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Thomaa THritaly and HuBrlib Die from the
Effects of Morphino.i
lilp n Stock of Oooils to Lincoln
to Avolil CrcilltorB Tlio Mayor' . ' !
Flue I < 'JnnnclcrltiR Nmvtf
of the City.
fFitoM TTTE TJrr.'B T.INCOI tltntr.Atr.l
The wouhl bo RiilclilnM. Thotnun While-
Invalid his newly niailo bride , allvo
nt 8 olclook ynstordiiy iifturnoon. The
couple still laid totfotlior In room 3n of
thoComniorohil and nil iluy long won-
dcringly curious people nitulo the phiuo
n. rendezvous and gossiped the cuan in nil
Its fciitiiros. The wonmn Is
bonnliftil , and an filio lay in the tied hnr
* palo face flccmud to take on an cxpres-
ilon of Innocnnoo which timlisr tlm
circumstances xvas beautiful to
"behold. At her flhlo the iiu-
bocllo who had ruined hlmaolf nnd the
Woman ho hud just niarrlod lay. His
'laco , though jtnlo , was hloatud. MurkH of
dissipation were clearly Icglhln , and an
tlm doctors rolled the man anil woman
about on the bed every few tiniiulua a
faint groan would puna his ) lip * . All
through Wednesday night iitlondantM
worn called in and they took turns in
moving tlm inanlmatv bodies to keep up
a rrmplration.
It ! H pretty well puttied that Whitnly
boa. boon a morphine eater. Iii.sido3 ; the
hottln which had been emptied by thu
would bo suicides smother phial
containing a quantity of the drug was
found In his clothing. About a year ago
it Is Raid thatwhllo Whitcly was slopping
at the Commercial ho took an ovcrdoso
of morphine and cnmo near dying. Gos
sip sn.yH that ho attempted self-destruc
tion because his pri-si-nt wife , who WHH
then a dining room jirl at tlio hotul , ru-
fiifiodn \ marry him. Slit ! seems to Iiuvo
tulUiii compassion on him , and at the
tlmo inn-sod him through hi * illncs.s. ' 1'ho
man BCCIUS linally to hiivo persuadiul
her to have him. lli.s Juiin-
tie conduct can only ho accounted
for by tiut fact flint the drug had lee linn
a hold upon him or because after lii.s
marriage lie felt a remorse in loading an
innocent girl to the altar , whiio ho wax
such a wreck , it is thought that ho pur-
fttiaded he , to suicide with him , and as
s'io ' was a very imprc&jionablo girl nho
ivvis easily inllueneed.
liltoly has been a traveling man for a
J1IJI bor of yours , mostly in the HIIOO lino.
It " said that his relatives are qnilo
liy , ami live in St. Louis. At a late
last night the newly wedded pair
still unconscious and it was not
> wn by the doctors whether they will
vo or die.
A curious and dramatic incident con
nected wilh the alVair was brought to
light yesterday. Airs. Kutclior , mother
of tlio bride , resides at Valparaiso , in tlds
state. For two or three days , during the
early part of tlio week , she said that she
felt a premonition tluit her daughter had
como to Homo harm. Knowing that she
had bi-on in Lincoln , the old lady
hastened hero. She arrived Wednesday ,
> , atul immediately wont to the holol. It
was shortly after the time that Kelley ,
thb'.olork , had opened the room. When
Airs. ICutohervas called to the room , al-
tlioiigli sin ) had an idea that her
daughter had been iu trouble , she was
overcome and fainted away. Attend
ants took her away , amid tlio sympathetic
expressions of these around hor. Later
Inquiry of the doctors develops that the
man's cuso is almost hopeless , but it may
bo that the lady will recover.
Achangn for the worse came over Mrs.
Whitcly after 0 o'clock last night , and at
85 o'clock ' she breathed her last , death
being painless. Wliituly died at 1(1:10 ( :
o'clock. Ho was kept allvo until that
time in 6rder that his brother , A. O.
Whitely , of St. Louis , might witness his
doath. It has not been determined wllat
disposition will bo made of the remains
of tlm man and ids wifo.
A few months ago a gentlomau by the
name of Hurrolil , who moved t Lincoln
and engaged in the clothing business ,
failed , his liabilities amounting to a
great many thousand dollars and Ids as
sets being very small. After a few dollars
lars had been passed around by the cred
itors , nnd an account of stock on hand
had boon taken , it was noticed by some
of the parties that many of the goods
whloh they had sold Mr. liar-
rold , and which ho had not had
time to soil in tlio usual cotirso
of , wcro missing. The
creditors accordingly employed several
dotccUvcx , and began an investigation
and succeeded in ascertaining the fact
that for some weeks prior to llerrold's
full urn , ho hud been shipping goods both
eastward and westward toliictioioits par-
tics. They learned that lie had shipped a
great many cases and boxes which con-
tallied gouts' furnishing goods of every
description , his object lining to again
enter into business after ho Had nettled
witli his creditors. One of tlio detectives
employed in this matter was Detective
'James Flndley. of St. Jo.soph , Mis
souri , who has done very pretty
work in forrotingmitthls whole sehomo' ,
On Wednesday last ShorilV Melick got
word that about f. ' 0,0)0 ( ) worth of goods
would bo shipped into Lincoln , consigned
to If , S. 1'ereo & Co. , and that the con-
Hignmont would bo made from North
Jlond , Indiana , and that the goods HO
shipped were the very goods which Mr.
Herrold had run out of the town just
prior to his failure , and that the iitirsons ,
II. S. I'ereo & Co. , was none other than
Herrold liitusnlf. "i our reporter nailed at
the largo brick building of Mr.
Oaborn. On the second floor ho
found scattered in evorydircctlon , suits ,
gloves , suspender , neokties , oto. 1'ho
alleged Mr. I'ereo was prosont. Deputy
ShunirNowbtirry , Djt ctivo Kindloy an.l
two uenllenu'ii who Were appraising the
goods. All parties Guemed Kiirprihud at
thu prcsuui'o of thu reporter , and they
pretended that they wore merely arraug-
ing an auction Halo of tliu stock , lint after
much labor your reporter learned the
facts ns before. It is said that
there Is MMIIO $ 0,000 worth of goods
which Herrold sent to Now Mexico and
which ( ho creditors feel confident they
will yet secure. Mr. Herrohl done bus- !
ncas in IMattsmouth , this state , for a
number of yc-aw , and it is said ho made
one or moro micccsbful failures in that
Some time ago it was reported , and a
great deal of comment was made , about
the great linaneial ability of Mayor Uurr
in negotiating $50,000 in Lincoln refuiicl-
Ing bonds at par bearing 5J per cent in
terest. These bonds were to bo issued in
lion of the same amount of bonds outstanding -
standing against lliu city , bearing 10 per
cent per annum. Everybody bald when it
was stated that this great finanelal ox-
uhatigo In bonds had been maduthat Lin
coln hud a mayor that wad himself away
above liar , and that he was able to cope
with oven Gould and Vamlerbdt. lint it
now transpired that th.i linn of .James
I'onkllng it Co. , of Kansas City , who
were to take thu now Issue , now refuse to
fulfill their part of thu contract , and thu
rouult is lint ( ho parties who owned the
10 per cent bonds are now clamoring for
the money and the city la without the
Wui < ruWitu to pay , and liuuco ull nay our
mayor is not so iniirh of n financial sue-
OM < S in gerrymandering bond transac
tion * ns hns been reported with .1 great
llourlsh of trumpets by the ring papers.
crrr ITKMS.
The Biipremo court ha.s adjourned until
Tuosdny morning , October 27 , at. H : 0
a. m ,
The Lancaster C'ounty republican cam
paign will , open Friday , Oototar5. ' ' .
Chairman Abbott hns given notice tliat
flpeeche < will bo made by republican
orators In every preeinoh in the county.
Several of the democratic orators have
naked permission to join In debates at
tlio difleront places , which request was
kindly granted by H majority of the
Otto Webb , who was hunting for a
span of mules whloh wcro stolen from
him last Wednesday , found them yester
day , ninomllcsnorfliwestof Lincoln. The
thief baa not yet buen apprehended , but
olllcers are in hot pursuit , and are con-
Jident of bringing their man to tustlcn.
A lire broke out in the western portion
of tlm city yesterday , and when the lire
department , which responded promptly ,
reached the dwelling which was being
consumed , they wore not p-illed upon to
do much snrvico , M Flro Warden Now-
beVry , who was tin deck llrst , had almost
extmiruishcd the Unities , which originated
in a closet of the house. A bundle con
taining ragu Hiid pnporVero on lire , and
the belief Is that it was a case of spon
taneous combustion , the rags and paper
having been used in cleaning kcroseno
lamps and tuis. : :
The Lincoln fire department do not
now use their steam tire engine , but all
they take to a lire now is the ho o carl
anil the hook and ladder wagon. The
water is furnNiod bydirect pressure ami
stand pipe from the city well In case
anything should happen to the engines
or pumps at the well , a good supply of
water in always kept on hand in the
stand pipe stud sir * tliero are two engines
at the pumping house , nsedj alternately ,
tiiere is no likelihood of the city being
caught at the mercy of the ( lames for the
want of water. The foreo obtained by
the direct pressureor the stand pipe is
much greater than that , of the lire engine.
The sister of I'rivalo Henry , Miss buck ,
who was said to have been killed by tlm
ollicers on Iho ( ircoly expedition , is still
living in Lincoln. Henry Buck , known
as Henry , was her main support.
A grealdealof complaint ismado about
the street walkers getting so numerous
and bold in this city. 'Iho police have
become aware of tlio conduct and bad
acting at night on tlio streets of several
of the domi-inondc , and it is expected
they will arrest many of them at once.
When Mr. John Fitzgerald's attention
was called to the faot that ho was quoted
by HradHtrcct as being ono of the ten
Nebraska drmi-mlllionaircs , lie said it
was a good thing to have tlio name even
If ho did not have the game
T. C. Callahan , Friend ; II. P. Teiny ,
Tobias ; 1) . W. Hulmian , O.iceola ; Jolin
L. Kennedy , S. Dixon , W. 1 * . Mumaugh.
Omaha : M. II. Deck , Uennett ; U. C.
Courtney , Omaha ; T. S. Hurko. liluo
Springs' T. L. Noval , Seward ; H. D. Val
entino , Omaha.
Tlio flrnn.l
Wednesday morning , Iho twenty-eighth
annual session of the grand lodge ot the
independent Order of Odd Fellows as
sembled in the opera , house , at. Hastings ,
Grand Master A. M. Blakeley in tlio
chair and ! ! . )0 delegates in attendance.
The mottling session was taken up by
the work of organi/.ing , the appointment
of committees , ete. Afc 13 m. the past
grand ollicial degree * wcro conferred. the
past grands of Omaha being Rhodes ,
Worloy and Kolloy. The afternoon was
spent in hearing reports on tlio progress
of the order in this and oilier countries ,
the introduction of resolutions , etc. Past
Grand Master Alf. D. .foiioa , of Omaha ,
o lie red several resolutions pertaining to
that ilegree ( Uobekah , ono to instruct tlio
representatives to the sovereign grand
lodge to ask for an enabling act allowing
the institution of llohckah degree tir md
lodges , another to enable all lady relatives
to become members of Hobokah lodges ,
another thaukitur Iho active membership
of Hebekah lodges for llioir exertions in
behalf of that branch of the order and
another asking the grand lodge of Ne
braska to charter a superior social coun
cil of tlio degrco of Hobokah. Jones is
the champion of the Hebekalis and pro
poses to make a hard light for them.
The grand secretary's report shows that
the number of lodges in tlio state in the
last report was 1-4 , since organi/.ed ,
eight ; number consolidated , one ; total
working lodges at that date , 181. Num
ber of active memborj at last report ,
l,7'10 ; number at present date , 5,1(15. ( The
treasurer's report shows : Cash on hand ,
$5'Jl ; t.8i. : The Nebniska degree lodges
of the stale have a surplus on hand of
about Jfr.DO.
Among t > io eloquent speeches delivered
during the day were tho.seof Hon. Janus
Laird , Lieut , dov. Ageo , Al. D. Jones ,
and others.
Hastings is at present crowded to over
flowing , and tlio session appears to be
the most largely attended ever known in
the history of Nebraska Odd-Fellowship.
Conooriilnj ; Suburbs.
To Iho Kditor : A very sensible and
every way creditable article appeared in
your paper a few days since on the sub
ject of suburbs to our largo oily. In con
nection witli Omaha you will bo pleased
to designate Florence , Millard and Hollo-
vuo as favorable sites for thcso depend
encies of your growing city. Permit mete
to call , through your colums , n little
moro particularly the attention of the
public to tlio last named place , Ilollovue.
I'his mortt delightful site for a town is
less than ( en miles from Omaha , on tlio
ISurlington & Missouri Uivor railroad ,
and on the bank of tlio Missouri. The
site of the town is 85 feet above high
water mark , and has every possible ad
vantage for drainage. Lots are selling
hero for from ! ? -.r > to $ ( ) cach , and many
have been sold at these figures within thu
year last past. In addition to the very
beautiful and healthful location of thu
town and Its proximity to Omaha ,
there is located hero liulleviio college ,
now in successful operation , witli moro
than forty students and an able , learned
and ellicient faculty. Living In Hellevuo
in far from expensive. With economy an
ordinary ni/.ed family can bo supported
comfortably on $000 a year. Should it bo
needful , families could support them
selves largely by boarding the young
men and women who come here to
( secure an education. As Omaha grows
lielloviio must become a thriving suburb ,
and witli its educational advantages
must oiler inducements of no ordinary
character. Tlio Uiirlmgton & Missouri
railroad will run train H by which these
winhing to do business in Omaha can ho
accommodated , and soon no doubt , by
way of the South Omaha stock yards ,
oth'or facilities for reaching the metropo
lis will bo furnished.
A special aalo of fine overcoats at n
great reduction until Saturday 'lth ID
p. m.
nit : , 10J1 Farmun gor. 10th St.
Until Saturday , October 3llh 10 p.m.
n Hiieelal salu of tine overcoats at a liberal
ilKll i'lifiiam , par. Kith ,
Ir , Hamilton Warren , Keloctlo Physi
cian and Surgeon , 70.'t N HUh strut ,
near Webster. Day and n , jit ! vtdli
promptly attended to.
Little Casino skating ilnl. Saturday
eve Oet : M , HfUTvL'ampbill " id Hurry
Stalcyulll race for the championship
of Omaha , ono mlle *
Qauu of Wit and Hnmot With Soraa Btr ;
markahlo Nntnral History , ;
SoiiioOddltlon Tlint lliivo Hail Their
Origin In olil
It sccnn peculiarly lilting that Jo. h
Hillings should have been born amid the
hills of old Itcrkshirn in Ma ? aoliusetts ,
pay * the Huston ( Hobo. How mitoh of
Ids qitaintnass how much of Ids keen , if
quizzical , Insight into nature was duo to
tlio circumstances and surroundings of
Ids early life -ids environment , to use i
the cant phrase of the lime can scarcely
be measured. For "Josh" Is not rare ,
oven to-day , amid tlio homesteads of that
hlllsldo country. Those who have been
privileged to mnpt familiarly the .shrewd ,
kindly , and oftentimes quaint follf of
that section , will find much to interest ,
and can best enter into Iho spirit of
"Josh Hillings' " e.vpre.tslows and expcri-
oncoa. 'Spite of the' western experiences
which went to make" up tlio Stock-in-
Irado of Iho gifted , ll Is lo old
Herksliirc that ho owed Ids predilections ,
and his writings are full of the folk-wit
of that rural .section.
There U a dlll'orcneo holwcon the mere
humorist mid tlio wit. Perhaps few who
have contemporary With "Jo-di" have so
well succeeded in combminggcnuino wit
ami practical wisdom that is philosophy
with the flashes ol wit Tliero is : :
whole sermon embodied in some of ( lie
proverbs that , come with that quaint misuse -
use of the language which Josh so suc
cessfully adopted as the vohielo of his
sayings : "Lies are like illegitimate chil
dren , liable to call it iniiu father when
lie least o.xpekls it. "
His reason for this vehicle of phoncliu
langnngo may be set forth in his own
words : "A man has as much rite tow
spoil a word as it is promiuccd as lie lias
to nrommee it the way it ain'tisiieit. "
Practical philosophy was Josh's forte.
In this respect , ho was inimitabhi. None
tii the humorists of the present genera
tion have done so much or convoyed so
many weighty matters in such 'popular.
form. There is a full measure , too , of
sarcasm in Ids sayings. Witness these :
Tharo i/ sum iiholks in this world who
spend their whole Lvos a hunting after
riglitnoiHiicss , and kanl find oniiy time
tew praktiss it.
Whenever a minister haz preached 'a
sermon Ihatploa/es tlio whole coiigreija-
sluin lie probably has preached that
the Lorn wont endorse.
Lazynoss \ a good deal like monoy-r-
the more a man haov it tno moro ho
seems tow want. *
One ov the hardest things for enny man
tew do itew fall on tlio ice when it i/
wet , and then get up and praise thu
It kosts a good deal to bo wise , but it
don tcostonny to be happy ,
"Luxury of grief" t Ids , . F take it ,
means tow havoyiiro old .imklc die and
leave yu $ ! I,0H ( ) , and yu cri.
Hury that don't mike ; a woman vain
makes her very hulit'iil.
Advice \ like kastor lie. easy enuIY tow
giv , butdredful imunsy tew take.
A puppy phis with cvory pup he meets ,
but old doggs hav but fu as.-ioeiates.
Living on nope i/ like living on wind ,
a good way tew git plmll , but a poor way
to get phatt.
If yon want low git at Iho circumference -
once of a man , oxaminu him among folks ;
but if you want tow git at. his aktiial di
ameter , mcaxure him at his fireside.
I dent earo how much people talk if
Ilia will only say it in a plic.u words.
Men of genius are like cables , tlia live
on what Ilia kill ; while men of talents
are like crows , tlm Jive on what has boon
killed for them.
There is 'J things in this life for which
wo are never fully prepared , that is twins.
Natural history is a strong point with
Josh. His "Essit on the Mewl , " which
first brought him fame , is well remem
bered , and has never been excelled. Nat
urally , these hits of natural history are
found best in his "Farmer's Allminax : , " a
yearly feature , in which some of Josh's
choicest sayings have been embodied for
in.iny years. Of the use of almanacs few
butler oss.iys have boon wrilton than this :
tench us when tow wean Inmbsvhon tew pay
ourd.'ls , ami how low set a hen , with
eternise , an < l precision.
Tlio weather predictions and advice to
farmers in these "Allminaxe.s" will
sc'ircolv pass master with , our ancient
friend Thomas , but they are unique , as
may be gathered from tlio following :
"March 1 , shocks of wind : ll ) , bringout
your geese and iel them march ; 20 , wet ,
rain , sum more wind ; i.'t ) , now lap for
maple sugar. April 1 promises a change. "
"Liquid rain" is set down for that im
portant date. On Ajiril 4 , "Hark , 'tis tlio
noble bull frog's Vuioo. " The startling
information is given thai "Cupid is born"
on April lit. lie appears to bo as preco
cious as the pouts paint , for on the 11th
Josli says , "Cunid is a l.vtlo cuss. " A
month later wo have tiio information that
"Job was a pashunt man. " Jiud again ,
three days later , that " .fob had biles. "
Praise from Josh Hillings was praise in
deed , ami it. will astonish som t of his ,
readers lo bo informed "No.ih Web
ster was a good Hpellor--lio had bettor
spells lliiiii Hillings. " Of practical in
formation there is no lack , and oven a
superficial reader can understand thu
wlsilom of the advice sot out as of May
JMl , " (5o ( in when it rams. "
Hut , as was s.dd bofOVo , natural his
tory is Josh's forte as much us natural
philosophy. Witness these Hpiioimcns :
run u.vmawAi. SWIKK.
The swlno ( almost always ) lias four
legs , the thai1 i/ sum remarkable oxeep-
shuiiH in lais rule. Swum urn goo 1 quiet
boarders ; they alwus cut what is .sot be
fore them , and don't ask cany phoolish
questions. Tnu siviuu kan bo larnl a
great nieiiny amusing tilings , sioh as
liighsting the front gate opli from the
lunges , and limling a hole to git into the
corn field , but it dredful hard work for
tliem tew find the same hole lowgil out
at , oiipushily if yu HIM in a hurry to hav
mem. Tins h.inever bin fully ex
plained , but speak vollunis for tlio
Kiviue , Swine can root well ; n swine
thai kant root well I/ a poor job.
TUB sui.oi ; > iws CAT.
Thocat hath been called a domestikan-
imllo but i never could tell wh f'jro. Ail
tharo domeslix about a cat i/you , kant
lose one ; tiiey are as tuiV lo lo/.o na bad
repiitasliini iVu may send one out ov
thu .state dmu up neatly in n m.ial bag ,
and the nexl morning you will find him
along side of the kitchen stovu reihly to
be stepped on. They are as
solemn as Mo/ea , but av. phull
of ( lie devil as Judas fskariolt.
Kxq. U'liaroionly one thing about a
cat that i like , and that ! ? ; , that they are
very reasonable ; a liltle money , well put ,
will go a grate way in a cat. Cats tire
very plenty in t.iis world just now. [
eoijiited la from ml boarding house
windo , ono moon lite nitu lust suinmur ,
and it want the bust kind of ov a iiita for
cats neither.
A mewl is a pun on the boss.
A dog is the only thing on this earth
that luv.s you moro than he luvs himself.
The codfish is the fruit of thu o.ihun ,
which accounts for their boingsosalt.
They are good eating for a wet day ; they.
are belter than an umbreiler to keep a
man dry , They want good deal of
fiTshnlug brforu they are eateu , and
waul freshnlng a gooJ deal afterward * .
If I can have plenty of codfish for break
fast , I tan generally manage tow make
thu other two ntuuL ) out of cold water.
The natural history of R .nlu. o-i I * nbl
the least interesting- .
A bhz gi'nitts i&frntcrnlly n phool ; ho
knows how'tow do nie or two things ro
much. Hint he aiu'ttlt | for anything else ;
he is like a gnduMind , goml for running
fast , that's ail."nfn mo.-.t unforlunatu
thing about having \ \ big genius on band
\7. \ that GO many try'to ' imitatn them , but
tliey don't gonuntlly git any further up
than their vlcos.'ium ' thus one big genius
? ueklca a thousand phoola. They don't
generally live liappy bokauso thoyain'l
bill right to tit things as they tiud them.
If I wus ! a woman' I would i\7. soon marry
a porcupine as it big genius : they are
either 11.1 hot ax austovo in a sk'ool house
or 117. kohl and unfeeling as tie ! shoes on
a iloil omnibus lioss. They ain't nfrniil
to straddle a hurrykane without cnny
bridle on , nnd stick in the spurs ; but ii
mouse nibbling in thu wniie-cul will
lrlvo them bareheailcd into the street.
Hero is a little bit of ancient history
Hint will Hud sympathetic readers :
rtJNKix n.
. This delitcsomo work of art is a con-
ulomerasliun of baked doe and blled pun-
kin. It. wii7 dlskovereil in tlio year UWJ
by Angelica , wife of Hlieholt ) rm Heecher.
then re.tidiug in thu town of Xu Gullford
state of mass , but -luce departed this
life , aged 81 years. 3 months , 0 ibi/.o , 5
hours , and ffi minnlts. Poaoo tew lier
dust ! This 1'i soon after its dlskovery
wont into general use , and wax tlio boss
Pi for over onu hundred years. In the
year IBM it was tolnlly lost. Sum poor
unitasimns ov tiio blessed old original Pi
are loafing around , bill Pitnkin 1'i a/ it.
was ( with nutmeg into it ) \7 \ , no more.
Moral philosophy , natural history and
social wisdom were all very well , hut as
a weather prophet "Josh"takes the lead.
Kven "Old Prob" would gather some
hints from these :
Whenever yu see a Hock ov geese all
standing on one leg , except tlio old gan
der ; and he clunvinir ids cud , look out.
for a southwest wind termorow , or tlio
next day , or Iho day aftjr , or at sum
fowter time.
Should tharo bo cold weather during
February , and should roosters refuse to
crow and the tax atherer forgit lew c.'ill
on yu , yu will hav tew trust in Provi
dence , and go it. blind , for tliaro ainl no
man kan prognostic what will cum next.
Whenever dogs are scon travelling
iironnd witli nothing to do and old maids
refuse their tea. and hop vines wont
kliinb , and grind stuns wont grind , then
yu may oxpokl a lito crop ov oats , and
beans won't pay for harvesting.
If tlio sun rises in tlio east and sets in
tlio west , and the bull frogs hingssams in
the marshes , and lliaro aint no pulling
hair in the family circle , things arc about ,
ax near right nz yu can git them.
Should there bo no d w on tlio grass ,
in tlio morning before sunrise. It 17. an infallible -
fallible proguostix thai luero didn't enny
dew fall.
These specimens of tlio style of Josh
Hillings , culled from many ot ids works ,
will but whet the appetite of the reader.
The list may bo chxod with n few which
will linger m tlio'imimory :
Love is like the measles , wo kan't hav
it bad but once , and , the later in life wo
hav it thu tulVor it goes witli ns.
Tow pick out f\ good husband ! slml
iij ) both eyes , grab hard , and trust in the
Sukrets are cnssid : poor property cnny
how ; if yu cirkiilatoithem you lozo them
and if yu keep them'yu loxo the interest
on tlio investment.
Kvory time a in in laflfs ho tikes a kink
out ov Iho chain'ov life , and thus length
ens it.
The Hretro ; > blltnn Cliili'n Party.
Tlio first parry of the season given by
tlio Metropolitan c ub was held last
evening at tlio clu.b rooms , corner of
Fourteenth and Dodge , and was a very
pleasant affair. The members of tlio
club and their friends present numbered
about fifty couples , and a dancing pro
gramme of sixteen numbers was most
successfully carried out. The Musical
Union orchestra , in full dress , furnished
the inspiration for tlio occasion , their
seleet'ons being rendered in a most
artistic manner. An elegant supper was
served in the club dining rooms by F.
Kuemmel , which was by far not the
least pleasing feature of tlio evening's
Tlio committee of arrangements , who
so ably bellied to make thu first partyof
the club a success , was composed of I ) .
Kaufman , Julius Meyer. J. Schill' , A.
Calm , and S. J. Fisher. The club will
give a scries of monthly parties during
tlio coming season.
Odd Items from Kvcrywhoro.
A young lady of Clyde , Kan. , aged 15 ! ,
not being able to obtain the pony , pro
ceeded to saddle , bridle and ride tlio
family cow.
A tanner at Lancaster , Pcnn. , lias
roofed a new barn with glass. Ho says
the cost was not a great deal more , and
that the glass weighs thirteen tons , while
u shite roof would weigli twenty-six tons.
A Voodoo woman in Norlli Carolina
actually frightened four negroes to deatli
by putting tlio "evil eye" on them.
The Truckoo ( Cai. ) Republican says
thai up in the fastnesses of tlio Sierras is
a lake HO surrounded by bold dill's that it
is impossible to reach its shores save by
0110 narrow cleft in thu rooks. It lias a
circumference of at least : t mile , and a
beautiful Hat surrounds , it which is
ulili/.ed for pasturage. It is probably tlio
crater of some extinct volcano , and is
exceedingly deep.
A lady who said she had como -100
miles to spo the president shook hands
with ono of the doorkeeper * , thinking ho
was ( irovur , and loft happy.
It was the irony of fate thai just above
the head of poor Dick Hass , who was
found dead at Atlanta , Oa , , between the
bars of Broad street bridge ! , was Ills
name in gilt letters as Iho city engineer
under whom thu bridge was built.
A fashionable lady of Now York paid
? 'J7.r > for a wing for .her hut.
A cow belonging lo Patrick Sullivan.
of Sheboygan , recently ale $10 ! ) in small
change , and the Graphic says Mr. Sulli
van thinks seriously .of sending her to
the mint to have lierjihHayed.
KoU : iWuto Transfers.
Tlio following U'.insfors wjro filed Oct.
21th. witli t'io ' or.rity olark , an 1 reported
for tin IJ { ' { b/ A/iin1 HJU ! Kslitto
Mary K. Kello nail Imslnud to Cny 0.
Ilarlon , pail of lot ( : , Capitol mU to Omaha ,
w d > lftnoo.
Christine \Vllt. \ ailmrv. . lo lluh Jlnriihy ,
e ! i J feet of lot 7 lllcil'J.'v Onialu , Amr-dml
S'J.W' . ) i
John 1) . erclnhlou and wife to Kdward H.
Wood , e % nt lot 7 bile l . Omaha , w d S'l.-Jtu.
William Itohde and wife to < ! eorn'e Kichu-
lior. o of lot 'M , Jtudlck'H : 'd mill to Omaha ,
.1. It. HI in , ' wait tofatiies W. Swctimm. lots
l-i , lit , H , 1A and HI , liluvJt-4 , Tliornbur ; ; 1'Juco ,
Oiimlia , w. il. si , ' o. .
-Mary ) : . I\ello''jc liml haslmnd to.losepb 11.
Milliard , pnrt or lot 0 , Caiillol mid Omaha ,
w. . - > n.
C'a vln .Martin anil wife to Joseph Mielmd ,
44MOJncies of mv cor of sw ) of no > f sec
17-W in , and s fi iis-ioo ncresof waifis-tixi
ncresof nw'4' ' of m > W sec ir-10-lu , inmjjlas
comity , w. d. S-'iV ) .
.lelleixin II. I ! i'd ford and wife and others
.to Frederick .Sonniiusclielii : H SO feet of lti : ,
blk 1 , Klrkwood add , Omaha ; w , d.
Iicnnlsdiuiiiliiuluuii and wife to I sunn S.
iiM'all : ft : ! , blk 4 , ( Mimilnghain's siibill-
Vision , Oaiahii ; w. ( I.-SI..VA ) .
IliiKhO. Ulaik mid wife to Coo. H , Ho 'gs
nail Lew W. Hill , Aibor Place , Uninlin ; q.
John I. Ilcdlck and wife to Ceo , W , Air ;
v ; if ne1 tec irMK-lii , Doaghts county ; w.
. Iluxh ( ! . Clarke nnd wife to Maihiune M * !
lor , lot I b'ot-k w town Wutorloii , Uoa fas
C - , w ilM ) .
AiiirnstiiH Kmmtzc , and wife and others tin
Dull ( iiiNMi inldllu ( > i < if lot lUlilkli
Jth.ul l < > , i it u d -
rvm tiio ivn TIII * fMHOl0
People Who Helioro iu < vnd Nota the Pnncica
of Their Sloop.
Dream lloottH mill Tbnso Wlio XTso
'Xheni What Certain Dreams In- .
it Ion to A Di-oain AVIiloh
C'a mo True.
. Denver TrlliumvRopublieau ! In tlio
city of Denver there are a great many
pulley shops. The term Is not intended
to refer to insurance ! iijpncles , b-it lo tha
llttlo lottery agonelus upon a small scale ,
whnro hii7. rdous individuals of Mnall j
oapital , ofli > ecially those of Alrioan descent -
scent , wlio make a living by carrying the
hod , mixing Inortar , or blacking boots In
a barbershop , and try their luck from
day to day by inircluislni ? "glsV "
dies , " or numerical sulkies at the policy
In probably every one of these llttlo
temples of dame fortune will bo found
convenient to the "writer's" hand a
"dream book."one of those dictionaries
of tlm language of sleep , which tells
what certain visions of tlio slumbering
brain indicate.
These books will tell minutely what Is
meant when u man dreams three times
in succession of seeing u white horse
witli a black tail , a red burro with green
ears , or what is likely to follow when a
person dreams of wading through water ,
eloar or muddy , or when n lady has : i
vision of falling down .stairs wilh n washtub -
tub full of dirty clothes and suds in her
When a colored gentleman or a lady
of the same persuasion dreams of a lig-
urn or a combination of numbers , if ad
dicted to policy , lie or she will go to a
shop in the morning and bet on that tig-
lire or Iho combination. If they chaneu
to win , tlio faith of tlio dreamer Is es
tablished , and if not , it is not much
When ono of these devotee * dreams of
something which does not show any par
ticular liguro , but seems quite out of tlio
ordinary run of dreams , ho or she will
then consult the dream-book to ascertain
what , the proper interpretation of the
dream may bo , and play accordingly , or
else not at all , on tlio day following the
Hut tliero are many others besides Iho
policy player , and'some notolborwisa
superstitious , who balievo in dreams or
are lo some oxtonl iulhieneed by them ,
and many wonderful stories are related
of cases iu which dreams have been the
indication of coming' events , cither for
good or evil , in the lifo of tlm dreamer.
Many a man lias dreamed that he was
falling from a house-top or a high preci
pice when tlie details have been horribly
real. He lias felt himself living through
the air and linally strike the rocks or
ground deneath. Then lie has awoke to
Mud thai while ho h-il brson dreaming he
had slept too near tlu edgi of the bed ,
and that fact w.H account for his being
upon the tloor when ho awakes.
Physicians will nearly if not quito all
agree that to go to bud directly after eat
ing a hearty nual , and lie on one's back
will cause dreams. Three or four cheese
sandwiches witli a glass of beer followed
by a snuike from a strong jipo will if tlio
patient lie upon his back , insure a vivid
and varied vision , and also a bad taste
in the mouth in the morning.
When a person dreams of ga/.ing al
long tables laden with all the luxuries of
lifo and before lie g'ts at it. ho wakes up
real hungry , il is rather a refutation of
the physicians'theories and goes to prove
that ho went to bed hungry and awoke
A remarkable instance of imw a dream
foretold an ovcnl was rolalud by a deli
ver gentleman a few days ago. Ho said :
"Somo years snico I was in Canada , and
bad b.eon invited by some friends to wit
ness a rowing regatta on tlio St. Lawrence -
renco river. The night before the race
ws : to take place 1 dreamed that I was
upon tlio banks of tlio river and waiting
for the raco. I could sue the crowds of
ladies and gentlemen along both sides of ,
the river ; could .sou the bouts and hear thd
bands playing.
Another gentleman of this city was
also recently relating n vivid dream
which he experienced and which was sev
eral times repeated in one night. Ho
said : "I thought that I was in my room ,
and I noticed that the door was open , I
wonlto close itand a cat pushed part way
in and prevented me. Ho was a great big
eat , as big as a calf , and as black as jet.
He only had one eye and thai was tlio
color of raw beef. "
The marked difference in tlio two
dreams related by these gent lemon was
in tlio fact that , while the Jirol one could
nol account for the canso of his dream ,
tlio second ono know what caused his
vision. Iiu had been on a spree 1'or about
u week.
liy Will Ij. VlHPchor.
"Truth is stranger than fiction. " Methinks -
thinks I can see MIUIU brilliant and as
piring satirist look idiotically ironiu and
sarcastic , and hear him remark with
withering pasquinade , "It seems too that
I have heard that before. "
Tlio story thai I am going to toil you is
us true as ' 'the minutes of the preceding
meeting , " and stranger tiian a Chinese
play , bill nol so long or so full aw cither.
iSoiuo of the mimes are only fictitious.
Along in the eighti'cn-liftics and before
Col. Carter of Kentucky , was a tobacco
planter , wealthyeducated and eccentric.
Until IH.Vi ho was also Iho professor of
languages in a Kentucky college , being a
linguist of rare uttainmeiita.
Among tlio ncgriK-s who belonged on
Colonel Carter's plantation was u boy
whom ho had chosen as a sort of body
servant and whom ho named Titus. All
of his darkies wore given elastic names ,
and Unto Ca-sar , Cicero , Pmnpov , Mars ,
Neptune , Hacelum , Cleopatra , Pandora ,
Iris , Venus. Juno , elal. , wormed Colonel
Carter s tobacco , hoed and husked Ids
corn , and were , altogether , his humble
and obedient servants. Doing , as I have
said , eccentric , Colonel Carter langlit
Titus Latin and Creek , nnd adjuncimi-
ly , of course , the hey learned something
of geography and arithmetic , and un
avoidably , good Kngllsh. Ho became an
omnivorous , and having unusual
intelligence , with good features ,
lie grew to be a lino-looking
man.wlial . would have leen ;
termed by u negro trader ' 'a lively fel
low. " Moreover , Titus was a full-
blcoded negro , and therefore better
nalnred and more tracllblo than liioho
of his race whoso-blood is tainted by
thai of the Cuueassmn. For it ib a fuel
thai negroes infused with white blood
generally acquire witli it tlio wor t traits
of thu white character and none of thu
butler , while it deus not scorn U ) enhance
the standard of intelligence. I was
brought up surrounded by negroes , and
associated with them , as white children
used to bo in the south , and I made a
close study all my lifo of the negro char
acter. Tlio conclusions hero given have
In ItiitoCol , Carter died , and in bin will
Titus was specially bequeathed to Frank
Hofklev , a favorite grandson , who had
been Titus' playmate. When the war
came on , a year later , Titus knew all
itbont Its causes , and could sue as far
twhat its result * would bo M must men of
ais ago.
Uo had ruad the newspaper * regularly ,
nud t'Toryllilujr , thnl ho 4-otild
got hold of bearing upon llm ciicstions | of
tlie day. Ho was iinliirally deeply intor-
The war had lii-f > n rnclntt > Virginia
several months br-for ft.had hern fully
reali/.ed Iu the Interior of Kentucky , aim
the disastrous balllo lo the union unity
- of MannxsMrf , or Hull Hun , had been
fought before a single soldier hnd
been recruited in Kontuekv for cither
nrmy , and most people thought the tnni-
bio would only eonUuue u few weeks.
Hut when thn recruiting dltl comtuenco
It almost dei-ltnated thn iihlo-bodlod male
nopnliition ot that , slain , nnd as someone
hut since said , "God blc.M old Kentucky ,
she kept her uiiotu full on both sides , thu
whole of Iho time. "
L'rank and Titus were about iilmMoon
years old , when ono day Tilns approached
preached his young master imd said ,
"Marao Frank , I \ \ iyon \ \ would sell
mo. " Frank was astonished , but re
plied ; "Why. Titus. I don't want ( o sell
yon. It has always noon my Intention to
give you 'frcu papers' as s > eon as I became -
came of ago. "
"No , " returned Titus. "I don't want
you to do that. I want you lo Mill mv. lo
Marso Tom Sampson. I'm worth $ l , . ' > 0i ) ,
and L don't want , you to lese that inueli
money. Yon can't att'onl 51 , "
Tom Sampson was u neighboring fur
mur who had an unsavory fume among
the negroes of Hint wecllon us having
inude a great deal of bin wealth In buy
ing and wiling their kind. Ouec , in a
tinanclal stress , Col. Carter had sold tti
Sampson Diana , u sister of Tltti * , and
Mm hud been resold lo a cotton planter
in Mississippi. The darkies of the border
.stales had a holy horror of the cotton
and sugar phmtation.s of the far houth ,
and they dreaded nothing moro than
being "sold down the rve ! < - . "
Continuing , 'I Una said , "Vcs. sah. I
wantyou lo sell me to Marsn Tom Samp-
son. He bought my sister and sold her
down the river , ami I want him , 'special
ly to buy mo I'll pay him baok , I'll hurt
him where it will hurt him most. I'll
hurt his poeket for I don't intend to be
any man's clave , Frank. "
1 desire , to obMirvo , in this connection ,
that the broad negro patois of Titus ns
here given , is not incuinnatiablo with the
statement that he was eilnealod in ( Jrcck
anil Latin , ami lienee should have known
the English well. I have known hun
dreds ot' white men of the south , brilliant
orators , lawyers and divines , not to
spunk of private gentlemen , educated
most excellently , who retained the
breadth of dialect peculiar to the .section.
Another thing , the general reader will
observe that northern writers frequently
use that- unnatural burlesque on the
no ro character , the "nigger mini-ilrel1'
iin.ininiouslv , speak iind pronouncl )
master and mistress UK applied by
the slaves to parsons , "massa" and
"missus. " The fact , is that no southern
negro over lived who pronounced these
words in that way Master Was always
"marster , " or abbreviated to "marse , "
and mistress was always "mistiss , " or
abbreviated to "miss. "
I'rank Berkley hud been brought up a
whigi His father had been a partisan
di.sciplo nnd follower of Henry Clay-
grand old "Harry of the West' amf it
is a well-known litot that Mr. Clay was
at heart an oinauoipationiht. Iiu was
avowedly ti "gradual emancipationist , "
and Frank having imbibed those senti
ments with regard to the "in.slitntion"
had enlarged npoiHhcm IVoni an innate
and high sense of justice , awl from ml-
vancou/Kloas / and tcmloncics in connec
tion with the amenities of oivili/atinn.
Naturally , therefore , ho was a union
man , and while nol. a pronounced aboli
tionist , would have willingly sacrificed
slavery upon the alter of his country , for
ho believed that the integrilyof the union
was the only safety of Hie republic.
He told Titus that he would speak to
his guardian upon the subject ( if the sale.
This lie tlid , and Sampson , who had long
desired to own Titus , became his possess
or at the price of $1,500 , for Sampson was
an unterrilied rebel aympathi/.er , and be
lieved ( hat the South could easily whip
all the Northern "mudsills" that could
be brought across the bordor.
In two weeks after the sale of Titus to
Sampson the former had become u great
scarcity in that region , and no one tliero
knew of his whereabouts. He had kepi
his word about being "no man'.sslave. "
and had struck for liberty and other lo
Some months afterward Frank Berkley
assisted in rccruitinga company for a
Union regiment , and occamo a lieuten
ant in the army and eventually the ma
jor of his regiment. In the battle of Ken-
esaw Mountain he received : i shot in the
leg , and when carried to u liehl hospital
was delighted to find Titiifl on duty tliore
us an assistant to one of the Mirgcons ,
nnd at the hands of his former slave Ma
jor Berkley received many litlo [ kind
nesses and much extra attention.
Titus explained to "Mareo Frank , " as
lie still called him , that ho had joined a
colored regiment in thu Army of tlie
Cumberland i\S \ KOOII as any such regi
ments were organized , and had been
promoted to the grade of Hurgfomt. The
white sergeant , of the regiment saw and
fancied him , nml obtained an order de
tailing him for duly in thu meilieal de
partment. Being nn apt student ami
no.SHc.ssud of a high order of intelligence ,
Titus was given every advantage possible
in the direction of medical nnd surgical
information , and after the war lliu sur
geon made such arrangements as to give
him it special course of study under a
brilliant young professor of Jellerson
college , Philadelphia , Frank W. Maury ,
now dead. The result Is that Dr. Titus
L. Berkley is an eminent nnd wealthy
colored physician of Now Y'ork to-day.
Maj. Frank Berkley if * n prominent
lawyer in California , and occasionally
the doctor and the lawyer exchange via.ts
from the Atlantic- the 1'acilio.
IIDAVIih UOMI'liATXTH cured nnd pie
vented ! > Dri'i'v'H I'uiii : MAI.T WIIIBKUY
Kccimimcnih'd liy Iciiilin0' pliyMcIuti * . Sold
by druggists iind uroccrs.
The best $10.00 stem-wind s'lver watch
in tlm Main nt Hayinond. the jowelur.
itt ,
tfipami , Falling
Sickness , Con
vulsions , St. Vlt-
us Dance , Alco
holism , Opium Katlnp , Bcnilnal Weaklier j ,
lmpotcncyBypUlU3Bciorula1 nnd all
Nervous and Clood Disonseo.
Merchants , Bankurs , J.aifif.s uinl nil whose )
ecdenta rj-prnploymciitcausosNcrvoiw Pros
tration , IrrcKulnrltlcHoftlioIIIoot Blomn' ; ! ! ,
liowclsorJCulucye , orM'ho rcinlro ani-n'o
tonic , appetizer or fct.uiu. tit , bai/mritun
A'ervlnt is Invaluable.
2 ? " TlioitBuiiili. "
proclaim il > liiinott ( I
wonderful Jnvljjor-
nnl that CVIT BUS-
Corre j > oij Jeiir D f ivcly aiuwsn-d bj-rhjrutclina.
Vet traiiuioiilnjs and tlmilare neiid clump , j
Tlie OrlKliinl nml duly ( Jcimliin.
t fttviyl HtJuMtf. h vhr * r rcrthlr * * IwluttMM.
iubu , u I.ADIES. A I J M iimuui < <
- ' K cT.kI' | i > 4l k. v > lk.r u luck > v <
l.iAw ) t ui for i > trtlet ! . t M trlttr * J rrlmnt . > !
i AlSE : kvwl < * l t\
PABf l flJffiMV r
wtift u couAiNtco wini tNR fccca" Nif w THII
C J.IITK , tMiiVr1 Pr r\AMihnFta THI * NA ? . t-nr TM *
" " "
llr IVAA.XI . of Iu central tm.lllnn RnitMot * rtUtfouta
01 I'Mnrtpt HIM Kurt nn MVV t t luHUl nmt r
nliml | H mM. . 'omUltttM tlip mn r lnititttnt inlif *
rpnllneitttl link In Hint * trm < f UiroMfft4 tiitifr" ! *
Intlon lilrl > liirlin uml rnrlKlrtM tmrcl > mttrnA !
l rt rcrn tll ( < > - vf Oin AHm lit * Mtil PAflflfl t.iftj l . It
1 iO o tlto r roill * nntl Ut t ipitt tnnml floni | * > 1nt
| H > lnt > W < t , ( < ptli | i t Kmt SiMilh
The Cront Rook Iclnnd Roiito
niHtKhtrri Its pntfnn thnl ffnr of r'tQ4iftt irnt.
rllv Afronl l liy n it.illil , ( ImitrtiahlT liulln.tnl rnnil-
Iwl.minnllilMr nf rnnlllvHutu ttfrt till , milwl n-
tlallr lnilU riilvrrlK nml t'Hilr" . ivlllnc stork an tirnr
ttptittnnoc or pitrnt luitrpintlfliroiiiin | nil atr-hiiiK
nivl . thai riAi-ilnir ill. "Inline nhlclt it > fin tlKitf -
lli.ilupoiiktli > ni > r > ll llntruln . Olh-r ni l Mlf farnt
thu rout * ni TiAn-rrrj At nil d > nnrvtlnir H'lnti * 111
tlnlmi P ivitHii't tltn iinnriMnl cumrvit * fttiil
limirlr-i.f It * I'jtoKiunT Ikiiilpmcnt.
The Pi t Vinrr .TMln lirlurrn CM' E I > f4
rrorln.Cii-ltlrll IllillT. , 1'uliso fittrn < tn i till AM |
Atlili.ti r i ti | > ' . - < .tl of wfll trnlllntrt ! , ill * *
Nlei'iK'iAor MIA Ulc.t lir tprn , ftttil timitmtft | Dlnlnff
< 'iri nn > lili.ii. | | > liir lfl.r oonUnl luonll l ; M.mrlr
rittrn. Jtftifccttdilviiiro nml Knmmre. * HHI Airhlcua
KIT tint * fin the CeltitriittM lUt'Uitltitf I hilr CHIT.
The Famous Albert Lon Route
I thft < llirt nii'l f < * trotlH llnp liftwrrn CMcflfronntt
MliinritiHill.iiiiilsl. 1'nul , lifi nmn cllon l .niail
lit I'ulcm liriiot.Mf nil ( MiliiM lit HIP Trnlli'Krn nul
Itrltl.ti I'mvliH-o * , ( li r Ihli n.nlc hVnt i ; > | < rr
1rilit nto I IIM to tin * trntrH'ift | ljt < * n. ftttitnttr n *
ii-t.i , MotMti. . ( no l i.ilil | ( . AH I lniiillHK iiiul OiMnit
prnitti l.tif low t * ti l Mhincti. . Ill nln * tlii * titn-f
-Intl'te r-mio la tlm tlthtthiMtt 111Ud ftlnl pitslittAI
luhMnr . HUittit.
Mill nitiilh f ItlltHCl' MVi : . li frnwil unit Kon-
kllo : * . , IINH l > ri n iii notl t hi"lnM' ll. lliillfn *
rMM.Iljnltil l.rxrfivrtic , nliil rouiti II llluiri * . KnttvliHC tj ,
Itlliuirftpi llti nnil HL I'nul anil littvrnu.lliitu iKilnlH.
Tor ili ttll il IniiittiiAlliMi > rtt Mni4 | i tnl Folder * ,
nlitnlimlili . * , n * fell m lii'lo'ti. itt nil | nlnrltnlTlcl | 'l
< > ni"i. . < hi ilia Unlicil autp ( na CantUai cr by nd-
ilii' | iii ;
n.n.CABLE , C. ST. .IOHM ,
Trt's't A Ucii'l Sfu'r.
' ( ,
Royal Havana lottery
( A fJoviaiNMiivr INSTITI > TION. >
Drawn al Havana , Cuba , Every 10 lo 14 Davs ,
U'k'liot.slu Kirtlis.VlK > lc < 8 , T-V Knictlons iiro
Subjuot to ni > iutnlitilntlnn : | , not eontixillod lir
tlio inirtleM hi latcrusr. If Is llm fnltrsl lliliie In
the iiiUurn ol' n4uuiuo In c\UtMcti )
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