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The first of tiio DaoisivoOhicago-Hew York
Games Won by tlio Former.
Grout ImeroMf Conlorcil In tlio Con *
test ThrItpsull of the Gnlncs
Dculdo Hio Ilaso Kail
Championship. " "
An Ijvcltliifi Hall Onmc.
Cnic Vo , Sept. 2) ) . The crowd xxhlc'ixxll-
nesscd the ojionlm ; pamo betxveoii the Now
Yoik and Chicago ball clubs for possession of
tho'iiatiotial pennantxvAn woith } of theocca-
Bton , H numbered' ID.Oirt , xxhich oxemplilied
in a iomaikabe ! waj the Inteiest taken In the
meeting of Ihe twojcadcn In llie league race ,
as the sides AVere tliieatenlng and Iheio xxas
every pu'sont pie pcct ol rain , ll.iln diop-j
began to fall aS Ihu ( . 'hieaijo's iu
the first inning , but It did not interfeic In
ati } way wjtlt , l\id. \ p'lycis of the game , but
throughout ( he nine Innings the clouds xveie
lowering. This did not , howevei , picxenta
largo attemlarju. The ciowd was evenly
balanced , as tliex Isljois hadhosts of admlieis
present , ninny oC whom had jouuioycd hero
fcolely to see the game , and xeiy
many of Ihe lending rastoui and xvesleiu
ncxxpinpeislmd leproscntatixesptesent. The
crowd chefird the Xew VoiKeis xvhenever
they made a good play , but became 11 antic In
tlio Hint and ninth innings xv hen tlieChicagos
began their lun-gctling , and when the last
man of tin-opposing chili xvont out.
The New \oik club annealed on the field
preceded by the lnillUmt 1 fist regiment band ,
and Inimed ately theix'.itter Clilcago up-
peaied nudei a simlhi escoit. Uoth xven1
raptmoiisly iheered The xisitois appealed
in their usual giay unifoims xxldlo the
Chuago- ; appealed In theli blue xvoiklng
unltoiniH , In which they have won theii long
list of xieloiies and which they ictaiii
as an omen of good luck. ' 1 he New
York giants piCM-nted their strongest
phiIng front , with Welch and Kxxing
as their b.itteij. xxhllo Chicago picsented
McCoimick and ICelly. their icscixe battciy.
Tbo crovxd xvas so huge that it stietclied
alongside the field , and special field inles
xxeio adopted at the icqiiost of the Nexv Yoik
nine , to tlio tiled that any hit which i cached
Into the the. ciowd would bo counted as a
The Chlc.igo-3 opened the game afler a % ig-
oious faMiion. Dahiiiilo | flew out to lust
base , nml Gore took fust base on balls. Kelly
madoabase hit , advancing Gore to seooiiu ,
and both xxoio advanced aiiothci base on a
passed ball. Anson Hew out to light held.
I'folfoi made a hit , Kelly and Gore
coming home in the midst of teiiiliccheeilng.
Williamson made aiiothci base hit , bringing
Pfeller honi" . limns followed with an-
olherbasevml.inison coming liome. limns
wasthrown out iu trying to steal second.
New Yoik was shut out , O'KouiKe getting a
base on lulls and was caught napping at hist.
Connoi Hew out to Dalnmple , and lowing to
.New Yoik beiran her inn getting in the
third Inning , Welch making a base hit but
xvas foicod out at second on ( ieiliaidt's hit.
Gcrhault was longed out at bccond on Wind's
ptilko. Waul stoli ; hecoild , and bcoicd a i un
on.O 1'ourKe's bw > hit. Connor and Kw ing
both followed with base hits , bunging in
! Connor was put out at thiid m
inns in the fifth on
bon'b base hit , and
New Yoikniailo txxo urns in thccighth on
XVelchsbasohitSraid's baselnt , Kw ing's base
bit. Hilda passed ball and wild throw by
Kelly. . tijllivmto Muick out witu two men on
bases , GoihaiiU and O'lioiiiKe haxing gone
out on lllo-i. Kelly niade a thice basci in
the ninth inning and came home on Anson's
long lly to oentoi. Doigan ot the New Yoik's
.stiuck out , Klchaidsunllewoul to Dahymple ,
AVelch got Ids base on balls but was doubled
up by Gcihaidt's stiiKo to bhoitstop.
' "ho game abounded hi some xeiy lemark-
nblu enlsodws and xv.n played lor blood on
both titles. Tlicre \ > as only one fielding euoi ,
tliatol ( ieili.udt'n , and it did not tilled the
rebiilt Thu iollovN ing is the bcoic.
AH n In TII ro A K
Dalomplolf 401 1000
( loieci 410 olio
Kelly c 5 : i r 11 r o : !
Alison 11) 411 1 (1 ( 1 0
rictfoix'b n i a 4 2 u o
Williamson : ; b l i : iJ i o o
1 iJuiiib bu J o o i 4 a o
McCormlL'kp ( 4 0 a 4 1 4 a
bimday rt. 401 1000
Total ! ! 7 7 14 SO 27 10 0
'VOIIK.AII i : linnro A i :
Jloniko of : i l l l l o o
o'Connoilb : i ( i l l 0 1 0
Kwinge : ! o a a o a i
( lilltihplU If , 4000101) )
3SIeliaidf > onffl > 4 0 o o o l
Welch p : t 1 a u i : i
Oorhaidt ' 'b 4 10014
WiudFs : t ill a o
Dorgan it. 4 o o o i u o
Total > . . .01 4 7 7 27 11 7
U- M'OIII ! HV l.N.MNCh.
l a : i 4 r 0780
Chicago . l o o o a o o o 1 7
New Yoik . o o a o o o o a o-f
sitxui uix- .
rarned mn8-Chlcago 5 , New Yoik ' . ' .
lloiiii ) inns None.
TvvobiMdilts-Kclly : ' , Pfelfer 1 , AYllllam-
BOII 1 , MiCouuick 1.
iMs-wl balls-Kelly I , L'vvlng 1.
Wild plU bosWi'kli 1.
I'hbtlwse on li.ills-Cliicago 4 , Now York n.
i'irsl base on eirors Chlcat'o 1 , New xoik
Struck out lJy Mi Cormlek 3 , by Welch a.
toulilo iilajS-Glllcyplu-Waid ; Gcihaiilt-
IJinpho Cmry.
Time 1 liom and 53 minutes ,
The Now Yorlt'H Dofent nt Homo.
Ki.w Yomc , Sept. 'J. Tim lesult of the
Ne\v Yoik-Chlcago gamn xvas awaited beio
to-day with sicat Interest. Nearly nil the
newspaper ofllcea hoisted bulletins show Ing
the lesull of the contest by Inningb , and laigo
nml Inleiostod eiowds sin rounded the boards.
About thoTiibuno olllce ( lie giitheilng xvas bo
great as to Impede passage thiougn bprueo
and Xiistuu MiiHts. Thecrovvdsawaltlng tno
news | u printing house squaie and 1'ark
Jtovv hugely exceeded nnv dining
the } , icht races. In the hotel corridoi-s men
talked of the contest to-night and thoiigliuut
the day the IICNXS was eagcily sought at
atpiibllcie.soits. 'I'lie of Noxv York
CHUMS gloom among these Interested In tlio
game , and many luivigiven up all thoughts
of tlw'Muts" winning thu pennant. There
isxot a possibility ot New York w liming ,
biiitlilstsiogarded hero as a xxoak btraw to
eat'hat. hliould Ihu two clubs mid a tie in
theli fem games , an extra beiiw xvill bo
I'rtsl 1'ljorsnt Jorouro Pailc ,
Jr.itoMil : AinN : , Y. , Sept. ii9. Weather
fine and attendance fair.
JIllo and an eighth Threo-yoai-olds and
npwaids : Strothsiwy won , Parole bccond ,
UueKktonu tlilul. Time , 1M : .
TlnecMiiaiii'b ] : of u mile Two-yoar-ohls :
Devdrtip won. Insjuctor 1) ) bccond , Lans
dow nu tldrd. , 1 ; lsji.
tlMnutl tlnetMp-iaitcii I-'lllles tlueeyoais
old ; Kabt Lynne won , Maunieu .second ,
HiMitMUhethlid. Time , 3H ; ,
JUlu and thicoKlxleonthn : I-'atewell won ,
Long Knicht tcwmlValltlowei \ thlid.
Timo.aiOO .
nThuy-quarleis of n mile All ages : Tabitlia
vvon , liuunlc b. MXOIH | , Saluda thlid. Tune ,
Mile and Uno olghtli.s-0ver six lundles :
CJi iielKscxvou , Tarqulu second , iSchuoliiiastcr
tfjlnl. Time , v 4u.
Br. Lei ib , hvpt. W. In the national tport -
inena ciiuu-nt ion littc today John D. John
son , of St. Louis , \vas tlcclfil permanent
piesident ; Kuoclt Moore , Dclawaie , llistxico
president ; Itcuiy T.itbot , IlllnbN , second
\lpopipsldonf ; Homy C. West , St. Loul * ,
secietaiy. A oommlltoo on resolutions xxas
appointed to present ( o the lonxoiitiou apian
ot organisation foi a national cpoitsman's
association. Delegates are present liom
Aikaiisas , Illinois , [ nvva , Kaunas , Konlucky ,
MI Hoiirl , Ohio , Michigan , Delaware , Texas
and Wisconsin.
LvxvnrNcr , Sept. 2'J. Thu rain of last
night and this moinlng spoiled the ti.u-k to
day. It still rains and 13 dKigieeable. At
tendance fair.
Mlle and a qilailoi : fJiey Cloud won. Uid-
dy Dow ling buiond , Puttie W. lliiid. Time ,
a * o.
o.Mlloand an eighth : Knlal.ixxon , Haanis
6000ml , Volanta tlibd. Time , a : ( .
Mile : HexoKc xxon , Waiiinglon second ,
Loid Clfton thinl. Time , \iRt. \
Tlnee quaiteisof a mile : Moon hiuo xvoii ,
Id ! Gill Mcond. Kochclle third. Time. 1:21. :
DMIlo and a h df : Clcndella won , Lucky IJ.
second , Madison third. Time , a:47j : C.
Other Hall Grimes Yesterday.
At Hrooklvn rinlcinnati" , IliooKlyn S.
At \oik-Metropolitan I , St. Louis 0.
At Ualllmoio Ualtimoie 10. Lowell 7.
At : ! ' .
Philadelphia-Athletics , I'ittshmgS.
At Detroit Detroit 1 , Piovldencu 1.
lioxxeiod His Itccord.
SiT.ixairin.i ) , Mass , , Sept. 21' . llicliaid
lloxxcll succeeded In lowciing his own bley-
eloiocoid for a milo tills afleinoon , making
it in a : Jl ! J-3.
The Failiuo Keeood.
Nr.w Yomc , Sept. Mcicantllo failures
In tlio United States foi tlio quarter ending
Septemboi ISO , as ropoitcd by It. G. Dun's
meicantlle agency , number 2,123 , against
a , : > l(5 ( in the couesonding ] ) intaitcr ot Ibbl.
Liabilities bhoxv a icmaikablc decline ,
amounting to 82.1,800,000 , against W.COO.OOO
in the thinl quaitci of lbi > l. For the nine
mouths last past fallmes showed a slight In-
oiease In numbei over those ot last yeai , but
a xei } maiked decicase in liabilities , being in
number 8,107 compiled xvith 7SV ! foi tlio
liist , nine months of 1S84 , an Increase of illl.
Liabilities , howevei , weie enl } ' > 7,000,000 ,
ooniiaiedwth | ! glbl.OOO.OOO in the liist nine
months ot 1SS4.
Failures throughout the Dominion of
Canada for the quarter ending September : ; o
xveie 2S-1 , coinpatcd with ati'iorthoeoirov
iesiondliig mtaiter of IbM. Liabilities are
? lyil,000 , wlilie liabilities for the coirespond-
ing quarter of IbM woie-llia,000. Poi the
lli-st nine .months ot IbS" tiie total lailuicr.
numbeicd 94-f , compaied w illi 'JfO for the lnst
nine months of ibHA. Liabilities amount to a
tulle ovei § 7,000,000 , xvliilo in ISb-t for the lust
nine months the liabilities amounted to $14-
AVauts Some Changes in His Bureau.
WASIIIXCITO.Y , Sept. 29. Col. Swit Iei ,
chief of the buieau of statistics , is piepaiing
a codilication of laws goxeinlng his buieaii ,
with sundry amendments for submission to
the secretary of tiicticasmy , xx'ltb a view of
obtaining the kilter's iccommendation foi
enactment by congiess. The icviexxed pro-
xisions aie designed to define motecle.uly
tiie scope ol the buieau repoits on internal
comineice ; to secure gie.itei accuracy In the
statistics of iinmigration tiom Canada , and
tlnoiighout the dominion ol Knrope , and bo
amend existing laws toimakc it possible to
obtain full and iiceuiate letmns ot our inland
expoits to Canada and Mexico. It is fiuther
iiroposcd to change the name of the biueau to
the ISmean ot Commerce. Col. Sxxitzlei is
also considering the advisability ofiecom-
mending that the federal census be placed
undei control of his biueau.
St. liouis' "XVoelc of Hilarity.
ST. Louts , Sept. 30. All iiumirntlnne fnf
he St. Louis fair and 'annual ' spectacle ot the
Veiled Prophets and trades pageant , which
takes place duilug fall week , commencing
next Monday , aie now completed. The fair
( self xvill exceed in extent and x.uiety of ex
hibits any of itspicdecessois. Vice-Prestdent
Hcndiuks will be present dining the tail ,
and a huge number ot distinguished men in
all paitb ot the eountiy have been invited , in
cluding Picnident Cleveland and his cabinet.
The grand illumination xvill be repeated
again this je.u , but on n largei scale than
heietoloie , and a'most the eutiio business
paitot the city xxlll be aba/e ! xvllh gas and
electric lights In globes of all colors.
istiilltslilnr ; ) a Kcver Lino.
D.U/I.AS , TON' . , Sept. 23. Col. S. P. Cun
ningham , scientific e.xpcitqt tliu boaid of ani
mal inilustiy , ariixcdhcie to-day to confei
witli Col. Simpson , piesident of the state
cattle association , icspecting the location ot
cattle fexer in Texas on Iho line at xxliich
dccio.ise can bo translcired. The ic'sult of
the conloiciHu Is unknown , but the fact Is
asbincd that the feU'i line xvill bo established
south ol the Toas.Pnollio . lailway In xvestetn
Texas. Col. Cunningham pioposes making a
tourol the south and soutliwest. going as tar
south as McKinney county. Ho bays theio
lias been less fevci this ye.u than foi bcveial
Another Batch of Postmasters.
WASHING lo.v , Sept. 20. The postmaster
general to-day appointed the following fouith
class poslmasteis : Wisconsin , at PiairioDu-
sne , W. T. Kelsey ; Loyd , S.H. . Dooiltto ;
West Lima , Daiins Moulson ; Viola ,
Jolmathan T. Smilli ; Geimantown ,
J. Schwalbach ; Bloomer , J. H. Wledoi ;
Juniata , L K. Houglitoti ; Nes/ie. W ; J. H.
O'lUlen. Tlio tegular meeting ot tbo cabinet
xxas held today. All niumbt'ib xveie piesent
except the bceieUuy of xvar and the attoiney
Situation Alnrmlng- Arizona.
I'ltiw err , AriSept. , . ay. Information ro-
ceix oil from Clifton of Indian depredations
IH M ) alarming tlmt Governor Trltlo Issued a
geneial oidei to-ilay calling out the militia
for Fcixico. Lieut. Col. Kgan , of Clifton ,
xxas placed In command. Gen. Crook has
MMit out notices winning the hettlcis of their
danger , and adx islng them to take measines
toiuotect tiicmselx'os. Along bodv of bos-
tiles is ic'poitod In Giant county , Nexv Mex
ico. Ciov. Tilth ) has telcgiaphed ( Jov. Koss ,
ot Now Mexico , to meet him ot Albuqueique ,
wheio ho goes to-morrow , thcncu to Clifton.
A Itanlc S
Nr.w Yomc , Sept. 20. The xvell known
lianK'mr ' and biokorago house of Sutler & Co.
used ! wlthpieferencosof SC'J.OOO. W. K.
Su : iiM ) makes a poibonal assignment. A
Mali e i is now being prepaicd and xvill bo
given i. > iho. public In n hhort time. It is
probable that Us suspension xxlll bo only
temporary. _
An Aliseoml in Journalist.
Loxno.v , Sept. 29. Oooigo Ilalley , piopile-
tor of tlio Golden Argosy , a lioii > ehold Jom-
nal , has absconded. Ho is bankrupt and is
ohaiged xvith haxing defrauded the public out
of 70,000 by moans ol a cotton bchcmo xv hlcli
gained many xlctlms by promises of baud-
The IVoathor To-day.
WAsitixaiox , Sepl. iJO. For the upper
Mississippi valley : Local rains , followed by
fair XN-ealhet and cool noilheily winds , with
I'oi tlio Mihsouil x alloy : rah xvoather ,
ninth to ejust winds and lowoi temperature ,
with cool waxe and higher haromutci ,
Cattle Quarantined.
Coi.uMlifu , Ohio , Sept , 2 , The state lvo |
Moifc comudssloneni to day qimnintlned
against cattlfl coming tiom New Yoik , New
Jciboy , District of Columbia and Kentucky.
Tire Cuban Tobacco Crop.
HAVANA , Kept.XJ. . The tobacco crop will
not only IH ; large ! than that for many lonnur
s , but < A l.u Uttti qiullty >
Political Ohaos May Oomo Again But Beii
7ill Never Hun.
CScii. .Tonos Seleoteil to Itopluuo the
Itoodlod rolitlolati-Utbcr
Mattel M of a Political
lcii lliitlV''n ( Ojiliiloii oT llliitself.
Xi.w YOUK , Sopt. ! . tSjicclal lo tiie Ui.i : . ]
Tlie Tribune jirlnts a long inteixiew x\ltli
( Jen. Ihitlci , which ( onchulcs aJ follows :
liopoiter "The Mixer ipie&tlon will be
prominent In eongiess tills wlntei1
OonerallJutler "Let them heap it up , pile
II all on thu people , this and more , and In
the end tlieyxill liboandtlnow oil thooKe. "
llcportei "Do } ou expect MM Ions tumble/1
( Ihitler "I do. 1 haxo grandchil
dren xxho xxlll llxiito sec tlio Vundei hilts and
( ioiilds taken out to the neaiesl lAnip post
and hung In a most scleiitllie and slJlllul
miinnei. Altei theie his been bloodslnd , x\o
shall settle down again lor u NX Idle.
These nionex Kings see dangeis aliead } ,
but the } do not .see tin1 remedies.
When I XNas candidate foi piesident Gould
said Hutloi must be dilxon into tlio gioiind.
Ho couldn't sec that it wasbettoi lei a man
witli considerable XNcalth , and famll } , and
jiropoil } Intere.itsto beat the head of the
masses and able tocontiol them. He mil }
saw In thcbacKgiound the toichot commun
ism , as lie thought , home da } led
( ommiiuistxxill lead these men and then he
XNill see the ihlfeicnce. luxury man is a com
munist now , in tlieeycsoL thecommunlt } .
who pleaches the equality ot men. Chiist
was tlio communist ot Jcinsalcm. As the
head ot the labor clement 1 could haxo settled
this whole ralhoad question as
no other man could settle it. The mIMako i
made in limning I or president xxas HKo inii-
niiu ; against a xx all. 1 Knew that the people
ot all ages had lulled thomsclxos in oxciy
ci isis ot Importance to theniM'Ix e . Ills the
hlstftix olall the ages , but 1 xxas foolish
enough to think that the people had giown
xxisei and better ; that the xxoild had pro-
gicsscd in thediicction of human Knoxx lodge
and understanding and nowci of concen-
tmtion. 1 thought tlio laboieis of thenuNx
lepubllexNoiomoie Intolllgont. They XNCIO
at i aid of mo because I had a little pioperty.
They woie lust as foolish as Could , but that
Is not all. Kincoutot ten ot them would
sell tlieii xotes foi ? 2 apiece. I xxas a tool
to think tills age x\as nnj different fiom any
olhei. IXpciionce now taught me the
Mime lesson ashlstoiy. "
rioxxoi-'s Successor Solootcil.
Xi.xv YOUK , Sept. 129. Oencral ] - . S. .Jones
ot Hlnghamtoii , has been chosen to llfl the
\acancy occasioned by tlio of
I'loxx or fiom a candidacy on llie dcmociatic
state ticket foi liciitonant-goxcinoi.
( ienond Jones subsequently appeared bc-
foie the state committee ami foimally
accepted the nomination. It has been pre-
xiously tendeied to General II. W. Slociim ,
but he declined to make a canxass.
lien. Kdw.ud Jones , tiie new candidate ,
xx.ib bom in Utica , Noxv York , June 8 , ittiS
lie xxas reaied in Massachusetts , and his
home xxas theie until the cloce of the xxai.
He commanded the famous Eighth Massa
chusetts regiment , xxliich xvas attacked in the
stieetsof lialtimoieon Apiil 18 , INil , while
on bis XNay to the delenso of Washing
ton. Tills was the first bloodshed
in the cixil xxai. He subsequent
ly laisc'd the Twenty-sixth xoluntceis
and seixcd xx 1th distinction in the aimy of
the gait. Ho was biexettcd biigadier general
lormentorious'seiMcchon the liehl. At the
close of tbo war ho settled in lilnghampton ,
ll nlllU Vljllltty. XT "V. t.4l 4Wl.lltliulMMl tl n
sfulowoiks. He ran for congress against
Thomas A. riatto in IbT-f , but xxas deleatcd ,
and xxas again beaten two } eais latei for the
same otllce by G. U. DNvight. He is leg.mled
as a businessman piuely and not as a poli
_ _
Ben IJutlcr'H 1'arfy.
BOSTON- , Mass , Sept 20. Thirty delegates
xx eie piesent at the opening of the state con-
xenlion of the national greenback pait } in
tills city to-day. The platfoim adopted an
nounces adhcienco to the pilnclples bet foith
at the national ) > .uty conxention at In
dianapolis ; dcclaies all action tiaiisfeuing
the powei for coinage and issue ot money to
peisons or corpomtlons bhoiild borexoked ;
that \xltlidiaxxaloflegaltendei.sofhinall
denominations is xieious , and an attempt to
annoy the people and distmb buslnehs , and Is
in xiolation of law ; favors licquent
elections and rotation in oflho , and
condemns the attempt to cieatcan aiistoci.icy
of olhceholdeis undei the pietense ot civil
sen ice lefoim ; condemns also unnccessaiy
loin ; sessions ot the legislatiiie , and sets
foith that legislation for the bettei protection
of xxagewoiKeis is demanded. Unixersalsut-
liago is faxoicd xxith removal ol all haulers
xxliich limit in any degiee the tight ot suf-
liage , and the leeuaitmontof thoMviet bal
lot law is demanded. A lull state ticket was
nominated by acclamation. James Sumnei ,
of .Milton , was nominated for goveuior. '
Ohio's Xcxv KcKistrallon Tjaxx- .
CINCINNATI , Sept. ' " . . The legibtration of
xoters In this city under the law enacted May
last closes to-night. Theio lias been a xciy
gencial acquiescence in the law and pielty
full leglstratlon. Winds haxe been Mibdl-
xidcd into voting ineelnd.s xvith a x lew to
haxo not more than three bundled persons In
any precinct. Many chaiges of fraduleiit
icgistration luxe been made , but only a lew
bin e so tar been ti .iced. A man olfeied to
&cll Ma } 01 Smith any niimbci of registration
ceitilicates hoxvantedatM.OO each. Ho xvas
Immediately ai rested and found to haxo a
number of ! } genuine certificates in
his possession.
Complimenting ; the MugxviunpH.
Xixv : Yomc , Sept."J.lrx Ing Hall at a
mass meeting to-night , ratified thodcmocratlc
nominations. I'x-Scnatoi Kcclcslno made a
speech In vvhleli ho lefeiredtothe mugwumps
as "tialtois in their own p.uty and dlstiubuis
in ours. " Civil MTV ice was n hciosy and
olleiinlxo iiaitisaiibhlp xvas its txvln biothei ,
and the fc.uatoga nominations were meant lo
"emphasise the icxerbe of thct > e doctrlne.s. "
Ituy State Hopulllc.xiiH.
SritiNfJ rii : i.i ) , M abs. , Sept.20. Thogathei-
lng of delegates to-night piellmlmiry to to
morrow's lepiibllcan hlatn conxention is
larger than xvas anticipated. Thu nomina
tion of the old ticket Is conceded. Covc'inni
Itobinbon xx ill not bu present at the conven
tion ,
Tlio Convriitioii Nominator ! , ,
Iuiiijui : , Iowa , Sept. iK > . The democratic
conxention of Dnbuquc county , held to-day ,
nominated W. J. Knight foi bcnatoi and.J.J.
hlnchan and J. W. lialdwln foi lopiesenta-
tivcs. All thu pitscnt county ofliccis were
to Itlahono.
LYXCHIIUIIOI , Va , , Sept. ! iO. Liigo num-
berb of delegates to tlio colored lopublican
convention to behold to-morrow aroarrixlng.
Thieo bundled delegates aio expected. The
Ic.ulcrs claim opposition to Mahone.
Cfiiiveiitloii Called In Dakota.
Himox , Dak. , Sopt. i ) . The lopublican
teultoilal committco met hero today and Is
sued a call for a convention to nominate
btato ofllceib , to meet at Huron , October SI.
The Hulgailau Question.
PAHIS , Sept. SO The Iti'pnbllquo Krancaisc
hi an I'dlloilal to-tl.i } , bays : The pc.ue of
the continent dcnuiuls that the iiowere unc
tion the union of Itouniolla and ilnlg.irla an
nil accomplished tact without questioning lit
actual existence ix 111 ruin Turkey In I'mope.
ST. I'l Tr.nsm no , Sept.V. . The Journal
d'ht , l > eloiHburgMas them Is no question
but that the conference of ambasidois at
Coiistantluonlo will ariangefor united action
towaids Turkey and Itillgaiiaso as to prexont
a lonfllct between Ihent and thus allow ( he
Nlgneid of the Iterllu treaty time to dl eo\cr
a bolution more In harmony xvith the Inter-
oslsofTnrlfo } and the balance of the power
In the oast. General pence Xx ill be maintained
xxhen the easlein question Is under the aecls
and moral authority of Kimipe. 1 he I'.ielfic
tendency of the poxxers aibults of hope that
the ei isis will not augment and what at Ihst
appealed a dllllenU problem w III be promptly
aCossrVMt.NoiM.r , Sept. CO. The llulgai-
ian Inhabitants ofMaeidonia haxe not joined
in the unity imminent of theii follow-
lOiintiymen , but ha\e decided toadheieto
the stipulations of the tieatvoi Ueilln.
LONDON , Sent.IS' ' . A meeting ol ambiss-
adors to ( onsliler the Ivoumelian qiie.stion
xxlll be held at t'oiislnnttnoplo next Monday.
Kepri-stMitatlvos of Seixia , Itoiunania and
Giceoexvill bn admitted tolaKepirt In the
discussions. M. Do Gieis , Itusslan foielgn
mltiNtoi , piosscs the poxvois to make dlspo-
blllon ot nlnce Alexandei the leading prop
osition at the meeting. The ( vai faxois the
candidature of 1'iinco Waldem.u.
The Dakota Prairie Vlros.
Aiifif , Dale. , Sept W. [ Chicago Tri
bune special. ] .Several xeiy Inteicsting law
suits aie about to arise from the results of the
disastrous praiiiu tires \\hich have sxvcpt oxer
the countiy dining the last txxo weeKs.
Wauanls haxe already been issued lei
Hie airost of pailles xxho staited prairie
fires , and they xvill bo piosccutid with
the utmost rlgoi of the law. In sex eta ! ( ases
men xvho xxeie seen .staitingback-liies foi the
puiposo ot loiming file bleaks and saving
their own propeity haxe been aucstedbec'iusu
the flames got boyonil their control and
added to the dcstructixo foico ot the main
hie. The lejioit comes from the south
eastern poition of this countx that
a sehoolma'am named Uelle I'Vankllu
Mixed a neighbor's xvlieat stacks and lunisi1
by her heroie elloits dining the night ol
the . ! d. Seeing thellames siiuounding the
piomises , and Knowing that the oxxnors weio
aw a v , she arose , lushed totliebainliainosscd
the lioi-ses , and , hllclilng them to the plow ,
tinned si'xeial tin lows between the property
and the lite before it ( ouldieadi thobtacKs ,
thus six Ing seveml thoiisind dollais to the
negligent larmei who hadlelt his home un-
piotected. i
M.NND.XX , Dakota , Seplomber ' 28. A
prabie Iho has worKeil gicat destitution
noithofheic in Knife Ilixei Valley. Mo-
Grath litos. , of Stanton , lost -,000 ! buslicls of
xxheat , nml other finmois lost Kugo quantl-
tlties. Tliecoimtiy binned ovci is twenty
miles noi th of Maudlin.
The ch'iige against SupfiintendentGieeiio ,
of tlieMissouildixisioii of tlio Noilhcin 1'a-
cilic , foi filing thcprahio xvas dismissed this
alteinoon , the complaining xvitness haxing
found that Giwne did not M'l an.v lines. The
countiy is still burning in some places.
, *
Sent to Aiiothor "World.
COI.UMIIUS , 0. , Sei > t ? > . IMliiekllartncU ,
the Cincinnati xvife nmnleier , xvas hung nt
the Ohio penitentiniy lids moining. The
drop fell twent-li\e minutes aftw 1 o'clock
and lie was pronounced dead one-half a min
ute later. The tall resulted in almost total
decapitation , the head hanging to the body
by only a small stup of skin at the b.icfc
ot the neck. The scene xvus a most sicken
ing one , and it xxas with gieat ditiicnlty
that the CNCcutioiiMs could .summon coinage
to take the body doxVn. Ilartnett killed his
Wife Januai } SI , Ib&l , in Mount Auburn , a
subiubol Cincinnati. Hilly on the moinlng
of the deed , when lie arose , he ouleied lici
back to bed , and chaigrd liei xvitli unfaithful
ness , wlilch she denied. He bcciucd an a\e ,
made his wile get on hoi knees , say liei piax-
cis , and kiss the floor , xxhen he .strmk liei
two fatal blows xvitli the n\o , one eitishing
lier skull , in view ot her live childien. OIU-
oerslound Hartnett dnnpingajig and play
ing a evvsliarp aroiuiil tju < body.
/ttiioii the ItallrbniiH.
U U.TIMOIII : , Sept. a- ) The Anierlean xxlll
piint to-moiToxv a lengthy fatatemont emanat
ing from Hobert Ganett , to the effect that
the Waltimore'ifcOhlo company , in the lieight
ratcditUcultiea of the tiunk lines and tele
graph coiitioveisies , is determined to obtain
concessions and will agiee to no settlement
01 rcstoiation ot rales until absolute pro
tection is bocmcd to tlio Ualtlmoie it Ohio
intcicsts , not only iu Baltimoie , but in
Philadelphia , New York and wheievei
it is inteicsted. To ai4i ! > m ] > b li this result
an } s.icralUo of temporary piopeit } will bo
ma'de. A eiiciil.n linegaid to the olliceisot
the Ohio Mississippi nillvva } induded in
tiie aiticle , intimate.thatexteiisixo elloits aio
being made to haiiiionUe the IntorosN of the
Krie , the Mibsis-slppl and the Ualtimoie ct
OJiio hybtcm. „
rrlghtful Caluniity in India.
CAi.crri.x , Sept. ! i ! > . Dlsistroiib Hoods ,
coxeilngan atea of H , ' > 00 mills , occuncd in
the piesldcncy of IkMigalthc laigest and most
populous of txvelxe main dixisions oflliitish
India. A laigo amount of propeity xxns des
troyed ami nuny lives lost. Many lamllies
liavo been nude destitute. Houses ,
crops , cattle and poitable goods
ot eveiy ilesciipllon haxo been pan lid
away by the floods. The goveminent aullioii-
tiesaiedibtilbuting piovlslons and rlolhlng
and doing all they can ( orelievehesiiileicis. !
raise Point , which W.IH thought to haxo been
the best haiboi between Calcutta and Horn-
bay , sale , roomy and at cosslblo to all shljjs ,
xvas btinek bv the storm xviivo and .swept no
completely that mo.stot the Inhabitants pei-
* A Ilriital Ti a ody in Toxas.
AUSII.N , Tex. , Sept. ' { i .V.A hoiiible tiagedy
xvas enacted last nifilil ii wliich a nogio man
and Ilireu ncguT women weio biutally mni-
deiedby lunlng llieir > 'dK unshed with an
axe. They xxoiewrNants of W. 15. Duiham ,
editor ot the Texas Coin t Iteporlri , and ociu-
iilod n hhnnty In ( he lear ol Iilsiesldcino.
The miudeier is Mipposed to be a negro
named Uoc. Wood , xvlio xvas caiittncd last
night by olliceiH , in a cotton Hold , eight miles
tiomtoNvn. Ulood was ( ( Hind on Ills sleeves
andbhlit. Seilons aiocnleil.ilind that
lie w ill bo 1 } nchid. ,
A I'onmllng "Mntoli.
SconsiiAi.i : , 1'a , , Sept.MJ. . A de.sperate
bare knmklo ] ) ri/o light , between
Minphy , of McClmti's station , and William
Monison , of Dnnbai.ioi 8-00 u bide , took
plate at the fool of lluf mountains neai heie
e.ulv this moinlng. Tie | ivnitcbt xvas under
the London inIze ling lilies , and lasted tvui
liouis , I-'llty-blx rounds' were lought. JIoi-
ilHsey xvas- badly iiunihed in tlio last lew
rounds. To avoid further punishment he
dropped on his luiecri.i Ibis angeled Mur
phy , who lliuilly btrnekhlm while down , and
ihe tight xvas given to Morrlssoy on a claim
of loul. About ! 0 people atk'iirted the mill.
Openingtlij ) lllclH ,
N , Sopf. 'W.i-Bids weie opened
at the tieasmy department to-day ioi thu
lion work on the jxist offlceat I'eoiia , III.
Thu lowest bhl was that of the Maisliall
Kouudiy company fel2.tftU Hlds xveio also
opened lei the Moimumlbild ; work on tlio
postollUeat MlnneapoIH. Jl. A , Miiowun (
x a thu lowest bidder
.VUl.tMXJ , and thu Mlnmt-sobi Stone company
for tiie btone w ork at 818 , x > .
. Gfccloy llnnquotod ,
I'lTisi'ir.l.U , Mass. , Kept. St' ' . Lieut.
( iiecleyxNOfl tendeied a dinner this cxening
by prominent Imsincbsund professional men.
Lieut. GreoJov's health lias been greatly Im
proved by his hummer In ISerkbhlieandho
no\v M'Lius to tw quite Wfll and health } . He
xvill leave bhorlly lor a > py age to Scotland.
The Hitfihlaii Army lolu ! Slobill/.ecl.
I'AISIS , Sept..vJ.ThtClJourh < -MxaH agitated
tuslj } by iiuiiors to the cftcct two HIM-
( Inn nimy coiiw aio l lixg mobilised aj a pie-
( uittio I.UA UK .is'i n In the event of lu'stliiiic'ii
brea nt' < n" o > t. vcen TmLuy and Huimielia.
TLo Mongolian Minors of Washington Terri
tory Ordered to Leave.
The AVhl to Miners and Cltl/ens Up In
Arms Against U'lioiii Kuitlicv
I'nrtluulnrs of tlio
trenl Klot.
The Chinese 3rnsl CJo.
.AM ) , Oiv. , Sept. - . ' . A lance nntl
cnlhusIaslIoantl-Chlnoso meellng closed Into
last night nt Seattle , W. T. It was u conven
tion of laboiois called to try to dev K1 home
means of lidding the countiyol thebimlcn-
sonic Chinese.
Delegates were piesent fiom x.irlons labor
Fooletics nml organisations In tlio folloNvlng
places : T.icoma , Jsoxx Castle , Kcilon. Itlaclc
Diamond , Colin , Smiinoi , Jsquak , Wlmcomh
nml Seattle , bcsldorf n numbci ol dtl-
yens not Inmiv laboi soeiot.v.
Jinny speeches weio doliveied and
each utterance Hint loiihl bu lonstuied to
1I1CM11 till' OXplllsiol | Ol lllf Chinese by pc.lie-
lnl inrans m If neeossai } b } loieo xvoio 10-
( olvedwlth apphusi1. bomospeaUois assiued
tin1 audience Hull tills XNould Much bo ( lit1 re
sult , If tills question was not speodlh soht'il.
bill the mom mh IK. ited cool but doloiminid
aelion. Itusnlnllons xvoio adopted set
ting foitb Hut it xvas tin1 sciiM1
ot tlio meeting tbnl tbu depiossul
condition ol iudtisliics , unl commcicc 10-
sultod diioelly fioiu thepiosemo ot Chinese
laboi In M-itloii ot Ihoeoutiliv. It was
also ic'solxed tluit on tlu lotmn ol tin1 dele
gates to Hieh loxpectlxc localities tbcy shall
( .ill mass meetings foi the pin pose of appoint
ing eoiuinittiM's to notih the Chinese to leaxe
on 01 bofoio Yovomborl , issr .
Snxiri.r , W. T. , kept. . " > . The Chinese
haxo nil been dlschiuged .it tlu > x.uious
mines In tills xicinltx. .Maiij ot tbij mills
an1 also displacing the Chinese In theii' em
ploy b } while l.iboicis. The tumble at KranK-
Iln mine , which piomiscd to lie u serious ont-
biraK , was molded b.tin1 . Chinese tal.iug
nl.u in and Ic.n In tbi1 mines as leqtiestodb }
tliM\hilo ( minei-i.
l'oiiu.AM > , Sept. 2J ) . Four eailnads of
Chinese , xvho veto inn nut ot the mini's
.Hound Seattle , .mixed heie to d iv. The
Oiegoniau , In an article on the pun codings
against tbo Chinese In Seattle , sijs : "The
.situation issogiavoas to make it 'necessaiy
foi the pii'suh-nt to act. " Jt sajs he ought to
send the Koiutoenth infantry , nowat Kent
VaiU'ouu'i , to I'ttget sound at once topic-
M-ise peace , topioted the Chim o , ami see
that the menace ot n general massacre is not
iMiiied out.
Tlio Moiitieul Itlot Orox\in ; Serious.
JIos rni : M , , Sept.'JS. 'I'heio x\eie si\ty-t\\o
deaths fiom small-pox in this city jesteid.ix ,
.se\en in St. Jean UnptNtu Milage , llxo in St.
Jlenri , three in Cote St. Loui" , t\\o in St.
I'loofibiiot wanting Hint the disgraceful
ilotof List evening N.IS the outeonio of an
organised conspiracy on the p.ut of the eoi-
iuiilioni ti. of llie citx' tounolllio , e\cr since
theoutbieakot small po\ , hapandeicd to
the prejudices of the ignorant Tiench Cana
dians , and sititilnrd them in theh opposition
to remedial muasiius. 'ibis is xondied for
by thi'he.vltliollUei \ \ hose Inne.uiYv as wrecked
l.i"t niirht. since lied thecitj. his life
ufhucn ( Ineatened. 'llio active iintIead- ;
vein fem Tieiicli .
\\lio held the mob on shoulinir "Vixo hi
Vi.uuo ! " "The l.i Comniunu ? ' "Ui-a\o
Hid I" "no\\nv lithc EniclNi and XIKCM-
nalioii ! ' ' A repetition ot last night's ilot is
being ( irganl/cd and thiec itylmeiUs of
cAxalry andabatteiy ot'aitilloi'yadiaxe-bcciiJ
called out. _ _ _ _ „ . . „
f '
iiilKh'JfiVKiigli'jli now'Spapef otllces anil La-
1'atiie , tliefuaxoi'.i iMpei. Thev tineaten to
hang the mayoi id ht. .lean JJaptlste , xvho is
enfoicing Kimpiilsoiv xp.ccination theie , and
the } also Uneaten to bum down the house ol
the el.ilnn.m ) ot the health board.
( excitement oxibts and busi
ness is at a standstill. .Sectional loel-
ing urns high but all the educated
French classes donouncotheiiotors. Axvhole
bilgadeol.the Tilth militai } distiUthas lust
been called out. 'Ihe bugade ninnbeis about
lf > 00. Among the rioteis last night xveie
man } of thehlxtj-lilth IVnch-Canadlaii IOK-
imont. SK hundiod qnairjnion liom Cote
hi. Louis piomisc to Join tlio rioteis to-night.
The ma } in ih laboiing xvith great ) ducK.
lie has issued a pioclamatlon calling upon ail
good citi/ens to assist the anthoiitlos in keep
ing peace. At 1 p. m. . lift } nioio ol the Vic-
toila lilies XNcie. tatlomd at the city hall.
The niaxoi and beveial aldermen have bion
notified that their houses will bo binned to
Excitement among the cltl/ens oxer tlio
aiiti-x.ucination riot Lust night is intense ,
and man } assci t the time has come to dccl.iie laxx. The linteis lastnluht were well
oigani/cd. They XNOIO beaded uy tlnee men
in ( - . .UllagesNNho diicded their movement * .
Chiet J'aradis , xvho xxas slabbed and stoned ,
icceixod no set ions injiules. JMajoi Iic.iiidiy
io-c liom aside bed and came down town to
takeiiio.istiios toqncll tlio liot. lie It
the aldoiinc'ii will not assist him in this
toi hnxxillpiotoc't the lives and mopcrl } of
the citi/ens on ids own uspoiisibilitx.
Atr > o'clock thlsoNonlng a general alarm
xvas sounded calling all members of the toi re
to the oily hall. The whole ot the mllitai } In
tlioeit } about 1,400 btiong aie uinlei aims
to night , and patrols ot caxaliy and Inlantr }
aiowatihing tlio disallcctcd distiid. Tlieie
is no sign HO fin of furlhei tumble.
MovimxT. : , Sept , W. At a meeting of the
piovinclal boaid of health tills evening a Jaw
xvas adopted , making It a penal offence lei
poisons living In houses in xvliicli tlie'ifc is
hiuallpox , to knowingly come In contact witli
othci persons , 01 to licquenl chinches or pub
lic place" . Kxpcdations that anotlici liot
xvonld take plate to-night haxo not been xeil-
lud , although man } porMins bell ex o
that the double is cm ! } postponed.
The iloteis ol last night xvero increased
to-iilghtby woikingmen fiom St. Join Hap-
liste , village ol ht. llenil and other places ,
but the out } d 1st m bam e.s that took place was
at tiio giey miniici } . The mob , however ,
was dispersed bv the police befoio any damage -
ago xxas done. Six ot the mob we ro aue.stul.
Dr. Labuge. medifal luallh , going
about to-night In dlsgulu1. Ii. ) MeNeoie , his
assistant , put hl < : head out ol a window of
tlio health olllie only to ho lilt xvith a stone.
Col. Calveihlli , of the riflb real Scots , xxas
also hit XN Him stone. Theoxposltlongumnd.s' ,
which thu ilolers tlneatoned to burn , aio
giundod by thuMctoiia rllle.s and lifty uixal-
lymen , who are p.itiolllng the sticot in fiont
of tin ) L'lounilH on ImiM'badr. All Is quiet
theie , howoxei. Lai-gecrovvdH aio giitheicd
in tlio east end ot the dtj , but up to nildnlght
the police haxe been able to keep them quiet.
A Model Major.
Tour SMITH , Ark. , Sept."J. . Aloxundei
Aaion xvas shot and killed on the sheets of
Van Duron , at 8 o'clock last night , by Charles
Talor , m.ioi ol that town , The1 } had a dif
ficulty about u woman and had threatened
oadi olboi-b1 llxe.s. Aaion followed Talor
and attacked him xvitli a ni/oi , when the lat
ter dinw aioxolvei and filed loin shots , two
of whlih took cllVd In Aaron's body , Aaron
died almost Instantly and Tulot gave bonds ,
foi the ( ase wecnis to Ixi one of solf-dofense.
T > o lor ISM ell connected but dissipated. Ho
xv as elected mayor of Van liuu-n InstApill.
when lie was Just twont-ono .veais old , and
Is sdd to bo the joungost majoi In thu
United Mates. Ainon was a iiullan ol tliu
Kioii , Sept. W. Last niglil lour mv
Kiocs Jerry rimh and ile , JvioTyhon , and
John 1'aUMmll xuie Ijiulied one milo
tiom 1'llthboio , Chutham i ounty , They xwo
taken fiom jail and theh bodies found this
morning fcm > i > t nded fiom a tire near apublle
load. Tills Is a hcnuul to the tilplo mm del of
the Fliuh family on ihu night of the 4th of
hut Jnl } and the minder of the Cnntet fau-
il } near the NUIIU hjiot MJIIIC iluhteen inontbs
ago. TheioxH'jf etootho 1'InUi family
IM\\aid , aped W mid a MMer , anul si.rl bey
\\n-v found on the moinliigof the Mh of July
nlngon the liomilh ilielr tlnoals cut.
Xe.u them 1.1 } tlioli M-ixant , aped 1U. All
had bein Knocked In the head \\llli an
a\e. biisiilcion early lested on the m io
Jerrv rinch , and ho \\as mivsted.
Hxvas ngirat tasktioiu tlieilfvt topiexent
fuelling. Leo Tson x\a < aftenvindsanest-
ed and MIIIIO tlinonftor John 1'attlshall x\ns
taken on tliecliur'e of being eoiueimd in tliti
minder , and possibly In Iho Kineb minder ,
lie \\assnid to lunobeen sd > u neai the spot
\\heio llie ( Junteiivro Kllhxl and next
moi nln x\as inanothei unint } and told the
Ihst ne\\s Knoun theio of tbo cilmc Detee-
tlxesoiKed up the case. 'I ho xonllct of the
roioiiei's 1nuas longdelaed , tliov leel-
Inj that it It \\.is mlxoixp to the juhonors
they \\ould be piomptl } l.Miehed. The xei-
dlct xxlieii lemleied Uas against Ihopilsoner- * .
A ninJDillvoftlio n.'Oploaiipeai to besatlslled these pcoploxxcicgulfh ofbotli nnudei-i ,
lei the two xu'iomjstoilously conueited.
I'lij li'lans' I'utiil Qnurirl.
lli.ooMiNf.Tov , HI. , Sept. .K IChtoago
Times spi'ciil.-Jicat ] ( eviloiiiont exists In
thiscih mid eounlVoxci ( ho shooting alliay
\\hlelitookplaeethls' \ morning at Sajbmol ; ,
a small town twenty miles rast of this city.
Thep.utles to the shouting \\oro Dr. llimov
J. . ll.nrls and li. ( ieorgo \ \ * . ll.irtun , and
tiie loimer put a bullet tlnoiich tlio
latlei s hiait , causing alnuwt instant
death. They \\eio both piactlclng phjsi-
clans at Sabiook. Ji. li.uton had Ihed
theie about louileeii jeais and li. ) Hauls ,
one \eai. Itaiton becameaugr } , It Is claimed ,
[ lit Ilariis because the Killei xxas maKIng an
iniond on his business and tooK occasion to
snv liaish things ol llauis. This morning
Haiton .ilniMil Hauls to one It i.vbuin on the
strceN. and Hauls , \\ho was hi a stoie , oxei-
heaidlhe lalK. Hauls stopped ontsldo the
stoie and u onlcd the iliaiges made bDai -
\\heieiiiion Uaitou stiuck Haul" , Knock
ing him doxvn. Hauls imleMx aio e , sei/ul
Ills icMihei and liml Hnnis Immcdlatel }
icgietted the shooting , olleicd hisseixlci" * ,
and examined his \ ii tlm's \ \ ounds , and , lind-
Ing that liailonas fatal ! } nhot. suiiendeicd
to the olllceis. Hewas h.islciicd to this ell }
and is now locked up In fail. The altaii
ueatedgieat feeling at S.ixmnok , and had
not Hauls'been limned oh" doubtless \Io-
lemox\ould hiuobceii ic.soited to. Dr. Uai-
ton xxns about40 xeai-s ot jgo , and leaxes a
\\lfe and two cnlldicn. Hauls Is about
the same age and also has a NX I ft1 and
two ihildien. Harris lixed at Fooslam\ \ ,
Chimpalgn loiinty , for litteen jcars beloio
mosiugtoSa.xlnook. Hairis claims that ho
did the shooting iu self-defense. Thcieaio
those , howexer , x\ho assert that Hauls
altogcthei too liaslx and also that heN.IS not
ItiiOcKed dox\n b } milon.but shot bcfoietlie
blow. The weight ofe\ldence so fai hcems
to corioborato tliu statement that the blow
NXas .struck.
" \VaifH
WA iiiNOio.v , Sept. 20. The pie'ident
apiiointed Daxid IJ , Aslibui } siipeixlslng in-
spectoi ot steam \essels for tlio Fomthdiv
tiictol St Louis.
The piesident this aftcinoon ajiiiointed FA-
x\ard A.bte\'nboiiof lioise City , Idaho , to bo
goM'rnoi nt the territory of Idaho , and AV. 15.
Webb , of Hillings , 3Iont. , to bu ot
the tenitory MdiiUna.
Tin1 president appointed James T. Ilealey ,
assistant tieaMiiei at Chicago and L. W. T.
Walkoi tobelii-st lieutenant ol the maiine
Theie xxeie 015 patents issued dui Ing the
week ending to da } , the largest number oxer
isbiied in one xxeelc in the history of the
. olllce. cut
_ _
Points About IMtlillu Plnccs.
W.XSIII.N'ITONSept. . sw. 3Ii. lloiaco O.
Jacobs , assistant \istngnichlttict of the
tiL.isiuy , has tendeied his lesignatlon to take
effect October 31. This action xxas entirely on ills pait .mil xxas taken in ordei
tli il he might accept , i business olfer from iu
Washington linn. Jh. Jacobs is a natixo of
Maine , and lias been.In . ( ho tieasiuy foi
nenrly txxent-tixoj'ais.
, .
] { . WalKei , cbieMdfdlxlulo'iis of < thc icgis-
ter's ollice , be accepted to take effect bej-
tembei : ! 0. JI. AValKei wasiblet of the ton
nage dixision , which dixi ion xvas merged
into the buieaii of naxigationllin that
limean XN.VS established last } car. Jlr. Noul
was chief ot theciihenc } division xxliich the
icgistei now pioposes to consolidate xvith the
( ou ] > on dixision. Mi. JScallll be icduced
loan § 1,600 grade.
A KlfjlHat Sniofat. *
LOXDOK , Sept. 2'J. A dispatch from JIo7-
ambiqiioiecelved hero todax gixes tlio de
tails ot a Inttli' between the rieneh troops
under Aduiiial Mlot and Iho Hoxas at Saio-
tnt , , on Sept 10 last , and claim
that Hie French weio deleatcd. The Hox.vs
occuplisl a Miongly entieiuhid position
widen the Kicnch attempted to uiptuie attei
M-iy se\crc lighting lasting lull } ixxo boms.
The riemheie comiK'lled to fall bad. on
Tam.itoxo. which tbex' did In an oideil } man-
nei with thelosbot thill } killed and wounded.
A Koni-fiil Crltno.
VAi.vAn.viso , Nin ( Jalxcston , Seitembei ) 2l > .
A fe.uful cfinie XXMS ( ; ouimitted In Clilndiln
jccently , an entire family being mmdeied lei
thoKiKool plundei. Thy asiasbinbaie being
pni > ncd. , _
i , Neb. , Sept. ? 9. IMitor Ur.i :
Dceinin } ? that it ini hL bu of intuic&L to
jou and > onr host of roadoit > to lictir ou-
easionnlly fiom Hutlor county 1 take thu
libci ly to inforni your readers. Itullur
county seemingly , is' tho. garden lot ) of
Ncbr.isKa , the fiolilri of poklen corn , tiio
nnnibeiluss htaoks of hay , ami ginln ,
lar e oiehaids laden > vith ilelicioiib
fruit , all K ( ) to prove the above statement.
This is lair week and the county is well
ropioM-nted at its metropolis , both by
[ icoplo and products.
Ono \ ffndraxv \ back tills f-easim to the
prosjiciily oftlio tillcirof lliu M > ! 1 is that
dreaded discabu , ho ; * cholcia , XNhiehis
jilayiiiK havoc xith our line porkor.s.
XQAnioiiK tlio many J.ufjo larms hitnated
in llullci is that of your townsman , T K.
McDonald , which numbois twenty.six
liundrod and sixty acres of choice land ,
and il IB fc.iid to bo om ; of the ( in tlio
btiito , ImtJ-paoo piovonts us iviiiK jour
icadeis n description of it ; yet his honor
would bu willing no doubt to inform you
upon the subject by culling at lilh olnee.
in roonih nml 10 , NolH.isku National
bank building.
J'oliticHis r.itiior quiet Iici , allhoii { > li
theio hcctns to bu eonsideiiible dilli > roni'o
in opinion in repaid to to\vushi ] ) organi-
/ation , and it appear * now qultu proliablo
that action will be talcon upon , this ifkuu
at the tall election ,
Them is quitti u fee.Iintj tlironghont tbo
countv ngiuiiht David City , it appears
that mio piopohes U ) rim the polities of
tlio county , and also to elect all Daxid
City men to county olllcivt , xvbieb docw
not quite suit the ballanco of the county
too NN'oll. About tin ; only Ciuididulo out-
siilo of Divvid City jot he. ml fiom is that
of L. 11 , Cooley of Hraimird \ \ \ > hooks
the nomination of county .Superintendent
ot hchools. Mr. Cooley IH n well ijnall-
li d porMm in ox-cry lospoct , haxbitf 10-
cloved n btiUo normal &ohool education
in old filate , Wiscoiinin , and
also HiioicfiSfulIy lilted mail ) piominont
positions , besides huvin an uniiei-tion- |
nblu cliaincttir to back him up.
Ihaincid i { { rowing very rapidly , MIMIC
twenty buildings Inivo beoni'it'clud , of m
the I'ourso of orocUon this 3 oar
Wo have n wood lixo iiexvsjiai ovostab
heio xrliich is n ciodlt to the town
and in doinic much towards lln iloxi lop-
\Vj ( mo also ojoctlDg u lanw M-liool
building here
Funiingl may tlio your icadcu , 1 will
closo. W < ii NU
Not a Movement Yesterday in Cattle to la-
Epiro the Market ,
! Moro Aotlxo anil a SllKl > t nlu
in 1'ilucN A Slight Doxxnward
Tin n Obtains in nil thu
CCIIM ! Markets.
I ixo fitoolc
CIIICAOO , Sopt. 21' . ISpcelnt to theBrr.7
CATII.I : . Ucicipts of cattle to da } 0,000 ,
against JJJ ! . > < 'luo'iilny , muKlug about
11.T.M for the week MI liu , against IV * ' for
the same timu last week. Theioeioouly
about'JXOnatlNes ( ) among the fresh locelptf ,
and lorthcso the ihiuamlNas lather sloxv.
bhlppeH wnti hold Ingulf , Hud divssed booC
operatoiseii lining tholrNordeii ) out oC
piimoxoilotiH , honou natixes won ) goliif ?
slow and piices xxeio only just about Meady.
In fact KOIIIO K.ilesmen w ho eairied ox'j > r good
shipping i.ittlo last night had the MIIUO on
then bauds at noon to day. Texaiis. m *
' " .canning soils , sold a sliado
liglio ) , iuul XNosteitis xxeio making omially
.is high pilios as } estci-day. JsntlXT
butchcis' stock , OONXX , bulls and nib
blshy stieis ixMiiaiu slow and weak
at foimer low pi Ices. SlocKcr
and food 01 tiade toniluucd quiet ; u
tovx lots dianged hands fiom day to d.ibut ;
theio is no llie In the business. ItccUpts oC
sleeK cahcs tali and piices may be quoted
the .same as last x\eek. 'Iheio XNOIO ton or
twrlxe loads on sale today and dining the *
loicnoon there XNCIO hoxcral sales made nt
pi ices tumid below In our rlasililod list.
Cm lent pi ices -aie about as lollows : JCxtia
pilme n.itixe becNes , $ . i.7rjC > tU.O ( ) : tliojod to
i.moj bhiiiiing | iialiNcd , Jsj.&iMVTO ; good to
choice shipping natiNo-i , ? 0.0XaO.-li ( ) ; common
to good shipping , ri.'JO ( f UO ; pool tomeillinu
slceis , SIMK t.i'i ; fair lo choice cow sVJ.OO@
M.0ilnloilor ) ; to medium cow sgl. ' . > .VJ.OO ; porto
to choice1 bulls , Si.iV ) ( < cJ.70 ; stocKers 5'J.'J.X ? J
feedois about lOfti'Mio ' lowei . .
r9wy < ! 'l'lK.S"d ' ' mixed , SSATfeJ. J..Jjtiik ,
Through Texas cattle , abolit 1,40 ,
axoiaging fW ) to US ) Ibs , sold at S' for
cows and < -t00iii.7.r : ( : for Hleeis.Vestcin ,
ningoi" , ri@10c higher for best grade- * ;
natives and half tneeds. Sl.70 < ir ! > .00 : coirs ,
fri.'i" : > ( . : iS ) ; xxlnteiod Texans. pJ.fiOUM.'JO.
hales-l.VJ Montana , 1HO.I Ibs , 53.00 ; 40
S-f ftT,1 ; : > U Colorado't'exans , lOuO Ibs , $3.70 ;
iMl Nobiaslm Texans , 10 ± i Ibs , W.C5 ; lOa
Montana , 11M Ibs54J5. .
lloos Estimated locelpU for the day 1H- ,
000 , against H.KU last Tuesday , making
about : o.r , > i > 7 for Ihe xvcek PO far , against- : , -
4VJ foi the same time last week.
This maiket opened active and
r > ( ? HOc hhjhei than on Monday ,
the advance being mainly on fail lo good
packing soils and choice market pigs. Light
soils undeiwent little or no change. Uouglx
ends and pool odd lots of common sold at
S.00@.5.70. ! fair to good packeis s.bO : ) < Vl..X ) ,
best assoiied heaxy 8-1 00 ( .aO. liglit J5K % , and "sick" pick pigs S2.W@.U 0. NIuo ;
Iieaith } , ] ) liimp leathei weights xvould soil for
S4.10 , and rough and mixed for SU.MXSJUO.
Chicago Grain Miirlcct.
CIIICAOO , Sopt. 'JO. [ Special to the
WnicAT The xvlieat market xxas nervous ami )
unsettled to-day but prlcyattoiideilUownxvardi * " ,
Cable advices xxeie favorable to holders ' "an'd'J"
xvas reported that receipts at noithxYCstera ,
points were growing largorj'xvhlch caused
some unloading and also .some slioit Bolllnir ,
and in the aliseiuo of any special outsidoj
suppoit values fell olT. The Malting price forj
November wastCi c , and a few Kilos xvcro
made at We , then fell back to Nlj o , rose
to Mijjfp , fell off again to BOJjfe , rallied a
tulle , arid closed on the regular boaid at 6fl ;
( ySfl'H'e. ' In the altei nooit oxcmbci Bold off
to SVhe , and closed at bfic.
Coi There xvas voiy Illllo doing In corn ,
and piices .showed little change until shoitly
botoie the close , when September decllncili1
and closed about le under yosterdfiy.
INuolpts continue free , and shipments
O.vrh Oats biole ( oil nearly le for this
month owing to xer } ficeolfeilngsand largo
lecoliits , xvldle the other options illicit some-
w hat easier.
PROVISIONS Pioxislons ruled quiet at yes *
toi day's doci ! in1.
"Weekly Dry CoodH llevioxx' .
Ni.w YOIIK , Sept. ! iO. Dnv Goons Cabot
"Ci Inch bleached .shlitlngs have been ad-
xanecd fiom 0 % to 7cents. AH iihiialto Tues
day the market has f > hwn ) no special aetiv-
it } , lint tolegrapli'oideis forbienchoil cottons
and many dellveiies on old wants haxo
a good quantity. Flannels , goods ,
blankets , sott wool ( liess falnics and undcr-
wear and other specialties sold to aillvo
through dally delixoiies aio reluinlng good
quote of sales. Men's xv'ear and woolens aio
in shady leqniMl lor moderate assoitmonUt
and desirable Blocks aie xoiy low , \\hllo lor
bluing goodhoidcin aie being placed xvitli
LIMA , xia Calvesloii , Sopt. -Coicoilst ,
minister of foielgn affaire , dbeuted a letter to
the diplomatic 101 ps licjo , salng as t hey will
notiocogni/uhis goveinnmiit they must Ju
mvonlanei ) witli the ojilnlon of several
authoilties on intoinational law , wh'di ho
( ( iiotos , declare that tlio Cacoros goxori iilent
lobeabeligoiont. Incase this is not com-
plicd xvith lie xv ill not bo able to extend the
usual pilxiligos to foiolgin HiibJectH in tliu
inoxiiuos uudoi the ( , 'iUerIst Ijoxoinninnf ,
and will eoiiblderand ticattlionias JVrnyltin
subjects , .
I 11 y.
The DauulloMH Safe.
SAKHV HOOK , Se-iit. ' ; f-The ) } iicit ! Dannt-
less1 , xNliich took ] iut In the Cujio Mayiuio
xv Ith tint ( Jencbla. airivcdtliiiiuioiningtit Uila
Hood's Sar.apar/7/a
Oimlliics , In a in inner itccullar f o lt clf , tliu
licst blood-inirltylui ; ami i trtugllieiilni ; n juo >
dies o ( llie vcKitabli ) Mngilum , Yutivll | find
this XNonili-rful n'lucily iftcctlvo xvliero iitlitr
nu'illi liie li&vc f ailed. Try It now. li Ul
purify > oiii Mouil , icKidatiJ tlio iltKti ioj ) ,
anil ult ne v llf and vlinr ; to the cutlro bvdy.
"Hond'tt birft.iiarllla | illil me gnat jyMt. ;
I v.i9 tlrtit out from overwork , cud It Inygd
) nn iqi. " JIliH. 0. li. HIMJIO.NS , Coluus , N. Y ,
"I sutTt-retl Unee ycir-t Iruw tilooil lu.'iwiu ,
I took Hixiil'fl Bard ipnrlll.i mid tlilnk f jui
iiinil. " Jlns. M. J , DAVIS , JJrotXport , M. > ' ,
'J'tD'lflea the Jilood
Hood s B4r jpirllla U cliarai tcrl/cd by
tlirca iK-ctillarltlcs I Isf , tlio < v/mMnnou ( ( fit
remedial ayuitsj 2iltlio j > rNwi ; Jl ; , JlJo
jiloctJt ( if M-ciirliii ; tlio nctlro uir'ilii-mal
qiulltli'i. Tliu ri-sulthaincdlclau of
Mrciie'tlf , ifffrtlni ; < ures I Itliuitu miniiovjii.
Hiu < | for limik coiitalalni ; adilltloiul \iOcnu- - .
"Hood's Kiiiirailllt loins up my i '
innIlli s my HUM ! , Mi iriuia mv n
M ems to m iLu inu < ver , " .1. J' , '
Jtl' l.itll lJ ) IVlllB , I JHUll , lIukK.
"Honl's K iri | > aiill.i IK-its Ml others ami
' " 'Viil 111 llnN tlKlt ) III piUI. " < iI.UAUUIM.l < > A ,
Hood's Sarsapariifa
Bold by all drnrginU. l ; lx for * 5. M
duly liy U. I. JIOOU Si CO. , Lunell , llaii.
COO DoQoa.Ono Dollar ,