Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 23, 1885, Page 6, Image 6

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    TUE DATTjY B15T3.
orncnt no. la r < mi-i ntr ot.
< nfrl'T iu tiny ) inrl of tlic city ut
lurnly < 'Til per week.
Hi W. TJI.TON , . . . Manager
) t 'icr ( , the tailor , for full good * . ,
Tln > work > [ Jajins u MMXT on llrynnt iotnniuiue.d ! y fil rdiiy ,
Not a IMI--O lit police court yiwterdiiy.
' .Flic oily is fMling wonderfully good.
( \y I'nrl or mourns llio hw of an ever
rout , and ? otnc f npitk thief rojoiees in its
nnnrry WAS yesterday given
lo ( 'nh'b ' Carlisle and Martha l.angdun ,
liotJi of this city.
The Harmony mission ladies Imvo a
Hucitil this evening ; at the residence of J.
M. IMni'r , No. wl lliirmony street.
Tlure has been a delay in the work on
the foundations for tlio now court home ,
the piles not having arri\ed , and Uio
waiting being for them.
James Bradley is overhauling the lire
tilariii. If it was thrown away entirely
and a new system put in it would bo
bettor and cla-aper in llio long run.
The ladies of thu Catholic church are
phi lining on giving a fair for the week
oonimoiifng A'uvombfr - ' ! , and having a
grnnd ball on Thanksgiving night ,
i The Miporior court ia still engaged In
honring Hie ease of th , Western Collage
Organ company ngumst.J. Mueller , and
llio end does not seem much nearer.
I'John White , who v.'as tent from thin
city to the.insane asylum early in August ,
died there Wednesday , and Ills remains
were brought home yesterday and buried
( /apt. 0. II. Holmes , of Magnolia , has
been nominated for representative in the
llarri.son county district , to till the
vacaney caused on the ticket by Ihe death
of JJ. W. Uiouson.
Yesterday afternoon "W. S Dovoro nnd
Miss K. A Adliiiin , both of thi.s city ,
fltepped into ( ho c-lerk's olliee , got , u li-
OPIISO. and JiHlieu Ilciidricks being
called In , they were quickly and happily
made one.
Dr. Woodbury is building two ton-
roomed houses on Blun" ntiootne\t , to his
milileiieo. The buildings are two-tory
and biisrmont , with pressed briek fronts
nnd Htoue trimmings , lie is also build
ing a four-roomed addition to his own
The policemen's ' hall lasl evening was
.fully JIB great a success as was predicted.
There was a largo attendance , and all
weal , aloifg merrily and happily. It is
hojied Unit , besides having u happy oc
casion boeiully , the boys of the filar will
reap a good hi/oil financial benulit.
A tnlrty foot addition , two stories high ,
will BOOH be added to the store of Messrs.
Cooper & McUce , which will give them
a depth of UK ) feet. Excavations began
yesterday , and asoon as completed this
, Jinn will carry a full line of mantles of
the latest designs , a thing greatly needed
In this city.
A letter from Mr. Atkinson , of J'remont
county , who is going to lit up a Mimmor
refiort iiorc ; htates that he i.s prejuiring to
como liorcin a few days logo on with the
work , and that he has already built boats
and been doing other work for opening
next season well.
The mayor Ihos to the rcbf-iu * ot Wldt-
tlesoy of the Globe , claiming that the
latter in mad because the BKK has abused
Homo of his friends or relatives. Whit-
tlesey wiys he does not thank bin honor ,
thai , he iH able to lake can ; of hiniMilf ,
unit that instead of being mnd : \ ! the Br.K
ho has taken no exception to the item
given in the Uii : : .
The speech given last evening by lion.
J. O. Burrows , of Michigan , wax ono of
the best ever heard here , and was listen
ed to by a large audience. He is an ear
liest , and popular speaker , and \\lillolie
entertains , it is more than an entertain
ment , his thoughts being logieally ar-
raimvd , and presented ulearly , foivibly ,
ami willi occasional eloquent touches.
Next Monday ntelit at the opera house
there will be one of the choiccM , musical
euU'i'talmiic'iit.s ever given here , as at
| i that time and place the Schubert Quar
tette club \\ill be present. With lite
national reputation gained by thisorgan-
I iy.iil.ioii the people , and especially the
music lovers , will need no urging to se
cure their tickets , at once at Foster's ,
where the diagram will bo found.
The twenty-sixth semi-annual session
of thi ! Council Blull's di-triof conference
of tie ! Methodist churches Is to In : held in
Dennison , November 10 to IS , im-lusivo.
Presiding Fildcr Smith is to preach the
opening sermon , and Kev. Dr. MoCrenry
in plaeed on Ihe programme for an ad
dress at the eilne.alioiul meeting , to beheld
held on the evening ot the opening day ,
President E. L. Parks being the other
There have been m.tny ipiories as lo
why work was not progressing more
briskly on the government building. At
tlie council meeting the other evening
the matter was brought up , and Con
gressman Lymati being present plained
that thn delay was caused by the fact that
llio Htono.s had not been quarried , but
Ihat this work , ho understood was pro-
greying , and he would write at onee ,
nnd sue if it could not bo hurried up
fionio , BO that there would bo more ac
tivity here.
Thjs evening a young people's jubilee
mooting will be held at the M. K. clinroh ,
beginning at ? p. m. . conducted by the
llev. Mr. ] JarriM > n. The series of revival
meetings are proving very profitable to
the church and congregation. Six -or-
Ticos will be held on Sunday , an early
jneetingiit..1:15 : a. m. ; preaching service
ftt 10:3(1 : ( , followed by revival horricu ; u
tiiinday-M'liool mvival meeting at IL'iJIOj
consecration meeting at ! ) p. m. : young
people's meeting at Ut3 ; ! p. m. ; evening
Borvico at 7M. :
The JCIkhorn Arallny line will run a lim
ited cvciirfilnn to Chadron from this e.ity ,
BtnrlingTne.sdav morning , October i7 ! , at.
7.05. riiadron % is the present terminus of
Ihe I'Vemont , Klkhorn t Missouri Milley
railway , is about -ir.O miles from here ,
und Is in the heart of thu famous Whlio
river couutrj' . It is the dlr.trlbutlng and
supply point for the Black Hills coun
try , and U n marvelous town , It having
gained population of about 1,400 in
about two months. The fare for the
round trip from hero is only ? J1.10 , and
thn train will be a through ono , fur
nished with day conches , Meopo.r.s and all
needed comforts nnd conveniences.
Those who dcylro to improve this oppor
tunity should address for further pin tie-
iihirs 11. C. Clinyney , fi07 Bioadway , the
H0iithwctcrn passenger tigent , who will
accompany the party ,
Mow that the city has boon to an cv-
> pcntto of tin'oral hundred dollars to dig
„ holes In Bryant street und open up the
sewer fo , that that the mud could bo dug
out nnd Ihe sowar made of t-orvico , it is
learned that the whole trouble might
' have been very easily remedied if , infill -
fill nil of trying vainly to Hush out the
sewer froiu the upper end , the Hushing
tint ) been begun at the lower end. The
fiiiggo ion conies u little late. , but there
t arcKomowho Und much cause for mer
riment In the fact that when the MJ\TIT
K became lilted with mud Unit an attempt
wius made to force the mud out by putting
hose In the higher end , and Jiiuling that
would not work , then going to this ex-
I jimiM ! and trouble of digging it all out
t when , If the hove had been used al the
Jower < IH | , the dirt and mud could have
been remove"I easily. j
An Important Decision Vftrying Trom th
Onoa Given Herd
The Or rtiil/nllon of n Kcw l'onl. CS , A
It. Tlic California lOsourslon-
I tH Personal anil P4)llcl >
cnl roloiors.
Vrolilliltltin Tjaw.
Several liquor cases brought in the cir
cuitand district courts hero Imvo beei
traiiBferred from the state to the fedora
court on petition of the saloon men
Judge C. Hedges , of the circuit court n
Iowa City , seems to tnko a dill'erent view
from that taken by the judges hero , amen
on Wednesday rendered adeo'iFion refus
ing to grant the application for removal
As the prohibition Jaw is so Inlorestin
and allccting wvory part of the state , m
especially this oit.y , it being on I ho bor
der. the decision is given almost in its
entirely :
In the circuit court of the stnto of
Iowa , in and lor Johnson county. F. M
Danner vs. Conrad Graf , et al. riaintill
tiled his petition in equity July UiJ , 18-Jl.
charging defendants with keeping ami
maintaining a nuisance in violation ol
the prohibitory laws of the state , as
amended by chapter 10U of the laws of
the Twenheth general assembly , ap
proved April ? , ld-JIand asking that de
fendants may be perpetually unjoined
trom so doing , and that Mich nmsnuco
may be abated. Defendants Jiled thcli
answer October 2. l l.
After the trial time for sajd oauso b
before tlie time of same , < lefendants I'dcd
their petition lor a cliauge of forum to
the circuit court of the United Mates , de
fendants not tiling a bond therewith. It
is manife > t thalsueh change is sought
and prosecuted under suction OU , re-
vi"co statutes of the United Suites , ami
of no other statute providing for such
change- forms. Section OH of United
States revised statutcu pro\ides , when
any civil suit or criminal jiroftueiition is
commenced in any state court , for
any eaufio whatsoever , against any
person who is denied or cannot en-
lorcc in tlie judicial tribunals of the
btato where such suit or proceeding is
pending , any right secure ! to him by any
la\y providing lor equal civil rights of tin :
citizens of tlio United States , or of all
persons within the jurisdiction of the
United States * * * may upon the
petition of .such defendant , tiled in feiich
state court , at any time before the trial or
final hearing of the cause , stating the
facts and verified by oath , be removed
for trial into the next circuit court
to bo held in the district where it is
pending. * * * *
See. I , Article XIV , of the constitution
of the United States , provides , * * *
"no state shall make or entorco any law
which shall abridge the privileges or im
munities of citizens of Ihu United States ;
nor .shall any sUtc deprive any person of
life , liberty or property without due pro
cess of law ; nor deny to any person
within its jurisdiction the equal protec
tion of its hvws. "
Defendants allege in substance that at
and prior to the time of the commence
ment of this suit , defendant Gruf was at
the time and place , as charged , engaged
in the .sale , solely Of beer , manufactured
and owned by him prior to March 1 ,
The act , cha-pter 103 of the twentieth
general assembly , approved April ! ! , Jdil ,
taking elleelJuly 1 , J8dl , prohibit * the
sale ot beer the sale of malt , being legal
prior to said enactment -and said act
being without provisions for compensa
tion tor loss , if any , on such liquors
owned , in I he state at such time.
1 think such issue fairly presents for
determination tlie following questions of
law , lo-\vit :
Whether sueh act , deprived defendant
Graf of his property without duo process
of law ; ami if .so , was it HO far in viola
tion of the fourteenth amendment to the
constitution of the United States. And
such questionf of law are contemplated
as a ba is of removal under section ( Ml of
the revised statutes of the United States
Hut as a prerequisite of sueh removal.
it must bo made to appear that a denial
of Mich defense ha been made by the ju-
dical tribunal of this state ; the allegation
of defendants Din regard thereto is that
the .supreme court , of Iowa maintains
haid law , and its validity , and thereby
holds that parties situated as these de
fendants may he prosecuted under said
No decision of the supreme court of
this state has ever been made involving
the isiue above stated ; and of the ques
tion as to whether said stututo ia repug
nant to the provision of the fourteenth
amendment to the constitution of the
United States.
It is true that in the case of Littleton
vs. FritN. . Y. lloporter , Vol. 2 ; ! , page
( ill , held that such act wasnol , repugnant
to certain provisions of _ the sfcito consti
tution ; that such net did not deprive a
citiwn of the right of trial by jury as
guaranteed by our constitution ; that
same was not anenforccmentof "a crim
inal law by a civil action , " etc. . none of
which questions would autnnri/.c a
change of loriim under said section ( lit ,
U. S. Revised Statutes.
There are other issues made by defen
dants' answer , but ! think it is clear the
same do not raise any questions in law
which would authorize a change in
forum , as sought by defendants.
The petition of defendants for change
of forum is denied , to which defendants
i ; ; llio NinncrA.
The revival services continue at Broad
way Methodist church under the leader
ship of Hev. Thomas Harrison , the noted
revivalist , whose name iu so familiar in
ill parts of the country , He is a pccu-
iar sort of a man , as nearly all these
evangelists and revivalists are , and has
nany peculiarities , but they serve a good
imrpojc , in drawing and holding the
crowds , and as thcso peculiarities are
ivldently bin own , and a part of him , he
certainly has the right to use them as best
iu may. Ho is n very nervous acting
Mill of a man , and very enthusiastic ,
dthoiigh not always indulging in the
lolsy sort of enthusiasm , It seems hard
\\ork for him to keep Mill , and he is fre-
ptently Murtling his congregations by
toiuis sudden move , mich as jumping up
mil shouting , "sing , " or indulging in
some similar and sudden change of exor-
Ucs , His meetings are nolslccpy , what-
iver else may be thought of them , and
they seem to ho resulting in great MUJ-
cess In tlie line which he and his colabor-
cts are working. On Wednesday night ,
dthoiigh the regular night for A irvices at
the other chnrcnes , the church was tilled ,
iiul there was great intorcM. manifested ,
There worn about lifty who asked for
irayeis , and thl1 * showing for the fourth
light of the course , seemed wonderfully
encouraging. Kev. lr , MeKaig , pastor
of the Fir > > t Methodist church in Omaha ,
was here the other uvoning , and took part
n the services , Uov. W. T. Smith , the
molding elder of this district , is. hejp'mg
ilso , and the jiastor of the church , Ituv.
Jr , MelYeary , Is devoting his best oner-
ghfiaKo. If much good is not iiccom-
> lishcd , it will not be for : i lack of nblo
iiul earnest assistance to the visiting
vangelist Next Sunday tlicro is to bo
IIT nil day work , eight wrvioca ha\Ing
icvu arranged for. On week days the
meetings nn- held at R o'clock ench nftcr-
noon , young people's meeting nt 7
o'clock , p. in. , nnd the regular evening
nenieo at 7.30 each evening.
Vnllnut Volor.-inp.
The fuel of the organisation of a new
post hero of the OtYiiid Army of the Re
public MJI * stated in yesterday's UKU.
The fnetthat there has boon but onn post
hero , iu si city as largo as Council Itlull's ,
has been frequently commented upon ,
DCS Molncs having three , and other cities
of this si/.o from two tip. The Held being
large enough to warrant nnolher organ- !
ration , a number of the veterans have
joined , and have been duly muiterod in ,
the following being tlio newly elected of
Commander George Melealf.
Senior vice commander .1. 1' . Weaver.
Junior vice commander L. S. Kusttoll.
Quartermaster T. ) . Clark.
Chaplain H. W. Might
Surgeon --Dr. A. J. Cook.
Ollle"rof the day .1. C , Hodabeek.
Olllecr of the guard U. S. llubbard.
Adjutant John H. Keatlev.
Assistant adjutant . C. llubbard.
Quartermaster anwuit- John Fox.
TruPtee.H-H. . Illghl , John Fox and
C. S. llubbard.
OH' l-'or
The California excursion of the Union
1'acilic started from the transfer yester
day morning , and was a tine train indeed ,
there being beside the engine , baggage
cars and day coach , sisleepers. . There
were about 150 passengers. Air. and Mrs.
Henry Melealf and Mrs. K. I ) . V. Fislier
wern the only ones from this city.
Among the party were lUss Tuttle , of
DCS AIoincH , who is an old friend of Mr.
and Mrs. Sililey of this city , and they
saw her safely started on her jour
ney. A large number of the excursionists
came in on yesterday morning trains , the
Chicago , mirlinglon it Qiiincy alone
bringing in two sleepers of excursionists.
The party wits a merry one , and with a
bright day for a start they set
their faces westward with great expecta
tion.1) ) of a delightful trip.
The Solmliert ( juai-tcdu.
The Chicago Times of January SO.
18S5. wija : "The most artistic fcaru'o ot
the Clara Louisa Kellogg concert was the
singing of the Schubert quartette. The
quartette has made a notable improve
ment. The gentlemen sing well together ,
preserving a rare fidelity to the kev , each
seeming to keep constantly in view the
oll'eet of the whole and not his own par
ticular prominence , and -shading the
work down witlL admirable intelligence
and appreciation of the musical idea in
what , they sing. "
Tickets are now on sale for this con
cert at Foster's drug store , al oO and 73
cents. Go early and secure good scats.
Thn entertainment ; will take place al
Dohaney's opera house on Monday
evening , October M.
The Poetic Heiitlmciit In Kan.sns.
The following suggestive lines were
found on the door of a dug-out on an
abandoned claim in western Kansas :
SCO reel to Water.
50 Miles to Fuel.
0 Inches to Hc : > .
Cou BI.KSS Ouu JIoui : .
tT. . M. Marcy , of this city , who has been
living for some lime in Kansas , and who
lias now returned here , says that , as far
is his experience goes , ho thinks the
ibove is about correct , except the third
ine on the sign. As ho didn't know how
near dead the fellow was when ho put up couldn't vouch for the cor
rectness of his distance from sheol.
Eil Wright , the shorthand writer , has
returned home from Kansas.
D. 1'atton has now secured a position
n the United Stale ? express company.
H. S Hart , , of Avoea. , the candidate for
cpresentativc , was in tnc city yesterday.
IJ. S. Riseloy and B. Armstrong , of
Sheiiandoah , were in the IJlulls yester-
Win. Ilighsmith and John Skiuklo re-
timed yesterday from a week's hunt at
loney Creek.
G. O. Kirby , of Dunlap , a prominent
cal csluto and loan man of that place ,
vas in the city yesterday.
Horace Evans , who has been ill for
everal weeks , and a part of the time
very sick , is now convalescing.
Hon. J. C. liurrowH , of Michigan , who
; jioko | here last evening , is a coiibin of
Spencer Smith , of tlie Nonpareil.
John Epcneter. jr. , has severed his
connection with J. M. Phillips , and ac-
. opted a position in Kintv As Ivleeb's gro
cery establishment.
A letter from Fred Tieknor , who is on
i ranch north of Denver , shows thai he
s healthy , hearty and pronporoim , and is
miking a sueccss of tiie cattle business.
Substantial abstracts of title and real
stale loans. J. W. , & K. L. Squire , 101
'carl fetrcet.
In the circuit court li. 'J' ' . Waterman
isks for an injunction restraining the
sherifl'aiidN.v. . ( from collecting
i judgment of $ J ! secured against him in
Justice Hendricks' court , claiming that
10 had no knowledge of the suit until it
was all over and judgmentgiven against
If . you wish . to make JUf li . " from , ,
on to liftv dolluw niiiiliiy write to Judd
t Smith , > fo. IU Fourth street. Council
It Is now Haid Unit u now diicf of the
ire ilupurtmiiiit will bo ulectud Satiirduy
lyiiniiiK. 'J'ho juiblio ncod not ] iin their
'iiilh onto this promise ) , liownvar , as tlicro
: nivo l ) on siivoral ones made hcforo , mid
is oiiKily for otUsnaHinado. In tliiinciii- ; ;
inn : Ihu lire dfimrtinent , ono of thu most ,
mpurtuiit branches of thu city govern
ment , is only temporarily organiwd , and
: hu inturest.s- llio city urn nccusMirily
ioopard'ucd. No niattor ho\v yood a
ihief pro tiun may Im chosen , In ; cannot
ako hold of the department its if ho wan
fairly seati-d to utuy for at least one
. . . .
For everything in thu jrroucry Hue yivc
ho iiuxv Jirm of Kinlv. & Kleob , Kid
iroiulway , n trial. Kverything new and
fiv.ih. j-'anuy grocerii's a Bjiui'iulty.
The oily counuil does not seem to ho
with the plans of hnworap ! pro-
larcd for thoi'iti by the ( Jhk > a < ; o cngl-
UH-r , and Ih'foro snttlinK with him for Uio
juhuico of the iouiH'iiilioii ! | ! : iihiiiniul by
dm the conneil has rciiuoNlcd him to
come hero , explain niatinr.s , and make
hem fiitibfactory , oflering him his aetnal
\pontcti. He replies that he will come
tore for ! fi5 a day , and that he expects
he city to pay the balance ulaimed by
lim , just the same. The council has neb
aken Kindly to this proposition.
Lamps eheapat Homer's , 23 Main St.
\V.\M jo : Wlical , eorti an < | ositsin ear-
ot.s. Liberal advances in.7J : ; on all r-on-
i ninciiLs , by J. Y , Fuller , Council 11 lull's ,
uuu , and Omaha , Neb.
Th > ) workingmen are hot. and the more
hey think of it the hotter they jyet , at the
vay thi'v wcro dupiid by llio democrats
Vcdnead'iy niglit. ( tivni to iindenitiind
hat they would simply ha\o a joint mcol-
i k the labor udvowiie.i to lui\o the hulk
of the time , and thu d < moonits to he
given almply u chance for Col. KlM ) > eck
to sprnk , tliryvontlinfo llm trnp only to
Und Hint iisu'iunl thu pblitirlinsgohnli'il
the mcotiiijr , mid : ) vitthorouchy | duiiio-
crHtte , and nllowod thraxrorhiiiKmcn the
lirivilcfio of pajiiiff thn r\pnitFcsof Hie
Imll , eto. So lonjf as lubor oiv'tiui/ilions :
allow theiii lvoa to be fooled by the
promHos nt politician * they can ac
complish little hoyohd ( jutting orcnfljnitR
to i. ink themselves niter each snuli bit of
fooIMmess for hojng sovailly duped.
, NDrriOES.
% Spc < 'lal nitvcrtl oinent , suoli M
Jxisf , Vouud , To J/IHII , rbr Snlc' , To llout , M'nnts
Hoarding1 , etc. , will lie In'-.crkil in ( lib column at
the low rule of TUX CRMB IT.It LINK for tlm
first Insertion mid I'lVK CENT. ) 1'Bll J.I NT for
oacli euti ( iuout. | linnrtioii. I.f ro nduirtlso-
inonUnt our ofllco , No. li I'our ) Btroct , noiir
W KTRD-A tlnnorat Cooper fc .McGro'9 ,
No. 41 .Mulii fl , Council lutilN.
"irOH 8A1,15 llrinjr ilcg'roim of moUntr to
.1 Uinnliii , DII mx-otinr of my h - lite n , 1 olTiir
forcnlo my rcsidonoo , mrnor Kourth iitoiuin
nnilNintli strtjot. on proml m. A , i' .
WAMTKD-Ono iillu. one tenor , onn baritone
nnd onn tuliu pluyer tor n ImiM Iniiiil.
Apply nt nnui ! to II. II. J-Yccmmt , miuuiirurof
1 adics Hn o llc.II o'tib and nill'lnrvmini's ' at
hotel c-nr "Qrotm ol' thn Itonil , " ut Union 1'ncillo
dummy dcH | > l , Council llluilsl
"I" OSrRllvi'rvuMi ntnl Hold clmln. 1'cwnnl
JJlll 1m pitl'I ' the Duller. .Miirllu HiiKhos ,
nin Ninth Btix'i't.
WAM'lllI A sootl > rlrl 1'or froiicrul liouso-
woik ; No. li Hiuifiofi i
O HUNT A itov , Fovcn-room lioiuu.
FOlt Itr.NT A * lnimn IIOIIPO , ton iiiliiulcs
M nil : I mm lii8lnigH ) ! , city water , v-oll and els-
lorn. ] ' 'or rnnt uhnin.
1'oit HUNT Nu. liM Hnn-Kon street , lluvo
room- ? . MiJl.\noN V l'o. ,
i Tcurl struct.
roil BALK , roit itivr : on K\uirA > 'Ri < : ,
BJO. M I'or fnloorront.on x-ery llbutiil lonno.
fi The Council lIliiITs l > jior Mlll.complolc , wllli
the inrgu l.xnnlliir liou.-u nnd thiuo ucn-s of
No. al A business propnrty ] riiuroli ,
Clierolioo county , liiwii. will tnulolor wotoru
liniiln. Yiiluo , nlmiit Sl , < XQ.
No. : f A hcnutltnl itDinu In tlm toun of lia
Mllh county , In\vu , for Nolmibka land.
, .
No. 41 A irooil biialnros property nnd nlfo i\
peed ictililonci ! propirty In tlio town or Clienxo ,
Mcl.i'nn county , lit . low down for < n h or will
uvplmniro for wtprn laiuH
No. I'.U A splendid liinn , well t nprocd , IM.1
iiuros in nickltis-oii county , 1cm n , joining llio
toNMiol Spirit \M\to. \ \ 1'rlcu , for n thoi-t time ,
f.'l. > iHirncic.
No. K . { to 187 Are lour Inprorcd fnnus Iu
I'lillllpscount } . KIIII < IIM , eni'li With u snmll In-
cutnliriinrc. Tlio onnitiis w111 ho oMiltnntrod for
unlncuiiilioreilMlhl laud Iu
No. 1111 1 ) non-sin Iloll.county. Xeli. , luully
Improved , ut n blif tiir ) iiiii. 'Wants to txxelmiiKo
No. 54 A fltuMMro story lirlclc residence , OIID
of the best locutions in Ooiincil III nils , will tniclo
for itawt iinlnrunhfTcd Kiuitiis or Nebraska
lands. Viilm$1. . " > , ( RK ) .
No..Viand 11 Ar twootlun1 beautiful lioino-
In Counoll llhilTs , which ctoh pujmculs will buy
ut u biruiu. [ -
No. . ' . ( ! A aiiburliaii Iofatliti In Iva
Pity , Town , wilt oxchiuiKO fur wcbtorn liuids.
Vnlue , J.VOOO.
Tlicnlio\o iiro onlviifowof our Kperlal Iiar-
uliie. If you'\u/fOt / nnythlnt ; lo tradotir sell ,
or want to soil itnyieal t-'ti'Vii or meix-hiitidlHe ,
write us. Wn have rev enil jniod stoi'ks of poods
to trade for lands. S VAN , & WAI.KKIt ,
Council UliifTs , Iowa.
Tancy and Stapi3 groceries.
No. 162 - Broadway.
Opposite Ogden House ,
Council Bliif d , - - la.
Tins house Ixiint ? a now ono , cousn-
qncntly urorytbing iu stock ia now mid
Prices as reasonable as any other f ro
'cnry in tlio west.
Ono trial is all wo ask.
342 and 344
Mcns Fall & Winter Wear
) ' und Hoys' HiiBlnrPS Hulls.
1 ami lloyrt' Dro
' livery Day nnd Drcsii Hnlla.
Orun'unui for Jlt'ii , floysiind Chllilrun.
Meruhant Tailor Hulls.
Jleruhant Tuilor Overcoats.
Mcrolmut Tailor Tiowsci-s.
Eciiinl in thu best , lo order ,
Allmlf Iho prictt.
Fill .Men * ' Bulls unil Ovl'rcoiit .
Lean Mrim' Hulls und Oierooats.
Kut MPIIS' TrowHcii1.
Sfiunp6.sSlilrl6 ) and Trowsors In wools ,
MediciUed Hourlcta , lUtm llcnvy HiUbrlrK ) > uiB ,
1'iuicy Coloruil Wools und niUwl ijualltioti , from
"uccueli to 11.50. '
rou Tun KALI , or IE %
Gloves ,
Suspenders ,
And Cuffs ,
Of flretcJaea quullUta and rcaBouablo prloci
fit" and Bit llrondfriur. Counoll lllutra. IOWA.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
Onr ploek tn ttmv ivmplcto In every tlo ftrt
iiient tunl ( . cntiiUm oil Uio luuwtstvlosiunloilcct
ETC. , irro.
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices ,
SAMFLKS riirnltlii'd upon Application to o
of town parties.
Council Bluffs Carpet Company
& Jtroadwct/i/ .
Justice of the Peace.
Oflfiro Over Amurlcnn Kiprofn ,
ronum-ly of Now York ,
No. ! ) < Puiu-I Struct , Council DluCTs , Iowa
Sanitary Hydrnulic Engineers ,
Public and Private Systems
cf Sewerage ,
Water wotl < s nnd Ventilation designed
and coiiMlruuled.
Plumbing work in nil Its brunclicn.l'hls
eoiiijwny Imvo ono of llio best uusortud
of | > liinibiiK ! goods in tlio west
KHtliuutoR furnished.
Now York Plumbing coiniuiny 05 llroad
way Council JJlufls. Tclophono No 27 ,
Practlws lit SUand < Fi'dnrol eou
Immense Stock
Eastern Prices Duplicated
Send far IMuafrateti Catalogs.
Warehouse nnd Fiilcsioom , 41 X. Main St. , Council HluffR , Jonii.
Olliwi 4)1 ) ! Jiroiulway.
ItricU InilldlnpH of uuy liltid raised or nio cd nnd fjitisfiu lion runrntitouJ. Tramo IIOIIBOA raox
on l.ltllo Uiiitil triielii * tlio bust iu Ihu
into ctii BT. , couxnj , nu'nw , IOAW.
J u
Iluvc removed totlieir New Store ,
Hos. 32 & 34 Iain and 33 & 35 Pearl
Wheie tin $ liive : put In a now fitouk of
Ladies' ' and Gents Furnishing Goods , [ to , , Etc ,
Among wliieh are tlic following lines :
Hats and Caps , G-loves and Mitt ens , Gents 'v.
Neckwear , G-ents'Underwear.
Ladies9 Children's and Mines' Underwear. ,
Hosiery and Gloves , Cloaks and Shawls , Ladles' Valises , Blankets ana "
Flannels , Rockford Carpet Warp in alt Colors. f "i ]
JOHN BENO & CO. , fj
No. : anil ! ) J JMuin Street , Council Hlufl & fl
No. ! i3 anil ! 55 Pearl SI met.
No , 29 Main street , Council Bluffs.
200 Heating Stoves from $3 to $10 Each.
Cheap CooU KlovfH nud Ocncrul Kouso r IOO < IB , liujliKllii.'f Nctv unil Sccuud HwixJ } fit
ALtylca \ \ of Ladders eoiiBtautly la ftni-k made
from fijiruco plno plunk. TIKI very l > ei > t ,
No. W Pearl St. , - Council Bluffs
Over lliithuell'd llookgloro.
Ia CoimuU Illtiffs bnvlii
ITire Esoap > e
Anil nil inodorn Imnrovcuicals , e < dl bolls , tire
nlariii licllH , cto. , Ulliii
No3.1.'ir.1 J7fllnd Sll ) ,
, ' - - .
MAX MDHN I'l-oju-lotor.
l-MOB. 01 l-ICT.n. M. W. II. I'CIhKY.
1 i . lilci.lWli.
Thorough Instruction on the Piano
and Organ
of rcii'lvliii ' ; UiHriu Uou
Lo ulK\o w 111 pliMHij call on or ilddri
Prof , G , B. Lipfsrf ,
! . D. A. BENEDICT'S '
No. . ' 117 Ilroodwiiy , Ouundl llluiro.
Hair Goods of all Kinds
Made to Order.
Plair Goods of all Styles
Beady Made.
No. 337 Kroadway.
J , I. Do BEYOISE , Agent.
No. M7 Dioiid vuv , Council IllulT.s.
Eailway Tinie
Thu following IH HID tlinii of nirlvnl nnd
ili'l'iirtuii ) ( it'll ulns li.v eciitnil ctiuiilurd time. ut
Iliri Infill dojiotu. TIIUIIH liuivo Inni9lirl ( ; | > 'it ion
iiiliiiitcHciii-lliH' und arrlvu u > n uiliuilii.s lutnr ;
IIUIMIir. AlllllVK
< ; mr/Mio / i NoiiTiirt'iwrcaM.
O ri/.M . .Mull nnd Mxprr-Hfl . 0MP. : ) u ,
lL' : < ( li' . Jiccominr.diilluii . 4COi' : . M.
t > : 'M l > . M. . H.\irctn | . 0U5 A. M.
Ilj'jr ) A.M. . . . Mull and lUpruw . : .VI v. M.
7:16 t , 11 . Ainiiiiinodiillon . J3i' : . M ,
fuaiJI' . If . KxplTNi . UMlTiA. M.
fill ) Ai ( ; ) , Mll. M'KHK A hf. I'AUI.
11:9) : ) t. M . Mnlliuii | l { < pi 'fc . 0fiOl' : . u ,
tiMr.H . IJ priiMj . ! ) ; ( / > * , u ,
rim Ado. IIITIII.INOJON jk ( jtiiNcr.
ti:40A.M. : . . . Mnilniid r\pribt . YilQr.M ,
Bit5i'.M. : . HMiiry , . : MA.u ) ,
iin e. u I.OUII hi. Loulh KxiiiOHrt 1,01:111 : .
S'M i > . w.TnuiBforhl. UnilH lix.'J'uuiHlur.iirJO i' . u
KANSAS UirV , M1. JOB ft < llllKUk IIMJKrH.
10 : in A. * i . MiilUiiid Kipii ! ! * * . 7'ae. 11.
UiOCil'.H . lIxpKUK. . . QMi\.U.
tilOITX LIT * St I'Af'lrlC.
TilfiA.M . Hloux Cltj Mull . 0Wp. : M.
b : < lri P.M. . . . ? t. I'mil Kxpii'Hs . HZ.'iAu. ;
lli : ) A. M . liunvcr Mxpruss . lUKr. r.
IIITI : > . M. .i.iiuoiii i > ims..oni. & it. v.a-M i > . u.
7t4Sr. w. . . Ovrrhuid Kxprcix . b"OOA. M.
Leiivo COIIIH II lllulfB--7U' : ,
II : IU u. in. | l-M-3&\-4tiU )
II i4'i p. in , l.eitvu Oiiiiiliulii' : -T : ;
R. RICE , M. D.
' llKi' tiunors n-niovrd tvlihout
ihoknll. 1.1 ilriiuluifiif Mood.
Over ll in j < . 'nr ctiiMl < "i , > i'i'i it ? U-ticu ,
TlO II I'l "fir1 " M 'I , lo'llll'll Illllllrt.