Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 17, 1885, Page 4, Image 4

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OMKT , No. MI s'ii fin rui.vtv 3
NMr "VllllK OrrHT , ItOOM M.TllllllJNK
. . .pflntl KVITJ InAMiliiB. * PvptSmulnj- , The
" fly Momlnj nioriilinr juipor juilill'lii.l In Iho
' "olnfu.
TMivtfl nr Mill i
> m tiinfin.mThnc Mouth * . ? : . .vi
PKMmitlH , . BitfOno Month . i.i
TunV 1.1 KI.V Itr.t' , I'nblltJicil Hvi-ry
line V nr. w ( Hi ptfinlnm .
One Vrnii without pii'inlmii ' ,
Siv MiiMlliB , ullhoin JIM inliiiii
One Mnntli. on tiinl . to
VII ( itmrniiiiloitlons it luting to new * mid < ll-
torinl Itinlli is flititlM tiu iuIiticMi | to tlic Km-
iniictlnil' Ill I.
Alt | IH-III | > K li HM nn < l icmlttmicv rthntild ho
nililtfd to Tun UIK ri'r.lMilMi ( Vxii'V.v ,
OMAHA , HIHK. ! ( lu-ckH nml imblolllv" oitloii )
in In ; iiiiuli | ui ) ttloliitln < < mlri ortlit > c'iiiuiuny. |
I ! . llOsI'.W.VTKK. llnnoii.
Tun "ovvitiiros for pruce" of tn ! NI-
democracy at b.neoln were like
's ov crtunH filled with discord.
Tin ; vvi'iithor is very favoi ulilu for tlio
brick Mini mortar crop in Omaha. ' 1'ho
hiiihlin boom iswng \ \ pushed : ill along
( ho Hue. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
'I'm ' : Holt Line continues to bit tlio
jircal Omaha conundrum. Noiui of tlm
piojcitlorx however , .seem to hhovv any
disposition to 'Vifne it away. "
\\'i \ \ ! nn > nol throwing colil water on the
Omuhu liooni in MiyingUml thcro is alto
gether l"o iniifh wind in those pupor
railroads that arc heiiifj incorporated
every oilier day lo the northwest.
Tmnt-sioN and Greene ought to pool
their issues in building railroads to tlio
il .rfOitlivvosl One llr t-olus road from
Omaha in thai direction would ( ill lliu
bill 4or a few .vonrs at leabt.
\Vr , venture tin ; prediction that if John
Hhonnan Im * hoon counted out by the
JMoLcnn gang , hu will tow or in .strength
ahov'e all other candidates in the next us-
liublican nomination for tlio presidency
Til ) ; Crete Globe hiLs tlio nail on the
n head in HU.V.iii . . : ' 'What the poole ] need
inofit is the hiiihling upof a great nuikct
nearer home than ( Jhioago. At no dis
tant day Omaha will fillmioh a demand. "
/ Wi ; Htill insist that Omaha must have a
direct rail road of her own to the north
west , no iiiiittor how many artiohw of in
corporation there may bo died at Liu-
coin for extension of other roud.4 in tliat
direct ion
* .I..Sni : < MM > MOIUON and his friends
doolined to walk into the rpidor's parlor
at Linooln by opposing Dr. Millor'.s uso-
Intion to llio ett'ect thut every democrat
hud n rjght to an ollico If he could get
ono. Upon such an ISMIO as that Nobrub-
Tin's domoonioy Is a nnit.
' T\v < > yoar.s ago John M. Timraton bull t
the Omaha Northern Ncbniskn uud
for Iho Union Pacific in ono day , and
now Uharloy ( irecnehas accomplished in
twenty-four hours a Honiowhnt .similar
foal in Iho construction of the Omalui &
North Plalto line for the H &M folks
' "t'iAN < HsKANKuHlUU"lm'J 1)1-011 Sllp-
imiwd in Uavarla. This colobrntod boor
WHS manufactured by _ the Franr'ncan
Monks. The chapter 'of the order has
now prohibited further brewing by the
brolhorH. lYmco Uismarck will now
learn with regret that two can play at the
game of
Ox the strength of Secretary Mannlng'd
letter thnt the president would vote in
Itufliilo for Governor Hill , doinoonUlo
newspapers are now informing tKoir
niadors with much unction that the presi
dent is a democrat. It begins to look a
) f there had boon fcomo doubt Bomov/horo
of this important fact.
1 Tut' constitutional amendment ohnng-
jng the ohjotlon month to November was
carried by a heavy majority in Ohio on
Tnrtsday Thp liifit October hUvt has ac-
' cordlngly joined the November column ,
iimoh lo tlio hutisifiiotion of every ono ox-
the "iiuin of intloocnco" who have tnado
Uuclvoyo polities very prolitablo in na
tional olootioim.
ANI > now wo hnvo the wm-in-law in
palHiuB. Mr Hoyd's labored explanation
to the democratic convention of the dun-
gorttojf polilioal bons-in-law iavoryamurf-
jngroading. The mothov-in-liiw quoMtUin
has boon fully diseusheil , paragraphed
and qui//.cd in a thousand shapes. The
luril of tin- , new relationship ui related
by Mr. Hoyd ought U > be a solemn warn *
ilig lo politicians with marriagonblo
dniijritor.s )
Iron and htool men are
anxious abiint the taritT. If their anxi
ety IH chielly for an lnori'iiso they are
likely lo bo disappointed. The tarin'on
iron and .stool is now practically inopera
tive ) . When American mills can inanu-
fnoturo mils for Canadian roads in hpilo
ot Iho competition of Hnghuul iron master -
tor * ' whoo product Is admitted duty free ,
the noc ( < 3tit.Y of further protection U not
( ttnroiit ] , , . . . . . , , „ „ , .
( iKHUitvt , II.V/.UN is out again with a
book of liiilitury reminiheeneos , which Is
Dot calculated to promote haunony
ttmongVatihInjjton \ army oireloi.Since
( inierul Un/.oii lirat stirred up the soft
hi-rvico brigade , his life has beou made
generally mlsorablo , hut his c-nustio pen
l > eums morn than a match for M mo ot hl
) p ] > oiHnils , wlioso principal army service
liatf con Lstod in holding down chair
cjushlons for the p.ut twunty-llvo years
j ' Alij I'Mt itsoN , of Keith county , laU-s
i jiromnt ISMIO tu K , U. Wobbler' * oi > lnion
mut , mo raiiuitii in western
Iteon greater iu the last few years than
CVor bpforo. So far ni Llncohl county ls
Doni'crned ho di-ptovos it entirely by
jmblhinngthii yearly MubmouU of the
Nurt ! > 1'lalto bl nal Rlalion f. r the past
Ion years Mi' Mwirsou tltfnks lhat the
only irasou pnoplo have mil raised J , ' < ) < > d
CMJJS Itfora In thu wostt-rn j'jirt ol con
trol NVIm-.sku , is thai tho.v uoro rtfjnld to
try , 'I | i"ru i * a good iovnlntiou of uoliit
truth | u HUN > ! oof thu cuio.
unit /
Another rallrond from tmvha ) : Into
nortInventein . .N'fhitika hibeon : project
ed and its incorporation piipers pluecd
on fih ) ill the stale capital. Thisliiuo the
iueorpoiators aio ollieers and employes
of the It. iV : 51. rallinad compnny. Ac-
coulinglo the aitides of incorporation
they propo < . < ito begin with ( he Ashland
"cut-oil , " from Omaha to Ashland , and
\hence llu'j > \ill inn nnrthwest through
Sniindi-ix Dodge , I'.ullor. < "olfav , SUin-
ton. Msid'e-on and other counties. This
nen line of leedern lothiIturliiiglon sy.--
tem , niiiy , for aught we know , material-
i/,0 in the due eonr > eof time and furnish
an indirect outlet for Oimilia to n section
of country now pstrlly monopolized by
Union Pacific branches. Then ) Is noth
ing in it , however , \utrrant the enthu
siasm with \\hioh it is hiilledas a solution
of "the northui" " ! pn > : igo "
Aeeoidlng to ( jeneral Mmnger Hoi-
( hedge the proj'U-t ' luis not > et been sub
mitted lo the bourd of directors ol the
Itnilinglon road It is Dimply one of the
many paper railroads \vhich , tinder our
general Inoorpoinlion hncan be bnill
iuiy di.t : in Iho xveek , not excepting Sun
day , without a dollat of capital to buck
it. Thai the liurlington road will .sooner
or later build tlio Ashland "cut oil1 , " and
run feeders into the tt'rrilory occupied
by the Union Pacific and NToi Ihwestern
we have no doubt. If the hoard of direc
tors of the Ittirlington decide that these
extensions shall bo bnill , no company is
more able to ptibh the enterprise to an
eaily completion. Hut the probability Is
that the Hurlington managers in Ne-
hia.skuaro simply heading oil' the Mis-
( onri Paeilie and ol her roads that might
be projected to the noilhwcst
\Vo do not wish to throw cold water
upon any project that will tni-rca&i. ' the
railruiiil facilitiesof Omalia or Nebraska
pi any illrcction. At the sumo time , wo
wo do not regard any of the proposed
roadrt to the norlwcit as likely to meet
the wants of Omulm for a direct hue up
the ISlkhornalloyand into Xorthweil-
crn Neliraska.Ve do not see why any
toad from Omaha to the noithwest hliould
bo diverted fiom twenty lo forty miles
.south. Wo want a rosid that will .strike
directly for the 1111-horn valley without
ovbow.s or / ig.ug1Tho Omalia board
of trade should keep light on in its ef-
fiats for an Omaha road lo the north
Dear Labor.
The iclined east is beginning to fall in
line with the "lowdy wet" on the ques
tion of cheap foreign labor. Pennsyl
vania is now howling over the importa
tion of Hungarians lo compote with
American mirieis. Ma sucnisotts | is pro
testing in her party platlorms against the
contract syslom in her mills and facto
ries , and the New York journals are find
ing it impossible to overlook the qnes-tion
in their editorial columns or to denounce
as tlioy used to , as demagogues and fire
brands , the men who are pushing it to the
front. The Philadelphia Call , in a late
issue remarks : "It is evident that the
Chinese and Hungarians must go.
America is a free country , but it ought
not to bo free to degrading and degraded
labor. Wo have a tarifl' to protect our
capitalists ami laboring people against
the pauper labor of Kurope. It is not
just to the labur of Amorio.i that tliet > e
very paupers Ahould bo imported into
this country to out down wages and
thereby nullify the very object of the
tariff , which and is to protect our
laboring classes against the competition
of poorly paid Kuropoan labor. This
ohoap labor is doubtless to the temporary
advantage of our capitalists , but the
tarin" was framed for Iho equal advant
age of labor and capital. To prohibit
the importation of Chineio and llun-
gerians is but s-lmplo justice to American
labor. "
That conservative and excellent expo
nent of the beat Now England opinion ,
tlio Springfield Jiepitblipitn , In referring
to the Rook Springs trouble nays that it
" .shows the difficulty of protecting ono
race from another when the circumstan
ces pit the Canoasian and the Mongolian
together in a vital .struggle for n liveli
hood where ttiere is not enough room for
both rsicos. "
Additional poitinoncy is given to
two oxpromions of eiiNlorn opinion , by
the statement that Lee Wall , a contractor
in Chinese labor , who hails from San
Franci eo , Is visiting the Puniibylva-
n'ui and Ohio coal regions to make
contiacUs for the introduction of his coun
trymen on account of their expulsion
from Wyoming anil other torritoriog.
The moment that Leo Walt's contracts
aroHigiied more centers of inllamnution
between thu races will bo located. The
responsibility for the trouble which will
.surely follow will finally bo placed by the
best public sentiment on the shoulders of
the nu'ii who for the sake of saving a few
dollar.s in the present , throw a torch
into Iho social organization , the damage
resulting from which will In the end
more than ouiintorbaUnco any present
advantage to employing capital , foreign
cheap labor is very dear labor.
Tin : charge is miidu fiom Ohio thut
MoLoan's C'iuolnnati gang of democratic
roughs Mulled the ballot bo.xes in Tues
day's election. Mr. McLoan , according
to lute dKsputchos , found the air of Cin
cinnati lee warm for his health , and loft
for Columbus while a crowd of 8,000 in
dignant oiti/ons wore preparing Vo wreck
bit ) ottahlbhiuont. Ono democrat offers
toMiond SWi.OOO in hn obligating demo
cratic frauds in Ihe hunia < > f
btoad , and thu excitement and indigna
tion in Cincinnati over the revelation * of
the last throe day * is said to bo 80
inteuso that tv consummation of the
fraud is iDipo.sjiblo. Thu gamu
of thU dhropnlablo band of
democratic spoilsmen i > i Ohio was to
count Senator $ hurmiui out of n nfiM.
, * ° * i\lllMll ) *
can u'gifinnifo. Tt TvlTl .scarcely hiiooood
in the faoo of a popular uprising which
includes honest men of alt shades of
political opinion , lljsono of the most
hopeful MgtH of our politics that dlsgiist
ill dirty political mothoiU is steadily on
the Increase and that ellUoiis leagues
and business men's committees are every
wlioru springing up to enforce purity nt
lliu polls. It Is to bo hoped that the
Until is not far dbtant when frauds and
force ni election * will bo rendered im-
under the re tralnt and pro-
tooting influences which a popular de
mand throw around the ballot box.
Tin : vacancy in the archbishopric of
Is'cw York iniulu bj the death of Cardi
nal Mot Monkey will ho filled by lint suc
cession of Archbbhop Corrigan , former
ly coadjutor nrelibi-hop to the cardinal.
Archbishop rorrigun Is but 45 years of
age , a milho of Now Jersey , and a grad
uate of Kmmettsbuig , Md. , and of the
American college at Homo. In 1801when
he returned from Home i.a a doctor of
divinity , he was appointed piotessor of
dognrillc theology at Scion Hall college
in Orange ami made ilsdirector. In 187SI
Dr. ( Jorrlgan was made blchop of New
ark , having1 been for throe yours pre
viously vicar general of the diocese , lie
founded a reformatory for boys and
women and an asylum for the orphans
of hisdioceo. Forty-two new churches
Were dedicated by him and several re
ligions communities established On
.September 2(1 ( , 1881) ) , ho was made archbishop -
bishop of Petra in ptrtlbm , and ap
pointed coadjutor archbishop of the
nrchilloeesn of Now York. Uishop Cor
rigan when t-oiisceralotl was the young
est bWtop In the ( Jnlt-ul States , and ho
wn-s Iho yiunge-.t ( coadjutor nrohbUhop
at the timn of his promotion. While not
of as line a nature as tlio lute cardinal ,
ho is popular with both thu clergy and
people , an ublo administrator , and a
strongly equipped churchman.
"Jrvrlikoa love feast" cooo t lie Her-
aid in speaking of the. dcmociatic con
vention at Lincoln. Kcmurkh from tlio
other side are now in order.
Other Tjiuuls Tlinn Our .
If the problem of a peaceful settle
ment of the trouble in the Balkans is any
nearer a .settlement than it was week
ago , no one knows it but Prince Ili-miuick
and the respectivecmpcroi.s of normally ,
Austria and RUSMII. All the cablegrams
of the past week report warlike prepara
tions as in progress , not only in Turkey
and Serviu , but in Austria , Macedonia
and ( ireece. Whatever hopes others may
have of a diplomatic settlement of the
dispute , it is plain that Turkey does not
share in them. The porto has now at his
disposal lilKQ ( ) ( } men and is collecting
two great armies , one at Adrianople , the
other at Uknp. The latter point is but
little more than a hundred miles from
Salonieu , where the Servian attack is
oApcctod ami for which points seven bat
talion" of the Servian reserves have left.
Three Turkish army corps are to watch
Servian , Bulgarian and Macedonian fron
tiers , and contracts have been made for
the transportation of ' 1,000 troops lo Dede ,
Agatch and Saloniea , while an imperial
order mobili/.ing the entireTurkiNh army
hiii been isiiu-d. Mi'untinu to still ftu-
ther complicate a situation already filled
with complications , Servian troops are
making a forward movement in Bulga
rian teriitory with a view to the imme
diate possession of the strategic points
on the Bulgarian frontier. It is said that
Prince Alexander has telegraphed the
Miir imploiing his assistance against
the Servian invasion. The singular
spectacle is presented of two Soluvio
people in common danger from the
Turk who is moving his columns
towards their frontiers , coining
into armed collision because of jealousy
over the additional territory granted to
the ono and declined to the other. Thoio
have been no evidences during the week
that , any of the great powers are contem
plating taking a hand for the pkosont in
the imbroglio. England and Franc o
specifically deny any such intention and
the efforts of the others are being devoted
to urging the Balkan provinces to re
main quiet until some solution of the
question can bo considered.
Franco has I akon a sober second thought
over the result of her late elections for
members of the chamber of deputies anil
the bugbear of royalty has boon dissi
pated. All the loading journal * are
agreed that the heavy conservative vote
did not indicate that the people woio
tired of the republic , but only that they
worn dissatisfied with its management.
The feeling of Iho mass of the people is
for a stable , conservative government ,
affording them an opportunity to develop
their resources , and which will give them
peace and prosperity. At the polls ,
which , out of tv total yoto
of 7r.OO,0M , ( ) , gave ! VWO,000 , con.
sorvativo tickets , the French people
entered their protest against the
war on the clergy waged by Ferry , tlu >
threatened income tax , the talked - of
Hcparntion between church andstptb , the
blunders of le Frcyolnet , and the Mada
gascar and Touquin fracap , The inten
tion was to declare dissatisfaction with
radicalism not with the republic ,
The singular rooult was an increase in
the strength of M. Clomonceau's extreme
radical wing and of monarchial right.
The now chamber will probably consiit
of LMO conservatives , SJX ) republicans of
different tilnulu.- , , and 121 others , with
Cloinoufeau at their head , That this
places a dangerous power In the hands
of the great radical no ono can
deny. Itill \ enable him by coalition
with other pailies , or wings of party , to
'woik his own personal nggrundi/.emont.
Itut it can hardly robiilt in any serious
danger to the vital principle of republi
can domination in Franco. However
much the Ficnch people may enjoy pollt
icul excitement , they are not yet pro-
pin ell to undoisp or endure such a revo
* "v
Tim tiiunumul progress of Purnell
tluongh [ ( eland has continued unabated
dm lug the week. At Kildaro. ' .T'-- , , . tllo
great leader wil .
.j wuh grout
] ioiioui rno Illsh bishop , , ho touched
nio land question In a stirring speech ,
when he predicted that the land act
\\onld soon bo so amended , either by an
Kugllsh or an Irish parliament , that a
iurthor reduction of at least 30 or 40 per
cent would bo brought about , Mr. Par-
neil made an earnest appeal to the people
ple to avoid violence and outrages , but
claimed for them the same rlirlit to boycott
oDiunlous persons 111 la possessed by
English worklngmol ) combined against
an unjust employer , No more remarka
ble ttvhlenco of the Influence wielded
by Puruoll cau bo found ttiau in tlio suc
which attended li'v offorU lo liar
monl/o both the Cork mid Dublin nomi
nating convention ! * , ' All factionalism
ceased with his uppixjaeh , and candidates
wen ; chosen in holhin < < ttneo3 amid great
enthusiasm who wore acceptable to their
leader and who Will work together in
unity for the Irish jcadso. Nothing , in
fact , seems to obstruct tlm overwhelming
success of the Parncll programme. In
Ireland , the churcli is Ivndtiig valuable
assistance through lVi.0.patriotic efforts of
Archbishops Croko and WaNh , dissension
is yielding to nulled work on the
part of the nationalists and the
party is so confident of its com-
pit-to success that it has decided to
contest every Irish parliamentary eut
except twolvo. Kngllsh leaders of both
parties view with dlniiiiiy this peaceful
uprising and the conciliatory speeches of
the tory and liberal Ihnilt-rs alike portray
tray the suecois which awaits Iho full
developments or the Parnell. pro
. *
In England , much to the relief of tJio
liberals , Mr. Gladstone has openly as
sumed the direction of the campaign. It
was high time for some ouo in authority
to step in and compose the daily im-rcas
ing dissensions in the party. Lord Hurl-
inglon and Mr. Chamberlain were at
open loggerheads , Dilko's null-
calNm was drawing votes from
the liberal cumass , while the
shicnd campaigning of Lord Salisbury's
coinmiltoo was exposing to public view
every > ro in the parly organization.
Ir. Gladstone's stiong iulluonco has
already composed the differences be
tween ll.e whig and radical leaders and
he nill shoitly take the stump in person.
No one doubts now that the ox-premier
has snulcd an allianeo with Mr. Paruoll.
The Wicklow speech , praising Mr. Glad
stone , gave the fir-it indication , which
bus sjnci ) been borne out by the rallying
of the Catholic priesthood in aid of the
liberal pi ogramme of disestablishment of
the chinch and schools. The growing
strength of the liberal campaign has de
cided the ministry to dissolve parliament
on November 17. The elections will
promptly follow and the result1' will be
known early in December. This plan
the lories hope will prevent to some ex-
Ion ! the lull results of libeial siucess
which a long campaign on present issues
would certainly bring.
'I'lio ' Dodge Stropt Slim.
"Wind is- now in the real estate line ? " in-
qniied tinIII'H : repies'eiituHvoof the Dodge
htreel ni.iii. "Kothing rca'iurksiblo. ' " tlio
icplv , "hut I think jou jA-ill Imd thul the
vlsil dl Mr. Could , Mi. .Saw , Utr. llo\ie and
otliei lissom ! I'.iclhe. oilltli.ils to Omiilui ut
this piuth time ineiins tl good deal more
than a mere toin ot Inspection. Tlio ii'inuik
ot M"i. ( id'ihl ' , as ropoilcd iiTonn of the city
papers , to-tho effect that \heIMt lino'will
lolthem ul ! in'is veiy'higilillpJint ' , taken in
consideration with reAient'dovol ' ] ) inents In
the wos-foiii p.ntot the city. ' Von nuy icsl
iissiucd of one thing , and th t Is , thut Omahu
will lie the be-st adv'ertisjud town of its hi/e on
this coiilliiont for the next lnoe
"Ono menus of thl.t advertising will he llio
building of llio big bihlgo by the Union I'.i-
cilie folks. Scores of the brightest new.spapei
mc'ii ol this country mo nlimist constantly
join IIPJ ing baek and forth between the two
owMim , and the busy scene about this great
rivci imiirovement will IKI the Ihemo of num-
boiless Itilten to the leading jouiiinls of the
land , nnd will Intensify the desire
on the p.ut of eastern capitilists
to know of Omaha nndthoimpoiUnt business
inteiests centering here. Already are the
l > anks mill leal estate ollices in receipt of fre
quent inquiries as to the oppoitunitios foi
Kifo investment of a iioitlon ot the money
mnplus ot the cast , Tlio wonderful Inereiiso
in real estuto values heie Jias not only aston-
l.shed our own people hut 1ms also awakened
Interest In the gieat moneyconleisto , the mu
tual udvunlsigo of tlm Oimihn inopcrly owner
niul the casteni capitullsl.
* %
'Speaking ' of the now bridge icmlnds mo
iff a einiM'ih.itlon I liail leeonlly With Jlr.
( icoi o II. Hog .s , vvho called my iitlenllon to
the fact tint Its completion , with wagon road
facilities , will bring the pioilueU of we lein
lovvafuiiusfora radius of tvventy-fivo mllri
to onriloois. The fact that Omulm was the
tciritorlnl capital ol Nelniwka Jnrlnecd > ; ; c ii-
lutors to buy up Doniflas county Kinds at an
early da to niid they have HljvrJ ) been held at
eompanilht'ly high llmiir , hunce the country
fiom vvbk'h vvo have'iiavvn our nuukei Mip-
plle.s ban not beoi developed ns it would have
been otlierwKe , and the 'annexation' of
Ihe oiclnn/'isaiiil rich guidon hauls udjaeont
to Ceiuvi ; ! ! r.lnirs I a matter of great Impoi-
tuiu a to our people , liy the ( line thu biid' o
If completed there will doubtless bo a nnukot
house In fall ojieiatlon on Capitol nveniio
and auothur on St Mary'n avenue , so that the
| ) U > orqiid seller cun bj brought togulhurvllh -
out tlio InliTventlon of middle men.
"Tho Bi'.n'fi aitlolo of last Saturday , lev low
ing Mime of the Impuitanl estate tiansac-
tloii'j , .should have lneliulodain ntlim of the
purchase by Mr , Poppletou , tvvo years ngo last
.lime , of about 150neiohof Iniid just "wo.t of
the city , a portion of the Dr. Lovvo faun , for
alillle h'snlhiin ? 03 par JUTO , vvldoh price
was not considered spsclully bjlow m irkot
valuethuii. Today It would take nil oven to buy the tract.1' The 1U H line inns
tluoiigh It , mid If It vvn o'iliittinl Iho lots
would M'H for onotish ( < ) hmu a fair pmrglu
on : in invostineni ot a thtnmnd dullur.s iiur
acio. When Air. l > | ) ( ihit < iii M uud thoehec'c
which paid tor this property ho lemukod ,
'Well , thnt is u good d H ! of money to pay
tor land W ) far out , uiid | it will bit huvcial
yeai.s before It will bo vraUlajiuch more. '
"Then there Is Judge Ipib b division ,
lying noith of Jjuavajrvv . , ( west of
Sheildan btierts. Iiul { n Ictv . \ciis ugo a
biijorcoiild buvt ) Imd hl Thfyco of foity acriM
foi a thousand dollars * n IHMO on Ion , ' time.
It Is now hi'lng built nj ? lQacliWi , of ic i-
deuces Im snimiiortol
vcWuTi cost iibiiit Si" ) , ! ) ) ) , Jiulio Dandy's ,
costing S.II.ODO , Kluiui I'Vuiik's , woitli UI5.0JJ ,
and a do/eu moio costing from live thousand
to eight thousand each , brides a lar o niitn-
iM'rranijliig In value fmm two to llvetliou-
Hand dollars each , and It H but an ordinary
lot which will not bilngSJ.OU Mr. Olmiles
Squliesluissecinod n hundsouiu tiact of 3)J
feet f rontlir , ' e-ist on Paik arcana In this ad
dition , on which ho pi opuses to bill Id a 510,030
house next
"Something was sdd last week about
UKhop O'Connor's real estate Investment *
hcio. The fact IH the bishop lWi n leiunrknl'ly '
long head In tlmt line , ilc bought two ano *
a few yean ) ago at thu Intersection of Loaven-
woitli nml Nhorlilnn street * , of Patteo , the
lottwy mao , payluj ; tUm-ofor 84,003. , It was
coiislderoil a good sslo nl tlio liino , hut would
Iw ehenp to-day nt S23hX > .
4 %
"Thus we. slip and slide along In this west
ern metropolis nnd the current prices of
to-day lire no criterion us to whnt they maybe
bo day after to-morrow , notwithstanding the
earnest endeavors of a lew of uscniHt'ivalUo
cluiiis to hold things level , "
TinIMionotjpoftk'aph A AVondotTnl
"Talking * .ibont wondoifiil Iiueutloiin , "
sdd : u well-known elect rli-lnn , " 1 onn tell you
about something that will astonish llio n\-
tl\es , yet when II Isromplrt'-d It will be no
moie of a wonder than toleatraph , the telephone -
phone , or Ihn phonosjiiiph. " "Well , glvous
> nurHt.iiy foi 11 Its woilh , " sidd the Hii : : '
repioseiitutlvo , "imcnro on the lookout fur
wondcis. " "Vou'll h.i\e to take It for what It
Is worth , but It is not Impiolwble , " Raid the
geuthMiiaii. "A well-known eltl/en ofOma-
bi ; , who Is of an inventive turn of mind , and
> \ ho u few years go WHS quite a juomlnent
li-legMpher nnd electrician , Is at ivork upon a
most \\oiulciful iiiai-hlue , Which ho
calls the phonutypojtmph. Kver
since the IinxMitlon of the telephone
and the phonogiaph heliiiflbpennl woik upon
It , and the day is not far distant lor its Ititio-
diictloii to the public. As Its name Indicates
it N a machine tor transmitting and pilntim ;
the humiiil voice at the same time. In Its
ciinsti action It combines the main pilnclplcs
of the telephone mid the type-writer. The
'receiver , ' which eoiuxpouilslothe lelephone
transmitter , takes In the sou ml of eveiy woid
iiltoiedby the speaker , nnd transmits It to the
typograph , which pi lilts tlio void entile upon
paper nt a single stmUe. Llko the tjpe-
willei , llio tjpogiaph has Its keys hiought to
n common center , the dlirereiicc being thut
the I'm mer is oi > ei-.vlcd by Die hands upon a
key-hoaid , and prints only ( ho letters of the
nlph.ibut nml ( lie numeiaN , while the latter
piints , as stated above , entile winds , and Is so
miniiged as to pilnt all flic woids ot the Kug-
lish laiignnge. The tjpographls composed of
seven sections , each section containing wind-
keys ccnfeilagiit one point , and the combina
tion is operated by a poweiful clt-ctiiu hat-
teiy. The tvpograph , ot course , Is ofeiy
line mcehanlpal coii'-ti notion , nnd henee its
cost will lie considerable. The inventor
guarantees that the phonotypogiaph will nc-
ciuatel.v leport nnj speaker , the proceeding )
of any meeting , or the dictation of any cor-
nxpnndent. It can lxsut within a low feet
of the speaker , and when he finishes talking
he will Imd Ids woids rune-oily printed upon
paper , ami In copying ink , if desliuble , so
that duplicates can b 5 mi > lu. Tims It w ill be
seen Unit it is destined to do nvvay with the
servirc ot phonogiaphio icpoitei.s , and
by the saving of ( lie high salaries usually
paid lo those reportcis It will soon piy for
Itself. It will bo found of Invaluable sei vice
to nil who kciiuho the assistance ol pliouog-
inpheis , piiviite sccietaiies , etc. , and it is
bound to eomo Into miivei.-al Use on nccount
ol its gloat labor-saving qualities. The
phoiiotjpoginph nmy be icgarded us an impossible -
possible success by . .some peisons , but not
innicHo than was fho telephone , vvhicli tians-
mits the human \olco with vvoudeifid uc1.
euiaoi to a great distance , orthe jdionogiapli ,
both of which would have baon proiioiiiucd
impossiliillties ten yc.iis ago by the public ,
> et to-day the telephone is in common use
and Is oiieof thoiiP.'OssHie- the satisfac
tory and i.ipld transaction ot business. To
day the phonotyiMigiaph miij IK looked upon
us the vain dicam of an ambitions inventor ,
but in the near inline it will bo placed along
side the telephone and the phonograph , and
with the telephone it will be found in general
use , nnd people will have erased wondering
at the man clous invention. Mi. L. II. Ivorty ,
nijinngpr of the Omalia Kleftno company ,
which owns , or is largely Inteiesled in all the
telephone c\clinnges In Nebraska , believes
that the plionot > phogrnpli Is within thu lange
of possible success and lie intends tu interest
himself to some extent with the inventor in
biiiiglng it to perfection'ol. ( . Frank Mc-
Lnuglilln , the business ngcnt of Kd'so'i ' , the Inventor of the ago , while in Omaha
not long ago on route to Oiovlllc , Calitoinla ,
in company with lr. 1 { . V. Pleice , lucsidunt
of the Ulg Bund Tunnel ami Mining coin-
puny , had an Intcivlcw with tlio inventor of
the phonot > pograph , and became convinced
that it can bo perfected and bioiight Into gen-
eial ii'-o. Col. MeLaughlln sixys that It will
not bo any imiio vvoiidcilnl ICdlson's
telephone mid phonograph Inventions , the
main points of which nro embraced in the
phonotypogiaph. lie said that he pio-
posed to lay the matter before Kdlsun at
oiiL-c , and possibly gut him Interested In It. ' '
A To YUM Invention.
"Tint v ns stoiy Uie HKI ; published
the other day ubout that Texan's invention
to levolnttonl/e the it/iidcrn telephone , " said
Mr. L. II. Koity. "Theio's ically nothing to
it. Jli. Ilrovvn , that's the nameot this won
derful inventive Texas operator , will never
Imeomo n millionaire out of his so-called lov-
( ilutloimrj device. Any one who knows any
thing about a telephone and resuls lliu desci I p-
tlon of Brown's alleged Invention will sue
jit a glance that it Is nothing after all but a
Hell telephone. The capitalists who aio 10-
poitcd to have put millions in Hand made
Blown a millionaire don't know anything
ubout Uiovvn or bis Invention , The whole
stiity about the 'millions In it' Is a puio
fiction , and it Is in Iteming with the ixjiioill-
cal sensations ot this character logaiding nt-
tnrks upon the Bell telephone company ,
Kvciy once In a while some one comes to the
iiont with a device to supplant the Bell tele
phone , the principle of which Is patented nnd
owned liytho American Bell telephone com
pany. This company does not fear anything
ol this kind. It Mmply m t'ces litigation , and
) helps to feed ( ho lawyoib , "
Now and Tluiti ,
"AiallKiadonioIal's Ilfo In those days Is
not what U used lo bo. " s.-iid tin cx-olll-
rlal. "Nowadays the . of oveiydopiit-
wont bus a stcnogiuphor and a tyjie-
w liter , nml sometimes two 01 tlnee , and
bis woik Is svstcmaiUrd nnd done by otheis
by bis dlicetion nnd dictation , it Is nine
child's piny. In the c.nly days of the Union
Paclllo n chief oflltlid had no easy job. lie-
member that \Vcb4or bnyder , when ho
was ( 'cncial siipciliiteiident , hud no
btenoginiihcr or typovviiter , and he
did nil of his own cniicspomlcnuo , I
T have known him to put In all day Sunday
to catch up. It was no unusual thin" * j n
ten on ft Sunday with Ids own Imiid. No
siipt i inU-mh'iit nowndiys dues anything like
that , but has n comparatively solt boith , "
A. 1) . iloui-s mid tlio I'oNtofllce.
"Lid mo ti'll you ono on .loues , " said n
prominent eitUou. "Whit Jones'1' nskcd
the Bii's : : man. "A. D. Jones , Omaha's llr t
postmaster , who gloiles In the tact that ho
once can led the Onmlm postolllco In his hat,1'
was thoipply. "I was talUuu lo Junes ) es-
tcidtiy , and said to him , 'Huvv would > on like
lo bd postmaster ol Oiniliu now ? Why
don't the democmts gho you the ofllw * ? '
Junosl.iughlngl ) icjiliod that h didn't want
the ollice veiy bad , but ho didn't snylm would
refine It. Whllfl vvo weio talking a lettei-
unnler came tip and handed ! huge
cnvoloH ] ) , having upon it ( ho stamp ot the
trcnsiny diiuilmi ) < nt. It natnially iittim-tcd
my attention , and 1 u.sked what Uu hud tu Uo
with the trensury dcp-utment. 'Oh , nothing,1
replied ho , as he Irled to conceal the envelolo
In rnthcrnu i-uiharnisotHl ninnner. 'Aiejon
ImiKirlliigdlniiionds fiom Kinopo or trinkets
from JapauV nskcd I , but he evndod an > " -
swer. Now It struck me as ( MH-dble thut S <
Jones is fo be appointed etistodliin of the
poslolllce building. If he Is not nmde po-1-
master. Alllmimli he will not bo able lo put
the poslofllce In his hnt , he can put his lint In
Hie postolllee , and draw his s.dniy. "
Slander iinoonliiidli > ted ciiiitr.ulicls Itself.
No hero Is ns brave us an empty imcket orn
full bottle.
Wntor Isfhecliancerof the ciiith : ram Is
theehaiigei of mankind.
The Inrron monutaliis miike the vnlloj
fettile ; starving poets feed mankind.
Uel.itlonsldp counts foi mdhlng with
pilnces , levels and sloekbiiikei .
The grave knows no fiUimbir so deep us
tluil of a parson under a fellow pnisoli's her-
Love duos not make Its nuvt in siiowj
locks , plilice ol laaskcis designs
( n tin n nndei taker.
Ki-publienns who pralsi- the lncliraflon ) : of
Indopi'iidi'ni'O would not hesitate to teed
hogs with con-UK rated wnfers.
Do not piay to be fat mid lean , gcni'iiuis
and ciafly , ihh and wl o at the same lime.
The gods cannot make an equator out ol Ivvo
"Though the .strength be u anting , yet ( bo
Mill is lobe pMlsed. ' ' Al'is ' ! i-ulng poet. A
lio/cncoipsc is not socold as a lunkrupt'H
A true riviirhmuu turns everything Into
wmp. A true ( Iciimm ( ntns eveiylhlng into
Riiisiige.s , A tine Anu'iican tnineveijthing
into stock companies.
A cat diivcn Into the snow Is iiioiecliei'ilnl
than a college piolesMir when asked to think
for himself. His high paiiolimagiuatloncan
conceive no gicater Insult ,
No Ameiieaii funnel's month , I hough as
bioad us the Mississippi i.ver's , and us elas
tic as a boa mnstiieloiX Is wide enough
to swallow ono ol .Senator Millet's piotevtioii
11 is so cold In the noilhwesl In w infer that
\nullunlc.iman lorkleklmm bc.iling vim.
A vvlelderol iieat-'o-nlne-lails or the ISnsslan
knout would bt- the most popular man in the
When a man is paving sjiot e.ish for the
diinks his invit itioiisjinfew. . When ho is
b.mglinr up his diinks it U : "Come. bovn. will von take'.1" Cicillt is Iho lite ot
trade but death to the trader.
Men In gm d soolefy think themselves ills-
tliiL'iilshoil because thev know how to diess
like tadpok'i , to laugh like a wutci-spoitt In a
thundei-stoim , and to tell the dllleicnce be
tween a wine glass and a lingci-bowl.
Madame ( icrstoi .sills foi A mot lea on N'o-
vembei 22d.
In I'.nis jrfl babies mo reho.iising
for u dim im in the pluy "Pollt Poucot. ' '
Mi. Theodora Thomas 1nt present mi a
concert toui omhiacing Alluny , Sjracuse ,
Utiea , Kochester , ole ,
A r.omlon pilvnto letter wiys Hint Mis.
T.iingliv bus ceiluliilv mudo nphei mind ,
sime the honsilule-Ohelvvjnd listicnfT , to
mala1 Ameilr.i her ] > criiiiiiunt ) home.
Mr. Josclly has b-'on ongugod to play at a
number of Iho Thomas popular conceits ,
which will bo his only nppciiain PS with 01-
chestia this season.
Th" man who puts an immediate-delivery
letter in a sticet box vv 111 ho astonished at the
Immediate deluj.
The lirst < oneeit ol the Now Voik Philh.u-
nionlcclub takes place tit Ohlekeilng hall
Tuesday evening , November 17th.
H.irrv Sullivan Is coming to Ihls country
ne\t s-o.ibon to play aiiothei jiositivcly last
laiewell engagement.
In the new opera "Amoiltu , " which Is to
follow " \i iion"al Casino , one ol the prin
cipal scenes will repicscnt the interior el a
glass eoiisei vatoi v , in which an attempt will
be maito to attain the peifcctlon of realism.
Frank 3. ( 'hmifiiiii , Ihoin vcnrold son of
the dead aetoi , is .stndving for tlio stage In
London , under the dliectinn of 0. W. Tay-
lemo , and it said to give evidence of much
diamatie .ihilitj.
. fho "I'llnww Xlliah "
Tn the. plnv entitled ,
Madame Modioslca cmploj.s the sei vices of
two immense Siberian hloodhonuds. While
on the vvuv lo Huston , I'.i. , one iiftlinuni-
mals jumped liom thu tialn nnd was killed ,
and ihero was monining itinong the other
inembeis of the caste.
A beautiful now somr Is called "Tho Lone
One on the Shoie. " We never knew till now
how iimiantie aisolitary culm could bo made
to appear.
Horrllott , the distinguished Herman violin
viitnoso , IUIB anived from Kuroiio.
Jodie begins her Philadelphia engagement
on November ' . , ut the upur.i house.
( Jeorgo C ! . Miin Is on a tour ngaln , and feels
hopctul of icmiijning out nil season. lie will
play nil of this month In Town. Walter Uont-
Icy lemahib with him as leading mail.
The Milan Italian Opera company , which is
this jear under the management ot Henry
WoUhohii. will omul Its nt lUchmiMid ,
Va , Mondiiv , The lepertory of tharimpiny
Include * II Tiovutoiel.a.SowimTiil > ulal''aiist ' ,
KOHUU and I.a Tiavinta. The company will
pasix ! weeks in Sun Fuuiclbco and then In
Mr. Booth's propiM-utlons foi fho now dm-
iualicseusn ( ) have been completed , lie will
tike the Hold on November H , beginning nt
Italthnino , where he into net lor two weeks.
On November Oil. Im wl Iniipeni In HrooUlyn
tor one week , lie then lesttor lour
weeks , uml late In leeeml > or will appear at
the l ! ( ton mitMiiim. His ensaKoment then ;
is to lust hvo weeks. Alter that ho goes to
Now Voik uud plays for n month , ut the
Fifth Aueniio thcatie. Mo will then devote
two weeks to Philadelphia , at thu opera
boiiM1 , and thus conclude lib season. II is to
covei loiiiMn weeks in nil ,
Tlio ( ieiiuun papers bilng the annouiieo-
nient that Iho vvoitny people of Obor-Ainmor-
gau , MI justly culebnilt'd lor- their great Pas
sion Play peilormaneo * , nio giving two hccn-
Inr pleecn this hiimmerlu thuli thcatei eveiy
bnililuyalloiiioiiii tohiiKU audiences of peas-
nuts fiom thu .Minunn..iii ) , ' vall vn of the liu-
viuhin hlchliuids. One of the plays \n \ enti
tled " .St. Ulrlcli , or the IHttlu ot the linns on
the Lochlnld , " uml the ntneiTlui ( liilliliinih-
ter of Niiroinbnig. " The hlago on which
tin-so iiluysnn1 glvtiii Is the same ns the one
iiH-dlor Ihe decennial peifoimanco ol Ihe
Pashlon Play , tliongli Iho adnlloilnm , which
Ihthoiecapahlnot seatinglivnoi nix thousand
pel suns , Is reduced In si/o liy hiinglng the
( oveicd poitlon clo D up to the Mago. 'lie
jicitoimcis in Moulin pluys aio thu
wine us the ones who won fame fm tliciic
selves an lopiosonlalivos of cliiuaot-
wi live yeai s ago.
irjnint ; Him tflO.OOO.
Chloasf lleriihlA breach of premise
eiisojiiHt tried in IVniih\lvuiilo hud an
ending that was exceedingly satisfactory
to evorbody oNceiil the defendant. When
Lewis Xaniir'b wife died ho inailo Iho
aeiimintiiniMi | ot a gill n.iiiied Arabella
Kcntnor , and In the of lime anKed
hoi1 lo in.irry him She foiiKented and
mudo turangoinuiiU tor the coieinony. A
f ( w duys before llio tlnm sei he professed
an unvvillingnoss to hu married at hoin1)
and told her ib"t if -Jjii vvynKl'i \ |
IV . I . . . * - I. * * * - . * * * * '
onn iQUo 'J ' wou ' , , i , -r. .
thlthci' liy another , muut her , and many
her there. Thu girl did ns requested , but
Xancr did not appear , lieing a siranger
in the oil v nnd huv ing no money , she w .is
in gicat distiess , nnd It was not until
several davs bud ( dapped that she could
get assistineo On her lotuin lo Penn-
s\hania she found /inner niat'ried lo
a'nolliorglri. Sin-sued him for JjSiil.'JO ' )
damages and llio Jury awarded her $10-
OUD.The man's ofTun'o wi a porlom one ,
and it U cnllrely proper that ho should
) ) o punished tor it , more especially as ho
bused his defense on nil attempt lo do-
stioy the young woman's icpiitalh.n
JSidiig well Known , and her iifh tingin
Detroit hav Ing been a mutter of record ,
there was not much dillloully in iKing
llio ilogrco of tlio defendant's regions- !
b'litv ' Xanur of an old man , \\lio \ prob
ablv'will not oiitlivi ) nmdhcr v.ifo , but
lliu oNuniple that has been madu of him
may have a good InlliiiJiice on ntber inon
u Im imagine that any M rl ot poilidn \
puriuisiiiblu In
Turcstnnit stronpc t Nnturtil 1'nilt ,
Vnnllln. Lemon. Omiicc. Almond. Kotc. etc. ,
ll.ivorn-s Oi-llctitelyaiul naturally nsUiotnilt ,
CllICAOO. _ BT. LOnifl.
Drawing ( ho Iilno ,
X. Y Sim H was n Nebraska Jail ,
tavern , saloon , ami real estate ugonoV
combined The HhmilV came out to wol-
CDUIP the traveler , and ho seemed to bo
n verv nice sort 01 a man. *
"Things' isn't jnit wluit I'd wnnt 'oin , '
joii know , " lie apologetically observed.
"but this is n new country nnd wo oan'i
have ever.v thing at oneo. Mnko yourself -
self riglit to homo while Iho old woman
cooks dinner "
\Vhilo vv ailing for the promised meal
one of ( he five or six men lounginjj
aioiind the place entered the room ana
asked the traveler for a chow of to-
'Mini , you mu n'l do It you really
mnsti't , " said the landlord. " 1 want to do
vv hut's right and fair , but I mustdraw
the line soiuew hero. Von jailbirds must
not try lo put yourselves on mi equality
with the tfiiosl < of my hotel. "
"A jailbird , did . .v.on . su.\ " queried the
traveler as Jim withdrew.
"Yes. lie's in for ( vvo months. All
that crowd out there are in juil ? "
"Mnt Where's Ihe jail- ! "
"Hight here Tain't no silyor-plalod
palace , I'll admit , but it's the best the
connlv can all'ord. "
"Where do you leek 'em up ? "
"Now In ic. There isn't a look on any
door "
"Hut what prevents 'cm from running
" perticklor. Koekon they'll
sill clear out us soon as the j rubgits pool !
and I begin to water the whiskey. "
' And yon won't try lo slop Yin ? "
"Oh , no. I'm willing to he Sheriff nml
jailor , mid I want to sue ( he county git
along , but they must'nt put too many
buidoiis on me. "
The mystery of last year's red fiunscli
has not , M't boon explained. It wus , how
ever , doubtless due to some unknown at-
mosphcric influence. Mill there Is no
mastery about lied Slur Cough Cure. It
is a sciontilie combination of the best
known curative _ agon Us in tlio vegetable
kingdom , and its effects in the treat
ment of throat nnd lung diseases are
simply luarv.ilous.
Xo C.UIMfor Alarm a I Present.
New York .lournal ; "Aren't you
afiaid that your cashier will sldp
out some dajV" said si eynio leone
one ol the directors of a wall street bank.
"Snnio day ho may , but not just now ,
I'm glad to say "
"Why not now ? "
"Because the small-pox in Cnnndn hna
not abated , and ho has never boon racoi-
nated "
SI. iii DiHciiHCH Instantly Relieved l > y
Gutluufn. >
milKATMI'.NT.-A Murm linth with Cutlcum
1. HII.II > , nml it hlniiln iippllcnllou of t'nllmirn ,
tlio ( treat SUIn ( Juie. 'tills rupoiitcil < lally , ivltli
mo or tlnoo iloMjsul CutU'iiru Itusolvuiit , the
Now Illood Pinltloi- lc > | ) thu blood cool , the
pot spiral Ion ] iinu nml uiilrrltntluir , Iho bovroli
opoii , tlm liver ami UliluoyH iictivn. will HiiniHlllr
euro liivomn , Tiiltur , Itliiiruotin.I'sorliiiiH , Mali.
on , Vriirltus , Scnlil-IIoad , Duiulriiir uml ovorr
Fnuclos of Iti'hluir , Pimly niul I'lmply lluinors oC
tlio Hvalp anil Slilu when tlm buxt iiliytiulana uud
luuiudlos lull.
Vour most vnhmblo Cutlcum Itnmoillos linrn
done my child BO niiioliKood thnt I fool llkumiy-
Inpr this rortliu boiuilH ul'lh < > S4) who nio ttoubloil
uith blilii iliMmit' . My lilllo Kli'l wnu UouliloJ
ullh Ec/oina , aiid f lil il Kovurul dootora
nnd mciliciiKH , hutdld not do loir nny ooii until
I usoil thu ( , 'uUolira Honiuillo.-i , wliloli Bpoodlljr
c-inoil hor.ltir vyhluli I ewe ) on iniiiiy lliimlcj
uud many niulitH ol' loit.
Ttrnsnlmoit pniloully liuld.c.uiHoil liyTottflr
on the top ol tlio siulp. I lisnd your Cutluurn
llomudlos ubout blv woolen , mul Ihoy omuil 1117
si'iilii porleolly , inul now my liulr Is comlnjr liuuk
HU 1 11 felt as It oxer v UN
J. I'.OnoiOK , Wliltoslxiro'.Toriw.
covunuD wri-iT nr.OTOins. ?
T wnnt to lrl ) > ou thut your ( "nllciira llosol
vout H imiKidlleont. About thrco nioiiths I\KO /
my tiu-o wan IIOVIMXH ! with lilotuhuri , and ultor
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Many a Lady
is beautiful , all but her skin ;
and nobody has cvur told
her how easy 5t is to put
bonnty on thu skin. Beauty
on the ykiu is Magnolia