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Report Prom Chicago That Mr , Max Meyer
Ha3 Boon Seized by Custom Officers
ICr. Jullnn Muycr Bcouta tlio Idea ,
SUUInj ; That His ItrotliRr Huu
Already Proved Ills
Itinocuncc. ,
About 11 o'clock last night the nsoool
ntcd press telegraphic report brought the
following telegram :
CIMCAOO , Oct. 7 Customs officers here
to-day Hci/cd $1,000 worth of diamonds
found among the oll'ects of a member of
thu linn of Meyer Bros. , leading Omaha
imvolora , wlio had just returned from
itiropu nnd was stopping at the Tro
moil t iiotiso. From remarks made by
follow passengers of the man from whom
thu diamonds wore taken , the ollieers
suspect some $7,01)0 ) moro of smuggled
goods have been consigned to parties at
OniuJia , and a representative of tlio de
partment was dispatched to tlutt place
to-night to investigate the matter.
Upon receipt of the news a reporter
called upon Mr. Julius Meyer at his room
on Karnain street. ' Tito hour was late
nnd Mr. Meyer was in bed , but upon be
ing told the object of the visit lie admit
ted the reporter , with the remark that
the news was over twelve hours old.
"I hoard of it this morning , "
said Mr. Meyer. "A dispatch came
from my brother from Chicago saying
that he had been followed by n custom
nflicinl nnd his goods searched. The dis
patch ulso said that nothing wrong hud
been found , ns my brother hud no ilia
mends or other dutiable goods with him.
When in Europe ho purchased $ ! ? 5,000
worth of diamonds ami they are now in
the store hero. The duty on them was
all paid , and it is foolish to suppose that
ho would attempt lo smuggle $1,000
worth. Ho has never done any smug
gling business. "
Mr. Meyer also stated in answer to a
question Unit ho was not avvaro that his
brother had purchased diamonds for
other uartic.s in the oily , and lie did not
believe ho had. Ho arrived in New York
from Europe Saturday , and was ex
pected in Omaha to-day.
"I believe there is some mistake about
the matter , " eontinnod Mr. Meyer. "I
do not believe that Max has bcon ar
rested , nnd I think that the report arises
from the fact that the customs oflioial
followed him to Chicago and searched
his ofl'eets. I think it will bo explained
to-morrow , and tliat everything will be
found satisfactory. "
Murdered AVI I'D and Mothcr-ln-Liaw.
GKNKVA , III. , Oct. 7.-Special [ to the
Bnn.l Albert Cook , the young farmer who ,
tluough unjitstiliahio jealousy , deliberately
shot his moth r-ln-law , killing her instantly ,
nnd then fired live shots Into his wife's body ,
nl Crampton , III. , ntti r which he lied , is still
nt large. numbers of citizens nio in
pursuitand scouring the country in all diieo
tjpns In search of the mindeier. A number
of persons are Inclined to think that ho did
not wander far liom the scene of Ids cilme.
mid that Im is still In biding or else boarded a
freight train and loft tlio state. The lather
of the mindcrer , who is heie , regiets his ac
tion in releasing him fiom jail a few days
ago , nnd talks ns though he would not at
tempt to Intei I'm o in his son's behalf , should
ho bo captured. Mm. Cook died this tutor-
M"cxlcnn Border Plundering ? .
KAOI.I : PASS , Tex. , Oct. 7. Itcports have
been hi ought to Monclora by ficlgliters from
Balsa Mlplmi mines , to tlio effect that one of
Huston's bullion teams in cliaigo of a Mr.
Moirlson. had been attacked by jobbers while
on loute from the Sleria Majaido mines to
Pairat station on tlio Mexican Central
railway , whence Iho bullion was to lie
shipped by expiess to the United
States. It Is icpoitcd that tour
of the o-cort were killed , and It is
feared that Morn [ mm , who was well known
heio , is one of the victims , as ho has not been
hcaid fiom. Fielghterssav that after inut-
Ini ; the ivscort , the lohbiiis diovo oil the pack
mules laden with bullion. Mr. Houston pur
chases bullion fiom small miners , and makes
weekly trips to the nearest railway station
from whem Itciin bo I m wauled. How much
bullion there was on the mnlo train is nut
known. _
lie Tapped the Packages.
CnnAii ll.ii'inp , Iowa , Oct. 7. Kmll
Miitchke , nn express imisscngcr on tlio Chicago
cage .t Noithwc.stein railway between Cedar
Baplds and Council IIInlfH , was taken at DCS
Monies lust night by Siijieilnteiidont S. ( i.
Seaton for alleged pllleimg of money Irom
expiess packages. Tlio amount said to have
bcon stolen Is mnall , since only n low dollars
weie stolen at u time.
The Krlanfjcr-Leonnril Shooting.
I'nii.ADKM'iiiA , Pa. , Oct. 7. Leonard , the
victim of last night's shooting , was able to
walk away from the hospital this morning.
o , Oct. 7 , [ Special to the J5F.r . |
Arnold Pleice , a newspaper man well known
In Chicago , made himself conspicuous In
Philadelphia ycterdy by cowhhllng A.V. .
Cooper , of the Times stair. Piercu lelt Chi-
i o nbout a year ago , and lias of late been
L'niploycil on the Philadelphia Times. Last
Thursday n woman called at the district telegraph -
graph ollk'o In the Times building ami font a
letter up by the messenger addressed to
Pierco. ' Presently the boy returned and said
that Plcre wis : not in. but added that n man
who u'pifsfntcd him would HHIII lie down.
Cooper appealed on the scuno ami said to the
woman : "Kxcnso mo ; 1 thought the hand-
wiltipix on Iho letter wius that of some one I
knew. " He then wllhiliew. Pieivo ijeclaivd
Hint the Tunnnn was Insulted by Cooper ,
vvlille tlm I t > r denies It and says Im mistook
thohaiidwrt Ing on tlm envelop ) of a
inutunl fileinl. Cooiu-r ww badly lacerated
about the face with the ( .ow.ilde ,
Inflnntluldn nnd fiulcldc.
UIIIUN-A , ( ) . , Oct. 7.-Mrs. Win. McClosKey
Inst night gave her babe inoiplilno and Uiok
some herself , nnd to-day both died. No
cniiso has been aislgned ( or the mother un-
nutural act.
Civil Servlcn
Avsinxiiiov , Oct. 7. 'I im poNinm lrr-
penenil tinliiy apwilnti'd | the follow Ing foiulh-
llllnols-AI Teehorn , Thomas A. Con-
t.iliii : ICHIeivlllo , A. < ; . MeCr.ix : Scaton ,
Wlllmn 1-Vr iiMin : Snle.tile. John ltt' < > mt > en ;
llmdbiirx. li's.rt-v ' II. llnssell.
l < i\v --AI Kunlt'tiioti * . John II , II Dwell ;
Nnrlli Hiam-li. II. I ) . Shoesiiillhddlson ; ,
li. U CruiUvhulik ; DiuldIt. . Mai Uun ; I'n-
il rwiuwl. Itnlx-il futile : liUlx-UxlUc , Jnlm
P \ moi \ i n1. ' 111111. K < ' t ii
Ntl > i.iU At\VhHoUiihl'U ' A I'tK U ;
Dale , Itobcrt J. Kelly ; Courtland , Lorcnzi
A. Simmons.
. . . roii run HI.OCK TIIII MONTH.
WASIMNOTON , Oct. 7. During the proven
niDiith the commissions of prosldcntla
postmasteis will expire In the following
named towns :
In Nebraska David Oltvnnd Lincoln.
In Illinois-Cm lyle. , Glrntd
Knoxvlllu. I'nna and Paxton.
In Iowa Perry and Vllll-ca.
vASIIINOTO.V. . Oct. 7. Tim president ap
pointed Jabez M. Ctiny , of Yligtnln. to bi.
envoy extraordinary nnd minister pleiilpoten
ti.uv to Spain , vice Fuitoi , ie.slgned : Charles
/olllnucr , pension airentat Indianapolis.
rrniFotm : WITH A vnvcin.vri : .
Ttrrso.v , Ariz. . Oct. 7. The United Slate
ura'id ' jmy to-day picscntcd liullctinenti
against J. A. Xabriskle. United .States ills
met attoiney ; Uoyal A. Johnson , Unltei
Mates .surveyor : Gen. L.Vollly , deputv
L lilted Statin suivcvor , nil tniiler the civ I
service net for political contribution In the
last campaign.
F. A. Tiiile , pnvcrnorof Ai (70110 ( , scut his
leslgnatiun by mail to the pre.sld nt to-day.
How tlio "Saints" Squirm.
IjonA.v , Utah , Oct. 7. At the Mormon
general eonfeienco heio to-day n genera
epistio to the chuieli was lead fiom
piosldciits John Taylor and George Q. Can
"Time 1ms revealed , " says the epistle In re-
fenlng to tlio pending piosccutlnns for
polygamy , "that the Edmunds' law was not
enacted in the interests of morality , but wa1
ONpresslv designed to destroy the piinchile
ot thu Mounoii lollglnn. The giossest fih <
iiioralltle on the pint of non-Mor
minis , flourishing under tlio very
eyes of tlio laws' administrating
aiovievtcd with Indiireienco It commlued
outside lite miitilmonial lelatlou. Moimoii'
leiimmciim' their icllglnii aio then uinno
tested. " The epietlo cnntinucsVo did
not leveal celestial maiiiuge.Vo iMiinot
withdraw or renounc" ' It. ( ! od revealed it ,
and has pumdscd to maintain and blc.v
those who obey iu Tim only course to pur
sue is to main tain the covenants and trust In
Cod. "
Thoiccrnt ruling of the courts Is declined
most e.xtraoidinnrv , allowing an Indictment
for eaeh day lived In illegal cohabita
tion and icndcilng po--.sH ) o lilo Im-
piisonmuntnnil an enormous tine to each in
dividual accused , whcicas the law .s | > cciucs
only six months' imiirlsonnientand S"M line.
'I'lio apjieal leceutlj made to PicMdent Clev > -
hinil in H'li'iud lo and the hopu uspie.sscd
that he will M > OII ghe the matter attention as
the lights ot people bilm ? giossly tnimp'eil
under loot. Moiiiuin motives for c.spoiMiig
l > linal mairiagc are declined to bo generally
misiiiulerhtood , the institution l-eing accepted
only inuinsideiiilion ol its huing by divine
umimand , which tilings damnation it dis
obeyed. The tie ! el is piot'es.scd that tin ;
piesont cru ado will convince tlio people that
theio la moie In polygamy than is
Tlio FamoiiH Illlnil T.nnCawo. .
Nuw VOUK , Oct. 7. [ Special to the 15ce.j
A dispatch to the Woild fiom lUchinond ,
Va. , b.iys thocasoof blind Tom , thecoloicd pi
an 1st , known to the \\orld over , w.isup In the
United States Couit thcie ye.steulay on a mi
lion for tliu appointment of his mother. Char-
Itor Wagglns , or some other suitable pcison ,
as Ida guardian. For twenty yeai-s ( ! en. Uer-
thunc , of that .state , nnd his MIIIS , had charge
of Tom and exhibited him pveiywheie to au
diences. What Tom has ever icwived lor
his wondertul peiloimances bejond mcio
Mippoit Is not shown by the Beitlinne fainllv.
Last year jouni ; Heithune was killed and his
tnother claimed Tom. The widow ot de-
ccaieU Bei thune , v > Uh Tom's motlicr , ni-o now
try ing to tut contiol of tlio i roitlny. Ciun.
Lleitliniioaudson , and the widow Hcrthuno
wen ; in com t. Theioimer weie rcpie ented
by Beach , of AIuNamliiu , and the lallcr by
U. I'age , of Itiehmond , and Lawslie , of Hil
ton. I'ago's siwcch beloii ! the com t In behalf
of Tom'h mother and in tlio name ot i' < mitv
as against the Ueithiines , chaiged that it
was a case ot .slaveiy ot the \\oi > t kind in a
time ot fieedom ot every other .subject of ihe
United States government. Tom is held by
a decision of an inleilor Viiglniacouit , and
Judices lioiul and Hughes will , it is thought ,
decide nirainst Ucithuue to-day vheu the
case Will bo disposed.
The St. Ijouls Street Car Strike.
ST. Louis , Oct. 7. The executive bo.ird of
the Knights of Labor of the.itieotcar strik-
cis was In session this morning. They hay
there are new developments which make the
strikers sanguine of success. The otlleUls
of the road are engaging new men , and sent
out cars under them , and such of the. old em
ployes who aie willing to work if assmed of
protection. The cais on Olive and Market
Mi pets and Fiauklin avenue and South St.
Louis lines , \vhleh aie not alfected by the
Mi i Ice , me miming legnhuly and cais aie
being sent out on other roads ns fast
as men can bo obtained to run them. The
union depot line was equipped at noun , and
the Mound City line had eighteen out ol
twenty cain running. The railway m uiageis
fayallio.uK lie at work beloie uLlit
with tull t ni cos. They look lor a sieedy | tei-
minatlon of the tioub.e. and declare it now
pi.ictic.illy over. No violence has yet In en
attempted , and the men say none will be
A Dam 1JI - Day.
PiTTsnmiri , Out. 7. This been the big
gest day in I'lttiburg liKtory , ni'iiking tlio
licomletlonnnd opimingof the Davis Island
dam. the const ) iiction of which was begun by
the Unltul btate.s government seven jeais
ago and which cost sa.OiW.on ) . Fifty tliou-
s.tnd sti.ingi'rs weie heio to witness the cere
monies. At U o'clock. i procession of titty
KteamboiLs , gaily dvcor.itcd , left the Monon-
gahola wh.ii ? lor the dam. c.iiiyliiA among
other august bodies , the Ohio river cnminlv
sion. I'onnclls of 1'ittsburg and Alleglieny ,
chandler of commerce , membera of the pe-
tiolenm , grain and tin nltuio exchanges and
Invited guc.slH , liichiding inemhcis of the
state Hiipii'mo eoiut and mcmbeis of the
rheruliit h.ulmr committee of At
the dam at Davis Island , n\o miles below the
city them was M > cuhiiml ing , Inspection of
machinery and tlmoi klnus of the dam. etc.
riioceiemonie > wind up to-night with a dis-
| iUy of niO'\\oiks.
Now Yorlc Clcnranca
Niw : VOIIK , Oct. < ! . The annual meetlns
of iho New Yoi I ; cleai linr Ixniso iibsoclatlon
inlay elected ( ! , 0. Williams , president of
ho Chemical national bank , chaliman fur the
ensuing year , inplneuot IMuaid II. I'.irkeiN ,
I r. , inosident nt Hie lmpnrtei-.and Tradei.s
> .inlc , whoso term exphed. William A , Camp ,
was elected manager.
IOWA IythlniiH.
Iis ) : Moi.vr.s , Oct. 7. The grand lodge of
\nlghtn of Pj IhUs of the state of Iowa , con
vened in ( Ids eltv to-dav. About IOU delegates
\\eiopie.seiit. Tlio pesslon to day wut. scciet ,
and devoted to the lmincss oider. D.iven-
ioi t was selected M the next place of. mooting
i year hence.
Jin Ireland.
DUHMN , Oct. . The D.ivitt land fiystem
agltitlon In Ireland hu'iease > dally , "Moon-
Igliteis" aio foiclng faimer.s
hey will not pay their lent , Several f.nmei.s
ueio waited upon by moonlighters" la t
light and compelled to Uke outh to that ci-
A Nopro Ijynclied.
Sr. Louis Oct. 7. The I'ost-Dispatch's
Ntiwjioit ( Ark. . ) huclnl | fays : Ilmitley , the
icgro who knoclcctl n young lady fiom her
miso nnd eilmlnally a siiiltcil her near
I'lK'keiniiin , has lH.'en lonnd hanging to a tieo
dead near thin place
I ) . & M. Finance.
llnsTox , Oct. il. The net earnings of the
Chlcau'ii , limllngton & ( Julney ndlroad for
ciimpjied with the coneajiundliig miiiilh In
Tlio CurUlnnl'M Condition.
NVw YOIIK. Oct. 7 , Tlmcimditlon of Car-
MiC'okey ( Is nbout the same as Inst
Tlio Democracy of Massachusetts llcots i
Convention Yesterdayi
Otlicr Nominees nnd the I'lntnirin
1'olltlual Matters Klsowlicrc
Iloadly-Forakor Debate
To-NIhU |
WOIICKSTBI Mass. , Oct. 7. The demo
cratic slateconventlon was called to order a
11 ; ! > 0 this morning. Tliu usual committee
weie appointed. The committee on peruui
nent organ I/at I on icpoiled iho name of Join
K. Fitzgerald forpresldent.
Fltrgornlil , npontaklng the chair , nil
diessi'd the convention. Ho con
giatulatcd the convention upon tin
election of a democratic picsldent , nnd said
"Whether our lease of power shall continui
longer than four years depends upon hov
well wo have profited by tlie lessons of the
past , nud how zealously nnd honestlj
we stilvo to carry out the piomlses
made to the i > colp ] | In both our slate
and national platforms. Ho strongly en
doised the admlnlstiallon of Pi cshlent Cleveland
land and commended him for his nppaicn
determination to cany out the reforms prom
tsed in tlio Chicago plat I'm m. Thospenkoi
congratulated the countiy upon ( ho iiiimis
takatilo signs ot the death ot sectionalism
nnd said : "Fosslllsm ceases to incieasc , he il
ilciuocr.itIc or icpuhllcan , and masqneindim ,
beloio the people in the ensanguined cloth
Ing of thedcnd and bulled Issues , as Senators
Hoarand Shcimaii aiedo'ng ' , is as ildlcii
Ions a sight were It not unpatriotic am
wicked as could bo the appearance in oui
stiectof aueccentric Individual vvhoitdoptu
in our day as his style of diess , that ol the
Kli/ebetlian peiiod. "
i Mr. Aveiiv ticmi the committee on rcsoUi-
tions. presented tnoiollowing platform :
"We , democrats ol Massachusetts , in con
vention nssemhled , lonew our ndlieience to
principles of democracy declined by Iho hrst
national convention. Wo congratulate tin ,
people of the countiy on the election ami In
auguration of n democratic president. We
have lull laith in tlio piosldent , In Ids'wise
caution , his tar-seeing sagacity , courage , lirm-
uess and determination to administer th
goveiiimeut in the inteie.stof the whole people
ple , and his adhcienco to the lundamunUil
piinciplesof tlio national democracy. We
expect that under Ids adiiiinstralloii every
tciium .icqniicd to make the government
honest will bo can led into effect , so that thu
liberty and rights of every clti/.en in everv
section of our own countiy and on the soil
of evciy foiclirn cmintiy will be zealously
guaiileil and c.itcfully picsci veil : that section
al prejudice and jealousy will disappear and
the pa-vailing spirt of nationality vvll ! be
teviveil : that that the civil service will be es
tablished on ihe Ino.ul basis of justice and
equality , seeming to the iidmiiiistiatlon olli-
vial sv mpathy with Its policy not cteating an
unofficial class , which shall lie above and l > o-
j end the people , but giving to each and every
citizen who is capable and honest tin : , light
tones-elected lor public employment ; that
will iccogni/.o tliat every oflleor of tiio public
as a public servant , Mildly responsible lo the
people and holding ollice subject to the willet
ot tlio people : that the public lands bo lescued
liom the hands ot squatters , sjM.-culntm- ,
mid lauded monopolies , nnd pio.scrvcd for
the use ot the people , to whom it justly be
longs ; that the principal departments of the
goveinmeiit he so economically and honestly
admlnisteicd a * , to impose the least possible
burden ot taxation upon the people , and that
conmltiiice in the people in their love ot lib-
city , their ndclity to the constitution and
their devotion to tlio union will bo restored.
Wetheiefore pledge to drover Cleveland ,
picsident ol the United States , oui nafalter-
iiusuppoit. We cainestly iciiuest that no
cnudldato he nominated lor either branch of
the Icgislatnio wlio is not pledged to support
the following ineasuies :
Weaiecainestly opposed to the payment
of the poll lax ns a condition on winch tlie
light to vote must depend. We believe In a
fiee , honest and unobstiucted ballot ; that
the right to vote should attach to the citi/cn
mid not to do > lais. Wo me opposed to the
competition ol convicts with the labor of
honest people , and demand such legislation
as will piovcntit. We believe that ueqiiciit
payment ol wages enables em loves to live
economically , and assures to them greater
Independence. Wo deem It unjust to ictain
wages earned to en argo or .swell HID
pionts of Iho employer ; wo therefore
aie in lavorol thep.issnguof a law leiiuiiiug
corpoiai Ions to make weekly pavmont to their
employes. Wearuln lavorot tlio immediate
enactment of such hiw.s as will piovido tor
tlie .settlement ot all dilleionces between the
emplojed and the employer by a system of
aibitration. Wo believe tliat the commcicUl
InteiconiM' between tlio .several states Is ma-
toi hilly Impulcd and ciicnmscrib.'d by the
existing laws routing to debtors and
cicditorH , which are dcttlmcntal to the
piospcilty ot the en tin ! countiy.
ami therefoie demand tlio Immediate
enactment 01 a national naukmpt law. Tliat
tlio importance of the Ameiic.m usherics ns a
nursery tor our naval power , and the piotec-
tion ot our coast and seapmts in time o , war.
ought to icceivo tlio seiiotis consideration of
tiio administration at Washington.
The dcmocint ot Massachusetts with pio-
lonnd soiuiw lament the death of the great
soldier ot tlm union , UlvsscsS , ( jinnt. whoso
ding messnge ot jieace and good will to this
people , should Im cause lor bib name to be 10-
veied tliiou'h coming ane.s.
Thoie-ohitlon was adopted by unanimous
vole. The convention adjoinned at once tor
an hour.
The names of .InmisS. Grlniu'll , of Plain-
Held. 1'udeiick U. Prince of Hoston , mid
Ld ward A very o I liinlnireo , weio pro.sfnlid
to the convention its candidates lor Iho gov-
einoishlp. On In-half of ( irinuiill it was
claimed that he would poll the full dcmocint c
and Mugwump vote and the "Iln.vseed" vote
besides. In buhall ol 1'riine It ua > > denied
that he would be opposed by the ItntJi-r men.
It was decided to pioceed to a vole. Hie bal
lots ot delegates to bo taken as they JUcd ovir
the plattorm and a commltteo ol one liom
each t-onatoilal district was niipolntul
to Mipi'iviho Iho counting of. tlio vote
by the ollieers of the lonvontlon. A com
mittee of niteon was appointed to smrgcst
nominees lor the icmalndcr of iho state
ticket. The nrst billet lor governor icsnlted
as follow * ; Whole nmnbci of voles 1,1.0 ,
( neces-iny to choice fiCO , ) Kdwaid A very ,
1UI ; James S. ( iiinnell , 4'JiFiedeilck ' \ O ,
Pilnee , filU ; scattering , 'J.
On the second ballot Pilneo was nominated
amid much ciiihusi.isin. 'J'ho remainder ot
the ticket Is as lollows ; II. H , ( iiimoie , of
Cambridge , tor lieutenant goveinor ; Jeie-
mlah Crovvlcv , ot Lowell , lor secichny of
state ; Henry K. Uraloy , of Fall Hiver , im at
torney geneiiil ; llemy M. Cioss , ot Nevv-
hinypoit , tor ticasincrniid receiver Kcncml
ami James K. Delaney , of Holyoke , for
Democratic Litigation ,
Dr.Tiioir , Mich. , Oet. 7. [ Special to
the BiiJ : : The Michigan Mipiemo coint ,
this morning declared the new
I.'gan election law unconstitutional , and de
nied the motion for an oidcr compelling HID
Dctiolt common council to show cause why
It does not obey the law , Thu full bench con
curred. There la great exultation union , ; the
n , Oct. 7. The Latoula races
wem well attended to-day. Tlio weather was
n llttlu tlneateiiln but not cold uid the track
'was In Impioved londitiou.
Seven fiiiluugs Katilno won ; Pink Cot
tage ecciinl ; Jim Doughix , third. Time ,
ThreiMpiarters uf a mile Uncle. Dan won ;
Llolse , Mfund ; May I uly , tldnl. Time ,
I jlsUf.
Mile nnd live hundied yards Powluitan
won ; A ole , M'coml ; Keene , tldnl. Time ,
Alllohrats , llrat heat J'otft-t won ; Arllno.
second ; Irish Lass , ttdnl. Time.
Second heat .1.11110 ns llrst. Time , 1 ; 47 ,
ST. IxUis. Oet. 7.-1-Thero was a vnrjcrra1
crowd nt the fair gmuudjt to-day and n largi
) iroHirtloii ) of those presdnt witnessed ti
races , one of which , the fico for all pacers ,
was a close nnd highly exciting contest. The
weather was tine and the track Iu line condi
Tlm unfinished race nf yesterday was won
bvKndymlonSlstcr : Wllkesisecond ; Victor ,
third. Time , JrU
The llrst race of toslny'a proerammo wa
Iho free for all naccrs. mile heats : pnrM
S'JX)0 , ( ) , divided Mike Wllke.s won ; Jowett ,
sorond ; Little Mack , tldnl. time ,
2IOf. :
Second race , 2W : ! class , purse SLOT ) ,
divided Chestnut Hey won ; Prince Edward
M'cond ; O. F. C. . third ; Tom Allen , fourlh
Uesttliuc , a'i8 ; .
Ilmotnox HKACII. Oct. 7. A ufood day
nnd the track a tilllo heavy wore the condl
lions tcwlay.
Throe-iinaitcraof n 111110 1 3-ycar-otds
flrnnd Unke won , General Pilco second
OsecolathlKl. Time , liSOVf.
Mile Vnllev rmrewon. Una B second
Fellow-play third. Time , 1MOW.
M llo and oiiiMMgbth Hob rook won , Lo-
inau second , Harm ! third. Time , 2:0-Jf. :
Mile nnd n half All nges : King B won ,
Noltln .second , Taxgntherer third. Time ,
SteeplPchasp Lone course : Kcnador won
Hairy Mann bccond , Uangcnteld Ihlid. Time ,
fi : lt *
n AST : HAM , .
Dr.rnoiT , Oct. 7. Detroit , 7 ; Itoston. 1.
Ht'rrAi.o , Oct. 7. Mornint'gamo : Buffalo ,
0 ; Piovldence , 4.
Afternoon game : Bnlfalo , 1 ; Piovl
denco , < i.
ST. Louis , Oct. 7. Sf , Louis , 1 ; Ncv
Yoilc , C.
A I'ntrlnolial Wll'o Altirdcrcr.
BP.ATIIICI. . Neb. , Oct. 7. [ Special to the
Dm : ] The district court Is now In scssoi |
and engaged on thocasoof the stajc agalns
A. D. tor poisoning his wife. Thonl
legcd fnctsnrothaton JuneJTth Inst , his wife ,
Altco Afoise. was not fecllpg well , nnd she
asked her to go trt tlie house of Mr
Caipenti'r , n neighbor , and net her some
salts. The hired girl handed Morse n teacup
and he put In water mid something thomrht
to bo the salts. Mrs. Mono drank it. In
littcen uiinnti'sshe was taken violently sick
with severe cramping of the limbs nmf
stomach , and died iu torty minutes. Morse
and wlto had several little dilllcultles In days
gone by , as is usual when the husband 'is
seventy-four and the wife thlity-thrce jears
of ago as these were. The ueurhbois sent
lor toioner Walsh , and ho with Dr. Waldcn ,
made a put-in nleiii examination , muling
the body healthv. llcmoxlng the
stomach Coroner Walsh look it to Dr.
Maitln Claik , a reliable chemist at Sutton ,
Neb. Dr. C ark gave n rorUncnto that the
cause ol death was sliychnia poisonlnir. The
coionei's jury found him guiltv. Morewas
then nri-aigned befoio Jiistico Hilland bound
over to tlio dlsti let com t. The dial Is now iu
progicss. The state li n tintscntcd bv Dis-
iitct Attorne 0 < unod and Messis. Hazlitt
ami Summcis. Jlcssrs. Co'iy and Bush n | > -
) ear torMoisc. Thopilsoner's two sons aio
.fvlnglicio . , the other has ju t airived troni
Calltornhi to attend this lilal. Mr. Wilcox ,
from ICm as , a biotlier of M is. Mmsc is lieio ,
also Mrs. Buchan , of Aurora , Neb. , a sister.
Immense Flour Product.
POMS , Oct. 7The weekly review'
of the Minneapolis Hour product and market
by the Northwestern SIHt r * " says : When
we predicted that last vvet r. ' "ilour projluc-
tlon would exceed nil Coinitr lecouls , It was
liardly exported that this \\oulil bo lnni > hy
nearly iXMKK ) barrels. Yet It was accom
plished. Tlio output reached the stupend
ous iigures of I7loro barrels against l'i'i.778
haiiels during the precccding week and III-
'WObanels lor the corresponding period In
IS1 * ! . The largest amount of Ilour ever be
fore manufactured in a week was less than
1.Wooo , hniiels. Indications Wednesday
pointed to n moductlon for this week exceed-
In ? ; even the lingc piopnrtlr.ns of last week's
work. Many of the mills were ic n ting the
heaviest i mis In their history , and nbout all
seemed possessed with desires to squeeze out
the lastbaiiel possible.
Sinall-T'o\ Caiuula.
ST. CATIIAKINI : , Onl , Oct. 7. Several
cases of small-pox exist here. The disease
was hi ought liom Montreal by n sailor , its
nature being nt lirst unknown. The sulfercr
was nursed by a member f the Salvation
Army , witli the results of spreading the con
tagion. Members of tlio Army Insist on vis
iting patients and most of the cases aio those
of pel sons who have b en attending the meet
ings ot the A i my. The boaid of health Is
now taking vigorous measures to stamp out
the disease. A paper numerously stencil Is
being chctilatcd pinylng that the Salvation
Aimybairacks bo closed up until all danger
ot Injection is over , Rumors are also nfo to
the cft'ec ! that a band of cltl/ens has been
organized to bum the Army banacks.
Philanthropy for Ivo.
LAIU : MOHAWK , N. Y. , Got. 7. The Mo
hawk conference of friend , of Indian civil
isation met this morning. Mr. Llnlcy , on
calling Iho conference to order , explained Its
oilgin three yea re niro. IJs object was to
unite the phllantliioplc and Christian men of
the country upon n dcuiiltn imlley , nnd lo
ciealcn pnb'ic fcntimont in favor of such a
policy. On. Clinton 15. fisk was chosen
president of tlio conference. The special
committee , nnpnlnt'dnt last year's meeting
lo eonter with Piesldent Cieveland , lepoited
that Its Interview with him was satislactoiy ,
and that Ids coin-so toward the Indians slueo
assuming the duties of lib olliee , had caused
them plcasine.
A Political Donate.
Tor.nno , Oct. 7. Tlio demociatlc nnd 10
publican committees met today nnd completed
nuangemontfe fora joint political dcbato be
tween Ooveinor Hondly ami Judge Foiaker ,
which will take place at Wheeler's opera
house to-monow night. Tlm doois will be
thiown open at 7:80 : and tlie debate will be
gin piomptl ) ntu o'clock. ( ovcrnoi Hoadly
will open the discussion , sjx ak'ng ' one hour ,
and will bo tollowed hy Ju.Uo Kumkcr In n
sieechofun ] hour and a half , lloadly will
close with a rejoinder occupying halt an hour.
Niw : YOIIK , OcU 7. [ Special lo the BII : : . ]
Donnell , Lnwsnn A ; Simpson , bankers , sus
pended this morning. Tlie linn was finan
cially embarrassed nbout a year azo , but se
cured mi extension to the 1st of Oelolicr.
Falling to meet their paper today , a number
( | t attnchmi'iili were served UJKIII them , A
statement ot the urm's biiblncis Is expected
this afternoon.
A ItallvvnjHnlo , , Oct. 7. The fyeVclnnd , Delphos
& St. Louis railway , ruiiiilng .from Delphos ,
Ohio , to Cn ey , Ohio , was. to day sold by
United States Marshal Goo < lnpeed for 8110-
r 0) ) . the committee of bondholders represent
ing the Plttsbnrc Interests. The mad will
probably IM hioailcnul nud iclmllt , and will
be used us an outlet to Cleveland of the Tole
do , Cincinnati & St. Louis , nnd other loads
The GnRc County Pnlr.
BiiATinri : , Nfb. , Oct. 7-SM-clal [ | lo the
Hr.i : . ] ( Jage county's best lair opened ycv
teiday. To-mouow Is 'Beatrleo day. " Stems
and schools will close , nml nil clll/ons will
nllend thu fair. Pi of. ( ir.ivton. the leiomiut ,
will ascend in a balloon TJnuwlay nnd Fii-
ilay. On Fiiday Col. Dntlcy'i'M : mare
JMCCS ngniiist Kmeiy's Chnillo K , for a
lUnlno'fl Claim.
Ami'srA , M % , Oct. 7. The ICennebce
Joinnnl of to-imnrow morning will HtaUt that
IhiMvjiorl that Waller Iflalno has1 sued Iho
I'nlied M f u h's ' > , ilirvus asilautoiin -
M' | In the A < uxiui ico.itt
The Porto Snicl to Ilavo Yielded to Prince
Alexander's Ambitions Demand ,
Oilier Foreign AfralM IJiiRlancPs Pro'
niter Stumping for t he Govern
ment Frenoh ami Irish
Tlio Komnollnn Protilcin.
Pnn.ii.i-oi' , Oct. 7. Prince
has received a telegram from the sultan ac
cepting thu principle of llulg.uian union.
itcrourut ) SOLUTION AT LAST.
PAIIIS. Oct. 7. A despiteli fiom Phlll ) > -
popolls to tlio Temps says that the mayor has
caused placards to bo posted tlnonghmit the
tity announcing that in view of the wishes
of the toieign ambassadors to Turkey the sul
tan has nccopted the union of Bulgaria nnd
Koumella under tlie lido of Pi luce Alexander.
. .
CONSTANTI.NOI'I , ! : , Oct. 7. The warlike
nttltudoof Set vin has compelled the Poito to
call out mom leseives tor scivlco on he
fiontiers. The Tmklsli ministry believes
tliat the Scivlan hoops will eioss thofiontler ,
a/tbougli / ccilain ol defeat. In older to raise
the question as to Servta's lights. The Poilo
has repivsented to foreign amhassadoislieio
tliat nSeivlaii lesolutinn would lead to agita
tion in Monienegio , Bosnia , nnd Heuegon-
vlna , and that Austria and Kussia would
eventually bo di.uvu into conllict.
.s . . .
The BulK.tilan delegates , PelrnIT nnd
1 cchanokoiV , who wei-o eommlssloned by
Piinco Alexander to asstno the pinto Hint
peace and oiierieigned | in eastern Houmella ,
anivedat tlio YildU Kiosk ami solicited tin
liileiview witli the sultan. They weio Im-
midiately nnosted nnd weie. subjected to nn
otllelal examination. The affair has caused a
It Is stated that M. KelidoiT. tliu Itnsstnn
nmbassador , has inl-ed a dilllculty In tlio
Koumella coulcn'nce. He denies tliat the ar
ticle in the Ucilin treaty Diving Tuikey the
right to send tioops to eastein I'onmclla will
benbollsheil in the event of thu union of tlio
two Bulgailiis.
The Premier on the Stump.
LONDON , OeL 7. Lord Snllslmiy spoke nt
the national conservative confidence at Xew-
port to-day. Ho thanked the conscivatlve
union for exposing the tine uiitnio nt the
gaudy promises ol tlio seductive pioiriammo
ot the liberals- . The piemler ivged his hear-
cis lo continue their elloits In buhnll of con
servatism , which , ho said , was glowing and
had a glorious fntnie.
Salisbury then proceeded U ) enunciate the
policy of the consul vntlve pnity. ICeleiting
to ( he distill bances in thclulknns ,\s it
Is no part of the duty of British statesmen
to Inteiteioln tlij'ajfaiis ofcastein Uoumelln.
Tlfoticalyol lieilliihas not been lustinti'd
nor has the San Stetana ticaty been icstored.
Thonolicy of the government Is to uphold
thoTuikish empire , and whenever it K possi
ble to do so. { rcnnincly and licaitily to up
hold , chrrNh and foster stiong self-sastaini'd
niitlonnllties who have important beat ing on
tiio future of Kurope. For the piesent 1 have
hopes tliat tlio powers willconiinetlm di.stuib-
torv. Husslan inllueucc would hnvo checked
if the latter country h.ul iiiilU-d with Bulgaria
In 187S. Hotavored n change in the
present measures for local self-government.
To decentralize authority In London was an
Indispcnslblo part of the new government's
policy. The people having wealth should
bear the bniden of the expenses of tlie coun
try , not alone those having houses and lands.
The piemier In answering n iiue.stion as to
what extent local goveimnent authoiity
should bo extended to Itclnnd. said : "The
extension might give moie facility to the ma
jority lo do justice to the ministry. " Conservative
vative traditions , ho said , were clear. Ho re
garded the integilly of tlie cmpiio above all
other political considerations. Ho favored
( lie inuiciial fcdciatlon movement , but his
p'ans in ward to tlio manner had not been
tangibly lixed.
A German Statesman on FYauoo.
LONDON , Oct. 7. [ Special to the Uii : : . ]
The Times to-day publishes an interview Its
Paris correspondent had yesterday witli
Prince Hohcnlohe , the Gorman cmbass.idnr
to France , respecting the recent election for
members of the Chamber of Deputies. Prince
Hohenlohosald : "In my opinion theonly pos
sible way , under the clicumslances , to foim
nstabo government is by the union ot the
two of the republican sections of the Cham
ber , as I am afraid the radical left minority
wi t not defer to tlm de.slie of the moderate
lelt maforiry icraidlng the government incas-
ines. Kuioim has hitheito been eiiahlcd to
live on good terms with tlm Fieuch icpuhlic ,
but the republic of to-inmiovv may diller
tiom the icpuhlic ot ycstcnliy , and il tlio
conservatives use their comparative victory
solely In the inteiosts of tlio country , they
may easily cnutiibuto towards uiainuilnlm : ,
or even impiovinir tlio iclatlons of Fiance
with the test of Kinope. It. howevei. lliev
should use their Increased toiccs todistmb
tint .situation and call into question tliees
tnbllshed older of tilings , Franco would unto"
into no end of tumble and ablutions , nnd1'
would ivqnlro the elosast watching bv for
elirii statesmen. Kvcry oscillation Iu Franco
nt the present nioment mikcsn senslblo dlf-
feienro In tliu political calculations which
now occupy the attention of Kntope. "
Downing the Drrvisdos ,
CAIISO , Oct. ( I. Olliclnl advices hnvo been
lecelved fiom Uasalula , commander of the
Abybslnlan expedldon maichlng to the 10-
llet of the beleaguicd gaiiison nt ICaspala ,
to tlio elTect that after a severe liattle tlm Ali-
jj-slniaiiK delentcd a large foicoof deivishes
nnderOsiiinr Dignn , mid tliati,000 : of the cler-
v I lies weio killed in 1 1m encounter. The
Ahyssin'an ' geneial is now inpidly advanc
ing on Knssnla.
Floods in Mexico ,
CITY OF Mnxico ( via Oalveston ) , Oct. 7.
Heavy mid d imaging rains aiostlll icportol
trom llm Intel lor ami the valley of Mexico.
At Leon , ovvlngto tlm yielding of tlm ntscr-
voh.s on the hills abnvo , the city Is badly
Hooded , and ninny bouses v > ere swept awav.
Tho.AIexIcan Central i-allioad is maiii ) badly
Inundated. The bildgo at San Fianclsco has
iwaln succumbed. The vicinity of Leon lor
many miles In under water. Mall communi
cation is again Interrupted ,
Tlio Stephen * ) Fund.
Dum.iN , Oct. 7. The fund for thu benefit
of James Stephens , the ex-Fenian head-cen
ter , amounts to H > 00 pounds. His fi lends nrb
greatly disappointed at tliu meagiencs.s of the
_ _
NuOHldUcd Mall Kcrvfoo , ,
LONDON , Oct. 7. The Xcw Zealand pov-
einment has renewed mail seivicu be-
betwoeh Ni'w Zoiiland and Snn IVanchcn.
Thogoveinuientsol Now South Wales and
Aineilcn will contiilmto their shales ot thu
subsidy for kcejiing Uio fenice in operation.
The PliiKiiont Palermo.
B , Oct. 7 , There weio 10 now eases of
elioleia and 'lOdeatlis ' fiom the disease icglt.-
teiol jcatciday In Paleimo.
, .
No Cholera In Franco.
MAIISKII.I.KS , Oet , 7 , N'ocases of cholera
have been reported In thlscltv since the -ith
Inst. Vessels leaving this poit mo now (
granted clean bills nf health.
lH or Lalior Convention. (
HAMILTON , Out. , Oct. 7 , Tlio gt'iieral ns-
senility of Knights of Labor resumed hiisi-
ness this vMonilmr. It Is exiK'letl that the
KI J'j.i will lv t nearly two ' - . - . Tie ! re
port of the general secretary nnd treasurer
showed n nipid growth of the order during
Iho past year ; that the oiganlznllon had been
lirmlv planted In England nnd lielginm , nnd
thattheic had been a sUudy Inereasii In tlm
numberof assemblies In the southein states.
It leoomnu'iided Unit worKlugmen should
woikouly elglit lurni-s. n > gardless of wages
| itld. : The nuestIon of wages would right Itself -
self In a low months In the. neci'Mary em
ployment of surplus workmen In con o-
nneneeoftho shoilenlng of hours of labor.
The Inciv.ise In membei-shlp duilii } ; this year
was 75 per cent. Following Is the statement
of Ihngtowth of tlm outer dining the H'ar
ended Juno ! M , iss.1 ; ;
Assemblies organlred , 7,011 ; reonraulza-
tlon , : il ; lapsed , mi ; district assemblies m-
gntiUed , Hi ; lapsed U ; lowil u.sscmb.liw In
L'ood .standing , l.l'.IO ; mcmlMM-s In KOOI ! stand-
hn. . 101.014 ; in arrears' ' , 7WJ. : Toml , llttir : ! ) .
The b.ilaucu sheet shows the following :
Total receipts , ? 4sTsl ; total expenditures ,
SttVXJi ; balance oil hand July 1st , StV-'U ,
Perils oT the Deep.
Nr.w Yomc , Oct. 7J [ Special to the linn. ]
Captain Oanglhi and thliteen ollieers nnd
seamen , of the wrecked Italian "Talis
man , " m rived hero ycsterdny on the ( ieimnn
bnk"Louisa nnd Augustn , " by which they
weie rescued nbout 750 miles east of Sandy
Hook , September ! iO. Captain Oanglhr said
at the Italian consul's ofilco : "Wu\veiofortj-
elght days out liom Pcusacola , bound to Port
Olasgow , Kngland , and on September ! * ? , tlio
liaik spnmg a leak. We managed to keep the
vessel comparatively five fiom water , until
we were caught in n revolving hnnic.uio or
cyclone. The ontbuitsof wind were night-
fid , and rnmo fiom nil points of Iho com
pass. The sea rose to a fearful height , so ( hat
we wcio not 'only In danger of having
our masts loin out , but leaicd
wo should bo swamped by the SKIS. 'I ho leak
Inn cased and for lorty-elght horns die men
win Ked at the pumps to keep the vessel alloa .
while unbroken volumes of seas swept tlio
len.'th of the .deck , thientenlng to i-.nry
overj thing Iwfoio them. Finally tlio gale
bioKe , but our vessel was In a sinking condi
tion ami our only hope was in being rescued.
The link "LonNn nnd Augusta" was sighted
nbout On. m. last Tuesday ami she answered
our signals of dlstiess. At noon she was only
nbout JOOleot liom us , but the weather wns
so iotiirhnslo attempt to lower a small boat
would bo dangcnms , and as our only alteina-
tivowasto attempt to ii'leaso ourselves wo
put oil in our long boat. In n few moments
we were on the deck of the Column
Our vessel was n peifect vvieck and was only
kept alloat by her cargo of lumber. "
Human Chnltel.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 7. [ Special to IhoBnrv )
Last evening nbout sundown Police Otllcer
iicaidnn , of the Central detail , brought into
the station a small sample of human luggage
labeled : "Henry Jnbobs ; shipped from
Cranite Falls , Minn. , and consigned to the
Home of the l-'ilendless Chicago. " The
label was a United States express caid , bear
ing also tlie inscilpllon : "Haggago masters
please handle w 1th caie. " The poor little or
phan evidently contained something mine
pieclons ho had a beait tor teal's
which How ed fast mid Ifurious when he was
sKiken | to of his father and mother. The lit
tle fellow said he thought he was ten joins
old. Ho did not know where be was burn ,
or whether ho grew like Topsy in "Undo
Tom's Cabin. " Last spilng no was
ing horses attaehxl to a coin cultivator nnd
hailing cattle. Alter woikiug there haul all
summer , the stock laiser now sends little
Homy back to Ids lormer home at the Ilome
of Ihe Fiiendless , wheieho will make his
w inter iuaiteis. ] Ho was kindly received by
tlio million.
National Women's Congress.
Iis : MOINIS , Jowa , Oct. 7. The national
women's congress met In this city to-day.
Theie was n veiy laige attendance fiom all
parts of the United States. Meetings were
held this forenoon , afternoon nnd evening ,
the loienoon session belngouly lor members
Julia Waid Howe , of Boston , piesldcd , and
gave the opening address lids uficiuoon.
Mrs. H. L. T. Wolcott , of Boston , read a
paper on "Woik of the world's women. " A
paper bv Miss Frank WHIaul , of Chicago , on
the woik of the Woman's Christian Touier- |
niicc Union was next read. Iu the evening
Julia IIowo Smith , 5f. IX , of Chicago , nnd a
iiapor on tlie need ot adjustment between
business and social life. Aiming the prom
inent ladles present , outside ot Iowa , aio
Miss Ada C. Sweet , late pension airent at
Chicago : I lev. Augusta Cooper , Bristol , New
Jt'isuy ; Dr. AUDI O. Fieiieh. Ur. L"ila ( ! ,
Boded , IhiiinN : Miss I.Ha itaincy Savles ,
Conn. ; MissM. K. lllatchford , Boston ; Mis.
Pauline Uerry , Bjston.
< .
Mcnicaii CoolloH.
WASHTNOTON , Oet 7 The consul of the
United States at Utmymas , Mexico , Infoimed
the dcpai tmcnt of state that btateinentfi made
in viiiions nuxvspipors that there mo thou
sands ot Chinamen in his district and that
the same aio helm ; Ruieptltloiisly iutioduced
into the United States In contravention ot the
iiisiiietmn net ofc'oimress. are iinlrue. as tin-
total nttmher of Ch nanicn in that co'isular
disliict , does not exceed ! - " > and tlieso mo
ncaily oil employed in shoo nnd talloiiu < . '
Ini'toiies and have no desire to leave their
piesent pi out able po-itloii" . No addlllon.s
1110 being made to their numbci-s.
nni'oirr THAT ! UK n , * M. IBAIIOI'TTO wini-
IMIAW I'llOM Till ! 'I ItANhCONriNnVrAL.
SAN FiiANOisf-o , Oet. 7 , A diaft of Iho
Binlluglon & Mls'souil Hlver niiiioad on
the Southern Paclno udlioad compa
ny , hai-cd on tlm nppoitlonment
of ihe tianseoutlnenial pool business for the
ln > tnlx mouths of this yearhasbeeii lelmned
unhonoied. It Isieiioited that the Hiillnglon ;
t Mls.somi liver intlioad has given the.iie
I'i'ssniy thlrtv ilnvn' notice to withdraw fiom
the tianscontlncntn pool ,
ninino Kncournues Kornkor.
CiNfiVNATi , Oct. 7. Judie Foiaker lo-day
received the following dispatch :
AUCIUSIA , Me.Oct. 7 , IIou.J.B. Fornker :
The Interest in your contest inpidly IneicasM
In Ihe east , with stroni : conmleuce In vonr
victory. I regret evliemcly that It has nut
IMTD in my power to take pait In the Ohio
ciinva > , .
[ Signed ] JAMIS : ( ! . ULAINK.
No Indictments at Hook Springs , w
OIIIIKN Hivcn. Wyo. , Oct. ( i. Tlio jrrnnd
lurv. which Ins been In sr t-liin hero hlnre
last Filday , enteied court this uftcinoon nnd
iop"iled no bill ii'-'aln-t ihe "Ixteen persons
ai rested In ronnictlnn with tlie Chino < iili > l
't Hock Spiings. About thirty
have been e.\amlued , and the Jmy havobefii
vmy tliouunli In tholi Invei-tlgatlon of tin *
affair , but It Is rnmoird that tlie eases will bit
taken int'i the United SUttej con it.
Punhody r'durinlfonnl l nnd ,
Xiw ; Yom. . Oet , 7. Tno uiistees of the
Pcjibody educational fund met to-day. The
lepmlot tliogeneial awnl was rnillo voliiiu-
Itimi- . It dwelt upon the rapid ndvaticem ,
which had IHTII made dining llm past vear in
ediiealioiml methods In the Mintlicin s.iU | > s
how pnblli'senlimenl had levolullonl/cd Iho
public scliool Mvstems : hriw HIM ) ieo men
mo now cn.oIIIL' . | manv school prlvlleuvs
hltheilo denied Iliein. Tim sum ot fe'iT.ICTi
loin thu tiinil wnpild
out dining the past ) par In tin-
states. President Cleveland was elected a
mi'iiib'-rot ' the bo , ml nt' tlitsteeto MUHVCI !
ieneial Cninl. Hiid J. Plerieimnt Morcan lo
mceivd Samuel Whelmondevn ed. In Iho
evening the iiiinnal b.iminet vas at
the I'M Ih A wnm > hoi.'l. I-X-I ii-l li'ni
l.'n"e' .i ' H. ll < is , nnd wife , f oh vc-re
nm < > ; ' ' > > rlit. .
Yesterday's Transnotiona In Cattle , Provi
sions nnd Grain at Ohlaigo ,
Cnttln Slightly Share n. Gen
eral Advances Wlicnt Taken For
eign Strength Had Wrntlior
JlooHls Corn , Kto.
Chicago Stock Mnrkot
CincAdo , Oct. 7. ( Siteelal lo tlio Bnn. ]
CATTI.I : Iteeolpts of cattle for the day t ,000
against MiM ( last Wednesday , making about lorthe week so far against ! i ! , X ) for
( lies iiuo time last week , Pi line native steers
were In active demand nnd again sold at n
email advance , making nil advance of l.X& ' Oa
for the week so ! ar. Sales this inniiilng In-
clmini Mime us line and llnlshed natives ns
have been on llu maiket. this season , nnd
Mich wild for S3 W ( < ? o-JO for nvcingcsof l.oOO
Ilisnud npwnids. Choice natives of l00 ! ! lo
1,400 Ibs Mild at So : , i'i M ) . Tlm oidlnary
urn of sliipplngrnUlonnd such ns thu dressed
beef npei-alont use , In Inct all useful natives ,
have not advanced with the best nnd me only
In belter demand fo.llng at Sl ! 60 < $ ! b7 , ' < f.
Te.xnns and runners weio quoted rather
higher than yesteulay , jet extensive sales
carefully classlifcd below show essential
changes. Stocheis nnd feeders were slow ,
and the stock calf liiide was rather quiet ,
A cold , dilzzliiig ndn during the aftcinoon
somewhat Intelfeicd with stockeis nnd the
calf trade. Shipping steeis , Ia30 to 1M)0 ) Ibs ,
S5.2rCi .sn ; 1,200 to 1V40 ! Ibs , S-0 ) ( f0 : ; tV > 0
to 1 , ' X ) Ibs , S2.TxS4.0J. ; SlucKcis and feedeiu
wcio unchanged nt f--'XXgtt . 'i. Cows , bulls
and mixed , frl.tti > ( * 4.00 ; bulk , S'J.7n@Vi" .
Tlnough Texas cattle weio unchangedsales ; ,
l.OOOhead : S2.7I ) lor cows and su : > 0 < . * 5. 10 for
steers. Westein langer.s wvio active and un
changed. Natives ami hali-biccds , WJA ®
fc4.hO : cows , { J.NXJKl.riO : wlnteiod TOMIIIS ,
S.ltiit'l.sri. : ! ( ) Sales of northern rangcis. Ills
Colm-.ulo Texans , I.OiS Ibs , at S.'i.-Ci ; H Color
ado Texans , itM ( Ihs , SJUiTi ; KM Colorado
Texnns , ! , ( ) : Ibs , S'Uio11 ; Colcnado TCMUIM ,
lub : ! Ibs , # : : IM Neluiiska Texaus , 1,0(15 (
Ibs , Sil.KO ; v48 ! Monliimi , IU > 4 1U $ . S4.SO ; 10
Montana cows , 1.1S1 Ibs. s.M.iX ) ; : ' ( M Dakota ,
! , Ibs.m \ \ 114 Wyoming , 1.171 Ibs , Sl.JW ;
147 Avondiig. . lteO ( Ibs. H.-'O ; Ki AVvomlnir
Mivv-fc , OlMbs , iSSAM W ) Wyoming cow's , 1OW
Ibs , S.1' ! ! ; 75 Wjomlng , l.ltr. UN , S1.IW.
Texas langeis. 24 , .Vc ! usJ.M ) ; sw , same , : : Vli cows , Wl Ibs , Sl.lO ; : ( il eovvs , 7.VJ
Ibs , S.10 : ( ; ll.'i cows , KT , Ibs , : > ; l y cows.
M)7 ) Ibs , Si.if : , : IM : cows , 817 Ibs , SH.15 ; : a
rows , S71) ) Ibs , { tf.40.
lions Iteceliit.s of boss lor thodayworo
± 3,001) ) , atralnst ( s.074 last Wednesday , making
about i ; ! ' , ll.'i for the week so far , against
-l.S.s ; for the Mime time last week. Trade
was active and piiees nitlier iiregular , yet
taking tliu aveiago them was little or no
change. Bough and odd lot.s sold aionnil
about $ : i.4Uftii.riO. ( ) Fair to good paeke.iti , SH.I15
( if-1. ir , mid choice heavy. t > : i.N5 ( < > 4.03. Llglit
soils weie quoted .r > c liigher. and sold within
the range ol SU.U.'XiiM.u.'j. 1'igs that woio not
above suspicion -sold as low as $ ( , . Ke-
cclpls. iiono. ! itoiitrh nud mixed , S.IW@M ; ) : ! ( ) :
iincking and Miliipiutr asu tonro | | H. M.ilO
! MB ; light weiglns , JM ) to 170 Ibs , S = t.50@.7r. ! ) ;
IbO lo S10 Ib-j ) . Skips , & . ' , r&lAQ (
Chicago Grain nnd Provision.
CIIICACIO , Oct.7. . [ Specinl to tlio Uni : . ]
Wheat Theio was a slioiig feeling -wheat
to-day , the resu't ' of lirmer cables and an advance -
vance In quotations nt Llverjiool for all
guides of American wheat. The inaiket hero
opened } & higher than lust night' * closing.
at SIB for Xovemhcr , with n few sales nt StiJiCc.
Some big lots changed liniidsat these llgmes ,
but after the lust half hour dado was less cx-
eited , and under some prcssuie juices fell
tucktobT c , with n few sales at Mbc ; ! , but
rose again and closed on the legiilar boaid at
hilXS 'Ke. ' Kcceipis weio generally lighter
I him had been anticipated , and the demand
for domestic milling pin poses wns good.
There was steady bti.ving thioughout the en
tire sexton , with a stiong fei'ling nealn In
the altei noon. November closing at 'vsas ' ; the
latest trading liu'ino , or neatly the jirieo cur-
em rent at any timoduiing tlie entire day.
COIIN Among coin tiadi is the talk was
that n continuance of the present weather
would woik against nny veiy InrKO receipts
In the immediate future , and this uniiBiuil
stienuth to iie.u In ines. October ndvnnclnff
to 4Hi'c ' ) and closing at outside ligurc In latest
Inidliu icceipU , ofoats weio light and thera
was miner 111:11 : ket. due In ji.nt to strength
shown In corn , chulng iicmus wcio n nrao-
tion hlL'her than yesti > ida > ,
Pnov'isio.vs weio. steady with an ndvaneo
of 7 ( i'l ( ) < ! lor poi k.
Lvnn In laid there was very urgent de
mand for October delivery , prices innnlng
up to Iffrinjfc , while other fuiuiiw vveio2J < fa (
5c higher.
Innocent Hljjaniy.
CINTKAI.IA : , III , , Oct. -.Special ( to HP
BII : : . ] Several years ago a ( ieimnn emigrant
settled In Maillion county , Illinois , having
lelt Ids wlfo In the o'd eountry. Alter a
while hos.Mit for her. but shcicfuscdtocmno ,
and In.- , tea I t' ' o ( f.'rman'i s s -lii-law miiiro
thoviyage. and whuii tho'Cerman leained
thai his wife bad infused ( o come , humairlid
his slster-ln-law. Soon afteiwaid hli liist
wlfoiinlved. and the ( ioiuriu allowed her to
laKe her piopei plneo In hl.s home. The second
end wile mintfesled no III will , and matters 1
would haviigoiiuoii .swimmingly hid not the
uclghhois Inleifeied. The ) ean"ed Ids aiiest
on lh < < charge of sii'taluln r maiitnl relations
wllh hiith ol Ilio iilsieis. The delendimt gnvo
a di tailed ac'-ount ' of Ids doings , nnd con
vinced the c mi t that no offense against tlio
lawn was iiitoud d , and ho was allowed hhi
lieedom again on jiiomlNlngto keep only ono
wife. The lamil ) l now iulto | niimcuni.i.
Collojjo Ha/Jn-r Iiiillfjnlllen ,
( lAi.i.situno , III. , Oct. -Special ( to the
! ; , . ] No llttlo excitement exists licro In
college chcles because of the ha/.ing of a.
student named A. J. Slngsen , who Incinrrd
the eninliy of several Knoeollegii boy Fri
day night la-'t by helpiii'- the janitor detect
Ilium wlilloeiiuM''dl in mNcliicl. Since then
his loom has Intel ) tinned up hldo down ; n
holllo Idled with vlln .stulf has be.'ii liiiovvu
thromrh his window : he lias been hung in
clllgy and semilloiis liiindhllln. iH-arlng tomb-
.stones , Nkitlls and a versa dedlesiled to him ,
hnvo bo MI posted generally over tin ; college
Imildlinrs. SluuKeii is mad nnd now lliiun )
of wilt'liting his wtoiii.'rt Imfojii the grand
jury. The faculty , students generally and
public sentiment hein back him up , Ho la
pour and woiMng his wn.v
Our Oratory Won't Krrvo Ireland.
Hosro.v , Oct. 7 , ISpecial to the Hcn.J
Upon Ihe commlltei ; appolnlcd at Iho llronk-
Iv n meeting oi Iii-ii i .viiipatliizcrs to go'to '
Ireland and asslit in Ihe campaign of I'.mutll
nud his associates mo Coiigicssimtn PI A.
Collins and John lloyl" O'lteillly. of tliju
city. Neither o ! these geiillrnun laver the
inojed , boll vlng U entliely iiiinccoHsary. an
Paini'll clii-H inn iiei'dassistiiuettof Unit kind.
Mr. Ciidin * KI d. when asUed if he would'go ' ,
' \o. iioi'an > linit ) eNiIf they want to ilo
nn > thiii. ioi ihcraii-e. why don't they do as
otlicis mi ) dolnn' , > i-nd ovei moiievV'
A nilllnnlNl'H Mni'i-la .
> ; o. >
CiiirAini Oct. -tspecUl [ l i thn HiB.l
The m.tnlago of ( ienige F , Sluvon , thuc ham-
pinii loiirleeii-liieh bilk lint ) billiard
plaver ol the v\m Id. and Miss Nellie Foli %
dnuiihter of Thom is Fnlcy , look place Hilt
e\enli.kC ut the p.uochlal lesldeneo iif Iho
Cliiiii-liiii thi'llo , . S'ami' , A inception wuf
hrlda the I eix-uf the bilde's father , nfKiir
v\lii' ' fl ! < ' . " fur * < i I mils. Mkiiy
Im I ' i sh vchwen reu-lud.