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Evident Purpose of the Ohio DonMcracy to
Poist Prohibition Upoa the Republicans.
Hie Great Koi-csnilu Contest llotxvccn
rorafcoi- and Houtlly Out
line of the Ohio
Torxno , Out. & Tlio Joint dcb-ile between
Governor Ilnadloy uud Judge. 1'ornkur. it-
pi'bllcaii itntl dcmoeiutle candidates , icsptct-
lvclfor goveinor of Ohio lit the election
noxlTiiesd.i } , drew an cnoimous audience
this evening to NVIieolci's oppu timi&o. Tilt )
building will scat -1,700. Ton minutes nfU-i
the ilmirs oponid over ) seat aiul alt u\allnbl ( !
Htandlng iixiiii was occupied , \\lillo on the
Malrsand slicct In-low weio crowds clamm
ing lei ml mis-lion. Tlm stage was piovltlcd
vvlth'-MlMutfl , divided equally between the
tvvocommlltios , fin \\huli tlekeU woio Is-
Mted , and which woioomiphdb ) pioiiilucnt
loaders of both paitlos. A small table in
flout mail. cd the con lei line ot tlu > Mage ,
and to li ! light ami It-It ol this
losnedlvolv vveio othi'i tables. to chahs to
oaen , ( ici'iipIM l > \ the t\\o spc.iM.-is mid ( hail-
men. Judge John II. Dojlo vvaselialimui ot
the mooting mi tin1 ii.ii t ol thciontthlhaiis ,
nnd Itepn M ntalhu ] i. ink Hind outdated tor
tin1 di mooiats.
'the time ot the ' j'oaKris was divided as
rollout , ( iov. lloadtcy opentditli one
hour , Judge I'makci then 01 1 npli'd one hoiu
nnd a lull , lloadlo ) dosing with a hall hoin.
.Iiulne Doylocalhd the nit cling to older
and , in neil IK cd thopKigiamino. I Jopioscii la
the Fiauk Hind Immediately uio-e , nnl in-
tindiii'id ( iov. llo.idlev In a lew welds , and
the l.itlei goiithmaii began his speedi amid
uiithiiMi.isUe pi uid'ts ' fiom tm | audience.
mi viu.v's MM i en.
lie began hv tceiting the dioumstaueos
leading to the challenge io joint drlute. Tim
most iiuiinl | , uit ISM uof the campaign.aid
1m , Is the ( ptostloii of personal Illicit ) , and
huu lai Intel fond with by thu l.iw .is to the
li.ibits ot dlinknig. Hi' then pioeecded to do-
line Hie posdiou ol lioth p titles on thollquoi
question h ) le-.tdlug the iil.itloiius ot each.
lie delined the plank In the plat-
foiuius iccogiii/ing thciighlol the people to
nun ml the oigauie law ol the sl.ito to
that the iejiiillRMns a piohlbitoiv
iimtmlineiit. lie argued llm point
was , how far tiio law nny no to
regulate llm pervmal habits ot cltl/eiis ,
ol Hitstall - . Tlieans\\ei depemhd upon liie
iniswoi to the othoi ( itioslioii , "Is diinkiiigu
vhi'i' Is ft luiiiiilid 01 wrong to lake one
class of beoi 01 wine' ' Is a man to 1m alloutil
to indulge in modei.itu diinlting which cm
do him no harm. ' " It diiukinir lie a vice ,
.selling Iliiiioi is ahc. . lint it a man who is
I'ipablo ot selfeontiollio takes a dunk on
a i inn dot s no hnim , then lie does no liana
to dunk It In a saloon , lie lelened to the
loci I option Icatmo ol the bcotl law or "pio-
liibilion In spots , " \\hlch dillois
fiom total iiiiihibition as a coach
do , ; dllfeis Horn a dog all one
color. He anathematl/ed the Stott law
foi this te.ittne and denned hiinsclt as op
posed to paillal piohihltiim 01 total piolnbi-
lion and in t.uor ol pcisonal lioidom to Hie
fullest extent. 'Ihe spoakei olaboiated Ihe
point tliat It wrong in one pi ucdi inking was
wiouginall ; U light in one plate , right in
all. The piineiplu that \\mild jiislily the
Kcott la'vS local option leatme would tiistity
tlieprohihltlon ; if chewing 01 MimUm ; to-
liai'LO within a municipality. Tlio rondu-
ilon wa- > that kvNIation must be dm tied
uplink lh"e\ll- liquoi dilnlclng , hut not
against diiiikim ; itsell. This was thu liu'ht
dlKLlloii ol temneiaiice legislation , within
cities 01 w I thoiit. The most \ aluahlu possession
of iiclll/eit is poison il libcitv ; theieloio all
niovi ments which stilUe at this must lie op
posed. DiiiiKin In not a vice , but evessho
drinkitiL' Is. 1'iohibltioii Is a laihiie in
Elaine , In Kaus is , in Iowa , btatlsth s ol the
number ol I'uiUd States Ihjiioi Ihunse.s is-
biied In these slates weie lead , showinuaii m-
cio.iMsin two ot the tlnee. Me pionoimied
inohihllion an Incentive to liypoetisy. and ho
is against II , lout and hr.iiuh. He ehal-
lenp'd I'lii-.tKi'i to state wh > he is in tavoi of piuhUiltlon in munielpalilies , and not in
1 mil of piohihliion In the whole Male. .Mi.
I'liialvt'i N in l.noi ot the bruit law , the
nln h section ot which gives ntimidpali-
tles powei to piohlbll. How can he
jusllfv tills and not also lustily stale
liiohliiition ? Hcionipaied I'oralu'i toasaiid-
vvlch man with aplncaid In tiont , "Not lot
prohlhitlon , and on the bid ; . Not against
piohlhltlon , " and di.illuiiged him to state
vvhethci ho was In tavorol piohibition 01 op
posed to it. He Insisted that pioliiblllon is
the issue In Ohio , because the next locNIatuiu
\\illbeasKedtoiiass piohiliition li islition.
IJedesned to il 1'omUer was elected
Kovuuor , wlielhei he will , In his messw.
lecomniend the submission ot a piohihitoij
nmendment to the Matocoiistitutloii. He de-
in.inded also to know whethei If llm republi
can siipieme com t Is elected. it will ii'M'ixo
tliu l.ilu decision that the bcott law is
iiiiLOiistitutlonal and compel saloonkccpcts
to pa > baelv tax. Hi < ( limpd ( hat thin ibthe
leimbliian piogiamme. Ho < leelaied tint
theie was but two methods ot houllntr Hie
temiieiamo question piuliibition and li-
< 'iis ( > . Jledc laud that ho tavoisa giadcd
llt'i'iise. measmed aceoidin ; to the amount ol
hales. The liieu o pioteets the ti.illlc , M'I ines
the iier"iuiil llheitj of the piople , ciushes
out low dives , and M'ciiies obedience to the
law h } dealers. Hodiclaied lhat IIOIIMS ol
Ill-fiiino would not bo Ihciisid to
hell Ihpioi as under the bcott law.
The speikei o.uolcd beiiatoi bheiiiian as
h.\\lii' . ; the leglsluluioolUhlo cannot liceusn
the Mle of Illinois , and under the picscni
Lonsliliillon ( imld not n'e how a las. law
could he passed that would not have to bo
coiiHtiued bv the com ts as , i license ; . He do-
dried taxatlun .1 levenuo powei nnd not a
imlli e powei , as the bcott law made it. Tn.u
law moved a lalluio ( isapillomeisiuu he-
cause moio United blalen licenses vveio
Issued the jcai It was in loico than In tlio
mmloiis vein. The speal > er closed with a ,
Inlet hvral aigiimeut to sho\\ that la\utlon is
leall.v license , ami uncoiistitutloiiiil. U'io-
mcndoiischcoiini ; . )
.ludrjo Dovlo tntiodiifed Jndgo ,
who , alter the applause subsided , began by
icleiilng to Miveial inlnoi poliiln of llonllj's
Hpcuh. Ho then bald that lioin the diarao-
lei ol Hoadh'siemailtH. he evidently mlhlooU
the hpeaUcr tin I.couaid. Ihe luohibitlon can-
illdiitu toi gincinoi. ' 1 ho lepublkan plant ;
on the Ihiuur tratllo Is lour esiillult dcdara-
thins : 1 list , ( Icnouneln thu democrats lor
the H'lioal of the beott law ; second , ucognl/-
IIIL' the i Ight ot the people to amend the < on-
htlliillon : tldul and iouith , declining In favm
of legidallon and taxation ot the tiullle. Ho
lead fiom Hoadlv'H Inaiiginal addu'ss a
raiagraph In which the govtinoi Mid the
Scott law ou ht not to boiopealcd. I'eganl-
Ing the light ot the people to change the con
stitution , he showed that the demociatlo p'nn
foi Ilceii'-e cannot Im adopted without nrst
imiendinthocoiihlltutlon. . whhh loibids II-
( c'lisc , Iho icpiihlUan plattoim didaien In
favm iif the icgumtlon of ilio evils ol the
llijiioi tialllc llji.illihad ( Just ad.nowledged
that the evils ought to bo loiiedcd. As
to the method ot legnlatlun , ho
could not of COIIIMI tuietcll what
a uMiiihllcan leglslutuio would do
uftei the discussion of legal methods. This
is mutter of detail foi the Icgtal.iiuic. The
t ileiUool the plalfoim Is toi the piojiei ienru
l atioi ) o | ( huso evils , auiltho teimhlUaii patty
has uuvcr > et m.ido a plulgo it has bioKcn.
Thu speaker then took up Ho-ully'h aiginiicnt
that It Is not eomiM.'tent tin a fe lslatuio to
tux the Hanoi tr.illio and pointed out that the
dcmocralio supiemo ( ouu In decidlpg the
boitt law uuc.iiistiiutlouid did not dis.idn the pi Inclplo of tAMiiini ) was unconsti
tutional tint that onotcMtuieofthoIaw -
Ing n tux on thu Inilllc it Hen
on piopi'ily oeeupled us a h.iloon
* wax nnoonstltiitlonal. Ho also iiddued the
point that the same Mipremo couit ihefded ,
that the tax collected fumi liquor dealeis
should not l > e letmneil. Ills iiosltloii Is that
It Is iniiiiif-tliutlonal to take thci lax and tin-
constitutional logivo It luck. He dinl-ued It Is tint oul ) constitution1 ! ) to tax Iho
llipior liulllcbut uipdUhle to make It hhaiu
ilii'li.iulciitilt prodme.s. Oliioha lhicetluies
Icfeateil Hit n c.- > and thedi mociatscoiiiepio-
tciiillui , ' to favor Ihvnsc.hen lloadl > pio-
this ho l.nuvvfi It\\lll
the llcetiso proposition can hu submitted to
thopeoile who have heritoforo lelected II.
I Im republhnn jtatty takes hold of tlio matter
In a piatllcal uaj , itealiiu with the constitu
tion as Ills. We- can tnv , wo can regulate
iindei that constitution , mid will do sons
best to niomote pulille welfate. Then the
deiunmled > f Hondl ) whether ho was
In tn or of high 01 low grade of license , n
SMWOorslOOone , Imw to piovldefoi seem
ing the license , whetlici us In thu loiihtltii *
tlonal coiuentloll In isrj , | iy \ \ In
favor of the taxation of clnnrhe- )
nnd whoolhoiHes : of the stala The
speaker believed In letting them pi
free. Keliglnn and education aio nucLHtniy
to the w li.uv of the people Porakei thfii
tinned Ids attention to the last leuislatme ,
which he dcdai ed was the most Infamon-ly
coiniplln the history of thu state ; MI cortupt
that while Hoadlyapptnvus of It. jet coil oil
members , Imllexed to have Mild their \otes to
elect I'.i.vnoseinloi.weioalldioppc'dhv their
constituents. The | icaUei then ivatl cliaiges
of conuptlnn and biibeo In thu election of
.Senatoi I'avne liomii nurnbei of dilfeieut
democ'iatle join mi's. '
I oraki'i'devoteiljconsldninhlc time to state
topics and then leieued to Hoiilly's comUmt
in the constitiitionnl convention and askul
him If ho weie still opposed to having any
mention of Cod in the state convention ;
whethei he still opposed , as he did then , a
ptovNIonforiiiipcadiiiii ; Indues lot dinnUen-
ness ; wliethei lie wns still In lavoi ol taxing
chinches and schools. KoraUei declaied ho
was not In lavoi ot taxlmt them , as lie ie-
gaided icllu'lon ami moi-alit > as the s-ale-
Kiiaids of the nation. Ho closed bv asking ff
lloadly tavoied high licen-e 01 low license , a
feUWOoi a V ) license. HU close was met
with loundsof diceis
Hmdlv stepped loiwaid and said twice.
"lodgd again , lie talked Im an horn mid
a half aueno Iminaii heliu can tell whether
he Is lor piohibillmi 01 against It. " Hoadlj
InlelU alluded to state ( inestiotH and then ie-
tin lied to piohlhltlon and chaiacti'il/ed I'm-
akei us a candidate who could take iclunro
in pioloiitid silence on the most vital ( | iics-
thm ot the campaign. lEcgaiding Iho chaises
ol coiiuption coiiceiiilng the election ol Sou-
atoi I'aj lie , which I'oiaket lioiu demo-
ciatie papers , lloadly si Id that when llteie is
suspicion ol double dealing in Hie demoe.atic
juit ) thedciuociats me up In aims piotcit-
UU , but in the icp'ibllcin ' tanks theie
is sileiue wheio coiiuption is on toot
I'cgnidliig the decision of tlm sum emu court
as to 'ctiiuding ( lie Scott tax to liiUoi | deil-
IMS , Iloadlv no il the laot tliat the decision
was made b ) a bench ol buttlnee judges , two
of whom weie icpuhllcaiis. He extolled the
liquor code ot the state lepealed li > the Scott
law ami declaied that It pi milled pcifcutl )
iuaiiist thoovilsot diinklng to excess. lie
dcdaicd in favoi ot low license us against
hUh Ihcnso ami tor license as
against piohibition. Ho did not favor
license MI high that it piohlliited
He dosed with a seveieairalgnmeiit of the
lepiiblican paitv foi liicoiisNtc-ncv , .index-
piessini' tlio kindest teulin s toi Foiaker
Koiiud aftci inund of checis for both
speakeis vveio given , and the meeting do-id.
The older was excellent , and the enormous
audience paid the closest attention thiou h-
The Drills Cnnllnnl.
Ni\v : YOIIK , Oct. B.-rSpeeiil ; to the Bnr.l
The Times this moinlugsaAichbishoi )
Conlgan will isstio instructions to the
chinches of the diocese as soon as thecaidi-
nal is no moie. Iiuegaid to tlieceiemomes
to huobseived , It Is piobablo the body will bo
laid in state at Iho cathedial as soon as It can
bepiepued. I'lorn that time until thebmial
luajeis will 1m i eel ted several times daiiy in
all the chinches of the diocese. The choice
of place ol bmialwill piouablybo between
Calvaiy ccmeteiy and the cemetery ol the
Holj Cioss at I'lalbush. The cemetciyof
Ihe Ilolv eioss Is named as the possible list-
lug plAceol tliijcaidiual. bucatiso theiesi-
deiieoot his iiaicuts and his hlith place was
niooklvn. 'lhat is the cc'inc'teiv tor Catha-
licsol th it city , as Calvaiy is the cemeteiy
lei New Voile Catholics.
The priiieipd dimches of this city , Hrook-
Ijn and .lei-ey City weio icpieseiited among
jeslei day's clciicai c.uleis at the caidimil s
ic-iduiHC anil at the aichblsliop's. The mem-
licisol theaichbisliop'dcotincn. tlio Catholic
cleigv , Algi. I'.iiley and Itev , Dis. MLVIIII ( ! |
and fiueniid Taihei ICeo aii , ot Bioolvljo.
icmaiiicd at Ihe two Catholic lesideiiceaell
into the evening. Among the lait ) who left
messages ol \mp.Ubv weio ( len. Dhcsnol.i ,
Heni ) Ainv , ( icoigcl ) . Kohinsoii , John Mul-
lalv , ICiigeiio Kelly and liobeit Cushing.
-Messagesol sjnipithy weie itcelved fiom ml
pails ol thi'cotinliy. Dr. Kejes lemaliicdat
tliecaidinal's bedside in the evening lioni
HIO : until 10 o'clock when he haul good Ino to
the household toi the night. The caidlual
was dosing , his pulse niimbeicd 1UO beats to
the minute ami t coble.
iN i.w YOIIK , Oct. b. 1t was staled at Cm-
dlnal MiCluskev's icsidence this mottling theie had been no i.dlv ol the iiatiuiil's
ivlal powei dining the iil.nt. (
N'l.w VOIIK , Octohei M. li. ) Keves said
Ibis aflei noon that the condition ol Catdina !
JlcCloskc'i leinaliied uiidiaiued , except a
slight iiu lease ol weakness. He would piub-
abK not die to night unless an unexpected
change lei the woisc took place.
Cook Count } 's Hliort Cunli. , Oct. b. [ Special to the Hii.l :
Tim comity boaid having ovuidiawn the
funds ol the county so as to occasion a shoit-
a o of over 5 711,01)0 ) on vatlous accounts , it Is
toimd that the county's employes cannot bo
piid their h.ilailes In etsh , and they aio
obliged In a good many Instances to have le-
conisoto "money sh.uks" to advaiieothem
money on theli county oideis at a dlsdiiint
ol fiom 5 to 10 pei cent. The piospccls toi
this w Intel aio that u much laigei
amount ot money will ho hpent beloio
next hiilng | In keejiliu up county
institutions than even last \\intei. I/ist wn-
tei 1.700 muii' families icceiud outdom n < -
liel than In Ihe veal pievloiis , and this Hum-
bci In all likelihood will hi ) Ineieasud this
jcai lo'J.iXKloi moie. Thu nunibfi of in-
matesat tliooimt ) IKIOI huiisu In .IcHVison
is , even at this cai ly time , uiuvaid ol lou > ) ,
ami will iiioluhly get up to l.iM ) or mine.
llo\v all these hiingiy inoiitlis mo to be lid ,
when HUM omit ) is out ol tiimls , and isllkci )
to inn in debt coiihldeiabl ) , U u haul u.uc- > -
An Iilsli Pri'dleniiiont.
CniiK , Oct. \ A deinlatlon of cattlemen
walled on tlm ( 'ml. Steamship company and
Infmmed the manageis Hint they would ie-
1'u so to hid ) ) cattle by thfitliuo It the company
iairhdbovollidgood . I , amlhuds learning
of thu action of the cattlemen , ulso sent a
deputation to Iho tompanv and Infoimul Its
ollfcials Hint tliey would take action in the
mnttei 01 htait an opposition Hue , It tlioom-
pany lolused to cany hovcottcd cattle. The
maiiagcihdi elded to leave the iincstlnii to a
Hpi'i'ial mUv'tlug of ( ho hh iielioldciN , which
has been ( ailed tocoiihldci thedllllcnltv. The
cattlemen weiodiNippolnted at thu action ot
the company and have Mopped .shipping by
Hint Huu to-day. The bhaichulduu will meet
ne.xt Satuiday.
Hallway Coniliictors' IIIHII raiuie.
Ii J.VI.H , Oct. . Tliollnllvvn ) Comluctoi-b'
I.lfo Iiihiiranco association elected the follow
ing ofilcerb to da ) : I'leshlent , 1'raiik Clup-
lln , Jloone , loua ; vice picshlent , John
S. Olaik. Denver ; ficcoml vlce-pieddcnt.
Chniles Mitchell , Toionto : secieiaiy and
tieasinei , H. 1' . Teltiow , Columbus , Ohio ;
memhci of i < xiiitlvn ( commillie , elected tor
tlueeeiis , id\\ln : Men ill , Columbus , Ohio ;
ra'.oi ' , A. C. .Sinclair , IIiiKcrstown , Jld ,
C.Ktlo TraiiHpoitatlnn AVni- .
I'll IMI : IKS , I'a. , Oct. b. A llvo stock war
Mid Is In pKWiass holvvcsjii thu Kt. Wavnu
nnd llaltlmoio. A Ohio loads. Dioveis fiom
thosiniomidliigcountilesieport bhipmentsot
eattlo lioin Chie.uo tul'ittsbuig at no lents
PCI head , audi'omplalri ( hit IholiMV tales and
iiicieasiul wO teiui bldpmuntd .110 mining
II lull
CliiU ! < iiiKl"W tlio Civil nights Hill.
Nrvv.visu , N. J. , Oct. a-ki tlio clicult
oomt In-day JndgoDo 1'uo held that under
the dvll lights law n hotcl-kecpii Is nut
obliged to admit n coluicd person to the com
, louiii.
Apparent Plans of John A. Logan's Friends
for the Presidency Three Years Heiica.
Centralizing Illinois Kepnlillonns at
Logan Itcvlvln Wnr
ilcniorlcH ntllaltliuorc to
V.I. 1't.ANStOlt llt.ACK
CHICAGO , Oct. S. [ Special to the Uhi- . |
A niovcmunt is on foot to have thu icpiiblican
staleccnlial eommlttco rstahllsh peimaiicnt
laaihiiiailer.s In Chicago. The ostensible ob
ject Is to have a ccnlial ho.uhpiailcis vvhciu
vvoikci-s may gather In , and lioiu which statu
organisation mahi kept alive h ) iuteiconisu
with ami the sending ot dodiiuents to the
count ) committees. It Is Mid , however. In
people who claim to bo conveisimt
with the real otilcct , tliat most
of the inlluiMitial Illinois le-
iiuhllcans aic inhaimnnv on the iiiovement
ruaugutalcdatbiiingiiell | In the I.o an 1U- !
t < ) mil John A. Ioran lei piesldeut and tliat
the licadipiaileis in Chicago would have a
tendency to keep the slate in line , besides
leaching out influences to adj.uent states.
At aiiv i-atc , the movement is uudei wu ) and
has tauen tiiu foi m ot u petition asking lei
the establishment ot u pet iiiaucnt state ceu-
tial coiiimltleo headipiaitcis. and thu petition
Is now in llm bauds ol "Long" .louo , the
clmitinan , and ( Jeoue Scliueldei , thetieasm-
ei ot Hie state central cmnmittee , and Jacob
Hiinii , chaliman ot the executive committee ,
all of whom rio said to lavoi the piopositlon.
lUt.Tiviutu : , Md. , Oct.S. ( Jeiteral John A.
T.ogan was tendcud a banquet at the 1'u aw
house to night by the "Logan Invlncibles"of
faiIand. About l'.T people p.ntlclpalcd in
UK , banqiiot. Altei the icmoval of the doth ,
( eneiiil J.o.jan was welcomed by William
Miiuue , the icpubllcaii candidate toi cleik
ol the couit ot appeals. Concral Lo an le-
spondcd b ) letuining thanks to the 'Logan
liivincibk's , " mid juid a high compliment
to Ihe sodahilit ) , hospllalltj , eiieigv , wealtli ,
Intelligence and giowtli of liallimoie.
Ol national alfaiis he said tint this govern
ment is a icnuhlic in name and \vill ho until
the people snail be educated up to the point
wheioevei ) cili/en slull have a voice in the
allausot the nation without hindiancc. He
declaied It the duty ot evoiy honr.-t man ot
whatever put ) to speak and vote against all
who tolerated Ilaiuf 01 violence to dcpiivc
the Aineiicaii citl/en of his ballot and voting
(01 ( his choice. 'Ihe education ot the iilltoiato
vvasagieat lemcdy to iclievo the couutiy
lioin the disjn-ice now lesting upon it , he-
cause ol the In utility cxeicised against the
ilghtsol Aincilcin citi/ens lu many parts ot
the union.
The lepublican puty attempted to emict
ap ] > ioiuiate measuies lei the education of
those unable to educate themselves but had
been deleated by the votes ol those who
tiled to de tioy the government and now
dominate in the southern stute-i ; the put ) of
state i i lits , lice trade , secession and lelent-
less peisu'iition. He asked it the piesciitad-
ininistiation w ill use its inllneucu to tiy and
lemcdv this evil 01 ipdutly eneom igo it ,
in onlei to continue a 'Solid botith. "
so tint with thcil northern nllluu tlio
toiinliy ran he kept within democratic
contioi. He siioKu ui tliu ciy ol "bloody
shin , " and said it was all by democrats who
made the civ upon cveiy ciiticlsin of HIO-.O .
who tiled to destio ) the Union. Speaking ol
the campaign in Viigmia , ho said ho
learned liom tie ! newspapois that
the democratic candidate foi governor
uses the saddle and hi idle used b.v Robert K.
Lee , and tiom the shouts one would biipposo
Iho saddle was tin : candidate , nnd not thu
man who tides on II. II he should bo elected ,
it would doubtless be by the iiilluuncc ot that
saddle and hi idle. The tie.ison-stained sad
dle appeals to be the leading end.
Kcmiiks weie also madeny Hon. S. 15.111-
kins , Hon. John L. Thomas and othe-is.
xnvv Divii.oi'Mixis : : ix OM : OF TIII : SAI > -
IHSI : iiMsoins : or I.A-I nu i > .vv IVI.N : : rs.
Ni.w VOIIK , Oct. 8.-rSpecaI ! to the Ilt.i : . ]
A moiuing pi | > ci piintsa tiesli stoiy ot the
Giant it Want falhne , liom which it would
appear that the crash was mainly ( nought
about by the cupidity ot alleged fi lends of
the Ciaut lamily. As an instance of thib the
following lettci Is published :
Ni.vv YOIIK , Juno'JO , Ibbl. Dear Hiick : I
have put ) on ( low n ioi 6200,000 in ( lie West
falimo siidlcatc. You spoke ot wanting mete
to ti > and ecuie an aildit oual amount foi
) ou on your ictmn. If ) ou leel that ) on
vvanta laigei Intciest , It will be to
decide to day , as a linal adjustment of the
amount asked tor may be made to moiiow ,
and the chances ol my la ) ing < laim to an ad-
ditioiial amount would be belter just now
than hciealtei. Imeiei ) mention this fact ) on ma } know how the mallei stands.
Yoilis , etc. . HOIIAOI : I'oll
In pmsnanro of this a siibscilptlon
taken in the guieial's name , foi vvliidi ho
war to uccivo LKOiot ) ntst inoitgagobonds
and 1lflO,0Xof ( ) htoeks.
EJW.nd , , when asked as to the lesnlt. said :
"The lam paid the euliie amount ot ( ieneial
Ciiant's Mihsdlption mimdv , SJOO.OOO-imd
ieccivd S-0iil ( ) ( ) ( ot hist moitgago bonds and
HMMWOol stock. Some tlmo altei this It was
found necrsvai ) to issue ceitain tcimiiial
bonds , ol which teiiniiml bonds they had to
take i 0,0X ( > . This made ( .O.iXJO . invested by
( iintit A- Wind In the Wcstbluno niilioad , on
whkli Investment I estimate the lain lost
liomSP.'O 000 lo $140,000.
A iiinnhi i of new name-i are mentioned In
( oiinectkm will fabulous pioiits paid by the
mm ot tiian' & iVard , among them being
( hut of ( ion. J It. ( imdon , ot Vliginia.
w ho llgines as h vv Ing made some SIW.OOO out
of the In m. A tabulated htaU'inentot proilrs
iliaun tiom the linn b ) U. S. ( liaut , ji. , is
fheii , which loots up a grand total of pioiits
draw n out ot 710,114.
.Ml. Waul adds : "This he literally took out ,
and could have kiptout had he so desired , "
At the time ot the lalluie , Mi. Ci-aut , still a
memlic'r of the In m , held paiier of the house
to the Piiinmous MUII ot'V.rh/xXJ toi whlihho
had paid hut frTbO.OOO. ami on which it the
crash had not coum Ids additional piolit
would havn been a finthei piolltof 8ri.i,000
by a linal humiliation being added to
the foiegolng , fr7t-m ) if SWIJ4. .
Ward asked : "Canyon show Iho ac
count of Oeii. ( iiant In detail , so Urn ! the pub
lic can underoland his picclbo puctinlaiy
' "
status' .
A "rcan.vrryieadlly. According to the
books the account us hctwoen ( ! en. ( Jiant
and Ihe linn ol ( irnnt iV : Waul , ot which hu
was a memhci , beginning on Novcmbei 1 ,
issn , isaslollowo : ll was paid In cash , as
hispropoillou of the pioiits of tlm Him of
( Ji-ant it Ward , StLO lOb ! ) , In addition to
which hu was jiald hv IVidlimud Waid on
vailous Investments. &W,7wOtK ) , and Imp ont-
ed also by losses on Mdcks assumed hy the
Him dining that peiiod In the sum ots.'i-
SI7.7S , t-howlng a total of Sil.or ! > .r > 7.
Letteis , aio julnted liom membei-s of the
Cttiut lamllv ( u IVidimind Waul , bhowlng
that tlio wiltcis weie in t Ignorant of the
tanmiio L'oveuimutit coutractB us gcnci.illy
TJM3 hTltnnT OAJt STItlKi : .
itjoiot s HIMO : > STI.VIIO.VS ! op TIII : HT.
i.oris briiiMNd bini ir CAII DIIIVI n ,
b'l. I.oris , .Mo. , Oct. 8 , Tlm execiillvo
boaid ot the Tiadein' assembly appointed ti
cominltteo to meet HID executive committee of
thu blilkcis to act asnn arhitiation conimltleo
between the Mill.eis nud mauagvi of the
Mieet iail .a ) . Tiicsucoiim.lllic.s . had a meetIng -
Ing tod.i ) , and will attempt to btltlu
thotioulilv's. Cms weio miming eail ) this
moinlni ! on Cass nveuue. hut v\eiu .stopixd
about HiiVlock. On all olhei muds a p.utlal
M'lviiowas he-Ing lemh'ied uith noiepoitul
The day lusswl off with le. onablu quiet
ness until nenrlvOo'clock this ovcnlnfjvvhrn
a patty of ftiikris roiui-egated about the
Miect cars of the Ca s nvcntie Hue on Seventh
sti-eet between Market mid Walnut sln-ets
ami begin to Intlmhlat'1 the condiictoinud
diivors. A wpi idnf jxillccsoon appcaivd nud
the stilkei.s dlspc'r cl ( but only to chaiue
their ba e , for they Immediately went
to Pine street , between Seventh and Nintli
'j-cels , out of which tlncudllfcient Hues run ,
nud detained one or two car" . This Mopped
tialllc , and neailv ado/en ears soon gathered
theie1. A crowd immediately collected , ami a
man named John Doyle was knocked under
a moving car and was inn over. Thisaxns-
pcratcd thu eiovvd which contained niniy of
Ihu mindy clement besides the utilkeix , and
they dragged tlm driver fiom his ear and
tlncnlencd to Ijnch him. Ilo was icscned by
thu police , however , and taken to the station
to save him fiom the mob. The erowd un-
hllchrd tlio to.mis from the cms and turned
Ilium loose and ' 'Ilijigcd all diivcrs mid con
ductors they could lav hands on , but none of
them ucio badly hint. Among the persons
assaulted was John Sciillen , president of mm
of the union dcput Hues , and also ot
the Mound Clt ) road. He vvaspicttv numbly
handkd hut not much Injured. Notwith
standing the police were aclivo and anested
ten ot the mot ) tlio crowd was equall ) ah it
and Mime of them loosened brakes on the
eus which wvru fltaudiiu on Iho d nvn
giiideaud set them iiiniilngdown lilll. which
icstilted in collisions , the hieaking of
windows and jamming of plalfoims. rinallv
the police got thu unsteiy ot the mob and
dispersed them. Olhei teams weiu then sent
toi and the cars weiu takun to the stables bv
fi lends of thuioiils who volimleied to 11111
them mid tralllu vv.u .siisiuiuleil for tlm
night. ,
I.AIO.VI.V. I'Aiiu nvcio. : , O. , Oct. 8. 'I'lm weather and
track at Latonia werolltiu the
to-day and at
tendance laigc.
Mile : Mi'Hovvling won , ( told Din second ,
Ilancb'Andi thiid. Time , lWi. :
Three-quarteis of n mile : Hetty S won ,
Xallap.i frc'cond , Fionlu Louise tldtd. Time ,
Mile and oiie-cUghth : MOUOUM.UU won ,
Ko > clusks bccoui { Slipaloug third. Time ,
1 : > s. c
Mile : SllverClnud won , Kiikimn second ,
Wiiddell Unaiitthiid. Time , lIVtf. :
Mile ami tlneo-eijhths over llvo huidles :
fill ) won , Saady bccond , IHIUboio Ihiid.
Time. : ) : 'J. " > .
ST. r.ouisrAiu itAriq. ;
ST Lot'ts , Oct. 8. ' 1 he i aces Io day , besides
being most excellent as simple contests be
tween Imtses , weie specially notable is hav
ing been witnessed b ) moio people than weio
ovci g'lthcicd at a lacu tiack betoio in this
Second ince. free lor all stallions , mile
belts Mixe ) Cobh won , U mnlo Mctlrogw
second , Up udette diaw n. 15 'st time , 'JJO' : ' .
At St. Lonls SL Louis : i. N'ew York 8.
At Detioit Detroit ? , Hoslou 0 ; ten In
At S ) lacusc1 ThcPiovidence-HulTalo game
was postponed owing to the cold weathui.
The ) play In Kliuii-a on Satmday.
Imperiled Iiy th ( > 1'lnsnc.
DPTKOII , Oct. 8. Ofllccrsot the projiellor
"Cuba" called at the custom hoiiso thib foio-
noon for the necessiuy papers to allow the
boat to iccelvo cpal heie. When they said
Hie mopclloi was fiom fouticil. Health Ofll-
ei Wiglit was at once notilicd. Ilolound
the boat at the foot ol Thiid street , while
he.neis weio loading coal. The boat was
loaded vvitli If on lei a Canadian port on
Lake St. CLdr. The cievv of ado/en pci.sons
vyei e at once ai rested and the boat quaran
tined. Thu captain and pursci uydci oith
said that 11 sailmcu witTi smallpox -
pox had occii put nshmo In
Chicago , bcptcmlv-r 1J ! , and anothci at bt.
Cathailuesa shoittlme betoreon thowav to
Cliiiatio. The Cubah.issiiue been to Mont
real and left Hint Infested city Octobci ! ! . The
coal heavers wcioall examined and found to
bear vaiclnallou maiks. The ciew weie
vaccinated and this altei noon ten pounds of
sulphur was burned on the vessel. All com
munication with the boat is denied. As .soon
as possible the boat will bo lutstlc'd oil on Its
J5I ' File in London.
LONDON , Oct. y. 5 a. in. [ Special to the
15ir.J : What may prove to bo a laigo ( lie ,
which may cansogreat loss , has Just biokcu
out on Aldeisgatustiect , in the Chaiter house
buildings , threatening the Chaiter house
.school , an old and vcueiated building , which
is within : i btonc'y tlnovv of the colcbiated
Caitlmvslan icticat foi pensioners. The
llames light up the Jleiald huildiiig.
LO.VDOX , Oct. 8. A file oceinipd at f.
o'clock this moiiliig ) In the Charterhouse
buildings , a row of thlitcun eighl-stoi ) ware
houses on Aldersgnte St. The II lines spie id
with such rapidity that In a few boms the
whole of the buildings , including theli con
tents weie totally ( lesiiocd. Tlio oiigln of
tholnois unknown. The row was mostly
occupied by lancy poods dealers , fmrieis ,
toystoies and minting ollites. One bulk
was also In thu uuildlngs. This institutioii
w is the only oncnuhich'ipod being biirmd
completely out. Tliollicmen had gicat dllll-
cnlty In getting u .sticam tiom tlio engines to
iil.i ) on thu upper htoiics ot the buildings.
The damage is c.-itimate'd at thicu million
pounds ,
Iowa I'ylhlans.
Dis : MOIMS : , Iowa , Oct. S. The cr.nul
odgoot Kni-'hti.of ] ' ) thlas convened this
mot n Ing. The lii it iiotn ol thu .session was
occupieil by lepoils ot the v.uious commit
tees and other loiulue vvoik. At 10 o'clock
the special older ot bu , lness was the election
of olllceis , vvldnhpioved to be a spliltid con
test , lesultlng as follows : ( ! . C , It. II Hulf ,
Muskaline. C. V. C. , Al Illlbeit , rnlnleld.
< i. 1' , , D. A. Pooriimn , of Dis Monies. < ! . JL
ot K. , W. ( ! . Mcrcci. ot nuillnglon. ( ! . L.ot
IS. amis. , II. D. Walker , ol Mt. Pleasant. C.
M. , ol W. , JauietiC'iockctt , of btuait. Tins-
Ices. C. L Hoot , ol Lens , Di. J , A.bheiman ,
ot Cheioke . biipremo icpiescntatlve , 1' . 11.
lllbbeii , ol Maishalltovvn.
This evonlng the visiting Knights are en-
tc'itaiicd li ) binquctand a hill which clones
thu bcsblon of the grand lodge. I'olitlcH.
LONDON , Oct. f. [ Special to tlio 15ii : : , ]
The Dally Nuns s ) h : "Lou ! SalMmry Fat-
islies his opponents and dismays his filends.
ills policy of dolu timidly what tlm Lilicr-
alu would do thuioughly will please the oldei
Coiibeivatlvcs iiuno than the ( 'hiiicliillltcs.
Chiiichill'x ascend me ) in ( ho Irish iKille ) Is
still apli.ucnt. Jt In evidently his Intention
togoveiu lielaud dining the winter without
cocicion. Loidi3idlsbui'h icm.iiks on led-
( ration will dlstlnVtly cncotii.u'o rainell to
peisevire. Thpioi'ould .sianolv ba a tullei
admission ot theUUt alliance between 1'ai-
iicllitesmid Conservatives.
The Weather.
WARIII.VOTO.V , Oct. H. Kor the tipper
Mississippi valley : Warmer , fair wp.ithir ,
winds hhlltlngtn jumthcil ) , and In iimthein
poitlon to HonthwVstri ly. lovvei barometer.
KOI the MlKviiul valley : Wiiimei , tnlr
weather. Minthiuly winds , nhiftlug to west-
ell ) in tlm iiotthoHi poitiou , lovvti baiomtter
iu tlio boutlic'in pjirtlon.
Two IiKirTeiihUc ! Appoint iniMilH.
WASiiiNorox , Oct. S. 'Iho jiiesldent to
day appointed H. 1 ! . I'lmumei to be naval
ollicoi of customs In the dlbttict ol I'hlhidcl
phhi , I'a. , nnd Benjamin It , 'i'ate , eollectm ot
customs lor thu dlstilct ot New London ,
Coolie HillorH
SK.vni.r , Wnfh. Ty. , Oct. -Kl\o white
men and two Indians , who made the miirdri-
ous attack on Chinese hop in the
bmuic'k vatic. ) two weeks ago and Mllcd tweet
ot the number , were indicti d by thu grand
jui ) foi muidei III the ni
Tlm Kmull-I'ox
OITV.VVA , Oct , . Sn\ easiis of f > mall-
pox Inveb 'ii discovered at Oltaun , having
IKHMK nilid theiufiotn MontuMl. Thoi.iH'ii
iimii'i'ltU ' Uolatcsl am ) them U little
id thv. dihtite"pifadlnr.
p tiHTU riTV rni i ivrc
lArJlAL llli lULLlAub ,
* r < . _
Wows of Yostcrciayof Oiril'i3erv5co and State
Interest at Washington ,
Tlic Color Mnu In Sor\lcc-JJUI
'H Itad Uoy-Tliu
Cabinet 'Meet ,
iiijr , Htc.
Civil Scrvluo
W.vsniNdiov , Od. S The piesldcnt to
dayapolnted | the follow liig postmi-teis :
Miss Clei-adm i Clink , at ISIalr , Neb.
'Ihe postmasUi-geiieial today iniiiolnlrd
Dclviiier M. Kogeis as postmastci utSpiing-
tleld , Neb.
roi.ou MM : IN 1111 : < .i uvin : .
WASIIIMMON , Oct. H. The btat .avs :
Saigeant McCiiuiau. ol the signal M'I vice ,
whogot Into tiouhlu b.v rcttisiugto iicelve a
colmed man us his assistant In the ollko at
IViisadila. Kin. , is not to be com ! nun Haled
for disobedience ot oideis , as was at Hist lu-
tuudcd. lie brought stiong liillueiice to bear
and succeeded in h iv lug his punishment lim
ited to leductlon to the lank ot pi hide.
The coloied obM'iver , who has been
In charge of the 1'eiisacoli ol-
lice ever siiir-o he was assigned
to dut ) tlieic will shoitl ) be lelleved. as his
pieseiKe in an official capaclt ) is disiastelul
to HioellUens ol 1'ens.icohi , and illsthouuht
nnnecessai ) to Insist upon his lemainiiig
theie. Hi1 would not have iciclvcd thai as
signment In the liist place , II is now staUd ,
had the lad ot his being eoloied Declined to
the olllcor making thu selection.
EThc Mohlc-an Steal.
WAsuiXdiov , Oct. b. 'llm icpoit of the
nival boaid appointed to investigate the cost
of const ! tidlon of thu United States steamer
Mohican and Hie oigaiii/atlou of the Mai e
Island nav ) jaul , California , has been fiu-
nished tor publication. Kcuaidiug'the
ol const met ion the bond llnds that theoiig-
at the hican was placed out ot commission MoMaic Island jiud In June , IbM. A
suivoy was made ol the vessel , and Iho btim
ot MfSl KK ) estimated as neec-'sai ) to
icpali her. The boird llnds that
b ) aulhoiity ot a leltei signed by
the naval eoiibtiu toi , I. llausum , chlet of
the buieau ot coiistiiictlou ami icpalrs dated
bept < 'mbei II , 1S.7J , Ihe new vessel , called in
this and all siibsc'nucnt oideis ami leleiences
the Mohican , was i.iid down liom plans and
sii'iiicationsentiielv | new , and dlllciing in
aiiuosteveiy lespei t Horn these ot Hie old
Mohican. The older bv which thopiesent
Mohican was commenced was without anv
million ! ) ot law or legal appioptialioii tliat
the buud could disco vei , and was simply an
older tiom Hie ehiet of the Imieau
ol coiisliuctlon and icpair to the command
ant , ol M.ue Island j.iul. This older diiccted
thu lebiidding ol Hie Mohican , and theie-
altei the vessel was alluded to tu ollh i.d coi-
lospondeneo as the new Mohican. The new
vessel was launched in Decembei , Ibsii , at
width time thcio had been expended upon
her uudei the jurisdiction ot tliebineaii ol
( ( distinction and icpaii. the sum of Vlsooo.
It is the opinion ot the board tliat the wink
on Hie .Mohican was done ) in a satislactoi )
mannei , and that the nuterial Is ot the best
qiialit ) . The boaid is ot the opinion that tlm
extravagant methods pursued by the bureau
uL colmtl notion ttllltl In IVSi XVOI-O Illiultly
caused bi v.xecsMVUc.xpemlitme.s up to that
In'tbo opinion ot the board tliecxtravag.ini
costot thoMohicm in thedepiilmentot cou-
stiitdion ami lupair is to beattiibuted to thu
following causes :
1 High prucsof laboi , vvhich vvas neaily
10 pei cent greatei than paid Hut suiiu class
ol labor in the New YOIK navy jaid.
U High piieu ot maluialvnich entcied
into Hie conjunction of the vessel.
.i To ulteiatloiis made In obedlenco to or
der * Irom thopioperauthoiities.
J To the intei mitteiit manner in which
the woik was conducted.
' 1 hese causes weie beond the coutiol of
an ) ol thu naval ) .itd authoiitius.
IJncl IJoy.
WARiiixorov , Oct. b. The casu againct
llingold Uutlci Mahonc , son of Senatoi Ma-
hoiie , dial ged vvitli assault and batteiy with
attempt to kill John Willis , a waltci at
WelckerX on Kebruaiy IU last , came up In
Iheeilminal couit betoro Judge McArthui
todiy. Mr. Taggarl , the prosecuting attoi
noj , stated tmtliei thai thodlstiiut attoine's
olllco had been iiifoimed by a letter purportIng -
Ing to bo fiom Willis that he did not wish to
prosPditc the case ; that the matter had been
satlstactoiily adjusted between him and Ma-
hone , he having iccoivcd fvJ , vvitli a momisu
of 5r7r mow when the ease is settled. 'I lie
counsel foi Mahoiio said tint ho knew noth
ing of such a settlement and that as tai us lie
wahconceimd Ihe ) hadagood dclciibO , and
he was willing logo to 'llm com ! Mig-
gcstcd thai stub a man ought not to ( omjihnn
lei being shot at. Tiigg.ut said that the dls-
tiictattoino } hadieceivcd the lollowiug let-
WvHlllNf.rov. 1 } . C. , Sept. 4 , 1SRS. To
Hon. A.T. Woilhiligtoi ) , United Slates At-
toiuey lei Iho Dlslikt ol Columbia. Deal
bli : I desheasa iiio-eciitlng witness in the
cast ) ot ( lie Uiiitid Statob a.alnst It. Hiitlei
Mahonc , to iesiectlull | ) and mnently icipicst
that ( lie lib vo taso ho m ide nolle pioscijiiied.
'Iheioaicieasons tor making this icipicit.
Maliouehas lot ) eus pioveu himv'lf one ot
the best liienils to me , and has constautl )
leiideud meads ol kindness and ussist uue.
Theie has nevei been an angi ) word bclvvoc u
us and 1 haviMiot Ihe hllghtesl idea that hu
iiilendid mutiny bodily haim orishul to
lake in > lile.Vhlleiiiidei the Intliieme of
ihptoi and ullci he had been liist piovoked
and assaulted , ho dlnhaigcd a pMol
In Ihe all , as Is evidenced b ) the bullit lioles
in the celling. 1 was not i/.ltmd 1101
uiiono ulhc. 1 Iheieloie , lot the ubovct ic.i-
soiis , and lor Ihe linthei leason tint the
iiioscciitloii and civil Mill was instinatcd
1 1) outside i ) lilies and enemies ol Mahono
icqiiest that thecase be dismissed and 1 shall
dd'llno to pioscciitc.Muhoiic unless ( omp.'llcd
to do so against m } wishes ami by pioccssot
law. JOHN b. Wn i H.
( Ills ( x ) itiaik. ]
The prince tiling ottoiney htatcd that on ic-
celpt ot lldH ietu i Willis was sent lot and It
wan read to him , vvheieiipon he said he had
.signed u piper but had made no Midi hlato-
nieiilasto Mahout1 belli a tilend ol Ids , etc. ,
lint houcknowledgul hu had luclvcd moms )
and expedisl moie. Tlio ( ouu-d toi Mahono
said this was all without Ids knowledge. The
eoutUi'l thutiial toi Dcicmhei II ,
Will Pull OIV Ills Coat.
A\ , Oct. b , The lollovvlng ex-
plaliiB Itself ;
W.VHiiiMi ION , D. C. , Ocl. b , ISSTi. To Alton
II. 1'aiker , INij. , duiii man of the I'.xcciitlvi )
( omudtteo ol thu dcmouatle state committee ,
New YmkCitv :
DearSli : Itlsni ) Inleiitlon to go to Al-
b.iii ) next month lei the pmixiso of voting
the dc'iitociatlc Mate tUkd , which should be ,
nnd 1 bcllevo will lx > . dcdcd. J have no
doubt that President Cleveland will do like
wise. Whilugovi'inoi ol Iho Mate ho nevii
tailed logo to Huir.ilu to exerdsi ) this light ,
and I am suiohe tieln It to be Ids duty to do
ihoKimo now. Ceiddnlv he is anxious lor
( huhii css ot the ticket headed by doxeinoi
Hill , as he was 1m the sucr c s ol that ticket
width Ids own n-imo lid to victoi ) tlneu
Slncerel ) } ouis ,
Culling OtVISoinUy.
Oct. H , Acting Scoond
ComptioIIei McMuhon has made a iiiling
that bounty cannot bo allowed In u COMI of
mi ) voluntcci soldier who enlisted after
April : ) , IhuV ) , unless upon nioof deilvcd finm
Ihe n' ( oids thai notkeot Hie telegiamof the
piovost ueneial toalloDlceisin command lu
the Insiimdionarv Males , datid Apill ' - ' . ' .
Wfi , dliiH ling that no bounties ho allowed
foi any \oluntccis cnli-lcd altei lhat date ,
was.iduall.v nut ictchcd at llm plaieoleu-
IMment niilll atlei Ihu time ol enlistment ,
A jaigu number of culuuil vulunleci tioop" ,
enrolled in thesontheiii stoles about April 30 ,
IMV > , me alToctul b ) lids decision.
l'ro < : poj tlvo Trcfcldentlal Ilflilo.
WASIIIMITOV , Ocl. * , ( Hpecial to Iho
llr.r. ] Mis. and MKs VeNom , of Dnffnlo , ar
rived at the White Jloipso this nfteinoon ,
and will be the guests * of President Cleveland
fora week. Thu piesldenl , uecompanled by
Ids sister , Mrs. ilo.vt , took them out fern long
dilve bofoie dinner. The iinlvnl of MKs
t'oUom has ivnewed tlm gossip about the lady
Mug the future mlstix'ss of the \ \ hlto
House. It will bo icmembeied that the story
came from Ituffalo Koine month * ) ugo lhat the
piesldeut was engaged to bu mauled to Mi&s
THUC5S .lUCiOKl ) u
11UUTKT. A .M\I'I.T ON .V. ClTt7.r.N ONK OP
i in : si.L-Hiiis ( : ! MIDI rois iii' AU
Sin.NKv , Xib. , ( ) ( t. ' . [ Special Io tbo lint : . ]
On TitCMla ) night Mori Is Davis , one of our
respected dtl/eii , was biutall ) as.salled on
his wu.v home bv two men named Chas. Hol-
niaii nnd Cluls. Kllno. Tlieke men had been
c'inplocd hy 'lliontas Kane until lecently
und weiv dltchaigcd lei being woithlcss. It
seems that Deput ) Sheiin Cully had lemon
sti-aled vvitli them lu the altei noon about
theli dlsoiderly conduct about town. They
made thieats to hi ) him out. The ) icpilied
to ( he east t ml ol the lailio.ul .vaid ami wall
ed. Mi. Davis happening by that way they
mistook him tin tail ) , and began their dcs-
peiatevvoik ol hitting Davis over tlio head
und tace with a piece ot lion , be
sides neatly choking him Io death.
Davis becaino unconscious , and Hie
men disippeaied In the Davis
was found bv his son , neat home. His lace
was envoi til witli blood. Ho must have
dragged hlmsell thlthei. Yesteiday the cii-
cmustances became known and bherill Cany
ami hisdepul ) , John H. btitson , at onto -m-
inlsul who the assailants weie. the )
took the east bound passeugci tialn
to Lodge 1'ole , having lieaid that the
men weio seen In that viclnit ) .
Airivlng theie the ) made Imiuines , and tlio
object ot M'.uch weie seen a lew bundled
uudsdistaiit. Cail ) and btitson Immediate
ly went to arrest and they began to
inn. Holmaii tlnew up his hands , but Klinu
ion tinned tunning , being warned by shots
oveilicad to desist. At lust Deputy btitson
hied at him with Hie lute'iitioii ol
hitting him In the leg , but
Kline iccclvul the .shot ol the lovolver in
luck below the light hhouldoi. bhoiillng
"Von have winged me this time"ho stopped.
lie w.isaiie-tcd and both iiiisoneis biouglit
heie. Kline was taken to die post hospital ,
wheio he lies in u pieiaiitms condition. Tito
allalr Ins winked the iicoplo up to u high
pilch. Citizens will go imly aimed in tne
llalr-CiitiinK Kuandal.
CIIICAOO , Oct. s. [ Special to the 15ii : : . ]
This moi ning Law ) ei Tnpp addressed a
letter to Justice Keihton dismissing thu .suit
instituted b ) Mis. Lena Uan/ against the
llnce sons ot Thomas Lueh foi culling elf
her hail last Filday. 'lltis was brought
about bv the elfoils of Ltich senloi , who
wcaiu'd of the noloiiety the malleivasgi \ -
In hlm and ot thu lesoliite stand taken b )
his sons. Mi's. Han ? agiced Io vvithdiaw hei
diaigeof assault -and hei suit toi damages II
t ho } ouii ! ; men would agiee not to molest
hci. bhu In luin apologi , mg lei insinuations
maduconceining ilieii motliei and piomis-
iug not to InlCiest hcracll a ain in the lamily
outMilo 6t' the tathor.
'iv uMioi tcvuuo uc ( iiu suns Mini texia ) .
"I mil heUttiryi5lifd7tt the outcome ol tlilsiin-
pleasaul uir.iir. l'ither } lott toi bt. Louis last
iii lit , and licfore going told us to 1:0 back teem
om w 01 Ic that things should stand between
us the same as beloio this occuned. U must
lo evident to the public now that in 0111 at
tack on tlie vMmnin wo weio not actuated by
the motive uttiibulcd tons bv Iho papeis , Io
the effect that wo toaicd a slepmoihei , and
heiico a smaller division ol Hie estate. We
have done what we set oul to do stood up in
delunso ot om mother's good name. "
The Kev. dardinc Hounuecl.
St. Lofis , Mo , Ocl. 8. The ecclesiastical
couit whidi icceiitly tiled ItevII. . D.Jaidine ,
of St. Mm } chinch , at Kansas. City , Mo. , sub
mitted its verdict to Itisliopl'obeiison , ol this
tlty. The diaiges against Jaidlnc , tivo In
numlici , weio as lollovvs :
1. tmpiopci conduct toward a littlu gill.
' . indecent conduct tovvaid a lady who had
come toconie'sslon.
'J. Cinninat condiu.t tovvaid a woman.
4. The use ot n.iu ( Hies , piodiiciiitj incapaci
ty lei tian < Mctlngoidimiiv duties.
5. Imiuopei ( oniluet in being doweled with
pciRons In Hiesaciist ) ol the chinch thudoois
oeiug closed.
On he hrst , hecond and
fouithc haiges , the veidkt Is
guilt ) . Thiid diargc not moved. The hflh
chaise was dlsiiii-scd on ( leminiei eitly In
thut.ise , The ( om thbcnteiue iceommeiided
to the bishoji is his deposition liom Iho mill
Istiy and Immediate inhibition liom mlster-
ial luiictioiis. Itlsliop ISobt'Hsoii will | ) .iss
upon the enlcnce in a lew daS and mean
while h h is issued to Jaidltio a piecopt lot-
lei inhibiting him tiom mliiistci lal luiictioiis.
A llorrlblo
Ctrv , Iowa , Oet 8. - ] Special to the
lli.i. ] - J. 1' . Ciillinan , who inns an emplo-
iiient figenc ) , was brutal ! ) as aalted to day.
One oo was loin liom Us SIK ket and totally
dostrocd , and Ids face ami heul shockingly
biulsed. Ciillinan took a pnty of laboiets
to the depot to b shipped tovvoik on the IClk-
hoin \Ilssoini Valie ) uvlension , In No
biaska. Amoii the labuieis u as one , Ml U )
Heagan , who kit tliedc'i > ot bcloie tlm tialn
stalled and lulled to go. Ho subsequent ! }
ictnincd to Culliimn s ollice and .i.slvtd lei a
letuin ot the Iliiee * dollars he had paid Ciil
linan handed him the mime ) without a vvoul ,
when Iteagaii iitonco commilud the assault. is in jail and ictuses tohav a 'void.
Ciillinan Is a small , hlckl ) man , and can
haull ) iccovei liom Ids liijinles ,
No Aforcy for Army
WvHiiiNtirov , Ov-t , K Upon the loijtiost
pretcned by Cenonds bheiman , bchoik Id ,
l'o | ie , and llowaid , that their picscnt pci-
Minal aides b.i madoevceptlonn to the 10-
ccnll ) Issued 01 dcis M'mling back to theli
leglmeiitrt all olllceis who have been ub > cut
theicliom on detached or Malt' duly loin
vcais 01 moie , hcuclaiv Kndliott has had
Hie subject hi ought ( ' ) Ills intention and has
decided that no exceptions .shall bn made to
the operations ot thooidci ; Tlio older was
Issmd altei long personal cousldci itlon bv
the seietai ) , who fully knot the effect it
would have , 1 1 o hnd bcconie convinced that
nndei the prevailing favstem detached ollheis
lost an Inteirst hi their nylmcnts and that
UK hmg ( i eontJiiuiiKo would
to tlm hei vice.
for Wm * .
SSIVIJN \ , Od. b. ( Jieat activity prevailti In
mllltai ) chcles In tlili > ( it ) . Seven batlalkjns
of i cr.etiMstai Ud foi balonlcaand moio me
un del oideis MI leave tor the same place.
LONDON. Oct. S. ISusshi Isdeslioiisof giv
ing the Duke of Ciimbi'iJiind thu Ihiono of
liulguihi. Itlhimiuk will laver the pioposl-
lion , as It will fccttio tlm Himibukk dllll-
Cllll ) ,
ATIII.S'S , Ocl. H. Tlm gov eminent ol
( iiu'co Is aniio'd ( at the dcclMon of tlio
powers to mognl/o the union of liulgaila
mid Jtiiumolia , Tlugn'iiiimeiit ; liasiledded
to Kimltiall ) mobil/u | Ihearmv. Tlui'o iimio
chisMs of icseivi.s will bu called out .slimil ) .
A I'lOl'oHKlonal 1'iif *
WoojihOf Ki.r , Dak. , Oct. b.-0'nreiuo
Doiinctl , n piolo loiml ho\oi. wlillo intoxi
cated , attempted ( o outrage u laundie.s.s heie.
Ho was niicMod und kuUcd in jail , liom
which n mob look him l.i-t night and litated
him to tar and toajhcix. Tliodowd lilenillv
loio Ihe clothing Horn hi * body , leaving noth
ing but ru0's.
Tlio Cliolnia.
HoMi : , Oct. 8. Tlioio woiii 118 newa < s
of cholera and fifty-eight deaths Hum thl.s ills
case at i'alcrmo josteiday. ,
Thursday's Trading nt Chicago on 'Ohango
and nt the Stock Yards.
Advancing 1'i-lccs on Cattle A Hull
Movement In Wliont Hliarccl .
linri ( > ly by Corn
M o Stock.
CitiPAnn , Oct. A [ Special to the lit1. ! ! . " ] n.i-ltecelpt'i : of eattlo lor the day 0,100
against S'JI8 lust Tlittrsdty , tunkiiiit nbout
ill , 100 for the week ho lur agalu t l.l,7oJ foi
the sime tlmo last week. Tiado has bcon
active and prices rather on the upturn than
othciw Ise. Some silo.smeu elalmed they sold
theli natlve.s at least lUo hlher [ ; than they
could get ) estorday. Tnohcst sale during tlm
torenoon was n hunch of natives that aver
aged only nbout 1,400 Ibs. and Mild lor X0.03.
I'lime 1 > ' 00 to UKX ) II ) . steers , considering what
they sold foi jesteuhy , would .sell lor S < W < K < 3
O.'i' ) , but them was nonooC that class on tlm
maiket. Tulr to good corn-fed natives of K03
to 1 WO Ib. uv ci-ages m ly lie quota ! at from
nbontSJ.'A'i > . ' ! > , and low ( jrado giiissy na-
tiv esnro making S..50tl.'r ! and iiloni ? there.
Sales of Texaus and rangers ivs classlllcd below
low will show tlio tango of pi lees ami
howeveilhlmln that Htm Is quoted ficm
pooiesl to best. Xatlvobutchci'rt Mojlc con-
linues to makolovv pilces , hut feeding bulll
are making moie money than histweek. .
Ihe MiKkci mid ficdii timlcs uNo cent nuei
quiet , hut a levlval Is now eloso nt hand , wy
ilealers , uscoolei wcatliei has set itiand Icxns
level tenor is one oftho things of ( ho past.
Stock calf Undo is moving along quiu ly un-
dei the Meady lange l pilccs. blilpplii
onus ami mixco , jM.omu'i.-iu , uiuit ,
, t.'r Thiongh Texas eattlo un
changed. About ( < OJ head hold nt
* 4.TV llO ; wcstein langeis , teuly ; nm
lives and hall-biceps. i.iiX'frl.75 ; eovvs. S3.00
Cit.o ) ; vviiiteied Texans , Si ! A@t.t ) > 0. Saloa :
lHWomn-Te\.ins. ! 1,0n Hu. at ! I.W ( ; 2tti
Woming-Tex.ins , 1,011 HH. 3MUHt ; Wyom-
ings , 1'JPJlbs , ? l.OO ; IS' ) Wumiing-Texaii' ? ,
l.OOIlbs , Sf,0 ! ] , ; 1S7 Wvomiiigs , l,0sa Jbs.
5-li.O ; WU Montanas , l.Kil Ibs J.15 ; U-fl
Moiilauas , l.'JJU Ibs , S-1SO ; O.'l ' Washington
717 lb , t'J M ) ; I ( T ( xm : , 7xS II H f 2.15.
Ilotis Receipts ol lies ; lor the daywero
S3KX ) , againsl I'J.tJO'i last Thursday , making
aboutHliH i lei the week so lar , against
iUitol , toi the same tlmo litst week. This
maiket was again active , and pilces a good
avei.uo ol Go hlghei. Shippers , following
theii piactlco ol yosieid.iy , vveio loading
bnvors , their pinohises jc-hieuliy ninountlng
toovei I't.UK ) , 01 ovei hilf of thu lecolpts.
Itoiigh odds and ends and common borts { fen- 8UW ( .ir , and lair to good
p icking soiis S.UOi < > ! .H > . with best heavy at
< j5.Mifti.Oj. Tlicilemind lor light selected
soils lias dwindled down to MII ill proper
tions. Tliotaiiey of buvcis ti-i Now York
and IJaltimoie m.ukots is to take
un thini * i OIKl fiom .300 ibs iiown tcjtipB ,
vvas bought foi Ic-igusson W he.'uj fromHOO
Ibs dow n to Mciw | at Sii.s' , and there
was bought toi Undcivvnod a suing ot oidin-
my paekeirt at VUin which vveio odds ami
eu'ds that woio bought as low as 101115)1 ) ami
mixed , ? : i.40 ( " ' > l- ( ! ) . Packing and shipping.
J.V ) to Ji.1t Ibs. * ! 7r@t.oj. Light vveiglits , J.ii )
to i0 Ihs , fcJfA" ! .bU ; IbO to lilO Ibs. $3.65 ®
1.10. fakips , S'- 'Xi1) ) 00.
Chicago Produce.
CntPAOo , Oct. 8. [ .Special to the lice. ]
Winvi1 : The wheit mirket to-day cx-pe-
nonecd n voiStable bull movement , nioro
milked in eveiyway thm has boon wit
nessed at any tim J Hlnce the Afghan \vai
seate. The opening 11'ino for November
wiLsSTJfc , or Ifc uudei the latest il urcs of
jesteidiy , but the buying was on a liberal
scale , and prices advanced steadily to SSJ-Sc ,
bioke oil to t > S e uudei heavy ollei ings , rose
to .7)4'e ) ' , fell elf , and closed on the regular
boaid atS'Jc. Theie was another btiong rally
In theaftcrnoju , with Move nbei clo-iliijj at
b e , the highest llgmo iiuotoJ toi thatoptioii
since the great bieak in whc'iit during
the inontli ot August. Cables aio fltiimtj
today ( iiioting mm maikcLs at advaiico
iioteil vcsleiday , while an advance of two
iietue was quoted at Liverpool tor AniQilcan
lioiu. Tlio btatoment WILS al o made that
MiiMieanolis millcis had advanced pilces Iftil
' 'c lei wheat , and that iiotvvlthst.nidlng re
ceipts bhowo'l a falling oil. It was ulhO
stated that Minneapolis millers had ad
vanced the piieool Horn. The quantity of
who it on pa-sago to Ungland and the conti
nent showed a decrease lei the week ot
iwooo ) bu. These conditloiiri all aided the-
bnovanev of tone assiimed b ) the maiket , and
pikes advanced on unmounts bulug ordera ,
closing tot the ( lav at outside quot.itloiiB ,
l&e hlghoi than yestoidiiv.
CoitN-Hoceljils (1 toin lolnj wcre22a
( MLS. ' 1 ho hpcciilatlve maiket 1 tiled quiet anil
mm , while tosh was active ami a tihado
hlghoi. The advance In wheat helped to
mm up coin mid the maiketotoiid 'e higher
lei cash ; ' /o hlglici lei Oclobcr , with no npo-
eial e In othi i liitmcH. In the altei-
noon a linthei udvatice of K 'ft ) was ro
O.v is Huled tame and mdet with no spe
cial change In quotatioiiH.
I'lioviMON's Weie stronger. H'rly pilcoi
foi messpoik weio UMitfllo higher , but fcot-
fed biek JKW'C , while laid hhovved an ad-
v.into of 'J'jdifio foi Ihod.t ) . Klonr wart act
ive on I and shlpjnn-c ac-outit. Halei
weio the l.ugost lor m my davs pist ami thu
maiket Is gt tting welloicaiedol block. I'llcca
mm nt lull loimei quotations.
Holt County IlopnlilloanH.
O'Ni.ii. , Nib. Oct. H.-Spi-clal | to thoUnr. . ]
-Tho lopuhlkan county convention mel
heie to day and nominated u full county
ticket. Tieasmor , C. JJ. Itiitler ; judge , U. H.
( iillchplc ; rhcifir , Kd HoioliibCi ; ic-cordcr ,
Itaiielt hi'olt : o'eik , 15 , K. Clevoknid : Hiir-
vuyoi. H , i.ThompsonoionciI. ; K. Kmlthj
Hiipe'ilntcndent.C. A. Munvlu , ( oinmls loncr ,
J.ii oh Davis : i ommlsiionei ( bhoit teiintT ) <
K. Mallo.v. 'J ho convention was veiy hiiniio-
n Ions un'd selected caiidldatcH liom all pait-l
id Iho county , and voiyHtiong ones , so that
pciiiet h.itisf.ulion ijivcn. llx-io wai
lOU delegate's , and all vveio pie ont.
'J'lio Vitloidno Land Offli'tt.
VAI.I.M JVK , Neb , Od. H. [ 8 | > cclal to tlu
llir. : ] Thoiemoval of llm resistor ami re-
colvei ol the land oflleo was it houtce of great
coiigiatiilatlon amoiu tliuduiuocrats and to
many leptiblicans , as ltc lntoi M onlw has an
tagonised man ) ot his paily , he belli ) ; badly
beaten as delegate to thu tiiato coin en I ion.
The dll/elis , liicMiecllvo Of put)1 , will liokl
a jollliication mceiiiig to-moirovv night ,
Cliorry County llopiiIillcniiM. \
VAMIVUM : , Neb . , Oct. . [ Sjwlul t < j tli4
Uii.J : The Clitii ) county nMmbllc.m coii ;
venllon met and nominated the following
ticket ; Judge ( iooigo II. /\\r \ \ , nlieillf J Jamu,4
Connell ) , coioncr : Di.A. Lewis , tieahiiii'ry
C. H , Coinoll , Miivovor ; L. D. Lincoln , Mip ;
oiliitondentC. ; A. Johiisoii , Dr , C' . A , Jto
and itobeits , eoiimifsslonoiH.
Los'lio.s , Oil. b.-h | | vial to the )
In tliodiinch ( onloioiiuoat I'orHmontli ) es-
teida.v , .Mi. Hor.slcy , It. A. , madun swi'djiliiK
denoiitKement of tlieiiemoi.di/lng elfce't 0 (
nude mo h IH. 'pis'Iall ) on Imly studcntH ,
lli > sild Hut Ihu loin do ilu'inc was n i ior
Mndt and that the m do ll ute oii/.ht | o bo thd
hlaj'le tlul ) 1m ftudclitb.