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A Cyprian's Palline Effort to Pint ! Relief
from Earthly Oarcs ,
Two Cioofts Cnrtttnocl A Jfevv
OrKnnl/ed A JJntoh of Spicy
Htnlo Spoelali fi-oni Hco
( " 01 rc' i > oiilc'iits (
A Cyprlan'H AttiMiiptecl Suic'lele.
LiniiH.N' , Neb. , Oct. SV. [ Special to the
JlF.K.-.Satunlay ] evening , shortly after the
nrrlval of the train from the east , a man and
woman onloiod the Windsor and icglstercd
under the name of Trunk lobon and wife.
They were assigned a room to which they
immediately repaired. Hhoitlynftor the man
came dovv n stalls and left the hotel. He did
not return until after midnight , and on going
tothorootn found thu woman In an uncon
scious slate. He at once gav o the alarm , and
physicians being summoned pronounced the
cafio one of morphine iiolsoii. Vigorous
remedies were applied nnd the woman was
icsiiscitatcd , although for n time It was
fc.ircd that she was bejond medical assist
ance. ItwasHoon discovered that the would-
be Biiicldo was a cyprlan from Molllo Hall's
notoilous dlvo and that the man Is ono of the
nulncicms gamblers who Ink'st the city. As
FOOII as her condition would penult the
woman was filed fiom the hotel. The wo
man's name Is llinnche bummers and
nlio was at ono tlmo an Inmate of Mollie ( > ! ! > -
Ron's bagnio In Omaha. JS'oicason Is given
for the ateuirt ( | at suicide e.xcept she had
been ririnklng during the day and took a
dose of moiphlno as a finale to the debauch.
.Sunday night three pistol shots were heard
on O sti evt at the corner of Llghth , causing
much excitement. On tlie inrlval of the
police It WIIH learned thai u row had been in
progicss , out of which the shots arose1.
Several arrests \voie made but nothing
definite rcgaiding tlie one who filed the shots
could bo learned , although ono ot the special
police was on the gioumlwhcn thcy.wcre
m rd.
llnrglars effected an enhance Into Bohan-
( Mi's hutchci shop by hmiMng open the back
doordrllllng a hole Into tlic safe and blowltig
It open. They secured some 5CO in cash. No
clue to the burglars.
A Sncl AflTnlr Corcinci'lM
HAbriNrts , Neb. , Oct. 25. fKiicUal to tlio
JJrr. ] The coroner's jmy in tlie case of Anna
ShnVely , aged 8 jcars , found dead in bed
at her home eight miles soullic ist of this city ,
found upon examination that the body had
received several biuisos , theie beluga num
ber of swellings nnd abrasions. The left
nnn and lovu rllmb were considerably swollen
and discolored , mid bluish red spots vvcio
visible along the left side and along the
Bplne. There weie also purple marks under
iho tin oat and undei the lelt ear. The back
dnd flngcis of the left hand were nl o
swollen and discolored. The abdomen had
all turned purple and the general appearance
of the body , fiicludlni ; the symptoms above
described , together with tlio emaciated con
dition , led to the conclusion that the child
bad boon subject * d to rough and cruel treat-
niejit and neglect. There was no conclusive
evidence , however , tliat deatli icsiiltcd trom
any recently Inflicted wounds or bruises , but
It seems to bo the Impression that death was
tlm result of long nculect and cruelty , and
lack of proper attendance uiidtroat-
infliit. Slio was evidently u frail and sickly
phlld. Four jcars ago Mr. Snavoly lived near
Ayr , in this county , and Ins vvito ran away
with another man. The only blame attached
to the woman by the neighbors was tlmt she
' did not takotho child vvlfli her. Mr. Suavely ,
\\hnliastho reputation of bclnc a worthless
nd shiftless character , has farmed the child
ont' to dlffrreut parties to care for her , nnd
the family In who o house Klio was found
tlewl wan not able to give her the pioper care
demanded by her delicate health since she
was left there last Juno byhci lather , who
has not vlhltod hi r since. In all probability
no criminal charge w ill be ( nought against
Mr. and Mrs. llalte , at whose house the girl
died. Suavley seems to bo wholly indif
ferent in repaid to the sad affair , for which
he ts no doubt in a laigo lueasiuc re
sponsible. _ _
Two Crooks Cnptnrcd.
BroojiiNOTON , Neb. , Oct. 25. [ Special to
the BcnJ J. B. Duck and T. M. lloso were
arrested jesterday by Sheriff Hamilton , of
York county. They were taken Into custody
rm complaint of a Jeweler at York , named
\vesto\ei , for seem ing ? 1.NXI wortli of goods
niielei false mctcnscs. Anlving at UucK's
place the capturing party went Into the house
and found Duck and Kosc They told
them they hail a coupio ot land buj ers out-
Bldo and asked them to show them the Baker
farm. Both went out and when within n few
feet pC the buggy the sheriff jumped out and
( grabbed the hands ot both In a powerful grip
undheld them until the handcuffs were put
on them. Duck and Ito ewore entirely un
nerved and begged to be allowed to settle ,
but they were taken right to York. Monday
nmhtiul the poisoiiul property of Pud : was
attached on n mortgage licld by the Lxclumgo
. Bpicnclliii * the Order. , Nel ) . , Oct. 25. [ Special to tlio
Bui : . ] A lodge of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen was organised in om city
last night by P. P. jilis : , grand lecturer , with
twenty charter members drawn fiom among
our best citUous. The list of oflleere Is ns
' follows : J. S. Johnston , P. M. W. ; Prof. AV.
F. Buck , M. W.i W. 0. VanGundy , foreman ;
J. S. Rismlor , overseer ; B. C. Ward , recoid-
cr ; T. J. Paelden. llnanclcr ; J. P. McOorkle ,
receiver ; AsherBcalo , guide ; W. A. Mvers ,
1. W. ; .1. V. Davis , O. W. ; trustees , T. A !
Moaker. John Bruce nnd M. N. lieeinnii ;
medical exttinineii ) , Drt , .T. W. Milchel and
J. F. Bradshaw. The lodge will meet on
Monday night of each week and inv Itos v Islt-
nitf brethren from Guide Hock , Chester ,
Jlmely , Kdgar and elsewhere. A'graiul lodge
for tlio state of Nebraska vvlll soon bo organ-
A riullroiiel Hooiu nt Grnnd Island.
GUANU Ibi.AM ) , Oct. 25. [ Special to tlio
, MKU. ] The new B. &M. scheme , the Grand
Island iV , Wjopilng Central , which was In-
eonioratcd nt Lincoln a few days ago , Is ma
terializing. The purchase of the ilght-of.
ttuyfortho new road to the has
already been begun. S. jr. Bennett , owning
bo first section of land joining the city Uni
I ts , has almuly received payment tor the
and wanted bvUio nevvriillioad. and other
pa ) ments to other parties vv ill follow at once.
( Jnind islanders are jubilant. Tliat this is
destined to become an important railroad
ctintei thcio is no longer any doubt ,
estate miotatlons are consequently hav Ing an
upward tendency.
The lumber merchants are laying In big
stocks owing to the i eduction of lumber
rates to thU point three cents pet humlivd
poundb- . _
Kitspeoted of Murder ,
IlnoojiiJCOTON , Neb. , Oct , 25. [ Special to
Uio BCAJ. ] It Is believed by many hero that
Frank Whitney , alhw Walker , murdered his
nlfeln the woods Fouth of here. Ho came
tothlseouutiy about a jear ngovvlth thu
lloso-Ditck outfit. Soon after ho married
GusHle Uurant , J.B.Juck making an ullidavlt
Drat Whitney was unmarried. He has re
cently ab.scomU'd and O'tissiu applies for n
divorce. Clictim ! > tanets ! ronnexto : < l with his
vvlfcru disappearance are very susjilclous ,
Detectives have been nt work on tbo ease for
ujeai. _
Another Youug Man Gone
BI.OOMINC , ION , Neb. , Oct , 25. [ Special to
tlio Him. ) Quito a scut-'ation wa-s created
IJCTO vcitailuy by the uovva Uint Itcuo Mont-
gomcrjlhnd absconded. It Is paid that lie
hasMolon nuttoasum of money. It Is also
stated that he committed two or thrco for
geries. He left n wife and child without a dollar
lar In monej. His wife relumed fiom Cam-
budge , whcie Iteiio has been running a
iiows-pipcT , Snttndny. He Is the sm ( of Hon.
11. W. Montgomery , fomierlv receiver In the
United Mates land oflleo at Bloomlngloii ,
Conc tculio Wull.
HKII Ci.ot'D , Neb. . Oct. W. [ Special to the
UKI : . ] Ucjmty United Mates M"arshal Allen
vesteiday sohcd the stock ot the Great West
ern Implement company , of this city , with
branches at McCook , Oberlln , lllvcrton , and
oilier points. The levy was made on attach-
assets , § 20,000.
A Ticket lo Scoop ,
Sr m'YU.n , Neb. , Ocl. 2. " . [ Special to the
Br.n.j The t'ollax county duuocratlc con
vonllon was hold jesteiday , and nominated
thetollowlm : tlcke't :
Treasurer , K. Brown ; clerk , A. M. Pnr-
s-ons ; sheriff , .Joseph bicbert ; jiidse , .lo cph
Dvvorak ; superintendent , W. T. Price ; com-
inNsloticr , I'lfd. Barnholdt : survejor , J. S.
Uovveli ; coroner , Lambert Folda.
A Clergyman Pier * Suddenly.
NOIITII PLAIIK , Xeb. Oct. M. [ S ) > eclal
to the Bri : . ] Itev. Dr. John McNamara , well
known tlnoughout the fitatc , died suddenly
jesterday afternoon fiom u stroke ol paraly.
sis. Although lie had been ailing for some
time his death wastinoxpcv toil , and Is a w veie
blow to the community. His miinv good
ejualitie'S hucl cndearex ! linil to tlie residents of
North Plalte , whcio his loss will be deeply
A Shooting Scrnpo nt Sidney.
SIDNIY : , Od.'i" . [ Special to tlio Bir. : ]
Swan DIetrick , who was shot In the left arm
nnd side by the bar-tender in Harry Winter's
saloon , Is In a dangerous condition , and Ids
wounds may prove fatal. Ills assailant Is
under nirest. Dietnck was chunk mid rate-
Ing n distill banco in tlie saloon when lie was
shot by the barkeeper , at whom ho attempted
to throw a spittoon.
A Doiihlo Itnrii-niiriiiiif ; at Kcnriioy.
KIIAUVKY , Ncl ) . , Oct. 25. [ Special to the
BEI : . ] Caieiessuess on the part of the son of
S. S. ht. John , Saturdnv , burned the bain of
his lather , together with that of James .leu-
kins , to thegioitml. 'Iho loss will amount teA
A Ono Year Sentcneo.
COI.U.MIIPH , Neb , Oct. 2.1. [ Special lo tlio
Bin : . ] Yestoiclay .Judge Post sentenced Her
man Henry , aged 17 years , to the peniten
tiary for ono year. He was convicted of
shooting witJi Intent to kill.
The Depnrtinent Tackled 1 > 3 * the
Warrlnji Telephone ConipnnicH.
WAHIUNOTON , Oct. 25. Three petitions
have been presented to the department ot !
justice asking that suits In equity be brought
to vacate the Bell p itents now owned by the
Ameilean Bell telephone company. Two of
these petitions were presented by tlio Globe
telephone company , and the other by
the Washington telephone company.
'Iho department of justice lias re-
tened tlio petitions with accompanjlng
I-apers to the department of the Interior foi
the "report , advice and recommendation ot
tlio Reerotaiy of tlie interior. " Tlio secretary
of the Inteifor In turn bus refeired each to
the commissioner of patents for his "report
and opinion. " Mr. Montgomery has not re
ported to tlic secretary of the Interior , but has
submitted to him u bilef summary of each
cose. Secretary Lamar directs and
will order that Inasmuch as his
advice , opinion and lecommeudatlon
are invited ho will ask all Interested parties
to appear before him and tlie commissioner
of patents , exhibit all facts and answei the
follow ing questions : 1 Has tlie government
a right to institute such a suit for such a pur
pose ? a If it has do the facts ns they snail
bo pi esented warrant a demand that such a
suit be broughtV All proceedings will be
had publicly.
The Embryo Navy.
WASIHNO TON , Oct. 24. The report of the
navy board , constituted by order of Secre
tary Whitney to examine tlio woik and ma
terials of the unfinished cruisers , Chicago ,
Boston and Atlanta , and to ascertain a lair
maiKct value thereof , Including u reasonable
ninigln of piollt upon tlic woik , has been
uppiovcd by tlio secretary , and scut by him
to tlie naval advisoiy boatcl. which iuttci has
been ordered to go on with the woik. The
board of appraisal , In Its general icport.
upon three vessels Bays tliat materials and
workmanship , as far as can bo scon at this
stage of tlie work , me good and answer the
icijulrements of the contracts , and considers
that by expending the monoywhlch the boaid
estimates as necessary to make the vessels
complete and up to the contract , that it will
have al that time vessels up in elmractoi mid
quality to contract requirements.
Fred Douglass Must Go.
Nnvv YOUK , Oct. 24. [ Special to the Bee. ]
A Philadelphia dispatch to the New York
World s.ijs : Bobert Purvis , who was asso
ciated with the nntl-slavcry workers.icturned
to-day from a visit to the president , made to
secure the dismissal of Tied Douglass as ro
coider of deeds foi the District ot Columbia.
Ho said Douglas must go. Hols an offensive
partisan , who made fiery speeches for Blaine
before election , and Is now tr > Ing to curry
lav01 with Cleveland. The piesldent listened
to mo eagerly , and took tlio papers I had. Ho
said If a coloicd man of suitable attainments
could be found , he need not ben demneiat ,
because colored democrats uro few , but If ho
is Independent In polities he would appoint
him. [ told the piesldent that this was a
golden opportunity lei the administration to
vvln acoloied man ,
A Uiilcpio JSccklnco.
Nr.w YOIIK , Oct. 24. [ Spodal to the Hun. ]
A decidedly unique necklace is now In the
hands of Tiffany & Co.'s workmen. It Is to
bo made up of a collection of mummy ej cs
brought fiom Pern by W. K. Curtis , of the
South Amci lean commission. Curtis writes
that local antiquaries from whom the eyes
were puichascd believed they belonged to a
species of cuttlefish formerly common on thu
IViuvlan coast. Piof. Itamondl , n native
ethnologist , maintains that they mo really
human eyes. Since the eves have In'cn in
this country they Imvo bean examined by
gentlemen connected with the .Smithsonian
Institution and they agree tliat they are 01 j s-
Inline ) ions of the ejo of Ihocultlelibh , or
squid. The lenses vaiy fiom one-fifth to sev
en-tenths of an Inch In diameter , considera
bly larger tlian the lens of the human e > e. It
Is said the woik of polishing the ojes has
been Inteinipted by the Illness ol several lap *
Idarlea , attributed to the poisons used in pie
Uloocly Worlc of Mooiisliiiiern.
Nisw YOIIK , Oct 21-fSpecial to the Bin : . ]
A Josstip , GIL , dispatch eays : William
Clemmens , of McYllle , the newly appointed
revenue ofllcer , wont to Montgomcrycounty
jcstciday , with two assistants to capture nn
Illicit still. While passing along n lonely part
of the load , tha tlneo men weie tired upon by
nioonshincrs and Clemmens and one of his
companions were killed. Officer Boso , tlie
third of the party , escaped with n bad wound
In tlio side and his coal riddled with bullets.
Great excitement prevail * and n battle be
tween iiioonbhincra and a posse of cltUeus U
Tlio l're Iclciit' Contrihiition.
NKW Yoitit , Oct. S4. [ Special to the Jlcn. )
Col. Uimont liandeil $1,000 to Uie demo-
cratlostate committee yesterday RS a eoiitri
bUtlcul Ot till ] J'lYbldCUt. '
Filley Unfolds His Knowlcdgo of the Con
troverted Question.
Chainers dl' Opinion Contributed lij
ScnntorArkell niut Vlco-1'resl-
dcnv Hendilcks of Op-
poslte Characters.
Fllley I'lrcs n Volley.
Si. Lot is , Oct. a1 ! . | S ] u.lal to the UKI : . ]
The fact came to the knowledge of > our
eorre pondcnt to-day thatC'Imuncoyt. Tllloy ,
n life-long icpubllcaii , who has stood high In
the councils of the party Mate and national
was possessed of facts , which put In print ,
would piovoa mo't Interesting contilbutlon
lo thecontioversy conceinlng the lelatlon *
of JohiHnii and Grant. Accordingly FHloy
w as sought and rociucsted to tell his story.
Ho reluctantly consented and proceeded \vlth
a statement of which the .substance Is hero
given :
Filley and Montgomery Ulalr , nttcnney general -
oral under Lincoln , weie. most intimate
friends , mid It was by Ul.ilr tint Filley was
placed In iwsbesston of the details of this
most Intciestlng bcrap of secret and unwrll-
ten liistory of the nation. Johnson and
Dlalr were eloto friends. After Johnson
was Inaugurated president , he made Ulai s
house In Washington his home , and Ulalr
was to a certain extent a confidential ad
vlser. Jlefore Lincoln was assassinated the
icpublican paity was split , Hen Wade , Sal
nion P. Cha e and William H. SCAVarc ! load
ing that portion of the party deshousof en
forcing the most radical measure" ' . When
Lincoln was killed and Johnson became
thoc men sought control of John
, but soon discovered that Lineoln'b pol
icy was to be followed out by his successor.
Then Uiej delennlned to gel lid oMiim. An
elaborate scheme was planned , the details of
which were all know n to Juhiibon. The plot
was to prove Johnson unlit thiough
the excessive ute of Hmior and
opiates to exercise the functions ot his ofllce.
They colhc ted and maiiulactmcd a mass of
evidence , beginning with hwoin testimony to
prove' Johnsun drunk when inaugurated and
that lie had no Idea what Iho oath of office
was. or vvliat was tnuiiIrinir. ) 'Ihen they
jireparcd a lot of evidence , setting lorth the
day and date of a vast niimbei ot acts ol the
president , publie and private , to .show his
mind was Impihcd , all of which was to seive
as a basis foi the arrest of Johnson.
lilairand the president were peifectly well
a\ < arc ot what was going on. and dltcusBed
the proiriess of the plot. When , however ,
the schemers had t > o far perfected their plans
thai it only remained to decide on the dale for
arrest , Johnson decided to send lor General
Sheiman. The piesjdent was alrahl ot
( ! rant , the general ol ! tlic army. He thought
Grant aspired toadictatoiship. and In a con
versation witli Hlali , pointed to the fact that
Sherman had been sent as far Irom the capi
tal us possible. It w os decided then to send
lor Old Tccnmseliwhich , was done , and when
Sherman arrived the surprise of Grant was
great. The president proceeded very cautious
ly. He did not tell Sherman all the facts ,
lie never spoke to him of n conspiracy , but
"Imply bald he was going to send Giant to
Mexico , and desired to have bhciman at
Washington. Theiestistohl In recent pub
lications. Sherman told the piesldcnt Grant
would not go to Mexico , \oluiitceiedhim
self. Johnson let each of the plotters know
in a quiet but unmistakable way that ho was
tnlly posted as to their schcmeb and they
abandoned theldeaof arresting thcprehldenf ,
mul their plans took bhapo later in the im
peachment proceedings. This sending for
General bhciman by the president apprised
Giant that he was suspected and dlbliu&ted
by the president , and it was not long before
oven a pretense of friendship was abandoned
by the president and the head of the army ,
and then followed coriespoiulonco between
them , a portion of which is now finding Its
way Into print. This , bald Filley , is the story
told fifteen jears ago by Montgomery Ulali.
A Contrlhntlou From Arkoll.
Nr.w Yoitn , Oct 31. [ Special to the Bii : : . [
In an interview In the Tribune State Sena
tor Arkell , referring to Pepow's letter on
Giant's connection with the proposed plans
of President Johnson , iccallsa conversation
he had witli Grant just bcfoie his death. "Af
ter reading a book called the 'Downfall of
the Republic , ' " says Arkell , "Grant said : 'I
hao been called as commamlei of the army
to conclude the buiiprcss ! < 5n of : the icbelllon ,
and have been the personal means of provcnt-
jng a mibseqiicnt civil war , menacing and
dangeious , jet of which little I know.1 A
venerable financier , \vho used to bo well
known In Wallbtreet , and who was thor
oughly Informed In political matter * , in al
luding to this expression ol Gen. Grtint.whith
phjslcians who rei > ortocl It , attributed to
possible mental vvandeilng from phjblcal
weakness , said : "I icmcmber the time well.
The riiii'or struck the bticct that some portentous
tentous dNtiirbanco was blowing in Wash
ington. Goveinniontsecurities dioppcdter
ribly Irom borne unknown cause. The caibo
of the depression was found to luvcoilginiit-
d in Baltimore. Subsequently Itwa.suscci-
talned to have been based on Information
piocnrccl by Hob Johnson , the president's
private sccictaiy , who had Fiincptltloiislv.
copied and sold portions of a draft of an In
tended proclamation , In which the picsldent
propo.scd to dec'lare adjoin nod and
demanded full repiosentatlon torthoccccdcd
hiatus as the only constitutional body ho
would recognUe. 'Ibis corroborates , " savs
Arkcll , " 01 pcihapsrathu amplifier , Deiiew's
rcceut statement. It shown how much laigei
than we know Is the debt wo owe the silent
hare , who stood between the wild and Infat
uated ambition of a weak but stiibboin
man and ugieat national calamity. "
Hendrlck'fl Hoodoos the Chm-fto.
INDIANAI'OI.IB , Illd. , Oct. 'J5.r-TllO NoWH
jesterday contained nn Inteivlow with
Vice President Hendrlcks about the stoiy
put In circulation by Chanm-ey M. Dopew
about PiCbldent Johnson's contemplated
congiess to IKS coiujwised of icbel Bympa-
thlrci'ft entirely. "This story won't do , "
said Hcndrlck Vand publi , opinion will not
sustain any such chaigcs made twenty j earn
after the alleged events bappi ned , and after
all the pcrbons who were cllrectly connected
with them aio dead. Personally , I know
nothing of Mr. Johnson's opinions or Intent
tloiiH , timber tlmn thu Information ( hat
came to mo In the position 1 held. I was In
the United States senate and I Ixith bpoke
and voted against the ImiKMchment of John
son. Wliile i never had any conversation
witli him on the subject ictcncd to
by Dcpew , I am sine that Johnson had no
such intention. He believed In lostorlng and
not leconstiuctlng the states , and that the
tedenil goveinment had no light to change or
abrogate their constitutions. 1 think Mr ,
Lincoln held this v low ulbo , I have no doubt
that Johnson wanted Stanton rcmov ed , but
It was on personal grounds , for they were not
good ft lends. I cannot believe he bud any
such purpohit as that attilhutcd to him , and 1
never he-aid It charged before the lust few
days. It IB not llkelv that such an important
political matter bhcmld have icmalncdslhnt
toi twenty vcars. I have mul the vailous
statements In the papers and aui Inclined to
ulvethe greatest cicdenco to that of Judge
( ioodlng , of Grmitield. whoso recollection
about Mich mattws Is always accurate , and
who was then In a position to know * what
President Johnson intended to do , "
Fimernl of .Tosh
I.KNOV. Mass. , Oct 25. The funcnvl of
Henry W. Hhavv ( Josh nilllnpi ) took place
at Iaudiboidhls nativo.Ui\v n , j cstertlay , Tfio
strvlcxv vvcie lugely nttvudvd.
Tim Itiileai-lnu AITalf A View iif the
KiiKllHti Political Kltiinllon.
LON-DOV , Oct. s.'i.-tSp'K'laHo the llir..J
England has consented to enter the Constan
tinople conference. Thlsoughl to mean Lord
SalMmiy 1ms obtained some tfuarniitee that
the Ihisfllan programme slioJI not ho carried
out , but no assurance on this point has been
made public. The change In the situation
sluco last wrek Is remai liable. Husslahas
got roil ml the poi to , shaken Its Intention to
recognize accompliihotl fads Rtul convinced
tiermany that the resloi-atlon of the status
quo ullo can only prevent mi unknow n meas-
uieol complications. Germany is imtllmr on
the nsiml pressure , and Au tiln , as usual ,
gives way. Russian diplomacy looks like
\ \ Inning all along the line. Prince Alexan
der will be dlbciedlted , If not removed ; ho
miibt UiAiimehls vassjlshlp to Hussln. Lord
Salisbury , If ho allows Bulgaria to be again
divided , will make u desperate effort to save
I'rliico Alexander , In who c behalf the
queen is doing all she can. Lord SalNhury
knows , moreover , thathandlng over lloitmo-
lla again to Turkey must have a. thimaglng
effect on the Dullish elections.
' 1 he electoral contest continues amid the
contusion which has hitherto prevailed.
Gladstone's two attempts to lmrmoiiio the
contending sections of the llhenilpailv have
fulled. The manlfcMo that was intended to
provide a platform on Vvhich ever ) bed v might
st.xiid baa only served to mark the cxk'iit of
radical incursions before Its four corn r > .
Mr , 'Chamberlain's summons to Ilawardcn
resulted In an ineffectual compiomlse. The
duel between the llbemls and uulltals con
tinues in the presence of mi ama/ed and
piu/lcd public. The truth Is the liberals arc
ovei cunildcnt in victory , and think tluij
nirij lndnlie in factious dl-fsensious witli im
punity. Iho tadlcals seem much more
anxious to obtain abt < 'udoney in the liberal
jiaitj than that of the torlcs. Tory election-
eorlnir. Indeed , has been ol the dullest
c lianu'ter sinc-e Lord Salisbmy spoke until
I.oid llandolph Churchill enloicd the field.
Hut Lord Salisbury nnd Lend Randolph
Clmic'hlll are alike silent on onecjuestion
which the English public want answcrc'd :
"Wliataiethcfj golngto do alvout , IrclandV"
Yosterdaj's cabinet meeting is bcllov cl to
have icsolvcd to c'onlinue to do nothing.
Lord Randolph Churchill's will , as usual ,
niovails , and ho regards the alliance with
Parnell as the sole hope of preventing a 10
tuin of the radicals to wnvei.
Nobodv in Kngland troubles the accuracy
of Trevclyaii's description of the condition
of Ireland. Inmost pattS of the Island no
rent whatever Is paid , boycotting Is verllent
and almost universal , but the lory cabinet , as
Englishmen think , prefers to tolerated sub
version of law and social disorganization
lather than lose the chances ot buying Par-
nell's support. Roughly speaking , Knulnnil
has to cheese between a policy which tends
tends towards an ultimate surrender to Pai-
ncll and the policy which embodies a seri
ous menace to the existing organisations of
society. Uotb mav bo avoided 11 modciatc
men regain control of both part ion. but ex
treme men at this momcnl aie most Influen
tial In both.
LOMIOX , Oct. 3-1. It Is now evident that
the pailiamontarv campaign will not pass oil
without serious noting in many quarters as
paity feeling is already running high and
dally Kro\vs more bitter. The Maiquis ot
Lorno , liberal candidate for Hanipntead ,
when atUienford , seven miles west of Lon
don , dcllvcicd a specehi AV Idle addressing
the electors a mob assaulted him witii lotion
eggs , and some of them paining the platform
smashed his hat over hishead. , The sup-
poitersof the maiquls rushed to his rescue
and a fight ensued. Lome then
became thoroughly filghloiiod. and
hastily deimitcd from the pceiie ,
nui thioiiKh the streets. In a dienching rain
to the lailway station ami immediately de
parted for London. M un\hilo the low con
tinued , and the supporters of thcmaiquls ,
being seveicly handled , and discouraged by1
the deseitlon of their chhinplon , retreated ,
leaving tlich oontcstomuastorH of the field.
The latter then bci/ed the platform and
passed a resolution condemning the liberal
jiollcy. When the queen's non-in-Iaw made
nib appearance as liberal candidate foi
Hiimpstead , it occasioned cousldeiablo MU-
prlsc * , and when in his nddi ess lie advanced
radical opinions , the sm prise was gieatly in-
crea < ; ed.
The marquis advocated immcdlale dises
tablishment in Scotland. Ho championed
the piinciplcs of fho free land league , ami
with a view to tbo ejicouiaucment of snb-
divislon of land , suggested tliat the sales of
large estates en bloc should bo subject to
hc-avv taxation , while sales of land to be di
vided into smaller lots should be left duty
ftee. Ho lavoicd the extension of local
sclf-gov eminent to Ireland , nnd infusion
into the houbC of loids ol elected membcis.
An Appeal hy the
DUIILIN , Oct. M. The Patiiotlc Union has
Issued a long manifesto denouncing the
Irish national league forhiiving foi five j eais
imbittc'rcd Irish home life , coeiced individ
ual libertv , extoi ted hard earned monej from
the people and permitted thepeipctration of
outrages. The Union appeals to the people
to iisscit their independence of the league
and maintain the Intigritvo ! the cmplie.
' 1 he manifesto calls for electors to vote
against the tjrannv ot Parnell and the
Itagues of petty IcadciSy bankrupt farmers
and Idle loungers , vtlii ) fprui the Icatrue , and
Intimidate the country.
The noyoottinft Cnftlonieii.
CCHIK , Oct. S5. English shljipers refuse to
assist tlic cattle men hcieln their efforts to
boycott the Cork packet company. The cat
tle men have chartered a Danish steamer to
convey their cattle to .England.
Coal Carn ti n Hcnp.
SitAcusn , X. Y. , Oct. > . Saturday
whllo u cod tuiln was nsci'iullng a heavy
giadeon tbeKliulm , Portland & Northi'rn
railroad , near 1'ieevllle , the coupling pin of
one of the cars broke and thu train dadicd
back down the hill at the rate ol foity miles
an hour , btrilclnic another coal tialn follow
ing twenty mlnute.s behind. The locomo
five and ten eais of the second train worn
piled up in a heap , and Kiigineor Htovvn and
his tlicman were run ov'f rand Instantly kill
ed. Conducloi Rofjers was so terribly ln-
Jiui'd that ho will die. A brakcman named
Judd has not been found and Is supposed to
IH ) under the vva-ck , which Is being cleat ed
from the track.
An IrlKh Sta'H
Ar.AA.vv , N. Y. , Oct. M. MriParnollad -
dtxb.sed it miibs meeting' ' at Lelaud opera
house to-night. Aclihc $ c > > were also
delivered by server. ! ! of the
Catholloclergy. . llcfiolutlons expietr
blng bympathy vVlth the c-ausn
of Iiolaiiil and adinlratlon for Mr. Pariull
\iiiiiniiiiouslvpassrd. . ) A suliMilptton of
$ . ' , ' 00 wns raised by the 1 audience to help
elect Jiloh repicscntativcs to jiailliiment.
The WcuthfT.
WASHINOTON , Oct. JS. U'pper Mississippi
Valley : Fair weather ; slightly colclei In
northern portions ; stationary temperature In
southern portions ; ruijablc , preceded by
south to west winds in southern portions.
Missouri Valley : Fair mathcr ; slightly
colder In northern portion ; stationary tem
perature In houthc ni portions ; > : uiablu , pre
ceded by northerly \\Inu8.
Major < Jrncowjll ! Vote.
Xr.w YDIIIC , Oct. 3 . [ Si > eclal to the HBE. ]
Major Graeo reglbltrcil jesteulay for the
first time and If he votes , on Xovcmber ilrdlt
will be his first vote , ! His naturalliaUon
iiaperb were Issued Nov ember lind , IbUi , uUer
Ills nomination for majijr.
CloiU'ini : House ! Jli'conL
13osros' , Oct. 'i5. Lfjulln. ; clearing houses
of tbo United States ic'i it that the toU
elisir.uict'd for the ) wi k ending Saturday ,
October S.weio | lUl.oiT , U3 , an lucrcasoof
.84 compauit with Jbv v rruiiondlni ; weuk
A Wonderful Week's Business Done on the
A Fi'ofllnblc' Bull Movement Satur
day's Grnln awl Cattle llcpnrt
from ChScnsoT-Cont luucd
Utilities * tllO ItlllC.
The Week on thu Stock
Nuvv YOIIK , Oct. ' . . [ Special to the
BIUJ. ] The Now York stock exchange sel
dom had a laager week's business than
In the one just ended. One of thu
objects of the hull campaign Is certainly ac
complished. The public Is in the market to n
greatere.xtcntthan at any time dining the
pist three joars. It only icqulred encour
agement to bring them in. The bull combi
nation counted on this and laid their plans.
It is altogether piobablo that the cngluccis of
the movement unloaded their stocks and secured
cured their piolits In the e.nly part of the
week. Many experience d operators looked
for an Inevitable H action on Wednesday
last. In this thcj wcio disappointed. Even
the threatened danger to the new tiunk line
pool by the Baltimore * Ohio's refusal to sign
the passenger business agreement failed
more than to depress the maiket a little.
Public bujing supported the market , and
prices closed at an advance ovirlastwi'ek.
in the piesent speculative temper of tlio pub
lic a farther advance is easily possible. But
when tlio public get through bujing theio
will bo a pretty livelv slump. Tlie tall in
piices vvlll then only be measured by tlio de
gree of eagei ness on the public's part to Ret
out , and the extent to which the hew short in
terest 1ms been loiiued to give ( be market sup
port by bujing when tin1 frightened public
begins to tluovv its holdings overboard.
Tlie speculative furore is alwajs uiiio.i ou-
nble , but this one is more than usual. A few
dajsago Heading was iearelod us practically
worthless , and so d at the lowest rocnidod
price. Foicelosuionndaii assessment equiv
alent to wiping out tlio stock appealed Inevi
table. This week , however , Heading sudden
ly began lo jump. Tlio market was appar
ently tilled with bujing orders , and up it
went on Immense ti-.uisnctlnns to'JoeAt the
same time rumors were out In fmeo tliat Van-
dcrbilt was bujing tlio stock with a view of
completing his contiol , cu tliat the Pennsjl-
vaiiia was bujing with tlie same object. It
looks now very much as If some one hud mar
keted a lot ol stocks , ami people wore not
wanting who sav Vanderbllt cot rid In this
way ol his Heading holdings. Tlie senseless
ness of the movement in the stock maybe
shown by tlio fact tliat there is an issue of
Heading bonds supciioi in lien to the stocks
which aio selling at a lower figure than the
stock itself.
Anothei stilkimr illustration ot the same
Illogical nature ol the speculation is shown
in tlie fact tliat New 1'ork Central stock
closed ut , ? 1.03 > 4' . The stock has IK en paying
dividends for the last two quarters at the
mngiiilieent rate ot M per cent , or 2 per cent
pei annum. Kven ijie most extravagant bull
vvlll hardly asseit tliat tor some time to come
the load will be able to earn moie than C per
cent on tlie stock. Nevertheless the com
pany's dcbentuiOH , which aio an absolute
piomiso to pay inteiest at tlie rate of flpor
cent per annum , are selling at 81.05 , or only
W/ per cent above the stock.
The telegraph situation Is very peculiar.
Tlio Gould party and insiders generally talk
hcaiishlv on the piopertj , and a party identi
fied witli the fortunes pf the Baltimore &
Ohio think Westein Union not such n bad
piojiertj' after all. It would not IHJ sur-
piihiug If tlic'ic was a deal concealed some
Chicago Grain Market.
CnicAoo , Oct. 'if. [ SjR'cial to the Bi i : . ]
WimAT The market closed weak at the
lowest prices curient during the month of
October , nnd 5 > # j lower for the leadiiiK
options tlian at tlie clo e ono week ago. The
market opened steady with good buying ,
under which December advanced to & > % c ,
and lemalned steady at thatligure for the first
hour. Several estimates woiethen mailoas to
the probable ineieaso which would bo
shown In the next visible supply report , one
house estimating that/the incioaso would bo
nearly ilooejooinmhliels. 'lliis pioeliucd an
immediate feeling of weakness , and to tlie
close of the session oiK-rlngs were vi ry laige.
under which tlie pi ice for Doc'omboi declined
to scj , ' c , and closed on tlio latest tniding at
NlJiji/i Uic against U2e one week ngo. The
prcbhiiroto soli was ve > ry sharp tlnoinrhoul
tlie entire session , nud Hie decline was
almost steady witli very few reactions.
Hoeolpts show a tailing oil' at all
except noithweslein points , but werotcpeirled
JarKoin MimicapoIK liii-pitoof the laigo
aiiivals at the latter points It was reported
tliat milleis had id tbeii bids ,
for wheat , which occasioned a temporaiy
tci'llng ot Dimness hen1 , but It stajed the
downward eouise ol tlie maiket for only a
brletperiod. Cables iepoitc.d quiet foreign
mm Nets with no appicciahlc change in prices.
COIIN Corn was in lair demand and prices
early \veio firmer , but weakness followed to-
waul Ihoclosi ! and the inaiUet closed general
ly a shade lower.
OA-IH Oats ruled fiim owing to light ro
oeiit.s | and a gooel shipping demand , and the
latest piloes weie genciaily well up to those
of vesterelay.
PnovisioN's Piovlslons woroweaker , and
both pork and laid clo-ed fractionally lovvei.
Chicago l'l\c Stock lUaikct.
CJIICACIO , Oct , 2T . [ Spccial to tbo Bir. : |
OA'iTLi : Hc'ceipts to day wen1 eight oars of
stock , less than -00 head , the smallest mmiboi
iccelve'd since the snow blockade last winter.
There was not sufficient business to make a
maiket. Tlie stale-c.ittle loft hist ntehtworo
not wanted ; drested beef ommtois luid on
iiiiiul about all they needed anil shipping
oideis vveicllght. 'roxansniid innge'rs carne
( n,3.10j (500 ( to ' 00 Ibs M. ) fe < tt.7ri. Western
itingcis mo hlo\v ; natives and hall-bleeds ,
no s.iles to-day.
JJouH The market wati aetlvo ami prices
hleadj as ( omp.U'C'd with the close ot jestei-
day. Oidlmiri nin of p.icklng sorts hold at
ijHO : < Si.70 : , iomli and ( ommon oddsand ends
bold at SUOii.i.r. ( ( ) , and hiithoavj at . ! l.7iXt !
av > . Packing and Miipnliif , ' , U.M ) to line Ibs ,
SH5r > : i.bO. Light vvclxhto , 1W to lie tb.i ,
Ujal-V' ' iw t "W Ibs fr.MOil.r.o.
A Toii-1'eiinj Jlroiith.
1'in.snuiiu , Pa. , Oct. 25. 1'or the first tlmo
In twenty jcars theie is a famlrm In nulls ,
the result of the long Mill.o of the nailers.
Pilijos have advancivl to S.1.1U on asbotted
rjualltles , and even ut these figures It U Impos-
hihlo to got them. A tew small lots tliutnie
iM'Ing handled by PlttMmig dealers are
hliipittd hero Ironi WllllamHimrK and New
castle , I'n. Within the last week It has Ixen
Impossible to get moro thin fiom twenty five
to nfty kcglot * from the U'ludiug dlstilct.
Intending I/ync'IiiTH / Hoarcd Anuy.
( iAi.VBHTOX , Oct. % A dlsjiatch from
Donlhon to the Nevvssas an attempt was
made nt an oaily hour this morning to
liiich ( Jrlmes , a coloied mini who wasai-
U'bkd jebtcrdaj clmigd ( with assaulting two
little girls. The lalli r frlghtent d the masked
\lhltorsnvvay bj Jlrlngn pistol smcial times.
Itlh believed another attempt will IH > made
to-night , lluth ehlldren cUim to Identify
Not Arurdoieil UH Itcnoitod ,
l l'ASO.Tcx. . , Oct. aJ.-Tlio report of the
murder of Conductor bamucl Duubar , of the
Central iallro.i < l , bypaches , whllo
pocUng in dlstriei , provs to
Ixieli iinfoiiiidi < l. llo was In tuo vicini
ty ol the hobllled but cvadid thou ) .
N scocncn.
rnnntlcnl rrcncliinnn OppoHlnK the
\Vork ofthc llcnlth Onlccra.
AfnNTiinAT , Oct. 83. The authoiltles nro
meeting with considerable opposition In the
work of Isolating smallpox patients. i'J'o day
n cartel named Trepanlcr called a nnnibrr of
his neighbors to his assistance and together
with the mob drove off n po < = so of sanitary
police which had come to remove ono of the
cartel's children to the hospital. Tivpauler
\vlll be submitted before the new court which
has been established for the trial of. such
ca1 . At another hou = e to which the officers
went for a similar purpose n man drew a
knife and Kept thorn at bay until ho was tea-
soued out of his folly.
ArorsTA , Me. , Oct. 2.VIlr. . You IK. of the
state boanl of health , who viMled the Inspec
tion Matlon at Mor-fl liver last week. sa > s
that n largo number of l-'a-iuh Cana
dians passing thiough the place me
not Inspected oracclnat d unless
this bos recently been done , ami that miinv
esoapo by iiaisinu in the illicit ) . . A night
watcli will be cmplojed to stop them and call
on Inspector.
1)1. ' 1 hni nton Is building as r npldly as pos
sible n fumigating station w lieie the clothing
of emigrants Is to be dlslnfe < tod.
JIoMiinvi. , Oct. 2 % With icfei-eiieo to
the chaiges made by Kather Cu hing anil the
Ameilcaii bojhwholctt . * 3t. Lament collciio
on Saturday , the authorities vv III to-morro\v
publish a statement signed by the mavor of
St. Laurent , the college phvslclnn , and a
physician to the bontd of health , stilting that
there had not been a single 0,1 i > ; ot Miialhtov
In the college thlsjoai.Vlthieiraultobad \
food , .seveml of the students fiom .Miiss.ichu-
setts hive been examined and stale that the
food Is all that could be desired.
Qriinuc , Oct.'Jft. 'thisovenlng In all the
protestantand Catholicclmrohesalcttor fmin
the corpoi-.UIon boanl of health was ie.ul ,
calling upon the members of the dlllerent
congregations to be closed at once.
TOIIOMO , ( ) < . . " . The lii t death from
smallpox In this city occurred to day. It was
aboj. It Is supposed ho caticht the dlseasu
from bin fathci , who bail been unpacking
Infcctcdgloves from Mondial.
John McCulloiiKh'ri CIIHO Ci-ovvlnjj
MOD : HopoleHH.
Nnw YOUK , Oct. M. [ Special to the UJM : . ]
Since John McCiillougli was lemoved to
liloomlngdale his condition has been gradu
ally growing more and more hopeless.
Physically he Is not KO weak as generally
supiHHed , but nierclfnlly unconscious of his
condition. During the past week a s terand
some friends determined to lemovehim to
his own home and wife's eaie In Philadel
phia. Ho will bo taken to morrow to Phila
delphia. What John needs now Is n ho-pltal
rather than an nsjhiia. At home ho will
have oven moie tender care than where he Is
now. I was surprised when I siw him to dnv
In luid how little outwaid change thcie has
been in him.
Ono ot the physicians in whose < -art > 3Fe-
Cullough has IH.CII at Dloomingdale , t-niil :
"I do not think any dangoi , ellhei physliMl
01 mental , will be appichendod tioin the
jomncy. lie is httong enough to set up a
few boms tvv Ice a. duy. 1 think , however , the
end is not far oil. "
Two Attempt * to AVrcck flti'cot Cary
by the St. Tjouis Strikers.
C T. Louis , Oct. 'il. Anotliei ensatlon was
produced in street railway elides to-night.
While a caivas comintr down from north St ,
Louis on the Uellcfoutaino line , it ran over
some object on the track on Fourteenth , be
tween IJiemcn and Farrcn streets whl h ex"
plodcdwlthaloudrciKjrtand uhatlered one
of the front wheels of the car and otheivvlHo
injured it. Fiom the effectH of o.xplosion on
the track and the gioiind ties it Is
the explosive was djmimite. ( Jnlj ono pav
wngerwas in the ( , -ar , and he and the timer
weiothiown to tlielloorbut neitlier vvcio in-
bT. 'Lotus Oct. 2. ' ! . Another street railway
explosion took place to-ni-jlil , but luckily
like that of last night , was Imimloss. Itoc-
curied on the Jelleison avenue line near the
biidge which eiosscstho Missouri Pacific rail
road tracks about 10 o'clock , and broke one of
the front wheels of the car , but did no olhei
dannge. Several poisons weie in the car ,
but abide fiom the fainting off of one or two
ladles , no ono was hint. The Mioet rai
btnkers had a n it ado to day and held a cuid
meeting to-niglit , the result of which has not
v el transpii ed.
Clevoliuid'n Opinion of ( lie Kloelion
Nnw YOUK , Oct. iM.-TJio Herald the
following from Toledo : "N. U. Uacon ,
biother-in-h.w of President Cleveland , ro
ccutly ictinncd fioma visit to the chief ex
ecutive at WanhliiKton. The pi evident , ho
sajs , is not at all distmbed by tbo icsultol-
the elections in Ohio. Hcrathor believed all
altniK thatKoraicei would bo plotted , as Ohio
ib a republican htate. lie did , howc\cibopofoi
ademocriitieleglslatuie , and wastenibl > dih-
uppolntid to find that one was not eleeUM. "
' 'What docs ho think of Now VorkV" was
asked of Mr. Nacon.
"I am confident tint ho Is of Iho oitlnlon
that Davenport will be elected. He is going
home to vote toi Hill , and would Ilko to MO
him elected , Imtdoo not think ho will bo' "
" 1 found a iiuiubci ot democrats filendly
to the udminlsliation who hold the bumu
"Don't the president hold hluibclf blame
less foi this Mate ol atlalrs ? "
"Undoes not i are. "
"Will he change his policy about giving
out the olllci's more generally'/ "
"No , sit ; he will change his policy , but It
will be to moio stiiitlj M-iiillnl/o the en-
doiscmento. lie has been imposed uj on in
souiii liirtt.uiic'S and lias rosohcd that : i veiy
ilgld examination bhall IK ? made of c\cr >
candidate1. The democrats vvho look toi
muio llbenil imllcy tovvaid them may as well
get over the notion , for the people have got to
be more honest w lib the piobldcnt. "
M"o\IciiiiH nenlro Annexation.
Si. Louts , OctW.-AIcttci to the Globe-
Democrat from HI Paso MV.B : Theiels a good
deal of private talk among Inti lllgcnt and
] ire | > erty owning Mi'X.Icann In Willni.ihun In
favor of annexation to the United Mates of
the noithc'in tlci of Mexican blales. No open
movement has vet been made , 1101 has the
press touched the Mibjr < t , but the letter as-
boils that thru ) is a Miong niidiTcuiient
among the dabs alntve named In favm ut'
llnKIng theli debtlny to that ot the gioat
noi them republic.
1'rollop MootH fllH K.ilhcr ,
bi. Louis , Oct. 25. Hugh M. ItrookH.or , us
better known , W. H. Lennox Jlaxvvell , the
supposed m'lidcrer of 0. Aithur PreUer , met
his l.ither , .Samuel lliooks , vibterday In
the olllco of the jail for Iho fust Unto since
the dime was committed. ' 1 he oldei liiooks
c-ameliom Hyde , Kugland , to be with hlsMiu
duiiiig his trial. The liithei ami ronhivda
jirotraded talk , uttei vvhhh the lather with-
dicw , lloiUUiw.inls irtuti'd togl\o the pai-
ticiilarsof the Interview , but htalcd that ho
nan moil ) than cr.ei convinced ot hUhoii's
u " \VilVs llciiter.
Pirrsnt'iifj , Oct. ai. While iiitoxlr.dod to
night Hobcit Wiggins attached hlHwIloand
daughter and was cruel ] } abusing them when
Geoign fuid Charles Stovvait , brotheis of .Mis.
Wigi'liiH , Intel l ( red and biVit Wkglnsovet
the head with a lovcilvei until he was
bible. They then tluow him Into the street ,
\v hoi o hu w as found .some. Hum latei by the
iiollco. II IH Injuries aie bollovid to be fatal.
The blovvaiti have been
Canon Varrnr In New Vork ,
.Ni\V : YOUK , Oct. 2. . Canon Kaunr
piaiehcd In Tilnlty church today to a largo
and fashionable congregation. HnndiedH
were unublct to gain admlHslor. , Tim dlstln-
guluhed clergyman pleached Irom thotevf.
'Little thildit'ii ku'l" " louudviy Iioiu hlold.1' '
Romnrlcaule Republican Activity in tlio
Hawkeye Btalo.
Tlio Part Piohlbltlon ! ) I'lnjlnj ; ! (
Coppoilicnil Pleading lor Votcnj
In A Itnnk Itointt > lluuu Stnto
Some of Ilia Viteianeos. *
The CiunpnlRii In Town.
Dr.i MOIM-.S , In. , Oct. 2fi. [ Special to the
llir : ] Histbeeomiuon roiort of speakers
on the stump that never before when Uicro
was unt n presidential election have they . cctt
so much lopuhllcan activity and cnlhunlasm.
There ) Is just a little danger that lopiibllean *
maybe can led avvoyby ovcrcoiitldenec , nuiI
ntvlect the personal woik that must bo donq
to entry the legislature , for the democrats nr
making a still hunt with that unit ( n view.
In thiii respect the methods oC the two ]
so far luncheon qulto unlike , The
cans have made a speaking campaign , |
held over live hundred meetings. They
have on thestnmi ) n laigo number of sonmoC
the l est speakers in the state , assisted by tvvck
or throe piomlnent speakers ficim other !
st.ies. The democrat N , on the i eonltarj , arc ,
not holding halt tlie number ot mi clings , amp
have not half the .number ot npoiikci . ThelS
constituents are not moved particularly by
argument and eloquence , Tltoy uxpivtr dcm
ociats to vole tlielr ticket bceuii-o they bavo
alwavs done so , and they expect In citn roi
publican vote's on account ot the dlsaHoetloij
over ] irolilbltion ami local and liutional
tights. So in close counties they me making
a still limit , and tliey profess an oxpce tallow
ofcairjlug the legislature. But o ireful od-
vlees lioiii all pails of the state Indicate that *
their liopes are not well founded. Pro * '
hibition Is not cutting anj * >
such figure In this campaign
demon.its intended it should. Tlio ii'jmhltcan
position is simply tlmt tlio law should havoa
tali trial belorn its icpcal 01 moditii-atlon K
deinandecl. 'lids , of course , IH „
to prohibitionists , and the piohlbillonl < ; iri
vvlio are republicans say-that the party eoult *
do no more at pio.sont. Conseenteiitly it IN
safe to say tluit tlio republicans who will
leave the party thisyeu tor tlie llrst time on
account ol piohibitfon will not number one ?
jH-i cent cit the iopublic.ui vote' On thcji
other baud Ihoj will gain largolj Horn the ?
IliegieenbacK party , vvliich is essentially a-
temperance pal tv. There are thousands ot
greoiibaekors who refine to ndlfj the lusloii
witli elemociaev , whlcli cariles with on *
doiscment ot tlie compulsoiy saloon plank
ol the democratic platfoim. Weavui iindi
Gillette , who are tlio onlj' greenb.iclfrs oC
prominence on the stump , me both openly
announced us converts lo the compulsoiy sa-
loou plaiiK , and opposed to piohlbition Irt
tlicoij and praitice. This fact si'vois their
hold on tlie gieeiibiicKcra , who have heixito.
loio believed them to bo sincere ) probfi
bltloulsts , whatever alliance tlioj might
make. But tli1 ! spectacle ol these men who
have been lltelong piohlbillonlsK now do.
claiingfhemselvcs in favor of a lieiitor '
that not even thu democrats of A '
would accept , has imule the temperanoo ;
greeiibackert , ot Iowa disgusted witJi UioiW
bejond measine. It is piobublu that but lltllt *
moro than half the. greenback vote of JbSCt
will this j ear be given lo the fusion ticket.
On state otliceis , tlio dumoerats have glvei }
up all IIOJKJS. They find Uicntsclvcb AVorM
liandicapiH'd witli tlielr candidate tor governor <
ornor than they have boon foi maiij yoius.
Ho has hecn proven ono of tlie rankest copj
tieihc'ads In Iowa , a man whOhO hatred of
Lincoln and union .soldiers led him ( o uttct
tlio moat biuUil seiilimcnts rexarcilng tboiii.
Many cif Ids substantiated utterances ewh
as "I would as soon shribt d d old Wncom
as a rattlesnake , " " 1 hope no holdler who
ocs south in tills abolition \vnr will icturn
alive. " and others equally atrocloiH aro'notf
current thiough thu state and wilt cost the
democrats u gieat many votes. Mr. V/hltinffi
the democratic candidate , seems ulso lo liavn
hlmidoied In about eveiy act of his nubile
life , conscqiiciitlj he and his friends are kept
on the defensive all the tlmo. A romarkabtne
spe'ctacle of the past week was tin ) sight oti
him befoie an audlencu Reading an iiliuliivlO
to tiy to prove tiiatho was not a copperhead
and atraitorduilngtho war. Many domo-
citdsopcnl ) express their disgust witli theli1
candi < late , and say that if tlieir loaders didn't :
Know iinj bettoi than to nominate michf *
man , they ouglit to bo bcatcMi.
Mi. Lamibcc , the * lepubllcan candidatn , ban
been : i member of the senate for eighteen
voais , lias never been beaten foi offire , ami
has alvvajs inn lai ahead of ills parly Ho la
logarded as better intoiinod on stale atfalri ?
tlian any other man In Iowa. Ho in e'onservv
athe In opinion , careful and far-ilu'lited , and
in iident and discreet as a candidate , so that *
his campaign ILLS never bcou anvUilug bub
aggiossive. Although prevented Iiy los ot
an eje Irom iMi'oming a Koldlcir lie onllst < v ]
tvvic'it but was e icli tlmo roJLctcd on He-count ,
ot Ids disability -jet there was no moro loyal
supporter of the government , mi I no warmer.
Mend of the soldier and eoldicn' famllM
Ui'in he. There is little doubt thathowDjf
poll at least live thousand nioio votes tbtui ,
lllaine did last fall , and his clei'tlon by n i
laigo majority is only a cniestion of time.
Kionimivv until Ihoelo eof the campaign ,
the ligiit will be pressed with gicat vigor/
The lepublicans have no cause for uueoHluesf
except In a few legislative ) districts , vvhoit !
there'are ioc-al llglitsand jealousies lint ma ]
give ) the opposition a number that ( buy would
not othciwisc get.
A Dcinooratfo JCslimittc * . '
DtTiirot'i : , la. , Oct. W The lleralu
day juilil Islnd icpoits fiom JiearL.
every county of the stite on the politic , d sit
uation. They indicate tliat the icpuhllcaii't
In the c'lcc lion on NovMuber fiwlll hive ;
majoritj on governor of bnUvmi lour ami ,
live 1lioiisind : : half the K imtois vvlll l.'o' ' '
clK'ted , divided about evenly betwei'ii Ihci
twojiitlos. ) I'oi the louoi house of lhele -
islatmo the repents indicate that tholuslcm-
Ists vvlll elect littj'-soven it'jiresontatlveH to
thoii'pnbllcnu's lortjMlnee. Tlie week io- (
m lining may cruise conslderalvle change In
all the above indications.
TOVVU'H Dlnpluy nt Now Oiloaim.
IOWA Cnv , la. . 02t. , " . The hist ol thq.
oais conUiliiIng tint Iowa exhibit for
North , and South Amuilcnu oxliili .
lion \evvOile.inslofi jestorday. Ociinin Ift
Hioiur f aiiall , who has rn wrloiifilj ill foiil
ovc-i a wi'ok , w ill Icavu to-nlglit foi iho ox no- *
Hltlon. Tlie new inidorlal sent \ovvOr- -
leans will boused , together with Iho old ov- ,
hibit left tiierc * , to make Iowa's display ,
Beware of Scrofula
BcroJul.i Is probiWy moro cnnc-ral tJian any
oilier cliscasB. It Is Insidious In chtrailer ,
anil manifests Itself hi running wcs , pustular
ciuptlons bolls , uvvillliigB , enlarged jolntc ,
nb csiM's,6orooycsetc. IIood'BPdis.'jiiillla
expels all trace of ncrofuli from the blood ,
leaving it piiro , cntlcbcd , nnd hoalthy.
"I VV.IBSCVC rely afflicted with Ecrofnln , and
over a jcarhacltwoniiinliigsorcsdiuiiy uccir.
Took fo [ bottles Hood's Karsaparilla , and uia
UIIIH ! . " C. V. . Lovrjov , Ix > wcll , Maw.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Mo. , had srrofulAot
sores for s \ MI j circ , sprlus aud fall. JlooiJ'e
Salt Rheum
Is one of the moU cllugrccabln rllscasfi cMttui
bylrnpuro blood. It Isrc.iiillycutedby Howl' *
Harnapnrllla , tlio Breat blood purirtcr.
\Vllllani flnlcs , n > rla , O. , BuUtrc-l ( rrfatly
from t' ami alt rhouin , cwscd by
handling totucco. At times bU liancli would
f rack ojn and bleed. Ho tried Tarioif * prep
arations vvltlicutalili finally took flood's Har-
fcaparllla , and now saysi " I am entirely well. "
"My sou liad salt rheum on Mb hands and
on tbo calves of his Ices. Ho toad Ifoocl'ii
Barsaparllla nucl la entirely cured. " J. U.
Miuitun , Mt. A'trnon , Olilu ,
Hood's SarsapaHHa
Bold Iiy all dfuectiti. fl | itxfurfft.
l > jr H. I. HOOD A CO , AiKllic.carte , Jx ) ellJlMi %
IOO Dooos Ono Dollar j