiry.
THKScandinavians , or rathe ? some of
the Dnnl&h voter * , have held a uicoling
to express their discontent at the failure
of the republican convention lo noiiilii-
altMr. . Jacobson for county clerk. If
they will give ( his matter a second sober
thought llioy will sou that they are mak
ing n serious mistake. When a man goes
into it convention and is fairly beaten hn
mint abide by the result. A majority of
the convention fiaw tit to nominate Mr.
Necdhum. Thorn was no fraud or intent
to slight the Scandinavians , who linvo
no ground for complaint with regard
to the county patronage. Judge
Anderion has been police judge and jus
tice of the peace for years , nnd was again
nominated for one of the throe justice
ships at Iho disposal of the convention.
Mr. blenberg , who had been justice of
the notice for several years , was elected
to the police judgr hip last spring. The
idea that the republican party or any
other party must favor this or that na
tionality for the s > ako of peace , harmony
unit strength U absurd. If any Danish-
American out of personal profenec is
disposed to vote for Mr. Madson for treas
urer he has a right to do so as an inde
pendent cili/en , but it is perfectly prepos
terous for Danish republicans to go over
in n body to the democratic candidate
for clerk , because the republicans did
not nominate Mr. Jaeob-on. Such con
duct would only react and place tlio
Scandinavian icpnblicans in a very bad
TIM : president has replied to the critl-
cHins made against his policy of territo
rial appointments. He claims that ow
ing to thu factional fights on the frontier
it has been almost impossible to sccuro
suitable residents for judicial positions ,
Irom the scores of land grabbers and
corrupt politicians who apply for the
ollices. On this lie-count , the president
says , appointments have been made from
outride the territories. The excuse of
President Cleveland has a color of fair
ness , especially when applied to New
Mexico and Arizona , lint it docs not fit
the cases of the remaining territories
where , in the same defiance of platform
declarations , the president has tilled the
federal ollices with non-resident office
holders. Dakota , Montana , Washington ,
Idaho and Utah all contain men whoso
reputation and abilities are above criti
cism. These are the kind of men which
the people of the turritorios dum mil in
places of ollicial trust ; men who have the
interests of the territory at heart because
they know that their own interests and
those of their neighbors are identical.
SIINATOU VAN' WYCK returned from
Washington yesterday and spoke
lust night at the Parncll meet
ing at Itoyd'ri opera house. The
senator never goes to the national
capital without making some good point
in the interest of liia constituents. His
last , as noted recently in our dispatches ,
was to request of Secretary Manning
that convict labor should not be permit
ted to compete with Nebraska working
men in the construction of government
buildings in this state. The senator spe
cifically requested that each party bid
ding should specifically state whether bo
proposed to employ convict labor and
that the answer should be taken into con
sideration in letting the contract. It is
one of the senator's excellencies as a
public ollicial that while others are talk
ing he is working with personal effort to
carry out the reform which headvocates ,
His action in tlio present instance will
commend itself to every workingman in
THE warlike Shans are already harrow
ing the herdies of liurmah on the cast
just as the Anglo-Indian army is prepar
ing to march in from the west. The
Shans are unsubdued mountaineers who
are said to bear about the same relation
to the Cochin Chinese peninsula that the
Swiss do to ICuropo. A part of their ter
ritory is within the limits of Upper Unr-
mah and the remainder within those of
Siam. Some time ago it was reported
that Thubuw ceded to France all his
claims to the Shan states , but as France
has not been able to subdue more than
the ncacoasl of Tonqnin , it is not likely
at present to try to annex Thebaw's '
Mit. Jens O'Co.vNEU , has decided to
run as an independent candidate for
bhcrifl' . Mr. O'Coimell has numerous
friends among the workingmen of Oma
ha and -.vill make a lively run. The fact
is ho is liable to overtake Pat Ford on
election day , and leave him several
lengths behind.
PAT FOUD has decided to give up his
Tenth street boarding house after the 1th
of November , Ho proposes to locate in
the county building , His present board
ers have boon promised appointments as
deputy .sherills , and his future boarders
will all take their meal's ' in jail. This Is
what may bo called a stom-windor.
\Vu understand that Mr Ford has
saved up $ ! , U')0 ) for thu shorilTcampaign
tund. This will be gratifying nowa to
the boys. Pat's money is as good as any
body's eUo.Vo \ want more money in
IK Mr. Ford will only agree to resign
from the council before election ho can
get a great many nioro votes for sheriff
than hu would otherwise receive.
HUSTON Is to have a now census taken
by the police force. Omaha's census of
thu police foico can be taken in two
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tin : silence in the neighborhood of the
fiiipienii ! court in reference to the Mitch
ell mandamus suit ia absolutely painful.
A Pr.KNsvi.VA.viA knitting mill turned
out , ' .J8,000 stockings last week. Another
Industry on u solid footing.
Is It actually a fact that somnbody IB
trjlng to run nguin.-t Duo , Smith for
county surveyor *
iur fe I < ft . I ? pij.
Cull n . .illt ( n'.s iuiical ; : loltoM nre iu
Liw/y a be r 1 1 * i ii.unc .fjtnuK' : ' .
S < na . MIHI.I ! . lux Mink ? , ftm of his
piUnte tiiiid in liu' V-tiWi'T 111111- ! ' !
Kx-Coi'itre-s'.mrvn ( , t'in-o 1 * n candidate fur
thi' Ore -eiutorsuii ) . ( Joorge 1 * sl < c and a
linlf tn-l Idph. *
Senator Vulr will l"lieoalyrpi ! > reientatlvn
In theit'Witoof Uic driiiurrnticoto west of
tlioMK-nHiii rivei.
Col. liftinnnt says Qiu , Vrcii1dcut H onr-
worked , nnd Ui strain. t' narfKln u-more
\um ) him Is too great , t
roiierewimn Kolle ' * of Pennsylvania ;
tnnduldt nr"t pollMi'.u 'Vpecch In l-'aneidl
111 ! nearly tifty jeaH a'C'o.
The longest scntenctv Mr. Kvnrt < has c ( r
Ixvn known to utter Inn stump ciiniinl > ; n nre
tluiM' ho liilflivciing In luhtU : ; ot Diuenjiott ,
0. 0. Stevenson , of Hold HIM , NVvadi ,
( Senator .1 ones' plnco of lesidence ) , wid
Viobablybo nominated lor govei nor by tlio
it'imbllruns 01 Hint state.
linn , ( 'nit Srhurzli nownlluded lo by his
former udmiicis In the west us "The rlilm
DiiHiinnn. " lie nevir innteilnllzes lon
ciitmuh to bo of M-nico to any political i > att >
iioU'tnur Caini-ion iindMahonc and U'lw )
luuo Income , and the quarrel Is
otr. Ku-ry UTouwlll tx > Hindu In VltRlnla
It N nld that the Kvtro. ilurat Halstend's
palter publMiud In New Veil ; dtiringthi1
idfiitlul ra nipjlKii ot KHI , eost the ii'imb
tirinaiteisM-jw.M , and brought swiii'eJyatiy
Mile.s to Ulaine.
"Wns your husband o\er in public ,
Mrs. hnlnkV" ills , fejilnk : "Oh.Mlndndl
lie was niico appointed ehetloii ollirci In Ins
pii'uiiiet ; ! \MIS to hue sencit nil entlni
day , but. iinfoiuinntciy , be \ > H taken III and
had to u'slin ' boluro bH teim vms halt ended ,
1 have heaul Inta N > Ua > - a Kiwtt itisai -
imlitlim nt to his party , ticiy
Now cntnpali'ii lies
InriraMi m j-i/e ,
Anil riinilUlites in ur.ith arise.
In unn the > pr.ty
l-or inoie inir piny.
Yet oigans htld will linve their way ,
or WIT.
There Hunt fH Minionewspniicr men iiinani ;
the Itulgiinaiis. Tlu-y bo inpturoil the
Some ono t-nys the Gixldess of Iilboity on
tlio silvir dollar looks us ttiuimh she hail lost
iioiUL'thln . bholias. bliu'slu tnttLon eoi
.she enn'l seem to nnd.
.Soinu burjjlnis , the otlav nltfhU wrio
"thwaited b > a iiooille itiv. " o binv'iai
likes to KO out In uie iin.oiitlgiit with thu bur-
ilei.s ot his pant le n i'lu wul.
"It costs only a ten-cent stamp In pot a man
you don't like. nuiKenuil at inhlnluht. " llms
the Miiwnuurt1 Sentinel sums up the intent
and operation ot the new spuchd dollvuiy sis-
tern ,
Tldrteon Is mi unlucky ntuiilKT. It Is for
this n iisdii Unit wlien a Miopki'Cpur baUc.H
aViVccnt jiiwe he imariablj ! u'.s jou 1-
cvnU. 'flie shopkn'iier Is nnseliiih , and us
some baity must urn the lisk or lud luck ho
lieely takes Itldmself.
"liittemle < lU\o theaters the liist nlcht I
was in New York , " wrote a mrnl buck to his
loml parents , "and Ihiuu balls the next. II ml
agtonoiM time the lust , nnd omyKut & ! on
ni > watch the next. ' ' The miMii'liistu'iiteil '
old puonaMtiestill wtMuL-iing what he aii'.uiU
l.alo Supreme tCHrl Dcclslonn.
State ei rel. , O'l-ady vs < . Cwmmr'tt Mneoln Co.
Mandamus.VUti awudeU. Opinion by
liPC&C , .J. ' I
1 Counties and ! comty { boards can
only exercise snulupowcrs as Hreexpresa-
ly granted by statute , : tnd .such grant of
power must bo stt'ic'tlyjconstrnod.
U Under the provisions of the law of
1870 , now in force , , county commissioners
have no authority to issue county bonds
for the purpose of naising money to build
a jail , and a vote of ttto people of the
county instructing tliTim to issue such
bonds will center o/authority so to do.
Chicago Lumber Co.-,1 vs''Flsber ' , Krror from
Lancaster Count/'Affirmed. Opinion by
Kecse , J.
1. Whore n debtor executed to his
creditor a chattel mortgage upon a stock
ot ijoods , and retained possession of the
goods , there being no agreement by
which the mortgage was to sell any part
of the goods m the usual course of trade ,
nor permission given him by tins mort
gage so to do , the fact that 'a small part
of the mortgage was , by the consent of
the mortgagee transferred to a third
party in payment of a debt , would not of
itsclt render the mortgage fraudulent
and void as against creditors.
2. Whore a chattel mortgage is given
to secure a bona fide debt , or has the
right to do so , under the provisions of
the mortgage a judgment creditoi of the
mortgagor cannot , without the consent
of the mortgagee , levy upon the mort
gaged property and .sell it under execu
tion , and especially would this bo the
case if the mortgaged property consisted
of a number of articles such as a stock of
goods The remedy would be by garnishee -
nisheo process or such other proper pro
ceeding as would reach the interest of
the mortgagor after the debt due the
mortgage was paid.
Austin vs. Austin. Appeal from Lnmnstcr
county , decieo lor pialntill , oi.inion b }
JJeese , Jr.
1 Whcro a husband in adviineed years
conveys property to his wile for the pur
pose of having it held in trust for linn ,
and the wife , contrary to the intention of
her husband , and in violation of the
trust , conveys it to third parties , and
with the proceeds thereof or with the
money or property of the husband , pur
chases other pioporty and leceives the
title in her own name , upon their sepa
ration equity uiny require an accounting
and make such decree a.s to tin ; propuilv
owned at the time of the decree as will
protect , the interests of both the husband
and wife.
Holmes vs. Irwln. Uiror from Cass county-
HevcTfed , lemnniled. Opinion by Kccsc , J ,
When A purchased of K an enclosed
pasture , paying therefor an extra price ,
the consideration lor such extra piicu
being that A might turn his utoc-k into
.such pasture and thereby avoid the ex
pense and trouble ot having to herd his
stook , which was fully understood by 1 $ ,
and whore the stock was turned into the
Held and continued to run there until the
pasturage was eaten up , B residing upon
the premises and in a position where ho
c'onfd know of any ilAmage being done
by the slock , and where he had
cribbed his corn ion > the premises and
within the inulosui'o ' In which the stock
were permitted to'hill , , but A had no
. . . _ . * _ . .
I I f I I ' ! .i ! I f
knowledge of the ( < ) , 'iHtinee | of the crib of
corn and whore A' > stock , without his
knowledge , ale and'deil ' roved the corn.
Held thai A would not bo liable for such
danni o and that Ihofo'was ' no rnieition
of ni'glfKuneu on ( ) | mjjt to submit to a
trial jury. , i
ht.ito ex lei. Attorney Oerteral vsu i'arnier's
liihiiianeo Cimij4/i / > , tt , ut , uiio war- ,
nut. ) . . ! ; ; , ! sciu f ' r p.aintilf. . Opinion by
Kecsu , J. i. '
t A contract by , litih { ono parly for a (
consider. , tion proiMwei to miiKu a c \
tain payment ol ntnnirv'iipon ' the ile.slrno- \
lion or injury of soirtutjjnf ; | , ' in which the
other party nan nn Jjiturcst in a contract
of hindrance , whatever may bo the terms
ot pa } mint of the consideration by the
'cd , or the mode of estimating or so-
payinont of the MUM to bo paid by
the in.sinur in the event of loss.
U Upon thu faotH aiipoarnifj in the
rccoul , held , that ilofnndant WIIH a mutual
Insnraneo company and as Mich limit
comply with the provisions of the act of
Juno 1 , 187t ; , and roeeivo the eisrtitieato of
of ( lie auditor of btuto before transacting
business ,
Sup ] ) v.i. lUiberts. Apjx'al from Johnson
county. Alllraiud. Oilnlon | by Ituc&o , . / ,
I Equity will interfere by inumction
to prevent the destruction ol Oan o
hedifo fence , by a stranger lo the Inherit
ance , as being such an injury to the real
ty IIH cannot be fully compeiibatcd by
ilamu cji tor the trespass.
y ( iuedtions of faet und upon eonlliot-
ln testimony uru for the trial court to JJr
decide .nnd its decision will not bo mo-
letted by the npuollatocourt tnlos.
ly wtvng\
Code * . " . Curltoti. Krror from I.ntii-asler
county ntllrineiL Opinion by Cobn , t'li. < 1
1 , A. it , \ . wn ? ft sub-contJactor tinder
J. F , to build eerUin sections of n rail
road , which work ho again sub-lot toll ,
li. and L. , who were performing said
work. Upon tin * completion of said contract -
tract said J. F. would In * indebted to A.
.1. A. f 2,118 ST. H. 1 * . nnd It filed nstatn
torv lion on said railroad for their work
anil lal orln building said sections theie-
of. W. I . C , in the prrsoneo of A. J.
A. , prcsi tiled for aocoptanco and pay
ment to J. F. n draft or order drawn by
A. J. A. on J F. in favor of and payable
lo W , K. C. for the .sum of 51,011 W ) In
full of sill claims. Whereupon J. K.
stated lo A. .1. A. in tlio presence Of W.
U. C. that ho would not pay it until all
of the Hens for labor on said sections
wctv settled and paid oil' . N. ( . ( J. C.
surd out an nltacliment ngninst A. J. A.
nnd garnUh'jil ' . ) . F. Hold that there was
an etiitablo ( | assignment and appropria
tion of the money payable from J. F. to
A. .1. A. to W. H'C. to the amount called
for in said dm ft order .subject to the said
statutory IJCIIH.
Mctti-it Kanne vn. Motiuokln , error fioin
Dointlns , county ; tilthmcd. Opinion by
The act of the legislature approved
February 28 , 1P81 , commonly known as
tlie Sloetimb Liquor Law , is not uncon
stitutional as being in violation of the
provisions of the. constitution of the
United Stales , which provides that "the
citizens of each state shall be entitled to
the privileges and imnuinitlesof citi/ens
in the several states , " it being the exor
cise of the police power of the state for
the protection of its citizens and not for
the purpose of revenue or the regulation
of commerce1. In tlio I'xercisi * of such
power it is competent for the legislature
to icquiru that the licencee shall lie a re.s-
Idpnt of the state and subject to its laws
and to the processes of it.s com ts.
II. & M Kailroiid \ -
bor Co. Krror ftom Otoe county. A I'-
United. Opinion by ltcc c , J
1. hi proceedings in gar
after judgment under section 3111 of the
civil code , if it is found that the gar
nishee is indebted to tin * execution defen
dant , the order of the court t > hould be-
that tlio garnisliecd pay the
amount found iliie. If the order is not
complied with it may bo enforced by exe
cution as in cases whore an ordilmry
judgment Is rendered.
S. When ngarnisliec , prior to the time
when it i.s required to answer to its in
debtedness , Ides an answer as in an ordinary -
nary action , and , issue being joined
thereon , a trial is had and other witneiis
are examined , without objection to the
course ijur.sucd , such garnishee will not
be permitted to question the regularity of
the proceedings in the appellate court
1'atinohi vs. Conn. Knnr tiom Cass county.
Atliuned. Opinion by Ueese , ,1.
1 The verdict of n jury upon nestipns
of fact where the testimony is eonllicting
will not bo set aside unless clearly
wrong ,
So whcro ono of the questions in in a cause submitted to the jury
wns whether or not a partnership existed
between the parties to the suit , and upon
the tacts stateil by some of the witnesses
the jury could 'find that a partnership
did not exist and they so tound , such
finding will not be molested. And the
same rule will be applied to all cases
where there is conflicting testimony upon
material or vital points in the case.
How the tiiinrantci ; Companies Keep
Tt-aoli ol'Their Clients A JJc-
liiultcr Arrested AVitliln
Four Hours.
Clason Graham drew the money on a
check for $ UttH ) ) , signed by his employ
ers. Spencer , 'Frank 61 Co. , oil brokers ,
and took a train for Canada , but was
.stopped on the way only four hours
later , both man and money being baok
in Now York the next day. The. quick
ness of suspicion and action in the cnso
of a man whose reputation has been
good , was duo to the fact that he had
given bonds to the linn for honesty , and
Ins bondsmen wore one of the several
guaranty and fidelity companies that
nave lately come into use hero in Now
York. These concerns insure employers
against loss through the thefts of em
ployes , and relieve the latter of the often
dilbcull task of finding available friends
to take the risks. Not loss than b',000
men arc already bonded in this way by
the companics.among whom brisk rivalry
has already arisen. Vinits to their ollices
show large premises and numerous
clerks , indicating far more than would
bo requisite for merely making out the
papers and dealing with the customers uy
to the point of completing the bonds.
The explanation is that the most elabo
rate systems of watching the insured
men. and registering their habits , is in
operation ; and already the extent and
thoroughness of the espionage hns be
come an aonto nuisance to its subjects.
To loel that bis every action may be un
der surveillance by a spy , is annoying in
many cases wherein the man is well be
haved , and much dislike ot the new order !
of things has developed ; but there is no
escape , because thu existence of the
companies provides so reasonable an ex
cuse lor individuals to decline to bo
bonddmon that there is no escape.
THI ; PI.ASS or itisics
Railroad employes , bank clerks , court \
ollicers and all sorts of financial ollicials
are chiefly the men involved. Heforo
making the bonds the persons' character
are investigated as fully as possible ; but
that is no complete protection , for ono
company hasalready lo t&IO.lUl ) through
Paying Teller Chan 'A. Ilinckloy , of tlio
\Vost Side Hank , and Teller F. J. Uiete-
richs , of tint Laclcdu bank , St. Louis , both
of whom were above reproach and ono
Msomingly pious The proforonoo is for
employes of institutions subject to State
investigation annually rather than the
handlers of money for private linns.
Nearly all Iho men in the New York Post
Ollice , and over half those in municipal
ollices of tinanco nre now included in the (
risks The charges range from } to I per
cent on the amount of insurance. The
principal business is detective. Every
insured person is watched , and very
closely , too , if the slightest loo-ieness of
conduct is observed. In the instance of
Clasou Graham , u detective reported
that hi : was becoming a lounger about
town at night , anil apparently ivrn
spending more income thiui l's .salary
could provide. At thu t'unoiit when he
cashed the big cl'"Di n .sgy had him in
sight , and > " , u not quit him until he took
till ) Oars. Then the detective telegraphed
to the company that he was going lo go ,
too , und would look for ottlui'n at Spring
field , where the train would make Its linst
stop. Hasty inquiry 01 Spencer , Trask i\i \
Co brought out tlm fact that Graham
was \ absconding with * 'tli , > i ) I , ami word
was wired to Springfield to arrest him ,
A NIW : n\rnti : : .
A feature of Iho now business i.s a reg
istry , oullod the List of I'nreliables , in
which the paiticularsot every obtainable
case of probable or actual misdoing by
an insured man are noted. The books of
one establishment contain about o)0il ( )
names , another 11,000. and then * are not
less than fiO.Oii ) altogether thus recorded ,
including railroader.hankurs , public of
ficials und other fiduciaries. The amount
money stolen by trusted employes is
not drctimod of b , * , the public , as proved
by the aggregate of nearly iilKD.O'W ' paid
from one ollice lint the bonded mon
are aware of their positions , and a con.
sciousnoss of being under scrutiny has
bucomeone of the common sensation * of
tholr lives.
If you stiller from of tlm bowel * .
Ancimturu Ulltcru uill .Miifly rnio von ,
Kuwait * < > f eounteifeltJi uml akixir iji-occror
dniKiciM for the Kfiinlne mtk'lo , piejMied by
, J , 0. U. Slutfert A ; Sous. '
Nrlu-nstc.t ilott Infra.
Ocnoa rrlcs out for f\At | > hot iirniilit { r ,
Thaycr county clidins the VHUiiimit for corn.
babies nnd r
Hnoak thieves am iMx-ondnic alnrtnlngly
nnimroiH In JS'rbnskn I ity.
The Atkltfon elevator rollapspd the other
nk'ht nnd spilled ' bushels of itmiih
A EIIII rlui ! lias Iwn orpudtisl in Huntings
with C. A. Unidncni * pre-sldlm ; sliootlst ,
The meanest thief of the reason Mltirk At
kinson ri-eently und stole n 'et of fnNo
Kite ponies collided with n train on the
I'nloii I'uelrie , ntsii O'l''altons , and were
The city council at Fremont hns decided In
levy a Dm mill tax for the imilnlennnee of
water works.
Some spirited sneak entered tin1 butcher
shop of S. C. Dllly , In Hastlnc" , dmlincthe
ahs-enro of the proprietor , nnd destioveila
quantity of inraU
I'tcililent 1'oiklns , oC the Hmllncton mail ,
\lslted Nebraska City , Saturday , and prom
Nod thocitl/ons a number of Important tall
load iinpiovcnicnts.
\Vlth the completion of Iho pile brldco nt
Netira.sku City , tlie Kunsa.s City trains will
inn Into and depart from the city depot a
Kivnt convenient. to the in-ople.
The di'inocrats ot Nenuiha rouuly hnvo
plneed the following ticket In the Held :
Treasurer , . ! . 1C. ItoitsiK'ld ; juileo , J. H. Dun-
das ; elurk. .1. Vuitdcl'iin : ; sheriir. lU'histors ;
coroner , V. > I. Html ; survejor , ts. Ullbert ;
eonnalshloner , K. lfi < k.
I'oitlonsofn hnniiin .skeleton were found
In a Kinilhar In the .MI > MUH ! rivet , mar
IVincn , la t vveek. The skull , FOIIII > tllis , .
poilion of the hip bone and other pieces were
seemed. Dr. Ha.s on Is ol the opinion that the
skeleton Is that ot a .votingvoiiuui who vvus
dtovviied two 01 three jeaisngo.
Fremont hnsconlnicted with U. C. Morean.
of Clileu < ; o , tor tlio construetlun of a system
ol wutei v\oiks , all hut tin * dilve wells , for
S'JMt.i. The contract foi the dilve wells was
let to ( \ II. tioiltrey , of Freinonl , for SI..r > sr.
lloiitan\nlpe.s ; to tuinlsh l.WKl.OOO gallons oC
water evcii twenty-four hours.
Iowa Items.
Httbiiiiuo Is luunilsedu union depot to c (
The coiner stone of n now Catholic church
at l.e Mnt > > will be laid to-moiiow.
l'hi > body ol a diovvned man was found
unflei a lait of lo sat KenknkViliieilay. .
Kleven divorce cases will eniuenp lei settle
iiient la die clicult couit at Ottinnwa this
John .laeklev.ot Ashtnn. had a cancer n !
nuivedtroin his chin , nhith earned with it
the cuttle uiulei Up.
A cow on the truck atVhltImr \ threw n
deiirht car oil the lalK The car ran into a
wntchniisc. knoeMni : one side out ami throw-
ini : the bnihlitn ; ott' Its Inundation. The cow
was a No badly iloniorali/.ed.
Last week tlie wife of a blind man named
Muliloon , ut Ceilur Kapldseloped with a one-
eyed mnn , taking MXK ) of lier husb.iinl . s
nu.ney with her. She wincaptmed in Ne-
biaska und letnrneil to her solid Muliloon.
> ain Mellln er , one ot the trio of tnolheis
trom WoithiiiKtou , IulmiitccountyconnneiI |
on therluutfeof attempted iniiriler. escaped
trom the county jail tit DnbuiincThutsifav ,
and had not heen cnptuied nt last aeconiits.
A step-sen ot S. A. Iliunpluev. at .lellei-
fion , dlsulie.ved the uiles ol tlio .srhool of
which he wns a pupil , and I'tof. Keml.ill
punished him. Mr. llumphiey hceaine en-
lauidand vNitcil I'rof. Kendall at the .school
mom , nnd In the inesencu ot nil tlio M'holnrs ' ,
In a piolniio nnd insolunt innnncr.
abusiii ! ; tlie pllucipal. Ho wns told In de
sist , but becoming inoie lioistoioiis , the city
marshal wns .sent for , who arrested Hum-
plney for raising a disturbance. Ho was
iinetl ? ! . " > anil costsami in default of pay
ment was sent to thu comity jail.
A catfish weighing IM pounds was caught
in the Missouri near Yankton.
Ovei 'J)0 , ( ) bushels of tlax were mm kcteil nt
Mitchell one day iccontly , ttl tents per bushel
being the pik'c paid.
A Sioux Indian at onoof thoncenclos has
rccentlj lenrned toiidualtieycle. nesw-ntiped [ Kinies tor n wheel anil now goes
bunting on his bicycle.
Last year .John Hall , of Madison , Invested
S4i > in "beep. The sale of wool nml mutton
trom ( the tlock has netted htm S'-tM , nml the
incieasu ii i hits kept the Hock up to the original
iiinnbe.r i purchased.
Hon. ( icorKii II. names , president of the
Northern I'aoilie elevator .sy.stein , hns given
notice that hu will donate S.VOOU ) towimls
touiulini ; a Congregational college nt Faiyo ,
to be called the Uuincs univcnslty.
Wyoming *
Charles Hlncker , of Cheyenne , lost a roll of
SOOO in greenbacks in a nre last week.
Thhty ot Cheyenne's rosy-cheek ed belles
nre billed to onto , the muUiinunial state this
A white anteloi * Is the latest enrlo In Clie.y-
ennu. The town is now looking around tor a
white elephant ,
Dining the hscal year ending June .TO , last ,
fi.7-'ji.l ! ; ' ncies ol the public domain in thu terri
tory' weio disposed of.
Kov. C. M. Snnderi , for ten years pastor of
thu Congregational church in Cheyenne , was
mcfentvd with u geld w.itch by his people
last week.
Thu Chicago it Northwestern nil ! road com
pany bus nletl at tides ot incorjinrition wiili
the lorriloiial secretary tor the e.xtunslon ol
the through Wyoiuini ; .
The new coil mines twentv miles noith ol
Laiamle me b 'Ing developed hv jirivate cajii-
lal , and Iliu iiroduct is nlready siipcieedlng
thu U. 1' . nitiele In thelocal mniket.
"Hlnck .Jack , " a launch gentleman , and an loid , aio nd\i'itised ninon , ; the iniss-
! ! „ ' iiien In the Icirilorj. Their ilisappeai-
nnco is due to the duns ot crediiois.
The Cheyenne , Montnna < k Ulack Jlills
inihoiid must Juno a bundled inilis of Hie
mad in opei ntion by next Sunday or it wilt
lose &KOOiMI in county bunds lorteited. As
1UO miles of track me yet lo IID laid , there Is
\ery little piosjieetot the comjiany seetning
the bonds.
The Uig Horn Ditch company has tiled
nitielos ot Ineoipnintlon with the teriitoiinl
seeiutary. It is piojiosed to constinct six
ditches , which will take wnter trom linlla.o
cieck at thieo points , lioia 1'nwdei livur ,
lioia Natuial Sjirma's , and liom a branuh of
\Vlllo wcieek.
Tlie Kiench Placer Mining company , at
Atlantic Cit } , h.iv.i niiNunl e < c < : avatm , ' a leu-
mlle water ditch , anil have a largo loice oj
men building ilume.i aionn.l . the lockv points.
They expect to tain watci into this ditch and
piaci ! their liydnmlic inaelilnery in place this
lull. MI as to have even thing in lor
woili as mil ) as | oj-sriii in iliespiing.
Yesterday OIlicurTnrnbull furnished the -
J , lining street station with a nuw
table , chair and jail record. The ap
pointments of tins "calaboose" are now
complete , and the institution is thrown
open to north end patroiingo It i.s in the
cnarge. of a regularly empio\id ; janitor
and will bu useil simply lor holdover
The Greatest Mdical TrioinpU of tba Ago !
Ji,9H l niipvlltci IliMVi-lntiiBilve , 1'ulii In
the bvnil , irilb u dull ncninllon In Iho
buck pnrr. I'lilu mi' * v Iho ( Imulilrr.
bJudr , Ji'iillneia after eatliii ; ,
liiullimilnii to uxdtlon uf tiuilr ofinluil ,
Irrltiilillliyoricinpcri Jiinr eiilrltn , wlili J
n frelinL'of liuTlnir neslrctcil xuino iliilr.
\Ve rlnr IN , Dlzzlncva , Fliiitprluit ut ilio
lieurt. Hat * bnloioHio eyrin , llcuiluclia
ever Hiti ilcbt rrc , Itesllnmnni , vviiU
fltlulilrenniH , llluliljr colored Urlue , auit
TDTT'S VlLr.Sarncnculaly [ ] nilnpteil
to Biich cases , ono tlotu eirouts micli a
clianrjnof/eellnsns to nitonlilitlio Biiife ror.
Thuy Inrrcttto ( lin Aicllte , > iiclrauiutlia
tmdy lo Tube oi > Kletlt. thu cba trfttnt I *
noiirlilieit.Biul lirlhelr'ronlo Action on
rroilucril. 1'rlcauSc. Yl Jlnrrity Mt..iV.Y.
KmioratM ( hu brxljr. inaLi-H JuulUillt.ili ,
ftrengUiim * tli uiMtc. repulra UIH antes of .
Vie sjrateiu with | > ure btiKxl uiul lianl iiiu ; le | J. |
one tlia nerroua system , InvUuntca th *
tirnln , ami linpnrt * tlio Tiger ot
thU heart
lin for ttio first lnv > rtkm , n t 7 wilt * for Mot
mbfpiliient tiK-nHlon. Sovcn words will to count *
nl to tlm line ; they milH run rotiJKHJUtlvfilr i n l
mt ! t t'O jmld In mUiuico. All Hdvottlncmontl
tii st lie Iwmloil In I K' torn S o'clock p. m. , and
iinilrr no clrciimstnnoos will they be UUton or
dfcnntlmiNl liv tnlephono.
I'm lie * ftilvorll-lnir In tli ( > a rotnmni and bar
liisrlhp Mtiswrrs mltliewd Incnro of tlir , trll
l > k ate nt-k for check to runblo th m to Ret their
Id tun , m none will bo ilollvcrcJ rxcopl on
jimon'rllon of fhts-K. All niuvrtito exlver-
tl'cmctits fliould tin rnclowd la cnvotopot.
MONK\ loHiioti rt'fti eitnto ccurtr. (
conmH : lon charged. li K. Mnrnfi. lot
rurnnin. _ _ _ _ _ KM Nor. a
- \ \ ON KV-To lo'in. The Dmalm Klnnnol * ! B *
A' I I'lumjjc. ' , I' < H Knrnnm street. lip-Mult * . make *
IPKIIOUII nil ilnucm'f Rccurltjr front aflOolmt *
Id lonii to $ IUmx > on rrol oitnto. Wo mHke loans
Ki xiiil nil nppllrnntf mi loiia or uliort time oil
Imiirnied i cul < < ! > titto , lain ) ixintrncto ,
InnlilliiKS on It'ii'Cd lain ) , seem pil notes , collator *
n ) .rlnittpt or jrood m-cntlly of nny klnit. Kott
rules : emj term * . OmMiri Flnnnclnl Uxchnniro ,
IMtt Kill nun Mri' * . *
M ONKV i.OANKU lleiuls , loth and Dotijtlm.
M oNKTO I.OAN-O. P. Dnvln&Oo. lt al
l lntc nnJ I.onn nycnts , 160J Fnrtmin St. '
MOXKY TO WAN-Oil fftxxl socurltlo * . A
MtUnvoiU , riMiiii 7 Itltllck Illock , 1IW KHrnnm
St. Sit . " >
M ONKV TO LOAN tin cbnttpli , Wooloy ti
lliiriLson , mum 'JO , Onmhn Nnllonnl bank
MONKV TO LOAN On rcul ihluto nml nil at-
lets. 1) . I. . Thulium. KX )
\ \ ONP.V M > AMt -On clmtteliiTTntruffe , It !
I'l It tickets bought nml sold. A. Fonnnn.JIUJ
R 1.1th St. 651
MONiv : TO LOAN In minis offaiOnnil | > -
minis on tlrM-eliiM trnl ostnto icourliy.
I'ottur * t.'obb , inin niriiiim at. 6sa
't 6. R * Oo .
ollleo , on tuinltinti , nlnnos , liorwe- * ,
| iiix | > ity ot nil klnda null nil other BI--
\nlue.witliont roinoxnl. Ovorlat Nut'l
Hunk , 1-ornnr tatli itnd 1'annun. All blisuo |
eti Icily eonlliluntul. K >
\IOXiVI : .1IONKV ! ! MONKYIII Money to
-I'l Uroftinioift
4 , Wliluu'll building. N. 1C. tHirnor loth ninl llur-
ni'y. Alti'i1 jcnrs of iixporlunoo mul n cnroful
pttub ol Hie hiHltiiwol loaning money on jnir-
prapi'it ) , I linvo Ht Inat iiorfucluifn
\thcieh } tlio mibik'ily iixniilln miuli cason
Uo i if \ui.v it h , anil I inn now In a intuition to
ini'ct tliciicinumiior nil who boeoino tumpor-
ni lit emlmirtisvixl unit ilt < * lro to rnlso iiionoy
ullluiut ilt > la\ mill In u qulot iniiiiiinr. HOUHC- ,
kui'pi'ii ) . pioiossionul Kfiitluinun , iimclmnlfH uiul
othoi.s In Oiiuiliii ninl tonnoll llluiro , oiul olitnln
nilMinirs tioin fill to ( l.UU on such * ( < cnrlty
IIH liou-'rliolil rurnltmo , plnnon , niHuhliiury.lmr-
( , ( . HiiKoim , umnluiitso rooulptii , siHiiiiiMlnoUia
ol liuiid.dtL' , without rctiiovliiKSUino from own-
IMS ii'slileiRo or placti ol lumlnoss. Alfi ) on line
Wnli'luH Mini Uliuiuiiiils , ono or tlio mlviititiws I
oiler i * Hint any pint ot nny loan run bo pnlil nt
uny ( line whluh M III nslncn thu Inlcront pro raU
uiul all loniis ii > not > eil nt tlio orlitlniil rates of In-
tcit'ht. I linvo no broktirti In oonncctlon with mr
olllte , but pnrMinally suporlntoiul nil my louim , 1
hnve pi IviiiuollliMiM foiitibctotl with my tronOrAl
oM , iMi that custiiiiii'i-a do nut como In con-
liaot with encli other , ( . on-o < ] iuii > lly umklmrnU
tii'iiiiiotloim ' Mildly private. w. It. Croft.
loom I , Wlllinull liiillilliK , ' , N , K. corner Mill nna
Iliiincy , Oiniilm , nncit : ! 1'iiiirl St. , Council
FOUSAI.K Oi woiilil trmio for irood city dr
Inrni pmporly , n llwt c-ln < stock of millinery
mul Innty Kiioili , in iroml looAtlons nnd tloin ;
liusincss C. K. Muync lOth.KUil Fnrtmm ,
GtlUI.KV & DOANK Itcnl K-tUtC AKBlltg. 8 ,
W. cor. inth nnd DoiiKliu , nro now otTorlnir
lor mile hiiKlnoKo , ru lilrncc anil fubtirbnn proi
eity. Soini' ol tbo mott ndvnntnpcons bnrjrHliu
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