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    EE ,
The Flower of # ew York Democracy Dc-
clinss to Play Second Fiddle.
llarrflful of Wealth Lost to tlio
Impending OaiiipalKn Notcs Krom
the Ohio Ntriiugle--Si > mo
5Tr.w Youu , Sept. 27. ( Special to the HBK. ]
The announcement tkit lUiswcll 1 * . Flonrr
had rcfusvil to bo u. candidate for I'e.utfltuint
'governor was with great nnrprli-c by
thu democracy in this city. They relumed
from Saratoga In the firm belief they had
done a very shrewd thing in giving Fhiwer
second placu on ( ho state ticket after his
nctlvoworlf nnd his liberal expenditures In
nn honorable effort to get the nomination for
thu presidency , and they thought he would
again opi'n his piwkutbook for Iho sight of
cold victu.ds for the .second table. His per
sonal friends thought hu would run nnd they
were really to help him , under thu impression
Unit he wanted icc-ognltlon at. Iho hands of
thu party to which hu has given so much and
from which ho has received M little , lie felt
being nmije a willing tool of , and if hu ac
cepted the nomination hu would be made fur
nish tlio moiiev. Huluis lived long enough
to know hotter. His lefusal at this tlmu
looks very much as If Im Intended to pay his
parly back In its own coin , and show them
liu did not propose to buy a valueless nomina
tion.The t-fl'ccl has boon disastrous , for It has
Riven a cold chill to tins Wall htreet party ,
who would have been willing to support one
ot their own men , anil tlio leaders have
nothing to sav. They do not know who to
Jook to , and they are afraid that neither Slo-
I'um nor Smith will accept , anil are afraid to
Jail back on Jacobs. I lower himself talks
about a majority of10,000 for the republican
ticket , and he neyi'r once wavered In his re-
Insal , even after ho hud been offered large
contributions from personal friends , who
thought hi- desired to make a light.
Whether or no Ids'declination was intended
forty-eight hours' ago is not. certain , but It
looks very much ; is it In ; bad taken this step
with maiicu aforc.lhought. A significant , In
dication of the. way in which popular feeling
has turned ami the coolness with which thu
nominations of thu parly are regaided Is
bhown bv this teailng up of a check to-day
which was signcd'a lorlnlglitago by a gentle
man now out of the country. It was for
§ 10.000 , drawn as a contribution to the demo
cratic campaign fund , to bu sent in case Hill
was not nominated.
WATiirow.v : : , X. Y. , Sept. 20. 11. P.
Flower has addressed ft letter to ( Jeorgo
Jallies ! ; cluiirinnn o ( the slatodcmocraliccon
vention , positively declining the nomination
lor lieutenant governor.
. AIUIAKV , Sept.20. Ills rumored here to
night that ex.rii * tur Jacobs wilt replace
Flower in the V Vv Ililacy for lieutenant gov
ernor on'the democratic ticket.
$ Bit of Ohio Political Correspon
, COLUMIUIS O. , Sept. . 20. The following
correspondonro look place between the re
publican antidemocratic state executive com
mittee to-day , and explains ttficlf :
_ Coi.UMjUis , Sept. JW. To Hon. THOMAS E.
POWKM. , Chairman , etc. DKAIS Sn : : As
Governor Hoadly.'through ' certain allies of
volir party culling themselves prohibitionists ,
lias seen lit to propound questions to our can
didate for governor at long range , I am - authorized
thorized to challenge him to a discussion of
tboissueaof thn campaign with Judge Fora-
ker at such tlmqnnd place as may bo agreed
wiwji by iw. Yours very truly ,
A. S. liUHiiNKi , ! , , Chairman.
CoLUMnirs , Kept. 20. To Hon. A. S. UUKH-
NKI.T. , Chairman , clc. : Your letter has just
been received in which you claim that tliu
.prohibitionists , as allies of our party , have
propounded certain questions to your candi
date for governor. Tliu prohibition parly is
not ilu ally of the democrat iu party.Ve are
ngal'pst them and the prohibition party.
.They , on Iho other hand , an ! against us , and
for prohibilioif. If Judge For.iker will declare -
clare whe.lhur \ is in favor of prohibition or
against , we will bo pleased to meet with you
and tlio chairman of thu prohibition state ex-
eciltlve committee and arrange for a disciiN-
Binn by all three candidates upon this and all
other questions Involved in the present can
vass. Yours truly ,
T. A. POWKI.L , Chairman.
COMTMIIUS , .Sept. 20. To Hon. THOS. E.
Powr.i.i'i CliaiVman , Etc. DKAII Sin : Uy
vour favor of this afternoon 1 am pleased to
see ibi t'yon do not deny that Governor Hoatl-
'ly , 'through hta prohllntlon allies , luus been
engaged in ( ho smiill work of propounding
mtcsiions lo our candidate for governor.
' From your well-known truthfulness 1 did not
suppose you would have the hardihood to do
, this , after the oci'.urrenees nt Paulding on yes
terday , when tlm nndlgnUled scheme was ex
posed. Under all Urn circumstance * , I tlo not
rwnnder that' you even condescend to crawfish
fur'thuplirpos'tv of keeping Governor Jload-
ly from meeting a ni'jnly ' antagonist , iu u
manly nutiiiier. Yours very truly ,
' A. S. U
- S pt.'JO. Tollon. A. 8. Humi-
UiiAi : Sii ) : Vour last favor has just
. reciivtd. : Gov. lloadlyhas not been
engageil In the \\'mK of proposing ( iiicntlons
1oiiidK ) < ! l'oniler ; through the prohibitionists ,
] of other | ieivons , uor has flio tlemocralle
partv done so. Our candidate has the cour
age lo answer all questions put to him on thu
minim orlhiimgh Iho public press. If your
candidate has not the o < iuid courage , II H not
our limit , but your misfortune. If you can
indiicu Judge Fonikor lt > answer flio queti-
tlons plainly put to liim In our- last letter , or
if your committw ) will answer them for him ,
wu will IK * pleased to meet you and arrange
l ( > i' a joint debate , as indicated In onrai wer.
' '
T. E. PO\VII.I : , , Chairman.
Polygamy In SIo.vlco.
PASO liii : NOIITU , Mexico , Sept. 'J7.
fijpcclal to the ] Jii ; : . ] Polygamy will not bo
.tolerated In MoxKv. In addition to thu de
mand made upon President Diaz to rescind
" "tho grant of ono hundred sections of laud In
northern Chihuahua to the mormons , the
CalhoJl" prie.stH are demanding that thu terms
nf tlijttreoment , which statt- that thu laws
f must n'te'illy compiled with , shall he enforced
as In Amnrlca. TJds ojienites against the
plural wife keepers now In the republic , and
they will have to reform or go. The church
is backed by a strong public sentiment , espec
ially In the northern states , and should iho
mormons succeed In locating another colony
they will liavo not only afiigld luwlnitthr
social and ieliglou-i element to combat. The
newspapers and politicians liavo taken
tliu subject In nand.
aPAso ni'ir , Nour | > , Soiit. 2rt. Tlm Mexicans
have begun \vauare against polygamy , and
well-gioumletl rumors are ullmit lierothatii
Mlemand hiis been made pt Pivsitlent Diaz
that lie rescind thu until I of land lu northern
Chihuahua to thu Mormons. The Catholic
diurch Is at the head of the movement , and
demands that thu laws against polygamy bu
untinced. Thu church j supported by u
h Iron g sentiment , especially In the northern
Ntnti' * nt tin' republic. Tlio entire population
liavo talen. ; a Ktruni ; ground the colo-
.nlzatton of Mormons -Mexican Hill ,
Hint AinotiH AVorl'men.
Wiiir.i.iNa , W. Vu. , Kept. ? . This mow
ing at a serious riot oecuncd at Lumj | .
lln's nUll , above * Martln'ti Ferry , Oh't ) , In
\vhlch at least two hundred shots "wero ex-
Cluingcd. The rjot was precipitated by an at
tack upon workmen In thu mill by a number
of armed men. Thownihiwn had sentinels
PJI Kunvd or" the re-suit might liavo
lAxm more b'crlDiu , 1'iom thirty to
fifty men aimedlth Mint guns
nnd revolvers eaint > up the i ailroad truck frum
the diiectioii of MaiiiVs F.ity. nnd approached
preached to v/ithin tlti.M pnc K ul' the mill ,
The hentlucl.s cl at. , iu.4 i\t ! tir ! lines ,
utpuii it.o 'i.- V'i. ' | -.1 v inn . , --t | me ,
i tlie men t.n ; . ml i-ui-mii : i-t
Iho flTtngTvaK kept iipfornbontlintr nil hour ,
when thu attacking party retreated , going
towards the river. An examination of tlie
force nt the mill showed that several had
been shot , only two , however , seriously. As
far as can be learned , four or five of the at
tacking paity were injured , one seriously.
The liot was occasioned by the Introduc
tion of non-union men In the Lottghlln nail
mill. The non-union men have been boaid-
ing and sleeping In thu mill.
Circus Highway lloblicrs.
LoUMTii.i.i' , Sept. 20. It Is reriorted here
( o-ntght that much ex lieiuci > t exists at
Frankfovt nnd Dacdatl , niul probably there
will hu u lynching bofavo umruiivg of several
alt.ic.hex of Doris eluiifl , who vcro arreslcd
here and lakrit to Fraiikfoil ttxlay , charged
with highwav robbery. Al Seliotleld , A.
Miles , J. U. Wclier aud J. U. Turner , four
young men of HaKiluU , Kv. , boarded tlie clr-
cm train to to to Fraukfwt lo eo
the show. They lind warttdy liald
tbclr fare wlieji at thu poinU
of Fcvoral pistols levelled ut their faces they
weio made to f.ui render nil thalr valuables ,
jewelrv , etc. , and u small iimouut uf mono * * .
The- robbers then made them Jump from tluj
train wnlch was runuini * at n rapid rate. All
were Jnfured by ( lie jump. Wcbor and Stlio- and the former
will not bu able \\orkagain. . Miles hndu
leg broken and Turner escaped with painful
hndsra. The men arrested wo Klchard
White , Win. Cunoll , Paul MrQunde , George
Miller , John Html and John Martin. It was
.stated on the street hero that all six of the
men had been hanged but the rumor
proved false.
A Ben wily Inhibition.
CiAnr.isTo.v : . Ya. , Sejit. 20. To-dpy at
the fair grounds Tom Montgomery's wildcat ,
"West Ylrglnla , was pitted In n cage eight by
ten feet with three vicious dogsone at a time.
The cat whipped all three In from one to
three rounds each. Finally a thirty-pound
bulldog , owned by Policeman Foley , of this
el ty , was put In the cage with the eat. Sev
eral passes were made bv the cat , hut the dog
avoided the strokes until such tlmo as be
could make a spring. As soon as he had a
chance thu bull-dog sprang upon thu eat ,
caught , him by the throat , threw his body in
such u Fibaiiu its to prevent the cat from ri | > -
plughim with his fionl feet , and then killed
tlm cat in four minutes , thus ending the
career of a wildcat which has whipped not
less than ton dogs in the past year. When. .
dead the cat weighed twenty-eight pounds.
Another Yacht llace Started.
SAMIV HOOK , X. Y. , Sept. 2fi. The com
mittee boat Luc.kenbach started the yachts in
the race for the Cape May cup off the point
of Sandy Hook this afternoon. At':50tlie ! :
preparatory signal was given. The Genesta
and Dauntless were ( he only contestants.
The. racers stood off and on under plain lower
sails and gall topsails ready for the order to
stait , winch was given at 4 o'clock.
Thirty seconds later the Genesta had crossed
the line , followed in " . minutes and 15 seconds
by the Dauntless. The wind was blowing
from tlm south at the rate of fifteen miles an
hour. Weather fair and tlicru was a light
A Candidate for TJope.
ST. Louis , Sept. 20. King , a big burly
ncgto and ex-convict , most brutally assaulted
and outraged tlie young daughter of E. Jef
fries , living near New London , yesterday
morning. King then went to the house of J.
1J. Harris , about four miles away , and finding
no onu at homo except 5fr. . Harris drew a
pistol on her , robbed the of all the
money ho could find , beat Mrs. Harris near
ius ° nsibK- , and then violated her jMjrson.
Thi"e two affairs soon became known and the
whole of that section of country turned out in
pursuit but had not captured the brute. If he
Is found lie will certainly bo lynched.
Condemned IntliaiiH.
WiN.vit-nrj , sVpt. 2J. ( At liattlcford to-day
Wandering Spirit was sentenced to hang for
the murder of Agent Qnlnn at Frog Lake.
Some dozen other Indians were sent down
from four to fourteen jcars for arson anil
boi > e stealing at the time of tlie rebellion.
Dressyman , Charebois , and Gouicon Mon-
graml were sentenced to hang for the murder
of usquuw. Constable Bright Eyes was given
twentv years for manslaughter. Uig Hear
and eight "f hip band were .sentenced to three
years In the Manitoba penitentiary. Left.
Hand , Poor Crow and two other Sioux got
two ycaif > .
_ _
Killed Cor His Crime.
PORTLAM ) , Ore , , Sept. 20. Xcws was re-
co' veil here to-day that A. C. Mayfjcld was
fhft ) and killed and his son dangerously
wounded at Ferndale , Washington tc.rritorv ,
by John Gulldv , who had had a difficulty with
young Mayiield last fall over thu election. A
pat tyMarted in pursuit and finiml GulI.Iy In
the woods two miles from Ferndale. Kefv.-
init to surrender , he was tired upon and killed ,
but sent two bullets at his captors before hu
* -
The Piro "Record.
KANKAKKI : , III. , Sept. 20. The business
poitlonof Buckingham , a village In Kanka-
kco county , twenty miles from here , burned
last night. The portion burned consisted of
a row of frame buildings. The lire originated
irom an unknown cause in J. U. Smith's
drugstore. Smith anil bis family barely es
caped with their lives from rooms above the
store where they were living. The loss
amounts lo about 52-1,000 , Insurance JrO.OOU.
. .
The Three Links.
HALTJMOUE , Sept. 20. Thu Sovereign
Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows , after being In
session slnco Monday" morning , adjourned
tlils afternoon slue dlu to meet In Boston a
year hence. The only business of Importance
transacted was the election of Governor , ) . ( ! .
Underwood , of Kentucky , to bo lieutenant
general of the new degree just acouired ,
termed "Patriarchs Militant. " This Is really
the high i' > t office , thu grand vlco being gen
eral ex olllclo.
A Dose 1'or the Mormong.
PHOVO , Utah , Sept. 20. Fedund Judge
Powers , In his charge to the district grand
jury to-day , Instructed that n separate Indict
ment can bo rendered for each day that a
pnlygamlst bad lived with more titan onu
wltuhlneu thu passage of Ihu Edmunds net.
Thu penally for each Indictment Is six-
months imprisonment ami V'M line.
Four Mou J > rowncd , .
Ponri.ANi ) , Ore. , Sept , 20. William E _
Holmes , a prominent stone contractor of tills
city , vtho had a government contract for- re
moving roclc from the channel ot thu Snake
river , was drowned yesteiday afternoon at
( irunltu Point , on the. Snake 1'lver together
with three or' his men. They were In a stiff ,
which btniuk a whirlpool and overturned.
Among ; the lliiilrotidtj ,
Niw : YOIIK , Sept. 20. Atu meeting of the
directors of thu Chicago , Milwaukee & St.
Paul railway held here to-day a dividend of
ax per csul on prcfcrrr1. ! * : " ' . ! a > ; percent on
common stock was deelau'd. i"iV-i > millions
of piol'eiTcd htock 1 $ sold lo Iho MOek-
holders at par ,
The Constitution Maker * ,
Siorx FALLS , I ) . T. , Sept , 91. The htato
coiiblltutlon has been t'omnjcli'd , adopted and
Mtned , und thu deUVviles iiu K'llnt ' ; home.
The u.\peiibO of ihu euiueniionlll exceed
" *
S1D.OOO. _ _ _ _ _ .
Tim CimaiHan
MOXTKII.U. , Snjit. ' ThliTy-hvo deatha
from smnljpox hew yestndiy\fjvi : \ ; ! in St.
Jean UaptNt vlllaee , fem in rolv St.-iLo
andtliieeln Cuulgenwe.
Hank Sliitonii'iit.
Niw : Yoitu , Sept. 30. The bank Btatr < nunt
Bhow a U'wrve tlecreivso of $2WOVjj ' rj,0 ,
bunks now hold $ IS.OOO.OOO in cxcr MO'I
ifjnf.uei.iu. . awt
Around Which Brisk Breezes Blow Which
Tail to Disturb the Pivot.
A I'rospccit. of I'cncciiblo Soliitloii
'JL'ho IJukc of KiIlnbtifRli Scnruli-
I'1 Antiquities
Foi-elKii News.
LO.VDOK , Sept. 27. [ Special to the IJee. ]
Persistent runiors were in circulation * both
yestwtlay und to-tlay , that Lord Salisbury
was ill , and that the cabinet had been muu-
mouad in conficiiuenei ! of the ceriousiiefts of
the premier's indisposition. A telegram vras
Bent Lord Salisbury nt Dieppe , who replied
as follows : "I am not ill. I learu to-night
for London. "
Consul General Fnwwttand Hajor Trotter ,
'military attache of the Urltlsh legation at
Constantinople , In an Interview to-day talked
quite freely of their ret-cnt tour of Itoumella
and southern Dnlgaila. They say ItimmoIIa
Is like the center of a whirlwind , It Is per
fectly calm , while tempests are circling
around It. There Is no excitement , among
even the most enthusiastic. I'ulgnrlans and
Turkish partisans , Jwho are hopelessly in the
minority , are as quiet as mice. There Is no
danger of lighting , nnd the leaders are de
voted to maintaining thu order on
both sides. The march of Imlgarlan troops
through itoumolla Is so circumspectly ordered
that no lumping is allowed , and quartomas-
t irrt uru forbidden to. make forced req
uisitions. Every effort is made to pre
vent aggression on either side. Deposed
officials , who would be supposed to be heartily
devoted to Turkish rule , are now vieing with
each other for positions under thenew re
gime. Mill. Trotter sums up the situation by
saying : "The only lighting in project is a
neighborhood quarrel , that will result in si
low stabs in the dark. No troops will go
northward and no Turkish olllcer will get his
promotion from tills affair. " Other dispatches
irom Constantinople show that Turkish
troop's , which weie to have been sent to Hul-
garia , are now dcMlncd lor Salonlca to fore
stall an expected rising in Macedonia.
Sir Henry Drumniond Wolff has decided
not to press Ills mission to tlio porte at pres
ent and will soon start fo.i Egypt , but will re
turn to Constantinople whenever the time up.
pears favorable for renewing Anglo-Turkish
Tlie composition of the new Turkish cabinet
indicates u pacific disposition , and Turkey's
moderation in the present crisis has uifdoubt-
cdly produced a good impression even-where.
An official note issued from the Uerlin for-
iegn olllue to-night approves and praises tiie
dignity aud deliberation which lias been
shown by the sultan. The cunent of opinion'
in Informed circles In London inclines to
peace. It is believed that the powers , either
with or without a formal conference ,
will urge Turkey to swallow the
leek and to accept Prince Alexander's
oiler to recognize the. suzerainty of the sul
tan. The only real danger arises from the
rivalries of Servia , Greece , liouniclia , anil
Montcnegio. AH of these states arc more or
less Imbued with territorial greed , and they
are all preparing to share in the expected
It has just leaked out that the duke of
Edinburgh recently visited incognito an
antique furniture shop in Chester where his
royal highness noticed a handsome arm chair
and offered to buy it. The dealer invited the
duke to sit in the chair for a few moments ,
and he complied with tlio request. His roval
highness had no more than got fairly seated
when the dealer released a number of con
cealed springs which pinned tiie duke tightly
to the clmiIn ; vain lie struggled to release
himself. Becoming alarmed at his situation
und fearing that it was a plot of Ihu in-
vincibles to murder him he yelled lustily for
help. The dealer only grinned at the labors
and cries of ids customers , anil at length the
duke proclaimed bis identity. The dealer
thought lie was only trying to frighten him ,
but the police arrived in answer to the duke's
\elis and continued the assertion of his royal
highness. The dealer then released his vic
tim and made most abject apologies.
Tlie Marquis of Kipon is reported to be ut
terly despondent over the scandal about his
new daughter-in-law , formerly lady Lous-
dale. He and his family did all they could
to dissuade his son from marrying her. lie
was deeply mortilled at his failure , but put on
as gootl a face as possible. Thev expected no
gootl would come , but'certainly were not pre
pared for her debut as a mother throe months
after her marriage. Thcie are rumors that
Earl DcGray will apply for a divorce.
ThcKuropcnii Plague.
KOMI : , Sept. 20. King Humbert , accompa
nied by tlie ministers of war and justice , pro
ceeded to Palermo to-day ou a tour of Inspec
tion of the cholera infected districts of that
MAI > IID : , Sept. 20. Five hundred and
ninety-two new cases of cholera and 207
deaths reported yesterday throughout Spain ,
Four now cases of cholera weie reported yes
terday in San Uoquc , a province of Cadiz.
Thu disease continues to spread.
JfADitin , Sept. 27. Throughout Spain vcs-
tcrdny thcioero fifty-two deaths from chol
era and 20 ! ) now cases.
HO.MK , Sept. 27. At Palermo to-day there
wens 1W deaths fiom cholera and eighty-four
new cases , at Ferrara nine deaths and two
now casts , and at Parma six deaths and .six
new cases.
At the instance of his cabinet King Hum
bert abandoned his intended visit to Sicily
unless the cholera increases In se.veiitv.
LONDON , Sept. 27. The cholera lias ap
peared at Nice , Trance , nnd eight deaths from
thu disease have already occurred there. The
ollicials , however , assert positively that theie
Is no cholera in thu city , fearing that an ni-
Icnowlcdgcmont of thn presence of the scourge
will have a ruinous effect on business In pa-
venting the usual inliux of winter visitors ,
EiiRllsh Political Points. ' -
LONDON , Sept. 20. The political cam
paign begins to glow. The coming week
promises to bo lively. Premier Sal
isbury will on Tuesday issue a
tory campaign manifesto. John Bright has
determined to rcentcr politics and advocates
restoration of the liberals to power. Ho pro
poses in a fuw days to undertake stumping
thu town. Lord Randolph Churchill goes to
Birmingham In a week with the avowed In
tention of attacking tlm weak misses of Glad
stone nnd Blight. Thu Newcastle temperance
conference bus insulted in thu formation of
n district tmupeninco patty which \\ill
support only those parliamentary candidates ,
whether tory or liberal , who will pledge them
selves In favor of local option. Most of the
temperance "orators upbraided the latu liberal
government for its neglect ot temperance
legislation anil criticised Gladstonu for thu
meagru and indlll'orent reference which his
manifesto makus concerning thu liquor tialllc.
Thu Uev. Mr. Ganctt , president of thu Meth
odist temperance unions , has Issued a fervent
political appeal to the people of England ,
concluding with these words : "Let party
landmarks alone. Vote straight for a sober
country. " a
The English BocjaUst Meeting
' LoKnoN , Sept. 27 , The great socialistic )
meeting , about which so much has been said ,
and which the police threatened to suppress ,
was held at Llmelioiiso to-day without inter
ference on the part of the nHlJior'Mu3. Fully
40ooo persons tooVj.ariin tM3emonstratlon.
Ihospeakeia Indulged il ) violent denuncia
tions of present boclety but no undue excite
ment was. displayed by thu Immeiibu audience ,
and tlioarulr passed oil" In a most jieaceful
Inanner. The police kept caicfully out of
sight ot the meeting. The policy of the au
thorities of making no dismay or force hml ,
it is thought , much to do with the absence of
disorder ,
LONUOK , Sept , M. ( iravo fears are gener
ally entertained about the outcome of the
nicotine to-morrow at Limeliouse , which the
socialists liavo determined to hold there in
Bplto of the prohibition of Hits police-authori
ties. The pollen drove the noclallsU 1 rom the
i Llmehouio meeting place on Siuida } hiitaud
tlio soehtlWa say toot ihcy will hold n meet
ing lo-niorww on forbidden pronnds just to
prove their Rtrongt bo lutnttlm-d police. The
tmUomo of tin : couh njpUivsl the lines In the
city of IjQiuUm einfnVl.'flii swh. | i
Another estimate of the number In attend
ance nt tlio NiclnllHt demonstration to-day
placf lluun at an oj rcgate ; of at least TO.OJU.
Tliece was an IUUUMIKP representation from
tlie exist wul Many uf those present came In
wagons and other vehicles uborncd with red
Inmiu're aud tutmomUud with liberty caps.
i ! lluumclinu .Difficulty.
ST. Pr.TKHmiwin , Bi'iit , at ) . The Jour
nal , St. Petersburg , ' says , the pow
ers luu c under cau.-tidcutitlon a. plan for united
u-tUMi looking to ft * ttlw vnl ! of tbo .Uumnel-
fcin < UfliiuUy ! , uiliieb. U 1 * belluvt'd , will lu-
titiro a peaet'fnl coluuou of ihu problem.
PAIU * . Bopt. SC. It Vs elated that Russia
luxjpuk j ou ImuieilluU weotiugftt CiiuttinU-
uutile. tif oiubu * aduM of Uiu iiuwtu > lo oottlo
tlm ItoAttuoUnn dlOleiUty on aliusls ofacccpl-
iiu ; tlic uuluuuf HiUjcuiiaandllouiuclla a an
nueoanpUalwJ fuet.
lA > sioK. S * ivl. U7. Advices from lluclnt-
est retiurt that lighting occurred on Friday
near AUrianoule and tliat dm lug the e.mra'go-
nicul thirty nuiuuellaiis wcio killed and UCU
wounded. *
CtiNMM.XTixoi-J.ii , Sept. 27. A llulguHiin
revolntlounrr vuinnilttcu has been discovered
ut AdrlaiiBple. Four arrests UUVB been made.
Editor fit.o.rul'H
Lo.vuox , Sept. ttfl. lirH. .larrett ; Editor
Ktexid , of tlu ! 1'uJl Hail a etU'aud < itlieiMl < -
fendaiits In the Kllzn AruiMtrong abduction
case , were committed to trial. During life.
proceed in us , Stead , acting as his own couu-
se.lread u document containing his line of de
fense. lie claiuM'd that thu end ho bail In
view In carrying out the scheme Instilled the
means he resorted to. He admitted that he
might have been misled by stiite.mcntsof Mrs.
ilnrrctt , who , If she procured the girl by fuli-u
pietenses , us testified toby Mrs. Armstrong ,
she bad obtained money from him iraudu-
The magistrate acquitted Mr. Uooth and
Mrs. Coonibc of tliu charge of indecent as
sault , but committed them as well as the rest
of the prisoners on tliu other charges.
Humored Swapping ot" I'osscsfiionu.
VIKXXA , Sept. 20. The Tagblatt revives
Ihe rumor to-day that England is about to
code Heligoland to Germany. Diplomats
state that friendship between England and
Germany IK Impossible , .while England re
tains possession of Heligoland. It is nut
stated what price is to bd paid for the Island ,
but it is generally believed Germany will sur
render her new colonial possessions In Xew
Guinea in return for a cession of Heligoland.
The Carol IncM Question.
IloMH , Sept , 27. The pope has consented
to act as mediator In the Ktmmollan ditliculty
In the event that direct negotiations between
the powers Interested should provu rcsultless.
All documents relating to the Carolines dis
pute between Spain hud Germany have been
delivered to the pope. . Hesldes Cardinal .Ia-
cobini , the pope will consult various experts
in regard to the matter.
The ISmpcror'q , Speech.
VIENNA , Sept. 20. ; Thu , emperor's speech ,
read at the opening of tle | lJeichsrath to-day ,
states that the foreign relations of
Austria are good , and that there is full con
cord among the powers' to maintain the
peace of Europe , a necessity which is univer
sally felt. '
Immigrants from , Nebraska.
Er , PASO , Tex. , Kept. 27. [ Special to the
Bun. ] News from 1)19 ) interior of Mexico ,
particularly that portion ot tlie country Hank
ing the Mexican Centra , ! ro'atl in the state of
Chihuahua , is to the cffect'thal great swarms
of grasshoppers have ' .Invaded the country
from the UnitcdJStiitesmid are playing havoc
with crops. The air Is full of them anil the
sky is obscured by myrciids ; of the invaders ,
and the peoplc.know nAt what to tlo to xnvo
their fields , orchard. * ttud vineyards. The'
worst ravages appear , tot ue near XaccU.-eas
and Soledad. Thu 'fanner and IM.-OII classes
have organized and are trying to frighten and
destroy the hoppers by shooting into them
with shotguns an they fly In swarms through
the air. Great losses have already bean sus
tained by destruction ot crops.
Shocking if True.
MADISON , "Wis. , Sept. , 27. [ Special lo the
BKI : . ] A report reached this city this even
ing of a terribly shocking tragedy said to have
been enacted near the village of liarnevcld ,
Iowa county , thirty-two miles west of Madi
son. According to tlio report , which many
discredit for the reason that full details , in
cluding thu names of Iho parties , cannot be
learned , a boy was uniting bands for a man
who was feeding a threshing machine and acci
dentally cut the man's Hand. This so en-
r.iged the machine feeder that ho threw the
boy into thu rapidly revolving cylinder , thus
reducing him to an unrecogni7ablu mass.
The report creates great excitement but no
further information from ( he scene of the al
leged tragedy Is obtainable. „
Apache Murderers.
TOMIISTO.NI : , Ariz. , Sept. 2C. In Sonorn ,
on tlio 12lh , near Nacosarl , Thomas Gandrew ,
James McDeriuottand Mrs. Hello Davis , of
Tombstone , and a boy named Fred and .1. A.
Matteson were ambushed by Apaches. Me-
Dcrmott and Gandrew were killed. The boy
Fred was wounded but escaped. Mi * . Davis
was captured and Matte.son alone escaped un
injured. The Apachen numbered thirty-live.
TUCSON , Aiiz. , Sept. 2'i. Xews is Just re
ceived that Captain Hatlield , stationed at the
Cananea mountains. In Sonora. has over
taken a band of about sixty hostllo Indians ,
and killed several and eipturcd forty-three.
Jt is stated that the captives will be turned
over to the civil authorities at Tucson .
Ollt Ot'
T , Conn. , Sept. 20. On petition
of several of thu stockholders of thu Howe
Sewing Machine company , iliidgo Andrews ,
of the sunurlor court , ntUanbiiry , to-day a ) > -
polnted K. Parmeley , secretary and geneial
manager of the company , as receiver thereof.
The company has outstanding obligations of
fCOO.OOO secured by bond and mortgage.
There is an uiibcciircd floating tlcbt of Sirxi-
000. Nominal a cts mo $1,110,000 , and the
company Is SUO.OUO In arrears to employes.
The directors have voted to wind up us soon
as possible.
Killed Ilia I'm her.
CIIIOAOO , 111. , Sept , ST.-Charlcs'McCarter ,
a north , side rough , got Into n quarrel n 1th
bis brother James Unlay , in the coins ; } of
which ho pulled a ivvot'ver and llretl. The
bullet missed tlm Intended 'victim ' and almost
instantly killed Iirc.m.iahMeCartcr.thoyonn ; ;
men's lather , who wus Munding near. The
patricide was immitllatoly anil
A Itccrtvor A ketl for.
FOitn ; Conn. , SniiL art. An applica
tion has been niado-'for UJo tippolntmentof. a
receiver for the Charter pair Llfu Insur.inco
company. Thu application 1.4 at Iho instance
of tlm insurancu-coiumituloncr , The com
pany got Into a bail condition linnnulally
about eight years "ago , WMIII after the erectjon
Of the building for Its ofliew , cobting nearly
one million dollars.
The nniiUpw ntSt. I'txul.
ST. PAUL , ScpU 20. The iiiiMulwrfi ot the
American Hanknis1 iiKsociatlon arrived this
afternoon , ono hundred and fifty In number ,
In charge of Pt ) sitliit. | Gago. Tliey. were
driven aliont the city in tarnages under tlu <
escort of thi ! bieul lmnlei ; > jiJHUntei : tallied at
obamiuot by thu > umn this even InTh ! y
go from'hi'to Nlnnrapolls , tlenc to lm-
luth ond'Iiomo via Chicago ,
Nominated a Tkilu-l.
Uiiiii.VOTttV , la. , Serl.Tht
ciatlu county co.nycntt/u / ( P-d. ; ) ij'/mlii led
foriilatn scnatftr WV , Define. ; rei | < viUt.'i- : )
tlvi-i , \\T. ii. Cullmlsuii and .Jolr.i . .S. Tinny ;
auditor , l'iinl ( iu.-li'-ii : easurer , E. H. Huuls ;
ff , < ! fi > . Ki'let'iJwti.ii ' Miprrlii'indfi'iof
H'iliitils , \V I I'fie .ipc. .ls..r IJrnry
Dtnne. 'i n > i r.t' i . > > n'io i .11 1 -nil , ;
Hinckloy's Application for Quo Wnrrantc
Proceedings Tlatly Denied.
The Civil Service Commissioners
tlic First I/cgal Contest , that. Qucs-
tionetl their Uljla to Kvlst as
IV UovermneiitlJody.
NKW Tonic , Sept. 20. The quo warrantn
luotwdlngs of Jas. llluckley against Dor-
uuui H. JC.iton , lx > Hey I ) . Tliiniuiu and J. It.
llivgory , civil service commissioners , cauui
up before Jiuigc Wallace In the United Stated
circuit court tills morning. Hhicklej- asks
leave to begin act inn to remove thu comm ! *
Motiers alld nholllJl .Iho commission Oil UlO
ground uf uneontUtiitionaHty. ' 1'lu1. court
VMM was crowded \vllli friends and onmnlui
of I'lvll fervid ! reform. United Staled
District Attorney Dorsheimcr ami Dornian
It. Kuloii appeared lov thu commlt-shiners
while Morris b. Miller represented Ilinekley.
In tlio opening Dorhheimer said that Urn case
\YiiH mi important oui > , and us all parties \vrrc
prvF-tillt. bethought ItKhould bo disposed of.
Judge Will lace. tlcelded to hear tlmiuotlnu.
All I lev , when Hluckley'H ca e. was called , de
manded to liui\v who appeared for the de
fendants. "I appear for nil thu defendants , "
, sild 'dm district ultornej , "and by tlio
Minctiiiii of tin ; pu-hidi'iit of this united
Miller objected to the commissioners being
ivprcM'.ntctl by n go\citiniciil oftlcinl , us tlm
United States hail not any real status In thu
can1. Dnrshcinier then moved tlio court to
decide whether or not argument should IK *
cnnnncd to tilt ; constilutlonal juiisdiction of
tilt ! court. He said that ho was instructed to
nay that ho and Iho attorney general \\ort > .
liroi > ared to defend the constitutionality tif
tlio act appointing the commissioners. Thn
judge unstained 'the motion. In thu argu
ment , Dnrsheimcr said : The rolalor is n c.ltl-
y.envho socles to nholNi the otlico of ( lit ! com
missioners of civil servlco reform , because
thocoiinnissluners , by the. power conferred
upon them , usurped the rights oC
the president to the appointing power. 'J'hu
petitioner has noi standing in tin ) court bo-
cause. the right to a quo warrsnto writ only
npiillcs to the usurpation of sovereign rights
niul tho-Unitcd tit ales coiild nlono bring such
an action In the courts and then only through
its appointed ofllcer. Neither had the relater
nor ins attorneys been dcputi/cd by thu at
torney general to recommend such notion and
flu1. Unlled .States alone hail the right to test
the constitutionality of the act providing for
the commission. Their rule , as ho stated It ,
ho Paid was fnllv demonstrated in
the case of Wallace airatnst Anderson ,
the question in dispute being as to which of
the two were out it fed to a public oflire. A
writ of into wurninto. as applied for by the
plaintiff , was denied by tint chief justice of
the supreme court of the Tniled .States tin
the ground that the United .Stales alone could
sue for such a writ , and then only through its
legally appointed officer. To bring action
properly , be maintained , the relater should
have applied to the executive and judicial au
In reply Counsellor Miller contended , on
behalf of the relater , llinckloy , that , his client
had a statutory right to apply for n writ for
the citizen created bv thu constitution , and bis
client , as a citizen , had a right to avail lihn-
se.lf ot all
After hearing the arguments Judge Wal
lace denied the application.
A Contract Decision.
WA m"xo.TO.v , .Sept. 20. .Secretary Man
ning to-day , .lii.n decision regarding repairs
on tlie steamer Crawford , guve n general In
terpretation "oMho law ou " 1L awarding of
contracts. II is in the form of an opinion
froln thei-oUc.Itor "of iho treasury , of wJlich
tlio following is the gist : . The general rule ,
so. far ax e < mgifc.s.thu. * expressed itself , seems
to' bo that thti lowest bid should beat-copied.
The requirements in regard to adver
tising , giving- notice to bidders of
the unto nntl place of opening bids and
permitting them to bo present , make it-appa
rent , that I tv. IK the intention of congress to
require , its a rule , the acceptance of tlio low- '
t-Kt bid. In any other view this legislation is
uselessTJicro nro many circumstances ,
.however , which would Justify a departure.
from this rule. Such circtmistaiu-ex should hi ;
considered , and if shown lo bo material , and
that by icaifJn of their existence it is for the.
best interests of the I'lilti-d .Stalto to
accept a bid which Is not tlio low
est , eourso may bo taken.
These circumstances should be such as
to effect tin economy and best interests of the.
service only , not that ol individuals. The
proof of insolvency of the bidders , or other
inability to curry out a contract , would be
good ground to reject the lowest bid. but
mere allocations of such inability without
) JVoof to sustain them could not warrant a
departure from the general rule. Kor these
reasons I advise the secretary lo adhere , to the
rule evidently Intended to bo applied by con
gress in sui'.h eases as furnishing the be t pre
lection to tlio public interest : ) .
> >
Cleveland's Foot Cuino Down.
WASHINGTON , .Sept. 27 , [ Special to the
Uir. : ] Som time ago Gen. J'osecrans , regis
trar of the treasuiy , called for tlio resigna
tions of several of the chiefs of divisions in
his ollice because they differed with him re
garding the cfllcieney of FOIIIO so-called re-
l.orms he was inliudiic.lng into the. oflice.
They were all clerks of long experience and
clUdency , and believing It was their
duty to against 'somo of the
Innovations which ( Jeneral KoseeiiniH , who
knows nothing whatever of bookkeeping ,
saw lit to introduce , but it inipeais the picsi-
dent overruled the general , and has given
him to understand that In n bureau Ilko that
of tliu registrar It is not fmfe to make radical
changes from old FJ.loins. . During the
past week ft Pennsylvania eongiess-
inun , who had u candidate lor
one of thn positions when u vacancy .should
occur , called upon Secret. ' iv .Manning and
asked to have bis cnndidak iven a position.
The secretary Informed him that tlio pres
ident had considered that tint resignations of
the live chiefs had not been rctjup.-.ted upon
.siilliclent grounds , mid thnt'Wr the jiresent
they must not bu disturbed.
IVnll'rt from Washington.
AVA.siiiNOTo.v , Sept. ! 20. The president tn-
dny appointed the following district attor
neys : Daniel O. I'liieh , of Iowa , for the
.soullieni district of Iowa ; I-'uiliiis ll.Jiusbec.
of North Carolina , for the eastern district of
XortU Carolina.
The president , Ibron h iho secretary of the
treasury , has asked J'rnf , A. Ag.'issii' to tao ! ;
tliii otlice of Kiiperintundent of the coast and
gcoluglo ttiirvcy , vlco J'rof. 1 1 liquid resigned.
Killed Hin AVifii in n Ilrotlicl.
UAI.TIMOIII : , Mil. , Sept. 2 * . Tlilsevenint , '
shortly uflei0 o'clock Cnptaln TlinmasJC.
JIance , romnmnder of an oyster schooner ,
shot and killed his wife , Annlu 1C. Hatico , In
u brothel on Spring street. AK soon as tho.
shooting was done Hancu left the lionso and
went to his vessel , where bu was arrested ,
Ho met his wife In the honso wlioro Mie was
killed more than tw < j years qgo 'nnil Induced
hero to leave It , after which ho married bur.
They lived bajiplly together until last April
when ho lett homo. ' 'to juosecutu his
business. When bu leturned ho found his
home deserted , and discovered that his wife
had returned to tho. place where ho liM- met
here. Ho tried to Induce her to go with him
to ( heir homo but did not succeed. Tills
evening , when them worq.pnly three persons
In the be gained access and went im
mediately to her room. Ho again begged her
to go with him but she refused , and ho shot
her , Sirs. Vance was 23 years of age.
. Dak. , Sept. 2f. Thp most do-
stnictivo prairie tire over wltncissjd In this
community occuncd yesterday ? A man
named Minder , living In hake township , ict
tire to fcomo &tnw , A Urong south wind was
blowing ut the rnte of nixty mllcH per liotny
niul in an instant thu lluuiesero bCiyouJ
lits control , traveling northward with
a frluhtlnl stride. Tito llames consumeil
everything within their i-each , Inrlinliiig
houses , barns , liav , grain and fnnu inncblnery.
It Isestlmnteii atlunisniul tons of bay wen1
dislroycd , The following aic thu principal
and heaviest losers , with the loss of each :
August Hrennlnu , house , barn , hay and live
stacks of wheat.
William Cr.uie , five stacks of wheat.
Itobcrt Hancock , four stacks of wheat ,
dwelling house and contents.
.John Uuckless , twelve clacks of wheat ,
barn , binder , plows and harrow * .
A. L. Hanson , graiicry and 600 bushels of
oats.A. . 1) . Cnitrv. dwelling house and contents.
WU.MOST , ' ! ) . T. Sept. St ) . Muc.h damage
lires In Hobiutji county
last night. I'lio KI-MS 1 * very dry ami burned
with tearful rapidity. Many farmers lost all
their luiy and others their i-utUv crup of
Cllli Monn PrlVmtx Hurry AVtlke.s.
Duntoiv , Krpt. CO. About u.a ptrf cot a day
ai could l desired was ttMlay , und botvrefcn
" ,000 anil 6,000 pcoplcrf rom this city ami out-
fude tilled all available space about the De
troit driving park track \titncfs the great
match rare between Clingstone and Unity
Wllkes , beit treu out of live. In the jHinls
Wilkes was the decided favorite , 820
to sjis being offered , buioro many
jiurehasers came torward. Alter scor
ing twice , tliu drivers having * o re
quested , nt 2)0 : ) the two rivals got the word
a id both were going In splendid shape.
When the horses papsed under the wire
Clinistoiio was ahead by a throat-latch.
Wllketf , who hud scored down the third path
ou thn iRutk. quickly came In close to Cling
stone's wheel , where he hung until entering
the bank course , when he fell back a length.
Meantime Clingstone , although going very
fast , did not seem tube working ids utmost.
Cllngtone touched the half at lUS-4' : , a2:17'i
gall. Wilkes was on his wheel and ho niailo
u superb burst around thu lower turn. The
wheel was passed and Clingstone , apparently
noticing Uii ! tact , let out a length. Wilkes
still hung to the Clovcluud horse , and when
hull' way around the horses were a span.
Coming into tlie stretch Wilkes' nose was
the llrsit to shuw around. His gait was sure
and steady. A hundred yards farther on
Wilkes was half a length ahead. The speed
proved too for tliu Now York horse aud
lie left his leet for live or six skins , enough to
lose the heat. Nan Ness ) hauled him down
und trailed home behind Clingstone , who
went , under tlie wire at a 2 : ! ( ) gait. Ills time
was2l.- : ' , ; . Wllkes followed in 2:10 : . in
the .second heat the horses got. away head and
bead. Clingstone had hall an open length
behind him to the lower turn , when Wilkes
slipped up to thu wheel. The Ohio horse
shook him off and maintained his lirst lead ,
trotting under thu wire in 2:17 : > j , Wilkes com
ing In nt":20X : >
At 4:15 : the "horses came out for the third
heat , getting away at once- with Clingstonu
the leader by a nose. Wilkes started lor the
beat with a magnificent gait , holding his
place bevond the quarter. Then hu fell back
a half h-ngth. These positions were held to
the lower turn , when Wilkes spurted abreast
of Clingstonu before tlie turn was done. The
hews cjimu Into the stretch with a tcrrlliu
speed , both trotting without a break. Wilkes
was bead and head with Clinu'stone at the
beginning of the stretch. Thu Uuckeyu
horse increased his speed , dropping Wilkes
to his hip. This advantage MHMII to discon
cert the New York horseHe could tlo no
better than he was doing , aud Clingstonu
passed under tlio wire winner by half a neck ,
making a close and exciting linlsh. Cllng-
Mone bad fairly won tlio tldid beat and race
in 2:10. :
' - .
Sl'MMAl-.V :
Clingstone i i t
Harry Wilkes 2 2 2
Istqr. | 2d qr. | "id qi\J linish.
First heat. . . . 1:11 : r : lJ
Second heat. *
ThlnlhcaJ. . _ . 1-42'j I 2-10 "
Uetween the first and second , heats of the
Wilkes-Cliugstonerace , lien Stanley's pacing
team , Jordan and Little Mack , tried to lower
the record of'B:2 : * for the best team pacing
record. They made the best til'iu ' ever made
on this track , ilfaUnTg "thu circuit * without a
skip in 2-ii-M. AJ ; 4 .p'ctoqk SiiJonq. trotted
his team , .Wil'am ' H and Onward } ' against
this lecord. Tho. team trotted evehly and
came under thu wire in 2:21.
The Strike Knded.
Ci.ivniAM : ) , Sept. 27. The strike at the
Cleveland rolling mills is at last ended. The
men struck on July 1 against an indefinite
reduction in wages whie.ll the managers had
decided to make. Last. Thursday the com
pany agieed to restore June priced and start
ihu mills. Thu majority of the men were
iu favor of accepting the proposition
bnt the leaders sought to impose other con
ditions on the company regarding the man-
aucinent of the inllN. Several meetings were
belli but no settlement was i cached until to
night , when u largo meeting was held and
tb" leaders declared the strike off. The an
nouncement was received with vociferous
cheers. The mills will bo stalled to-morrow
morning at Juno prices.
Dloil Together.
ST. LOVIP , Sept. 27. Information comes
hero that a most desperate tragedy occurred
in the village of Cottonwood Point in this
btatu Friday night. Two intoxicated
strangers got into a dispute and then had a
rough aud tumble tight over the weight of
cotton , but they were separated by bystanders.
Shortly alter , however , the men renewed tlm
tight , and mutually agreed , in order that
neither should havu any advantage over the
other , that they .should elasii their' left hands
t-.getlier . nnd right with their right hands.
Tims arranged , each with a revolver in his
ndit hand , they bezan their bloody work.
Seven shots were exchanged and one of the
men fell dead with four bullets In his bead
and , while thu other sank to Hie
wound bleeding and dying Irom two or three
desperate wounds.
- AVIll Heo If His Is Uln Son.
ST. Lens , Sept. 27. Cablegrams bavu
Iron received hero from London , England ,
stating that Samuel Y. Hrooks will soon start
for SI. Louis to ascertain definitely whether
thn innn now held In jnll here as thu murderer
of C. Aithur Preiler , and known variously as
Hugh M. Hrooks and Waller II. Lennov
Maxwell , Is Ids son. It Is said if such .should
bo Iho case , Mr. Hrooks will be prepared to
prcei-nt some documentary evidence for thu
Chinamen OrtleriMl lo Leave.
SIATTI.KV. : \ . T. , Sept. 27-Thn Chliu-su
camp at Newcastle mines was visited hist
night by a mob of masked men , \\lio com
pelled the guaid to surrender. Alter conic
talk the moli agreed to glvo tint Chinamen
twentv-fourliour.s to leave. Tlioy Kihl ihcy
woui.l rlddlu with bullets all Chinamen fuunil
thire at thu expiration of that linn ! . A special
train has just started for Newcastle to i-ing
all tie : Chlnesudown.
The Dolawnro I'lan.
Wji.j xrrro.Del. , . , Kept. 2 , Two con
victs weio whipped at Xcwcnstlu this morn-
Ing-ln the pawnco of 2 < w spectulois. Suwall
Btarkcy cojorcd' , an old olVonder , stood ono
hour lif-the plllor'I'd ' took twenty itibhe.s for
burglary. Jaiaes JCIrko. ( while ) , look ten
lashes lor steallngv.rallwuy witch \wyn \ ,
.ShoillI Ford wielded thicat rather lightly on
both convlcU
the Crime ,
ST. Louis , Supt. 20. CiajKlmmf'ilaln ) | and
Win. Power , fishermen , arri-sled to day.
They acknowlrdgo emptylngttlm contents of
n revolver and shotgun fntnUfutrlck I'nv and
ttlchard Frcncli , nii3tabonUhleejiiii' ; , ' on thu
Aver bank. Fox was kHlwrand Ficnch M--
vorcly wounded. Tlm rouSliibfiuu had stolen
il boat belonging to tbo flsliei'iueii ,
Kartliquuko iiiJlonii8.v'vaiihi.
I'lTrsntino , SepttiS' ' ' . At 'Js-WoViw-k this
tfti-rnoonushoclMesciublln ; ; canlHiuaki' wa
felt at varltmd j iints along tlm CliaiUeis
Yalley railrfia'dlJClweeii MaUMi''iLntdii \ :
Ingtoiii thishtate , a di-ui ' ! < ( i < > i il n 1-1 .
This shook was arcump-iht 1 ; i ' j\\ . i. > '
liiiK sound.
A Marked Increase in tlo Hold of This ]
Year Over Last ,
Tlio Crltlcnl SI41RO II I'flSfOtlwltlM
No DHIIKOIIVom Krosts Illinois
anil Iowa If end the Iilst
lu Production. L y i .1
i , 111. , Sept. 87.-.The corn crop ol
the United State * lwvli g patwed the critter I
etage , and vfliataxor of danger that menaced !
the cereal from frosts bring now ended owlnd
to the inability of the grain , the Farmers' ]
lluvluw , of lids city , has calle.d lu report1
from Us fourteen hundred correspondents
Riving thu area and probable yield in everyj
county in tlie loading com producing states ,
anil has compiled from these a close estimate
of thu approximate yield of the crop of 1S8 , " ! ,
These estimates have been bused on com-J
parlson * with the yield of IbSt , taking tbnl
liures of thu agrlcullural bureau at Wnshlng-1
ton for the yield of last year , Itcportsofl
correspondents Include nut onlv the npproxl-l
m.ito a'leagu bvt aim thof
peivuntage of condition as compared to lost ]
year , and thu pureentugo ot Increase orj
decrease in acreage. 4
This was done to approximate as closely an 1
possible the actual output , thiv correctness oil
which method was demonstrated very fnilyl
in the estimate of the wheat crop Juno 1 by f
this bureau , and to which llgnies all rccOR- i
nlzcil statisticians , including thu goveinmentl
bureau , have gradually approached. Hi Indiana - g
ana , Illinois and Kansas thu ground ploitghcii-1
up owing to thu ruination of the winter wheat I
crop , and devoted to corn. Is closely corn-1
puted. In comiKirison by states return * ) !
show that Indiana , Iowa , Minnesota and'l
Missouri liavu a slight Increuso in aercago'J
over 1SS1 , and Wisconsin is the only state ;
showing a decrease , but both Wisconsin nmlj
Minnesota show a decrease In condition , and ]
Missouri also shows n slight decrease. Other
states all reveal an improvement , and in'
Ohio , Illinois nnd Indiana the improvement ,
Is marked. \
Tlds results In the following comparison
by states of tliu probable -yield-in the few
states named :
1S8-I. 1885. , ,
Slates. Bushels. HUshclJ.
Ohio 83 , ! * ! ,000 lltJOOXX ! ( >
Indiana 10l,7"i7,00 ( ) rri,7tf3,00t ) .
Illinois 2HM4IKJO ! . .
Iowa 2.v.vjooooo 2tihaiiooc ! ) , ; > .l
M issouri i' > 7,8ooooo iKO.m-o.ootrI
Kansas KiSMX,000 ) 188,720,000 J
Nebraska 122,100,000 ii702,000 : ! ! I
Minnesota'AOOO 21,148,000'
Wisconsin 20.200,000 21,20a,000,1
Michigan 20,022,000 : JO,185,000 ; |
Total i,2.-iM , ooo i
The excess over last year 184,010,000 on tlio
liasls that the states and territories outside of
thu ten named will produce as much corn a 'i
they did last year or r ij-loO,000 : bushels , and'
tliis would seem to be assured from a study *
) f the reports. It will give a total crop of
l , 7io0.000 ( : ! bushels from wldeli total itln <
safe to to estimate that the yield will not
vary in any appreciable degree either way.
Chicago Cattle Market.
CiucAno , Sept. 20. [ Special to the
UKE.J CAITLI : The .imirket . opened wlow
and weak witli another1 drop of , K
@loc all "around. AVith fresh rcceipls
there were about 20,000 on . sale.
Plenty oC fair to good packing sorts Bold at
{ ? : i. ( @ ; ) .70 , nnd best ntSa.80M . Good-New
F.ngland soits , selected and assorted , soltl fir
S.80@.0" : ) ? > , with soniu lots a.s low as
and rough
as SWO. The T. & 15 , sort every animal. A'
peed ono from 2Tfl down-to-lSO costSl.ic@
l.\Si \ , or about Gc lower tlinii yesterday. Ited-
niotid bought "stricllv Yorkers , nveiiiglng '
iso , at Sl X a-rj. Pnckurs ; shippers anil' '
butchers bought about 10,000 out ot the 20,000
on sale.
Shipping Steers , 1350 lo 1500 Ibs , 85.20(50.00 ( :
1200 to liJoO Ibs , S4.tXari.tiO ) ( ; UiO to 1200 Ibs. SK.OO
@ -1.80 ; stoelcers and feeders , 82.00@4.20. Cows ,
bulls and mixed. S1..10@4.oo. Hulk , $
Si.50. : Through Texas ciittle stronger)50 ; ) to
. . , ,
II tlf J.\J.\llln * VUvit tVJ
Texas , I05i ( Ibs , stt.i. :
I lees neccints i,000 : ! against 2.T900 last
Saturday , making about : w,000 for tne week
ending to-niglit against 41,000 last wool ; .
There was not over thirty loads of natives
among the fresh iwelpls and scarcely any'
that would Milt tho'shtpplngand dressed HtniJ
trade , and on the other Jiand there was littloi
or no demand for shipping grades , so time *
trading was limited and prices undcrwcnc
little or no changes , thn week ending on a
strong market for natives and lf ( * 20ojiiglior ;
than last week. Texans and westerns were
sell Ing the same as yesterday , and have atl-
vanced lOtft-irie during the past week. Stocic-
ers and feeders In light supply. But low
buyeis were on thu market to-day , and no
transactions of note. Itougli and mixed $ 'MO
' ( . { * . . I'acklngaiid sliipiiing , 2."jOtoiOO : life ,
s.rn : ) < < jf n. Light weights , l ! to. . 170 lb ? ;
S4.0tKfM.K : ; IbU to 210 Ibs , S3.SOS:5.00 : ; skips
SW > .
The 1M-I7.0
Ei.P.vsn , Tex. , Sept. 20. A hard glove fight
between John Cahill and Jojin Cowpcr , Mdr-
qnls of ( Jnecnsbury rulws.toolc placohnro'last
nlirht be.iore u largo crowd of spectator ? .
Six louinls weie fought. Hotli men wero. .
badly used up. In thu sixth round Cowper
lnoelced Cahill down fivu times , and was do-
clan d'lho winner.
I'lTTSiuiito , Pa.Sept.20. A haiddovonght
between John Joyce , of Letonlti. Ohloj and
PalHcUIJurke , 01 MeKcesjoit ) , Pa. , this af-
U-nionu at MciCcM' Uocks was forSlOOnslde ,
Marquis of ( jiicciisbnry nile.1 ! . Five ron'nds
wen-fought , Unrku being knocked out In thu
last round. Ilu was badly-punished In every
A lo l < : atM n IJay. !
XIM\O. : , Sept. ' . ' ( i , At GOC.S station , f hreo
miles from hero. Miv. Parsons missed luir
l-year-old daughter last oviiulniriillcr having-
.s-een her playing In the yard. Making w-arcti
she found thn cbild's dead body beneath u.
bull dog that , hail killed her and was eating
its Ilcsh. Thu do had to hn killed beforu lint
child's body could hu removed , The brutu
belonged to a neighbor ,
llase Unll Saturday. ?
At Chlcago-l'hlcago ( I. J'rovidencp 0 , /
Al Uallimore Haliiinoinr. . ) 'ilthlnrg-l.
At Detroit Detroit ID. PhilaileJpblaii.
At Philadelphia Athletic " , Louisvlea | !
Al St. Louis- . Louis 2. JJobton r > .
At New York Metro nolitan 7 , Cincinnati 2.
At New yorlj-Hiiirnli i 1.ew YorH ) . ,
At 1'rooklyn St. Louis o , lioolclyn.\ ! /
Ordered to
SAN Kn.vNcisf.o , Sept. i ) . Col. J. C , Ko.
ton , asil.ftunt adjutant genurallio has been
on duty on this roast for th past -eighteen
years ; Is relUived at the lniuJnimrlPiv of tlm
division of the J'adlh : and nrueied to repoic
for duly to thu adjutant general at WIMIIIZ | | <
tun. '
Koutlinrn WnMnnits Itopairi-iL
Niw ; Oiii.KAN6 , Sept. 27. The tnnii which
i u ; trd hero yesterday has subsided. Tim
\\asboulsontlii ) LoidHvillii.fc Ni.-.bvi' ; ) | rull-
road near Chei-Mejitucr liavo IK en snlilitlpntly
epajied to admit of Uiyvamagn of iranis .u
i ual. ' 9 . ' ' , ' \
TlioVoather. .
W.vsui.viivn , Supl.yj. Upjwr iifriifisijmj
valley : ( ) i ! usiial | | nttl < rains , ( ioutheriy
\vtiiils , holier rpmpf nUiire , lt\Ver ) banmictor.
.Vivciirt > aU { . . - " wlwinl Jocnl i-.tln ,
v.aimt'r , yjutlwily wlntls , Jowt-r baromcler.
AIoUsili-Slavery : ! }
Ill > l > | .1 M ir-.i , Mej.t. . 20. 'lit ) K
'of i'i pulie l".ucd tin bill fur
f ii ' * .11