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The Country's Sleeping Hero Who Know
No Word Dnt Victory ,
Synopsis of n. Brilliant. Tribute to tlio
Old Commander Delivered nt. Dos-
Ion l y the I mlnc'iit llrook-
lyn Divine.
A ( .rani Memorial Meeting.
BOSTON , Oct. 24 A n Immense crowd ns-
eemhled ittTremont temple to-night to hear
Jlenry Wnnl Hecchor'.seulogy on ( .en. Grant.
The hxjakir | ! began with a brief sketch of the
life of ( Irani , alluding to his lack of success
In early business pursuit * , and his connection
> vllh the war of Mexico. He referred to the
need of thu north nt the opening of the war
of the rebellion for a man "of Iron-mold ,
Who had but two \vovds In his vocabulary-
Victory or Annihilation , " and added :
"Three great names wen ; rising to sight
Sherman. Thomas , Sheridan-nnd larger
titan either , ( Irani , With his advent
fiom Ibi ! nrmlcs with some icpulscn ,
lie went stcadllv fotward from conquering
to conquer. Aside Irom all military qualities
he had one absorbing spirit the union must
be saved , the ichelllon must be beaten , the
confederate armies must be thrashed to elialT
ns on a summer's threshing Hour. He had
no political ambition , no Imaginary reputa
tion lo 1'ic.servo ordain. A great genius for
grand strategy , n comprehension of complex
nnd vast urmtc-t , caution , prudence and > vvhllcptcpnrlng.nn endless patience ,
nu Indomitable will , nnd n teal , dovvuiight
lighting qua ! ty. Thus at length ( irant was
really bom. lie had lain in the nest for a
long time as the Infertile egg. The brooding
of war hatched the egg , and an tsmlo came. "
Ibe sH'tiher then icl'cmd in detail to the
condition of tint armies , the motives ruling
theemimaiMlcrsand soldieis of both sides ,
tlio inanv liorcc battles in wlilch thousands
wen ; killed ami many moic thousands
wounded , and added : Into this sulphurous
storm of entered almost unknown.
It was willidilllcnlty he could obtain a com-
niand. Once set forward , Douelwiii , Shlloh ,
Yinkblmrg , Chicnmiiuga , tlie Wdderuesn ,
Spotsyivaiilo , Petersburg , Ajipomatlox these
weio Ids footsteps. In four years bo had
risen without political favor from the bottom
totheverj high st command , not second to
any living commander In the world. "
Itevicwing his miliuuj career ns n whole ,
Mr. Hctehi'isidilHe : never lost courage or
equanimity. With a million
movements be was responsible , ho yet car
ried a tranquil mind , neither depressed by
disaster nor elated hy success. Uontlo of
heart , familiar with all , never boasting , nl-
wnys mudcst. Win n his work was done and
Iho detent of the cnntcder.itcarmles was Until
this dicadfnl man of blood was as tender to
ward | IH ! late adversaries as a woman toward
her son. Ho imposed no humiliating condi
tions spni < - < 1 the fce.iugsnf his antagonists ,
Hen I homo the disbanded southern men with
loud , and with hoises for working their
crops : and when n revengeful spirit In the
e.vt-ciilive elmlr showed Itself nnd threatened
the chief soiithi in generals. < irautwith holy
indignnilon Interposed himself and com-
jiel'i-d ' bis superiors to lelinqiilsh their null
Tlie Pj-caker dvM'lt tosome fiirlhcr length
upon ( irant's mllitarvaieor < , refilling iu
1 the charge's which attributed his suc-
ce.sstn tui-k.nnd thcciri-umstauccn upon what
.some called vvaste of lite of his own soldiers
nnd the butcher ) of his enemies , nud iu his
concluding icmniks upon bis military life ,
mid : "A lithe summer , all the autumn , all
the winter , till the spill ! ? ? nnd early summer
again , lie Immmeied Lee with blow on blow ,
until nt Appomattnx the guut but not the
greatest .southern general went to the ground.
J hiving hi ought a long and di isUous'vvnr to
n , In bin own henit ( .rant would have
cho.'en to have rested upon hi * laurels , and
lived a icllrcd military lite. It wns not to bo
permitted , lie was called to the presidency
by universal acclaim , nud it foil upon him to
conduct the campaign of it-construction , oven
iiiorohiudciisomcth'in ' war. "
After dwelling upon the various nets of
Grant's national administration and his re
construction policy , he summed up his ad
ministrative career ns follows : "On the
\vhole , If one considers tlio intrinsic * difficulty
of the questions belonging to Ids administra
tion , the stormy days of politics and parlies
tluring his eliihl years , H must be'admitted
(1 ( nt the couutrv owes to his unsellish dispo
sition , to his gcnernl wisdom , to Ids unsullied
' Integrity , If not the mend of the wisest , yet
-V the reputation of one who. pro-eminent in
war , wns eminent In administration , more
perhaps by the w isdoni of n nob'o nature than
by that Intelligence which Is bred only bj
nxperitmce. Imperious counsellors and cor
rupt parasites dimmed the light of his polit
ical administration. "
. Mr. needier then dwell upon the retired
life of ( Ji'ii. Crnnt , referring to his business
reverses nnd tlie equanimity which char-
actcii/.cd him suh-cqiiontlv , and after speak
ing brlelly of his fatal Illness , concluded as
follows : "A man he was without vices , wttli
absolute haticd of lies and Ineradicable love
of truth , of perfect loyalty to friendship ,
neither envious ot'others nor selfish for him
self. Willr/cnl for the public good unfeigned ,
ho has Iclt to memory only such weaknesses
as connect him to humanity lyid such vir
tues ns will rank him among heroes. The
tidings of his death , long expected , gnvo a
Bhoek to the whole world. Covcinments ,
rulers , eminent stnlesmt'ti and scholars
from nil elvlll/.ed nations gnvo
sincere tokens of sympathy.
Killed as a wave over nil our land. It closed
Hie last furrow of the war ; II extinguished
the last prejudice ; It effaced the last vertigo
of hatred : nnd curved be the hand that brings
them back. Johnston nnd Huckner on one
side , Sherman nnd Sheridan on the other
bide of his bier , ho has come to his tomb a
frllent symbol that liberty hud conquered
ulnvcry , patriotism ichf.-lllun , nud pence war.
He rests In peace. No drum or cannon shall
disturb his tost. Sleep , hero , until another
trumpet shall shake the heavens and the
earth. Then come lorth to glory In Immor
tality. "
m Fi-ed Wni-d PlendH Not Oullty.
> - \ NKW Yotiic. Oct. ttJ. A largo crowd gath
ered in the court of Oycr nnd Termlnor to-day
2 lo hear the proceedings In tlio case of Fcrdl-
'nand Ward. Tlie prisoner looked pale from
his long conllncmciit , hut otherwise appeared
to bo In good health. Counsel for the pris
oner stated ho desired to wlthdrnvy thu plea of
not jfu'JIv ' which his client had cnteivd. In
prcM'.i. .ng n demurrer counsel called thu at-
' tendon of the com t to the fifth count In the
Indictment. He said It was for tlio wime
iilfeiiFo as that charged In the Urst count , lar
ceny nud obtaining goods under false pre
tenses. Them weio therefore two distinct
crimes charged In the dllferent counts In the
Knmo Indlctmenr. Judge Harrlo replied that
If the two crimes weio it-ally but dlifeient as-
. peels ot the same facts they could properly be
emlunccd under the name Indictment. As
thu comt considered the climes ns dlil'eicnt
nsH'cts | of the sumo facts Iho demurrer was Tlio prisoner was culled on to
plead a'.rain nnd his counsel changed his plea
In not guilty , The work of obtaining n jury
wns then commcui-ed. Moses llanloor was
was tliu first j ill or who was accepted by both
Up to the adjournment of the court for Iho
day only four jurors wore obtained. The dis
trict attorney moved that Waid bo confined
in the tombs dining thu trial and the motion
was granted by the court , ami Wnnl wns
taken to Iho tombs by the detectives. Fish
was nlso handed over to two detectives who
will have charge of him until hu Is examined.
Anti-Chinese Agitation.
. "VYASinxfn'n.v , Oct. SJ-J. ( iov. Watson
" Squire , of Washington territory , has hent a
RpcclaJ report to thu a-cretur.v of. the Interior
upon -.itl-Chlueso | agitation in the tun I-
Jury In which ho says that the principal Hut
whcio violent demonstrations have been
jnado Is Seattle , but that there has been a
great deal of uKltatlun at Twunja. The per-
ous umis-cd of killing tin ; ChliiC'.c hup nick
ers near Seattle have Iht-u lUreMed , a ml one-
ID uuvv iu jail iinUur Indictment ) ' < -nurdcr
In the first drirrco. Strong efforts have been
made 1 1 luttlidntoCliiii ! : ! i , employes at the
1-ninkiln nnd Newcastle coal mlnc.s. nnd
many of the Chlucsn nro leaving. These
places am now quiet , but the ? coal companies
are anxious In regard to the safety of their
'I be Chinese consul at San FnitHsco was
lufdiniKl that the persons accused of niurder-
IngChlncso bad bwn arrested. The gover
nor sny.s that , It has been his desire lo main
tain order Itliout the employment of troops ,
and a strong organisation of the tatter clnss
orcllb.i'iisat Seattle has arrajed Itself under
the law for the preservation of ) icace. Tlio
situation lias been Improving fiom day to
day , nnd It Iscotu-ludcd that no necessity ex
ists for calling upon the mllitarv. If serious
trouble arises the focrelary will h.i nolllled bv
( elegranh , and if troops should be required ,
( hem Is an ampV forcent the Vancouver
barracks , within tv few hours of the disturbed
Klviil Teloiihono ComnanlcH Impor-
tnnlng the Patent Ofllui. .
Nuw Ynitic , Oct. 2.Tho Post's Washing
ton special says : There is great activity at
the patent olllc.o on the part of companies
which nre uutagonNttc to the Hell company
.to Rrure a report from the commissioner of
patent ! ) to the attorney general which will
warrant the latter In authorizing the use of
the n-ime of the United States in n suit for
cancellation of the Hell patent. Tlireosuch
applications nre pending neforc the commis
sioner , one bv the Pan Klcctrlc
company , one by u Baltimore and
\v ashliiL'toii telephone company , and
the third , which has just been tiled , by the
( lobe telephone rompany. Tin-commissioner
is in a very omb.irasslng position and Is un
doubtedly subjected to a great deal of polltl-
ml pressure. It In reported In telephone elr-
cle * that Commissioner Montgomery , in Ids
report as to these- several applications , will
not uiidcitakc to 1:0 Into the irencral question
of the scientific character of the inventions ,
but will connne himself to u report of the
facts as he Hnds thorn In the records of the
patent ofllec _
Tlio Ululi Commissioner- : .
WASIII.VOTON , Oct. 2J. ( Special to the
llr.iThe : ] members of the Utah commis
sion are now here. They are Hon. A. A.
Katnsey , of Minnesota , president ; ex-Semi-
tor Pndlo-k , ot Xebr.iska ; Col. J. II. Petti-
grew , of Arkansas ; Hon. A. 1 ! . Carlton , of
Indiana , and Mr. George K. Godfrey , of
Iowa. They will commence to hold meetings
at once to prepare the rcporl of the commis
sion. Their last visit iu a body was made to
Utah early in September. As yet. they are
not in a position to glvo any information to
the public concerning the result of Hn-lr la
bors. An effort , though , will be made lo
have the icport of the commission readv as
soon as possible , and as tlie Utah question ,
and especially the bigamy feature , will be nn
important matter for congressional consider
ation this winter , the commissioner will no
doubt shed considerable 11.'lit on the subject.
Ilioo I'lnntcrH * Grlevaneen.
WASHINGTON , Oet. Si A delegation of
southern men , among whom weio Senators
Hansom , Harris and Gibson , and Congress
man King , of Louisiana , were heard to-day
by Secretary Manning nnd Assistant Secre
tary Fnirehlld in be.hnlf of the rleo planters.
Thny seek to have rescinded or amended an
order issued during Secretary * Kolgcr's ad
ministration. under which , they say , food
rice is admitted in largo quantities at the
rate of 'JO per cent ad valorem , instead of
paying Iho nile charged by law. The order
rot cried to lelales to granulated rice , an nu-
cnnmcrntcd article , imported largely for
brewers. TIioehMm Is made by the planters
that importations under this order are doing
great injury to the market for food rice.
Presidential Appointments.
\ \ ' . \ KIM NO TON , Oct. ! S. Tlio president ap
pointed W. W. Hill , of Illinois , to bo consii |
of the United States nt Port Snrnla ; L. Q
Washington , of tlio District of Columbia , to
be commissioner lo examine a section of the
Northern Pacltie railroad ; Louis 1C. Church ,
of Xew York , to bo associate justice of the
punrcmo court of the territory of Dakota :
\ \ m. W. Porter , of California , to bo associate
justice of the supreme court of the territory
of Ari/oim ; Win. 11. Uarnes , of Illinois , to
bo associate justice of the supreme court of
the territory of Arizona ; John O. Shields , of
Michigan , to be chief justice of the supreme
court of the territory. ! ) ! Arizona ; KvanLoug ,
of 1 ndlana , to be chief justice of the supreme
court of the territory ot New Mexico ; Israel
Giccn , of Mitchell , Dak. , fo be awnt for the
Indians of Sisseton agency In Daliotu.
( n CharRCof 1'nolflcj linilvviiy Mnltcrtf.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 22. Mr. Je.nk.s , assist
ant sceiotary of tlio Interior , has been as
signed to charge of all matters wlilch relate to
the Pacific railways. A great many subjects
relating to those corporations arc pending.
Mr. Jenks says , however , that he can give no
attention to them until nfler the lirst of No
vember , when most of the bureau reports ,
now In preparation , will be before him.
I'rom that date until tlie meeting of congress
he will devote a gieat deal of lime to this im-
poilant subject , and during that time will
piepure the new regulations wlilch call for
detailed information as to the. subsidy ques
tion and all matters which relate to the roads
cr.s Appointed.
WASIIINOTON , Oet. Ji ! The po.ttmaster-
gcneral to-day appointed the following
fourth-class postmasters :
Illinois At Henderson , C. K. Itobertson ;
Cordova , C. H. Marshall : 1. H.
Wheeler ; Unrnsldo. J , II. Hull ; Palmer ,
Philip Stailler ; Howlesburg , Thomas Walton ;
Hunt's City , JW. : . Parks ; Hiiena Vita : , Mr.- ;
Kmuia K. himold ; Cave In Hock , John Jack ;
Hnrrisbnrg , .M. K. Huructr.
IowaAt Hepburn , ( ! . D. Hfibb : Allison ,
J. K. Wilson ; Me.neva , Newton Wilder.
DonltloVildln - iu High Mfo.
WASHINGTON , Oct. - " . ' . The wedding of
the two daughters of ex-Governor Alexander
H. Shepherd took place this nflcrnoon at
Hock Creek church , lllshop Qn'lntaid , of Ten-
nes.-ce. olllcial IIIL' . The contracting parties
were Kdwaid A. i.'nlntaid ' , ot Tennessee , and
Miss .Mary Shepherd , and Walter 31. Urodle ,
of Mexico , and Miss Sue Shepherd.
llcuendantH Celcbrnto thu
ot'ilx Hovountion.
Nnw YOIIK , Oct. ii- . Many descendants
of the Huguenots met this afternoon In the
church ot Dr. SI. Ksprlt to celebrate the
bicentenary of the revocation of tlio edict of
Nantes , John Jay presiding. Among those
present was Secretary Hayaul. Jay briefly
sketched the causes which led to the revoca
tion of the edict of Nantes , nud Introduced
Prof. Henry M. IJixird , of the university of
the city of Nuw York , who In a historic rela
tion sketched the edict nnd Its recall. Secre
tary Hay aid also ndilrc.s.scd thugathcrlni , ' , and
ottered nseiies of resolutions which were
adopted , Tlie resolutions declare that the
two centuries that hnvolap.scd since tlio revo
cation have amply proved not only tlie
Iniquity of that monstrous not , but also the
Irreparable loss it Inlllcted upon Franco
In leligion. learning , Industry and
skill ; which drove half a million
of her best stilijecu to foreign countries ,
thanking God that ( hellmrueiitos vveto led to
these shores , and that looking to I'laiico as
their ancient and cherished homo they In
voked for her that progress in n puio und
tolerant Christianity which WHS so essential
to national dignity , prosperity nnd hnmd-
ncs.s ; ( bat attcr a separation of two bundled
yearn they ivalllrmcd their solidarity and
brotherhood with nil of French origin , both
in Franco mid otherciiuti tries wherc-de-sccnd-
ants of tht ) exiles of l'W.1 ' now dwell ; that Ilia
history of the Unguents at linmo and abroad
have snowii the woild that freedom of cicvd
fniin state contiol U Uiu ouly true ixilloy of
chri leudom.
To-night u banquet was hold at Delmon
Ico's , itl which SixiuUiry iiayurd u.uit o
delivered ai
The Much-Mooted Question of the K sult
iu Cincinnati Settled.
The Kntli-o IjCRinlntlva anil Senn-
tot'lal Ticket. Klectcd by a Small
Majority Committee of Olio
Hundred Organize.
Tliu Ifiinilltoit County Contest.
CINCINNATI , Ohio , Ootolwr ! iX The can
vass of tlio vote of llnnilllon county was
completed this morning , mid tlio total footIng -
Ing * ( unonieial ) , excluding Precinct "E , " of
I he Kightccnthvnnl , show that iluadly re
ceived : H,0'J7 , unil ForakeraW-W , lloadiy's
majority , .VJO. The Highest vote for n repub
lican senator was ! M less thuii the lowest on
the democratic llstc , nnd 3,700 less than the
highest , The vote for representative. ! ) is still
close , nuil tlio footings have not yd been
completed. The demoenttle county oflle.ors
nre elreted except Kulil for I'omnii.ssloiicr.
ItCpuhlfcan attornovs this morning filed a
petition in the em-nit court asking for n
mandamus , directing 11s officer , tlm clcik ,
how to proceed witli tiie count by Instructing
him what are and what nn1 not legal returns.
Tlio hearing of tlie petition Is ii.xed lor'J
o clock tills morning.
In the meantime If the restraining order
Issued last night should lie dissolved.the clerk
might complete his work before - o'clock unit
the jurisdiction of tliecotut would IKV gone1.
After considerable tall ; , tlio argument before
Judge Ituttorvvorlli on the motion to dissolve
tin1 restiialug order and also the domnirer
to the pctilion , proceeded. It is exitcctcd tlio
argument will occupy the time until 'J o'clock ,
when mandamus proceedings will operate to
heM the clerk until It. can be determined.
The olllcial count of this county , as it will
Mnnd unless changed hy action ot' the courts ,
wits mushed this afternoon by ivcordlng the
vote of precinct K. . of the eighteenth ward.
Judge ISuchvvalter , in deciding tlm manda
mus case for that precinct , said that as
ThompMin. republican iiiilge , did not witness
the count the court could not compel him to
cert 11.v to its aceur.icy. 'J'lie other judges had
made the count and had delivered their re
turn In an Improper form. He would re
quire them to pie.seut their return in the
usual and proper form , taking cure to show
the date on which it is made. As to tlio proof
of fraud , tlm cour.1 said the fact that sixty-
nine mure voles were east than'there were
votes registered was conclusive that there
was Illegal voting. Hut it was not clear that
the e illegal votes could bo detected by aeon-
test. The court's order lo the judges 'did not
indicate what should be done with the return ,
us that quc tlun was not presented by the
proceeding ? .
When tie ! Judges presented their amended
return thi.s altcnioon Justice Sanderson ,
member of the canvassing board , emild not
IM found. Another justice 'f the pence wns
called to act in his place. Umillicial footings
complete makes Hoadly'.s plurality IWJ ; Ken
nedy ( republican ) , for lieutenant-governor ,
hasu plurality of tM. ; K. Wilson lias the
highest vote for senator on the
democratic. ticket , " 1WO , and lllch-
ardson the highest on the republican ticket ,
! H,401. Hardacre is the lowest on the republi
can HcJcet , having : i4.HS and Urashears , on
the democratic ticket , : Hr > S4. For reprosenta-
lives the variances are not so great , but the
democratic figures are all higher than the
highest republican vote. The clerk will
probably issue certificates to all except ( sena
tors as boon as the footings are made.
The injunction as to wmators Mill holds.
It was argued nil d.i ) on the demurrer and a
motion to dissolve , and was not supported by
any other proceeding , the mandamus before
the circuit court , for the reason that but live
of the judges are here. They called the case ,
and set Its hearing for Monday at 10 a. in.
The committee of one hundred , recently
organized to detect and punish violators of
the registry and election lawn , held a public
meet inn this afternoon at the chamlur of
commerce , which had a full attendance. A per
manent organization was effected , providing
fora large membership , with an initiation
fee of & "i and the same for annual dues. The
ofUcers and enough other members of the
association to bring the number up to one
hundred to constitute an executive commit
tee. It was agreed that no partisan test for
membership should be applied , and that no
olUceholder should serve on the executive
committee. The object of the association Is to
protect the purity of the ballot.
Possibility of a Serious Hntc Cutting
iu tin ; Olito River Tool.
CiWAno , Oct. 2i The rate committee of
the Ohio river pool was In consultation with
Commissioner Midgcly to-day In relation to
the condition oi tilings , which . - ccias not un
likely to develop into a serious ami wide
spread ease of rate cutting. It has been
charged for some time past that the lines In
cluded in the Ohio river pool have been mak
ing a rebate of nine cents per hundred
pounds on all meats and packing house pro
ducts destined to territory south of the Ohio
and west ol the Mississippi river to what is
known as tlio ' 'Green Line'1 points. Thissce-
lion Is covered by tlm I.oulsvilie
& ; Nashville road , which virtually
dictates ail tai ill's In common with the .South
ern Hallway and Steamship association pool ,
which al > o exercises aulhoilty over that portion
tion of territory. Since the completion of
the Fort Scott , t .Sjuingileld has
divided" the trade with the Chicago A St.
Louis road , taking packing house products
from Kansas City Into " ( Jrcen l.lne" tciri-
lory , and cutting Into .Chicago and St. Louis
tralllc materially.
Tariffs in all directions have been very
shaky for several months na > t , which tends
to iigginvnte the unpleasantness of the situa
tion. It Is stated that so entirely bus tlio re
bate system of the Ohio river pool lines cut
off I ho Tort Scott road that nut a car load of
packing house products has been shipped
smith o\er that line for more than a
month. .Mr. Sargent , general tralllc. man
ager ot the Memphis r.illumd , has been loud
In his complaints on tills account. He has
appealed to Commissioner Mldgley to bo
alUmcd to meet the ichate , but that privilege
has not been conceded. Attempts to get to
gether the managers of a I the roads interest
ed in the tr.illlu of lids tenltoty , so as to get
at the bottom of the dltliculty and remove
It to the satisfaction of all have so
far proved fruitless. At the iiicctim ; to-day
It Wits derided to make an ctfort to Induce the
Chicago lines to do avtay with the ichatci
system. In ea 4j this cannot be accomplished
the I'oit Scott road will probably ho allowed
to meet the rebate for llio pre-eiit. As the
uucstlon is. of no small Intere.-t to other points
than those mentioned , not to allow the Cin
cinnati it SI. Louis to allow the Fort Scott
road to meet the a-lnto nuulobylts competi
tors , it will be to abildgc over tcmponrilv
only llio pan In the trall ! agreement that will
eventually have to be Jin | | | up.
NiwOIIK : , Out. yJ. Thodlicctors of the
Northern Pacific rallioad to-day favorably
considered u proposition to dispose of about
eighty-live thousand acres of land to an
American syndlentuat $7 pfcr acre. The mat
ter was lefcired lo a committee with full
[ tower to complete the transaction.
Hie ) Spanish Gnvcrnmcnt'H Jtrutal
Murder of ItcliolllniiK Sulijr ( Ms.
NKW YOIIK , Oct. 21. [ Chicago Tillmno
Special. ] The latest news from Cuba , ir >
celvcd by the officers of the Cuban Junta , Is
ho murder by tlm Spanlbh government of
oneof thofollowcrsof Ueu.J.lmbiinoSanchez.
Ills name was Donate Vergta , a mulatto well
iiK-wii In this city by llo ; Cuban colony , Jwv-
tig icslded hero for seven yeais. Verge/ was
wounded n d captured by the Spanish ti oops ,
and attcr Imvlng been taken to Uamcoii he
was shut on the public road without even the
formality ot a com t martial or anything to
cover tlm law. The Spaniards acted thus , It
Is said , because they knew that great clVoiU
would ho tmule by the cltUciis to save the
pr sonur. and thus uyjld MI ire houd : hcd.
TlioUteat vlctl'u. " v' tb' ! SiwulunS,1'were
two TOUIIK Cubans , well kilmtn In this city
and Philadelphia- Captain .ruan Solo Salce-
do and Lieutenant IVdro Dunuo Kstnulo.
Salsedo was a Freemafon , n member of Fra-
ternlty lodge of this city. Ho edited here a
Masonic journal called L&Kscundra , and was
known under the iiom do tiluino of Asto
.linio. Ho was very popular among the
Cubans and others who Ktiew him , and was
one of the survivors of thd Vlrgluius affair ,
\\hcu Col. llyan was sac.rliletil , with fifty-two
others , at Santiago de Cuba , Afterward , as a
follower of ( Sen. Unrein , In 1KSO , ho was cap
tured and sentenced to prison for life , but es
caped u year a no and icaohcd New Yoik In
July , and joined at onccthuexpcdIUon under
( Jon. Sandier.
Francisco VnionaFovnpt , secretary of the
Independence club , of Ihisclty , and ncplmw
of the wife oflho captain gcucinl of Cuba ,
and very well known by the Cuban * here ,
was captured , with three othera , August" ! )
last atid sentenced tolxMillot any day when
the captain general signed the dc.Uli warrant.
Jlr. Veromi s mother nude strenuous efforts
to save her foil's life , and on a petition ,
signed by all the editors of the Havana news
papers , and tcleuraplied to King Alfonso
with a prayer for merc.y , the Cuban deputies
appeared before the king nml used every en
deavor to save Verona's , life , Alfonso com
muted the sentence of tint four pi ( sutlers to
llfu Imprisonment. Hrs'des ' Verona , the
others are Julian Sumarp'dro , Teodorn Cnlnn
and Jose Konuui. They iiivallcll known In
this city , having lived hero yeats.
THU GUAX'f TUN ! ) .
The SnI)8oriticrH 3Ioe.f anil Ilscnns In-
vcKtintr tlio > Ioncy.
Niw YOIIK , Oct. ' - . ' . A meeting of the
subscribers to the S" & > ,000 fund which was
nilsed for the benefit of ( Jen. Crant ! , and
which , at IhcMigccstlon and on tlicgunruntce
ot ex-overiior ( ! K. I ) , 'dorgan , was invested
in Wabash bonds , was held this afternoon.
There were present Jay Gould , Oliver lloyt ,
John Sherwood , Judge Noah Davit ; , ( Jcoigo
Jones , Henry D.ny , John T. Terry , Uus-
toll Sage , Mr. Wlieslock and Sidney Dillon.
Jones asked to bo relieved ot the fund on
account of the criticisms which had been
publicly made. Tlio citron instances and man
ner in which the fund was Invested were > ! N-
iilained by lloyt , who said that j ic.,000 . had
been invested in bonds at MIB , and that the
remainder of the fund , which had never mille
reached S "iOKK , ( ) , owing to"the failure to col-
Icc.tsome of the snbscriiitlons , luid been loan
ed on call to another subscriber. This thing
ought to go to a trust company and be in
vested in government boptls. We ought , lo
pav the interest but not to dispose of it.
Terry remarked that , in ( ! ov. Morgan's es
tate there were SI NSODO , deposited , and they
were willing to take hondsHindcr their agrec-
.ment. Dav , another of thOexeetitors of tiov.
Morgan , observed that considering the small
interest jiaid by govorn'ment bonds , the
guarantee of the Morgaih estiito was better
than any known investment. Day explained
the guarantee of ( iov. Morgan , and Terry
said the ilelicleuey was 8 'VJX > . Could said
be was willing to pay bin phnrcfn make the
fund complete. Judge Da-vis offered a rcso-
tiou. which was tuloptcd , that the
fund should bo placed in a trust
company ( United States Trust company ) ,
and the interest should be pa'd ' to JIis. ( taint
durinr herllfe , tlien to the children of ( len-
er.iHiiant , and alter their deatlm lo be dis
tributed to their children p.eV Btlrpcs , not jicr
capita. > .
Judge Davis and Ileilry Day were ai > -
poinlcd ( o draft : t legal diKiument making the
legal transfer. GCOITJO Jones , representing
seveu-elghtlisof : the subscribers , ugrocd , and
the resolutions w.ere nrfyiKl unanimously.
The meeting adjourned to bo called together
shortly , or as boon as the docuu.eut can bo
During the. conference. Jones said at no
I'm since the fund was Invested had ( taint's
family failed to receive the inlciwt iiiomptly
on the day Unit It was , due , It matters not
whether the interest was or was not mid to
the trustees every fell due. The trus
tees saw that trauf ! , ' family got their
monev without any < Wny. That Mrs. ( taint
ha I already made a will In which sbe gave
this fund to hcrdaughtc.ri.iid 10 live jicrsoii.s.
Such disposition of tue-fund would keep , it.
out of the hands of the'creditor * of ( Jon.'s sons , and the latter were perfectly
satisiied with ilu provisions of Mrs. Urants
Tlio Canadian Scourn.
Mo.vrntJAL , Oct. 2.--Tliero were forty
deaths from small-pox herii voslerday.
The resolution of the hhul boanl of health
calling on tlio central Iboaid to close the
churches , is inert I lit ; with great opposition.
Mgr. 1'abie , Catholic bishop , at mass tnis
morning , denounced the Idc-u In unmeasured
terms , saying that the authorities need not
think they can bring , nbout such an un-
inecedentcd resolution as the suppression
of public religion at the time of
a calamity like the present , lilshop Bund , ot
llic An rlican coiiiiiiiinloii , has also spoken
against it , while father Dowd , of St. 1'at-
ricl.-'s , and Jtev. M r. Stone , of St. Martin's ,
Anglican , say they will afeo'nWy icfiise to
comply with the munMiroishould it be en-
fen e.l.
The number of case's in the civic hospital
up to ihuo is 4S" ) , of whlclrllti died.
ocn | a branch olllet'of thu largo shoo liVm of
which he Is the junior partner. During Ills
absence Mr. Hubbs is .wild to have discov-
errd tlie alleged condition of his daughter.
Woodinglon returned at once to this city and
at the pielimlnarv hearing was held In
ball , lie is ns prominent In polities as In
iiisiiics : ] nnd Is a member of the Oncdki boat
club , a fashionable organization. His en
gagement to a young woman of Kll/.abctb ,
New Jeisey , has been announced. Mlf.s
Hubbs is pretty and Is not over'JV.
The Pill Hollcra' Coiinoll.
Piin.AiKi.'iA ] , Oct. sS. The national con
vention of wholesale drUgglstr. to-day selected
Mlnnneapollsns the next place of meeting ,
nnd the thlrJ Tuesday of September , 18SO , as
; he date. A seilcs of leaolutlonB wrero
idopted favoring the a-coal of ull Internal
revenue taxes , urging the drug trade nnd
otheis to use their influence with senators
nnd members of congri'ii.s to Induce them to
vote in fnvor'of this inc-isiire , nnd instriieling
liecoininittcc on legjsh\tl \ ] > u that if they find
t Impossible to bring nhout this result to
work In favor of n ledticllon of internal
revenno taxes , frconlchol for mnnufncturlug
purposes , and illsiuintlriuuncx ) of wholesale
ind retail liquor dealers'licenses as applied
to the drug trade.
Saloon Inci-easnd.
iNiiiANAi'oi.iH , Oct. yi. - At a special me.p.t-
ng of the city council he.Hl to-iil ht , an nrdl-
muce raising the Buloon from & .W to
SHK ) a year parsed. Only thirteen of Iho
wenty-nvo members wr.a1 pri'sent , and the
iidinaiice was adopted by a voloot U to 1.
Its adoption by the Ivianfol nldeimen Iscer-
aln nud Iho legality . - ihp action U Ix-llcved
, o bo beyond question ,
t'H , Oct.S-J. JHiyclnl | to the lii ! : . ]
Columbus e\pcctn to have telephone connoe-
Ion vv Ith Omnlm In a few dnys. Thcj line Is
icing built Horn Fremont veryrapidly. . Fqur
idles of poles ] > er ( lay are bolus setup ,
The Hue will be tlm bet In tbo Mate , as they
iiv using copper tin- iron wire
isually used uii the lint't , nud the superin-
cudenl is nccm | injg \ \ \ | | t for - < > t-i s < that
every thlni ; is done In jfie very litsi manner ,
TlioVi4i urn l/nl ( n
Ni-.w VOIIK , Oct. iXAt a mucting of thu
llre"ton > of the Woatrfii t'nlou telegniph
compinv , D- ; . Green \vas ie.'lci-t d i-reildent
and lii-n. ' .tl.erl ; 'i..iral nni'i ir. Col.
Uluvvr > , t'f Chijuo , tit cU-d u vlci. i idem ,
w.vs made a meiubci1 of iht executive
His Scrnp of History Letter Receives Em
phatic Denials ,
llciu-l Wnlei-son ( Hitn Him n Hap la
an Kdltorlnl Way Old Tounniseh
Knows Something Ho
Won't Tell. Proolfc Rrsuri'cutcil by
thu Depevv Letter.
Niw : YOIIK , Oct. Si [ Special to Iho Htn. : ]
The Herald's Washington special says :
Chauucey M. Dopew's letter to Col. Fred
Grant narrating the conversation with ( ! en.
Grant about President Johnson's icvolutlon-
ary project. Is ? o nt variance with document
ary evidence , btalo papers , correspondence
and other cotroborntlve testimony , that the
olliulals of the slate nnd war departments
are surprised nt Its nllegntions. Notwith
standing Col. Fied ( irnnt says Dcpcvv's letter
is substnntially conect , and that he has been
able to verify the facts from documents , let
ters nml personal recollections ! , Depew's
statement is an ntlcr-dlnner recollection ;
but had ho read the speeches of Pies-
blent Johnson in 1MKI , beginning
with the address to tlie peace conven
tion committee , ids "swinging around
circle' orations and several Interviews ,
printed from time to time , he could have
given the dates when President Johnson : i
pealed to Grant to belli him In his srreal. "rev
olutionary pioject. " in regard lo the dclinlto
statement that Johnson , ( ailing to mvuro
General Grant's co-operatlou , next undeitook
lo get him out of the country , there Is a w It-
ness who happened to hn\e ills notes of all
tlialocx'iirred regarding the tour In Mexico ,
and that is Col. Win. G. Moore , who was
President Johnson's private seeictar'y. From
Colonel Moore's notes , written in October ,
! & > { , the followim ; has been obtained : The
cabinet had for sometime under
consideration the quest Ion of the
occupation of 'Mexico by the French.
it was finally determined that Lewis 1) .
Clark , cx-coiiirc.ssim ; < n from Ohio , who some
time ago bud been appointed minister lo that
icpiihlic , but who lias not been able to pro
ceed to that country on account of Its dis
turbed condition , siiould be. given instruc
tions. Upon the president's own suggostiou ,
it was decided by the cabinet that impress-
ment should be given to his visit by sending
hlm'ln a vessel of the I'litlwl Slates navy ,
and bv having him accompanied by Gcu.
Grant. Jt was thought this wou.dglve con
siderable importance to tlio mission , and
Camnbi-H was instructed to advise freely
wilhj the general. 'Ibis arrangement , how
ever , was thwarted by Grant. Presi
dent Johnson .sent for Gen.
Grant with respect to the Mexican
mission , Oct. 17 , ibti.i , and informed him of
his Id.iaof scndingbim to that country , which
the genera ! evidently thought evinced some
pleasure. Tlio president then visited the
state department and informed Seward. As
iussrui'tions had just been completed , the see-
iclary came at once to tlie executive mansion
and lead them to Grant , with a view to learn
ing whether he had any suggestions to make.
Ho said lie had none. On tlie succeeding
Sunday , however , Oct. " 1st he addressed u
let er to tin1 president , saying :
"On further and full reflection upon the
subject 01 my accepting tlio mission proposed
by you in our interview of Wednesday
and again yesterday , 1 have most respectful
ly to say that 1 beg lo be excused from the
duty imposed. It is diplomatic service for
wh eh t am not titled , either by education or
taMc. It must necessarily bo conducted tin j
der the state department , with which mj
duties do not connect me. Again , then , !
most urgently respectfully repent
mjr' rcipiest to tbo excused from the per
formance pfa dilty'ontlrcly out of my sphere
Hiid omt , too , which .can , so inucli better bo
performed by other ? * ; "
After 'tlio positive declination of Gen.
Grant , Gen. Sherman wan sent for and
evinced an entire willin nass to undertake
the duty. . ( Jen. Sherman , when o-shed when
he could bo ready replied "at ouee. " His
promptness was verv gratifying to tlie presi
dent. Just about tins time the papers hud
published animortbat Secretary Stanton waste
to resign as secretary of war , to bo sent
as minister to Spain and Gen. Slier-
man was to succeed him as pet-io
ta ry of war. Gen. Sherman In Feb
ruary , ISiXi , had written a letter to
President Johnson Mroiivly endorsing his
reeonsti notion policy. This had become
known about this period and had much to do
with the rumor of Sherman's appointment as
fecrctyry of war.
" \Vntt nrnori ScoreH Depew.
Lornnviu.K , Oct. 2-J. In view of the pub
lication of Mr. Depew's Idler relative to Gen.
( taint's conversation about e.v-Prcsidcnt
Johnson , the Courier-Journal will publish to
morrow thrco columns of Gen. Grant's testi
mony before t n house Judiciary committee ,
Fuly 1H , 1WJV just prior to the Impeachment
of President Johnson. The Courier-Journal '
will say cdit'H-lally that "It Is astonishing
that among all the wis : mon of the east ,
among all Iliosu so busv writing history , no
one siiould renumber that Gen. Grant did
uproar Iw ore tlio judlclnrv committee
ami guvo. his tcstl iiony. " Gen. Grant ccitaln-
! v docs notsustain Mr. Dcpew. Ho says dis
tinctly that President Johnson did not pro
pose to recognize a congress composed of
southern members and democrats of the
north. Hua hWrU Unit in his public speeches
when .swiiu.'Ing"arnund the c'rcle ' , President
Johnson dld/'supposc a case , " and then uska
which would bo the Iciral congress , and he
lenle.s that ho said even this much to Gen.
Grant In private. This nml no more Is the
sulHlancn of Johnson's treason , and It Is
ilaln that what M now in Dopew's letter Is
not true and what is true l.i not new.
Gen. fe'licrmati'H Opinion.
ST. Louis , Oct. 22. [ Sjireial to the Urn : . ]
General Sherman , when asked last night
what he thought of Iho Dupew letter in re
gard to G rant's charges against Andy John
son , sild ho knew nil about the matter , but
would nut tell what ho know for a .million
lollars. Ho had known of the charges a long
imoand hod documents all iilcd away In the
iropcr shape , but tlio lime had not come yet
o give them to the public. Whether the
. - bargeseietrueor not he would not say.
inly that ( taint had made the charges and
ivlupuci ) concerning them would be glum to
ho world at the proper time. I'm ! her , the
gineral would not speak. He thought It
\\rong that anything at all should have
icon published about It.
The. Jcul ! Olll < ; ia'n ! I'nneral.
Pnisiiritd , Oct. 1M , The funeral of Jion.
M.ilcolm Hay look place this afternoon. The
services were licld at Ids residence In Alle
gheny City. The remains wi-io then quietly
leposltcd in Allegheny cemetery. In detei-
nee to the wishr-.s of .Mrs. Hay tbcie was no
loral displays or decorations. During the
iiornlng Assistant Postmaster ( icncr.d
Stevenson , Hon. James Hopkins and many
other * called at the ic-lilcn.-.c , and after view
ing the icmalnspald their u pi-ets to tlfo
lamllv. Stevenson raid Picshhnt Cleveland
and Postmaster General Vllas desired him to
cxpics.s their high appreciation of the de
_ _
Good Ailvloo From llio Keorclary.
Niw ; YOIIK , Orl. l. All of the foremen
In theUrooklyn navy yard to-day received a
circular tatter from Srx-rctary Whitney. Ho
remind * them that by former orders he ban
given them the power of iccommendlng all
named for employment as subor
dinates , and that ho expects them
to exercise. the power without
milUaii bias and without allowing politic.
Inlliienue urdicl.-dion to cut any ligum In thii
mattci ; Hint KlJII and cftlcicucy ate alone to
hncoiisidwd. These ftalenienls nre idler'
iited several times In the courxo of the letter
In most in i - > H hv tonmi. Ho con nitnlutes
tliciiipnd tlie department on the Improve * '
m < 'iit already noticed , but c.iy. that
according to it-port > reccivcil fr nn their
Biil > erkr olllccw , the ev'l ' Is not ei'tlicly erad-
Icaled , Ho nRsumcw that ho knows tlio
pressure which It , to Iw brough
to iH-ar on them during the heated poll !
cal campaign , and assures them that lit
Manil * ready to protect them from nil h.irti
aimed nt thorn because of their refusal to bow
to political iH' , and warns them that If
they make Inferior appointments for politi
cal ends they will bo summarily dismissed.
A 1'rlni'o nnd Vrlnoess Spliced In
True I'YeiH'h Hi.vlo.
15" , France , Oct. ft ) . The innrrlago < if
Pilnco Wnldcmnr , third son of King Chris
tian , of JOcnmnrk , nnd Princess Marie. ,
daughter of Duke and Duchess de Chartres ,
was celebrated to-day at Chateau de Ku , the
residence of Comic de Paris. The civil cere
mony wns peiformed yesletdny In Paris by
the mayor , nnd religious services were con
ducted here to-day In the private chapel
of the chateau. Among these pres
ent wen' Hie queen of Denmark ,
Ciovvn Prince and Princess of Don-
nintk , Piince nnd Princess of Wales ami
their three daughters , Prince do Jolnvllle.
Due do Aiimnle , Duo do Cases , Due and
Diiehos. < o de Chart res , Count Yon Moltke ,
nnd Hnrt/.fcldt. Danish minister. The hand
some park nml extensive gardens suriound-
Ing the cbauteau were to-night bilUiantly
Illuminated with electric lights and Chinese
lanterns. The town was urofnsely decorated
witli Hiigii and buntliiir , and many pilvatc
houses VM-IV also illuminated in honor of the
event. After a wedding breakfast the bride
and lirldi'ci-ootti leave for Cluintllly.
The wedding registry was signed by thirty-
nine princes , ' ( 'lie bride worn n dress of
white satin , with pearl embroidered bodice.
iHw veil was of ( baiitllly lace. The news of
( hniitlcmpted murder of Heir Kstriip. Danish
.Premier , was kept back from the Initial party
illitll after the wedding icecptlon.
" Coi'KNltAitrx , Oct. ' . * ) . - To-day was ob
pel-veil ns n ircnenil holidav Iu honor of the
mavrlaw of "Prince Waidc.mar and Princess
Marie de Orleans. A banquet was given at
theiovnl Ciistle to celebrate the event , nud a
torchlight piocesslon from neighboring vil-
mnii'hed through the stu-eLs. Premier
JCstrnp , who \estoiday narrowly escajicd ; an
assassin's bullet , , received nn ovation.
No Hope for Itcncl K < > ll.
N , Oct. ItJ The pi Ivy council has
dismissed tlie appeal of houis Ulel niralnst
the sentence of death passed upon him by
the Canadian courts.
Nuw VCIUK , Oct. ' .22. A M onlreal special
ays : h. O. David , president of the Hell de
fense association , suys that be has received
trustworthy information thatltisthogovorn-
meut's iineiition to cany the law into elfect
nirains ! lieil. The Icclimr , he sajs , among
I he French-Canadians is intense , and with
Iho small pox ami other causes of race feel
ing , ( lie slightest provocation might eauso
M'Hous trouble. The government olliccrs
heic say that Hell will hang on the. 10th of
next mouth. Tlie defense association will
take mi further Metis und will hold the gov
ernment responsible
In sin interview tday t , Fit/patrick , Kiel's
Canadian counsel , said : ills Impossible to
pretend that Kiel was unfairly tried. No
doubt at the timeof theoutbreakin tbenorth-
w-sf , grievances axlsted which have sluco
Liren rendered. Kiel commenced tlio
agitation from purely political motives.
Many people still consider that he
rendered valuable services to the country.
Doubtless excitement was again induced In
Keil's mental alteration , rendering him In
capable of keeping the rebellion within legal
limits. On the scaffold Kelt will become a
mnrtyr ; In a prison or In an asylum he would
be forgottenIn the face of the conflicting
medical evidence In Keil's cose , Flt/.patrick
advocated tlie appointment by the Canadian
government of a commission to again ex
amine Iho prisoner.
Tlie Itnlknii Troubles.
ST. Pm-Kiismind , Oet ' . The Journal do
SI. Petersburg , commenting on the Iloumel-
Ian question , cays Prinl-o Alexandria apne'arh
to ignore tile fact IhuU his 6HUuilssiou io. the ,
powers is a duty r 'ate.d lij- the treaty of Iler-
liu , and sees ho intention on tlie jiart'uf Bul
garia to return to 'btatu quo ante. ' It regrets
the action oil Servlii and Greece in ordering
formldnble nrmamenl.s , and declares that
Kussia moro than any other power must
prevent fratricidal contests in the Ualkans.
The Journal Is most pronounced in Its de
nunciation of Bulgaria for having brought
about the present affairs , and says : "The
powers are unanimous In the desire to rcntore
the 'Main quo ante , ' and although till action
is bristling with obstacles and pitfalls , this
unanimity justifies tlio hope of success. "
DKLOIIADK , Oct.J. . Tlie IJelgr.ido diplo
matic corps in Hi is city addressed n note to the
Servian government with a view of arresting
further bellicose action by Sorvla.
CALCUTTA , Oct. ii2. Contingents from the
India army fiom MadniH and tills cil v are be-
ng rapidly transported to ILingoon , where
theexpeditioiiary force Is being assembled
for Invasion of ISurma , ' . The Uunncso yov-
crnmout is constantly preparing to resist
the advance of the troops. Knglncers
nre biLslly engaged In electing earthworks.
planting torpedoes , building flic-rafts , load
ing hulks with stones and sinking
them nnd placing chains across
the liver to obstruct navigation. King
Thelnw Ifi disappointed because a ma
jority of the cabinet olllchils at n council held
lo consider the situation favored the peace
pulley. After tin-council the principal ncnco
advocates telegraphed Iho Itmiicso dclcjjalo
nt Parlntho details of Hits council. Notwith
standing the active preparations of the Itur-
nese foicc.-i , the British ufllwrs expect that
the campaign In Uurmali will be short.
tlio Irish I-'ni'iuerH.
LONDON , Oct. JKi. The Kuu'IlHli l''ainicri :
alliance has adopted a resolution stating that
to avert tlie ruin of the urese.nt meo of farmers
the hind owners must forthwith reduce tlie
H'lits of farms nnd government must
formulate n mcnsuio which will prevent llio
raising of icnts on the improvements of
tenants. *
A XowKinper | Ti-iiiiKl'or.
D.tvr.Ni'oiiT , In. , Oct. a. . The Dally Gnx-
etlo of this city was to-day Mild
lo thrco Chicago patties. The are Geoigo ] { . Ainulrong ,
formerly tilty editor of the Inler-Occau , but
more recently register of lands in Huron ,
lak.C. ) ; Vallclte , sou of Ool. Vullelte , of
Chlraio ; , nnd Mr. Ita.smuss n , recently of the
( 'liic.igo Times editorial Hall. Armstrong Is
lobe editor In chief and C. Valletlu Imsdne.s.s
niiiiiaj'cr , The Gazette Is good propty ) , and
the new management begins under favorable
auspk-e.s. _
Dentil of a "Widely Known Woman.
Nuw YOIIK , Oct. 2- . ' . Mary A mm Jloolh ,
widow of tlio late Jnnliis Itiutus
licoth , and the mother of Kdwln , J.
AVIIIcs : , nml Junlus A. Booth , died of
pumimcinlu at the residence of the bust named
to-day , on Twenty-third Mreet , thlseltv , aged
t-i. : Shu will bo buried In llaltlmori ! . Slut
was widely known nmung tlieatrlcal people ,
anil much loved.
Detid hock on a Intention.
SiT.isoi'n ; ! . ! ) , 111. , Oct. SM. The sohllcnV
homo coninilsslon held three sessions to-day
and then adjourned until lo-moi row. A gtuat
many voles were taken , but tbodead leek is
not broken , nml tlio iterplexliit ; quc < < Uon of u
location Hi.-t'iiiH no nearer now n. . an on the day
on Which thu lirst vela \vui ; takc-n.
"Mini ) lv\ilisliii. |
UiciiMcivn , Va. , ( M. at' . An oxplociiui
occina-d Ibis morning at the liaccu-iiiB nil * ,
Choi > lvrieM ! county. Olio lmndic < l meirvWro
in the mine at Ihutltiii ) , but onlj one
killed and three vvoiini | d.
Dcalli or d
M.\vr nitsrivti , Oct. e , ' . Itlght llrvcrend
Jiuiii K' ? T , D , I ) . , Us ) iji -jf
died suddciHv tu-day ,
ThoUnclicokotl Downward Drive Domomlla *
iiig the Markets ,
Wlieatnnd Cntllo , Ilio I'rlnclpiil Arti
cles of Trade , ITmlorRoliiK tlio
Severest Weakness In I'l-lo
Kiinu-n Tor n liong 1'erlod.
Clilcngo Grnin Pfnrket.
CHICAUO , Ocl.iW.-Spcclal | totlmUnn. ]
\VituAT-The wheat market wiut lower iigaln
lo day , declining on Ihn afternoon board to
NT'u't ' which Is the lowest point touched dur
ing the present decline , nnd Is 7 'c lower
than the highest Hnuro reached last wectr.
The decline has been nn unusually ono ,
and has caused many small liolderH to throwf
their wheat on the matket , which han aided , .
In depressing values. Three or four of thti
largo local houses , ollhcr ncllng for thctn-J
selves or outside parlies , have l > ccn
large lines ot wheat , supposedly for llio I
/'short'1 / account , for three or four days ami.
have met every advance with largo offcrliiffs , '
under which the market has steadily declined , \
closing lower eacli tliiy with one exception
since October M , when the highest prlco dut > {
lug the present crop year was readied. Tlm *
market opened ncivous and unsetllod lhh } , <
mornliig , nt S7Vo lor December , nillhvlt
quickly to bH'A' , sold off UKaln *
to the lowest point uixIA
then , under fair buying , rose to bSJu'c , but fell
back with some fluctuations , shading offc
rapidly toward the close of the regular board
to 67 > X'y ( 's"4e , and ehi.stug at that iigure. Thuk
feeling was again very weak In the nl'tor-
noon , December deellniuir to VT'-ie , tallying
slightly , nnd closing at ST.-W' ) . ' . Kccolpts '
continue quite large at lionliwcstcni points ,
nnd the export dcimiud cuulinmfj lights
There was a largo expert shipment repotted.
for Spain , but it was not corroborated , and
while the rumor steadied the market for n.
time , prices tell back again in n failure to
verify it. Cables quoted hi cady foreign mar
kets. w llh cargoes on hand moie urml.y hold ,
Large deliveries from farmers' hands in thlq
country , however , was the principal reason
urged tor the continued decline In values.
COUN Trading In corn showed n littkl
more animation and prices weio qullcj
steadily held , closing generally nnhadohlghcr
than yesterday.
OATS -Oats ruled dull and easy , closing a
shade lower.
PitovisiONs mess pork prlcAS advanced
rxS'17'.c ' earlv , receded : Jii4.H ! ! and elosccj
sn-atfy. l/.ifl ( was a. ' So higher , with a
Cliicano Idvc Slnok MurUof ,
CIIICAOO , Oct. 2'J. [ Special to theUi.n.1
CATTM : With the fresh arrivals ( hero must
have been at least 1-1,000 on sale. worn
u larger number unsold in the pens nt tlio
close last night than for nny dly ; In two
years. It is drawing It mild to ropoil the
market dull and prices weak. Now nnd
again a few loads of good native eattlei ,
averaging iWO : Ibs , sold within a r.ingo oC
Sl.&V&V.U , and the most useful sorts would
not sell for over S..2ri ® ' > .fiO. Tlio class of
native stock that Is losing the most money in
the ordinary run of medium to good natlvas.
Prices on such arc a strong fie lower than n >
week ago , and this comm ises the bulk of no- *
live Block on sale. ' 1 here were hopcaniiil
signs of a revival Ibis week , but so far tbero
are no ovidoneesof tlie realization of either.
Some good heavy Montana cattle sold iit
S4,17'.j. These cattle were about as good , nn
the average of the Montana cattle '
beeves , which sold hereumontb ago nt. ltK < 5il
s.JJ.'J. Prices are about 7 e lower onthtj ye.rniro
for best gratles. The toji for Montana caluo
to-ilnj' was gl..JO , nnd that was .Ifw : . lower thau ,
the top price of yesterday.Whipping < 8txwnfn
iiriOlol&00 : Ibs , t.7. " > 4sT5 ; taOO tri J : i lb ,
? .i.oifH-'r. ( ) : wo to isoo Ibs , s.7i : ) ( > i.oo.
Through Texas cattle slow ; W > Q t 10W : lb ,
Sa)0 ( ) ( < ' ti.10 : ; 7W ) to 000 Ibf. , -J.lOS ) . ) ;
" " ' '
WfO Ib.s. S.07) < i ; 2 l Montana , l'.MT Ibs ,
SI.IT ' ! ; 1)7 ) .Montana , lillO Ibs , S4/JO ; 70 Mon
tana , 1U10 Ibs , S4.UO.
lions Tlie market opuned rather weak
ind first sales baicly made ns good prices an
nt the extreme close hist night. Uel'oro the
close prices milled up to about where they
opened yesterday , or about lOti higher tlian at
the close last night. Packing and shipping : .
r > 0 toHIO Ibs , SiUO s.- ) . Uf-ht weights. 180
to 170 Ibs , Sil.CO S.HJ ; 180 to10 lbs ,
( io.CO.- _ _
A ItrltlKli Uurk Mnnneil by .Tnpuiftfl'o
Suiloi-s wliodo not UndcrNtuutl ' t
i , Me. , Out. 21. [ Chlaigo Times
Special. ] The bark Robert S. Itoni- ,
ard , commanded by CnpU Andiown , from. '
Jllogo , Japan , to this port , laden with cam. ,
ihor and rags , attracted much attention , ho
ng manned by n crew of fomtcon Japanese * .
Bailers , none of whom can speak a word of
Kngllsli nor understand an order from their
olllcer without the aid of Hlgns. With
his novel crew Cant. Androwo made
tlm voyage fiom Kiogo In Ifi7 days. ' '
"They iiru excellent sailors ,
laps of mine. " said Captain Andrews.
" 'they me easily mapjurcd , never ge.t drunk ,
ind uive no trouble whatever , 1 think thai ,
tlie time Is not far distant when the .la nan I
sailors will find ready employment In our
men-haul trade. Within the post year 1 have ,
met many hlilpmasterrt who havec.xpie.sscd <
the sumo opinion. " 'The vojngo wan nn
eventful one. Captain Andrews sailed from
icie witli-.u-rew of colored men , who caused
much trouble bcfoie thu anlval In Japan,1
One of the sailors , \rthnr Domiison , of Porir. ,
land , fell o-.olioaid nt sea , and though every'
cll'oit was made fo i-eu-no the nnl'ortunnto
man by the olllcers , the crew , fearful
of the gale that prevailed at tlio
time , icfuscd lo assist , nnd Donnlsoa'
was lost Later , when passing nround Capo
lloin , Seaman l.awicncii Sailers , a nntivoot
South A ineiic.i , fell from n yard , mid , Htrik-
Ing on tluideck , was Instantly killed , Thin ,
was in tlie night and dm Ing a furious storm.
\ \ hen the vessel iiirlved atShanghal thiicmw
demanded their wiu-'o-s nnd dlscmrtre. ) Cnpt
Andiows icfuscd , nnd be nnd hm ofllccro
were shoitly liinnmoned bnl'oie the HiltlhU
consul to nn.wer to chiirgos of cruelly treat
ing the men , of malting no ell or I , lo save the
Irownlng sailor , and of liclng iiistriiinrnUti
In ( ho denth of halters. After a full hearing
he captain and hl ollici-rs WPIO cxoneratini ,
'ind the crew Imiulsoncd , Dining the vfty
ijfu homo tlm rook , Chailos Smith , of Haiti-
mure , ( tledofdiopsy.
CiTVoi'Mnxn'o , via Ciulvuaton , Oct. 2-J
Much excitement la toll In political circles
ivcr the recent vote In the lower . , pro
lUM-d by the liberal deputies In opposition ( o
.ho government , requesting the t'ovenimont
o render mi account of the lucent snlox ofi
nllounl lamls. The minister of jinblhjvorkn
uescnted a written Klntemi.-nt ot I he contract ;
undo and Immcdl-alcly Iho prcblclentof the
muse declared an adjournment. Tlmpno -
sltlon deputies objected. Tiusday the poflcij
win obliged to clear the gnllarlcs of evc
of the opposition ,
CI'lio Woatlier.
WASIIISOTOV , Oct. { ; i. Upper
sisHlipl | valley : Slightly wanner , fair
w em her , llLjIu varinblu winds , lilnitiiii ; to
Miiilherly In noithc-ni purtlon ,
Missouri valley : Slightly warmer , fair
weather , winds blilftlnt , ' to bouthe.rlj , lower
A llrokcn ituukct Rliop.
Nnw YOIIK , Oct. - - ' . Tim .Imp ol
' . I'rlednmn , siiApondcd , owing : n , < > 0i ) , Tliu
idviiocu In oili and stuck * If Uealg'i-xi M the