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A Ba-ttlf * n Acbnsb Between n Family au (
a - .
Democratic I'rlmurictt Two Voting
Jjmlfl Atiduolcd .Inst , Kvcnlng
AVImt. a Hey In Worth Oilier
Intci'CRt-Ing Tjocnl News.
A B.MAMj nATTfiE ; .
Kxoltluuf Knooiintci'ol'a Knrpv County
Family \Vlllia loi- Thief.
Constable , of Oklahoma precinct ,
WdB informed Wednesday of a rather
Bcnsltional episode at tlm lioinn of liar-
rlsoilViirnor , about live miles south of
Die city am ! In tlio limits of Sarpy
county. One of tlin Warner hoys oamn
tip Wednesday arid "nought relief from
Constable ] .o < ' , hub returned on biting
informed Hint Sarpy county authorities
alone bad jurisdiction.
G'lto young 'iriitu ' stated ( lia ( on arising
utility break Wednesday morning ho ami
bis falhor were attracted by a noisn in
thobarn , an'd armiiig the.mxclves went
out just in season 16 discover two men
leading out < ) ne of llin horses.
Thu tiikvcs1 , on being discovered ,
tool : to flight , 0110 for the xvoodsaud the
other , who carried a Winchester , running
itround Uie'bai'h and through iho clear-
in" toward tin1 houso. Old mini Warner
followed this last , with a shot from his
vilio , ami tin- fugitive , in evident alarm ,
ran into an out noiiyis near the dwelling
and shut the door. ITOIII thin entrench
ment the robber IIred once , shattering
HID old man' ! ! jirm near the wrist , inlliet-
ing a very dangerous wound. The
father's place Was quickly taken
by _ tlm two other nous of Iho
family and thoyoung mi'ii proceeded to
dislodge I he thief. They liltvd the shed full
of holes hoping that , a shot in passing
through might catch the man iiibidc.
This seemed a bootless job forevcry once
in awhile a responsive shot nouhl eomu
through the chinks in the building and
whistle in warning proximity to one of
the boys. At , lust by a stealthy nianeuvro
* about noon the.shed-Ayas lireil with kero-
B MIO and the robber forced , from cover ,
liring as h.o ran. The boys
blamed away at Hie man together
niul this time spilled him over. The
youiigost boy's musket had done the
work , sis a heavy otnlee ball was lodged
in thn seamp's thigh. Ho was taken to
the house and a. neighboring doctor
' called to dress the wound.
The captive gives the name of Willis
JJrown , from .Sioux City. Ho in a very
light mulatto mid exceedingly tough
Jobkiiig. Young Warner was much dis-
punted that he could not. obtain .consta
bulary service in Douglas county and
Baid ho wriuld hnug the thief before
going all tlio way to 1'apillion to lay
Chinese Section IHcu at Iloek Springy
Wednesday uight , ahotit eleven
o'clock , a mob of white
men attacked the section house
nt the old town of Hock Springs , about
three miles from the mining camp that
bears the name. The house was tilled
With Chinamen , about thirty in number ,
who are employed as section men. The
attacking 'party raised terrorizing shouts
and firing'jrv.f6vy pistol 6hot in the ait-
began 8nty/jl\iug / \ tjio , windows with slicks
nnil stoned Tlio ' Chinamen in
alarm Ijod the scene and took
'refuge in { lift'mils. After making a wide
detour they came into camp this morn
ing , all in a most wretched condition
after a night of half-clad exposure in tlio
chill weather which now prevails there.
The authorities and remaining : military
wcro informed but were unable to dis
cover the identity of the rioters. These
arc mippo.scd to bo some of the striking
Miinera who are barred out ,
from work andyot loiter about the toiyn.
Their purpose is evidently to terrori/.o
the coolies so that they will gladly leave
the region. Efforts will be made to fer
ret out and punish all parties concerned
in the outrage.
The mini's at Hock Springs wore stead
ily operaled yesterday and elsewhere at all
point.s where order lias previously been
'Tlio | ) eiuourato ! Primaries.
The democratic primaries passed oft"
very quietly lasv evening. There was no
bloodshed no clash of warringfaetions.
Indeed , but little interest was taken in
the result , and life allair caused scarcely
a ripple of excitement on the placid sur
face of political waters.
The reader , glancing over the list of
delegates selected to attend Saturday's
convention , ns1 printed below , will per
haps have Mil HI trouble in determining
the exact lines of the coming conlliet
or the probable issue thereof. It would
Ecom that 1'at Ford is the probable nominee -
ineo of the convention for sheriff. His
.friends are certainly making strong
claims in that , direction , and lord him-
Helf is po.-Uivo that ho will .securo the
nomination. "Von bet 1 will get it"
ho was heard to remark yesterday , "and
il 1 get ( ho nomination you may depend
upon it , I'll gel the ollico. " A-prelty well
posted democrat who had scriitini/cd
carefully the | list of delegates selected
from each ward , and had surveyed the
situation pretty thoroughly , unbosomed
himself to a reporter to say this :
" 1 think I am pretty safe in predicting
hat. the convention will nominate the
following ticket : Uenokc for county
clerk , ! ! , F. Mudsen for Ireasuror.O'Keollu
for commissioner , Drexel for coroner ,
ami For * ! for shcriu" . .Mark my word ,
and sco If the prediction doii't come
trim. "
It wns amusing to note the expression
dieted from the Itoyd democrats and the
Morton-lirown mon when the question
"will the Hoyd-Millor-Morton light cut
any liguro in the county convention } "
was sprung by a reporter.
Tlio follow ! ng utterance of a prominent
Drown-Morton man , well posted enough
to know whereof ho speaks , may bo taken
aa representative ;
"Tho issue you speak of will Imvo just
tins much bearing : Wo have made no
light U ) put Ilrown-Morton delegates into
the convention , but Imvo allowed Mr.
lloyd to send his own henchmen. This ,
at least , iA' the ease in the llrst , fcceond ,
third and . fourth wards. Now that wo
have , allowed them to control the
primaries , wo * lml | allow them to
Dominate their 'own ticket , aiid to elect
it. HO.UJ"
WhothiT tliltt U to bo taken as meaning
( bat tlio llrown-Morton men intend to
remain pa lvo and take no part in the
county eontfil--pcrhaps oven overt a
flight Inlluenee agaliust the ticket put up
iiy tlio convention it is rather diilluult
ni prcfcent to say. Hut il would certainly
isgom ho ,
On thu other Imml , tlio Hoyd men , who
Ijnvo unquestionably ecured the majority
Of.delegatus , arc inclined to bo amusingly
fluigiianlmous. "Why , no , " said ono of
them rather charnly to the Inquiring re-
Ji'ovtvr "wo JJoyd mon haven't tried to
-jlftht the Morton -Drown democrats at the
jirunurlcfl. What has that factional light
Hot to do with the comity election ? Wo ,
IM' fc - -
are going fo fight ( lie ropnWIIcAhi. a-ii
not the Morton-IJrnwn tnoh. Pleascdon'i
forget Hint. Goodness knows , wo shall
have enough to do in beating tlm rcpub
lieatis without quarreling among our
sehes. "
Till' lhl.K ( ATK .
The following are the delegates , PC'
Jeetcd by wards :
First * Wnrd-Delegates , P. Desmond ,
Charles Kaufmnnn , W. II. .Spaulding ,
Thomas Casey , William Neve , A. Foil ,
Owen JSlaveji.
Second Ward Delegates. Julius Napl ,
Dennis Cunnindiam , K. F. Moriarity , P.
W. Lynch , I-red uorl.liwlok , fJeorgo
Antlies. J. J. Mahoncy. For iinscssor
James Donnelly , Sr.
Third Ward Delegates , Julius Meyer ,
Pat Ford , August Weiss. A. H. Snowilen ,
Jerry O'Urudy , II Parish , F. Wirtli.
For constable- Paul Stein.
Fourth Ward--Delegate. ' , W. A. h.
nibbon , A. K. Coggeshall. Peter tSoos
Jerome C. Pentad , Peter Connolly , C. S.
( ioodricli. C. S. Montgomery. For assessor
sorW. . J. Mount ; for constables-S. N.
Melio. John Kokaiison.
Fifth Ward.--Delegate , Thomas IT.
Daily , Henry Oston" , James llollan ,
James Douglass , Dan McCoy , John Don-
nahoe. John Cuinmlngs.
Msth Ward.- Delegates , Martin Can
non. Max K. Cooper , Andrew Smith , (3.
Carmichacl , John Morris , John Hellick ,
Hans IlasmiivHcn.
The Omaha Veteran club , at its last
meeting , plai.ed Kdniund Hurtle ! t in
nomination for justice of the peace , in
the third district , as an independent can
didate , and that gentleman has accepted
it , Mr. Harden , 1ms for 'e.veral years
lieen justice of tlio peace , and has gained
a reputation for being wise and impartial
in lu.s decisions.
Two Children . \lnliicle.l.
Two young lads , sons of ( "harles Allen ,
of this city , were forcibly abducted from
their place of residence on North Six
tccnth street last evening , and arc sup
posed to have been taken from the city.
The facts in the ease , as reported last
evening , are about as follows : Cbarle
Allen was some time ag > granted
divorce from hi.s wife and given the cus
tody of his children. After the cotipl
had separated Mrs. Allen became a com
mon prostitute , and has been living it
Omaha most , of the time since. Mr
Allen at , lirst kept his two boys willi him
boarding at the Knimel. house , but finally
put them in charge of a lady living 01
North .Sixteenth street , where. Ihev him
been living until last night. Durin < ,
tlie evening a lady called at the houm
anil asked to see the two boys
saying she was a friend o
their mother's , and had brought them t
present. As soon us they appeared , how
ever , she quickly sci/.ed the youngest , o
the ( wo in her arms and taking the othei
by the shoulder , hurried them out on the
street. She quickly placed them in ;
carriage standing near by and drove rap
idly away.
The woman with whom the children
had been staying ran after them as rap
idly as possible , but soon lost sight ol
them. She then proceeded to the Kmmci
house , where Mr. Allen boards , to in
form him of the matter. Mr .Allen , how
ever , was not in town , and is not as yet
informed of the loss of Ins children
Some of bis friends at the hotel , when in
formed of Ihe abduction , endeavored U
trace the woman , and found that , she had
gone directly to the depot with the inten
tion of takingtlio Denver train. Whether
she did so or not is unknown. She i.s
supposed lo boMr.Allen's divorced wife ,
but why she should desire to steal the
children is a mystery , as she is said to bo
leading an abandoned lifo. Something
new will probably bo developed in Iho
case when Mr. Allen receives tlio intelli
gence of his loss.
AVIiat is the Hey Worth ?
Ills first two years of'lifr. nt SI iwrtlay. . §
Ills next live yearn , nt 8200ier \ year 1,000
Ills next eight years , at SW ( per year. . . JiH3
Total cost when 15 years old . S-'V'T
Tlio above is the statement made by
Mrs. Henry in her address lust evening
at the Davenportstreet Methodist church
"What is the worth " The
on boy ? state
ment , tlio lady said , was based on care
ful calculations which she had made dur
ing years of experience in providing for
her own family of fatherless boys.
The cause which had led her to figure
up the cost was a remark which had
been made to her by a business man while
she wis : engaged in the tcmjierauco
work. The gentleman had said : "You can
never make a success of your work until
you can prove there is as much
money in temperance as there is
in whisky. " In order to convince
him that there was a big balance
in favor of temperance , she had inado
the calculation , which , she assured her
hearers , was none too high. She illus
trated her point by drawing a word pic
ture of two young men. One had wasted
his energies in the saloon , paying' bis
revenue to his country by drinking
liquor , and finally landing in the gutter
or the prison. Tlio other husbanded his
energies , exerted himself to improve all
his opportunities , and became a respect
ed member of society. Place the two in
a balance and which is worth the most ?
Ono isa wasted life , absolutely worthless ,
while the other id a living monument of
solid worth ,
The saloon , Mrs. llcnry said , is a
traitor to ( lie home , the nation and the
church , The boy , with all his worth , is
waylaid by it , corrupted , and finally rob
bed of all that is good. And yet the law
upholds tlio institution just as much as
It docs the church and the home.
At the ehifO of Mrs. llenn 's remarks
i prayer was offered by Kev. Mr Dot-
iviler and tlio congregation was 'dis
missed. The address was most interest-
ng and was listened to with close attcii-
: ion by the audience present. Mrs. Henry
, vill speak again tlii.s evening on the sub-
ect ol "Tho Unanswered Prayer. "
l > iiliHoWoi-kH.
The board of public works held an iin-
wrlant scsMon yesterday , lijds for
luvural grading contracts were opened
md awards made.
The contract for what is known ns the
Inrnoy street grading was awarded to
2. D. Callahan. There will bo 00,000
jubiu yards of earth to bo removed , and
he contract prlco is 15 cents per yard.
This contract includes the grade o
larncy street from Sovenli-entli to
rwentieth streets , Seventeenth from
'arnain to Howard , Kighleentli from
Airnam to llarnoy , Nineteenth from Far-
la'm to Hamcy. Twentieth from Fariiam
0 Hereford. This , It will be noted , will
omovo the -banks about the new court
10110 which have to long remained un
graded. The county willbear a portion
> i the expense.
The contract for grading Hurt street to
1 point UUO feet west of Division street
ivas let to Olsen & Faulkner , for 11 ! cents.
I'hU job will Involve the removal of JO , .
WO yards of earth.
Hammil Bccured the contract
'orgraditi' ' Seventeenth street between
. 'aul and Grace. Fiftcon thousand cubic
, 'ardu of earth will bo removed. For
1,000 yards the contract price is JiO
iciits , for the balance 1-1 u-10 cents.
Chairman House of the board said to * a
'oporter to-day that probably all this
trading would bu finished this year.
I'ho limit had boon fixed in tlio contract ,
10 said , at January 1 ,
The asphalt pa ; ing around tlm oxpobi-
ion building bus been completed.
Contractors Sullivan & MoNamnra.
\ ho have been constructing 1,000 feet of
ewer in sowur district No , al , finished
lieh1 contract Tuesday evening. It is
rnld to be mi honest pice-i of work , nmJ
\vAi built under the personal Inspection
of Will Hyan.
The pnving of South Thirteenth strecl
with Colorado Fandstoiin is profjrossiiifl
rapidly. The work will probably bt
completed this year.
Klein-slims to Calirornln dcncrnl
Notes nnd I'crsohntff.
A long train of seven sleepers , a dny
coach and baggage ear pulled out shortly
before noon , yesterday , bound
over the Union Paellio for
San Francisco and return. The
party was a very select and creditable
n 4urtment. of people from all parts of
the country , and promise in company to
get the most of the delights of such a
trip. J. O. Prescott , general excursion
agent of the Kric railroad , accompanied
hero two cat loads of tlm e.\eurMonists
from eastern state * . Mr. Prescott was a
former inusie dealer in Omaha , and will
remain here a few days before returning.
The excursion wcntoittin charge of Hoyt
Shermnn , Jr.
An emigrant party of laud prospectors
al o went out yesterday , bound for the
coat. .
( / . K. Fri/ellc. traveling freight agent
of the Itoek Island , returned yesterday
from Chicago.
F. A. Nash , general agent of the Mil
waukee railroad , went to Chicago last
night. Wooley , who was Injured
in the burning bridge wreck on the Elkhorn -
horn and Mo. Valley near Wiener last
Saturday , is Mild to be in a very critical
condition at his home in Mo. Valley.
The Union Paeilic is contemplating a
complete and radical change of time ,
all'ectiug both spend and thn homy of
departure and arrival.
Const ruction on the wing1 of the It. &
M. headquarters building is rapidly near-
In r completion.
I'ho Portuguese tramp who has for
the past lew weeks worried the
men at the Union I'aeilio depot , was sent
on his way to San Francisco yesterday
morning I ho company having received the
cost of transportation from his friends in
that. oily.
Work on llin new Union Paciliu liridgo
is being pushed , and the spur of track
for the transportation of t-upplics to Ihe
river front on tlio other si'de is almost
completed. One of. the caissons will be
sunk before winter.
Short News Xotcs from tlie Govern
ment IllllllllllK.
Yesterday Assistant United States Attor
ney Uartlett appeared before United
States Commissioner Anderson and filed
complaint aganibt a certain individual
who is alleged tu have broken into the
postollleo at Murua , CusttT county , Nob.
The authorities do not care to give away
filename of thu miscreant yet , and the
warrant was issued for thu arrest of the
ancient "John Doe. "
A warrant , was also issued by Commis
sioner Anderson for thu arrest of another
individual , "John Doe , " who is charged
\yitli selling liquor without a federal
license , at Murmi. The papers have been
placed in the hands of a dnnuty , who has
gone toMurna to make both arretg.
In order to secure more accurate obser
vations a new .shelter has been purchased
for the signal service instruments at the
federal building. Tins instruments here
tofore have been subjected to a north ex
posure , which was unfair , but now this
defect will b remedied. The Innovation
will burden the observer with additional
work , as the new shelter is in the form of
n tower that will rest on a support ten
feet above the roof.
Surveyor Campbell has as yet. received
110 word from the secretary of the treas
ury as to the disposition of the Meyer
iowclr.y. The Washington authorities
ire evidently taking tlioir time in con
sidering the matter.
A. Viiiioiirt Ititff'a Work.
"She won't let the dog be- shot , " ox-
ilaimed a very indignant woman , as slut
ushcd into the presence of Judge Sten-
jcrg at the police court yesterday after-
loon. "And what's more , she says that
ill the policemen and judges and mayors
: an't have the animal killed. "
The woman who uttered the above was
ilrs. Anna M. Nixsou , who keeps a peanut
stand at ihc coruerof Tenth and Harncy.
\ecompan.ying her was her daughter
derey , whoso arm was swathed in band-
iges which covered an ugly bite inflicted
> y si dog belonging to Mrs. Marian
janders. It seems that this was not Mrs.
Si\son'H fir t visit to Judge Stenbcrg.
) hc had called earlier in the day and
old Ihc judge how her daughter had
iceii bitten. She wanted Mrs. Sanders'
log shut , and two policemen bad accord-
ugly been sent to dispatch the animal.
They failed , however , lo accomplish their
ibjeet. Mrs. Nixson asserting thai they
vere frightened away by Mrs. Sanders. "
I'ho policemen deny the charge and hay
hey could not lind the dog On her see-
mil appearance at police court Mrs.
> Ii.\.son Kworu out a warrant for Mrs.
landers' arrest for keeping a vicious dog
.ml the paper wasplaced in Ihe bunds ol
, n otlicer tor fcen ice.
Women In Court.
The event in police court yesterday
ras tlio preliminary examination of Mr * .
'lioinpson and FayShephard.ou -hargo
f selling liquor without a license. The
irosceution wa.s reprcsynted by City At
urney Council , while Parke HodwinKsq.
ppeared for the defendants , and plead
loquoutly in their behalf. That gentle-
iitin made an argument before Judge
Itenborf * Wednesday | n support
t a motion to throw out tlio complaints
n thu ground of their. not being sou-
ilio enough , lint yesterda. ) the judge
ccided to overrule liio motion and the
ireliminary examination proceeded.
For the prosecution. Hob Kus.-ioll and
Villiam Plattnor , detectives , testified.
'hey gaid 'hat they had gone into the e -
iblibhmcnU named on Thursday
light last , and alter talking some time to
lie inmates , they projtoseu that beer bellowed
llowed to How at their expense. Their
uquost was joyfully complied with by
lie proprietresses of the respective cs-
iblLshimmts , and thn frothy liquid was
nailed by both thu tli uiried detectives
ml the women of the place. The same
as paid for at the rate of $1 per bottlo.
lo evidence was offered on behalf of tlm
ofeiiso. Judge SUmberg decided to
hid both Mrs. Thompson and Fay Shepard -
ard to the district court in tlieVumof
,100 , , and bonds buing given in that
mount , llioy were released ,
" " " '
'On a Wc.htorn Trip ,
Senator Manderson and Congressman
orsoy expect to leave next Monday on a
ip to Chadron , the Ho5obud and Pinu
Idgo agencies. They desire to ascertain a
> w facts concerning the Indian tribes
L these agencies that they may net the
ioro intelligently upon questions coming
p in congress llus whiter , involving tlio
itcrcst-s of the Indians.
il Her II it be.
A woman marched up to police head *
uartors yesterday afternoon with a half-
id , half-sour expression on her count" '
iinee , and inquired for Marshal Cum-
lings. That accommodating otlielul
idokly responded at tlio riwntion of his
name , ami Inquired what was wanted
The woman then told how a certain girl
named Nolllo dear , had abandoned IIPI
baby In a cruel-hearted'fnnnncr , nnd slu
ten n ted the marshal to'asAist her in bei
ficareh for the unnatural mother. Nellie's
child had been born in the woman' . '
house , and both mother nnd baby had
been kindly eared for1. But Nellie pre
ferred an easier lifo ( nan that of the
mother of a restless bhbo , nnd hud ac
cordingly left her child Without a word
of explanation and could not bo found.
The woman is of the opinidn that she ia
still in tlio city , and is vcrv anxious that
slip may bo found and- obliged to care
for her child.
An Keillor In ' .Trouble.
G. A. Hryant , editor of Ihu Waterloo
Gazette , was arrested yesterday ,
on a complaint sworn' , ollt In Justice
Wright's court , charging the defendant
with criminal libel. It eecins that during
the canvass for the republican conven
tion , there was a warm contest at the
Waterloo primaries , ono faction oppos
ing Leeder for sherlll' , the oilier being
friendly to him. Afte.r a warm' light
the Lccder delegation headed by Steph
ens , was ele.eled.
In the Issue of the Gaxettn since thu
convention the following appeared re
ferring to the delegates :
* # * "Stephen and hit delegates
stood by Leeder. althouiili there are. not
a do/.en unbought republicans in Waterloo
lee preeiuetlhat are corrupt enough to
vote for a man that runs a saloon and
gambling house in Omaha , although cor
ruption and intemperance cover tlio
land and smell to heaven. Therefore it
is time to know what , men will do nnd to
know how much they "dont lose" for
placing Waterloo precinct , before the
convention in a false light. Thank
Heaven , ( lie primary poll books show
democratic votes enough to represent
their majorities , and the same names are
to lie. seen on the democratic poll books
held since that date. Kelali. "
Art MM.
There are various ways of making a
livelihood. Ono of the most pleasant ,
withal profitable , is that practiced by a
couple of young men now in this city ,
who are artists in the line of "instantan
eous photography. " They curry with
them , from place to place , a fully-
equipped camera , capable of turning
out pictures by the "dry process. " They
go into a residence or business liou-c
and offer to photograph the building , o
its occupants , or both , free of cost , will
the understanding that if Ihe pictur
suits , a do/.en or so of thorn are to bo
purchased. The process takes bin
a moment , and "en'y proves satNfac
lory to the subject , -o r.\r \ as the resultin ;
lihotograph is concerned and he "cnshe
out" in liberal style.
"Do yon make much money at tin
business1 ahcd a reporter who had
been watching lic traveling artists oper
ate their camera , yesterday.
"Yes , wo do. We can work pretty rap
idly by this dry plate process , and tur
out work astonishingly fast. On some
days we make large' amounts , while or
others , of course especially' during disa
reeable weather our prolits are very
much ligliler.1
lieer at Fort Siililey.
With regard to the Belling of boor at
Fort Sidney ( Jen. Howard said yesterday
that one of the officers at thu post would
nake the investigation , \Vhiuh will prob-
ibly require a week's time.
In further speaking uboilt the matter
lon. ! II. said that the selling of beer wa (
illowedat all forts where tlrore were post
.raders , regularly authorized to transact
Ihc business. There sire post traders at
ill the uostrf in the department
i'ort Jiusscll , Fort Sidney and Fort.
Jmalia. At Fort Sidney only the sale of
jeer is allowed in connection with the
iniuscment hall It has been found that
his measure has had a marvelous effect
n the reduction of drunkenness at this
> ot.
The outcome of tie investigation and
, lu > rmb-equeiit action of ( Jen. Sheridan
ipon ( lie petition of the Sidney saloon
tcepcrs will bo awaited with no little incrust -
crust in department army circles.
Couley's Cntcli.
Sheriff Conley. of Miles City , M. T
> as-e.d through the city yesterday with
) avidLce , the man who killed the stock-
nan Saundcr.s at Miles City , about two
ears iigo. Sanndor.s was a wealthy
aiicliman , and was in Ihe habit , of going
ate Miles City with considerable money ,
nd bucking thu tiger with a nerve and
aring that surprised the regular gam-
ilers. Upon the night of the murder ho
ran playing a Mill' game with Leo and
liern was considerable money in the pot.
lanndors accused hee of attempting to
'wink" ' u card. This brought Lee to'liis
[ M't , and the two men drew their guns.
, ec's revolver was discharged lirst and
< .iunders fell dead , the bullet strikiughis
cyrt. Lee lied , and was not heard of
ntil a few weeks ago , when it was
iarncil that he wa.s lending bar in a
iiloon at Chadron. Sheriff Conloy visited Week and found hi.s man.
A JTow Western league.
Manager Alexander of the St. Joseph
leds , is rustling around in a lively manor -
or , in the interest of the new western
: ague , which it i.s proposed to or ani/.o
tit , of Iho towns of Kansas City St.
otcph , Atehison , Leaveuwortli , Omnha ,
ilncoln and Hastings , Neb. Mr. Alex-
nder has already visited most of these
jwns , and reports all of them enthiisias-
e in Iho matter. It is conlldcntlv be-
uved that cnch of thec towns will put
i a good base ball team next season , as
-oil us assist in carrying the project of
rganizing lo a sueeci--ful termination ,
While in Kansas City the otliorday , Mr.
.Icxamlcr interviewed a number of the
) cal natrons of the diamond , and re
vived assurances that a team from Kan-
is City could bo made a permanent IIx-
ire , and that aid would bo given the
rhenio of organizing n/western leagiio ,
A Rtruosor in n Strung" Taiu1.
A Portugese , name .unknown , sat dis-
msolately in the police station yesterday
lorning surrounded by a crowd of JHI-
eoinen and court habitues , who were
ying to dovifio somoininans of commit-
lunicaling with him. The fellow can-
nl speak a word of JJnglish , and is of
uirso in about Ihu sinno position that a
Mif and dumb unfortunate unable to
teak tlio bign languiigo. would be.
nuiigh of his story has'.ueen learned
'oiu outside sources , liowtSvcr , to know
tat he was robbed in liostbn of his tick-
, to California by a sharper who gave
iin a ticket to Council IMiiIVs instead ,
lie poor fellow IsdresseiMn unlive attire
id carries Ills personal on'ects all he
is let I in Iho world around with him
i a large bundle.
The Union Pacific oflicials later Mgnl-
id their intention of giving thu Poilu-
o a ticket to California , and he was
ml to the Piieilic coust last night.
MlH | > liu > cd Confidence.
Attorney N. J. IJiirnham has present
tension to regret that circumstances
rcr tlm w him into the acquaintance of
. Seymour Smith , Mr. ISiirnham know
inlth in Washington seine years ago ,
hen the latter vus'a clerk in ou < ? of tlio
departments. On October 8 , Mr.Hum -
bum Was agrcobly eurnrlsrd to meet
In this city hi.s old Washington
acquaintance. Smith said then that ho
was practicing law in Wellington , Knn. , '
and being unknown hrro asked Mr ,
Hiii-iiliani i identify him at the Omaha
National bank , whcro he desired to cash
a draft from , a Wellington bank upon
nihuati & Co. , of New York. This Mr.
Huriilnim did , and was yesterday surprised -
prised to learn that the draft was dis
honored and no such a man as 11. Sey
mour S had ever been known in
\ \ ellington. Mr. Huriiham is held good
by Iho Omaha National.
Tlio Pncltlo Cotnimny Coming In
Against the Western Union.
Geo. M. Mycr. * , general superintendent
of the Paclfio Telegraph eoinpany , is in
thn city as advance herald of great ,
tidings. His company , which some time
ago started out to enter lids city , is now
only iwenty-ltvo miles south and ad
vancing at a ruto that will bring the linemen -
men Into Omaha in less than ten days.
The location of the ollico has not yet
been determined upon , but central quar
ters will be found.
.Mr. Myers says llmt his company is es
sentially the competitor of the Western
Union , and that the natural eoiisuquciieo
of Its estublixhtnoiit hero i.s to bring tel
egraphic tolls down to a compelitlvo
schedule. This much must prove satis
factory to tlio public , as heretofore the
city has had only one. one system of tel-
egrnnhio service , and rates have been
much higher here than at any point of
ijquul importance and population in the
Two Divorce HtilfH.
Matilda Lumbarda , through her at
torney , filed a petition in the district
court yesterday , asking that the marital
relations existing between bersdlf and
Frank Lnmbardn bo dissolved. The
grounds on which the divorce is nsked
are cruelty and desertion. The petition
alleges that Lumbarda induced his wife
to accompany him to a western mining
Civiup , and succeeded in gaining po cs-
hiou of all the money she had saved by
years of toil , lie llien her ,
leaving her penniless among strangers.
His whereabouts are now unknown.
Sjitmcer J. Stover has commenced mi
action for divorce from hi.s wife , Amanda
J. Stover , on the ground of abandon
Shot at Iiy a AVomnn.
The firing of a revolver in a house of
prostitution on Capitol avenue , between
Ninth and Tenth streets , about I ) o'clock
last night , drev a large crowd to that
unsavory locality. The shot proved to
have been lired by a woman named Hello
Smith. Hello \ \ . . < > feeling ugly last night ,
and when a man -vho was in the place
began to joke her she became angry , and
pulling a revolver lired at him point
blank. I'ho bullet , however , missed its
mark and was embedded in the \\all.
Ollicer Donavon , who heard the report ,
hurried to tlm scene and placed the
woman under ar c < t. She denied having
lired the shot and declared that the man
had tired at her. Upon her refusal to
accompany the olliccr , a cab was sum-
moncd and t-hu was conveyed lo police
headquarters , Vi here she was locked up
for the night.
A Farmer in Distress.
Among tlio eases taken up in police *
court yesterday was Ihat of Charles Smith
charged with having indulged too freely
in Iho ardent.
" 1 am a farmer from Hamilton coun
ty , " said Smith to the judge , "and
name to Omaha on my way to the Elk-
jiorn Valley. J v/iw hero one day , fell
into bad company and got drunk. I bad
f-'O when Teamo'lien * , but was robbed of
lhat , by whom 1 don't know , and now L
liavcn'l got a cent. "
The judge discharged him with orders
lo leave town at once.
At Oeijihton College.
Kev. T. F , Klggo delivered a very
interesting and iiiKtruetive lecture
it Croigbton college last evening
m the .subject of the "Queen Element"
Hydrogen. Amomg the experiments
, . the follow !
vere iii\j jiriiwtt ill" ;
The Philosojihcr's Candle , Hlowing
( lot and Cold hinging Flames , Sensitive
[ 'lames , the Vowel Flame , Seniv.t ot Hid-
ooiiing , Ihe Leaping I'-irg , Flaming Soap
.uibbh- " , Obtaining Hydrogen by various
Methods , the Well of Fire , Soundless
tell , the Hydrogen Voice , Comparison of
he Water liases , Their Union , Marriage
Jims , Rain , Grand Display of Heat and
< ight from this Water King and ( 111:011 :
iase.s , Shower of Meteors.
Vanthrul Orators.
The Creighton College Debating as-
oeiatlon opened the season Wednesday
lilh an eloquent debate. Tlio pro-
; ranime for tlio occasion was a good
'lie and well executed. Master John
"annigan delivered a declamation in
jniud ' tylo. Henry Maloiio read an
. - .say before the opening of tlio debate
diich was well received. Tlio question.
'Kcsolved ' , tliatintenipcranco has caused
iiorc misery and .sorrow than war , " wa.s
hen debated by Messrs. T , J. Ituswell
ml John Whalcn in thoalllrmative , and John Hrannan and Joseph Mo-
Jarville in the negative. The dceisioii
; ivon was in favor of the argument of
lie affirmative , and thu oratory and wit
f the negative.
No Trot tins ; Meeting. j
Secretary Whroler , of the Fair associa- jll
on was qiicbtioncd yesterday about tins llI llI I
robability of there being a fall trottiug I
leetiug horo. .
"U'ho schcmohas been jiractically nban-
onrd"hc said , "and I thinkitis safe to
lytliat there will bo no fall meeting hero
us year. No , it in not because we can go ) ,
o horses because a good speed pro
ramme from Iowa , Kansas and Nobra.s-
a entries could bo made. Many of the
( irsTiiiini now at thn Crete races are aux
ins to briii" their animals here. Hut
10 weather Is so uncertain that wo deoni
ic undertaking rather risky , "
Harpy County Ilm-nlnr * ,
Hill Hike and Henry Dyke , the. burg-
irs who broke in to Archie Wrigbl'.ssloro ,
i , Hellovuo , on last Friday night worn
iturned hero Wednesday under indict-
ion ! , and will lay in the jail here await-
ig tlio next BChMQii of thu Sarpy county
Thcso fellows are apparently hard
laractcrs and were caught after a long
iid dilllcult chabu.
I'ollco Co 111't , Docket.
was light in Iho police eourt
torday. Judge Stcnberg disposed
t' tlio following cases :
Mary Turner mid Pearl Harrison ,
licit y to animals , $10 and costs.
Myrtle ( irant , drunk and disorderly ,
i and costs.
Cluii. Smith and fi. X. Ward , drunk
nd diborderly , dUcIiurged. '
A' Painful Aid tic ol.
T. U. MeCuckin met with a painful no.
dent Wednesday afternoon , which will
iy him up for soma timo. Ho was rid-
ig ftlon& North TvvenUcth street in his
wngon , when In nttoniptlnj . W ' 0p hi :
horse suddenly hovtia tin-own l < i UK
ground very violently. lie snvtalnod r
compound frict ro of the ankle. IK
was found by n ia < er band removed
to his homo "on Twentieth and Spruce
streets , whcro ho is nou' resting compar
atively easy ,
* rho Gntnltllmr
"There are now eleven gambling cslnb-
lisbmcnts run in this city , "said Ollicer
Turnbull , the city ( juslness man , to a re
porter. "This is an Inorea o of four
in the last few months. In four of these
establishments , faro tables are run , while
in the balance there arc only poker
games. Yes , the Mayor's order regard
ing the front doors i.s still observed strict
ly , all of the csiahliHlnncnt keepjngthoir
front entrances closed" .
fl'lio Coloiil/.iil Ion Scheme.
Tlio Knights of Labor held an nntlms !
nstie meeting at Wolf's ball Wednesday
night , to discuss the colonization scheme.
It has been decided to give a grand
ball for the benefit of the scheme on .No
vember a , at ( Jermania hall.
A Now Concern.
The Goodyear Hubber Manufacturing
company will shortly open a branch es
tablishment in Ibiscitv , occupying one
of tlio stores in the old Smith establMi-
ment. This concern is large anil wealthy
and will add no little to Omaha's com
mercial importance. The house will
open within a month.
"Wednesday' * * Flr .
K. Morouy , commissioner , occupant of
tlm King block , scorched by tire Wednes
day , lost $50,1 , fully insured.
The printing linn of Klopp & ' Harllett
above stairs , loses $1,000 , partly insured.
The remaining losses through the block
tire trilling , while sfoOO will repair the
Army I5rleV ) .
The leave of absence granted Licul.Mi-
ant Colonel James S. llrihbiu , Ninth cav
alry , has been extended live day. * .
Leave of absence for ten days , to take
cll'ect November ( ! , ISM , granted First
Lieutenant Henry K. Itobinson. K.Q. M. ,
Fourth infantry , Fort Omaha , Neb.
i > im > .
VOnillK. Alter a loin : and pidnful Ulnes ,
on Wednesday , Oct. ' .list , mil o'clock p.
in. , Annie , wife olV. . J ) . Voiliie , n ed ' , ' 7
Funeral fioiu the rep I don roof her mother ,
SlOXortliScvenleentli sliwt , Friday at 10 ain -
in , , to Holy Sepnlelicr eeinetery. Ottinnw.i ,
Jowa , and , lissouri , luipcrs please
Tlicrc was a verv ideasant "old folks
parly" at Hon. G. W. Doane's residence
last night ,
It i.s said that Col. Woods owes to his
orclic'-tra some $ ; 5i : and about $500 ( o
his bill poster.
In the article relating to tlio Nugent-
Keitu liglit the hitler's occupation bhould
have been given as a coupe driver ana
uol a cab driver. Hois not an employe
of Iho Omaha Cab company.
The newly organixed lo.Ige of Modern
Woo linen met in Williams hall last
ing iL and fonuallv installed its. otlieers.
The first work in the now degrees was
done in a very satisfactory manner.
The Columbus , Neb. , Democrat says :
"A Henry , report say * , will soon goto
Omaha to live anil will bo the president
of a new bank. .Mr. Henry i.s a man of
excellent character and what Columbus
ivill lose Omaha will gain.
County Commissioner O'Kceffe went
nit to Florence ycbterday lo invefiligalo
: ! ie opening of a new road from that
dace to Spring Park cemetery. The
ground was examined and all the prolini-
uanca arranged , the road being tluked
jut by County Surveyor Smith.
Itabbi Benson lectures at the syna
gogue this ( Friday ) _ night upon the
' ' , "The three distinguishing trails
n Iho development of the human char-
ictcr. " Services at the synagogue will
onimenee at 7 o'clock p. m.
The finance conimittee of the Grant
neniprial services has divided the sur-
ilus in its handtf between Ihe St. . Joseph
lospital and the Child's hospital , each
eceiving ll.'Jl. The money has been
limed over and receipted for.
The head of the steam chest at the
, . . . . , works blew out the other day ,
lied the engine room wilii steam and
rightened all Ihe men away. One of the
[ Hews after a time gallantly dashed
nek and .shut oil'the steam.
Messrs. McCaxiiB and Henry will com-
icnce opcraliona in llicir new "Bank of
( inalia" about November ' - ' . The vault
itheCinnouiin ! buildinghaslK'i'ii placed ,
nd it is expected thai the other pqitip-
icnls will be completed in a few dnys
A gentleman in this city bis pos-
3ssion a rare and unique curio. Il is a
irge , hollow silver medal emblematic of
ic peaceful relations of the white and
, ul man and was .stamped in ITUt ) , during
10 reign of George lit. It wa.siiloughcd
p a few years ago in a field near Fort
iagara , N. Y.
Jin view of the recent robberies of the
i reel cars , the company ycMorduy up-
licd its drivers wircvohcrs \ \ \ , which
ere carried last night for Ihe llrst time ,
ho weapons are attached to the drivers
y a sirup outside of the clothing MI as
> bo ready for ininiciliatc sen iue in case
f an emergency.
W. ( ! , Pardoe , , : ! well-known young at-
irney of this place , started for Omaha ,
eb. , last Saturday. Mr. Pnnloe intt nils
irmiug a partnership with Mr. McClnn-
lau , an attorney of that place , Mr.
triloo is a young man of line scholastic
id legal attainments and is an honor to
s profevion. We prcilici for aim a
ight future. [ Mercer ( Pa. ; Press ,
Myrtle Grant , a rather handsome fo-
ale , was lined * , * ( and costs in police
mrt. yesterday. She was arrest , d
, Ollicer Donovan last night in a Mate
helpless intoxication , anil in her btrug-
e.s to get away from him her dren was
rn badly. The judge lined bur with the
mark ( hat she , 'i'ave the police more
Diiblo than twenty insane men.
Itabbi Bcnion has > iintoul an iipp'tnl to
o Hohrmy ladienof thecity lo organize a
wing society for purposes of chai iiy and
o advancement of social iiii'-rr-oiir.-c.
m lirst meeting is called for next , Sun-
y afternoon in'tho vestry room of the
na oguii. Thirty ladies Jiavo already
jnud and about as many mure are cv
clc.d tocnroll before this evening. This
Miiution is lo become in time an im-
irtaiil factor in the di.spinisjiiij of char-
; in Omaha.
J'ho Chicago Nowfi.says : Mine. Mod-
ka't. son , Mr. lialphIodjcnka \ , lias re
ived a special papal dispensation per
illing film lo marry his cousin , 'ind Ihe
sdding will take place in New York
xt December. Air. MoJjcnkais now in
nalui , where he intends to make Ids
mo. The young lady he is to wed is
w traveling willi her mini , the famous
tress. Shu i.s a largo , shapely blonde ,
111 marked Polish facial clmractcri.s-
, s Slid is 17 years old , tliid In r nnmo
Felicia Itiiinji ) ! ' , ,
I { . M. Itrockuuridgi ) , JC q. , rclur n-d
sturdily from Papilmui wlicn- lie waHfii
gcd in trying a somuwhiitciirioiih ca-e ,
11 of Hev. Aloa llcMs. . "Thi ) Mi-th-
ibt Church of Springliuld. " The n-v-
; 'iid doctor sues the church for a small
hiucu of $ . ' > 0 duo on hU last year's sal-
y. The oldens of Ihe congregation
tncd coiiK.Ht the | ) ; tymeit ) of the claim
the ground there w : * no contract
I'rcrnrrd wllli rc nril toNe
No AininciiiU , I.lrai' or Alum.
between the church and the congrega
tion , but the salary was to bo paid when
ever and inhalcver sums the olderg
saw lit. The county judge has Uk on the
case under tuUisetnnnl.
I.alc arrests last ni ; b ! wore. Thomnta'
liaxiiiusseu , John A. Smiley and Alm ( \ -
dou ; drunk and disorderly , and Annie
l.angdon , inmate of a disorderly IIOIJHC.
About a do/.en members of the Omaha
police force went to Council lUufl'a last
evening to atlcnd tlio grand ball given
by tin ! ollieers of that place. A. great
time was anticipated.
Many imitators , but no equal , him Dr.
Snge's Catarrh Kemedy.
H. W. MuKrido , of llhilr , is registered
atlhoMillard. .
O Win. A. PtiNlon went to Chicago yes
terday morning.
II. S. Newcomb , of Lincoln , is a guest
.at the Paston.
A.W.Clark , of l.'apilllon , spent yes
terday in the city.
H. Wheeler and wife , of Osccoln , are
guests at the Millard.
S. L. Gardner , of Norfolk , Neb , , is
stopping at the Millard.
K. W. Murphy , of North Platte , is reg
istered at Ihc PiiMon.
fieorge W. Uaruhart , of Lodge Polo , is
stopping at ( lie Paxton.
Dean Millspaiij-li went down to Plaits-
mouth yesterday morning.
C. C. Housel , of Chicago , a former res
ident of Onuiha , i.s visiting here.
John Norland , of Stjuilon , Neb. , is in
the. city , stopping at the Paxton
Mi-s Nettie llnyt , of Camaneho , Iowa.
is in the oily , visiting nt the rejmloneo of
Dr. Carter.
( icorge W. Frank , ono of tlio leading
bankers of Corning , Iowa , accompanied
by bis wife , is at the Paxton.
B. H. Groom , of Lexington , Kentucky ,
one of the largest importers of shorthorn
catlle in the country , i& in the city , stop
ping at Iho Paxton.
Sioux City Journal , 22d : Air. and Mrs.
S. II. Moore , who have been guests of
Omaha friends for several days , will re
turn home to-morrow.
Frank Jayncs , Western Union superin-
tend-ill at San Francisco , and wife , ar-
rhed in the city this morning and will
visit a few days altltu residence of J. J.-
A. T. Austin , Lognustiort , Tin ] . , is in
the city to look after his lloston nhoc
store on Douglas street. Mr. Austn la
much pleased with the oily , and will no
doubt transfer his othcrstoreo in Indiana
o this place.
"Wljcu l ! b ; noa elct , " R re her Outtorta ,
When elm Trita a Child , olie cried far C'tulorla ,
When elio became Mien , nho cltinj to Catlorla ,
Whcii lo hiil Children , eha garo them CMttriA ,
Tin : M'oimiNv RAMILY.
It was thu pleasure of the HBK to way of
he Me.tjiberiy family , which apeara ) at
loyd's ojiera hou o to-night , when they
vero in Council UluIVs a few weeks since ,
he following : Thn entertainment given
> y the Mi ! ( > ibiny fumily at the opera
muse last evening wan one of the moot
loveland meritoriousniuskiil i ntertahui
uonts ever given hero. The family i.s
cmarkable one , it numbering jiftccn
iiusieians , father , mother , twelve ehil-
Iren , and one young lady , brought into
he family by marn.igo with one of the
oiis , Frank. The family presents an
ndless variety of music , inslriimeiital
nil vocal , and it la real musiu whieh
liey give. The programme was a varied
ne , iind tlio departure from the usual
oncert is refrcHhing.
Absolutely Pure.
rhl po\rdir nnror vnrloc ) . A inarvit ol
ci > Kili iinil holcMiiiir-iio .1. Muro rriiiioinl'J U
mi the onliiiMiy Itiiiil * , ntl | cnnnol tie sold In
iiilu-ilt on will i ll'riimiltitiiri | > r > r ) ( > tvtr tHliort
l 'lil niul plMisiiluiii ) p.iwdcr.s. Sold only In
ii * l ( < ial lliiLliif 1'owdcr Co. , 100 Wall utreot ,
OVEK 400,000 fl IN UOE.
. . , - _ . . . --inctflrngUic
or ( on tKX'itiiaj ; toll. * wlxlit ItmjrAiry 12
ell ndupK-.l la riiiwU ruunlrr runriii nni.
, nilrlic * blcltici ,1luiiiiflilrrd _ u. | ntliltir