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! 114 IfAllVll
Author of'Called Backhand "Dark Days.
cturiKB x-eoxnsuKn.
"I fancy Mr. Carrutherals n communist , "
said Beatrice mischievously.
4 'Then my expressed opinion of your shrewd
ness suffers. "
"But what are your vlows , Frank ? " asked
"I have none In particular. I nm willing
to bo guided by the best authorities your
selves , for Instance. Tell mo why you hate
radicals soP
"They are BO so un-English. "
1 'Ah. Then I detest them. Now you know
what I am. I am English. Are you English ,
Horace ? "
They told him solemnly they hoped and believed -
liovod they wcro English to the backbone i
but they told themselves they wcro English
men with insular excrescences rubbed off by
foreign travel.
"Yes , " raid Frank , "It'a a great thing to ba
English. Few people realize what It means.
I do most thoroughly. "
"That's right"said Horace. Inspito of the
landowner article , ho was growing quite easy
about his guest.
"I would pass a law , " said Frank gravely ,
"making it penal for any Englishman to learn
word of a foreign tongue. Every time an
English child conjugates a French or German
rcrb ho retards the millennium. "
"Tho millennium 1" said Boa trlcOjOstonlshed ,
"Yes my Idea of the millennium which
Is when the whole civilized world speaks
English. If wo could only converse In our
own tongue , every nation would bo forced to
learn It , and so hasten the happy day.
Wherever the English language gets a good
tooting , it conquers. "
"Of coMrso you speak only your own lan
guage ? " said Beatrice. Bho was by now get
ting quite Interested.
"In my Ignorance o what was right I
learned ono or two others. I am trying to
forget them , but I can't do so. "
"Well , In what other way would you show
four patriotism f asked Horace , who voa
"I would cling to every bit of foreign land
pro acquired , whether gained by force , fraud ,
purchase , or discovery. I wouldn't think
rrkothor it paid to keep It or not. It must
ocncflt the original owners to become Angli'
: iscd ; nnd whatever place it is , It is sure to
como In useful some day. "
"No wonder you hate radicals , " said Her
bert , approvingly.
"Well , what else ? " asked Beatrice. Ho
had been for the most part addressing hia
remarks to her , so she had a right to asl ; .
"Lots more. But , as wo are all so English ,
'cfc mo nsk you a question. Doesn't it some-
.iincs jar upon your mind to Hunk that wo
ire obliged to anoint f nil-blooded Germans as
our Icings and queens ? How muck English
Dlood has the prince In his veins ? "
That was a very startling question. The
Talbcrta immediately began to run down
-ho royal family tree. Frank took n-picco of
"I'll show you by an illustration , " ho said.
'You'll bo frightened. Hero's James the
First , " ho pointed to the bread. "Hero is his
Jaughtor Sophia , " ho cut the bread in half.
' 'Hero's ' Gcorgo the First , " ho cut the bread
again. "Hero's George the Second , " cutting
ngoin. "Hero's Gcorgo the Third , " cutting
again. "Hcre'i Edward , Duke of Kent , " cut-
; mg again. ' 'Hero's the Queen , God bless her I"
cutting again. "Hero's Albert Edward ,
icavcn preserve him ! " Ho cut the bread for
Jio last time , and sticking the tiny morsel
Jiat remained on n fork , gravely handed it
a Beatrice.
"It's a mortifying state of things , Isn't It , "
10 said , "for these who nro so thoroughly
English as ourselves ? Don't you sympathize
with tup Jacobites , Miss Clausen r1
"I think you are talking rank treason , "
Bald Beatrice. Bho scarcely know whether
10 was in jest or earnest. Perhaps ho didn't
mow himself.
The dinner proper was just over. Whit-
: aker came In with the crumb brush and
swept away James I. nnd his descendants
: hrough the female side. As soon as the
wine was placed on the table the door was
opened and little Harry trotted into the
room. Ho was allowed to make his np-
xaranco for a few minutes at this time
whenever there was no company. The Tal-
3erts , remembering their theory , put up
.heir eye glasses to note the paternal instinct
ielr guest might display.
"Hallool" he cried , "another pleasant sur
prise. " No doubt ho meant to imply that
iliss Clausen's presence at Hazlowood House
was the first.
"Now , who Is this"Lo nskcd as the boy
ran to Beatrice's side. ' 'Will ho como to mo ?
[ am really fond of children. "
Tempted by the irresistible bribe of grapes
the boy trotted round the table. Frank
picked him up , kissed him , tickled him ,
stroked his golden hair , nnd admired him
jreatly , but showed none of these emotions
which the Talbcrta imagined they would do-
tcct. In fact , the way ia which ho met the
boy removed then base suspicions entirely.
They were glad of this , although it plunged
them back into darkness. They felt very
f riendlily disposed towards their cousin nnd
wcro glad to bo able to think him as honor
able a man as themselves. Probably they
never really doubted this.
So in reply to his question as to whoso
child this merry , laughing boy was , they told
him the history of his appearance , and how
Beatrice had begged that ho might bo kept at
Hazlowood House.
"I don't wonder ab it , " said Frank. "I
wish someone wouldecnd mo another just
like him. "
Bcatiico gave him a look oC gratitude.
Every word that confirmed her In possession
of the child was welcome to her. She had
not yet looked nt Mr. Carruthcre in any way
which carried emotion with. It. Hcrglanco
was a rovulatlou , Till then he had noldca of
what dark gray eyes could express.
frank picked Mm up and kissed Mm.
She soon left the men , but to rejoin them
vhen they took a stroll round the grounds ,
frank was hero fchown many clover little do
ices by which the Tulberta perfected the
aut-of-door arrangements. Ho learned how
hey checked the consumption of corn and
iay in the stables ; how they regulated the
mount of coke used for the hothouse. In-
.ood , as ho was quick of comprehension and
n detecting peculiarities of character , ho wet
lot so very much surprised when , having re-
urned to the drawing-room , ho greatly ad-
lirod a flno piece of knotted lace , to heuj
but thp uncompleted plocoof work was no )
Miss ClfuisonX but wrought bythataccom
plishcd artist , Undo Herbert ,
"Monsro's TUB \ronn P
Thanks to the remarkably flno air of Oak
bury , nnd to an absolute cessation of any
thing like hard work , ' Mr. Camilhcrs soon
lost his jaded appearance. At the end of ten
days ho declared himself to bo In rudohealth
and his looks did neb belle his words. Ccr
tainly these worthy housewives , his cousinSj
had taken great care of him. They fed an (
fattened him ; Insisting that ho should tak
beef tea at Intervals , nnd that his euro shoul
bo hastened by his drinking plenty of that ol
' 47 port for which their father's cellar ha < .
been noted. Close as the "Tabbies" were in
their housekeeping arrangements , they
grudged the stranger within their gatrsnoth
In less than n week Frank hail taken th
measure of his cousins of his male cousins
at least. Ho hnd ovtn ceased to bo sclzcc
with an almost Irresistible deslro to go into
secluded corner and chuckle when ho eav
thcso great men engaged In some duty whlcl
Is supposed to appertain peculiarly to women
kind ; or1 when ho heard tholr simple consul
tations on the prlco of meat , groceries , o
other household commodities. Being , llki
Mr. Mordlc , gifted with a vein of humor , hi
found tfio Talborts mosb Interesting characters -
actors ; but hnd ho found their eccentricities
wearisome , the kindness they showed him
would have compensated for the discomfort
For Inspito of the pxeluslvcncss which they
wcro compelled by circumstances to adopt ,
they were amiable , lovable men. So Mr
Carmlhers look them as they wore , and Ilka
the two brothers bettor and better the men
ho really understood thorn.
But Beatrice was another matter. Ho hw
studied her with oven rnoro attention , bu
felt that the rosulb of his studios wag unsatis
factory. So far as she was concerned he
know ho had got at nothing like the truth
except on ono self-evident point , thab she was
very beautiful. When first they mob hoi
beauty struck him , but it was da-s before hi
finished finding now and fresh persona
charms ; perhnps ha never ceased finding
them. "Under certain circumstances such
discoveries , nro endless. *
Frank Carruthcrs' studies of Miss Clauson' *
outward shell should therefore have been
very pleasing to that young lady , had the
result been made known to her , and had she
cared twopence to find favor In the student's
eyes. For the rest ho was In a puzzle , which
ho spent many hours trying to solve. Miss
Clausen little thought , 03 she looked oub
the window and saw Mr. Carruthcrs lying on
the turf with his straw hat tilted over his
eyes and a thin blue stream of tmoko curling
up from his cigarette , that ho was neither
sleeping nor projecting a new political arti
cle for The Lattcrday , but thinking entirely
of her own sweet self.
They had seen n great deal of ono another
during the last week. Frank was not a man
who loved twenty-mile walks , or cared to
rush from ono end of n county to another to
look at a rock or n , waterfall. His idea of c
holiday ho summed up in the word "loafing. "
"A good loafer la n great rarityj" ho told
Miss Clauson. "Loafing proper is on art
which cannot bo acquired. I have met with
many spurious imitations , but the real article
is hard to find. Show mo the man who can
spend a whole day like this , and you show me
ono who can got very near to happiness.1
"Liko this" meanb lying on his back as de
"Bub you do something you smoke , " said
"Yes , for the sake of appearances. In
these days of hard work a man mustn't be
absolutely idle. "
Of course she ought to have laughed at the
feeble joke. But she did not. She looked
down at him from her chair , and her gray
eyes were nnnoyingly serious. In glorious
August weather , when the sky is a cloudless
blue , when all the trees , except the spend'
thrift chestnuts , are ill full beauty , when
roses are still budding , breaking into bloom ,
nnd succeeding their fallen fellows , a young
lady has no right to look seriously at the man
by her side. Certainly not Beatrice Clauson ,
with her beauty and fortune.
Yet she looked and spoke gravely. "You
wrong yourself talking such nonsense , Mr.
Carru thers. "
Ho raised himself on his elbow. "I don'l
talk nonsense. I am speaking of my idea of
enjoying a holiday. When I work it is
another matter. I trust I work to the best of
my ability. When I idle , I idle to the best of
my ability. "
"Your idea of human happiness is a hum
ble ono. "
"Is it ? Then give ma yours in exchango. "
Beatrice was silent. She oven turned , her
head away.
"Well , I am waiting for the definition. "
There was no trace of levity in Frank's voice
as he spoke. TTia manner was as serious aa
her own.
"I have none to give , " said Beatrice.
"Nono at your ago I Are your dreams
all gone ? Young ladies do dream , I believe.
They dream of being queens of society , oi
marrying rich men ; if they nro romantic , ol
marrying poor men ; they dream of n lifo ol
religion ; oC having a mission to perform.
Which is your particular dreamt"
"I have none , " she said coldly.
"You must dream. You are sleeping now ,
nnd nil sleepers dream nt tinieo. Only in th
wide-awake , bustling world flo people forget
; hcir dreams. They work on and on , and to
souio the day corned on which ono of their old
dreams is realized. Alas , by that time they
lave almost forgotten that they over dreamed
t , or they find it realized lee late. "
Beatrice sat silent with her eye ? cast down.
"Perhaps I Imvo not guessed the right
Iroom for you , " continued Carruthors. "I
ergot you were such a loomed youug lady.
Your dream may bo the fame of the scholar
or the writer. "
"I have no dreams , " she repeated. Ho
ooked her full in the face.
"Can you say also 'I have hadno dreams ! ' "
She made no nnswcr. As ho looked at her
10 thought lliab oven nt this moment she
corned far away in dreamland. Ho told
limself that if Miss Clauson brought herself
; o assert that the had never dreamed she
vould bo breaking the ho couldn't romcm-
r which commandment the eco about
ying. By the by , is there any command-
aent to refrain from falsehood , cxcepbtho in
direct ono as to "falso witness J"
"Not oven of rank , riches , fame , powcrl1
10 said in a lighter tone. "Miss Clauson , you
are Incomprehensible. " H
She chose to lurn the subject. "I amgoing
o the village now , " she said.
"With your perinissiou I will accompany
on. "
She made no objection. It is a curious fact ,
hat in spite of his glorification of the Jioblo
art of loafing , Mr. Carruthers was always
eady to go walking with Miss Clauson w her-
yer and whenever bho permitted It. But no
man Is consistent for twenty-four hours nt a
trotch. ,
"J have no dreams" she repeated.
Mr. Carruthere , In his nttonptcd study ol
Jeatrlce's disposition , found it very hard to
lit upon the \vonl which would , w far ns Le
S3 yet know , dcscrihojta chief charactorlsUca.
That a strong cforScrib of kulncsa was minx
up In it ho felt sure. It was juSt possible tlm
Uilawna Introduced by the unfortunate dt !
f croncc3 between horscl ftnI ( her f ntlif r. Ilnr
Ing learnt that oho hod been n guest nt Oak
bury for eight months ho wns shrewd enotig
to make ft pretty correct guess nttho tm
Btato of affairs. But there wismoro than rod
ncsa to account for. There was npnthy. How
OTOT the Talbcrts yfawed It nhntovcr high
bred charm they fancied wns vouchsafed t <
Miss ClAtison by the bestowal of that rescrvct
calm manner of hors , Frank kiiow Its tru
nnluro vug npathctic. ItBecniodstrangothn
an iutcllcctunl girl like this hnd no desire , o
no rovcalod desire , In life noninbltion , soda
or otherwise. From the very first ho judge <
her character by ft high standard quifo as
high as that by which ho Judged her beauty
As their iiitercourso gnnriuora familiar h <
found ho hod no reason to obatoclther. Not
urnlly , Kronk Carruthcrs , fellow of col
lege , Oxford , was n clover man , nnd nftc
talcing so much trouble about the matter
should have been able to sum up n weal
woman's character correctly.
Bo , titter ft great deal of reasoning , ho cami
to the conclusion that ho hnd found the wore
to suit her. Bentrlco was morbid. Kvoryon
knows that the best euro for morbidness Is t < .
nwnkcn the patient's Interest In his or hcrfd
low-creatures ineven , ono fellow-creature
will sometimes do.
Therefore , It was verr kind of Dr. Corru
thers , nftcr such an exhaustive diagnosis , to
set about endeavoring to effect n cure , J
good action will sometimes bring Its own re
His vlow of the case wnfl greatly strengthened
oned by noticing that Beatrice never ap
peared to better advantage than when she
had her little hey with her. It was the In
tercst she took In this tiny fellow-creature
which mad her for the tiuio display those
qualities whl h all unmarried men , with
right ideas , so exalt In a woman affection
kindness and forbearance with children
Single men , If they nro good and poetical-
synonymous tcrrrs , I hope are apt to thlul
that a woman never looks inoro charming
than when bho has a child or children with
her. Sometimes , nftcr marriage , they have
been known to express ft wish that the asso
ciation need not bo so eternal.
But although Mr. Cnrnithers decided thai
Beatrice was morbid , ho had still to accounl
for the nppcaranco ot the disease In a inenta
constitution which ought to have been the
lost to have succumbed to it.
The more ho , trial to account for it the
moro lie was forced to accept , as the primary
cause , ono thing a thing , oven in these early
days , most unpleasant and uuiMilatablo to
him. But ho could not Ignore the fact that
young ladies who are victims to what ia
called an unfortunate attachment do some
times grow morbid nnd try to make their
friends believe that lifo for them is nt an end.
So ono evening , shortly after his arrival al
Hazlowood House , Frank asked his hosts , oJ
course in the most casual , disinterested way ,
many leading questions about Miss Clauson
why she was npt married , or at least en
gaged , and BO forth. The Talbcrta returnee
their old answer that it was time s > ha thouglil
about it , but perhaps she took after them
selves , and was neb of a marrying disposi
tion. This Mr. Carruthers ventured to doubt.
"Sho may have been disappointed ill love ,
ho said , carelessly. All the same ho refllloc
from the claret jug the glass from which he
had been drinking 1&17 port.
"My dear Frank , " said Horace , with grave
dignity , "Miss Clauson would never pennil
such a thing to happen. "
"Certainly not , " said Herbert.
"Permit what ! Permit herself to fall in
love ? "
"No ; permit herself to bo disappointed in
lovo. She is far too too well bred for such
a thing to occur. "When she makes her choice
it will bo ono of which wo all approve ; so
disappointment is out of the question. "
"That's highly satisfactory , " said Frank.
"Awell is the
regulated young woman no
blest work of well , of modern times. "
They were by now getting accustomed to
him , and although rather shocked at Bea
trice's being called a young woman did noi
ohow it.
"Then her choice is not yet made'con
tinued Frank.
"Not to our knowledge , and , I may odd ,
not to Sir Maingay's. "
Mr. Carruthers asked no moro questions.
Ho strolled out into the garden niid talked
quietly to Miss Clauson until the stars showct
themselves in the skj- .
Having ascertained that Miss Clausoa was
under the charge of no other amateur doc
tor , Mr. Carruthers could , of course , set aboul
curing her disease without any fear of oub
raging jirofessional etiquette ,
It must not bo supposed that no mention ol
any friends or acquaintances of Miss Clau >
on'8 implies that bho led an Isolated lifo at
lazlowood Houso. She had , indeed , plenty
of both. It could hardly bo otherwise , as the
? albcrts wcro very great on the Bubjecb o
ho interchange of social civilities , and kept
L visiting book as carefully as any lady could
mvo done. Ono of. Miss Clausen's friends
came several times across Frank Carruthers'
> ath about this period.
This friend , or acquaintance , was a flno ,
miking young fellow of about twenty , the
icir to , and hope of , ono of the families of
losition. A great , good-natured , broad-
shouldered boy , who vould doubtless in n
rear or tv , o developo into something that n
nether might bo proud of , and n young lady
eel happy to have for a suitor. Ho was an
Xxford undergraduate , and for n while had
) ccu cno of Frank's pupils. So when ho came
ip to Hazlowood House one morning , of
course to tee the Talberts , ho was much sur-
irised at finding the celebrated Oxford coach
litting at his case just like an ordinary
unlearned Philistine. Ho hung about the
ilaco until Beatrice appeared , nnd , after a
vhilo , Frank heard him ask her when ho
might call niid go riding with Iwr.
Although Mr. Carruthers , when inquiring
nto Miss Clausen's likes and dislikes , had as
certained that fcho was fond of riding , ho had
lot as yet soon her on horseback. Pcrlmpj
lie sharpest shaft in Love's quiver was kept
o bo shot the last.
The Tnlbcrts wcro not great at horseflesh ,
In the first place , they loathed n hoi-soy man ,
md although , as part of a gentleman's oduca-
ion , they had learned to ride well , they pro-
erredin then * maturer years the carriage
scat to the saddle. They had n pair of well-
nutched carriage horses , and recently a
: erse had been bought for Beatrice. After
twos purchased she did not , however , make
much use of it. She could not rldo out im-
ttcndcd , and when iv groom wont with her It
icccssitatod his using ono of the carriage
torses. So she only rode when her uncles
vero not going 1o use the carriage , or when
omo clmuco escort Jiko youug Purton cfToml
At present her horse was In the hands of
lie veterinary surgeon , BO there was no
chonco of young Purton's being gratified.
Nevertheless , the account of the animal's
irogress toward recovery was good , and
tllss Clauson hoped it would bo returned to
icr very soon.
After this Interview Mr. Purton used to
ride up to Hazlowood House every morning ,
o loam if Miss Clausen's horse had come
Mick. Ho was very anxious to hire or borrow
another ono for her use , but his offer was
Qnnly declined. Perhaps , after all , Beatrlc *
nly cared for riding in u. comparative way.
Frank Carruthers , when ho met the young
ellow , dressed in thomostnatty and approved
equestrian costume , used to laugh and jest
rlth him , and ask for the latest bulletin !
uncut the convalescing steed. Ho know that
oting Purton hcd once or twlco ridden Into
llacktown to UK ) what progress the invalid
MM making.
For his emi amusement Frank would ad-
rcsi humorous questions , clothed , for the
wneflt or distroha of hia late pupil , In clcganl
jatln and Greek , until young Purtou Hcd
ncontincutly , or boldly nsserted thab lie
light not to bo tormented before hia time.
But ono morning , to Idj Inexpressible do-
ght , ho found the horse reinstalled in the
[ azlo wood stables ; and , moreover , Mka Clau-
on willing to don her riding gear and allow
bcr cavalier frjtato her for u tweuty-mila
ride ,
Frank hod the pleasure of feeing thotwc
ride away In company , young Purton feeling
nrtd showing how Immensely superior A being
n good horseman , Intrusted with the care of o
fair lady , Is to the best Oxford coach \vhc
could let Greek nnd Latin "run out of hli
mouth like water , by Jovol'1
Miss Clausen's npixsarnnco on horseback
need not bo described ; but Mr. Corruthers ,
after watching her supple , graceful , but ,
alas I vanishing figure , buried his hands in
his pockets and walked about the pardon In
seemingly reflective mood. Then for n whll
ho went back to his favorite holiday occupa
tion of lying on the lawn and doing nothing.
Horace and Herbert by this nine bad fhv
islied their housekeeping , or china dusting.
or whatever kept them Indoors. They joined
him , and laughed at his laziness. Ho tilted
back his hat and looked up at them sleepily.
"I say , Horace , where can I buyahorsor
"A horse I"
"Yes. I had quite forgotten It , but my
doctor Insisted that as soon as I got belter 1
should take horse exercise. "
1 'I didn't kno\r you could rido. "
"Yes , I can. Something , of course , very
quiet. Oh , yes , I can rldo until I fall oil' .
The worst Is that whenever I fall from anything -
thing , w hothcr n horse or a ladder , I como on
luyhead as certainly as n shuttlecock docs. "
"Take ono of the carriage horses , " said
Herbert ,
"Wo can use thodogcart , " ndded Horace.
"Not n bit of It. You wouldn't look well
In ft dogcart. It's not a dignified conveyance
enough. No. I will buy mo a horse , and sell
him when I leave you. I will not trust myself
to aliircllug. 'The hireling' what Is It the
hireling docsf
"Forsakes the flock , " said Herbert ,
"Tho sheep , " sold Horace , correctingly.
' 'Yes ' , to bo sure. I am nelthcrnshecpnor
n flock , but fear the hireling would ( rent me
badly. So tell mo where to go for a horso. "
"It seems great extravagauco , Frank. "
"ExtravaganceI "What Is extravagance !
Spending more than ouocau afford. I am
rolling in money. I nin disgustingly rich. 1
fear not to meet cither my bootmaker or my
banker. Besides , in justice to my doctor , 1
must have his prescriptions made up , no matter -
tor what they cost. "
A Michigan Concern Enjolnod.
[ From the Rochester Horning Herald.
The following injunction hna been obtained
jy the Hop Blttera Oompnny. of Rochester ,
tf. Y , , npninst Oolintlnua D. Warner of Read-
ntf , Michiganprohibiting him from mnnufao-
: uriug or soiling "German Hop Bitters. "
The President of the United States of America
to Collatinua D. Warncr.of Reading , Mich , ,
hia eervnnta , workmen , unlfBtnon and agents ,
and each and every of them :
Whereas , it has been represented unto the
the Justices of our Circuit Court , the lion
Stanley Matthews , and the lion , Henry B ,
Lirowii , nt Detroit , within and for said Dia-
rict , Bitting as n Court of Chancery that you ,
Dollatinus D , Warner , are miinufnctarl&ff and
idling a medicine named German Hop Bitten
n fraudulent imitation of the Hop Bitten
nado and sold bycomplaicant ; youraaid mod-
cine being devised , circulated and intended to
nislead the public into purchasing eucn coun
terfeit goods aa the manufacture of the com *
Wo therefore , in consideration of the prom-
sea , do atrictlv enjoin you , thoeaijl Collatinua
D , Warner , and all nnd every the persona be
fore named , from using the words "Hop Bit.
; ors" on any fluids contained In bottles BO n
; o induce the belief that auoh fluids are made
Dy complainant ; nnd further , from manufact
uring , sellinK oroUeiing for snlo any bitters or
other fluids in the bottles and with the labels ,
nnd In the general fofm in which you were
manufacturing nad Boiling the bittcra called by
rpu Gorman Hop Bitters , on the filling of the
) ill : or in any other bottles , or wito any other
nbela contrived or designed to represent or
uduce the belief tbnt the bittora or fluids sold
jy you nre the gooda of the complninant.until
, ho further order of the Court. * *
Witness ,
The Honorable MORRISON R. WAITE ,
Chief Justice of the United States.
At Dotroitthia IDth day of July , A. D. 1885.
L. S. ] Walter S. Haisha , Clerk ,
Prosocnto the Swindlers.
If when you call for Hop Blttera (900 green cluster
ol hops on thowliito label ) the dtaggM hands out
any stud called O D Warner's Gorman Hop Bitten
or with other h name , refuse It and shun that
rugglst aa you wotid vlptr ; and It ho has taken
our money for the Etuff , Indict blm ( or the Iriud
and sue him ( or damaon ( or the Bwlndlo , and will
oward you liberally ( or the conviction.
This Invaluable rpco'flo readily and permanent !
cures all kinds o ( Asthma. The most obstlnato and
one standing cases Tlold promptly to Its wonderful
curing properties. It Is kcowu throughout the world
or Us unrivaled efllcacy.
J L. UALDWELL. olty Lincoln , Nob. ; writes , Jan
, 1831. Hlnco using Dr. Ualr'a Asthma euro , ( oi
ore than ono year , my wife has been entirely well ,
Dd not even n symptom of tbo disease has appeared ,
WILLIAM BENNETT , RIchland , Iowa , writes Nov.
J. 18S3. I have boon aflllctednlth Hay Fever and
Asthma Blncol8G9. I followed jour directions and
m happy to gay that I never slept better In my life.
am glad that I am among the many who can cpeak
o favorably of your remedies.
A taluablo 64 page trcatleo containing sloillnrrrool
rom every State In the U. S , Canada and Great
Irltaln ; Kill bo mailed upon tppllcatlon.
Any druglct not having It in stock will procured ,
o order. Ask for Dr. Hair s Asthma Cure.
Da aw HAIR & SON. Prop's Clu'tl O.
0. T. Paulicn , Proprietor. Ocntlcircns' Clothing
leaned , djodandrapatred. Lidicn' Drcsiia cleaned
nd dyed , and I'lumescljol and curled. All kinds
( Fancy Dying and Cleaning done on short notice ,
nd Bitlsfa-.tlou guaranteed , 1212 Douglas street ,
Omaha , Nib ,
_ ' 'W Vfl
Ilcblllly Munhood nd l cc j-
Vravorila pr icrlrtion of a noted upoelalUl ( nowro-
Uiod. ) DruKClitionfllllt. Addrcia
The Union Pacific Hallway Comp njr will reaelro
tenders tip to Ada ml Slit , IS3S , ( or 200,000 hitil
wood crew ties nd 030,000 toll wood cross tics , more
or Irs ' , In lota as may ue ( greed upon , t following
1CO.OOO oak and 100.000 cedar cross tloj At Kac ai
City. Jto.otIX ) Tcn roith , Ktiis. ,
100,003 Cftk unrt 100.000 t dar cress ties at Council
Bluffs , t j St Joseph , Wo. ; Omab , ri'lllUn or
Orand I l iul , Net.
1COCCO broitl Ratifta and 100.000 narrow ffMtjo r -
tlre wood crow llei at Domcr , or at ttMlonson
line ol Union rclflc lUllwav , In vicinity c ( Pr river
1CO.COJ toll wood tlc at lIliDtlcBton , Oregon at
etatLnsonOrtgonShottLttc , or Utah and North-
100,00) native wood crow ties , at glatlong on
main line ol Union Pacific lUllnnv.littwecn Cheyenne
Wjo , , ami Otden , Utah.
To bo delivered no tUtcr than A pi II 80th , IfSfl.
Addrot s proposals and app'.y lor rrwclflctttons and
olhor particulars to J , J , lnrn , General Storekeeper.
Omaha , NeK 8. tt. CALI.MVAT ,
Oentnl Manager.
Omaha , Neb. , Aug. IBlh , 1S8S. auir.U-St
vay K-JU gTr.g.i = g xn TT.-CT
Bear Creek Lime , Louisville Cement
Portland Oamont , Iowa nnd Michigan [ Pias
ter , Hair , Etc. Etc.
Cor. 6th & JDouglas St
The University-
Opens for Fall Term , Sept 10. ' 85.
C'X THOROUGH C'3UnSES , with doeiecs , Uz-In
O Arts , Science , Lltora'.uro , Engineering , Agricul
ture and Medielco. The L tln school rrcpates tot
tbo co'lfRo ' courses. Especial attention Is called to
the Elementary two jcar'a course In Agriculture
under Prol , Bcssoy , and to the unusual ( acilltles ( or
Art and Music study under instruction ot tbo finest
European and American training. Tuition Free ( ai-
ccpt In Fine Artt ) to both POXCB. Entrance Elimi
nations September 8th aid Otn. For Catalogue ; ,
ajldreaa tbo Steward.
Chancellor ,
The on to take ( oi Das Molnes , JUrohnll
town , Ced r Knplds , Clinton , Dixie , Chicago , Mil
vraurea and all points oast. To the people of Nebraska
braska , Colorado , Wyoming , Utah , Idaho , Nevada
Oregon , Washington nnd OalKornla It odors superior
advantages not possible by any other lino.
Among a ( ow of the numerous points o ( enptrlor-
Ity cnjojoil by the patrons of thla road botwoou
Omaba and Chicago , are Its two trains a day of 1 > AY
COACHES which are thoflnoet that human art and
Ingenuity can oroato ; Its PALACE SLEEl'INQ OAIU
which are models of comfort and elegance ; Its PAR
LOU DRAWING H001I OARS , unsurpassed by any
and its widely celebrated PALATIAL DINING CARS
tbo equal of which cannot bo found cliewhoro.
At Council Bluffs the trains of the Union PaalSo
Ity. connect In Union Depot with tboso of the Chic *
; o & Northwestern Hy. In Chicago the trains of this
line make close connection with these ol all eastern
For Detroit , Colnmbni , Indlanapolli , Cincinnati.
KUgara Falls , Buffalo , Tlltsburg , Toronto , Montreal
Boeton , Ncwr York , Philadelphia , Baltimore , Wash
ington and all points In the East , tsk tbo ticket
agent ( oi tickets via the
If von wish the best accommodation ) . All tick t
agents cell tlikota via thin line.
M.HUGnrrr. its. HATH ,
General Hauaci. Gen. Piss. Agcut
den 1112 Farnamfjt. , Omaha , Neb ,
Erlangcr . Bavaria I Culmbachcr , . . Bavaria
lllaner . Bohemian Kalacr . . . . . .Bremen
Budweleer . St. Ixmls I Anhausor . St.Lonli
Brat's . illlwaukes Bchllti-P Isnor.Ullwaukeo
Kruz't . Omaha i Ale , Porter , Domostloand
EDMAUBEE , 1213 Farnam St ,
Passenger Kleralor to itll floors , 1203 , 1203 nnd 1310 IfainamSt.
Park Place , Omaha , Nebraska ,
BoardtbR School for younpt ladies under tbo direction of the Ladles of the Sacred Heart ,
The coureo of ntudlca embraces all the branches of a uieful nnd refined education.
She ncholaetio year commences on the firet Wednesday in September.
TKHMS-l'nyablo In ndvanco , Including board , washing , tuition In Kngliah nnd Trench ,
DBtrumcntal inunc. use of books , per ( session of Smontha , $150.
KXTHAS-raintlnfr.Drawing , German , Vocal Miulc , Harp , Guitar , Violin , For lunhot
nformation npp/y / to the It Wit Itov , Jan. O'Connor , or to the Ijidy Superior ,