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n HLn Jaa iJfL .M m
Iho GoTerment Crop Report Promis
an Excellent Hnikltg ,
Prospects Favorable for aYiol
Above the Average.
Condition of Ootton and Wheat-
A Proclamation ,
A Cnoo for Commissioner
A Variety of News Irani the
National Capital.
WASHINGTON , September 10 The Septen
ber cotton report of the department of agr
culture shows the proionoi of hot and dr
weather during Auguit. The shedding i
the bolls and decrease of vitality resulted q . ,
generally , The condition declared in ovei
state is that the nvcrapo ia 87 against Ot > i i
August , Last year it was 82 in Septembo
87 m August. The present average ) la tw
potato above the September average of to
year * . Generally tha plants are vigorous an
capable , with favorable autumn weather , t
ample growth and boll development. In dii
tricta most infested with cotton warms tholot
ia irropairabla and still threatening.
Tno condition of spring wheat bin been in-
paired since tbo lot cf Autmst in the norther
district , heavy ratna followed by oxtrern
heat bttween the lirat aud middle of AURU-
before tbo harvest , sbivolling tbo grain an
aud causing nut. Heavy wind storms pro ;
trated and Injun d largo areas , In Nebraski
there is aomo complaint of smut nnd a liitl
in Dakota. Cbincli buga done aorno damag
in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The injury i
greater In August than in July. Thu aver
ages are for Wisconsin , 77 , n loss of 8 paints
Minnesota , 78 , n lo sof D ; Dakota , 00. alotai
4 ; Iowa 8 , a losa of 7 ; northern Now England
Colorado and the territories ore nearly c
quite up to 100. The genera1 average for a !
spring wheat is SdJ against 83 in August
The crop of last ycnr was 1CO.OCO.000 buehole
Returns of winter are almost : identic :
In results as those nl July. There is
slight advance iu Michigan , Texas , Maryland
and some other states , and a point or two c
decreate in several. The general average i
65.8 against , 05 in July. Unless thr icsul
of tha spring crop chanifps the presoo
expectation , the winter wheat arc
m y bo placed at 217,000 000 bushels , an
the remaining mot , about 131,000C03 bust
els. If the Ii juries reported in stack ehoul
prove greater than is apparent at present ,
few million reduction might still ac rue.
Tha condition of corn still continues high
ranging I rein 90 to 100 in state uveragea. Th
general average is 05 npainst OG in Auguil
It was 91 last year , September front wrougli
very little injury , nnd will bo capable of ver
little lujuiy , if deferr d ten days. The pros
pects are Btill favorable for a crop aluihtl
above the average ,
WASHINGTON Sept. 10. The president bo
issued tha following proclamation :
WHEREAS , Satisfactory evidence luvini
been received that upon vessels of the Unite
States arriving at the port of Boca Ddl Tare
United States of ColumbiK , no duty is im
posed by the tou ua tonnage tax or as lieh
house money , and that no other rquiva
lent tax on vesielfl of the Uoittc
States ia imposed at oaid pan
by the Columbian government ; am
WUEUEAS , By provlr-lona of section 14 of ai
act approved Juuu 20,1831 , to remove certuli
burdens on American merchant marine , am
encourage American foreign carrying trade
and for other purposes , tha president of th
, ' United States U authorized to suspend thi
? collection of customs of the Unitei
| > States from vesiels arriving fron
* any _ port in Central America , down t
B and including Aapluwall and Panama , of BI
| much of the duty at the ratu of three cants pe
fc ton as may bo la excess of tonnage nnd light
5 * house dues , or other equivalent tax impose !
ij on American vessels by the government o
k , the foreign country In which such port Is situ
7 ted.Now
Now , therefore , I , Grover Cleveland , prea
' ' 'q ° nt of the United States of America , b'
virtue of the authority vested in ma by th
act and section horelnbifora mentioned , d (
hereby declare and proclaim that on and afto
this Jth day of September , 1885 , the colloc
A tloa of said tonnape duty of three cents pe
ton shall be suspended us regards nil vessel
? , arriving In any part of the llnitod States fror
& the port of Boca Del Tor , United Statea o
fy Columbia.
i In testimony whereof , I have hereunto SB
f my hand and causoa the seal of the Unitei
I ? ? to ba Ui lDono at the city o
, * Washington UiU 9th day of Soptfmter , 188D
' , and of the in-opeudonca of the United State
* " , ol America one hundred and tenth.
n . Uy thopre ideut , Gwmn CLKVELAND.
i -I. F. IUAYAHD , secretary of state.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. Civil Borvlc
Commissioner Thomau in not now In the city
It ia therefore impossible to ascertain all th
facts with regard to his alleged transaction
in Indiana tawnehip bonds. lie purchase
the house in which ho now lives abiut tw
vrjeka ago from A. A , Kichards and O
Martin , of this city , for which he paid 513 COO
transferring to venders at par that amoun
iu IndUna townthip echool bonds. He re
celved the bonds from Mr. D-ulf , dealer ii
ihool furniture , of Chicago , who hail receive !
them throufih his tr-vellig agent , 11 , H , Pol
hrd. Mr. Da\lj was in Washington nt th
tiino of tbo purchase. Before closing the bar
giin the owners of the propert ;
took great pains to satisfy tlioin
salves of the character and standlni
o ! the bonds. They secured written opinion
frcui tKoortbroa eminent Indiana Uwyere
and caused their bankets to telegrajih ti
their correipondeuts in Indianapolis in regan
to the matter. Responses iu every Instauc
weruincllect nnd without qualification tha
the bonds were n good Investment Mi
Marlen , from whom the above Information i
obtained , says he did not snppuse the botd
wera worth par , but inaimuch us they bore a :
' eight per cent n te of Interest , aud as some c
them already luu eovoralmcnthsaccruod Inter
est , he considered them a g > od Investment
If tha bond * provo fraudulent he will ca
upon Mr.1 human to redeem them at th
price at which they are taken , It Is not In
timatcd In any quarter that Thoman wn
cognizant of any fraud or Irregularity In th
Usuance of the bonds.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. At a meeting !
the Woman's Industrial league , held to-nlgh
reiolntioni were adopted deciding that tb
public health of the country deinuoda tin
Chine69 laundries ehall go , and calling upo
tha ndmlni trtion to recommend to conn re.
suck laws as will pro tec- the iudnitries of th
country frin further tucruichment frooa thei
boathtn barb.riani , anil the community froi
tha Introduction by them of that hld-.oi
and loathsome disease known es lepros ;
which hm been hltheilo unkown Jn our Ui
and denouncing Secretaries Manning and L
mar for encour gemcnt given thcto Chine
laundries in letting out the washing of tl
towels in their departments by contract ,
copy of the reiolutions were ordered sent
president of the United States , members
the cabinet , tweaker of the house and prcs
dent of the senate.
CAPITAL nnivims.
An informal meeting of the oblnot wi
held nt tha white house to-day , kcroUrl
ftynrd , Lstnar nnd MnnniuR present.
Socrotury Utyard was informed to-day L
cable that cholera wai previlont at Shanght
r03T tABTBn'fl AtrOINTKD ,
The noting postmaster general appolntc
the following fourth-class postraastera !
Illinois Manhattan , 0. M. Baker ; EU
Imtt , T. Brennan ; Colfax , D. M. Mitchol
1'rophotstown , J. 0. 1'addock ; Waihbun
Chtiitian UOOBC ; Gardner , G. 0. Lover.
Iowa 1'ercy , T. J. Jones ; Ayeishire , I
II. Owen * ; Rlcaville , J. J. Sloan ; Elkadc
D. J. Griffith ; Laurel , P. A. Ilorton ; Brorr
ley , M. Q. Ward.
ttobratka-Cratg , J. K. Davis ; I'hlllli
Stition , Mri > . Mlnnlo Baker ; Cedar llapid
L. W. Campbell ; Chester , Stephen Foredirl
1'Jninviow , Ben ] , Stetson ; Valley , J , \ \
When the pottmaatcr-general returns nej
week bo will proceed to consider questtoi
that have arisen In connection with the n
tablishmont of the Immpdtitte delivery systeti
and will issue an additional circular to posl
maetcrs containing full and explicit instrui
tions for their guidance in inaugurating tli
The commi < sionor of Internal rovomi
reports that the amount of rinfilled spirit
gonp into consumption in the United State
luring the fiscal yocr ended Juno ISO , 1885 , i
ill , 150 002 gallons , and the amount of mal
iquors on which tix wai paid during tli
name period is 191,18 > ,933 barrels. Tli
amount of wine consumed in this countr
duricg the year 1881 is estimated at 20,008 ,
S45 RlllouB.
DEHMOINES , Ia. , Sept. 10. This lias bee
a great day at the Iowa state fair , with froi
> 5,000 to 40,000 people in attendance , an
urge crowds are looked for to morrow an
Saturday. There were four premium ;
amounting to $850 , offered for the best herd
of thoroughbred beef breeds , and there wer
en entries. S , S. BronnV Sons , Galena
M , captured the first , S50i ) with their ihort
horns ; T , W. Harvov , Turlington , Neb ,
fciued the srcord , S200 , with a herd celled
? olled Angus ; IOWA Hereford company , In
dlanola , Iowa , took third , S 00 , with a hen
if lien fords , and the last $50 , wont to short
lores owned by W. S. Whitp , Sabctha , Ar
In the races Richard E. won the 2:4 :
rotting in three ptraights , Otho second
Orphan Ihiid , and Cleo fourth. Tims , 2:40.1 :
2:40i , 2:50i. :
lo the 2'Jt : trot Alert won occond
bird and fifth heats , Little Joe tak
ng the first and flora 1' , the fourth heat
Billy Ford was s'nt to the barn for foul drlv
ngaad running in the fourth hent Nflll
L was drawn. Time , 2:35 : ? , 2:31 : , 2:331 : , 2.31
2:30 :
Two year old colt stakes Wtn by Loront
C pt. Seth second , Mnttie K , third. Then
were * i ht nnmiuations , bul only three start
era. Time 3:21 : , 3 : 1C.
The track wm very flow and tbo race ? war
very closaly conteRted , Five races are an
iouncd for Friday and Saturday.
Tliolrisli Catliollo Be iiovolont ( Jnioa'i
NEW YOBK , Sept. 10. Tlio Irish CathoU
National Benevolent union met here again to
, sy. The Kelley resolntiona were taken u |
and adopted , The thanks of the canventioi
were extended to the committee on resolution
or the telling , terse acd complete terms i :
which they had served the organization ii
ilacmg on record the condemnation of th <
! /athollc3 of the United States at the attomp
f decoying foictgn powers to interfrre wltl
.ho ettab'.ished and honorable principal of
American liberty ,
At the afternoon session , Lincistor , Fa ,
caa chosen ai the next place of meeting. Thi
Jllowing ofh'cpra were elected : President
Ion. 0. M. Kieley ; first vice president ,
-laurlco - Q Wilherc ; second vica president ,
. J. Murphy ; Bfcretary , Martin T. G ,
Griffin ; treasurer , Riv James Henry.
When Minister Kieloy learned of his re
jection , ho visited the convention and pro-
estrd that , as he was honored with the proa
dency for twelve years , some other peraor
hould bo Detected , but those present drown 01
iU voice with cries of "nol nol" and no othei
parson was solectod. .
Kiel and U I > elllon.
OHICAOO , Sept. 10. At Kegina over i
housand of TUel's sympdthlzerp , ombracioi
mlf-breejs and Trench Canadians for tweut ]
miles around , held a masa meeting last nigh
at St. Boniface , Speeches were made b ]
Uel'a counsel and prominent French resi'
dents. During the nddresaea then
woo Intense excitement nrnon ? thi
istenera , a number of when
bowed tli y would 0ght before theywouh
eo Kiel hanged , Tbo apeakera declared tin
namoof lUeJ , if he were executed , would bi
landed down tn history as that of n martyr
while the names of his accnana would rot ir
blivlon. The union of the French in Canadi
was strongly urged , in order tint Bach pros-
ure might be brought to bear at Ottawa as ti
tcuro a reprieve fur Illel.
Lomi , lllel'i counsel , de crlbed tlio scene Ir
ils cHl Two little children and bis airoc
nether clinging to the prieonor , and he , bj
lall and chain , pravented from moving ,
treat indignation followed. John Ojrov-
awyer , laid If Illel was hanged the confeder
tlou wnsnt an end. Canada wanted no more
fit. Other meetings will probably soon b.
lela. _
Trnnliloaol the Traiigunntinental ,
Sill'AVi. , Sept. lO.-Tho Transcontinental
isociation held another eoselon at 2 o'clocl
bis f ternoon. A tesoluilon was adapted b ]
majority vote directing General Agenl
Cannon to make a settlement of accounts
vhereupon Mr. Stubbs , of the Central Pa
ific , notified the association that his uompanj
would rolueo to pay draft * upon it by tin
general agent. Tha meeting rtill it in cession
with prospects of a general disagreement anc
general disruption of thn pool.
WOBOKSTKB , Maes , Sept. 10. Georgi
Cempton , temporary cha rmao , lu an ad-
drees before the prohibition convention thi
morning , deulul that the cause of prohlbllioi
lad been checked In any teotlon of the coun
try , and claimed that great progress had beei
made , Toe convention nominated by accla
mation T. J. Ltthrop. of Taunton , for gover
nor and Charles B. Knight , of Worcsstci
or lieutenant governor.
Cloblnj : Out Hit ) GmnblorB.
LouisvitL ? , Sept. 10. The first ca >
seaiunt the iiamblera who luve boeu runnia
gaming tables In defiunca of law , was tile
: o-day , and George ilupp , defendant , wa
luecl $5.0 and tent to jiil for six month !
Other cises will follow.
liiptduinic ,
MONTUKAL , Sopt.VO. An ofiliastate \
nent of the health department to-d y show
thirty-four new casei of small pax rapjrle
yesterday. Pivo deaths in this city.
I dill I nilU
REgiuienlal RoninaQls Rollicking
Annual Army Reunions ,
The Boys at Beatrice Painting tl
Burg a Orimeon Hue ,
- i i
Sturdy Heroes of the Tennosst
Feast Like Epicures
Tooumsoli Bhormitn ana Bla ClRnr
ho Nebraska Qntliorlnf * a Great
Success Their 1'aratlo.
Ttio Army oftho Tonncssoo.
CIIIOAQO , Sept. 10. The aaciety of t
Army of the Tennesioa hold an ndjournc
mooting this morning , Gen. Sherman preslc
Ing , Gen. A , L. Chetlatu , of Chicago , wi
chosen orator for the next annual mcotitii
and Gen. Porca , of Cincinnati , ru alternati
Gen. Sherman uud other officer ! of tha eodot
were re elected , The committee appointed t
draft resolutions upon the doUh of Get
eubmittod a report which was adoptei
A resolution was adopted req testing the EOC
0 tary of war to change the location of tli
statue of Gen. Rawlins in Waohington to
more eligible place. Adjourned ilno die.
At the business meeting this morning ,
question was raited whether the veterar
bhculd tmoko at their banquet , A memb ;
stated that the ladies doilred to BtatothU f (
their pirt they did not wish to ttiftingo upo
tQO right of the officers to light their cigar ,
A member moved that a vote of thanks I
tendered the ladies. Another member ollort
as an amendment that the officers do nc
smoke. Gen , Sherman etrairbtenod hlrnse
up and said : ' It nppoars to ba the sent !
tneut of the meeting that wo _ emok
nt the banquet , If there is n
objection I will declare the motion carried.
So to-night cigars were lit and fully 3 0 ta
down in the tanquot room to-night at th
Glrand Pacific hotel , The tonbt lut was
long one , nnd responses generally wore in ;
iiappy vein.
Col , Gilbert A , Pierce , governor of D.ikolr
responded to "Tho Nation" Col. 1) . 1
Dyer , of St. Louis , spoke to the sentiment
"The Position of the Unite
States. " Governor Oglcsby spok
upon "Our Bays. " Genetal Bellman te
gpondcdto "Tha Memories of the Comp Fire ,
jen. M. M ! . Bine , of Washington Territory
npoko upon " 1'oe Army of Tennessee , " am
Sen Logan spoke upon "Tha Statesmen am
Lawmakers of the Civil War. "
Gen. Login spoke cf the statesmanship dis
) Uyed by earlier presidents , and comini
down to tbo present times , said Douglas wa
1 statesman whose call to arm
or defense of the union , when al
else had failed , accomplished much cvei
ifcer God had called his glorious soul away
[ lo cited Lincoln as the greatest stateEinai
developed In n century of American indo
londonce , and said thot statesman hip wliicl
would give protection ta Ams loan Industrie
and provide for the maintenance of the fro
echcol of the cation , wi uld win In the future
Ttio Reunion at Oefttrlca.
Special Telegram to Thu BSE.
BEATRICK , Sept. 10. Thirty tnousaud pee
ilo in camp Howard and all happy to-day
The forenoon win devoted ( o state organiz
ation nnd elections. The event of the da ;
was the grand parade from Camp Howard t
and through Beatrice. Tbo line was near ! ;
oao mile long and formed according to th
uogratnmo given yesterday , headed by Gen
tlorrow and staff , mounted. The parade wa
grand and was reviewed by Dapartmen
Commander Cole and stall. The streets won
ined with pcoplo and teams , Never dk
Beatrice have such a crowd.
The b nd organization held their annna
naoting to-day and elected tbo followiof
fficeta : President , M. T. Pemberton ; vice
president , J. A. Corry ; secretary , S. L , Haw
eyj state drum-major , P. S. Hanchett , o :
' 'airbury. Among the many good bandi
present nona excel the department band from
iteele City , with D. W. S. George president
nd W. 1) . Wallace leader. Mr. Wallace
itosan ultimatum cornet , costing $250 ,
J , Sterling Morton sent a pro sine invita
ion to Gen. Morrow to visit him at Arboi
jodgo , [ .robably for the general's influence to
lelp down ! . ! r. Miller ,
J. OVest was appointed commander el
ho first division and H , B. Palmer of tin
ecpnd. The railroads are falling to f amis !
atisfactory transportation to and from the
'rounds ,
Michigan comrades held their election to-
lay. Miles Warren , of Bellnwooa , was elect-
d president ; U. U. Dunning , vice president :
( V. II. Bowen , of Hastlngi , secretary ; A. V ,
) ole , of Juniata , treasurer. The record showa
00 Micbigaudors present.
The Illinois veterans elected the foil pwm ;
iffictro : S. J. She-rley , of Juniata , president
I. V. Hoagland , of Lincoln , secretary ; G. 0 ,
Plate , of Alexandria , treasurer.
The Illinois troops outnumber all the rest :
' 00 on the roll and over 601 in to-day's parade !
On tbo accidental list is Silas Sntw-
orly , of Dorchester. Ho got a
Ipsh wound in the head from a target shooter ,
William K Klein , of Tocumnch. got in thi
ray of Commander Ilonza'a horse , and got i
tg broke. He belongs to Hcckettaorne posl
io. 47 , One death occurred from over-
rtion and fits. His name is John Thompson
ram John Brown post , JJolloview , Kansas ,
lo leaves a wife and seven children.
Gill and Spetuor , of Hebron , each had theii
lockets picked. Others shared the earni
ate.Tomorrow ia tha great eham battle. To-
light apeechoa uro being rrmie.
The Ohio soldiers of Nobratka , presentee
Mrs. General Slha A. Strickland an eleganl
ortrait of her late husband and their beloved
otnmander. The portrait ia the wo k oi
itella Jerome Pragor. Mrs. 8. was but )
'riof stricken and thankful , cxpreiscd b ]
hat strong element of woman to bow griol
ml joy the shedding of tears ,
Gen Bowmi > poke of Gen. Strickland foi
Strickland post No. ID , of HaBtlnpe , tta blingt
run mau In every seuso cf tbo word.
Congressman Laird Is now making tlu
peech of the eveulug , eulog'zing Grant.
moanKss of TIIC guAniiEL ,
BKBLIN , Sept. 10 It is semi officially an
nounced that Spain ban no ; yut replied ti
Unrmauy'a suggestion to refer the Caroline ,
question to a fritndly power for arbitration
uor has Spain replied to Uermsny'd demant
or reparation for the intuit to tne Germai
emliM-y at Madrid on Saturday last.
MAIHIID , Sept , 10. A patriotic demonetrn
lion was held nt Mulaga. TwUve thouaam
) ersons were present.
LONDON , Sept. 12 Biimirck , after aloof
dUcusjlou with a number of German home ,
laving u large Pacific trade prcparid plani
some months ago for the occupation by Gar
nanyof the jrinclpil Islands of the Martha )
LVlevv , Gilbert aud Caroline groups. Span-
nil ofliria on tbo various islands of the Pa
cilia ocean ! m'0 for many years ojlle-d the at-
teution of thovJomH government to the in
creating German ii lluence In the pacific.
MADUID , Sept 10 King Alfonso preside !
at a cabinet council to-day and an elabjcat
answer to Germany was drawn up in tli
moat friendly terms , explaining the claims o
Sptiu to the Caroline Islands and demandlni
that Germany recognize them.
MADIIID , Sept , 10-GencriU Lopez Dora
icgutr. urge * all parties to forgot different
and unite in defense of their country. Sen
Gaitelar counios the opposition party to t
orclce prudence , and Advocates n union cf t
Latin races to counteract the dangers of G <
many'i ) colonial policy.
BKitus , Sept 10. TheclTiclalGnzetlosa
that on August 10th the government rocolvt
A note from Spain protesting against Germi
nj's occupation of the Caroline Islands , at
that Prince Bismarck's reply was handed
the Spanish minister of forcun affairs on Sc
tembt-r i. In his reply , Piinca Bl
marck pointed out that Gti
man trader * , who had reside
for rrunv yoara on the Caroline islands , bi
lloving the islands to bo unclaimed , had d (
manded protection of Germany. Such pr
tectioo , the chancellor Skid , would bavo bee
neither solicited nor granted If it had bee
thought that Spain claimed Hi
archlpollago. Official inquiries showc
that the only Intorcsls represented o
the Inland wore German and British , Tt
former were largely predominant. I
view of the fact that Spain had made no ob
jcclion to Germany's iioto of M irth 1871
in which Germany refused the Spanish clalrr
to the Carolines , Germany was justified in n
yarding tha Islands as ownerless. Annoxatio
aad been effected in good faith , and German
was willing , In D friendly spirit , to cxamln
Into the claims now put forth by Spain or t
submit tli9 matter to arbitration , The chnn
ccllor , In concluding his reply , said that th
question wai too trivial a pno to disturb th
imperial friendship existing between Spai
and Germany ,
MADHID , Sept 10 , It is stated tbnt th
Spanish commnnder at Jilanllla tolrgrapho
hat when it wa ? found that the German Ha
lad boon hoisted nt Ysp , the covorr.or of th
3aroHue , Seuor Babrillo > , visited the com
nander of the German gun bon
[ tlis , and accused him of piracy am
iro.ich cf intoinational law. Th
3eiman commander replied thn
10 simply obsyod orders A hot argumon
emuod , ending in a eotifll ? , when the Germ.v
commander retired to his ship , The govcrno
hen boarded the Spanish man of war Sai
) iinUn , and requested the captain lo fire 01
tie Itlis. The captain Refused , tin governor o
ha Philippines having ordered him to nvol <
\ conflict Babrlllos ordered the crow ti
ire , whereupon the captain draw n rerolva
and threatened to shoot the first man \'h
obeyed or repealed the order. Babrllle
asram ordered the mon to fire , when tha cap
aiu ( hot him m the ehou'der. ' Babrillu
wni aftorWArda taken a prisoner to Hlontlln
wheru hid trial is proceeding The govern
mcnt formally denies that thcro wan nu alter
cation on shore , but are silent in regard t
what occurred on the chip ,
MADRID , Sept. 10The government ha
.i-patchtd a special messenger to Berlin wltl
nu additional note to Germany lu regard the <
ho serluus question at Irene b3twcon the twi
rovernmontB. This note , which was approve !
it a council of ministers held to- Jay , request
Jpnnany to r'nounca all intention of cstib-
Ishing a suzerainty over the Carolines anc
? elaw Island ; . Without nuch guarantee
ptin must decline togivo satisfastion for tin
oceut Insults to the German embassy.
VIENNA , Sept. 10 A dispatch from Pfstl
tales that Count Pans Festius killei
/ Pechy , son of the president of the Hun-
; arian legation , la a duel , Ic was at first re
torted that Pechy dietl of illness.
CAino , September 10. Tha Independenci
' ( { yptienne. formerly Bosphoro E yptlenno
ilauarded t ha wall j of Cairo Inviting those win
vieli to study the. purity of British morals ti
oad its translation of tbo Pall Mall Gazetto'i
ecent article on London' vice ,
BELFAST , Sept. 10 The earl of Carnarvon
n a cpetch last night , s id it was time to re
ect ( eutimont and inotitste Impartial anc
earchlng inquiry into'th'e relative merits o
ree trade and protection. Ho had bcec
truck by the vast natural resources of wcsl
Ire-land that remain undeveloped owing t (
lie bence of railways and markets. It WAS
delicate question whether the govornmenl
nouldaidlu the development of these re-
ou ces , but the circumstances of Ireland wore
imilar to tboso of colonies where such aid
lad. been given with advantage ,
PAKIS , Sept. 10. Two deaths frorr
: olora at Solon yesterday , 2 at Nimia and S
t lelle ardo.
TODLON , Sept. 10. Four deaths from chol-
ra hire last night ,
LONDON , Sept. 10. A Copenhagen dispatch
; atca the British steamer Auckland collided
ith aud sunk the German gunboat Blitz.
'ho fate of tha crow ia unknown. Fifteen ol
10 Auckland's crew were drowned. Only
wo were saved.
A later dispatch from Bliiz st&tea the
.uckland was sunk and not the Blitz , as first
, atod.
Korma.v nninuLETS.
BERLIN , Sept. 10. A number of Frencli
[ Beers trying to witness thn maneuvers of the
erinau punch were compelled to rotire.
LONDON , Sept. 10. The health of Churchill
as given way under the severe strain of olfi-
al duties , and phyoiciana order him to cancel
U pnllt cal engagements.
BKRLIN , September 10 Prlnoi Henry ol
atten burg resigned from the army.
TI-o Gale ou the
CHICAGO , Sept , 10. The fierce gale which
or the past three day a has constantly swept
jake Michigan hai at last abated , and the
ait fleet of wind-bound vessels at this port
o-day bsgan lo loavo. A telegram received
era this morning states that two vea-ola
truck on tbo hurbr pier nt Two Hivera ,
lich , , and went to pircea. One of them IB
ellevod to be tha ECDW Miller , of MilwauVeo ,
nd it ia supposed that tba craw of six men
vere lost.
CINCINNATI , Sept , ID A committee ins
oen appointed by the chamber of commerce
o collect funds for the relief of sufferers from
10 tornado which recently destroyed the
own of Washington ,
DETROIT , Sept. lO-Ilsportj from Lake
[ uron indicate that the storm of Tuesday and
H terday was the heaviest experienced foi
nanv years From Ofcoda It is reported thai
10 Susan \Vard , the Keppsako , and the barge
kTyandotte were almost broken to pieces bj
lie waves. All of them broke from tboir
noorings and sunk In a few feet of water ,
The OnM SI I n orb1 Strlko ,
PITTBDURO , Sept , 10 , The river coal minors
; riko is spreading , and in a few days th (
nlneri expect every mine ou the river to bi
losed , Thi ) strikers euccpoded in closing al
mt three mints ta the fourth pool to-day ,
By Saturday they claim the strike there
vill ba gonrrnl , Wulton'ti men are still al
wrork in the first pool , but whether they wll
outlcue after the convention to be held al
lonougahela City , oil the 15th , ta a disputoc
ueatlon ,
Murdered Wiitlo at Prnyor ,
NEW OBLUANS , Sept. 10. A spec'al to tin
'icayune from Canton eaye ; A bortiblo rour
or was committed last night at a colore > :
! mrch , ten milea east of this city. LJOI
iockrell , a nrgro school teacher , shot Airui
Varz , a colored deacon , while the latter wa
tnoullog with tha congregation at prayer ,
Jllicera have gone to arrest the murderer.
Columbus' UolUlBj.
pocial Telegram to the BEE.
COLUJIUCH , Neb. , Sept , 10. The Platt
ounty fair Is la full blast , with a good ex
ilbit. Tha rains prevent ft large attendance
euator Van Wyck poka to a large audience
The races are good.
The status of Commodore Perry wai un
veiled at Newport. It. I. , this afternoon , wit
mpcsing ceremonies ,
an Hi-nr - Dcltly Viol
Three Deaths Likely io Oooi
From a Lover's Esoapadoi
A Troublesoino Thomas Oi
Oansos Sad Eosnlts ,
nitmlcrcd In Uor Own Uouao Tl
ot Frcn/.lccl rrohlbltlon-
lets Crlinln l Mftttcre.
Kntl ot tier Itonifciico.
ATLANTA , Ga , , Stpt. 0. [ Special toChlcaf
Times , ] A tcrrlblo trtagody , in which thn
men were mortally wounded , occurred he :
after dark tc-night. The parties ware Job
acd Mathew Maxwell , father nnd son , an
John It , Slielton , who had eloped with an
married Miss Ida Maxwell , John Maxwell
a highly respected cilizoc , living nt No ,
Elliott street , His son Matthaw is n well
known earrings manuftcturor. Mr. Maxwe
hai threecomaly daughters , need 1C , 1C , an
ID. Ida , ogod 10 , has been quite a hello , ha\
infj n host of admirers. Among them we
John K , Sholtou , n ycuog nun of goo
faintly but carcleus habit ? , whoso visits wei
forbidden by the glrl'a father Nevertholoai
they conttivcd to meet rcrrotly and pledge
their love. At 2 o'clock this afternoon a in a
approached Matthew Maxwell and told bit
that his slstor and Shelton had planned n :
nlopcmonl , and that the appointed hour \vn
2:30 : o'clocl : . Hurrying homo , youag Max
well rushed up to the Bicoad-jtory room
which his fistcr occupied , nnd demanded ad
mittarice , which wai refused. With a kick h
burnt the door open , aud found therein Ida nl
ready dressed for her escapade. ' 'My sister
tor , " bo c-xclEimcd , "you will not dlrgraco th
family by such a proceeding as tint ? "
"I will many John , "him replied , "If I hav
to die in the attempt. It is useless for you t
try nnd prevent it. "
In vain tbu brother expostulated. The gir
remained obdurate , lie then went out
locked the door , and left her a prisoner , am
wont to his room. Keturnlnt ? in tan minutce
ho opened the door and found the roan
rmpty. The girl had opaned the window
jumped to a roof fifteen feet below , am
thence to the ground , another jump of hfteei
feet ; thence her tracks were followei
to the side alley where newly
made carriage tracks told that ch
had reached her lover and was awn ;
by the lime the elder Maxwell was upon th
! < uont ) , The two men were fearfully agitated
They went into the homo , and at G o'clock
armed to tbo teeth , emerged and proceeded t >
Davis street , whither Shelton had t ikon bi
bride after having been married by llov. Yir
sil NorcrosB. Several clergymen had prev-
iou ly ri fused to perform the ceremony. Tin
two furious man went up to Shelton'a door
Qhelton was standing ou tun threshold with i
hatchet. "D n you ! " exclaimed the clde
Maxwell , "I will shoot you to death unleti
pcu RVO ! up my daughter. "
' 'Do not coma mu 1 shouted Shelton
raising the hatchet and advancing. Just thor
young Maxwell , seeing his father's danger
stepped in between and received the blov
from the tomahawk Dropping the blood ]
instrument , Sselton then drew his pistol um
3rtd at th elder Maxwell. Simultaneous ! ]
Maxwell also fired , and all tToo men fel
icroEB each other , wcundod and bleeding. Thi
; lrl who had been" the cau'd 'of - - allthi ,
jloody work ruabod out upon the acone
ind embracing her dying husband called him
ay endearing names , while her father nni
Brother lay neglected. Within five mlnutei
lundred ; of people had collected , officer.
: ame , and the men were removed. Shelter
mcl young Maxwell will certainly die while
he death of the old man is highly probable ,
Fust a month ago Matthaw Maxwell was him
iclf the hero of an olopomoi.t scrape. /
roung woman engaged to another , with the
lay set , eloped with him tha night beforo.
Murdered in Her Own House ,
KINDEBIIOOK , N. Y , , Sept , -Special t <
he Chicago Timea.J Gertrude II. Hover , r
naiden lady , wa ; found dead in her parloi
hla incrcing , lying In a pool of blood. Thi
loronor was summoned , and an oxarnlnatioi
evealed five gashes m the head and face and
bree in the neck. The appearance of tin
oem indicated that there had been a seven
trujrgle. A pocketbook waa found near b )
vhlch had been rifled of ita contents , A num-
ler of articles were mil sing from the bureau
Dho murderer probably made bla escape
> y a roar window , for the house wai
ockod , Miss Hover wai a woman of qulol
mblts. She was a member of tbo Reformed
ihurcli. and lived entirely alone. She was
ib ut 05 years old. Her brother is a well-
mown manufacturer of cotton clotha al
Jtockton ,
Last evening a mulatto called at a drug
tore nnd askad for court-plaster. Ho pro-
luced n $5 note which ho wanted changed ,
I' wo fingers of bis right hand wore bound u [ :
vltb rags. Ho said that ho had been working
n a corn-field and cut his fingers. He is (
irothor-ln-law of n nepro who lives next dooi
o Miea Hover , rle frequently vielts'.there ,
Io is suspected of the murder , but no action
iaa been taken toward hli arrest. It is EC
ivident that the perpotratora of the crime was
n search of valuables that no other theorj
Shot Hie Mother ,
PinsDUJia , Sept. 9. [ Special to tbo Chica- -
; o Times.At Pine Creek Station , on tht
Vest Pennsylvania railroad , about 7 o'clocl )
bis morning , John Mclutosh , aged 21 , years ,
t ecu of James T. Mclntosli , a well knowi
boo merchant , stood at bis bedroom window
, nd fired one shot at a cat , which did n > t
ike elToct. A moment Inter young Mcln <
.osh'd mother stepped out of the house and
rallied toward the point where the cat wai
till lying , A grape arbor concoalcc
ler from her son's vleir. A eecond
hot was fired , tbo mother screamed ,
ind the son , hastening to the yard , fjund
ler lying prostrate and the blood oozing f rorr
icr head. The bullet had struck Mrs Mcln-
; obh on the back of the head , franturinsr tbi
i lull 1. The ball appears to have split , oni
> art entering the brain , the other emerging
rom tbo luck of the right ear. She w 11 die
While eho was being conveyed to the house
aor innocent slayer , half on zcl , rushed to hii
oem nnd attempted to end his own lifo will
; ho pistol. Interference from other rnemben
} f the family prevented him from making it i
ioublo tragedy , Aa it ie , the shock to youn )
Mclutosb , who has been in ill health , ma ;
[ ) rove fatal , Ho is the secretary and treasure
jl tbo Spring Hill Gas Coal company.
Dastardly "Worlc of Toinperanci
LIMA , Ohio , Sept. 10On Tuesday night ai
attempt was made to blow up with dynamlti
the hotel , saloon and residence of Neal & Bid
well In the village of West Minister. Th
saloon waj recently opened and its presenc
was hotly opposed by some ot tha citizens
Ibis oppotltlon Is credited with Inspiring th
effort. The whole front of the first story wd
blown away and the interior wrecked. Net
aud family occupying the upper room w.'r
blown from their beds and bruised.
Tlio Kidnapped lUnkcr.
WlNNirxa , Sspt. 10 , It M understood her
tbit lirainordjtho kidnapped b nkir , who es
caped , b In hiding hero but cannot bo found
There is great indignation here at the dis
closure that he was picked up In tha ( treats ,
pistol put to hla bead , forced into n cairlag
anil driven to Croplcaton in n close ) curriap
making 110 miles in the first day , Tbo arrt
oftwopjttiei hero who assisted in the kli
napping is t-xpcctod hern this evening ; .
St. PAUL Sept. 10. The wcapa of Brnii
erd , tha defaulter , from Boston detectives
the Minneapolis depot is the sensation of tl
day here , JJotectivcs of Boston , now her
claim that Detectives O'Connor , of St. PAH
tnd 1'avnp , of Chlcigo , connived at thn d
capo. The latter say they hivl a writ of hibci
corpus but failed lo rinil their man , Thu who
thing is a mystery and Is regarded as slit
Dta MOIKIS , Iowa , Sept. 10 , The follow
ng call for n straight greenback convcntio
wcs given to the press hare to-day :
An appeal for n nuns convention of green
backers of Iowa who nro opposed to fiiilo
with cither of tha old p rtlec Wo , th
inderBlgnod greonbackcra of lown , rooop
nizing the fact that our organization hasbeei
used by designing men for the accomplishment
mont of their own personal ends
by forcing fusion upon UJ witl
n political party with no appreciation
or hopes In common with iu , hereby oxnrot
our abhorrence of such methods , and call fen
n mass meeting of the grecnbackera in thi
state1 , to ba hold nt Mnrshalltown on the lira
day cf October , 18S3 , for the purpoio o
placing in nomination n full ticket to bo votoi
for at the entiling stain election , And recog
nizing that fusion has been nnd is the caueo o
our great losa in numerical strength anc
political influence , wo expressly doilan
that wo will henceforth hold anj
and all fuslonistx aa our political enemies ,
and brand any and n'l men as traitors to ou :
cauao who favor fusion , alliance , or coopera
tion with either of the old parties , nnd no1
entitled to n voice in tlio convcntioi
contemplated by this call To nl
who nro in sympathy with tin
spirit of tbu movement wo extend n heart ]
invitation tomeet with m nt the above nauioc
t'ino and placii , that the fires of true groan-
bjckism may bo rekindled in Iowa ,
Signed by A. B. Dennis , Alex Long , K. M
JWnsworth , CJoncl Dingman. S. S. Wil
Haras , Thomas Clark , J. V. Myers , and
plghty-fcur others In various counties in
The Union Ic.lie's Don ) .
NEW Yonu , Sept. 20. Dispatches from
Boston were received hera to-day stating
that there lo evidently an iron clad ogrooment
between Ktdder , Peabody & Co. . Leo , llift-
ainFon & Co. , and President Adam ? , cf the
Union Pacific , to keep secret the dotaili of
t ho agreement by which the flotititg debtof
the company hag been provided for. Presi
dent Adama was reported aa de-
s'inicg Imphatically to talk unon
thotubject except to say : "Tho 50,00 , ODO
nf II latlng debt , which has so long been
troubling the company has been p-ovidtcl
for , and ou excellent terms , tor , for tha cor
poration. " Outside information is to tha effect
that the ccmpany has sold outright n cirtnin
amount nf bonds for cash. In addition it
lias placed annbcr largo block
nf ita ticcurllUa in the liancl-i of
banking houses , nnd hrtq obUtufd
i loan on them. On tha laltor transaction tha
lenders have an option to buy the securities
outright within n certain tune , while tha
company has the right to take up the roturi-
tics on certain conditions within ft cor-
Uin timo. What aecurlties were pledged
md what Bold ia n it known although tha
iiilca were probably Oregon Short Line and
ICinsia Pacitic consols , while those pledged
were St. .leu & Wcatern and moro or 1m
valuable eecurltiea of other rends , of which
the Union 1'iicihc hr.a a l.vrf.e supply.
Etoclc Yard Uumti.
N. B. Berggrou , of Wahoo , waa at the
rard yesterday. Mr. Birggrea ia a well
known ttock raiser'aud haa a "ranch of"l-10l ,
icr'B of lanl iu Douglas county not far from
Waterloo , also 1 , ( .00 acres ia Sounders county ,
The contract for building the new exchange
, vlll be let on Saturday.
J" Rosters bought a load of hoga yesterday
'rom Biles & Bhes ,
Virgin & Nelson sold 111 hoga to Chtk
Bros , yesterday ,
Thomas Hammond , of Hammond , Ind ,
, VBB in South Omaha yesterday.
The latest hotel arrivals are : W. L Gold-
? r , Scribner , Neb , ; John H , Atkinson and
William Woodrum , nf Plum Hollow , Idaho ;
3. A. Ohaae , Wayne , Neb ; A B. Clark. To-
tama , Nob. ; David Adams , Utica ; Giorge
\V. \ McKee , Syracuse ) L. D vis , Ogalalla ,
Jfeb ,
The Ogalalla Land & Cattle company had
117 cattle at the yards.
Tour hundred and thirty-four pitllo were
ccjlved yeato'day from Itock Springs ,
Clay & Fhher , of Kock Springs , were in
> rlth another train of cittlj yesterday , SOS
Among others having stock at the yaias
estorday , were : P. K , Quinn , B-lr ) cattlti ;
3. W. MoICoc1 , Syracuse , 143 cattle ; Virgin &
S'oleon , 142 hoi's ; D , Andernon , Columbus ,
' 4 hoga ; L. Hobblnt , Genoa , 110 hoga.
Tin Woathir I'rnBpoct.
WASHINQTON , Sept. 10. Vor the upper Mis-
lissippi : Slightly warmer , southerly wind ? ,
; enerally fair we.tther , except m central par-
; iona occasionally local ihowora and lower ba-
Miesouri valley : Occasional local rains ,
3outhcily wicde , bec.ming variable higher ,
ollowed in northern portions by a lower tern-
leraturo. _ _ _ _ _ _
Sailed 'With V-lunDIo Onr o ,
NEW OBLSANB , Sept. 10. The United
States steamer Swatora will leave hero about
11 o'clock tomorrow. . Sbo has on board
HO.OOO.OOO in silver , doubtless tha most valu
ibla cargo over taken from this port At
( Uirantiuo station she will transfer $200,000
; i the y antic , and when thii transfer is com-
iletcd the veseela will sail for their dettiue.-
; un.
Pern Mid Ohlll.
SABTIAQO UK Ginn , via Galvetton , Sopt.
10 , Tbo commltteo of llburah from the upper
md lower bouses named Marcial Gongealos
'or president.
LIMA , Sopt. 10 , Official Intelligent hav
ug betel received of the death of Gen , Giant ,
Idgs on Hid governmsnt buildings were at
inlf mast on Tuesday ,
Jamas WLit3 came in from the country
yesterday and took In the fair , The effort ,
liowover , was too Bovoro a physical strain , and
lie laid down on the sidewalk on St , Mary't
jvenuo to recuperate hla energies , Oflloei
ia P ge thought it best to disturb hla ropoee ,
und woke him up nnd took him to the police
station where ha will secure a gooil nlght't
A leather wallet was picked up on Six
teenth streat yesterday by a citizen , nnd lefl
at police headquarters. It evidently belong !
to I. K , Williams , of Glenwoocl , Iowa
althauRh the name of William D. Oyler Ii
stamped on Ilia leather. It contains valuabli
papers , a draft ou Chicago , but no money ,
Will 1'ieher was arraigned before Judgi
Btonberg yesterday on a charge of being t
susplciout character , He eaid that ho hac
belonged to a minstrel company which hac
gone to pieces in. Grand Iiland , and wti
working his way back to Chicago , He wai
released ,
Cards cf Invitation have bcn sen1 ou
announcing the wedding of Mr , George L
Pratt to Miss 11. K. Btrathem , The cere
mony Is to take place at the Southwest Prcs
bytenan church , corner of Loavenwcrth am
Twentieth itrceU , at 2-)0 ; ) p , in , next Tuci
the Gallic Crew Tate lu a
While Animate Pork M' ' eets a
Daprossod Marked „
Au Anal agon a Condition Koportod-
in Loading Ooroalsi
Wheat ItuiiH Up u I'olnt Ourn T.kcfl
Downward Drop , Ijoslni ; the
Boom of Wcclnceflny.
Special Telegram to tbo BEE.
CHICAGO , Sept , 10. The receipts falling1
much short of the number generally looked
for , the market took on a firmer tone , Arrivals
wore noaily 3,000 head leal than , the same day
last week , and as the run for the remainder of
the week proinissa to bo correspondingly light ,
Inldoro are unwilling to pnrt with their itoclc
at Wednesday's prices. For auythirg nt all
attractive nu advance of 10@lrc waa ruikou" ,
ind the market for most gradei averaged 5 ©
lOc higher than > oterday. Them were only
ifty-eight cira ot Texaua , nnd lees than fifty
: rrs cf northern rangers , nnd for tboto two
: la bea the market was ppecialiy strong , The
Mily description uot shooing sorno gain iu
strength was stackers. They were In rather
'nil tupply , there having been steady accumu-
Atiuc for some days paat , und at few buyers
, vera prerout sale ? were Blow at former prices ,
ir at 5- 7"i/al3.i)0 for poor to good , and they
ly lota. Cowu were not plentiful , land the
jest of them sold a trilb higher , nhlls poorer
lorta were no more tlmn steady. Thera was
norn life in general Undo than on any pre-
: ef ding day of the week. >
Shipping tcc e , 1,350 to 1 TOO Iba. , SQ fiO ©
G loj 1 , 00 to 1.8SO lb * . , t § y.00@
> .40 ; 930 to 1,200 Ibs. , SJ ! )0 ) ® I fl.l.Vltnugh
l'rx cattle , firm ; 9. " > 0 Ibs , 83.00@350 ;
'fiotoO'o ibi.sarc'asaOj ooo to 700 ib . ,
: - CO. , SJ 9D Western ranciTc , steadier ; natlvco
, ml half-breed" , 83 DOftC Oil ; cow , § 2 , 0 ©
1.40 ; wintprod Texans , S3 < ) Uo)3 ( ) CO
Sales90Vynmlnir , 822 IbK. , S3 33 ; 321
Vyiming * . 1'JOj Ibs Si 03 ; 112 Wyoming.
,179 Ihn. , Si CO ; 210 Wyoming Texaua. 0 2
In . § 34' ; 2G1 Whining * . 1.153 Ibs , , S120 ;
8 Wyoming. 1,1-17 Ibi. , SI 23.
Notwithstandirg further falling off iu ro-
eipts the ponural market rrmalnocl In a clo-
ireaacd coaditi u Lieht hogs of gliod qn al
ly sold iu high ns Wednesday , but heavy
iud nibdiurn weights averaged Ga lower , mak-
rg a declina for the week of about 20Ca23c.
The quality ia now running pretty ( rood , and
it-ht hog buyers find it lets } cany to got what
bey want. It U because of that tact tbst
nh to best bacon grades have declined , lOo ,
the rrriuctiou in heavy and rmxod
a 20 = 23c. T < i-day'd trading was prin-
ip uly at St.23(2-l CO for Iijiht , and nt S3.90 ®
i.3 > for hoivy and mixed , Puckine nnd ship-
ling , 23' ' ) to 350 lb < . , S10) ) @ < 1.4'l ' ; light
. - eight13,0 to 170 Ibj , , 81.301.65 ; 180 to2lO
bi , S3.GO@1 3D.
Special Telegram to the BEE.
CHICAGO , Sept. 10. Trading in wheat to-
lay was active on speculative nccoantV and
ho f. cling developed wai decidedly nervous
cd unsettled within the cetiblnhed range of
irices. The weather was bad , threatening ;
nin , and Liverpool was reported firm. Tha
mrUct opened strong , und under a aontinun-
lon of the bull feeling which hai'exitted for
wo days past first aalea were made at } @ c
dvance , improving rapidly jja moro. The
uantity en passage chewed a marked do-
reaen , which as&iated the buoyancy and In-
uoncod free covering of "shorts , " At the
dvacce , however , ( . ( Terintra Increased some ,
nd prices declined Ja. The goveramont crop
eport ditcloslng a further decrease
f 0,100,000 of buthela in the total , caused a
empiTfiry advance ofe. . The decrease ,
onrover , was not as largo as many operators
ad olculatcd upon , and the result waa that
onrlderable wheat was put on sale , aiming a
ecllno of gc , ruling utrongeraitainand closing
nnlly gc higher than yesterday. Ileceipts
rero ( mailer at primary points , and shipments
rero also light.
Yesterday's boom in corn received nomo-
plmt of a aot-bick to-day , ns receipts were
inch larger than bad been expected , Sep-
ember opened IQ lower , October Jo lower ,
nd No \ ember Jc , und all declined $ ® Jo
lore. Liverpool reported moro inquiry , aud
ha amount now ou passign to tbo United
Clngdom is < 10 CCO quarters lees than last week ,
nd to the continent 45,00 1 quarters lets , but
heee facts filled to stimulate prices. Every
no knows and feels that thq prlca of corn IB '
low much hifchei than It will be a few weeks
lenco unless the now crop foils to ripen and
eceipts of old corn full off , Kapecially will
his bo true of the longer futures , over which
he new crop will txert some piwer. Moro
hau this , the shipping demand must inovit-
bly fall off when new corn becomoj fit for
no , hence lonvs were glad to roallza and the
inrkot sold elf. fc
The oat market was qulpt nnd dull , few
baugea in priroj occurring
There was very little doing iu provltlcqs ,
nd price ) showed little change ,
At St. Louis-St. L-suisl , Chicago 8.
At Boston MilUdelnhU 8 , HoUon C ,
At Bulliln-Buffalo D , Uolroits 2 ,
At New York -New York 8 , Prortdflnco 1.
At New York Metropolitan 1 , Louisville ? .
NEW Yonic Sept. 10. The proposed Bulll-
'auand H > an fight Is oil ,
NEW YonK , Sept. 10 , Lowering sky and
vet , dltagrtieab e sLowera , with muggy utmoe-
there , made the attonUunca slim M Kbeeps-
it ad Bay tj-day. The track wua very heavy ,
California wai well repiesented. as
; , . . ) , Baldwin' VuUuto made A
irllliaut biush for victory end
; ot a place in a ttyle that waa alrnont ai cred-
tublu OH wmnluK Iu thu fifth taco , Joe
lew oil also showed hii tuUorn udmtrers what
nay balxpccted ot westvm stock in future.
its pluck Biitl spirit are really admirable.
Three quarters of a mile Two-year-olde :
hValter 11 won , Beta eocond , Brarnhloton
.bird. Time , IslfJ
One nd one-eignth mile : Vfu\\ \ \ flower won ,
Eulogy eecond , Tom Martin third , Time ,
LMfiiilo nd a half three-year olds ; Unrest
, von. Volaute sc nd , Muauieo third. Time ,
! : lli.
Una and tbree-quartnr miles : I ouiiotto
von , Clonmcll second , Kuclld third. Time ,
Ttiree-fourths of a imln Threo-year-olds
mdujiwarde : Young Duku won , Joe llow-
)11 second , Husbbroi-k ihird. Time , l < lfjj.
Steeple chuio-thoit courie : WellinRtoa
ivou , Wlmbledcn tecond. Klnz Troubler
Wrd. Time , 13 ,
All K. of L. that are deslroui of becom
ing incorpar.tora of the colonization uociety
uro miue.ted to meet at WolU 'd hall , 2U
und Owning bts. , Btxt Monday evening , Sept.
14thi at a o'clock. J. 0 , 1'enlz } ] , chairman ,