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Tic Fonrlh Successful Day of Nebras
ka's ' Big State Fair ,
An Extensive and Eomarkable
Display of Oattle ,
xumcnso Atlondanco as Shown by
Itallroftti Tlclcot Sftlca DIty
No\v of a Day ,
' Thursday , the fourth day of tha atato
fair , was ushered In by cloudy weather
and a alight rain , hardly , sufficient , how
ever ; to lay the dust. By 9 o'clock tha
nun cam o ont and by noon the heat was
rather moro than comfortable. The
grounda comuunccd to fill early In the
day. and bands of mnslo in the fltanda
played , the people walked about and
orotyono sotmcd happy. Tbo principal
place of attraction , particularly to fr-
morB , waa the cattle atalla , and the ex
hibits certainly trcro a credit to
any slate In the union , let
alone Nebraska , Hohtolns , Durhams ,
Devonshlrea and Jerseys were all
\voll represented , and any comparison M
to their respective excellence would bo
unjutt. Smooth coats carefully curried ,
iat bicks and aides , hnely polished horns
woru prominent features in nil the stalls ,
oven among those cattle which were de
nominated fat stock. In the show ring
during the morning stalllono uud heavy
draft horses wora exhibited , classed and
awarded their ribbons. During the
early afternoon the cittlo were ehown ,
and aa they lumbered olnmsily around
the ring many exclamations of nmuso-
ment were expressed that such fat animals
could walk at all. They did , however -
over , nnd before they were led away ta
their quarters upon the horns of many oi
, them ilutterod bright blue , and red ribbons
bens emblematic cf their victory over
loss pure blooded animals. During the
day the various halls , buildings , amuse
ment booths , and refreshment stands
were filled with vluitors , all delighted
with everything they taw. Orange Judd ,
the well known etock journalist , and
authority on all mattora appertaining to
farm management , addressed a largo
audience composed of f armors anxious to
got what points they could to bolter , if
possible , the conduct of tnolf farms
and the sJ breeding of stock ,
The speaker talked generally of the ro-
cesalty of care in all things , and endeav
ored to show that by frugality and
patience , any man owning 1GO acres of
land could become a king over his own
domln'on. ' The state troops were on the
parade grounds again yesterday and
went through a number ot well executed
evolutions. Art hall and Its Immediate
vicinity was much frequented , and the
many line exhibits drew forth extrava
gant expressions of approval , Among
many others there was none moro novel
than that of tbo
of Omahn. In the northwest corner of
the building just at the entrance the eyes
of visitors were struck with
, - .curious looking whlto knoba
S ' something like the haudles
to an old-fashioned bureau. They found
letters which spelled out cave the name
* of tbu company Itself. The knobs were
nothing moro than those nsud to carry
' the wires of cluctrlo appsra'us of nny
kind and were but n small portion of the
exhibit. Hotel , house and burglar alarm
enunclators , hotel call and lire alarm
cases , made up in the most beautiful fash
ion , were placed In a manner to dlsfliy
their uio. Models of doors and windows
with the burglar alarm attachment ara
used to show the working of the device.
As the window was raised or the door
opened a bell commenced ringing sharp
ly and continuous enough to frighten
almost any bad character ont of his wits.
The exhibit included a number ( f other
apparatus used for experiment ! , tele
graph communication end othtr things.
The Midland'company took tbo first
prize at Omaha for thii kind of nunufac-
turo , and it will probably do so hero.
The company haa already ostabllahid a
large business , and a number of its hotel
call-boarda are nlroidy nacd in Lincoln
and other towns In the state.
Just northoait of the art hall and in a
tasty looking private exhibition building
of Fremont , Neb. , has an exhibit , if it
may eo bo oilled , of the manner in which
ho manufactures overalls aud like gar-
moats , Mr. Fuhrman is ono of the sub-
atautUl mon of Fiomont , and ,
for that matter , the state.
For years ho haa carried
on a wholojalo and retail dry goods houao
well known throughout the eastern end
western portions of Nebraska. Ills
enorpy and enterprise have boon the
mean * which have mada him a rhh man.
Something llko a year ago Mr. Fuhrai&n
decided to start n overall factory in con
nection with hla wholesale business , and
be put lu the necessary machinery to no-
couiplish this end. From the start the
venture was a success , and at present the
capacity of the factory Is taxed tp its
utmost to supply a demand which reaches
out over the west. Besides overalls Mr.
Fuhrman alto mskes jsan pints ,
shirts , fnll duck suits and
several other articles of apparel which
are used by farmers , minors , and stock-
men. The exhibit at the fair grounds ,
while no evidence of what the factory at
Fremont is , affords instruction and satis
faction to those who are Interested in the
growth and improvement of our wonder-
lul young state. Mr. F. W. Hlpko ,
foreman of the factory , has charge ot the
working people here. This gentleman
has na extensive oxparlonoe In eastern
cltlcr , and betides this Lo Is an ngreu-
able gentlemen , with whom it is a pleas
ure to meet , Visitors at tbo fair should
not fill to oill at the building and look it
over. Anyone who has ever met Mr.
Fnbrmau will bear ont the BEF. in tbo
assertion that ho li n man who under
takes a thing only to make it a IUCCOBB ,
and for that reason this ovoraU factory
will beo'jrno one of the leading manufac
tories of the ntato.
THE CITY iK mm v.
Hunry Klllwan , a poor man from Illl
noi' , while crowing the track near the
B. & M. depot yontoiday morning , was
run over by the cars. Ills left lex and
hip were tenlbly crushed nd brnUod
end internal irjurlcs were aho sustained.
Thu man wai tuken to tbo hocpltal where
ho waa rollevdd s much as possible , bul
the dec tors ray there no hope of his re'
covt-ry la entertained.
.It Is s id that on Wedntsdoy the B. &
' ' M. nllroad nold 8 COO tickets to the fail
from various points on its lines. Then
was a report slio yesterday that n than
Bind people In Nomaha county , who do-
elrod a visit to the fair , were unable ti
aocnio railroad accommodation ! on sc
onnt of the Immense traffic of the road.
A man named Jock Uammlngo , cra-
> loycd at the water works ai a fitter , was
arrested yesterday by the United Stales
minorities for passing counterfeit money.
Upon examination It was found that ho
was not guilty of the tffanso charged ,
although culpable In another seme. Ho
; ive Brown , a tnloon-koepor , a $100
illtsouti war certificate , long alnco worth-
oas , in payment of a $20 liquor bill
10 owed to Brown. The saloon-keeper
otnrnod Cammings 9 80 In good money
and did not discover hla mlutako for
ionic time aftarwards , when ho caused
.ho man's arrest The charge failed and
10 will bo arrested for obtaining money
under false pretenses.
Tha major Issued n bombastic procla
mation on small dodgers , ordering that
eaterday bo called Lincoln day fct the
air and that ttllbnalnesshousosonghtoloBQ
n doflbronoo to his withes. An anxious
oaroh through the city failed to reveal
ny closed doors , The merchants were
11 very busy raking in largo amounts of
money , which Is their proper right and
> rivllogo ,
A female , good looking and attractive ,
with great chock withall , yesterday
ponod up a wheel of fortune on O street
ircctly under the shadow of the polloa
loadquartors. She commenced to toll In
ho usual nay , that "this gentleman Islet
lot a gimbllug device , but only a way I
lave to aoll goods worth ten times the
money I ask for a ohanca to win a diamond
mend ring or $100 in cash , " when a
pedal police swooped down on her In a
mshfnl and diffident manner. She
rlod to cajole him and ho nearly sue-
iumbed when she said that slo had a
cento from His Honor , the mayor , but
nottur policeman arrived on the epot
nd in a abort time the wheel of fortune
3d its fkir but fickle manipulator betook
icmselves oil.
J. M. Burks , the hardware merchant ,
ornsr of Tenth and Q streets , was
obbcd yesterday afternoon. Two well
rested strangers entered the atoro and
me called for aomo article which was
copt In the basement. Only one cleric
was In the store at the time and ho went
Etor the goods. When ho returned ho
omul that the owh drawer had been
; akcn , together with Ha contents , $56 In
money and two or three checks. The
obbera easily escaped.
The uuul number of pickpockets and
thor crooks got in their work yesterday
s usual on unsuspecting people.
The MCJB yesterday afternoon resulted
aa follows :
In the freo-for-all Clinker
- - pacing Patsy ,
ioatrlco , first ; Walter Hall , Council
ilulLi , scond ; Charles E , third ; Walter
llppa , Cedar Kiplds , la. , fourth.
In tha 2:20 : trotting race Mattle B
ret , Wade Hampton second , Spotted
am third , Tramp O'Loary fourth.
In the running race Belle K , of Tuka-
mah , won.
The Casa ciunty exhibit won the first
irlzo for the beat county enow.
Iiut Us liavo Poaoc.
The gentleman and hla wife , the tire
principals referred to as residing on Capl-
ol avenue in the article la yesterday's
3EE , headed "MalMcui Mates , " called
t this office last avonh.g. They claim
hat the statements made were greatly
xaggoraled , sa no violence waa used by
ho gentleman towards his wife , and the
onndatlon for the ntory waa the result of
no of thoao trifling incidents of married
ife which are constantly occurring even
n the beat regulated of families. Peace
now rolftcs in the household and the silken
ords of love bind husband rnd wife as
losely together as during the honey
Got the Grip ? .
A young man named T. S. Fleming ,
ately arrived from Kansis City , waaar-
osttd yeaierday by Officer Green for the
arcony of two valises from Frank Mahar.
Homing was found conuoalcd in the
'Llttlo E. 0. No. " restaurant and the
valises recovered. Ho was taken to
loUceheadquirteraand locked up , no was
Iso Mahar , who was detained as a wit-
nets against him.
Soutli Omaha ,
MIso Ida Warren , who haa been vititmg
he past week with Mia. J" . Gilleepie , has re-
urned to her home in Shenandoab , la ,
Mr * . Wm. Stewart came up to Omaha the
ther day , and while watching the woman
lector on the streets was struck and severely
ojarod by a horse.
A number of new buildings are being
rcctoJ. Mr. Hullivan'd house IB nearing
completion and will be the finest residence In
the town ,
United BtatCH Court ,
Juogo Dandy's crder fixing the tlmo
or reconvening court haa not yet boon
ocolved. Ono of the member a of the
> ar siys that the judge remarked to him
hat Oor , 25 would probibly bo tbo date ,
At all oronta there wilt bj little done ,
and the term Is considered virtually at
an end.
Tney Would
Rcundsrain Whslon and Officer Cor-
mlck yesterday arrested Gao.and Frank
Fisher and Bruno E.'hmcyor , a trio of
ongha who were fighting In the bottoms.
Officer Horrigan at noon yesterday cr
ested Joe Wright , a negro , for assault
og his wf ! a. Joa says that ho only
lapped his nlfa.
A. Gain Commercial Celebration.
LocmviLti/Ky. , 8ept17. | The celebration
f the sale of the one hand iBdtliout ; and hogs
lend of tobacco in Louisville this year has been
grani auccess in every respect , i\nd tha city
o-day witnessed tha grandoit induitrlal and
iommorcial para-Jo over held In tha south.
joumllle has ahvnya baoa a metropolitan to-
lacco market , bat never befora had eo Urge
a B le , repreeentiDK as it does over $12,000,000.
rhounh vat loin commercial Intereets were
epreiected , tha tobacco Intoiestwaa given
he pott of honor , and their display occupied
hreeout of a prcccstinn of eight miles ,
A OurntnK Oil Train ,
POTTSVILLK , Ta. , Sfpt , 17. Two sections
) f the woit bound freight train on the Phila
delphia & Reading railroad collided to-day
near Samarend Junction. The second section
waa composed of loaded oil tanks , which wore
fired and burst by concussion. Tha end of a
tank waa thrown SOO yards. The iron bone
from another was wrapped three times arnunc
a tree 100 yards aw y. The burning oil rarj
along the tracts , Igniting f.nJ destroyint ; tle
and warping the ralla for racro tbau a inila
Losi ? 50.000.
Garllelil'H BdonHinont.
CU\KLAND. OMo , Sept. 17. Plana for th
GarBeld monument are now cornpletar } , anc
tha ar iltect U lu Cleveland. The committe
will open hldi Ur balldlcg the tuanumen
September 80 ,
The finest and largo it stock of
nd lowest pr'cis ' at Tirrtll & Cook's
1300 FarntmSt.
If yon buy lumoer anywhere wlthou
first getting Hcag'.and'a prices , you w ! !
one icouoy ,
Houbor Onpturad
In "Women's Clothes ,
Lend cries for help in the vicinity ol
Fourteenth and Harnoy strcota about 11
'clock last night attracted the attention
f Officer Jaraen O'Boylo , who was aland-
ng on the opera homo corner. Ho Im
mediately ran In the direction of the
ouud and found nn old man lying on
bo ground who Bald ho had boon robbed.
The officer B W the form of a
woman running np Hatnoy
troot and garo chaso. Between Six-
oenth and Seventeenth streets the fugl-
Lvo disappeared in the roar of eomo of
the buildings , but was followed by the
Qiccr and captured back of the rosldenco
f E.V. . Nash. When bronght into the
ght the discovery was made that the
obbor was not a woman , but a man In
emalo attire. When captured ho was In
ho act of divesting hitmolf of the fuss ,
eathors and furbelows in which ho
iad boon masquerading , and had partially
ucoacdod. lie was marched to police
teadquartors , and , completely dives ted
f all the womanly top gory , ho was roo-
galzad as a brother of the notorious
alored proitltuto known as "Johnnie
Bull. "
The old man whom ho had robbad put
nan appearance and said that the wo
man-man had snatched hla pocktt book ,
ontalnlng $188 , and ran. The officers ,
10Tfover , failed to find It when searching
10 prisoner , tut succeeded in making
ilm toll what ho had done with it. Ho
aid that ho had thrown it In the bane-
ment stairs of the Withnell bulldlog as
10 ran past , and subsequent nearoh at the
) hca Indicated was rewarded by the find-
ng of the pocket bsok with the money
mtonclicd. The prisoner was then
ockod np. Ho gnvo his name as "Doo
Wood * , " and the charge entered up-m
10 rrglster was highway robbery. Ho
ppearud dafiant and eald ho was willing
o take the consequences of his crlmo.
The man who was robbed is William
rant , a farmer , of Columbus , Nebraska ,
lo la over 80 years of ORO and is on his
way to his homo In Columbus from a tripe
o Ireland. Ho arrived In the city yes-
; erdny morning and concluded to romaln
ver until to-day to see aomo friends. Ho
id not find thorn , however , and Intona-
d to atop over night at a hotel. Last
vening ho took a walk on the street for
ho purpose of amoklng his plpa before
otlring , and becoming weary sat down at
30 corner of Fourteenth and Harnoy
treola. While sitting there the woman
as ho supposed ) catno and eat down
> aeldi him and began to talk.
lo talked with her for a
err mlnutoa , when she suddenly snatched
lis pocketbook and ran. Ho followed
ler as fast as ho could , calling for help ,
ut finally stumbled and fell. The old
man was locked up In a cell for the night
3 a witness agslmt the Sblorod high
"Woods , " as the man gave bis name ,
i&d on 5 fall woman's pntfit , including
orsets , skirts and a wig. Underneath
he dross ha wore a pair cf pants and on
undershirt. A blue dross , a black
acket and a jaunty hat gave him
ivory appearance of a colored
ady out to make a mash ,
ut when relieved of all hla finery ho
roeontod a very common ovory-day aa-
„ > ect. He had evidently taken consider-
, blo palna with his toilet , and iras relnc-
ant to have the harmony of his appear *
anco destroyed by the officers. They
considered , however that pants and an
undershirt w BB good enough for a high
way robber , and the moro delicate ap-
larol were removed and placed in a heap
in the floor , none of the men at the
11 seeming to know the proper way In
which to haug It up. Ssmobody will
irobably claim the clothing this morning.
a Son Idiotic by tbo Use ot n
Black Sinks Wlilp.
Yesterday some of Iho mon employed
it tbo government corral reported tc
Fudge Stenbnrg ono of the most brutal
cases of cruelty to children that has been
mown In this city. H.Hemingaen.a tailor ,
Ives in the vicinity of the corral in a
ent. Ho his a wife and a eon , a lul
about BO von years old. The woman ho
s now living with is his second wlf. ' , and
he boy balng a son of bio first wife , haa
105 been a fjtvorlto with her.
louilngscn , it is said , at the
natlgation of his wife , has maltreated the
> oy ia the most brutal manner. For a
oiig tlmo ho has continued to bjat and
pound him at every opportunity , and ro-
lently ho purchased a black-snake whip.
This whip ho has used freely on the boy ,
lealiug such terrific blows a ] to cut deep
nto the akin. S3 inhuman has boon thu
riatmant that the buy ia on the verge of
dlooy. D&y before yesterday Homing-
en brought ont the boy and the whip lu
ho presence of the mon working at the
corral and proceeded to must un
mercifully boat the lad. Finally the mon
nterfered , and compelled the in-
lumaa brute lo desist. Loud threats
were made at the tlmo of taking aum-
mary vengeance on thu unnatural father.
Some suggeoted that he bo rotten-egged ,
ithors tint ho bo tarred and feathered
nd driven out of town , and still others
went so far a to hint at lynching. Bet.
.or jadgrnent , however , prevailed , and
t WHS decided to have the man arreetod.
A complaint was sworn ont and a war
rant issued charging Htmingaen with as-
ault and battery. The warrant waa
jUctd in the hands of Officer Oormlck ,
who succeeded In capturing his man after
about three hours of patient waiting fat
ils return from work. The prisoner was
taken to police headquarters and locked
np for the bight. Buth the man at the
corral and tbo boy will appear against
lim this morning.
LONDON , Sept. 17. SilUbury notified the
English ship ownera that he cannot Interfers
with forego etatea ta obtain for Haglleb voa-
exemption from quarantine reguhtlone.
ia making a triumphant toui
ol .Scotland , ' Ho delivers nddre.'sej ate\crj
stoppicp ; place where addrosjea ace preaectuo
to bun , and IH greeted nith thn sreitest en-
th'.inUum acd thaert ) , often aa ' 'Kngland'a fu-
line premier. "
TUB HAODK. Bspt. 17.The tilal of Jeanni
Lorette , the Biusaela gitl who , on March li
lint , Eliot and killed Japanese Consul Saku-
ratla , In Rotttrdam , WKB eommecced born to
day , The defense urfied the i le ; * of taiacity
tnd aiked ftr a pnatpiement : of tha case fci
tUree months. The court refuted tbo rcquti
and the tiial proceeded. Tha prltotier luiut
ed when the revolver with which eha had the
her lover waa producai by tha court.
_ T1JE OUOLEIU , _ _ _
PAHIS , Sept , 17. Twenty cas's cf cholen
wore reportid In 1'aiii during the ratt tire
days. The nnthcrlttca claim tha dlioaea is
aporadlc and not Aslntlc chelcrn ,
SlADnil ) , Sf pt , 17. There wfre 88 new
cases ol cholera and 337 dcathi reported
throughout Spain yctterdny.
TOULON' , Sept. 17. Two deaths from chol
era reported here last week.
HOME , Sept. 17. During the past twenty-
Tour hours there were eighteen donthi from
cholera in 1'nlerino , and twenty cow caiea
and tlz dratha in Parma.
HOME , Sept , 17 , Thirty-sir new cases ot
cholera have been reported In Palmera during
the past twenty-lour hourq.
LONDOK , Sept. 17. Adispatch just received
From Derby itntea that a aeriout accident oc
curred at Uakwell colliery , at lolkatono , The
mouth of the shaft has beou blocked and 310
miners emlombcd , Efforts aie bMnc made
: o rescue them and they will probably be
BKBLIK , Sept. 17. Elections to the , Saxon
andtag resulted in an inoroaso ot socialistic
LONDON , Sept. 17. The press nsiociation
urnishes lengthy nccoanta of an allDged dis
covery whereby telephonic communication
acroea the Atlantic is made possible. The Inventor -
vontor of the new instrument , it ( a Bald , la a
utivo of Texas , and haa uo tciontlGo roputa-
Ion , lie employs an instrument of enormous
> ower. It ia also alleged that a certain com-
> any ha ) acquired the tola right
o use the instrument , and that
> well-known millionaire has given the
nvontor , whoso means are oxaauitcd , carlo
> lanche to perfect the Invention , which will
coat EOOOOU , The now instrument , It Ia as-
erted , has boon successfully experimented
with in the gulf of Mexico , The atory lacks
ciuntlGo data and has the appoaranca of being
a houx ,
BERLIN , Sopt. 17. It Is reported that
'rlnco Bismarck bus Informed the bundesrath
hat he has no fears that the differences with
> pain will result in ho > tlllties.
CorKKHAdKN , Sept. 17. TheBankof Vardo
> aa eutpeuded , in consequence of the loaa of
; a entire capital through fraud , Ono ol the
ircctora of tlm bank is the Imgeat defnultor.
svtral of the bank olBciala have been
rrested ,
"jilns liiphaiu1' and iho
American Hebrew.
In the second chapter of "Tho RIse of
Ilm Lsphain , " as published in the Ocn-
, ury for Novcuibtr , 1881 , occurred the
allowing :
There was something that Mrs , Lapham
specially bubmitted to her husband when they
; ot home ; the asked him If it were true , and
: it made any differeuca , "It makes a diifer-
nca in the prlco of nroperty , " replied tha col-
nel promptly. "Bat as long as wo don't
van t to cell , it don't matter. , '
"Why , Silas Lspham , euld his wife , "do
ou mean to tell ma that thla houao id worth
OBS than wo gave for it ? "
"It'u worth a good deal less. You see they
lava got In and pretty thick , too it's no use
: en > lEg it. And whtn thev Ret in they Bend
own tbo price of proparty. Of course , there
ain't any sense in it. I think U la all clumn
oolishness. It'd cruel , and folVa ought to be
ashamsd. But there it is. Vo folks tell
hat the Sivior himself was one , and the
welve apostles , nnd all the prophets , I dent |
: now but Adam wna gucsa he waa and it
lon't make n bit ot difference. _ They aend
[ own the price of real ostate. Pricea begin to
hade when the first one geta in , "
Mr. luapham thought the fasta over a few
noinenta. "Well , what do wo care , BO long
is we'ro comfortable in our home ? And
hey 're just as nice and as good neighbors aa
can be. . . . "
"A Mr. LUIengaTton has bought the Gordon
house aerosB the equare , " sha said ,
houghtfully ,
"Well , I'm agreeable.I suppose he's Rot
ho money to pay for it. "
"Oh , yes , they've all got money , " sighed
ra. Itapham ,
The following corrcspondenca between
ono of the edltora of the American
Hebrew and Mr. "VY * D. Ho wells requlios
no further explanation :
NEW YOKK , July 12 , 1SS3.
Djor Sr-As ! : "The Riae of Silas Lsphatn"
.s about eppruacbing completion and will , I
jrosume , Bojn nppear in book form , I beg to
: all to your notice a elur ( In chapter II ) upon
a number of your readers and admiters o
alur as unmerited by the Jtwish people ns it
is unworthy of the author. It is not nlone
upon tha Ignorant and uncultured ot the Jowa
thatycu rtflect , for neither "the Saviour him
self , " nor the twelve apostles , nor the proph
ets , nor even Adam , were , so far as the rec
ords Dhow , of that class which depreciated the
value of property when they ' 'got In , "
The introduction of the lines in question
cannot even bo excused on the ground that it
serves a literary purpose , for no such end is
accomplished. Too sentiment ia violently
dragged in for no other afcertalnablo reason
than to pander to a prejudica against which
nil eduQ.tud ( and colored Jews must battle.
The literary leaders of a country have so great
a power in fomenting or in reprceaintr popular
prejudice that I ruako bold to hopethnt in thn
permanent form In which "Silas Lapham"
will no doubt Boon appear , these objectiona
ble linea will bo omitted.
I have the houor to be , sir ,
Very respectfully yours ,
To W. D. Howells , Esq.
OLD OnoiiAiiD , WE , July 17 , 1835.
My Do r Sir : I thimk you fur your frank
anil manly letter.
1 supposed that I was willing in r ? proba
tion of the prejudice of which you justly com-
pUIn , hut my irony eeemi to have fallen ehott
jf the mark EO far short that you are not
the lirst Hebrnw to accute rr.e ol "pandorirg"
to tha btupid and cruel feeling against your
race and religion. I will not nsk you to lead
again , lu the light of this statement , the pos-
mge of my fctory which you refer to , for I
luvu itlrjady struck it nut of my book and it
will not reappear. In that passaHe I merely
recognize , t < > rubuko it , the existence of a feei
ng which civilized men should bo ashamed
of. But perhaps it Is bettor not to recoguizo
all the facts.
Perbapi , also , you owe mo an npology for
making un unjust accusation. Ileavo that
; o you ,
Very truly yours ,
"To "
n r.
NMV YOIIK , 19 July , 1885.
My Dear -Certainly , in view of your
kind note of 19tn ln t. , I do owe you an apol
ogy , Still , in justification of my own stupid
ity In miesiog the point of your irony , I may
tay that Silas's adminion that ' 'they" ' do depreciate -
preciate the price of property wheu they get
in a fact concerning the financial accuracy of
which I have some doubts seemed to ma
rather aa an endowment than a rebuke of
what yon truly call tha "dtupid and cruel fool-
Dg"a2aiust ui , ,
I am glad indeed to have your assurance
that tha piDsapo will not appear In the book ;
and still more ploa-ed to know that thoauthor
whom I have so much admired ia not to be
counted among the number unfortunately
too largo of .law batera in America ,
Vtry truly yours ,
To Mr. W. D Hwelols , OldOrcbard , Mo.
PKItaO \ AIj.
Chailea P Fogg , of Schujler , [ s at the Mil-
; jirard Btuvttt , of Fremont , WAS In the
city yesterday.
J E West and wife , of Effing , Are eueita al
H Lewi ; , wife and pirty , of Geneva , nre
guesta atthoPaxton.
J G Pollock anl H 11 D Holmes , of Beatrice -
rico , are at tha Millard ,
TF McDonald , of D ight , Nebraska , ii
stopping at tha I'axton ,
IIM Whitney and sister , of O'Nadl , are
guests at the Mllbrd-
H D Jonei , of Hul Cloud , U iq the city
dtopptuof at tha Paxton.
N D SAcford an4 Mi a Mary K Snnfotd , ol
Avoca , are at th Paxton ,
Uvorge H Ilamtuoad , ol the Ilammom
Packing ompaiy , crrivel in tha city las
evincf ! Iroia Detroit.
Ilio Forly-Nlnors nil Tholr Tnlcn o (
ItnrtUIilp nnd Ailvonturcs ,
"Wo Onllfornlacs never lire of talking
about tbo eventful days of ' 40 , when the
great gold fever spread over the state , "
said an old business man. ono of the or
iginal Argonauia , to a San FrancitoD cor
respondent the othtr day. "There was
something In th&t life that man taking
put in it novcr forgets , I wna ono who
had the 'gold fever' at that time and
'roughed It' with hundredn of othcra in
the exciting hunt for the glittering
metal. As a result everything about ' 40
bojonica of particular Interoit to us. "
The speaker had in his hand the account
of n visit just made to the lo
cality whore gold was first discovered
In the state. The region fs the "divide"
between the north end mlddlo forks of
the Amer'can river. It Is an area of not
more than ten mlles tquaro , yet in it is
mot with every form ot gold-bearing de
posit found lu the ettUo , and within Its
limits have occurred some of the most
romantic incidents and tragic events con
nected with the mining history of Cali
fornia's pioneer days. Ono of the meat
interesting spots Is Todd'a valley , whclh
belongs to the portion of the divide
known as Forest hill. The writer was
ono of the gold-ssoken who visited the
locality In ' 40 , and had a personal ac
quaintance with the characters ho rpeiks
of. Ho says :
"Long will the packer and othora , who
In ' 40 traveled up and down thla divide ,
have roiBOQ to ramcmbor Todd'a valley ,
not for the reason that any special good
luok or dlro calamity there happened to
them , but because tnis rrtuj the only place
where a whlto woman anl frolicking chil
dren , and dcgs , and cits , and cows could
bo cucn , and n equaro meal obtained nt
Lhob day. These were comforts all made
possible , and EO brought within the reach
: f the ' 49er , by Jim Williams , who , In
: ho summer of ' 48 , leaving S.vntn Cruz
and taking with him his family aud do
mestic animals , repaired to thla valley
nnd there put up a stockade cabin , whoio
nan r.nd boast were afterward cutertntnod
n royal style. Jim Williams was a Mis
ocutian by birth , but , having killed
a man in h's ' native atato found It
oxpedlon * to emigrate. This ho did ,
irst going to Indian Territory and later
coming to California. In this killing ho
waa not altogether tn blame , but enough
to blumo to render farther residence in
ils own home uncomfortable ; hoaco his
remuvnl. But in coming away Williams
waa not the man to IOE.VO hh family ba-
! iind. Ho gathered them up , oven to hla
mother-in-law aud his wife's two eiatcrs ,
very comely maidens , and bronght them
ou : Into the wilderness with him. His
cabin being the only place in the whole
country wluro a Christian meal conld bo
hud , few going up or down the ridge ever
pnasod without calling. The r.salt was
th t Willlama made mcnsy , so much eo
that the next year he sold ont Iho place
to ono Dr. Todd. "
The writer paid a visit io several of the
historic epota In this vicinity. Referring
to tnorn ho says : "L'oited on the mid
dle fork near its junction with the main
river , is Murderer's Bar. Oa this six
young mon from Oregon were killed by
the Indians in Msy 1840. Further np
on the south fork , near Kelsoy's dig
ging ? , ono of Kolacy'n brothers was In
like manner killed tbo same year. By
roasm of thesa and other murders com
mitted by the Indiana , n party wont ont
from Sutler's mill , and having corralod a
lot of the Bavp.gos , brought them in to
the mill , where , after a serf of trUlsoma
dozen or moro were shot. Near hire , a
lit. la further south , Is the scene of the
famous old mill , where gold waa first dis
covered in California , There is alee the
town of Greenwood , in Gtocnr/ood's
valley , both earned after old Jim Green
wood , about the beat specimen of o
mountaineer and trapper that ever wore
a buckskin hunting ehirt and moccasins.
la the upring of ' 1810 Greenwood
wes living with his family ,
which consisted mainly of numerous
horses , a retinue of dogs and sivoral boys
at the old mill , where he waa a noted
character both becausj of his striking
personal appoaranca and the largo quan
tities of whisky ho was capable ot con
suming without any visible effect. He
had Kfi his homo in Mlssciul when a
youth and bad spent his whole after life
In the service of the various far compa
nies , hunting and trapping in the Kocky
mountains , having alao served as a guard
to some of the expedition ! cent ont by
the general gonornmont to explore tha
regions of the great northwest. Though
over 70 years ot ago when living at the
mill , ho got about with the cglllty > f
youth , and could still handle his rifU
with unening precision. His boys by
hlalnOhu wlfo , a Crow wtiuan , wera
handaamo , " bright llttlo follows. The
town of Greonwocd has shared the faio
common to so many of the early settle
ments In the mining roglone. "
A number of the graves of men who
died in ' 40 in that region ware visited by
ho writer. "A little balow Tcdd'd val
ey , " ho writes , "Is Jack Growy's grave.
? oor fellow , ha cauio of a rich family
oaiowbtiro In the cost , wao highly edu
cated , of gantlomanty eddresi and good
appearance ; but bo died poor nnd aline ,
starved to death in bin cabin hard by the
middle fork , where wo found his remains
and interred them as wall as wo could ,
mtllng np a rude cross on the spot.
3ut neither tha grave uor ths cabin is
hero any moro. They occupied fatal
ground ground that containing gold ,
las ticca been washed cff , rnd with it oil
tlnra was left to mark the last resting
place and perpetuate the memory of the
infortunata young man. That hi *
rrlenda ever learned anything of
hla file is not at all probable ,
aa all wo could glean about him or
; oum was the above scanty informa
tion , gathered from a drunken companion -
ion that wo aftorwnrd came acrots , auc
who had deserted him In his extremity.
Further np the middle fork , but on the
s&mo aide , under a toweling ploo tree
that overlooks the canyon , Is the Riave
of Roaowoll Partridge , who died near
that spot In the fall of ' 40 , under circum
stances of the ra > st sid and pnthuUo
klud. Bnt why recall others of those
mourufal rcminljocnoEU , ta continue
which to the end would ba but to write
another Book of Limentitlnns , so many
are they and BO tad their recital. Never
In time YIH .they all be chronicled
never will tho' world know how many
perlebed , 6no way and another , during
thogn pioneer times , ncr over will tli
waiting "lisa &t home learn what has bo
ojmo of the lest ,
lilve Btoulc Item * ,
A great many feeders are changing hand
at the South Ouiiiha yard ) . A Urge proper
tinn of tin in will betaken into Iowa and fed
during tha winter. Among those Imvluf
ttock nt the yard ) yesteidt-v were tbe follow
wit : d. T. Ward , H'elnir ' , 70 bogs ) Bllsu A
Hliir , 81 bogai H , L'ininor , Humphrey , 7
hngsi M McHtide , Ueuion , C8 yan
0'Kelll,42 cattle.
A prominent cattleman Is authority fcr tb
ttatement that 13,000 head of beef cattle trot
northern laoeee , which have heretofore foun
a market in Ban Fraaclico , have been soldfc
eastern buyers tbla eeaion for shipment tast
It it estimated that tbota era In Arizen
300,000 head of cattle and room for l.OOO.COi
more. The soil la very fertile , nnd all that I
wanting ia water , which is being supplied to i
wtUin extent through irrigation. Govcrno
Tritli1 , in his recent lepjrt , rays ; "Should nl
the grazing land In thu territory ba mad (
ivailablo In thla way It is o tim ted thai
here would beamph pasturage for C,000,00 (
cattlo. "
In conversation with a gentleman connrctec'
with Ucckwlth , Qtiinn & Oo.'s ranch , a UBI
eporter gained tome very iotcteitiDg fact !
egarding this great cattle firm and thcli
method ) , Their main ranch is located in
western Wyoming , on Bear river. Tha com'
mny has ths control of a rnngo west of the
Iver sixteen by twenty miles , and about the
amo extent of country on the east , It is ca-
Itna ed that this orna will support during
ha summer months , at least fifteen thouiand
icad of cattle. During the wmtcr the stock
s bronght down Into the valley of tlio river ,
where they nro well caredfor , Itishorethatwe
ind the most to Intorcit us. The river val-
ey at this point Is between four nnd five
miles In width. Tha company's cncloiuroi
mlirace ( an area of eleven miles north and
outli by four miles east at d west ; through the
enter of thN llowi Iho Bear tver. When
lie present proprietors bought the land ( even
oara ago , it was the next thing to a desert ,
md a portion ol It waa covered with mgo
rush. The first thing they did waa to bring
m Irilgatlug ditch Intothobanch lands and
rauiforin the sago brti h district into tilled
and , which now produce * thousands ot tons
f timothy and alfalfa , boeidcntcropa of ( mall
train. The next move after the bench huila
wera provided for wsa to build a dam so as to
alee the water in Boar river to a point high
nough to flood the bottom lands. This waa
ccomnliihad only after tbe nutlny of thoun-
iiula of dollara , but the result morn than paid
or the outlay. Tnken altogether It' Is ono cf
> est equipped ranchoa in the country , nnd the
ompany IB prepared to turn t IF some fine beef
Utlo. The company is rapidly introducing
.horoughbru'l . stock j they have a thousand
: OWB nnd heifers that are three-fourths short-
icrn , aii'l the best thoroughbred inkles. An
i rule It U not considered advisable to put
loroughb'rtd stock on the range , but in thla
: aao it ia different , as the ntcck\vill ; h&vo the
) Mt of p.vituro during the summer and an
bundancu of good hay In the winter.
A. Small Flro ,
F/ro / wns discavored about 11:30 : kst
vonlng in a homo at the corner of Sixth
nd Pacific ntroo's ' , oivncd by John Nor-
mnn , a Swede The locsruollvo whlstlos
n the Union Pacific yards oonnded the
arm , and the fire dopirtmcnt wai
ulckly on hind nnd supprcatud the
mea. The fire orlglnitcd In a wood-
icd on tlio north oldo tf the house , and
a oupposcd to liavo been Incendiary. ,
sorrmn conducted a boarding home , and
ourtocii cf his boerders were nslcop in
ho houss at ( ho time. They all oecsped ,
lowover , without injury , nnd succeeded
n removing all the household goods &nd
holr private tffecs. The damage to the
louse was not oxtonslvo , the roof baing
artUlly burned off and tbo building
loodod with water. The loaa la covered.
y IntuMnco ,
They Hail 11 molars' Toole.
Jam OB Hogen acd Georga Flynn , tire
; onga-looking characters , were run in Utt
light by Officer Kennedy ta vacrantr.
They wro found on sixteenth Etreet ,
iosr Bolln A CO.'B grocery ntore , acting
n B Misplctoua manner. When arrested
no of them throw something into tbo
troot , which could not be found by the
( licer ab iho tlma. Liter a search WAS
made , nnd n tool used by burglira to
pen doors ai found and taken to head-
unrterj. Thu charge cgilnst the men
rill probably be ctiangv > a this morning
torn vtgriticy to something moro norioua.
The Fulicoincu'a Bnll.
A mootlcg of the Omaha policemen
was held at the police court laat evening
o complete arrangements fcr their grand
> all on Thursday , September 24. It waa
cportod that over 1,300 tickets had been
old by the different members of the
arco , and OfQcara Matzi and Moysten
rcre appointed a cimmlttoo to sell
lokets on Farunm street. From present
ndleatlona It would seem that trio ball
vlll bo ouo of the biggest BUCCOBSCB evei
mown In Omaha.
Tlio Corn ; rop.
CINCINNATI , Sept 18 The Prlco Curronl
aya it reports indicate the cjrn crop will ae-
rogato 1,090,000,000 , bushels , an Increase ol
early 11 par cent over laat year.
From tha 12th to tbe 11 .h inst the date ol
noet of tbo returns from corn growing dis
ricts throughout the entire country , ab o
tireo fourths of the crop In the twelve westorr
tatea which produce 77 per cant of the entire
rep was out of danger from frost ; tm to fif'
sen days more will rentier tba remaining per
ion aafo. After the 25th of September , with
: IR present favorable weather , tne danger lint
will be crossed.
The AV > atuor.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 17. UpperMisslssipp
alloy Fair neither , variable winds , becom
ng eoutherly , Btationary temperature.
Missouri valley Slightly warmer ; south-
rly winds , fair weather , loner barometer.
Tlio Canadian Epleltiinlc ,
TORONTO , Bopt 17. Another case of smal
iox was reported hers to-da } ; one also al
'ort Hope.
I'rank Clarlc waa arrested by OUicoi
Vhalon last evening on a charge of passim
juateifeit money , Contldcrjblo of tin
queer" was found on his person when eenrchoc
t headquarters. Ho wai locked up aud wil
ppear before Judge Stcnbcrg for oxumicatioi
bit morning.
Officer Crawford arrested a man numoc
Villlam Hill last evening for attempting t <
lisa Confederate money on a Tentn atrnet aa-
eon lioepor , lie was taken to hoadqimten
nd looked up ,
A HUB cure for Blind , Bleeding , Itching
ind Ulcerated Piles has been discoverud by
) r. Williams , ( an ludiaa remedy ) , called lr ,
lYilliauis' Indian Pile Ointment. A single
jor haa cured the worst cbronio cases of 25 01
SO yeara standing. No one need Buffer five
ulnutes after applying thia wonderful sooth-
ng medicine. Lotion * and instruments dc
more harm than good. Williams' Icdiac
. 'ilo Ointment abaorb * tha tumora , allays th (
ntunsa Itching , ( particularly at night altoi
putting warm in bed ) , acU as a poultice , glvei
intant relief , and ia prepirod only for 1'llea
ichlng of private inrta , and for uothlng eilae
Dr. Frnzler'a Magio Ointment , Curea ai
by m glc. I'iroplea.Blaok Heads or .Grub
: ho lotcbea aud Eruptions on the face , leavio |
Saltskin clour nnd beautiful. Alao curea Itch
Id , Tlhutne , Sore Nipples , Bora Lipa , am
batmuto Ulcers ,
Hold by druggist ) , or mailed on receipt o
ceitts ,
Ittitalled by Kuhu & Co , and SchroeUr i
Becht , At wbolepulo by O. V. Goodman ,
Men's fine Dsrei , Uutton , Lao or Cor
grniB hoo9 31 G5 at the grand forced nt , ]
321 S. 15th St.
Saturday. Sept 10 ot 10 a. m. at 0 > ol :
wtrorooinr , 1315 Dodge at. a lurgo lot c
fine furniture coiulettug of Parlor an
Bedroom acts , dtrputi , etover , & ) , Met
ba acid to pay ohnrge-s
W. B GitiNa ,
' Button Shotu , 953 at 321
15th St.
| M
Ic. ) namiltou Warren , Physician an
Saraern , 703 N. 10ch ttieat , nvaj Wul
stor. Day and night caUi prjo-ptly a
tended to.
rdlnary llubbtr Hoots
ilwajrg wear ont flnton
ho tall. ThorAXDl'.n
loots are iloMtt thick
> n tbo ball , and lvo
Mosttfoncmical Knbbrr
"toot In the market.
jHts longer than any
ther boot and the
'all and
cx <
mlno the
rou SAM : IJY
Dougl nsStroot ,
_ _ _
or cttr c on the
Did you Sup
pose Mustang Liniment only good
for horses ? It is for inflamma
tion of all iicsh.
or MBHCUKT on AiiY m-
It will cure all Diseases fcnused
y Derangement o the Liver , Kid
ney or stomach
II you fed dull , drowsy , debilitated , liavo frequent
oidacne , mouth tmtcs bully , poor appetite and
ouguc coito ) , you are iuffuilns from torpid liter ,
r "hilllnisneie , " and nothln ? will oura you eo
pccdily and forminently MBlmmou's Utor Ilegu-
At any tlmn y u fcol jour Byetem utixU
. . IDR , tonlnf , refiilUlnK wltnout violent purfc-
ag , or stimulating without Intoxicating , take
Simmoij's Liver Regulator
J. H. Z12ILIN & CO. , Thilndelphia , Po.
L. OARLICnH r. n.
516 H , 16th St. , Omaha , Neb
[ j pei cout Interest Allowed OH time
nvc3tment Securitioa , Mortgage
Loans .NecoHate-i on City Property
Rnrl Imnrovoil Fftrma.
First National Bank
United States Depository ,
OAi'iTAt , . 8500,000.00
} Cou.\T/.E , 1'reiident.
JOHN A , CHEIOIITON , Vice President ,
F , II , DAVIS , Cashier ,
W. II. MKCQUILII , Aia't Cashier
181 J
Cor. IBtU DCl DoutjlriH 8i * .
! apital IStocfe , - - -
Liability of Stockholder ,
Fiye Per CentDtosFaii ! (
tfi * 'J
fAUKS B. UOXD . _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fiMldcnl
IT. A. PAXTOH , . . , . / , v k'jfmui
L. U. BKNHCIT , . , . . , . . . . . . xuasglug IHrdCtO !
OUN K. WILIIUK . , . G&nblei
OKNBY i-UNCt n i , . mania ,
[ i Imeiia Buraiii
1617 Dodge St , - Omaha
NO , Hi ,