Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 03, 1885, Page 7, Image 7

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niicumalism Sciatica
, Neuralgia , ,
Lumbnjo , Backath * , Headache , Tco'.Sacho ,
WoroTlirontKirolllnr | .Niiri > lnHItlul r ,
llilrn > , .Scnlil , fc'rontltllvi ,
. jisn tt , oTHRn IIOIIII.T puw * in AIIIP * .
CoM If Ittufiutt J IMlt rvrrrn lier e. I tfir OuU Loll ! * .
Dl r MI fmiln 11 lMim < m.
Till ! CltAltt.K.S A. % CO.
( liuniMTl l < A. ToaCUH t CO ) llllll-orr , Kd. , C. S. i.
" \Vodolioroliycoitiry tliiit wo HllKirvl | o tlio
rrniiKuinonts ( or nil tlio.Montlilf unit
mini ( IruutiiK of thu l.oiiMmm $ into Ixittorv
Coinpiiny , unit In | > or < iii iiinniit'O unit control
UisdruwliiHN tliomsnivi'j , imtl tlnitllui HIIMIOIIIII
coniliK-lLil wltli lioiio ty , liilriu-vs neil In K nit
fultli townril nil purl I < M , iiml uu nuihurl/o llio
oonipmiy to USD Ilili cortlllciilu. wllli I no slinlles
xl In Its mli-oitlsiiiunu.
COJtMlS8ION'i : 3.
Incorporntod In 1WW lor2T. ycnrx by the lo'ls-
Intuitlor IMiicnlloiiid and Clinrltiitilo | HII-KI-IH | ,
with iicapltnl of $ l,0Xiiui , ) > to wlilcli u iu.uixu
fund ot ovqr $ .V > n , ( ( < l Inis Hlnec IKIPII nddud.
ly ) tin ovunvhilinliariiOiilnr ] Its lmnclil-
WIIH mndo u part or tlio iirivsont slaui unistialoti
Hdoptcil Dot-mnllor"il , A I ) . HTIl.
Tlm only lottery uvor voted ou nnd omlorsoJ
by tlio ppoplo or nay stnlo
It never Himloi or po < t polios.
ItHKnintl slnylo Miiinljor dnnvln s talio plnco
IDtli Driuiil Dniu Inir , CliiKS 1C , In Hi" Aoiuloniy ( if
MiiRlc , N'ntr Uilciins. Tuusduy , Uut , Utli , Js * ,
00,000Tick ota ntl'lvo nollnr * Unoli. I'ractlons ,
In Klltln , In I'lopiutlun.
iisr lie i-iil/.l.s :
Approvlnuitloii l'ilos ol ( "MI
0 do do MK )
0 do do
IMTPrltoi. nmountlns to . $ :
AppHditUni lor uilos to clulis Blioidd I e nmilo
ouly to tlio ollico of ttiu coinpuny In New Or-
For nthor Infonnullon write cloiuly , irli'ln-r
full nddros.4. 1'OSTAI , NO 1'IM , i\piesn : Mitiuiy
Ordom , or Nnw York Jlvcluiimo In oidlnurv letter -
tor , ourionpy t > y uxpio siiillsiiiiiriot i5 unit ui- |
wnrdsutcuio.vpon. . - > oi uililic-i > iMt ,
, . Jl. A DAUPHIN.
OrM. A.DAUPhlN. Now Oi leans f.a.
CUT Sovcnth St. WiishlnyUin. 1) . C.
Ifnko r. O. Money Ordurtt pnbnblo nnd uddtosi
ClttTH tO
Now Orluiina , I
. .
t\L\t Orleans , La.
Jo rTfllot irr.Uil' < t li ijt mul.ll. i.ot Mwii ltnfl1
jnl-rl cr\l . i"l . lu dJ. luu fl.rjf
- * I nU. Or' > Jll ti.v PMI
. &II Ji1a1,1 II 1
( ! f h r'itn. , ul l & uu rr
w uf rwiM.rf II. > .U fr r ft * r .f * f i.i fi > r iLvg cw
UUT lunJbrl * J U S LCEIt * ' ' ' < -
' ' ' ' ' " '
e'l'jtiio'iu'ii'Ur ' V.
A' . .
A . . C'
\ UIIJ . . lUir
. .i . n liiiU. liuirn 11.1. aoj
" .IMU f , rAlii lru < lUn , I 4it , | ft Ct' .
m f. l.c.i , . U 4 IIM..I. ' liulUI trrf.
XibnifK-i'Vli.lltT. Xr f > " - ii'"l l h- l tl | MU > ,
rrpniatiirc * * * ' In Vim l'rrrr nf ViMtth Mi'fl ! * '
vntolit mlr1p riniHi > * fnmi Ipil' ' r-ri'ilim * r.
O" < " i * A l'iw > k for * rpfT in-in voni' . p iH1 . ) * ri 't
onrtoM. Itriiiitulri" ll | > ri > "rli-'l"i' fur nil limit * n" > 1
cliroulodprit | < f t * rhort of wl.'tli ' l lnTj ' . Hi > i it
xminit 17 th * "lhor who * * i TT t ri nrfr for - vn rs U
ypli prn * h1r ? 'i r ( irfor * ft M ! " ! , , Inl n * ny
hT lr' ' iit. ' irt r"rM. lnwir.,1 In ( tiillfnl i-rr" " " ! ! muv
Iln , t ml > n Ml r iyrr , Tnll i'll | irii r'inli-M | lv ti lii'tr
vnrW In r > rr r r i' ni rbmlnrl nti-nirr Httt * nr"r < * < t *
Mniil limn ITT iKlirr wnrfc In lhl roiirtrr for * . * .
orllir ) m"nr > r will ho rr > fiinl li > Ti > rr li' mr.n > | i | i
wntr ft bf r r > l | , | n tnl < 1 l'ln ' * rMri1 * nptl n > -
Vtfnd nnw. IteM r l Hwwrflr1 tl.t * sulhor IIT l' t * t.
Untml Uot1lc l A > ol llun. to Ihr nnlrer of wlilOi In
yefnr * .
lie Srlfcf of UfprhiHilit l > e rrart lir lli roiinir tnr
Iritrucljnn unit l > y thn nraicllnl for rc'llcf. II will bcno-
Bl H | | loti PK t nict. '
lhi r If no intiiiWri f irot lPlT In whom 1h * > fiopnr' | )
ul l.lft l'l rut t > ni fiil. hf > | h ( > rjmilli | mnnt. iiiiir >
0n. . Intlnirtiir or rl < * rrvnmn. ArviinHiit ,
A'Urm tlir r > ) Mullen' ' ln llliitn. orl > r\V It ,
' , No. I Diitlilnrli nlinot. ll < i liui , M > r > , wlin nmr
e roDtultcd ou ull ill.eueoj reuuliliui nklll uiiil uipgil-
M rltr' rM * 4y I r lrtate iBilU * . , bv III
aiU ! * * rt M ! ( kind wf li.l f
la n > . . ; i il i THU i rn >
UittthMwiiti * v i TIKI T n nn . ILI.J
( CCrrr fcir. tl , - . . . . J r ilH' . .
S. ii. ATWOOD ,
rircoderof Tluirou lilniHl and Hltrti ( iriido
Herefordand , Jersey Oeifto !
Men Think
they know all about Mustang Lin
iment. Tew do. Not to know ts
not to hvc.
* .
C ? , the Story of n Great Minors' Strike ,
K y.oii/v. /
Translated from Hie Ficnch ,
OP citArnn : < * .
Anton Ltuitlrr , a yottnp mechanic out of
voik. reaches tins coal mines of Monslon ,
1 iitnrc. cold , luiiiiiiy nnd ] * i in Ik" * * , Thu
ill-nth of miner \nrtincy and ho so-
fines employment In the Yultum mine. Ma-
lion onu of tlio miners , 'nntl Ids dntichlcr
I'iitlierine , explain lliounrk In him nntl ns
8i4 ; him tin ; instlny. Ho hears the nuitlvr-
ink's of the miners iiL'nmst thu company and
Ihteiils of n strike. The net Ions of the RHIHT-
liitcnih-nt nnd the."mall \\ace.srereivcd jsonil
the workmen totlmuinoi ) desi > c > intlon nnd
j lived \\nytotlm c-omlin ; sdncgle. Ma-
lion airaln iH'lrlends Anton , nnd secures
led liijistor him at ltn aiiciir's , n tippling
IIOIIMI near thomlne. Anton'siletciniiiwtloti
to luivn Isoveicomehy tlio kindness of tlm
stinKKllii' : mlnci.s , and ho dot-Idas to b.ittln
u ith ilium , 'j'hu owner * of the mines revel
In IIIMIIJ. nnd Inm car to the niip ' .il.s
of the Mm vlmrliimllles of tliooikmen , v.-ho ,
In iluht lor food obtained dm in" a strlkuthreo
> ems mevlons , re Imicly nhlo. to sccuro sulll-
t-lent food to siLstnln llfo. Tlio fact Uiat tlio
ininew uoihlly ondltlon row wnrso fnin )
> tiir to > ear nmdi ! them sasceptlb'n to tlio
teaching ot leloiiniTS. Anton had eiinilojed
hlssjiaiu hems In stiidyinu tlio ( | iic.stfou of
labor In nil Us healing nnd tow.ird thu end
ot summer had tlmioimhly mastered it nnd
hud also \\on over.M-oros or the miners to his
Idi ni. lIoMwn hccaiiiu the leader of mi 01-
traniration Unit i > touiled to change tlio exist
ing older nnd maku thu minors mistci.s ; In
stead uf slaves.
"Alston , " said MM. Million to her hit1)- )
bandj "whoii yon o to Mont-son for
your pay , briny mo a pound of coll'eo
and n Imlf pound of Migar. "
Ho WIIH bowing up u rent in his siioo to
8avo having it mended.
"All right , " nipliud ho , without lurn-
inp from It's work.
' 'Stop nt the hntoher's , too ; T want n
jiieeo of vcnl. Wo liuvca't hud any for a
Ion" whilo. "
' 1 his tinio his hcml was lifted.
"You must think I'm going to got tom
thousands. "
u was Saturday , tlio twentieth of Octo-
In r , nnd the company , imdur tlio pretense -
tense of a break in thu engine , had sus
pended work in tlio mine. For .some
lime , fearing a panic , not wishing to in-
ereasu their nlrcndy heavy stock , they
had been usin } ; every oxcttsu to sto ] > thu
labor of I heir ten thousand ninn.
' 'Von know Anton's waiting for yon at
I'A vantage , " resumed Mrs. Million , atter
a tow moments of failonuu. "Oo on ; he'll
be mad if ho has to wait for you. "
Million nodded his head. In llio weari
ness of a day of enforced idleness , they
had not bruakfusti-d until noon , and thu
younj ; man had jjouu to I'asseneur im
mediately upon arising from tlio table ,
saying ln > Would wait them for Mahon.
The : leek btrnek two. Tlio wife con
tinued :
"You ought to hurry ; and if those gen
tlemen are there , you must talk with
them about your father. Tlio doctor's
wrong. Ho'a able to work yet ; ain't you ,
For ten days old Bonnemorl had been
utterly helpless ; his limbs swollen twieo
their si/.e. Slio was compelled to ask
the question n second time. Then ho
growled :
"Of course , I'll work. Itacnttsc I have
rheumatism once in a whilu , is no reason
why 1 honld stop for good. They're
trying to get out 01 giving mo my pen-
bion of a hundred ami sixty francs. "
ISlrs. Million wan thinking Of tlio forty
SOILS earned by the old iniin , which lie
xtrhaps would no longer bring her , and
aho groaned with tear.
"My God ! it' this keeps on we'll all bo
dead soon. "
"Wo won't bo hungry when we're
dead , " said Mahon.
lie added a few nails to his .shoes , and
decided to set out , as ho was to be paid
that afternoon. All the men were start
ing Ironi the alley , followed by their
WIM-S , who begged them to return at
oneo. 'J lii.y ! had given them many com
missions to prevent them spending tlio
ri inaiiidiii- the day in llio s.ilo'ms.
At Itashoneur'H , Anton had learned
some news. For a number ot days mi-
ciih.v reports had been circulating. Thu
company were grow ing more and more
il Muonleiitc-d with the propping. A eon-
Hiet appear -d snru. not only trom that ,
but on account of other bccrot and grave
As Anton arrived at the saloon , a min
er , wlio was taking a drink , ot Ins rot urn
I torn iWoiislon , was tolling tlio men Unit
a not co was posted up in the c.ishiur s
0 neu. But ho could not read , so ho did
not know what it was about. Man atter
man entered , each bringing a dill'orunt
.story. Itseonied. novertnt-less , that they
they had all come to a resolution a re-
vol'i was .springing up.
"What do you b.iy to it ? " asked Anton ,
sitting down to a tahlu near Joiiv.inne ,
\\lio , as usual , was smoking. 'J ho m.i-
ca licit wont onith h s cigarette ,
It was.ujisy tobeo tiny wcru going to
try haisli measures , llo was the only ono
\\aliintelligcncoenough to : imil.\/u \ the
Mluat on. lie e.\phuncd in his quaint
manner that the company , fearing a
1 ante , wt re forced to t educe their ex-
/ il they d-d not wish to go under ,
ai.d Mituraliy it was the .salaries ot the
workmen which they would cut down , under ! -omo pivtcn o or other. The
coal was not helling , nearly all the man-
utactories .stood Mill. Tins saving Hind
U.-IH making the eompauy uneasy ; it was
a tnreal for thu fiituni. A strike would
cletir it away whilu the funds were .still
low , and cohsuquontly they wore trying
to bnngon that .strilco.
Kassmictir had sealed himself ncr
Anton , and both IKtuned with an air ot °
consternation. They were able to talk
in a loud No ono was thuru but
Madam UasMmciir , who was loaning oa
tlm bar.
"U hat an idea1"murmured the tavern-
keeper. "Thu company can make noth
ing trom n htriko , or tlm workmen cither ,
1 hi ! bust thing is to umluratand each
other. "
llo was very wlso , ho always appeared
reasonable. Ever sincu the growing pop-
ular.ty of his former lodger ho had been
iiMiiperated at that system of rapid pro-
greH-s , .saying one would obtain nothing
which they insisted upon having all at
oneo. Though , with llio good iiaturo of
a hit man usually full ot beer , a growing
jealousy was arising in him , which was
aggravated by tlm de.soitioii of his sa
loon.hero the \u > rl > mon came less to
drink and listen to him : and now he be
gan protecting the company , lorgetting
the Imtniil which hu , as a dibcliargetl
miner felt tor them.
" ' the strike "
"Then jon'ro against ?
cried Madame Hahsonuur , without leav
ing the bar.
Ami when ho had replied yesbho made
li in boxilent.
"Von have no heart , let thesu gentle
men talk. "
Anton had been thinking with his oyea
tin the drink which had been burvcd him ,
Finally ho ra .sod his head.
"All that our comrades say is very pos-
sibln , and it will bo. necessary for us to
Mr ko if they force us to do M > . I'lnehait
huh written mo wmm very wjho things on
that Mibjict. He does not approve of
tlio htrik'o D.ther. for the workmen stiller
Ironi it asvull as tlm owner , without
gaining an } thlng _ , Only ho sees in this
an c\celhirt.oce.iKioii ) to decide our mini
to join his company. Well , hero's his
letl.r. "
I'luchart. grieved at the distrust In
ivh ei | jjm MontMin miners held the In-
t nmtlmi'iil , hoped to MO them all ml-
In r if a coiil'iet ' w th tlm company com-
1" 11 illlii in to strike. In spite of his ef-
Ion * Anton had only been ublo to ob
tain n few members , using his influence
on behalf of the saving fund which wa <
much better received. Hut tlint fund
wasfitill small ! and Uio striken must
join llio association , so Unit tlioir brotlior
workmen nil over tlio ciu itry would
como to their aid.
' How much have you in llio fund ? " replied -
plied Hnss-enetir.
"Scarcely tiirco tliou sand frnnci , " re
plied Anton , "You know the directors
spoke to mo of it llio day boforp yester
day. Oh , they were very polite , they
told mo tlmy would not prevent tlm work
men from starting a saving fund ; bill t
saw they wanted the control of it them-
pelves. From llio look of things I think
we'll have to li < iht against them. "
The tavern-keeper walked tip nnd
down the roc in , with an air of contempt.
Three thousand frolics' ' What good
would tlmvbo ? It would not lastsK
days , and if thev counted on strangers ,
lltn peonln of Knghuul , they might as
well llo down and dm nt oneo. No , tlittt
strike would bo too stupid.
Then for tlio time angry
words wcro exchanged between the
three men , who generally understood
each other.
"What do you think of it ? " said Anton
turning again to Joitvarlno.
Hn , without , taking his eignrcllo from
his mouth , answered in bis usual disdain
ful manner :
"Strikes ? they're foolish. " Then amid
the angry sjlenco which fell , ho added
slowly :
"Alter all I don't savno. if that amuses
you , it , ruins one ami kills the other , so
that is always that much made. Only in
that way , it would take a thousand years
to renew the world. Commence , there
fore , by blowing up with a barrel of
powder that prison in which you are
dying. "
With his little hand , ho designated the
Vulture , the buildings of which could bo
seen f mm the open door. Unt an un-
forsecn occurrence interrupted him.
Pologno , the large rabbit who had ven
tured out of the door , was driven back
by stones hurled by a number of boys ;
and in her fright , with drooping cars ,
and tail upraised , slip took refuge be
tween his legs , scratching him to betaken
it ] > . When he had lain her across his
Unee.s. hhellering her with both hands ,
he fell into that sort of dream which the
caress of that soft skin always plunged
Just then Malioi ontcred. He did not
wish a drink ; in spite of thn polite invit
ation of Madame Uassoncnr , who sold
her beer as though she was giving it
away. Anton rose , and both men went
oil' t'owaid Montson.
The lifteenth. on which the miners were
paid , seemed like a fetu day. Aerowd of
men were constantly leaving the alloy.
The cashier's room being very small ,
they preferred to wait oubt do , and stood
in groups on the pavement , blocking up
tlio doorway from the line of men which
was constantly increasing , btreet ven
ders , thinking to pront by the occasion ,
placed along the road the r ba/.aars , con
taining every coneeivablo tiling from
froekery to meat , lint tne saloons reaped
the richest harvest , lor the m ners sloo'l
at the counters while wa ting for their
turn to bo paid , and , alter receiving
their money , returned to soUlo tor
drinks , and always muled by having
some others. Thcj weru wise men who
did not spend a greater part of thuir
earnings before reaching home.
Meanwhile , when Mahon and Anton
reached that croud ot men , they saw
each ono Idled with a sullen exaspera
tion , while hands \\ero doubled up and
violent words ran from month to mouth.
"Is this truo. ' a-kcd iUahonoi ( Jhaval ,
whom he met he lore the saloon PiipictU ) .
" done tlusd . ' " ,
"Ilave they really rt/v thing.
Cliavai only rn'pliud with a , low growl ,
casting a sidelong glance upon Anton.
For some t mo a norce jealousy of t.iat
comradu had been growing on him , ho
In gan to hate tliatnuwconier who placid
himself nt their head and who
had become so popular in the alley , llo
had also quart clod wtli Uathoiinu on his
account , lur.ous . at the thought of her
living in the liousp with that man.
Million asked him anotner question :
"Had the Vulturu donu t.ioy had
threatened ? "
And when he turned awav , after hav
ing nodded h s head , llio two men de
cided to go to tlio mine.
'I he cashier's I-OOIH was a little .squaro
olhce , separated by a grating. Lpon
benches along tlio walls , i.vo or s'm n-
cis were waiting , wli.lo the uasiuor , as-
.s.sti d by an cmplino , were paving
another man , who .stood beioro the door ,
cap in hand. Above the benches , on Urn
leit , a yellow placard was pasted , s-tiil
clean on taat dusty wall , hinoo car.y
morning , a constant iiln ot men had
passed before it. Kntering room in
groups ottwosor throes , tnuy stood tneru
motionless tor a second , Uunvontuway ,
shrugging tnoirsiioulilej'a w th a di-juctud
air.Now , bofoio tlio bill stood two men ;
one pining , with a square , brute-1 ko
lii-iid , the other old , witli a thin , aged
face. Neither one couin rend , and viiilo
the boy slowly s.iullcd out tint woids , h.s
compaiiion siood .stupidly loo' on.
Many entered this to Kok Without com-
"Head that , will you ? " Raid Mahon to
his iricnd. Kvon he was only able to
bjiell it out lelti-r by letter ,
Then Anton reading. It was a
notice from thu company to the coal men
in all tliu mines Jt noliticd them tllat
owing to tliu tear of being compelled to
iniliut heavy lines lor their poor prop
ping , it hid resolved to begin a new m. in
ner of payment to the coal diggers.
Henceforth it uoiild pay in part tor urn
timbering , so much for o\ery cubic of
wood sent down and u.sod. Tlm price of
the car.sonld naturally bo cut
down irom ulty centimes to lorty. And
an obseiiro calculatipn was given to
provu that the ton centimes lost on t o
ears would bu made up in tno ] ir co paid
for timbering. The company added that ,
wishing to give every ono time to become
convinced ot the advantages presented
by this new metnod. it had concluded
not to put the plan into operation until
Monday , thu lust of Uccuuiliur.
"Head lower thorn ! " or ud the cashier.
Wo can't hear our own oars , "
Anton finished reading without noticing
this observation. His voiuo trombledj
and when ho had concluded they all still
ii.M'dly regarded the caul Then thu old
mliicTr and young nun loft thu room with
bent shoulders.
"My ( Jed " murmured Mahon.
Ho and his companion seated them
selves. Thinking with heads bent , whilu
thu delile .si 11 continued be torn that Mil-
low paper , they wcro calculating.Vas
the company making game of them ?
Tlmy could never require from the tim
bering tlm ten centimes lost on thu ears.
At the most they could only reach eight
centimes , and that left two of which they
would bo robbed , with counting the tinm
they would IOMI in popping carefully.
They had cut down their salaries in this
dihgui.M'd manner. The company ccono-
mi/.ed by stealing fjom the miners.
"My God1 My God ! " repeated Mahon ,
raising his head. "Wo'ro tools jf wo
stand this. "
Hut the grated door opened , and ho
approached to bu paid. The lieau miners
iiloiio presented themselves atth'u ' ollico.
They received all the money earned by
thu men in their drift and attorward di
vided it among them ,
"Mahon and consorts ! " ho called ,
"vein Feloiinlero ! drill number seven1"
Thu employe looked over tliuiss ) | made
by llio overseers each day from llio
board , on which the number of cars sent
up wcro tallied. Then ho repeated :
"Mahon and consorts' vein Felonnierol
drill number seven ! Onu hundred and
thiity-livo francs "
The cashier held out the money ,
' 'Pardon mo. " Monsieur , stammered
Mahon in dit > tres.s , "Haven'tyoinmidea
mistake ! " Ho looked at Unit binall
amount , of money \\iihoufc touching il ,
shivering slightly. Of course ho expect
ed poor pay , but it could not bo ns little
nri that ; they must have calculated
wrong. When ho would have given
Xachnrlo his part nnd Anton nnd the
man who replaced ( Jhnvnl , then ho
would only have fifty franca loft to di
vide between .lu's father , Catherine ,
.Johnnie and himself.
"No. wo have not nmdonmisUiko , "
replied the employe. "Wo have de
ducted two Sundays nnd four days that
there was no workt that loaves jou only
nine days to bo pnid for. "
Million followed the calculation , added
up in a low tone ; nine days would give
him nbout thirty francs , eighteen lo
Catherine , nine to Johnnie : as for old
ISonm-morl , hu had worked but three
days. No matter , by adding the seventy
franco of Xnehariu and tlio two other
men , that would surely make more.
"Don't forget the lines , " snid the Pin-
ployo. "Twenty francs for defective
timbering. "
The digger mndo a gesture of despair.
Twenty Francs linn and fourdnvn' laid
on" . When Xacharlo WIIH not keeping
house and Hounoinont. worked ho brought
homo a hundred nnd fifty francs every
pay day.
" take it " cried the cashier
"Go on , , im
patiently ; "don't you see there are oth
ers waiting. If you don't waul it , say
so. "
When Mahon finally started to pick up
the money with his great trembling hand
the employe detained him.
"Wail , I have your other namo. Touv
saint Mahon , is it not ? The secretary
general desires lo speak to you. Como
in , he is alone. "
Astonished , the workman found him
self in an ollico furnished in solid ma
hogany and faded green rep. And hu
listened for fifteen minutes while the sec
retary general , a thin , p.ilo man , spoke
to him over the papers piled on his desk ,
without raising nis eyes. The bu//ing in
his ears prevented him from
lie vaguely comprehended that he was
being questioned concerning his father ,
who was to ln given the pension of a
hundred and lifty francs , having been in
service for forty years. Then thu secre
tary's voice became harsh. He repri
manded him , licensing him of
himselt with politics. An illusion was
made to his lodger ; also llio saving fund.
tm.illy he advised him not to mix himself
up in these .altiiirtt , he was ono of the
best workmen in the mines. He wished
to protest , but could only utter a few 1111-
connected words , twisting Ins cap be
tween hi.s febrile iingeia as ho retired
"Certainly , Mr. SeereUry. You're
right Mr , Secretary. "
Outside , when ho had nipiin j lined
Anton who was waiting lor broke
out :
"I'm u fool. I ouirht to have been able
to say something. Not enougn money to
buy bread , and abi'so bcs des Yes ,
they'ro down on you ; ho told me the alley
had been poisoned. Ho .si s wo must
bend our bacKS ami siy Ui.uik.-i. lies
right , it's the most wo "
Mahon almost dead with rage and
fear combined. Anton wa-st-unk ng w 1 1
a gloomy air. Again they tr.iveracd
groups who bnrn-d Mho street. Anger
was visible on all sides , the e\asperatioa
of a calm people/a sullen murmur con
stantly aioso lion ] that mass accom
panied by violejit gestures. Men WHO
could count had niado a calculation , and
thu two centimes made by the company
Irom the timbering , circulate * ! , lus'mg
clearly seen by thu most dull mi n. But
the groatvst rage was that felt
the Ircqiumt hhuttin j down of work and
the lines Even now the/ hud nor. c-nongn
to cat. What wojild , become of th.-ni .f
tlmy cut down their > still more. ?
In Hit ) saloons , with , throats parolutl trom
thuir anger , tiiov lelt tlio most ot t'no
.small sum received upon tno bur.
From Monlsoa to tae alley not ouo
word was OM-hanged between MivV a
and Anton. When l-io li.t * r cntcru.i ,
his wife , who w 8 alone vrif'i the eh 1-
dron , immediately siw ho h.ul no : cindo
tlio nnruhaso.
"Well , you're a nice oia , " bad sm.
"Where's"my coLeo and su .ir : i..d inuut ?
A piece of veal woauln't II.UM mined
you. "
Ho made no reply , Btrnf glin' against
the emotion wh.-c i nan -i/ed h.m. hi n
aorosH thu roug i lace otnas man , h .r
cued .in the mine , paMtd a kx.'v of i. < - -
sp'iir , followed by great tears la. I n m
a warm rain. lie w.n broken iiovrn in
snir ts. and , crying 1 ko a ch.ld ; ho t.iror
Ins lifty t nines on tlm t.ihhi.
"ile-'o1 ho stammcnit , heruV w'la ' : I
bring you. It s tor tnoor.v of a ! !
Mrs. Mahon looked at Anton , : md S'e-
ing h m s h nt and eriishi a 1 10 -o
burst it. to tears. How w.-r. < h no fiv n
to hvo on ijltv t'ri'ics for nlt-'ft : > - . . '
Her eldest had le't them , tno o'd nHi !
could no longer maku of h.s I inn- . -
thev would all starve. Al/ife , woir. ; * n T
mother , thr'-w lur-clfo-t h' r
m ck , while Letioro , Henry and listt ho
cr.ed w th all r migut.
And 1 ttlo by 1 ttlo , lliioiigh thu cut r (
alley , the sime : cry ot ini i-ry uros- .
Knoh hou n hunt nt ng tiiat i : v .
\Veepirg women ajipearo I at too doois
as il their houses were not large enoiiira
to hold their anguish. A tine r.iin W..K
tilling , which thov did not oven , ami
call ng from ono door to 1 10 otaur , tii.iy
held up the money received
' Look ! this is all tuny h.ivo given m . "
"Look at mo' 1 haven't enough i jM.V .
for tlio broad whlcli wo vo used s nco
pay-day. " i
Alra. Mahon had gone out like the oth
ers A knot of wonioii loiiud arout.d
Lovaquu , who crymg tno
Her drunken husband Jiad not even n-
turned homu , and sue knew that , grouter
or little , his pay \ns vanishing at t.iii
Volcan. Phiiomonu was waiting for Tvla-
lion , who had not given Xaehanu his
money. Mrs. Peters alone was calm ,
wuilu her mother stood among ttio most ;
excited , shaking her list toward Monst.m
"I saw your carriagu go by th ft morn
ing. YI-H , you wcro sending jour cook
to Marehtcnne.s torlish. "
Thu women bccamn violent. That ser
vant of the Hpnnoboans driving by in Ins
master's carriage madu them indignant.
Kvon though I hulr uforknioii went dring
of hungur , they must have lish. Pornapi
thuy would not ajway.s have it. U ho pee
ple. H turn wouljl eomo Homo dajr. And
these ideas , t/rst sown by Anton ,
sprouted fortii in ihjtcry ; of revolt. Ttio.v
were impatient tor tlio ago of promised
gold , in haste to havu a part of the hap-
( ) inem lioyoml JiuitvhorMon of misury
where they seemnrl'hhiit up as if in a
tomb. Thu Injustice wus ; lircominu i >
great ; they woiiULouU by exact ng liieir
rights Irom UioUAKho iiad taken the
bread from tlmitfcflmths. The women
were anxious to ncgfn at oneo thu founda
tion of Unit ideal City where miserable
jieoplo would noloirger li vo. It was id
most dark ; thu rain was increasing when
they loft the ulliSy " 16 go back to their
screaming children.
That night aU'PAdvantagn , tlmy do-
elded to strike , Kvon lla.sseiieur no
longer fought against it , andJoiivarino
accepted it as a first stop. At oneo
Anton took in the situation , the company
wanted a btriko and it would have it.
[ TO in :
A Fortunate Il covory.
A now light is thrown on the subject of
Consumption by Dr. Wagner Kemp , dis
coverer of Kemp's Halsam ( or the 1'liroat
and Lungs , A remedy that has proven
itself to bu a remarkable comuound. It
does iU work thoroughly , stonpmg a
hacking coii h instantly. Sold by Scliro-
t.-r te ( VjtiiMd , druggist's , iill N. 1 jth ht.
Price OUu and $1 , Tnul t > ti ! free , ( .iet
one ,
DIek ICortmn. a ( irnd I'id nrmliic , nt-
teiiiptnl to kl I li ' i .1 1. 'i , 'int ' i > n f
In ' \ | i 1 > ' ' .
Id UIJ li.i > iaC Ol HIIUU.U3 IU
Her Cruel Pa.
"IVo liciiiRhl a bonnet , mKi , tlcnr ,
My bcnu declares 'tis trlianicd with skill ;
I Itnvo no funds nnd 1'vo coian hero
To wo it jom111 foot the bill. "
"Your bean t nnd m.iv bo Ids natnoV"
The father roupldy ipicslloned her ;
Shehunirher head , with phoeks nllfimo ,
Shesoltly nnswercd"William , sir. "
Ills * > yes shnno with a danpcrims llRht
"Iliinil So ho NIJs'lls trinmied with skill ?
> vcll , brim ; him to the hon o to-iildit
And I will gladly foot your 11111 ? '
1 > UOI S.
TlipyncNcr jilny cards on a polar exped
ition becaase of the danger Irom cold
"Pa , what Is a crank' " ' "A crank , my son ,
N the other fellow in n deb.Ue. [ Glilc.uo
The innn who tries lo rend the nvcrn o doc
tor sun-script ton nocr wonders why thus-
Querr , I n't It , how n man walks two miles
to sn\o a car tare , nnd then spends Ids nickel
to get his shoes bluckod1. '
"Horses bcvvnre. This Is n Wire 1'ence. "
Istheshnt liuiiKiil inithi > boimdarlesof Ids
fnrni h ) a beiiesolent Callfoinlan.
Insuraiir-o anents mo called nssttranco
pnents in Knulnnd. Thev know what's what
In KttKlaml , don't they ? They call a spulo a
A Dublin wine merchant 1ms worn the
same for sKty years. Possibly the
elothlnjr men of Dublin do not ad\eitl e.
( Coin lei tlontiiiil.
The season of county fairs Is nt hand and
the blc car of coin and llio thieo lurd tiionto
iiian tivnloach other , as asrieiiltm-.U nttt-.ic-
Uons. triilladolphhv Hnlletin.
, Au Infant state undergoes ns ninny petlls
from wlld-ejcd Ihuitiusnml lonu-linticil
nttcMn ns an Ititnnt citizen from nnaslivsaiid
scarJiitlna. [ SU Paul Pioneer Press.
"Did tlmiuidienco stilke yon fnvorahljV'
wnsnskedof u yomiif orator who had come
homu Irom a luilltleal nu-elliiu' In th. ) ne\t
comity. "Notiry. . U would ha\o sliitck
me more fa\ora ! > le. if t hadn't had on mj best
suit. " "How's that' . ' " "Wellyou , .eoi can't
wash the ivsoff. "
lfsunto ; should hpcimio : nnd
cluap , lK.-ware. There Is no tellhiK iho ic-
soauesol that m in Haimuii. .Imiibo may ho
t Mils ninineiit m ileii.iljzliuasa prim i ai-
ticlo of bolojina lansie , nail why not1. ' Ft
would mill Imliuno. for this season , but u
would he that much saved lor this countiy.
[ 3Icmi > hs ! AMilandiu.
"f don't see why pi'iinlcs were imputed , "
Slid a New York h.iukcr , who had nr-ived
.1 tew In change. "Oh , tliat'.seasih accoiiutul
tor , " icmaiKcd n Uieiul tiom an adjacent
city. "Pennies weio invented in older to
enable New York niillioimlrus to contribute
timaid the erection ol jiuhlii ! nionu-
iiients. "
"Yon have given me but one fiii ( % inadnm.
l on have live chlldien willi you. " " \Veil.
w hat ot that''she leplied. ' 'They are nil
tinder4jcaisoi a e. Youdon't < -Iiii e tor
children under four jcaiso'd. " Tlieeondue-
tor looked lioiihlcd. "Am they all yiinrchi-
ilivnV" heaslad. "Yes , they liie. " "And u.l
under 4 years of aw'.1" "Vis they are. " Tlio
conductor went out on the Itont tilatt'orm and
t.i Kul with tlio dilvcr , and .said it sutaaul
' 'Jvllld ( I1 htlHllgO. "
A. Jloarty , TIin jiiij ; Iinus' > !
Tliat is somet'iing ' out of our line , s'r ,
if.MHi have dyspepsia. You hit Milieu
and sour at. thu table , looking us if you
had lost all your friends and e\pect tl to
bo setil to the poor-house. Get'wull. and
i-ni'er up ! How ? liroun'a iron IJitturs
will do il ! This princ-o of tonics 1ms
cured the most grievous cases , and will
euro you. Mrs. Tnrpin , bl7 Chambers
wrcet vSt. Louis , writes , "My husband
used llrown s Iron Hitters Kir hcadac.iu
and dj.spups.a , with good results. "
Tn order lo bo martini in I'hllailelphia It
will t\ti\v \ he iieeesvary to lay hi-ioie inc. uu-tic i
IK the Oitiiiiins'eoiirt a s\iioi sis of the his- '
mi-y of thetonthictiiii : partie'a order ro
prwiito'Trom him u s.atumeiit Unit then1
Itval'iaitudhnunt in the way o ( tlio i _ - -
"t do not like tine , Dr. Fell ,
Thu H.i-son whj , I cannot tell. "
It lia.s often been wondered at. tV bnd
rv'or tiUH otttiotud | doctor was in. ' n-is
] m > biljly hec4ilisi ! he , boinjj ono o
oU.-K-ho'ol doctors made . -
- , upjiilUas .aro
tv.s bullets , which nolnin. but a-i ostr.u.i
c-Dtilil bolt or swailow w tliotiiviiisea. .
Hi"ieo tiio dislikn. Dr. H. \ . 1'jerco s
' I'leasant I'nrpit vo I'el'ers" are Migar-
eoatud a'ld no larger tiian blr Kiiot. and
sir. * quick lo do the r work , lor a.l t -
I'anuunitnits of the liter , bowol-i anil
t.n-y ave speci ! c
Th" Inte.-t eia/.e is to iitttl lo the nthfr
Inininiiiijsd ' , t two vcreioc. . , t-i i ji'iim -
. ; ulnr-i. tint MJinil u-i in iliciutimilinto ti.iiit
i .M ) sir.ckiu-uriiais or i-\o m-.iv K o.-e-iniiiis
> i on ml. 3lo t of iln-so Itathi is nti'ik'co-
rtidTitli a I'lini'iu ' iniliaiinnkint ; cl \i re
iuwvd m brmlu KO it , und a.'atnstllio imci.-
{ . .niittiil.TiiiiM N u-n.i' v d'i- < ialiiilliaiHi .
, vi i.i-u.t is Miimw-.iAi-and orjri'otts m t -1
xii'iJif. i sTn.a. . > . as inis DPI n notid.ti .
' -iiojui- ' " it ) , i liuiivaatuud woniuii , in.
"It hi's u < I'l.niu s eoinnuni to loiin an
r.r ! c.i ! , .n an o.cjjant , interest mf > tvie.
ni-n run it 'tito sonio adviiit.soinunt ,
tlirtt wt1 avoid nil wticii ,
Vnd Miniplyi-ali attention to the merits
rf lit ) ) ) 15'ttur.i in , a.s IIKUII , lioiiust tinns :
; . . ) possible ,
" J o iniliici ! peonlc
' "i o tivi ; ) t. ii in ono trill , which so
t > rov.os tut ) r v.ihin t.iat t.iuy w.ll uuvor : . \ tiling cisu. "
"THU ItiiiKiir KO Itiwnably nolicnil in all tlio
1 1 1 ( r .
i.e. , iiit'i * n.l t-fo. lur. i"
, , < i-nu u IT. i ) .tulr.und is 8iiplin | > tlnK H
ot. IT iiin.leitt
-Duin.a no ilonjiiitf lao viituo'of tlio Ilo-t
filial. .AIKI iho ( .ropr.c ois ( if llnji llll'orslio
L..I'\'CI tf nh pifiipp Htnn kblliiy *
n iiii ] iv n.ts.irii o w , OKI v.uuo.
uiutv > , , ijiium 10 OTI r.r one "
Did hho Die ?
"No !
' him lingered n nil suffered along , ] ) jn-
ing ivway all tno t.inis tor yearn. "
i lie doctors do.og intr no good : "
' And at last was enred by tins Hop
Bhtur.s the p.ipi-M Hay sp inttua auont. "
"indtwd ! indued ' "
"How tnnnknil WD should bu for that
nitidiuini ) . " -
A I > jijx' > trr'n dUflrry.
"Kliiren yoar.s our danghtiir.suflored on
n bed of nii.sury.
' Trotn a conivl'ication of kidney , liver ,
rhitiimalio tronblo and insrvous debility ,
1 Lndur tlm caru of tan bust phy.slciatis.
"Whogavo her dibuaso various naim-.s ,
"Itnt no relief.
"And now shi > h restored lo us In good
hoallli by a.s K.nipiu a remedy at ; Hop Hit
ters that wo hud sluinniid for years buforo
llg It " TlIK '
the hirlndlor 5 ! I
If whrnron mil for Hop Hlllorn.
clni-lurof tlopMOil llio irlilui Inlioli thuuriiiriic
litiiulit out liny ih er ntnr ealliMl (3 ( 1) Wiirni ' <
tiortniin Hi'l > JIlttcMor "Itli otli ( > r"llnp" nr , u.
iciHMiit iindHlni'i tlmttlniKslst in > o'i woul-i it
\lpi r.uml If l.o li'iH tjikon jour inoiiny lor iuo
ft nit indict nlm lor the I mini itiu t \ n liini lor
llioiliiiimiriM f ir iiiunwliidln nnd no will roiuml
jou jlborully inr ttiutoiivicilnii.
Astlima Cure.
/J'liU Invillutibtu spocltlo i-ondlly mid p
nullity vuiuti nil hiliu uf Anllinill. Tlio inn-it
nlisiiiiatunod Imw t-iuinliiw cu-os jiold prompt
ly i i It * ivoncHul'iil ounitrfjirooiiluJ | it is
Knoua throujfliimt I ho \ > orjd for iu uarlvided
, city ot Uncuhlf , Noli , , u rllo- < ,
.tun } , 1"M. tiliitu tirtlntf lr Jliilrrt A uium
I I.MI. i or intiiu than ono jour , my uilo lum boon
oiii nolj uell , mid not in mi a b/mpioui of tno
iliMiu o liuxiippciiiod
WILLIAM IlKNM.rr , Iticliliini ] , loivu. williis ,
Niiv. iki , liwli I Inn D | ici > n idllloKilulli liny
lulpi'iind Adliinu > niriri. | . I lollomxl your
iluovtloiiM nnd tun liuppy to nay Unit I inner
hlupt l/uni'c In JHV llio. J urn nlnd I luu j urn
uiimnsr tt o iiiiiny lie can gpciik bo luvorubly of
A \ali-alilii i P KO trcintl e cnntulnlrw Blinllar
l < roit I urn uu-ry t-into in the U 8 , C'umidu aiu |
On-lit llr lalii , lll bo nuiilod uixin upplluitloii.
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ii > : ( .olumbiM MI o , ; : uil ; , LolumliiH . > , ; .Mouonnlil'd Uiinlc , Norm riiitto , Kob.j
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Turn T.ihlej , lr ) w f rr * , fiic ; <
1'Hipl fid
Hi , * . u , / .
oN-nd uiword of nil bridge work to let rnriiiiin.i. < . .uu Mllcltod from c'u v * - iun |
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lislliimti-s rnin.iMii i nn iii9lU"i' | ( i-i ,
1409 and 1411 DD J Stoat , - . . K\ \ .