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    i " PV * V * ? * " iWY - T- - g0Kr" < " gy * < ( 8eg
Til 10 7) A Hi V JIET'J.
'lll > d > VY MOUNIM ? , < ) ( TOI5KR 1 .
orrzciit No. in rcarl Street.
rH. rri-0 IP ) nnrti'i- imy imrt of the city nt
Inriit ) nut" i IT wiik
II. W. TII.TOS , - .Manager.
Heller , the tailor , for fall good" .
AOI..MI. ) at the rink to-morrow night.
The benelit night and last night of the
E\po ition.
Don't fail to go to dinner to-day at the
Make jour pnper costume for tlio
"Agi'tno * grand march.
Ati.Mt ( ) will make you laugh. See it at
the rink to morrow night.
A new England dinner and supper at
the Imposition , A line programme to
The MisM-sMjrllu to-night at thel'spo-
nitinn A lively programme. Head il in
ai'iotlM r column.
' 1 he Indies of Broaduay chinch will
next 'I hurnlay evening give a social and
hitppi r in ihe church parlors.
Arrnngements are being pushed for-
waul to make Ihe letter cart-ids' ball on
the -'iilh in l. a grand success.
Scat. " can be ro cr\od at the ticket
olliee at Ihe exposition to-day , for the
concert to night , for ten cent * .
From Ihe list of delegates as published
in the DCS .Moincs papers , it appears that
Council Hlnll's hail but one representa
tive at the woman'n congress , Mrs.
Amelia Itlo-imer ,
.lohn Nicholson's speedy horsn
"lieoehor" is now in training in southern
Mis-Duri. preparatory to a great t o-
juile race to be run in Tc\as , which will
take pi. ice next month.
1 $ . Hernhardi yesterday opened hi.s
Turkish and Ittissian bath rooms. Mr.
Pernhanlj has gone to coiiMilcrable ex
pense in lilting up his rooms and he has
evei-j thing in nrst ela > sl le.
The democracy of P.ige and Fremont
counties lime nominated for M-nator \ \ .
W. Morseiuan , of Clarindulio will
have to run against two republican can
didates , Clark and Anderson.
The Council IJlull's Herald bindery has
been sold to K MoorhouM- and son , who
have bei n connected with it for'a long
time , and who now assume the proprie
torship , together witli Mr. S. T. Walker ,
wuo still n l.iins nil interest.
Mi.s. O. A. Hogers is expected home to
day fiom the ca .t with a large and varied
mock of Paris pattern bonnets and all
the latest millinery novelties. Her fall
opening will take place at No. ! Jl Broad
way on Thursday and Friday.
Maurer & Craig display in their show-
window an immense jug , claimed to be
the largest made on earth , or out of
earth , it holding thirty gallons. Just
about the right si/o for a prohibitory
A man giving his name as Jim Hardin
was placed in the cooler yustoiday , and
had tarried so long at the cup that he
was on the verge of seeing as big snakes
and alligators as Clark sees in Florida.
A doctor had to bu called in to adminis
ter to him.
In the federal court yesterday there
were only two motions heard , and some.
preliminary business attended to. This
morning the case of Summers against the
Wabash rail way comes up for trial. The
plaintill' seeks to recover damages for a
team of mules killed by the ears.
The young folks of the Presbvterian
church are to furnish the entertainment
for Wednesday night , the closing one of
the exposition. Last year thev gave a
New England supper , and mniteu great
success , and this year they have prepared
besides refreshments a novel entertain
Complaint is heing made altout the
paving done on Willow avenue , it being
said to be lacking in the requisite amount
of tar. The city lias appointed Col. Ab-
liott as paving inspector , and it is to be
eupposcd.that if there was any such cause
of complaint ho would have reported the
name and had it remedied. The public
will not pass too severe judgment on the
paving until ho is heard from.
A hunting party consisting of Frank
fiuanella. Cony Brown and others ,
started oil' Sunday morning for Honev
Creek , and as they had not been heard
from yesterday , their friends were quite
anxious aboutthem , not knowing whether
they had been got away with by the
game , or had got away with so much
game that they could not get homo with
What has become of the board of trade
and of the Citizens' association ? Neither
organi/.alion has had a meeting for
months , and there are some very import
ant city matters which should be looked
after by representative citizens meeting
in some sort of organized form. Council
lilull's should have one live organization
of this character , which would meet
regularly to talk over and act upon mat
ters allecting the general prosperity and
growth of the city.
The necessity of having the streets
cleaned is quite apparent these wet days
when Ihe accumulation of dirt on the
paved streets is turned into deep mud , so
that it is almost impossible for any sort
of ordinary travel , and making rubber
liootH almost as necosary as in the tlays
when there was not a paving Mono in tlie
city. If tlie Htreet.s were cleaned in dry
weather , such rains would wash them
fitill cleaner instead of making the
principal Mrects mere seas of mud.
Council HlulVs does not get half the bene
fit of its paving ,
It has been decided that it is best to
drive piling for the foundations of the
new court house , as there are some places
where there have been cisterns and cess
pools , and other , pots which may not be
holld enough for such a great structure.
.I'lds will add to the expense of the foun
dations , but will maito them sure and
solid , and it is estimated that there will
not bo quite so much stone needed for the
foundations , and the money thus saved
can be put into piling.
Abe Lincoln Post , (5. ( A. H. , is arrang
ing to give a grand mascpienulo ball the
Jailor part of tlie month for the benelit of
the relief fund. The exact tlate and
other particulars will bo announced in
duo time. Tim people have always re-
Boonded geiierou.sly to requests to aid
this fund , which is used for the relief of
the widows and children of soldiers , ami
in the coming event there will bo like
generosity shown , and'air socially
will be enjoyable enough to amply repay
all investment of cash and time.
Warner Gabriel , a harness-maker at
Glonwood , took a day oil' and got clear
"oil1.11 Ho was doing CounoinHufVs in
great shape , and Ciiibncl had not one but
many horns. Ho was at last arrested ,
nud when being searched , the ollicer go
ing through his pockets , he said , "Quit ,
you tickle mo. " but as the iron gates
worn thrown ajar and he was told to en
ter he changed his mind , saying , "You
don't tickle me now. " Ho will bo still
less tickled when ho finds this morning
that Ids night's lodging costs $1M ,
Tim synod of Iowa will hold its annual
limiting in the Presbyterian church of
this IHUCH COlHliiniuiii 'I'Jjl 'vllli1 ! 1V ) "
I ) ing , October 15 , anil adjourning Mon
day , October 111. The opening sermon
will bu delivered on Thursday evening
by tin ) moderator. Kov. John It.
.Stewart , 1) . I ) . , of DCS Moines. Notices
of llni various Cervices will bo found in
the papers from day to day , and in I lie
evenings in particular , men of line talent
and I'trge cspcricnco will address us on
MII | | < t-is ot general inten-t. To all the
i-M-i isc the puljliuia cualiully iiivite.d.
Enlorlaininenls , Political ami Social , Oon-
ipira to Keep tlio Blafij Alivo.
Unr lnrM In Wrljtlil Toxvnililp A
Hniiu-Himui Kllloil Vnrloil ( tuiiu-
in H I'mni City iuid Count } .
llopuhllrim Oi-ntory.
l.nM in-oiling ' 'in ' ri'jmblioiui eommitloc
jirovlili-d a van1 trout for tin ) rili/ons ol
Council HIiiM's In tlio form of : i spri'd
from ( tViii'i nl l.uiMim Fiilrrliilil , of \ \ ' \ -
foiiMli. A man of nallontil reputation ,
he uas vri'li'iinii'tl to tint I'ily not only by
llio-i' of hi * own political party but by
many olliprs of ditVcrt'iit political faith ,
anil Iho oM Mili-rnns without regard to
parly gsivi1 him the licartii' l of Will-nines.
( ti > nrral KaiivhiM , who \\eut into tin-
Ncnii'i ! ! s almost a boy , ami who ciuno
out with tin' loss of an arm but , HID gain of
a muni1 , is now a gray haired , jray wins-
keivil , k on eyed unit pli a 5-i nt faced gen
tleman , wliiwi'vur.y unwound word show
b'm to be a trim ( rcntlcinan , of culture ,
lAjieriiMiec , pluck and brains , and bin ad-
ilroses by whieli I in is enthusing the
hcarl-J of republicans , and esipturiu tlio.
hearts of demoerat.s in this stJitu , aio inst
Mioh a.- < one niiylit , o.xpect from hutch a
man. None pa\o him a more dually
\\ek-ome , or listened more closely to his
words , than these who in former j earn
had lived in \ \ i consiii , the slnto which
hii'-o honored aiid lieen honored by dim.
Then ) are many Badgers wittered over
Iliivpartnf the country , and to them all
the name of Kairehilil is as sweet , as
mu ie. fJov. Faiivliild maKe.s some
strong points in his speeches , pavilion
ill-count ol his own personal acquaint
ance with thi ) reeords of some of the can-
didiitj's , and his personal knowledge of
their .strong point" , and also from his
eonver-auey with Iho live issues of the
Hon. M. 1) . OTonnell , of Fort Dodge ,
was also one of the speakers last night.
He is gifted with many of the requisites
for holding and interesting anil per nad-
ing audiences gathered for political dis
cussion. The tiump-iign which has
opened by such republican oratory as
thalof the gifted Dolliyer , and thus fol
lowed by such UH is given by Fairehild
and O'lJomiell , promises to 'result in a ,
glorious old-time victory.
Lamps cheap at Homer's , 23 Main
K a Veteran.
Everybody here knows Major Harring
ton lie has pride.d himself on his record
as a soldier , and he has been one of the
mo-it all'able , polite and accommodating
eiti/ens , and has made a spt eialty of be
ing a gentleman of leisure. Everybody
likes lh major , though many have felt
that he should he more stirring and enter
prising. lie was one of those omnipres
ent individuals who waa always around
where there was anything going on , and
yet seemed to have no great amount of
business on hand. The major's many
auiuaintanecs | and friends will rejoiceto
learn that he has at last got the govern
ment to reeogni/.o his 'services in the
army , and he has at last secured hi.s back
pension , amounting to $1,023 , and a ,
lurther pension of $ } a month for life.
The major secured this through Mr. D.
C. Bloomer , and out of the money tans
received ho got a draft on New York for
$800 , and with the balance he paid up his
little bills , bought u newoutlit complete ,
and arrayed in eis new clothes he shook
the dust of Council Blnu's from oil' his
feet and bid good-bye to the city , he says ,
forever , starting for his old home in New
York , there to remain and spend the
rest of hi.s days in peace and happiness.
liurglars were busy in Wright town
ship last Friday evening , and visited at
least three places. The home of lion.
Eli Clayton was ransacked and a watch
and several dollars in money taken. At
the residence of Chris Deermier a watch
and $10 was taken. Wiutiold S. Clark's
house was also visited and a watch and
few dollars belonging to a farm hand
named MeClcllan were secured. Tracks
were found of a barefooted man , and
traced some distance.
Under tlio WlicelB.
Patrick McGivin , a brakesman on the
south bound Kansas City . train , AVIIS
killed at Hamburg Saturday night. It is
supposed that he slipped and fell be
tween the ears. He Was cut in two , and
the train went several miles before ho
was missed , and the body then found ,
His home was at St. Joseph , where ho
has a father , mother and brother.
Arrested for
In response to a telephone message
from Omaha yesterday Deputy Marshal
Mullen went over to Omaha with .1. C.
Scott to investigate a fellow who had
been concerned in the robbery of Scott'.s
hardware store the other night. The
fellow was recognized as being the Fame
who was recently arrested here on some
trivial charge , and who then gave his
name as Irvln. Ho gave a different name
when arrested in Omaha , Some pocket
knives and razors were found with him
when arrested , and the property has
been identified by Mr. Scott as being part
of that taken from his store. The follow
was brought over hero last night and
jodgcd in jail to await a further hearing.
There seems no doubt but thai the police
iiavo the right man , or at least one of the
right men ,
"A WIHj'H Honor. "
Concerning this play , which is to bo
presented at the opera house this evening
mil to-morrow afternoon and evening ,
the Chicago Tribune saya :
"A Wife's Honor" is a play written by
Lnwruncu Marston. who assumes the
leading character of his own piece. The
ilay has been produced in I'hiladelphia
mil other cities , and has achieved what
mist be considered a success of esteem.
Its production in Chicago gains addi
tional interest from the fact that it Intro-
luces to the playgoers Mis.s Lillian Dun-
Stan , who has been known favorably hero
for some time.
Tlie scone of the drama Is laid in Bo-
hernia , and the story opens with a sword
duel betueen llaron Kotek and Atlrian
[ iarrlgn.v , the latter being under the sus
picion of having compromised the baron
ess , The display of fencing was really
excellent , and thii scene interested the
ludieneu very much , The incidents that
follow urn undeniably dramatic , and the
day is quite a surpi'W' , being equal to
Im best work of Hartley t/'ampuell Law.
acting , and has good ideas of stage
client. Miss Dunsian lias a pleasing
prc-Mjnen , an agreeable voice , genuine
declamatory energy , and her e.\prc.vsion
and feeling are highly commendable.
A Ilcncflt To-Night.
Till * evening is the great benefit night-
oftliu Misses Merkel , and besides the
other attractions at the imposition , will
be presented the burle qno illusion ]
cjijir.-te. entitled "g hfu , " invdieli
the following , will be character * : Mar
iiuin , MM. Si t .Noble ; Marchioness , Mrs
Ward ; Lord Tituf" " , Ml' , 1 , M. Treyn
. „ ; A , i i-niic , Miss Barbara Morkoi
rriggle.-j. Miss Anna Merkel ; Chortis ,
MiHsc * 'I iMorin , Palmer , Shouttornoi
and Wright ; Messrs. .liulMin , Chambers
Mclioo and Cook. In addition to tin
above programme Miss Merkel ill alii } ;
the popular song , "Market Day. " and
Mr. .1. II. Lehear will give us a selection
"Moneyless Man , " by Manlon.
J. N. Cas ady and wife have returnei
from New Movieo ,
( ? . W. Fiirbii < < h , of Sidney , Iowa , was
at the Pacilie yesterday.
Will A. Fisher , of Hod Oak , was union ; ,
those at the Ogden jesterday.
Hohert Currie , the newly appointed
postmaster at Underwood , was In tin
city jesterday.
The boys of a family named .Sanders
have not only caused the police a good
deal of trouble , but are causing private
eili/.ens hardly less. .Sunday they wen
begijing from'timiM * to lioitH1 , setulingthe
smalleM one to the door to beg for lood ,
the little fellow crying and acting his
part well , and telling aery elcM'i-i story
about his folks being sick at home. Tlis
is a common hush. ess with thesi boys ,
and they ha\c the reputation of picking
up any article ofalue which they may
lind within reach.
Substantial abstracts of title and real
estate loans , , J. W. and E. L. Squire , 1
Pearl i-treet.
The man O'Farrell , who was arrei ( rtd
Saturday night for being drunk , and
\vho broke \\indow in Drolieh's store ,
put up $ .T > for his appearance , and as
soon as he got out got drunker still , wan
real-rested , and locked up over Sunday.
Yesterday morning he was lined , and
when the costs uorc figured on to the bill
he found that besides the $2. " ) he had do-
poiitcd il required just ten cents addi
tional to square the account , besides
Inning to paj Mr. Drolich for his dam
age. Kather expensive experience.
Notwithstanding the rainy weather yes
terday , people were to be'seen going in
all directions with one of those eleirant
framed oil paintinirs from W. W. Chap
man's art More on Main street.
At a meeting of the city council last
night all street work wis ordered sus
pended , except such as might be ordered
by a majority of the council.
A resolution was passed issuing § 5,000
of a'--Ohsment ' bonds to pay for filling
Seventh and Eighth streets.
The paving of Willow avenue was ac
cepted and assessments made.
The city attoiney reported in favor of
paying Walters . " 5'JO for acting as chief
of the lire department , although lie was
not legally clceted to that ollice. The
biJl nis ; allo\ved.
The supervis > r was instructed to put in
approaches to the bridges on liroadway
and Seventh street.
It was decided to meet next Saturday
afternoon at ! 5 o'clock to elect a chief of
lire department and street supervisor.
1'rlzo for I 'ni'incrs.
A premium for the longest ear of corn
from this year's crop. For particulars
call on or d'ddress.J. i. Fuller , buyer and
shipper of wheat , corn and oats , No. 80
Pearl street , Council Uliill's.
If you wish to Inake legitimately from
Ten to Fifty dollars per day write to
Judd i\s \ Smith , No. ; tl Fourth street ,
Council BlulK
NOTlCi : . Spoclul iiilvoi-tttiMiiuritiJ , micli UH
Lost , 1'ounil , To Loan , 1'or Sulo , To Itcnt , WiiutH
Hounlinir , utu. , will lie int-oiliul In this I'oluinn nt
tlio low Mite oC TKN OKNTH PIIll LINK lor Iho
iiistinsoitioHiiiiii KIVI : CINTS : IT.II UNI : for
cuoh subso < ) iiorit Insertion. Lcuvu Jiilvurll-o-
incuts at our ollico , No. 14 I'ourl utivct ,
WANTii fJhl to do KCMH-I
No. ftSi Washinjrlon a\ciiu < . ' .
_ _ _ _
'ANTin ' : A wood Kill tor jjonuiiil lioiifco-
uoik ; No. lUfl llaix'rott t-Urct.
? ( ) HKNT A now fovc'ii-iooin lieu o. r.muilio
I HKI : Olllcu.
FOK Hl'NT A plvrooin IIOIIHO , ton minutes
wnllc tiom bii'-lni's-H , city wntur , well nnii cis
tern , i''or runt uhi'iip.
Koil HKNT No. iyo HnrrNon Ktioct. tlnco
IO0111S. ilcMAIION ti Co. ,
4 IViul htri'ct.
roit SAI.I : , ron UINT on i\ciiAKni : .
RJO. KJ I'or snlnni-rrMit , on vnry Hlwial lonim.
BH The Cotincll lUulfH 1'iipi'iJllll.coniplfto , with
the IIUKO lioaidiiitr lioiifC uud llaro nun's of
No. lit ! A Ijiislno'-s pioporty In Cliorokro ,
Chcrokoo county , Iowa , will tnulu lor webli'i-u
Iniids. Viiluu , nljout fl.OOO.
No. ! ! 'l A licautllul homo in tlio town of Ila t-
hiKs , JIllls I'ounty , lowti , lor NulmHm luiul.
Vuluo. iJ/AK ) .
No. 41 A good tiuslncss piopi-rty and also n
peed rotfldonco piopurty In the town of Clionri ) .
JtoU'an county,111 .low flown lor c.ishor will ;
cxfliaiuc tor wettm'nwi. \ \ .
No. 17U A Riilondlil larin , wpll Improved , flIO
nciOH in Dk'klMMiii county , Jowa , Joining the
toun of Spirit Lako. I'rieo , lor n Mmil lime.
$ .Tiporneie. I
Nil. 1W to Ib7 Aio four Inprovcd fiimiH In
1'lillllpKcounty. KniiMis , um-li with n niniill In-
cuinliranco. Tliocqultus will ho oxi'liainjod for
unliiuuinlicrodwild land In Nuhrimka.
No. Hill 4N ) acres In Holt county , Noli. , imnly
liiiiiovid | ) , at u lilif binguln. Wiuits to oxcliatiKu
No. 51 A line two story brick ichidi'iicc , ono
of the best locations In Council lllullfi. will trade
lor ( 'ood niilucunliuiod Kantaa or Noln-UHka
liuidrt , Valiio. fI"jKK ( ) .
No. Kinnd Jl Arotwo otlior bcnutltul hoimm
in Council lllullH , which caelt piiyniriiiB will buy
at n Imrjwln.
No. m A beautiful suliiiibiin location In Iowa
Sty , Iowa , will OAchaiiKo lorc tfin laiuU.
Value , $ .1,1100.
Tlio nbovo nro only n low of our hprclii ) Imr-
KnliiH. If jou'vuifot : ni > IliliiHr lo tiailoor s-nll ,
ir uantto snll any real c-Htato iiiiMcIiiuxllMi ,
wi Ho lid.u have bovoinl irood HtouUt , ol > . ' ( ) ( ( ds
to trade lor landd. SWAN \ \VAIKiit : ,
( 'omuil ! lllullH , Iowa.
J , L , De BEYOISE , Agent ,
No. Un Drondway , Council Jlluiru.
I ailway Time Table.
The followlnsr la Ilio tlino of arrUal and
Icpartino of trahm by centra ! Mmuliud tliia1. at
ho local dcpntB. Tialns Icavo tnuiiilardupot tun
iilnutoB oiii Her und airhulun mlnutus lalor :
PiSflA. M . Mull nnd i\ptosii : . fl:50i : > . .
8)10 ) I'.M . Acooiiiinodaiion . 4r > ii' ) . M ,
li'iA. ; > l . Mull nml i\nct.s : | . OiMi'.M ,
"il.lA.u . Accommodation . r > Mv. u ,
fiJ"Ji' : , M . Kxpit s . UI : A. u.
CIIICAOO , MII.WAUKiii : Al hT , I'AUI , .
Di-JOA. M . Mall and i\picss . U:50i : > , M ,
ui'ii' : . M . Rvprcss . U05A. ; i.
ClllUAH ) . lUllll.l.SOrON * yUlMJV.
nUOA. M. . . . Mall and Ihpicbs . 7:10i : > . u ,
UIJ : ; | > .M . lUpict-H . HJOA. : M.
W.MIAHII , t-T , UllllrtA I'ACUIC.
L'll.'i I' . II Infill Si , l.oulh KvpicsH Local .
JWJ ; l1. n.'J'ninslcr.St. | jiiilslx.'rniii8lcr.i-.t ; ; : ) i * . M
K \NhAS crrv. KT. Joi : & COUNCIL , m.urts.
)0lii"A.iI . Mull utid i\iuc58 . r.'H"-
UU5i' : . w . . , K\pivti ) . ( ) : L'5A , W.
Kinuxfirv t IMCIKIO.
? il5A , . . . . .Kiouv City Mull . fliOi : : > . M ,
UO IM . , , BI. Pmil i\pics : . HiJA. i.
11:00 : A. > i . lluincr i\pius : . 4Lf : : > i > . M.
IV : ( > r. M. .Uncolii | 'UM.III. ) i : It V. : .T , iu. .
T41r.u. ; . . .Dvi'iluiul i\pioss. . . . bKA.u. : )
Ix > avu Council Illutrs TU : < 7.Vi UrIU : :
11:4(1 : ( u. m.s lkt : ; : : u > : iXl : ! lrJH 5 : 11iv :
11:4.1 : p. in. l.rmi' Oiiiiiliii- il-.i'-7i'i-H -OiUO l |
lliliu. in : UW-i-juu-UiW-ilV-liO-5M. : : : :
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
O-'i-etoufc N nmv > rimijiliifo In wcrv il"wrt-
uieiit mill conliilii * nil tlio latest of ) Ir-mmlu.u > cts
S/fA 7)J28.
irru , irro.
Largest Stock
Lowest Pricec ,
Tin : ONLY ix'iuBi\T. : o.\ni'ir : IIOUM : IN
PAM1T.KS fm-nMifil 11)1011 ) npplliMitlon loon
of town iiarttiK.
Council Bluffs Carpet Company
. No. JCI7 Ihoadttiiy , 'Council ' IllnlTA
Hair Good's of all Kinds
Made to'Order.
Hair G-oods of all Styles
Beady Made.
No. 337 Broadway.
Thorough Instruction on the Piano
and Organ
I'orsonsdc-itrous of rccclvlii'-r Instruction
the above \viil ploiiiu call on or address
Prof , G , 0 , Lipfsrl ,
No MO Kh > t Avciuio , Council lllulls , lomi.
rorinerly of New- York ,
fo. ! H 1'earlSticci. - - Council lllutTs , Tomi
, U
All Ftylos of Ijiddors conflanlly In flouK inndo
' 10111 t-piiicu plni ) plunk , Tin ; very he.-1.
Vo. 19 Pearl St. , - Council Bluffs
IJ's Hook ytoro.
111 Council Ulillld ImvliiK
\ndiill modem Improvciiiluits , cnll Ixilh , tire
ilium bulls , clc. , ihtnU
Nos. ! ilf , SlT aiuR'r.'Main ' ' SI rent ,
M.i-X 'MOIIN ' , 1'ioprlotor.
toes , Ffizzes/ / ! : Switches , Etc ,
la jgs cut Pimuuloiir | , lAiiirtry or Other Stylet.
> ms. v. i. . mi. , . . ;
29 .Main Hi , , Council II
Justice of the Peace.
Ollico O cr Amci-ltau I'xprcsj ,
COUNCIL ilLUi-Trf. 10\VA.
ITnvo removed totdolr Now Store ,
fc 32 < y ain and 33 & 35 Pearl Sts ,
Wliero they liavo put in a now block of
/n /
' 3
Ladies' ' and Gents Fiimislig Goods , Etc , , Elc ,
Among which are the following lines :
Hats and Caps , G-loves and Mittens , G-ents'
Neckwear , G-ents'Underwear.
ItoOTS AK1 > SllOUS , TltUNKS AND VAUSKS , Mo.NAltClt L'lNi : SllllirS
Lndtcft9 Children's and MI'MCS' Undcriveur *
Hosiery and Gloves , Cloaks and Shawls , Ladies' Valises , Blankets ana
Flannels , llockford Carpet Warp in all Colors.
No. l2 ! and ! M Main Street , Council HlulT
No. BU and 83 Pearl Street.
Immense Stock ,
Eastern Prices Duplicated
Send for [ ihisfrafed Cafatague.
eo nnd Salusruom , 11 N. Mnlu St. , Council JJlulTs , Iowa ,
llrlok liuilillnjfR of nny Wail vnt il or moved nml satisfaction gttiuunteuil. IVniuo houses move
on I.lllli : ( limit trucks tlio boat in tlio world.
1011) ) Kill ST. , COUNCIL m.UKI"8 , IOAW.
200 Heating Stoves from $3 to $10 Each.
Cltonp Cook Stove's mill ( Jcniiriil HOUEU rurnlshlnj ? Kooils , includliiK Now nnd Ei-cund Hiind Kil
iraulG ! ! Enghieers ,
Milo and EVIyafe Sysfoms
W l r woiks ami VontUtition ilesigiioil
anil coii tnii-tcd. I
work in all lUs branclioB.'J'hia
company Imvo mio of tlio best assorted
htock.i of iiluinbiii goDils in the weit
JvStillllltl'S flimlbllOll.
J1AU11V nillKINlJINK ,
Now York Plumbing company t > 52 Hroiul
way Council Hind's , Telephone No 27.
R. BICE , M. D.
" or oilier tiimcii-H icmovcd without
thn l.nlfo ordiawlnif ol' hlood.
CHRONIC DISEASES r * " > < iH iniijr.
Over thirty jcni-n' practical oxpoiionco. Ollico ,
No. II 1'ciirl Slieiit , Oiuiicll lllulTti.
rnos. OITICER. M. W. II. I'USI.T ,
' ; J , IKJi.
342 and 344 BROADWAY.
tas FaJ ! Wm\w \ Wear
i' and Hoys' nuslnoss 8nlt .
Minis' and Hoys' Dross Bulls ,
Chlldicns' livcrvllav and Jrus ) Sultfl.
inertDals lor Mon , Hoys and Chlldicn.
Jlciciiiint Tailor Knlls.
; Jii'i chant Tailor Overcoats.
, Jlrichant Tailor TrowMirs.
iiiiiil to the liiiht , to outer ,
At half the piico.
Kat Mciis1 Hulls and Overronti.
Lean JIoiiM1 Hulls and Ovtrcoats.
1'iit Jtens" TrowFoj-s.
Fcainlcss ShlitB and Trowficis In Pcotclivool9 ,
Modlcalcd tjcailots , llxtia Heavy Ilnllirlx-jrans ,
1'iinoy Cxiloiod Wools mitl mi.\ed ijuiUUIc. ' ) , lioin
Ka each to 4.r < 0.
ron Tim KAI.I , OF inaj.
- ooorss
G-loves ,
Neckwear ,
Suspenders ,
Handkerchiefs ,
And Cuffs ,
Of tlitt flues fiualltius and reasonable prices.
Ilroadivny , Council IlltillH , Iowa ,
Prnctluei In SUte ami l > Vik'iil : courts.
tjja. i a i i j , Ja-i , * . . . < : Bono iljocli.
JVco fivm Oplatfg . , Mmctir.t anil
For t"oiiKli , Hni-o Throat , Jlom-Mnis Iiifluonl * ,
ColdItronrliHU , 'rou [ , Whooping C'mislN
AM limn , Utility , l'uti ln Clil-nt , nnlniKr
nmxttoni flt > 9l'lir < int n I l.nnc
1'rlcp fiOnt n tioltt.- . Sold liv DrnriMMi flnil IffM <
prf. l\trttr * iinnMf liimlrrit > ie.f > ! fJi. < Ini.nx'itl
grill ffri'ifnurlllr v/rifw / fiofUf , f Jfj
" > fruiting nut dollar to
T.1B tlltULr * A. Witltttt COnrAM ,
! > < li > U iiir < > nMliii.r
Drawn at Havana , Cuba. Cvcrv 10 to 14 Days.
Tickets la null * . WlioUio , ? " , . Vintlloim pro
Subject to no tniinliiitiitou | ! , tint conlrolU.'d liy
tlio purlliM In iiitKi-o t. It ! < tlio tuhe t thingIn
Ilio iiuliiio ul I'luimi' In e\NliiiU'O.
Kor tlckolM upplj lo 8I1I1 SHY .V CO , 1213
llinnilnii ) , N. Y ni > : iM. O1T12.NS.V CO. , Ulitilln
tieel , Hiuisns City , Mo.
% H < > W'36s&vs5 4pn
fe ft3 f ff8
Ifew BpffifeS te
* -w ,
SuiTimitdod by V/atcr.
Send for Dcscrlptho Circular.
14th and Doclgo Sts.f
Qon'l Aeentf. for JCVlmmVn , Daliotn tinil
" - luuiu
A iilereof mine , nlnoyonr * ! npo , " * n\yn \ 1) .
3IllllK(3ii , \\oll-kiioivn piitillBiier Oil ( 'otni ( , '
Ilciu'lln , " ils tiiKi-n at tliico inoiilliH lioiu lUt
coiiixiinipllvo inothci-'H HUMS oniuclii'eil ' , mill
pliicuil on llKlsu's I'ood oAC'lnsivolj. Atonro , It
cuiiiincni'cil to Kiiin , mid uu t-oon ; ilunip mm
lioullliy ; unit tlio child Bill ] llvus. " rtueh tostl-
inony IM this bliowii lx * > onit nil cnvil its true
SEVER FMLsZ > 2 < Epiiej > tie . - 3 ,
, ' ; p3ins , Fullln ?
slckuesfl , Con-
U3 Dance , AIco-
liolism , Opium Eallnp , Seminal A\eJnc
luipotcucjSjphilis , Scrofula , and all
Nervous and DIood Diseases. ,
Jlcrchants , Bankers , Ladica unil all ulioso
BCdciitnry employment causesNun ouslYOT-
tratIonIrrrKulnrltic3oftlicl3Iood,8toinacli ,
llowclaorKidnojs , orwlio rofiulrc ancrvo
tonic , appetizer or fithnuluut , Samaritan
Nervine is invaluablo. _
proclaim it tl'oiuns
\voni3crful InvJgor-
nnt that ever sus-
tern. 41.50 ut Dru
gists. For testJmo-
uiala anil circular * '
ccud nUini ) .
ST. josEPir , i\ro. \
CorrcppuiiOcncc fuely unswrrcd by riiyfllcltne.
For Icstnnonlili nnd rlrrnl.irn Frnrl etoinp.
f&1S& > BW.T '
i.-.i.iiJ'.1i | * A Lw i"i\jj' '
llf rtii oniriu rrnlrnl iio > lllnii mill ilnro ulatlutiCa
nil prlnoliinl Hum l'.a > t Mil IVri-l nl Ililllnl nii'l ( , T.
inlnal iiohitM , I'oiMlllntu Urn nio.f lniiijifiinL | nil-
rnlillni'MI il link III Ihnl n.Mn l Iliiiiiurli llu > riiir. |
Intltill lih li 111 % II , 4 nml f i llllitfti * | | MCIIII | llurlo
liiMncriirlllpunr IIu AHinilu nml r.irltl" CumlH It
Ij nUuilmriKuiito nml | H > I xiulv In nml frnin I'lilnlt '
IHllllU IVu-t. ' .Sillllnu l.
The Cront Rocl < Island Routa
niinrnnli'Fi In mtrnni Hint nunut rmr.n.l Ji > fii.
rltjr Atluiilwl In MilM lluii < iiii.-lilt liilln.lnf r ni | .
! ' , " ,1 " " , ' , ' " 'j'1" ' "r V'-iillii'i" ' ' " IM ! mil. nij lnii-
llallr linlli < nlv.-ri. nml In iiKtM. ii.nint MI.MI ni nnir
l Tfirllni u' liunitii rl.j | | inn iiuiki. II. Mi , , .afriv
" " - i.f Mil-IllI'llllil * I liiiriMliiNflllil.l , I'tnlfS.
, ' ' 'll" ' ? 111 * ' ' " " ' lll plU. .
' . . MVi'l" lTi'i'i"l ' " " ' ' * (
II , , ( | ! , { | Su3
? ! , U'J" i" ! ' r' " ' ' " " " "il i.- ' . " . , imo.Vr . , J !
. . . . ' .i,1,1 , , , : !
r.T. . . -
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