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The Slraifiliog Dtmocrols of Ntw
York Erolyo a Pisiform ,
A Specimen of Rare and Peculiar
Political Literature ,
A Flower Pot of Boodle Greases
the Great Ticket ,
Iho Kett of the Ticket ivns N rnl
tinted by tlio Convention for the
tiow York Democratic Convent Ion ,
SARATOQA , Sept. 23. Chairman Itaiues
called Iho convention to order nt noon , when
D , C. Ilerrick , chairman ol the committee
on resolutions , announced that the committee-
was ready to preiont n icpott , lioforo tha
report was read tha chairman asked unani
mous consent for the presentment of a special
resolution , which was granted , nnd Gen.
Hotter A i'ryor presented the following :
Iletolved , That with profound sorro w the
democracy of thontatuof New Yotk lament
the death of tha Inflexible p.itriot and In-
vicclble soldier , UlyesfsS. Grant , ( applauio )
of whose illustrlotH career they recognize the
fitting crown and coutumtnation in his dying
invccition of peace nnd good will between
the hetoes ho Ud nnd the hcros ho con
quered. ( Applause )
The resolution w 3 unn imously adopted ,
every delegate riling to his feet ,
The platform win then road a3 follows :
"Ihu democrats of tha state of New York
In convention assembled , congratulate the
people uf the whole union upon tha election
and inauguration of Grovcr Otatclnnd to be
president ol tha United States. We com
mend tha wise iiurt stntesmaulikui < mo of his
ioaiigural address aud tbe tlgnifionnt public
recognition in tbo ( election of hit cabinet offi
cers uf the fact that the UMJU uf tliojo thirty-
eight indottiuUiblu states is ut lajtthoroughly
ostibhshed. IIw firm , cuimd-rite and con-
bcloutioua conduct as president hai
alrea'dy proved the falsity oi the predictions
of in national calamity with which his ene
mies nnd the enemies of the democratic party
endeavored to alurm tbu public mind during
tbucauvn'-B. ' Wo hereby tender to him our
hearty approbation of the public policy
which hua governed his official no. ion , aud wa
especially emphasise iu our approbation thu
eflott tie bat nude to o.-a Jlcale corruption
and iucompeteucy trom tha public service by
the appuiutmeut of honest , capable democrats
in order tunt there shall ba thorough , whole
some reform of the methods condemned by
thu people who confided to him the
administration of his high ollicial truat ,
'Ihu platform then txpres-ea approval o !
the atlmluletration of thu elate government
by the several duparlinenta of the state , and
ro-tiUirm the declarations of the docuucratic
national conveutious of WO-'SO-'Sl In regard
to the necessity uf reforming the civil service ,
but condemns the actual administration of
tbe existing civil servicn law as it has bean
executid by the republican party , "Thar
have ubuaed lt provisions for tbe purpose of
keeping republic IUH iu otUce They have ,
througu tlu machinery of the luw ,
formulated lists if elicibles compjecd
nhno-t exclusively of republicans ; theyhnvn
extsndod the period during which , by
provisions of the lw , those eligible for ap
pointment for ollica should remain in the reg
isters , so as to oxcludu democrats from all ol-
liceu within thu rules of civil service. Wu
ask that the commission at Washington baru-
organizd , so that its majority shall bo in
sympathy with tha administration ; that bith
paitits bo fairly represented uu examining
boards , aud that the present Hatx of persons
legible for ollica bo annulled. While , there
fore , proclaiming approbation of the
epirit which Inspired the recant legislation of
the federal goverumciut and of thu atato of
New York t < promote needed reform in civil
service , we must nt the tame timu pi act ) on
record our wisti and purpose that thu proper
officers of each government charged with'tho
execution ot that legislation and empowered
to matte suitable tulut and regulations to
carry it into effect shall taka oare that the
constitution * ! power of tha executive and
heads of the departments to make appoint
ments shall uot ba Irapilred nud that the ma
chinery , whatever It may be , for tha testing
of eligible candidates shall not bo prostituted
to im worthy purposes. " The ubovo waa
adopted by a majority of the committee , but
the minority decided to make no report , iu
tha Interests of harmony.
The convention believes thnt the experiment
of coining silver dollars In the hopes of main
taining n fixed ratio with gold has gone far
enougn , aod cannot ba continued longer with
out great danger tb tbu business interests of
the country. The losa in interest alone on
silver dollars stored up in the treasury vaults
is over four million dollars per Annum ,
and this accumulation of silver , pur
chased nt a cost of SlbO , ( 05,000 , is worth to
day uot more than $10(3,000,000 ( , with every
prospect cf further depreutlou , "We thoro-
foreu inand tbu rorjoal of tha act under
which compuliory coiuape of silver goes on ,
but wo will welcoma any practical ineaeute of
agritf inent with other nations by which a ratio
of vriliia bstiveuu gi > ld and silver may bo made
less fluctuating , but to thla end the first step
mutt bd the stopping oi any further compul
sory coinage of silver doll aw. "
Tbo pluttorin calls for revision rl the tariff
upon ttio principles laid down by the national
democratic convuitlon l 1834 , also demands
that the method ) of administration In tha cus
tom houses bo thoroughly reformed nnd tli&t
the vexations , annoyances and oppressive reg
ulations which hava driv n our own merchants
out * f biitiuesi shall be swept away and that
the conduct of business between the peopo !
and the government be made as bimplo and
Inexpensive as possible.
The platform favors the abolition of the
contract itystem in pr'sons ' and opposes con
tract convict labor in uny form , and favors a
proper substitute that will employ convicts
AcordiDg to thu state account ujetem
Tha remainder of the platform referi to
limiting the hourj of labor , emuloyinaat of
chlldreu in ficViriea , etc. , lo lthtioii in re
gard to giving eoldlerti aud sailors priority ( n
appointment under the provisions of the
civil service Uws ; also refers to the cinnl *
lystem cud other Btatu matters and concludes
with tbo following paragraph : "Wa opjiisa
all Bumpluiry and other laws which Inter
fere with the constitutional right of personal
liberty nod favor the enactment of bach cx-
clsa luwsua shell ba alike just to all , coneider-
inir the claims of 11 and prctutlng their in *
dividual rights ; "
Tba pUtfonu wai then adopted without a
dlisontlEg voice.
R'Mwell P Flower wai nominated by accla
mation for lieutenant governor ; Frederick
Cook , of Koolctter , was n .iiunated by ao-
clauiution for secretary of state ; A. A.
Chapln , present Incumbent , waa nominated
by Reclamation lor c.mptrollei ; Dennis
O'Brien , present attorney , w * unaulmouily
renomiuated ; Lnwrencu J , Filrgerald.of Cort-
land , wai uomiuatod for ttate treamror by
acclamation ! Nathan 8wcot , of Albany , was
Dominated for state engineer and surveyor.
Tha convention udjuurned tine die nt 2:15 :
ji. in , _ _
Eaton'd View ut the Nomination ,
Special Telegram ( o tha Bee ,
NKTT YORE , Sept. 25 lion , Dortnan 15.
ISaton wai asked this morniug what he thought
of the nomination of Governor Hill by the
New York deruocrft'.lo state convention , lie
said : "It was a Tauim&ujr triumph that will
prove a deuiocratio defeat in Nuvember. The
only hope of tbe democratic patty Ii intaad -
f ast adherence to thu administration. It wai
on opportunity for thu party tlut is out of
ollloo to throw down tbe gauntlet of civil ier-
visa reform and pmh tbo campaign uu that
iuue. If it ii tine thut Hill i uornluated us
nn ont-and-out opponent of civil crvico reform
form ho will have nil Iho tight hi wants lu
tbli campaign. " A friend of Kiton's stir
ho was sorry to If arn that the commission'1
was gnlng to retire from public service. "T
am going ouUldp , where the fight will be , '
replied Mr Katon.
Dakota's Constmitlor > | UakorH.
SlOD.x FALLS , Dale. , Sspt. 25 , In tha con
stitutional convention to-day blanks in elec
tion form , provided by schedule report , were
Pilled In with the name ! of tha stats executive
ommittco. The convention then took half an
iionr'a recces for the repub'Icni members to
iold a caucus lo decide upon putting a state
ticket in the field nnd to elect county boards ,
lien A. 0. Millolt , chairman of the ttrri
torlal republican central committee , wnt m-
itruotcd to lisuea call for a etito convention
'or nominating n stitlo ticket. Tna committee
on arrangements and phraseology of the con
stitution repotted their hbora concluHod , nnd
.ho Bccretary WA ; iiutrinted to road the con *
stitution ns arranged by the committee. The
rending consumed the entire day. This will
complete the labors of tha convention.
Sr. rKTEiisnuno , Sept. 25. Tha foelintr in
U. Petersburg regarding the Houmelian
uesllon is hourly becoming more warlike.
"ho sympathy of the masses ia strongly with
ho Bulgarians. It Is stated the czar tclo-
raphed the minister of war tj prepare plans
of n campaign in event of the opening of hos-
ilitica between Bulgaria and Turkey , as ho is
letermined to support Prince Alexander's
cheme of unity between lulg ) ila acd Ilou-
melia. A prominent Itusiiau general
was interviewed to-dfly. When asked
f It were true tlmt thocztr seriously intond-
d to support Bulgaria to the extent poing to
war with Turkey , replied that Ituasla would
oclaro war against Turkey the moment the
> orte attacked Bu'garln ' , and added that tbo
zarli moat emphatic In his resolution to sap-
) ort Bulgaria.
CONSTANTINOPLE , Sept. 25 The ministry
ias been dlnniieiod and a now cabinet formed
with the following chnugce : Kianul L'asha ,
; rnud vizier in place of IJaid I'.ubc.diMiniHEfd ;
! aid Pn8h , rccBntly emba etdorat Berlln.minj
storpf foreign/tffftiriyn place of Assym Patha ,
IsmisKed ; Munlr Pusua , Ittely disuiiirxid
rom tha office of minister of fiuauce , it made
nlnister of the interior in p'nco of Elhem
"nslia , who ia np ointed nmbiipaodor to Paris ;
ervpr PAshn , nonator , maOn minister of jm-
co in pUc'j of llaesan Fehml , die in seed ;
.tify Pashn , senator , proeidont of the council
n plac3 of Akif I'.icha dismissed ; Kjsad
'aaba , nintheaador at Paris , baa baeu traus-
erred to Berlin ,
LONDON , Sept. 5. ThaMiiquia of Salis-
ury will return to London to-morrow when
council of ministers will bu bald to prepare
n election manifesto.
Count Von Minuter and Mr. Waddington
mvo returned hero. All f ureigu miniatera to
Jreat Britain nro now ut thuir pojtj.
LONDON , Sept. 25. A St Petersburg dis-
) itcli Biyn th.i czar has cnivenad a council of
ailnistors lor Man lay next.
It U reported tlut L'riaco Uismvrck and
Jord Salisbury are iu favor of a suluti m of
10 KoumolUir qu stion basid uy in the ac-
aptance by the i'orti of a union of north anil
outh Bulgurin , and the c nation of complnto
ccognitlon of the co > erolgu rights of thn sul-
; au and tha payment of tributa tj Turkey ,
'ho uew Turkish miniitry la said to bu In
.ivor of a compromise to sacure u pacific sat-
oment of thu que > tion nt ii ue
Ktiinil Pfttha , the new grand vizier , was
ormmly Turkish ambassador to Rutsia ,
nd maintained friendly relations with the
zar'i minititiiiB. Said I'mli t , recently am-
jaaandor at Berlin , nnd now mluiiter of for-
gn affairs , hia graat cjufidanos in P/inoe
A Bulgarian metropolitan committee and
rl. Guesch'iff ' , director of the bmk of liul-
arla , httro bean teat nn delegites jointly
with the Houmolm deputation to tbe czar ,
The Russian agent at Sona refines to trani-
nit the czar the address of tha Bulgarian
louse of delegates.
uow TO smxE IT.
LONDON , Sept. 25. The signatory powers
o the Berlin treaty are all in favor of n con-
erence forthwith for the settlement cf the
Bulgaiia difficulty.
PAQIS , Sept. 25. Tbo government atked
tie co-operation of other powers in urging on
lie governments of Servia , Roumtnta and
ireece , the necessity of avoiding nil auilauoa
espeetmg thn Uoumelinn difllculty ana riot to
Krmlt anti-Turkish dtmanbtratlons during
lie present excited state of feeling in
10 Balkans.
SOFIA , Sept. 23. Tuo Servian government
ummoued nil Surviann now In Germany to
oturu homo at once fur military duty ,
ST. PETERSBURG : , Sept. 25 , The Novoe
rtemya ti-dny , commenting on the Eoume-
au difliculty , hints that it is pcusiblo Kus-
an troopa may bo called on to occupy liul-
atlft ,
MADRID , Sept. 25.There wore 721 new
cases of cho'cra and 240 deaths reported ycs-
orday throughout Spain ,
CALCUTTA , Sept. 25 , A fearful cyclone
las visited Falzj Point , a port oa the bay
f Bengal. The telegraph lines have been
went away. It Is probiu'o ' that tntny ve-i-
eh have been wrecked on the bay. A gov-
rnir ont Btuanierha ) gone to render any aa-
istance that may be needed.
Hoxx , Sept. 21 , The pope has agreed to
mediate bntween Germany nnd Spain , with
egarrl to the Carolluo qusatlon , curject to
artain conditions which have not yet been
iromulQated ,
Promised to PuiilHh OfTiMiilern.
NEW YORK , Sept. 25. A dispatch to
10 Associated Press from Waihlogton
'csterday gave the substacco of Secretary
ilanulng'a letter to United States District
.Homey Dorahoirccr , of this city , Iu reply
: ie district attorney says : "I beg to uiure
ou that yeur instructions will ba zeilourly
arriod out and that all the pawer of this of-
ce will bo used to break up this perniciom
ud most disreputable practice. The first
isrson who shall be fond ptylng an < fiber
money ncd the lint officer who shall be found
eceitici : money in ojntrovention of laws will
a present d to the grand jury and indict
tneun against them will promptly li < . brought
o trial. "
Madlann County F lr.
Special Telegram to the BEE.
MADISON , Neb , Sept. 25. Ths county
air at this place cloied yesterday , It was a
; reat success In every particular. Tha build-
ngB me all now and attractive , the cost of
ha Improvements being $5,009. Tbe exhibits
rero quit * exrnnslve and nude a good show
Senator Van Wyck delivared tha aldreej nnd
w i listened to by fully 3,000 persona.
Travel Slopped by llalns.
Crrror MKZICO , Sept. 25 , He vy rains
oJiitlnue In tbe valley of Mexico , There's no
communication yetby railway with the United
! Ut i , nor will ny train leave here to-night
on tbe Central railroad. Tha chief engineer
> f the Central is out on tha Una with a large
area of men trying t * repair the washout.
An Mean CitiZ'ifl ' Promply Be
leaded Imi an Ecnad-irian Frisoii ,
Arrasted Illegally and Monty De
manded for His BeleaeOi
Oomptrollor Durham Sustained in
the Alabama Claims Matter ,
A Hcport Donlo-l Tdnt the I'rotltlcnt
II a liccu Aloil to 1'ardon the
Younsor Urotncra.
rnojirr ACTION nv THE STATE nnrAnTME.sT
WASHINGTON , Sept. 55. Julio K. Santo ? , o
nftturnllzod'Ameilcin citizen , recently released
rom prison in Kcunlor upon demand of the
Jnltei ) States government , backed up by n
man-of-war , arrived hero to-day , in company
with Congressman MuOotnas , of Maryland
and called nt the department of
stats to exproaa his thanks for
ts successful efforts in his
> ehalf. To n reporter of the Aiaoclatod
'rose Mr. Santos raid that tin ) Ecu vJorUn
authorities pretended to hava liberated him
u contcquenca of the passage of tin act of
pardon by the Ecuidorian govornmant , Tbla ,
ilr. Santos declared , WAR n more prcteueo
Irt was llbarated three days after the arrival
of the Iroquois and wholly in coiw qumice of
he action of thu United 8tato government
The charge agaitiet him of having cjucnlrai
ugalnet tha government ol hcua-
lor wan , he declartd , uutrno
lo wan impiieoned with rome other
miinosa men , tn order that mouey might be
xtortod from him lln h j ctccnniontary
) roof of the willingnon of tha nulhorltias t > >
fleano him nt any timn upon the p.t > mtnt of
30,000 He was coufluid fur a time in an
imvtntllntcd and filthy u ! hulk , and was
hen transferred to a piUon in thu bi < tinnnt
f a jullow fever boapitul. Mr dauton will
tnploy counsel immtdl.itfly , und will file H
laira for diinueen with thn ( .tat' ) dt-p rtmeuc
gainst the government of E .uvUr ,
Mr Wharton , the l w ilH cr of the sta'e '
lopartment , 1 1 whom wm referred th matter
of the expenditures of thu court of Alabama
latins , has rendered a decision upholding in
he mum the opinion of Knst Comptroller Uur-
min. It la suid th t I In prsciicil illecc of
his decision will bo tlmt when thn court ro-
ssembles October 5 It will bo unable to try
any except the few cases of the firat-clnfcs
which remain to bo disposed of
u tha absanco of deputy cleika to
lie and docket the evidencj in the
econd-clasa coses , and of cxpart witnesses to
iasa upon the compile tttd qutstiuna urieliiR
,9 , to thu separation of war and marine risks
n policies etieced tnore thnn twenty years
go , the court will have ti i-uopoud wnilc on
hene CLISOJ until congress nlf inia relief , if It
ver thnll. Mean while the term of th court
tsclfeipiresl ) combur 31. Although it wai
nmuroii sumo time uzo that if Durham's de-
ision was tustainod Mr. D.ivard woul I re
ign , there is nowuo luclicitmn thitt the Dele-
ware statesman will get out of the cibinct ,
Thu report having been received that tl 0
ireeident was about to pardon thu Yunogar
irothera , who are serving life nentancta in
iliuaeaota for complicity in a dnriintbink
oobcry aad murder in thU stite , inquiry was
made to-day at the white house imj depart-
nent of jiuticn It waa lea'li'd tint nothing
s known at either place of the reported move
ment to secure pardons. At the white house
; wan ( aid that President Cleveland has never
icard of thu Yuunger brothers , and that no
pplicatlon for a pardon ia on file. A pro mi-
nent Minnesoti man who is acquainted with
he prisoners said this afternoon th-it , having
) Btu sentenced under the state Rtatutefi < > f
\IluDOeota \ , the power to pirdon rrati solely
with tha governor of that state nnd
hat all applications for their pardon
mvo bean made to him. Thin man snya
hat , while tha good behavior of the
founders and their ( fonts to educata and HU-
irovo theoiB-lTes have ere ited > \ pentitnont in
heir favor , there is so btrong a feeling cgainst
hem that a governor who undertook to par-
on them would lose bia political power. In
ho portion o ( the state where relatives uf the
victim of the notable crime reilde , ha eaya ,
ho feeling is as strong as over against tba
Toungers , and renders their pardon very iui'
On the fi t of October nnxt direct exchange
f money orders will go into operation Uo-
, weoQ the United States and Japan under
ho provisions of the money order convention
oncluded for that purpose by the postmaitur
; enirn' with the postal authorities of the
utter country.
The chief of the bureau of statistics reports
bat the total values ol Import ) during the
welvn months ended August 31 , 1885 , were
371,235,1) ) 3. and during twelve muntha ended
August 81,1884 $657,871,31(1 ( , a dfcreaie of
86,63 ,373. Valws ol exports of merchandise
unug the twplvn innnllu nrtd AogusS 31 ,
870 , were ? 822,7C510 > . end Curing the pre-
edlng twt-lvQ uionthn $735,018,702. a decrease
f $12 253,331. The chief also reported tha
lumber of arrivals of immigrants to tha
Jnited States , exclmlvn ot those ouming by
vay of Canada and filexio' , as fnlluwt : For
hi ei ht mouths ending Aug jet ill last , 241-
35 ; f > r the correspondiug period tha previous
car , 303051 ,
Tha United States vessels Swataraand
Tantlo , engaged in transporting silver from
ho New Orleans miuc to tha tromtiry at
Vaehlneton , arrived at the WaOilngtaii imvy
yard to night. The woik of tranhferiing the
ilvor from the vesaolto tha treatury will b3
nterod upon to-morrow and will continue a
greater part of next week. When thu ciilu is
ecelved at tha trnaiury department it will be
counted , a lubor which , wlthtlieprceont force ,
will occupy about two months.
nEDUosu THE ciunau ,
The postmatter-genoral lua decided to con-
Inue steamboat mail service between Louis
ville , Ky. . and EvunnvillH , lud The cnn-
raotora have ngrerd to reduce tha charge for
bfi service $ .5,000 per year , making thu
ajiQUfcl expense $10,000.
' TO APl'BAiait 7UE CRUIBI13 ,
Captains Matthews and ITowinon , Naval
] jiistru9torMetch , and Chitf Engineer liuker
lave been appointtd a biaid to xpntaiiH the
constructlou of the unfinished cruisers Clii-
CAge , Boulon and AtUutic.
IIIDS nvjicrf D.
The treasury department rejected all bids
eceived today for the eate of silver for the
utn of mints on tha ground that the prices
aakud were excel sive.
A stateuieut prepared by Superlntonden
3tll , of the forfJgu iiiall bureau , shows tha *
he weight of foreign letter mall decreimd
' ,709 pounds durlnir tbo lait fucal y r , while
ha Wd'ght ' nf { .tinted mutter incretsed 3 J 810
ixmmU Toe cott of ( ic an null transit wu
$317,179 or just $2R0 ! ltu < than thu coot
during the pieced ing jear.
Thn poitinMter general tn-ri.y wppolnted
th following fourtb-clkiM p wtmvitrr- :
jUiinoli-AtAinkuro.lauiriO'lt6 ; h ; Kait
i uhutpie , Thomas McGulrrj IJnuJu-u , Mini
Iowa At Lake Mills , W , F , Drown ; Bel-
mont , J. W. Adams ; Chapin , Ucorg
Nebraska At 1'entlor . G. Dawns ,
CUVKUKD , Stpv . 23. Notwithstnnditg
nces loDS in ado by President Chlsholtn , o
the Cleveland rolling mill company , the strlki
is not over. A committee of Idle workmeu.
accompanied by the mayor , called on Mr ,
Chisholm to-day with a paper which they
wished him to sign , They demanded thai
every tinker bo taken back , that proper
notices bo made hereafter when
reductions In wiges nro pro
: > o'ccl , nnd that Mr. Uhlshnlm horcafttr
isten personally to the grievances of tbo
men who think they have been disch < ugtd
without reason , Mr. Ohhhnlm agreed to all
demand * , except the first , lie says that ol
the ' 1,01:0 : strikers 1,000 would have to leek
! mplojmont elsewhere as the mills would uot
je run to their greatest capacity. The coin-
liny had been ont nf the market ro Iccg tba .
tow trade wou d have to be worked up. In
'line ' , perhaps , nil tha men , except n few wlu
hsd maligned him personally , would bo given
> ojitions. _ ,
The committee wore Kniufiod with the In
terview nnl roturacd to Newbtugh To-night
a meeting of the strikers was held ut thti
own hall in Nowburgb. The leaders , knon-
ng they are tha men whom the company will
noc en.ploy , mada palhotic speechei nbout the
tlicu nnj , who w ro toj bo "murdered , "
as they termed it , audt the strikers fell in
with the leaden cud doclnrod that all
liould remain out if all were not given oppor
unity to take ttuir old places , Ho the mat
nr stands. The company hat done the fair
hlng and the people hereabouts ro.illz ? tlmt
act. Sympathy for tha strikers is fast eb
bing away.
Tlio Ohio XlorjuouratH Finn of Fraud.
CINCINNATI , O. , Sept. Si. [ Chicago Tri-
iuno Special , ] -Tho effect of the great ro
nib ! lean meeting which was addressed by
Sherman , Mclviuley nnd Morrison here Mou-
ly night has been very considerable , Mr.
lalstead , editor of the Commercial-Gazette.
aid to-day that the republicans would carry
lie county nnd elect thu vyhole lepislativa and
aunty ticket if the demadraU did not succeed
n Jpracteting some unusually great fraud
' \Vo have Information , " fiaid ho , "that tlio
tmiocruta will renort to their old trick uf im-
mrtlng voters from Kentucky , nnd it hag
} 2eu laarnod that nn attumpt will bo made
ii-utorrow and possibly the subsequent days
ir legistration to have a great number uf
Centuckv thugs and roughs visit several pre-
incts nnd receive csrtlfimtes of registration
nadn out to them in different names. "
"What do you think of the prohibition
movninent at this stage of the campaign ? '
It Is formidable , but dees not promise tea
a fatal to republican success , I loudly has
raatlcilly cnased to run for eoveri.or and la
candidate for the aenata. Uii diecuseiim of
: ii fiGiiatorohlp gives him an excuse for dcidg-
igatnte isjuES , and th t is a vety cousirttr-
bla ndvanta o The strange thing ubjut
Imidly's position In that the democrats are
11 fljly ridiculing him for n cause which , If
tmeutH with any nuceaa , will only bo nuocee0-
il In briugmg griat to thn mill of that erratic
iatesiuan , John Itvgcra McLaan , "
l to Sailing Tliolr Land ,
HOOK , Ark. , Sept , 21. [ Chicago
'ribuua Special. ] Advices received th's
vtniag from Indian territory represent that
ansideraole feeling is beisg- aroused over tbo
ecant rippolntment of a commission to nego-
iatn with the Chsrokee ? . Creeks , and Sem-
for the purchasa of landa belonging to
lie tribes named and caled by them in
reatiea with tin Uuit'd Statos. Those
were mida in March , July and
August , 1805 , and the lauds embraced
ru Oklahoma and the outlet , comprising
rge lur nearly 10.090,000 acres. Thn com.
mission is composed of throu men. The in-
ntion is to buy tha land and open it for
hi to Bottlomnnt , under the hnmeitead laws
I the United Stittan. The agitation has de-
el > ped from tno fact that the Indians , or a
nnjorhy of them , nro opposed to tha sale.
'ho chiefs of the Cherokees , Semiuolo. ' , and
! reekn have eecb decided to oppiao it. They
laim that 1'resident Cleveland favorj holding
lie lauds for thi Indians , and that the ap
ointment of a comoiisBfon did not rneet his
pproval , but was made with the view of
earning the actual feeling of the Indiaua with
jtjard to the proposed sala nnd settlement of
! io land ,
A dynamite Blast.
YOIIE , FA , Sept. 25. An accident occurred
t York EUven this afternoon which resulted
n the death o' one man and serious injury
f three others. A large paper mill is being
rccted there , and the workman were engatri d
i excavating rock In prepuriog the founda-
ion , A number uf blunts had been made ,
ut one of them failed to explode ,
nd it was thought the workmen had neglected
IB charges. John Morrissey \Vasbicgtim ,
) 0. , began drilling out the hole and with
U ddll ttiuck the dynamite with which it
ad been charged , when a terrible explosion
ccurred. Murriaey'a right hip was crushed
ud the flesh was torn from his llinbs , lia
led thiH uveulog , Thomas O'Brien was cut
bout the li'iid and was badly burned with
) ow > 1or. Patrick llagorty had his left eye
ilown out and wua severely burned , and Juhu
'Conner was badly injured about the htnd ,
Burning Dulcoia Kliilds ,
DICKINSON , Dak. , Sept. , 20. Prairie fires
ro ( till raging about here i > nd iniies of coun-
ry is burned over. Fears ire entertained for
it rnfety of the town and teams nro out
ilowmg firu breaks around It. A stiff north-
w t biefz i is bla > viug A heavy growth of
rra > s during thn summer furnishes abundant
naterlal fur thu lira. Ropurta from other
mints weotnf the iM is < ouri river show the BUUIB
late uf klfitirs , and utilvss rain cornea the fire
iimot bi checked but will burn over the
vthulo country. It will seriously interfere
with the shipment of cattle from hero , and
RtocRinen ur < > alarmed about the safety of
ranges , as winter feed * 111 be short should
the lirj reich then aad honvy losses result.
Pled at n Good Old AL'O.
PouanKEsratE , N , V , , Sept , 2b. Moses
Marrenellah , n Christian i Jew IOC years old ,
died lo-dny In thu county pacr hooee. lie
came to tba United 'Stntea from Gennany
teveuty yetra Kg , having traveled all over tUii
old world. In 1410 he walked to Califumla
nnd wurked _ In lh gold mines for snverol
yeirp , meeting with success , For msny
ymis ho touk ii proHimout par : In camp meet
ings and nt ) , r religions gttherinxs nnd
preached In Sunday icoools or wherever he
could lecuru an audience. IIu was never
Dnmtli of "GoldNinlrti
NEW YORK , Sept. 25. "Goldsmith Maid"
died to-day at tha Fashion stud farm , near
Trenton , ngnd 28 yi-eri and 4 months. She
wa taken ruiidinly III at noon and riled two
hour * litttr of fatty degeneration of the heurt ,
NEW YORK , Sept , 25 Tba directors ot the
Delaware , Lackawanna & 'Western railroad
to d iy decUrfd a divi i ul of 1J p r cent for
tbe curunt qu rt r , u reduction uf 4 per ceut.
Nxw YORK , S pt. 25. JJuiineis failure )
iluiiug the Ust > Hvai dtyt 185 ajkiuet 178
lait uuek and 21)3 tier le ptovlouj to last.
Tlio " iimii ii h
MONTKVAI. Boot."S. .
, -Thirty-tbrea deaths. (
froumuutll posheie yeiiterdiiy , I
- - . . t
Wilii Her Convict Hntefl ,
A Father Finds Two LougLoa
lOhildren ,
A Fopular oud Brilliant Peruvian
a PolitioaLFxilo ,
Man AYho Kxfmos toltovoal
Ills Mnrdotor A Dcbnuilictl Wlfo
Blurt ! OIH Her Ilustmnd.
A Voitnc AVlfoU Fidelity ,
KlOHltONI ) , Va , , Sept. -Chicago [ Times
Special J Ada Gteen Hicks , tha young wifi
who donned male attito nnd oamo ou hero
rom New York n few days ago lu BO.II ch of a
tuaut husband , wni arraigned in the hustings
court to-day , and pleaded guilty of house
Hoaktag. She was ccnvictcd , aud L-er pun
shmeut fucd nt five years in the state prison ,
the crime , it is believed , wnt committed by
he young woman for the solo purpose of
> eing sent to jail to ba near her husband , nho
vas serving a term in that prison for eomu
light Gtffii'n. Under thee circimistancos , it
s b'lleved tha tllirera of the cjurtwill peti-
Ion Gov. Cameron to commute h r punish
ment to ono year's confinement in jail ,
Mrs. Hicka is but 18 , qulto iutellipont , nnd
iaa evidently traveled a goad deal , llcr hls-
ory , na told by herself to a reporter to dsiy ,
s cpiitn aroinantic one. She says ; "I was born
n \VebtIndteR eighteen years npo , nnd in v
iccuontion is that uf n drussmnker. I loft
jubi rovoral yearn ago nnd went to Philadul-
> liia. Whllo iu that city I becatno aiqualuted
with Mr. lliclca und niarriud him IIu de-
certod me , aud _ I r.itururd to my hoire in
Jnbi , Sjuia timu t > lap ed betoro 1 could ob-
.am nnv tiding * of hid whereabouts , but
inally I loarnud ho waa In this country aud lu
rouble , aud I immediately left
Jub nml landed in New York.
< 'iom Na.v York I went to Philadelphia , nud
diligently earclied for him. At l.ut I heard
hat ho wna in Richmond and in prison , I
auio on to Ilichmond , passing through Wash-
ngtou , where I put on mule ut'.ire. ' When I
ound that my lnub'.nd was in jail I sot to [
woilc to kno * how I could get him out. I
oncluded to commit a theft that I might bo
tint to j til , whore I could ba with him. "
The woman w.ii in j ill two weeks b-fore the
iHc'ra sinpected her tei , and thtir attention
hen was called to the prisoner by another in
\ F&thur Finds Ilia Abducted Chil
PAWTDCKET , K. I , Sept. 21. [ Chiosgo :
iewa Special ] -After twenty five years
'homaa Gjrrity , who lias won n fortune in
10 west , ha ) found hero his two children ,
who wore stolen trom him in ISO1) , nnd whom
19 never expected to toe ngain. Ilia story is ,
most roninatic one. Twenty-live years
go ho was n resident of Pawtuokot. His
rif died of consumption , leaving two email
hildren. In dua time Mr. Garnty married
gain , aud soon itftor , with lila now wife and
wo children , removed to Boston. When out
n tbo street ono dny walking with the chil-
rcn , tbo boy bing 4 years nud the girl H
months , ho mot a sister of Inn first wifo.
After a few words of surprise at teen -
n < him , the woman askrd permission to
ttka thi * children to a confectionery stereo .
o get them BJIIIO candy , lie weut after them
n n fhort time , but they had disappeared ,
Jl eeirch for thoubductresa failed , although
lie police traced the aunt and the little ones
: o Pnwlucket , and afterwards to Worcester ,
'hd.-e all clews wera lost. The disconsolate
.ithr reluctantly gave up the search and went
vest. Prosperity attended him ,
List wo k he came to Boston n rich man ,
nd with the aid of his wealth renewed his
ejrch for his stolen children. A ekillcxl de-
ectlve was employed and a < ? a result of his
tforts Mr. Garrity to-day met nt the Oonant
liread-works here a tall , handsome brunette
if 27 who is unquestionably his daughter. She
a highly esteemed , though poor , and is a
inger nt St. Mury 'H church. Tne meeting
letweon the girl and her father was most nf-
I'ctltg , SbH told him that her brother
'honus is living In Natick , Mass , He in
married , ont the daughter is single Toeir
unt told the children that their father and
mother worn both dead , Family troubles
stieed the abduction. A vain attempt has :
icon made tn keep the story eecret aud to
onceal Mr. Garrfty's identity.
APrinoA Among tlio Peruvians ,
NKW YORK , Sept. 2 -Chicago [ Times
pecial , ] Nlnolai deJPierola , ex-dictator of
'eru , arrived in this city to-drty on tbo
learner City of Para from Asplnwall. lie is :
n one of his periodical stages of banishment , }
lis being his third or fourth experience of the
and. lie is popular with the masaeo in Peru ,
ud when the government foelj shaky it bur-
leu him out tf the country. At present it
ias an energetic revolution on Its hands , and
was thougtt best to eeud Piorola away. lie
ud remained in piivate life for a year , ;
laving roturuud from Europe In
884. Pierola Is a email man , about
vo feet tall with n nervous , elnewy figure.
Us hair is black nnd cuily , his eyes nro black
nd bin complexion ia swarthy. lie has a
) luck mmtaohe nd long iron-gray sldo whis- , and a pleasant , intelligent foca with
cern-lookiog nyes , Ha wore a dark sack
utt , nnd amlod o lUht overcoat on tiii arm ,
Iu was askfd about his banishment and tha
roubles In Peru , and ha said : "I would
ather not say auy thing at all. I have talked
uo much in my life. I do not wish to cx-
> re s auy opinion * . "
Mr. 1'ierolft will remain in New York only a
lioit time and will tuon go on to Paris where
is family it residing Mr. William U. Cllley.
tie engineer and general superintendent of
lie Oroya railroad of Peru , was rleo on the
Not litvuMl uu As8 lUnt.
Sr. Louis , Sept , 24-r.Chlcttgo Tribune
pedal. J A mystorioui murder occurred lu
Cast St. Louis thti morning. Btforo day
ight a cou/U | / of railroad men walking across
vacaut lut found the body of a man I ; In ? in
ho wifd * with a bullet-hole In his right torn
lie nnd hU face coven d ivlth blood. The fig-
urn of a woman drowsed lu black was seen re-
teitlng as tbe men cama up. The man WAS
ound to be d > lng but had strength enough
eft to give hi < i name Charles Fhncbet , of
his city. lie claimed that ha WAS held up
if a mm at the point of a pittol and robbed
and then sliot. Subsequent Investigation
tads tba auth"rllies to bulievn that ho wont
; o KiKt tit. L uis with some handsome
ady ilioifeil lu black imd tha pair visited
( iinn ot tha pleasure reioits. They started
across the lot together. Ttieto wai a utrug-
ile , a shot , and Planohrt fell with a ball iu
lit brain , Ihe woman hua not been arm ted
and no tract of her curt bu found. The police
cannot undented why tbe d ) Ing man should
deblra to conceal tbe fuels.
A Harl'itV Horrible D'rdH.
HK.I.TOWX , PA. , Bjpt , 25. Thomas V ,
rhompaou ir.nrrled M u3 Jones , an aban
done * ! womi" , hit iprint ; , and had been In
rroubte ever tinea. A few days nga while
drunk ths woman threatened 'to murder him
1C ha U * not tutu away hi ) ged father an
mother : The husba ° d lockol her In a room
for several days uttti'l 'I0r ' debattah were off ,
Sna made threats of i ovengo when released.
To-day i > ho o rtled them "ut by fcillliiflr h r
husband witli tn BXO , nsa ny severing his Iirnd
from his body , wbilo ilttli. ? ° " A louoga in his
cffico. Mrs. Thompson w'foto n note , ex
plaining that tbo had conini itted tlm mnrdr ,
and tlen commilttd itiicida by tuttiuf her
own thront rlth a razor.
The Usual lVxB
GALVMTON , Sept. 25. A special 'to Ihe
News from Clarksrlllo , s y : Win. Mbssicb
n planter , WAS tiding to town to-tay ! when be
nipt Jim Wnrd , who , without \rnrilnff raised
n Winchester rifle nnd shot M > vick down
mid then coolly emptied his Wtnuhosto ; Into
the prostrate form of hit victim. Word flAd
nnd a posse Is now ID vrarch for him. Uo
will be lynched if ca&gbt. HcmotlmS1 ngo n
negro was mysterlourly munfatod on Me-
Mck'ri plantation , nud Mcsstck luspoctcd'
Ward of the crime.
1'unpy Telia * l > in Kln Story.
LiAViNWOKTH.K n , , Sept. 20 Ths Times
will publish n lengthy interview in tha morn
ing with James 0. Ptuoy , defaulting clerk at
the penitentiary , Pmoy pleaded gnllty to
day nud was sentcnoad to eight years in the
penitentiary. Interviewed ho alleges that c
PX Governor Click mid the warden , W , C. I
Jonnt , were cognizant of tha crooked work
being cloto at the state coal mine , nnd that v
coal WAS furnished Glick and his ton lnlw n
for which the state no tor wai t > nid. The
matter is creating much talk ,
LOUISVILLE , Sepi. 25. Good weather 11
continues , but It is somewhat wtrtn , and tha 11ti
track la dusty. AUendanca is very good. tih tiIi
Throe-quarters of n mila-ho ts. First boat , Ii
Conkling won , Hormino second , GJoancr IiP IiP
third. Titna 1:10 ! .3ccnnd heat , Conltltng n
won , Gleaner Becond , Uermino third , Tltno P
Mile nnd a quarter : Monogram wonj Emma
Nurley necond , Lady Wnvwnrd third ; .Timo PB
2 : Hi. Mutiuli pntd K13.CO. PB
lila and a half : Keenn won. Powhntnn tl B
second , Lucy H thiid. Time 23Si ; , Ma- tlfl
tuals paid § 21 70. flP
Three of mile Grimaldl P
quarters n : won ,
Sir _ Joicph Eccoud , Mouiuliiuu third. Timu "
Mile : Fred won , Doubt aecondj Brow "
Wulkco third. Time 1-I5. :
Sl'niNQFiKLl ) . Mass , Soot. 25. Richard
Unwell Hindu a special effort on Hnmpden
mrk bicycle trick to-day to break the
mile record fnr p.sfety bicycle ? . Ills time wns
is follows : Quarter t-eoouds , half 1&2' ,
throe quattom 2:01 : J , mile 2:43. : This is 0 3-fi
seconds bitter thin tha previous milo record.
NEW YoitK , Sept. 23.-rCaptnin Mcntgom-
3ry , sailing manter of the yacht Dauntless ,
which was Inrily beaten by thu BoglMi cntter
3enesti in Brdnton's raco. nttributus tbo fact
o the light winds which prevailed during the
irst half of thu race , and U confident that bin
can outfoot the Gunestu m ho.ivy
sr. He suya ho is by Mr.
3al < iwell II Colt , owner of the D untlusa , to
match her against any yacht alluat for a ruoa
icross tha AtUutiu ocean , either way , for a S
vager of 310,000.
At BillimoroBa'tltnorn ' l * > . Pittsburg fi ;
At New York- New York 15 , Buffalo 1 , ,
At St. Lrtuis-St. Louis G. Boston 1.
At Brooklyn St. Louln C , Brooklyn 3.
At Milwaukee Chictgo SI , Providonoa 3 ,
PHILADELPHIA , Sept , 2 > . - Oa the second
lay of thu Iniernatiouul Cricket match the
L'hilartolphias finUhod the lirnt inning for 147
uns against VJ' mada by thu Jiuglialimen iu
.heir tirat inning. '
MILWAUKEE , Sept , 25. 0. T. Bradley , of
his city , has told his well known rnaro
\delnide to Mr , Schwartz , of Chicago , for
512,000. Her record ia 2.18 ,
Fire in Glitc K < > .
Gil CAQO , Sept. 25. A fire broka out In the
ixteisivo lumber yards of Charles S. Gard *
icr & Co , treated on South Ashland avenue ,
mutti of Twenty-second street , at 1 o'clock
Iho entire department responded but
the flatr.oi quickly spread nnd are now raging
n tha yards of 0. B. Flynn & Co. and the
I ohu Spry Lumber company adjoining , with
the present prospect that their entire contents ,
jmbraclgn fully 25 000,000 feet of lumber ,
will be consumed. The lueab already placed
it high figures ,
The h'ru has completely enveloped tbe
three lumber yards iLontloncd , and their
omploto destruction noiv aeema assured.
Kvery available fire steamer in the city has ,
been called to tbo HCOIIC , and Iho efforts oi the
jro department are now directed tiwara con-
iiulog the fire to its prerent area , but with
no certainty that they will ba able to do so.
rhoro is a strong wind blowing , which aggre
gate'the situation and Increases tbo danger.
2:15 P.M. Thu fire Is now pretty well under
ontrol , und fears of any further extension
f the flames are nllayed. Tha present odti- '
n a ted loss is $100,000 , well insured ,
Tlio Caritral'I'aclIlu anil Its Debt.
WABHINOTON , Sept. 2) . Tha secrelary of w
the treasury issued a circular publishing for '
nfnrmation of all concerned the recent de-
iision of Soccnd Comptroller Msynord In ro-
rd to compensation due tba Central Pacific !
railroad company for services rendered for
overumeut , and nnnouucing therewith that ;
the department circular letter of Juniary 27 ,
1883 , nnd the circular letter of January , 1881 ,
ire tovokid , and that all compensation now
luo or which may becouio due the company
will be covered into treasury , and half thereof
ipplied to the ( xtiDguUhmcnt of interest
rvrncli has meanwhile accrued on the govern-
unit subsidy bond * , and the otlior half cred
ited to the sinking fund as required by tha
I'hunnau act. '
ltd Won.
LORDSBUHQ , N. M. , Sept. 23 , The news )
is just received that last Saturday W , It.1
Raspberry , a rancher , was killed by Apnchea
un hia ranch in Grahim county , Arizona.
DUNVEK , Col , , Sept. 25. TodtvVi dis
patched from the Geld icpirt Cockrolf'a ranch
In Mo/ollun range nurroundwd by Indians.
lha settler * hava taken refuge t tbo ranch
ad prepared to meet u uttiuk , No depre
dations reported. Major Dickoy'a company
of the Twenty-seconu Infantry is within
eighteen miles of tha rancho. No anxiety is
fult for the tnfety of adjacent settlements ,
A. ( Jrmir. Muniuil i hy Children ,
PjTWUima , Sept. 25. Thu children of Alle.
gheny , to the cumber of nearly 17,000 , joined
In a memorial service in honor of General
Grant this afternoon , The service * were gen
erally held la thu respective school bdldluge ,
but u special feature was the se rvioa under a
linden tree which wa planted by the lamented
general while a guett of tha city ,
WASIIINQTON , Sept. 25. Upper Minlnilppl
valley : Generally fair weather ; variable
winda , becoming northwesterly ; lowar tem
perature , with cool wavu in northern portion.
Missouri valley : Kair weather ; northerly
wlud ; lower tempsratura , with COD ! wava :
higher barometer.
Iho BoldlerH ol I'wri 8tatot > ,
ST. JOHJJ-H , Mo. , Pept 25. The soldiua
of southwest Iowa and uorthwit Mluourl
held a dron parade to-duy nt Camp Grant ,
Witli a great bonGru tonight. The city la
tbronzed with vhitora. W. r' . K VJI , ol Bod1 1
ford , Iowa , wai cloctad commatnUr ut tba i - i
- JJir ' '
The Highest -Olojiiio ; r/ic Stoce I *
Soqio Heavy SalosE0p rted
' tko Advanoo ,
Foreign War Indications
the Market Strongthr j
A Slight Jump InOirn OftttIc9R < r >
iioriciimtkiblo Change Unga ofl '
IIoivj itocolpln Drop A Trillr ,
Special TelcffMro to The Bta. M *
CmuAao , Sept , 23. Thorn wn an o j '
Dpening In wheat to-day , but after the market
liad * declinid Jc , tlio demand , ; sprang up ,
ivhich became general na Iho tiny advanced
> nd wan very strong in flioliilttrnoon , c/vny- /
og Tallies uvto the biglutt closing pnr *
linco the present bull cutupiiira WAS atertd
ipon , There wrw elnioct already tn nd-
rflncs of 2c from the low figures current
\t the opening. Trndhjg was generally on a
nru tcale , nuo trnnsaoMon of 400,100 bushels
liking place in the trading pit after prices
md begun > to move upv Continuation of very
ight receipts at both wider nnd spring wheat
> olntt > , with an improving demand , nro plven
19 reusuna for ronowor)1 ) baliof in higher
> rices. C'oblnu qnoted firmer and advancing
narkcts. Abroad the mieaslntfa- regarding
orcun war complications gave tho- market it
> ortiuu of its strength and focsibly induced
iono frightened "short" de&leia to oover their
alee. Advices from Uuluth wee to the effect
hut another two cent ndvnncu had occured
or Minnesota nnd DakoU urnin. Thn lowest
irices of thn morning was So : ) for November ,
tnd rose to 87je , receding and clniiiig on the
cgular boaid at 8 < io. At the afternoon
estlou there WAR manner wave of strength
* hioh carrisd November to USJo wllch waa
ho latest tinditif price * .
There was Increased trading in corn , and
irieea generally wuro firmer lu sympathy with
rheat. Keceipts continued quite free ,
'ticea advanced H < 2ici "nd cioi'ed i@lo higher
ban yestert8 y.
The tpcculiittva market for < at was quite
nil , deferred dcliveriei adftncing J io ,
losing firm at the aivauao ,
In provisions trading wan moderately
ctive , prices nil nf ? irregular within n itnull
anjo. ? 1'ric's declined EC early , rallied and
I'.ifed steady' for HUBS portr.
Lard ruled a tludo lovvor.
peclal | Telegram to tlio Dan. !
GUIOAC17 , S ° pt.-5. Cnttlal receipt * were
ampiratively light , and the per cent of na
ive ? email , Demand fair , anditrioss on bust
nd useful natives ( jtfucrally quatod a eundo
tronfjer , although common unlives coullnuo r
3 soil at very low figured , say trom S3 75 ®
75. Mediutuuallvoj , SIK52i ! ) : , and good to
lioico , 55 C0g5 75. . with exporters at $ J 'J ) to
010 and upxvardn. Nntivo butclmrs' stock not
9 plcuti'ul ' , and bott fet , cows and heifers nro
inking a little more mouiy than last week.
'liuro wns DO : cufHcleut bujlnea in stackers
url feeders to makH a murknt.
Shipping stecis 1S5U to 1500 Ihn. $535(2) ( )
.00 ; 1210 to 1JCO Iba. , § 5.tiO5 CO ; 1)50 ) to
2 0 Iba. , $3 05,35 20. Thtoneh Texas cftttlo
irong ; U50 to 1.C50 ba , S3 25@3 75 ; 750 to
DO Iba. , Sli.O SMj 600 to 700 Ibs. , 82,00
: i.fO. WcBttrn rungrra steady ; natives and
nlf-breeds , $3,75@5.10 ; wintered Texaue.
Salsa 185 Wyoming. 1,178 Ibs , $1 75 ; 410
Jaho. 1 720 Ibt , H410 ; i3 ) Ncbr&skn IViane.
0 71b * , S3.529 ( ; ; > OreBon 1,211 Ibs , S3 C5 ;
'J Indians. 1,031 Iba , S3 4' ' ) .
l''or eo late in the wool : the run was o sur-
risa. No one ( xpco'od 22,000 to-day and
Jef men had to meet tha emergency as best
ley could , HO , they dropped tquara down to
IB vUwa of sellers and dlspOBud of their stock
ir nHihrypc.uld get , which was u big 5 < ? 10o
iwer Uiaii yGgt.etdAy. The decline was largo-
oa ordinary rita of good to choiaomlxpd and
ticking torts'Belling''lBrgoly between $3 80@
'JJ , with rou h and cimtiiou at 83.60(3360. (
acting and thippirg. 250 to 390 Ibt , J376 ©
20 ; light weiplitB. ISO to 170 Iba , S4.9J ©
111 ; 180 to 210 Ibs , 83 50@3.0) .
inpuro Ml lie Pciiaiors to ba Pros-
euutct ] ,
CHICAHO , Sept 25 , Tbe Iiealth department
'ill to morrow begin | iro.iccution against
yentyelfjht milkmen who deliver milk in this
ty. Tha men to be prosecuted are thoie
rhos ) merchandise waa recently rated by
'rofoseor Lung as "skimmed , " "Jtad
dmmod" or "watered.1 ! A tubulattd state-
lout nuhllrhed to-day thowlng tin result of
rnf. Long's analvBla has creatn.l a great deal
local comment on account of the iimli per-
inta o of milk tested being found up to the
andard , "
Clara ntorilw ur tlavoiiporr.j
DAYEM-OBT , Is. , Sept -Diipitchss irom
pringOeld , III. , rrforring to Claia Llorria
ud her Davenport engagement , are Incorrect
od unjust The opera house hero hai been
ted without quetti n by the best actors and
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Care for the Children
Children feel the debility nf the chancing
seasons , even inoro than adults , nnd thuy become
como cross , peevish , and uncontrollable.
The blood blionld bo cleansed mid the system
invigorated by the use of Hood's BanSaparllla.
" Last Hprlni ; my two children were vaccl.
nated. Boon after , they brokoull inifwltU ruiW
nlii ( ! sores , BO dtcadful I thought I bljoiild lose
them. Hood's ftirsaparllla cured tbcm coiik
plotolyj and they h.ivu been buultliy over
blnce. I do feel that Hood'n BaVsaparllla
bavcd my children to inc. " r.lua.jO. I *
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