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Tlio Investigating Oommittco Make Their
Bcport to the Oity Council *
TTio Question of I'ree Kfliocil HooltH
The nniul HmiujHst 7ntlKOH nntt
' OlcrkHoP Klcutloii Appoint
ed Oilier NIMVH.
The Oily Council.
Tim regular meeting of Ilio citj-coun
cil w us huld lost evening at the council
cliiiuibor. Present , Miwr.s. Uehm , Bui-
ley , Dafloy , Font , Finny , Goodrioh , Leo ,
Thriino mid Schroodor. President Bcehol
being absent from the city , the council
wus called to order by Clerk Soutliiird ,
nnd Alilnrmnii Uulloy was elected presi
dent pro ton.
From the mayor , approving the ordi
nance submitting to tin ; electors Ilii'
proposition to issue bonds of the city to
the amount of ! )0,000 for paving ; itKo
approving curtain other ordinances
passed nt tin * lust meeting.
Front tlie nniyor , Mutiny Unit ho had
approved the contract with Edward
Wulsli for building No. I engine house ,
but had since learned that no Ihni'is
specified in llio contraet , which is a great
oversight. ' 1'hu eoiuiuuuieation was re
ferred to tlie city attorney.
From tlie mayor , appointing R. W.
Curtin register for tlie I'liird ward , in
place of William ( iluddish , who failed to
qualify. Conllrmcd.
From the major , appointing Albert
Bohall : i member of the board of public
works for thouucNpirod term , vice Clark
Woodman , resigned. Heferred.
From the mi'yor ' , appointing M. W.
Kcnnard , O. I * . Davis and A. 1 ? . Souor to
asKONrt damages by the opening of Seven
teenth street. C'onlirnied.
From the mayor , appointing J. K. Iti-
loy , John T. 1'aulscn ami tioorgo AmeH ,
to assess damages by tlie change of
grade of certain streets. Omlirmcd.
From the mayor , appointing IVU'r
TurkclMm and I * . M. Lee , drivers of pa
trol wngou. Referred to the committee
on police.
From the board of public works , stat
ing that , there was duo .lames Fox , for
paving , ! ? ! ! 74.W ) . Referred.
From the city engineer , reporting that
Peter llcndricks-cn had graded the
amount elated in hm'bill , but did so with
out any contract with the city. Referred.
From the auditor , reporting tlie bill for
now material ordered t'or the lire depart
ment by the chief engineer , but not ap
proving it , us it was not ordered from his
ollico , Referred.
From Die auditor , reporting tlie bill of
appraisers , for three days' services ,
without his approval , as he did not know
how much time was taken in the work.
From the marshal , reporting the pres
ent condition and standing ol wholesale
liquor dealers , and alsi ) the Hitmen of
those who run two establishments on one
license. Referred.
From the gas inspector , reporting that
the Hi reel lamps could not ho lettered
witli the mimes of streets for the nnco
named ( ! tt cent ) , per lamp ) , and estimat
ing the cost at 4f > eens. A motion was
made that he lie allowed cents , which
was lost. Ih ; communication was then
referred. .
From the gas'inspect of , reporting that
the gas comptuiy had complied with
their contract , i mid recommending that
they bo paid thu 71111011111 duo them. Re
From the gas Inspector , asking a leave
of absence for one week Granted.
From the gas inspector , reporting the
number of lamps repaired ami their pres
ent condition. Reform ! .
From the gas inspector , reporting a
marked improvement in the quality of
gas furnished. Filed.
From the city attorney , asking that § 25
a month he allowed him for expense for
typewriting. Grunted.
From the city attorney , recommending
that thu reduction in taxes asked by the
insurance companies bo not'allowed. .
From George P. Beini.s , asking that
the grades in streets in'"Credit Foneier"
and "Grand View" additions be estab- '
lished. Referred.
From the Omaha railway accept
ing the terms and conditions of'tlte right
of way ordinance passed some time
ago. 1'ilcil.
From T. 0. Brunncr , filing his boiul of
' $10OJO as a member of thu board of pub
lic works. Approved.
From cili/cns , petitioning the council
to appoint a garbage man. in order that
nil accumulating rubbish may bo re
moved for the sanitary good ot the city.
From jjroperly owners in Marsh's addi
tion , asking that thegiadu.s of the streets
bo established. Granted.
From thirty-two liquor dealers , peti
tioning that they be' ' allowed to keep
open their places of business from 1J
o'clock , midnight , , until 4 a. in. , for uc-
cdmmodation of their customers , under
nny restriction that tlie mayor and mar
shal may subject as to keeping peaceable
and quiet houses. A motion was made
to lay the communication on thu table ,
and lost. A motion to refer to commit
tee on police was warmly discussed ,
Mr , Furay declared that the council
had in ) authority to consider the petition ,
as it asked a privilege which was con
trary to law. Neither the marshal , the. '
mayor , nor any other city official had the
right to override tlio law. When the sa
loons were allowed to keep open on Sun
day by a tacit understanding , tlio law
was violated as much as when they kept
open after midnight.
Air. Uclnn replied to Mr. Furav in a
warm speech , saying that he considered
ho had as much right to drink beer on
Sunday as any other day. It was part of
his/religion , and mi ono had a right to
restrain his liberty in that direction.
Mr. Ford , whoso nunio was attached to
the petition , said tiiat he thought thu
police oflicors were too strict in making
the saloons close promptly on time. The
motion to refer finally prevaile'd.
Bids were ope.tied for furnishing liny
And coal for the use of the. lire depart
ment , ami were referred to the auditor.
From iStuhtifc llamel , presenting a bill
of SJ-J77.80 for grading. Referred.
nisoiuTloN3. :
. Iy $ Leo That I ho committee on police
tin'instructed to employ two men to take
oliargu of the patrol wagon until the
dr'iyor/i arc appointed anil confirmed.
Adopted , ,
Jly ( Joodrich That the vote ami action
of tiiH ) council , at its meeting on the eve
ning pi September ! it , in adopting and
approving so much of thu report of thu
committee on lire and water works as
I'tioofiimends ' the allowance of thu claim
of thu city water works company for tint
sujh' of $7i.JLJi ! : , bo and is hereby ro-
toliulcd Adopted.
By Bebm That the Union Pacific rail
road company and the Burlington it Mis
souri railroad coin puny * bo instructed to
PlumTwentieth , street nndur their tracks
south < | f Popplcton avenue , to open t > aid
f-jrcet to its full width and togradoto thu
full wjtltli of their right of way , such
\jrork to commence within ten days and
Im , completed as soon as possible ,
Jiy. Uolim-That llio auditor bo in-
Stdieted to buy 1,000 feet of Anchor hose.
telly.tjehroodor That the board .qf pub-
1W works bo InstiHieJed Mo .sen that thu
contractor for piK1il Sduth Thirteenth
. dots not tear in * more of Ihc Flrcrt ,
nt ono time than is absolutely necessary ,
and to keep the Mrcet open for travoj.
, By Bailey That It Hhnll bo the duty of
ponce ollieers to sirr"3 * rmy jvritm for
dritiug over street eroding aprons with
any heavy vehicle. Adopted.
. By Si'hrocdcr Whereas , the curbing ,
guttering and pat ing of South Thirteenth
street cannot lie accepted as eomplr.tod
unh'M it is HnHicd from the alloy fouth
of l < cavcn worth si root to the oml of the
paving district ; and , whereas , the stonu
niers of the Thirteenth street railroad
bridge arc in such a place as lomnke curb
ing. paving and guttering to full width
of the street impo-"i.ble ; and , whereas ,
property owners threaten to re-
luso paying their paying taxes
unless the street is paved to its lull widtn ;
therefore re olved , that the city attorney
be instructed to commence such notions
against the Union Paoillo railroad at
oneo as will eau e 'the removal of the
stone piers , and iron pidrs to bo substi
tuted in U'ad. Adopted.
By Bailey -That tlie city council , il ns
a board or eijuali/.ation on Wedno-'day
ami Thurn lay. October ' , ' 8 ami : iJ ( , at the
city clerk's oillce , to euali/.o | the pro-
pohed levy of special taxes to cover the
cost of certain paving , ' curbing and gut
tering. Adopted.
By fliranc That tlie board of public ;
works be authorised to have plans and
speeilioatioitM of the Klcventli street via
duct printed for distribulion to those
wishing to bill on the came. Adopted.
Police Recommending that tlio ap
pointment by the mayor of Michael
lenipscy ) as policeman be confirmed.
Special Recommending that the
Union Pacific railroad company be com
pelled to open Fourteenth street , and
that the city attorney lie instructed to
take the nccc's.sary steps to force them to
comply with their contract with thu city.
Viaducts Renorting an agreement on
a plan with the Union Pacitie and Bur
lington < fc Missouri railway companies
for a viaduct at Kloventh street with a
and six-foot side
twenty-foot roadway -
walks' , and recommending that the board
of public works advertise for bids for
such a bridge , and also a thirty-foot
bridge , in order that the oeM of the work
may bo known , in order that contracts
may be entered into by the city with the
railroads and others , all con.raots to bo
referred to the city council. Adopted.
In connection with the report , City En
gineer Ro owater submitted an approx
imate estimate of the eo t of tlie twenty-
foot roadway at $ S1 , 000 , and the thirty-
foot roadway at ) j07,030. !
The investigating committee , appoint
ed at the last meeting of the council , re
ported as follows :
"Vour committee , appointed to inves
tigate tlie matter in which the , water
works bill for $7 , 18 ! ) 23 pa od by the
city council , beg leave to report that
they have carefully investigated thosume
ami found the following facts :
That the bill was houtto the city clerk's
office on the JHd of September ; that , it
was brought to the city council on the
same evening by tlio city clerk or bis as
sistant ; that it was announced to
the council with another bill as
"Bills from tlie water works company"
and referred to the committee on fire and
water works ; that the chairman of that
committee , Mr. Lewder , did not get his
papers from the city clerk's ollice until
the Tuesday following : that the nsM&tant
city clerk told Mr. Leeder that there
were some bills in the ollice that were-re-
ferred to his committee ; that Mr.
Leeder , believing that the bills were
not of much importance , told the
assistant clerk to make out a
favorable report on them and leave them
on his desk that lie might get them when
ho came to the council meeting ; that the
assistant city clerk did make out tlie re
port as requested by Mr. Leeder and left
iton his dusk ; that Mr. Leeder arrived
some time after the council had
called to order , and found the reports
and bills on his desk ; that he care
lessly glanced over them and signed
the report ; that ho took the ( report
to Mr. Goodrich , who was theji busy
witlt some other business , and asked him
to sign it ; that Mr. Goodrich , believing
tliat it was all right , and that the chair
man of the committee had examined the
bills , signed it ; that Mr. Furay signed
the report with the same understanding ;
that tlio item was placed in the appro
priation ordinance by tlio auditor ,
though ho had never audited the bill and
had doubts of its correctness ; that the
auditor failed to notify the council
or any of its members of his
doubts about the bill ; tliut
the members of the council who heard
the ordinance read believed the item was
for water rent ; that Iho mayor signed
the ordinance without examining it very
closely , as there wore a great many people
ple clamoring for their money ; that be
fore the warrant was signed tlie auditor
notified the mayor of the mistake that
was made ; that the mayor then vetoed
the item in the appropriation ordinance ;
that the water works company had no.h-
iiiil whatever to do with the passage
of the bill through the council , except to
send the bill to the city clerk's ollico , as
they have on all previous occasions.
Your committee is of the opinion that
the allowance of the bill was a blunder ,
not a crime ; that the responsibility for'
tlio blunder rests , lir > t , on Mr. * .Loedor.
chairman of the committee on fire and
water works , for his gross negligence in
not geUiug the papers long on ugh be
fore thu council met to thoroughly exam
ine them and make an intelligent
report to the council. Secondly , on" the
auditor who put Hie item in' tlio appro
priation ordinance , though he had doubts
of its correctness , and did not communi
cate his doubts to the council or any
member thereof. Thirdly , on the two
other members of the committee - Furay
and Goodman -who signed the report
withoutcxamiiiing it.
Your committee would recommend
that all the members of the city council
should go to the city clerk's ollico and get
their papers on Friday or Saturday , MJ
that they would have plenty of time to
prepare their reports and confer with
their colleagues before tlio meeting of
the council. On Monday evening tlio
council shall sit as a committee of the
whole and call the roll of committees to
see what business is before ( ho commit
tees. All of which is respectfully sub-
mlttced. M. LBB.
Declaring it unlawful to ( Hi-charge into
the public sewers any liquid or other
\va.--U : created by the mannlactnro of gas
and jirov iding penalties for violations of
the provisions of thu law. Referred.
Providing for the appointment of a
city veterinary Mirijeon , fixing his salary
and defining his duties. Referred.
Establishing the grade of certain
streets. Referred.
TlioQuohllon of Free School Hooks.
Considerable discussion was indulged
in at the clo-m of the meeting of the
board of education Monday evening in re
gard lo'tho question of free books for
the publio schools , Thu , pelit'ou which
was presented to the boiini bMr. . Co-
burn seemed to voice the popular t-enti'
incut in favor of giving thu plan a
thorough trial , and nearly all
of thu members of the board
are in favor of it. The plan is , in fact ,
not entirely a new one in ( his city , as al
ready the board has purchased 700 read
ers. liUU : bati3 ! and iUKIO music IxKiktj ,
.which they have furiii.-ned the pupils for
usii free ot chargo. The plan now is to
enlarge ' upon the start already jntulo ,
ami furnish all Hio books and ma *
tarial used In the public schools
to the pupils without any coH to them.
It. id estimated that tliGcnnnge will ncees-
ftit.'itft the okpimdilurc by the board of
rbout * 7.0f0i i.jt , as the changy will b ?
gradual , tin : expense will not be felt , It
is intended to furnish the pupils with thu
new books as fast as the ones now in use
become worn and out of date.
The proposed plan has been success
fully tried in New York , Philadelphia
and other cities in the ea-t and is work
ing like a charm. Cleveland is the only
place whom an etlbrt has boon made to
establish it which has proved unsuccess
ful There an injunction was secured
restraining tho- board from purchasing
the bonds , and It has never been dis
solved. No such trouble , hoxvuvur , is
anticipated here in case the plan is
adopted. In order to make sure of thu
matter , some of the members of the
board will take legal advice In regard to
the matter to see whether such a move
could be made
A number of questions worn raided by
members of the board in regard to
adopting the plan. Mr. Gibbon ex-
pnwed the belief that , if adopted , it
would have a socialistic U'ndeitey.givln ! ;
the M'holara the idea that if they could
luuo their Hunool books furnished free.
all other property could bo fiirnisned
them in common. Another question will
be whether the pupils will lake as
good care of books furnished by the
board as they would of their own
properly. The.-o questions , together
with numerous others arising , will be
fully discussed at a meeting of the. com
mittee who have the matter in charge
nest Monday evening. All who are in
terested in tlio matter are invited to at
tend the meeting and express their views
on tlio matter.
The Tead Humorist.
Mrs. W. II. Shaw and Mr. William II.
Duff , tlio wife and # on-in-law of W. II.
Shaw ( "Josh Billings" ) , came in on the
morning Union Pacific train from the
west , accompanying the remains of
the great humorist , which are being
taken east for burial.
The hotly was enclosed in a metallic
eal-kct this being surrounded bo a burial
box- . This latter had boon broken in tlio
journey from Monterey , California , and
Mr. Duff determined to have a now ono
to enclose the metallic casket. Accord
ingly the remain ! ; were taken to the
undertaking rooms of Drexel & Maul ,
where the casket was carefully en
closed iu a now and strong wooden box' .
Before the lid was nailed down the me
tallic casket was opened , and the re
mains of thu great deceased worq viewed
for the first time since the departure
from California. The face and body \vuro
in a remarKublo state ol preservation ,
though a thin coat of magnesia placed
over the countenance , gave it ghastly ap
pearance. The eyes were but bligbtly
sunken , and the. expression of the mouth
was natural and peaceful. The face was
covered with a heavy , though not long ,
growth of beard.
The body was taken east on this C.
B. & Q. , and will bo interred in Lanes-
borough , Mass.
"Tho account of Mr. Shaw's death as
reported in the telegraph was substan
tially correct , " said Mr. Dun" , the son-in-
law , to u , reporter for the BIE. : "lie had
been ailing for about a year , though the
nature of bis complaint could not oe de-
lined. Some weeks ago we thought that
a we = torn trip would bo benelicial to his
health , and accordingly he started for
California , accompanied by Mrs. Shaw
and myself. For a few weeks previous
to his death his health had been excep
tionally good , and we all believed , that
the California air would soon restore his
system to its normal state. On last Thurs
day morning be was sitting on the front
porch of the hotel in Monterey , when
muttering a few inarticulate words , ho
fell over and expired almost Instantly.
i'he complaint was undoubtedly apop
lexy. No , he bad never had an attack of
this disease before , nor anything re
sembling an attack , though occasionally
years ago be would sutler from vertigo.
lie was a large , corpulent man , and took
but little cxcrciie , and his habits of life
wore ouch that an attack of apoplexy
would be very natural. But up to within
pay a year , his health was remarkably
; ood.
"Yes , " continued Mr. Duff , in answer
: o further inquiry , "Mr. Shaw was in the
labit of writing for the press up to the
imo of his death. It was little or no
labor for him to compoj-e--most of his
work was done spontaneously , without
any apparent ell'ort. Whenever an idea
would htriko him ho would note it down
ind work it up at his leisure. lie was
.udefatigablu in his labors , and jiibt he-
lore his death was planning for a lecture
which he was to deliver for tlie benefit of
i local society. lie was generoun and
gentle in his disposition , honored and beloved -
loved by all who knew him. "
and Clerics < > r Kleetion.
The county Commissioners yesterday
completed the selection of judges and
clerks of election for the polling places
throughout the county. The following
are the appointments :
First Ward-Judges , O. P.Noli-on , S.J.
Broderiek , II. P. llciifcen ; clerks , Alfred
Viney , Daves Cogan.
Second Ward , First District - . ] iidgcs ,
lerry Mahoney , M. Friihauk , Martin
Svacinu ; clerks , James Donnelly , Jacob
Frank. Second District Judge * , Will
iam Ilounessy , Charles Beiudorir. Charles
Childfelerktj ; , John II , Dailey , William
Third Ward Judges , Charles Mentor ,
W. II. Clark , William Tompkinsj clerks ,
Roland Curt in , William Moran.
Fourth Ward , First District -Judges
William J. Mount , Andrew Borden - ;
clerks , George 1C. Lake , Harry I ) . Reed :
Second District Jmlgesi , James G. Car
penter , ( icorgo Hume. Daniel Ivonnis-
un ; clerks , Ailliam F. Manning - .
Fifth Ward , First District/ Judges ,
Riehurd flair , Tim Ke.lley , Michael Fitz
gerald ; clerks , William McQuinney ,
John Lucas. Second District- Judges ,
John Krok , Thomas Callun , William J.
Whitehoupc ; clerks , John Krlling , Frank
Sixth \rard , First District Judges ,
Bernard Saehso , Benjamin Hall , John
Cone ; olerks. Charles Wilkins , Nate HI-
Hot. Second Dlhtriet Judges , Andrew
Kerr , Collins Jordan , Fred Mans ; clerks ,
John Miller , Adolph Brown.
Waterloo Judges , J. R. Watts , George
Johnson , L. W. JJeuton ; clerks , L.S. Ste
vens. G. A. Kapp.
Miilard Judges , Christian Kiiollwr ,
Harvey Link , .John Lanipkc ; clerks , Max
Randall , Harvey Link , Jr.
Klkhorn Judges , William Turner ,
John Lut/ , James Appleby ; clerks , 1 ,
Mooie , George Dro.xell.
McArdlo Judges. James McGurvey ,
Charie.s A very. Bernard Thompson ;
clurks , Elijah Allen , Fred Robiuwm.
Wo t Omaha Judges , D. C. Sulphcn ,
Charles J. Bryan , II. Morton ; clerks , C.
It. Sutphcn , C. D. Dmiloy.
Union Judges , Albert Knight , Paul
clerks , J , D. Ru tin , Fred Lcssenlimt.
Douglas. First District Judges , Fred
Sohnefl , Thomas Beard , P. J. ( i-ialcy ;
dorks. Dun O'Coiinoll , Nathan'Booth.
Second district Judges. John Sauer. Kd
OrtKsldy , B. Gutter- , clerks , A. W , Grlllin ,
l d Corrigaii.
'I'llO Halicaa Ciirpus Cat.c.
The , cute of Robert Poland , whoso at
torneys ure trying to have him released
on writ of hfibca3 corpus , is still unset
Yesterday morning JiJd ; f Slcnborg
came into the county courtr anil testi
list ! an to the facts -in the case
Poland also testified hi ? hi * own be
half. It seems that stVmc time ago
he was arrested as a snsuiOious char
aeter , and sentenced by JfiUjcvi Stcnhorg
to a Urm ot sixty 'days in the
county jail. Sentence'was sus
pended , however , on condition that
Polnntl leave town at onetf. He did so
but. returned , and was captured and sent
up to the county jail la Servo out the
suspended sentence.
Judge Hawes made thti point that a
police judge diet not posluss the powarof
suspending sentence anv moro than lie
did that of pardoning , lie had no right ,
as Judge Hawes thought , to bullish a
man from the city. District Attorney
Hstcllc replied wltli the argument thai ,
admitting this point , that Judge Sten-
berg's action was not lawful tlio com
mitment of Poland had been made out
and ho should have been taken to thu
county jail a.s soon as he could bo found.
Judge McCullouh has taken the casi
under advisement , and will render his
decision shortly.
A Hold Itnbhcry.
One of the boldest robberies reported
for many a day occurred Monday nightor
rather Tuesday morning , on South Seven
teenth street , near Maroy.
Mr. ami occupy a , house
at the place indicated. Tuesday morning
about two o'clock Mrs. MelCen/.ie awoke
to find , as she thought , that some one
was in the room. She was about to
scream and jump out of the bed , when
a man suddenly sprang up from the side
of her eouoh ami placed a , sponge satu
rated witli some drug probably chloro
form over her face. She saw it waa
useless to struggle , and made no outcry.
It was not long before she sank into un
The servant girl who arose about 0
o'clock discovered tlio situation of affairs
and summoned medical assistance. Mrs.
McKcn/.ie was .still in a state of uncon
sciousness but was soon restored. It was
al o discovered that Mr. M. had Iveen
dosed with chloroform , probably before
Mrs. Fortunately neither of
the couple were seriously affected , al
though the oousenuonees might easily
have been moro dangerous than they
It was discovered that the burglars ,
whoever they w. 'e , had made a prctlv
extensive raid , having carried elf about
$ ? worth of money and valuables.
There is no clue. Mrs , MoKonzio is un
able to identify the man who chloro
formed her.
AVili Sue the K : llroul.
In June hist 1) . O. McCabe , living in
Grand Rapids , Mich. , started for Pueblo ,
Col. , taking with him his-rfife , who was
then in failing health. It was hoped
that the climate of Colorado Would have
a beneficial clfcet upon Her system , but
instead of improving she sank slowly ,
and died a few days aso. ; Mr. MeCabo
made all arrangements for" the burial , to
occur in Grand Rapids on Thursday , and
started for home on Mon'day w th
the body of his wife. He bought
a ticket from tho' Denver &
llio Grande railroad _ to1 Ohieago via
Omaha , over the Burlington. He was
told that the train would arrive in.Oma
ha in time to connect with tlio Rock Is
land train for Chicago ; wliicli would al
low him to reach Grand * RApids early
Thursday 'nlorning. AVlicnohc arrived
here last night ho found th''it tie had been
"taken in" that the B. & M. did not
connect with the Rock Island by four or
live hours. Tims he will lose
a half day or more , and will
not arrive in Grand Rapids in time for
thi ) funeral as announced. He is very
much incensed at tlio deception prac
ticed UDon him , and informed a reporter
for the BEI : last night that lie intended to
test in the local courts the uucslion as to
whether a railroad can sell him _ a ticket
under falsei pretense * . He claims that
the delay will entail upon him a material
joss , pecuniary and otherwise.
In I lie District Court.
Proceedings were commenced yester
day by S. A. Orchard against John Wai-
liohs for the foreclosure of a mortgage ,
amounting to $1,000.
A transcript of appeal from the county
court was filed yesterday in the matter
of the award ot damages allowed by the
commissioners on the property con
demned by the C. , St. P. , M. & O. rail
road company for their right of way.
Robert S. La coy commenced suit yes
terday against Charles McCormiek , as
administrator of the estate of the late
John McCormick , petitioning for the ap-
pointmcntof a guardian for the children
of the deceased.
The injunction proceeding of Trossin
vs. Berthold was argued before Judge
Wakeloy yesterday. Decision was re
served until to-day.
The following is tlio call for to-day be
fore .Judge Wakeley :
Pomeroy vs. A M. K. church.
Simcral vs. Howell.
llamann vs. B. & M. railroad.
Harmon vs. Omaha.
Harmon vs. Omaha.
Kimball , et al. vs. Oninlia.
Taylor vs. Ilousor.
Taylor vs. Ward.
Taylor vs. Genius.
Ames , et. al. , vs. Bowman , et. al.
Judge Neville's call is tlie same as yes
nilltary .Mutters.
The United States military camps at
Hock Springs and Kvsinstoii , Wyoming ,
Imvo been christened by order of Gen
eral Howard , The former will bo known
as "Camp Pilot Butte , " and the latter a.s
"Camp Medicine Butte. "
Incompliance with tlie letter of in-
fctructions from the secretary of war ,
General Howard has apixJintiiu Capt.iins
Bisbee and Cu.sack and Second Lieuten
ant Browne a board to examine into and
report upon the qualifiajuums of suoh
enlisted men for uppointnioiil for post
quartermaster Msrgcunta' aa shall bo
brought before it. Thoobonrd will bo
guided in its examinations' by the rules
Kit forth front the headquarters of the
army , and will arrange 4he camlidati s
examined in the order tat merit deter
mined by their oxuminationn The board
is to meet at Fort Ninhraiu nt the call of
the president thereof. Gemijral Howard
has ordered Sergeants Jameij Ferguson ,
Company F , aim Williara Meyer , Com
pany 11Kb infantry. toTrciort ) to the
president of the board for examination
for appointment as post-'qimrtermastor
, Ten Dollars for ; i Spouso.
Dr. Swetmnn , of tlio Central hospital ,
has received the following letter trom a
Council Bliills individual who , it would
seem , is extremely anxious to got mar
ried , "Sir : Probably you have hail and
will luivo in your hospital , ladies who
would bo glad to got married ifasuitnblu
peison olforod. Many ladies of good
standing meet with misfortunes and am
compelled to cither part with their good
name or their child , and if they could
marry a good man limy would bo glad to
do M > ' 1 am Hi ) years old , was never mari -
i led , luivu good health and am of fair
appearance , 1 have no intomperntt }
Intuits and can give good testimonials as
to "Odd character.
Four venrn ago , I was worth seven or
eight tlioiitan'l ' dollurs , but through
financial rovorsoa , I ftm not now worll
over $ tX)0 ( ) , and thatls not available , so I
can't use it. If you Imvo now or think
of any former patrons of your hospltn
who you think would like to marry
please let me know by mail. Plo.i : o ah
swer as soon as you get this. If yoi
wish to talk with mo about the business
I will come over if you desire it. "
The writer does not sign his name , but
gives an alphabetic postolliee address.
Hallway Notes.
The second of the Union P.ielfic autumn
excursions f > Cilifornia will leave
Omaha and Council Blutls at 11 o'clock
a. m , Wednesday , November W. Round
trip tickets will bo sold at $10,1 each ,
good for six months ; children live years
old and under twelve , half fare. Pull
man fare for double berths , $10.53 extra.
Faro to Salt Lake and return , $ J.03 extra.
The entire party must travel together
going , but can stop over in a boJy at
any point. Individuals may return at
their pleasure , after thirty days.btoppin
oll'at will. Low round trip rates are
also made from custcrn cities. The
route will be : Omaha ti > D.mvcr , via
Union Pacific ; Deliver to Ogde.u , via
same line ; Q dcn to Los Augjles , via
Southern Pacific. P.issongM's going
west from Omaha may return to Kansas
City without extra cost.
The B. & M. is advertising in the east
the advantages of its new Oborliu branch
in Kansas. The line creates iu Om ilia
tlto center of u now tralHc as heretofore
all immigration to northwestern Kansas
and much to southwestern Nebraska has
gone through Kansas City and Atehison.
Mr. 'I' , M. Orr and wife have- returned
from their tour oast. Mr. Orr is wel
comed with pleasure back to bis old place
in tlio Union P.ieilio general manager's
ollico. Mr.Chisolm , who substituted Mr.
Orr for the past two weeks , has returned
to Denver.
Win. F. McMillan , assistant general
freight agent of the Union Pacific , ac
companied by J. S. Tebbets , general
agent at Salt Lake City , and Mr , Mur-
dock , the recently appointed traveling
freigjit agent , h.i.s gone out on a tour of
the line.
Mi1. Win. F. ( iriflitts. assistant general
freight agent of the Union Pacilic , lias
returned from a trip west. .
Thirteen Mormons went to work Mon
day at Rook Springs , and encouraged
by this start , twenty moro followed this
morning. The output from thcsu mines
is eteadily increasing.
United States Court.
Regular term of court convenes No
vember Dili.
The adjourned session of the present
unlinMicd term is called for October
Siiith. The equity docket has been cleared
oil' and u few matters of lesser import
ance demand a day or two of attention.
Judge Dimdy remarked yesterday
that he had heard his name culpably as
sociated with the Zimmerman release
fraud. The judge met Burr while out
hunting ami ( lie lawyer remarked that ho
would secure Zimmerman's release on
bond. The juilgo merely laughed at the
idea and paid no further heed ,
not dreaming of asking the
intended method of prooeedure.
Ho was as much surprised and disgusted
at tiie result as any one. "I never saw
Savillesaid the .judge , referring to the
Kearney commissioner who distinguished
himself by admitting the murderer to
bail , " 1 will look up my papers and see
who it w.ts reconnuondco his appoint
ment. " Already filing has boon made to
determine the grounds upon which thu
luckless commissioner can lay claim to
further ollicial tenure , and it is more
than probable that his neck will feel the
'fho Zimmerman case is also a stum ] )
in the U. S. constabulary department.
Marshal Bierbower lias never been au-
thori/ed to incur the expenses of a search
and unless the Kearney authorities are
doing Boniuthing the murderer is seotli
free , with no one interested iu his cap
ture. - _
The A. O. U. AV.
A lodge of the A. O. U. W. was organ-
i/ed in Central City Thursday night 1)3'
L' . P , Ellis , gr.iud lecturer for Missouri
mil Nebraska , wth a list of charter
members dr.twn from among our best
citizens. The ollicers for tha pivsviit
term are Hon. John B. Skinner , P. W.
M. ; W. M. Pcebler , M. W. ; Dr. W. J.
Itaynor , Foreman and medical examiner ;
N. W. Slater , O. ; W. J. Wilbur , Record
er ; A. K. Lindloy , Financier ; T , C. Mor
gan , Receiver ; II. B. Lowe , G. ; John
Stalblrd , I. W. : Jo'm ' Doyle , O. W. ;
Trustees Jan. W. Rces , J E. Wrougli-
ton andT. A. Lowe.
'flic lodge meets on Monday night of
ouch week and invites visiting brethren
from Chester , Guide Rock , KJ ar and
An excellent prospect now exists for
llio early establishment of the grand
Iodide of'Nobraska into a separate state
jurisdiction. Persons resident of a town
where no lodge of the A. O. U. W. exists ,
ami desiring that one bo organized , will
iddress P. P. Kllis , grand lecturer , care
jf A. I ) . Guide , Lincoln , Neb.
It is announced that Dean Millspaiigh
tad tendered his resignation aslho rector
of the Trinity Outhudral congregation.
J'he resignation was turned over nearly a
week ago , and is now in the hands of
Judge Wakeloy ,
The condition of all'airs which led to
this , it is difficult to outline. For two
vcurs there has been a growing fe'jlinif of
lissatistaetlim with the dean , but this
: cclingdid not make itself painfully min- :
fest until after the death of Bishop
JlnrkhOii. Many of the members liavo
jeen complaining that the dean's ser
mons were not of the highest order of ex
cellence , and that , in snort , ho was not
qualified to act as the leader of so im-
lortant a congregation as that of Trinity
The resignation hah not yet been acted
ipou , though it is expected that it will bo
shortly. No announcement has been
undo 'as to the deacon's probable mieeos-
sion. _
AltttKc ofBtreot Car HorscM.
The abuse of horses which formerly
existed on tlio SI. Mary's avenue car line
HIS boon noticed by others besides our
own eiti/.f ns. T.n following from Mr.
Berg , of Now York City , was received by
the i-eerclary of Iho Nebr.idka Ilumuno
society :
DBAU Sin : " 1 have IH'CH Informed by a
L'cittlciiiiin who visited Oiimha dining July
mil August Inst , tliitt a ( treat deal of uiinwe.s-
sarveniL'lty Is Intllcteil uiwMi the horses unit
miles employed Iu dnujKiii' , ' street ears In
hut city. The aidnriK he. stated , were over
worked until exhausted , ami en uniner-
ifiilly. Will jou kindly inform us If Mich lb
lie case. "
Tim Khot-duii J'olluy ,
The beautiful } suburh of Highland ,
vhieh skirts the western lim its of the
city , was Monday the scone of a very
lisordurly rumpus which gives the dis-
riet court another criminal job. Some
grading is In progress there and John
toosink , < mis of tliu gnulurs , had occa-
ion to chop down a treoWm. . Worton ,
& resident. . In thd locality , ulaitnud the
tree aa Ms. firc-porty' and warned the
woodman .not to toned a single bough ,
Nothing daunted , llooslnk , with the aid
of several other men , wont at the tfco.
Wild wltii rage , Weston rushed on" and
in a moment came back on a gallop with
n double-barrel shot-gun presented for
action. "Clear out , cverv ono of you , "
he commanded , and the graders forth
with took to their heels. Weston was ar
rested , arraigned before Judge Andres
and bound over to the district court.
The question of garbage removal is
one that ha.s been a source of lunch annoyance -
noyanco iu Omaha. When the council ,
more than a year ago , pass-cd the "Gar-
bngo ordinance , " there was no person in
llio city who understood the business or
Ihevaluoof Iho services required. Mr.
Peterson took the contraet at prices that
experience proved to be entirely inade
quate. But he performed the work to
tlie best of his ability and to ( ho satis
faction of all reasonable people. There some who expected him
to remove liquids , brickbats , mortar ,
etc. , but those things were not
included in the contract , which expired
on September 1. Since then no provi
sion has been made by the city to pay for
thu removal of garbage. The police in
sist on cleanliness and many people
think that they can have their kitchen
refuse taken away as heretofore without
cxneii-e , to themselves. Mr. Peterson is
still operating a few carts and is pre
pared to work for those who are willing
to pay , but the people mut understand
that until .such time a.s the council sies
lit to make other arrangements that they
must nay for the removal of garbage
from tlieir promises. A card addressed
to John Peterson , Twenty-seventh and
Dodge , or orders left with the city mar
shal , will bo promptly attended to.
Collar Itn ; ltls A'lsltors.
A party of prominent citi/eiis of Cedar
Rapids , Iowa , are in the city for Iho pur
pose of examining the s.inilary sewe
system and pavements , which they
are thinking of introducing in
Cedar Rapids. The party is coin-
composed of John SuouflVr , J. M. Olm-
stend , C. I ) . Van Vci-htmi , 1C. J. Footer ,
couueilmen ; P. Mullaly , president of the
board of trade ; Johnson Brigham ,
ot the Cedar Rapids Republican ;
F. W. Falks , of the Cedar Rapids Gu-
Kollo ; C. E. Culdor , J. S. Ely , C. G.
Green , and 1C. A. Higby. They were
shown about the city yesterday by C.
1C. Squires , and anions the places of
interest which they visited wasthoRn :
ollico. They return this afternoon to Ce
dar Rapids. Mr. Brigham , of tlio Repub
lican , who accompanies the party , is a
son of Mrs. P. C. Stone , of tins city.
Chocked on the HUip.
S. J. Bean , a theatrical agent from
Cleveland , is iu a predicament. He has
been boarding at the Miilard hotel for
iho pa.-t few days , running up a score of
$10.00. His conduct yesterday excit
ed Manager Shears' suspicion , and he
.swore out a complaint against the lodger.
Ollieer Turn bull took the paper and
served it on the gentleman Justus he was
moving out on the noon-dny dummy
tram for Council Bluffs. Mr Bean wu *
jailed and found to bo able to cash in but
l'J.0.1. lie finally suceeded in raising
Lhe necessary amount and Was released.
Jolly Vol.
Sheriff Josophi Young , of Green River ,
W. T. , passed through the city yesterday
with Robert Carragud in , three years for
jurglary , and Charles Smith , colored ,
live years for burglary. They will enter
iieiial servitude at thu Joliet prison ,
where territorial convicts are now im
prisoned. It was formerly thu custom to
'end Wyoming convicts to the Nebraska
| KMiUeu'tiury , but since the Illinois prison
tas become self-supportive and charges
nothing for hoarding convicts , tlie felons
from the territories nave been shipped
_ _
AVlni He Is.
Albert Schall , who has been nominated
> y Mayor Boyd as a member of the board
of public works , seemed to boa stranger
o all the members of the city council.
Some of the aldermen asserted that they
'viiow ' him and moved that the uppoint-
nent bo confirmed. But after Mr.
Sehroeder had announced who the gen-
leman was , Mayor Boyd contradicted
he member from the second , Mr. Schall
s a stone cutter by trade , and is em-
iloyod as foreman of the yards of Drexel
& Foil ,
Hook Springs.
Gen. Howard received yesterday a tele
gram stating that Col , Anderson left
took Springs Monday night for his post at
Fort Russell , with all the companies ex
cept that of Cap ! . . Rogers. This does
lot break up camp at Rook Springs for
hu latter eomp.iny will remain there for
some time yet.
Hu ( fa lo Hill.
Hon. Wm. E. Cody , better known as
'Buffalo Bill , " arrived in town yesterday
norning from North Plattu , in company
with Mr. Goo. Canjicld. Ho spent the
lay iu tlui city visiting his friends , and
u the evening ho left for St. Louis ,
vhero he expects to remain for several
Del I n < | tie tit Kill OOM U Is.
There are now foursulooii-keopors who
iavo not paid tholr Hccns js , and a coord-
ugly papers' were issued yesterday for thu
HTo'stot August Uhlolf. Paul Senf , 1. S.
Haaeall and Mrs. 11. McCoy.
* .
James Price , a gambler and well-known
iharactcr , was yesterday sontiip for sixty
days in the county jail ,
Then Hohl , hardware merchant and
lurr Right , statioinr , of Springfield , ( ) . ,
ire in tlio city looking up a location.
It was rumored yesterday that Colonel
iVoods , of dime museum fame , had
skipped out. leaving behind him many
creditors. His friends , however , deny
ho truth of the story , and say I hat he has
( joiio lo Creston , Iowa , expecting shortly
o return.
The Nebraska City distillery is making
irepiirationii lo start business again.
fho architects are now at work on plans
'or extensive additions to the jircscnt
mildings with n view of largely incruub
ng the capacity of tlio concern.
Following is the iiiftro-motcorological
'orecast for thu week beginning to-day
mil ending Wednesday , Oct. 'J8th-
tutors unsettled -cold , windy , wintry
woathor--liiie , frosty with fogs in many
sections \ cry inisctUod and .stormy with
wind , snow or rain according to location.
An unsullied , wintry week.
Unity Literary Club will hold its regu-
ar meuling next Friday evening nt I'lii '
y church , corner Cuss and Seventeenth
streets intern ) of Meyer's musio hall , as
previously announced. The programme
ivill cousistof < ssiy ! on Charlemagne ami
St. Benedict , to lie followed by a conver
sation on the Crnsulcri.
( icorgo Butts vf s arrested as a suspi
cious diameter yonterday afternoon by
Olliecr Mostyn and later in tlto day was
sentenced by Judge Stouborg to thirty
lays in the roilnty jail. Butts , it i.s
Hind , stole u suit o ( 'Clothes in thi city
I'rc7 > ar < vl with
No Ainmonlu , l.lmf or Alum.
about a year ago ami jumped the town ,
lie returned yc-terdsy.
Gordon Johnson , a well Known colored
man , appeared before Judge Ste.nVo.rg
yesterday allornoon with blood running
down Ills face from a wuunil in tlio top
of his head , lie said ho bad been slabbed
by James llutehiitson , u notorious
darkey better known us "Chicken Jim. "
He demanded a warrant for the latter ,
which was accordingly is-uicd and the
man was arrested by' Oflleor Cormick
ami lodged in the city jail.
There is now , loatlug ubout the Union
Pacilic depot here , a mult whoso utterly
forlorn condition would cu-ito the pity
of a heart of stone. Hu i.s a Portuguese ,
bound from Boston to San Francisco.
At Chicago some scamp filchtid his
ticket coupon from Omaha wost'vard
and the poor fellow IK stuck here. Ho
can spoilk nothing but his native tongito
and no one of the local public sccnm to
ho educated up to Portuguese. The oust )
deserves relief.
Personal l'arii > rupliq.
C. L. Lucas , of ( . 'mitral City , was in
the city yestei day.
J. A. Ware , superintendent of the
Og.ilbilaLand and Cuttle company , is m
tlie city.
Hss Mary Stangleur , who has been vis
iting friends in the cast , returned homo
hist night.
Dr. ( icrth , of Lincoln , slate veterinar
ian , arrived in the oily hist evening , ai.d
is at the Paxton.
(1 ( W. Spencer. St. Jiimog ; II. O. Bol-
loug , Sohtijlcr ; J. A. FraKicr , SiUor City
J. A. Ware , Ogallala. T. J ) . Taggart are
at the Caulicld
Uco A. Haunafimltraveling oawflongor
: i enl of the New York , West Shore and
Buffalo railroad , \\ilh headquarters in
Chicago , in in the city , greeting Ms num
erous friends iu railroad circles. Ho
left last night for St. Paul.
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Brownell , of Day
ton , Ohio , arc iu the city the gueiits of
Mr. and Mrs. Tcmpleton. Mr. Browucll
is a member of the well known Jinn of
Brownell & Co. , of Dayton , Ohio , who
are extensive manufacturers of engines ,
boilers , etc. , ami is also it member of tlio
firm of Brownell & ( Jo. , of this city.
A lirRnlii : in Corner lint a
Is what men desire , but to keep from fill
ing a grave in a cemetery lot ere half
your days are numbered , always keep a
supply of Dr. Pieree'n " ( Jolden Medical
Discovery" by you. When the first
symptoms of consumption appear , IOHO
no time in putting yourself under the
treatment , of this in valuable medicine. 'It
cures when nothing else will. Possess
ing , as it does , ten tintos the virtuoof Iho
best eod liver oil , it is not only the
cheapest but far the plcasautost to take. ,
It purities and enriches the blood ,
strengthens the system , cures blotches
iiimplcs , eruption * and other humors
By druggists. ,
To California.
On November nth the B. & M. U. R. ,
will start a select excursion party for
California , via Denver and Salt Lake.
Forty-live dollars pays one way , return
when please. Firdt-class .
yon - car.son ex
press trains through to destination. Stirt :
from any station oii'tho B. &JS1.11. It.
For particulars apply to A. C. Zicmor ,
ticket agent , Lincoln , Neb. , or to P. S.
Eustis , general passenger and ticket
agent , Omaha , Neb.
The canvas signs which have been
floating in the of Omaha quite
numc''ously for some lime past , will greet
the eye of the traveler no more alter to
day. Marshal Cummings has instructed
the police force to have them all hi'.ulcH
iu , us their presence in the streets is ecu-
trary to law.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder novrr vnrlm. A marm of iiinl wl-olcMimiiniHs. Moio ix'ononiloa )
Hum tliu niillnury klnclx , uivt cnniint Im < > ! < ) In
imii.KiM | | | ( wlili t ) > o multitude of Mw tCht.Hliort
ucfJii | unit plioKplniiii iinwdurg. SoM only In
miiB. Koyul Jluklnir 1'owdorCo. , 1W Wuil street ,
N * i
OVER 400,000
. .i ! tNIUOTK ) IIY
Royal Havana lottery
Drawn at Havana , Cuba , Every iO ( o 14 Dayt ,
TloketHiu rmbg. Wlinlcv , $3. VVuttloim uro
Hulijoot to no mnnlp > | : iton | , not roiiirolltslt ) }
llio piirilon lit liili Kiitl. It IH HID fall0.11 Uiliifr In
llio MiiUiKi ( il'uhiinio In cxl < > lriio < > .
1'or tlckelH apply in HIIII'SHS' A CO. , 1'1\2 \
llniinlwiiy , N. V. t'liy : MOVrU-U&i ) , ,19Mkiil
livu t , KuiUAi City , .Uo.