Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 13, 1885, Page 7, Image 7

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nod utirljr protlralca ; on.
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Strmllci I tin rrrrHi
EnHcliM tlioDlood , GIvciArtr Vl or
Dn.,1. Ii Mrrns Fulrflrld loit/i imnii
"nrmm'n Imn Hitters h theboti Iron medlclnn I
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flemilne liu tndo mark ndrro- ort rr < 1 llnca on
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IiAmiCH' Hum UOOK umfnl anil Mtrnctho , con-
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\ 017 Nl , ClmrlesSt.fiMouLHtto. :
4rnM ( rjrmln le of two Medical Colttgei , tin r etn loafer
engiijtidlu thoipeei&l treatment of CHBOWIC , NkiTcti , RBI *
k.nd ULO .t > l > iiitt thin inr other f byittltn laSULouli ,
licit/ t > tri ibow nnd all old rvt lrnii know
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial nnd other Affec
tions ol Throat. Skin or Uoncs , Blood Poisoning ,
Old SorCS and UlCCrS , arc treated with unpinlldul
BCCfM , fin lkttittlrDtl&d prtnclplfi.Farelr , PrUitelj ,
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess.
Exposure or Indulgence , witch produce loroe of tba
followLIE | frleet * i n8r > wur.ccM , dcLIIlt ; . dlmccai or ulibl
ADadrfectlrotnrniorj , | > Imp lei on tbo fsc , pbrileAldceiji
* Trratan totbJ uelet/or Trottles confuiloa or Idcmi. etc. ,
rendering JM rrUi < o improper or unlmppy , aia
pfrm ncDtif cjrtxl , ffimpblttiSO piiecs } nn tbe tborp , aont
Cccor ty mull fre * . Intltod tml trlcttjr CftoAJeclinl.
A Posltlvo Written Guarantor gtren in rerreg.
tatlecue * McJlelnoicnt every where b/mall or ciprrsi.
20O TAOE9t FINE PLATES , el print cloth ITI * ! ( tilt
Mndh ( t.ncitpd forOOo. I n pefiiiifeor currency. Over fifty
WontUrful rm pictures , true to lite ; rtlelnon the followIrg
vbjeetit who tnrty marrywtonot , why ; manhood , troman.
Aood.iihnlral tUcByoirert9 rotibftCraD | | > letcf > itlo ) tibyi.
Jolcty orrrnt < lnotloQ , t Jirnny iu re. Tboic mtrrled or
ronterai litliiZ nivrrUn * ihnntil tttiA It , lt > k'lar edition
pnper coTtr,35o. Ad1r * M % Rbo 6 * . VThUtler
l &i-sii 2
Frightful Case of a Colored Man.
T contraolod a fearful ca = o of blood poison In
IBfSJ. I WIIH t tented t > y ROIIIO of the bvftt tihyril-
clans In Allnntn. They need the old leimnllosof
mercury and potash , which In outfit on ihouma-
tlHin nndlinptilrod my dlfjostlvooiffana. Uvory
Joint In mo was swollen and lull of pain. When
I trtwKlvon up todio , my ] ) hysluhuiM thought It
would l > o n Kood time to lost the virtues of
Bwlft'nSpociRo. When I commcincod takings.
8. H. the phy.ilclaii Mild I could not live tuo
weeks iiiuuir the ordinary troatmont. Ho com
menced to KVO ! mo tliu medlulno Ntrictly nccord-
inif to direction" , which I continued for several
months. I took nothing ol < o and commenced to
Jmproymo Irom tbo very llrot. Boon the rhoti-
> matlHin lelt mo , my nppetlto bcciuno all right ,
find the uleorfl , which the doctor # nldwoiotho
most frightful bo had over noon , began to hud ,
nnd by the 1st of October , ltte-1 , 1 wa n well mini
nunln. 1 urn Btronscr now than lovc wusbo-
fore , nnd weigh moio.
Lorn McClondon Ims bcou In the * employ of
tuo ( most ; Oiillcy Compuny for some year.- * , und I
know the above Ftatoinont to bo true. At tbo
time ho hotfan tnlcliiR SwIft'R Bpccltlo ho wns In
A horilblo condition. I toward Ills cute us al
most miraculous.
W. I ! , CuoRvr , Mmmcor ,
Ohops-Pniloy Co. , Athuitii Division.
Atlanta , Cn. , April 1H , UA" > ,
femes Medical Institute
I Chartered by UwStateof Illl.
Vnoia for theexprcsdp jrpose
| ofgivmgimmeaiate rehetln
rail chronic , urinary and prl-
Jvnto discuses. Gonorrhoea ,
i Gleet andSyphills in all their
complicated forma , also all
diseases of the Skin and
Ulood promptly relieved and
pcrinanentlycured by reme
dies , teated m a/-'or/// 1'cnrJ
t ItjirciaU'rariltr , Seminal
Weakness , Night Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
he FaceLost Manhood , jiu Hln lyotretl. Tlifre
la no cjci > ci-tnit'titlmi. The appropriate remedy
is at once used In each case. Consultations , per *
Bonnl or by letter , sacredly confidcntljl. Mcd.
Iclnes sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
package to Indicate contents or bender. Address
Dn.MMES.No. 204Washinglon St.Cncagolll. !
I'rpnininr' DfcITm fronirrronorext' pa
J.nHl I'nivo. JUrase- tlm Kliliirr > * > IHuiU
l < r , nnd I'mntnto ( ilnnd TltUI ) Itliuut
loniBrh Medlcturt oy lli Miirmiin llulim. Viw
rln iHCiiri-uvmhoiitHUtBcr } rrentlaeanotc *
t-iiionmi' itr ' . Allri > ireopond inPCcmiinlc > iiU L
. . _ * m /
The Orlirliml unit Only fli'iiuliio.
J < ll.iJu.\u'u. ! LApiE8VrA k0ac7 ruBi " i < " *
> 4C'bl hrtrrRA EnisllBi" nA Ukc other , or lurUM
( umM ) to ui fur I'ftrtlcuUr * i * litter by return nil
NAME PAPER. ChlcliMtrr Cbrnilrul Oih.
UU13 llMiII I'lillAn . '
* < in Nuuurf * * *
Men Think
they know all about Mustung Lin-
hncnt. Few do. Not to know 13
not to have.
The Towns nnfl Cities of Korway am
Sweden as Been by an Omaha Man.
Glimpses of Gottctihcrg , Christiana
nnd Stockholm , AVhcro the AN
mighty Kroner Is n Seconda
ry Dolly Ati Interest *
IIIR Letter.
STOCKHOLM , Sopt. 15. [ Correspondoneo
of the HKK. ] My imprnsslon of Norwny
and Sweden ns an agricultural country
does not coin pure favorably with Ne
braska. It might , liowovor , romp'nrn
with homo portions of Oregon , Washington -
ton lorrltorv and the Pugcl Sound
conulr.y. About foitr-ilflhs Is tlnibur and
wntor , leaving but little for farm pur
poses. The harvest in tlio southern portion
tion lias just begun and farther north in
the vicinity of Christiania everything Is
greun , anil I question whether they will
harvest It. 1 notice the potatoes uro just
in blossom , and n frost a few days ago
nipped them. The people are feeling
qulto WHO and say this is a very late wet
awl cold season , I agree with them , for
it requires all the clothing wo can got on
to keep us warm. This , liowovor , has
been the ease over hinco wo left Now
York August 1. The scenery is not grand
but picturesque , in consequence of Iho
numerous lakes , gorges and waterfalls
skirted with heavy timber , principally
spruce Mid Scotch' ( irs. The Inttor are
most valuable lor commercial purposes
antl are exported in largo quantities lo
other countries. The lumber business
scorns to bo ono of tlioir greatest indus
tries , although the Norwegian ant !
Swedish iron bus gained a world witle
reputation. Idjdnolsoo as many fur
naees and rnlHng mills as T expected
There are no Pittsburgs or Wheelings ii
either of these countries. We came into
this countrv by way of Denmark , took
steamer at Copenhagen for Gottonbnrg.
about twelve hours ride over .a hoautifu
sheet of water from two to'ton mile ?
wide , anil outer one of tlio finest harbor
in Sweden. Gottcnberji has tv popula
tion of 75,000 , It is tlm first eommercia
antl second largest city in Sweden , iiiu
third largest in thu Scandinavian ponin
sid a
The strnnt.s are all well paved. It has
fine botanical and other gardens , mir
spurns , picture galleries , theatres , oto
The onty affection 1 have for the place is
n very bad eold which T Itroughi awaj
with mo , and have not been able to gel
rid of it yet. Hero we take the cars foi
Trollhattnn falls. The scenery about the
falls is very fine. The falls themselves
are not so much , but the surrounding *
make it a delightful resort. Quito a mini'
her of factories utilize a portion of the
power in making pulp out of wood to bo
used in the mantitacttiro of paper. These
falls are said to bo the largest in this
country. They will not compare with
Niagara or Shpshone , Wo go i'rorn hero
l > y rail to Christiania , the capital of _ Nor-
way. The population is about ninety
thousand. The city occupies a pictur
esque situation at tlio northern extremity
of the Christiana Fjord , eighty miles
from the sea. This country is full of
these Fjords or inlets from the sea , . The
largnst vessels go all through the moun
tain country. One can visit the North
Capo and all the grand scenery of the
north and mountain country by steam
ers. H reminds mo very much of the
Puget Sound country in fact , it is very
similar , and when I como to think of it
wo must bo very nearly opposite to that
country on the globe. While lit Chris
tiana wo had a chance to sec the most
learned men , both old and young. The
university turns out , or did turn out on
the ad ot September , aboutone thousand
students , old and young. This is the
time of tlioir annual meeting. There
w.ero twenty-five persons present who
graduated iifty years ago. They took
their dinner at our hotol. The grand
class of about 100 who were students
twenty-live years ago , took dinner at
Free Mason Hall. A finer looking or
moro intelligent set of men I never
saw anywhere. All were the con
ventional evening dress , including
white cravat. They are all re
quired lo _ learn at least three
languiigo. including the English , consequently
quently English is frequently heard in
Christiania. Nearly all the shop keepers
speak it.
The streets are very brond and ono
beautiful avenue in particular leading up
to the palace suggested to me what Capitol
tel avenue might be if our citizens would
turn their attention to parking the centers -
tors of our whip htroets and having ojily
a road way of fifteen feet on either side ,
or thirty feet in the centers with parking
sides. 'Sod is much cheaper than paving
and a well kept lawn is certainty more
beautiful. When I compare this city
with ours in public improvements and
things that really adorn and make a oity
bountiful and attractive , I .feel as though
wo had nothing , yet wo have ten times
the trade , commerce , business snap and
get up that they havo. Hut they are
mvuy ahead of us in that which makes
life pleasant and desirable. When wo
left nonio wo expected to Imvogono up lo
North Capo , but this idea , wo abandoned
as it was too Into for the midnight sun
and too late in the season for comfort ,
May , Juno ami July are the bust months ,
So wo leave that for some future time
perhaps. Last year some thirty thou
sand tourists visited this north country.
This year there were not nearly so many.
When one has the time and a good , con
genial party I would regard it a much
liner trio for the summer than Switzer
land. The scenery as you go north is
much finer.
So wo leave Norway nnil two days
by rail brings us through the heart of
Swctlen to its capital , Stockholm. The
population is about L'00,000. It is built
upon nine islands and two somi-islands.
and is called Iho Venice of the North. It
Is a beautiful hituated oity , clean and
healthful. In fact the cities in this coun-
trv nro all healthy and the gnivo yards
will bear witness to this fact.
The city ns wo f.eo It to-night from our
third story in the ( irand hotel , is partic
ularly beautiful. It Is illuminated In
honor of the Prineo of Wales , who ban
just arrived from the regatta down the
bay. A largo number of small steam
vessels wunt out lo meet him ami the
king ot Sweden. It required about
twcnty-livo state cnrrriagefi to convoy the
Party from the island below the hotel to
the palace immediately opposite our ho-
lol. The outriders with their torches ,
the various colored lights on the vessels ,
electrjo liirhf" , ! ; rr > works flags. Inji"
' " 5 Hid filar * and stripes , ( lit ) people
shouting all this has a tendency to
tnako inn say it is ono of the most beau ,
llfiilly located cities In the world. Tlm
royal palaeo , which Isan immense quail-
rangulargranitu and brink edilico , jdas-
hired on the outsldo , as Is most of the
buildings , jo rupresent stone , covers
about nuo block of ground , it has a ma-
iiuitlt ) appifimuiuit , from whatever point
It Is vo\\viI. It stands on Iho highest
point of tlm central Island , nnd the view
twin tlm platform on tint northwestern
hide. , over l.ako Malar , is the. Illicit in'
Stockholm. The. palaeo contains nut
rooms , ihlrlV'twn kitchens , ami 101 col.
urs. 1 will not attempt to describe
hi ) interior or wlmt it contains , Hiilllco It
o bifvllnM it Is Hllodfrotu garret to t'ullar '
wllh fine tuts nnd precious things. Tlm
library contains seventy thousand vol
Stockholm has many fine public ant
private building ? , ami still moro nro being
ing built. Ono of the things that I do no
understand is why those old cities _ in
Europe should grow so rapidly. I notice
a great change in the past live years ii
those that I visltod then. London , for
instance , has unproved more In pronor
lion than any oily 1 know of in America
Antwerp , Amsterdam , Hamburg and Copenhagen
ponhagon nro all very much improved
Whole streets are being built up will
line sovcn and oight-story buildings. It
this city 1 uotico a largo number of lim
and eight sovon-story buildings.Tho material
torial used U brick nnd slonowhilo in the
country the hotisas nro of wood , some
thing rarely soon in other parts of En
ropo. The people all seem well sntisliw
with Ihoir lot. They love their king
their country , their homes , and upon tlio
whole enjoy life much more than wo d <
iuAmorioa. Life can bo spent mud
easier hero. There is not that rush am
oxritomnnt In business not that desire to
gain riches , not so inuoh inlorforiii'
with other people's business , not so muci
gossip. In fact , take the whole Soantll
ntivian country and they are the mos
honest , sober and quiet people I over
mot. They are also very intelligent ant
industrious , and it is rarely that you linii
well-to-do his . Oi
n - - ouo leaving country.
the contrary , I find many that have end
grated lo America and have roturnct
bettor satisfied.Vo find but little or no
drunkenness , no lights , no rows , oonse
quently but little use for police and bii
few soldiers. Law antl order SOOIUH to
prevail. It is not an expensive country
lo live in or travel in. Wo do find some
trouble in the interior witli the language
in order to see the country woll. Wo done
no night traveling , consentient ly wo
stopped over night a Carlstadt , a beauti
fid Itttlo city of seven thousand inhab
itants and two fine hotels. Wo soleetei
the best and they gave us the parlor bed
room , but not a word of English or Ger
man could they understand. So wo resorted
sorted to pantomime , went into tin
dining-room , walked around , holjotl |
ourselves. Seeing others catinj ,
beef stake and eggs , wo indicated tha
wo would take the same and pretty soot
it came with broad and butli-r , and two
bottles of native ale , al o the bill , twt
kronors or litty cents for two persona , _ 1
thought that they made a mistake , but in
the morning breakfast came and it was
the same. 1 held out a handful of money
Tlio servant picked out the exact amount
Our room was seventy-live conta 'but I
makes one's feel a little queer to got into
a oily of that size and not find any ono It
converse with. The natives seem to look
upon us poor foreigners with pity. Wt
are sometimes stared at as though wi
were curiosities to them , notwithstanding
wo wear about the name style of dross
yet there is a peculiarity about caol
nationality that is impossible to throwolF
Hut enough for this tuno. _ i fear I have
written moro now than will bo read will
interest. I may make tumio memoran
da as wo go on our journey and &OIR
them back ,
This Sunday. September Cth happens
to bo a rainy day , wo are housed tip ,
reading a largo mail received here , in
cluding the BUR'S for ouo week , the latest
date being the ICth.
1 agree with you in your article on
manufacturers. If Omaha over expects
to bo a largo city she must devise some
plan to induce inanufactursrs to como
there and locate. If necessary we must
spend some money to 'got them to como ,
and now is the time lo doit. The bcsl
cities in Europe are baokod up with
manufactories. I could cite hundreds of
cases had I timo. I hope you will keep
the matter stirred up and organize for
that express purpose. Wo leave hero in
a few days for Finland aud expect by
next Sunday to be in St. Petersburg. Rus
sia , then Moscow and south to Turkey.
Truly yours ,
u. W.
After Diphtheria.
Diphtheria is a terrible disease , requir
ing the greatest medical skill to oll'oet a
complete euro. Even when its power is
broken , it clings lo the patient with great
persistency , and olten loaves the system
poisoned and prostrated. Just here
Sarsaparilhidoosa vast amount of good ,
expelling impurities from the blood ,
giving it riohnoss and vitality , while ii
renovates and strengthens the system.
The candle light question is the line
which divides tbo high and low church
people of the Episcopal church in
Lou \Varrcn \ rjllcd the landlady's
bureau in Des Moines and cleaned up
$100. He was taken in.
The Eclipse house at Pacific Junction ,
worth $1,030 , , was destroyed by lire
Thursday night.
lohabo'd MeCord , of Dunlap , hoarded
$ l < r > 0 in his bureau , and thus invited l.ho
festive house breaker. IIo lost a hay
stack , but saved the roll.
The seven-year-old girl of M. Gnerdt ,
of Duhuquo , w.ts attacked by it vicious
dog Tuesday , and but for bystanders
would have been killed. As ills she is
disfigured for life , and her face presents
iv ghastly appearance. The dog was or
dered shot.
A twelve-year-old son of A. C. Scott , of
Cresoo township , near Algona , loll
in front of a reaper and had both his
liands cut oil' .
Miss Minnie Knttdson , ' a school
teacher at Pomeroy , com milled suicide
with arscnio.
The potato rot prevails in llardin
The female base ball club which
starred in the river towns , collapsed for
want of pin money at Keokuk. They
jnstlcd around and secured ireo trans-
KH'tation to tlioirmanimas.
Hook Island railroad employes are for-
liddon lo indulge in the bowl that cheers
uid shouts , on pain of discharge
Mrs. Herman Herkhollz , of Hock
llapids , drew $ ; i)0 ! ) ( ) from tlio bank the
other tlay. That night live masked men
called at the house and demanded admit-
anco , saying they wanted the money.
Mrs. Herkholtz opened fire on them with
i revolver and drove them away.
A couple of young ladies at Kcokuk
; ot into a fight about a young man , the
over of one of the participant * , whom itj
seems had imprudently taken the other
young lady buggy riding. They were
irrcstcd and each fined $ ! l ami costs for
their racket.
It now appears that Miss Ada Fairchild -
child , the young lady who jumped out of
ho third-story window of a hotel at
Jddar Itapids , was frlgntoned into the
tot by a man who knocked at her door
mil threatened to foroo the door and kill
inrlfHho didn't admit him. Her only
bought was to escape , and she lumped
rom tlio whitlow , not thinking of the ro-
inlt. Thomas Lowroy , a hotel porter ,
ias boon arrested for the threatened as-
anil , and the evidence against him is
aid to bo convincing. Miss iVircldldi
ho physicians say. wiJJ recover.
The ; J minors'of Colfax and Altoomi
nro out on u strike for an advance of
A Krnkuk boy hold another over a log
fire Until his shins wore toasted , ami was
lined $ HK ) for the sport.
There were 1U7 arrests fordrunkonnesd
In Ottuniwa during August and Soplom-
When lulijrraa tick , ire Rare I cr Cutorla ,
When tlio rn a Child , ftho cried for Ciutorlo ,
Wtiou nho lipojino JHH | , hlio clung to CastorU ,
Wiieu the Uoil UUldrou , ( ho i ; vo Uteui Uastorio ,
Sir. Flurpivnlkerja Htpcrlcnco Wtl
Civil Service
Now York TelegraphMr. . James
Klurowalkcr having become tired o
machine politics aajilros lo a pormancn
ollioial position tmilor the federal government
mont and having had several years experience
perionco as u sugar expert ho applies fo
the olllco of sugar Inspector In the ens
toms service. InItio time ho is sum
moncd before tlld.fllVil sofvico ovamln
Ing board. Feeling confident of his general
oral intelligence and of Ids special quail
llcations for the position ho presents him
self for examination wearing an oas\
nnd benignant smile.
While tlio members of _ the board are
preparing to examine him ho examine.
them and Is vastly impressed with their
dignified , not to say austere manners am
air of profound learning. Mr. Fluro
walker rapidly collects his thoughts together
gothor and tries to concentrate all the
( acuities of his mind in readiness for tin
first question which ho is a little toarfu
may be iv poser.
"In sailing from Mozambique to the
Straits of Malabar , what are tuo vnrin
lions in the magaetio needle , and what is
the cause of those variations ? "
Mr. Flurowalkor requests a ropolilfoi
of the question. It is repented , twice
three times but Mr. F. is too Hurried to
"Perhaps you can toll nswhnro Mozam
biqito is ? " says ono of the examiners.
llOh , yes ! Of course. Why , it is ofT to
the eastward somewhere anarehipelagt
or a peninsula , orfeoinulhing. It is some
thing. It is somewhere near Mosopotu
miii. "
"That will do , sir. "
"What is the rule in Sholly's case ? "
" ' "
"EhllnSholly'scaso ,
"yes. sir. "
Well , I suppo'o it's the same rule as
with any otlnr in in. If hi is a purely
elected , count him in , I never heard Ilia1
Shelly had any particular pull. "
"That will do , sir. "
"De cribo Iho process of germination
in a seed. "
"hi a seed ? "
"Yes , sir. "
"The process of whatv"
"Germination. "
' Oh ! the progress of the German na
tion ! Well , since the battle of Keonig-
gratz and the war with Franco there - '
"That will do. "
rouirni QUESTION.
' "What is meant by tlio procession ol
the equinoxes ? "
"Tho equinoxes ? '
"Yes. "
"The procession of lite equinoxes ? "
"No , the procession of tlio equinoxes. '
"Never heard of it. What does it re
late to ? "
"Cosmogony. "
"Well , astronomy. "
"O ! 1 see , now , gentlemen ; you niusl
have made a mistake. 1 nui not an ap
plicant for an astronomical position. J
only want to be"a sugar inspector. "
" 1'hat will dotfir. Wo are quite aware
of that. Now pay attention and answer
our questions.- i
"Explain thclrolalion of Iho molectilai
theory to the nodular hypothesis ! "
"No , 1 thank you , l' had rather not.
Perhaps yon had better put some of your
civil service questions to the president
and hi.s cabinet.yhon \ they pass 1 will
call again. " v ' '
"Sir , you may go. "
And Mr. Flurovfalker goes yes , ho
goes back to machine politics.
NervoiiA lcll > ilitated Men ,
Ton are allowed , tffjccfttrlnl lor f/iirty (7mw
of tlio use of DrMwo's Celebr.itwl Voltaic
Hell with Electric Suspensory Appliances ,
lor the speedy icliofuml permanent euro ol
Nervous Debility , loss of Vitality and Man
hood , and all kindred troubles. Also lor
many otlio diseasc.s. Complete restoration to
health , viuor and manhood. No risk is in
clined. Illustrated pamphlet with lull Information
mation , forms , etc. . mailed fieo by
Voltaic Uelt Co. , Maislmll , Midi.
Springfield ( Mass.Kepublican ) : There
is an eilort making for the removal of
Agent Gasmann , ot tlio Crow Creek In
dian reservation in Dakota , which has
boon so prominently before the public
attention during the past seven or eight
months. The attempt can only bo made
by enemies of Iho Indian , out of silu ] )
at IMaj Gasmann's course in maintaining
tlio Indian's rights , and it ought not lo
have tlie ghost of a ehitneu of success.
A strong representation in his favor has
been sent to Secretary Lamar , bearing
the signatures of Bishop W. II. Hare ,
Herbert Welsh and Robert Fnizor , of the
Indian Rights association , and Klauo
Cioodalo and Florence Bacom , of Hamil
ton institute. The character of tlio work
Agent Gasmann has carried on at the
reservation is in their opinion "of very
high order , both in its relation to Iho
government and the Indiana , " and they
believe his continuance isvury important
in every respect , for the advancement of
tlio Indians in civilization , for Iho pro-
lection of tlioir interests , and for the
good of the service generally. His con-
duet during thu recent dilVieultioH was
'marked by a courage , prudence and
ability which jnsjly entitle him to the
respect and graiftudo of all good cili-
x.ons and Iho firmisupport of your honor
able olllco. " For these reasons the
memorialists ask that Agent Gasmann he
retained ; and there is no doubl but that
lie and every good agent should bo , for a
change of Indian agents means a good
deal moro than a change of clerks in u
department ollloo.
It always gives us pleasure fo speak
well of a good article. The "Garland
stoves and Ranges" are acknowledged
to embody all that is lest in that lino.
1'lioy have the reputation of lioing Iho
jest made , Though imitated by many
, hey are equalled by none.
An Iowa MyMory That l'ii/zleH : Oltl
As wo emerged ffoni behind the row of
roes a largo , irrntfular body of water
ipponrcd , whleK taa guide told us was
ho far-fiunud \ | i | , liiKul writes an At-
anta , Iowa , correspondent of the SI.
joins Globo-DoiiuKinitt Antl wo must
'onl'esri to a souse of disappointment at
irst sight , A viir.Mi largo pond , which
wished over m > jil Jijuiks on the opposite
sitlo , and over "wluVh the odor or liar-
osts ami dead fish came faintly , did not
strike as with ttyj.oiulur which wo had
jxpected. Tho-guKlo seemed to expect
his look of disgust , for he pointed out
ho oxcecdlnglyfiijgh banks on the Hide
loarost to us , ai/l said nothing OH | . In-
Iced , the bankV wire ( very ii' ' . ; ; ! ; , and
rom our side ; : ; , -iiuin see ifothing of
no iiiko oxooptT iiiyringo of water near
est the other s'horo/
We approached the lakovory impa
tiently , lor wo knew that the nivhtory , if
there was any , was hidden behind the
high bank , but the guide , who hud seen
the lake for years and 1 began to think
for centuries , if Ida growth was as slow
as his motion purposely delayed , and it
was not till wo hail time to got our ex
pectations aroused to a high pitch that
ho led us down a curving road to the
beach , and the great wall stood before us
in nil it.s greatness.
From the bench to the summit of the
bank , twenty-live feet or moro and ex
tending for over a mile in length , lingo
boulders , of herculean proportions , wore
pilot ) upon and around oaoh other. Hero
anil there some of the smaller rooks
were missing , taken away by man for
building purposes ; , lint enough remained
to show What iu former magnificence
must have been , \V'hi \ , a wo Mumi luok-
tn { * np nl the summit of the wall I could
not help thinking how small oven the
largest , of man's works wcro compared
to this work of nature.
IIow those lingo bowlders wcro pilot !
up in such regular order , nnd oven how
they should coma into u jilaoc naturally
so devoid of rocks , is tluj wmdoC of
scientists. Of cottrso the glacial theory ,
evolved especially for ignorant scientists
in difficult places , Is thu ono most com
monly advanced. Hut how those rooks
should cross a wide lake , anil proceed to
place themselves In regular order , is not
explained ; unless , indeed , some lingo
glacier , becoming weary of continued
travel , had suddenly plowed a deep hole
lu the ground , llxed itself , and , molting
under the rays of n tropical sun , had
formed Wall Lake ; and the rooks carried
along with it , not relishing a wetting ,
had piled themselves upon each other in
their anxiety to get out of the lake , nnd
thus formed the wonderful wall.
Angostura lllttorn nro Iliobesl ivincdj
for KMMiivlnp iltdlL'iHtion nnd all diseased
orlglnallm ; troin Iho tlluestlve organs. Ho
ware ot counterfeits. Ask your urorer or
ditunmtfor the genuine article , nmniifno
tared by Dr. J. ( ! . ij. bie ort & Sons.
"It has become so common to begin nn
article , in nn elegant , interest ing style ,
"Then run it into Homo advertisement ,
that we avoid all such ,
"And simply oall attention In the merits
of Hop Hitters in as plain , honest terms
ns possible ,
"To induce people
"To give them ono trial , whloh BO
proves tlioir value that they will novoi
nso anything else. "
"Tin ; llKMKHY so fnvoriilibuotlcwl in all llm
import ) ,
KdllRlous nail sccnlnr , U
"llnvlntr n lurgo sale , mid Is mipplnatlnpr nl
other ineillcliio ! * .
"Thuiols no denying Uio vlrtiioiof tlio Ho |
plant , mill tlio proprietors of Hop Illttors luivo
ohdwii Brent sliu'ttilnoss uml ability. *
"InconipnutMllnfr n moillcliio wno-u virtues
ur so iniljiiiblu to avury onu'a uli.iorvutloii. "
1)1(1 She Dlo ?
"She lingered and sufi'ercd along , pin
Ing away all the time for years. "
"Thu doctors her "
doing no good ;
"And at last was cured by this Hop
Hitters the papers say sp much about.1'
"Indeed ! Indeed1 !
"How thankful wo should bo for that
medicine. "
A Pntif'htor'M Misery.
"Eleven years our daughtersttfTcred on
a bed of misery.
"From a complication of kidney , liver ,
rheumatic trouble and nervous debility ,
"Under the euro of the best physician's.
"Who gave her disease various names ,
"Hut no relief.
"And now she is restored to us in good
health by as simple a remedy as Hop Hit
ters thatwo had bhunncd for years before
using it. " Tun PAUUNTS.
1'rosccuto the S\vlndlirlt !
Ifwlmii you cull for Hop Hilton. , ( sco green
elusion * ! HOIH on the white Inliul ) thoilriik'trlit
hands out un > otliur hlull' called 0.1) . Wtiuior'a
Urrinnn Mop Hitters or with otlior"lloj > " niinio ,
ri'tiif-o It anil shun that ( lriiKfrl t ns yon would n
viper , mill 11' ho 1ms tuKon jour money tor tlio
Btuir latilct him lor tlio Inuid am * tun him lor
the ( Imniws for the swindle and wo will lowurtl
you liberally tor the conviction.
Thl.n Invalniiblo Rpoclllo roadlly nnd pornm-
nontly ciiroH all Kindt ) ol' Asllnuu. The most
olistinato and IOIIK i-t'tndliiK uu G4 > I old prompt
ly to llrt wondurfnl curing proportios. It Is
known tin ouglKiut thu uoild lor Its unrivaloil
J. I , . AT.1 > W13LL , city of Lincoln , Nob. , wrllcs ,
Jan. UTi , IhSt : Since Tiainjr Or. Hair's Antlunu
Cure , for moro than ono your , my wlto has boon
entirely well , und not ovou u symptom of the
llMjitso has appeared.
WILLIAM 1JKNNKTT , Ittchlnnrl , Town , writes ,
Nov. 3dlhSI : I huvo boon allllctnd with liny
Fovorand Asthma Blnco Ibii'.t. 1 follow od your
clhections and am happy to say that 1 never
Mlopt butter In my lilo. 1 am Hlad that I am
nmontf the many who cuu sjicul ; so luvorably. ot
your lonirdloii.
A valuable Bt pnfT ) trcatlpo contiilninff Plmlhir
pioot Irom ovoiy ntnlo in the U. S. , Cumidu aim
U real Ilritnln , will bo mailed upon application.
Any druggist not having It in stock will pro
euro it.
[ BpflPPS
An nflldit fprtlilintmo ! dffiiuUltf HirernowtuMorertla
diMtntrri nfih * I'lfillraOr- . A ft. * diftp * lu.nnri adt.iuiauj tlftiur
to tflpn of < tmrapajii4 > , mil (0 eJl tiunier At t\i In ft tni
l'i > r ft KMitiUffuU Aik vcnr r < y > r ortln iMtfyf Uit
kriuJo.uianuf. tundlir I R.J < l B tItOHll 4fcU 1 * .
j. w.
Nebraska National Bank
BTIIPI.US , May ] , 1SS.5 . ii'i.OdO.OJ
II. W. VATIS : , 1'nislduijt.
A. K. 'I'otiXALm , Viuo Prc.sidonL.
LnwisS. ltiin ; ,
\V. II. S. Unnnr.3 , Gnsliior.
Co , ISth and I'tirnnm fitrootH.
A Oenonil HiuildliK
Offialia ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago.
The only rend to tnltofor Dos > ! " ' . . - arar-
tititltiiu n.rfdn ; ! ii ; . ; , . "nuton , Hlvlo. Clilciin ) > .
, iiTrnilloc < und nil iiolntn eiint. To the people * of
N'lini.-l ! < a. ( iloiiiilo , Wyonilnir , t'tith. Idnlio ,
Novadii , Orison , \Vuhliliurtoii und Ciilllornlii It
[ illnrrt f-iipcr or iidvitntiiifus not i'os ' lblo liyuny
ulhor lino.
Ainoiii ; n Tim' < if tlio niniKiroim points of suiio-
rlorlty i'iijo > od liy the patrons of thlx
twoou Oiniihn and ( 'hleiuro , tuo ltd two tinlns n
; lay of DA V COAC'imS whlvh nro Iho nno > t that
liuinnu ml and hna'tinlly outi creato. Jml'AI/-
, \ ( K Hll'ii'INU : OAKS , which nro models of
( Miifort nnd oloKimco , Its ] 'AUlt | { DUAWINO
ItOGM ( 'AltS , lilisili-Jins.sod liy MIIV. mid HH wide-
eolehiiitud I'AI.ATIAIDININO OAKS , the
xiiiilol | nhldti cniinnt ho fun ml .
At Counoll Illiills thu Inilna of tlio Union I'no | .
[ lo Ily. ennnit't In Union Depot with tlioi-oot the
JhieiixoiV North woslern Ily. In Clilcauo tho1
irnliiB of this line iiniko eloso connaetloiMvlth
llin o of nil oiibtorti llnox.
Kor Dutiolt.Coliiinliug , IndliuinpolU. Cincin
nati , Nluifai a Kallii , Itutlnlo , I'lilhliiirK , roronlo ,
Monti cm , Iloslou , Keiv York , J'lillndelplila , llnl-
\V'iiplilnuliniind ull | > < iiilNlnIliue | 6tiisl {
: lie liukot iijtonl for HcketH via llio
If you wish the hNt acooininodiitloiH. Alltlekut'
iKontH Mill tloketB via this ) line.
UcniTiil Miniiitfor. ( ' nnGo1'- " * * - A oaL
Ulni. A if out , ItlJ Kiirlnuii Si. , Onuilni , Neb.
iiut'biituua V wu a1 lixperlonto ,
.O oMe jftcffti and Larc/cst Slocks in the IT. S.
to Select' from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator.
rnasoager olovntor to nil Iloors. KM , liiXS nnil 1310 Fnrnnm Street.
OMAHA , NiillA3ICA. : )
Commencing to give awny Watorburry Watches , from October 1st. until Janua
ry 1st , to every purchaser of § 15 worth of goods.
1001 Fill-Main Street , Corner of 10th.
Growers of X.Ive Stoclc and Others.
It la tlio host ami clionpo'st food for Btoolc of nny kind. One pound 14 otitml to tlnoo pounds of
corn. Stock fed wlt'i ' O round Oil Cuke Hi thu l'.Ul ami Winter , lustuad of riinnliijf' , will Increase -
crease la uoltfht mid IH > In good mnrliotuulocondllloii In the spring : . Uatrynmii ns well as othord ,
wlio use It , can testify to Its merits. Try It and judxo for yoursolvo ? . 1'rlco $ - ! < per ton. No
churgo for buclis. Aililrosa WOODMAN MNSntll ) Oil. WOU1CS. Oiuahu , Nobniskii.
GRD. 111IUKR ,
CKS : MorclmnU and Fnnnoiti' Hunk , Duvld City , Nub. ; ICimrnoy Nntlonnl llnnkKon
noy , Nob. : Colninlins SUite Hunk , Oolunibug , Noli. ; MoDonuld'H Hunk , North IMiillu , Nob. ; Omuluv
Nutionil llnnlc , Onnilia , Nob.
Will puy oiiHtomora' drult with bill of lading ult icliuil , for two-thirds vuluu of stock.
A. TULIIOCIC , Kngnnd Snpt. U. P. N. SADDLBU , Asst. En .
Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron "Works.
Wrought Iron , Steel , Howe
Truss and Combination
E It II ) G-E S
For Itullroiind nnd Highroads.
Turn Tables , Draw Spans , Rock
Trusses , Piers and Sub
A. MoLOtmi. & II. A. WISH
1'lonsobond usuordof all bridge \\oik to lot. CoiTosjioadouco sollcltoil iniiu ea luoora an
bridge toinniLsdlonors.
cr Full Particulars about Free and Cheap Lands in Western Nebraska , Au'tlres * PATTERSOit
& WHITE , Real Estate Agents , North Plutto , Nebraska.
The time of Selling Goods in Omaha , at and * ® IQK os& & , has
sta Passed EKOQ
Away , L a.
And I would not Oiit Prices clown to less
COST , for
But simply do so to hasten the closing out. of.
my stock that I may the sooner retii e x 'Otti
business. My stock still contains
# 'S0,00 # W&H.T11 ( J > IT WATCHES.
Worth from $0.75 to $150 ; Slnnvl Pins from Sflo | o 9100 ; Kiir Hlit < , 'H fnim ! 3uo to $ ) ,
00 ; lirneoluts from 4d ( ) to SUM ; Clook > from 7. ' ) to $10 ; ( Jonts CliniiiH from S3o fo ijOOj
l > : ulloH' CliuiiH from $1 to $10 ; Sleeve JUittoiiH from 15o to $ irj ; Siiurf I'HH from 10o to
? 15 ; ( iold ] { in . from GOo to $ lls ( iolil lioaduil ( JIUKSH from ? ! to ? , ' 0.
Alho Uojjiirr * ' Kilviirwaro , SiootiiolJH ) ( , oto. , nl liulf jirioo.
Pluiifeo oall iiii < l laku udvinitii o < 'f ' opi > orlunty ! ut Cor. of l.'Jlh ami Douglas ,
Cseiiitt'-fdd * < > ca-tu l ti&w-i
out c/i -
t-tiet ( , L
tw. J
< > / attcfy
Granite Block , 31/So no