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    m DAILY BEE.
CrafiM in Arht craNc KiogsUp , Ho
f Bojlon ,
The Life nnd Love of a Massv
ohuBGits Benefactor ,
The Baal Exiatenoo of n Dis
tinguished Brothel Keeper ,
His Name anil That ot His MUtrcss
KmU lm il io n OorReoiiH Seinln-
arr Other Criminal MnttcrH.
Special Telegram to Tlie Buz.
BOSTON , Sept. 21 There died in this city ,
Friday , the 4.h iust , Eivtnrd S Sanboru , nn
old man who has been known to the police
for many ymts ai proprietor of vntlous homes
of Toititution , There was butied in Kingi-
ton , N II , , threoday * lUer , Mnj. KivtardS.
Sanbjin , n cm iicuoug , public spirited citi-
i5n , widely known iu hi ) intlvd a a'oasn lib
eral patron of the causa ot edu ttion nad rc-
liglcn. The stiaigo story of dual life truth
fully opilies to the sime Individual. It wai
revealed hy a cin'oat juit begua over the sot-
thzmntof hii latgo osUtcs. The lltipn'i'in
which is poudlog will doub'.lcfB develop the
grcn'.ett eicn' sonin'.ion New England has
h ,1 for man ) day.
1'Mwnrd ' dauburucimo of gooa Now Hamp-
ehlro Block , w s birii Gj jearjgo , In Kim -
ton , its witn bis lulher lulurs him. One of bis
sitters , the widow uf the late Dr. Birllett ,
grnudsnu of Guv. Bnrt'ott ' , nna ot thu Hxutri
of theD'Clarutiou of iLdepatidenc * . t-tilltc-
cu ifn uuu uf the finest rttidtncca In town.
iiutU Iward hud iu his ouuporitiin a streak
ot grus9Ue > 8 tliut wiih his morn nilatocralia
inttinctc , midu u strnuge con.b'in'.i n. Ab.ul
tblity years ug > he net ins to bnvo drllberately
dotcrmiiuid to litu u d uMo ex'tteuco. Iu his
OKU town ho led nn upriuht life , ( supported
Torioui public im , rovounut" , aud in turn had
bun htu ted by hi * ielluw lonnsmcn , who u
few JOIIB go feul him to represent them in
the ltt'i aluu' . But , ulthougb retalulug his
oitlz L hip in ICti stou , Siu'iorn tpect tuo
grcuttr p irtion ot Lia lima during them three
decade iu Boston. IIU ricj d iu this city
has bron tbut tf n llbuitinu nud nn unscru
pulous money getter , llii sbaro of the cetate
tf his tatner , who dtid about twenty-live
years agu , was i-iime 437.00J. In company
with variuus woun n he oumminctd tttping
brothels at th vceac end. Tno places were
not of tLu lowest rort , ai.d Iu nmdu money
quite rupidly , ilo iuireasud bin iuvettm-ntH
in ntfurious hiu < ti > , and cuntirued to grow
rich until he accumulated lully S-ftC.CO ) .
Ilo Ji ved n moat in perjb'e i xi tuuce No one
CDJ'ijol ' linviug buaiun > s dealn pi with him ,
for ho inaittuc ! ou rtullziiig morn for bin inouoy
thnu nuy nve rlsu c .uld ( juc. So pursiutunious
wai heiu his lifo In ttiii cit > that even after
he tKCiino feeble he would walkn milo nud n
half rather ib n piy horsa car luru. Hit Jait
echun.o In Biutin * ai undenaVen about five
yearn ago , wheu hi ) prop * ud to build n must
ttorKCOun Iiuiuu of pn > btiiUtlon in the country.
The build i\g B irscted , but before it cuu d
ba devout ! to the Vila purpodo | ropotod the
ownjr was t ! : u ieriou ly ill. nd ho finally
\t&9 couipoll.d to Bt-ll it. Abmt aeveutcen
ytara ngo Saub ru Iu ibis city , Mits
Julia A , Hilton , then n pretty fiirl from
Maine. Fium lh t time uutil titr death in
April last ha two lived logothsr. Thfl rnca !
sincere nQdOtlou Btemod nlivays to tiitt be
tween them , > ui they weie never martied.
Miss liiltou wan n pirtuer In nil tha business
schemes cf her paramour , u .a during tha last
few yenci thn bud b ou mi tnei ot n h- > usa of
ill rcputa nt N > . 2u Lyuiuu street , which San
boru owned , nud where he made his homo nud
finally died , rilao was u nhrendu business man
ager ns hi < , and u.U'uul Ud pn party which
bus jus ; bHion invtnturlrd at over $ SOOuU.
Afcermakiuga tew trifling biquests , shn be
queathed most of the piopony to S nbjrn
Her will h s cot yet beuu probitcd and her
relatives In Maint will contest it tn tno
ground of undue mlin nco i n the part of S-n
barn. The trial tf this tusu will brlni < out
thn same itnry tbut tba content tf S i > b irn'n
will will expuie. Mr began ubjut
five years ago to coutidor pUus for the < lin-
petal of his wealth A will uhtch tie made at
tbat time bequeutbed $10,100 to Dartmouth
college , aud made his eUtora nnd
three children nnd a * uu of ex-Governor
Noyes of Ohio , ton in nil , his re irliury legt-
teon. Gove nor Noyec , it tbould bo mid ,
was a ichool mite-ol Sanboru iu Nuw lUmp-
eliiro Nut long alter tnrra WHS a breach in
tbi ) relation ! between Sauborn und t > \ helts-
at-law , cauiod by reportn b ing brunghc to
him to the tff-ct that they douuunod him for
his manner ut lifn iu Btstun Ho declared
bo wcu'd ' strike all mi'.iition of them from his
will. At the same lime bo said to frhnda he
had not felt eaiitfied to l vu his propotty to
Dartuiuutli.btcjiMilt wonliibemoLti mtd foru
day nnd llun HI uld ba forgo ten Ho wnntid
to do something fur hid own town und nttho
SDina time huvo n uiHinorlal uf his no n nvuie. '
He proposed alto to Imuiortibze the ai > ma of
his uiiatrurs for duiing tlie luet yerrs of his
lifoho made uustciut of his it-lationa with
her. Hn oven iroviloj in his will nhe tbould
be bulled by bid tldo il hu or bur frlouds do-
siiedituud he bar ) tncvd in the vilUgn
cemetery n majnitict-nt vvliito iiuib'e mouu-
mint. Iu .883Su-ibuni t'eteriniueil to found
and endow au academy , wliith wuuld per-
potuaio ilie memory i.l tiiuuull nud mistress.
Ilo bought n line location nf tevt'ral ajrtsntmr
the center if thu towu of Kiogtton uud bsilt
an elegant brick and gnmtn edltico forttie
purpoeo. It Is a building probably bett-r
ndapted to tduoi'Knul | < urpo ts tbun any in
the etate , nu'l BrchiUctiirally It is ilmfnifant
struouiro within many mills Tlu budding
itself uud two lUborutely arcliuH ( lutoway-
ro plainly ioicribcxj "aauburu Seminary. "
\ The building was liLi-lud about u yu r tt o ,
nnd compltttly fuiul.hed und ruarty for occu
pancy. Its cuu > truulliiri wai carefully ruper-
tntenteoded by both dunoia Mist Hlitju
furnirhtd tha library , and In a room do.igned
for It has becu pl.ced her life sire butt , drli-
citoly cut iu muibe. Ic icptctuuu her
ns n roio t > f beauty ) tier ftn'.urea
aio clasicjl , drlloitumd refiutd Ho
perfect are the lima ilut tha casual obterver
gets the luiprmmon tlut it ii un ideal buiil ,
* nl the thought thut it reprnents a inUtrti *
cf n brothel is revultii g end nlu > o > t btyond
ctcdeoca. In thu lull between the nialu
oalrways Is a nlcho ountuiulng n slmlUr butt
r I Saut-urn. Hu wa < a nimll uuu wiih unr-
ow forth' nr ) , but his prey hair aod'lunj ( vhite
beard glvu him a wry patriaichial wpponr-
anca. Below the butt ii a tablet In'cribed :
' This lomintry was foundo-1 nt in lowed
and this build n { erecttd by KJw rd StuMn
Siiiboiu n token of his r gard for his oaUu
town ml his apprrcUllou if tha importuned
of oduo.tlon , A , L ) , 1681" Tno library wiu
presented by Julia Ann Hilton. Bluca the
chiracter of Sunburn nnd the tource of hit
wealth hat boco'iie kn wo by bU towns'
men , there ban bat n a great deal of diicueiiou
over tboacccptant > of bU beuefkctioun.
Denies Blie Attnuim-a to 1'olaon Ilei
Hn band ,
NKW YORK , Sept. 20.- [ Special to Chic g <
Tlmenl-WillUtu D rracb , broth r of Mis ,
Waud , of Mon're l , who , ccorditg' to a tton
telegraphed from tbat city , wai nccuied bj
her husbaud's frlen Js of tn attempt to poiioi
htm , It a resident of thli city. Mr , Darracl
said to-day : "The story that MM. Warn
Bad from Montreal Is falie. She cum * to Ntv
York iv vr ek ago u I remained a few days a
tnyhou'o. " MM. Waud denies that she > t-
tempted t ) pulton her husband or that the
meditnted doing it , or that he his written
nny woidi whlcb indicate any such pur DOS o.
unicus iomo r "lonato expremons writ en to
n friend can bo interpreted nRalnet her.
Finally she denies that there were nny Im
proper relation * between her nod young Al
bert Smith. Briefly , her story Is this , ns her
brother gives It : M" . Boxudry , who In the
published story is said to Iwe led her nslray ,
wni her companion for r-ovoral weeks
thll tu-nmer nt n watetlrg
plaeo now Quebec , They taw on board nMl *
b > nt from Montreal to Quebec , Albert Stnuh ,
tf Montreal , whom MM. Waud knew , nnd
who was equally wed known to the Waud
family nt loino , Arriving nt Quebec they
parted from Smith , nnd Mrs Wnud and Mrs.
Bcnudry Wfnt to thn eotsido Mono. Ueturnit g
to Moutrnil , Mrs. Waud began to correspond
with Albert Smith , to whom she con
fided that the had hid n misunderstanding
with her husband. She m y have uasd bit
ter and passionate expressions concerning her
husband iu hrr letttrs to Smith Mr.
Wnud' relatives iu tome manner ubtatncd
nnsicsston of these loiters t > youi g Smith
They worked on Mrr. Wnud'a fo , propha-
ylcg nil kinds of things would be
fall her frightening IIT eo that she
was powerlpss to not for herself , nnd tbcy sent
h < ( r on to New Vurk to her brother. Mr.
Waud , nt the request of his family , under
went n medical examination after her depar
ture , nnd no trouble that cculd ba traced to
pois n wni found , In Snturdny'd Moutrpnl
piprs Mr. Waud contraiicti nnd denies the
stutemont that his wife attempted to poison
M [
Ilo PncH thnClty.anil lulu lor Ilrpalrs.
MILWAOKKE , Wis. , Sept. 2) ) . The Ilev.
Robert Sloes , of Greonburg , Ind , , was taken
to the Milnnakoo county hospital today to
recover from the effects of n week's debauch iu
thle city. Ton days ago ho engaged a room
over n Wcet Water street saloon , saying that
ho proposed to "BOO the city. " Sjou after Iio
took two half-gallon jugs filled wi h whuky
to hia apartments , nud he has nut
pfon a fobar moment nnco. ! List night
ho iras taken vrry ill , nud when the police
rtr/poiided to n call they found him in nn In-
Etneible condition , from which ho lint not
jot fully recovered. Inliiiroom was r.lao
nquiutity cf opium , nf which he IB thought
to have pirtakeu fn ly during hifl itay I1 ere
He is retdily identified by nurnor u reutip'.B ,
his half-fntn permit nn the Cu clunati , Indun-
npoli * , St. Louii & Chicago rail.vay , tbo man
uscript t.f several nermons end otlifr docu
ments Having taken nocaro uf himjolf fur the
laist two daB bia bed nud room were iu n con
dition tint w a rliei/usting beyond descrip
tion. When ho arrived iu the city he wns
well drepfo.l , coat nrd tidy In bin nt pairnnca
andc rri. d in his vali-u a quantity of c'oth-
ing , which indicitod his intention of beiuir ab
rtntfrninh mi fir Bomo time. He id i < bout
40 years old , wears n d-irk chin-baard , nud
hat the appearance of being , what articles
found upon him indicate , n wearer of the
clerical g.iwn. He will ba well cirid for nt
the hospital , where he wai taken this
The Indtnnu LSmul Swindle.
INDIANAPOLIS , Ind. , Sept 21. A new
pbnso of the Indiana township bond Dwindle
wai developed hero to-day. Heretofore it
has been generally understood that theao
warrant ? were simply fraudulent ; th t they
had been ueuid in payment for goods that
were novtr delivered , nnd thnt Pollard nnd
Iho distiorest tiuuces shtrod in the nrocjtd-i.
T-i-day K l < r Stark , c .shier uf the OiLCinnttti
National bunk , rame to the city bunging
$ . { ( i > ll ( wnrrunts , purporting to bi is-uwl
by Krnest Ivi z truat > o of the township in
which thu city is situated. Thi wnriunta
Wdie lubtuittfd to thn iti'pi-ction if Mr ICi z ,
uho pronounced llum forgeries The war
rants weieiiLdorad by It. B. Pollard , nnd
were placed with thu Cincinnati b.nk as col-
latoinl by 0 B. Cook , proprietor of the im-
iioudcd Jei.ningi county btnk , of North
Veruon Mr. Stark retained n firm of law-
v < rt > in the interest of his bank , nnd v > hat
fuithor steps ttill ba taken is not yet known.
A Ooon It'lllnij Ivor a Orou nivlsinn.
TOPXKA , Kan. , Sept. 20. [ Special to the
Chicago Tnbuno ] In n quarrel hero this
morning over a division of crops J. W. Jones
shot nnd killed B. H , Whits. Both nro col
ored men , nnd Jones haa been working
White's farm ou shares. They have had con
siderable controversy for a yoar. White
levied un tbe crop of corn yesterday , and in
trying to effect a settlement tj-day on the
farm , four miles from tbe city , n dispute
sroit ) with tha abava re ult. White bin b > en
a member of tbatchnol biard of this ci y , has
edited the Colored ! Citi > on nnd Tribuna news.
papeip , and been quite prominent in local pi 1-
itic ) . Junes claims he did the tlnotmg ia
Bflf-dfifenso , White haTiug tbreitoued his life.
Tha ihoatiDR i dune with nu old army mus
ket , the ball peuetrating tha etomach. After
r < calving the shot White staggered toward
Jones , n hen tbe In ter broke tha eunover his
head. White ditd In a few momenta uud
Jones gave himtelf up to tbe sheriff ,
FatnJ Kninlly liunk .
STAUKOBD , Ky. , Sept. 21. Wdliim Ball ,
n prominent distiller , WAS shot and killed by
his eon George , near litre. The two had been
drickicg and quarreled , Young Ball wjs r.r-
IVT1BVILLE , Pn , Sept. 21. A horrible
ragedy incurred last e\euln ? nt Sdver Oieek ,
n mining village near here. Patrick O'Neill
ud wife lived with n old wjmau , U'Ni ill's
unt , win in Mrs. O'Neill accused of being
he instigator of frfqueat quarrel-i be-
ween heriolf nnd bu band. Yetteiday
ai the occntion of n camuial nn'l quurreN nt
O'Nilll'j houip. Old Mrs K.ff , tha nunt ,
vit in bed , ncd Mrn , O'Neill tiking nclvan-
age of the opportunity cevered lier hrad from
her body with an nxe. Mrs. O'Neill waa
A Jill Do'lvi-ry ' Frustrated.
KANSAS CITT , Mo , , Bunt. 21 The Timoi'
ST v.ul , Mo , tprclnl : GeorgeThsmp < n ind
liiwurd Hindi were jailed tere last 1'riduy
'or robbery. Thin morning the sheriff die-
covered they bad sawed through the bars of
heir cell , formed n plot to kill him , nnd lib-
er to P. P. Star , who U to be hanged next
nouth for murder , and then etcape. A sot of
inr larB1 tills were found sewed lulhlr
cutf , aud (2 000 waa accidentally discovnrnl
f > wd up Iu Trouipnoii'd underwear. HlnaV
v llnt coctiiiu J n stick of dynamite Thomp
son haa been identified a a uotoiious crook ,
Tlio Iniil * tttnit.
IONIA , Mich. , Sept. 20. Alaticb , wife and
son , who resisted thu uflicen so sucsejafully
Saturday , and finally cjuio to jiil , but refined
; o give up their nrnu , were duarmed by the
cifficera during the dy Sunday , Thn otficon
setm d to have been much overawad by the
called prisoners. The houio , barn , atraw-
ickt , und everything bjlnutjlng to tbe Aid
rich family , except a uagiio , were burned U
ashes last night. Tha prisoners will bo ur-
r&igned this morning
School Huneo Burned.
Special Telegram to The BIK.
COLDMUU * , Ntb. , Seit. | 21. The Pat Mur
ray school houio , In tchool district No , 3 , wai
burned to the ground last night. This is tin
third tchoul houia burned In the iait moi tb
Supposed work cf iucendiariei. They ahouh
bo hang.
soape of 1'iUoiior * .
Steubaniilla , Ohio , Sept , 21. Twelve per
BOUS , priioi erf , i cspd from the Jtfferioi
county jail last night by niwiug the cell win
dow bars and tnikirg a hole Urga enough d
creep through. No impcrtnnt clnuacter
were atnocg them. None batu been near. ;
Revolt Creates a Conunalion ID
Varions Foreign Capitals.
Earopoan Powers Opposed to th
The Cholera's ' Oourso in the King
dom of Italy (
Socialists In Ijontlon-DlB.istTous Flood
tn Hpain A Fall In European
Securities ,
THZ nsuMEU.v nmixa.
ST. PiTEiisiinito , September 21. The Rui-
sian press ii jubilant over recent events in
eastern lloumelia , but teemed surprised nt
the fcuddenneB' of the rUltjR and express bo-
that tha i.ff. lr waa arranged at the incol-
emperors at ICremsIar.
JLONDON , Sait. 21 The SUndird , conr.-
uientinfcn IhorieiDgin caitorn Koumelia ,
- "Wo believe that tha
Bij-8 : cannot pjwors
interested were ignorant of what was comiuR *
If they were cr.tvn trouble may arise , Kn-
Klanil bti nnl ? th ) faintest interest , while
Austria nnd Gurmmv ara bjuad to ci-oper.itu
In keeplug tha B.rlln treaty Intact , ndlc _
rein tins to be seen ho Mr it will allocl lluisia.
If tin tretvy piwers are acting in conctrc the
PiULLm'OLiBopt. . 21. Agent * fo nil
pro-it liowd.n Minatory to tha tuuty uf Berlin
sent diapa'chea to their respective govern
ments npprovlnz tin movtm-mta of Fiiduy
la-it. It i rumored in the various cnmulitos
iu this city that the nmtussadjri nt Coustan-
tluoula h yo Bticcee ltd in oisuiding tlio pnrle
from sending Turkish tro 'ps to cittern Uo-
melia to rigaln p S-eetion uf tha country.
Prince Alexander of OaUuria , Is expu tid
to nrriva here to duy. Tn-i princa i * rtCtiving
cnlhujlnitlc ovations nt ovtry eUtlon ( .long
tbe route from .
PAniScpt 21 French diplomats hope tha
ru'.bruak in II u uuli i will uuiln K gland nnd
Fioncn. In via * i f the rising big nu np-
pirent scheme for the pa'titinn of Turkey.
Branch i ewspipars urg. ) tbitF nncu rhuuld
net cautiously in dealing wiih 'he ' nutter und
await n de Inrntiou f Lord Sbs mrj 'a pol
icy Ei-ad Pucha. Tu'kUh iimbisstdor , h id
along intirviaw with L ) Krwyii ns r.x rd-
ing thu iu&urrcctiun in K is turn KoU uelU
VIFNNA 8 ) pt 2 . An Inspired article in
the 1'Vmdnrblatt ' atatts tb > t the uuio > intlc
tondiucyof the Bulgarians nnd Rjumelitns
have i epenterlly excited the Bfiicm attention
of politic l circles. The powtri * , the papt-r
says , continue to cherish a de-Ire to respect
aud the treaty uf Heilln. The action
of Prince Al > xander of 15ulguiiin pi.icing
himself atd bis army at tha lienduf therijiuF ,
constitutes n pruvo violation nf Intrrnxtinnul
Inw , ft in a challenge to Tjrkey. Europe
cannot , for tha benefit nf n mug o Balkan
etbte , mdorso this inlracti of Iroatv rlghtd ,
entailing riar-jpiion . .f lllH lialnnco of power
null ol tha political fo'CPB of the
Balkan ppninsul , m fixtd hy the B'irlin '
treaty It i premature to my it fiiitulywhat
o minon a'.liou wni be inkeu by the p > * ( ,
bur. it Is toitniu tbat the movement will ba
opt in thn narrowest poeniblw bjuudf , thn
owns retaining tupreme coutrul of events in
Ii" Bilkans
BkltLlN S > pt2l. ThaZsltungia confident
int tut ) ncnvord t.r nblo to deal with tbe
i-ls. Vaiioui European ambusiadjrs ou
irlmigh nro huriyiug io thiilr midta.
SOFIA , Sept. 21 , Gibnel Pachn , tha de-
used governor ol Km imha , ia a prisoner hero ,
'be nHiional ft'ninbly baa ben tumm ntd to
meet Wudnttday.
BOMB , Sept. 21 llnportsfrnm Palermo re-
. iriling tie progrtsi f f tbe cholera thow n die-
lessiigstateuf iff airs prevailing there Thirty
iiousaud panplu have fhd frum the city ; nil
lups are closed ; the streets are almost do-
trttd ; there is Breat scarcity of food and
water , and the epidemic i * increasing with
rightful rapidity. The sanitary4 oljicera nre
tucked by the people every time they
ttempt to disinfect the houses whore the
Ueaie exists , and meet with great difficulty
n carrying on the work.
HOME , Sept. 29.-Tbe king has cent n dis-
atch io Palermo expressing great sympathy
or the suffering people. Ills majaatylao
ant $10,0(0 ( io be dUtributud among them ,
nrl places his villa at tbe disposal cf tbe
u Her era. During thn past twenty-four
i urs there bavn bjen 182 new cases uud 123
oitlia from cholera reported in Pularmo.
ItoilK , Sept , 1S r n jW ease * of cholera
nd three deaths wore repotted In Parnu
uring the past tweuty-fnur huura. and at
tovl no two nov oftecs nud one death ,
GIDBALTEK , Sapt. 21. There were thtrty-
nvcn new ca-ea of chnlnra nnd f urtern
ealha repotted in the Spanish lines here
RosiK , Sept. 21. The cholera IB pprcadirg
n Sici v and the tituatim IH beooming tori-
ius Every town is cordoned , CjtllictJ bo
woen the populace ard military am cou-
inuilly recurring , nud m my p rsonn have
jeen wounded. A large military force is to
)0 ) dlspauh.'d to the idau I to re toio order.
LONDON , Sept. 21. An immunsa cocialiit
nrtiilug was held yeiterriny nt the Limn
inusfl. The C'uwl prevented many nttniupta
of the policn to nrr < j t the tpeakeis , but the
orncoru finally fucceeded io nrresting Ma'-.nn ,
ecretaiy of the cociillatio II HU , and seven
protnt'iB. S vnrnl desperate aUemptn were
made by thn mob to rescue tbe prianncrs from
ho policH l.u. erH Kept b oi by tbo free vuo
if tha poHo'tneij' * o'uhi. The prisoners were
idaybr. u ht b-f irn thu mvgUtrate nnd
intd uud iiuprl ou d fur n shore period.
MADEID , Spt. 21 Dlmstrous rainn
occurred in the soutbentcrn part of
pun duiin ? the p st twin'y.four
louia. The ruin d Kcenriexi in torn n a , tn1
'oon thorivtrs uveill iwed their backoausuu
mmencn do liucliiin of properly end lost of
iinny Hvef , huuaep.trtoaau deal aximaUbeing
cirned nut to to * by tbn ramng flood , which
tretchea for miles uruunl the tity.
LONDON , Sept. 21 Tim wai n heavy fall
to-day in international tecmitlo-i. ciuetxl by
oveuta the pait f wdxya in R umelia. Tim
average full iu TurkUh iharoi waa fn m 2 to D
per cent ; in Krjuch , 3 per caut ; ( enter , 1 per
cent , and in Itueaiuua , 1 per cent.
KOMK , Sept 21. Repeated thrcks of cartN
quake were frit in Buueveuto to-day , cau inp
panic among tha InliablianU , man > of whom
flad from the town. A laiga portion of the
popular u oimplng cnt in anticipation ot
further shocks.
: . Sept. 21 , Anarchy pre-
In Mbjuu Tutkiih troops and a body
rf Albani u have bad an engagement con
Priirend. Kive battaliooa of Turkish troop
have buen dispatched to the tcene of tin
trouble ,
PAH is , Sept 21-AUimlrg reports wen
received heie to-day , to ibu efltct tbat Chlni
U mauinit a large force uf tioopa upon thi
SALONIOA , Sept il. liri/andu have cap
tured tha/Aichblkhop of Vurla * hi ) oiece an
auuthar lady. Toey demand i'3OtO fur th
rAUtoin cf tbo pilsoner * .
Tlio Oauudikii Suourc * * .
MOMBKAL , Can. , Sept ' - " . . Twentyelgh
idiathj ( torn imatl-poz here Saturday , anc
jrty-ono ycslcrd y , mnking A total for Uie
week coded last night of 210.
HALIFAX N. S. Sopt. 21 , The reported
ice of minll-pox at Wttllncs haibjr , Cumber-
and cnintv , hits coused contiderabio ecare
mong the residents. A idler , who was
ndo'l Ilioto by nn American veisel , nftcr-
wnid became ill. and the doctoia pronounced
10 disease ( mall-pax.
MoNniFAL , Qua. , Sept. 21. Tha number
t small-pox caaos in St Henri it IccroiGlng ,
L lar o parconlnto of the poplo met on the
treats of the village are freshly p ckmnrked ,
nd nothing is done to cluck the disease ,
i lntotno doftth of some persona Iu the
AUtnd ( if tin city who warn not vaccinated
nd thoreajvpry ot otheisi win have been in-
o ilated , many unbelievers ia this
m llud ot Oghtiog the dlspaie
rj submitting 1 htmiolve * to the operation.
Ma disense has mido lt < appoiranco nt Ibor-
ill in thin pnivinca. At n meeting of the
: 'lfzns of St. ifosipH parish It wasftattd that
10 number of tmall-pox cafes in that plnce
ud rpread to nu nlarmlng extent The
ronch people , it wna eaid , were catolees
j'.ut tha matter , nnd there wai danger of n
till further incieno of thn disease ,
nAciNo ron THE IUNNKTT cur.
SANDT HOOK , Sept. 21At2 p , in. nothing
wna teen uf the yachts Geneeti aud Dauutlesi
which hro touompatein wca from SanJy
( took light r-hlp around Brooton's rent light
th'p ULC ! return. Tne wind 1- light from the
toutti > H"t , the weather pat tly cloudy nnd there
ia n mndirato so * Gnu louary atuim ttgnals
wire dujl | tyed thin morning nud indications
arn nf northensterly winiln und ram ,
When uenr Sandy Hook IfRhtnhlp tbi
afteinoon , tow lluia were cast ( ' ( I end the
yuchts mudenail and prepared for a long trip.
1'bn Lucltenbich gave n preparatory siim
M-I:40 : p m , , having placed lift elf in pa-iMin
n little to suuthwidt cf the lightship , Thu
Diunllefs wa ? under main and foresail , fore-
tty Bill , j b , flyluK j b nud main o'ub top
sail covered tier main pnff toptall.
Thu Genest * carried a main < nil , forestnv
suil , jib fljlng gib , nud club top'nil.
At 5i : 0 the slgu * ! ti etitt wa qiteu. The
nere then sjutbwent i f tha commitUe
The Oeiiestn'u limu cf criming the linn
wan 5:13 and the D.mntlesa fi:2 : < 'Chtu the
f rmer WM Imadictppod 3 minute > ud
the latter 13 minutes. The Uauntleis
haj Bel her j b , tup'&il , nnd main topmast
Rtvysall. The Utfncatn did not utt any m ire
Riil.lut s"unnftercrc8 ing tbo hue ihecrus e > d
thu Dauntle"s nnd lug in loivicgher. Tne
yiiehis were heading eastward
The wind wai vSry light from south south
west nnd t' ' o weather clenr. with a lung swell
on thu ccJin. At n:30 the Geuestu WAS nbjnt
n mila uhoad. Wh n durknPis set in the
Geneatn wai observed to be nearly two mlltw
ah-ad of I bo Uuuntleas. Tn l.uckunu.ich
had left them and was heading for hump ,
li-nvnig UM ( ) a < mi Kiujr to kaitp the yachts
compiny. Tntir progress was nut very f us S
t ilia wind na t-till vary Ittfht.
The ttH't In tlu yuobt rnca for the Bren-
jri'd Rtef chadtnge cup was mndo thia uf ( t r-
non. An Auioricnn nnd an Aujtriau birk ,
hich clauied thin morning , wme not uble to
ork off th-i shore , thn wind hiving Hon
uwn , They wore core to the li h'ubip und
ere tha only vo'fth in light , exseut tbo
ilot boat which dnni station duty. The tug
King ( Joes duty KB u committed bo t ,
The cup n a magnificent trophy , valued nt
250 It w kn offered hy Conimi > dore
iimea Goidnn Bennett m 1872 , and is op-n
n bo loiiteeted fur by yachts of M nations
' ' 'ha di-.t nca is from Sandy II ink 1'ghtnhip '
round Urcntnn'a reef lightship off Niwpurt
iirbur nnd -inrn , nwiut KOJ mllei It was
ist won Ju'y ' 27. 1872 by the Ilimbler in
9 hnurc , to mini" , tO tica , Bud tbe tnniei
acht buecettfuily defended it opten bar 21
fthit yetr iu-il hour25 mins j 32 ttcj
The third raca wns .July 29 , I'70 when thn
'dler nu tcio-tho f t time of S2 h-nts , 18
niim , 1C earn. The Id'er ' being ruhsequantly
old to tro tn C .icaco. the cup rever ou tu the
* ? &w York Yacht olub , nnd the present it the
uuitb contest for it.
NEW YORK , Sept 21 To-d > y cloned the
ensou nt Sh-ep-head liny trnck. Thi run
icg wni iu the nuin npiritlesi. In the
bird race n good deal of dltsntf-fac.iou was
naifeated in giving the rau tu Toin Martin.
' . wus the p ipnlar opinion that it was a dead
ead or Lnog Knit won the raca.
Flret iTor nil nl-
race ngts , non-winning -
owanco-Bevon-oiehthaufanille : Decoy iuok
won , Pontiao second , Sam Brown , thlid.
Time , ] : Vfl2.
Tnroo-quartera of n mile For two-ypar-
d : Inspector B won , Bifgonet tecjnd , Scut-
lh LUBB third. 1:17.
Mile nnd one-eigbih Fur three-year-olds
nd upwardp ; Tom Martin won , Horjg Knit
econ i , Swifth third. Time , 1:68.
Mile and threp-vrar-
thiea-eightbi For - -
) dr : G'poufiold won , Unreet eecoud , Punka
bird. Time,2:28J. :
Mile and u qmrter For throe-ycar-olds
nd upward * : Freelaud won , Sovoreiga Put
econd , Ten Strike third. , 2:12i. :
Mile aud an eighth Longvieiv won by n
neck , I'arolo and danta Claua dead heat fur
eoond place. Tune , 2OOJ :
At Brooklyn * Oiuciuna'i 3 , Brooklyn 6.
At PhiladelphiAthletic il Louisville C ,
At Huff ilo Buff ilo.0 , New Yurk 10
At Bluomiogtm , III. Bjaton 1 , Trovidono
Exhibition game ,
NEW YORK , Sept. 21. The Hilton trophy ,
wor.h $3 110 i , was t'l-day uliot for at Orued-
noie by three teams uf twelve men each tlu
Jtiited btataj regular army tram nnd the
New Yurk ad PhlUdeUhm state toami
The shooting was at 200 , f > 00 nnd CJO ynrdx ,
even shots utfoach dUtnue , ttaudlcg ut first
tinge nud optjonnl nttiiudo- others. Tin
fgulars won iih 997 nut of n pnnaihle liiO (
loiuta ; the N w Yurn uta H team 9G3 , and tlie
'enueylvania state team U17 poiut < .
llolinnn'd Sluuiuar ItotieH ,
WABHINQTON , D. 0 , , Sept. 19-A story on
jiigjf&airau Holman , the great damojrat
ibjfctor aud eonomiit , his fullowtd him
> ck to Wabhloglon from a military post on
he frontier. Ace maiod itlon * were eoirco
nl Mr , Helm in doubUd up with a > army
liijer. ' Batter blow out that light , c ptuiu ,
> b dr ws th mofqultoee , " saiil ha cougrtsd-
mau who Imd dlrrubed to his shirt , and waa
evidently hueltutinR nlnut the next etop. The
c.ip'ain was bu y with his owu prrpaia'ions
for bid uud did not at on the BugKeulUni ,
turn ti < htmuw thoa , ure form of Mr
Hoi mm in puns na'uralibm ditupuen lug be
neath l ha tho-iU. "L t moliua jcu n night
uhlrt , " Buidtbe ofihnr , thlukluu that t&e con-
itroit-uun bad mi.lnid that arUclo of his ward
robe und was emuanu' d for wait of It ,
' 'Thank you , ciptalr- ; but nivor mind , " rrt-
piled Mr. Ilolmuu but wo never wear such * iu my dueatrlot. "
Couhinu lou
Sioux FALLS , D k.Sopt. 21. The threat
ened troubles lu tha constitutional convention
were adjusted by the adoption of n tubitituta
tor Oampbill'd bid of rlgntr , which declared
all political power Inherent iu the peopln ,
All ( rte government * being founded on their
authority , they have tha right to niter thti
forms of g iverument , nud dnclarei the state
of D kou nu lustiparabla part uf the uuion ,
and th * federal constitution the lupremn law
ol tbe Uud.
Smallpox In New Ycirir.
New Youn , Sept. 2l.-Sho health officen
ar muku'Bt erery i llort to discover the souici
nf the sudden outbrink of itiiullp ix iu i
Griud strent tenement hou > e uud tem it before
fore It gains headway. Saturday night i
child wa taken tick with the disease , bloci
tbsu two more pitlenU ill with the
h va been lemovmi to ( In h
Tvto uf m Kind.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 2l.-Soeielary Kndi
cott ruturoed to Washington last night and 1
t his deik to-day The prtslduut t'v-da ;
appilntf.d ( Ii9 folljHlcg pottumiterr : Oli\o
T. l ) le , Moutlcjlio , Indlan . vica W. J
Huff , iiMM-nded ; John F. ' Ootttcll , For
Scott , Kaniu.
Replilicaiis ( f Ihc Empire Stale As-
for Their ConTenti-in ,
No Oertaintp as to the Nomine o
for Governor ,
Supposed that Cornell Holds the
Balance of Power ,
Protinblo I'UnkR ot ll'O FInlform
\VnBliiiiRton Nolcs-Nolo Irani
tbo Itallro nds.
SAnATOOA N. Y. , Sept 21.-DeIontna ( td
the republican etftto conveution nr-i arrivirp
iu large uumbars to-day. There saema ns y c
to be uo concentration ujon nny ono cindi-
datti. There have been alnut twenty-hve
intutB uiutitioucd tor lli3 lirct pUce on the
tiokut , the iiust proiLtnent ot whom nrn
Alonzo 1 ! . Cornell , Cornelius N. lilies , Iin
W. Dur-nport , J. W , Drcxel. .loieph . Tnrr ,
Livi P Morton , James D W rren , Willlun
K. Sowurd nud Jnmos Wadawirth. Now
York county Is said to ho d tha key to the
biiuatlon , nnd thu city delegate ] nr < j li < rd nt
worktrjtagto harmon ! .4 upon n ouididato.
A quiet movement 18 on foot , it is paid , to
in tie Col. Fred Grant the nominee far secre
tary of state.
Delegates fairly awnrn.ed into tiwn on tlo
olVrnouit trainv.indocenoa about the h-itols to
light arrf dtcidtdly utiimntud. At I bin hour
(11 ( p , in ) thcro li no changa in the situation
fiuin tluc indie titi'1 uarly iu the day , except
tint Cornelius W. BlUa nud Levi Murtou
linve t kcu the leivt. leaviog Cornell
n Rood third , Whiln thla is n
tact , It is very ncpirent that
Cornell blocka the way to reauhiug on nmi-
cililf ) nrrntigtment without cjusdierabln
diili ulty , nn 1 uuleta ho cnu he gotten rid of
by tha friends nf the oihtr two gont'emeu '
tboy will havti Imd work in carrjing out their
wiehni. It Is ii'irteratoood that Cornell holds
a milieu-lit nuuibe' of votes Iu the New York
d'l git ion to ciiib-Hra'B Bliss and Morton ,
uud it U probable that this nuy ueccsjitito
Ui-i untulng of n new man.
SAUATOQA , Sept -MitmaiiT The
Ki. t > s rjuuty ( Brooklyn ) dulu mioa hold
conference to-night nnd npuoiuted u cjinmit-
tee to confer wiih New Ymk cuuuty delo-
in'ii ! with n view to eelec log n ctrnlidn o
upnri whom bith delfg.ttionu cmd unite.
Thu state cnmml' ' too to-nigat lield n inoilUg
aud drcl < < nd to rcrommcnd the a lccUou of
Senator Wurreti Miller for temporary ch ilr-
uinn NEW YOKE , Sept 21. Th * Tribune's Sru-
tozn special on tha forthoomiug republican
convention will say : p-riuiu hive
been preparing pUnka for tha ijlitfo-ni , and
.n tlfott will i < e made to Imvo it concisx , und
> t Iho 8 m3 tima ombrncs tha iem-a upon
rhich the party will appeal to tlm voters.
lenator Miller propose < < n puleiilou phnk
'hich will accept the revised tat lit nt si.tllii g
ho tniiif question until a Lew CC-IIRUI Is
uken , und Uxprecating nny further nrjit4llon
< the q > ieetio i until tra le U better nnd the
figfri uf Irtborers higher. Oarpoml Tanner
ill propo'e a civil Burvlcj plunk which will
clare that war veterans should have priority
n certification utter piling nn cxaminv.iou.
eparato rcBohitionH will cbarga violation of
h prliiciplrs of civil service ref jrm by re-
en" uppomtmonta in the New York cuitom
louaonnd in other ways.
Auother plank will bo proposed docUriog
n favor cf thn Btoppnga of the cninage of eil-
f > r dollars. pUnl ; < will drclaru in f.wor
f mun'c'pjl nud li'sialatite reform aid will
lem nd ttutt the colored vocera of the eouth
d given the right to uist thuir ball its and to
nve them fairly counted , If the convention
hould lust beyond one day , as now seems
robiblu , tba platform will b3 reported to-
WABHINOTON , Sept. 21. Tha postmaster
cneral bai ordered that the exchange of
mils between the postofBcia of Benson ,
Arizona , and Nogale' , Mexico , bs disc mtin-
, ed , and that all Mexican nulla heretofore
orwarded via Benson , ArUiua , bo sent via
oijalo' , Arizjuo , to be Included in the ox-
hnnge between that office and Nogalea ,
The offlca of chief of postoffiee inspection
as hfou tendered by the pHtinastec-ieneral
n William A West , of MixsUrippi. Mr.
iVcflt is n proiporuus farmer living near Ox-
orJ , Mlas , an i bai cngnged tucceesfull" in
norcnitilo pursuits in dt. Louu and NdW
Jrloans , md hw been pretident of n bank In
) xford. Air. West was at tha department to
ur , und has the tender under consideration.
Sacrotnry Lnmar , who has been confined to
ils bc'U'e ' for the laftt fenr days with n tovoro
ittnck ol Ii llneiiz i , U reporto 1 as being some *
.vhat . better to-night. Ilii pbyelcins , while
ntertuiniug no upprebention uf loiious re-
ults , haveurgid tha lecru.ary not to Icavo
d boujo for several daj s.
TliolCveniiu Star exprssies tin belief that
ho civil Fervlcacommiiiaiou will be reorganized
leforo lone aud cow men a , pointed through-
> ut. Indiana ID already in the field with n
anHi jute for Mr. K tou'u place in the person
if Prof , .lamed II , Smart , public inttructor uf
he state.
Auionfj ill" llallrnnda ,
BT PAUL. Mit n. , Sept 21 , News received
rom Montana injailroad circles this evening
ay the Union 1'acHc'd Utah Northern nar-
ovf gauge branch in tbo territory is chacgire'
lie g u o of bridgoa. It ii believed here the
cmiruuy ii ptepaiinx to make the hue
tundnni gauge Iu anticipation of the North-
rn 1'uclfio building a broad gauge to Butte
; ity.
Onvn.ANn , Ohio , Sept. 21.-Judgment for
nearly 53t 00,000 was rendered by Judge
Holhluy in the cnmmoa pleas aniirt to day
against the New York. Chlctgo & St Louis
railway company. The claim against tro
compiny wui prttienttd In the rlnpa uf three
O'cnovlt not > 8 , tha largrst of which , for
(2 -0,010 , was executed Dfcamhtr 1 , 1881 ,
rn W , II , Viinderbllt , prmidimti'f ' the road ,
Tha next largekt note , for 3373,010 , was made
payable to tha Lake Shine & Mlclilga
Huulbern railroad compiny. Ths third note
was for 8/50,000 and was drawu In favor nf
II. 13. Hulllnr , bearluB data March 24 , 8 5.
Seine time a < o the Union truit company of
ew York , sake J the courts lura to compel
the Nickil I'Jate to settle for n large equip
ment of Mling Htoak purchased < if them. To
day the Nickel Plate made answer to that
suit , claiming that the road was not legally
organ zed originally , and that the contract
nltb the Tiu > t company is therefore void. .
The roai wutits lh.9 rolling stock eold and tht
pioceedd divided pro rta among all tin
crtdllorv ,
MoNTltKiL , Oat , Sept. 2L The OanaJlai
Picitlo kuthorltlek have for somu time entri
citined sutplclous that they were l > aiug victln
Izid by thiir civil enpintera and cjutractor
in thu rtc.ion north uf Lake Sujxrior Abau
a month go oil payments to contructjr
were stopped. and rtmetsuruinuu
of the different stclloni ordered
ii Viu juit batn oomplot'd , and it uhovv.
tliB''by ' blunder or Irtud the oompauy ' j
paid ( u its contrac.on hundred * nf thous n ( !
r dollar * iu excrri of the amount of wor
tlcne One conlracUir alina his , bee
inme than ? ! OOOvO too wuc !
nd nnolber tCO.OOO. The fuU amount ne-
grrgAtes half A million dollars. DMectlvpi
hnvp ditcovrrod thit engineers who were rt-
ceiVlnp Halation of 81CO n month were wealth )
landed proprietor * nnd were engaged in ox-
tenMvo bnilcllnp purtuits , tome uf thorn biicp
woith from { 30,030 to 510,000 , which bad bemi
nccinmUttd in n wondetlully tbort time. It
Ij ftnttd that criminal ncd civil proceedings
will be instituted. Many nf the oontrnctori'
Implicated have retained leading counsel tu
defend them , who will p'oad that tbo re.
m ; 6iireinont5 nre iucoirtct ,
PirTsiiuna , I'ft , Sept. 21. A largo number
of I'eui ltnniA rallroml olUcinl ) will stnrt
emt to-morrow on their annual tour of In-
epoction. '
It Is itnnoroJ In railroad circles that nn im
portant mooting of railroad men will bo held
In New York to-morrow to consid r the sale
of the Suiiib I'ltnnnylvnnta. Vandorbit , it it
understood , will bo present.
OI > J > ctliiK u T < uilT Hoiluollon.
NEW OBLEANS , Sept. 21. Tha produce ex
change hiM adopted n resolution to tha effect
that they learn with nitonishmont nnd nlnrm
that the collector of the port ot New Yoik
has rccommendc d the t ccrctary nf the treasury
to permit the introduction nf broken rico nt
2) per cent ad vuorcm duty , nnd also tiu
Kssolvod , That ns re prmntatlves of pro
ducers nf nnd dealers Iu domtjslio riuo in thp
tate of Lmlsinut , we protect ngaluet such
ovsnion of thoixls ing t rdl laws
, Kei lived , That wo decUro broken ncn , n
mp rted , to bo purn unm.miifaoturdd > ict *
j otectul byn fpecifia rate of duty. Thu
whole nf thu fxrtigu tioj imported cuiilil hi-
lastly binken In p > uuding to clean it , if it
in iilmtttrd almost freu of duty.
Hnhjd , That we respectfully tuga the
secretary of the treasury to protect thu pro
dn3 r nd rover ua * of thfl government fiom
Bticii n constructinu of I'Xlstiug laws ,
Thu tugar ex-h ngo hat II'BO ' adopted n
seiiej of ludolutuius t' < * h'i H niDncniral tlltct.
t'r.'liailnt : toUDloml tliu OtiiiiiiilHsion.
NEW Youit , Sspt21. . A Washington
special says : The resignation of Chairman
Uormin B. Kiton of the civil serviaa cmi-
ml'i-lon was sent In before Majir Ilinckley ,
of New York , brought action in the United
Slates circuit court to test the constitution
ality nf the civil service Kw , nnd
there ia good reason tu believe that
he will withdraw it un-ll the nc inn
has been tried. The president has repre
sented to him that his resignation at the
present juncture would be interpreted HS u
iQ'rqut and a run of weukn ps , nnd mtrfhe
ii llueucu thfl reau't ' of the trial. The pnei-
deut hns promi'ui to the civil cervica reform
Hftpncutlou that the constitutionality if tlin
law sbal' bs stoutly dafenlod , Hiid the object
of Mr. Eaton's visit t ) Wellington nt ttiU
time in tu prcpiro u dofeusn in thn action
which Ii t'i b ) Drought bjforo Judge Wullaso
ia Now York oa Friday.
Tlio Tf > mp rniiC3 OiHCiisvloii Enrtnd
NASUVILLV , TKNN , Sept. 20.- [ Special to
Chicago Tiibme , ] Joseph Page thot nnd
futilly woundoi William Hamlott on Wharf
avenue thii eveningIlamlett , who la 52
yosra old nud the proprietor of a ( mill store ,
wai talking to eomo children about the evil
effects of drinking whisky , nnd in the
o > ur < > a nf his remarks m'd ' no man who wni
uddictod to the use of liquor o mid prop : rly
a'.tend to bu > iue > ? . P g > * i who has lung
b.'en sullerlng from con urnptinn and uilug
BiimulnntB tut re for , told Ilinilett ho wa-i u
ar , lluuloti Itft tha Children nnd walked
u6 into the s reot , being followed by Pag * ) .
In repea o J what hii had * ad. ! The latter
mmediatelv ftruck PagH , whorirow n revolver
; id noiit a 32-ca bm ball into Iliuilett's tldei
he bill p sed from ope Hide to the oh | r ,
erfnrJttijg the luujs nn'l liver. Tl'i'i'ilett fell
nd Pag i ran away. OSijjis went in pursuit
ud cjpturoj bun n1 ; 9 'u'oo1c tt-ni ht. .
In Fii > nuinl Tiuublo.
IlAKBlsnUKO , Vu , Sopt. 21.- The Shenan-
ojh I'on company , nt Milnof , ia this county ,
us defaulted ou tha payment of eomo of ita
idobtoduesf , nnd n bl 1 was filed iu the circuit
onrt of the United States to-day asking fern
n itjanjtlon and recuivcr. The partlei to
lis action are the Seventh National bank ,
Tulon Trust , Safe Deposit uud Innuruncci
ximpany. Eighth Nnnounl b nk , nnd John
liluo * , til ot PniladilpbU The liabilUlea of
13 oompuny nro ubuut S900.00D. S500 0(10 ( of
vhlch is first mortgage bonds. Tin reinuln'ler
s a flinting ladebttdness , An li-junction uud
eceiver nro asked for by oiedltun reprtseat-
tig the ibatinu debt.
Onnftl b
WlLKtHDAUBE , Pn , Sapt 21. An outbreak
mi Iar to that of the Plymouth fever has
made its appearance ia Nauttcoko for the past
'ow day. It u reported late this evening that
everul families are strlcVen down with the
Isease. Tnu in ijority of cai s are situ ited
, pen n hill uoar town which has always been
onei'lerel thn braUtiie t pare of the place.
L'he ppidtiniia Is said to ba caused by thu uie
f well wntor pointed ia eomu unknown mitn-
Mil ii ClnHlnn Down ,
lETaoir , Mich , Sept. 21 , Specials from
ifeuomlneo report that all lullh on the Mich
igan Hide of the line have been clrsed by the
wnors on account of the ten hour law , which
s just KIILO Into ifl ct. At firt It was de-
iiul to iiavn the men sign contracts waiving
luir tight to rnup tha benefit ol tha now law ,
ut thu opposition WHS such tbut Ilia mill
wners finally shut down to await develop -
iitints , Ac Mauut a 1,001 mou rre out of
mplojmeut becauie they ref mod tu accept a
iroportinnatu reduuilou ol pay with the
hanged hours.
Work Hetuuibil t Itouk s
ClIKYKNNlf , Wyo , , Sjpt. 21. Work woi
ObUiced lit Hojk Springs ooal mines thi <
moroing. All Chinamen went to work , ulsi
ill white mechanic * , tniiineerB , blacksmith *
iremen andoirpentrrjirmploye'l iu Ihoininen
Th white coal mlnrrs wno dtchuod to worl
wire paid oil. Every thing ii quiet , ntidm
more trouble is antilpited.
A IViuler lAiilc. ltcuallr < ] ,
Now Yorlc Sun.
"You would ba ustonlshod to hear an-
eto th queer people who soraoiirues coaii
oourihco , " 6 td tliu Iceeptr of u von
tioin Oa ttiain utroot struet restaurant
"Thu other day a man cmiu iu dutiiif
ho afternoon mid sti < * j ' 1 was hero Ii
ho mnriilnf , ' nnd gut f JUT eiuill aaasi er
a bowl of coiTite , two rolls cf brtmd. a pn
,1 butter end two pataloef all for II
( .outs.1 I thought hs bad rtllsbwi irha
no gave him and had OIIIIB back to tr ;
( t again , BO I said : 'Ourtaiuly , air , niu
wo cm let you have tfc ttni
things foe tto eame nm ll ptlci
every day In the yuar , Sauduys nut ex
oop'od. ' Thank , yon very , taucb , re
piled the ma ? } 'bat that la not extrtl ;
whtt Iwont. . Fid IB , I drank tbo oouV
and nt/j all the bresd and butter am
both the piUtoeo , and I uui hod thro
s&ugi' ; bat thu fourth tausjgu I coul
not. tickle , I w eatlsCied. Uat now
da you know , I'm hungry egtln. I luy
a kind of hankering after that Bantam
< < rn I oiu'i inugiau what W B Uio uiatli
too tha' , I oonld uot eat it ih
j BO I'vo just ati-pjitd iu to ei
tf the cook o mldu't hunt H up and I
rau luvu nnnthor cbaucu at It. U' pa
fi r , you know , uad you we ti't k'su nu
thing. ' That'it the kind of cmfjmcrs i
got , and we oau'c ' ahvaja o'jli o them , "
Prices in Chicago1 ; ! Marl FlnclDilmi
Fiercely fllgli M Lw ,
Oattlo Figure o Undo 'go No Ke-
Hogs as Low as At Aiiy Time
for Ssvon Yoarsi
Wheat n. Goad Ariloto nt Barter
Closing Uljjhor Tlmn Bftttiriin ]
Other Ainrkau ,
Special Tolegrmn to the USE.
CHICAGO , Sept. 21. Trade oponoil rntlior
quiet. 8 ileamen , who had uaofnl nrnl goo < }
unlives , which were scnrce , made nn effort to-
get iiore money , nnd occasionally a lucky ouo
eucceedoi ) , but iu ngoicralwny there wa
llttlo or no change. Tex nee nnd Northwestern
raugera were in butter demand , nud told 'fully
ns stroi g as hat wo Ic , Lw grade native
stuck remains dull nnd conttnu s to cell nt
low piicee. Stockrra nnd fotdora iu light
pply , nud Htttu or no don mil. There wcto
but n four country buyers present , nnd the
few transactions recorded wuro on speculativa
Shipping stem 1350 to I'OI Ibi. $30f )
6.00. 12',0 t. . 1350 IbJ. , $10196 40 ; 050 * to
12 0 Ib3 , S3 ! ) > a4 8) . Thr.iu.ili UVxm oUtla
stronger ; DM ) to 1051 ) bi , S3 2'\ 0) ; 760 to
000 Ibs. , S. 80@y 30 ; GOO iu 7U Ibfl , S2 C0@
3,00 Western r.uiii-ra firmer ; natives nod
half-breed * , 53 C05 iO : cow * , ? 200@360 ;
wintered Teiauu , S3 2Ci-l 06
Sals * 40 Montana. 1 122 11 , S-l 5" ; 302
Mont'ina Tixini , 11)10 I'M , < Jt < 5 , U ! ) O ilora-
( l < > , 1,17 ! ) llx , S4.DO 34 Uulorndu Toman ,
f'JHhH $ > 6'3IUhiilf-br ' ; ed < 1,110Ibi. 8-1 CO ;
SUO Wyoming Teaiw , 1070 Ibs , $3.tO ; 403-
Montana , 1,265 Ibo. § 5 to.
There wnj n sharp down drop of 515)1."o ) , nnd
only a moderate demand nt thftt. Tha drop
wn : on nil gradea from but to poorest ,
Pricojnregralunlly weakening nd nro now
down to nearly 'l\a lo.v r-angj of thu miialh of
September iu 1378 nud 187' ) . I ! mrd of trads
BLecttlatore me selling hug products fir Janu
ary delivery on the \ua\t \ \ of ubout S3 2 > ns the
pnoi for hog * In November nod Ueceniber in
the Chicago imitket , mikii K tbo price in the
ciuatty uliom as low ai at any time for the
pnit auv < = n years T < > day rou < h und o imtnon
Bold nt S3 5 ) 37' , Mr tJ good packlcg sorla
ut S3 Oj@l 10 , iiud thu baat mark-t v\n \ nro
cloaely a-s , r od hetvy nt 54 15 ; 4 21. Pac't- '
iu , ? nud thippii'g ' 23) to 33) 1" . . SSSj'SJiaJ :
light woigh'a 130 c.i 170 IbJ , Si 2d@l 49 ; 180
to 210 Ibj , $3 5tgS4 ) ( 10.
TUG Oil VIS Mil ! It HI1.
Special Telegram to The BEC.
CHICAGO , Sopt. 21. The market developed
lift ) und strength to day. The moving cause
is iHUirult to dl'cover , but it wan declared
that millers ii the northwest wire coonUntly
advancing their bulc for wheat , nnd that n
full udvuuos of Cj. hd occurred durln * the
just week. It was a,1 jo statyd tbat n bitter
demand had boon deVelopid in the Eogllih
market lor American , and there wai the
piomlso of rather laig < ) decreaao in the
vlalhle supply uf grain The niirkot opaucd
with heavv ufferiiigr , nndor which prices fell
back to S3j fur November or gs from the
opening. Krom this point tha dainand be aa
tn nnpiuve , aud t litre was n sharp ndvau'O to
85JJJ uuild oonti ! > > rnbo ! excltemont. Tharo
wan a reaatljn to BJJ followed by a rally to
&HJJ3 , which was tlii highest piint of the day.
T ia market then fluctuated withia n narrow
ruugn , and closed on thu regular board Io
higher than Saturday ,
Corn was weak ut tbo oponlnar nnd
li'Ofimo more so an the cession advanced.
Receipts wore suili iently frto to bring
oat liberal oniurrf , While there wan
llttlo if uny ruppnrt to the market , warm
weather prevailing throughout the northwest
calmed the fears ot fioit for tha time bolrjg.
Th'3 decline , followed by a partial recovery ,
was go.
Oita were very quiet and prices shaded off a ,
Provitinns ruled quiet and firm , prlceaehow-
Thn Wopkly Or'Alii Bfaitoiiinnt ,
CHICAGO , Sept 21. Tbo following figures ,
taktn from un Lfliiiial statement of the board'
uf trade to b ) posted on 'ChauKO to-morrow , ,
chow the am'iuut uf graiu iu sight in tbo
Uiil'R'l ' HtatiiH uud Cauiida Saturday , Sjpi > < rn.
bar 10 , aud the amount of liicreana nud de-
cre.isu ever th ) proceeding week :
Wheat . 43,830,214 03 ) ,021l
Oorn . ! , : Wi78 * 9J7 740-
Oiti . 4.1(9,1/7 ( CO.fCO
K > o . 41 , ( r92 ' 4,71'C. , '
rl.iy . 181U3J , 42li87
Tnti mouut of grain in utora in Chicago
elevators at the name tlmu war.
"Wh-nt . 12,831,055-
Corn . , . 483 711
O ts . 41,431
Hyo . 14S4I8.
U Iey . 17,379
The AVoilcly Hvvlbwot nrldsli
LONDON , Sept. 21 , Tlia M rlc Lane IE-
pieta , in its review of the Uritiih praia trade
during the punt week , B > B ; lirokon wentber
with occaai Bid rains during iho week , Itavo
tended to dtl.ty liurvrit. Halen of Knqliah
\vh. < "t during the wniOc were 7J,4 ) < 1 quirteru
ut31 < 10d , * Kttlu t7 > , l3G ut i3tlUd diulog
tliu corresponding week la t ycur. Vnroign
wh-iut U null , Thai If coitt market haaloat
Its activity and Imi toned duwn. The first
of Aicerlom red wintvr whe t arrived
during thu week , and was told at S2i 10d.
Five cargocd of wtunt f.rr'iI ( , nix weiu sold ,
live withdrawn nad fiiur rfmainu'l , iacluding
uuuof Ojlifoinluu. At tO'day'd inark t theru
w ru lur u atlivtiries uf wisac. Tde weather
was clear ana t'ju fcim wa > < ahmli PI , much to
the ditappoiuttuent of trade l''lour ' wa dull ;
prices cloeud vt SI ) . Oor , bran aud peis
were steady. UaU dul\ mil Uurluy In better
iuj'ilry , _
Jlulii DiUry AUirknr.
Oi Bopt 21Toaluto. . Ocan'd : VA
gin , 111. , nml : Snthobjurd if trade to.
day buttar * vtul ( , and dtcliued Jo over
luat weok'a prictn. lUgulur tale * , 12GCO
puunda at 22ic. Checati quiet uud dull
100 buns iC@te. .
t. WiBiHKGiW , Sopt. 21. For tba upper
d Mu'Uslppn Goner a ly weather , except
0 lojal iu uj ui extrtiuu uoithcin ptiitio3boith >
A * e ifrly ulud aud luwur tciupuratwc , with
cool wuvu and hlvher biromoter
Fu ; tbw MlKouri Vullbj : Centrally fair
weathw , nortbwwilf-rly wludi bectuuh'g varl-
' ' , fcigher biruuibter ftud I
ltl\iwul wave.
a , ICin. , Sept. 2L An Incendiary
fire this uiorniug desttuyod the Uiga 'e ucrl
otorea of S. A. Drown & Co , , aud Ilytlugtr &
Itosentlial. The builitluKJ were owttd by
1'aul Kiiber and U. Traxt. Total lots oti
mitod ever $100Xi'j ( ) ip ursuca