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Tuosilav Morning , August 25 ,
Block Swan , the noted western cattleman
puicd through Omaha Sunday night on liii
way to Cheyenne.
the boulevard and patk committee will
hold A mooting Wednesday night at tha city
hall , to which all the citizens are invited.
Iloory Voss is engaged In unporlntendlng
tha erection of two 2- tory fr mo homos in
Waterloo and Elkhorn precincts to cost 80.000
each ,
Rabbi Benton , of Owensbnrg , Ky. , will
arrive htro , Friday , and enter upon his duties
as leader of the Hebrew congregation , lie
will deliver htsinaugural addrets Friday evening -
ing at the gynagogus.
- Olbcer Burdiih had a lively chaaa down
Farnam street yesterday after Ed. Carroll , a
vagrant. Tholvictim wat finally captured In au
alley on Twelfth street.
M. Parr , the Tenth and Howard druggist
is jubilant over bis Grit born. Its A boy ,
weighs ten pounds and came Sunday. The
havanas ore circulating freely in that locality.
There Is a movement on foot U secure
Canon Farrar to lecture hero in November for
the benefit of tbo Cbilds' hospital , Nothing
definite in the matter , however , has bean nc-
complisheo ,
Coroner Drcxcl ( Lipped to Wavcrly , Now
York , yesterday the trunks containing the letters -
tors nnd personal effects of the unfortunate
girl Jeannctto Schnfer who committed aulcido
hero Eomo tbroo or four weeks ago.
Yestord y being the last day allowed in the
court's order , It was supposed that the Bolt
Line attorneys would file their motion for a
rehearing , but Mr. Woolworth had gone to
New York and Mr. I'rltchott was also out of
town and nothing wnj dona.
Mr. nnJ Mrs , McClure , of Norwalk ,
Conn. , wish to thank their Omaha friends for
the many tokens of sympathy and hindness
extended to thorn in their great bereavement
on account of the death of their only son ,
Thomas L , McOlurc , lately a clerk in the B ,
& M. freight and ticket auditor's office horo.
" The "opening" given In the 1'axton hotel
bar in honor of the lately completed decora
tlona of the room was a most pleasant occa
sion , A largo number of ponllcmcn were
present during the evening and were served
to an excellent spread prepared and sot quito
in banquet form. Messrs. Frank Duiieux and
Ch&t > . Leonie attended to the ca'l for refresh
mcnts with a skill and courtesy which mot all
demands and pleased every guest. The bar
room of the Ponton is a perfect parlor and
rntut rank among the handsomest of similar
establishments throughout tha country.
It will prove of interest to tbo speculative
to learn that the prevailing weather of yester
day BO accurately prognosticated by the signal
service bareau twenty-four hour hours prior ,
was months ago predicted and put on record in-
print , A reference to Vennor's almanac for
this year will reveal the following noted for
the week beginning August 23d : "Entry of
week warm Sudden change , probably cool
and perhaps frosty Windy , warm and rainy
Week is likely to end cool and fino. " So
far the prediction ii verified , and if the re
mainder of the week bears it out , the new eci
enco of astrometeorology will have scored a
big point in popular credit.
Draining Swamp Lunds.
Among the business dhcnaacd yesterday
by the county commissioners was the
matter of draining 30,000 acres ol Platte
valley swamp land In Waterloo precinct.
It will bo remembered that
about four years ago the
county commissioners undertook the
task of draining some of tbeso bad lands
and did accomplish the digging of some
nine miles of ditching in the swampy
Platte valley region. The dirt excavated
was used In the making of roads ,
The work was dropped on account of
scarcity of funds , but the commissioners
propose now to resume it , and yesterday
afternoon decided upon digging throe
ditches , four miles in length altogether ,
In this section of the Platte valley.
"Tho land is tbo richest In America , "
said County Commissioner Corliss , to
day , "and when we finish this work it
will bo thoroughly available for agri
cultural purposes. The cost will be
berne partly by the county and partly by
the benefited property owners. "
1'ollco JJockor.
Judge Stonberg disposed of the follow
ing cases In pollca court yesterday morn
ing :
J. J. O'Brien , Pete Pighnnd J. Browl ,
drunk and disorderly , 5 and coats.
O'Brien ' paid end was released. Pigh
and Browl committed in default.
Tom Carl , disturbance of the peace , § 5
and cost.
Jack Pnkoro , fighting , $20 and coats ,
committed In default.
Pofer.Bomgat , fighting , $10 and costs.
John Caldirell , disturbance of the
peace , $5 and coats.
Fred Saunders and Chris Siundors ,
fighting. $5 and costs.
Sam Baswalt , keeping gambling house ,
and costs.
"Slim" Ryan , suspicious charaoterd la-
L. Vnruky , vagrant , discharged.
George Washington and Mrs. Will
Dnvcnpcrt , fighting , $5 and ccsis.
Fourteen vags were arraigned and or
dered out of town.
Knelling Fair Entries ,
Business la rushing at the office of Secretary -
rotary Wheeler of the Omaha fair and
exposition , necessitating the employment
of additional force to take care of , the
enormous number of entries that are ar
riving every day. The work of classifi
cation has just been begun , and is being
pushed as rapidly as possible. Already
there have been 2,230 , entries from
abioad , end they tro still arriving at
rate of 275 dally. In addition to the
entiles from abroad applications have
been received for space from Inrno
manufacturers for nearly 2,000 exhibits.
This will crowd the space provldid to
almost its utmoit oiptclty , and tboro are
still eovcral fair atsoclatlocs which have
nude applications to exhibit their onliro
display , which they will bring to Omiha
nficr their own fairs close. The entiy
books will not bo closed until August
31st , and It la expected that at tbo Utt )
ininuio there will bo moro applications
for space than can bo accommodated.
Drowned lu * Tab ,
A child of a Mr. Browstor , living on
the Papllllon road near living ton , thin , VJ /
county , Sunday fell into a tub of tlei
water and wai drowned , A llttlo brother
of ( ho child was ths first to discover the 150V
hocking accident. The oisa has been V
reported ( a the coroner ,
, L
The Cftstellnr and Far-nun Strool
Structures Going np Rapidly
Getting Hcftdy for OpenIng -
Ing of School.
11 Work on the Castellftr street eohool
( " remarked Soore-
a progressing rapidly , -
taryOonoyer to areportoryoBtcrday. "The
work was suspended for a wo ok on nc-
oount ot the failaro of the council to
grade the adjoining slroots as they had
agreed to do , but the ordinance was
passed last week , and work on the build
ing has boon rosnmod. It will bo ready
for occnpancy abont November nnd will
bo a handsoms two-story brick atrnctnro
with a basomont. The Fatnam street
school ( on Twontyolghth ) , Is now en
closed and under roof. It will bo ready
to bo moved into In October. "
In addition , the school board are hav
ing extensive repairs made In some of the
buildings throughout the city , prepara
tory to the opening of school In a few
weeks. In the Long nnd Lcavouworth
sjhools , now blackboards are being put
in nil the rooms , in place of the old ones
which are very badly worn , Besides
this other necessary repairs nro being
made throughout those buildings.
The Hartman school has received two
additional rooms in the basement , one
under the old frame structure and one
under the now brick building. The
basement waa excavated without moving
the building and the rooms fitted up in
comfortable stylowith but llttlo expense.
This will servo to relieve somewhat the
crowded condition of thla building , the
capacity of which was too greatly tested
last year.
Some Improvements will also bo made
In the Izird school thla month , the nature -
turo of which has not yet been detorm
Inod. The committee on bulldlngi and
property will hold a meeting to-morrow
to discuss in a general way the matter of
making further rep&lrn before school
In the Central school the merry mnaio
of the satr and hammer can bo heard
ringing through tbo empty rooms. Prof.
Bumann is busied superintending the
work of preparing the apparatus , benches ,
etc. , etc. , to bo used in the manual train
ing department which will bo opened for
the first tlmo this year. The rooms for
this department are situated in the base
ment and are forgo and airy.
Secretary Conoyor said to-day that ho
thought the school board would have to
have two or three extra rooms in the central
tral put of the city to relieve some of
the crowded schools. Nothing in that
direction has as yet been determined
upon , however.
They Disobeyed tbo Imw.
"Throo saloon men to look after
to-day" , raid Captain Sullivan yesterday
morning to a reporter , holding np three
warrants , "Hlgglno kept his curtains down
ss usual after midnight last night , and it
was nearly 2 o'clcck before John Brandt ,
of Turner hall , closed up this morning.
John Hoffman , of Bohemian hall , on
South Thirteenth street , sold liquor over
bis bar until ouo o'clock Sunday morn-
Ing. "
With a few exceptions , most of the
saloon men ara obeying the mayor's
order strictly. It was noticeable , however -
ever , yesterday , that some of the saloons
did not have closed duors.
OLSEN In this city , August 24th , the
adopted BOB of Mr. and Mrs , Theo , Olsan ,
aged two weeks.
Funeral will take place to-day at 10 a ,
m. , from tlio residence , 1710 Mason street ,
HUITT-Inthia city August 23d , Robert
Huitt , ORod 45 years.
Funeral will take place August 25 from
McCarthy , Donnelly & Co , Interment at Sr.
Mary's comotery.
DORSET ! In this city August 24 , at one
o'clock p. m. , Willie L. , eon of Henry and
Mary E. Dorsett. aged 2 yeara.
Funeral will take place to-day at 10
o'clock a m , from the residence , Fourth street
near Walnut street.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity ,
strtnjftn and wholaicrnenoM. More economic * ! than
the ordlnvy klrdi , and cannot boiold In competi
tion with tbeimuHitude ol low test , ebott weight Al
tail ( ( phosphite po drri Bold nr > lv In cans.
ROYAI. BAKING BOWDEIt CO. 109 Wall staoet , N Y
JIas received at the
LONDON , 1884 , the
OVER ALL other V
Of all Greet n , Druffiili , & Min , Wai. Draterr , [
A.U ( bit ) trtilemcntt in tin tpttial column ! mill v\ \
ckaryei ! at the rate cflO centi pet line or the
imtrtioi > , and 7 ctntt J > < : r Una for tack ulit-
litent insertion : Ko advertiiemcnt will 6 itucrttct
trlui Han ti centi for tht tint time *
V/fosBT to WAN L'ans made on reil eitate Unl rV
oontrooto , chatteli , collator l or good eccurl *
sot any kind at tbe On aba Fin\nclal exehaoge ,
Faroam BU , up-iUlu ; low ratee ; eajy terns.
fONET To loan on chattel * , Tfoolley & Harrison , care
Room 19 , Omaha NatlooAl bank bulldlnj m r
C51-U Add
VCccAocm ri tmriiislnv ! jtncnj Binkcri , oppodU
iU post office , Omaha , rcgotlata mortgage Uani ot
Jrtt-clara cecnrlty at railing rates ol Interect , Par
ties detlrlnr to borrow money on Improved city or
xrantry real eitale , for from one to five yean , cinrx
oornmodated promptly. UoCague Brothers , bank-
en , opposite post offloe. C8-tf
ifONETTOLOAN-Oo real esute and chattel !
t l D. L. Thoma * . 85211.
\flTONET Loaned on nhatlels , rot rail , It. R
.Utickets conght and ( old. A. Form nS13 S , ISth St
1 rOHET TO LOAN la mm ] of 800 and npwarfl.
M. O. r. DavU and Co. , B.M ! EtUla and Loir
l ents,1505 Farnam 81. 651-tf
tyTOKir to loan In Burnt ef (200 and upward * on
iTAfirst-claw real estate iccurlty , Potter & Cobb ,
:616 : Farnam It. C49-U
\JONET LOANED at 0. F. Rted 4 Go's. Loan office
jJL on furnltnre , pianos , horssi , wagoni , personal
property of all kinds and all otha raitlclei of value ,
ttthont remrval. Over 1st National Bankcorner ISib
vnd farnam. AU buslnesu itrtctly conOdectlalB60
B60 f
; \TOoiTl MO-dill woxRtlll Money to Loan-On
itl chattel Btcnrlty by W. n Croft , room 4 , Wlth-
odl tiuilllng , N. E. corner ICth and ilatney. After
ycars of experience and a caieful study of the busi
ness ef loaning money on personal property , I have
at last poifectoi R tvttem whereby the publicity
usual In mich casts 19 dona away wlthtnd I are now
na petition to meet tbe demands ot all whe become
temporarily embarrissed and deslto to ralso money
without dclaj and In & quiet manner. Ilouickccp-
err , professional gentlemen , mechanics and others in
thlsdty can obtain ndvaneca f.'om (10 to JI.OOO on
tuch iccurlty a ) housenold furniture , planoi , ma
chinery , bone * , wagons , warthouso rcoelpta , secur
ed notesof hand , etc. , without removing same from
OWHCM residence or place ot bulno3 , . Also
on Ono Watchoi and Diamonds , Ono of the
advantages I offer Is that any part of nny loan can
be paid at any time which will reduce tbo Intcmt
pro rata and all loans rene * < d at the original rates
of Interest. I have no brokers In connection with
my office , hut personally superintend al my loans.
IliAveprHato offices connected with my gonotil
office FO that customers do not carne In con'aot with
each other , consequently making all transactions
itrlctly private. W. R. Croft , room 4 , Wlthnell
building , N. E cor. 16th and llarnoy. 648-tf
. - that can inlt.chioctet or do fancy
cy work , to make goods for our Undo at their
homes la clt of country ; $ ) to 810 weekly eatll
made at our hutltcis ; coeds cent by mall , t end lee
silver or stamps for eairp.o and toatnge , llu'l'on
M'fg. Co.,2fl5Cthae.N. Y. 23t-23p
w IAMTII A ( rood gltl for general housework at
221 North iSthstreet. 188-tf
W Avrin Young girl to do light ( col
; ored preferred ) . Inquire 2J18 Charles street.
313-24 p
W PAvrr.D-Oood girl Bar general housowor * In
small family. Apply 2513 DciUo St. 811 > 25p
TTTjiNTSD A gia 1 competent German girl. In-
W qulrn ot Mrs. 1' . llclnil-h , No. Oil cortn 2UtSt.
between Ctlllornla and Webster St. 3QO-25P
w NXTKD Airoolglrl for general house work In
quire at 1713 Douglif. 2)125 )
W AS , TBD-TAO competent servants , cook and second
end girl Apply at nortn.oast corner 22d and
Daxcrjport streets. D102lp
TT7AXTED Agood girl for general hcuEOWOrk , one
W tint can cook and Is not atiild otuork. Call at
331 South Twenty-fourth St. 2)3-f ) (
W ANT1CD A girl to do light hou'owork. Apply
at once , 1710 } Cumlng St. MRS. MULCAV.
TT17AXTD A respectable mtddlo-Dgcd woman to ilc
VV general housoflei'kfor a small private fam'ly
In tto country. A good homo for tbo ildit ( arty.
Ual'roid fate wilt to piid. Apply Sunday between
10 and 12 a. m. . to John J , Vandomocr , 1'ixtcn
Hotel. 231-22p
WANTKD A girl for general housework at 308 N.
2fd street. Must l > o a good laundrcs and
plain cook. 05-28
TTTANBBD By 18 of the flret faml'ij' , glili for gen-
f T eral housework .and gold nooks ; best ol wajif.
Also Kill ) for holds and dicing rojm work ; don't
fcrgct tha number , 1120 Farn'm 8t , up stairs. Ai
wa ) a will find good places. Call and Inquire. ? 4Ctl
W AMID A good girl for general hnu'o woiU In
private family. Aply at 2520 Douclai St.
W ANTKU A cook for a countr hotel , must be ft Bt-
cja , robor ; best of'wAge" paid. C.ll on Ur.
, Center Uottl , Council Bluttj , la.
33 2p
W 'AMID A flrit cUsi dining loom girl , female
cook ; anil chambermaid at City Hotel. lBl-24p
W PASTED Girl Icr dining room on general home
work , Qanl Hoto' , 1010 Hasan ht. 222 22p
w FAJiTRD A good girl who can sjeak German , for
general kitchen work , at 216 South 12th St.
'A ! < TD A gill to do general houo work 2010
Curt St. JDr. Paul. 110 21
W AM n A girl to co general home work. Mrs.
D. II. Ooodilch , 1017 Partt ive. 103-tf
WANTKD A good hotel 050k and dining ro rnclrl
to leave the city ; best of wages paid. Inquire
it Omaba Employment bureau , 217 N 10th St. Mrs.
J. Vf. Morrison , Proprietor. 102-tf
IAsrr.D A gocd csok where another girl is sept ,
2225 Dodge St. 110-tf
TT7ANTED Ladies In want { good domestic ) girls ,
W will bo supplied on application to tbo old reliable
Omaha Employment Bureau. Mrs. J. W. Morrison ,
217 N. 16tb St. , up stairs. 89 ] tf
WANTED A number of flrst-clasj gtrlj who are
captbloof Being good work , and receive good
wogts at the Omaha employment office , 217 north
18th streetofflcoup-stairs Mrs. J. W. lIorrlsDn , pro
prietor. 801-tf
WANTED Agents for the beautifully illustrated
book , "Picturesque Washington. " Trice S3 (0 ,
15 00 and $10 00. K. S. Butler , Omaha. 3..2-2D p
TT/'ANTBD Immediately , young mm In dry goods ,
boots and shoo 8foro ; must boa goodsalcsm n ,
good stock keeper and able to handle country trade.
Good wages ; give references , Leo Grossman , Har
vard , he b. 3.820
WACTFD Draughtsman , roim 23 , Crelznton block
15th and Douglaa S > . 2 6 tf
WANTJD Between now , September ISth , n nnm-
bsronoialesman , one who ran come well ui-
Joreud ai to character and atllltv ai to a silesman ; a
aianied : man nnferred. Oord eltuatlon for the right
man. M. F. Martin , 310 south 15lh 5t. S07-tf
WANTED StrotttDoa , auitloncera and poddleis to
s 11 cew notlois , Jonelry , etc , at fairs and
o3ntrytownsctcapcetbc ; s } In theU. 8. ; catal cue
Iran. AgoMsiupply C , Chicago , III. ! 35-25p ?
WANTED Agents to sell our addingmaihines.mudo
In brass and nickel ; no toy ; eclli rapidly to
janVerj , merchants , book keepers , etc. Addresi at
co , F. F. Oakley & Co , Ballca , Kan. 283-27p
TXTANTED Younif , active men , who can talk
E"Kll8n , anl ueiwau , to act as ascents. Apply
1010 Jackeon St. , bttwten B a. IB. and 12 ID.
ID.274S6' at
AOEKTS WANTED ? or the flntit little article to soil
at falls ; biz money , brand now , Simple 10 Us.
iddrms Champion Novelty Co. , Omaha , Nob.
WANTED-A first class clar drummer /or Omaha
and surroundings. I'cst of references required ,
addrns Cigar , Hee tdlco. 287.i5
TITANTED A white barber to .tike charge and tun
TT a baibcnhop , or ll ! eell shcp. J , d. Ualne
Jrand Idind , Neb. 2:1.25 '
WANTJU An experienced man to sell custom made
ehliU on tba road. Omaba Sblit r" ctnry.
239-26 T
WAKTBD An A 1 man who wants tlmako bl ? Tj
wageb fair wcik. Cal ! nt onceat 15C9 Farnatu
21521 en
cook lo work a reitaurant on
T t roi ; everything In running order. Aptly
198. llth St. 181-25p J
nrjANTiD-Agents. Addroes Electric Lamp and
T stove Co. , St. Louli , Wo. , for circular , cut tnd
ermt tf (6 ondle power Marsh Electric- Lamp
S7ANTKD By a joung Tano , Ituatlon as a coicli- I'll
man , Address 8. P. lice olllco. 233-25 p etr
\7AXTin-A situation tending bar by R roun
man of three yars expcilenoe In an caster
\y ; can give Qret-class references. Addiejj B
under , lleo oltloe. 252-I4p _ ,
rXTAiiTED Situation by a young nan n shipping all ;
V cleric or etokirat > . Address A. P , U./flco
Ece. | ) i Up
-Sltuatloi at abstractor of titles to
real ( state , by exrcrlecced abjtitctor. a. J , roi '
No , J2J ( outn Uth tr eil"CbuuUiBliiBi )
S78-25 „
TTAKTED SMuithn ly experienced bookkeeper 81
J , S. A. No. (03 First me. , Ccunill Bluff ; 81we
VANTED A Bltuatton on a faim to take ca > e weF
CAttlohy a minol etp rlenoe and rooramfn'- L
, who ha < i some cattle of hi * own ha wfsbes t3 A
for at tbe tarn * time. Ii an experienced trlra- leg :
, and will at same time attend to an orchard , per
idles * "P , J , Be offlc * . 197-Zlp
Hens keoperi ( UuUlon , experUnetd
nd Rood relettnces. Addrrsi Mr * . A. n. O j da
TUtvORArnsRftija c > mp tei.l olQca man delie
. situation. Roisonable salary. Aodresi "Hart"
BM offlee.
WANTin By ala'y.dtuallon In office or whole-
Bali houie Addresi "B. Q. " Bee offie .
WAvriD-BUuatlon as sum gr | itiot m an otnc *
Refeicnzei furnished. Addren "Storoeraphei'
Bee office. 108-M
WANT n To hire a horse and llglit IitrncM liy
the month. Call on or address "J. D. H , " 1812
Capitol \e. 8W-24
tTtrANTRD To rrgaslrs groupi for the International
yy worklngmen asioclatlon , laboring men or olh-
tn f itinair to the cause of labor , Please call on or ad
dress J. Allen Evini , 111 North llth St. 248-SCp
riTANTED OcnUornan doslrcs comfortable room ,
ry Rood p'alaboard ' , dinner only Sundayt , rrl-
vate family or widow lady. Address V J D. Bee
office. S75 24 *
WAKTKD Fora ctstoioo- rerldonco rropeity
on Sherman A\o or 18th fit. ; also on Park Avo.
or Qtorglt Avo. C. E. Uajne & , Co. , 16th & Fainam.
WAXTBD To lady teaohen can get a hornet
Bquuo Ncrth of St. Marv'a Ae.un Convent 1st of Sept.AilJnss Sirs. 0. , Ute Offlee 26224
WANTKD Will pay casli for cheap work toimfrom
It ) to 11CO weight ; tool marcs proftrrcd. "R.
D. jr."llec. , 29-2lp
riTANTED To f ntor as active putnor In some payIng -
' * Ing bu lnf s ; can pay InCO. / . Address "r. C.
IT. " Council liluBs P.O. , Iowa. 186-8 < p
WANTitD To trade a goid second hand piano for
a hjrso and biggy. Icqutre at Edbolm & Krlck-
son. t3-tf
WAMin To Invest ; a man cf yean ofoxperioDco
and ability , detlroi npoiltlon ai book keeper In
Bomo mercantile butmesi with alow of purchasing
an Interest. A No. 1 rcftrenoo. Address "A. " Dee
Office. D90-22p
WASTKD Itoom and board for & Urio number ot
Btudents Inpilvato families during the coming
allandwlntfr. Lca oaddross at Omaha Bus'mss '
College , N. W. corner Douglas and 13th 8 > . C04 tt
WAsntD-Kvery body to call on W. A. Moirleon foi
flrst class Job printing , 1613 Douglas St.
WAKTxn 600 people to bring their watches to
EdI elm & Erickcon's to bo repaired. Sttlifaction
guaiantud. 134-tf
nT ANTED Every ady In nocd ot a sawinp ; m *
If chine , to see tha new Improved American No.
K Flodman & Co. agents 20 N 18th. SSOtt
FOR Rm Near 8 } . car , 7 room home , goa-1 well ,
cUtcrn , $18 per month Inqniro of 0. E. Ttiomp
ton. S W , coiner llth and Haruey St. S35-U
F on. HEM-Sept 1st , two nowten room bouses on
IBthbtrost , caitrjlly located , city and cistern
\\at r ; hot and ooldwater in bouse nnd bitb room ,
gas throughout the house , ard colhr.out houses and
cvcrjtbltg complete , cno cist front , ono caet and
routn front ; rent ItO and > 5i per mcnth. J. E.
Rtley & Co. , 216 south 18th Bt.
For rent 5 room bouso Dearly new , Davenport
near in h St , f 18 pomonth. J. E. llllay & Co. , 215
For rent 5room hou > n on Oillfarnta St. , between
! 3d and 24th ; lent $15 per month. J , E. llllev & Co , ,
215 south 1Mb St.
For rent Now B room house , well , cistern , out
houses , Wilks , cvoij thing cotnp'otc. 22d and nraco ,
312 per trontli. J. E. Rtlcy Jt O . , 215 south 13th St.
For rent Ononowtlx room house on SaundersSt.
cast frmt , cistern , well , bay window , va'ks ' , ovcty-
thing complete , 818 per month J. E. RILEV & CO. ,
215 eouth 13th St. 213-tf
F OR HHST- Ono store. Inquire at Cdhohn & Eilck-
too. 901-tf
TjioR RRST Store with four roims In roar. Rent $ ! 5
JD a month. Inquire 1318 Douglas. 419-Aug 24
FOR RIOT A building ? 2xfli. Inquire at Boston
dry goods store , U. 10th st , DSStf
TJj OR RUST Cottage 8 rooms , boaoolO rooms. J.
J ? Fhlppi Roc , Eewnrd and Campbell. SSl-tt
FOR HINT Nicely furnished room in pilvato family
for lady or gcntlcmin. breakfast If nece-xnry ,
813 S 10th. 31l-20p
RK.NT--Dcsirablo loom 1121 Capitol ate.
JOR REST An elegant largo room with hoard for
ono or tno gentlemen innrivatc family ; bo utfltil
location. * pply 91" I'odge street , lower door or
room 1,1302 bongos street. 310-20-p
F an UiNr Fainl-lieJ roouis ; Boutti-Hujt coiner
Thlrtc nth and Howard Sts. 283-29p
FOR n M Ti\o handsomclv furnished rooms ,
modern conxcnicnccs. 17iO C'jiiltol avenue.
240 24p
Fi : OR nrvTFurnished looms for llpht house keep.
leg ; $15 a montn. 221B California St. 20I-:5p
TI'OB RJST Kooresfurnished or unfutnshd ! and
tj suitable for light bcusokccplnt ; . Inquire at 22 }
N ISth Street S63 20 >
J70R RBKT Furnished rooms with bo H for two or
thrco gcntlamcn. Acdress W. M. , Boo office.
TT70II RENT Largo furnished front room suitable
JD fortiro , or one smaUor room , 710 North 19th St.
l OOD rooms and board f 4. per week , 1420 Jacktoa
street. 2J024p
FURNISHED room ? in cltf , well llghte 1 and airy ;
well furnlihed. $12,50. Applat Omaha Carpet
Co. , 1511 Douglas St. 217.21
FOR BEST Two olrgint toomi with board for gen
tlemen in private family , bjautlful ! cation. Ap-
p'y 1910 Dodje street lower door or room 1 , 1212
Douglas street. 212-22p
BIST Furnished roams 1012 BurtSt
TJlOR RKVT Two nicely fumlshed front rooms 1714
i1 Callfurnla St. 10l-25p
Foa RKXT-New furnlihed roomq suite or tlnjlo ,
bah , gas , prloo reasonable : 1015 Capitol avo.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 160-25p
I UK HUNT-A p'eis.ntf ' out rimm wtthlirguclostt ;
' rcojcrn Improvemant' , on 20th street near fit.
Mary'd ave. Apply 8.V. . corner lO'.h anil Dod o Stc.
FK BS.M Hoom nlthbour , 1013 Uipltol avo.
021-2 )
FOR RUNT-lloaru. Inquire Drugstore , 10th and
Dcujlis. Wf-tf
FRBKNT Koom with bcaru , IBIS Dodge St.
TT'oaBEKT TRO rooms sdlfili ngwith board ; front
JL1 room eoath-east , 1014 Wdxtor Bt 858 tf
T7V > R REvr-1 Wtll f urnlibcd om for 2 gentlemen
I1 1503 F rnam street , opporl u Oon Ho el. Apply
rom I , or at WnEaeirean & 'larnett. 218 18th tit
745 tf *
FOB RRNT 2 pleasant soul' , front rooms S. Vf
corner 19tb and Davenport
17IOR RENT Ht.udsou.clr turn s-od rooms 1704 Cap-
ltd are. j82-tf
FOR BE.TT Front room furnlaUed or unfurnished
1211 Howard St. 020 tf
ffo BEM Furnldhed room Ii 21 Oapitql nv'e.
WO aug29p
Two nicely farotauod rooms , NW cor. \
21 t tnd St. Mary's Ave. JOCtf
> OOMS WHhhbard.detliaWofarBumD ' . Apply yeU !
Jtiat tiL Ohiilet ITctcL 010-11 U u
j OR BINT Pot manufao urlupf purpose 'ir ' hall , tbOa
JDl rgeroom44x76 , Sdlloor , Wo. 110 H 'th it , Oa
inquire at 1409 Dodge et. A. J. Clmnson. OaI I
J7ott RENT-Centrally located furnished < oma at vii
* 023 south JOth Bt. 6 3-tf
Foa ! T Lirpo front room on first floor with or L ?
without board ; tuqulra t 1901 f arnam ii- ;
fpon , BALK An elegant cottigo in good i > c < Iity , y
Btfnduigonlot luoxlb" ; barn , fruit tri-n , etc.
'ilco f3WJ. Cunningham & Brcnnan , 1611 Dodge
trcet. tiiO-2l r1
FIND Improved farms , will trade for improii cdclty ln i
property , W. II , Green , over lit National Bank.
POR gtLx 40 acres of land one mile ( rcm the nil 12 ISO
( biirackigood ; nouio and oKce > , 43500 for
eaiy tcrrni or will trada for city profcrtj. run-
liigham & Urcnuan , 1611 Dedgo at. 8 6-21 F
BALKOK RENT in Wallnut hi I add. One homo , ui
tarn , well , 4 lo i fenced , suitable for military flu uiF
month. Inquire. Chilitlauien. , Chic g Lumber F
'ard. 287.2p
Hits Two good loti rant front on Virginia roe
ava fSOOeacb , esjeisb , $15 per mouth O-lUt ran
scuthTwemy.lcurthetruet , for particul ra to- tau
veenfl na7 r , m. Cra
> 8 t > i < peo'albarga'n In a lot In Klrkwood , C
must bo Bildfoon ; pilca $126 ifll tf J
AkTKD-Fram 80)0 ti 6MW tcrea ef cholca graz-
gand fniclnz land , In Nebraska , from 13 tog *
acre for epot otlh. IL 0 , I'Attcison , ISth and
arnam. Wtl f e <
i i
i )
think of
Will realize a clear saving of 76 per cent and se
cure the best , at the Only
1119 Farnam Street , 1119
; if u
TJVm HALK-U3. ) Two ocro l&ls fronting on 13th
jL' street 8 blocks toutli of Ilnsc.ll'd , SI,300 , each
monthly payments. CO footlot3 are eclltng at
SI ,000 each , two Weeks nc rtli of thla.
(10R ( ) Lois In frinklln street In Shlnn'a odd. $700
each , monthly payments.
Lots In every part of the city low prices and easy
tonna. C. II llayno & Cu. , s. W. corner IBth and
Farnam. 267-25
Ii-o * BALK NTunnocotrajroa wicnlu half l.locu . of
JL1 elreet cars ? 300 cash , ralaneo In montlll pay-
monte. W. II. Green , over 1st National bank.
233 tf
Foil HAI.E No 3-Cottao 0 rooms , full lot , 19th
st no rLcixcnnorth. $3,0 0.
01 Thrco lots , house5rooms , Lca > cmvorth street.
$2,000. Easy terms.
183 Cott go 0 rooms , beautiful location , fine \iew ,
full I lot , city water , nojr street cirsSblnri'u addition.
3.OOJ S Very rosy terms.
J95 Cott go 6rooms , comer lot , Charles street ,
noir Siunders , > cry nice and cheap $3COO.
197 Brick house , 6 rooms , corner lot.tno locatl'n ,
near street cars , Shlnn'a addition , monthly I > -
nicnts. $1OCO
201 I'ull lot , new t o Btory house , 7 rooms , atcry
nlco piico. $ IWO. llasy terms.
20u Full lot , noit cottaRO 8 ro mssouth 15th st
near Center. ? l,7fO. Monthly pajincnta.
215 Meo 8 room house , full lot , near N. W. C3
Hanecom 1'ark. $3,000. K sy tcnns.
218 Full lot , Erlck house 7 rooms , lUmo y Btro
near ! 3d st. $5,200. Easy terms.
240 Half lot , corner , ono Hock from Saunders.
Cott tge Brooms , new , gooihirn. ? 200. Monthly
payments. 1
'HI Full lot. now cottage 4 rooms , north ISthst
$2,030. Monthly pi } mcnts. C. E. ilayno & Co , S.
W. cor. 15th and F.rimm. 53-20
FoasilB Che > p , n lot 60x110 ou 10th street hot.
Illckor ] and Center strode. Inquire 8. Vf. cor ,
7th and Marcy. Also nicely furnished front reom
for root. 239 29
IjViR SALR No , 263 One ace only J } ruilaa from
JL1 P. O ; 2 houses , nno now , 7 rooms ; fruit and
fhade trees ; good nelijliliorhcod , $5OfO , or will cell
half aero with nn ll nouao for { 1.357 , oisv terms.
C. F. Uayne& Co. 10(3-25 (
Anacrn will huy fomo ch fen land neir
the cltyllmlts. Cunnlniham ft Br anan
1511 Dodge St. 0421
jort HALB-Cboip , gcod horse , top buir/y and bar.
'ness. ' Addresi 1' . O. box 444 City. 243-25p
FOR 8 LK Necr head of St. Mart's aye. Largo lit
houioflrooros ; furnace , grstcs , hot and cold
bath ; over } thing complete , $5.uoo easy terms O. J ! .
Uajno & Co. , 16th and Farnam. 18) tf
FOR SALS-03il32 feet , house 4 rioms , clo-ot , pri-
try , well , barn , hold 4 hoiccs and tuggy ; fruit
trees and shrubbeiy , on trade 82too onory easy
terns ; this Is a bargain. C. K. Ml J no Co. , IDlh
and Farnam. 127-tf
FOR BAM-No. 2 < ? . ) Full lot ncit cttag 5 rooms
good barn , fouthave. , J3.WO , very caty terms.
. G , Ma > no & Co , IBth and Firiam. 2EO-25
TJ OV SALB OR TitADB 0 roomeil houic , two lots and
JL1 barn Apply 818 S. llth SI. 163-sept Ip
F OR8ALK Several clifnp lot * nn deorglt and Vir
ginia a\os , CuunlnghauKt Bronnan,151l Dodge
street. S032 (
70RBAIK-At a barga'n , lot nllh 2 houses , 3 and 7
roaii B , well , cittern , barn , ic. , tCth and Ilirucy ,
Unimproved property taken as put pay. Win. It ,
SIcnroo , 6tn and Dougla ; . 03MI
TOK BALK A two etory 22x80 frame building sult-
E able or a etore near 10th and Farnam street ,
Apply at this otllo ! . 017-tf
FOR sAMi-Ono acre , buildings , fruit , and cbado ,
Lcaon worth and Hoiaaut , Bt. , Wuit Omaba.
! 41-26p
WAN run To buy bargains la real cstato for capl-
taletj If you want t sell for cash and will
ell cheap we can occommodato jou atanvtlms. If
ou want to sell any bind of real estate oil mid BOO
or drop a card , plving description of prororty ,
lumber of lot , etc. If you want to sell for more
ban It Is wonh wo don't want It. 0. K. Mayno It
JoSWCor 16lli and Faruam. 269-:5
noRB4i.s nuBKiT-Oooilhote In flrat-clautoiyn In
South Weitern part of State. Apply to K P. Da-
, Novelty Iron Works , Hth St. 78-t ( (
rrOR * BAH Forty lots for Bale on Burt and Cumlnzs
Utweon 20th and 81st cheap , Intlde property I
edford & Couer. 14 tf
ITIORBALiTwenty head ot milch oowa for sale cheap
L. P. Pruyn , 1674 north 18tb St. Snji >
TOR BALK Sleek and fixtures of a grocery etore
607 10th street , lthlulldlug attached. Owner
other bininess Hill lell ' '
; cheap , -32-S2p
TIOH BALI OH TIADI A flrit-class saddle horse five bu
yiais eld ; ptiftclly sound and gentle. Inquire
Irene sticot. tf
7'ore BALI -A nice plaoo In rerftct order at a sac
rlllou , owlrg to owner leaving tbe city , fall at
Capittl ave. 22t-2 <
TtOR SALE RcsUurant and bikery In the city ol
llnooln , at 123S O street , a t wo J carl lease on a
jidtwoBtorv hilok builllrg with tune furolihcd
sup-itilrj , A complete bakery and ritUit. -
, a good route and wagon tnd a flrsk clasi res I
uraat trade. Qaod reasons for BO ! Ing , J. E.
aok , 135 O street , Lincoln , Nob. U3-24 ?
"UTTti roa sin , HbUan owj / lot
JOJ heal of S jear clil stetrt.
300 haad 2 ) eir old siceru.
100heal 1 year old iteerj. .
All choice extra heavy cuttle ani wo Daw quote
eUen it 83.05per cat. Obamq Broi. S
w I'0"'a ' Rood mare , harnjts and bngiy
Irquire V. fcnpls , Sherman > o.hct cc
Elm atd Center , after 6 o'o'ock. 872-22p
T\R BALU Fine totter pun 7 rasntha old. Wm
JP Elmer.l , room B , Iledlok block. 7S3tf
FoasALs-100 lots. Sprln ? Hill ; will scl on eu
terms ; trade for Improved property nnd pay dl
Terence Inalues lu oash or 3sumo mortgage' . Tar
ties can flnd cheap homes and advantizootu traces
W. P. Qreen. oref UtrNa'l. B nk , tolanz * . < egtf
FORSALK-Twoloti tn I'olhara Place , ono bloc
frcm street oar track. Inquire 213 H 13th St.
TTlOBBALB Or would tralo or a good horse an
C bugn-y ; 80 acres In Gcapor county. Apply to 21
South 13th S'rcot. 24611
FOR BALK Boiler and engine , 20horsopower belle
tnd engine , In good running order ; want to so
for the reason that tnoy are not large enough fo
the now machinery which we will put Into our rev
building onIlarney St , Clarke Bros. & Co. , 140
Douglas St.
A LWATS oa hand at a bargain , No 1 second h nc
xx carriage ph&clon and elde bar buggies ; also cm
brellis and sunshade ] , i.t 1403-1411 Dodge St.
T70tt SALB 1740 acres rolling land In South-oattei
JD pattQ etloy Co. , Ncbat0.tO per acre , goo
Boll , IK sand
1760 acres land In western part of Madison Count
at $11 per acre.
4-0 naojBno valley land at $15 per acra. Gooc
Lots in Ilansjom pltce , S5 0.
Lots In Shlnn's First add. $550.
Loson ! monthly pa\mi-nts $176 to { 250. Hamll
& Bruno , 311 south EloyenthSt. 2J023
No. 103 88 feet on Jones street , a corner , an excel
oat location fur warehouse or Jobbin ;
house and remarkably chop at $7,508.
No. 120 House lot 3HIB2 , on paved street , J2.850
No. S12 33 feet on ISth street , corner of alloy , near
Howard street , splendid business property
$5 OCO *
No. ISO-Beicral fine business lots on 16th street
each 83,0(0 (
No. 119 Beathu.ini si corner on Harnoy tf rcct , 6 ,
lect front , only SUOCO. ;
No 100 A fin' lot 80x162. corner of alley , ICtl
ft reel near Fornun , a Bp'ondlllnvtltmon
at 815 OCO.
No. 423 Aeplcnald lot C3il32 , on Farnam Etree
opposite the court hourc , SIO.COO
No. 40 AsIcndld ca't front and ono a corner
south front , each COxUO , on Georgia ave ,
H blocks from I.o venworth ctrcct , Ucoi
PUce , fine ibado trees , each 81(00.
No. 482 A One corner on Georgia avenue otat front
No. 4EO-8 extra choice lets 2 blocks from Farnam
and near 33rd s'roets , from { 800 to (900.
o. 4IC-2 choice lots Dodge street , south ftcnt.ono
a corner , price for the tno 1,200.
No. 481 fT o choice lots on Farntm ttreot , 81,160
No. 402land $1,260
No. 407 A nlco cottego anil full lot near Park aye.
No. 440 A I arialnIOroom ; new house , lull lotnca
Ueorgla avenue , (3,150.
No. 432 An elegant lot on Georgia avenue , $390.
No. 4531 Two lota In Ulraebiugh PUce , 1,030
No. 400each. (
lots , acre proDortvasd farms for sale In localbn
and | , rlo(9 to suit til. U011SE & BIlUNNtll ,
027-24 Paxton Building , Cor. 16th Mid Funain.
T OR BAM A good paying buslnes ) cmflojlng but
t ? little capital foi cu h. For putlculara address
P. O. Box 857 , Omaha , Neb , 722-tf
TI OR MAta Best unoccupied grour.d In the ty for
1 : warenouso hoaso,87 feet front oa Ixjavenworlh.
north hot 10th and lltb.wlll caiefor Ottyuars , Bed
ford & Bauer 020-tl
filOR HALE - 1Cal t Dial C.
JO Twntoutoson S2J strott. llent fortJ. )
Fu'l ht J2.COO.
Full lot , houB7 , Ineomcrt , cistern , ? ! , oo.
A re lot , hou < e 0 looms , turn , tic , , V1OCO.
T-o houses , full lot , Saunderd St , monthly
payraentd , 8 1 , COO
'I wo oorcer lot ? , near 13th and CHrlr , cheap ,
Full lot , nlso cot 'ago , 10th cor Loiunt/crth St.
Jlnutllul roildonoe west ol lit jh Scboil , $0,500.
100 acres and firm'nK ' utei' ' 1 s , cow , chickens etc. ,
miles from North 1'Jatto , 81.COO.V \ , O. 8IIKIVER ,
polite Pcit rfflco 265-26 !
ron BALncm TRAUB-Pbu < 'I ' I farm of 10)amain A
Adtu.sU.umy , Iowa , ill fjno < i ) , all under cnltl-
atlonjgood beiriug orchard , larjfo house ami all
th r iinpro\i > mcnt la piorort'nn ' , cheap at f5 000.
iddttmc/r c.llon Fraukltci' ' , flfl north IStn Lt. , .
lmahoNcb. _ 2t2n
. iti
. BUK A rcetauraut ana counter diliit . .
agoodbui'nuw , icaton fur mlllog hive otccr t
usluoar. InqulioatOOl Aoith Ttiilhbtron. "
8 725
roR BALB Ono of tbe heit paving
eboi s lu tin olty on aoccunt of Ilia uwi ir loiv.
igtoHii. forea.oatatargalo. Inquire41U foulh
lib. 2J1 28p
.J/ANTBD Ti > trmie wbitcrn lind IVr tooi uf goods
yy or cattle , Aailresd "L. " Ueo otlcui VIOvTp
7rott.roasjtMiRiJciii.uii , for ro l estite , It Is
-I. aSI.COdOttl limviiry KooJ tbape aud locat'on ;
yotra lout. AdJieil 2ii2 , llae olllce. 18l-6p
70RBtlJiOR > iciUNOn-At a bargain , itock dry
liojdiauil carpets In one of tha txtt towns ti
ODtril Iowa. Address Lock P. 0. box 4 , Ilartloir-
Neb. ] 3M4
A liuber thop and batli rueiu , the
cldiBte tat > 'ltcd ' trade In Omiba ; will stll tcr
AddiMi , A , U. ' Iko olHee.
FOR BALK A restaurant ; big bargain , In a fine lo
cation ; lease of building for ten months ; gotxl
rado. KstEons for telling , hue other buslnonsta
ttf nd to. Address S. P. , Eco office. 46011
loosi and board $5 per itcsk ; very b H location ,
L 18141'avcnportSt. 173-ecpt l p
BoiRDiva Part'es ' uhhlrg bond acd room for the
winter , cin rccUo tto accommodation of homo
comforts with Hrp. lUrrell , aadio Intends remaining
fthtre 80 Is contrary to the repoit ot her leaving
the brio ! : house , S. K corner 15ili and Cass St.
DR. WARD , room , Wltbnoll Clock , 15th and Hr-
ncy. 611'tf
iss U. A.DKRBr , will rocdte pupils In piano
and volco at 2422 Ilarney St. Circular. ) rent on
application. 2 7.fept4p .
Tim w. c. iisizVBR Steve 1-cpilr Co. , Ill South
14tb St , between Dodge and Douglas.
TIIK Great Cl irvojant can ho Been on the South-
rait corner 12th and Davenport. 312-2Cp
THAI ED A jcarand om-uali old blicK colt with
_ ' white spot In face- and nn t no hind foot. Llbcr-
il reward for any informitlon loading t > > its rocovctr
U. IlcrrlDKsen , 4th an i Chestnut. 816-Zap
FOR RBNT Two planes. Inquire Edbolm & Erlok-
eon. t02.
uAiiA BAKITART CO. Privy % aults , ehiksand ocsa-
poi la cleani d any time of day in an entirely
odorless ay with my Improved pump anJ pittenl
harrel apparatus. A. EVANS , olllc 1208 Dodge St.
Omalia , Nebraska. 939-acpt-14p
i > uiVY M.UI HUUU oat iwolj cleaned in an odorless
way by F. Q Abel , P. 0. Box. 378. 625 aug-28p
MlDwira Mrs. 0 F.Anipacntr , jolS teavenwortb.
) ASTDR On Qktjorn n Platte. T. Hurray.
on banjo given by O E Oollon
beck , at 1110 Capitol o. dSO-tf
No rporitlou , or useless trusses Dr. M. M. Moore ,
243 Wabuh a p. , Chicago. Illn. . at Omaha
Wednesday ant1 Tlmrdday , Aug 28th and 27th.
Seventeen yoara Exporionco.
loader of Dlaoasoa of Uin mil Women. Kclcotrlc ,
Magnetic and Herbalist i'b > i-l Ian Novr located ftk
1210 Douglts i > t Omatia , hob. , up stairs.
A correct diagnosis given without any explanation
rcm the patient. Conaul'atlja free atoflicxj.
/ Treat the Following Diseases.
Catarrh of thollial. Dlseimoa of the Kyo and
Lar. Heart Dlsa o , Liver Complaint , Kidney Com-
lalnt , Nervous Debility , Mental Depression , Lnsjol
fanhood , Diabet > , Brlght'i Disease. Hi Vituo
) ance. Jthcumat'uin ' , Paralytic , Uhlte Svelllngi
crofula , Fovcr Sores. Cancers and Tumors removu
J without the knlfa , or the drawing of'a drop of
oixl. Woman , with her delicate organ * , Roetored to
oalth. Dropsy Cured W thout Tupping , Special
ttcntlon Given ta I'dvato and Vcnero&l DlaoMOi ol
I Kinds , Tape Worms Removed In two or three
oura or No Pay , IlemmorihcldB or Pllsa Cured ere
o Charges Made.
Those who are afflicted will tave Ufa and linn * ,
eds ot dollars by calling on or using
IUbil 9odnal. !
Vot/cc ! Notice ! Notice
To all who are diseased or alWctcd , no rnattrje liow
3ng the standing ; come and Ui baaloJ , Feamilt dla.
aseii where medicines have failed to glvo relief ,
8)H ) > elaty ] ; oomo one , come air and bo healed by the
lagnotlo healer , the only fjuo escape from anydls-
ase. For examination , o r orwgoj are $1. tor each
tutmont , or vtnltatloni ( Jtermj rtrlctlx casi.
North State St. ocomlla west ot F l < Grounds
Oar of Califorcu Mountain
Uartlet Feari > , Peachof , I'luias ,
Prunes arc ! Grapes , due Mon
day , August 81 ,
end ordon eailv as fruit is closed
upon arrival ,