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One of he BestSand Largest Stocks in the United Stater
To Select Fromj
The St. Louis Exposition
Wednesday , September 9 , at 7 p. m
And Continue Until October 26 , at 10:30 p. m.
A Magnificent Display of all clnssonof Machinery and Agricultural Implompnts.
The most beautiful variety of Mnnufao'ured ' Articles over exhibited In the West.
The Art Galleries contntu a Collection of Paintings by the most celebrated Artists o
Europe and Amarica , which ha > never been surpassed in this country.
The Mualo will ba rendered by the "Ualtod States Cavalry Band" and "Gllmoro's Cele
brated Now York Band. "
.Special . Lw Rates of all Tralas EmiPlng into St. Mis Daring ; the Expisitioii.
. . . _
" " * " '
" " * * * * MI * " ' * -
- - - k
Manufacturers of Ornamental
Dormer Windows , Wit dow Cap ! , Motalio Sky Lights , &e. Tin , Iron and Slate roofers.
DIGS. 12th St. Omaha , Neb. Wor one in any part of the country.
Park Place , OmahaNebraska ,
Ttoardlcg School for younp ; ladica under the direction of the Ladles of the Sacred Heart
The course of _ studies embraces all the branches of a useful and refined education ,
Shn scholastic year commences on the first Wednesday in September.
TKKMS Fay able in advance , including board , washing , tuition in English and French ,
nBtrnmental mu ic. use of books , per session of 5 months , S150.
EXTRAS-Painting , Drawing , German , Vocal Mu.ic , Harp , Guitar , Violin. For lurther
nformation apply to the Ilight llov. Jas. O'Connor , or to the Lady Superior.
No. 309 North 15th Street , - Omaha , Nebraska
Passenger Elevator to all floors. 1200 , 1208 nnd 1310 FarnamSt.
-A. J. TOLLOCK , Eng. and Supt. H. W. DIAIIOKD , Ant.
G. P. N. SADLKH , Aes't. Eng ,
Missouri Valley JBridge and Iron WorJes ,
Humraoturcrs and Builders ot
Truss and Combination
For Railroads and Highways.
Turn Tables , Draw Spans. Hoc
TiiHace , Flers and Sub
Tinsley , Shire Tulock
i. McLouth , Agent
I'leaso send us word of all biUgo work to let. CorresjiocJonco salliltod from engineers and bridge
1301 AND 1303 FARNAM STREET , COR. 13TH.
Double and Singfo Acting Power ana hano
Engine Trimmings , Mining Machinery , Belting , Hose , Briusa and Iron
at wholonalo or retail. HALLADAY WIND-MILEO , OHUUOF
Corn or 10th and Farnam St. , Omaha Neb.
ale Druggi
Hall's Safe and Lock Com'
? *
What It Cost the Conot ? for Jnslici
Shops ,
Cases , Fovr Convictions.
Council Bluffs Corref pondenco.
Few of the tax-payers realize , and , It
faot , have llttlo chance to know , what II
coats to maintain the jaatico shops. The
meeting of the connty board , and the
filing of bills for the past quarter , gives c
little Insight Into the ntnonnts whlsh the
county has to pay for comparatively
nothing. The BEE man wont through
the accounts of Justice Fralnoy , and
gathered some facts and figures w hich
are strikingly illustrative of the expense
ol maintaining the criminal law. Thin
juitlco prcsants fee bills In eighty
three criminal cases. It soome
that In most of the cases there was no
cause of action and the expense was
wholly neodloaa. Of the cisos seventy-
ono were dismissed , and only In tnolvo
cases was there any witnesses sworn. This
is a largo percentage of needless arrests ,
seven out of every eight cases being dli-
mlesod or the defendant discharged , It
Is well known that nny ono can qot a war
rant no matter whether there Is any
thing to the causa of complaint or not.
Irresponsible parties get mad over some
trifle , or want to force some ono to pay a
bill , and they dash into a justice oflica
and file an information. Before the day
of trial , cither their temper has cooled or
the matter has been Bottled , and the case
is dropped while the connty Is called on
to pay clghtdollars [ up.
The sovonty-ono cases In which there
was no conviction cost the connty a total
of $530 GO , or an average of $7 GO each.
Thla Includes the jaatico foes and the
Feon of the officer. The twelve cases in
which there was notno decision reached
wera of a varied character , some being
for the purpose of having a glnndorcd
liorao shot , nome for recovering aomo
itolen trinket , and only cno or two
bound over to the grand jury. Pos
sibly there woio two or three out
of the whole lot in which there
was Bomo violation of the criminal law of
such importance as to warrant the officers
if the law in invoking its power to pun
ish the offender , and If out of the whole
batch there , are finally two or three of
fenders punished for anything moro than
i technical offense , it will bo ( surprising.
Those twelve cases cost the connty
§ 218.40 , and the total costs for the
jlghty-threo cases amounted to $758.
For actual convictions of real criminal ? ,
mpposlcg there are out of the wboln
batch two or three , will amount to § 250
or more apioco.
Justice Hendricks has filed a bill which
shows about the eamo state of facts only
on a smaller scale. Ho had fourlnen
cases , and not a single conviction. The
cost of these casts amounted to $08
Host of them were brought to him by
changes of venue , being started elte-
vrhero , and while ho may not bo resnon-
clble for any undne exponsa , yet it Hint-
rates that the system as practiced by the
ustlces is an expensive ono , aud real
violations of the criminal law are few in
comparison with the foolish cises on
which the county la throwing away its
The accounts of N. Shurz show that In
ils court there wore fifty-Qvecasesand that
hlrtj-fivo were discharged or dismissed ,
and there were twenty cases which ro-
snlted in conviction , or in binding over
iO the district conrt , or in some such dls-
) oaltion. The total cost in those thirty-
ivo cases , for jtntlce , constable , and wit
nesses , was $538 22. In this conrt thoio
s a bett'r showing for the money called
or than in any of the others.
All the bills bo whittled down so far
as possible , but the trouble is that the
present law permits of abuses to arlco ,
and the jast and unjust bills are alike
carried through to a payment , and those
who present thorn are obliged to stand
hobiuntofthe fault-finding.
It is nrged by those who have been in
losltlon to watch thoao bills from joar
o year , that the next legislature should
hango the law , that in cities and largo
pirns the justices cm be paid a salary
ixed by the county board , and then there
rill bo less temptation to allow cises to
> B brought and costs put upon the conn-
y without cause. The justice can do < t
; reat deal to cither increase or diminish
hceo coats , for by entertaining cases
vhioh have no ahadow of a foundation ,
ther costs besides those of the justice's
ro made , each officer and wltnoBs having
fee bill to swell the amount of the
W. A. Gould , of St. Paul , Neb , , is in the
Charles A. Crocker , of Stlllwater , Mich. ,
was in the city yesterday.
A. J. Snyder and hia family leave to-day
or a wcek'd visit to Nebraska ,
1 > . M. Hobbs and family left last evening
or n visit to fiienda in 1'ooria , 111.
W. Twlnno Cross , brother of Dr. Cross ,
rrlve3 here yesterday from Baltimore.
Mrs. A. Hnynea , of Ohio , is visiting in the
.ty , the guest of Mrs. Harry liar worth.
Kev. Dr. Oooley , pastor of the Baptist
burch , bos been called away by the death of
its brother.
F. L. BpanoRle , treasurer of the Western
mpleinent company of Hod Cloud , Neb. , was
n the city yesterday ,
Hon. Thomas S. Wright , of Des Moine ,
wan in the city yesterday , having some cases
.0 . look after in the circuit coutt ,
N , M. Ilubbard , jr. , eon of Judge Hub-
> ard , of Cedar Rapids , arrived in the city
esteiday to look After acme legal business
Prof. C. B , Llpfert left yesterday for Ores-
on , JIo will return to-morrow morning In
mo to take bis accustomed p'aco at the oran -
an in the Episcopal church.
n , II. Van Brunt and J , J. Vanderveer
went to Lincoln yesterday to look after Van
: runt & Oo'a eihiblt at the Lincoln fair ,
'hey return this evening to epend Sunday at
touie ,
Richard Hnrwoilh , brother of Harry Har-
worth , vinteii this city some time ago , and
Yus so impressed with the many advantages
f the city that after returning east end taki
ng unto himself a wife , he has returned cow
with her , and intend ! taking up his retldenco
lere ,
Not * Dry Joke ,
The mayor in ono of his editorial ar-
nmcnts in favor of the "pop" ordinance
vidently Intended to say that "the aa-
oou men have Indirectly conformed to
bo state law , that la a law , to wit , the
Ity charter. " Tna typos of his paper got
t set up , "a lnw to wet the city charier. "
7ot far out tf the way , after all.
BY nuan CONWAY ,
Auttor of " ( TalltdJacX" and "Dark Dayi
After lids she wont lo Undo Herbert nud
something ot tlio snmo scene was gouo
through. The Tnlberta then ro-arrnngixl
their necktlos ta much M to sny that al
though sucli impulsive ombrncos inlRht bo
Allowed once in avny they wore not to boa
gonoml rule.
The Talbert.i then rearranged their neckties
"But I don't understand , " paid Horace.
"Whlltnkor raid Mr. and Mrs.
"Oh , yeV said Frank. "Uoatilco nnd I
tvoio man-led tonio tiino ago. Married iu
Munich. city , Horace you know it
on coursp. AV o only cnino back from our
wedding trip n fo\v days ago. You nro the
first wo have scan. Wo thought perhaps
you would have put us up for a couple ot
da vs. "
This request put the Tnlborts on their
mottle ns bests. Hospitality overruled
everything. Their house \\ai at the young
people's hprvico "o long as thaj' wished the
longer the better. " 15utliy did Beatrice
run awnyr1 nskod Ilorac' ,
"Ay , \\hyi" baidFraukcarclossly. "That's
thoquosti'iu. "
"It could net have boon to avoid you , "
said Herbert.
"Sho says not. But ono ij uovor sura
about such things. "
"You arc afraid you would have to give
up the boy , " said Hornco to his niece.
She hesitated. "Yes , I feared ho viould
bo taken fiom me , " slu taal. Horace
looked triumphantly at Herbert. His theory
had been the righc ono after nil.
Then they wenb oil lo see that a room ires
Kot ready for their uucxpocted guosts.
While the Tnlbarts vero so engaged tboir
guests walked < lo\vn to tha village nnd
fouud Syhnuus Jtordlo.
Sylvanns positively spfJ.-kled when ha
heai'd tno news. It freotl hla consclenco
from a shadow which had for months bosn
lying upon it the shadow of the " Cat and
Compasses. " Ho took n hand of oacU ot bis
"Sorry for ono thing 01113-0110. That I
didu't join tbsse han-K Would have given
worlds anything gone to Munich ou pur
pose. I needn't tall either of you why I
wished to do it. "
The last words were spoken with gcnuino
fooling. Mr. and ilra. Carruthew pressoJ
the curate's hands anil thanked him for hia
good wtsho.1. When theyloCt him Sylvanus
called for his tricycle and propelled himself
ten miles out and ton miles homo again. Ho
did so , bo told himself , to keep his wind up
to sarmon mark. Ho was uuwilliug to con
fess that the need for such violent bodily
esercisa was biought about by the sight of
Beatrice as n bride.
That night nt Hazlewood House the table
was as tastefully laid , the nnpery ns smooth
nnd spotless , the glass as lu trous , the wines
as unimpeachable- crockery aa perfect
as over. Frank did nearly all the talking.
Ho spoke of his future plans , of the life ho
mid Beatrice maant to lead , as coolly as It
all her frioiUs hal baca at her wedding.
Beatrice said very littla. She was timply ,
quietly happy. Horace thought the young
couple behaved very well. As ho remarked
toHorbart afterward , "Thoro were none of
those embarrassing little familiarities which
t.o often make the company of a bride and
bridegroom well , undesirable. "
Beatrice loft the men and strolled through
the garden. Horace and Herbert then filled
their classes , and in a courtlv way wished
Frank every happiness. "Not , " said Horace
ace , "that - = vo can honestly say wo approva
of your having txsan marriol in this clandoa-
tine way. But you may , of coursa , have
bad good reasons for it. "
"Wo had good loasons , " said Frank
"Wo think , however , wo liavo a right to
osk for an explanation of Beatrice's strange
conduct her ( light and concealment. "
"Certainly , " said Herbert , "most cortain-
ly. "
So Frank tel 1 them all. As ho had the
command of language and fpoko in earnest
toius , as ho had the skill to inako certain
Bhndouslook lighter , und to bringoiitstrong
points in hU rlii'iit's favor most strongly ; ns
ho could hpoalc cf what she had ondmotl , and
BO invoke pity ns well ns uiorcy , Baatrico
could scarcely have found a Letter udvo-
But Horncj I Herbertl A line of notes of
exclamation would not properly express
their Mirprbe. With eyes fUel on the
spsaker tho/ listened like persons under a
spell. Even wlnn Frank had * aid his say
they continued to gaza at him. Horace
was the llrst to spjak. "Is this true ! " ho
"Every word of it poorgirll" said Fiank
"Thon , " said Horace , with his no appeal
manner , "wo can never lorgho her uover
see her again. Never 1"
Ho glanced nt Herbert , ns if expecting the
usual echo. But it dldmtcoiiu. Frank rose
"Very noli ; then there's nothing moro to
bo said , I'll ' go and tell mv wife to put her
things on. Which is the bast Blacktown
This was a staggering shot. It was a
: ruel shot , Carruthcns was right when ho
aild it would take a great deal to make the
I'nlberts turn-oven a dog n ay.
"Chvous a fowmimitoJ to talk it O'er , "
said Herbert. "Lot us leave you hero for
awhile. "
"No. I'll go into the garden. I can't
; ivo you moro than twenty inlnuto * , because
: nest of our things are unpacked , aud it is
jrowing late. "
Before ho left thorn ho spoka again ; this
Jrno with all hh former earnestness.
"Horace , Herbert , " ho fnid , turning from
jnoto the other. "In talking this over , ro-
nomljor , that if you cannot iorglvo her wo
nust bo btrangoitt horoufcor. By costing her
jflj'ougivo tha world a right to say what
itchoises. Ilumomuor , also , she is my wife
tlmtshj lovtw you that ilu is oveu now
311 thorns of buspouso uwaltmg your do-
: l3lon. "
With this ho loft thorn , wont into tha gar-
leu , und , out of bight of the houses , walked
rt-itli hlo arm around Beatrice and bade her
ao of good cheer.
Betoro the twenty minutes had expired ,
rhlttakor cnino to inform them that Mr.
falbert ilcslroJ him to v\y that tea was
waiting in tlii ) dniwing-room. Frank
iinilod , drew Jscitrico'd trembling unit
ivithlu his 'wn auii led her iiuloow. As
,0011 as Whltiakor had withdrawn after
bunding round thj tea Horace ko. Ho
nuabtaudiu , } up , his cup In bis Jinud , nnd
prolong your stiw till to-morrow week wo
might ask a few friends to meet you at din
ner. The invitation will bj a short ono , but
Lmdcr tha circumituueoi will 110 doubt ba
cxcusod. "
CarruUwrs turned away to ludo n smile.
Yet ho felt that , comidariug who tlu
bpuaker was , no words couU liava boon bet
tur , more juJiclotuly or juoro
cliojon io express the fact that Hofaco nni
Herbert had dccidoJ to forgive the culprit
and not only to say no moro about her nils
deeds , but , nlsj , if liecossary , show th
world that they took her part. It was i
No moro was iaiii j but Beatrice could no
refrain from letting a few tears of gratltudi
bedew Horaco'.s immaculate shirt front , 01
from sitting for a little while with Horbert'i
hand In hers.
Sir Malngay bad , of course , to bo told all
This was n painful task , as tolling Sir Main
cay meant telling Lndy Clausou. Her lady
Miip had her revenge br being nblo to saj
tbo girl bad , after all , "dono something dU
graceful , " but as she thinks a croat doa' '
about the boner of lior Imsbanu's family
she will not proclaim the correctness o :
her ostiiuato ot Beatrice's character.
And others will have to bo told. Th <
Oakbury people will bear n great deal
They will shako their beads nud gossip.
But fortunately , or unfortunately , Mr.
nud lire. Cnrruthors' future lifo will nol
bo spout nmoug these families of position ,
BO such gossip will matter little to them.
They will llvo in the great world of Lon
don , and Frauk Carruthors may or mav
not become n famous man. At nny rate he
will bo a happy ono.
And Beatrice ! Beatrice will make n
clrclo of f riouds. No secret will bo nindo o
the facts that she has been tw ice nmrrlcj ,
nnd that little Harry is her child by her first
husband. And if some day it BhouM b
whispered in that circle that for some rea
sons only known to herself she passed for
years ns a siiiRlo woman when sno was a
wife wlmt will it matter 1 Bettor that than
passing as n wife when a woman is single.
The world Is like a cat , pleasant and
snoot when nibbed the right way. Frank
and Beatrice nro rich the trustees raised no
question on account of the first marriage
they nro hospltnblo. kind-hearted , closer ,
young and good-looking , and Frank soctna
likely to rise to eminence. In such cases
trionds are very good nature 1 nud trouble
themselves very llttlo about idle roporti
Indeed , all who care to inquire Into Mrs.
Cnrrutliprs' history may know nil there is to
bo known.
No neb all. Not the means by which
happiness uas brought within their grasp.
That is known only to n wild-eyed , whlte-
faced woman whosa gaunt features grow
every day more gaunt , who , day by day ,
sinks into a nnro hopeless state. Only she ,
this victim to the dreariest religious creed
the world hai yet invented doubly dreary
because it is illogical nnd unnnsweinblo
only she knows how Beatrice's freedom was
bought , how her happiness was asurod.
Aud she will soon dlo and go to her np
pointed place. But sbo will die and at
no sign ,
Nervous Debilitated Men ,
You are allowed a jrce trial jor thirty days of
the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic Belt
with Electric Suspensory Appliances , for the
speedy relief and permanent euro of Nervous
Debility , loss of Vitality nnd Manhood , and
all kindred troubles. Also for many other dis
eases. Complete restoration to health , vigor
and manhood. No risk is incurred. Illustra
ted pamphlet with full information , terms , etc.
mailed free by addressing Voltaic Bolt Co. ,
Marshall , Mich
Atroag the operas to ba produced at the
Thalia theater. Now York , oarlv in the regu
lar cowon , which begjns about October , 1 , are
Czlbulkn's Pfinqeten im Floronz and Strauss'
"Git-sy Baron. "
No narno la batter and moro pleasantly
and widely known than that of Mr. J.A ,
PozzDnl. For many yoata ho has made
himself famous by the elegant potfames
and complexion powder that bear hla
name , the latter having found Its way to
the bollea of Paris , Germany and Lone
don. Everybody admires beauty In la
dies. Nothing will do more to produce
or enhance it than a nao of Mr. PozzDnl'
CTBP5.VBCT VSKfKf n'T'ji ' J"i 1 - ' -"TPCTf1' ' " Lr'-mgf5JBBPITfTW [
Tickets Only 86. Shares in Proportiot
Louisiana State Lottery Oompam
"We do hereby certify that we supervise the a <
rangeinentifor all the Monthly and Semi-Annuo
QDrainnne of the Lcuisiana State LetterCompam
and in person matiage and control the Drawingi
themselves , and that the same are conducted w A
honesty , fairness and in good faith , toward all far
ties , and we authorize the company to uie thit cer
tificate , with fac-nmiltt of our lignaturet attache *
in itt advertisement. ,
in rporatcd In 1803 tat 25 years by the legislature
[ or Klucatlonal and Charltublo purposes with t
r-iplul of $1,000,000 to which a roserra ( antlol ovti
(550 ( 000 hag elnco been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote Its franohlti
trasm&de apart of the present state oonstltatloi
dopted December 2d. A. D. 187D.
Tha only lottery ever voted on and endorsed bj
the people of any etato ,
It never Bctloa or pooiponos.
Its Rrind elnjle number drnwlnga take placi
10th Grand DrawingClass K..intho Aoadomt
rf Music. New Orleans , Tuosdny , Oct. 13tb
1835 , 185th Monthly Drawing.
100,000 Tickets nt Five Dollars Each. Frac
tions , in Fifths in Proportion.
Liar or rnuiiai
1 do do S6,00t
1 da do _ . lO.tOt
2PRIZK3 OF 0,000 12,010
6 do 2.COO 10,001
10 do 1,000 10,001
20 do 500 10OOC
IM do 200 XO.OW
BOO do 100 QCO (
COO do 50 S5.00C
1000 do M SI II.OCI
9 Approximation Prlios of J760 0,7M
0 do do (00 _ _ . . . . . , CM
0 do do SCO 2,251
ICS7 Prlcoe , lumonnllng to _ . { 2C5co ; <
Appllc tlon for rates to dabs shonld be madeonl }
10 tiioolDoo of tha Company In New Orleans/
For further Information write dearly giving fall
uldresi. POSTAL NOTES , Express Money Orders , 01
! few York Ezcbange In ordinary letter , Curronoj
Kzpress ( all sums of 85 and upward ! at oni ex
? cnsc ) addressed ,
) r II. A. DAUPHIN , New Orleans , La.
607 Heventh 81. , Washington D. O.
Uake P. 0. Uonoy Orders payable and addinti
Xegliteied Letters to
Haw Orleanr , La.
New Orleans , La. ,
New Orleans , La. ,
New Orleans , La
Wavett , [
Fvizzss ,
SwitcJics. JDtc.
§ 7 * anijtooiny ,
Hair Dressing
And Cutting ,
Bangs Cut Pamprdour , Lnngtry or
other styles.
29 Main St , Oiunsil Blulfi.
Take all in all.
Take all the Kidneys and Liver
Tnko nil the Blood purifiers.
Take nil the Ilhoumntlo remedies ,
Take all the Dy pspsln nnd indiges
tion cures.
Take all the Aguo.Fover , and billions
specifics ,
Take all the Brain and Nerve force
revives ,
Take all the Great health restorers.
In short , tnko all the best qualities of
all these and tno best
Qualities of nil the best modlolnos In
the world nnd you will find that Hop
Bitters have the boat ouratlvo quail-
tioi and powers of all concentrated In
And that they will euro when nny or
nil of these , single or oomblnod. Failll
A thorough trial will glvo positive
proof of this.
Hardened Liver.
Five yoara ago I broke down with kid.
noy and liver cotaphlnt and rheumatism ,
Since then 1 have boon unable to bo
about nt nil. My liver beoimo hard like
wood ; my limbs were puffed up nnd filled
with water.
All the best physicians agreed that
lothing could euro mo. I resolved to
; iy liop Blttera : I have nsed seven bot-
.lea ; the hardness has all gene from my
Ivor , the swelling from my limbs nnd It
ins worked a miracle In ray ease ; other
wise I would have boon now In my grave.
Buffalo , October 1 , 1881.
Poverty and Suffering.
debt , ponrryandeuf-
forlnKlorjeits , camojby a sick fatullp nJ largo
bills fur docterlDL' .
I wr i eomplotiIt dlsccmrajrod , until 010 year azo ,
nvtlionlxlco ol my pastor , I commtnoedualiiK Uou
Hitters , and In ono month wo wcto all neil , and none
ol Ul ha\o ston aelck diyelnco , anil I want tn say to
all posr tnon , you cm leeo your fareillcs well a year
with Hop lllttord for loss thin ono dactor'a visit will
ocst. I uuow It.
Prosecute the Swindlers ! ! !
It when you call ( or Hop Bitters ( BOO
cluster of Hops on the white Inbol ) tun druggist -
gist hands out nny atuff called 0 , D. Warners
Gorman Hop liHtera or with other "Hop"
name , refuse it nnd shun that druggist KB you
would n viper ; and it ho has taken your money
for tlio stuff , indict him for the fraud nud BUC
him for damages foe the swindle , nnd wo wil
reward you libornllv for the ocnvhtlou.
The "Exposition Univorselle do Part Ouli
nairo" awarded the highest honora to Anjjoa
tur * Hitters as the most ellicacious stimu
Innt to excite the appetite and to keep th
diRostivo organs in good ordor. Ask for th
ponulno article , manufactured only by Dr. J
G * 13. Sioijort Sous , aud beware of imita
1iol4 world , cur * . Jljiirpt. . JjlitrW. , Ittrr knd. Ape. . &nl ill
CUczdmof Ibl Dletitiri Orgtni. A few drop * InparLK d/JIrlaui Havre
Cd t Elui offb.mpMTie , in < S to 11 laiQfflfr dilnlu Trf II , UL !
b. Kr > crcoont.rftltt. your crour or dropjUl for Uu > ( '
. r.
FOSTER < 0 Git AY.
Bear Creek Lime , Louisville Cement
Portland Comcnt , Iowa nml Mtcliican Plna-
tor , Hftlr , Etc. Etc.
Cot : Otlt 4fe Douglas St
The Original ami Only Ociuilno.
ff f * ftn/i > tivtii IlrlUhlt * . IVwm f uorthlr * * ImllAllont.
IndtiiinlAMe Ifl LADIES * Al * your llniffittat r > 1
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Largest Z2 > ru0 % Paint ? Oil and Glass Mouse U
in the West.
Eslimates Given on Plate Glass Furnished ,
Street Omaha Web
JHLurney , - - ,
For full particulars aboitt free and cheap lands in Western Nebraska-
Address T. C. PATTERSON , Seal Estate Agent , North Plattc , Neb.
MorchantB1 & Ftirmer'a KEFEUKNOKS Hank David : City , Nob. Omaha , Neb.
Kearuey National Bank , Kearney. Neb.
Columlmi State Bank , Columbus , Neb.
McDonald's Bank , North Tlatte. Nob.
Omaha National Bank , Oomha. Neb.
Will pay customers Draft with Bill of Lading attached , for two thirds * aluo of stock.
Sinporters and B Wholesale Dealers in
Just Received , a full lime of Meerschaum
Goods , prime aualitv , wliicli were spe
cially selected bv our Mr .Mas Mever
in Europe for our own trade.
Meyer & Co OtntiJia , Neb
0-rowers of Live Stock and Others.
It Is Ihu boat nnd cheapest fond for stock cf any kind. One pound ii uqutl to
three pounds o corn. Stock fed -with Oround Oil Gnko In tbo Fall Mid Wlntet
Instead ol rnnnlng down , will In&eue In weight and bo In good marketable oondl *
tlon In tbe spring. Dairymen , M well * a others , who ute It , can tcntlfy to its tuoe
Ita , Try it and jadgo { or youreelven , Prlco ? 24.00 per ton. No charge for sscka.
Addreu WOODMAN LINliKKD OIL V/OBKS , Oraabi. , Keb.