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    HE BEE
Nebraska Stands Pirst Among the Com
States In tbc Estimated Yield Per Acre.
The Week's Closing .Mnrfcota Various
Mnttorn nf Intel rM In AKi-
rnl , Hpeonlulhi- Ilvc
Stock Afl'ntrs.
Coi n , Cotton niulVhont. .
v , Oil. 10. The.department of
ngrictiltuiu reports that the jiuld of wheat
per aeie for the area liaive ti-d IK 10 % bushels
uml only nlno on 40,030,000 acres. The area
hincrtletl will mil exceed ! HKK,000 ( ) acrew.
Coin Inillcallons point tea > leld ol ! iOJ bush-
olftpe'r acie , whhh would give a yield ot
10.003.000 bushels. The oat ciop exceeds
r.00,000,000. Tlie condition ol cotton dioppcd
fiom 8 ? to TRpei tent.
The fiojt lejioit.sot the de'paitment of agrl-
eiiltuie S.I\H tin- high condition ot cotton In
June anil .lulj was not maintained In Au
gust and September , hev ciestoi ins and e\-
cea-Mvi' laltis prevailed , liiisl has dcsliojcd
the foliage and wonns have Injineil the linit
Avinsc than foisi-veial JIMIV. Another fall
In the ave-rage c ondltlon occmeel from olghtv
stiven on the 1st ol heple-mbei to eighth-eight.
The avei.uo in October In the
census vear was b.l , the ulti
mate vield ot fem tenths of
a bale. ' 1 his .vear the gieatest decline' Is in
Uio region of the highest i.ifo ol j leld , In
ducing lolativc modiiction. The de-p n tiiient
estimate of Ihe Incieise ol area since 1ST' ) is
! Mpei cent. Uctuins icl.ite both tea con
dition and to lespcctive jield ] it > i.uieiii
hnndreillhs ot a ba'e. ' The figures must not bo
( ujnsldciicl tlnal us the date ot killing liosts
and autumn wi-.ilhei mav easily cause a va
riation nf a tii | iitet ol a million nt bales. It
Indicates a million bales . than the list
jcil'4 crop , subject to nii'teoiologlcai con
Theeirn crop is made' with v civ little In-
jurj fr mi frost and with a vie Id slight ! )
above the avenge. Tin- gent nil aveiage ol
condition is tlie same as last month , nine
ty-live a liifiiii1 not obtained In Oclobct since
IHT'.l. The vicld pei airewlll be ictiinicd
next month , but piemen ! Indications pulnt to
lull ) tvve-iil-slx anil one-halt bushels poi acie.
Ncbiask.i slanels highest , onlv Wisconsin ,
Mlnne.ota , Kalis ts , Viigini i Ninth Caiollna
and the I'.iciiie stntc-s fall below ninety.
lUtinns foi wheat on the basis of the
yield per aeio lei the aiea hnivested. The
average is iihoul 10' ' ; bushels , it is only
nine-busiicls on thi ) area so\vn , which was
nc-.tily 40,000MX1 ae-ie-A. The aiea haivc-stcd is
notpieiistly dcteimintd , but will piolmblv
not exceed . ' .1,000,000 at ic's. The st.ifes avei-
injlng foui to six bushels are : Virginia , the
Caroliii's. Ceoigia , WestYiiglnia. Kcntiickv
and .Missouri. ' 1 he letuins ol eight bushels
uml over : Ohio , \l ; Illinois , < i'j ; Califoi-
nla , a/i / : I'eniisjlvania , 10 ; Indiana , lO.b ;
iuvva , H..Mimicota : and Mainland , 11 f > :
Wisioiisin , ll.i ) : Texas. I'JI ; Nc-vv Vcnkand
Oregon 155 ; Michigan , - ' ! ! ; Colonulo , Jlon-
taui , llah and Washington Tenitoiv.SI to
! ) busliels.
Ol i'je the average is 10.1 bushels , ncaily ! 5
bii'-helb shoil of the vield of issi.
The aveiage jiclcl oC bailey is about 2'J
busliels i > ei acre- .
'llio condition of. potatoes has sciionslv
decllueil on aciount ot thepievalein-i-ot lot
in vaiiousdistiicts , 'IhetleclinerioinSeptem-
btr wan 11 points.
'Hie avenge .vield ot octs Is about 2S
' '
instiling a ciop ot GOU.OW.CO'J
Clilc-a/jo liUp Stock Market.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 10. [ Special to the Ilr.i : . ]
CA iTMJ Receipts ol c attlu lor the diy -f.OO , ) ,
against llr , > " > list Satnrdaj , anil for the week
4'i.TS1 iigainst U.-O" last week. Tlicieweie
only a few carlo ids of natives on sale , and
thej sold at about tlio simopiioc as yestei-
day. Texans ami i.ingeis foimed the bulk of
.supply , anil diesscd bc-cf opei.itors owned
half tlio Te-xans on , hiving bought them in
Kansas City , and the lemaineler sold toi
about thc" > amc as Kilday. Ono Hi in had sixty
caisof i.inge cattle on sale , and up to a late
bom wcie not dlsposetl ot. The salesman ,
in an Interview vvitli a icpoitei , said he would
cany the lot ovei uiilcshe could getasgood
range of price's as vesteiday. Taken alto
gether , trade is slow , and pikes , as eoinpaieel
Avllh ji'steidaj , lathei weak. Join thousand
cattle is a linger number than can he com
fortably disposed ol on Satmday vvitli ship-
out of the maikcl. Shipping steei.s ,
Iiern ! to 1,000 Ibs5 ! ! ' ! ( ! 5 00 ; l.'OO to 1,8.10
ItH , , $ -tr,1ri0 ! ! ; UIO to l..W ) Ibs. , 5't7,1@l-IO ;
Htockeis and feedeis. WJIOCidSi ; cows , bulls
anil mixed , 61 bM.'l' 0 : bulk , k'i ' ijO@ ! so.
Tinougli Texans sold at f--'OivdJcX ) foi cows ,
and SJ.7fiC'.t.40 forstccis. 'NVestern rangeis
s lathe i weak and about 10e lower. Native
tive- , and halt bleeds , fc..Hli { . ( ) ; cows ,
( (1(1.75 ( ; winteicd'l'exaiis. S'OOv/i'Wd ' ; sales til
1M ! ) Coloiiido Texans , 1,0H ! ) Ibs , * l.05 ; sj Wv-
oiiiinir , 1,01X5 Ib-i. : i.T3 ; ( Xil .Montana Texans ,
1.0'U Ibs , : ) 0 ; : w Dakota , l.K.s Ibs ? Wi ; 11J
Wjomliig , 1,114 Ibs , 54.35Jl ; Wyoming , l.till
Ib4. . i , 'JT Wjomlng < ows. J,0lu Ibs ,
yxiijjs ; ' .r Wjoiuingcows , i.orsibs , si oo.
Hems-I'e'celpls ol Imfes lei the day were
10,0(10 ( iipmi , against 1 l,4."i last batuiday , and
linHX ) lor the week , against ! Ubl 1 lei la .t
wi'ek. AVith big in
a inn bight forlo-day
ami next week , salesmen concluded ft
was no lime to dally with buveis ,
po tiiev "let 'em Hllde" at a sluip down
tuin of about 10e on medium to good soils ,
and about TH-on best. ionili { odds and ends
soldaslowas tlIOi/.V ! ; ) . and bin stiings of
, ordinal v paeklngMnts at i , anil best
, W nssoileil ht'.iv ) at J.l.Kl.cM.o"i ( , J.ugelv at * : i.H ! ) .
' \ Lluht soils sold at S-WHa ) ! ff > , laigelj at
A oritiAij ; SI-IN-SATION.
IN 'uii : ( jt'Vi.irv OK AMi.nioAN vvni\r. :
CIIK At.o , Oct. II. [ Special to the Hi : : : . ]
In an edlloiinl this morning thu Tiibuno
w > : "A note fiom a Minneapolis miller tea
a gentleman In this city states ( lint wheat
ground by him lust week jlelds only about
thioo-cinaitersas much Horn as that ot last
usir. TliMsti Mtrpilslitg slatement , as it
would I iidleato the necessity of the consump
tion of about bushels of wheat foi each
bairel of flour , that would mean ( lint thu
wheat ciop of ! Jd7,000,000 mcasuied
busbe-ls. wlile-h appeals to lie
thu latest goveinmeni estimate , Is only
itjunl to about STi > .00 bushels good wheat for
thopnulnc-tlon of jloui. Wo need not say
that this would leave' us In the position ot
not a single bushel nf wheat to npaiu lor e\-
jioit , civini iifli'i cuuntliv In the sin plus 10-
inalnlng fiom the eiop ot listve.u. Wotlvo
tills ttatement without Indorsing It. That
thn average bushel ot wheat of the ciop of
' 82 Is not ciiil | to that of 'M , dls.ipju'ais tiom
n glance at the statistics of dally inspection
In this and other mail > ets ot thu unmtij.
Hut the ictlucthni In value may prove to bo
Jar less than nbovo Indicated. "
CmcAtio , Oct. 10. Thogoveiiiment'o Octo
ber crop it-port estimates to-day gavu the
"hulls" In the wheat pit the Hist real set-back
xvhlch tliey have icccheil since the pie.scnt
Vudgo began , Mhp icpoit got along about
noon , U was something In Iho nalinoof u
jiuzj'le , and at Hist no t\\o biokers a''ieed on
V hat amount , but it was finally flguie-tl that
Instead of the I0iwooyo bushel decieaso
Yvhlch the ( rade generally expeoli'd , a 0,000,000
bushel IncieaRO was shown , uml .straight
way the wheat maiket biokc. Tievioiia to
Ibis tliu fe'ellnghad be-entnin and gooilbny-
liiit bv HaMei and Wootllmry .t CounseJmaii ,
nnd In Iho news that , iiotvviilM niiling iho
ittvnt blood eil the heal tlisnatt lies limn the
Nmtliue- Minneapolis millers , at olio of
ttie-Ir "bv nlghl" siiilngs , iiad vvoil.etl up
their puielmsiiii ; pikc ! > to le , nviendin0' to
Rraele. K was reiwrtcd ( hat 100,000 bushels of
wheat had been posted out of condition nt
Haltlmoie , nnd a small lot at New York , but
buying orders accompanied both reports ,
and they hnd llttlo effect. All cstlmilea
on the government rates were favorable to
all the way down. I'lieeselroppcil l&c fiom
the highest ixiint , andelosed iitthe bottom , le
nndei jesteida > 's figures. To-night the feel-
lin ; Is rather easy. It is generally believed the \islblo supply has Increased at least
a million bushels this week , but on any
bicak caused by this tioluU are
given to buy. October corn followed wheat ,
opening nuiet , adviniclng fractionally , ami
then breaking 1' ' c. Futuies weie sto.uly till
clay. Iho talk ota corner was not so conll-
ilent as yesterday , and of the opinion that the
nuvv- crop Is too large nnd too near to make
such a movement a success. Trade in pro
visions was time. Increased receipts of lm s ,
ami lack of cash demand , was tlie depressing
liillucnces , and pork lost "e , and lard and
ribs 5c.
LA CvnNK , ICas. , Oct , 10. IViiy Cllno , a
gentleman well known heio and in this
vlclnltj , to-day brought to LaCjngo information
mation of the dlseovciy of coil oil fifteen
miles east ot this city. The oil Is on the farm
of Kll Henderson , a Quaker ininistci in Hates
county , Mo. , about four miles east of Dana , a
place for a number of jears
known as West Point. The dis
covery was inaelo In drilling lor
watei ut a depth of 117orllS feet , and at a
depth ol VMS leet coal oil Is being lemoved by
a slow and laboi ions process at the rate of.
some-lhlngovei llftv gallons a dav. In drill-
lugathiit.v-sK Inch vein of coal was pnssed
through , another indication that the vein of nuclei Ij Ing Lacjgno extends not less
than fifteen miles east of this citj. In eonse-
iiueneeof thecoal oil dlscovei > coiibideiable
intt icst is likel > lobe taken In the eounliy
siirioiiniling it.
QLiir : ( > iiinmi : ; wonic OF nincoM-
jin inn of AiiiiiiKAnoN' .
Si. Lotn , Oct. 10. Tliis moinlng's devcl
opmcnts in the stieet car stiike aie much
more quiet than was expecled after the tu
multuous pioccediiigs ot jcsterelay. There
had been no ilotlng dining the night , a1-
though thcio had bi-en a demblo jilatoon of
police In waiting all night at tlio station.
This moining the business men's committee' ,
appointed toaibitiato between the stiikeis
and sheet cai piesielonts , met at 0 o'clock ,
and at ! ) ; ! X ) they were met by a committee
mitteo of live liom the Kniglfls of La
bor , headed by Caspei lleep , secietaiy of the
executive board of that oigani/ation , who
have been piactU-allv manning tlie sliike
since Its inception. The stiikeis' committee
said that thi-i would adherti totheii demands ,
especiailv Unit of demanding tlie twelve limit
rule and the pajment of twenty cents pei
hour lei exti.i woik. They further stated
that the Knights of Labor took no
account of the eainings of aiiv load ,
but demanded living wages lor all
emplovt-.s undei all ciieumstunces. Hecp
submitted a table showing the street cai
lines in tlio town , and showed that the men
woi keel on nn average of 1GJ5boms pei day ,
and that duvcis weie paid on an average $1.50
aiiilecmiluetoisSl.75 pei dav. Thcj now ele-
iiiinil twelvehouis lor a tlav's woik , nnd the
conductors bo paid 2 and cliiveis S1.7X
llio street cur lines weio all running at
noon , most ol llio sti iking lines liav ing about
two thuds til tlio usual numbci of eais in
oiieiatlon , each managed by Iwo policemen.
There has been some rioting to-clav. The
mi > or and police he-Id a meeting at noon to
svveai In lne bundled special police. 'Ihe
prcsliimit ol Clio I'cojuo s lallitnia cautu in
and lepentcd that u mob was irathcring at his
buns and intimldatlni ; tlie tliiveis. Chiet of
I'ollcellairigan immediately telephoned them matter now many police
would bo leiitilicdto piotcetthem. A num-
bei of spec ! il policemen wcie bvvoin In and
sent out on duty.
The inquest on the body of Johnllavey ,
who was shot and killed vesteiday bj I'o-
litciiian Hannun , will begin to-moiiow at
10 a. m.
Si. Lot'is , Oct. 11. Tiio most sei Ions event
which took place to day in connection with
tlie stiike ol the stieet uii men was the stop
ping ot eit'lit cats on Ihonoith end ot the
lioil\\a\ ! ( line b > tlio mob and the eliiving
away of Uio conductois anil thivcis1. 'llio
police weie soon thenami about a do/en
attests weie made. Some locks weio thiown
at tlie but nobody was hint.
On tht'southein end of the same road , a lot
of biick and bonldeis and two 01 Unco sec
tions of "ixtoen inch lion watei pipe weio
plated on the track. Tliecais weie stopped
and iigic-atciovvdgatheied but noliaim was
dime to anvbodv. Tlnee anc"ts weie made.
'Jiiet track of the Hello Fountain road
also obstuieled but the cai men weie not in-
terfe-iioel with.
More than a do7en toi pcdoes w eio put on the
Ollvo stieet track west of tlilitj-lnst stieet
after ! ) o'clock tonight , anil their explosion
by cais parsing ovei then caused
some flight among the passengeis niitl
thie-e ladles fainted , was the oxtentof
tlio damage.
The executive committee of the Knights ot
Labor offei ed thu sei vices ot the Knights of
Libor to the police authorities today , us
special policemen to assist in piesoivlng the
peace. Thej have not > et been accepted.
riu cincAtio mini M.iitYiva 10 HOOM
A HUM , viovnvinxr.
Uosiov , Oct 11 [ Special to The nii : : . ]
The opiionents of Hev. W. W. Downs ( ho
scandalized pastor of Dowdoin Squaie IJap-
tcstel.uiclupioposo to await no longer Iho
slow motion of the contts and have tletei-
iiiinetl to push ( lie offending ministci to the
wall , ei ) at least to find out whether ho had
Impioiiei ii-latloiis as allege-d , vvitli Mis. An-
iri Tabot. b.itinday , when the legiihu chine h
piajei meeting was in piogiess , sixlj-eiglit
iiieinlicis ot the society who na\o been le-
centlj alienated by the iiastoi's iieeull.u con-
duet , ni.nchcd In logethei. Theli spoke-s
unn , Deacon Wiibui. made a pioposltion foi
an Investiiratlon. and it was voted to beiin
tliuinepiliv next 'llmisii iy niglii. Tlio ilos-
ton Ne ith liaplist asso'Iition. In which the
ehme'i ' belongs , is also consldei ing tlio ciies- |
tlon of linesilgatlm . Downs , nnd it is tiom this final tei eamo Die in
spiration of last evening s action. Thu cilni-
Inal chaig ) against Downs and thoelivoico
suit ot Tabm against Ids wlto aio both to
coiiic up this week.
NolnilKku Citj'w Ice
NnniiASKA CITY , Oil. II. [ Special to the
llii : : . ] The new HuilingtoiiitMissmni pile
Inldgoacioss tlioMIssoinl wascoinilcted ) lo-
eliij and the lii&t ixgulai train uosu-d ut ( I
An Hnrthtjnako Shook
IAXCIHII no , Oct. 10. Tlneo distinct
shocks of eaitlniuako weie felt heio last , night
between 11 and 1'o'clock. ! . A loud tumbling
sound picccdeel each shock. Thedliectlon
ot thuelistuibuut ! was due noilh nnd soutli.
Mniiv people weio lilghli < ned bj thu nolso
and ihoshaklinrol' the windows anelluinl-
liuv , anil luclieel Into the ! stieet. This U thu
liist shock felt In tills vicinity lei ten > eais.
crri I'ostiiiasti-i' .
Sl'iilNdi'in , ! ) , Neb. , Oit 10. [ Special lethe
the Hi.r. ] 0. K. .Siciiniinn | , postmastei nt
Kpilnglic Id , who icsigncil last sjuing , and
lias been tijlngeve-i sineeto get ilel ol the
ollleo , was iclleved tothi ) bv the appointment -
ment ol Di. Itogcis loinieil > ot tills place ,
now ol lU'iiKIeman , Neb.
A GhftiiiKo Kiilcltlc ,
Cm , voo , Oct. 10. The body ot W. KA-
moiiHiii , of Ksdaille , cleik lei Itobt.Vaiion \
iV. Co. , who has. been mMnu lei thu past
wte-k , was found on tliu lake ) shoiuthN
inoiiiiiig. lie is siipiHise-d to have committed
Had \Vhent.
Uvi.llMOIir , Oel. 10. Toel.l ) JOT.OOO bushels -
els of wh'vl ' in llio Canton elovalor weie
as hot and out 01 condition ,
The Old World , lia Diplomatic Wrangles nnd
Its Events of General Interest ,
The LttilK-nii Difficulty thisolvctl
Glaelstono Iieatl.s the IilbcrnlN
Ilr It i li Ducket-shops Other
The Kui'opcun War Ghniil.
LONDON , OcU 11. [ Special to the HKK. ]
The IConniclian situation Is little altered bc-
joncl tlie hoinly lncreasing anxiety regardIng -
Ing the attitude of Sci via , Thonnlvarsal im
lircsslun Is that some of tlio great powcis arc
secretly backing the smaller states In intciest
to make some foi waul movement ncxtweck
and thus decide ut once -whether there will be
peace or war. Thetrlplo alliance is sustain
ing an enormous utrain and tlie ties whkh
bind it togethei may snap nt any monieiit.
The iccent tnivels of Jt. Dcgicrs , minister
for foreign affairs , plainly Indicate the sense
of dnngerfeltatst. Pcteisburj ; . ltlssu petted
that a OiceU , Servian , or Monlenegiln out
bieak I't hoped for at Vienna as tlie most
piomislng and natural preliminary to com-
jilctetlie leairangementot the Balkan states.
That this biispicion is shared bj tlie Marcnils
of Sallsbmj is well known , and It H
al e > well known that ho Is piepaied to act as
Jlrltlsh Inteic'sti , dicl.tte , nnhampeied bj pie-
vletiis alliances and iiiiileistamlinKS. The
mlddle-cla&s men and men ot no particular
jiaity , who lealue tliegiavlty of thobltuation
in the east , aie prajing for a stionir eou'in-
ment , and the'j would mthei have the toiies
whoalwajs n lit moie eneigeticMlly than
eithei the wbigs or radicals when Ihivlaiul's
KnroiHMii 01 Asiitie piestige Is at stake.
The clnonie. meddlers of the peace sodetv
baveuddiesseil iilongiind chcekj meinotial
to the Servian , Koiimenian and Guelc
mlnlsteis in London m-ging that theli pcn-
einments shoulel at once stoji theii warlike
pieparations and devote theii elfoits to the
jnc'seivatloti ol peace. The only one of the
fllplomats\vholiasjctreplied te > the memorial
Is the beivian anibassailen. JIo has sent a
dignilleel bntsatcastlc ipply in which he sajs
that hiselaimsaiostionwrand moic urgent
thanthosoJtoumclla ; that fceivia's pitnotic
tlesiie must be sitlslied , nnd tint the pe'.ue
societj would do well to nuo the 1'oweis to
satisfv them il it isieallj desirous of avoid
ing bloodshed.
Gladstone to IJcnil the ! jilcrils.
I ONDOV , Oct. 10. Mi. Gladitonc has open
ly assumed the dlicction of tlio liberal cam
paign and ho has ah eady managed to com
pose the difficulties between Loitl llaitlng-
ton , leadei of the vvhigs , and 3Fi. Chamber
lain , leader ol the ratllcalB. The lattui was
making such headway that Lord Uaitington
became alarmed and tlneUeiied to witlieliavv
f loin active management in the campaign
unless Mi. Chaiiibeihun was so lai embed ut
lenst as to bo unable to commit the whole
liberal pait to his .sc'iemes of radical
leform. 'I lie evpiemier summoned
theex-piesidcntof the local gov eminent on
bond the llawaiden and he went andcon-
lenul vvitli .Mi. Cladsione. Tlio icsultof this
meeting has been that Mr. Chamberlain lias
nitiecd to modltyhis piogiamme of icfoim
duihiKthc campaign , at least , and the evolu
tion ot a plan foi dealing with the rnaliies
the djffuicnt camlielntp.s. . 'I'lie Knfnnn , tlif >
vohslifriS ahet othei Ii/ailniK / clubs liavo
joined in the appointment ot a general
iitbitiation committee. This body is to
have the paitv power of dealing with all
tlioso cases wlieicin two 01 mine liberal
candidates cmle-av 01 to contest for their con
stituency , and the livaliy causes in such div -
v isions us are likely to aid the chances ot tlie
conservative lamlidatob in the same temi-
toiy. Tlie lubitiation tommlttec 1ms al-
icadj done a eood deil of woik , and It is
noticeable that in eveij e.i-e in which it has
chosen candidate. ) , this l.uvo In\jiiabl > been
modeiate liberals. So lai the action oL the
committee his been conciined in by
( lie defeated persons anil no signs
ol lebellion have been manifested
in nnv ( inaitei. Tlie cominltk'O is composed
of twelve pei sons , thieeliom cacliot thelour
frieat clubs the National Liberal , the
City Liberal , the iieioini and the Devonshlio
so that ail shades ol political opinion aie
falilj lenreseiited in its constitution and
Mi. ( Hailstone has ndvl'od ( lie atbitiation
committees not to impose an ) tests upon the
candidates but to leav e them as open u plat 1 01 in
as possible. The wisdom uf this ad < Iceisvuy
apparent. The question of lemalo sulfrane.
lei instance , has taken a sttong hold
In some constituencies. In the'o both
the and tha coiibcrvative candidates
aie found committed to tint bestowal of the
franchise on women. Inothci constituencies
thcie is a htiomr feeling in lavorof tiiennlal
mili.iments. Mi. ( iladstono sees no objec
tion to the liberal candidates pledging them
selves on all such enicstiont if their nvalsdo
It. A canvass of tlio coiinti > will undoubt
edly Miovv that a suflic lent niimbei ot candi
dates me uhcady pleadingdiecatiseot female
Milliago to lahu that cpieslion to one of
uigeney in tlie nc\t p u liana nt.
Ilritihh llnolcet
LOMIOV , Oct. 11. [ Special to the lHr. : ]
The attention of the government has been
diavvn to the cnoimous Ineieaso ieccntl > of
outside stock exchanges , better known as
bucket shops , and It Is lumoicil that a bill
will bo intioduced during tlie next session of
piillamcnt for the pinjiose ol placing this
class ol stork speculates outside ( lie pile of
[ lie law. The icgulai biokcis complain blt-
leilvof the dhnlnlhhed business and vainly
urge the stock exchange- committee to expel
Ihu J xchango tclcgiaph compan > , whose
tapeiecoids the changes In prices thiotighout
the mctiopolls. All bucket bhoj > s are 8ii ! > -
scilbcis for "tlckeis , " wifhont which their
business would bo Impossible , but many
members of tlie stock exchange committee.
aioalsoshaieholdeis In the Kxchango Tele
graph compan ) , and It Is said that theii ren o
of iliity Is bomevvhat blunted hy a conflict of
inteie.sts. Meanwhile this now scandal is
glow in ; ; cnnimouslv. lliicltd-shops foatci
ici.klc.-.s gambling by hjneading ninaeltast
nllming advertlsi > ments in the shape of
pimplilets and iluiil.ns , Knler u bucket-
hhop at any time dining biLsiness houis , anil
von aio certain to see sc oies of ladles watch-
H\K \ the tape and sjieculating on all fancies
with n lecHlessncss lrul > feminine. Mingled aio found many ol pcilupi the
woist male Imiplcs In Komliiii , lull of pio-
lesse > d vvidoiii > , and ever icadj to
t'niiiisli tips ami give advice for whatever
thej can make.
LO.SDON , Oct. 11. Tlio Vienna Fiemden-
blatt , an evan of the Anslilaii government ,
wains Seivla and Gueco that It they com-
mento vvai on theli own account they must
expect no assistance fiom the I'oweLs. It
Is believed that the wanting Is due
to a hint ( torn i'linco DIsmauk
who Insists upon the picsi'ivatlon of thu
Htilln lieatj. The impiesslon Is InciiMsIng
In tin ! niiiopcan cuiltals that illplomaev has
lulled to au-ange that lioimiellan dlfllcnlt.v
owing to tlto Wiiillko nttlludoot heivlaainl
( iiieie , both Intendini ; to light against llul-
gailan clomlnuncci tiniest ) the statue quo bo
Thu Dncliy of
HiiiiN. : ; Oil. -I'nncu ) Albiecht , of
I'liissla , has been appointed legent of the
clucliv of IliunswieK. Thn duke ol Cinnbei-
lamllias picitestctl agnlnsl lhoap | > olnlni'jnt
on the ground ho U licit to the dnkctlum.'H Governor ,
W.v * > iiiNf , rov/Oct. 10. lij peoileehlmtng ]
lobe on the Inside it Is stale'el that bofoic :
nc'st Tik'sflay doveinoi ( illbeit A. I'leieoof
Dakota will bo deposed nnd his sii'ce&sor
appointed. The probnble man Is not nnnicd
bntSlcbach , who lias imvlo a liard tight , hut
w 111 It Is said , not get there. This impiesslon
prevails despite the flirt that 1'lciec had as
surances from the president and seeietarvof
the Interior that he vvoiild not be removed foi
a j car.
Niw : YOUK , Oct. 10 , Ifja. m. The 2sO,000
pounds of dj namlto under Flood Uock , Hell
Gate , lias just been exploded.
In order to protect ; life and pioperty at
Flood Hock explosion to day the most careful
ful and complete arrangements had been per
fected. A foieoof 150 j police in addition to
the haibor police wore detailed near the
scenu of action. Ul.ickviclPslsland contained
n detachment of one hunched men ,
while one hundred were on dtitj
at Ward's Island. All buildings on the north
end of Ulackvv ell's Island wereelearcd of In
mates , including the ahnshouse , woikhome
and lunatic asylum , who weie massed on the
law us at a safe distance from the explosion
and eaietully giiaided. In thepenltenthiiy
the cell doois were thrown oiien and thepiis-
oners conducted outshle. Tlie walls ot the
prison weiesimouiidcd by police , while ti
laigoloico was stationed among the con
victs to prevent riot or escape.
Ail points on tbc shore 1 nun which Flood
Hock could be teen weie tlenselj packed
with people. The police weie kept busj in
keeping the eremd outshle the dangei fine.
Hopes had been stietchcd aeioss theiivei
above tuid below the place of explosion , and
launches tioin tlio navy jaid pati oiled the
rlvei tebce that no vessels attempted to pa s
through. When the bell In the towei ol
btanu'B school building stinck 11 ,
fifty thousand people weio wait
ing expectantly lei the explosion
which w as aelveitlsed to occur at that hour ,
but at that moment a number of people were
still on Flood Hock. A few moments later ,
howevei , . ! tugboat took them off , ami then
the spectatois braced themselvs lei the ex
pected shock. Ladies and gentlemen in cai-
i lages stood upon tliiMctishions and leveleil
opeia classes towiud thtj Isiantt.
A hushed expectancM tell upon fhe vast
etovvd. The livci in tjioiclnit > of Flood
Hock and llallatt's "point was now tleai
ot CJl-els. At n icspoctfiil distance
howevei , M'oies of excursion stcameis ,
jacht.sand tugs weie crovvelcd wlthjieople
who waited lor the pleasing of the eicttiie
button. At pieelsely 11MJ o clock the bosom
of ilvei was pierced with amiihtv
ot locks and timber. Up , up , went tlie glit
tering masses ot watei Minlil It ncemed as If
It ncvc'i would slop. At n height of twolmn-
clicd teet the nnlilted waters imiseel and tell
back again to the ilCcr.
Marv Newton , the 11-year-old daughter of
Gen. Newton , touched the button which liictl
theelectiie euiient tint eijiloded thehiih-
maiine mines. 'J'hls Is the ; same child who
C'xploded the fust Hell Gate explosion.
Tlie shoe kot the explosion was felt onlj slight
l > in the Astoria short ! . The noise itsembleel
lai distant sutitenanean thnndei. When
Flood Hock h id been exploded a m isof
bioken wieck was seen on lop e > f it. The bier
deirlck which had been left to lit. late tinned
overon itsshle , broken. Tlie.hnge tank which
had been lei t at the north eiid of the island , still
steiod in Its place tilted ovei a little as it had
settled when letdown with tlienngij vvateis
liom its aeiml flight. ImmecliaU'lj titter the
explosion a lire bioke out in the wreck and
binned lustily amid the scethini ? wateis.
l\m i instantaneous photogiuphs Avere taken
by tlie olliceit , of the eoi'ps of engineers from
the liringpointat Astoria. As fai as , was possi
ble to judge 1 10111 the position and ajipeaiance
of the wieck , the ex ] > lo"3jon was a grand suc
cess. though lor the nrt'sent the vicinity of
the blasted rock will be oven moic dangerous
than heietofore until tlu'Mweck has been ie-
' "
. .
stiuctuie ticmbllngtor flv e seconds.
'Hie unginet'is , ol wlumi ( icnerat Newton
was chief , did not , as was expected , make a
thorough examination of the work done by
the explosion tills afternoon. A tug boat
with a lew persons on bond cinised about in
tlie vicinity ot the place , but no soundings
were taken.
The work of surveying the bed of the river
w 111 be commenced next week , and it w ill not
be know n until after this sin v ej is m ule just
what the effect of the explosion has been.
One of the engineers to-night In speaking ot
tliu work done by the dynamite and lond-
lock , said that so tai as his observations had
extended the explosion was eminently a suc
cess. Flood rock was notbmicd out of sight.
Itsankpcihaps tlnee or four feet and that
'koine had nfflimcil that the bed of the river
would beso bioken and jagged with rocks
that the mldelle clianuvi would become Im
passable until the debils was removed. Such
did not piovo to be the tact. The sound
steamers expeiienced no dillienlty whatevei
in making theii tiip tlinnuh the channel.
AM. MAY J or HAVi : UMT.ODl I ) .
If the work ot the ele < tiic euiient failed at
au.v point to ili chaigo the caitiidgcs it was
piobably nndei the lock known as "Nigger
Uock" opposite the eluctiic light stand on
Ilallelt's point. The keepei of the liu'bt
who watched the upheaval ot the waters , si Id
that the watei at that point was not ells-
tuibcd. It might be.Jiowevei , that he was
mistaken. The engineei felt confident ( hat
an examination nt thu bottom ot thoiivci
would show that the locks weie slmttcud.
Captain John homers , ol the light house boat
John Hogeis , attei the explosion , said : "We
weie to buoy the scene of the explosion alter
itoccinicd , II nciessaij. Wo lound at the
south end ol the island six fathoms of water ,
on the west end three 01 loin tatlmms. Theie
weietlnce 01 loin feet nt watei them befoie
this. We did not Unit it necessarj to buoy
the pbceatall , while tlfom iln channel isen- . , so ( hat the explosion Is nndoiibt-
( illy a. success , antlessfls can pass without
anj ftai. " i
w JIA-I CAV TAIN jinncrit III.VKR.
Cai > taln Meicei ot the United States engin
eei coips , who loiiueilv had thaige ot the
Flood Itotk w oik , said this evening : "Iain
peifectly tatiblled. Tlio explosion was a suc
cess. It has auomplishcd all that was anil-
eidated by those in charge of tlio woik. Ot
com so people who expected to see the whole
nine.icics.ot lock blown skvvvaid anil tall
back to the watei in cobble-stones weie dis
appointed. We did not expect that to occur.
In my opinion the lock Is in just such a con
dition as will lendei its icmoval easj. Of
luiiiM ) unt'l Ilu'.siuvejhiiio in.ulo it will not
lie known wheie the inideip ills of the lock
have been acted upon. 1 believe even pound
ot djnamito was exploded and did ll.s duty.
When I went on tliu lock with Lieutenant
Deib ) 1 did not caie to stay long. WlijV
Well , because there was no telling what
might happen. It might subside. 1 would
nolcaie tel > uuon ] ) itwhen It subsided , and
no one knows what effect , the moving of the
gases ami thu action of the watei mldit have
upon the lower poitlons. Thu sni-
luco ot the locic appealed to mete
to bo eraeUd and llssined. This Is
what was expected. JJIg Nigger Head still
shows his eiest abuvo tbe'vvatei , but bow ho
is below 1 cannot say. jlnmay chop out ot
sight to-moiiow erne may ieo.nlio .mother
blast. Little Nigger Head has dls.ippeaieil ,
bat a new lock appears above the vvalei.
Tills must have been thiown up bj the explo
sion. It eonihms my belief that the explosion
hasnccomplMiitl Its purpose. Yes , leaving
all these things aside , I licjlevo It Is a success ,
both tioin atcIcntllicaiieUenglneeiing point
otvlow. "
ronoK oi rim SHOCK.
Lleulcnant Spcnoer , United Stales en-
glncei , v\ho had c'liai-ge * of the detachments
sent to I'ati-hogue , Hay tihoie , Jlnbvlon and
IVaishall , which vveiocleliiiled tomakeobsei-
vations with sisometeisaiiivid Iieieto-nlght ,
on his v\a > hac'k to William's point. He
stated that the vibrations caused by the
shmko ! the explosion won ) delected on the
mciunv tluenmh tiaiiHllK at the sineial \ . \ -
lions at fiom 11 , i5 to H" : " " a. m. The vlbia-
tlons weio not peiieptiblo except by the ulel
ol thoslseimeteis. '
Hepoits fiom WooeWde , f'oion.i. Hex'nsjln
and 1'oit Washlngtem state that tlio shock
was telt at thoMs places , iminj dwellings
beli > 4 shaken and pla&tei Ix'lng knocked liom
celling and walls.
In that poitimi cif Long Island Mt > which
Jieson thoild-'O of locks luiiiiing east and
west from Hell Gale and about a mile and a
lialffieun Flood Hock , thu shuck of toda.v'.s
explosion was hit miirli moie than In pliui's
ncaiei llic'ioe k. Tliu v Miration was suftlclent
to taiiso buttles ami glares to ltd ) fiom
shelves HoiiM'locUd i > i'nvilijl | | ) \oic'-
] ieut ot Ihu explosion u. ' heaid In tint ill-
I eel iuii.
The Growing Kick In the Democratic Work
ing File Against the Administration.
No Money for Virginia Democrats
Virginia's Hxclting CampiilK"
Other AflnlrH tl'1'olltloal
. Oct. ll.-Spccal [ ! to the
Uii.J : The Vhglnla Demoemtle associa
tion held a meeting last nlcht , and
Mr. ( ilascoek , of the finance committee ,
repelled ( hat ho had tried to raise money
from District democrats for the \Miglnla
campaign fund and had not been able It ) raNe
a cent. Glascoek repotted the replies of a
number of Washington democrats when
asked foi money , and it should bo remem-
bc'iedthat AVashlngton demounts have hltli-
eito been exceptionally liberal In contribut
ing to the Viiglnia , Man land and national
campaign funds.
Tlio icplv of a very prominent
was : "No , I am tluough. 1 have voted the
elemociatle tlcketevet since I hud a vote , but
lam done now. "
, Another slid : " 1 hive given for tvventv-
Iive- ) cats , but now I'm elone wilh politics
and am going to attend to business. "
Another "aid : "I have alwavs given some > -
thing , but I am done. I thought we ought to
have * a change , but it is no better now than
befoie. "
Still another one said. "No. sir ; not one
cent. The condition of tilings In the Dish let
now Iswoisothin bofoie the elect ion. His
allunceitain. There s noej-ilalntv tor those
In in out anil It makes business dull/ '
Again , one said , "No , sir ; 1 have made a
fool ol niVM'if , Inn railing foi the demociats ,
but 1 wouldn't walk iicioss the street to vote
nnle-ss I were paid ten il. "
Oneof the best known old time-is said : "I
am sick of politics. Talk about tinning the man spends his time , mid gets
no thanks , " but after a moment he said , "I'm
foi Kit/ Lee all the time. "
AX ii't : oii : or o VMI > AIONI\O iv VIHGIMA
ioNi ) , Va , Oct. 10. [ Special to
[ he Un : . ] Kor the tliiul time timing
the campaign In this state blood was
today. Tlio affair occurred at
Williaiusburg , the home of Di. AVIse , the
brothei of John S. Wi'-c , the republican
! idac ( foi goveinor. It occasioned considci-
able excitement in the usii.ill ) quiet litllo
ilacc. Mr. Brooke , a piomlnent democrat ot
Williamsbiirg , was attacked by two Malioue
negioes. armed w.tb tloiilile-bairelcel shot
guns. They opened tne on Hiooke , intllcting
l.ingerous wounds. Leandcr Smith , one
of the assailants met Urooke on the street ot
the village last night and insulted him.
Meeting tins man upon the street to-da )
IJiooke calleel him to account , when the nc-
gio and his eonledemto fne-d upon him. llev
foio the affray began , a thiiel negio Joined
the jiaity exclaiming : "The war was uc'gun
and wo are ready for it. " Hrooke ictuined
the die of his assailants with a small pocket
pistol but the shot did no harm. The scene
of this afliay is In one the gieatest Maliono
stiougholds in the slate.
wno rotiM ) Tni.i , uANnnr.ous TALKS.
NEW Oni.KANff , Oct. 11. A special to the
Picayune fiom Aicadia , this state , sajs : On
lie20th of September , at a point thirty-two
uiles south of this place , neai the line of
AVinn palish , fem unknown masked men en-
cred ( lie houfeo ot Sampson Han is , colored ,
on pretense of looking lor another man , hue
t is lepoited that on entering the house out
> f the fem men bcl/eel Hauls , Paying : "You
ire tlio man we want. " They shot him twice ,
ntlicting wcMinels fiom which 1m died. It Is
epoited that Hariis was killed because
ie had threatened to expose certain persons
lei wliimiing some ne-gioes in that neighbor-
lood. Tins affair of whipping negioes caused
great indignation on flic part of miny white
icople in the nelghboihood. The whipping
it negioes and the minder weie reported to
thegoveinoi who Instituted Judge Dievv to
cause tlie auest of the persons nndei sus-
licion , and vv.iuants weio issued heie last
, veek. Four men alleged to hue been con-
ceined In the miirdei of Hairis have been
uicstiMl. Tlie dial will lake place Monday.
riie > weie ket ] ) in the lockup until thiseven-
ng when they weio taken to Minden lor
C.'inelhlatCH on Ijn ! > or.
Urrr i.o , Oct. 10. The executive eommit-
ce of tlio State Worklngmen'H assembly ,
ifter the two state conventions , submitted a
series of questions to tlio nominees for gov-
cmoi , touching theii attitude towaicl the
winking classes and towaid seveial me'as-
ncs now beloie the stale < le-gislatuio ol In-
nest to woikingmeii. Theli leplles aie
iiatle public to-night. Ii.i Davcnptnt , the
ii'iiulilican candidate , declaies himself in laver -
vor ol a law lor tlie good of the winking
classes , but declines to pledge himself to sign
inv hill , as he cannot know icatnies It
will contain. Goveinor Hill , the demociatle
uidldite. declaies himself in lavoi of tlie
> ills mentioned , but makes the ie-ci\.itlon
that when passed they shall be constitutional.
Itcnuhllcmi Delegates.
h.VI.IM : COt'MI.
Cnr.ri : , Neb , Oct. 11. [ Special to the
Ui.r. ] A lousing icpiibllcan convention was
leld at AVilber jesU'iday. A lull county
.Icketwas nomlnaled. Delegates to state
convention : K. McGlntle , M. A. Dougheity ,
lohiiTlilball , W. Staley , i : . ] 'isihurni ] > , M.
Jackson , McKcene , H. Kliif , A. Moflllt , J.
Vansljnc , A. Deidson , U. Dmas , 13. Metcalf ,
A. Ta > Ior. A icsolution endorsing hcnator
Van Wjck , and denounilng coitain leptibll-
can jonrnaisasattacking him in irtallation
foi his light In behalf of the people against
iionopolles , was fought dcspe'ralely by
rilendsof Gov. Davves. It was c.nried two
to one.
jinnitiru rorvi v.
ri.vniAi : < ( ! u v , Neb , Oct. 10-Special [ to
The alte'iiduiie e w as lai ge.
none , i. coi sn.
Fni MONT , Nil ) . , ( Jet. 11.iSpi'dal tei liio
] Jii : . I Following aio tlio deli gale's | o the ie > -
iitiblleMii convention : J. W Love * . S. 1.
Mooie. 0. I ) . Man , Ji. Abliott. M M av.A.
rauisli , A. 1' . Shenhaid. A. M. .spoone-i ,
John bie-le-y , d. M. Dodge aiiel Win. 1'ilttl.
lit'ii.i.iicoi ' .sn.
Dvvin Cn.Ncb. . , Oct. ID. The lepubll-
cans held theii i ( invention lodt > , and nomi
nated u e ounh tieke t , as lollows :
Tieasinei , Jonn Haipei ; eleik , 1) . ( ' . Hev-
nolds ; Judpe , A. ( Mingman ; sheiill , u. 11.
Hiovvn ; smvevor , W. T. Hiilmielson ; siipei-
Intendent , Aillini Hale ; eoioni'i , Ji. 1'olts.
FMIIVIOSI , Ne-b. , Oct. 10. i'ho I'lllmoio
county icpiibllcaii convention to-ila > nonii-
the iollow Ing tic ke-t :
Cle-ik , K. K. t'obh , ol Geneva ; lie isinei ,
Austin Adams , ot Geneva ; slieiiir. W. J.
Casein , ot Falimemt ; juiUi1 , 11. K. hhlcklev , ot
Geneva ; upcilemlent , . ) . II. huxton , nt Geneva -
ova ; tommf'slimei , Clmile's.Milv > iol Gene-va
pli' < lnct ,
Hepieheiilathis to fill vacancy cau-ul hy
Ihoeleatliol William Itlaine , C. 0. Il.'liiiian . ,
o ( Geneva ,
AiutoiiA , Nib. , Oct. 10.'I he lepuMirans
lie-Id theii convention In thSiount ) today
and mailetliclollownig nomin.illnn ' Cnuniy
clctkilllim 'Ihomii-uii In .iiiiui , llany
Cole ; bliuill , F. 11 v.iUuiiiiu , judge , J. H.
Lincoln ; commissioner. .Tohn T. Mattel ;
"iiperlnle'iielent of M-hooN , K , H. Barton ; snr-
vejor. M. M. Heleok ! coionei , George U.
Democrat to Conventions.
HASTINOO , Neb. , Oct. 10. [ Special to tlie
UIK. : ] The dcmoci-als of this county met In
convention to-day , and for the lir < t time In
the hlstoiy 4 this county had a full icpro
Dentation fiom each township. It. A. Hull }
and Dick Thompson , Miller's chief lieuten
ants , were sat on hard. F.lght straight anti-
Miller delegates weie elected In splto ol a
ring that hud IKHMI formed in Hastings. All
good democrats are rejoicing.
OASS ror.viv.
I'Arir.i.tov , Neb. . Oct. 11. [ Seelal | to the
Hin.l : Following Is the democratic countj
ticket :
Treasuier , William Novllle ; MierllT , ( Jeorge
H. iiabhitt ; county clerk , Joseph M. Kobin-
son ; supoilntemlcnt ol schools , Otto Mill/ :
county judge , C'liailes H. Klinr : suue'jor , I > .
D. Gallagher ; coioiiei , Cluis. Koehnke.
KKAII.NTY , Neb , Oct. l-Tlie ( ) HutTalo
county democialle convention met here
today and nominated the follow Ing eountj
ticket :
TreaMiier , ( \ F. Uoi1in < : oii ; cleik. 1' ,
Phlllppai ; judce , W. II. l' mmlheillT. : . A.
,1 , lluiiows : supe-ilntendeiit , I'd. S. , lellc.v ;
coronei , J. S. bi/t'i.
De-legates to the slate convention W. G.
Nve of Giant , John Iting ot Gibbon , J. it.
Waite ot Kim ricek , H. H. Colbv of bliellon ,
Juan Hovle , W. L. Green and W. W. K.
Smith ol Keainev , and W. llenme ) ol Centei.
Doiieii : cot'.M v.
FIIKMO.NT , NebOct. 10. The democratic
count ) convention nominated the following
ticket tn-di > :
Tivasurer , C. N. Morse ; eleik , L. Spear :
clieiill , 'Ihomas Cinian ; e-ommlssloni-i'
George Laiid ; siipeilntendeiit , F. C. Fljnn ;
judge , J. J. laige. ?
Delegates to the ' ( ate convention : .1.1' .
Sheivln. W. II. Slumiri , M. Deiwllng. .V. W.
Smalls , W. L. Ma > , Cluirles Sang. C. I ) . Gai
danier , John Helmrleh , Thomas lobe--on ! , F.
Spat 11.
A icsolution was passeel endoislng J. F. .
Slici v In as candidate tor coilectoi.
D vie vie cot .sn.
lArivsoy , Neb , Oct. to. The following
are the dele-gates to the state democratic con
vention tiom Dakota conntv : ( ten. Joseph
Hollmas , John Haitnettaml Ilenu Ileivve-g.
Alleinates Daniel Dungaii , C. 1) . Itjan
and Tim Muiphj.
Democratic countj ticket Tiea-mei ,
Thomas Vshford , Sr. ; eleik , James I1. Two-
big ; slieiitf , D. J. Jl\an \ : sujici intent , ( Ju > T.
Giaves ; inoiute tudge , 1' . H. Wiibui : coio-
ni'i , Col. I ) . Hates ; commissioner , Thomas
noi.r COUNTY.
O'Ni.u , Neb. , Oct. 10 The county dem-
neiatle convention ot Holt count } v\as held
lieietodaj. The follow Ing clele-cates to the
state convention weie elected : 1'atriek Faliv ,
I. M. .McDonough , John J McC.illertj , Flunk
Cnmiibell , J. A. Golden , 1 ? . 1 ! . Tebault , John
Caibcirj aiidJ. A. Kobiiison.
ni'Ki rou.N rv ,
TritAMAii , Ne-b. , Oct. 10. The lollowlng
me tlie delegate to th'o state convention : A.
II. Ch.ude , A. J. .Sheckell , Frank Giiflln and
W. J { . Iletim , V. Newm in , J. 1' . Lotta ,
Geoigo D. Atvvater anil F. L. Lunge weie
oui : CUP.
i HI : r vi , vn\ . ANOU.\CID : AS THI : CHAI.-
i.i .soi : Hucci-si-oit TO 1111 : OIMSIA. : :
Ni w Yonif , Oct. 11. [ Special to the JJKi : . ]
A leltci was icccivcd by thcsccretaiy of the
S'ew York jiicht club Thinsduy ficim J ,
lieaver AVehb , icncvvlng the challenge for the
Ameiica's cup. Tlie challenge wasliist made
st April by both cnttei.s , the Genesta and
Galatea , and it was specified that the former
yaeht"should lace for tlio cup during the sum-
Vus reqiieUecl that the challenge be con-
Inued open until next season , when the
Galatea wouhl tiy her speed with the Ameii-
can vachts. lieloru leaving tor J'nglanil
Webb notified the jaeht club that the
: : alitp.i would bo leidy to sail
lei the cup any time next jear that the H--
gutta committee miglit fix upon. Webb pio-
> oses fivei aces to be sailed and that the jit-lit
winning tlnee bo adjudged the winnoi of the
cup. It was further suggested bj Lieutenant
lleiin , tlio ovv tier of the Galatea , at least two
aces be sailed outside New pint. If. ] . , and
the whole series be sailednslain in the season
is piactleabh' . Webb , who is the designer ot
mill the Genosta and Galatea , is moie conn-
lint otllie ability ot the latter jacht. The
( i.ilate-a has aheaelv beaten the Genesta in
several races In liutish vvateis. and has been
it-Idas the last resent in caseSIi HIeh ml Sut-
ton's cutter lailcd to biing homo the cup.
Important KalUvay Ij.inel Question.
AVASIIINI.ION , Oct 11. [ Special to ( lie
Bun. Assistant Sccretaiy ot the Interioi
tiny Jenks vvillicturn to the inteiior deput-
ment next week , and immedlxtely attci his
return , two veiy Important public land cases
will be aigucd bsfoie him. The most Im-
poilantof these 1s Ihei ca o of the Noitliein
Pacific lallway against Ciiiilfoul Millei on an
appeal fiom the decision ol Couimissionei
Spaiks to the ot the Inteiioi. Com
missioner Spuks decided that llieio was no
antlioiity in law lei the withdiawal o ! land
within indemnity limits liom settlement
until alallioad company had com
pleted its toad , ascertained its
deliclcnc ) In the grante-d limits anil taken a
portion of indeninil ) lands to make up'he '
eleiiciency. The piactlce lei many jc-aiH has
been to withdiaw tlie indemnity lands fiom
M'ttlement as soon as tlio line wasl'iiated ,
and millions ot acies ol land have thus he-en
wilhdiavvn tiom settlement ten many )0us ,
while It was entliely mucitainvheihei any
] iul ol them would l > o needed to make up the
ilelieic-ncv ot acieago wltliln llio gianleel
limits , Coiiimlssloiu-i Siaiks | has decided
that all acts of his mcdceessois with-
diavving indemnity lands weie Illegal anil
void. Of rouise the Noilhein I'acilic lallway
appealed from this decision , No.uly eve-iy
land giant lallioad in the countiv is Intei-
esttd In tlie ultimate decision ot tills matte i
'I he- title tonianv millions ot iicies ot land
Is Involved and mill1.ldiuln who have bought
land of lallw.i ) companies within Indemnity
limits aio also Intciested In Ihe ilc-islon.
Tills Is one ot the most Important ouestions
that has evei been aigucel lietoie fhosccielaiy
ol the Inteiior.
'i be otlici eisc ( hit will ronto up for aigti-
menl be-fine Jenks is the validity ol patent *
toi tlm "lia < l-boiif giant" In Louisiana which
.Secietaiy Tellei rushed through Ju > t before
ho vvi'iitoutot oflico.
Si Lot 18 , Oct. 10 , Theio was anolhei
gie'.it crowd at the laecs to-day , but it was not
so huge as on tlio pievionselajH. 'ihofite
ten all was viy closely rontested hetwec'ii
l'li > llls and Hill ) Wilkcs foi two heals , but
aftei that the lattci gave out and came In last.
The stake iaro was alto well eontesttel , and
might have hi'cn won by Itele-ren.ehad ho
been moio jndlclonsl ) dilvcn , ThonnliiiMicd
! i-'ii ) men of ) e'steiday was won by Deck
\Vilghl. Timeiiai5f. : To day the liist meo ,
lice lei all , mlle he-ats , puise , trl/AK ) , divided.
1'hyllls 1 1 1
llaiiy Wilkes 'I U 4
.Ion iavis < ' < "
Maiubiino biuiklo , 1 > : t
Time , tl'.Wisiuijii ! : 'J-04' : | .
Si com ! nice. Mlss | | pii ] stakes , foi l-.venr-
olds , mile 11 en is , S7ri cniiaiiee , i7'Jj added.
I'lincetini 1 1 1
Hcfi-ieiic. ) " - | /
( jambelta
Time , 'Ji.OJf , " . & ' , , --WJf. :
Jli.sio : , , Oct. 11. 'Ihu leading clen'iig '
liuiiM'b ol Hie United htati-i lepoit that lint
total ileuaiuestorthu week ending Oi tuber
10 weie sUiti ViOin."i , an Inm-asu ot JIO pel
ii-nt toiiipautl with the eniu-aponding week
last .vi-ai ,
A Modern CEdipus in Now York Tlio Tcr-
riblo Discovery A Good Yam.
iH ofn JUcli llouc-A MIIII'N Ail-
Tcnttiro AVith tliu CliostHOf
JllB Donil AVIxcH
At n Scuncc.
MarrkMl Ills Mother.
NiW Yoin : , Oct. 11. [ Special to Uio
llKiii ] A iiniiviitto story ending with
ti terrible discovery Is told In tlilH
morning's Journal. It says tluil about
twenty jeais iigo , Aniasa. 'rurnur uml
Sanmntha Waitllo worn m.urled ne-ju Am-
Inn si , Mass. MHs Waullo was scuieelylO at
the time. A 011 was bom some months atlei-
\\iuil. While lie was still nil Inlunt , Tornei
Kiit adlvoico finni his wlfoand took htscldlel
\\ltli lilin to Mexico and liiully to California ,
\\liciu ho lomalncd until no died. Ills
divorced wife nnrili'd Sjlvcslei doodle , of
Canidon , N. .1. He dlcelsoon aftei. leaving
hrr qiilto n foilunc. Him 1ms In en living In
this eltj foi sevotal > tvrs , and iccently met
llairlson Tntnei , of Kan Francisco. Neither
knew the relationship then existing between
them , mid us Mis. ( ioodlo liuil lefulncd her
j imth and beauty they wore eventually
mauled , Tlirh duo position \\as revcaletl
to them only a fovv iln\s a o. The clleetati
tenihle. 'I holi lileneU ( | iilckly hmiiedoiui
id them oil toJsoulh Amoile.i and the olhos
to lanopo , and ovei.v iMHsIblo means Is being
made to hush the m.itiut up.
A men -vot'-so noui..s < : . .v.riuhiiu : in- *
TKOV , N. Y. , OU. 11. [ Special to Urn Hni'.J
llonrj It. Welles , aiic-phow of the Lite ( Jidcon
Welles , Lincoln's se-cretaiy of the na\j , In-
liciitid alaigo foitune liiiiu his nnele. Hit
had not been hifuvoi at Ids homo In Hartford
foi some timobefoie his unclo'H death , and
spent his time In thu Vitnl as a cowboy. On
obtaining the money ho began leading
: i fast life nnd rivalled Hnny Wall ,
I'tho King of tinDueles. . " Ho met Mis.
James renliss.Ji. , In New York In Pulmnrj.
\Vt-l les bought for SAOOi ) Uio lines ! mansion
in Washington county. It , was located in
I'amhiielgo , wheie tin ; couple went to live.
' 1 heoiitin Is the d lighter of tin
eleigiiuan olNova Scotia. She-sajs that 11
mock mat lingo- was performed hy a fiiend oC
Welles diessc-d us u iniiilslci. HoclaimH that
they \\eio novel mairicd. She cost Welles
thousands ol dollaih. Dining his absented
fiom homo hist Wednesday night th&
mansion WHS thn scene ol wild lev-
eli\the woman being the oontci ol II nil.
Wine llovvul like water , mid all the stiorl.s of
the Urn neie then ) . Dining their drunken
tape-is the building took lire and binned to
thcgioiind , entailing u loss of Slfi.OOO. Tim
couple had moved In the highest social elides
in eastcin Now Voile , but In the jmhlli1 prlntf
yesterday he ( lenoiinc"d her and cast hei olf.
llei demand toi S10KI ( ) vsas refust < ! . She ha-i
fcr.1,000 win th ot diamonds. Counsel h.iHbeen
( ngaged uml a light Is coming. The woman's
found' husband h ts IK en lound.
* Br rr M > jj.aj > H JLHUKU nnAn WIYKS.
. * " " " * " " fsKiuilol In IKo t > l vn
Aii evening papei liHis a good stoiy about
liovv a would-be exjioser was esjiosed at a
spiritual seance at South Und u dav 01 Iwo
ago. A dollar a head "seance" had be'cn in
incyie-ss sometime wilh the usual appear
uncesof spiiitfoims , but without nn.vthiiig
of fin ( her note excejil tlio Incredulous snllfp
) f a middle aged ikeptio who occupied a seal
in tlio seconcliow In compinywith u femilu
> ounger in age and .seemingly a belie-vcr in
: licsuiiciiiatiii-al. Then came the tinnoiince
ment liom the nieeliiim , "A Hpiilt is litiewho
wishes to see John. " The female In the
eeond it > w giaspeel hei companion anil
wliispere'd , " 1 guess it's foi yon , dear. ' 'hurt !
enough it was. ' ] he maslei ol ceiemoniesin-
dlcatedasinuch.asthomlildlougedpirson with
situs of skeptical leluctiiiice arose and
steppe i towaid the cabinet , fiom out ol
whoso cm tains there iitlvanrni the lonvcn-
tional spiut in white. 'Ihero vvaseml allies-
menl in hisniaiini i ot ne-ognlxlng this\lslloi
trom another woild. huthisi-i olness not
diminished when llie wiaith spoke : 'Don t
you know me , jour wile- , John ? " hkenlie its
lie was. John uvnic-el nniblo to denj the re
lationship , and he-i'l his hc.ulltli .mp.ncnt.
unwillingness to ne-eivo the in.ultal mlnto
ujon ) his cliecl ; , win n the voice eif tlio me
dium again lieaid : "Anothei spirit
wants to find John , " and asecoml veiled lig-
111 e gliding out ol tlie din knov , floated up to
t itpali , and embiac iiu lot , spok < - in a fai-
away voice : "Deai John , elon t jo" know
jour wive1).1" A groan , .is If ii-sistlcris
convlcflon weie teailngont iinbi-IIe-1 lij the
loots iiom his soul , cline tiom John's bu-ast ,
and the voice fiom thoeabinet spoke"He : ro
Isaiiotliersiinit who says who wantN to see
John. " Simultmicoiist ) advaiu-lng and
speaking si thiid Hphit tiinoatiel-ald , "Deal
husband , v\b me.all hi-io ; don't von know ;
lib.1" Jlut.lohn hioku away liom the lilpnlo
Cmbraco wblih imiieneled , not waiting lei ihej
fii'ntcnco to finished , and with u look of
lioiiilied conviction , which was vbiibh : even
in the daikne-ss of the stMiice ehtimli-r. )
c-aught up tliei littio woman In tin ) se-conei
low , now sobbing , and mtulu quick exit ,
Sat in elii ) 'K Appointments.
WASIIINI.ioOil. . 10.-The pit sdent !
made tliu following appointments lo-daj : To
Im United States maisliiils Di. 1 ! . Wnte-io , of
Michigan , fin Ihe vvestein disliietof Ilehi-
gun ; Kdw. Hawkins , of Indiana , ten Ihu ills-
liie t of Indiana , vice Itobt. T. Foster. Navy
-Commodoio btephuii 15. LIIUJ to be rear
admiral ; Captain David It. Hurmnnv tohu
comniodoio ; Lieutenant Commande-i Dickens
to becoinmodoie ; 1'a n-d Assinlant Knislueei
John A. btott lo bo dilot engineer wilh lli
lelativoiank ol llouleiiiintevmimandei.
Beware Scrofula
Scrofula Is prolnbly nioro itcnoral tlnn any
other ellscaso. It It insidious In cti iracttr ,
iiiid manifests Itself la running BOICS , jinstiilar
c millions , bulls , Hwcllliii ; ; ) , enlarged JnlatH ,
alscui c-sioioiciiclc. ) 1 Food's r nrsapnrlll.i
cxpc-H nil tiaco ot scrofula fiom thu blood ,
leaving It pure , enrlclicil , aii'l buillliy.
"I w.ts severely allllttcil with sciodiln , and
ov cr a j ear bail tw ruimhig tnron on my nctik. I
'J ook flv u bottles Hood's H trsnparllla , and am
curcil. " 0. i : . Jo\ .JOY , f/mcll , Mass.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , li.iel simfuloin
sou's for cveu jc ars , bjirlnt ; anil fall , lloexl's
harsapai Ilia cured him.
Salt Rheum
Is onoof the most tllsiprocablo diseases rniiscel
liy hiiiiiru | Mood. 1 1 Is ict.ullly cm cd by JliiaU'u
Bars ipai Ilia , Die jjre at Wood pinl/ler. /
AVIlll.iin hi'lt" ) , J.ljila , ( ) . , iinTcrcd greatly
from erFlpelas and Ball ilicinn , fniwil by
handling tnli-irco M times hi i b mils wcillUl
ciack open anil bleed. Iln tiled v.alons pieju
nratlonsultliuiitiild ; fliially tonic Hood's
ai.irllla | , and now si ) a : " I am entirely vvrll.1'
"My sun hid sill ihcuiii on lilshamUan I
( Hi thu c-ahts of lih legi , IIu tooil Hcjoel'-i
h luaparllU and Is fiitlrely cuieel. " JH JJ ,
Gtanton , Ml. Veriinii , Ohio ,
Hood's SarsapaHIja
ldliy ililiiiIili. | fl.tUforff. MieltQIil
ly I I IHlllllA I < i .
IOO Doses Ono