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    THE OMAHA , i ) AT rn ar , OCTOBER 24 1S85.
Tom Kennard'a Gauzy Bohemo ' . ) OfttLer iu
a Eoll of Wealth ,
A Kllnisy Ilei'ort ' Frftiu Iho J'otlco
Uoiiiintttco N'oloc fiom Ilia filn-
I'oln Htoolc Xm-ils Uuiin <
HorsoTlilovcs ( Mly Ilcuiw.
TUB HBU'K [ .IVCOI.K tHmiur.1
The proposition to vote $ . * 0,1KW ,
( enslhly as a donation to Ihe Mi
I'acille , is now helng agitated hy the real
parties in interest. That MIUVO and
genial gentleman , Tom ICmmiird , is de
voting his energies In Iho task of con
vincing the pcoplo of Lincoln that if this
Ins peculiar propo-tilioit is carried ,
tlio ell > will have immediate and direct
connection with the immense piuo forests
which surround .Atchixon , Kansas and
other prairie towns , and that coal will
bo dUcovored every three or four tnile.s
hetueen this point and Ihu niiiiu stem of
tlio road near Tom is In favor of
some connection whiith will furnish
him relief , his swamp land hill
in the hust legislature Inning failed to
satisfy Ills natural cravings after some
thing. Tlio proposition provide ; , that thor
? r 0,0M ( in bonds shall be issued within
thirty days after the woikof construction
commences and ho placed in the hands
of a trustee to bo agreed upon by Iho
mayor and the lailroad company. Tlio
trustee clause Is the important feature
which endears this proposition to Iho
"real parties in intciest. " The trtisleois
not required to give any bond ; Iho Imnd.s
are to be negotiable ! on dclivoty , and
commence to boar interest eight , inonllis
before the road is required to bu com
fn 1871 Lancaster county \otcd $100,000
in 10 per cent , bonds as a donation to
the Midland L'.ieilio railway company ,
for the purpose of aiding in the con
struction of a line of from Lincoln
to the. Union L'.ieilic. Ity tlio terms of
the proposition the bonds were to bo
delivered to two trustees and Iho load
was to bo completed HI as to have
trains running thereon in tho. ye-ir 187'-J.
and the trusteed were U ) dolher $ tOCO
in bonds to the company for
each milts of completed road in
sections of live miles ; the machine
shops of Iho company were aNo to bo Jo-
nted at Lincoln and to bu potmanently
'maintained hero.
Among other tilings , tlio proposition
contained this provision : "Ttio said
trustees shall .surrender all ofsaid bonds
to the county on the 1st day of January ,
187 ! ! ; that Iho said railway company is
not entitled to receive the bonds only hy
viltuo of : i full and faithful compliance
with the terms and conditions of this
proposition. " The bonds wore > olcd ,
issued , and placed in the hands of IMO
trustees , ono being the aforesaid Ken-
nard , and the other S. C ! , Owen.
Under ( lie proposition il. was Iho
duly of those trustees to hold
the bonds nnlij the 1st of January , lSt : ,
and if at that time the .road was not com
pleted to turn thorn over to the county
commissioners to bo cancel led. Not halt'
: i milo of road hud been completed on Iho
1st day of January , IB ? ; ) , and certain
prominent , lax-payers commenced an
action to restrain those tiuslecs from de
livering the bonds to the railuav com
pany. Hut the trustees had , on the U7th
day of December , 187'3 , delivered the
bonds to the railway company. The
company wild Iho bonds to innocent pur
chasers and the county has paid interest
at 10 per cent since 187U on these bonds ,
which were delivered by "trus
tees" in direct violation of
the . vote of the pcoplo. Tom
IConmird doubtless expects thai ho will
lie again unpointed , trustee if this propo
sition curries. It is the evident , intent of
the parties engineering this sohomo to
got these , bonds into the hands of a .so-
nailed trustee , and when this is done it.
is immaterial whether the. road is buill or
nof ; the trustee can deliver ( lie hondxas
was done in 187tJ , and "relief" will be ob
The pre ont proosition | from the Mis
souri I'acilic , as readily bo seen by
the facln hero given , is precisely .similar
to ( hat ono made by the Midland J'licifio
company , Under the piesent ordinance
passed l > y the city council , it provides
tlmt if tlio road i.s not completed
by September 1 , 1880 , Iho bonds
will be delivered totho mayor to bo can-
colled. The hitch in this arrangement
might easily bo the same as the Midland
I'acilic , and the bonds being in the hands
of innocent purchasers , the taxpayers
can seek the same "relief" they dfd in
187J5. The same old story may ho. again
told by interested parlies lo confiding
voter * . Unit the. trustee was not snllicienl-
I \y advised as to Ids legal and moral re
sponsibility as a trustee and cili/.en.
There is , any way , no possible neces
sity for voting the bonds at all , and if it
isilono the money will ho thrown away.
The Missouri Pacific wants to enter Lin
coln any way and the paltry Mini
of $ .r > 0)00 ( ) to such a corporation would
not dolor it n moment. Tom Ivunnard
and thu other men who are working the
hchomc wilt endeavor to show by the
Miphislry usually employed by sued per
sons that tlia.MlsMMin 1'noillo's only roa-
non for coming into Lincoln is lo secure
the $50,000. , Intolligontvotorsrihould not
bu led auuy in such a manner. Lincoln
is an important point for the Missouri
1'aoillc , and every ono can rest easy that
tlio road will como juxt the same
as if tlio inonoy was
gien N'o correct estimate can bo made
of what proportion of the money tlio
road would got and what proportion thu
' woikers ' would receive for lludr inllou-
eiico. The tdeetioij will occur Iho 10th
day of Ih H month , and all who desire not
to wink ( ho oily under an overwhelming
debt .should vote again M tlio bonds ,
miviin : KWASU roMMimi ; ; ,
The citj council met WcdncMluy night
and thcicportof.thocomndttcoim police
nvestigalion wnS taken up. The report
was given in yoslonlay'ti Hr.i : , and , iii >
jrcdictc.d , a general application of white
wash was given to the majority of tlio
'tolieo force. Still they had to make
> omo showing , and accoidingly. without
any Miecilio- recommendation from the
committee , the mayor took it upon him-
a'lf to discharge 1'olicomnn ICiihlinan
Hid Moore and Special I'olieonmii
1'homphon. The report of the committee
is looked upon by the clli/.cns hero
us a general ilnding that the
Lincoln police are one and all
a pack of celebrated boiunambiillsts ,
and that old Morpheus has iv contract
with the whole gang lo have them > pond
'heir time while on "tho bunt" in dream-
anil , so that the midnight carouser as ho
< ottoii * homo singing the inevitable "Wo
won't go home till morning , ( do , "
nmitfccftldnisoif by "pinching" Iho stars
and disrobing the " perl lee In the
'and , ' while they are dreaming of c.olo-
crated arests in tlio dark and quiet hall
vay of the Young Men's Chris-
Jau lussociiition It wns claimed
jeforc the council that ono of
'ho police was actually going
o light his superior otlicer. und the look
nf surprlbo which covered the countc.-
. nnneo nJEvuUr pUvl'MUjyiislndivcrl lniurh >
Jnp Afift of Iho 'OK-O sufficiently awnk i to
llyht iitivl'odj. On the wlude'thc iiction
j ot { It-citr council in thi ? innltT H ml
ltl lle by t o best-clliwiif. and the
genn'ol 1 i-Ucf i > that the nuirc force ,
with one or tun oxcoplions , f-hould liv
bounced mid iu w and I'liergclic meii
should be put in. In relation to the jiiil
d'tllvcry thi-iincsfigatingcommilloc said
( ha ! tin ' 'oui-'do guard" of two men
" .should IIMMI t'l'i-n placed iiroundllilijall
the .same as the prior night. ' This calls
to mind the hHiman Who surrounded a
regimonl , and brought it into camp. The
iduti of having a jail which needs .Mir-
rounding is of ilnolf Hiillicienl pioof of
theilercbction of tlic cit.\ government
The furtlii -t'lcment. . of the committee
Ilia ) Iho "onl\ perfect cafcly against a
brrak of this jail is a good and sullieicnl
inter guard , and Iho Tail keys in a few
safe hmd \ is lidiuuloiis in thu extreme
\ \ ptoti'clion a few old ke\- <
in the hands of an j body < 'an lie
to Hie oily jail the citi/cns would
like lo know. Perhaps tlio committee
have a nijWsrinklo that llu-.v do not
Tv-anl to give away , and possibly this new
kink in protecting jails was disclosed to
them on the "dead" by the two hundred
or more crooks who visited Lincoln dur
ing Ihu slate fair , : ill of whom seemed to
tindcrxfanil thu ait of evading deleelioir
or men I'nplain Von Courville , the pho
tograph fakir , might haves \ \ \ \ \ \ this
very \ Uiand anslnlo commitlcc a
pointer imj.iUhirds. Whatever this new
nuithod of pKilectiirg juils by "keys in
tlio hands ot n few , " tnay be one thing Is
certain , it remain-u professional secret
with the committee. It is ndmillcd by
the committee that it , has in day.s imst
and at the present been a common
amiisemi-nl for "enterprising prisoners"
to "bii1" ! that jail , " and therefore bav
ing been in tins liabil of being
burstcd none of tins "police" should bo
censured because il was Im-ted again.
In other \iords , the citi/.ens mii-i CNpccl
that wiicn diitorpii.sing crimiinds
\isit our city they liuvu the iijalien-
tiblc right in their pursuit of
happiness and plunder to knock down
with it erovt hai uhieli is politel > handed
into the semi-incarcerated , and no ipies-
liolis a-iked or cross word spoken lo the
gcnllemiinly ollieurs , and if criticisms are
made plcnlv of caKoudno is on hand ,
nitlia dunning committee lo cover up
tin' spots. Jmt it must be understood
thai no immunity or courtesies are to he
shown to nnenltyprising criminals , as is
evidenced ly the retention of the com
mon drunks and petty thieves in "that
jail. "
One of the citizens asked yes-
torda > what had become of all
tin- goods taken from prisoners , and why
il is that mtn.\ : men arrested and started
lo the cooler both in tlio day anil night
lime never i each there , and nothing is
beard of them again. What is it that oc
casions they are discharged ? Mn.vor IJnir
cannot appease the just demands of a
long snftering and injured public by removing -
moving three of the most InofTcnsivo and
litiu- . ! objectionable of the force , and re
taining lii.- > political henchmen and ward
A. A. Green , a deputy shorilV from
Alton , Osborno county , Kansas , was in
the city ycsteiday. It will bo rcmcin-
betcd that a short time ago ollicer.s in
Lincoln were notified that two men
named Fred and Joe Reynolds were ex
pected to pass through the city with a.
stolen teiim and a buggy from the Kan
sas town. The vigilant police iiero were
not successful in catching them and it
wiis not until they reached Tekemab that
they worn arrested. Green then went
alter them and brought the two men
to Lincoln , whore ho spent two
days. in getting his requisition
papers. During this time Green heard
lhat an olliecr from St. Paul , Howard
county , was after the Reynolds tor steal
ing a team of mules in that county , and
that the olliei \\onld use every cllort to
get thu men a\vny trom the Kansas olli-
cor. ( tiocn hastily left the city with bib
prisoners , and lakin" them about two
miles out of Lincoln , llaggcd the pas on-
ger train and got away. When ( Jreon
leached Altoii.Kansas , tnore was a. crow def
of about ! ! ( ) ( ) citi/cns awaiting him. They
desired to get his prisoners and lynch
them , but they \yero tinally safely lodged
in the county jail. The object of Green's
second visit to Lincoln is to get the team
and buggj v\ Inch ho loft here , and take
them back to their owner.
A $ ; ! 0OUO p'ant is being made at the
Lincoln stockyards for manufactming
brick , Mr. Galloway , ono of the proprie
tors of the establishment , is from Pull
man , Illinois , where he manufactured
( iOliUOMM ( ) brick for the building of that
city. Specimens of his work ot common
a nil ornamental brick are on exhibition
ut llio Comineieial hotel , and il must be
said lhat they are very lino. Mr. Callo-
way has ordered a seventy-live horse
power engine , and also 110,000 brick for
JiU building and smoke slack. Tlio con
cern will bo so arranged that the making
of brick v\ ill proceed winter and summer.
This uill Inonu of tlio beit acquisitions
Lincoln lias obtained of late , as about
100 men will bo employed the j-cur
around. linllding is still progressing at
the stock yards and the Exchange hotel
is being pushed forward toward comple
tion. 'I ! K ; management now announce to
the public that they are ready to receive
Mrook. Though they have plenty ot
water , at present some dispute lias arisen
between tlio well contractor , John Lan-
liani , of Gr lc , and the managers , yet it
is of no great importance ,
mi : nuitit CASH ,
The Imrr contempt proceedings in the
.supreme court ever the Zimmerman release -
lease was continued until next
Tuesday , the court adjourning until
that timo. United States district
Attorney Lamboitson , when asked
whether bo would make cllbrt-s for the
capture of Xlmmorman , said ho did not
believe ho would ho caught , Mr. Lam-
bort.son gavo. no reason lor thjs but ho
u\idontl > thinks that Zimmerman had
things MI arranged beforehand that ho
will get out of the vyay.
The hard glove contest between .Jack
Driscoll mid O. II. Smith , both well-
known pri/.o lighters , which will occur at
Iho city hall to-morrow evening , is exciting -
citing- great interest among sporting
circles ,
Manager Fred Funkois booking a largo
number of popular attractions for tlio
opera honso , and the .successful season
thus far ( cads him to believe thai it will
bo the most profitable in Lincoln for
ycai s.
( ) lllccrlobii Driscoll arrested a desoil-
or from company I ) , Fort Hussell , W. T. ,
and turned him over to Sheriff Mollck ,
by whom ho will bo taken to the west.
'Senator (5.11. ( Van Wyclc was in Iho
city yestcrdiu hluddng hands with his
numerous friends mul admirers. Thu
senator was on his way from Fairmont to
Wahoo , whore ho will speak to the
Tlio county political fight is gelling
quite warm and the various candidates
are bns\ working up their own matters.
The Richards' brothers line new four-
filory building is now up to tlio second
story , and when completed it will bo the
largest and most creditable business
structure in Lincoln.
Relit , Hewitt , Fromontj J. A. Cooper ,
Milford ; A.KwIng , Central Gity ; John
r.ittor on , OontnilClfyj II. C.Vagner \ ,
INC properties of Samaritan Nervine are
"My brother , aged 10 , had tits from his
Infiinev Samarium Nervine cured him. "
A. W. Curtis , Osakis , Minn. $1.60. at
A bapny coincident occurred at Valentino
IfM 1 HfuV A 1 * lit < * n < * lM * < r . * ' * fA.II ( n l
( . ' . K. f-itn'iec | , of ( ho Itnrtiotii'Avphnlt
1 C'oinii.-ni ) , Delivers Ultiiuelf on
! TIlOFO .Sllt\OttS. | !
' My theme tlif . inirning"sald C1. K.
Spiiioof ! Iho Asphalt , company , nd-
j dressing n 15ir. : reporter who had dropped
I In for ] io * > iltln news , "my theme N ' &u -
! pieion' vvilh'interest'as .an alleiidont
i lopic or eo-rolallvo issue , doyou see ? T
'don't ' know In what scriptures joujn-ill
find the text , hut it isshoun jon every
' . the open gospel of hitman nature ,
' ( tiw a d.ig a had namoand hang him. ' "
The Asphalt man hero made geslurnl
ipiolation marks in the nir iw a gtiarnii-
toe that In- did not t'laim tlic loM utter
ance as original , "Some rod-no'cd nnti-
iiiarian | away hack in history made this
retnaik and the potent trtli = m it contains :
i.s still vvhooplng down Iho corridors of
lime , ti moans in its liheral intorprela-
lion lhat it is a tough lusslo to wro = l' your
reputation ftom tlio grip of suspicion
when il is on ft1 f listened upon.
"Il Knii iimusementto mo to nit aloft
as I do , iinlnunnu'lod by parliolpuUon in
anv strife , and M/C tlioIDIIM that , common
foil.1 : are kicking up helovv. I am not
eorlain lhat it vvluilly please.4 me , a.s in
the fiillnofM of mv feeling for nil mankind -
kind , 1 pil.v | he lumgu'dancp ' of the per
formances of the larger numher. Do you
think the Harbour Asphalt com
pany is : i charilahle institution
and that il-s onlcmvt and cin-
jilo.vcs are philanthropists * Lfavo yon an
idea , my \ouugtriond , that wo have
learned the knack of subsisting on God'rt
free air and live along regardless of
the prolits of earthly enterprises ?
I.el mo ask you , does the
notion possess you that when vvu make u
conliact to piivo : t street , that wo run
around and give away with a glad heart
and free hand , all the margin wo have
ohtained ahovo actual cost ? Do joii
think , that Douyla.s street was given to
Hen Smith , Dodge street to Max Meyer ,
Sixteenth street to James OreighUin and
the. iulorsooting thoroughfares seattered
ahoul into \auons hands just to earn the
jo > oils delight of smearing a coat of as
phalt on the streets and sucing our
niggers sweat during the summer ? Have
you , mv lio.v , such an idea ? Yon guess
not : well 1 should not , myself. 'Interest'
is ( ho basis of suspieion in all
I his matter. Every man of prominence
who has shaken hands with mo or ex
pressed : i preference for asphnllttm pave
ment , every councilman who has pre
sumed to vote for asphalt , has on that
moment been shorn of hi.s honor and
gone away branded as an interested
parly. Why , sir. there is an interest in
the asphalt , paving , and that is the Har
bour asphalt company , and if there h
another man who Inn snared the interest ,
a ide from the protits that all derive from
the sjjlendid sheets , show him to me , and
bo quick about it Let me jret emphatic ;
as long as there is u dollar of'the public
funds to spare and anyone is hired to
spend it , grim minions of suspicion
will lake the trail and dis
cover that the cashier stole
that dollar. Look nt it , Mr.Voodinan
and Mr. Hrunner , men Whoso honor and
probity none dare question , at eaoh
other's throats with bitter charges. I
can not imagine si better solueted board
of public works for Omaha , than one
constituted of J. E. House. Clark Wood
man and I1. C1. ISrnniutr , and they ought
to know il themselves. It's none of my
light , although I take a public interest in
hav ing a board of honorable and capable
men. I was pleased to sec Lenry thrown
out , as ho made mo "leery1 of him at
our lirst mooting oua day on the streets.
He was too anxious to have me
believe him , 'a .solid as phal ! tnan : '
one of those asphalt men wlio sit up
nights and howl tor asphalt , and would
drive ten blocks out ot his way just to
drive over the dear , smooth asp halt. I
told Mr. Boyd , when I met him later on ,
lhat Mr. Lear.v was alarmingly snick on
asphalt , and if put on the hoard would
work through some measure to pave thereof
roof of the couit hounc or something
equally dangerous to the. public weal.
"No , sir ; there is no sense in the
troubles created over these matters , and
it leads to assaults upon diameters which
are iu Jact irreproachable. The commu
nity can lioast no moro honorable and
. than Andrew Itose-
pulIic-.siirited ] men -
water , James Croighlon and Joseph
JSedlield ; and yet they have suffered the.
annoyance of contemptible slurs and
cowardly thrust * . For the sake of the
city's welfare , something should bu done
lo stop these outrageous proceedings
which servo naught but to create disicn-
sion and undermine public confidence. I
ha\odino. ( Seed day , " and the repor
ter vanished from the premises.
Sunday hist at Grand Island wns a big
day. The Lutheran Synod supplied the
several pulpits at t ! p.m. A largo jiudi-
onro assembled at thcr rro.shvtorhm
church to listen to tlio sermon by Kev. J.
S. Detwilor , ofUmaha. The pastor was
assisted by several of tlio members of the
synod , conducted the opening semoo ,
at the close of which Rev , Detwiler was
introduced and chose as hi.s text these
words : "God is in the Midst of Her , "
and as his subject , "Tho Evangelical
Lutheran church. " Eor fort3' minutes
the speaker hold the audioneo spoil
bound by his eloquence. No abstract
could do justice to the address. At the
( dose of this admirable address the andi-
once marched in pioccssion to the fling
ing : "I love ThyAnn Lord. ' '
At. the foundation another ilno
address wan delivered by Ituv. C.
Hubur. president of synod. The pastor
read Iho well prepared history of the
congregation , from its organization in
Iho law ollice of ThnmmcUSiI'latt , March
HUh , 188.2 , with four members , by Itov.
. ) . W. Kimmol , of Auburn , until tlio
nrcMint , with it.s roll of thirty-nine mem-
tiers and Sunday school of I'M members.
The usual articles worn placed in the
corner stone and the saint ) was laid in
the uamo of the Father and
the Son and the Holy Ghost by Rov. S.
It. Harnit/4 Wcston , secretary It. II. M.
I'rayor nits ofTcicd bv Hov. M.L Wil.
helm of Tokamali , "Kino foslo burg
mien unserCJott" was sung in three lan
guages at the same time by the largo iiud-
utnco. An ofl'oringof $ 'U was inado , the
benediction was pronounced , mid thus
closed ono of Iho most interesting ser
vices oor held in Grand Island. The
beautiful brick and sUmo building is
under contract , to bo finished by Decem
ber 15 , mid \vill bo ono of the linest
churches ucst of Omaha , and ono of
which the people of Grand Is
land may justly fool proud.
In tiio evening the members of the synod
again Illicit the pulpits acceptably. Mon
day was again ilovotcd to the business of
the synod. Carthage Collcgo was com-
inciulcd to parents and young pcoplo
becking mi education.
A board of ( ivo trustees wns appointed
to take into consideration the establish
ing of a Lutlinrnn Orphans' Home somewhere -
where in the territory of the synod , and
the mtiny open fields and how to occupy
them was discussed in a manner that
showed thnt this body is fully nwnku to
the grand possibilities bofoio them. The
reports bhow an increase of over 1,000
members durlnir the past year and live
pastors , and fully ten more pastors uro
needed nt once to fully occupy the open
The frynod will continue ever Tnesduy.
Judiciary Aspirant * .
In the midst of the warlike prepara
tions in progress for the county cam
paign , it should not bo forgotten that the
city is preparing for a now experience.
_ - > -
linv , tlio tumibBfi of hi tleds ot Iho peAce
frt Omaha , lias IXJCH rcdiicisl to three , and
( he cit > districlfilf for llielv scleolioil.
Tin- men arc chu - in th or linnry plcc- manner o | till public ollloi-s put
iiilxMho lif hi by puil.v ; nomination , then
to light It out nl. the ballot bov. A * the
public Will have occasion to nas ? in judg
ment upon the several candidates , an at
tempt has been made to discover the sev-
cial ambitious
In the lirst dl.sliict , which includes the
First and Second wards :
I ) . J. Seldon , Wlio now presides in Iho
Tliiileenlh street eonrl , is lir t among
Iho republican candidates. The Judgei
an honorable gentleman , homespun and
without pietensioiis , although he owns no
little landed property in the south end.
IIo has Iho piestige of previous terms of
good service.
rxHiii Horkit , vvho is aKo n republican ,
\Tlll ask his fellow Itohomhms and other
friends to support his aspirations before
the convention.
Cliarli's ' Hrandes , Hie. present Tenth
street jurist , U a ( jormaii and a demo-
oral ol ( he old lino. Ho has Wull sus
tained his honor and trusts in years past ,
and will endeavor to retain the oflfoiiil'
privilege to continue his work.
I'hillip Andres , likewise a democrat , is
a very popular gentleman among
( ieiinan oiti/.ons' . His oonrt on
Thitleonth si reel is n tojnplo of true
Justice and learned thought. Mr. Andres
is concerned hi ninny public enterprises
among the people of his nationality and
will nnil < o u good light.
In the Second district , whioli inoludc.s
the Third and Fifth wards ;
fj. U.V rigid , who has teen for omo
lime a justice , seeks of the Itopuhlicans
the authority for the retention of hi.s
Mr. l.eo Hclsloy , is a cheerful excep
tion to the general run of oandidates , in
the fad that he. enters the race plumed
for his lirst essay. Mr. Holsley is tlio
present city editor of the Itepubliean
and a gentleman of high attainments
and uniuelioned | probity. He has a
thorough legal education and the profit
of some several yours experience in
practice. As a journalist he is a vajucd
and trusted member of the Uopublicau
stalV , and is well accredited as a former
attache of this journal. Ho is a highly
educated , honorable , well rounded gen
tleman and jinmon.soly popular among a
large acquaintance , fie promises to
make : t gallant campaign.
The only democratic aspirant discover
able is the piosonl justice , August Weiss.
Judge WeKs , is a olieory , aflublo gentle-
mnn who discharges the functions of his
ollice with nn dentally pleasant , mien ,
lining Iho sole aspirant of his partv he
will get the nomination front
the convention.
In the Third district , including : the
Fouith and Sixth ward' ! ;
Judge ( tiisUirc Audcr-on , with reputation -
tation , unlainled b , > I'oproaoh in many
years of robideuce here , come ' : before the
republican convention. Judge Ander
son isono of the most prominent Swed
ish citi/ony of Oniaha , and has the re
spect and coulidchet } of the entire Scan
dinavian community. The judge i.n a
strong caudidato. ' i
Edmund Barthill , ulso rcimblican , now
has his olliee in Cronuse's block on Six
teenth street , arid is among the most OH-
teemed of oili/A-rts. Years of experience
have matured splendid attpiiiements and
brightened an inlolluof ol great native
.strength. Judj o Harlldt is. a peer
auiong the ermutn minds of ttio commu
nity , and has an < irreproachable i coord.
There are tu > i democratic aspirants
discoverable in t jin District.
Out of this array of talent , the public
will have ample foom to make judicious
selections. . ;
l > olloo * J > ctail.
The police deifair for the mouth 'of
October is as follows' ' :
iv i
Michael Whnlcn , Peter Ala I/a , rounds
Thomas Cormlek , court oflicer.
John Turnbull , city business.
Patrick Moslyn , slrects and alloys.
.lames Itrady and Al. Sigwarr , city jail.
Patrick Hinchoy , Douglas , 'I'hirtcentii
to Sixteenth.
.Joseph Rowles , Farnam , Thirteenth to
Daniel Kennedy , Twelfth , Capitol ave
nue to Douglas.
It. Jnsperfaon , Sixteenth and Dodge to
lisa rd.
James O'Hoylc , Ninth to Twelfth , Fnr-
ninn and Harncj .
Riciiard ItuniiHh , Thirteenth and Ilnr-
ney to bridge.
John Hurry , Cuining street.
Chas. Bloom , Ninth , Tenth and Elev
enth , north of Dougliis.
Patrick Horrigan , Tenth and Howard
NIOlll' I'OICl'K.
William White , Si\k > c.nth north of
Cass to 1/ard.
PiUrick Murphy/J'hirtcenth and llarnoy
to bridge .
Kdivard Carroll , Douglas jaxul 'I'hir-
tcenth to Sixteenth.
M. Riley , Cuming street.
Charles Donahiio , Thirteenth south of
Dull' Green , U'welfth and Capitol ave
nue to Douglas.
,1. J. Donovan , Ninth and Tenth , north
of Douglas.
Frank Bellamy , lower Itanium to Hnr-
noy. Ninth to Twelfth.
'rhoinas Poirroncr , Eleventh north of
Douglas. i
John Hrady , Faruam and Thirteenth
to Sixteenth.
Martin Shields , Sixteenth and Dodge
to Cass.
William Hayes. St. Mary's uvonuo.
Andrew Crawford , Tenth and llarnoy
to depot.
A Temporary Insane AHylitm.
County Commissioner O'Keofo in
formed soribo yesterday that the county
board would let the contract on Satur
day for a house to bo erected on the poor
farm as a. temporary receptacle for the
oitv and county insane. Tlio building
will bo a frame ono , and will not cost
ever ! ? 000 or $700. It will bo used until a
lirst class asylum and work house can bo
built. "
_ ; _ _
Trust in Providence and keep St.
Jacobs Oil for pains and bruises.
Prof. Walter F.'Smllh , president of Iho
Aslro-Motcorologipal. association , whoso
forecasts frequently njipoar in tlio Hii : : ,
is now liiisy on his ' ' 'Tear Hook" for
1880. It will not < jnl ! bo a continuation
of tlio well kiiown 'V/eJinor's / Almanno , "
but will contain ) computations of the
wenlhor for the wholii'year ' , notes on the
planetary conjunctions and other as-
iiects , tables for tyu fanner when to sow
Ids crops , cto. , etc. Among those con
tributing original ui ( tales are Gen. K. F.
Test , of tills city , who has ono on "Tho
Firot Four Dnj's , " reconciling the ocrip-
turn account of creation with the truths
of astronomy , astro-meteorology and
geology. There are also articles in the
book by the well known astronomer
Prof , lirooks , discoverer of so ninny
comets ; I'rof. Mnnsill , of Illinois , on. the
"Crop Producing Season of 1880 , " and
communications from other well known
scientists on Clinutology and other in
teresting subjects. I'rof , Smith says that
ho wants the public to read his book and
is in consequence going to retail the
work lit 10 and 15 cents n copy. It should
hnvo largo sale.
HOUSEICEEPKRS ( hat fall to acquaint
themselves with the value of JAMES
Pl'LE'S PEARLINE In the kitchen and
InundrvMlonrivo themselves of tlio most
Kiod MrVeirf HCYT tvstilonc in
will cost $ ttWfi ,
A. trlejilionn linh Is to IKS built between
1'ieiiioiit nail Columbus.
cAnnlnc ; factory Is in.-vsh-
linf touuitoes by the hiuidml
An cffoit Is being iiiiulo to form a slock
company to biilltt a new lolle o at llomcr.
, A. P. Chlhla , wlllororthc Wayne ( SM
Ims Rued the clerk of Wayne count )
ThoslandpljH'tothe ( Jrand Island waterworks -
works will l e lid feet high and twelve feet In
The patrons of the Ilicntro in I'luttsmoiilli
uLviilny preat taste in rcfus'lnK to enter the
I iu ildl 111 ; until the orelu lm eoneliulos the
A muniorliit window to the kilo lllshop
( Inikson ns phiceil In Iho llplseopal chureii
at Ulysse.s week. It wns ( lonnteil by Mrs.
Two joiiujr men of Highland. fJaee eoiinly ,
weie arrested lei ralilln nuiolouiitueh. They
l.iliiidKulll > and the justice taxed them SM.Ts
tor their fun.
tustcr , of West Point , has biK-n arrested -
rested tor lioiitlUR his wife. Thoenso Is llublo
to bo u soitous one , lor It Is thought the
unuinn will die.
A street ndlwny Is to be built between
Wjiumcanil HlueSprlnijs , in ( Jii ! { countj.
Lhocoiitinct has been let , and Iho dirt will
begin tolly this wwk.
I ) . I ) . Thompson , of the 15. & 31. , nss ro.s
the icstdentH of Xehr.i-.kii City thnt Iho jillo
liihlRcou'r Iho MIs otnl there will Iw com
pleted in li f ton dujs.
The child ot Pom Hiniies of Palinyr.i , dur-
lui : : \ ciMiuhlni ; SIK'U. expelled a kernel of
corn limn its wliiilpliie , wheie Itlodued for
live \\wks and the life o tlio lit
tle one.
Diek Kortiim. a ( ! nmd Tslntid iimnlne. at
tempted to kill himself with a KIIII , but only
Miefecded In wnklutr up the neltshliiirliooil.
Ho will bo sent to the retugo of lunatics at
Notwithstanding the fuel lhat ox-Treasurer
KIU , < if MadNon county , has tiiiulo an ni-
to settle his ciaberzlemeat of
county funds by the payment of $1:1,000 : , the
county will still be outi$7,000.
Miss Mary Elder Is M > jr.irs ol ngonnd live.- !
nt Itlulr. l.ustweek she hud a tumor , de-
huilhed "as Lirpias a mail's two listf. " taken
from the back of her bend. Site Imit worn It
for lei ty years unit Is niiii'li plensed to be ild
of it.
Mrs. Mnrthu , wife of ( Iwugo C'onkltii , of
Nebraska Citv , sues tor a dlvoico and 3IOXXI (
t uliinonv. She claims thnt CJrori ; e-uessed
i her with kicks , withuut tiiovoeitlon , aim
, muliucdand mined her aftectlons with bis
Kd. 1 $ . Hell , of I'awneo City , fold his
famous pacer , D.ut 1) ) . , forSlr ( X ) , mid tell HKo
Icicldnp liiiusclt all over town when he
IcnrncU that the new pmelinscr * liul : been
oflcicd 810,000 for the animal bluntly alter
the transtci had IMHJII made.
"Otoo Chief , " the sivyeatMild steer ow mil
by A lev. ( inuow , tipixd the biMin l.xst weex
atfi70i : ! > oiiiih. It height is just il loot and
tilth U feet , and lentil 10) ) < fret. It is it
net a Inches acioss the hips ' ! feel " luclics
between Uie foielens , 'J iwt a Inclios roun < l
the foie leff , and 'J teet 8 Inches touiid tlio
hind lo above thu { ruiubtel. When Alex bus
this.steer u'iidy fc.t . exhililtlon 11 wilt be II
luigest aiiiuul of the kind Iu the United
Iiivcr Complaiiil.
Yes { yon may well say "complaint ; "
for if there fa anything' makes .1 ijoo.-
mortal complain , it is to have his liver
out ot order. The liver is the great scav
enger of the body. It gathers up refuse ,
works it into bile , and then works the
bile off. It has a heavy contract ; and
sometimes fails. Then there is a general
disturbance. That disturbance is quieted
by taking 13rown'n Iron Hitters. Mr. W.
A , Urown , of Marsimltown , Iowa , says.
"Hrown's Iron. Hitters iclioved mo ot
liver complaint after oilier remedies had
Jailed. "
Mr. Edwin Lambert and Miss Fannie
A. Johnson wcic married in tld.s oily on
Wednesday evening , Sept. ! ! ( ) , at. the
residence of Simeon Lambeit on the co
nOr of Seward and Irene streets' , Rev.
Charles W. Savidgo officiating. There
were sevcnty-livo guests present. The
supper served by Airs. Lambert was a
most elegant spread. The ( lowers fur
nished through Mr. Arnold , Mr. Dona
hue and Mrs. Woodman were hcnutilnl ,
while the presents wore many and useful.
' O' '
Judge McCulloeh of the county com t ,
was engaged yesterday in trying the case
of Senator Mandursoiiiind Gco.\V. \ Donne ,
Ktu. , against the Mericlo estate. Kac.i
of these gentlemen sues for $ > < ) ( ) attor
ney's toes , for services rendered in set
tling the estate.
Hoyal Havana lottery
( A iNSTiiirrioM )
Drawn al Havana , Cuba , Every 12 In 14 Days.
'ilcltots in fifths ; Wholcis , f.1 ; 1'i-iu-IIoiift pro
Suhjoct | 0 no umnlimlatlmi. not ciintrollisl li } *
ttio Imr"e tn Intun'st. ULstlio fnlrost thliitr In
Illll " ' " . "lO ( if ulllUll'O til OMItUlltO.
( * nplyt < i8IIII > SlV&(1O , iaiJllioit-
wuy NV. . Citr ; M. ori'KNS i , UK , Illll Mulii
slrctKiuiiis ; Wty , Mo. ySlni&o&.ur
"Issues from a spring dttply
embedded in a rock , and is lltcrefort
Oscar Liebreich ,
Rtgins Pfofcssot , Uni' trtilv of Jtcrliit.
"The 'only n'aler safe for tht
traveller to drink is i NATURAL
Sir Henry Thompson , KR.C.S. uond ,
OfallGrtKtn , ftrvafitts , & Mm. ll'nt. Dtaltri
1st. A Neat , Cfoso-fitting andGraceful *
ckapod Shoo.
2tf. No breaking-in torture. Easy at
first , and always snug and fianitsomo.
' '
The celebrated "J. & T. Cousins'New
York'Shoos , " ofallktniffaniJinaieriula , iii
14 widthsantl 10 shapeiof toes anilheefsl
'lief will not ftp ; 'nillnofsllp at Wo hsl ;
will not wrinkle , anJare _ the perfection
of achievementTiTtho shoeinahr's'art.
Look on Solo * ( or Ntm and AJdtojt ol
J * & T. COUSINS ,
1B1V DODOEl E3t.
Plush , Oxydized Steel ,
Copper and Brass ,
ItllONZIi 1'ltAMES.
French Oleographs , Chromes , Lithographs and'
Water Colors.
iesi t
Y/c / liavo the only Complete Stock of
Tube Colors , Windsor and Newton Oil and
Water Colors , Canvas Academy Boards ,
Brushes , Setches , Boxes , Palettes , Draw
ing Paper. Mathematical Instruments ,
* 5nV0s > xJtc
pS as.
Trenton Ware. Brass , Wood , Papier Mache ,
and Composition , Plaques , Easels , Banners and
all Varieties of Plush Novelties ,
Albtmis , Plusli Gases ,
Pianos and Organs.
Kimball Pianos , Emerson Pianos , 83aei ! ! & Daves Pianos.
( D
( < BV *
JJ/a/7. Owlwfs 1 * 0 I if i
A. llospe , Omalia , Neb.
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