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The Foreign T7ar Olond Hovcra Over Other
Piclcla of Action.
England Preparing to Wlpa Out tlic
Iliimnn IJonst The liiilknn Dlfll-
cnlty KhoivH HlRttH of
A "War In Itnrntah.
Nr.w YOIIK , Oct. is. ( .Special lo the UKI : . ]
A Kpeclal London r.tblu says : AVar bu-
tvvnsn Kngland and Himnah Is almost cer
tain anil but few persons eleny the justice
nnd necesslt } for Mich a proceeding on the
partof Great Britain , altliontjh a mlnmltyof
llbcml novvspapers snee'r at lory aptitude
forllltlo wars , Ignoiing theli ownliistory.
Differences of opinion are virtually routined
to tlie epicstlon as to whclhci the deposition
of KltiThecbiwauil | subslell/cd Bticecsslon
with a controlling British resident at Manila-
lay Is preferable to annexation of Iturmth to
India. Tlie Marepds of Ki | > on , ex-vlcero } of
India , thu bulk of the radicals and a fraction
of the- Indian olllcials favor the former plan ,
while Lord Itnndolph Chuichill , lliusecret.iiy
ofRtatufoi India , Karl Dulferln , vlooioy of
-India , and a vast majmltv of the people ot
Knglaud and India heart 1 1 > supjiot I the lat
tei sehemc.
i iniiir IH KO pitivcT A VAir.Ain r.
who Is w ortb a Mihiidv . Mlngolin , w ho is an
cxlluin Pondeehi'r } , has the best he'icditii }
light , but MliiKohn is a nitmwav iMililical
iirlfionur liom llcnaics.Vhllenl lieiiures , in
Iwx ) , lie ( oiispiied with a biothei iirisuner
iiained Chnnar to burn Itaugoon and massa-
rru thu forelL'ii Inhabitants. Kven at this
date Prince Mingiibn c'aniiot bo tinstcd with
the government of llurm ih , owing ( o his re
bellious Inclinations- , which have nuver been
Rtibdufil. The onlv other possible candid , lie
Tor the tbicmi'of lluimah is Piiiuu Xjoiiu-
( rok , who is an Kugllsh pensioner atilciitta. ( .
lie Is a weak , sn icistitloiis , bigote-d dinnk-
aid , who Isiiiinibloot excelling KingTIieebavv
in trni'ltv and \ \ ctInelhn experts believe
that the' lluriii'-se anthmitiius wilt not answci
tlie ultimatum ot the' govi'inmeut ot India ,
and sav It is doubtful it thu minis
ters dare hint of its existence to King Tlicc-
liavv , foi ftMi of llio
aiAcii : wiiitii wotu.n roi.ieW ) nurii DIS-
( i.cistinr.
It is lulicved that King Tiieebtw has really
1icen mad foietrs. . His lo\o foi liciiim and
tlie fei iic-it } cii ins nattiio glow dailj. His
queen , whit Is a stiong-mindoil woman , ou-
eonra.'cs him in thu stand he has taken
against tliu goveinment of India , and she
may puvslhlj be able to ouatti/u a siilllcleiit
ami } tocitfci a lair resistance to this British
expedition But the Biltish olllceis in India
mo conlidcnt that thi ) advance on Man-
dila.v will he a milit.ny iiionieniide. 'llicio
are a lew Outs on Irraw.mdy liver , hut none
fiullh-ionll } mined to olfe r much tesistaiicu to
cunbual- > . Lei , I DiulViiii , howevci , will
leave tuitlilng toe hanc'c' . and the espedllioii
to go Hi * the river will consist of gunboats ,
Bteam launches , tugs , several iMttuuoi ol ma-
rhiniiKinisanil light Held artillei } , and liom
8,003 to lil,0W ( men.
'im i.t I.MI.SI : IIVN 10 noitr.
MAVPAIAV , Oct. 1 Kveiy available
nnucermaithas been .sumiiionid for seivice.
The Bui me-so ministers have decided to stop
tlio British envo } witii the Indian govern
ment's ultlui ituui at the Inmtlei.
LONDON , Oct. 18. The- Times has advices
tint complete ananh } prevails in Bui mah. It
Is exjieotod that the Aeolt tiibos will stciim
afandalav. A vei } hostile feeling Is shown
in Bin mail towaid all loicigiR'rs. A general
massacre Is fcaied.
A War Cloud Disappearing.
Niw Vonic , Oct. 17. [ tjiK-cial to the llce.l
The Herald's Belgi ado special sas : Wihh-
Ing to avoid the Impending war between hcr-
Eclf and .Sc'iviit , Bulg.tiia , hincu Servia troops
entered lid ten itory last night , has offeicd
King Milan mi adjustment of the frontiet
Itlscousideiedecrtalu tliat Se'i via will ac-
ccpt , for nho will thus obtain , without tiring a
fchot , thu object of her deslies. H is believed
that the tow n of Widen will bu yielded to
Ken in. Peace bctvv ecu Bulgaria ami btrvia
will thus he assured , and King Milan will bu
seated tectirel } on hlHthtonc.
A large foic-o of Tuiklsli ttoops hive licen
ordcied to advaiuo toward Nissa. Open hos-
tllltle.s betwc'cn tlio Servians and Tin KB Is
believed to be imminent
LONDON , Oc t. IS. Thu Serv Inns have occu
pied Koslak Pass , which is on the Jerma
liver mid p.ntlylu Tinklsh toirltor } , being
on the ) Dulg.irian-Marcdonlan fiontler.
The Rnllcnu Dinlcultics.
PAHH , Oct. 17. Theiu is a belter feeling
on the bourse tills moiiilng. Thicc pet cent
rentes advanicd % % centimes ovet last
Jtlu'ht'h close on the strength ot thu denial
telegraphed fiom Xlssa that tlio Servian
troops had made any advance.
Ur.m.i.N , Oil. 17. llio Noilh German Ga-
Zctfu .S.IJH It Is glad to .see sigtiH ol unanlmit }
timoiijf the powers for the settlement of the
troubles In the Balkans. Commontiiiir on tliu
Hltiiatlou In the Balkans , ith.ijs : "The hope
thattllplomac } will succeed in poacefull } sct-
0111) ) , ' the Itnumoliaii dilllculty has lueieased
In vlovvot the fact that thu Btdgaiian utilhoi-
Itles nave iiuested tliu le.nlois of several
hands ot .Seivlau emigrants who had been
L'lide'avoring so sllr up a revolt against King
Milan , tliimdejiriving Sen la of apietextfur
recriuiliKition. ' '
OOHK , Oet. 18 , At a Hpccial meeting of thu
Defense union last night lepoits weio sub-
lultteel proving that bo } cutting had been
Bcveiely checked. A branch of the union
will bo established in London to havochaige
of the llnanccs of the otganlration , Thu
union enthusiastic illy losolved to cipup
ijitriinK forces of farrier * to traverse the conn-
tiy fur the purpose of tmoc'ing the lioise's of
boycotted persons ; also In attend cattle sales
nnd liny l > ocottcd cattlu at fair London
They AV'nut Protection.
PKsrii , Oct. IB. Thu international land
owners congress h is adopted resolutions ask
ing Urn central Kuropeaii states to combine in
adopting protective' me asuies against thu Im
portation ol Amciluin and Indian wheat.
Tin : iiMiim ; ) or TIII : rwo ASSOCIATION *
IIAI.I. IM..VMIIS : ciMi'i.iii ) ; rut :
JVOltKI'.VIlI.NT ' 10 UOUIltX Tlinilt ACTION
Is'r.vv Yoiiic , Oct. 17. The confeicuco com-
mltlees of thu national league ami Am u lean
association ( if ba s bill iilayen today
tnnounce'il they had * complete'd thulr
work nntl weio ii'.uly to submit
tliclr icjioits to their respective or-
Biini/atlous. Then the members of thu na
tional league and tlio American association
held scparato meetings , at which the respec
tive comnilttc'csannonnccd the result of their
confeieiiro. It Is rumoied that the new
ngiceiucnt will bu u complete surprise to the
baseball men of thu country. As wasex-
pc'ctc'd , somu i > aits of thu now agieoinent
\vcru seveie'ly rrlllclst'd at the seanito | mcet-
Ingsof Iho two organUatlons. The Cincin
nati , Loulnvltlo and llaltlmotu clubs onposu
the clause relating togi.ule-d halailes. They
Imld that pltrherx and ( ateliers slionld rw-
ct-ivu&l.wto , otitMilo men SLTtX ) , and Inshlo
men Sli , < nti. hliumoiu and Shorslg. of Phlla-
ilohihla. sdd they wanted thu men to get all
they could , vvhllo Calor and Von tier Aha
wor.Un lavornrgndtialtd xilaihs. 'Ihunv
idlon wmki'd all tint atteiitimn ovei thu
omi'id. To-night a document to bo known
lie "Nallonal AKHTIIICIU" was atloplod.
hky thut no
for tlic scrv Ices of any pla } er for a longer pe
riod than ev en months , beginning April 1
and terminating October ! ! ! , and no contract
or negotiations for services to be icndercd
aitor the expiration of a current } ear
Mini I IMS made previous to October
JO of such jear. Thu piescnt regulations
concerning black-listed men are to remain un
altered. Tinnuin'ier of pla } erst hit iu ly bo
engaged bv any eitib ami declared Inellliclblc
to cemtnict with an } othei club Is limited to
twelve. A plaerrelcasctl don contract Is
for ten dav s there if Icr to bo sublect to the re--
jntlnliu clubs in tlie same association before
he Is coniM'tept | to negotiate with a club fiom
ano her association. A club in either tisso-
elation may resign Its niTiibcrfdilp and nny
bo admitted with full rigltt.s and privileges to
tire other association. A boarel of arbllratloii
consisting of threu reprusentitlvew fnnn each
aasoclatlon is established to settle distmle.s bet -
t ' % VV l'llll.s ! mll ( ' " lliJV(1 soi' | . exclusive and
llnaljuiisdietloii of all dlirc'retices arising un
der ami all Intcrpielationa ot thu national
agi cement. _ _
Clone of the ItloyullslH' Meet nt
CiurAoo , Oct. 17. 'i'ochy brought tlio
first annual fall meet ot tliu New Chicago
Blcclo Track association to a close. The
day vv.ts line and tlio attendance good. Tlio
track vvas in good condition , but the slight
brewo that blew acioss It preventeel anyex-
tiaoiiUnary time. NviNon , tlie Boston pio-
fosslonal , piovecl himself well-nighlnvlncible
In capturing eveiy purse lor which ho
started. Tlio tirst event of tlio day was
the tvvenl-mile raeo foi the Columbia
cup. This was won bv Van Sicklcn , who had
a walk-over in one limn , four minutes and
nine and a ciuartei seconds. Next came tlio
two mile professional i-aco , vvhleh pioved to
be the most exciting event of the da } . Wood-
side and Biooks alternated us loaiteis until
the last lap vvas ii'.icbed , when Nellscm ,
.spurting , came to tlie fiont at a ton Ilic pace.
and won b } a wheel , Wooelside being second
anelPiliue thliil. Time. .1:51 : ? . . Intheiivu
mile pioto < sional , Woodsldc. Wilson. Pilnco
and Brooks were the contestants. When the
last half ot the last lap was leached. Nellscm
mid Prime had the held to themselves. The
Bostoiilan won b } a wheel in ll-l : $ ! < i.
The Pi Ison Horortnors. * "
DKTUOIT , Oet. 17. A largo number of
prominent IKJINOHS inte-iostcd In piisou re
form have an Ived in this city and tonight
held thu opening meeting of tlie National
Prison association iu Whittle } 's opeia house.
Kev. rather Cliaile-sO'ltiellc } , of bt. Patrick's
church , In ( Ids city , and tieasmer of the Irish
National league , opened the exetclscs with
majcr. Senatoi L. W , Pilmer , chairmtn of
Ihu evening , spoke brielly of the history of
prison icfoim , the pi esent needs and methods
ot such leloini , and gave some idea ol the
object of the organbalitm. Judge James B.
Campbell of the .Michigan stipiemu banclt ,
dollvere'd the address cit welcome lei the
state ol Miclil .iu. The remainder ot thu
evening was occupied with listening lo an
addie'ss bvex-Pjc'sieli'iit H. B. Have's on the
objects and alms of the National Prison Ke-
foim association.
Di.ruoir , Oct. Ifi. Tlio members of the
National Pi Ison Ki'torm society were privi
leged to he'.u a number of suitable sotmnus
to d.ij. the subject of "Prison Koloim" being
eonsldeied by scveial local ptstots. The
legiilat session will begin to moiiow.
MIMI > IIIS , Oct. IS. Late to-night unknown
pirtles attempted to assassinate ! Itev. N.
Ctmnte , a prominent coloied minister , He
vvas leturning fiom cliuich , and at the coi
ner or Do Soto and Wcltstei streets was meet
upon. Theie weie about twenty of his cou-
giegatiem In tlio eiowel. and the contents
ot tliu shotgun , loaded witli buckshot ,
c'.iu cd coiisidcrablo damage. Two bullets
struck Oouute , one in tlic head and tile other
In the chin. Inflicting painful but not danger
ous wounds , b. L. Connie , btothei ot the
minister , was shot in tlio back and
also ( luotigli the ( bin. His wounds aie
mote dangerous. 1'llen AViight , a colored
woman , leeched a shot in the hip Tills is
the second attempt to kill Coiinte. He thinks
tlie ass isslns are momlM'rs of a colored or
ganisation ol which lie was foimeily a mem
ber , but which he icceutiy lenounccd.
- 9
A Itiot on the Illver.
PlTrsnuuo , Oct. 18. A ctovvd of 20,009
people , among whom were a large number of
loughs , gathered on the wharf t Is afternoon
lo join an exclusion to Davis Island dam
vvlieie Capt. Paul Uoynton vvas advertised to
give an exhibition. Tlio otllcois ot the steam
ers w 01 uovei powered and their boats loaded
to the watei 'sedge. On this account they weie
afraid to make the trip and announced tliat the
exhibition would bo given before tlio wliaif.
This led to a liot , dining which the roughs ,
witli axei and other imiilement-s , almost en
up the excursion b.iigcs LMn.i and Alice , and
compelled the olllceis to jump into the iivei
to.-i\o theii lives , because1 the1would nolj ,
rotund ( lie money taken foi tickets. A laigu
loicc' of policeman was 01 dined to thewhail ,
but older was not icstoicd lor a long time.
The i Ingleadcrs weie aiiested.
Two liirclern In Onu Night.
Pi I rMiuuo , Oet. 18. A Unloiitown special
Fas : Two murdc'iri weiu committed in this
county last night. Two biotheis named T.ts-
ker , while intoxicated , attacked a house occit- ,
pled by IraTate , at llavdeutouu , and tlnovv
a dub at Talc's vvife > . severelv injmlng her.
Tale llit'd at them witli a shot gun and Hal
T.tskei was instantly killed. Talu snrrcn-
tleicel himself to the bheilll tinlay. Tliu
iithei miiieloi also pirtot an attack on a
house' . Kour negtoc'sbioko elovvn tliu door of
the bouse occupied bv Michael B.uillii , on tlio
mitsklusof town , Btiilla leslsted , and was
Hhiil and killed bv one of tliu lU'gioc's named
Uolieit bcott. Thu mtudeucr has not been .11-
i enlcd.
Arresting Hojcottci-H.
Drni.iN. Oct. 17. In puisiiaueeof tltogov-
einment's plan foi si.piesslug boycotting ,
tvvh hundied icspcc table Inhabitants of Stiad-
bailey , County Queens , have hi on aiiested.
Thc > Dublin branch of tliu national league
sent a lawjertodeloud the prisoners , but tlio
magistrate ) betoio whom they wcio ( nought
convicted allot them anil ordoi cd tliomlonnd
. counties toi theii good behavioi. The de
fendants elected lo go to pi Ison rather than
timiish ball. Tito mau'ibtratu hesitated to
commit thorn , and dually gave ; them a fort
night Iu which to coiitildci thu mutter.
Thu Canada Southern Iioatt.
Nr.w YOIIK , Oct. 17 Agents of the Canada
Kouthein rallvv.i ) company sold to IIP } mil-
call ) the the balance of thu eompan'n second
mortgage bonds , about S'-.OOO.O.KI , most ol
which will bu paid lei In cash ut u tuicu ueai
thu tueseiit imuket ( pmtatioiib. Tins will en
able' the compaii } to pav at onto all Its
Ing debts Inclined foi ihuconstnictimi vvoik
tlonu when the load vvas tuken b } thu Mich
igan Central.
HoAVitiitH lo lit ) Hoard ,
Ni'.w YOIIK. Oct. IH. A special to Iho
Tiibunu from banta IV. N. M. , iindci date ot
ve'ste'id.t } NI.VS. Chief Justku Vincent telu-
L'niphs iiom bieira Amiullla , wheiu he has
been holding couit tor two weeks , that ho
will airivu licit ! to-moiiow evening. Tcnlay
Ids filendspiepaieda ) > etitioii to thu ulloi-
nov-genci-iil asking that luither tietion bo
withheld until ho could ho he.ud from ,
A IJIood-Slalm.'d Tmntllord ,
KI'OKUK , la. , Oct. 17. The Constitution's
Lancaster ( Mo. ) bjiecial saja : In an tilteica-
tlon ve\sterdayevenliit , ' Georgti Le'lir btabbed
and klllcdJolin W. IJarnes.atenantof Lehi V.
belf-delc'iisu is claimed. Loin is a piomlnent
cltlzun of tliu county and highly esteemed.
Illn Internal Hont.
( JnicAfio , Oct. lb. Intel-Ocean's GUgB's-
vlllu ( III. ) special : Clmiles II. Pliilbiick ,
private secietaiy of President Lincoln at thu
tlmeof the Iatter' assn-lualliU , ditd at Ids
homo heio > estcida } ol luialvsls of the heart.
Mi. I'hllbi hk's occupation lately \UH tlmtol
iuiovviv"l > i'r writer-
A Collision on the Pennsylvania Oanses
Scrions Loss of Life.
Name * ol' the Killed nnd Wounded
A Similar Oconrtence In New
Itatiipnhlrc Proves Equally
Fatal In Hcaulttf.
A Ilnllrond Wreck lit Jersey.
.Jr.iisiiv Cnv , Oil. IS. On the meadows
fnur miles wast at this city a collision
occurred between two trains this evening
which resulted in tlio itntli of live persons
and the injury of several otliiirs. Tliu Pael.c
express , leaving here ul 8:1" : > o'clock , run into
the western bound emigrant tr In , vvhleh hr.d
stopped at tlio coil shuto on tlio east side of
Haokensauk bridge , Knocking a portion of the
latter across the track of the Lchlgh Vallc }
road. Shortly afterward a Lehlgh Valley
tialn came thiuidrilng along and crashed
into the wreck. Tlie dead \veio all on the
omleraut train , as vvoro also the Injured.
I lie hrakciuan of the lattoi tniln is among
the victims.
Tlie vvioek Is the most frightful one on the
road in j cars. Throe of the dead have hon
brought to Jersey City. They sue iv man and
a \Miin , in , both decapitated and terribly min
gled , and a boj ol ! about ID } ears , who h.itl
both legs cut off. Their names hive not yet
broil Ir.irned. Among the wounded aie
Kvlcu.i * . golo. ; on a visit to hoi
f.ithi'i , at Mudlbon , Wis. : Chiistaiu
( J. Bolstcad , bound foi Minncnpolls ;
Mannus Clinker. golm on a vlsltto an uncle
at Ii I le Juui.ito , Col. ; Lmra Kndc > on
Mct.auarnd , intending to join her husband at
Norwood , la. Ith impossible now to ob
tain a lull list of ih" I n iii red. Hiss till thcie
arc many more tindui the wreck. Tm latest
Inftn mation places tlio number killed at
TIII : iivi : > A\I > worxnri ) .
1 IIP emigrant tialn was just pulling away
f lorn shutos when tl e accident oc-
oiittod. A dense tog prevailed ut the time.
llw bodies of the man , woman and boy
which weic brought hero were taken to
hneefs 111011:110. Tlioy ha\e not jet b-en
identified. The wounded weio bioiight to
Jersey City depot , wlieio all available ambu
lances woie in waiting , nnd wens eoim-jed
tlioneiUoSt. Tramis hosiiital. T.tev wcio
Lulona Aiimes , a. Norwegian , aged "a veais ,
L'oing toMidlson , Wis. , both le.s cut oil and
injmod about tlio head. Shu died ton min
utes altoi aiilval.
MailuuKlingor , Noivvcgian , need 18. en
louto to Li Juniata , C il , whore his uncle re
sides , crushed about the head and shoulder * ,
Cluisliani V. 1'olsted , Norwegian , SO jeais ,
on mute to Minneapolis cnmp-mncl fntctmes
ol botli legs , prob-ibly fatallj unit
htovvaid A. lionets , ineman of Lchigh
v'alley train , aged K9 , in lined , resides hontli
L'.tstou , I'enn. , hkull beliesed to be Iraetmed.
Louis U bet loth , londtttitorot the emlgrmt
train , light arm broken , taken to his icsi-
dence in .New York.
An unknown Norwegian woman and btby ,
Tin ) woman is badlj hint about the head mid
body. The baby has both le 's and one aim
bi oken.
Owen Halle , engineer of the Lehigh train.
lie was taken to The extent ol his
injuries aio not lo.iined.
As fat as learned none of the passengers on
the westein expiess weie seriously injincd.
i.ivcuhi.i < iii mur.ieliiKliii.tlii ni.iubiou'hl
toJetseyCity on a lelief trni * -
scene. At inidiiiglit tlie 1015 was htill prevail
ing on the mo.tdovvs , and it Is 1 eared otheis
willbetound beneath the debris. The lull
extent ot tlio disaster will not be known till
Some of the dead and injured are bring ta
ken to New ai k. Tw o vv omen and a man who
weio killed and thronnl the wounded have
been brought to this citj. The accident oo-
einicd to the we&tein express and the south
ern express.
Piui.Anri.iMiiA , Oct. 18. It Is announced
hcie tliat after the .southern expiess Into
the immigiaitt tialn tills evening near Jot-
soy Cil } , tins Luhigh valley train dashed into
tlie wicck.
Nivv YOIIK , Oct. IH. The Tiibunu of this
niniuing contains the follow 1111 ;
luitieulars of the wreck on tliu I'onnsjlvania
road : Foui e-trs ot tlie Pennsylvania , and a
locomotive and two cars > ot the I.ehidi Yal-
ioy ti-aiu wore wiecked. Htmit A. Hewers ,
Inoman on the Pennsylvania train , is amoii
tlie wounded. MIIIIU ol whom It is be
lieved will die. The accident occmredon
the meadow s In a desolate place not near
any habitation. The train which took out
tlie also a large number of
tallioad men. lietoie its tetiitn , ambulances
fiont the city hospitasl and St Fntnels and
Chi 1st hospitals hiid Inxni .summoneil and
vveic In waiting In the Pennsylvania station
at.Ieisoy City. Kullna Ainieis was taken
to St. Kiancis hostiltals and died immediately
attet leaching Ilieie. The railroad otlicials
weie ictiwnt about tlie accident. It
was stated a nunibei of wounded had been
taken to Nevvatk. The wreck made atoirlblo
hcene , all the ttaeks being litteied. Tiavel
was not Interrupted , as there are lour tracKs
at the point , and tweet them weie blockaded.
' 1 ho latest intormatlon is thai theio weie
eight Killed. Ouen Hall , engineer ol tlie
Leliigh train , had his leg biokcn and vvus
taken to Xewatk.
A Fatal Collision In Now
Co.scoiin , N. II. , Oct. 18. An accident on
the noithcin division of the Itoston it Lowell
nillioad , by which tintiopeihons wcio killed
and live others Injuml , nccnticdthismornlng
between K.tst A ndover nnd West Andovei.
The Chlnago last freight left hero with a
double headei , and when it leached West
Andovei , where it was to bo sldettaoKed lor
the down passenger train , it was discovered
the tialn had biokcn In two. Kii''ineer.Iohn
P. Kim IMHI stalled In seaich ol the
missing mis. The passengei tialn MIOU
came mong and the trainmen wote iiifoimed
ol the mihliap to thu lieiu'ht train. The e\-
ptess btopjicd at Anilovot Cunter to leave
MJiim passengers and pullo < l out again. About
half a mile tnrtlicron aooillslon bclwcttn tlie
jiassengcrand section of the Height tiain w
dined , both going at it high taloof speed.
Thutccoil wasvety hetvy and both engines
weiobully smislicd. The tend'r ot thu ims-
M'ligcr locomotive telescoped the bag
gage car and tliu lattei telescoped
thu mall cat. As soon as possible
tialn men weio sent to the .scene.
liotli engineers and brakemcn after a. long
bcarch , weie loiiud dead In the debt IK. Thu
expioss messenger and baggage muster weio
Impilboned in the wieek , and it as nceosi
sat ) to cut them out. Both thus ! weio In the
baggage ear width took lire ; but the ll.imes
woiee.xllngnlshed. Nonooftho passengcirt
went hint. A wiecklng train and medical
assistance has In en sent.
Chicago Tjlvn Stock.
Cmrio < , Oct. 17 , ISpedal to tlm Iiir. : ]
C.\nj.i : Ito < elpts of cattle tor lo-day 1VM ,
against 1,0(13 ( last 8atmda > , making about -17)00 ( )
foi the week , agaliihtI'J.irJ last week. Tlieie
washuidlja maiket to-daj. In the llrst
place theie was no asMiitment of stock to
call out bnjets , as fiosli iciclpts weio only
l.'jnoto J/iOO , and miisistid mainly of < uldi >
and ends sent hcie fiom St. Louis and Kan
sas Citv to find a market. In the Mtoud
place Swift was about the only bujei that
leally wanted cattle. Aimour , thu Knlrlunkt.
exmijuny , nnd nbout till thu sliipjX'iHveiu
out of the m.tikct and tlio I.lbly company
weit ! only pUklng tip su < h odd lots that they
umld cet ut low prices. Thw most prominent
sale ot thu dny was a tniln of tint lit nton
Land and Cattle ( ompanv's Montana * that
. . .craged l.00. : ! and sold at ? 4.w. : Them \\nn
scitnel > it loadof natives ainmu : the fresh
miivals , and not it load sold during
thu Imeiiouii. In it geneial wa >
tat cattle nm "HI lower limn
a week ago nnd rangeis tioin
iW-IOc lower , Dining the week sonm tlnet ! in
font loads ot extra ptime native Meets , avei-
aging I'-oO to IUX ) have sold at iil.uoc. < il. ' . ' % hut
iMt bulk of good to chokv L/iOto HW
Hi steers were old Iwtwccn S5.00 nnd SVO
and the ordlmtiy run of fht natives at * l.f 9i o
4s0 , , vvitlt common at SiLMpWA" ) . Hangers
hxvo been worked off at from 4M.GW 4.ami
Texans 52WK W..V ) , Stock lattlo have been
sold trout SiOO-tt : and Block calves at
fiom $ i.r.O to SM.W. bhipplui ; steers ,
to rxw ibs. S5.axad.oo ; isw ) to
Ibs , SVOX' .V ; .CO ' to 1'JOO Ibs ,
Stocked and fpcdcro. 5 iWffl.1 ? r > . Cows , ( mils
nnd mlMil , SI.riiW.n. ( IJnlk , Si50n : ) . V.
Tnrotifih ' 1 xns rattle steady ; uv ) to i.av'i IH ,
sn.isjniO" TOO to rte ibssuKKiuo ; o o to
700 IDS. S.70vi7H)0.Vestern ! ) \ ntngors dull
and lO fftioe lower ; natives and half-bieeds ,
71 ; vvlntea'd Tcxans , M.OoOf-4 00.
l7 Moiitanas , im Ibs , SUiO. Tlie
8.11110 kind sold Friday at 3-1.55 , nnd Monday
atS4.1X ) .
lions The iccclpts of hogs for the day
vvereW.MW. apalnst injoshf-t hatttrday. nmk-
Ing I'i..OiK ) Im ihe week , ngalnst lauili last
week. Tlio market opened weak and lather
.slow , llrst sties shoAlm ? a deulino of 10.
As compared with the lowest jestetdity It
was voe lower limit yestenl ty mornlnc anil
about JBc lower than Wednesday , makinga
decline of a sttong iiotiS'We for thu vveeK.
With fiosh nnlvnls there were at least JJO.ii " )
on sile.'tnd it was estimated thciovere about
1 ± 000 eairied over , as the maiket closid dull ,
with some of the big packing lirms ipdttlng
rather early in the day. Hough odds
nnd ends and soinu full loads sold
down to s.rr > ( < i : ' ) . ! ! , ' > : tair to good
picking sorts at slX < j'I. ! < i' ) , and the nest
at UOtWi , with an ocutsional lot ol light
Phil ulelplilas and butcher pies nt * t.KV < ei.w.
L > uthintH sold nt . < ! 50@-t.80 for oidiiuiy
inn , and S. ! . 1)0 ) ( 1. ID for sln.o ng iii s.
li . uii and mixed , W 2) ) . Packing and
ship dug , BSD to : 0 His , ? 1.10K1.SLight
Wer1its. I'to to 170 UK , s > 0 H S1SJ : to 1J10
Ibs , ty.KXjtJ.UJ. Skips , bJ.-tJoU.'JJ.
Parcelling ; Out the Places.
WAsuix rojf , Oct. 17. The postmaster
genontl to day appointed the following
named fomth-elass postmasters. In Illinois
At Uosev Ille , William II. Bucklej ; at In-
dustty , John W. Hack ; at Now Huston ,
Cliailcs 11. Hfll ; nt Hockbiid'e , , Henry 0.
Duncan ; at HlniT City , MeOlellan Duncan.
In Wisconsin At Halfway , frank hnhnllcr.
In Iowa At Elbeien. Joseph ( Jlover ; at
Clifford , P. II. Shellleld : at Mlle , Clint S.
Pi ice ; at Newell , IX W. Stetson ; at Lone
Tieo , Marion Hakor.
The commission ot James P. Hetley as as-
slstaiitticasuiorat Chlcngo was sent to him
lu-tliv.tOKetlti'i with it ikttcr of Instruction
from tlic se < > of the treasury in togard
to the ti tnsf t ol theodlceto him. It is ex
pected that Hca ey will assume the duties on
Tlie president to-day appointed James N.
Childs of M tine , to biU nlted , SI it.-s . lonsul
at ( Jueljnh. t'anaiH , and James II. Trumbull
to bo United Status consul at Talcahuano ,
Darius Let'ore , of Illinois , has been ap
point ! d a special limber ajjent of the interior
Killed by
Coi.L'Miius , Oct. 17. rredetick Gieincr ,
the murderer of Margaretj Seeling , was
banged in tlio I'lauklln county jail to-d ly.
The drop was sprung at 1:42 : and ho died In
11 minnics ttoui stiaiignl.itjon. tlie neck not
being hi liken. The execution was witnessed
by about seventv-ilvo ptoplc. Ciieinei was
wondcifullv cool and self possessed , mingling
with tilends in the jail , and at sent
wotdto the sheillF tint , be was icady. He
came on the bcatfohl smoking a cigar , lie
ititoied onlv a sentence , bidding all gond-
bjo. The crime foi which ( Jreiner was exe-
ecutcd vv.ts tlio muiiler of Miss boding , who
house where she was engaged ua domebtic.
( lOvernoi lloadlv icfnsud to tommutu his
bcnteni.0 to imgrisonment for life.
A Pcti Portrait.
SA , la , Oct. 17. The state of Iowa
will my S JO reward for the captmo and te-
tnrn to tlie iKjnitentiary at Anamosa ol one
John Collins , who was bent fiom Linn coun-
ly in March , 1H3. > , for eighteen months foi
bniglaty , and wlio oncaped last Thutsday
cvenln. ? . He is described as follows :
Two dim India snots between the thumb
tnd lust linger on right baud ; also "W" on
liind between thumb and lust linger : scar
running liom "W" to btso of second linger.
lett hand ; vaccination mark on left arm ;
mole between shoulders ; Heat on lett side ;
seal on light thigh ; scar on back of head ;
large bunch on left skits of ueoX ; agetwentj-
six : hoiuht live feet six and three quarters ;
weight 15sleot ! boot , NO. 7 ; complexion
daiK , dark brown hah , hazel eje.s.
Pi co Trade with
Cirv or MIMCO : , Oct. 17. 'I lie cabinet
and congiessional discussion of taillf rolorm
measuies give rise to many rumors. A recent -
cent edltoilal In the Boston Ilei.ild creates
much comment. It hint's that a loan to Mexico
ice might be raised in the United Slates. A
scheme for tieetiadobetwt en ( ho two jepub-
lies , the United SUtes to pav Mexico $ r.,000-
flOO annual ! > , is being talked up. Among tlio
Americans ihe plan is thought to be wise ,
as it would lead to a gieat increase In tiade ,
opening up the entlio Moxlian maiket to
Ameilcan imnuf.ictiiicrs and Iningingtlio
twocounttios into veiv intimate and trlondlv
ie > litlnns. Tlie Mexii an cditois vvlio loeentlv
tiaveled in the I'nlt-d .States believe in a
close eommcicial connection vv 1th that city.
Skeletons Ivxliiiuied ,
VAi.T.r.v , Oct. 18. [ Speeial to tlio Hnr. ]
Consldentblo cmioslty and exdti men' has
been manifested in this place b > ( lie tineat th
ing of human skeletons by a gang otoik -
inen , 'llio men wtro engaged In miming
onu of tlio county toad machines near Ibis
plate , when , in ( eating up mine ot tliu
ginund , a nnmbc'i of human hones wens ills-
coveted. An ! nv < btiation ! levelled slxtcui
skeletons , all built d in nnogiavc. All elfoits
to ilml out how the skeletons came them
have ptoved tinltless , as the oldest Inhab
itants ate entiioly in thu dark about the mat
ter. Some oxpiess tlie opinion that the pl.ieo
w licit ) the skeletons WIN loiind vvas an In
dian bin ial giotind. No othct natistactory
explanation has > ut liccit made.
Hurtled to Death.
Hii : viniur , Neb. , Oct. 15. [ Special cor-
tespomlencoof thu UE ; : . ] Mis. John Jloi-
gan , living two miles , hinn Helvldeio , was
burned to death ) cstcrday. bhe was lilling
the tank of hoi oil stovu fiom a llvu gallon
can ol gasoline , vvlie-n Jt Ignfled nnd sd tnu
tohei elothinu' and ( o'tlitj lioif-t1. llei iloth-
ing was limned entlielv oil , hi i. MICSMIS O
badl > binned that she llvt'd only abfiut IIVD
IKIIIIS. One of thu child it n about tlueitjoais
old wassoverel > but not faUllj mimed. The
house and lonteufi 'v\oli"dcstiojed. ! Mi.
Moigan was out In tluuii'id when tlio accident
( iioin i ed and on ! ) reactuil homo In time to
caitv his wile and ihlldi u out ot thu Imiu-
Ing building. Mis. Mdigan loaves a liabu
eigltt montlib old. *
Tilt ) O/nr re r ,
Sr. Pnn.usiit'iio ' , li-st. ; 17. Tao evar will
to inonow letilin to ( 'itifrcliina. llo has is
sued a ukase , dtteil at J'lidcnhorg , foibld-
dlngagenoml lohhratloii on Maich 'I next ,
the twenlj-iiltli } of thuemamipa-
lion ot the tells in Kiissin. Piepaiationshad
alieiulj U'gnn iora vety extensive it'lebni-
t on In iiian.v p.utf , of thu emplie. Tlioiviti ,
it is said , found gond n-.u-ou to susped
the u'lt hratimi wasmadua HIM ) lor it general
nihilistic uprising to ! > , ; mgaiil/ed liv the stn-
tlentsol Kief , hi , Pelcislmtg and MOMOVV ,
and on this aeeount ibiiied thu c.xtramduiao
ukase' .
War mid HtiiiiorM 'Ilieieof.
CONST \ NTJ.VOPI.K , Ott. 18 Thu jKirtu 1ms
seiitaioiuid a notu to fiorvia and CJreecodo-
maiidliig pionuitoxrilaimtlon of vvat prepara
tions that aio being made b > thu govein-
meiits of tliesDcoiuitiliH.
The faet tv largo contrael has Iteeit
madu to supply coal to thu Kngllsh lleet , in
Tiirl.lsh waterttmplcd with the fact
Ktihsla l making extraordlnaij eirmts to In-
tieasu the Mieugthiit lui navy , e.tu-ii's miuli
spcuil.itlon us to tliu Inlentioim ut thu two
Mora Marine Bank Kisealitiaj RapUly Oom-
iug to the Surface.
A Uoynl ( speculator Hoosts the Oil
Putting In Oooil Work in
tin South.
ThoMiirlnn Hunk Thlovos.
Nnw Yonit , Oct. 17. [ Special to the Bni : . ]
Tito Tribune lids nurnlug state that a war
rant Is out foi thoanestof William Warner
In counectloii with the failure of Giunt&
Ward. Tor several wo ks there have been
rumorstliat Walter S. Johnston , iccolverof
the Mailuo bank , has been probing devp Into
the wonderful mc'innrauda of I'erdliuuul
Ward and the chock books of the Him of
Grant & Ward , and has llnally aulvcd at
conclusions vvltlch , in his mind , formed a bi-
sis for the beginning of suits for tlio recov
er } of mones alleged to belong to HID Ma-
line bank. When Johnston began lo look
up Winner's lulatlons tatlu Him of Grant A ,
Waid , ho discovered , so ho states that just
betoio the lailuie , two checks , onu foi J i.OOO
and the other foi S" > 0OK ) , drawn
on the Maiiuc bank , had passed cliieel'v ' liom
Kcid. Wind to AVilIiatnh. Winner. On the
bisis of this. Johnston said , " 1 propose to
tollow up that clue and wo whoto that SI'K- )
000 wont. It passed ( Mte'iisiblv to Winnci. 1
do not pretend lo si ) be his the fium ; others
ma } have been behind him. I ant atlor these
iH'isotis and I inte'iid to piooeod thiougli
Wainoi Iirst. " From all that could be learned
last night Johnston his been earning out
these thcoilcs in securing indictments air.ilnst
Wainor and lollovving it up tliiotigli
the United States district attoino } , with an
order ot ariesr. A gentleman acquainted
with the facts said } estcidi } tint the artest
01 Watner bad been oieleied tioiu Washing
ton. Ihu most pertinent cltaigu in thu pio-
ci'idlngs is slid to h > tint ol oolliislon with
1 oidiiniml Ward iu divcitlng to their no
mono } be.oii'lng to the Matiuo National
bank. The theory on which tlilschaigo is
supposed toiiiocced Is thai Watnei w.iseon-
soiiui- , that W.nel's contracts weio lietilious ,
and ho knowing ! } took money belonging to
the Maiinob ink when he accepted cheeks on corporation. Ancithoi phase of tlio pro
ceedings is based on tin ) tamoiis transiers
ol piopoily by Waid to Wariiet on
the morning cif M ty 7 , 1S.S-1 , the
tlaj alter tholalluro. Wind has te.stlned that
lie oas so lost to his usual eIt-jMssi5.ssioii ) tiio
nlglit befoie , that under the iiillueuco of
chloial , and barely k low ing what ho did , lie
traiistcricil to Warner pcisouul and es
tate amonutliig to alicmt iiiOO.OOO , Tlio pres
ent pioeeedingson Johnston's put Is to bo-k
the loeovoi } ot this piopettv on the the
chusreof durc'ss , iisun , collusion ami tiaml.
\\hctlicrMr \ , Davit's as recclvet of Giant &
\\arel , has a hand in the piocecdings cu slm-
ph bides his time as spcctatoi and awaits re
sults , could not bu asccilained last evening.
1 ho whole pioeeedings have been carried cm
with an ail ot nijstci ) , II was positively
state I on good aiilhcirilv tliat Wai not was
nut the on ] } one1 against whom Johnston had
proccedi d. It was stated th it otiiei orders of
artost bad boon issued , ami dcntiiy nmislials
were nbioid HOI-I-- ' " ! objects , ol those ,
i , , n-.iiuirt poititi'd to some , at leagt , of the
duectors of thu Mamie bank.
An American Fraud lu irii.
111.U | J.UI.IV , W.-W - t"---- < * rt * 10
Bee. ] Tlio Sun's Washington dispdchstys :
About a .veai ago Ptesldeut Aithur appointed
12 Belford comm Trial a ent ot thu Unlte'd
.States at LfMiu'iu , Fiji IslinU. Bi-Iford is a
biother of Congressmin Jam's B lford , ol
Colcuado , and thelattei gentlcimu had great
tionble In getting his iiuriil } biothu to start
for FIJI. Pinally , after ieicatcd | attempts ,
the new consul was shipped on hoard a
stcauiei , and thecon io Miiau congiatulated
himself. Consul Hjlfoul hid been at his post
a low mouths only when leporls bewail lo ar-
ilve of ciucer iinanelid opc-rations. These
rcjiorts weioso scandalous that the state1 ele-
pirtmcnt some time ago icmoved Bc-ltoid ,
and apjiointcd ills dopiit } to thc'iilace. A
piivato leltei was received Item Fiji by a
gentleman in this cit } toclav , which
gives Minio vci } intciestiinc details of Bel-
ford's operations In tlie island. The vvrltci
s.ts Bolloid absconded per bchooncr "baticj
Lass" to .Samoa , Atiu'tist 1-t , le-aviug many
mouiniiigciedllors. The A lion btnk of Anu-
tialia is a lieavv eicdttor , having cashed
tlrittsdra\\n bv Beltoul on tliu de'piitment
ot state as we'll as upon his ic'latives. It
seemhe also attempted to oust the ace i edited
dcput } commoicia ! agent and appoint in ins
stead a man named Biovvei. Snue Bcllcud't >
th'paiturelrom I'll ! a draft foi s.vw upon bis
lather , endorsed bj Blower , vas molested ,
and BIOWCT liuds hlmsell compclhMi lo pa } It.
Bel fold lell ilebtsinnimieiab e which amount
to thousands ol dollais iu Ihu auutc'gaU' . B--
sldes he is ix'poited to have sold goods eon-
.slgneel to him , and have spent mum1 } lei his
own benoiit. Onu insliiiice ut this kind Is
cited , which attccts a lialtimmi ) mm , who
sbipptcl iishln nets to lilm , wide li wcio sold
fin I'nO sterling. 'Ihe money is gout and the
BaitImoie com ertl soiiiui h out of poe ket. The
oiled ot Belliiid'hiotiij-o ptoinNts tobodis
astious to llio tutuioot t'nltetl Mates consul
at I'm ilic stations tw the b inks w III no longei
( ash dr.iltb.uiil in consentient e months must
IMS' ! betoio they can icceivc re tin lib fiom the
state depaitmcnt.
KpecitlutloiiH hi OIL
Xiw YOIIK , Oct. 17. to the Bt.i : . ]
Thu Wtnldsas : "Quito a sensation was
caused on Hie consolidated slock and petio
leuiii exchangu } esteidt } 1 } thu lepoit that
the Pilncu ol Wales actually onterul Into
Ameilcan spccnlatlmi and pmchascd half a
million bairolsot oil. The cndei tame bv cable
Tliuimlay , M It was said , and vvas executed
by tliu pmicipal biokei foi the blandaul O 1
( onipanj. Many smiled at the report as
'moonshine , ' but mm } on tliu othei baud
believed it , decluiing tliu piineo had IK en
known to spccuhitu oil tli ) London stock ex-
cIiaiiL'i ! and theiiwns no le.iMm wh } ho
Mioitld not tako'a tinn1 In Ihu Ameiliau oil
maiket. H the lepoit be Hue , his ioid high
ness evidc'iitl } bedigivc'ii a laik'usi/eel 'point'
lor the maiket advanced 'the' pu haucl , fiom
f-1 < fl % to fcl.07 , tilt ) lalei liolug thu last pi li e1.
'I'lan-Mcllons } e'slenhtv weio cnmmmis. ag-
uiegaling ilttecn million bands , hoveral
laigo stock opciatois were tit eland to he
'slim t'on oil and the' } helped the advance by
piitehasc's tocovei , P. D , Annum , thu Chicago
cage packet , Is stld lo havu bought two mil
lion bauds on thu 'long' side. "
Mormon 1'roKi'OHH lit the Honth.
Cii.vrrv.Nooi , v , Tinn , , Oct. IV ( Special
to the lit I. ] Khloi John Morgan , jire.sldent
of the Moimoii clinich In the south , to di > re
ceived iiifmmation that tidily .uldillonal el-
deis had lett Utah Im this oil } , and would bo
distiUnited tluoughotit the south lopiopogato
Ihu eloitilnon of the pol > g.imous clunch.
Tlieio aio now sixty elelciM tMigagul lu this
vvoik inTcnnessto , NoilliCaiDllna , Virginia ,
Gcoigla , Alaliama and \llt.sbslji.i. | . Kldei
Mori/un states that Mmmonism Is making
111011 * rapid piogicss in lids state * than
win iv In tliu union , ami attributes it c hielly
to the tact ( hit tiiiTtiinesseo Iit'satuio | | has
P.ISMM ! laws lorhlddlng the te ai htng ol | iolsg-
amv within tlu < txinmlaiIt > of Tennessee , llu
sav s legislation has atousec ) iuti ti'it in
thoclitnch , and tlio Mormon paK | > rs htvu an
fxU'iislvociicnlalion llnoiighout this section.
New con veils .11 i > bein undo b } scoics mill
thoe.ldei aie winking with H'lienvccleal ,
HissavHatnu time in tliu histoi } ol thu
chinch W.M. ) they making advanue'S with so
giuat biicee s. _
The Marino Hunk KrnudN.
Xi.w YOIIK , Od. 17. William H. Waincr ,
whiiheeuied inoit of the liiuds of thu bank-
inptliniiof Giant iV Wind , sinre'iulertd him-
ielf to Couimlsiloiii i bhk'lch thlb mouilni ; .
The deputy marshal watched his house last
night , but was unsuccessful In llndliig him.
II Is cenenill } umlerAlood for weeks p.vsl
Hccclvci Johnston of the Marino bank , luul
iMt'it Investigating tlie deallmrs of Wanl
with the bank , and ho brings thu
pie entsult lo recover the monevs which
claims to be due the bank and which Warner
Is vild to have Illegally obtained. Watner
claims to have had no dealings with the Ma-
i Ine bank except to draw moiiev upon checks
paid him , and ( hat he never lutd anv dealings
with ( irant it Waid except to hu > Its obliga
tions ovoi the counter. Waruei luought
bondsmen into com t w Hit him and will glvo
ball In any amount which may bo required.
Train Hohhor Arrcstcil.
L VM vie. Mo. , ( ) jt , 17. [ Kansas City Times
Special. ] I'ho city mtrshal and a special
agent of llio SituU Fe ralhoid this evening
arrested Hlunk , the leader of tlio gang vvlikh
attempted tlie train robbeiy ami killed r.ujlu-
eei Hatton in isst at Collldge. Kansas. Hlunk
is the man who entered the i-xpicss ( arand
exchanged shots witli the messenger , Sam
Patterson Hlunk camp hew MHIIP time ago
and Ins been working at a nurseiv near this
ell } . He1 Is wauled also in Arkansas and
Kansas lor horn1 stealing. Ho nlso served
onutcim In the Dctioit Michigan house ot
collection Mealing.
DcmocrntH Crying Kraml.
CIXTIX.VAII , Oct. 17. Tineo domooiatlc
clubs held meetings last night and adopt * d
resolutions chirgiu ; gross frauds bv the 10-
publicans in the iccent election In Hamilton
ctmiitv , In dclniuhiiu jmU'os , cletks and In
purchasing voles. In favor ot
jiiompt pioscciition of all otfcndeis , and to
this end appioprlated STXK ( ) .
A fSrcnt AlVali' on Foot ,
Kiw : Yonif , Oct. 18. The linal arrange
ments for tlie Irish demonstration to be held
In Tammany hall Wedncsda } evening have
IH'OII ( ompleled. Ch irles A. Dana has be'cu
asked lo pivside. It Is cxpei ted sr ,000 will
be reall/od to help the Parncllito candidates
In Ireland.
To Stump New York.
NMV YOKK , Oct. -Hon. . Allen G. Thur-
111.111 uf Ohio , Hon. Samuel J. Htndall of
Pennslvaiiia. and Hon. ( Jeorge West of
Mlssoani , are among the pi eminent men who
have been invited bv tiiu domociatlc slate
( imimittce to speak during the campaign in
this state. _ _
KpaulHti AlTnirs.
M until ) , Oct. 17. King Alfonso presided
it the cabinet council to day. Scnor Klnayot ,
mlnistei of foreign alfairs , read Instiiii tions
sent thu bpiiiish nnnisteis at Heilin and
Homo lospeetinj ; iic'0rotiatioiib on the Cat-
Ilchel lUnl's Sentence.
OTTAWA , Oet. 17.-H is stated hcto that the
rumor prevailing In London } e.sterday that
Kiel's MMitctue would be changed lo penal
H'litude lei life is without loundation as
there is no power in England to ehangu lib
sentence. _ _
A Nursery Tragedy.
PIT i sin iu. , Oft. 17. Mary Allen , the
voting eolored domestic who poisoned KIIKIII-
lel Deifiys. a 1't months old dilld , sen-
eneed tol.t } to louitoeii } in tlie peni
tential } .
liiillliui Stock Decreasing.
Ni.vv . " "l'i lilllk )
YOIHC , Oct. 17. ,
htnte'inc""J K''lowiiigch.ingas : Ho
servo decrease , 8 ! > , OJ3OOX The banks now
In excess ot Ie0'al lequire-
The Clciirnncc Ilecortl.
HOSTOV , OcL 19. The leading clearing
muses of the United States icport total gross
'loiiinis for theweek ending Oetobei 17 as
SSlb.bDti.llib , an Inciease o' ! J .0 per cent.
A prairie Inc bt.trtMl by a locomotive near
loldieiUe ilestro.ved tlio hay ciopof Ml.
lohnson , and thu wheat stacks of Thomas
The jiostotllcc at Do Witt vvas burglarized of
$ ii.i ) . As sM.UOO of it was in checks , pay-
uent of which was .stopped , the postmaster
soul } SlOOout.
J. W. Hadford , of Ponca , shed his fall overeat -
oat tliDothei tla.v. Thugaiment with a nile
> l notes woith &J70 in the pockets , dlsip-
ic.trcd , iiNo the thief.
A man named Pointer , living south of Hod
'loud , took rat poison to ease Ids eaithl }
ioiib.0 * . At last accounts he was snuggling
with a stomaeh iiiimp.
A numbei of hoiiders In a Ninth Platte
lotidnig housoweie Healed to canned meat
t ii-lt and sickened soon altci. A libcial sup-
) ly oi emetics pieventud several innerals.
A largo barn on tlie ranch of Kohrit.s Bios. ,
tear Neligli , was burned U'ednosday nlL'ht.
i'welvo nnuhoiscs , Including a thotoughliud
stallion , wore binned , besides a large amount
U grain , h.i } , i te.
Joseph Nichols , of .Madison , recently sold a
il , ; weighing toil pounds , that when It vvas
join wasontliol } destitute of hair , and when
.old was as haiilcss as the palm ol a man's
Hoisf thieves aie leaving numerous cvi-
tlomes ol tlioli tbilll in Otou eonntv. Kvery
week wltnosst stliiItansfoi of a numbei ol
inlmals without the consent ot the owners
01 a cash ( onsideiation.
C. A. Wimor. btei jeiker of the Central
Ct ! > Ktoniimlid club.was lined Slt and costs
last week tot dispensing nsin juhoi initial y
lo the hlocmii si itute. 1'ho eeonomists will
u neelotth take their Hliinu straight ovci thu
Julius Ilempil lives near Columbus. Thu
oilier day winlo his dilidieii was playing
withmatihes the } set me to stacks ( onialn-
Ing l/itJi ) bushels of oats and Kilmshelsol
wluat. Thu loss was total , as tlieio no
Five men on aHoltoounlyninehin twenty-
six houisent , hiinlcd and laid lu < t tiet ol sod
wall , two leet wide and six toot high. To tin
this It icqulied SWS , pieces ol sod , e'.uli
weighing nit } pound * . Ills ( onsldcud the
laigost vvoik ot the kind uvei done.
A gang of Imiglars raided Culdo Itnek
Wednesday night and uiukul tliu Niles ot I. .
O. P.itker , iMiitinastci , and J.V. . ( 'ralr. gen
eral store , heventy dollaisln cash and All in
stamps woio taken tiom Mr. Paikci , wlnlu
Cialg lost about $ orj.
On Tni'Hlay hist , John Thomas , a blight
and promising boy , nged ten veats , Ihu ad mt-
edsdit ol Alidieu .Stout , living eight milt s
south of.Vluaska Cltj.vMis Kicknl on thu
head b } a IIOM' , flushing Ids skull and caus
ing Ids death next day ,
Hit ) icpuhllutns ol NIIIICO ( Oiuity havi ;
nominated llio tollovving tle\et : Cleik , J.
W. Mi Holland ; tioasincr , , lo-eph Jackson ;
( ouillv judge. 11 C. M ijgoou ; heiill , J , W
Jibbel : inioiiei , K. H. sniilli , hiirvejoi. O.
IL Cllswmth ; suii'iintendent , M ss Kate
MiChlmo } ; ( ommissiimei , Dan It.uui.
Mi. Iia Wate , of ( iiaiid Island , Isdviiu of
hi oed itoisuiiln , ; Induced by an nniiulunalc
auidc'iit. He slipped ami loll against a haul-
wood plank , a Ihiee inch silver Horn Ihe
H ime pi notratlng Ids h g neat the km e. Tim
splinter was lemoved and imlhiiig | iaitkn ai-
Iv thought ot It at thi ) time , llowuvti , In-
il.uiiatlon set In ending in blood pilbiin ,
which Ihu doilois aie nnablu to toiinteiait.
Thultustliristhu stilling title ot a 7.\ !
quarto shot I , bom at Chaiitl | | , ( 'lie > eiiiit
toiint } . last week. Thotdlioi squats down
on thebio.ul jihitloim that tciogni/es "no
pail } tioHiu ( huiihly ciiedK , " and will du-
vole illln u houih a il.i ) "to Ihu elevation of
lliDliiimiin i ace , jiolltlcallv , sod.tll } ntid mni-
all } . " Koilnniitclv .Mi , Imisbouis is stoeN'd
and rilmtpcnid b } expi-rlcueo lo hasten thu
millenlum ,
Thu otlit i night at Sci Ibner the Misse.s NYlf
he.ud somu ( mo. piovvllng about thn house ,
To pie'paiithcnisvcs ) | ! toi an ittlmk the } pin-
cured an old ruvolver and iH'gan to gt t It
lead } lor husim ss. The } wcio silling cm
opposite sides ol a table. Onu of Ihu g'lis
raised the hnmmci of the weapon , vvlion It
was dlscluued , thu ball sti Iking a glass
plU'hei , shall * ling It Into a Imndiid plece'ri.
Mis.s KadluNell wits sitting dli.-itl } In liiml
( it thu disc li.tigod weapon , and would iiavo
hi on shot had It not lor the pitcher.
Thf pnmk'1 cJIsajijieaacL
TLo Democrats of Ohio Dclarminod to Oap-
tnro the Logislaturo.
ttctatrnliiK Hoard * and Technical
Points Blny Help Tliom Out
1'rosretittiiK tlio Klcuthm
CrookH in Ciiioliuintl.
The Ohio iiottlon. :
Cot.DMitt'H , ( ) . , Oct. 18. ( Special lo the
Hi. K.I The fe'elliiR Is KettlujJ at fewer he'nl
on the legislature. Yesterday thu returns of
the fourth mid thirteenth wards of the elty
weie tlnovvn out In llio ofllcial canvass bo-
rauso the judges had not properly lilted In the
tall } sheets to toll whit ward or ptoclllcl It
was , and hail neglected to certlf } to Urn same.
It is ehnrie ; dope-lily on the streets tonight
thai this was no mistake , but an Intentional
omission. Those nro the two strong republi
can wards , anil the organisations of tlio pro
elnets were icpuhltcan. Tills will glvo the
democrats two of Ihreu rojircsonlatlves from
this county , and elect all of the domocrntlo
ticket except Allen O. Meyers for represe'iita *
( Ivo , against whom the majority Is l , ' M In d
cimnlv tliat usual ! } gives UHX , ( ) dc'iuocr.ilto
iu.ijoiltThoiepublioanss.ty tlio .
iirMiicnvrs n vvi. inr 111:1 : UII.MNCI iiovuns
In all ol thu oiosu ctiuutie.i as well as Ham
ilton. |
As an oillclal count has bum mndn In Lucas
and Hardin , the rejiuithcnnt ntu practically
sine ot the liuiuin.r Horn each ul tliosu
counties , 1ml time will bo troublti over llio
Haulm cotmtv iae , vvhetu the leimbllcati
members pltinillt } is only UJ. The deiuocruts
have both momlH-is liom Stark county , and
It the- } now get two in Ihh county and all oC
thu Hamilton count } delegation thoic will bu
a icpuhiican majorii } OL only onu on joint
The domoc ralb are still claiming the senator
from tlieMontgouier-PieJilodistrl < l. They
have the feiuinlng bond ihute , and the re-
putiluan eandiclate < tor senator claims only
in pliu-alitj on a total vote of over 'MWO ,
that one leimbllcan ineniooi elect liom Mus-
Icliiuum unit iiiiiithci tiom Ciiahoga mo not
eligible ; that ono is not iv citUen and tha
olhei liiilds another ollieu. U is believed by
man } that the ee'rtitieatcs will bo huld back ,
and that the dcmocials m.iy get the. cortlli-
eatos ol election issued so ihtu they will have
a majonty ol one on joint b.iLot.
Tiieicimblican sU e eominittcu ( inlay sent
lepicscntatives to cjiuc iniiati. H that com * y
iscouiilid lei thodemncrats Uien it IH be
lieved bhei man is lieaton.
AlTLIl 1 l.hnlON RItOOKS.
CiNriNNAii , ( Jet. IS. Three domocratio
clubs held met tings last ni ht and adopted
lesoiutions ehniglng gioss tratids by tliu re-
puoiicans in the iceeiu elcclitm in Hamilton
county , in debauching thu judges and clerks ,
and In puuhasing vote. * . Tncy declare in
tavortif piompt jiroseeutiou of all olfondcrH ,
and to this end appiupnatcd & 7,5t ( ) .
AttoinevH ol the committee of ono
bundled , encaged in the pioscciition of
ollcndcis against the Uu lion laws
at thu recent oloUion. ai > ) > outcd in
polieu coint tcda } ami I'lOieired rhaigcs
against Kdvvln.i iisun , chiol of police , Tor
.ir.r..i'- ' ' " " of dut } in lulling to M-IVO wrtr-
' ' ' lls IMII" ' l 'thu
! 3,1.1 T',1 ! ) > coiiiiniltea
OUibeib and u , lor tlie , urixat ot sown men
eaigcd with violation ol the reglhtryUw.IB
01 two
son and theiKiliec. . Col. Hudson c.xplHliic
that be gave tlie vvatrunts to lieutenants. The
< nnt ordered the lieuleiianlfl to be brought in
oanswci , and continued iho case ugaliiat
Hudson until Monday.
Ct.xri.\N\n , Oet. 17. John lliimingham
tml.lolin Tallboy , democratic jiielgi'sejt ulce-
lion ] > reeinetA , I'ouitli wind , weio limited
tills altcrnoon on a warrant chaiglng them
witli Illegal voting. The po. Icemen who
nested them weiu immediately suspended
ij InsM'ctflr | of Police Mullen , who waa in
me magistrate's otllce at tlio limo they were
nought in. Charles Kelly , chiol deputy sher-
11" and son-ln-lavv ol hheiill Uesuiord , was
this moiiilng on a charge of pioeiir-
ngillevMl votes. It vvus alleged tliat Kelly
eel a gang ot n pea lew on elet lion day. Pat-
lick Kelly anil .John Minor waived e.xamina-
iiin on Hie cluigc ot taking a ballot-box from
he Nineteenth warel and wcro bound over.
The It lull Convention.
CHICAGO , Oct. 17. It has boon delciiulnctl
o hold the national convention of the Irish
National IxMguo of America In Central Mu
sic hall , this city , January 20. 18N ) . Thin
late is lixed to aieommoditto Mi. Parnull ,
who has cabled the picsidont tliat ho will ab
end the convention , accompaiilcd by a Hliong
lehgation from tlie lilsh parliamenUiry
nity , including Hon. T. D. btillivan , lord
n.ijoi of Dublin. The oxeiutivu ollicero oC
he league will issue ) an olliulal eall during
the coming week ,
Card Inn I MoCloskoy'H Will.
Nr.w VOIIK , Oct. 17. The will of the late MeCIoske-y wan tiled lot probate
this aflei noon. The document Is brief. Ho
litcots llio uxecutois to pay all bin just debts
and funeial and tchtomentary oxjienses Im-
iiie diatel } after his decoasu. Ilo bequeaths to.
Aiclibishoi ) Coiiitian , Ilislmp McLongblInof
KioiiMyn , anil Hlsho ] ) McNeiny , of Albany ,
tlie'iiMiiundei of his estate ) , aipulntlng | thoiit
it thu samu time Id'j oxeetitors.
The AVciilhor.
WASIII.NIJIO.V , OoU H. Upi > er Mis
sissippi vallo } : rains , fidlovvod by clearing
weather ; winds shifting to north and west ;
eolilit in extreme ) .southern pen lion , HllghCt
change's In tc'iiipuiatuio In aiitl noiUi-
e'rn ] ioilloii.s.
Mis-oiiii vulh'j : gentially fair vveuther :
slight line In ti'iupe latino ; north to ease
winds , liiiomlng vaiiitbiii.
C3 The Consnl'H Oholeru llcport ,
WAHiiiNfirov , Od. 18. A linal report ,
dated Octciboi 1 , dcnc-ilblng thu gradual Hub
sideiRO of choleiii at Maiulllei and Toulon ,
and its dlbappiaiaiRu liom Cetle , Inw been
iccclvod by the' socn tai } nt hUituliom United
State's Consul Krank II. Mason.
Beware of Scrofula
Buofiilals protiibly moro ftoiieral thin any
other dlhi asi > . It U Insidious In clitractcr ,
ami manifest HltBi K In rininhii ; wires , pustular
cnitl'ri | ) ) , bolls , Rtvcllliigs , enlarced Joints ,
iilisicssjboiiecs ( , e'tc. Hooil'Biiargapirim
ixpcls all trace of NcrofuU from tlio blooil ,
leaving It pure , ( tirlclied , mid lirilthy.
"I wasbuvertlyaflllrtcd with Bcrof ula , mid
over a j car had two running sores un my nee k.
Took ( Ivo bottles Homl's K ire tparllli , and am
cured. " C. i : . J.ovtJOi' , I iwcll , Mass.
t' . A. Arnold , Arnold , Ma. , h ul
pores for suv en } eirB , Bprliig anil fall. Hood'u
Salt Rheum
tiyiinpiirobliKiil. Hbie.nllly cured liylxil'a (
barf iiparilla , the rrcat bluuil purllliT.
' \Vllllam Sple's , 1'lyrla , O , , suircreil grc-ttly
fmin and salt rheuin , caused li/
li iiidllug teibtc'co. At timia ids luiiels would
i rack open and Mcr d. 1 to tried various prcp-
niatluus without aid ; finally took Hood's Har-
B.IIMI Illi , anil now h i > a : " 1 nm ciithcly well. ' !
"My Mm luil salt rheum on lilshamUiuiil
on the ) enlus uf hli logs. Ilo teed Hcxjcl'u
harsapariJla dud U eiithcly cured. " J. U.
Btatitun , ilt. Viriiixi , Ohlu.
Hood's Sacsaparilla
M < 1 iijr all ilniKh'l t . 01elxfurf ) .
t > y ( '
IOO DOBOQ Ono Dollar